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The Wyoming County herald. (Bliss and Silver Springs, N.Y.) 1891-1927, March 19, 1926, Image 5

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PAGE FIVE ARCADE M. E. CHURCH jjev Walter Wesley Dailey, Minister Sunday, 10:30 a. m. — Divine worship. Sermon topic: \The Trag­ edy of Faintheartedness.\ 11:45 a. m.—Church school fo r the stydy of the Bible. 6:30 p.m.—Epworj* League. Lead­ er, Miss Beatrice Gordon.\ V :30 p. m.—Union service. Sermon topic \The Most Previous Jewel.\ Monday—Men's class entertain the jadics classes of the Sunday school. Superiority in Reception Ask for Free Demonstration of THERMIOD YNE The Last word in Radio Five and Six Tubes — assures volume, clearness and fine distance recep­ tion. Prices reasonable. For sale by ERIC LEE Arcade, N. Y. 51tf Rev W. D. Alltn, speaker of the evening. i-ie H aratory Services — Tuesday, Wcdnesdaj, Tr.ursday and Friday evening ut 7:30, at which the pastor —the Lord willing—will speak. Let us make these services a source of benefit to ourselves and to others, by our attendance each evening. , SANDUSKY M. E. CHURCH Rev. Walter Wesley Dailey, Minister Sunday, 1:00 p. m. — Sunday school. 2:00 p. m.—Preaching service. Everyone welcome. The freight on Gaitoline and Kero­ sene helpi materially to keep the A. & A. Railroad in operation. Do your part by buying— GASOLINE and KEROSENE From the GEO. FULLER CO. Who receive all their Gasoline over the A. & A. RETAIL OR WHOLESAfLE Only by the united support of all the people along the line can the A. & A. hope to keep in op­ eration. Do your part, not only once, but all the year. GEO/FULLER CO. Arcade. N. Y. Suits Hat or Cap Shoes If you have been paying $40 for a suit that's worth less, why not come to us and pay— $22.50 $25.00 or $27.50 for a suit that's worth more? Oxfords at $3.00 $4, $5 and $6 Hats at $3, $3.50, $4, $5 and $6 And a Dollar Saved is a Dollar Earned. PIERCE-REED CO. The Clothcraft Shop Arcade, N. Y. ARCADE NEWS tafiQ The MODEL Market | CHOICE MEATS AND GROCERIES Bell Phone 134 F.E/EGGERT, PROP. ARCADE, N. Y. SPECIAL SATURDAY Plate Beef, lb 10c Hamburg Steak, lb 20c Luncheon Loaf, lb. 23c Franco-Am. Spaghetti, can — 12c Little Buster Popcorn, box 10c Postum Cereal, pkg 20c Libby's Spinach, large can — 22c \WHERE QUALITY REIGNS\ Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Conschafter .pent the week-end in Buffalo and Jaiavia. ihis is t . e Seniors' last call for aid, so let's le.id a helping hand and go to 'riunshine.\ Tuesday nigi^ the thermometer went to sixteert below zero. During March we have had the coldest wea­ ther we have had for the past thirty years. Mrs. Earl Joslyn and daughters, •Margaret and Marion, and son, Clif­ ford, motored to Buffalo, Wednes­ day. Mr. and Mrs. Myron Lewis and ion, Junior, of Buffalo visited her people, Mr, and Mrs. W. M.' Pinney, over the week-end. Mrs. Earl Downing and Miss Gene­ vieve Downing of Curriers were the guests of Mrs. Burt Christian, Tues­ day. Walter Weed and family of Buf­ falo were guests of iMr, and Mrs. Dell Beardsley, Sunday. Arcade Lodge No. 419, F. & A. M. will hold a regular communication this evening. Arcade merchants are considering holding regular dollar, day sales. This would certainly be an attractive buy­ ing feature for shoppers that would be appreciated. Mr. and Mrs. E. E. VanNatter of Holland were in town Saturday. Charles Cobry, who is probably the champion commercial gardener in this vicinity, recently sent samples of seed corn which he raised last year to the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station at Ithaca for a test. He has just received a report. His Golden Bantam corn tested 98 per cent perfect and his, State, corn 99 per cent. When it is considered that a 75 per cent corn is considered good seed corn, it will be appreciated that Mr. Cobry's corn ranks among the very best. • Yes, he has some for sale. Mr. and Mrs. Osborne Webster have moved from Hot Springs, North Carolina to Morristown, Tenn. Mrs. William Yule is visiting her daughter and family in East Aurora. Mr. William Yule was in Buffalo, Thursday. Complete line of Spring Millinery, and at the surprisingly low price we are offering, you you can easily af­ ford a new hat. Clara McGuire, Prospect street, Arcade 1 . 