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ADIRONDACK: DAILY ENTERPRISE, SARANAC LAKE, N. Y. THURSDAY, SEPT. 9, 1948 1 the United States executive departments were set up by Acts Of Congress, the oldest being State War, and Treasury, which, were established in 1789. Hake your waste known; page 6 NO MORE \ GUESSWORK] No measuring. No sifting.No un­ certainty. Justadd egg and milk to Flakom®, mix and bake. And you’ll have 12 crisp and tender com muffins. Sure t o be dfiU c ioU s because in­ gredients are the same fine ones you use — precision-mixed for sure results. Two more ; CUp^rJ i precision- mixes for you' FLAKO PRODUCTS CORPORATION Maker of superior baking mixes since 1922 CO M M U N ISTS SM ASH W A Y IN T O B E R L I N C I T Y H A L L — Communist-led demonstrators smash their w ay into B e r lin’s Ctfy hall during demonstration to keep the Beriin City Council from meeting. Soviet-controlled police made no attempt to halt the demonstration, the th ird of its kind in 10 days, {fP Photo by radio from Berlin) S C O R I N G V A R I E T Y MIAMI — -(5*) — Of the 62 touch­ downs in 14 Orange Bowl New Years’ games, 25 have came on forward passes, 20 on line smash- 12 on end runs, two on block- punts and one each on a later- al pass, a kickoff return.and a pass interception. Eighteen dif­ ferent schools have counted touchdowns in the games. *<,, When the poison from honey bees is injected into a cut m the human body in large quantities, it produces almost the same effect as the bite of a rattlesnake. Snakes do not travel in pairs. Y A N K E E S ty O V E W E S T CHICAGO— (ZP) —The Chicago Rockets of the All-America Foot­ ball Conference have been bol­ stered this season w?th the addi­ tion of five players from the New York Yankees of the same circuit The quintet which has changed uniforms in composed of full­ backs Eddie Prokop and Dewey Proctor, tackles Nate Johnson and Chuck Elliott and end Harry Burras. Johnson was an all-con­ ference selection with the Y'anks. BOWLERS PLAN SCHEDULE FOR YEAR’S EVENTS Change of the title' Saranac Lake Women’s Bowling League to Saranac Lake Merchants Lea­ gue was voted by members last night at* their first fall meeting held in th^^Saranac Lake Elk’s club. ^ The change of thd name was approved because of the confusion with other leagues and teams us­ ing similiar titles. Approximately 30 members attended the session. Phms were made to start The women’s season of bowling on Thursday, Sept. 30th. Ten teams will make up the League with a schedule of 27 weeks of bowling. Chairmen and committees for the year were appointed. They are £>rize committee: Mrs. Eliza­ beth Leetch, chairman, and Miss Dorothy Jordan and Miss Rose Sails; rules committee: Mrs. Kay- Sturdy, chairman, and Miss Jean .Hutchins and Mrs..Hazel Higgins. - Schedule committee: Mrs. Mar­ garet Davis, chairman, and Mrs. Helen Ninn and Mrs. Lucille Ho li­ fer; match games, Miss Margaret LaPoint, chairman. Mrs. John Buehler, president, presided. -------- Y O U T H — R a y m o n d S t irb e r , 23, eats a cou p ia of ice cream cones in a C h ica g o d r u g store w h ile he w a ited to be freed afte r store w a s closed w h ile he w a s ta lk in g to h is g irl on the telephone. H e told police that th e y had q u a r r e led and he spent -mtrrutesMTT try in g to “sq u a r e ” th in g s . W ith aid of police he fin a l ly clim b e d thro u g h the tra n s o m . (/P W ire- -ptrotoT Of the 303 engagements of the American Revolution, nearly a third of the bat-Ues were fought on New York soil. A A F C G E T S M O S T CHICAGO — f/P) — Of the 70 col­ legians who formed the ’Afl^stVr squad for the annual game with the National Football League pro ! champion here, 33 are under con-1 tract to teams in the three-year- | old All-America pro Conference, j j Twenty six of the players are I National Football League rookie:. . I Eleven spurned pro grid offer:-. 