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Watertown re-union. (Watertown, N.Y.) 1866-1918, July 20, 1871, Image 1

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an»«g»mmtt«»agg>^ra,-a3«TO-»^a 0h the 37th daronJIZT? to.seeuro the nl^' thelandheroinSS 11 ? to AnnetteDTmS?? 1 '' equal annual paymentsfti? Wores nZ-ft gagjwith the J0 ,veiof »» Jefferson County Ofak' B n' No. 51 of MorSo, 0 / - idmprtgage at the .first P M •Ehe mortgaged PwiuisK in ithese words • ^ land, situate in the torn nty of JefferBOn and Shit,, n , riyer at -thenortlf acres, ten hundredths oft of the second.prt tola? day\'Septemto.last;Z asgrees East along Z Marcus Hungcrford'B in,,S rlyline.at sixty'hinlTNo d corner ot said land offi e Northseventy-tlvrec <W \: and a halflliilts; tffi l W<3 5 *? th0 *»™ of ?S Bn °'o Westerly to the pw about three acres, beirSth a.JErackley.andthesopresenu payment of part of the col said premises.\ Uopror-cet ! tituted.for the recovery of th» ereof. The said Anndttoifr, uer.lustwill she bequeathe! The said will has been dSv as a good ana valid will .& . and tlio.same iB recorded t'i, 8 Offlce,.in Book Ho. lsli, 0 Jl made in thepayment of tin mortgage, Motice is hero, will be foreclosed bva premises, to bo had at tli» & Sawyer ill flio City ofWa N. I., at Publit. Auction\ at 1871, at 10 o'clock A si & SAWYER, Attornovs tho 20th flay of September, tp'Mcuro the payment\ herein described, lor Annette Bumastlpr for Mil nnual payments, with annual wiih tho power of ml Jeltcrson county Olcrk'sofBci, 40 oi morrgagCB, on pag ( 1S-100 dollars is olata. mortgage, at the first publics. are described in tho said viz.: of land, Bituare in tlio town ot Jeflerspn and .State of New : \Commencing o:, the short the northerly corner of Pougnet, formerly knoua thence soutb.eeventoen easterly lino of BHIII lantW chains twemy-nvo llnfcii decrees east, four clinini nks , thenee north sevenieen us elghtV links, to the shore of shore westerly totlu- place three acres and slx-him- or less: being the same prem- i tnc-saiit Marcus nunraford and theBe presents are of part of the considers- hasbeen institu*od lor the r«- any part thereof, is dead, ar-d by her last said mortgage to Henry J, is now owned by him. Th» proved and established asi and personal es ate, and ta* Jefferson county Clerk'soillct 516, made in the payment of til M mortgage, notice is hereby e will bo torcc.osed bv a salt be hud at'tbe lair yer, in the city of Wntertown, public auction, on the 21st , o'clock, A.M. & SAWYER, 2w Attorneys^ SAM. of lands Blruated In the conn- by tho Comptroller, which list of lands advertised by of taxes, at tho Capitol, la tax sale commencing ontut CAltFENTKK, Treasurer of Jell'. Connty. County. TRACT, op EiiENcn CIIKBK. PURCHASE, TBAOT 4. ..18 .. 55 1(6 ot uth i^. SOaSWoor 50 R. Parr's land, S by high- ® ading from Frederick to m. a. Farr's land Why S far enough to con- B jiincSS-tvio* IN»tJCEMENTS!! at the Mammoth OlottfaS Race Brothts w.K. Bses ...Al E«» .'.