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LAKE PLACID NEWS VOL. X—NO. I J. LAKE PLACID, NEW YORK, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 16, 1914 FIVE CBNT8 PEB COP? HON. GEO. A. STEVENS STILL 1IN THE RACE Nominated For Senator On Independ- ence League Ticket—Informa- tion a Surprise GOOD WORK MAY ELECT HIM A Chance For The Friends Who Were Debarred on Primary Day to Cast a Telling Vote—The People of AH Parties Can Find in Mr. Ste- vens a Representative Worthy of Then Support J ! I i l ! ! ill Jt i 1 nt ac e j en kn e i c mmtnd t \\h i I !' t i\ llK imhd it e I mh 1, IUi >P o i I )m 11 ( cellent men, they lack ,the experience of past service and the wide acquain- tance which stamps Mr. Stevens along with his other qualities as the man best fitted to serve. Moreover, exper- ience has taught the people of this district that division along party lines spells defeat for any except the ma- chine representative on the Republi- can ticket and a tendency toward unity is becoming more pronounced at each election. Should that unity grow into determination on the part of the independent voters during this campaign, we can say good-bye Mr. Emerson on Wednesday morning, No- vember 4. Mr. Stevens, though the defeated candidate for the office in the Repub- lican primaries, is still a staunch Re- publican. He is true to the doctrines of Lincoln and believes that the great- t, t j,tod to the greatest number can e ) t st effected through the G. 0. P. iV ) ii nriany fail to see the light as he Ic the\ all, nevertheless, respect h\ lovalty, his truthfulness, and his U^nty qualities which after all i i t what the people want in a rep- i< entative whether he be Republican, T JJ,IC sive, Democrat or Prohibition- ) t Mr Stevens would serve the <_ t (f his constituency to the best >f hi ibility and all parties would f u equally through his efforts. I 1 shoi t of all the names which will ipptai in the official ballot election 1 \ thit of George A. Stevens will ipppil most to the people of this sen- ntonal district, though it will stand in sixth place under the title of the 8000 IN THIS CO. HEARD ROOSEVELT BIG DEMONSTRATIONS ALL ALONG THE LINE AS COL AND SENATOR DAVENPORT PASSED THROUGH c rti ir ol -Hciv i wi FIFTY CONVICTS PLANTING 500,000 TREES IN ESSEX CO. ( hut m [ me n i men lrusties Setting Out White transplants at Chubb Hill . and Boreas River iftv convicts from Clinton Prison i Danncmora are engaged in planting 1 1 i milhon white pine transplants I s t \ otmty under the direction th M ite Conservation Comnr.d- 1011 i < t t George Barras an i 25 -~ trusties are setting out < 0 000 tes at the Chubb H'.ll plan- iDiil ct veen Lake Placid and Sara- xc I }• c At the Boreas River plan- ion m mthern Essex 250,000 trees in i ein>, planted by a gang of Clinton \ fc \N VDIRONDACK HIGHWAY Inc t\v state highway between Mimic Lake and Lake Clear, was cptncd oi traffic this week. All the f MI hi been laid and on Sunday, * t t 1 men were pouring' the last th< i phalt. The oi tiact is not completed, how- i i cveral fences remain to be i it i\ I 11 of the cleaning up has 1 o W t i i x i t o ,i i i > I cr ( u I n t t m i n t i Ir t i ] i \ i it In » ! u ii Mt v W 1 i 1 C \ 1 n I e rr 1 I ! I i i! ] i 1 r r f I i ( n < i i i < 1 t i ^ I ( t t , 1 *-< \ i 1 1 C i h i) h i ir I t ! mint U 1 P ( b e\ t ) T C 1 1 WILL ERECT NEW BUILDING P \h cmdaek National Bank of ii ( I ike has contracted for the i iio rf a new business block on i ici in that village on the site OL i] Jed by T. E. Daly's cigar c i The fh'st floor of the new t Jtli r „ will be occupied by Mr. \\\ while the second will contain flic \n ] lpartments. Ce\loi has 1,000,000 acres in co- oanj plantations. Beautiful Satin Basque Dresses Now on Sale Eich $1*50. $19.50. $21.50 i- Kii<l IM' \ iluu jctmstic regularity Dress Suits have changed i ti t ii Kiwi-fit on those of last season, you'll like them i V Vj hli K and white check and green or brown phiids, Special, Each $6.00 G. A. TOUPIN & (g. . a lZ^T\«.y. HAPPY HOUR T HEATRE HOME OF GOOD PICTURES Coining everyT uesday \THE PERILS OF PAULINE 1 ' \PATHS' DAILY NEWS \ Matinee Every I^y at 3:30 Evening Pictures Changed Daily W/1LTON |c SPECIALVIOR ONE WEEK SILK PETTICOATS . < Excellent Quality—all colors SILK WAISTS hite, Black and Stri D F PERKETT 41 Broadway At the Bridge ROUSING RECEPTION IN PLATTSBORGH Greeted With Enthusiastic Applause Col. Roosevelt Spoke For An Hour Thursday Evening With His Usual Force And Vigor- Candidate Davenport Also Giv- en a Cordial Welcome The political campaign opened in Essex county last week, the first