1 O F 2 B O D I E S R E C O V E R E D PENN YAN, Sept. 9 UP )—The body of Carl Gleason, 42, one ot two Elmira fishermen missing since Monday, was found last night in Seneca Lake. Search continued today for Ro­ bert Woodard, 20. ipher can dig a hole about feci straight down. Our Policy oil P O N T I A C Deliveries and Prices RADIO—Day by Day By C. E. BUTTERFIELD MBS—8 Talent*jackpot; 8:30 Better Half quiz; 9:30 All star revue j 10 Family , theater, Mau- Coming On Tonight NBC 9:30 New Dorothy La- mour show in the former Jack Carson time, opening guests Oz- zie and Harriet and Gregory Peck. Topics Tonight: NBC — 8 Time, place and tune; 9 Nelson Eddy concert; 10 Bob Hawk quiz; 10:30 Fred Waring, nighttime show. CBS—7:15 Jack Smith song; 8:30 Mr. Keen, trace; 9 Suspense mystery; 0:30 Crime Photograph­ er; 10:30 Report No. 3 on murder of George Polk. ABC — 8 Fro-it P a g e ; 9 Child's World; 2.30 CNnd'd Microphone. reen O’Sullavan. Make your wants known; page 6 Superb Quality — And More Tea per Bag S A l A l f f T E A - B A G S i,\ Despite the fact that Pontiac has built over a half- million cars since the resumption of production after the war, demand still exceeds supply. In the face of this production record, those who place orders now will still experience some delay in delivery. If you are among the many people who feel that Pontiac represents an outstanding value—and wish to order a Pontiac for future delivery—you will be interested in the following policy on retail distribution which we, as Pontiac dealers, will observe: WE WANT YOUR ORDER And the sooner you place it, the sooner you will get delivery. So if you want a Pontiac, order it now. r WE WILL ESTIMATE DELIVERY DATE Due to conditions beyond our control, we cannot give you an exact date of delivery. But based on anticipated future shipments from the factory, we w ill, when you place your order, g ive you an honest estimate of when you may expect your car. Such estimates w ill be reviewed any time on request. ORDERS FILLED BY PRIORITY A defihite proportion of the cars we receive from the factory is set aside for preferential delivery to users whose work is in the public welfare and to others with certain occupational requirements. Otherwise, a ll orders w ill be filled on the basis oj the time when they are received. YO U PAY FACTO R Y -SU G G E S T E D PR ICE Due to changing economic conditions, we cannot, when you place your order, tell you exactly how much the car will cost when delivered in the future. But, at the time o f delivery you will be charged only the factory suggested price on your model — which w ill be shown in a published list of local prices. „ YOU SPECIFY ACCESSORIES While most of our customers order their cars equipped with accessories, we do not jorce acces­ sories as a condition of sale. You specify what accessories you want when ordering your car, and these are the ones (and the only ones) it will carry when delivered. Some items may be lacking due to current shortages; but none w ill be added. REGARDING TRADE-INS Naturally, if you have a car to trade, we would like to have it in order to take care of our regular used car customers. Our appraisals are^fair, based on current conditions. But if you do hot have a car to turn in, we still want your order and will accept itfo r delivery based on the conditions out­ lined above. Since this is our \home town”, our business and its ^ future is based on our good relations with the people o f this community. We are m ost happy that so many people here—as all over the country—have made Pontiac their number one choice as a new car. N o thing pleases us more than to turn over the keys of a new Pontiac to one of the many people whose orders we have, because we know they have chosen w e ll—for Pontiac is always a thoroughly good car, and a thoroughly good value, this year, next year, any year. PONTIAC RETAIL DELIVERED PR IC E S IN SA R A N A C LAK E Bmolue** C o u p e S p o r t C o u p e • • • B e L a x e S p o r t Coupe • 2 - D o o r S e d a u • « • SedoM C o u p e • * • D e iM x e Sedum Coupe • 4 - D o o r Sedmn . • . D e D u e 4 - D o o r S e d a u B e lu x e C o n v e r tib le • Torpedo Models g j $1577 $1629 $1718 $1660 $169L $1781 $1718 $1808 $2102 8 cyl. $1625 $1676 $1766 $1707 $1738 $1828 $1766 $1855 $2149 Streamliner Models S e d u u C o u p e .......................... ...... D e