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The Wyoming County herald. (Bliss and Silver Springs, N.Y.) 1891-1927, October 22, 1926, Image 8

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KEEP Senator Wadsworth ON THEJOB JHEJELECIIONOF -AaJNITEDSTATES-^— SENATOR IS A NATIONAL QUESTION • I Senator Wadsworth's service in the Senate should be continued to protect American Wage earners against European competit tion. American standards or living could not endure six months if our industries were forced into competition with foreign fac­ tories.. -fiiSl&l LET US NOT FORGET When President Harding was inaugurated in 1921 there were^ five millions of wage earners unemployed.- Business was- de­ pressed. Taxes were exhorbitantly high... The high cost of liv­ ing was a terrific burden. A REMARKABLE RECORD OF ACHIEVEMENT The Republican Party game into power-and*among other things, immediately passed the present tariff law and started 'a campaign of economy. Business was revived and prosperity restored. American standards of living are, today, the highest in the world. The debt of the United States has been reduced seven billions of dollars and Federal taxes have been reduced and are not now a burden. The Democratic Underwood Tariff Bill brought in as revenue in 1921, $308,025,125. The present Republican tariff brought in as revenue in 1925, $547,561,226, an increase of two Hundred thirty nine millions of dollars into. the treasury of the United 1 States. - \ The happiness, prosperity and contentment of our people de­ pend upon the election of a Republican Senate' and Congress to uphold the splendid administration of Calvin Coolidge. A GREAT RESPONSIBILITY To be able to vote is a great privilege; it is also a great respon­ sibility. Upon the outcome bf this election depends the content­ ment and happiness of millions of people. The people ofi New York, as Well as the entire nation, cannot afford to lose the ad­ vantage of Senator Wadsworth's ability, experience and intimate knowledge of national and international affairs. ' <• KEEP SENATOR WADSWORTH ON THE JOB UNDER THE EVENING LAI /jA With a long drawn breath of relUf contentment and satisfaction, I dtM the shades and settle into a big eaa chair. * M Well, the day is done and now have three hours which 1 can caj my very own. » ^ There is no question as to how shall spend them. J I shall -spend them with well hi loved friends; my eyes ro e owr t book shelves; (shall it be i >ldma»U or new) ; and come to resl on tie 1 brary table, where gay in its p'tp, jslip, lies Edna Ferber's nevr •_< w i lShow-Bo*t^ — 1 This book is proclaimed, b ; grour/of noted critics, as the ' f ' Book»f the Month.\ The hours tick away utihee. my alloted three drift into sW,~i?> the chill nightafr rouses-- ' ^l==H^*^tet^=wn =^o147ETOTii have lost my beauty sleep, inat.po ably I am burning life's candle l.both ends: A SMASHING WALLOP AN OCCASION FOR THE GREATEST SAVING UNFOLDING A BRILLIANT ASSEMBLAGES INCOMPARABLE HARDWARE VALUES This Outstanding Sale STARTED WITH TREMENDOUS FORCE IT'S A REVELATION AND OVERWHELMING SUCCESS THE ENTIRE STORE IS NOW VERY BUSY SERVING people from all over this section eager to buy our High- Grade Hardware and Home Furnishings at the'deep impressive close out prices/ Brown has passed the news to Jones;»Jones has passed it on to Smith and Smith has told his friends that MACHIAS HARD­ WARE' CO. is having v a REAL CLOSE OUT SALE. You wUl f)nd the reductions here nothing short of drastic—they are un­ usual values and we would like you' to take advantage of them. You will readily agree when you see the quality good* we have here at the lowest prices you-have witnessed .hr years. No matter where you live or what you need in Hardware, ~- Stoves, Rugs or Home Furnishings, you'll find it HERE at > ' LOW CLOSE-OUT PRICES. Machias Hardware Go. Machias, N. Y. \(c) 1926, New York Tribune. Inc. Courtesy Now York Tribune.