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The Wyoming County herald. (Bliss and Silver Springs, N.Y.) 1891-1927, March 19, 1926, Image 7

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PAGE SEVEN CURRIERS The Y. P- S. C. E . will hold asocial in the church parlors o n Saturday evening, March 20th. Both young and old are cordially invited to come and enjoy the evening together. \The Happy Thought\ class met with Miss Margaret Nichols o n Sat­ urday afternoon. The Y. P . S. C. E. meeting was held a t the home of Mrs . Lyford , Sunday evening. 'Jfrs. Judith Burbanks of Varys- ititg, who Was called here by the sudden illness of Mr, Wilkins, re­ gained after his death t o spend a few days with Mrs . Wilkins, who has th» sympathy of her many friend* in the sympathy this bereavement. Jlr and Mrs. Raymond Rosier and eifldren were Sunday guest s of Mr . ,ndMrs.M.B.Rorier. Dean Woodworth i i not w»J! and I A NEW MEDAL OF MERIT COW An Oregon Jersey cow, St . Mawes Lad's L a Belle, has completed an of- I Acial test in which she.qualified for t I the highest award offered by the An>» I ih V fether has had bta i n Buffs!* for 1 erican. Jersey Cattle Club, the Medal outoatiOB. I of Merlt » nd the Silver Med \ L SUrt \ Kasttr iia..» .„ t jlul.ne. y fahop . i JI' t. ^ (. 3t5 Un Frida y eveni.-j; ..i /out forty of oi*v young peopie gathered at the b\r omen's Hall and enjoyed a s.ciable evening. Mr. Sheridan Moore spent the week end m New York City. Mr. an d Mrs. Charles Keem and three sons who' were ill last week , me muc .t improved a t thiB writing. ..es wa s in Arcade e... •ii is at h>.me for a M»s. Lew.s one da y last \v Madaline Si... sh.. time. very ^ James Williams is hom e from Buf ­ falo Gran t Lynde was ou t of town sev­ eral days the past week. Prayer mett.ng will be held at the home of Mr. and Mrs . Burrows. was enjoyed by all . The Ladies Aid will hold a shred­ ded • whea t social this week Friday evening. Everyone invited to attend. Mrs. Dennis Clark was in Arcade an d Franklinvill e a couple of days last week. Mrs. Harris gave n party for some of the young people Friday evening. The chief diversion of the evening was candy-pulling . Mrs. J . D. Williams still remains on the sick list. Mrs. Lloyd Williams has been hav- *(jrvilh7 Bush dined with^M^\***?! Hit, OwJill* Sunday. I The electric licbU. ware, turned on­ to. Curriers for the-first, time,. Tue«- ity evening, March 1« . Of court*,, itii a dUappeintment that the lights m not on every ttreat, bat we eon- putulste tlww who, Hve on North itreet, for hsving-.them. John K. Reeve of- Arcade it- our new ticket agent at the A; 4r A . sta­ tion'here. ^ We understand that our acboola «U1 give a h entertainment on Friday evening, April 2nd ; Donald French of Arcade came owr Saturday to be the gues t of George Sweetapple? and Jack' Nichols. Hiss Berth* Williama ipent the Week-end with Mr. and (Mrs. Howard Hopkins of Arcade. B. M. Haker and son , Manly, were is Springvllle, Sunday. Hiss Pearl Twia* was i n Arcade for several day* hut week, when *** was the guest of Rev . and Mrs. Hen­ ry Mbsley aTitf'-IlrirMlftml Twits'. Mrs: The 'aa 'orf Barboiir «nd ; little daMghter' of Buffalo, who have been tuests of Mr. and Mrs ! O. Downing, returned hom e Saturday. Mia* Jennie-f Downing an d Harry Downing went with them, returning hone Monday. Mr. and Mrs . Leighton Stocldn dined with Mr . and Mm Clifford Twin, Sunday. OrrUle Bush went to Seat Aurora Thursday t o te e the play \Seventeen\ by Booth Tarkington, which waa played by th e senior .data of \the high ichool. Mr. and Mr*. Ray Twite entertain­ ed Mr. and Mr*. Arthur Ring, Sua day. Kenneth Miller of Warsaw spent the week-end with hi * parents , Mr . and iMrs. Glenn Miller. Mrs. Dwight Robinson, wh o has been ill, is much better. Omelets cook to perfection i n moderately slow oven, at from .300 to 850 degrees Fahrenheit. Kenneth Storms an d Ear l Schoep- Mr. Robert Barber of LeRoy spent''flin were home uunday from Hough- in g a severe cofcL the. week-end with hi s parents, Mr . ton. Gladys Thomas i s on the sick list, anu Mrs. James Barber. Mrs. Henry Strohm'' is spending Mrs . Charles Howlett has return- Mr. and Mrs. William Kirsch, who some time in Rochester helping to e d from Machias where she has been have been ill, ar e able to be around care fo r Mr. Strohm's mother, who i s visvf ing several weeks, ugaip. in poor health. . Miss Edith Davis spent the week- Remember the St. Mary's Alumni Mrs. Cora Owens and Miss Sara end at her home, here. ' _ n te t at four year s ten~mohths' dance at th e Firemen's Hall, Tuesday Owens Wave returned t o Meadville, Mr . and Mrs. William Williams o f ox age she produce d 883.76 pounds I April. «. Fattey's orchestra will be P a wt„. in as nniiriH. of ,i\ attendance. Th e Housewife Club gave a sur- milk in 36 5 day^ Hw milk aveSged ' ™e ***** bulbs were plac- prise party for Mrs. Ed. Davis, Fri- month' of th e test slie yielded 95 lbs. I Mr^ andMrs. J»mer Torge and birthday. A very pleasan t evening E't>n visited Mr, and/' Hurlbert, recently. * Mrs. Irvin of fat . NORTH JAVA Harry (Sottrad has- moved into Chas. Hands' house and will work fo r him this year on- the farm. Matt Young has- moved- onto the Schwab-farm an d wiU'work. there thir year; Will Eley and' family visited Mr. and 'Mrs. Gibney, Sunday, at Java Center. • Jessi e and Elsie Royce visited L . Royce and family, one da y last week. MV. ahd Mrs . A: Ely\ aire sick with the influenza. Frank Ha'riley travels' the roads every day with his auto sleigh. C. Godfrey went onto Buffalo bill Friday an d ran a tractor back for Schwabs. Mrs. Mary Murphy lost a horse, last week. , Katie Roach ha s been sick with a severe cold; Mrs. Lore n Warren died\ Stttfttt? eVenihg. The funeral waVMd^ai 2 o'clock, Tuesday, from W home'. Mrs. Boyd Cohley went to Gaines­ ville, Tuesday , to atten d the funeral of her father, Kilo Brooks. Mik e Dominesey went to a hos­ pital last week. MASONIC CLUB STARTS FOREST I son, Donald, of- Wales spent Sunday • with her parent*. J Little Georgia Kirsch i s ill . | Mr, Charles Metcalf of LeRoy, . who recently returned from a trip to California an d other western Line Road.tfuestmy jifternoon. Rev. ter.spent Sunday with hi. father. Mr. Use want *d«,; they pay. J0HNSONBURG Rohert A. Noble of Varysburg con- Dennis Sullivan. ducte d the service. Interment took\ « nd Nick Conrad and place in the. Johnsonburg ceme'texy. . daughter, Mildred, of BaUvia spent (Mrs. Clarence S . Godfrey haa re-; Su n d »y ^V 1 ***? •«» turned home from a visit wit h rela- |. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Conrad of , tives in Arcade Batavia are spending an indefinite Spring is officially at hand, but the \ ^^ th hi * P• r * nt, • Mr \ \ nd Mm ! S h & still^m.in.asgood - , *^P ~t Metager, who beV The CTongregation*l. prayer meet- ^een suffering from infection in her| ing wa s held at the hom e of Wilbur %}W°™* r . n,c ^ _ . . ' tientley, Wednesday evening. ' Mr. W.lliam Sykes of Batavia The member, of th e Woman'. W«' s »» d ^ . .J Christian Temperance Union were\ Little Joh n Kirsch, who ha. been entertained' at a parlor meeting at ve ^»' »'^.v in the home of Mrs. Netti e Allen, Wed- : Bu ^ 0 Charle * Victor \ pent Fnd * y in i Mr. Freddie Giasner of Sheldon nesday afternoon . JOHNSON*!