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The Wyoming County herald. (Bliss and Silver Springs, N.Y.) 1891-1927, April 02, 1926, Image 8

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PAGE EIGHT WANTCOLUMN RATES: One cent per word each in­ sertion. No adv. run for let* than 25 cents. AH ad«. cash with order. No charge accounts for thest) ads. SPECIAL NOTICE—Keyed or blind ads. double price. We prefer to have you use your postoffice'box or phone number. FOR SALE FOR SALE—Hay. A. S. Green. Phone 13F24, Arcade, N Y 5t 6 Comfortable home, good care for aged people ;rcasonable rates by week o r during life. Write for particulars. Lucore Mutual Home Association, 4 8 Ripley Place, Buffalo, N Y. 5p FOR SALE—Three rabbi t dogs, A- No. L Take them on trial, John Braymiller , Sardin a, N . Y. Phone, Chaffee, G3F13 5tGp FOR SALE FOR SALE FOR SALE—Pure bred registered FO R SALE—Twelve tons good hay Holstein Bull, tw o years old; also on Phiio Eddy farm, Sardinia, N . Y . grade yearlin g bull, one and one-half Maude Huffman, 41 4 Massachusetts years old. C M. Drake, Arcade, ave., Buffalo, N.-«,Y. Phone Bid X. Y. 5p 5653M. 4t5 FOR SALE—1923 Ford coupe; 1925 Nash coach . M. J . Cole, Delevan, N. Y. ltfV FOR SALE—Eduscn disc; 15 records. Fin e condition. J L. Burnett , Sar ­ dinia, N\Y. 5t6 p FOR SALE—Or wi .i rent, ne w building suitable fur any meivantile busine<<. Will sell at mucn le=s 1'ian cost it'sold this month T J IIJIJIHI, Phone 23, Bl^s N' Y 5t 8 FOR SALE- -Abuut te I tons of hay . Gi- H witt, Dele.a. i 5tlip FOR SALE—Colli e pups, 6 weeks old. Alto n E. Bnkuman, Arcade, N Y Phone 40F11. 5t6 p FOR SALE—Bronze Gobbler R. J . Bialiaiuj, Arcade, N Y 5tG FOR SALE—House an d lot, Canada St , Holland Full cellar, furnace, bath, all improvement? Write How - n- 1 Riclards, 70 Bloonifield 'avenje , Buffalo 4tTS FOR SALE—In Delevan, Dwelling, barn and three-fourths acre of land . All conveniences. Bargain to right party. B. G. Hitchcock, Delevan, N. Y. 5t6V FOR SALE—Maple syrup and sugar. Alton E. Bakeman, Arcade, N. Y. Phone 4CF11. 4t5p FOR SALE:—Five arch-grates. C. A. Pingrey, Yorkshire, N. Y.. * 4t5p FOR SALE—Quantity of hay. In­ quire of Burt Briggs , Sardinia, N. Y. Phcne G5F12, Chaffee. 4t6p FOR SALE—One 140-egg Ironclad Incubator As good as new. Mrs- J. L. Briggs, Sardinia , N. Y. Phone 6 .F12, Ci .affee 4t6p , •'OR SALE—-On account of sicknes s and death, I offer for sale my plac e on East Main street, Arcade, N. Y., consisting »f four acres of land, house, barn, two gre^n-houses, and fi\: il Inquire of Mrs. Lottie Lewis, \rcadc, N Y. - 3t6p ' i '^R SALE—Rutabagas, yellow and vi .ite Chas. Cobry, Arcade. 3t5p : CIIKKS—Stu'dy chicks , leading' breeds, best blood, Quality Chicks, i .e«vy layeis. Special inducements ,\ r narlj ciders. Free catalogue,; write today. Linesville Hatchery, ; Linesville Pa. 3t f ' FOR .\-ALL-—N'e\\ and second-hand', Delco-Light plants. A . W. Metz, Java | v mage. N. Y. Bell phone 34-t'-4 ] \ 2t f i BAB Y CHICKS — Write fo r ou r special offer t o yo u fo r ordering your Baby Chicks 30 t o 6 0 days be ­ fore you want them shipped. Our price* ar e right. Our chick* ar e right. Guaranteed. Linesville Hatchery, Linesville, Pa . 46t8p REAL ESTATE; FREE LISTING. FARMS AND BUSINESS PROPER- lY. Phone 58-R. W. H. NAGEL, *>ankhnvihe, N . Y. 48t f FO R SALE]—Cord wood, $4 a cord. ,fi. A. Sawyer, Arcade, N. Y . 43t f FOR SALE—Weast dwelling on 1 North St., Arcade. Inquire , Spring, Arcade, N. Y. 40t f LOST «~ LOST,—Scotch Collie Dog; male, 1 year old, yello w wit h white markings, answers to the name of Ned . Re­ ward H . G. Abbott, Java Village. 