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Portville review. (Portville, N.Y.) 1908-195?, May 29, 1908, Image 1

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we ittir S ii l i i\ Q ' ^ J »-H- , . ■,; '< ■ \ f *•\ • • ' ■ ' . t . ’ • - ' J ’ V PORTVIliJ i , ^ ^ vit •*-.. 4', ■:* / ■A ' If w vpl,. I. PORTVIL,LE, CATTARAPQUS MAY 29. 1908. •. J eA#Ai(Au|us A Day Dedicated to Oar Dead Herdes T 9 BetHeld $n E.llicottviile June 2 & .1 R o C(; o 9 pr^ham to Make M>ss- A4dfe«»r=-aood Delegation ftpni^oitviiie-^Prpgrani fa Full. The CattaraugOB County C. B. Boion'itfliilpidj their tnrenty-ifrkl: aijr -4U#l at £llicQt|><')l)e /Wednesday, June 2-3\ '■ TiiaTpfj^afln'iB as follows: • Ttteiday eve^^ June 2nd. 7i';^'0; ■J^yotional. • MiJtie. 8:50 Cdaveution Sernion by Rev. Louis P. Ruf, Qlesu. Offering. JJpeie, ------ IB e n e ^ ^ o n , .'Social Boor. We'flneeday Morning 9:St0; Ifeyotioim), •0iii5', iipil Gall Report of Societies. 'l^isMet Secretary . 'iSfdnjor Saperintendent. ^ ^ ^ S i c . / : iiPiWMtieBtitoh; Box conducted by. jl^y;, G. ‘Wi Bacbeldujr, Clean. Appoiiftment of Cdinmittees. Afternoon. 2;lp -i^Bytttirfnal. * 3 j 40 Mieeiptfary Address, by Rev. Boijcoe Grdham, Portville. . 'iitielc. , R ;# Ti^.Jppior Bpitr, cdnducted Walker, So, Clean. ^0t»p<§Rrayers, _ 0 r # l 0 R , B/eepirWrian • O f- -4 |i^J0i|*llle. , ^ itrp it^ ipreiby- : ^f^.MiP»fr%iMilfelW vill^^ • \ bib ^ Jlanior^Up’fe'ebbteW^^^ j . Wbdbeaday evening, t;^0.,-l)evo«bbai. Music. ► . 41iO0?‘ Cibsing^lipnr,' conducted by Re!ir.^{}eo.“StoHier, Franldinviile, A d d i^, by . Rev. B. N. Wy- Brariklinyille. Cffiee^ of C. B. Onjon. Preeident, ■ George ^foruer, Pranklinville. Vica- presidebl!* Miss Bertha --------—. i v ^ ^ i t / i e y , ^ c h i a 6 . Sei^tary, Mrs. Earl Var- 1. num, EVanklinville. Treasuter, Fred L. Keith, Ellir ■ cottVIlle. JttnioV Sup’t,, \'Mrs. \L- Jane , Soutb Olean. ^ •BiftricifSec-y,-, Mrs, Ej E. Col- , . iinB^Portyille,. •.-PantfiralEounsellor, Bevv -B.. ' ': N‘. Wyman, Salatnan'car ^ Ever mindful of tlie deeds and sacriflces of the brav e men who in <>Wi^ manhood v^ent forth into the defence of their coiintry. Ictus honor tlM r called to memory and gratefully observe Memorial Day. The thirtieth d a y of May is dedicated to the Soldiers a n d Saildrs Of tRe Union whose-tentsare pitched upon-the Camping groimds of theSilent/abd ^ ^ I p jy ' jyith opening exercises and whose ships are anchored in the h arbors of the Great Beyond, ’ . *I’ontinework |’ontine work the principal part ol ft,is replete with tender recoiliections and cherished memories being given in the after '■ thdpdst; it invokes thanksgivings for the blessings of the present; artdii pregnant with hopes apd inspirations fQr the future. The flag a t ball mast; the marching columns of bowed and bended veterans whose stepe a re timed with the mournful measuie of muRled drums;” the singing cf fb0 National anthems; the Memorial address; the deebration of the graves 'o f yOrh elected for the ensuing year; our dead and the strewing of the waters t h a t run; to the sea with flowOTS, symbols of a hope 1 b a t is eternal and of a faith th g t is snbliroe; the iMvine invocation and the funeral salute, are, object lessons in the school of papjfs- otism, teachingunto the American citizen the duties which be owestohitU' self, his country and bis God. Ejp#ident, Teresa Skiver, Portvllle; i^ l i o r Vice-Pres., Mrs. Pixley, Junior Vice-Pres. Mrs. Eip(lir, Allegany; Ti’eas., Mrs, BeleUa Lawson, Clean; Chaplain. 