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\ ' \ ' ' i rs me- ii^ii >me- Ml:t. i:il 1 ^ . ;' 1 IT*-,--,-, ' ' v” -V '., V :i. \ ft; ^ . . . ., ' ■■ ,■, ;■ ..s l ' . '. ■ . .-f ^ ji'.: , ■ V/- '':■ \ /-'•'V;; ;/'-. PORl^ILLE X\ ■- ’, \.V: ', ' ^V' *• V ' -■ . . \.-il i’M, -■ ■-•■ m .. _ - — ... - , , •■•\il*-*' i -■■■, ■ ; -- - - ----- — \'7“'”: PORTVILCE, CATfARAUaUS cb ., .N r V i. FRIDAY, APRIL 24, 1908. /- nq . :|iicrcase of Pension. In reply to your inquiry ,TO.n are advised that the rate of pen8io!l to all willows, minors and helpless children now on the pension rolls a t •a less rate will be increased to f l 2 per montli uudbr the act of April 3 f), 15)08, from the date of the act. IJlo application is required to obtain the iacreaaad rates, but the ^anle will i)e paid by the United States Pension Agent at the next quarterly pay- '» w iiut upOD receipt of the voucher properly executed which is now in posaessioa of the pensioner. The present pensidp certificate should be retained mitil its return shall have been requested by the Pension Agent from whom the pension is received. Very respeotfally, (Sd) V. Warner, Cormnissioner. The New Game Laws. Last week new game laws were en­ acted by the legislature, ' Ueaident hunters are to pav a fee j of^l. Non,residente are required Prone to pa.y a fee of $20 for hniiting in this,. Ignore L,ocaf Interests, Put Ever state. In the Adirondack counties | brook and lake trout flsliing is to | open on May 1st, on Long Island on the last Saturday in March, and in ^ the rest of the state on April lOtb. j The season is to close on August 31st BLIND TO THEIR HOME fNTEREStS Ready to Help .Outsiders ? ~ “ HelP Those 'VVho Help You” a Good riotto to Paste Inside Your Hat, except in Allegany, Cattaraugus, Chautauqua, Chenango, Cortland, Delaware, Livingston and Wyoming counties wliere the brook trout sea­ son is to close on July 1 otU. brook trout less than six inches in length cannot be taken; more than ten pounds cannot be taken by one per­ son. Black bess fishing is to open j on .June IGth and close on January 1st. This is a queer WoYld, Let the owner ©I this paper ‘start out to solicit local advertising and about half the business nipn will hasten to l,et Ijfs Hope Conditions Will Soon ., , , Improve, President W, W. Finley, of the Soiiihern Hallway,' who has been ioolfingintb commercial and indus­ trial conditions in the South, says that conditions are not as good as pnawould want thein, but he found overythibg iu sound shape, favorable to.tiia early revival of prosperity. , When asked how soon this might be bb said: '^‘Tiie question of how soon a reviv­ al mety be expected to begin is one whiQb no man can answer with cer- inform him that “advertising doesn’t , pay.” He hears this stereotyped re- f thihh.y, for the reason that some of Should Bo a Drawing Card. The new pastor of the Wesleyan Chttfcb, Miss Mcly Kieratead, occupi­ ed the pulpit of that church on Sun­ day inid-:g;ave^excelleii t satisfaction. She is a pleasant and interesting speaker and a very earnest worker. -M arBias'Star. prqper Time to Split the \Dif ” There a i^^o many occasions in the worldi when ydu are'••ompclled to spjit the dWerence. Occasionally taen call a t thia office who think they ' Rethink we are right; So.me oTthelirpnt their recollections againstour books, and stubbornly insistitbatthey are right. It is very annoying a t times, but we never go to law abont it. A thousand law suits would Bp avoided if men wqnld only rempmbeT th a t they may be honestly ipjstaken. Then is the tjme td lplit the differ ence, arid avoid forlhertroub|S. A man who spends a hundi-ed doitars on a Jaw. suit to ihftke a .nidn pa 3 rt.wepty 3 is foolish. I t ianibt worth l^Bto^innclt a man who may :he.:hohhetly mistaken.