5tG WANTED WANTED—A. I. Loomis of Chaffee wants t o \buy little pigs. Phone Chaffee 64F3. „ 6 BROODY HENS WANTED— A. L Loomi? o f Sardinia will pjjy highest cash for broody hens.-Phone Chaffee 64F3. 4t 7 HAVE YOU ANTIQUES TO SELL? Then telephone me , or, write t o me, giving description of the piece or pieces yo u have for sale. I shall oe gla d t o examine and t o purchase,, providing it has real worth. Mrs. E. D. Sherman, Yorkshire, N . Y. Telephone, Arcade 10-F 4 51t f ARCADE SCOUT NEWS HELP WANTED FOR RENT HOUSE FOR RENT—Electric lights, hath, garage. Inquire at postoffice, Yorkshire, N. Y . \ 5t 7 FO R RENT—Garage space fo r rent. Henrietta File/, Arcade. 5t7 p FOR SERVICE Pure-bred Duroc boar. Fees $2.50. George Jenkins, Freedom, N. Y . 3t9p .POR SALE}—Our In me. cirner Pearl and Park streets, Holland. A bargain All conveniences. Come and IOOK it uv\i VanNaUti l>a FOR SALE—Dairy of nine high grade Holotein L'.ws, four fresh­ ened an d five near-by springers, tw o 2-year-old heifers, dut t o freshen in June. One 2-year-old Lull All are T. B. tested. Fred D Evans, Free­ dom, X Y. 5t 6 FOR SALF—Four unit DeLaval milking machine in perfect working order fo r $200. Geo Howatt, Pe e- van. 5t6 p FOR SALE—Two-year-old Holstein bull. Michael Long, Sandusky, N. Y. 5t6 p FOR SALE—Brood sow, also year­ ling bull. Abbott & Son, Java Vil­ lage, N . Y 5t 6 FOR SALE—Team of work horses, weight 2900, youne 3nd sound. Ab ­ bott & Son , Java Village, N Y. 5t 6 FOR SALF,—Th e A Donat o & Co. Stor e of Chaffee, N Y . is for sale. The store is in good location and a g n-1 l,.:.-.n s. Mso I'e A. Donato property containing house and lo t and seven acres of ground. Briggs Road, tl ree-fourths of a n acre along­ side of railr-a d tracks. I desire t o sell this property, as I a m working on the railroad and get more. A. Donato, Chaffee, N. Y. 5t 8 EASTER SPECIALTIES Easter Bunnies _ Chickens Ducks Candy Chickens Candy Rabbits Candy Eggs, all Kinds and Sizes • DON'T FORGET Good Friday is the time to plant SWEET PEAS We Fave T hem in Bulk. All new seeds And Remember— 7* J\we special lines of Smoked Meats on Saturday Mason Grocery Co. N \We Sell For Less.\ ARCADE, N. Y. MUSIC PUPILS WANTED— As I have taught piano successfully fo r several years-at Dansville, I will ac ­ cept a limited number of pupiis for piano. Apply , Grace Fullmer, at the Duffy house on North Street, Arcade. She was a former pupil of Miss Wanda Eels of the Grinnel l Conser­ vatory's of Music, an d later _ was a pupil of Mrs , Laura Waters\ Gould .if the Spencer Conservatory of Mu- »ic Special care taken with begin ­ ner*/ 42tf AUCTION Will sell at public auction o n the John Murray farm a t Java Lake, N. Y , at 1 o'clock p. m., sharp, o n Saturday, April 3 , 1926 Ten good Cows, all fresh. Yearling bull. Six Work Horses. One black, five years old, weight 1500 pounds; two gray mares 13 years old, weight 1300^pounds; on e black mare 6 years old, weight 140 0 pounds ;one bay horse, 14 years old, weight 1500 pounds; on e gray\\horse 12 years old, weight 150 0 pounds. Thirty shoats, 5 brood sows, 40 tons hay , quantity of straw, McCor- mick corn binder, LeRoy bean pull­ er; Deering hay tedder; one heavy wagon; one truck wagon; one spring milk wagon, double box , pole and thills; LeRoy 4-row potato sprayer; one pair platform scales; one 40-foot Carrier silo filler; on e feed grinder; one six H . P . engine; one motdr washer with