\ scandal • was allowed to drift, the farmers of the State were permit- teduto compete with bootleg milk Ions because he had to share with others. \The Citizen's Union stated that and thq citizens of our city to' no attempt is now under way to drink- this unwholesome product | investigate and prosecute those Tammany wan unashamed and I who received this graft. It declar- trlumphant. \It Is true that a languid In­ vestigation of conditions was set afoot In-1920, and it is true that indictments and convictions of some of the lesser Tammany sate- lltes were obtained. It Is equally true, and the record will prove It, that the names of every one of these men and the facts upon which Indictments and convictions were obtained, had been made pub­ lic a year previous. *• \Meantime clamor of the public press fori a thorough houscoleanlns become BO strong that civic assoc­ iations interested themselves In bringing It about, and In Slay of the' present year, over twelve 1 months' after the original ra.Uk scandal exposure had been made, Tammany Mayor Walker was re­ quested to act. In a letter address­ ed to him by an Independent civic organization known as the Citizen's Union he was asked to use his in­ fluence to clean up the milk scand­ al and. send the grafters to jail. \No reply was received from the Tammany Mayor,' and a month later. In June, this tamo organiza­ tion addressed a letter tff'Qovernor Smith at Albany demanding that the investigation of milk graft bo taken from the hands of local of­ ficials' and placed In the hands of the Attorney General of the State. **No reply was received to this message and four weeks later. Id July of the present year,, a second letter was addresesd to him at Al­ bany which called attention to the uncontradicted testimony at the trial tor felony of the secretary to the ,.former New York City Health Commissioner, to the effect that ed that In a matter so vitally af­ fecting the health of the peoplu there was need for the prompt ex erclse of all the power of the State to make certain that each and every offender, regardless of pos­ ition or political affiliation, should be promptly brought to book. \On July 2-7th Governor Smith wrote the Citizen's Union declining to use the -great power of his of­ fice to interfere with the local of­ ficials engaged in Investigation of the bootleg milk conspiracy. He based that refusal on. the fact that the Tammany Mayor .of New YoVk had not requested him to act. So this subject has been made the football of politics up to the pres­ ent time. The Tammany Mayor following Mr. Smith's tefusal to In­ terfere offered a sop to public opin­ ion by the appointment of the law. partner of a former Tammany of­ ficial to take evidence of. the milk graft. That was weeks' ago and nothing has been donct Further­ more, nothing will be done unless tho people of this State take mat­ ters lnto;thelr own> hands and pun­ ish those officials quilty of con­ niving that suppression of a con­ spiracy striking a t the very founda­ tions of society, tho health and wel­ fare of our children, and the econ­ omic prosperity of our farmers. V •' \I* have said that I am not go­ ing to engage In a campaign of per­ sonalities wtth'the Governor. Many of us admire Al Smith the- man. His genial personality and likeable quality have carrle,d him far ln-pol- itics, but he can not escape the charge that Al Smith, the man. Is subservient to Al Smith tho boss .of Tammany Hall. The record so Ja= % HON. ROY G. FINCH i •UUe Engineer and Survcjor this secretary Insisted upop getting,! dicates and ho must stand or fall ninety per cent of the graft collect- I upon tho record, Mbdet330Stt»rmalalaai~ 1933 doubla-baml ham- merleaa ahotguni accu­ rate and durable < ARE YOU A-GOOD CITIZEN? Tour are not & good citizen If you Pail to vote at every election; Do not know- the name of your State Senator; , Have not read the .Declaration of' Independence within two. years; Say all public officials are disbon est; »..' Never tell your children why to be an American>citizen is an 'honor; Condemn a man just because he belongs to. the opposite party; Do not know your Alderman per­ sonally.— North American Almanac. . Model 330, just outl And,this ' newest Stevens ii fully up, to* the '' traditional family standards You '.never saw such a finish pr^a'shot- gun at anywhexe/.near its. price. T '. That frame is ca*e-hardened-^- 'and polished with a finish' that » lasts. 1 .^'Examine the stock—14 inches \ <of selected black Walnut, finely •\.' checkered. Full pistol grip—solid .•' rubber butt plate! Model\330 sure ' \looks as good as she'Shoofcs?' ' ^ Next, the barrels—made of High-Pressure compressed. steel. They have the .same .lasting'ac­ curacy that three generations of sportsmen have found- in Stevens , barrels—accuracy obtained by the special Stevens method of '.boring. \ ' • But no feature of tne flew .330 Stevens Is more amazing than its price.* You can pay more, f a lot more, but you can't\bu>'better shooting, qualities.