2t3 The Ladies Aid of SS. Peter and Paul's church met at the home of Mrs. Henry Connors, Tuesday after­ noon. Messrs Tarbox, J. O. Bigelow, Wal­ ter Torrey and John P. Gubbins have purchased Jhermfodyne radios from Eric Lee. Mrs. W. W. Joslin has returned to her home in Delevan after spend­ ing two weeks with her son, Earl Joslin. Mr. and Mrs. Crowell are keeping house for Ed. Pongo and wife while they are away visiting friends in Buf­ falo and other places. Mr. and Mrs. Mac Hatch enter­ tained Mr. ai\d Mrs. Elmer Crowell, Tuesday. I Hot Cross Buns twice a day at the i Arcade Bakery, or order them at I your grocer's. 3 The large crowd in attendance at the masquerade ball i n SS. Peter and Paul's hall, Wednesday evening, cer­ tainly enjoyed a good time. The costumes were fine and the music left nothing to be de\'™d Prtan* were won by Mrs. Laura Thistle and Mr. Emmett Burns, who wore Arabian costumes, and by Miss Clara Mc­ Guire and George Barnes as the two worst costumes, and Mrs. H. Con­ nors as the best character costume. It was a most enjoyable party. Mrs. Esme Edwards was in town Monday. Clara McGuire • visited friends in Franklinville, Saturday and Sunday. E. C. Lewis was in Buffalo, Tues­ day. ' Mr. and Mrs. Frank King are con­ fined to bed with the grippe. Miss Bertha Williams of Curriers visited friends in town over the week end. W. E. Beardslee left Tuesday for Cambridge Springs, Pa., where he will spend a few weeks. Herman Schultz spent Monday in Buffalo. A deer weighing 130 pounds was killed when struck by an O., B. & S. interurban car about a mile and a half east of Seneca Junction, near Olean. The car, en route from Olean to Bradford, was in charge of Frank Marks, motorman. The car lights are believed to have attracted the animal. Mi c s Mary Coleman spent the wet end with her parents in Olean. Mr- Wesley Lloyd of Buffalo vis­ ited her sister, Mrs. Albert Kraft, Sunday. Miss Anna James of Kenmore vi.ii.ed her parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. K. James, over the week-end. Mrs. W. J. Findlay of Buffalo is v siting Mrs. Kate Heald. Miss Frances Haskell returned to her'schod in East Aurora after an illness of two weeks duration. 'Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Runals are vis­ iting their son, Dr. Arthur Runals and family of Olean. Miss Florence Plugh attended the phone representatives* meeting in Buffalo, Friday. Mr and Mrs. Eugene Haskell and daughter, and' Mr. Henry Vallance motored to Buffalo, Tuesday. John K. Reeves has accepted a po­ sition as depot agent at Curriers for the A. & A. The Arcade Co-operative Butter and Cheese Co., and the Arcade Mica Company, are \among Wyoming County firms listed as having their charters discontinued, owing to not having reported. Eldon Calkins has been sick for the past week. Monday he went to Buffalo and had an operation on his throat, and has been improving ever since. He was down town, Wednes­ day. Mr. and Mrs.*W. W. Hunt have moved into the Watkins hVuse on North Street ARCADE BAPTIST CHURCH ARCADE MONDAY CLUB Worship at 10.30 a. m.— Sermon topic \Deafness.\ Are your hard of hearing? Can you hear God speak? Junior church is growing every Sunday. Parents, come to church and let your children get instruction while you listen to the sermon. Church school at 11:45 a. m. Men's class consider: How we got our Bible. Union service in the evening in M. E. church. At prayer service the pastor will debate this question: \There is no such thing as conversion.\ Come and i uphold your side of that question. | Watch for notice of special Palm j Sunday program at this church next i Sunday evening, March 28. Palm | Sunday is a good Sunday to go to ! church. \Ah's gwine to go to de party t'night, but fust Ah's g'otta go home an' change mah clothes.\ \Change yo' clothes? Boy when yo r \buttons yo\' coat, yo'\ trunk am locked.