tubs, wringer and 1 % H. P . engnie; Superior grain drill ; Massey-Harris side deliver y rake, one Baggs potato grader and other smal l farm tools; a quantity of spruce tamarack and cherry fence posts; about fifty bushels of good seed potatoes; Cyllem e lighting plant and al l complete fixtures; one nearly new six-griddle range wit h hot water front JOHN MURRAY. E. A . Warner, Auctioneer. The honor patrol at the meeting Monday night wa s th e Eagle with perfect attendance. Remember, Scouts, the contest for advancement isn' t over yet, so ge t bus y and \do your stuff.\ Mr . Lyke , pu r new assistant scout ­ master, was present and gave a very fine talk. Afte r th e busines s part of the meeting wa s over the Scouts ad ­ journed t o the next room and had quite a bi t of instruction in drilling, marching, etc . Some of th e cast fo r the minstrel show has been selected. Mr. Mur- chison has. asked th e following to hold up the ends: Mr. Lockwood, Mr . Blakeley , 'Mr. Morse, Mr . t Harland Pinney and Scouts Hopkins and Stockin. The chorus will be made up of some of the boys in the troop. Mr . Murchison announce d that the money raised would g o to pay the boys ' expenses while at camp. So , let's put it over, Scouts. AUCTION . PAPER HANGING WANTED To my patrons andf riends of Arcade and vicinity— Paper Hanging Season is Near. Don't forgefc— WALTER M. WOOD Sardinia, will do your 48tf work. The undersigned will sell at public auction on the Kramer farm, two miles south-eas t of Arcade on the County Line road a t 1 o'clock p . m., sharp, Monday, April 12 Farm Implements and Tools; Ford- son Tractor an d Plough with belt and Pulleys , Wheel Cultivator, Inter­ national Ensilage Cutter, Sid e Deliv­ ery Rake, Wheel Rake, 2 Double Wagons, Wagon B*ox, Set Dump 3oards, Light Wagon, Hay Loader, Potato Digger, Plow, Grai n Binder, Corn Binder, Mowing Machine, Land Roller,/Grain Drill, Three Section Drag, Sleighs,. Manure Spreader, Phaeton Buggy, Single Buggy, Forge and Blacksmith Tools, Evaporator, 4 Milk Cans, Shoate, an d other articles. A. ROCHE. W. H . Jones, Auctioneer. I CARD OF THANKS I '.emN and We wish to thank our neighbors for their km !m-., Jlu i j, el \ fulness during our reevnt bereave\ ment; also for the bvuuuiul iWeri Mrs. lrenu Dawley Ada Da\vk-j CARD OF THANKS We wish to expres? our sincere appreciation to our manj friends for all kindness shown dunnc the illness I and death of ou r wife and niuther I James A. Campbell p Mrs. W W Dailcy and ramilj. AUCTION Having decided t o qui : uuirying,! | will sell at public auction, on Thursday, April 1st, l'.i26 Beginning at 1 p. m , twu miles east of Holland on Hunter Creek road, tw o miles north fium Protec­ tion, five miles west fn.m Java Vil. lage, on Kanne r Farm. Horses: Span of fine ivh- . broken, age s 6 an d 5 year s this May weight | about 130 0 pounds each (.hie good all around mule. Cattle: 14 head T B >>ud. Six | sows—new milkers an d .-l'ntiKers; 6 ', two-yea r olds, coming frt-<h March \ an d April, 2 one-year-».lil heifers. ' One No. 1 Porker 1 Miscellaneous 100 bu --,i -ls oats, about 5 tons clover hay . a '.'