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Portville review. (Portville, N.Y.) 1908-195?, May 29, 1908, Image 5

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i -cr 11 PI I k iti I *■ s*a :’i m l: S i' r: (f;< 1™ lirhines ! Leak '^ivinity 'yont. JyT» k\2l?l . ■ i inMt. earn liable irout. rftTnB K>nt8i, m i -heiri, 6 *t< '■,■ '!'-.\^’t'X f- '•Vs? •>■■:”-tu-Mi'v ? Mt- oHVx;, D. A r m s t r o n g & Go’s . •V,. ' : ' ♦ - • ^' i;^ t |s : t i c ' O x f o r 4 ^ , R u s s ia . Patent\ :^bte , ■1 V.' ' \J r*-\! .L/i,':.. , \r liiatfik' -styjeSr and 4e* sigftS* ^Jiereds nothing better i&aKe :fbf the price, I> rr ^ F. E. TYLER A QO., lli^tfhion Oleart, Ni Y. •(kn i^l^OIEKLElSS net. vhftli- \: liiltdiiiini ce. dojbritf Ite^jgercr^g UepU Store. rts ■ .T M fi O lI< ' M A R k ^ ' T .' Moadny^ closing price. . . . . . .<.. $U78 Tuesdayi, closing price.. ....4 .v i J , . 1.78 Wedhes'day,'ciosing prices,.* 1.78 Thursday, cipsing %|i)ja; holta. W oeuts a. dozsn. I;fcii.vo or#ro at Oaaee|}'s dro^ store. MiSS-Mii)iilo“JaiBes'^^^^^ in €oiy- iViJle'i^undqy. | ., ; , : Misp Nita Ht^nipferey is Visiting in jPrndiovd tllie weejc, th&gusst of Miss penjPike. While there, she wil| at> ^end-graduatingexeroises. ' * ' prOshed Btmwhirry sundas at Bice^i Mr^ J. F. Chrisweil pud soft Irving returned to Buffalo, tile lattSr part of in^t week after spending d. few. days wifb friends here-. Ye.dditor was a visitor in gal.a*^^ rnanea Tuesday. . V . , - ; 0 i i l : ; i i c 6 N D JUNE SALE! \ 'U F u r n t t u r e S to r b , r^ , Lolt June ;Wd\Wdre prepa||»i td' .hnilci; and in order to decrease our stock we gave a Special 10 Per Cent Discount Sale. IPh!? results were so surprising ithgfecointtliBncing J u n e 1 s t an d co n t in u in g for 15 d a y s , we will give another i%e f i r Cent Discount Sale! .-:;if -■ • s i ,\:.;'.:i r’l'' The complete program of the sale tags.? • Justidke th^ o*' ^ny articles you Want, deduct the 10 percent and you have the sale price. Christian Endeavor convention to ^ \ ii r n i r> • C h e e s e and^ B i * L t e r ^ i f c L Cuba Markfei), . . . . A ,|(),S-4c Salamanca Market • 'i. . . . . . . Jf) 1, - 2 o Butter, ruling price ......... '. . . . . . , ,,.23c . ............................................................ .. ...........,.V«tV.................... R B V I B W O F ^ H E WEifeK E, T. ' Mcppwell aAd }atn:il,v . of' Shii^gJ vHojjtse/\ffi?r gqeets: of. Wr, and kfs^.HtiJX Ijfoleonib Sunday the gdest .^iHsaMinuie day and Sat«!rdqy/ . V< r Mies ■; I>iln.V' ‘ ftonlp ‘ ehteiitiiiped]. held fn Ellicottville next TueSl’ay and Wednesday, appears iu tliih; issue. Rev, Roscoe Graharp of Port- ville will deliver a uiissioiiary ad­ dress Wednesday aftertjoou. The delegates from the PortvHle society, are Miss Georgia Suttou anld Heston Carr. Jliss Joyce Gibiry, M/s. F. E. Collins and possibly several others will also be in litt’endance. . A, D. Rice & Son and Stevens the Jeweler have i;ew ads this week. Look them over. Mrs. J. Cbainplin of Beer C^eek was he guest of . -friends hefe Wednesday. The union tnemorial services at the Pre^byteriati cfatfrcb werd Veil at- tended. Every seat hi thp church proper