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PAGE SEVEN CURRIERS • Mr! JeanI.yf ^l e P. reSfcnttjtiVe Sweet, of Hqp- motif N - Y - wil1 P re » ch in th e Cufr- !,rs Congregational church on Sun- K Apfi! 24th. . • ^The Easter service, Sunday, was enjoyed by an attentive audience, as (lie beautiful Easter story was told once more by the music, recitations jni pngeiuU- The church was beau' tfvlly decorated with lilies, •hya-. ' and house plants, and the .sunshine' helped to make it a beautiful Easter Day. Kememher the Y. P. S. C. E. social >« rte church parlors, Friday evening in the April 2Zna. Q E ^ meeting was the \church Sunday evening if« Leighton Stockin as leader. ^f?lpnn Miller, assisted by Mrs. ^\Tcole and Mrs. Charles SmitV ^Sied the Friendly Class, Tues w tertained we decorations oJ the souveniers, etc., .^randM«:Ch4es \Smith rtSncd the Friendly Class, Tues. \SSSng. The decorations of . finwers the souveniers, _ f \f/thatMt was a spring-time • J nnd a very pleasant even- • 'Sent All enjoyed the music nthering, '^Misses Mary'llanning; Leo- ^Miller and ^Laura .Nichols Mrs. Co'Je was celebrating her birth day, so some called it a birthday/ party. Mrs. Raymond Rosier and, Miss Laura Nichols were out-of-town [\guests The Misses Mary Manning and Leonore Miller sang in the Easter Cantata at Arcade, Sunday evening. On Friday morning our schools gave a little sp'ring-time program in the school hall. School has been closed for the Easter vacation. Miss Manning will spend the time with Mr. and Mrs. Earl Brewer. Miss Margaret Nichols has gone to' Washington, with other members of the Senior Class of the Arcade High school. Among those who are home for the Easter vacation are: Miss ^Linden Buck,, Harry Douglas of Arcade; the Misses Doris Bush, Orpha and Claud­ ia Day of East 'Aurora; Miss Mar­ garet Bush of Delevan 'Miss Zelda .yauchzy of Niagara Falls and Miss Sa*a Wood of Springville. Mrs. C. E. Twiss, Miss Mildred Smith, Harold and Lyford Twiss of Batavia were gu'eslsJaf\MrT\and Mrs. Wayne Haggerty, /Sunday.' The lights in A'. E, Nichols house were connected up a few days ago. Mr. and Mrs. Merton Barter called on Mr. and Mrs. Ed. George of Chaf­ fee, Sunday: Mrs. C. D. Twiss, Miss Pearl Twiss. Miss Margaret Bush and Roy Twiss j attended the meeting at the Congre- Igatidnal church of Arcade, Thursday, evening. Mr. and Mrs. iLeland Rosier and son, were guests of Mr\ and Mrs. Frank Batcman, Sunday. The Misses Geraldine and Laura Woolley of Warsaw are guests of Mr. Wo — Children Need~~~~\ Vitamins To Aid Growth and Build Strong Bones SCOTT'S EMULSION Abounds In Cod- liver X)il Vitamins Scott & Bowne. Bloomfield. N . J. .2^41 JAVA VILLAGE Mr. Allen Day of Yorkshire spent a few days last week\at the home of Riley Whaley. Miss Louise Fisher who is attend­ ing school in Syracuse is home for the Easter vacation. , Mn Joe Winch,had business out of town last Thursday and Friday. Mrs. A. B. Hogan and daughters, Helen and Flora, spent Thursday at the honie of Mr. and Mrs. Frahk Winch. Mr. Arthur Fraine is working for Mx\ 'Richard Sawder. The farmers • in - this vicinity are busy sowing oats. Mr. Adam Rnapp was in Arcade, Saturday. • - Miss Mary Grinsell, who is assist­ ing Mrs.,F.'*Winch with the house­ work, visited her parents near Java Lake, Saturday and Sunday. - Mrs.. Marion Fowler visited her TEST O; TEN ANSWERS 1. Traveler. 2. John McGraw 3. Mussolini. 