in the field being the Progressives. Frederick M. davenport, the candi- date for governor, accompanied by ex-President iiooseveit and other in- fluential members ol the party left New York city for a four-weeks' tour of the state. The party arrived in Ticonderoga Thursday at noon and reached Piattsburgh the same night. They travelled by automobile stop- ping at the various villages along the lake shore long enough for Col. Roosevelt to deliver short speeches. It is estimated that over 8000 voters in this county turned out to hear the distinguished American. Unfortunately the itinerary could not be arranged so as to bring these leading progressives into this section, but it is hoped that plans may be per- fected for their presence here at a later date. On Thursday Col. Roosevelt ad- dressed at the Piattsburgh theatre, -ne of the largest political gather- ings over assembled in Pluttsburgh. He was in fine form, apparently as \fine as a fiddle,\ and spoke for an hour In. his usual voice without strain. He was greeted with long contin- ued applause when no rose to ^pe^^k and during his speech. In passing through Ks?e\ tounty, six meetings were h<;kl, hut many places wore passed whe-v ;x.up!e as- sembled to see Roose'-'Wt, but where stops were impossible. Ac Whallons- burg a large cro'-vd \va> asse«nl»kd and an urgent request for a stop was made, but the party wa-_; obliged to pass through without stopping to speak. Several times afterward Roosevelt expressed regret at not being able to stop. The party- left Fort WiHia>u Hen- ry early on the yacht of David Wil- liams and were taken to the latter's hotel at Roger's Rock, Lake George, whence they were conveyed by auto- mobile to Ticonderoga. There Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Richards entertained the party at an early luncheon. Roosevelt Addressed Workingmca At 12 o'clock the Colonel spoke to a large meeting of working-men, sev- eral hundred in number, assembled to meet him at the noon hour. Af- terwards the speakers addressed a large audience in the hail which was crowded to the doors. Then the trip was continued to Port Henry where the meeting was presided over by Hon. Frank S. Wi- therbee, the noted Republican lead- who introduced Colonel Roosevelt and spoke warmly in welcoming him. While disclaiming to be an adherent of the Progressive party Mr. Wit.hor- bee very gracefully asked the warm- est kind of a welcome for the dis- tinguished visitor, which he and the entire party received at the hands of the Port Henry people. At Westport, Library Square was filled with a large crowd from the vicinity and from as far away as Elizabethtown and Lake Placid. Here Principal Craig of the High School ANNOUNCEMENT To the users ofi Donah's Rub-Less Washing Pastl in Lake Placid. HEREAFTER Please place yoipr orders for Donah' Rub-Less Washing Paste With Mr. Allen S. Davis Phone 3-M Lake Placid, N.Y. Mr. Davis now has the sole agency for Lake Placid and will call on you for your orders. Yours sincerely, GEO. H. DONAH presided. Essex and Willsboro fur- nished large meetings. An especially successful meeting was held at Keeseville where a large crowd was gathered. Here W. W, Schefmerhorn the prominent Progressive farmer of Au Sable, presided and introduced the speakefs. Hits at Boss Rule and Graft The Colonel's Plattsburgh speech was addressed mainly to the boss is- sue and to the need of meeting chan- ged conditions in politics, being free from personalities except as he re- peatedly hammered Barnes and M phy by name apparently very much to his own satisfaction and the jpy of his audience. Left alone at th< present time in sole possession A thi issue of boss rule and graft ?he seems inclined to make the most of it. Times change and practices must change to meet them, he said; where- as we fought the revolution with flint locks and the civil war with percus- sion caps, now we must fight with machine guns. The political see-saw, according to the Colonel, is an imaginary plank laid across the shoulders of the peo- ple on one end of which is perched the Murphy machine, and on the oth- er the Barnes machine. When one goes up the other goes down and vice versa, the people being permit- ted to shift the weight to the other leg when one g'ets tired. He let Candidate Whitman, by name, alone mainly, except for the inference that the Barnes machine having brought Whitman through the primaries, must stand for him and he stand for it. One of Roosevelt's most character- istic sentences was \Never fight if you can possibly help it. But when you do fight, strike hard.