was occupied dnd. it was necessary to throw opes the Sunday •school room. -Rev, Roscoe Graham delivered a fine itiemorial eermo^i the opening prayer being made by Rev John Segwalt of the Methodist church. TheG, A. K and W. R. C. attended in a body, the service of the former being in charge of, Com­ mander Jacob Both. Delicious ice cream soda at Rice’s. The Christian Endeavor meeMng Sunday evpniug will, be a missionary one, the being “Aiashh for Christ.” The leader desires a large attendant^. The citjizens. ol Portville should observe Memorial Bay in the propeV spirit tomorrow, and Uheyal use sboliid be made of the iiattonar colors. Let every house aod bjisi- tsess plai'a. show its .patriotispa by ’n'‘ There is, h0 ^-hof air;;|n ieppriection with this sale. We’ go through no elaborate system of marking the goods with Special- All of our Parlor Suits at 1 5 per cent reduction. These suits are made by S. Karpin & Bros, of Chicago, makers of the highest grade Upholstered goods in the world. Fully Guaranteed. We are exclusive agents in this vicinity. v 'i' f : ‘l f* »$76,0O, June Sale, 63.75 IF YOU DON’T KhK)W ABOUT OUR HONEST METHODS, ASK YOUR NEIGHBORS. Af Mailer^ Son, The New Cem ent Blocks] W. STATE STREET, OLEAN, N. Y. ;^W e d ^ liy e r youF gft0J4f p a y y o u r ca r f a r e . , ■■ ■ . - . ' . , . • ^ . < V- .. »•? lriend«.at;a;pariy^Rr;idii^ cvehipg i.u honor;; of MisaEffaRrpwp. Mjfl^s Ruth Cnhebh Ond Hazel Winterstein visited in Oiean Thprs. day. - Mfrt. 0 . F. Townsend and son speitt Saturday and Sunday in lachna, W. L. Howe spent yesterday in Shingle House: C//R:-MeBride has moved from the Brabks house at Willgrove to the Hyde’ hoiitie on South Main strefit. lieujamih Brooks’ barn «,tl8cbua was,struck by lightning last Satur­ day, atid the.8,hQck killed one of his horses. Mr. Brooks wae io town Wednesday loukiug for upothdr horse, % Mr. and M(rS. Hugh Ealferty and daughter op Hazelhurst have been spefudiug thy past week with her parents,. Mr, and Mrs. I. L, Fox. How. W. B: i|heeler is in Maiiisti- quel-Miah., oh’ijQsiness.^ BatrMliiRl“ye8 haida wet tirwe while ploWlhg Frhnk M’righb’d garden near DodlaGrieeki ■ Mr,-Kayes attenopted to plow ^.fnrrpw a.littl§ too clpqe to the banlti-w^c.hyaVs^ Sht^ One hul-^AVOnt othorpne aiid-thr pvbw-lja^.tp -ipliow. ^he hori^ :,&Lse%agedTt6;ni thy p\o»!;‘ .g.|/er; t0,.;t»e-; <»P‘pttMW 'tli©' ptret*hi,. :W,h% Mr, Waist H l e a 8 6 n o f ^ ^ t o a visit |yaifflii ijiirch.otRriw is spspi 5 in|: -’^^X,T,£(d8e!tn need gt gOOde of their ’m^hnMnPhre ehould ^gure with them befci^buyljui^elsewhere. ^ .X HireairdoC beer a t Rice’s. Editor Eorrriri \has sold .the' Roulr ette Recorder to Editor Boiler, of Port Allegany, who will.run it auxil- liary tu the Argus. The Review sayS thatevery strang­ er who comes to Portville, is loud in praises of the splendid walks. They have the finest walks In the state and can well be proud of them.—Eldred Etigle. ^he Eldred Band has been engag- ed|by H, W, Wessel’s Post to play here tomorrow. The 30th day ol i Pq^' ij^ ^ ' : i 5 i i |^ s ^ n o h , t^^liysb.tijrifiiiifjee J pay’GO cents Pirgal^-dnipaseg.bhli. inlt oil'W^lth 4 jtanbjjh of. R. m ; - P n in t n e t d . y o u have reitdylfdr use,. 