- ErankBaW to offend the most I ... $260to ?S 100\ 600 100 \ 360 800 \1*™ 1 300\ 7f» \ 175\ 800 . l*''\\ 18 »m 500\ 8» B ) 1100 3 CO : 960 125 '^ ' 1300 and Vests B00' 4 60\ «S 000\ 18 » 800 \I** 1! IS Si ft 101 10 100\ 3 60 for public 1'attObage.W you that no ojWES, isatoncethemosWteg city. AU'CttBto^ eorec\ed m ^ l » f TS :.arr.Oharl0BK* ,Mr.JohnRrgus° B iJoawo* 6111011 ' 0 ''\ 00 three days to advaaw bo made happy *hcnyo« suits, our faultlessiwork. „. Price, of oth«! osmo by their parents. ^ eheral ilhish of out »\ bthors W»B customers *° »» d ,ii\ 8 aviii8 hs-atiratog wWo«%'7 So almost to h»« feolo e, ;W«»ollcUe»J.S 9M .i .m S4 by Juo. Bacon 63 VILLAGE. of a traot of land Bold by •Willard Conkey, bdN'ly IS St., 5 rods frontt and *» (FOBMEELT LoRRAiiffl) STRIP. S by Wm. Henderson's Lowe, hd N by 15WK W m.Henderson 323X | 2. .181 . 93 . 79 [$?'/& S9 'Ooiirt Street, (same side as the Kii'by House.) r ,., would respectfully inform thcpeoplo-of '.•thtttheis bettorpreparedtlian ever before to furnish fMonwmentx, Headstones, -Cenotaphs, and Tablets of \jlmerzcan or llalian JWarble, Scotch, Hichmond, Quincy . \($id Fitz PVttliam -Urunites. I Also all gades of FKEESTONE of the latesldosigns that defy competition as t o [Pricej Design or Workmanship [ I will not bo undersold by anyone. ¥y Spring Stock \ islargertliau ever and my prices are within The Reach of All. Those that over buy goods at homo, in want of I Monuments or Grave Stones OF ANT Design, Price or Material will find it to their advantage to come to the BR.OOKSIXJE CEMETERY MARBLE WORKS, as I have a largo and varied stock to select from, and 1 will sell, at a very small ADVAWOE PROM COST. Either myself or a competent Foreman, will always be in attendance. All work warranted aB re- presented and SATISFACTION OTTAUANTTEED. 3 All work dolivored and Bet up, in all parts of the country. All Patterns ot Mar-Tble and Slate Mantels burnished on short notice at very reasonable prices. a. F. FEWilN. ' 'Waterto-wn, May A, 1871. 3ni M: E A. x i f TFyourealiy want Heat of the hcstqtialitv an.1 a t X the f.heaiiwitrates, call on OHARIiSS EM- EKIOBT, No. 5 7 South Side 1'ublio Square. fin keeps tho Primest Beel. tho Tenderest and JmcieBt.srcaliBith* sweetest Mutton and all other kisdB o 'eatf in their Season—ol any Bstt h 'i«* EMnt'n''.\ ••• Ti scptl2ylEI JTTR-I^ IMSTJKO. i TVilsoia's Now Yorlt Business Directo- ry for 1871-a (fullcloth binning) A valuable handbook for all who make purchases in Now York Mailed, post-paid, to any address In tho United States on roc hit of $2,00. Adnroos JOHN P. Trow, Fuollslier, 52 Green St., N, Y. H. Y CITY DIEEOTOIIT, $5 00; - O-PABTNERSHTP DraEOTomr, $3 00. Orders by mail promptly attend- ed to fa*?\ Sample pages of BusineBsDircctory sent o any nddresB on receipt of stamp. f&SSCTTHE SCIENCE of LIFE • or SELF BEESERVATION A Hedical Treatiee on «hc Cause and Care of Exhausted Vitality. Prema- ture Dcclin in Man, Nervous and Physical Debility, Hypochondria, Irapotency, and all other diseases arising from thoErrors of Youth or the Indiscretions •or Excesses of Mature Years. This is, indeed, a book for every man Price only $1, 285 pages, cloth. Sent . by mall, postpaid, on receipt of price. Thousynds have been tanglit b y this work the true way to health and hnpirtess. Address the PEABODY MEDICAL rN8TlTtJTB,Ho. i Bullfinch