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WYOMING COUNTY HERALD PUBLISHED EVERY FRIDAY AT ARCADE, N. Y VOLUME XXXV FRIDAY, DECEMBER 3, 1926 NUMBER 40 SCHOOL BOARD MRS. LUELLA JONES Mrs. Luella Jones passed away at •£h,e-home nf-hnr-riaughter^Mrs ^Wi -A^l •w^WT 1 ..>riiiii-wi-iini -t l |<-mgiH .Cl ^=lVirar =W-^=A ; Dewitt at Farmersville, Sunday, Nov. 28th, after an illness of about 22 weeks. She leaves to mourn their loss one daughter, three grandsons, one great granddaughter, and a host of other relatives and friends. Funeral services were held at the home, Wednesday at U:uO o'clock and at the Machias M. E. Church at 1:00 o'clock. Interment at Machias. Mrs. Jones was always ready to help and to give of her strength and time in sickness' or sorrow. It may be truly said of her, to know her was but to love\ her. MEMBERS OF BOARD VISITED BAINBRIDGE, SUNDAY, AND INSPECTED NEW SCHOOL BUILDING. SAME ARCHITECT WILL DRAW PRELIMINARY . PLANS FOR ARCADE. The Board of Education of Arcade High School in response to persist­ ent and insistent demands for some time have been inspecting school buildings, and costs with a view of submitting to the taxpayers of dis- ' trict No. 1, a proposition to erect a J new school building. ' Messrs. J. S. Smith, R. I. Cart-, wright, C. Fred Lockwood, C. C. Mc-' Kerrow and Prof. E. E. VanNatter ONLY THPPP ~7 I « autoed to Bainbridge near Bingham- LEFT IN THP r'nim™ POSTS ton, Sunday to see the new school - REFUNDH? MON EY house which has just been erected MONEY Tn T ° there. This school was built at the MONEY TO BE RAISED. lowest price of any school in New -vr,. n ~ T York State this -year.. The School vn S\ £ eorge ™> ve * that $600 be • • i.„j mUn voteda inn support of thee G A ~ n ' R.G.HUTTONWILL MAKE ARCADE HEADQUARTERS OFFICIAL TESTER FOR WEST­ ERN WYOMING COW TESTING ASSOCIATION. LAST MONTHS TESTS SHOW HIGH PRODUC ING COWS. WYOMING CO. SUPERVISORS SOLDIERS GALLERY The boys who stood by their Country in the World War, and thus honored themselves and the com­ munity. Mr. R. G. Hutton, official tester for the Western Wyoming Cow Test­ ing Association, will make his head­ quarters in Arcade, for the coming year. \He is working under direction of the Wyoming County Farm Bur­ eau. Mr. Hutton comes from Cor­ nell University, and is operating un­ der license 6387. He is reported as giving excellent satisfaction to the members of the association. The members of the Western Wy oming County Association are: G. Whipple, Mr. Brace, Mr. R. j Lewis, Mr. Lindsley, Mr. Lathoh, Mr. , T. McElroy, C. M. and M. C. Drake, Mr. Leon Gill, Wallace Willis, Dana 1 Rice., Wayne Smith, Tozier and Son, ; F. T. Hoy, Guilford Woodworth, H. Nichols, M. Scripter, W S. Davis, M. J. Jewert, George Hogue, Yule and Redden. More members are wanted to fill ...... j r — - - up the association. Farmers find • treasurer's report on dog license tn i s service very valuable, as it en- j showing receipts during the year of aD les them to weed out the \board- ] $7,105.10, and a balance on hand of er \ cows, or cows that do no produce I $4,139.95. enough milk to pay for feeding and Of the balance remaining seventy- 1 milking them. ' I five per cent is to be refunded M_ r Button's last report shows • i among the towns. _ The refund each some very high producing cows own- I i town is to receive is as follows: ; e( j by members of the association. I Arcade $210.96; Attica $270.51.: Here is the report. Bennington $278.37; Castile $258.60 Covington $106.63; Eagle $154.04; | Owner Cow Gainesville $226.80; Genesee Falls u. Nichols Isla J. $82.60; Java $183.10; Middlebury j M. Scripter, Ethel, H. $152.51; Orangeville $99.66; Perry | G. Whipple, Ola OPEKAiwrw' — $422.63; Pike $104 44; Sheldon; Q. Whipple, Pauline TH — 'ra TT „4nn $206.70; Warsaw $259.14; Wethers- G. Whipple, Alcartha 40 The office of fhe Western Union field $g8 2g Q. woodworth, Balckeye 43 Telegraph Company at Arcaae, nas Murlin s , Smallwood and Henry H. Nichols, Nancy 52 been moved from the office oi ine M Brown were designated to sue- ~ • - . . /- r^„ n „v to ceed themselves as 'election commis­ sioners. $21,700 was voted for mainten- COMMUNITY DRIVE SUNDAY $1,500 TO, BE RAISED FOR AR- CADE'S' COMMUNITY CHEST. WORTHY OBJECTS SERVED. SOLICITING COMMITTEES ARE NAMED. v i- <3tate this \year.. J.