\ Senator Davenport Senator Davenport, the Progres- sive candidate for Governor made a logical and intelligent speech in which he referred to the paramount issue in this Congressional district, viz: State development of water po- wer as propounded by Progressive candidate for Congress, H. D. liad- ley. Senator Davenport stated that he favored development, for and by the people an.) the use of the powers in the localities possessing thorn. From Plattsburgh to Ma lone The itinerary took the party from Plattsburgh to Malone. Ogil<;:n-.>urjr, r Watertomi. etc. WORKSTAfTFDON WlffTEFACEINN Famous Hostelry of Former Days Will Again Add To Pladd's Progress BRANCH &CALLANAN HAVE THE CONTRACT Boston Braves Win World's Cham- pionship The Boston Braves won 4 straight games over the Athletics in the world's baseball series, thereby gain- ng the world's championship. Fruit canning is becoming* popu- lar in South Africa. New Structure Will Be Built On Unit Plan—A Forty Room House To Be Completed By June 1st—Addi- tions Will Be Made According As Business Demands It Lake Placid's optimism received a decided impetus over the announce- ment that work had begun Monday moraine- on a new Whitef-sce Inn which wu t\ m IT ~i i r c \i nc lit th t h« m hot* i I« i I t h i n t it. !i w ! * >t il h (ktto d'\ , M It I n lei t Itui I 1 hot i ^il i 'H I II] n i i J i pi it h hi t T f ct ii e to ) i] 1 i it t U i 1 c l n O U 1 1 III <_ T Riii-fh till I h e i n I i c to i (. UllC 1(1 (f nt i K !_, \ < \ \ \ ] t 1 T t W hi c c I ( - [ i i , TU i l ill fl J \ i ' f o Ud tl h v\i * BEXALL CHERRY BARK COUGH SYRUP Best for Cpughs 25* LAKE PLACID PHARMACY THE REXALL STORE met u i ) J - n L u icch u t. h( ^ f i x ! i I \ •* u I n ih t UltK 11 1 1IL( ] I ( It igt n (I t! ( 11 \ ' i I n t j t le ) t (> n I c i M i > tn» » » ' 1 f f c n i h . ] ] <> ; ' , ^ t he \ n u \ i I i ( OI 1 * 1 1 >U ] 1 t X I I 111 t r 1 1-| ^ i» H i H 1 \\ I I hit i d ' »c < i 1 ATTY. CANTWELL CUMSC0RRECT10NH.u ,<:,., ..... \U ^l Nit Inn ind I»hn W n h Sa>s News Misconstrued Jessop Hen Ii ht \ [ nessy Case And Other Papers / v ^ } ' ,* X * V Balled Up Casey-Winch iui n i t „ , Acfaon i i t u th pi i n i» n • 1 I \T 1 1 1 h ill ll U I 1 i ( t t i <v i \ i n i J ii Wit } i il \, 1 I 1 CCC \J i s 1 i J 1 ] ' ( ] C L ( 1 i h ( 1 I ( n c ! i l U t i th i t a t i i i ' oil \cu T i r i i \ A i' \ < n U \( til i,s IN WM \1 s | si >s 1 i i V l > r il 1 ite wi c h r i-i dtp «in i x T n i M •j< feet long, of one story and base- OUTDOOR COMFORTS FOR COtD WEATHER The cool nights of the past week reminds us that winter will soon be here. We have at our store the right sort of goods for your winter icomforts, among which are the fol- lowing : * I WGOL BLANKETS-In mfiy| WOOL SKIN MOCCASINS- Made o: I ti0 , |^ (natural tanned sheep skin, full fleece styles and colors from $4.25 to $!^00j j. ^ ^^ ^ bedroom '\ M- overdoes in extreme cold weather. ALL WOOL SWEATERS-A l|ge $L0( ^ pai r varities of the latest styles all c|prs! AD-HAR-CO STONE PIG-The ickal from $4.00 to $9.00. | j f°°* W * m £ ^T eJ ^^ T^ .|' i hot from 12 to 15 hours, 40c each, ii Aff i C »n , -Si I FURS—Our line of furs *his season dNAWS—All new and enti»ly[ ... \ ^ asv \ • f M \ Wl \ ° e l ar 8 e r apc « better than ever kiifterent patterns from those of oapr . ( , ,, , , , , , | H$T j before and will be sold at rock bottom pears from $5.00 to $11.00 | -prices It would pay you to visit our Fur ind Blanket Department which is on the first floor. • Geo. L. Starks & (Q, (Adirondack Hardware Co.) Broadway, at the Bridge Saranac lake h < t \ I _i c t 1 j e c p ! ldtl { f ] * u r^ t 1 It l t M ' p m i m W > i 1 ct t i m e -> the i U ' i I' » • If 1 i A GOOD WORKWOMAN needs good tools, to do good work. Our approved line of kitchen utensils turns work in- to a pleasure. We carry ev- erything in the way of pots, pans, kettles, etc., needed in the largest or smallest kitchen in tinware, enameled ware, alu minum, hollow ware and kit- chen hardware and household essentials. Our goods will surely satisfy you, as will our prices. COMPLY WITH Tfflg NEW LAW Making lights on all vehicles compulsory, by securing same at this store, where a lirge and varied line has just been received. » FRANK & WALTON J GENERAL HARDWARf Main Street SANITARY PLUMBING take Placid, N. Y, [ [PO POINCIAM CERATE The creanmpar excellence for fiie skin CDanufsetared and distributed by the MERRIAM DRUG STORES MIRROR LAKE PHARMACY Lake Placid, N, Y. Royal Poinciana Pharmacy Palm Beach, Fla. Greenbrier Pharmacy White Sulphur Springs, W. ,Va, i5&....-i£r

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