4. Yes. 5. Twenty-four-or more. 6. It is shaped like a boot. 7. London. 8. A bob. 9. John Bunyan. 10. An enclosure for live birds. GALEN HILL Buick is in a Value Class. Its position of leadership is founded on value. Its constant aim is to build each Buick better than the last. And today, , despite that leadership well won and firmly held, Buick is constantly stnv'mg still c> further to bcrease the v Won which i leadership is based. W. H, NAGEL FrankfaTiHe, N. Y. t>- • V ?*.? B,H,r Aaton»bila* Ar* B\»lt Bulclt WiUBilM T%mm Noah Woolley. Lynn Woolley is_ spending part of the vacation with his parents in War­ saw. Mr. and Mrs. Byers and Miss Ger- .trude Byers of Buffalo were guests of Mrs. C. D.~ Twiss, Thursday. Mrs. Wm. Wilkins has been having her house re-shingled. Ed. Downing and A. F. Ring did the work. Mrs. Fred French Of Arcade and .Mrs. Henrys Rogers oiL,, Yorkshire brought Mrs. A. E. Nichols hnrfie, Tuesday. Glenn C. Miller was in Buffalo, Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Leon Haggerty and children dined with Mr. and Mrs. S. R. Haggerty, Sunday. Mrs. Allie Tarnish of Mattesons Corners has \been the guest of Mr. and Mrs. S. R. Haggerty for a few days. Robert Woolley and Leon Hagger­ ty were in Buffalo, Friday. Miss Laura Nichols of Buffalo spent a few days at home, last week. * Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Nichols were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Huron Nichols Sunday, ' Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Rosier and children of Buffalo were- guests of Mr. and Mrs.. M. E. Rosier and Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Twiss, Tuesday. guests of Mr. and Mrs. Truman Yauchzy. Mr. and Mrs. B. M. Hakes enter­ tained Mr. and Mrs. Fred Woolley, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Woolley and daughter on Sunday. Mrs. Fred Woolley and Manly Hakes were cele- bratinig their birthdays. Mr. and Mrs. D. D. Roger's and Trevor Rogers attended-the funeral of their cousin, Mr. Milo Davis of Bliss on Saturday. ^ Mrs. Hyman Day, Claudia Day and F. A. Bauman were in Buffalo, Mon­ day. Mr. Hyman Day went as far as East Aurora. Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Ring wore Sun­ day guests of Mr. and Mis. R. E. Mrs. Wm. Twiss is having her house re-shingled. Ed. Downing and Earl Downing,are doing the work. Mr. and Mrs. John Loose, -who have been spending the winter in Buffalo, have returned home. Leah Hakes and Irene Thor'nbury ' [ had breakfast with them Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Orrin Doud, Dorothy Doud and Charles Chase of Fillmore were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Day parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Barber, Sunday. Mr. Kenneth Jones of East Aurora was in town, Sunday. Mr. Lambert Metz of Buffalo' visit­ ed his parents, A. W. Metz, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. George and Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Smith were out of town callers Sunday. The Easter services were held at the Baptist church, Sunday, at 9:45 o'clock. Rev. Bowen preached. Mr. Kenneth Carr and Leonard Holmes of Strykersville are work­ ing the land on Wm. George's farm. Mr. -Galen Eddy and Irving Day of Strykersville were callers in town, Sunday. . Mr. Eugene Hogan, Sr„ was a caller at the Home of Clayton Day, Sunday Mr. <Jlarenfce Willet (visited\\his\ parents at Strykersville, Sunday. Mr.