L u x e S e d a n C o u p e , \ , 4 - D o o r S e d a n .......................... ...... De E m x c 4 - D o o r S e d a n . . . S ta tio n W a g o n . . ♦ . . De L u x e S ta tio n W a g o n . Y • 6 cyl. 8 cyl. $1757 $1804 $1846 $1894 $1807 $1855 $1897 $1944 $2451 $2499 $2529 $2577 The foregoing are factory-suggested local delivered prices for each of the lo models available. Accessories, optional equipment, license, State and local taxes - extra. Prices are subject to change without notice. STANDARD EQUIPMENT at no extra cost includes: Spare tire, tube and wheel; bumpers and bumper guards; metal spring covers; dual windshield wipers; dual tail lamps;.dual horns; dual sun visors; permanent oil cleaner; cigar lighter; «jh receivers; dual carburetor (8-cyl. models); automatic dome light and outside lock on both front doors. DE LUXE EQUIPMENT h/cludes, m addition to above: Two-tone broadcloth, button type upholstery; de luxe steering wheel; electric clock; chrome front febder ram tidings; stainless steel mar tender gravel guards; chrome plated wheel discs (except station wagon). WILLIAMS MOTOR COMPANY Saranac Lake, N. Y. ...TURN TO A*P FOR LOWER PRICED MEALS! Save every day, Monday through Saturday., .not jus t on “ special\ days-- ...b y shopping” at your triendly AcSP Super Market. Yes, at A<SP, quality toods are alw a y s attractively priced. There are hundreds to choose'from; too. OVEN- FRESHJ Ks! \ S u p s A .-ifU q h L ' J o p , Q u a lity ,! LARGE FOWL 5 TO 6 POUNDS u49c COOKED HAMS'hTKihh01h 75: ‘PILGRIM’ TURKEYS LEAN HAMBURG STEAKS SMOKED PICNICS PORK CHOPS occurs SLICED BACON sunn ™* FRAKKFORTS CHICKENS LOBSTERS FRESHLY GROUND PORTERHOUSE or SIRLOIN HEAVY CORN-FED STEER BEEF BROILERS or FRYfRS UNDER 4 POUNDS I H A D D O C K FILLET S c,p W J C O D FILLE T S JOHN LB 44c JOHN LB 3 8 c Marvel Bread SLICED, I VN MAS' 2 27' WHITE SLICED, BAKED BY A&P's O W N MASTER BAKERS 13 O Z I LVS A n n ’am 15 i *Q c is qqc A n n Grope lo w Ann Preserve* Ann P3S5® Preserves 2 LARUE HEADS d.%9 ICEBERG LETTUCE SEEDLESS GRAPES PASCAL CELERY HONEYDEW YAMS 3 us COOKING APPLES 3 ORANGES S 2 DC: GREEN PEPPERS 2, YELLOW ONIONS 5 BULK VINEGAR vhthA G*L MEDIUM PRUNES SULTANA PKG 29' 25' 69' 19' 19' 39' 35' BAKERY FEATURES SENSATIONAL VALUE' MAR3LE or GOLD • FAMILY SIZE Pound Cake 0 49' Also Reduced....New Low PrkesI BOSTON STYLE MARVEL Brown Bread va S lue R loaf 19* ICED or PLAIN Raisin Bread valu e *: V oaf 17° DAT: GEMS, SPICE DROPS, FRUIT BARS Cookies 5 STAR v a l u e PKG 29* 30 OZ 5 9 * JamujuA. &£r(p Eight 0'Clock Coffeo Red Circle Coffee Bokar Coffee < / LB BAG 40C LB BAG 43C 15 BAG 45C W h ite h ou s e — TTone B e ! t erT Evaporated Milk is45c Nabisco Honeymaid Grahams lb pkg 28 c Nabisco Holland Rusk urge pkg 22 c Bright Sail Soap Grains urge pkg 29 c Blue Ribbon Napkins m 2 pkgs 29° Babo Cleanser uozsize 2can s 2 3 c Iona Cocoa LB can 29 c Sparkle Pudding assorted flavors 4 pkgs 25 c Nectar Orange Pekoe Tea % lb pkg 51 c Coconog lb c a * 3 3 c Prepared Spaghetti ann page-is« oz 2 caus 25 c Sultana Stuffed Olives manz svj ozjar 33c Ann Page Sandwich Spread pt jar 35€ Treet 12 oz can 45 c Potted Meat PACKER'S LABEL—NO Vr SUE 2 CANS 31c J 'in s L (b a ih ifi, J 'D D jd A , FOR. EVERY CHEESE USE CHED-O-BIT 2 ^ 9 9 * Muenster Cheese lb 55' Cheddar Cheese -AGIO- UB 63 BSeu Cheese DOMESIC LB 73' Cream.Cheese PHILA. 2 PKGS 35' 'Cheese Spread ohN 26' Vera Sharp icmN's !?kg39c Mel-O-Bit a S u 55' Save, fcvsAjy, (bay, a t G&(p! Sparkle DESSERTS 4 PKGS 25' Peanut Butter SULTANA JAR 34' ' n 0125‘ OUR OWN TEA BAGS opf T o 39' A&P Applesauce 2 SC Blended Juice W 3 iW27c 1 LB dexo Pure Veg. 3 L! Shortening CAN b4.10hLN 39' Yankee— With Pork Pea Beans 2»«45c S For Better Cooking Results Crisco 1 JlF v 41 *1.17 Quick Suds for Dishes Ivory Snow ur g 34° Soap of Beautiful Women Camay Soap 2 CAKES 2 r Makes Rich Suds Without Effort Ivory Soap MEDIUM CAKE 1 0 c W a shes White Without Bleach Oxydol LARGE PKG 34c Duz Does Everything DUX LARGE PKG 34* A ll prices su b je c t to m a r k e t changes an d effective a t all A&.P Eelf-Serviw* in th is area,

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