Street, Boston, Mass., or Dr. W- H. PAKKEB, the Assistant Physician. AVES Timtii, I WABFIBiD'S AV1SS MONJB K\. | COLD WATJBB SOAP. JIo boiling the Clothes;no fire; no dainagoto the SlotheB gtiaranteod. Used simply in cold water. PHKLPS BKOS. & CO., Man'lrs, Albany, N. Y. Apple rarer, Corer & SHcer. rrlco $2. Does all at once, 'Warranted Satitfactory. D. H, WHITa'SMOBE, Worcester, Mass <UQOK A MONTH Dorse ana Carriage furnish- (DOaO ed. Kxpenses.pa!d• H. Shaw, Alfred, Me. Agents, Read This I TTTK 'VPIIib FATAGBSTSA SALARY VY ©» $30 PX» WEEK ttfctd Expen- •Cf. or ^liowsl&rge commisalon to nell our new juidwondeitttllnventioni, Address Jt. WAQONKK *CO.,Al«rshall,Mich ~A jf (fiLOS DOLLARS. Bhrewrl but quiet men can make a fortune by re- •.culng trie secret of tho business to n o one. Address CHARLES POE, 088 Broadway New York. \ bAVlNQ-b BANK. T HE Jeffesson County Savings Bank, corner ot Wasliington and Stone Streets will pay its De- positors o n all Deposits made before the lOthaf Julv next, interest at the ratcioi-6 per cent, fromttfc flrs't of Juiy, lSTO.onDepoBltB made between Only 10th andOctoTier 10th-will pay interestat the same rate from the Istot October; and on Dei>o»it» made be- twien January 10th and April loth, 1871, will pay n - : terest at the ssine rate from the tit of An'rll, 1S71. Iheintt-rest will b e paia o r added t o ieposits on the 1st of January and July, acd will a partof the principal. All Bums ecolvedfrora 5 cents to $3,008.00. A St. FARWELL, President. ERED EEE11SON, Vice President GEO H.BHEHMAN, Secretary, taKEKT L. SHEHt« «, Treasurer. DIBBCTOES: RobertLanslntr GilbertBradford; T. I£. Camp, AMC-Farwoil S. B. Uphn _ , „ ,, JohnL. Bilker, Ward Hnbbiird, R, TenByok, «. H Sherman, Fred Bmetson, Juo.A.Shermnn. B w\. Baldwin, K.JK. llnngerfotd J.H. Flsk, Geo. B. Phelps. »pr»8ti. TAX SA3LE. STATE OF NEW YOEK, / Comptroller's Offlco. j\ I 'MOTICB1 islicrehy given, pursuant to the directions I •\ ot Title 2, Chapter 437, of the Laws of 1866, that »W»tof allLandsliahlotobe Sold for TaxCB nsseB- scd ana levied i n the years 1S61,1802,1863.1864 ana J8K, aha of certain Lands liable to be sold for taxes levied in tho years 1840, 1841,1&8,1S4S. 1844,1852, 1863,1854,18681856,1867,1858,1869 andl860, has-been lorwamed to m\i of the County Treasurers and Town uicrKemthis State; and that so much of the several parcels of Badlands asihay be neceBBary to discharge tho taxes, inteost and charges which may be duo B?£5J lt w ttm6 of sale, will, on the twelfth day 2».. , £f?tyi?Ek? wl 'tl»a Bucceeding days-there' S^H ?hl! 9t ^\li<iAuction, at the papltbl, In tho- juael5m3 A, r, NifekoLS, ComptrOUcr. <*T . r«*v—~ ^ , . * •' gg^^5=ygg«P^^ya.-a^-^»w- M iiiriii»»ii»iii| l w , n WATERTQWN BE-TOION, THURBDAQULY 20. 1871. G itlUiaco Bros, of tblscliy,) have Opened their G. W. Lawrence 8c Co,. ave on hand the largest andbes Assorted Stock or PARLOR, DINING KOOM and CHAMBER FBK- PXOKB rr IN IHK CITY, -a Which we offer Wholesale andttetall, as CUeap as tbe Olteapest. MSW 11 flffl'l iiDMWoLiis. jlffEIEKllYSTiE. BEDS •& BEDDING. PmbI|cations of the American Tract Society. American S. 