\<= vote i support yi ur '<J. ^ It* have asked the architect who posts 0 f the county. Carried, ?°^n P d this school building to draw is to be divided as follows: dC ! fmfnary plans for a school build- Gibbs Pos t of Warsaw, $205; J. P. preliminaryi» ^ soon as the plan Rob inson Post of Perry $175; and • Jnnred it will be submitted the R. P. Rowley Post of Attica $120 „ 1U1B „„,„.„„., 13 ft« taxpayers for their approval ji r Kelley presented the county up the association to tne J *...«,> om-aWo ronnrt n n dncr license t-hia Ka -rvinn v(*rv 1 M. C. HOYT Son of A. R. Hoyt, of Java Center, Enlisted in the 37th Engineer Corps. Saw much service in France. , Sunday afternoon is the occasion I for the Community Chest drive and | plans have been made to have each • home in the township visited. . As is generally understood, the- ' purpose of the Chest is to provide a fund that is available for the pur­ pose of assisting local charitable and community cases as they may from time to time arises. Prior to a year ago these many needs were met by circulating separ­ ate subscription papers. The disad­ vantages of this method were many. Some worthy causes and cases of need were not attended to as no one would go ahead with the matter. GLENN BLAKELEY INJURED Glenn Blakeley, of Buffalo, was quite* badly injured on Thanksgiving day, when an auto ran into him. He had just stopped and let his wife out of the car, when tho other car struck him. .His neck was badly hurt and he sustained other severe injuries. C. A. LONERGON FRAT. MANAGER GOES TO SYRACUSE TO TAKE CHARGE OF PHI KAPPA PSI FRATERNITY, OF WHICH HE IS HONORED MEMBER. HAS RESIGNED FROM OAK KNITT­ ING MILL. ARCADE WILL MISS HIM. or rejection. f. U. CHANGES LOCATION OTERATOK FOR TEN YEARS WUson'Land & Grain Company to fte Pennsylvania depot, where the Winess will be transacted hereafter, $2 1,700 was voted tor mainieii- ™ET<*tock p. m. After 5 o'clock ^ ^ count r * ads . The miles of ?he business will be taken care> ofat i, in each town and the amount the Chaffee station of the-P. B. «- j each town is to raise follow ic Chance sumvu With this change, the excellent service rendered by 7 Mr. R. L. Weast for the Company ceases. Mr. Weast has been in charge of the telegraph business for the past ten years and during that time has rendered most efficient service. He will continue in . the employ of the Wilson Land & , S ov ™ Grain Company. £ a ? Ie I Gainesville Town Arcade Attica Bennington Castile Covington F. &. A. M. WILL CONFER THIRD ' Middlebury | Orangeville At Reeular Communication This j p erry EvK S. W.. J. Fay. Sproul WiFl Confer the Degree Arcade Lodge No. 419 F. & A. M. will confer the third degree upon candidates at their regular commun­ ication this evening. The Senior Warden, J. Faye Sproul will preside in the East during the conferring of the degree. Lunch and a social hour will fol­ low the ceremonies. TAX RATE HIGHER Sheldon Warsaw Wethersfield Miles 4.75 11.00 9.50 17.25 5.75 2.00 11.50 ,4.50 il.50 7.00 11.75 4.00 7.50 8.75 7.75 $ To Raise 700 2200 1000 3450 1150 400 2300 600 1200 800 2360 800 1500 H. Nichols, Nancy H. Nichols, Hazel M. J. Jewert, 782 M. J. Jewert, 801 M. J. Jewert, Carlson M. J. Jewert, 562 M. J. Jewert, 027 Geo. E. Hogue 252 Geo. E. Hogue 393 Geo. E. Hogue, 392 M. C. Drake 194 M. C. Drake Jumbo M. C. Drake Star lbs. Fat 59.7 59.2 48.5 47.2 1 .5 1 .6 52.9 41.0 46.7 47.0 43.7 58.2 45.0 51.7 47.0 44.4 46.8 38.4 54.1 40.6 lbs. Milk 1218 1599 1182 1275 1158 1317 1017 720 1269 1176 1465 1323 1155 1566 1299 1200 1089 1239 1422-1 1131 Mr. C. A, Lonergon, for tho past twenty years, bookkeeper, local treasurer, paymaster and about a dozen other things in connection with the Oak Knitting Mill in