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I Iv 3 * I 3 r f- • fi i. t &J 4 1 *• 11. ' -K > i br I: I'l'KJO- !$ siN'i.i.LK t'OPIK aynble in advance.. •V, IN WKAPEffiES SUITABLE .AH-I'St*. FlVECENtTH. ' .u PROFESSIONAL. iHAS. X.' flXjiY, ^TXOKXpiY. iiiiil'l'Miinst'lbntc I.uwi, Notary Public, and Reg- tiilimi Junction, St.. Lawrence fUiiSri.ptl-v.r X. V. - VfTHPH Y & J FDD, ATTORNEYS Hl'Mj^mnifflnat La'v. Tbomat N. Murphy .\ului..<, 1'uljtic. Oilii e ill Vtilf'alSluck, Ilurlh • •r . rt.iiirii.iii' . i. :„{X INrJllllt'ttnil, N. Y. ( 1 K. CHAMBERLAIN,ATTOR*- V--'« ..\'KV and Counselor at\ Law, Madrid, N. V. ( .iiSi'.M'.ifii'Ls ul'iUi UI nils will receive prompt atten- t.\ii. -^pi'c'al atlVntlon given to foreign collections. u IL.VK w] WILSON, ATTORNEY y J :iiul i'iPiia<i'Ioi'at Law. Fort Covington, Frank- liu iimiiuy. N. VJ \ t>' A. CtlAFFFX ATTORNEY 1 J-« 'Ciiiki'.iiiiiii, lur !it I.nw. Brush'* SNtli. Frahk- muo '.N.I, t I- I'uitu-iiliii'. attulltiou given to col- ;«* . . f L(')Y'I) C. 'YALE, JUSTICE OF M--i THE PKAt'K. Ollkvln Vatf's Block, north ut l.tiiili-uatl, Putstljun.Junction, N. \V 17 I'T^HAiFMOXDi PHYSICIAN « J- • ;in.rsuVi.:.in.C'lia-.-'i Mills, N. T. Ofllco cor- m-r *t:iir and N|utot strt'tns..oi)i)<wiCe Burnett's Store. f i-«6'I> ?fo\Y VX FLKTi'ipi- iii .iii..i:li.,11 IKJS~. wurwuil' tlentisUi-l lakcpleiiHure ill lit- fiirrinnir tlie pulilir that t hav,i- mutind -IVutuI K6otfi.ii in [ 111 -. iihuV/aiul iflimd iu^r»'r**-« , l to 1 at 1 Vote ii)> titur : uii-l iiLt.tn tlim.-l<- i Upi-|iuKTi«' ni> protVsdionaB^er- VICIM in peiitistiij- ' •• ail itH.h^uvhes.! . ' l-ac*> ail iiHtpiiliH'lies' • Paiiitiws extrac-i tioiiuf wbtu.ihj.tlii\ ,.__,...„ 1 ___.\U.it ot'JS'ltrotSs Oxide or Laugh- iua (!as%:|C'lilorol'orrn. Kthfr arid Narcotic MpraV, if. riiiiulreiM I «lsp Insert beautiful ArtltiplaJ Teeth on tlie l)cst : bases now in use; also Insert Temporary Mates ten minifies after extracting, and warrant a uo&il lit iiiul a fcoud base. The base is fitted to the Jnyv and ready for use in that lenatju oftlmo. Teeth i-KiiniiiiPil free frf.elianre. Office lilseiSbnd story of Ujiiim Blbclc. ovfer Nightinsale & MCLeod^s Grocery. .l.Vriii.uii-iit'Puii OIlUv ailrin-i*, pirhdsiin Junction, IN. V. )' , • . i My > s | HOTELS, p Ka'I'A-jfi) C()MFOR,if : FOR THE +,V 'WKAUV TUAVELJiR.. , — • irm» proprivtivr qf\ilie ^ Potsdam JnmXion^ N. Y., Would uiio-riii tin- truvelitii; publiq that this, ijopular fl-Mi^i* i<iiiiw hiHlinronsh repair, havlnK lately been i-t'tinMlelud-iiiid rt*no\'ated throui|hout. Located, as it i^. iii.tlu- oeiiter pfbusitiess, wltfi afrontage upbnthe village park.iawhy from the coiiiflisfon lindbustjo at- tf ntluDt upon Clip arrival and departure of trnlnf, and Hie srmarulrig ujhistle ol'the lodoiuOtlve, the patrons nl this lltmseniji rely u pun u qiiletiiigiit's rest, and alt the saiuetirflij be accessible to tlie cehjer of trade >ilin'iu^.bilsi'riess.iiouirs. ) • • The table is supplied with all the; ediblesof tlie sea- >uu in pruTu.-iiuiii, the attfiidaiue u.t the House supe- iy*»r, I'ourte'oiis lind olilicjiug. ! A Coach will be utjhe Depot awaiting the arrival mf I'nt'li train, day and lilght, t6 convey guests to and I'fuui tin' Iluiwl-irt'e of charge. Old.patruus iiiul new iciciids -iViko wi3l he ojirdlnlly welclrimed. In comiectloijavlthiliis Hotel isilfeptia ; PIRST| CIjASS LJVERY, xyhj-rt'IIin-sfs aitil C:tA ; in5i's can be procured a^ all l-Viui'tt.-iliw, or m«lit,, on short notice. ' U(rfvi*rs fur- M'i-'i. .'t \vlii;iV«U;^ii\'il. Alii\ lu'ml^ilacU^rs.'for tin* '•. li SJMAIL STPAiGJE, raj Spiings and Village. I'HK LPS, | Phjprietor. A I>«i4<luiiii JunotibiK IV. V WM. r4KMI? L.PK<t«'UtKTOR. SI 13 R re AX\ HOl'SEi )Pi i bsrri-:i'niK PAssKJfijBB JIKPOT. ..This I IVacl', furiier'ly the Jimcljlcin Ilitise'. lrn* been iij-.-.til\ eiplai'gi'd )iy the erection;cif'ii hew threes-story nit ImillUng, which now forms the nialli stracture. 11 liusliiifn rpiM'iJUy piu'cliaHed.M the iH'Dsont pro- liiletois ahd iiuwly funiished anfl. ttuiiplpod throilgh- n[it. ' , l • ' , .The Statanub Htasi' runs in cpnncctlnn with this I'lj,tiisi-. .^l.siii ui»<>il J.I.very aofoilimodaljiuiiH. (1,'lie liatroiiaae (if the traveling publicisolleited. CIS!] it riiyEiRY sir ABLE <k?PO»!TK PArsSKXllisjl |l)fep()T, ; POTSDAiM JI'NCTTOJN, N. Y. ' • ' • , i.i..(,Pvoi»rI^tor. iri<i>iil. rlgrju-o. .irriaKPs and I ftli shS always on ed.: Parties con- liand. pt'tvers furnished when desli •..»•> fd'aiiS rcasugalile instiflqce on si tort notice; /^OI^jrniA HOTEtt.' IviADRTD, \J N. v;„E. L.TiocKwnoD, Propridton Thoroughly Hii'titte<raHd Refurnished. A gqod Livpry attached. I.Tye Carijages tmand from aU Tralnis. T-ly 4 LlitoX JHOTEL, ]jrakk RAHjr 4 »- HuAl) KTATluN'. Ooriierof Washington and I'iitterson streets 5 , ogdenslmrg, :N. Y. JAMES Bo- vJMnii. Propriotpr. JAMkall rti-i - ofii.modfitlons.for IViivilr-r-s, and KiealaMBl Imurs. Lunches ofall ' klinds. . . I WjF_ i ! : s-it ^jriirrE's} HOTEII;.MASSENA, 'TY H't.Lawrptlce f'onnty, Nj Y.l It. B. WHITE, PrnpHi'tor. Large House, Modei'n Ktyle. rlagcs to t)ie contiguous springs,, Free t'ar- Mt pa Is _ MualCi streets i Persi: please u VOLUME 2. POTSDAM JTJ¥OT]OK, K. T, NE^ XT JLD vlERTISEMENTS. 1 TRUCTJ0N ON THE PIANO. - MfSS riAT^TIE TILLEY orgnjnlzinya class for Instruction In Instrumental at her residence, corner of Main and Blcknell Potsdam Junction, N. Y. ns wishing tp commence -with the class will ipply. early. D FOR SALE. M iS. EMELINE BALDWIN WlMhe i slstlng i . northt rly this v \ fifty noiitli from to sell all hei of MOlacrca, P* rly sidle of thi llage, |toward| noi(th< rly from said, aires of which Jhe if said Howej village. It t lis \ Lands situate In Norfolk, con-? ,acres pt which lies along the, O. <£JL..C. Railroad, Just east of? * Knapp's station, extending Rallrpad to the Howo Road, and known as tho Farmer tot, lies toad, and but a short distance 00 actes consists, In part, of I which are In the best state <J1' cultivation, and a pari of It l.< good pasture, with a small portion uncleared.; Tne 50 acres north of the Howe Road la wholly posJ tnre, a i d as such, ye|ry vttlnablo, Tlicse Lands will be soli in parcola.to pull purchasers., I ' IBMETJTNE BALDWIN. By 0«*s«N. BlJCBV, her Attorney. ! Pots lam JunptlonjN. Y.,.NpV. W. 187-1. , 30 J>A|RTRrpOE & ABiBOTT, = DJEALKfta IN PJ.SiLOft CHAMBER DlKIil-BOM, AN K.AIJ. KINDS D>° THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 19,1874. T&E LATENT NEWS. The C'hairleston Courier says the cot- ton crop or this year has never bee|n surpassed.! . i j The cashier of. the First Ward Na- tional Ban|k of Boston is a defaulter £o tiieampun!