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PAGE SIX WYOMING HEALTH CAMP 1 will he left his farm tio Mie county to OPENS SOON IN WETHERSFIELD aid in the work. The Bliss Memorial health camp will be opened in July fo r under­ nourished children of Wyoming coun­ ty. It will be permanently located on the eastern slope of a Wethersfleld hill. It is especially adapted fo r an outdoor playground fo r the children. Plenty of fresh, pure water is avail­ able from a spring. The camp will accommodate thirty guests besides sixty children. The camp is made possible by the generosity of the late Dr. Bliss of Warsaw, who for years fostered the idea of a health camp ior undernourished children. In hi s FARMERSVILLE H. S. TEACHING STAFF Leo P. Noonan, A . B., Quincy, 'Mass., will return fo r 'his fourth year as principal of the Farmersville school. The teaching staff follows-: Principal Noonan, Greek and His­ tory; Mrs. N. Reid Smith, precep­ tress, Latin and English; Royal B. Williams, mathematics and science Miss Edna M . Love, first, second and third grades; and Mrs. A. Imogene Ogilvie, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth grades. ARCADE NEWS WOMAN'S COLUMN LARKIN ECONOMY STORES TOMATOES Big Ben 2cans 15c BORAXINESoapPowder4 3-LbPkgsl5e COFFEE—Lestore Coffee is a very fancy high- grade Columbian Coffee. It i s blended in the right proportion to produce one of the best grades ob­ tainable.- Quality coupled with the fact that it is roasted in our own factories guarantees A(\p the grade which you receive, lb ECONOMY COFFEE lb 43c FRUIT SYRUPS, ZaRex .3 pint jugs $1.00 CORN MEAL 1 lb 6c NOODLES, Mrs, Klein's (Broad and Medium) pkg 10c CORN STARCH, Larkin pkg 10c PEACHES, Holly Br. No. 2V 2 can 25c CRABMEAT, Geisha Br can 39c NUT MARGARINE, Daisy Maid ... lb 23c DONA CASTLE SOAP bar 10c A Bank Account Is a \lock\ that not only safeguards money from fire and theft, but also prevents the loss of opportunities for gain or advancement. Such a \lock\ costs nothing. If you have none provide yourself with one now. A good financial padlock is a Pass Book from The First National Bank Arcade, N. Y. 4% Paid on time deposits Interest compounded twice annually 4% Leadership today belongs to Buick because so many people make it their first choice among all motor cars. They have discovered that other cars, priced the same as Buick, are not even close to Buick in value. Volume production enables Buick to give you a lot better car for a very moderate price. Do not be misled into driving a second-choice car. Compare the new car offered you to Buick, before you let go of your money! BUICK MOTOR COMPANY, FLINT, MICH. Dhiiion mfCtnml Motort Corporttitn W.H.NAGEL, FranklntTfll«,N.Y. Callers at the Bert Joslin home Sunday were Frank Laymann an d family, John Laymann and family I and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Manning of i Buffalo and Mrs. Ward Churchill of i Jamestown and Charlene McClory. j Mr. an d Mrs. Lloyd Hooper have named their daughter, Ardythe May. Mrs. Clarence Nichols of Philadel- ! phia, Pa., i s spending a fe\v weeks l-with he r friends, Mr . and Mrs\ Frank ! Favacula. I Henry Vallance, Harold Hyland, Mrs. Fannie Shallies, Mrs.Kate Heald I and Miss Bessie White were in Buf­ falo, Thursday of last week. Mrs. Margaret Anderson was in ' Buffalo, Thursday of last week. Mr. an d Mrs. Ira Little and Miss Jane Little were in Franklinville, on Thursday of last week. J. H. .Smith spent the week-end with his son , Howard Smith, an d family, a t LaSalle. Mr. an d Mrs. W. S. Daivs an d Mrs. Etta Freeman spent the week-end with relatives in Canisteo. Mrs. Free­ man will remain fo r a couple of weeks. Mrs. E. C. Alsworfch is visiting he r son, Charles, and family at LaSalle, this week. Mr. an d Mrs. P . H. Thornbury left Saturday for Chicago where they will visit friends. B. H. Stockin of Merridale wa s a pleasant caller on friends in town, Saturday. He was a delegate t o th e Dairymen's League meeting held in Buffalo. Misses Alice James arid Alice Yule motored t o Philadelphia and Atlantic City last week. They visited the Sesqui-Centennial while there. Miss Elizabeth Yule returned from school with them. Mr. an d Mrs. A. N. George are visiting relatives in Chicago. Miss Mary Vaughan closed he r school at Tonawanda, Tuesday, and is home for the summer vacation. Miss Ev a Richards, Keith Gittere and Alan Sawyer