\and Mrs. E. L. Hogan and family spent Sunday with her mother on the Town Line Road. JOHNSONBURG The annual childrens' meeting of the W. C. T. U. was entertained at John Ramsey, Donald Norris and Clarence Pierce of Great Valley were callers at L. J.­ Leonard's, Friday. Mr: and Mrs. Albert Jones and children were in Delevan, Saturday evening.' Gilbert Schoepflin .finished work for E. I. Arnpld, Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. A. J'. Arnold and. son were visitors of Mrs. Zetta Cheney in Delevan for Easter. Arlene Arnold returned home with them. I Mrs. L. W. Law. and little daughter | returned home Sunday after spend­ ing the past two months at W. M. 'Law's. • _ Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Eeonard and son, were in Arcade, Saturday. Mr. and- Mrs. E. L. Arnold were Easier dinner guests o^ Mrt. and Mrs. W. E. Arnold, in Franklinville. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Jones and children visited at Lloyd Lafferty's in Delevan. Sunday. •Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Leonard found business in Delevan, Thursday. L. W. Law helped W. H. Jones of Siloam buzz wood, Wednesday. Glenn Brock of ATcade was on our roads Thursday, after calves. Mr. and Mrs. L. J. ILeonard and Kenneth Miller of, East Aurora* home of Mrs spent Easter with his parents, Mr. ^1$?\$**. a ? t ?7l 0 S 11, • f , « „- and Mrs. Glenn Miller. v ™? Ladies', Aid Society of the M. We~ are sorry to hear that Miss Zelda Yauchzy is ill. - B. M. Hakes has just purchased a no 2*£- T , , TT . , , . Fordson tractor The Johnsonburg Union school is Mr. and Mrs* C. D6wning, Harry enjoying a two-weeks Easter vaca- Downing, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Downing tI0 J!l- . . and family went to Erie Pa., Satur- Mrs : Mannda Wolcott, .who spent day, where they were guests of. Mr. the winter with relatives in Elmiro and Mrs. Ed. Williams. has returned to her home here. Carl Miller has been having men . Mrs Cora Ramsey of Attica has with a portable saw mill cut the tim- ° een the guest of Mr. and Mrs. John ber for his new barn. ' r? 363 *^ ™ r- •' -u . Donald McKenzie has accepted a m.Awmvv i nr i position in Franklinville. NORTH JAVA JOHNSONBURG M. E. CHURCH 1WU1 \ 11:00 a m.—Sermon. Subject: \After Easter—What?\ T<>xt: St. children were callers at the M. E Leonard home in Delevan, Sunday. Mrs. Bertha Tarbell is visiting Mrs. Glenn Watkins in Franklinville. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Law went to the, CenterJast week-to. stay at R. ,S. Hall's, while they are away. \L. D. Spring of Arcade found busi­ ness on our roads Thursday. — Dorothy Allen and Velma Leonard were in Freedom, Saturday. E.- L. Arnold and Mrs. Bertha Tar­ bell were in Arcade and Delevan, Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. George Schoepflin and son, Gilbert, visited in Spring­ ville, Sunday. VARYSBURG Mr, and Mrs. Henry Glor enter­ tained their children' and families of Buffalo, Sunday. \Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Lewis, Mrs. Charles Lewis and Mrs. F. H. Laird motored to Arcade to attend a Re- bekah District meeting, Wednesday. Miss Margaret lLaird of Johnson­ burg,- was a guest at the Horton home Wednesday. Messrs. Charles and Clarence Ri- ber were in Attica, Friday. Mrs. Celia Bauer arid Mr. and Mrs. Robert Glor of