^ of 515,000. * | •The coi|i plete official vote of toe State of Xfew York for Governor i* : Tilden, 416,343; Dix, 801,400; Claris, /Hililen's majority over DiH,. f'URNITtlki, * Maple Street, Fall Island, (Opposite Episcopal Church,) POTSDAM. N. Y. ( * AISO, GofBns ? Craslsefs^ BUIfclAX. ROBES i ** . i Ive rything irji tjhe Undertaker's Lin$| !AG lOuIearsliiirM for Fnnerali I Wemakeaspocialtyof the repairing and uplfola- terlni; of Furiilture. All work warranted to give Bat- Hsfqct on. 21-tfi 1(0,214. 54^)37. > x ; , • ;S An extensive cave occurred at the Seneca coal m|n^, at Pl.ttston, Teiinj, on Tuesday. About one acre of sur- face fa conjpressed in the cave, and lit will take eJght days to r^ach tlie men imbedded in the earth. -, \~. A tire at Wmgham, Canada^ yester- day, destroyed Bowen's bakery. ai;d groceiy, George Green's dry gbo^s store, Dinsloy's Hotel and drivlpg, sheds, and Shannon's furniture shop, fyoss aboikt $2^,000; partially insured. , The Mississippi river steamer Em- pire sunk at her. dock in New Orleans, on Tuesday last. Fourteen passengors and many of the ere> were drowned. Uavlnb lost tuXQigars went across thei Five bodies have been recovered; 3e-' sbeet to get themv v During his ^ibsance fore sinking, a tremendous crash wjas Monroe placed one_ of the cot^pany?s ST WHAT EVERYBODY^ SAys WE NEED. , I L W^BUTLER \I Has Opeiwil: dt Potsdaim Junction, N. Y., Nearly. Opposite this Offlce, I ,Wl|ei D he will be ready lo vyalt on all who want any r thing In the Furniture line. Also, { A n Undertakers' Goods, &c. ore extended inotiee will be given soon 21-tf ; 1874J JATCHE;LDEB& soil's ~ A Whdlssaleand Bo'.all EM A..3N\ TJ FA O T TJ K ^ Xt> Sr 1 ! .Coffins and .Catslcets j Bnri|nl Robes. Habits, Scapulars always on band. , SUPERB TRIMMiNGS. j BlLE-GA.ijsrT H3E3-AiaSJaJ Ordi rs for Caskets, eta, by telegraph from respon-i ' • lartlcs, giving size and price they wish to pay! slhle .„ will b i 'notice , Gnu iwdrk B ENTLEt HOUSED J|- $•• BENT- Li-iy. •Prbp^, Massena'SpHiigp,. ft;t.. Lawrence UArttifeETT'S HO^riii^, BART- I ) LKifr, groiji'iotoi'; mwH '1' y-' ' *-t U \~ N-ION ilOTEL, A. .DISHAW, Prpprtetorj Brasher IronrWarbs 1 !. N. Y. 24 JEWELERS, i j # F.Tr^EtL, j-; j - - Watchmaker ancf Jeweler, t i i • i Parker'* jBimg,• Store, Poisdam Jnne>. : ' tion, N. Tfef. ' i P.u ticul.ir attention paid to repalri lg and cleaning nil' line Watches, Clocks and Jewaln •. AH work war- ranted, and Riitisraction guaranteed In fyery case, iT S. BAITER, jVA^i^ESt, FJRSf ,E.V«doorKonth of * JUrC'oririlok's clo- iniu«rttore, Madrid, N. Y. -\.l kinds of Watches, : flocks, ^aiiil Jeweiijy, re- piire'lprotiiptly at low pHce.s;. . r, , iu..i , A , iiu\'.\i'; fine Watches ] A Sl-Kl 1AI.TV. j The best Amerl-\ ran u'ml X^oreign • W'alches op handTor bought to order;. J s^siiisrESS Q*£RS3S. ^Y. VTB.ICEX.T'ERJ TJ 'practical Auctioldeer, life and Fire fnsuraiicp Agent, ,iM»Tfi>n.iM jrrsrt'T^ojr, |sr. Y., - 'Anetioii sales lif nil kinds pronrptly attended tft. t 'iluvlt;'^ ic.uv,wulbl,:. 11 _ \\ N Ii. wroNK'S pkoTOORAPH ••MAi.riKny - apiKfopylngUoiif-i- i0TSDAM,N, Y, FIIH- IMiiitographs frtihl pairited, »leg- uiiivi-s, giving) the =4jc 1 'HIlltltlK plc-tflre a - « i.'nde icy\ to lint- % ttir. Photographs IIU India Ink, e>- Mier from life or small pictures* lu M?.i-s. fvuin s^into - tnl3o\:li)tiiehes>.Oad iitvtitr^s eopicil and L-iilargfd inr |a .-luperlur .style, at tnAve-.t prio'-s^ Cluiiipiiri' our wurk and prli.es with \ j?Y (I \i.f.BHV AMy w H BnE. I • 1 l*ly_ r riiE s$. 1LAWREX V1 CE >IOL T I- INO W01tKS. T (lK,>ltllE Wi PlltlftlfRST, iliu't'iirerrtnil dealer in LD- man filled.promp ly, and put on cars on two hou; and satisfaction guaranteed. • •cUPews and School Seats, and; all ftrst(clas» lone In thcr Best manner. , [ COJCE AND km US. Wo will make a twenty milejrarney pay you! i Waierooms on Raymond street, opposite the American Hotel, POTSDAM, N. Y. I Mailuuictory on Stall Island. 1-tf ! s. W. DAVIS' |ng heard, which leads fo the belief that she was -either ran into, or broke in two.' ! '; | General, Ord received a telegram tii'om Washington yesterday instruct- iughimto ascertain what amount ;of men's clothing will bo needed by the Biufferersfrora the gyassjiopper plagp In Nebraska. It is hoped that this dc- Uon of th^ secretary of War looks to the distribution, of soldiers' garments ti9 these pqople. ; ! HtLAt'K WALXl^T MOUpLDlNGS. M^riUilt and'R'&iewood and (Jilt arpnltlings. Picture,' I- rtuno' i-onntuiilfly <>n band or raadle .to order. Also , irtil..: v.irht v of CIIRoMOtf. Willi Rrhckets, Towel Rifcks. flat Rack's, Slipper Oases'. *c, &c. • i>ill... and Farijiry ijft Fall Island, Potsdam, X. V jivi LE Y& O r UR I.KW-,- !)EA;-IiKl{W [ Jj i, FORElGfN AND DOMESTIC .MAReti ' * Monuments and Head Sflones : . pivisnEn ' ', ' ' IN' I'HK L\TF^T^TYI.FOF\rHTi: ART. 1 .1!. RILBV. T. a'BIflEf^ AT BRASHER FALLS, j RE-BUI L D AT PQTSJDAM JUNCTrON, ] r^Vheije, on the firstl day of August next, I offer my WEtiL-KNOWN PATENT j ORSE POWERJ AND j TMesh^ng Machine} For t le coming bArvest. These machines are too well l:nown In eveny town and hamlet In Northern New \ fork to require commendation here. Sufflco It to ;ay that my machines are doing more than three- fourths of the threshing through these northern count es and that their reputation was nover better than row; Here where the two grent arteries of comn erce meet, I jmvo located, desiring a broader Hold ind freer communication for and, with my niltro is. With ! M< w and Injiprpved Machinery, ' IPII rnIlroailifacllItles„nnd a fixed determimU iXCel, I lnvll(o all wishing to get , A Si^p^rlor Machine j to. glii- rue a call. I sell directly to the puri-lmser, without agents, thraebysavlnghlm a heavy tax. ' i Repairing/pieces fpr machines constantly on hamU Oral rs bymiall or. telegraph forwarded by return train. ' ' ' ] i Old nachlues thoroughly anil quickly repaired. TEETH WITH NUTS i i itEDtrCKD TO EIOHT CENTS EACHT. I J> S. W. DAVIS, i JPUTSI AM JuscTioarA»Bicoi.TunAi.WoitK8.Juiie24x ••TJrri/LrAM SCOTT, S S BOOK; BINDEE, Jlapk Boojk Manufacturer,; 1 AKD PAPER, BOX MAKER, 1( UHLI^GTON. VT. \* M0RK jSOUTHEM TE0UBLE. y AffairsJn the Southern States are i n a very unsettled 'condition under the, present, regime, and i t would puzzle an experienced chronologist to keeptraMc\ of the sudden changes that are daily .transpiring within their 'borders. In the State of Arkansas, a few months since-, tw,o Governors—Baxter and