'L;ydla Miner, Portville; Eress Corres- “Orown o u t herofeSj-the soldiers, who sleep on the shore, Whel) the call of tbe bngle can wake them no more, Meg who fought t o defend ns; oh, can we forgot, The tribute 6f g lory we owe t o them yet? Bring* love’s Jairest offerings with tears and with prayer And gratefuliy, sacredly,,scatter them there. Go tenderly^-geutlyrand scatter theria where Our beroeirare sleeping, g o scatter them there. Crown our heroes, God hless tbemi no true heart must lag; Grpim the dead .and the living, who stood b y our flag.” Murdeif at ^ la tn a n c a .' Salamanca; E. T. M.ayl5—Dn Sun­ day evening a mnrder was. committed in this place by an .ftalian, whose name at'p r e s e n tis m k n p w n t o the aotborities, and who a s y e t has- not been arrested. The murdered man was also an Xtalain, who lives a t Car­ rollton, and who is known aS'T e i- Hc Was Wise. asked him if there was anything she conld do for him. Be said n&,.he away and hesat aii hour longer when the proprietor went to liim arid .ask-! tro,” The”murder was committed e d ith e wanted to_ be shown any- -*-*-*- : Haw Pbllccman, seerthav law; and orde aft^^preserved: i n -.Giiba. ^rrange- :hayir/;|eed^^ with Ben • J4]&h*bb of RiHamaneb to serve.' ■Sp|:pi|p EARLY. , ii#dei^ybnrWy/)®^^^^ ceme? V i* - '■ ! Wi|tljNeM»verted' N ght, A and dhildren't Rubbers. jnetw est of the Erie station, the body afterwards being dtfi0ge(i*lor some'distance. The dead'nian Was sta b l ) ^ in the b ^ , and twiws ip .ia^ ^ All dj^f, yesftrdayi^S.^bUas >tlh(Mieriff^andbi8'^^^ made a dR li^pt search lor the m u i'derer^ttt failed to apprehend him- All the deputies, a s well as police officers In sarrhundiug towns have been notifi­ ed. LasCnightthesherrif had arrested four men n o t as being suspected of having had a n y band in the mnrder, but are believed t^know napke o r less about it. The search for the mur-. derer will be continued and the sheriff hopes to be suceessful shortly in landing him behind the bars. -*■*■*- Roulette Has A Team. The Ronlette Baseball team played its R rst gama of the saaeon last Sat­ urday on file home ground against a beam sometime later in fehe-day, MinUv The game was rather o nasid ed, Epfilette winning by a ^ o r e of 18 tO;2. The Roulette team fain fine shape and,expects to have a suceess- lu l season. Tbey’kre ready t o meet any df tbp am ateur teams around the country. thing. ,'‘Nol” said the nervoas map, T just, Wanted to sit around.' My j b ,a l6 m n J iw iM o m o M e d a B % l» :V etW & WS od o »^ me, .and Stays abc|Ye a l | .things I * ----- ^ ■ shdUldi aVoid being ,iri a c r ^ r i , ‘ Jft.r * :— ------ '■ -------- : - ^ C. Association.; -TheC%ttaraagus County W. B. C. ^epciatfph abet in Warden’s Hall Tqesday ibornhig and iifteriioon. order a t 10:30 o'clock by President tfra. Anna Johnson of Franklin ville. Tbe.mqrning session was taken up FIRST NATIONAL B M m CLEAN, NEW YORK C A S H CAPITAL PAID IN, $ 1 0 0 , 0 0 0 . S U R P L U S A N D P R O F I T S , St6$jQ<H]i. O F K I C E ' R S . th e principal pa r t of! Duscubury, President; W. E. W heeler, Vice-Prcsidi|||ff 7 A. T. Eaton, Cashier. upot). Dinner w-as served to the v'm- it«|g delegates a t 12 .o’clock. 