Attica, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Zahler, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Bauer, Mr. John Bauer, Mrs. .Zahler and Marcus -Zahler were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. >Geo. Conrad. Mr. and Mrs. Millard Embt and children were in Attica, Sunday.' j Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Wolf were in ^Rochester, Monday. Mr. R. B M Horton and Fred Shred- er started their 6th year with the Constantine Construction Co., who are located now in Cherry Creek, N. Y Clyde Cooper.of Warsaw is assist­ ing his brother, Maurice Cooper in building a road stand. ~~ , ~?\ - . Mrs, Freda- Glor • and - daughter, Mrs. Maude Durfee and children, Mrs. Hattie Tozier and son, Mrs. Veda Wehman and son and Miss Grace Glor attended the Ladies' Aid at Dutch Flats, Friday. Mrs, Sadie Horton and Miss Pearl Horton were in Warsaw on business, Thursday. • Mr. and Mi's. Louis Cornish and Mrs. Durfee were in Buffalo, Friday. Miss Marian JMcQuilken. of New York City, is spending the Easter vacation with her parents, Dr. and Mrs. Mcyuiiken * Miss Norma Donnelly who is a •teacher in Buffalo, is spending the -Easter vacation at home. Mr. Herbert Davis of Albany spent the Easter week-end with his parents Mr. and Mrs. C.*N. Davis. Ralph Havens of Batavia * was a caller at the Horton home, Saturday. _ Mr. and Mrs. Leigh .Laird and son visited friends in Rochester from - Sunday to Wednesday. Wesley Laird is visiting his grand­ parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. Nutting of Johnsonburg while his parents are out-of-town. -Howard Lewis has accepted a po- 'sition near Medina for the summer. d Mrs. R. E. Twiss, Tuesday. |. Miss Lowella Marzolf is spending Matthew 28:20 and Acts 1:8. MrT and Mrs. Cai-lyle Graves and , he r Easter vacation with her parents. i 2 m.—Sunday-school with classes children and Mr. and Mrs. James , Miss Genevieve Klein spent Sun- for alI . Bush nnd' children were Sunday gay ^th her parents, Mr. and Mrs. 7:30 p . m —Epworth League meetx- guests of Mr. and Mrs. F. Bush. r\ -J?!! - v 4. c j ing. Subject: \The Standard of the Miss Mary Manning, Miss Leonore 1 .M»ss Delia Youngers spent Sunday .Christian Life.\ Gordon McKenzie Miller and Theodore Parker were in wt ,J}.frr,„ le s 1 m „„„,„ r, rtTO O wi » be the leader Ri,n-nin «!ntiirrinv I Miss Adell 'George came home TVevor Roge^ of Syracuse is from a Buffalo hospital, Thursday spending the Easter vacation with' M ^ 1 and q , Mr ^ AJphonso George •'• B • ••»_ ,1 M,.= r» n Ron-l s P ent ^ ast Tuesday in Buffalo. Mr. Carl Cosmel spent Sunday in Arcade. ,,„„„„ Mr. Anthony v Logel of Rochester Kogers «a» c, .spent Sunday with his parents, Mr. -- Mr. and Mrs. Frank Winch of Java Mr f- V mi *™ V °f e i —11 -MM Mrs Mcr . 1 Mr..Anthony Reisdprf spending the M n Roe Thursday'at 7:30 p. m.—Prayer meeting and Membership Training Clnss in the church. 1 You are welcoma—Come. STRYKERSVILLE Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Posthemus nnH familv have sold their farm and -\\Mr. and Mrs. Frank Winch of Java -\Anthony Reisdprf is spending and flunig^na Village called on Mr. and Mrs. Mcr- , a few ' days w ith his parents, Mr. and. ^ Wm <> Numer and Miss Doro thy a '— \'•—-'«\' Mrs . John F. Reisdorf. Huber of Lancaster spent. Sunday Mr. and Mrs, 9^ arl ?