Brooks—exercised -authority at the State Capitol, with the President of tye United States holding them by tjie collar to | keep them from battering each other's countenances, until the Legislature could. Ke convened to de- pllde tjie qjuestion or who was entitled to the office. Then came Louisiana with the; people's\ Governor kicking tlie administration, Governorout of t^e State Fapitpl and the President of the United States picking up the van- quished usurper and placing him agafn iw his seat; and now fiio news flashes over.the vfires that one V. V. Smith, who\ has filled\ the position of Lieii- tenant-Goivernor;of the State of Ar- kansas unjder the Baxter administra- tion, has Issued a proclamation pr()- ckiming ^himself Governor of that State. Tfhe new .State constitution adopted bf the people at the October election by a n overwhelming majority, has cut short the term for which thetje State officers were elected, and Gov- ernor Baxjter,' ia obedience to the will of the people, turned over his office to the newlyj elected Governor, Mr. Gar- land, who; received about? seventy-flye per cent, [oi alt the yotfe cast. The siamo turbulent spirit that manilelited ittaelf during the short reign oft^ie usurper. Brooks, Ms again exhibiting iltsslf in its enddavors to devise a schenie for upsetting the result of the October elections,; and thwarting the wlljl jofi the people. As a representative of this fiaietion, Smith) comes forward and claims that he js the lawful suceeSsjor of Baxtojf, whp, he says, has' \abdir eated.\ He refuses to acknowledge the validity of the new State constitu- tion, and his adtherents are arming for the pnrjjo'se of protecting him in. the organization of a new Btate govern- HptalTjfeleufliOT Pine Bluff, whoro the republican element predominates. The Gatjand government has made about one; hundred arrests of persojis charged with treason. Smith has ap- plied to the President for protectiop, ancl both; partlea aio arming for the impending conflict. in RUlLIKG AND BINDING Of every description (Tone to order. Fir &t PineiniiMii Taken AT THE VEJRMONT STATE FAIR. , Books left for Binding at the office of this paper will be forwarded ana returned free ofnny freight or ffcpres^ charge. , o-ly ? wich Islands, and §150,000 Unifcdd States and Brazil, number of national banks Junit .30, *as; 2,155*, !for which the securities trust j?moupte,4 t o $4Oy,806,4(|0, THURSDAY, i > -! en the^ [tike total\ held in; EXPRESS ROBBERIp. ( • As t leexpresstrain on the CJin it Wes-I tern r ailway was leaving Poi)t (iredit, a statloia fesv mil^s out of Ttoronto, abont five oiefock Friday evening, five masked men boarded* her. After un-; fastening the bell-cord they bound and gagged the baggage-master, then en-! tered the apartment pf the Aiperican Exprj-ss Company, whose mejssengeri they ,gagge,d, blindfolded anclj hartd4 cuflec J Then they took the keys off his safe from him and secure^ frqm f3O,00J)j to WO.OOQ, The robljers re-i malncd on the train luntiL ifr ifeachedj Queers Wharf, in 'the we8tern|phrt of Toronto. ^ ' t | \ ! At < Cincinnati, o n Monday laijt, a dis-j charged messeuger of the Aiherica»: Exprifa Company, named BJonroe,; visitei the office of the company and; engaged the day watchman ih djrawingj straw i for the cigars. At the same; timelWorkmen drove up i n a wagon,' conta nirig a trunk which |hey han- 1 died t s^hpugh It was very heaiyy, and left ii at the office.' The watchman the Newly eminent. snokill, safes in the trunk, and *fter th walcliman returned the men jilso rej turlieil, stating that the tbuk had! beep eft at the wrong offije, and) should go t o Adams' Express) They loadec it in a wagon and disappeared and hi ive not been seen sinee.j Monroe soon ft fterwardB loft and took.tl lo even-| triin for Indianapolis, •nliere he| ciiptured at midnight. : r ^he safe a valuable one, destined ijor Chi^ , rnd contained a large ^riount o| m0nej f . .- f • ' : ; ori roe, Black, and Hackly have confes led they committed thje robbery and hid planned to meet in,St; Lpui^ to-nig] it and go hence to Or^gi >n.. The express robbers finally|c Snfessed whore |the plunder was secletpd, and late laft night it was found spcijeted in a piece of woods some distance north of the city. • Parties are now counting if}, s(nd it hi has bei^n recovered. Arrets by I '••••• , - WASHINGTON, NOV. 17.^-Telegrams received |rpm various parts <?/ Arkan- sas represent that Smith, the; Lieuten- ant-JGovernor under [Baxter'4 adminis- tration, who has just issued a proclam- atiofi proclaiming lijmself Gpyeruorof that State, will organize a hew gov- ernment either at' Helena' or Pine Bluff, where the republican element predominates, and\that his adherents are jarming. : I J . The Garland'govej.'nmehjt pas made at least a hundred arrests thus far, in- cluding the.edifors of the Republican, on charge of treasoni.' •\• TJie State elebtionjof memhereof the Legjislaturej un,der the Garland gdv- ernment, at which no- republicans yoted, took place ^atober IS, and flhe election under the Smith government, ih accordance with, the old constitu- t|oi|, fti which no democrat joted, took pla^e early in November. < I The President and the 'Attorney- General •*haU a conference to-day on Arkansas affairs. f daptain John G. Price, of the Be- putjlican, arrested on Saturd-ay, chang- ed ivitli conspiring with V.|V. Smith sjnd Edward Wheeler to' overturn the S^tate government, was brought before \udge Clendenin, at chambers to-day. Lftjer hearing the testimonjt the Judge ischarged price on the griund that, rhile the evidence showed that there Was a conspiracy, it did not! sufftcient- '-' Connect I»rice witli it t o fhold him. The sheriff returned his wjrit, stating A FARMER'S B0Y1 Ovei fifty years ago a*youth kyorking on a farm asked his father toii;i;ve him mone>' enough to buy a gun;; The old man C* mid not spare It; but! Hie- boy, notliia g daunted, found a n old' piece of iron about tlie place, and in tlt^ course of tint? contrived to make a gi in-barrel out of It, with the very meager facilities affordtd by a country blab ibmith's shop. He had not the materials to make % lock\ and stock, BO 'l|t jwnlfcea to the nearest town-and traded for the necssa iy attachments, and wa J encour- aged by the smith for having rnade so good t shooter. This gave~:itrn the ambitibn to make another ; $o he went to cuttling out grindstones froxh'the na- tive reck to raise the money 1 for gun materials, and i n a short tirjaje there was a | considerable demand for'guns of his make. During the FS« neh war with Prussia he vi-as callecl upo|i to fur- nish g ims- for' the army,' anc ; in less than eight months he made aiitl deliv^ ered t( the government of Fwt ^ce rifles ofapsrticular pattern, costly($&,00oi- 000, ' vhich amount was.