Arcade wouia go aneaa witn ine maner. has resigned his positions and is mak- Other cases not worthy, were helped ing arrangements to go to Syracuse, as there was no one to investigats as soon as he can. Sometime ago a - t\ e matter. , unanimous request from the mem- Besides this, some people were in- be rs of the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity SALE AND SUPPER variably asked and others who would of Syracuse University to become, AT HOLLAND DEC. 10 have been glad to assist were not what is practically the manager of, solicited. Doubtless the total amount the Fraternity, was forwarded to Mr. Tri-Mu S. S. Class of the Metho- thus raised was larger than that ask- Lonergon, with an urgent request dist Church, will hold a Sale and ed for at this time. i that he accept. There is no more Supper in the M. E. Church, Holland, Certainly • the present method is, enthusiastic Frat. member than on the evening of Dec. 10th, 1926. more satisfactory _ and equitable, j \Lonnie and the call has seemed to To help this cause none Bhould ' Each worthy case is sure of recoiv- , him like and invitation to come home shirk, but be on hand with gifts and ing immediate help. Those not so After careful consideration he has food, and all be in a happy mood, to deserving are given to only as their accepted and will leave for Syracuse work, serve and sell their wares, and, needs require. All the people of the as so,on as he can. Ho will remain drive away all dull cares. , community can feel that they are ; with the Oak Knitting Mill until The music will b.e of the very best doing their part for the public good. ( > some time later in December, and after eating you will want to | As previously explained, the , \ye are all going to miss \Lonnie\ rest. ' amount last year raised was much who has been active in church, lodge, MENU: Roast beef, mashed pota-' below the amount needed and tho athletic and community affairs fop to, gravy, cabbage salad, jello, pick-, work was only completed .by sup-, twenty years. We all like him, we les, squash, brown and white bread,: plying the amount thus realized by are going to be sorry to Bee him go, —<r j 4.„„ i the old Ely fund. • and wish him happiness in bis new Evidently many that subscribbed environment, did not realize how large an amount Mr. Lonergon, by the way, was a would be needed to cover all require- > Charter member of the Syracuse ments for a year and BO gave little bro nch of the Now York Beta Chap- or no more than they had given in 1 ter Phi Kappr. Psi in 1885. He has the past to some one of the many ob- 1 alwayB retained a deep interest in jects which under the chest plan . his frat. and rarely missed an oppor- would all be taken care of by it. I tunity to foregather with the \boys.\ It is hoped that this year the peo- This call seems a fitting compliment pie will respond very liberally; At' to his yeare of devotion to his college cottage cheese, cake, coffee and tea. FRANMEAGER BADLY SCALDED C. M. Drake, Starks Twenty-two dairies have been test­ ed, including 340 cows. Testing on Ed Mauer's dairy has been discon­ tinued. The five highest testing herds are: H. Nichols , M. J. Jewert i Geo. Hogue 1700 I M. C. Drake 1550 124.50 21,700 POMONA GRANGE TO MEET C. M. Drake Cows 20 33 24 34 33 av. Milk 562 773 756 640 617 Fat 31.8 29.2 28.2 23.4 23.3 MRS. W. R. DOTY IS DEAD Frank Creager of Holland, 18 ivears old, fell into a vat of boiling Water at the Holland Basket Factory Wednesday and was badly scalded. Although in a serious condition, it is thought he will recover. MR. GEORGE FOX Mr. George Fox an old and highly respected citizen of Delevan passed away early Tuesday morning, at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Wallace Cheeseman, aged 89 years. The funeral was held Friday at 1 o'clock! at the home with burial in the Spring j ln U[UU i LI1 „ t ,.„ B .