7 gAlloha of best, pajof hiadi' jc^sflhic gtiiy | 7 , 2 i) per g a l lo tn '. B ona, in & M- * Ipil’th R^fjsfe, R0rt-- l^ev. and Mrs. A. W. McDdugald re|urned to Alexander this mprning after spending a'week with relatives beie; '\jf •« ’ -»• . Mrs. R . Wakeley of Oswayo has been spending a/few days with Mrs^ A. A. Fisher. ..;L,A,M aUery ,%.Son‘ 4 ?Jioare:using!?’ f t i d ’s h i f u n a n W a n t e d , liberal adverfisiug space in this puB^' ‘ Ucation^ announce this Week th e ir second June sale. They offer attrac­ tive bargaibs', and discriminating buyers will notT/e slow, to take adi •vantage of them. ' ! Miss Lotta Gould 8p0nt Sunday.at her borne in. Friendship. There is a vacancy at the United States. Raval Academy for a mid- ghipniati/from the thirty-seventh Ubngressionl District. Following ithe nsUal -custom', Congressman .yreelahd will hold a competitive examination at Salamanca, N, Y., on .fune 13th, beginning at 9 A. M , Mrs. Nellie,Heap,of Duke Cenlier -p the-Public School Building ou and Mrs. Lua Shafer of Haskell wefe guests of Mr. abd. Mrs.'P.- W. Payna' .Vesteriday- ' . ,T ' R,,^E. Paifehild of Buffalo, spent yesterday in town, \ . 1 i . ....... Ml - I t A: STQRY OF p LSON. \ Th» Fresenifit,' of Miri/f of th» Greai anni>*h. Admiral. * Cdpt^P;i .Mnhap relates .the foiiowtug • anecdofC’iSS'neerblng Lord Tv’elS’on’A let­ ter proposiniL-a Truce to the crpwn S?iflSI” 4 t The decks bfeiiSg-eleared of all parll- tldbk'tove andiaft Ond all ordlrfary con- veDlences. removed,. Xelson ,. wrote lb fu ll view, o f siJ oh, the deck' where,lie whs, a i the casing Of the ftfdd.er head, standing, a n d 'a s be rvrote'an oMcer slSadlinffthV .toedv -a^iopyy T h e original, In his own hand, w a s put ,lbto an en­ velope and sealed, with hlh arms. The officer was abofit to nse a -wafer, but Nelson said; “No; send for sealing and can­ dle.” Some delay followed owing to the m.an’e having had .fils-beadJteken off by a ball. “Send another ,;^ssepger for the wax,” said the admiral when infprajfed of this, and, wdjen..the'''Wafers wem.jigain suggested he s|mply reiter­ ated the order. A , large quantity of w a s wuf/ need a n d ' extreme care taken th a t the im- Mav doesn’t seem, like Memorial Dav\ be, perfect, wiphout a„ bartd, and. we .are glad the Eldredjboys aregoiDg°to be with US’ ■ . '*• , Colonel Stew a rt asked: “Why under so hot a fire and after so lamentable a n accident have you at­ tached so much importance to a clr- aum stauce npp4rendy trifling?” “H ad 1 made use o f a wafer,” re­ plied Nelson, “the wafer would have been fltlU wet;‘‘when the letter was presented to the ■ Crown; prince, He u’ould 'have.,inferred th a t the letter w as sent off in.