\ duly paid. The s£ me man furnishes rlflea now for the Tjhited States, South America, Borne Spain, Egypt andjJapan. The farmer's boy who wanted a gun is Eliphalet Remington, of JCIion, N. Y. Bfis manufactory covers four acres of ground, and he employs 1,200 men. Not satisfied with this achievement, he has recently completed a;sewing machine, which is reported td repre- sent the latest and most perfect ad- vance in the improvement ofj this, im- portant adjunct of domestic! economy. This j|8 the type of a boy Hylib, •svhen there lis not ft way, makes ft way for himself* , FOREIGN WAR RUMORS. A statement gained circulation Wall street Friday that a foreign' gov- ernment |ad purchased 3,50£,0001b8 of saltpeter.from a business firm deallhg in and manufacturing that articled ^.s it was considered that such an amount of saltpeter was only desirable in .cake of war, the conclusion; arrived at was that a leading European pdwer was on the brink of hostilities. England, France, R'usgia, and Prussia were hint- ed at, but] more particularly the hiiit. Inquiry, however, among th*e dealers In saltpeter elicited the information that a prominent house' had. received tin inquiry as t o whether they could place thatt amount of saltpeter a t a gly- uin point in 1875. The firm Replied that they could, but asit wouid occu- py their works for a year tlie'y would require notice for preparation. Noth- ing niore came of the matter. Else- where It was- ascertained that repre- sentatives of the Japanese government had been in New_ York trying. to pur- chase 2,600 barrels of gunpowder,-for shipment jto Japan. As their price was limited the manufacturers have refused to j sell, and' the agents have gone to England, in the hope of getting ilt more cheaply. This-is the basis of (the whole story. L- . THE TREASUBEK'S. REPORT.—The appendix to Treasurer Spinner's an- nual report-shows the receipts of the Treasury for the'year ending June SO, 1874, were | $761,800,000, and expentji- (lures $742,247,000; The net receipts of (the Post-office Department for the year were $11-990,816. Total warrants- drawn OR account of expenditures, $11,560,216; including $500,000 for the mail steamship service, between San, Francl8ico,|Japan and China, $75,otio between San Francisco and the Sanji- NOVEMBER 19i 1874. KPMBEBBO, where, overcome by his injuries, he died, and his corpse\-vfasfouna the next day.{ The Government, in| tpken.of the'girl's bravery, gave hei- a \silver bracelet bearing the words : • She Slew the Narragansett Hubter.\ ! '. T,ne ancient mansion has b jen in the possession of the MinOt faihily ever since it was built, aid its loss, which cannot be estimated in do .Jars and cents, will be felt almost as 8 national one by those lovers of antk uity who •woujid fain see preserved thfe few re- maining relics of the nation's early days.' ' ABKAHSAS' A ]?Tew Claim ! Bition of TT a i. , - • i JUUC MIHIU lEKUluCUlllO Itflw ow»l*H g believijd thajt nearly, if not {quite all u jhqt he had been unable to And either ROI|GH TRKATMENT.—^While a conjr - stable anc( posse were bringing Jame^ M. League, Jr., a horse thief, to Troy, on th s 18tki*inst., they weirs attacked by four masked men, and Ieigue wa(s shot through the back, the ball com- ing ojut ip front. League, vas, theh tied to ft horse, which took ifrlght and galk>| ed through -the .woods 1 , folio weld bya laan'who kept uparaditllngflr^. Lehgiie's plothes were torn from, his body,i,and i he was horribly, I lutilated by tlie bruSh. He was rescu< d by the posfppive, and his woumjls are n6t coiwjleredj fatal. He was ^ahen to ia housei near by, and it is feanei i the mob will tjahg him yet. ' «• JAHfitorlcMansion Buried. „ Last .nlghjt the old Minot; loiiue in ChickataWibut street, Neppnset, Dor- chester disjtrict, was burned by an in- cendiary, i This venerable structure was one of the historic' houses of the republic. JJt was built in 1$S5, fifteen years,after the landing of the '. Pilgrims, and yhen| Its timbers weije raised a goodly cfojwd from Plymouth colony were jpreseht, for the occasion) was pqe of feapting, and such mirth as the som- bre-minded Pilgrims permitted to themjselves. on rare occasio: is. The buHder of tjlie house was Georj ;e MJno]t, who^liediu 1671. An interesting an- ecdote has, cpme down regal ding his house. It Js jsaid that a party of hostile Indians, wjhb were hunting 4l° n 8 ^ ne banks of thelSfeponset rivefi called at the house and asked for food, which was rjefusea. This greatly en raged the red nien t and one of* their number wis. left .behind to execute vengeanee on tike family. Soon all tlie adujt members ojf the household \ f ent out, leaving in .the house a girl and two small children. The Indjlau left to watch the!house bore the name pf Chiekatawbut. and for hhn the street on which the house fronted Vas after- ward! named. Perceiving his opportu- nity,, the Indian crept up and fired at the itirl, but missed her,. The brave girl Joaded Mr. Mfttot'a gup and shot the Ijndian in the shoulder. He then endeavored to enter the house by,a window, when the girl ran ip stairs, opened a chamber window, J.ud threw a panful of live coals • from the fire- place into the enemy's bosom|. Chick- atawfbut threw off his blanket, which was on fire, and ran t o tie woods, tenth or Wheeler, and doujbts exist as th whether they are in Little Bock; Governor Garland to-day sent a com- itmication. to the General) Assembly Calling attention to the conspiracy, f ' id siting what action he had taken, easked also that the law! might be BO amended that he could opfen a larger reward |than $200 for the arrest; of Smith and Wheeler, A joint resolu- tion was introduced indorsing the overndr's; course, and pledging the s?embly to stand by the executive, he matter will be finally acted up;an •morrow. , • j. - j CHICAGO, NOV. 16.