„„ ville cemetery. We join in extend- may be carried out it will be neces ing sympathy to the bereaved family., sary that the full amount be raised. Otherwise the different amounts FRANK CURTIS will of necessity be cu;. Mr. Frank Curtis passed away at I Following are the names of the least $1500 should be raised in cash and pledges next Sunday. Your co­ operation is asked as you are waited on by the solicitors at that time. The budget as prepared by the committee that have in charge the administration of the fund, and whose names were published last week is as follows: Red Cross $30C Community Hospital $200 Boy Scouts $260 Local charity and commun­ ity needs $760 Total •. $1600 In order that the above program and his fraternity. ENTERTAINED. HIGH OFFICERS ill L. X A ww* W. M x ' — _ his home, in Holland, Monday Morn ing after a very brief illness of Word has been received that Mrs.. „, B Emma Doty, wife of William R. Doty Pneumonia The eighty-third quarterly session died in Burlingame, Cal., November . „f Wvoming County Pomona Grange 17 at the home of her son, Leon. HOLLAND FERNLEAF CLUB will convene in Warsaw, Friday and ] JJ ,^ j) 0 ty went to California with - ~ • tjntnrdav December 10th and llth.| her husband last fall to spend the saturuuy, . . . «„. i .... ... i .viu^or. Surviving rheToric of the first' day will in inc . , mr election of e . I elude election of offers, election of The tax rates for the Town of Ar- , to^AS% winter with her children. Surviving besides her husband are six children and several grandchildren, r-n.itine business. A comes.. «J I Mrs. Doty is known to Arcadians Warsaw Grange entitled \Held For as Emma MacClenthen and was born Pr^taee \ will be given on . Friday | and ^ed here, up to the age of 14 evening.' Special evening program . y ears . She is a cousin of Mrs Mary for Friday evening will include good A. Johnson, O. T. Wilson and Mau- i ne lax ratcn V.— - - - - • delegates cade has just been completed 1 he rate is fixed at $23.07 pe?.. 10 °° °_ f assessed valuation. It vn\ be \ membered that the rate last year was $20 63. In other words the Fr iday evening win in«uuc B-\- | A. jonnson, x. ^ $ a 2 n°fc,unty tax is^M^per '^..^d^-jd ^ ^ I r.ce Be^ of School thousand dollars of assessed tion higher than last year. WILLIAM HARRISON PINGREY William Harrison Pingrey, a high­ ly esteemed resident of Springville, died, Nov. 28, aged 86 years. He was a Mason for fifty years. EASTERN CATTARAUGUS COW TESTING ASSOCIATION FORMED Tuesday evening, November 23rd, a meeting was held at the Machia9 Grange Hall ior the purpdse of or­ ganizing a cow testing association formed of dairymen from Freedom, Parmer8ville, Franklinville, Machias, Hinsdale and Ischua. With the as­ sistance of the Farm Bureau, twenty six members desiring more accurate records' on the- production of their nerds have been signed up and eigh­ teen of these men were present at the meeting. Professor G. W. Tailby of the state college of agriculture super­ visor of cow testing associations in N. Y. S., was present and assisted in the organization of the association. The following men were .elected as directors: J. A. Bonateel, Franklin- Ji'le, President; W.„ O. Pettlngill, Ischua, Vice-President; JE. B. Far- well, Hinsdale, Secretary and Treas­ urer; Theodore* Sonsteby, Farmers- Station, and Mr. Martin, Machi- M. directors at .large. The name PverfTb the association is the \East­ ern Cattaraugus-Cow Testing Asso­ ciation.\ The association will start its work as soon as * competent milk tester can be secured. The Farm Bureau hss been co­ operating with the farmers in this •ection of the county and has helped tt ake the said,association possible FRUIT CAKE , Recipe Griffin* Ad. Page 11 _ 'V U M^.u« test play. Other numbers by Granges will be features of both days. Patrons desiring to bring basket lunches will be served coffee by War­ saw Grange. ANNUAL MEETING DEC. 11 Cattaraufm County Farm and Home Bureau Auociations Will Hold Their Annual Meeting At Sala­ manca. Jay Coryell, the state leader of county agents has been secured as speaker. The prizes for the Farm Bureau committeemen who are securing members for