returned home last week fo r the summer vacat.on from Syracuse University. Miss Beulah Laird is home from the sanatarium at Hornell, where she has been fo r several weeks, suffering a nervous break-down. R. I. Cartwright spent several days in Philadelphia, last week. Mr v an d .Mrs. Carl Williams were guests of Mr . and Mrs. Ir a C. Little over th e week-end. Miss Ardys Bennion spent th e week-end in Attica. Mr. an d Mrs. George Huber an d son of Lockport called on Mrs. D. Grant Hodge, Sunday. Mr. an d Mrs. C. J . Devlin an d family, Mr . and Mrs. M. Hobin an d Miss Florence Hobin attended th e graduating exercises at Fillmore, Monday evening, when their daugh­ ter, Miss M . Beatrice Devlin, gradu­ ated from the teachers training class. HELPS FOR HOUSEKEEPERS .Those ugly stains on your per 'ma y be eradicated by crushing magnesia carbonate and rubbing it ! on the marks. Let it stand for twenty- I four hours an d brush off with a soft brush. Someone has asked for a method of ridding the chimney of soot. One reliable way is to put three ol d dry cells i n the furnace fire. Anyone with a radio would ibe willing to give you their discarded cells, those used as the \A\ battery. To remove butter coloring stains, try soaking stain with grain alcohol and ether mixed in equal quantities. A teaspoonful of vinegar added to the lard used for frying will prevent the article from absorbing too much fat. SANDUSKY APPLE PIE Four or five sour apples, one-third cup of sugar, one-fourth teaspoon of grated nutmeg, one-eighth teaspoon of salt, one teaspoon of butter, few I gratings of lemon rind. Line pi e plate with paste. Pare, .core and cut the apples into eighths, ' put row around plate one-half inch from the edge an d work towards the center until plate is covered; then pile on remainder. Mix sugar, nut­ meg, salt an d grated rind, and sprin- i kle over apples. Dot with butter. , Wet edges of under crust, cover with , upper crust, and press edges togeth- , er. Bake forty to forty-five minutes in moderate oven. , If you will press \the upper crust, under the lower crust, as directed i above you will have no trouble with the juice running over. The Quarterly Conference was held at the M. E. church, Thursday even­ ing. . j Mariam and Thelma Pugh are vis­ iting their grandmother at Silver Creek, this week. Mrs. A. E. Austin spent the-week­ end in Buff a Jo. Grace and Frank Scott were home for the week-end. Miss Verna -Moore visited with Eleanor Green at Crystal Lake, Sun­ day. Miss Fae Pecht is assisting Mrs. p. H. Newman with her work. Mrs. Newman is some better. F. E. Freeman is on the sick list. Jay Green and family spent Sun­ day at their cottage at Crystal Lake. Mr. F. Jones an d wife and Mrs. Frances Davis and daughters were in Franklinville, Sunday. Mrs. W. H. Jones died at her homef^uesday morning. Mrs. Clarence Walters is visiting her parents, Mr. an d Mrs. Arthur Powell. Mrs. Sadie Pratt attended the schoolmates reunion at East Aurora, Saturday. The Home Bureau met at the Grange Hall, Monday. R. E. Davis and family left Sun­ day fo r their home in LaPorte. Eliza­ beth Freeman returned with them , fo r some time. . I Francis Davis an d family, F. E. Freeman and family, R. E. Davis and family, and Carol Hughes and family ; attended a reunion at Hazelmere, Saturday. i Charles Hopper an d wifle and son, Mrs. Jagers and son o f Lockport called at the F. E. Freeman home, Sunday. YORKSHIRE-PUDDING Break into a bowl two eggs and beat up well, then take a pinch of salt and on e cu p of sifted flour and one cup of milk. 'Mix well until i t i s about as thick as good cream, put into a well greased baking pan and bake i n ho t oven twenty minutes. Serve with good thick gravy. This makes a pudding large enough for four people. SUET PUDDING, LEMON ICE One cup molasses, one cup suet or two-thirds cu p butter, one cup of water o r milk, one teaspoon soda, one- half teaspoon salt, one-half saltspoon nutmeg and cinnamon, one cup chop­ ped raisins, tw o an d one-half cups flour. Steam three hours. Serve with lemon sauce. ^\re you driving a second choice CAR? YORKSHIRE Mr. an d Mrs. D. S. Churchill of Jamestown spent several days with Mrs. F. L. McClory and children. Mr. an d Mrs. Truman Field and Mrs. Decker of Perry, Mr . and Mrs. Ralph Manning of Buffalo and Mr . and Mrs. D. C. Penner of Emporium, Pa., were Sunday guests of Mrs. F. L. McClory. Mrs. Gertrude