^in hurry-and that we had some pressing reasons for being In a b u ttf. The .w a x told no talee,” ' t'Jb. ■< _____ . There is a Balm Maple Bt., open tb’any boy who is not under sixieeD or over twenty years of age .dbd who is an actual resident of the 'Bislrict. Candidates are required to be pbypically sound, well formed, and of rbbpst constitu­ tion. Each candidate #ill he exam­ ined in.the following subxects: Read­ ing, pqnctuatioutand capitals, gram- mer; U, S. History, vrorld’s history, iiritbnletie, algebra aiid geometry-. in fefife amin^tioD, The boy Who attains the higbest.average in the competi­ tive exaiminatioD. will be elected to tfy the entrance eXamitiatipn, which wiUbhh’eld at Annapdlis, Md., on the Bd^'U^dayirf June. , Thli fs a Fact. “When a man loves a girl in a novel he raves about p e r through forty chap­ ters. In real life he never mentions her namefi .‘.'.■'g^hatls the appllcatlgn?\ “Merely th a t realism In a love story 1 b not possible;”—St. Louis Republic. ■'i — a 8HII Faithful. M ile,, Suzonne-I-Is that young man still nncier th a ^ ln d o w ? M all—Well, mademblselle,' he’s running around in the snow t o keep himself warm, but he .goes, in the shape of a heart alt the tlm'er-Bon, \Vlvant. - Going,to law IS losing a cow for the sake o f a cat.—Chinese Pyoverb. F o r a l l t h e ills of th e H u m a n F a m i ly pEOPLE; have been tpld time ^ and again, “I edn’t cure you of your Rheumatism, but I will give you something fo qase the pain.”' This man Was told the same thing- ®- cures. RlieUmatisxXi. Read what Mr. Hyde of Black Greek says aboufeB. M. R.. It Will convince you that there is a cure for YOU. Rheumatism is all caus­ ed by thS one thing, the differ- ent nttmesgiveir'it areiMereh# JI * manifestations of the disease, and it depends wholly upon your condition how much medi­ cine it takes to cure you. D. D. J ames Co., ' Bolivar, N. Y. I have been troubled with Rheumatism for the past three years in my Shoulders. At times almost impossible to get my coat on. Igot two bottles of D. Mi F. and for the past ■ two months have been free from any signs of Rheumatism. Yours truly, J ames H yde . Black Creek. N. Y, Feb. 24tb, 1.00G. Just A Reiii|ni| 4 lf . ir.- - ■/«! Has ackipt<|^YH 0 greatest of any ' brinE # put on the Rafkat; N o rther beverage'has evet;^b^ SO: quickly sueh IhfJ with the piihife, Delicious, heat]hfoI‘--^it has -lSd ■ ,|^ual, • A tay&nt?, With youpg and - frtte*;huit produc^^ ’ ‘ i l m f t ' ' ■'>; ■ ■ ; ,v.'/ V.’ ., Take home a deli’c|QU‘s: : '' Only-^OA© qUarR^^ MIRES ROOT DlEER, fresh from thg iitti? keg, 5c a glqssif and Qhf rhy! ita healthful aild ,g,Qod. ’ Swimg Stench ion Warranted the b est, 30 days trial; Stat­ ionary when opqn; noiseless, simple, ^nitaryi;^rable^ _ The Waiisbn’Stahehion Co., B 0 K S 57 ,^U& A#. n . y . Excelsior —Nr 'b f ' ’ The New Market is here to stay and is building up its i v business with fair dealing, ?f”-’ ' t -1 ■ '*‘- courteous treanment and the BEST OF MEATS..............' ' If that kind of a combination . appeals to you why not step in and get acquainted? NEW MEATlARKEt: KELLER & m% ; PORTVILLE, N. > p f ' \ tfr : - S K. Residence Pro pe rty For Sale. We offer for sale th e Wallace’ McCJoy ■- residence property on Main street, -Wst outside the village of Allegany, j J i The property consists of a large fS iooim; house, b u ilt only 5 years, two adjoining building lots. ]^ 5 lilo & i 60 feet wide, making a total •fro:dtagd''g{' ■ ISO feet. The house Is plast^ed a n C painted and h as*flnedry qellaftvwchapi of 25 trees, chicken houte, park,; *. Good well water. T h is’property' within the Allegany high Schom 'distri^, bqt is just outside the corporatiotti - .JQic pdtehaser of this property will secure practically all advantages of th e ' villagfe without its taxes. We offer this conven­ iently situated p roperty for 2500, or. will - reserve the two. building lots a t a fair Val-i- uation; See u s today. • t. .m 1^' 'I'-', IS' The Sple’rfuiit Column , ----»r.