- S „ S ^ e i e ^^ with friends here. . ViliUMt, • ton-' Barber, Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs^ Wayne Haggerty en­ tertained Mr. ah3'~Mrs. S. R. Hagger­ ty, Marilyn Haggerty and their guest Mrs. Tarnish of Mattesons on Thurs­ day. 3—%i Mr. .and Mrs. Earl Downing and daughter, Donna, went to Cassadaga, Friday and brought Miss Hazel Pix- ley to Delevan, where she will spend Mr. and Mrs. Charles &meaer ox ds here< Rochester spent ^Sunday A ™* f7 £f r | Mr . Kihm Richardson of Machias spending a week here. Mr. Harold Williams has accepted lev to Delevan, wneru B..«= «... - R -- 1 spe nding ner ..\\\\\\i\ a few days with ber parents h l er mot her, who is quite P°?«y- Mr and Mrs. Henry'Nichols and n Mr/Henry Redding is budding mi. , -,-v, M -r and Mrs. 1. .1 „>o„,l for Charles Cat Rochester speni A p\ tr e Mr. Kihm Kicharason parents, Mr. and Mrs..M. A. ^etrie. spending a week here. Master Donald Petne of Rochester ^ Harold Wi ni ams 1 is home for the Easter Vacation. posit i on in Springville. Mr. Leo Roche spent Sunday with * ^ Strykersville Fire Dept. was his mother, who, is sick. u d to ?ut out a running fire which Miss Viola Hand of Buffalo is part f a lly surrounded the ..build- her Easter vacation with ' ^ f Mr . 'john Beaver. Mr L. A- Phillips and son and an Sunday. I Mr. and Mrs. Herman Linn s ox ! Buffalo were week-end guests of Mr. and Mrsr-Guy Miller. ' Mr. and Mrs. Albert Bardo had as Sunday guests, Henry Esse and fam­ ily of Buffalo, Mr. and Mrs. Hyman Day. Mr. and Mrs. Barrey have a son,' who was born April 10th. He has been named Robert Edward. Miss Sara Twiss of Buffalo spent Easter Sunday with her mother, Mrs. C. D. Twis3. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Hartel and chil­ dren of Niagara Falls brought Miss Zelda~Yauchzy_home and then were .11. L. ±J, * 1' _ , daughter spent Sunday in iancaster Grover Churchillj „ Mr. and Mrs. Henry JNicnois uuu 1 family dined with Mr. and Mrs. I. Mr - Henry Redding is uu..u.,. 6 . James McCutcheon of Yorkshire,' ™ n cream stand for Charles Camp- ' Mr. jConley of Springbropk is MrV and Mrs., ..... drawing milk from East Java, every and son . Leroy, of Buffalo spent the day with a Mack truck. week-end with Mr. and Mrs. Eugene The firemen held 'n big Easter Bru \- _ > dance in their hall, Monday night, _ Mrs. Ed. George is caring for Mrs. April 18th. Kay Fauldin at Curriers. 'The Altar Society held a-dance in .Mrs. Lena Kihm, who spent the the Firemen's Hall, Wednesday, April winter-with her daughters at Machias 20th. an \ Tonawanda, has returned home. J> Romesser's friends are Mr. and Mrs. Sharp of Buffalo are 1 or so Can cure that A. J. Romesser's Wends are Mr> an j Mrs> wiUard Parker, glad to see her out again, after being Mr and ^ rs Lu jj e Brass andson. IF IN NEED OF. Hardware Electrical Appliances Water Systems or We Will Be Pleased To Serve Xou Our Motto it: Good Goods, Reasonable . Prices and Good Service Java Village, New York Mrs. :k all winter. . • u * r ' »«« Mrs. Lena Reisdorf is home after Bernard, of Arcade, were visiting spending several weeks with h'er son, Mr - and Mrs. L.- A. Phillips, Sunday. Frank and family. . There is no school sessions at the Mrs. M. A. J?etrie entertained sev- schools until April 25th. eral of the ladies of the Altar Society . Mrs. Cole of Tonawanda was visit- laWThursday-evening,-ahd-all.report. ±£?ends here,.'Sunday. . - a very pleasant, evening. . . The Misses-Lorma-Eddy.