—Ex- - cbaiige., ■ Baseball Schedule. The otBcial schedule of the ball games to be played by the teams of the Interstate leas-ue bas been com­ piled. For the benefit of those of our readers who will follow tfie for--1 rsm-^oftbVR eview , b'utb jcopiescome to Portville and those are received by those who inserted^ the ads. The people whom they mark so oftentthak.be Would almost believe it if the tbopsands' of success­ ful advertisers \the’ country over weren’t living proofs'to the contrary. Let a couple promoters come into Olean, as they recently did, and get up a directory, in -coiijupetton with a,local daily paper. They \send a solicitor up Lere tOf-Portville, who sells half a dozen, business men each a two ineli space containing some truth and a lot of hot aip, at $2.50. The directory haaa circulatio. 1 } per­ haps somewhat larger than single tunes of the Olean team, we give be- {' low a list of the a t home games that will he played by that club: With Bradford, May .Jnnel2^13,.Inly 3-4 August 14-lu 50 cents eacb, and half dol 20-27, Sept. 5-1. AVitb Erie, June ^^en’t very plenty hereabouts 5-6, July 1-2-Bl, August 1-7-8, With Franklin, May 25-26, June 22.9tf, July 27-28, August 21-22. With Oil City, May 27, 28, June 8-9-29-3‘0, The $2..50 would have carried, a fair sized ad. iu the E eview for several issues, and the actnal advertising value would have been one hundred the reasons for the continuance of fhe business depression are psycho­ logical. This being true, one of the most important results to be brought abont is the creation of a constructive sentiment based on faith ill ourselves and in the future, ^hefew week spots in our banking system have been eliminaied; the natural resources of our country have not been deminisbed, and the industry and enterprise of the Ameri­ can people ore as great as ever be­ fore. Under these circHmst^uees be­ fore, as a result the prolongation of existing conditions, economic com- plieatioDS arise, it is the duty of each one of lis to look to the futrre, rather than to the past, and to con­ tribute, to the best of his ability, to the bringing about of such a sound constructive sentiment as will sub­ stantially aid iu a return to pros- psrity.” Wifh Warren May 18-19, ^ 19-j 20, July I 3 -I 4 -I 0 , August 10-11-..4- retailers own thread- ' bare argument. When . a stranger comes into town add wants to Baiig an advertising poster in the hotel .qr -*-*•*- A Good Alove, Push it Along.' , . Societiesforthbbett.rtnentoftownslf'-^d^^J^ff and a few gim in New Xork ' state have become letters for three or font good Yafikea Thla^gs Looking Up Down Cuba Way. Yhe storhrecently vacated by'Mrs. Mary .Don is to be remodeled gs 8o;pn as iWs ready' pue half will hp emeupied by E. A. Gere with a line of dry goods,,and H. K. Marsh, who is now on South street, will occupy the other^hglf. Mr, Gere has been cramped for room for some time and . has been lohfcijJ^oren^pportanilyLlo sjpread irt thejdirectlon now open for him.— Cuba Patridli. popular, and Geneva is one -of *tbe last places to join the tnoveniepts. Nor is, Wprovement confined ho the jllldi^s, but,jnany citie8,h^ izatiohk designed to ehilaiice thelrf attractions. , I t is also to be noted that theHorticulturalSociety of New York distributes each year prizes for the adornment of farm prnperty- These prizes are arrived from a fund provided by the late George EHwan- ger, of Rochester, and pleasing re­ sults are beingshoi^n. In comment- Salamanca Wl|l Be On Deck. $alah]fanca High School has been asked to participate in a track meet to be held an Springvflle May 16, in which Severai'schooIS will contest for a trophy. J Although the high school has nob yet Jormally accepted, the m atter seams ‘to ‘ be favorably con- aijefed by thb athletic association, aUd Several 61 the students have gone into: trainjDgl ■.SAresidCncaia KiUbnek owned By >^ll|iAm;Jf*Aniberbon and occupied by an employe of the Buck WflfkB, was completely des­ troyed, by, fiVe. together with all the eontfnte, early Sunday morniUg. *ihO' TihUse ^hs' Insured.