50 del- ■eKAtes were »pr.esent, 'representing Gleati^ Allegany, Franklin ville and 'Rplltville. The following offiiuirs V « ppndeut, Miss Blanche Hutchinson, Qlean; Counselor, Maria Mead, Glean. ^he meeting adjourned a t 3 o ’clock ttntii next year. The place of ijOkt year’s meeting has not yet decided upon. , -*-*-■5;— Another Swindle. During February a sprucely dress­ ed young man by the name of F. L. Gaffney, came to this village and canvassed the business men for ad­ vertisements for a Catholic church ^ i d e a n d directory. He succeeded A nervous-looking man Went ln to a store the other day and s a t down itaiTA/i liim if friA«*A m^a nn-fvfnm/v' avia T _ ' . . ■ ftqia business men and considerable inhhey, and then left towa without didn’t want anytliing. She Vrent He has done the sauie thing in varidus other places apffis^now being sought by the po- ■:tice^. ' '■ Qaffhey^s Case vvas noted a t con- aidcrahle leagtb in the recent issue of Ai.citrg:yonao nQt.,.ad.tertiyi^in paper, 1 thought t h a t this would be a s quiet a place^as I could, find, so l ju f t dropped in for a few -hours ispl- ation.”--CorvaUis (Ore.) ^ptiblfcan,. ----- - ----- —: ------------- Suicide Near Belfaif. Belfast, May 26.—‘William H, Mulchler of Easton, Pa,, ‘ w hd has been here about s i : weeks in the em­ ploy of Smitfa-McCormick (Jompany, committed suicide late S unday after­ noon. Sometime S unday afternoon he walked to the Webster farm, about three miles from ,tbe village, and entering a b a rrion the premises, be met death by hanging. His life\ less body was found suspended from The first yeaf thesilver-dollar was issued, was iq. 1 7 9 ^ and .one of. them was sold the o ther d ay fpr f 60. 50; Ifyhu-mustp)^ -AA/.00 for the • hriime in «? h a t^spayitfor^ good' \'name.<- I The cause which prompted the act is not know B. Deceased leaves a father a t Easton. On Saturday- n ight the mat! seemed to be in the best spirits. -»•»-*- Where’s Our Ball Players? TheMaebias Base Ball team has recently reorganized for the season and b ^ u n practice. It i8inp,de u p of excellent material, and with a fair amount' of practise its' members will give a good^ account -Oi themselves. Any club wisbing a contest can ad- dteeses V, • E. King, Manager, Ma- chiaS,.N. K —WachiaS S tar,' Gan’t we scrape u p a bunch, of hall players' t o ' tr im . the boys from the almshouse town? D X R E C X O R S . J. . Dusenbury, E, 0 . Dusenbury, W. E. Wheeler, E. M. . Johnson, J. F. Johnson. Transact a General Banking Bnsiness. Interest allowed .os : Deposits. Prom p t Attention given to the Business of p u r GusfOSnf^rii*' and Every Facility Consistent with the Principles of Sound ftanltii^U Freely Extended. . , Your Patronage Respectfully Solicited. Safe Deposit Boxes For Rent. Strictly. Burglar Proof . ■ \ _ - K i l l s ' l i i fe S if - s t y \ | ~ r ^ --m m P'-* i f e i fl4 W6, DE LAVAL CREAM SEPARATORSt V F i r s t , B e s t . C h e a p e s t . ■ ■■■'■• A 'i -'It rm '1 j p WORLD’S STANDARD THIRTY YEARS^ FOR ' -EartheriMdoney -of this village,, to whom Gaffpey came with apparen): good xecOffi.niepdp, tqok him up here and belRed hiin what be could, ba- lieving hiin t o have a w o rthy schema andvbelieving -hini honorable. He, faowever,*waS imposed upon, and will a ttem p t t o bring hiin to justice. The bobk, which be was t o issue, will l;e:pDbljiBhed b y F r, Mooney, as promised, ho those business men who haYO hgen'IiqpoEed upon will not lose b y the ’transaction.