the Farm Bureau will be awarded at the annual meeting in Salamanca, on December 11th. Three hundred and fifty-one 1927 members have already been turned into the office and we know of about one hundred more which the can­ vassers have not yet turned into the office. This is a splendid effort and the committemen, farmers and busi­ ness men are supporting their organ­ ization in fine shape this year. The committeemen who secures the most members will get a free trip to Farmers' week at Ithaca and the committeemen who secure the larg­ est percentage increase in their com­ munity over the 1926 membership will receive five tons of limestone from the Michigan Limestone Com­ pany. ROY S. JONES FOUND DEAD IN FIELD A SPECIAL INVITA TION TO BECOME SUBSCRIBERS Sample Copies of Our Papers Will Be Sent Out For Three Weeks. We Invite You to Join Our Family. NEW SUBSCRIPTIONS AT $1.00 During this week and for two suc­ ceeding weeks sample copies of our papers are being sent to a large number of families. We hope they enjoy reading them. Each one who receives a copy is invited to become a subscriber. We.feel sure you will like reading the paper each week, and to make an object to subscribe now, -we will accept yearly subscrip­ tions —new onesi—at $1.00 A YEAR This applies only to new ones. These samples will be sent for only one week to a family, so do not delay in sending in v your subscription,as no other effort will be made to urge you. We ask yon to subscribe: Because Thirty-five correspondents contribute the news from adjacent villages and territory—giving you all the news about your friends and neighbors. Because We are publishing the pictures of the World War Veterans —one or more each week, together with a short notice of their war ac­ tivities. Because Our news columns are The body of Roy S. Jones, of right up to the minute on all local' Vaughan Street, Springville, was an d county events of importance, found, Monday, in a field with his Because We make a special effort gun under him, with a gunshot to publish the Farm Bureau news; wound in his left cheek. He had cow testing association news; and all been' on a hunting trip. It is thought news 0 f interest to farming and he fell and the gun was discharged, dairying . He was the son of Mi. and Mrs. W. Because We publish illustrated ar- S. Jones. tides of the great news events. / G. H. P., WASHINGTON RUSSELL, P. fi. H. G., J. WILLIAM PROUSE AND R. E., ROBERT F. JANES, VISITED ARCADE CHAPTER FRIDAY EVENING. Arcade Chapter R. A. M., had the honor of entertaining Grand High Priest, Washington Russell, P. G. H. *v..„,.... b G., J. William Prouse, of Buffalo, solicitors and the districts that they ' R. E., Robert F. James, and members will cover. Each one is requested of Western Star Chapter of Batavia, to meet at the office of the Arcade ' to tho number of thirty-six last Fri- • Insuring Agency in the Wilson Block day evening. I at two o'clock Sunday afternoon to , H. P., W. S. Davis and t e officers The Holland Fernleaf Reading' receive instructions and soliciting and Companions suitably e tertnined Club held their weekly meeting at; material. , their guests, the home of Mrs. Brown. 1 Business section, J. S. Simth, L. A. \ ' Papers, Juvenile and Delinquency,' Mason. ' ~ West Main St, from Park St. to Davis farm, C. C. McKerrow, L. S. Bentley. Prospect St., J. T. Sullivan, J. Gittere Church St. and West St. and North St., west from Church St., L. D. Spring, J. Sheehe. SLUkncL. . *. *. — North St. from Church St. to Hatch Companion Crousey of Batavia were Farm, T. P. Stephens, Prof. Van appointed Grand Representatives in Natter. ; the Grand Lodge by the Grand High , North side of East Main St. from ' Priest. They responded suitably to • Baptist Church to Hill, Geo. Strong, the notification. Eldon Calkins. 