'S. Union. Massachusetts--S. S. Union. JF'resbyterian Board. JEvangelica! Pnb'Jication Society. Methodist Book Concern. Lutheran Board of Publication. London Tract Society. AJLSO CHAM BEE SETS ? |snitaWe for S. S, Litoaiies PtJBIiICATIONS OF OS 1 SOLID Rosewood, French and Black. Walnut, Robert Carter & Bros, Skolly & Co, And cheaper material, ranging i n price from $50 to $50O rmses o AND QUALITIES Also, in connection with the abov WB TTJTOD TO Undertaking- & Upholstering Ii all its branches. GEO. TV. LAWEBKOE & CO. S B 2- ??• LAWBENOB, 1 V- D. HILLS. ootGtf New Jersey Steamboat Co. 1871 fag> 1871 PEOPLE'S LINE OF SXEAOTERS* UOK ^TEl-W: YOEK I> A.IL1T! (Sundays Excepted,) at S1-2 p. m. THE STEAMERS JO 3Ft 13 ^7^7\. OAPT. S. J. ROE, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. DKAN RICHMOND, CAPT. W. H. ORISTOPHfc.lt , UTuosdays, Thursdays and Saturday*. At 8 1-2P-M., or on arrival of 'Jf-ralns. Hudson Eiver Sailroad Tickets good for State Boom, Passage These Boats will connect with the TrainB of N. Y C. K. E. K. & S. K E. and A. & S. K. E. All Cheeked Baggage Transfereod Free as Usual. An Agent of the Lino at the Depot always on arri- val of Traing*. Freight taken as Cheap as by any other Lino For further particulars apply at the office, 2S3 and 285 Broadway Albany. J. W. HAROOURTC, Agent. Albany, May 0,1871. tf Carriage and Sleigh Mahin -»} AND xvEPAIxiliWCx of nil kinds. BMEIRICH & MEADER, Court Street, Watertown, S. IT. T HE Undersigned beg t o announce that they arc now prepared to do promptly and satisfactorily, all kinds ot work in the Carriage line, especially Painting, Trimm mg and Henairing generally, at tie lowest Cash prices. Sdth the nnoer»igncd bare had long experience in this busifiess, havine worked for H. Sr.ovilliii.th.s city, for a long ter a of years. t&~ Give us a call. BMEBICH & MEADEB. L. EMEHICH, D. MEADEB. TVatertown. Feb. 9,1871. yl THE JEFF$8$0<Y. IB the place t o buy BOOTS * SHOES CMI3A** JFOH CASH. F. C WEBB, (Snccesgor t o Webb & Chldester,) Who continues the business in ail its branches AT THE OLD STAND JYo,2B Court Street Has marked his Goods down so low that it is impossible for liirn to be UNDER SOLD BX ANT OTHER Boot or Shoe Dealer in this City. It is t o the advantage of the public to call and see bis stack of BOOTS AMD SHOES Before purchasing elsewhere, for tney are the Best Fitting and pi the Best Quality that can be found in this Market. If he has not a pair that flt3 you, Mr. Muneer hi« Foreman, will take jour measursand makeyoti a pair-that will fit thecasiest and the nicest yon ever saw, Remember 28 Court Street is tbe p!-»\ to find je3iyl • F. CWEBB Dudd & Mead. A D. V. Kandolpk, S S. Hoyt. Nelson & Sous. E. £\ Dutton & Co. D. Lathrop ifc Co. H. A. Xqung&Oo. FOR SALE BY STEBLING & MOSHBK. Watertown, Juue 1,1871. JJITCYOTJE BOOTS &JSHOES AT THE CM SHOE STORE. NO. 68, WASHENGTON, HALL BLOCK. The Largest Stock 5 ThetFinest Styles, The Lowest Prices. CALL AND EXAMINE GOODS AT PEICES WHERE THE [GROWD GOES. PENNIMAN & CO. 58 WASHINGTON HALL, Aug-iy WATESTOWir, 2f. T. LE1THER AND FINDlMS. NEW (OLD) FIRM. T HE -undersigned having re-formed a Co- partnership'for the manufacture and salo of LEATHER & FINDINGS, are prepared to offer extra inducements