—The Evening Tost has special dispatches from Little Rock, from Governor Garland and |iieutenant-Gove,rnor Smith, in wh|ch ach presents his own side of the con- st Mr. Smith says the President ill hear the case to-morrow, and hiks he will be recognized. Mr. ariand says: A legislature is a t work nder the new constitution and the epple acquiesce in and cordially sup- jort the government, and X t iutend to nforce it'against.ali in theiState ^ho y to overturn and usurp Hj, to the Ut- ost of my capacity.: Comej down qnd Owhai a splendid; government ,we have. All is peace and quiet, except hat a half-dozen people are trying to jreate a disturbancej and 'Lam trying find them with the warrants and; to ring them, to punishment. i The main isturbers are secreted and ;can not a s et be found. j The Cabinet had a two s|nd a half .ohrs session to-day on tha Arkansas roubles, and decided that thefe is not LOW before the government the neqesr ary information to, epable at to, take riy action; hence no notipe will be aken of the proclamation recently xer eived from Mr. Smith, who claims to OfGovernor. •, ; The Senate has passed ajoiiitresdlu- io|n commending the prompt aetiorj of iov. Garland in the Smith Inafjer..; A Bill was also Introduced and passed to i -. third reading, authorizing the Gov- ernor t o joffer a reward of ¥^000 for the i ppreliension of 'the parties: charged 'iltlfcon^pirlng to overture tlio gov- (rnmeht and other ^crimesj of a l|ke (haraetOr. ' _ f \ • \ sd^ELTIES AT THE FAIR^ A I «metfalnr Hew »a« ihief n\ in a *^»lt- Cnttfag Xaeklne—raper DrimiB, Trunk* and Tunkit.-UttlUntioH <*f » WHU Pir*duet. A novel and extrehielyi-useful ,at- 1 achment to a Machine for cutting I >olte is now at work in the! American . institute Fair, and is worth exainin- ; ng closely by all Interested in such hings. I It is well known to the trade i hat alj bolt machines ;will cut a rough bolt as it comes from the blaeksmlfh • without . difficulty, h'ut it happens i ometimes i n the reproduction of many >ajrts exactly alike that Bcrews have to >a cut and fitted with accuracy. Long j crews for pjlano stools, or copying ] iresses, for example, are flret turned i m and afterward threaded in lathes. This is a tedious and expensive pro- i less, requiring skilled labor.to perform. ! Jjl the aid of this new machine, made i>y Wood & Light, Worcester, MaSs., : tny rod can be threaded exactly true • nth the center on whichit jvas turned. This is done by having a Jong centre —inning through the buck; die holder. hich takes one end of the rod as i t 4sses into the dies to be cut, the other aid being similarly held by a cehtre tfflxedinasort.of carriage] both cen- res being connected, otfcourseTso that >nce the bolt is placed betfveen them t remains there, and moves back and forth at the will 6f the workman. He bresents it to the dies, which seize it, ul the while remaining oh the cen- ;res, and cut a square or V thread with* ;reat ease and rapidity- There is also^ jet-off motion attached, so that when ;he bolt has been cut a certain distance he machine itself throws put the dies ihd lets the bolt back tp where it tarted from, ready to be removed and nother inserted. An'ordipary work- an with this machine can .do more an four times the work that a rew-cutting lathe can, aqd quire as ;curate for all ordinary purposes. Crane Brpthers, of Daltori, Mass., ex- ibit some novel wareinaqe of paper, led. That is, it i s made of stock if which paper is usUally manufae- ured from, but its true term would robably be pasteboard, pi externally 't somewhat, resembles ltiin appear- ih.ee . It. is made of the! best linen lock ahd has great strength and ca- pacity to resist hard usage.. This firm xhibit a drum, the body or barrel of hich is made of this substance; also paper trunk t and paper tanks or're- eptacles used in mips to carry waste * other products in. Last, though not I ' \• I. 1 H least, macliine Iffelts are shown. These have now been ;iiu use several years,, and it is claimed that they are stronger than leather of $ie same thickness, do not get out of shape ard are from thirty to forty per cenij. cheapen, all of-'which are certainly grifat advantages if real- ized. The art; of graining common. wood to resemble precious orornameii- talwoods has been renduced tome-j chanical acearaCy-of late years, and it; no longer requjires* an artist..in this line to execute creditable imitations. One new method is to take a piece of wood of any -k^nd wn|ch has handjj some markings^ or veins in it, auq raise tlie grain a little by applying eer-; tain substances. The markings are then transferred direct from this copy] to a roller in an'obvious manner, an retransferred from the roller to t h work in hand. Jit is all quickly done and is certainly' an ingenious and novel idea. The exact-effect of the copy is given to-the work it is api>lied to, and if the tiiits have been properly •prepared, it i s hard to detect any dif? ference between; the natural wood and its imitation. ; The utilization of a waste product is sjiown at-the fair in the shaipe of pavement blocks cast from blast fiprnace slag. These have a pe- culiar appearancCj caused by tlie ad- mixture, we take it, j§f' some mineral other than slag.' No attention is made of the substances which enter 'i into its? composition, and except that it is like* ly to be durable,,.little eaii be said of it. - ; ' ( . THE MONTROsi MURDEBEBS. • •• .. —*— - >• O'Mara and Irvlns HanffCiT for Kill, ing Mrs. O'Mara and Uer Danglftf er. At 6 o'clock 'on the morning of the. 27th of September, 1873, the little vil- lage of Montrpse, in ,- Susquehanna, county, Penn., was thrown into in- tense excitement by the discovery of: the mangled remains of two women upon tlie railroad track near the sta-, tion. They; were TouiM by tw.o boys of the name of Aldrieh, who Were on their way to a distant farm, aiuLwrio eanied the news of the tragedy to the people. A large crowd tyas quickly attracted to thje spot, among whom was a man named Pagan, who recog- nized the bodief as those of Mrs. O'Ma- ra and her daughter Mary. The scene was ghastly arid sickening.- The elf- der woman lay'in a pool of blood, and her clothing wqs torn to strings. The body pf the young woman had been eveii mpre violently dealt with. One arm was-torn from the shoulder, and the other lay acjross the rail, with the hand severed fjJonj the wrist and lying nearly fifteen feet away. Bunches of hair 'were scattered along the track, and a thick trafl of blPod was visible along a pathway leading, off to the O'Mara settlement, a mile distant. The CoronerJmpanelled a jury andhad the bodies placed in a wagon. He fplknved. the bloody trail, finding on the- way} fresh tracks of oxen, which were filled with blood. } . A messenger who was sent to ac- quaint Daniel j O'Mara. of the affair found him woplng iu'his barn. He listened to the story unu>oved, and then put oh hijj coat and Walked leis- urely to the idepot. After lpokiug calmly; at the bloody corpses for a mo- ment he casually remarked to 'a by- stander: *' I )vouder if the railrcjad company can be made to pay, for kill- ing peGpleiin this way.