}*** M. £. CHUfcCM h«i»Hb*en employed by Mr. Andrew ToitHlret'. Mr\. Frank Stamper it driving fo r Dr. Feller tKes* days. Mr. Clarence (Musty haa purchased a new Ottawa sawing rig and i s cut - The Clarence Masonic Club of Clarence, Eri e County, haa informed the Conservation commission that it is going to plan t 2000 trees this spring and asked for advice as to the kind to plant. This information ha a been sent to the club wit h the prom­ ise to reserve th e desired number o f trees for spring shipment: Rev.-Lelatid' W. Brighall, Pastor 10:30 a. m.—Sermon. Subject: • Our Gethsemanes.\ 11:30 a. m.—Slinday school with ting woo d these days, classes for all. | The Women's Circle will hold its 7:80 p . m.—Epworth League meet annual Easter-Suppe r at the„Baptist ing. Subject: \Verbs of Christian!church It Strykersvilfe, N. Y. , on Living—To Do.\ Bernard Shaw is'April 8, 1926. Roast pork and other to b e the leader. good things will be serve d from 5:30 Thursday at 7:3 0 p . m.—Cottage ! until al l are served. Attractive booths pfayer meeting at the home of Mr. and Mr*. George Shaw. Everybody i s very cordially invited to attend these services. The freighthouse of the Buffalo, Rochester * Pittsburg railroad build­ ing at LeRoy, aframe building' SO by 100 feet, was gutted by fire; March 6th. Mrs. Charlotte Smith Stevens, a resident of WilliamsviUe fo r more than 100 years, and the oldest wom­ an in Erie county, died on. Thursday, wil l be arranged with gifts for sale. many useful 3 JUNIOR EXTENSIO N CONFERENCES Two conferences have been held at the Warsaw high school within the _ _ past two weeks for the purpose of March 3rd , at her hom e i n Williams^ j training local leaders for -the impor- ville, at the age of 10 2 years . Mrs. | tant part they play in the realm of Stevens wa s born i n the villag* of Williamsvill* on January 3rd , 1824. Cime to Buff do for newtr «W lower prices - I It's Time: _to Buy Your Easter •30 - »37 •SO with extra trousers T^WO weeks more—and Easter will be here. Oi course, you'll want a new suit, Get it now, while, the assortment is so com­ plete. We're featuring two-trousers suits at 530 and $3750. Our customers tell us they're. the Best Values in years. That's why thou­ sands of men from all over Western New York are buying them. Remember, too, that the extra trousers mean extra Wear; in fact, it practically doubles the life of the suit. Get your Eeister suit this Week. ^ew Spring Shirts $2 to *7r*« H»rlSck*ffit4r & Marx md Fashion Park Fh* Sprint Cloths* »*5 •» »SO The All-wool Two -pants Spring Suits from th> Thrift BosontoMt $24^° )U1 Depa, Wgesf selectU .• York Buy s- • • TJv.u Me*, } aberdashery •nt offer 9, the .-.