to the trade. Having also purchased the T.AJsrNE;e/Y- lately owned by K. S- GIL.T_,KTT which they will run in connection with their own, they will b e better prepared than ever before t o keep on sale a full assortment ol Leather of their own manufacture. The highest price paid in Cash, af all times, for \WO O LI! Hides, Skins and Pelts. We respectfully solicit a call from our old pa- trons and such new ones os may desire to givo us a trial. R . H. HALL, ) C. O. MAITBT, f HALL & MALTBT. No. 17 Public Square. Watertowu, June 1,1871. New Styles. A FULLSTOCK Bought for Cash. Will be Sold Cheap. PI Si?1 1 f & i *'WBI' Ro. SO Co art Street, Watertowu, N. \V. All who want to buy FIBBT-CLASS GOODS (fo CASH,) at prices arranging from 30 to 50 jrep cesit. BE3LOW foiv ittey Kates -AT- IIURRKK A:\VEKS IKtIOU SiOIIK : William 0. Hanchett & Oo., No. 21 Court Street. Soliciting a full share of trade, we invite all to call and examine our stock of Goods before purchasing elsewhere. As wo are connected with a Direct Importing House IN NEW YOBK, wd are confident we can; datlefy the public in our line of (roods. ' •Watertown, Jan 19. lStl, tf Are\ l&viieii to call and take a look at this M4MM0TM STOCK p y *Ve are bound to make HiU And will not be Undersold J>y any House iix tlie State. C. T. & Gr. A. HAOE. grjltllEE STYLES OF Men's Boy's and Cliildreus' rs ANB CAPS, Consisting of FTJE, SILK, OASSIMJSEB, STRAW, OLOTH, WOOL, LEGHORN and PALM-LEAF, iualHlieNew and Desirable Styles, In addition to these we have jttst received a Large Stock of GENT'S F01IS1K GOODS, OF ALL THE LATEST STYLES, Also a large assortment of Fine Canes, Ti-avelinar-bags, &c. All Quods Guaranteed as Represented ! A. TUBBS & SON, No. 8 Woodruff House, AIAHSOK Tiron-,) CHAB. H.Tunns. j Juno 8th, 1671. WATKRTOWtf.N.Y. New Goods lew Goods CALX, AT LAMON&BETTS, Fo- 9 vVoodruff House Blo^k AND SEE TIKIR SPLENDID STOCK OP CLOTHS, OASSIMEBES. VKSTINGS AN!) FURNISJtlNG GOODS. ALSO THE SPLBNDID Davis Sewing Machine, THE VERY BEST MADE IN THE Market Se. Cheapest. Watertown. March 9. 1871 1AM ON 4 BETTS. A BARE CHANCE TO PUR- CHASE A HOP & DAIRY FARM SITUATED on tho river St. Lawrence, four miles i~ east of the town of Cornwall, Province of Onta- rio, Canada, containing 300 acres, ail cleared except 0 acrcB of Sugar Bush Hop yard of 30acres, in good condition ana poles nearly all new, 160 acres now mi- ner hay the remainder under cultivation and pasture, Soil clay and back loam of the very best character in fine condition, welldrained and fenced with stone and cedar. Watered in front by the St. Lawrence and on the rear by a perpetual spring and creek, also several wells. There is on the premises an Orchard of 6 acres and » Sweet Hickory and Pine Grove near the bank of tile river, rendering tlio situation one of the most beautiful on tho banks of tho river St. Law- rence TheDwelling House is beautifully situated and has a commanding view of the river. The Out- buildings commodious and In good order, Stabling for 70 head of cattle, There is » first-class Cheese Factory now in operation on the adjoining farm Communication by steamer to Montreal distant 60 miles and to Ogdensburg 5t) miles three or four timcB daily and the same by Kailroad. The subscriber is also prepared to sell a Wood Lot, a few miles di-tant ii thepurchasei'should so desire. Title indisputable, A plan of the property can be iccn «t the Ferguson House, Malone, N. Y. ROBERT FLANAGAN. Cornwall, Canada, June 8,1871. 