\'\ Ask at your dealer's, or write us for complete details'. »' < * # \ J. STEVENS ARMS COMPANY Cblcopc* Falk, Mu>. * 1 ? ' NtJTlCE TO CREDITORS Pursuant to ah order v of Eon. Albert A. Bird, Sturrogmt* of. the County of- Cattaraugus, notice fa hereby given v to all perso— having claims against the ••tat* of WIDiau P. Morgan, late of the toinis of \free­ dom, Cattaraugus County, W.\t^ r de­ ceased, that they'ar« hereby reqalred to present the saint, toffether, with' the vouchers therefor» to the under­ signed executor of the .If 111 of said deceased at his residence in the town of Freedom, New York, on or baton December 31, \if\*26. M Dated, Junel25,192«.». • . r ' , Er\NE8T D.MORGAN, Knight ft Bentley, - v v Executor. * {'Attorneys for Executor, Arcade, N. Y. . ' „ - 17M1 NOTICE TO CREDITORS Pursuant to as,order of Son. Bar­ ber B. Conabls,Surrogate of» th* County of Wyoming, notice Is nereby riyen to all persons 'bavins; eJakms •trains* the estate' of' AJSMOBIWI TUton, late of the Town of Area*]*, Wyoming County,' N. Y., 'doeeaeed, that they are bigsfcy reqirired t» pre­ sent the: sans, together- wHer ths TOttchsrs tsmsfec, te, tiMUataVsasign- ad Admlalstniter «f aba good*,, attat- tels a>U aradite af said dusaasi, at him la t*a' TBata-'af. Araaaa, New York, a* :«r* bafora that lltt day af Diiiibar, 10M. - JatManMMtt Ba- ftPtitha . AiVnlitlstiator. Knight A ~ - Atternayi f or, A4abii*tnter. Araad., N. Y.. * JfuJ But what care I, for have 1 notl been drifting up and down the old Mississippi find its tributaries.\ ^ I have lived .on the \Show Boat,! which was just what its name implies! A floating theatre, which brougif to the towns along the river, all thi standard plays of the day Tho ' housewives lioanied thei dimes and the children tlit-ir penniej for months ahead. , When energetic little Capt /•„'; Hawks tied up to their wharf ^'a, swarmed up the gangplank of \Tl Cotton Blossom,\ a hapi/ joyot throng, and laughed an3| cn J . their hearts content, ' AU loved the dapper lftt/e Captoii but stood in aw e of hi, .-hrcwdis wife, whom- fatG had miscast into th role of Wife ana Mother. Perhaps \miscast\ is nut the coi rect word, for here is Mapnoli; Hawks, a masterp.cce Magnolia, what a beautiful name How did the mother, stern, unlovel; Parthinia Ann, come to bestow ji appropriate a naimo on her wei daughter? A magnolia blossom shi truly was, with her creamy deJicati coloring. You will live the life of the nvei with \Parthy Andy\ am! \Mapnolia 1 or \Nola ' as she was lovingly nick­ named. I wondtT if you will thrill with pleasure* as I did, when yoa hear the pilot call \Mark three' llark three! Half Twain! Quarter Twain! Mark Twain!\ Then you realize how Samuel Clemens came by bis pen name. You njay have learned to think of the Mississippi as \The Father of Waters,\ but the old nvrrmen always spoke of it as \she.\ They will tell you it is because it is never the same, but always chang­ ing; slicing off a chunk of land on one side and planting it somewhere else; running swiftly in one channel today and another tomorrow. I think you will laugh aloud over \ParbhyV encounter with the big negro cook. You may not care much for \Elly and Schutlzy,\ but you will admire J'Steve\ and love \Julie with her soft southern drawl—\Ah declah to goodness.\ Your eyes will grow misty over the manifestation pf Steve's great love, and jrou will learn the tragic meaning of the word \Miscegena­ tion,\ as sheriff Ike Keener expounds it. ! But, the 'saddening memory of that will pass and you will slip in beside little \Nola In the low heavy beamed domain of \Joe\ anil \Queen ie,\ and steep your soul in tho haunt- tag negrpi-melodies. The .hoarsely sweet negro overtone —Purple. Velvet, muffling a flute, as \Joe\ fingers ihis banjo and siniT, 1 Got Shoes\' and \Go Down Moses. I hope someday to enjoy the treat of - tasting- thiaim cooked a-la-Queenie. \Kim\ Revenal said it was a prac­ tical ham stuffed with all sorts o£ devilment. 1 ' . .. You will'be sorry to see Magnolia throw .herself away on Gaylord Kav- enal but, (after all, was it not tne making bf her? .1 mean his d -r~* there K almost told you more than I mean to, for I would not spoil tne story for* you. ,.,. You may start by disliking thy,\ but, you will end by admiring her. >The samel traits softened by the father's Wood, helped her daughter thru trying times, and yon will agree with \Kim - *! as she turns to her hus­ band and'cries, \Isn't she splendid Ken? • ^ • L , There's something) about her tnatf eternal and unconquerable, nice river.—Webster. One way to'make people bfPP» to leave them alone, and let them fro about being 1 happy in their own w»7-

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