-rfinest'fihirt jcweon 'NdW •« : (3Sucago Washing*' 'for J tK^-' Main, Clinton on J , Buffalo'^ ***** Haw SaHsfactitt* Gmfr#4o *l Open Satu^> M9amr.cmr.fre* at Wrmf Q*«»Bnta, ~ft': Junior Extension work . The first of these was held Friday, March 6th . On the whole the con­ ference wa s no t a success. Owing to illness, th e condition o f the roads at the time, and other factors, the attendance was very small. The Specialis t from the College, (Mrs. Homan, however, gave some very worth while ideas to those few wh o were able t o attend and because of the lack of numbers sh e was able to give more personal attention to each individual. These'' Foods leaders who gathered^on - thhrday prepared, as a,demonstration, a luncheon, which was enjoyed by about twenty-five persons.. This luncheon was prepar­ ed under the supervision of Mrs. Ho­ man and consisted o f those foods which go to make up a well balanced meal. Dbring the luncheon Mrs. Homan gave a short talk about the place of the various foods i n the diet and pointed ou t to those assem­ bled the necessity of, having fruits , vegetables an d milk i n our meals and the- function which- each food plays. On Tuesda y Miss Hazel Spencer, the Clothing Specialist from the Col­ lege, gave a similar demonstration in a conferenc e held for the Clothin g Club -Leaders in ou r girls' clubs. Sh e took up in some detail .the various phases o f garment making, illustrat­ ing her talk with .simple demonstra­ tions and also explained to the Lead­ ers assembled, th e value of good posture and its effect-on the appear­ ance of clothing. Her work i s valu­ able to the Leaders m ways other than thos e , pertaining directly t o boys' and girls' work. Those Lead­ ers -who wer e there may have obtain­ ed some, ideas that will be of use t o them eve n when they are not leading the younger generation in the Cloth­ ing -groiips. That part of th e conference most interesting to hear about was the of­ ficers Training Conference, held on the same da y as the Food*. Confer­ ence. About fifteen girls, president* and secretaries, from six different clubs scattered throughout the Coun ­ ty, assembled' to receive training, i n Parliamentary La w from Mis s .Mil'. <lred Stevens, Assistant State Club Leader of boys' -and girls? work. These officers were given an intensive training in how to handle -business meetings in their ow n club. .I n ;th» ! afternoon, «/mock meeting was'held j in Which each' .officer .participated. I An election was held after which the ' president took th e chair and led the : group in a business meeting. This ' i <ecti»g, .while rather humorous,,'tt- ' scvau-d the points in'Parliamentary . vw w.iich had been discussed i n the •ri ):r,>. ;Jh. thisvway we hope to vc -?.nied these officer* in the real ~wui. liQndtogaach ^.gnftmp..'• - T iROUGH all the inconvenience, cfocora* fort and anxiety caused by coal short* ages and strikes during thepast year,Niagara Falls stuck to its job and delivered power to the extent of three billion, one hundred and sixty .million kilowatt hours. To produce this amount of power from steam .generating plants would require three million tons of coal burned with the highest efficiency attainable today. It is fortunate'for western New York that , Niagara Falls never strikes. 'The Niagara Fallr~Power Company sells' electricity at the lowest average fmce-recciycd~by-any-gcncratmg-systtm-\ on the North American Continent SUP£lL~ SERVICE Bujfdo,NUiqara arid Eastern Power Corporation 'Buffalo Ctacial Electric Co. Tk* Niacin F«lU.Pow«r Co. , _ Niacata, Lock port B Omuiio Powtt Co. Toaswsad* Powtr Co. WHERE TO BUY RKpirTABUt DEALERS Iff VARIOUS LINES, WHO INVITE YOU TO TRAPS WtTttTMUS. MONUMENTS UNDERTAKER CS. PEKSONS * SO Umi«jrtsJc«rs anei Firatrr DiNtstevsw Aito IS***!** Tea* M O N U M E N T S S*W *md StowRaaaM K> T. COLT Ecriom Lulu 'Ev*TTWjbat« No CStMtUts No CHARLES C DAY

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