^, For Sale—To Rent—Lost-r-Found-Etc Adsrtuider this head,enC cent p er word for thO first ihsorljpn and one-lmlf cent per word; f o r subsequent insertions. Try an ad.'ifi thiS OolurUn. You’ll getbigTe-. suits for a little monOy. Mo. ad. less than 10 cegts-' Stamph accepted, On aobounfi of leaving town wiR sell bicycle, wheefbarroWjJioe, rake and other garden tofils, InquireROView office. K IN G S R U N . The semi annual meeting in the Evergreen C^etery was held Satur­ day. It wes well attended and a good days work accompliahed. Mrs. H. N. Haekett and sous Glair and George drove to Ceres Wednes­ day. ' B. S. Torrey has beefi exchanging work with C. R. Weed for a short time back. Mieses Alattie and BolUe Slayton of Washington are expected Satur- gayj^ a two weeks visit in this place: H. J,' Butler and wife and Miss Mariou^ ChevaHer Were in Shingle House EridaY, E. Sp^se of Cetes was greeting, ffihndaott our'street Etiday. ; . L.. J. Auetig and wife of Cereh en- WANT^D, 5dd pehfile td try an adVer- tfseinefitihthis ’ F ^ ^^ADE, 16 yoUH|;yhite|jigs, ifiw week?;did>:<T-fi6 efioh., .. T E, Kelts, MapigTi^Earm.’ ... , mlgtf; F 0 i^;S^tE;. A: Jerfihy cow. inquire jpyed a drive uj> our Way Eriday- atthis-offiee. . ’ - . mfitf .TustifieSUermaaBrodkeria add^^^ Q/WingtohiS residehce. G. Bf Weed was an Qieaa hallef Satutdary, ’ Miss Bmily aud Mts. linogene Bute Jet wete Ebalin visitata Thursday. W P ^ '^ b m a - . shqiMd tend my , d;, % r ^Women,” - It Is '' H O T )gL .SAIilB. wcateW. ekpreBSly for Women who are pofe Vriu'jteta aMih.#*: not welt, BdoE tic^ippiitofietena h*' Mipceesfutly FElWiCAA SPEIOEt CO. » uwalo ;N. y applied. The hi0k, and . fldentiaTffiddleai a t o - i s efititeiy TheT«gk^ ^ute- ia .sold arteeai; % jV FAIRCHILD Portville, N, Y. mm 0 :r' 'T . ' -- Another Kind of Gutst.' T- ‘ ■’ \Won’t you please rwrIte ih!U»y |sn*llte * ■ ' book?” s&fd a woman to th e friesfliir. she bad entertained at dihaet. r ’ * she brought out the treasured Volhaii, with its record of hpsptfaitty, T h w ' names wore Inscrihed.^ ■ . * , “Why, what’i this?” .eMfi tefc - em Eve, as the .pagea.'were before the booh was returned % ihfc * owner. “Therer a re lots and ‘ ^ names la the hack, and dlL In yoari ' . handwriting, too.’* . ' The hostess laughed, “tio^ you -Wabt ' , ’ to know what .these names. a'te?/' |W v ‘v . asked. “Well, I suppose I m f g h r m w - a conieasiopi. . They are n|itae’W*fi^ , ' ” guests, all right, blit of another Yfnfi.,'.,a . It’s the list of. the servants 1 hayn^'h»y^\’ ' since- my housekeeping, .exp6rIeniaw%,V • began;”' : • ’ V ------------- ------------------- - — , .y,: IS : - ■ ' PAIN ■ ’'V' ‘ ^ :i|‘. ,1 :■ a D. CiNEtN.’''’' '

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