-Martha Rl \ Born, to>-Mr._and Mrs. Dean Con- George and Ruth Phillips are spend- ~ ley- of Perry, April 17th, a son. mg. the Easter vacation with their Mr. and Mrs. George Royce, Ly- Parents. man^Royce and Elsie Rqyce visited . Mls s Martha Thompson who has •Fred Royce and family at Perry, be en ill is improwng-nicely. Sunday, Mr. and Mrs.- Charles .Metcalf and son were visiting Mr. and Mrs.. James Mrs. Will Roche is very ill. Barber, Easter Sunday. Gus Gibney is working for Will ^ Forsythe of Batavia spent sev Kiev— . 1 \ ' . „ - _* eral days in-town, lastjweek. - G.\ Royceis working in Gasport. fil G i aS er\spent- Tuesday m Mr. Will Logan is working Walter Buffalo . l.vnnli 'c' f n I' 111. .... ~Mnat-aT Schwab's' farm. Elsie Royce' has been very sick, but is much better now. . JAVA CENTER Mrs. Isabelle Kerwfin and _jfeh, of tives here Master John Kirsch who has been seriously ill,-is-able to be out again. Mr. and Mrs. Marvin St. John of Buffalo spent Sunday with Mrs. Case. „ 4 -H CLUB INSTRUCTION Mrs. Isabelle Kerwin and son, On' May 21st, \Healthy the Hufch, of Buffalo are guests of rela-. Dairymen's League .Health clown will tives here. / .'come to WaTsaw.to present his clown I -Miss Anne MaKer of \Buffalo and stunt, showing the 'relation of milk |JMiss_Elizabeth. Maher of Arcade are to health, to the boy and girl14-H ; spending some time\with-tbeir-fathfr club membersIi_L^_ar«^in attencTance -E. J t Mphpr'\'\\'' at the annual •< *I cliib county wide Miss Frances Wr -I .nrmti-lf nt 'Htif.--willy, .il l\n ^^.rn'm TTi r T, ft^rt ™ falo is visiting her parents} Mr. and that day. «• Mrs\. Christopher McCormlck. Mr.' John P.r.Willmani a man from. ••.Mrs. -Estella Metzgerand daugh- the State College of \Agriculture-at ter. Madeline, spent a 1 few days in Ithaca, is planning to visit Wyoming Buffalo with Gerald ,-Metzger, a County on April .27,- 28, and 29; to * * —— \»>^ cnVl 4-Hk club membersn SPRING DEPRESSION R OUGH hands-ragged nerves-tired feet at the end of the day. House=_ cleaning-ia-the-old way, was sure to de­ press womankind every spring. But now for I cent to 3 cents an hour—you can have electricity beat your rugs—wash your curtains-and iron them too. The inter-connected power \plants of' the Buffalo, Niagara and Eastern Power System help to .make it possible for elec- - trieity-to come to you at the lowest .possible cost. , ' And so, your .electricity -is cheap... It is the biggestHBaYgaih you buy/ Use it freely.. _ patient in-the General-nospital.-l-^-' .Miss -Alice Roche was the recent guest-of her-sister, Mrs. L; J. Miller of Arcade, - Miss Evelyn .Carroll, a teacher in the Java Village school, is enjoying the Easter vacation at home here. • Mrs. Charles' Griffim. and infant daughter have returned home from a Buffalo hospital. ~\ .Miss Mary A. Kerwjn has returned home- after spending 5 a week \with relatives 1 in Buffalo. . -A County pn- Apiii.^j, „. _., give Tjoy. and girl. 4-H club members taking,.liyest'ocK v wor, instruction'-i raising stock,- in 'judging,, fitting, for the fairs; feeding, breeding, ~and is ready to answer any questions they may have along this line.\ . Mr..Willman has been here before to irfve instruction' to boys and. girls'\ in 4-H-club-work, and they all like j him. He J Has \also-been here acting as a-judge of livestock at the Wyom­ ing County fair held at Warsaw last year. ' - --. | NIAGARA, LOCKPORT AND ONTARIO POWER •' ~ COMPANY «76

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