—CattarAn- ;g i m |^ # i i c a a , , dollars, it’s the same old story, “ ’ Tis a qu^eer world.” H e w ^ . Gn Wednesday morning of l \a t week, a t his home between this vill­ age and Ceres, occurred the death of Rev, Allen Peekham, aged 75 years. Rev. Mr. Peekham had been ill for about four months. His illness be­ gan with a bard cold which develop­ ed into a complication of diseases. He had been a resident of Ceres for ing upon this desire for better,condi-1 about twenty years, having lived in tions, the Buffalo Expresasays: j Oswego for some time previous. He “No movement now existent in the was born in Gouneticut, lived at one villages of3’ esterij New York gives time in Clarksville and a t various better reward, in pleasure, than this toward the beatitifieabion of the towns. It is no wonder t ’a a t the movement is steadily reaching out to new communities.” '■ ■I s t,>,. llYbtthuVe any-idea of buyjng: ^ . a Ph'oiiograiih let me know and * (w i lt send yoH one With a dozen P^d from Albion just now \at prices t ^ i^cUrddon trial. No expense un- Irom $LhO to $8.00 pcy barrel, O 110 bii.ver is.- disposing of apples for $2.00 for which llA ppid m ^ e B i s y e n o u g h t o s u i t $4 t o last faii. Cooley Now Feels Rather Chilly. Some time ago one Wm. A, Cooley an official of the . city of Corning, brought an action against the Even­ ing Leadw oir th a t .place ior libel, claiming damages t,o the amount of $10,0G0. The case was tried last week and resultedvn a verdict of no cause of action. From the evidence addneed, i t would seem that the case was one wherein the plaintiff tried to prove damage to something th a t he neyer possessed. .Copleykttowp more thaq.hedid. But be has a reputa­ tion now that is a p a rt amd parcel of the’public records ol Steuben, county. Generations j^et Unborn Willbe en­ abled to refer to i t if. desirable.'’'': It -cannot be washed opt, i t cannot be removed. There it must retnUin subject to the inspection of the pub­ lic.. Whereas' pteyipU^ *tU,thg;; trial the casual reference to the matter was buried in the files of that paper, concealed from the public gazs, now Jie-who-*uns luay read. No doubt Gfflcial eopley- now wishes th a t l e hidii’t.—WelTsviHe Deinoerat. . GnitW u eojnedWn. Carloads of apples are being shipr other places while engaged in the ministry, having originally been or­ dained as a Methodist Episcopal minister, later becoming connected with the United Brethren church. He is survived by his wife, two sous Edward of Oswego, Fred of Ceres, a daughter living in Oswego, four brokers and two sisters. Two bi others, David and John' A. Peek­ ham, live in this town. The funeral was held at the 8. D. B. church a t Main on Saturday a t 2 o’clock, Rev. Mr. Dunbar of Obi fficiating. Interment was made in the Main cemetery;' FERSt NATIONAL BAJ^ CLEAN, NEW YORK CASH CAPITAL PAID IN, $ 1 0 0 ,0 0 0 . SUBPLUS AND PR O F ITS, S1© S ,P00. O - P W I C E R S . J, E. Dusenbury, President; W. E. Wheeler, Vice*PrfBsid«n^ . A, T. Eaton, Cashier. 3 D I R E C X 0 3 R S . J. E. Dusenbury, E. G. Dusenbury, W. C. Wheeler, Ill; ’ Johnson, J. F. Johnson. Transact a General Banking Business. Interest allowed on Time Deposits. Prompt Attention given to the Business of our Customers and Every Facility Consistent with the Principles of'Sonnd Backing Freely Extended. Your Patronage Respectfully Solicited. Safe Deposit Boxes For Rent. Strictly Burglar Proof Vaults - Things Do Move^in Allegany. . -The little wooden building, for 33 yeiira. known as the Spraker office burildingon Main street,, which has Wryed- ns a, doctor’s ofiic^ candy §tore, li&tber shop,^ town?., ha.ll and ev(0Ji a Standard Oil dfiice,has been tbrnfrom its moorings and set bail- Jn« dftwnrilain street .a'bd given a -wlatfc ’Jiandnnaj^, since the erection of the new town ball, has been tottering, in the bal- -ance for art owner, will be accorded a new lease of life.. Mr. Weyerstall pur chased the structure and will imme- diatelY fit ifcnp tor a barber shop to be ocenpied by F,B. Martin, who has already leased it.