\ , The bloody trail was easily followed as fat as the O'Mara, farm; Theii it turned ihtb an unused road and ended in the barn.. A wagon, which had re- cently beeih usjed, stood at one end, filled with dirt and rubbish., When the earth was removed large stains pf blood were found at each end, mark- ing where two'bloody lieads had lain. Underneath tl^e axles ami the fellies of the wheelsj were spattered with blood, which h»d trickled through the cracks of tlie wagon bottom.*- In the light of ths evidence, the belief was fully confirmed that Daniel 0'Maifa was the ; ', MUKDEBKljt JOV 11IS MOTUlilt AN.JJ SIS 1 • I • i TEB ' that he had kil'Ied them at the house and transporteijl their bodies iw his ox wagon to the railroad track to shield his crime •jvithithe theory of a railroad accident. Butihe had done his worjk in the most bungling manner, anid traces were on (every hand to .convict him of the cririjie. There was* blood at the threshold jof the house, on the flpors, on the walls of. the bedrooms occupied by ]|lrs. O'Mara aim her daughter, and! ; the: pillow .cases and sheets were'dojtted with blood. It was found that the apartment generally oc- cupied by Damel showed no slgus that. ithadbe.enslep|t in the previous night, and there were blood stains on the pantaloons worn by him and upon tho4e worn by his hired man, Patrick Irving. ' A second examination pf the bodies by Drs. AineyiBlakeslee and Birdslee, showed that\ the wounds upon the heads- and faces of the victims hajd been made by -a blunt instrument. I Fagag, who had identified tlie 'boot- ies at the station, was arrested bufwas soon released for want of evidence, i . At length Daniel Q'Mara iand the hired man, Patrick Irving, were ar- rested and indijeted for the crime, ankl their trial was set down for the Ciuatr ter Sessions in {January. • So great wqs the feeling against these men that when the court opened on January It, the whole' population flocked to the village, aiidthe public square in Mofd- trose was crowded with men, aud wag- ons. The gal|eries in the court room were filled with men; women an,d children, and .'(exclamations, of horror and revenge arose as soon as the pris- oners were brofight in. The bill of in- dictment contained five counts: \Kill- ing with a chisel; killing With a bark spud; killing by strangling jand chok- ing ; killing with instruments, with weapons unknown ; killing geiieralljy under tlie State statute.\ Attorney Blakeslpe was icouusel for the prosecu- tion. The trial occupied a long time. Every day the. court room was throng- ed, tfie men spjending the time in dig cussions of the, case, aud the women jm sewing, knitting, and erochetthig. Large numbers .ate their dinners in their seats. ' ' , \ 9 TUB M.L'RI)EUEHS ' are in .strong \ contrast to each other. Q'Mara is about twenty-five years old, with -ah * irregularly Vhaped h^ad, broad forehead, and sharp features. His general expression is that of a m4n with ah iron will, and of a cruel, vin- dictive disposifion. His accomplice is of short stature, w'ith a round, .owl? like head, sunken eyes, and-overarch- ing beetling brows. His forehead is low and jfetreatiug, and his air is, that of a weak, half T idiotic creature. He betrays! great restlessness^ and in the horrible crime he committed, was probably the ejasy tool of O'Mara. The latter often remarked previous to the murder that \[Irving would do any- thing for money.\.' The story of the crime is strange and remarkable. A few years ago When the father of O'Mara was .living the family were happy, and were respect- ed in the community O'Mara tlie el- der wis a thrifty, sober, well-to-do farmer. Twq years ago„the son fell in love with -a young woman of AJmrd named Fagans He proposed marriage, but the young lady objected* because, as she said, Dan pad n o money. He pressed his suit, saying that when his mther died hel would become sole heir to his property. She bade. him Wait, and while they were waiting the elder -TT—• = ip-* — r~: ^— r^- O'Mara fell suddenly ill, and after a - short time djfed Under singular cireuip^ stahqes wiqiout receiving inedicai at- tefijdaneei Djaa-told the neighbors that his father had set his'face against phy- sicians. The old man was buried mys- teriously, aqdthewill was read;, which gave to his son, with the provision that th(» heir shoiild support his mother while she lived, and his .sister .until she married; --'- -J.'* In a-mputjli Dan married Miss Fa- gahj and brought her to his house.: Domestic broils at pnee ensued, and Dapiel fretted under the burden of supporting his mother and sister. ~] THE-glSTER'S SUITOR, The latter'was near-sighted, and a n invalid, and 1 not likely to marry. One' day while at work at the depot, Dan met Irving, a little,..Ill-favoised crea- ture, cringirig and servile. Hesouiidpd him and engaged him^nyork on his farin. The, servant proved to be very dutiful, audjin a short time made, ad^ vances to Dan's sister,- and at length proposed rnauriage.. it-ias O'Mara si^urned thejill-favored, impudent-sui- tor|, and informed her brother of the circumstance, who, however, advi.sed her to accept the offer, as she might never get ariotheK Irving renewed his advances, .assisted ^y^Dan, arid a familyJiuarrel was the-result, in which Miss O'Mara called Irving a skunk and a dog. ' Dari told her that Irving- was berte,!' than ahy o^f the fanuly. Finding that he could not evade the E rpvision of the <vill by marrying off is sister, O Mara chose the desperate; alternative\ hat resulted in the double murder. \'\ ' . . ' The murler was planned for 'the •night of the 26th' of September,:'and O'Mara's wffe, on the morning of tliat day, left for the home of her parents. Thesjrhotherjaud sister retired early on thatnevening,, leaving the two men in the s 'kitchen iilaying dominoes' and plotting, 1 he deed was 'committed at mijd'ttight. Mary O'Mara fought, des- perately for her |ife, but tire mother wsis dispatclied easily. When she felt' the hiurdeijous hand of her son upon hei'miroat,Jdie Med out -'Dan, oh, what have I done that you should kill' me ?\ but as she heard the cries of her dahgliter, slie forgot her own peril and called out to the assassins, \ <Jh, spare pobrlMary.'j •. • - .