-horse upright InternationaJ JM< engine; ha y rack, 16-ft., good vvairori potato planter; corn and bean ).lamer, feed grinder; bone grinder, law creaa separator in line condition Martin land - ditcher; new set of Walsh no- buckle harness an d collars, used but | little, new cultivator CLIFFORD W KANNER, Glenn R. Mead. Proprietor. I Auctioneer 3tap | William Barrett Broughton, a Bo y Scout of Castile, is to receive a cer­ tificate of heroism from th e National Council of Be y Scouts of America fo r saving two young people from drown­ ing in Silver Lake last summer. I Robert Smythe's hardware store | at Lyndonville was entered by thieves and $75 stolen. The body of a man believed to be Jerry Sullivan of Jersey City, N. J., was taken from the canal at Middle- port . Tanner's Greenhouses Cut Flowers and Pot Plants For Easter Visitors Welcome Holland, N. Y. 4t5 I CONSTABLE NOTICE OF SALE By virtue of a n execution issue d b y a Justice of th e Peace, against the property of Rudolph Rust, I have [ievied and taken the following dcs- . cribed personal property: One potato digger, 4 milk cans, 1 Ford truck, 3 extra tires, 1 sulky plow, 1 mowing machine, 1 hay fork, car and rope, 2 hay rakes, saw rig and engine. I shall expose ffed property for sale at public auction to the highest bidder, on the 3rd day of April, 1926 , at two o'clock in the P M., at the said Rudolph Rust's, in the Town of Yorkshire, County of Catt­ araugus, an d State of New York. Dated this 29th da y of March, 1926. ROY H. CROSBY, 5p Constable. Wells Garage Holland, N. Y. The home of GUARANTEED REPAIRING Towing, Service 29F4 Phone. 5p THE CITIZENS BANK OF ARCADE OFFICERS: J. D. CASE . PRESIDENT J . H. FRANCIS VICE-PRESIDENT J. H. •-M1TH CASHIER D C. BENTLEY ASST. CASHIER GEO. W. STRON G ASST. CASHIER ARCADE, N. Y. DIRECTORS JAMES H. FRANCIS O. T . WILSON GEORGE E. HOGUE D. C. BENTLEY JASON D. CASE JOHN KNIGHT J. H. SMITH REPORT OF CONDITION MARCH 25,1926 RESOURCES Loan's and Discounts. . $ 926,340.39 U. S. and Other Bonds. . 606,778.51 Mortgages Owned 138,350.00 Banking House and Lot (Keystone Block) . 8,000.00 Other Real Estate 19,489.80 Due. from Banks 137,205.10 Cash on Hand 21,031.28 Total $1,856,195.08 LIABILITIES Capital $ 60,000.00 Surplus 40,000.00 Undivided Profits 41,871.50 Reserve for Interest . . 23,100.00 Deposits > 1,691,223.58 Total $1,856,195.08 Comparative Figure* Showing'Increase of Deposits March 25, 1922 $1,229,284.00 March 25, 1925 March 25, 1926 ....\ STOCKHOLDERS We call your attention to the above statement and take pleasure in ax- tending a cordial invitation to com* to u« with any banking business you may have. J. D . CASE, President R. R. Allen J. G. Aljen G. E. Barnei Mary W. Beebe R. H. Beebe W. K. Beebe W. F . Benjamin H. B . Bennion Morris Bentley D. C. Bentley H. J. Beardsle y D. H. Bray Bertha L. Buchma n J. D . Case Elizabeth M. Case Helen M. Chandler John S. Charles Ella K. Cheney Mrs. J. D. Colborn Florence Cooper E. J. Conroy W._G. Conschafter Jessie K. Coftrill M. E. Cottrill George W. Dake Hattie D. Davi s L. A. Davis Estate W. S. Davis Frank E. Eddy Charles M. Drake R. B. Fishe r J. H. Francis Charles Fuller George E. Fuller H. Vernon Gibby Mrs. J. W. Griffin J. S. Hatch- Laura Hillman George E. Hogue Harriet Hojde Est . Nora M. F . Jones W. H. Jones E. G. Kingsley John Knight Mary F . Knight Henry A . Kohler H. C. Kreutter Mary E . Lewis Est. Russell Lewis E. W. McCraley\ C. C. McKerrow Mrs. H. J. McNair _W. G. McNair Glenn F. Metcalf Glenn C. Miller Guy L. Miller A. J. O'Dell Ina Ward O'Dell L. Belle Palmerlee Theodore Parker C. Pingrey \ Wm. M7Pinney A. D. Potter Floy A. Potter Chas. H. Reynolds D. D. Rogers B. T. Sands A. L. Smith J. H. Smith Marguerite B. Smith Marie A . Sloeum Geo. W . Strong A. G. C. Tilden Antionette Tilton R. J. Tilton Kate M. Wellmaa F. Earl Wilson 0. T. Wilson - Oliye D. Wilson K. R. Wilson K. Young

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