Fischer and Miss Doris Da y closed a very successful term of school last Friday with a pic­ nic. We are sure everyone will be glad t o se e them return in the Fall. A reception was given Tuesday evening in the Firemen's hall fo r Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Stockin. Mr. an d Mrs. Howard Rose of East Concord were at the Charles Casey home, Tuesday evening. Mrs. Robert Pitcher and daugh­ ters and grandson, Joseph Wilkinson, Jr., an d Mrs. Howard'Smith of Buf­ falo were at the C. H . Miller home, Wednesday. Mr. Julius Schwab of Pennsylvania is greeting old acquaintances in town. We ar e glad to report that Mrs. Ralyea an d Lee House, wh o are i n the Millard Fillmore hospital, are both doing well. Mr. and Mrs. John Neanion are vis­ iting friends i n Shinglehouse, Pa. COCOANUT DROP CAKES Cream well together one half cup butter and on e cu p sugar. Add the beaten yolks of two eggs, then, alter­ nately, one-half cu p milk and two cups sifted flour Beat well until smooth. Ad d on e scant teaspoon of vanilla, one-half teaspoon salt, a heaping cup of grated cocoanut, the stiffly whipped whites of the eggs and one heaping teaspoon of baking pow­ der. Beat for a moment and drop b y the spoonful on well-greased pans and bake in a quick oven. Shredded cocoanut is just a s good as the grat-i ed. HAM OMELET Beat four eggs very light, the whites to a stiff froth, the yolks to a thick 'batter; ad d to the yolks four tablespoons of milk, pepper and salt and one-half cu p o f cooked, chopped ham. Add the whites last. Put a piece of butter half the size of an egg i n the frying pan; be careful not to scorch; when it is sizzling turn in the egg and cook on the back of the stove until done. Fold over and ELTON Mr. an d Mrs. Clarence Kibby of Kenmore spent the week-end with her parents, Mr. an d Mrs. O. J. Strong. Mr. an d Mrs. W. G. Roblee, Mr . ,and Mrs. C. M . Roblee attended the funeral of Mr. and Mrs . Ferris at Franklinville on Sunday. Mr. an d Mrs. Harry Raeder and family of Kenmore were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs . Bernis Ja- quish. Don't forget the entertainment at Society hall, Tuesday evening, June 29th. 1 7 Mrs. Alice Edwards of Buffalo is spending the week at the W. G. Rob­ lee home. Mr. an d Mrs. Emery Stone and son of Flint, Mich., are guests of her parents, Mr . and Mrs. Hiram Love. Norman Gibbon of Kenmore is vis­ iting his grandparents, Mr . and Mrs. James Gibbon. Miss Eva Strong was at Manlins and Rochester, •over the week-end. The children's day exercises will be held i n the Baptist church, Sun­ day evening, beginning at 8 o'clock. Mr. and Mr3. Fred Gibbon were at Buffalo, on Friday. Coit little-; do much—want ads. J POACHED EGGS ON MUSHROOMS One-half pound of mushrooms, four tablespoons of butter, four ta­ blespoons, of flour, one teaspoon of saltf- one-eighth teaspoon of pepper, one and one-half cups of milk, one- Kalf cup of cream or top milk, six pxjached eggs, six pieces of toast. Peel and slice the mushrooms and simmer them te n minutes in butter. Stir i n flour, salt an d pepper; and gradually the milk and cream. Cook until thickened and smooth and keep warm while preparing the toast and poaching the eggs. Place the mush­ rooms o n th e toast and top with a poached egg . Uncle Ab says on e of tohe best cures he knows for the wanderlust in farm boys is made up of equal parts of a swimming-hole, a dog, and a fish-pole. Mr. and Mrs. Byron Brown enter­ tained Mr. -and Mrs. Floyd Higgins of Maple Grove, last Wednesdayy. Mr. and Mrs. An6on Foss and Rev. George Orton and wife motored to Buffalo, Wednesday. Mr. and 'Mrs . John Rubelman en­ tertained friends from Buffalo, Sun­ day. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sugg of Ton­ awanda visited Mr . an d Mrs. Thomas Cobb, over the week-end. William M . Williams and son, Ed win, of Erie, -Pa., an d R. T . Williams of Arcade were guests, Tuesday, of Mr and Mrs. James Griffith. Mtrle Phelps of Delevan called at the John E. Williams home, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. E . E. Comstock of Ellicottville and Mrs. Ella Scott of Indiana were guests last week of Mr. and Mrs. George Comstock. ,, D. Brown was home over the week­ end. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Rumble and family of Oakfield -were week-end guests of Mr. and M'rs. Fred Moltrup. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Walters and family were Sunday visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Cook. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Hartsburgh and family of Buffalo and Alman Griffith visited MY. an d Mrs. James Grffith, Sunday. Mr. Harrison Beebe is very ill. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Day of Ar­ cade attended the Baptist church at Sandusky and were th e guests o f Mr. and Mrs. Anson Foss, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Austin and family of Rushford an d Mr. and Mrs. Howard Evans and family were vis­ itors, Sunday at the DaLew Hughes home. •Mr. and Mrs. Henry Evans of Sal amanca called on his mother, Tues day. Mrs. Nellie James of Olean is i n town for a few days. MOTORISTS SLOW APPLYING FOR THEIR LICENSES Less than 500 motorists in Wyom­ ing county have applied for their licenses which must be renewed be­ fore July 1 . Inasmuch as there are 10,000 car owners an d operators i n the county, it i s apparent that Coun­ ty Clerk B. F. Williams has a real job ahead of him for th e next ten days issuing the other 9600 licenses. County Clerk Williams informs the Herald that it will b e absolutely nec­ essary to have a license before July 1, as no extension in time will be given. Applications may be obtained of Town Clerk C. C. Blythe or at local garages. Send your renewal application to­ day. Game Protector Harvey Wiley has recently placed 2 0 cans of wall-eyed pike in Silver Lake and will soon place over 600,000 bass and five cans of trout. During the season he has placed 32 cans of red , speckled, rain­ bow and redneck trout in the streams of Wyoming County. SMITH CORNERS ROAD UNDER CONSTRUCTION Monday the road men commented building the Java Five Corners, Ifai. do Corners, Smith Corners road. Grading of- this stretch of road has been under way since last year and the road gang which came Monday began the pouring of cement. It is t long stretch of road with a long haul for a good part of the material so that it is hardly possible that the work will be completed this year. William Nugent of Silver Springs was taken to the Warsaw hospital, Friday afternoon, having suffered a third attack of appendicitis. He was operated upon at once and is ex­ pected to recover. WHERE TO m Reputable Dealers in Var­ ious Lines, Who Invite You to Trade With Them. h, i A ' dn <tee. Optometrist, of Ni 5 fl Brisbane Bldg., Buffalo, ^ at Mr. A . Hedin's Jewelry Store fa. Delevan, N. Y., (formerly\ the HuJ Jewelry stored on Tuesday, July eti] In home office every day enei* Tuesday of each week. * AUTOMOBILES A restful night on Lake Erie on one of the Great Ships -or the C 0 B 11 M makes • pleasant break In your journey. A good bed i n a clean, cool stateroom, a long, sound sleep and an appetizing breakfast in the morning. Steamers \SEEANDBEE\—\CTTY OF ERIE\—\CITY OF BUFFALO\ _ Daily May lit to November ISth • Leave Buffalo- 9.-00 P. M. / Eastern \ Leave Clevetand-9:00 P. M- Arrlve Cleveland *7t00 A.M.I Standard Time J Arrive Buffalo— *7.-00 A. M. • Steamer \CITY OF BUFFALO\ arrive* 7t30 A. M. . Connection! for Cedar Point. Put-In-Bay, Toledo, Detroit and other points. Aak your ticket agent or touritt agency for ticket* via C &.B Line. New Tourist Automobile Race—$7 JO. _ Foor C&B Steamers la Dally Service Fare $5.50 THE NEW CHEVROLET COUPE DENISON & DICKEY ARCADE, N. Y. Gasoline, Oil and Accetioriet I Commodious Rest Room for Ladlst and Gentlemen COLLECTIONS DFRF £ ollect i d MJLJJ 11. Lverywhere No Collection No Charts CHARLES C. DAY 495 Ellicott Sq. Buffalo, N. Y. HARNESS SHOP HARNESS SHOP Hand Made New Harneil All Kind of Repairing Celluloid and Side Curtaini GEORGE BARNES Arcade, N. Y 52tf UNDERTAKER W. S. DAVIS UNDERTAKER Auto Hearse ARCADE, N. Y. Bell Phone C. S. PERSONS & SON Undertakers and Funeral Directors. Auto Hearse Delevan, N. Y. MONUMENTS MONUMENTS For all purposes at RIGHT prices. Work Guaranteed. CHAS. HOWLETT, Sandwky Shop and Show Rooms Franklinville, N. Y. Anyone wishing to pur­ chase Monument or Marker, am prepared to name very low prices in best of graniW for.the next two weeks. WM. SIMONS, ARCADE, N. T. <• HARDWARE L. L. ENNIS HARDWARE, STOVES|| AND TINWARE DRUG STORES Cottrill & Cottxill FOR TRUSSES REMEMBER W« hare m complete KM *\ •M-U of Trasses ••«! will f* *Mt— 7»ar fit or rmtvuiP* 0 - memajr.

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