- ! \ They wen'jj found guilty of murder , in [ Ithe first, degree, aud sen- ^texiced to bd haiiged. ; ' I I^AST Jrocus. On Friday a throng of over three thousand persons gathered .around the jajl at Montrose. A company of sol^ dierd from 'Scran-tort preserved order, Oh Wednesday O'Mara spent nios^ of his time with his spiritual -advisers. H^avea Written confession to Sheriff Helpies, in which he said hp killed his .mother in aj<fit of passion, and that Ir- Vin'g'aftenvard murdered his sister.\ Ir- •frihg 1 proposed to O'Mara that they •hurn! the liodies,-but the latter .pro- po^ed putting them on the railroad,, whidh they did. Notwithstanding O'jMara's coiifessioii,' Irving continued to, protest life innocence, but 'stoutly asserted thalt-lie was ready to die .He said]he wajs with O'Mara when-he coimmiited the deed, but took' 430 part, in! it). On Wednesday evening there wiis much excitement 'in the village by airdmor|th.at th'e ''Molly MaguiKes\ had ariang<jd a-.rescue, but it was asr cert^injed tljatthe riiu^pr was without founldalion.l' • •, \ jTd tike gallows scene touly about -one hundred ami twelve .pei'soirs \vere ad- mittedl Ar-10:25 o'clock O'Mara en- tered the jail-yard, Supported by two. Catholic priests. IrVing followed twenty feetlbehind, alfeo supported by two brjests. O'Mara carried, a crucifix kissfeg it as be walked along.- Tlie priests; were the Rev. Messrs. Flutter- Jy, Mulrphji liully and Shields.' 'I I'* OK i'H-E SCAFFOU). Bdtlrof tike doomed men held their heads dowij as they slvmly walked to liothing. Jd'- 10 the Specta- once rai|i > his He waspfeeljp. y,. composed. tl|e Iscjaffolu, and said vhig made |t slight bow torfV but O'Mara did hot e#es| from -taie ground. \ cdnt)polled aiird seeming _ Irving was [nervous as Vhe noose was pijt Over his head. O'Mara waved an: adieu to hfs' confessors as they retired front the scaffold.\ • [When they .took their positions 1111- d«lr flhe beaia O'Mara.k-ept asfar from Irving as'ppssible, having previously protestetl against being hanged by his side, because he belonged to the Molly Mjaguire organization, Which had been denounced by the priests. -They did not look at bach other while they; were iii this position. The Sheriff drew the liilack caps over their faces, ahd-all being ready 1 , sprungHhe trap at. 10:30 b'-blopk. 1 •. •'' !Wheu the drop Ipll their bodies were jejrkAd jupward sevea feet, settling to two jaiaq a half.feet fi'oni tlie ground, OlMara wad: strangled, and died with- out la 'struggle. Irviug's..neck was biokferi, hi»reohfortions lasting §ome mjintlites.'»In ten -mfntttes life was-ex* tinet. 'i j --I '-.-•• ' j * rae bottles were ci|tf uowu in fifteen mliiwtes, and put into ifoffiiis- .and de- r \j by the examining physieiaiis, j-chardson and-Halsey, of Mou- nd Dr. Ainey off New' Milford, riests. The ex4cutipuwas sat- il^ ^ondiibted, llllthe arrange- 91-Mng well. IThe crowd Was VE BJLONTBS IN|A CANOE. BusinessiGairds of I ife lfrieS or less bnte 'i-eai'j $5:<X); siK'lribtfBiSjif3.V0. jav^ryiwldltloiial,liiie,V5 eeulspei- yeafe, oBS^cents for sis months. ~ ••, EScalMoticii will Be charged .-at the lgite of ,t<?u cenfeliwUne'fl)r tlie first iiiSertion.and five ceiltK peHlmelBbriilcfh sub! equent iiisertion. 'Transient aafei,tis( ibenls payable in advance. iAftvesHBemfehts fafwaraeij ito us by regular cus- ©mers Hyith6iitspecinb1nsta«;tibns,\vH.l be Inserted unttF'lbijf>Ic(, ahd cliiii(g|edjM;cordingly. body is 'iuade .of linen jpapei.-pne^sixth of fin jucli tlii^k, molded while soft upon- it splid -wood form, and after ward highly polished laud varnished. This,, -material as iig%t, tough and-wateiv light'. Inside q| the shell is a light, frlmework. to which the seat is at-i, tai'hed. The dimensions of the caijoe, . are: lacngth, hiifeet, width 28 inches,;,' depth amidships,. 8| inches, hight atj, sterii front a. ho rlzoiital-line, ,20 inches, i- at|bowri2|i i-uaies. .It is not deckedV o\|er likfcijin or4i'nairy canoes 'but- is. fit-, ted\oveii'with a|Canvas cover huttoned^ atilUie sidesj- which keeps ihe^water out; whe'u a trbugUl sea is runnings and serves ak.a shelter to the sleeping pccii^ paut-'ut bight.. The .WeighjUpf the ci-fU^s and its .eqjaipinents is as. t fpllows; enr-j' noe, $3 pounds.,! one pair of oars for use in.stiJl water, m pounds,, one paddle;\ WJth idotable bljide,. 25 pounds, rnast^, spirH,!,aiki.bpom, ; 6 pounds; total, Td, pounds.] ' For ,6ookiiig, Mi-. 'Bishop; carries a stove that can be packed iirt about tie [space] Occupied by a' pack o,fj Cai'dsj, a]small dpjfiee pdt and a tinLpan,, -His lai'der consists of couceiitrat'ed pro-= . -visionsl hisbefris his boat, an,d his bedding isa paii of blankets. -Be eaiv ries only the sujifi of clothes which hi^ wears, j in thisj^janoe Mr. Bishop. left, Alba-nyiabout a t rfortuig]it since, and rowed and paddled I'o'PliHadelpliia by wiay of phe Hudson river, the Kill voii' iiittllistrait, the, Jjtaritan river, the ca^. nal from New Brunswick to Borden^ • tp,wn„.a|i4 the Delaware from the lat- ter point to tliis City. The distance Ih 3w niilesi-and ljie accomplished it in 7/ :hpurs actual rowing time, > : -Mr, Bishop'sjplau for his long voy- age from here to the Gulf is carefully, niade, a|u(l lie has studied his course i 11 advance by the aid of. the Coast SurT: 'vey mapsL HeJWill first go down the; Delaware rivei , |,*aiid bay to Le>ve&,| where l|e will haul his canac 6\1?iiand; five mife to Rdiobotli sound. At the end of this sopiild he will haul o.ver; four ' drites to : the Indian river, which wiill taki; him to the Chiiico-', tcaguje sK-stem cf watej\ courses, wliicli luc wp Fojilow t a Cape: Charles. Cross- ing tlke-hlQutli <|f the CBesapealte he Will enter the i^ampton B,oad«,\i)ad* die up tp Norfo^ki aiid by way of thy ! Albema|-l|e and,'Currituck canal, reach;; in succession KJurrituck, Albemarle, Pamlicq, Corel iStump, and Bogu*. ; sounds, iwJiicli -fvvrHT bring him to-Top- sail iiileLiiear pape Fear, N. C. r£ori\i according: to tlic| Coast Survey -maps,: lie muse take tb.the open sea f<>r forty riiilesl (6 reauli- SJnitlivilie, at the] .mouth qfCapelFear Biver, -He hopes,] hpw.e'v'e|,|to beja'blc-to*work his caiioej throughl the ditches jiart of the way.' From Smithvilie to Geprgetowus S. C, '80. '-niiles; he Will certainly have to tj.-iist his paper boat to the oceah,.- He expedts to' creep i&loyg the coast when, the W|iu&;is ofF.