3m BABJS OPPORTUNI1Y FOR THE LADIES. MILL(3?EEY JUrs. *8L, JE. Searie Desiring to close onthor stock of MJLLIJVERY GOODS will sell for the next 30 days BELOW COST- She has a choice nssortmont of HATS, BONNETS, FLOWERS, RIB- BONS, Ac. Ac, which thoLadias, can now purchase at better bargains than has been afforded in Watertown this Season. Her Stock has been carofully selected and includes all the LATEST STYLES. (@?-Call at 2B Arcade (up stairs) before purchasing elsewhere. Watertown, Juno 20,1871. xVWTBIOKERSONj WHOLESALE AWtt RBSTAHL GEOOEE, * THUS OilJD^iR OP THE DAT IS Ig 'f To pay them it will.be necessary to make I, and to accomplish so dOBirable an object as this, it 1 will he absolutely necessary to soil goods for very • Now COOKE will continue to sell goods as he has always done, at uniform pricos and for very J. & A. BUSHIILi Are offering unheard of Bargains in SPRIG ID .SUB § \ Dress Goods, Shawls, Linen Goods, While Goods, Mourn-. ing Goods, Hamburg lUdg- ings, Insertions, fyc. K.lc|l Gloves at 50, 75, r-1 <fc upwards. Black Alpacas, a good one, for 25 cts, and up, Linen Towols a large line, from 10 cts. up. <> I All Linen Shirt Fronts, from 20 cts. up 500 Doz. Best 3 Cord Thread for 8 cts. a Spool, and if the people who approciate low prices will call at before buying their Dry Goods, it i s certain that will be tho reBiilt and tho probloin—\Can our mer- chants succeed and pay HIGH RENTS, will bo determined beyond a doubt. 1? EECEIVED EVERY WEHK. ieb 9 fim EXCELSIOR MILLS, DEXTER & HERB.IK, SUCCESSORS TO MOULTO^HltERIOE&CO Are manulacturing tho best arands of FJLMILY FLOUR, COnA MEAL, SHOUTS, VEBD, SO,, &G. Of all kinds, which wo furnish a t lowest market rates. .Particular attention paid to Custom Grinding. Highest price paid fox GKALN OF ALL KINDS. Orders for Flour, Peed, &c„ left at our Btore, Fair- banks\ Block, Arsenal street will receive prompt attention. OAT-MMAL CONSTANTLY ON HAND. OXJli Custom Clothing Department is filled with all the novelties for # Men and Boy's Wear. Our Workmen are among the best in the City and en- tire Satisfaction Is Guaranteed.. THE SINGER IMPROVED Family Sewicg Machine FOE SALE ON EAST TERMS. 137,833 Sold Hi 1S70. J. &A.BTJSHNEt,L, No. 5 Iron Block. janlOyl Watertown, IT. Y, FREEMAFS PEQUAS at Eeduced Prices.. GRENADINES at BedacedPricesr 100 PAEASOLS at Reduced Pricos SHWLS at Reduced Prices, HOSIERY at Reduced Prices. LINEN SUITS AND SUITINGS. WHITE, BUFF. DRAB AND BROWN LINEN. CALL ANJ) EXAMINE AF i\o. 16 Court Street.- Watertown, June 15,1817. The LARGEST and IJKST Assortment iu tbe CHy at AujJlStf SBlSOrTDEXTBH. A. H, HBRHIOK. 