\ The Monday Club held its regular I meeting at the home of 'Mrs. Mable >Mason on the night of March 15th, whin the following program was ren­ dered: Two piano selection — Helen Mason. Violin Solo—Nadyne Spring. Modern American Poets — Mrs. MosLcy. Modern Songs and Writers — Mrs. William Pinney. Anna B. Comstock; M. Carey Thomas—prepared by Mrs. Con-, schafter and read by Mrs. Cheney. Current Events—Mrs. Yule. The last meeting of the season will be held next Monday evening, March 22, at the home of Mrs. Hogue. The new sehoolmaster spied the three-legged stool. \Is this the,dunce block?\ he ask­ ed a pretty Ihtle child. \I guess so,\ said she with a lisp, \that's- where the teacher sits.\ — Brown Jug. Anyone wishing to pur­ chase Monument or Marker, am prepared to name very low prices in best 'of granites for the next two weeks. WM. SIMONS, ARCADE, N. Y. 3tt Ford Owners Now is the time to have your car looked over and put in first class condition, before the Spring Rush. H. L. BARBER 2tf Arcade, N. Y. AMUSU THEATRE SATURDAY, MARCH \The Midnight Flyer\ with Cullen Landis a»el Dorothy. Daroro. '., A roaring, cratldmg, drama, of tha raiU. Yon mast ••• thi» sensa­ tion of all tarnation*. TUESDAY, MARCH 23— Lofty Flynn in \Smilin' at Tron- bla,\ a roaring melodrama of tha opan country. Thrill*, Comady, Thrills. Also \Tha Adranturoa of Mazie,\ a whirlwind of fan. in this new two reel series—not a serial. THURSDAY AND FRIDAY- MARCH 25 AND 26— The great Colleen Moor* in Sally. Said to be Misa Moore's very bast picture. Only bna khow -on this. Coming Soon—CHICKIE. SOUTH SIDE MARKET SPECIAL SATURDAY Plate Beef, lb 10c Sliced Leona, lb 20c Heinz' large bottle of Ketchup, btl 25c L. R. BRASS ARCADE, N. Y. Phone 147 T 'his may s ave you thousands of dollars. You, as a business or profes- - sional man, undoubtedly appre­ ciate the tremendiKras impor­ tance of insurance, but do yon understand the importance of keeping your insurance up to .date? /ETNA-IZE /Etna has evolved a plan which, in brief, provides the following features: 1. A thorough investigation of your insurance requirements. 2. An expert examination of the insurance yon carry. 8. The preparation o f a perma­ nent record — the insurance chart. 4. A written report showing how your requirements can be met. 5. Continued attention to your insurance needs, keeping the chart up to date.. Are you sure that your pre­ sent insurance protects you as it should? Let us fully explain the JStna plan. Arcade Insuring Agency 210 Wilson Block Arcade Leslie D. Spring, Manager Qfe HOOVER // BEATS— as it Sweeps' as it Cleans Just think how easy it would be to beat out the dust and dirt of winter, to sweep it up, and to'thoroughly air-clean your rugs— if you only had a Hoover!' We will deliver one, complete with dusting tools for Only $6.25 down On Sale and Display at THE ELECTRIC STORE AND McKerrow's, Arcade C. E. GLISS N. J. GLISS Always Something New If it is something new in the line of Ladies Ready-to-Wear, you .will find it at the Gliss Store right off the New York Market. We are showing wonderful creations this week in Ladies Silk Elresses at only $15.00. Combinations of navy blue taffeta with over­ dress of navy blue georgette; trimmings of ruffles and taffeta godets. Printed silk with georgette drapes. Flat crepes made up in the latest bolero effects'. - - —These speeials^r-e-^llingHf-ast7 ^aTe ^you getting your share? 50c big pure linen towel at, each, only 29c 1 lot of curtain material, at only, yard 23c (worth 35c) Another lot of fine Marquisette worth 50c per yard, at only - 29c Beautiful wash materials at, per yard, only . 43c (worth 69c) GLISS STORE Arcade. N. Y. Spring's Newest Styles in Wear for Women The answer is to be found in the display of new styles we are now featuring. Com­ bination of Materials and trimmings de­ lightfully designed to meet the new trend of fashions for Spring. Forget-Me-Not Shoppe Next to the Postoffice Arcade, N. Y. H0R0-BP£DcSS 5 LIVE AND LAY\ They live because the y ar e bred from healthy, free range breed era that have thrived an d sained in vigor for genera­ tions. They lay because they are from selected and tested high j egg power stock. Leghorns, Rocks, R I. Reds, Anconas, tinorcas, Orpingtons, Wyandotte*. 120 and up. 100% live delivery guaranteed. Postpaid. Member International Chick Assn. Write today for FREE Chick Book. SCHWCQLER'S HATCHERY. JllHorUusptyt, BUFFALO, H. Y. tr genera­ ted hi ah . cones, M live M A

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