—Allegany Citizen. ---------- »-*■« --------- Foreigners Leave Dunkirk. . Within the last few weeks 200Jtali. ans .and Poles have left Dunkirk for the old country,most of them intend'- ing to retnrii to America when times become better. ^ atiy o tie. TOWNSEND’S Hardware & Shoe Store, RORfyiLtet Nv y* The big mail Order hOusei and whole sale grocery coheerns ar$ hot your frienus wheti times are hard And ypii are o u t otwork. It is the hottlfe Unless there k daily action of the bow­ els,' poisohohS .prodticts: ate ibsorbetl, cdosing heikcho. biKoUsness/nausea, dyspepsia, We wish jroU wouldAskyour Merchant yonore compel led fo look to a t a jch a time, |)6 c to r s prescribe v e ry little, if any,,: albohoi these d ays. They prqf^b strong tonics and altera- tiy^S. This is ail in keb^ing with modern medical -science. It sxplaihs w h y .A y e r ’n Sar- sapariiia is n o w mad6 .entirely free from alcohol. AsIc your doe tor. FoiroW>hi|^adyh;^.. We, ptoWeato teUiti dppto? . A Lively Time at Angelica. Last-Friday night and Saturday the wind raised havoc with every- thing^hat -was h o t fastened tight. Trees were blown down and many limbs were blown from the shade trees. One of the peculiar freaks was the moving of a 100 foot section of the South Street sidewajk, which was picked up by the wind end carried across the road and thrown into the ditch. It required several hours work by several tadn to replace what tbe wind did in less than ten seconds. —Angelica Advocate. Better put iu cement walks, neigh- bor,^>like wo have over here in the “Village of Cement Walks.” An Unusual Display of Grit. • Arthur Brown, who Is employed a t the Yacuum wqtks, is in tbe Olean General Rospitalwith a broken leg, sustained in a fall yesterday morn­ ing .hear the Buffalo street crossing. Tlie-<right leg. was fractured just above the ankle, and being unable to arise, f e . Brown dragged himself a considerable distance to the nearest house, wliCre help Was obtained. A call was sent for the BlightOrt ^ Clancy ambulance, and a t the hospi­ tal the fracture was reduced by Dr. John Jt.'* Kane. Mr. Brown sniferOd iatehsely m his efforts to reAch-home one who eOul(^aid him. He liyekon Homer Hilh and was, on his way to worJtwbmi the accident occurred.— Wednesday’s Times., A Record Hard to Beat, fbas Cntpentof Of the Interlaken 'lldvievv begad his S9th conseentive, year ih; the printing bnaihesa last Wednesday,; and besides some other, ft’prh set 8,9b0 enis in teh poipb type, between one and six o'cloek,— Machias^tar. Anotli f teat well is to be drilled for g a s u t Belfast. - I C o o k ^ i n o l e u n ^ o Did you ever see linoleum that soon looked scuffed and worn? Cook’s won’t. It can’t. Because, it is made in a new and improved Way with extra deep pattern and tough flexible surface. wears for years and looks fresh and bright fiii the time. Our new patterns are the handsomest in town. SMITH PARISH PORTVILLE, N. Y. o ( ■■■ m ■ ■••'if* 4 T ■ W . ■#[ : il l ' f c , - # its ill m ir»u ip nt liS in m in in= nt in its ist in nt in m - in in iti iit fU 5.W ui :0r ' I ■■li At k Men’s Spring: 5uit Salei LAX & LAX. ■ X Nobby Specials at $9.75. Val l e s $16 to $1$ The Progressive Clothiers; , . .41 1 180 NORTH ,lINI 0 N . S p ( i p * §1 \ ■ ■ 's ' ' ^ OLEAN, NEW YORK. §1 ' . ' 1 ' P r i n t i o i ^ N e a t l y AT TtiE REVIEW OPFICE. ^

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