3 •t) 3 It -CD w > Q 0 V P i3 I. HI • « B BS j » .2 si O > m O > I No. 4 Court Street, jnnel Byl VATEBTOVN, IT. TT, B 8 J! a npO BACOO AND CIGARS. Motel Keepers, Saloon Keepers, AND THE PVBLIO GENERALLY, Are invited to coll and sample my mannfaoturv of Tobacco and OiRars As to tiUALITY and PRICES. My Btockis of the puroat and best, and beinpta prac- tical .unufacturer, ldeem i t best not to employ any but tho most competent and experienced workmen, therefore have no \goods t o take back\ in conse- quence ot poor stock and poor work, a« torn* dealers do I -Warrant ovorything in my lino t o give satis- faction, and defy competition as to quality and price ^-at-wholesale or retail. PlensogiVomeacaH, WM. H. HAZZARD, aug4yl Arcade Street. WntcrwwnjH.Y. ] DENTAL CARD. D R. H. A. COB. Graduate of Pennsylvania Col' lege omental Surgery, would informliiB frieridr) hud Patients, that he will visit the places usually visit- d by him during the Summer, accompanied'by. a competent assistant, and remain during tho time, soeeifled below, viz: THBRKSA, from May 1st to June 5th. STONE MILLS, from Jane Bth to June 1-lth. DEPAXTVILLE, from Juno 12th to June 18ttu- UL A YTON, from JunolOth to July 9th. LAFARGEVILLE, from July 10th to July 23d: ALEXANDRIA BAY, from July 24th to Aug. 6th... PLBS8IS, from Aug. 7th to Aug. 13th REDWOOD, from Aug 14th to Aug. 20th, THERESA, from Aug. 21st to SeptriOth. PHILADELl'niA, from Sept. 11 th to Sept, 17th. . ANT WtRP, from So, t. 18th to Oct. 1st. EVANS MILLS, from Oct. 2d to Oct. 15th. PAMELIA 4 CORNERS, from Oct loth to Oct Sad/' THERES i , from Oct, 53d to Dec. 4th. At considerable labor and expense, he h«i prepared-• himself to furnish his patients who may tyish witk- Artificial Teeth with any of the later styltiBOf work (Continuous Gum, Gold or Vn canite.) As the above Time Table willbe strict!!/adhered'to • those who call early will bo most likely to receive attention. N. B. Teeth extracted by the use ot tho Hagneto- Electrical Battery, or Spray Ap aratus, with n o poj'. sible danger, and very little or no pain. ey-Dr COB is also prepared to administer tff« Nitrous Oxide or \Laughing GAs,\ by which, teeth can bo extracted without tho least pain. apr37m8 T\R RUSSELL J, WHITE, ANALYTICAL PHYSICIAJT Can he consulted »t. his office, asfollow*' UriOA.BAGO'SHOTBL.TiiosdayandWednegdM day the llth and 12th of July. \ n ? ail0B W -to MB, 8TANWIX HALL, Kriday and Saturdav until 31' M.,thel4f.hand Kthof My * r WATERTOWN. K1RBY HOUSE. Suid'av ani Monday, the Ifirh and J7th of Julv VDA1MS, COOPER HOUSE, Tuendav the 18th ol July . ONBIDA^ALLEN'S HOTEL Wednesday the 19th Dr. White treats successfully Scrofula, Hip Disease gover sores, Ulcers, Paralysis, Rheumatism. Pits, Nervous MahjdtcB, Female Difficulties Diseases if the Lungs, Throat, Heart and Liver, Disea«e» of the Kidneys, Runntog from the Ears, Inflammation of the Eye* and all iorms of Catarrh. Tlie above diseases wo make a speciality. Onii practice is fptmdcd on truth of twenty-five vearl: standing; differB from all others, NO tridtoR- with human existence, sacrificing life by experlraoi.t \Wfr know when wo exaittiiie-a patient, tho caiiec of thd disease, and remedies to remove it, not by pleasing nut by knowledge. . \ OonsultatioiiB are free. Principal Office, No. 504 Franklin 'Street, BtifBUOi irhore all leUwij shotna be duecwa, acMttk *•• ft 871. yi)

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