1 A most enjoyable oyster supper I South side of East Main St., JK. K. was served. , Beebe, Tra Little. j , Pearl St, Grove St., Maple St., Allen! ! St., B. Hyland, Wm. Pinney. Liberty St. to corporation line, A. C. Beardslee, P. E. Haskell. I Mill St., and R. R. Ave., H. Morgan, 1 H. Connors. ! Park St, D. C. Bentley, H. Bennion. j Over stores in Business Section, C. I Edwards,. C. Andrews. ! West \Main St, from Davis farm ip Mrs. Jennie House. Termans Intelligence Child. „ Psychology, Mrs. Harry Colby. Meeting adjourned to meet with Mrs. Henry Werner. 1 The Holy Royal Arch Degree wasr conferred by Western Star Chapter' in fine form. Addresses were made by Grand High Priest, Russell, P. G. H. P., J. William Prouse and R. E„ Com. James. . _ , , Excellent Companion Schwalen- stocker, of Attica and Excellent PROCLAMATION 'November 30th, 1926 To the Citizens of the Village of Arcade. December 5th is International Gol­ den rule Sunday. It is sponsored by MI ......... „^ President Coolidge and by leaders D \ ,„„_ , Town Line and Hurdville, Jor/n ! of all faiths and callings. A repre- m^^r^T^V^S?! • 1S Recd . Ray Welles. ™ sentative National Committee urges SdSH ^^S^infol^n^S .N 0 ^ W °9da Road and Punkshire, our participation in its observance recipes, and useful information are j. Leonard I and I am glad to endorse their re- Because Arthur Brisbane contrib­ utes an article entitled \This Week,\ every week. Because, A woman's column is stressed. Betty Crocker is one of the' contributors to this column. Because, a column of short news items keep you informed of happen­ ings in Western New York. Because Church and Society events in each locality are published regu­ larly. These include Masonic, Odd Fellows and other lodge activities. Because the Boys and Girls Coun­ ty Club events and news are regular features. Because We have the largest For Sale, For Rent and other Wants' column in the county. Because the paper keeps up with the news and publishes the news when it is news. Because a comic strip gives yon a good laugh, each week. Because live\store keepers through­ out this section advertise their goods and prices, and by taking advantage of these prices you save your sub­ scription price many times over dar­ ing the year: Send $1.00 postal order, express order,, or check today and enjoy these features for a year. To. onr many old subscribers we send the paper for 14 months for $1.50/ Eagle Road, Roy Yule. East Arcade Road and Cattaraugus Road, W. S. Davis: Buck St, and road from East Ar­ cade to South Road, Louis Thorn­ ton. Other East Arcade Roads, Burt Jack­ son. Curriers Road, John Meyerring, Ellis Cooper. Sandusky Road and Town Line road, Milton Bray. ARCADE MONDAY CLUB The Arcade Monday Club was held at the home of Mrs. Edwards, Mon­ day evening, Nov. 29. Program as follows. Piano solo—Sheldon Edwards. The Changing Near East—Mrs. Pinney. Rubber as a World Topic, written by Mrs. Haskell, read by Mrs. Foote. The American Woman in Church, Mrs. Dailey. Roll call responded to by 22 mem­ bers, naming American Woman Wri­ ters. The next meeting will be held with Mrs^ Jessie Smith, Monday ev­ ening, Dec. 18. and I am glad to endorse their re­ quest. ' Golden Rule Sunday is most ap­ propriately placed midway between Thanksgiving\ and Christmas. Its purpose is two-fold: To awaken us to a greater appreciation of our own blessings, and emphasize our respon­ sibility to the less fortunate in all parts of the world. The central idea,of the day's ob­ servance is the substitution of a sim­ ple and .meagre \orphanage\ meal in place of our usual bountiful Sunday dinner. In doing this the plight of the destitute in the world's poorest lands is made more real to us and to our children. In our own community it is es­ pecially fitting that this Golden Rule /Sunday be seriously observed. The canvass for the COMMUNITY CHEST will be made on this day and a proper observance of the ideals of the day and a personal appreciation of our obligation to the worthy and needy objects of our community should prompt us to make liberal contributions or subscriptions to the FUND. Sincerely yours, (Signed) D. C. Bentley, Village President > ...fc

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