|sh-ore, and take to the limd wlielieverit blows from seaward. iUl.tlie way frMi Geoi^getown-to the St J'QhnsI riverL-i-u Florida,.he will fiiui land-lockled wafers behind the Sea islv andsi. SlPwing Up the St. Johns 24(1; miles, tp (Salt-Make, near the Ever- glades, he will make a portage of 'seven' miles to r'eac-h the Indian river,' a salt water bayou, letstending alqng the eastern kqast; of Florida, and separated from th| ocean by, a. narrow strip of beach. LTbe rii-er will take himtf o Jii^ piler i-nldt, frOiM Whence he will row as far as, IleyjBiiseayine certainly, ixndU ifpossiltfewyl go from key to key u n til he reiches Klejy West, where lie 05-: peets'to arrive fuMarch. U eht'ered M. thac jnbnieiit and' diverted • liis'at|.ei|tipn. One \vell-diix*cted blow j'fjpoiu Si'iujison's head floored her, and j ; ;then,; wMle slip screamed for help., he Irplicked around over the floor, mak- ing assiduous efforts' to nibble ike gjreeii flowers lijii. the iiigrain carpel. Wlien tluey ca! led tire hired niaii '• in •and tiied him upwn-on tlie bed, an ef- Key West in a The SdUlary Voyager •liiladctpliia <o • €anoe>—Tlie (S< isCrftffl, - 'Oil the 9ffli flay of o'elocH a paper.eanoe j: oftlie wharjvps on the \{Delaware went o|Tt.k)|V|ii thefivel-atarapidratej propelled-'by,a double llladed paddle in \ \ ahds, pf its single occupant. The: '. NTovember at 6 git off froni one arid th e ha ypyagt. Mp.nnahav vqyagqr. yms Nathaniel H 1, NvJ.. [author of -' .Thousand Miles' -Walk Across Sou as J Bishop of if \A South America.\ His destination was the- Gulf of Meiieg). The pbjlct of hissin- jjular uiidert'aiiiug was not to gain no- toriety or tie .applause of sporting .cir- cles, but to |afford an opportunity for a careful observation of the system of inlets, spunHs, rlvei-s, and bays', that lie along the Atlantic coast, and form almost a continuous' iand4ooked water course fron»Sartdy Hook to the south-, ern part.of Florida, hro'ken* in some' places by Jong reaches of the sea iiir lahd, like the Chesapeake, and iir pth- rf ei's by j.utting headlands, Mr. Bishop seasoned himself for his fatiguingtask by a long pull in an open 'boat last summer frolm Quebec to Philadelphia. He left Quebec in June in a cedar boat large enough to'hold two men. He; had with blui a Barnegat boatman as assistant. {The two. rowed up the St. Lawrence 145 miles\to the mouth of the Richelieu or Lord River, up that stream to ijjake Cham'plaiii, and fi'om the lake reached Albany by -way of the canal, traveling in all 421 miles. Mr. Bishop} cdheliided that the help pf his assistant did not compensate, for his weight |apd that of his blahkets and provisions, and that more, rapid progress Coqld be mad»t Without \him. It was then August, jpid he decided not to continue the wyage -until the frost had killed malaria along the cpast. In the mean time Tip had a pa- per canoecinstructed by E. Waters^ Son pf TrOj, N* \V-» i u which to prose^ cute the; ini)re'adventurous part of his novel unde'taking. This canoe is of what is knqwU'as Jihe Nautilus model, designed by the Rev. Baden Ppwell of England, a ad Is an improvement on the well known J3ob Boy type. The Vf Curing! ppnsuinption. - j A l - e<kent niedical experiment has;: excited fccoiisiilerable amount of into-.! rest\ in a heiglibjoriug Ullage. Neigh-1 bor Simpson was riearlt dead with! consufmytioii, aid Dr. Hojikins at last,] in desiiaili\' coniiiided tp try the erf<\i-tj of a trtir sfusioii ofblopd, of Which he had heard so much lately. As no.'hu-' man' \b'ea'iig was'Willing fo siied hi blood fipi* SimiWoil, tire •-doctor-hied' splintei'fc wits >1U; patieiit'l'system. Simpson iinnicoii: ately begtin to [revive; but, singular to rfcjjiitei, no sooner had his Strength re- tivrncil t iki^he; j urnped out of bed, .and* t^itchiijg his head after tlie manner' ot a gbai, he made a saviige attempt t< butt tjheldoctoi.' ' That..ijiedical geiitle- maijfi a'ter h|i-ving Simpson's head pliuig-ed against his' stomacli, three in f|ur tmii'ea, toik KpTuge \iii a closet.:. WherduiPii Si 1 ipson banged his head against ihh rlOpr41 couple of times, ami I would piobably .have broKen it iiiti ' had not his 'nio,ther-ih-luw;. liad'e tp • interview liiiii, but the ouiyjanswtr he couldHgive to such \qltiestibh^ as hew ihe felt, aiid when'he Wanted J lis me. Hic'ine, was a ' ' baa-a-a,'' precispli Hike tliat of a goat; and then hp would straiithinisplf In an effort to butt i, lible in'.the headboards The ; conditio; i of the patient was so alarm- iiiig,\ahd.Mrs. Simpson was so indig- han'jb, Ithjilt Dr. Jlopkins deterruiijed to. up-dOitheievil if pdssiblo. So lie first bled ^impson tireely, and then, by .heavily ttribiii^ Simpson's Irishman^ ; lie procured fresh blood from him, and | '•• injectedihiin tho second time. Simp- son is lidlv as well. as eveiv exe'epting' that lie? shocks his\ old ^republican friendis liy an irresistible teiidpiicy 1 t<> vote thejolemodratic ticket, aiid^inakes his mjothei\-in-law mad by -siieaking' w^th Jt Hnrpiig brogue.\' Buthe hasgiv- (. eil up 'bimting, and has iibvef indulged;, id it since but bnce,,'andithat was on ' Sunday,]when';bne of the -remtfi-nlng'|i Cofpuselfk of gbtit's blooft getting into his braiii justjiis he was .going iiito 'church,'he butted the sexton 'half-way : uptlieafsic, and only recovered bJni- ; self suxnpen tly to apologise just its the j. enraged official Was about to'floor Mini. :;With 4 liwiiiii-bpok.. ' ' '. ' - •••'_, •---:- ;\ iiUtciulidcd Abductipii. 6u ^rkursduy'; afternoon last, aboilt Itlg-ee lo'qjlpck, jiij, well-dressed, stranger, about |lhirty-fU^ yeai^ •of age, drove through.the ^ilage of Greenwich, Washiugjton cpubty, N. Y,, ina stylish buscgy? ;At .tlie* corner of Main and B|rk streets h|saW a bright little boy a^oUt)hi]eeye|irSpf age, a son' of I)r. *S., L. Stilmiau, formerly of Castleton,. playing upon the sidewalk. The man stopped lis h o •se and cailed''oiit ))?eas- aqjtiy 10 -fflie litltlle fellow, asking hiin if' hes W'4uld. not \like to take a rid<\ The ifpylwhb fa passiduately fond of ri<|iil'g, ajjid nqtat^all iiiclineil to he tiihid fn Ihe presence of strangers, at onc^ assented,; and, with the assists \\• iiiw, climbed Up into the 1- . apce of the w4goii. \fp aw,,. Ceedilig • tie*map htippeUe| hig from| by the) peeting! thing wa hajted; rights iai iing satisl into his .-he e fefoi-tt ellpw started to drive L hately the whole.prp as witnessed b y an old gen-] amedj:', William Dorr, who to be passing, and approach-J- lehii^d, had upt been \noticed 1 n in the carriage. \ He,.sus-•: foni :he way i n wlVich the dou,p that all was hot right, te rtaiui, ipquired. into; his intentions, and hot reeeiv- etory replies, took the boy ^. ustody; and sent hira home. TlVe wpuld-be ^idnapperrapidly drove,. ortjandefeapeq r JSTothirig must be doiie Jiastily f but the kiuhls °f p^f.* '•• Hr,

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