—Pranklim- ville Gbtonlcle. W e h a v e i n s t o c k 1 9 0 8 S e p a r a t o r s a t \ ^ $ 5 § , $ 6 5 , $ 7 5 , $ 9 C [ Let - us Satisfactian guarantieied' us place one of those with tor S f t i p i P A R I S H ,, --- , ----- , . .... r, f 4 : V! • ' P I ' ■■ i . # '.7 IS m b „ Thank You! The Eqgle ' congratulates Editor Eaitcliild olEortville, on the great improvement made in his paper in the last lew months. He gets out a neat 8-page paper now which is a credit td the pretty little village whose progress and cause it so earn­ estly advocates.—Eldred Eagle. Tjbanke, b rother, for your encour,- aging Words. Improvement is ever our wfftehword and weave gratified) if, in theestiiriation of others, we have insomb measure succeeded. , FOR SA L E . TSVo b ay colts, a one y e a r old with w hitejace* the o ther two years old, H. W.'Gran tier, Bn llis Mills, P a .' f I Si li^ I.-I ^ W e’i} give you $ 2 icliabge, not because thd imperial isii^ WottH;n)iPte, b u t just to show you that other h a ts ' are n t worth af much. K A R L - E R N S T C O , CLOTHIERS, OLEAN, H. Y. ' filgh'^haol faculty Now Complete, The board of education has secur­ ed Miss: Mabel A. DeMell pf Cpntfc- land, ft.' Y;,-aekiadergar|en and ff ret grade teacher for next'year aiid Mis4 EdeMiller of Salamauea bas been engaged for grade work. TbiB edm- pletes the faculty, the others''beitlg Prlncipat, J, f t Maboti; praiftdptrees, Dora. G. LdekwOpd; aesiskant, .;DiD lian B. Latidyi preparatory# Sena L. Fish; seventh grade, .Alice ftari'dsen; fopfth grride,.-pettrude; 0, Whitney; tbiH gradg}. Mild|-ed,s. Ma^ph; Mpsie and-drawing, Iha f t Britton, (ft the above, Frificipal Mpbon arid.Miajfes Lpckwpod,.Flsb, Wh.ihney and apn ere uientiftBrs of tbie years faeul- -Y' 400 newspapers hawe suspended pobllcatlon during the past year. Ay!srl5 Ghefiy' ftijctoral Is i rciulaf cpiigh meGiciiie, ft sttpag:’ nledibih'e; a dPbtot’s fftftdiciine. Gqpd l o r oftSy icdlighi; hard ebuffhs, dPSper-!- :ate' coughs. If your doctor endorses itfoT yoftf case, take Ht. > I f not, don’t fake it. Never g(> OoiRritry to his advice; , ftttBKinranaiotnw. ‘.•5 A r e a l k - t k e f t a f e . - W e - i a v e — t h e m , a l s o BROWN DERBIES . . a n d . • TAN O X F O R D S t o m a i t c h . -'^1 m m ’iff l | i ; 1 ' [ - I 11 ( 3 r S ' ^ t e ^ u r e i R t i r e o u t f i t III' \. * . i . ••».. ..in'- ■:-vv>g I I s a v e m o n e y . ■>r.' § 6 k B l:S r h 1^. 'v l ' A* Progressive CMhiftrs mmm | i j' 'i f I li|j' m § fte date of Ayejr'e Pills ik fnisli, only one stbedflwe. Ae*riiie,ii:*lt^^^^ krel^ettsrthsneathsrfie^i.ts.' For'con» stipHioh, hllletijiiiesij, fiyspeptiSv .sick-! hesdidhsi, .they etnn6t be excelled. Ask year doctefpiteUf tMf- >—-WM# fer (w.-,,i,v«r»ivii4i..-*n CLEAN, NEW YORK. f-r a t t h e y m A #

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