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^ A mm LOT OF RIFLE BARRELS JUST A fVoKoWrsilSliJ COOPER cc WOODRUFF. ijSpmmlMrllSlh.lB16. * COMAN, HOPKINS * CO., WHOLESALE GROCERS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, iV«. 60 Front Street, I,. D. Oman, . N. F, Hopkins, , Win. K. Lotlirop. NEW-YORK. SHyl A' TTENTION THE WORLD !! Right about lace the Univerhe!! \ ll»yt Dry,\ (lit the old stand of Woodruff & one door south of I he American, Water- vTuTimui Medicines, in cdlliecholi «« of Groceries, all of winch Ihoy otter at iv enumerate a few popular l'atonl Modioli! fcOrogo..,, .... Baker,} one door south . (own, are now rccoiving ti well selected stock of ' \ - with Ihoir lurgesiock t vert/ low prices. \Wo emimeralo n row popular PiituiilMotllc.iiios: Bull's Sarsapurilli, Faluesloek's Vermifuge, Orcnl Wont- «,n Panacea Balm of Columbia, (for the hair,) Slide Head- X lSS, Indian Ve S elablc Elixir, Halm ol China,Hay's Untae.(fo r Rheumatism.) Balsam or Hoachom.d, Ilungo- ri n Balsam of Life, Dalloy's Pan; Kxlractoy, Thompson'.* Kre Wnlor,Boar'sOil.Exlraot ol Union, Opium, Camphor, ullkinds of Oil and Tinctures,Pills; of every variety, sure euro for Toothache, Perfumery, .B™l>o», Scaling A\ nx.I;all- ey and Miliary Simps, Accolishc Oil. for Dealucss. Also a fow packages lolX or the wonaerfullloir Dye. N. P B.-A few bottle, of W ^^'^i^ORY. Watorlown, Jan. 5, 1817, MjJ Great WTorthern Remedy. DO JN'OT DESPAIR! F LESH is HEIR TO A MULTITUDE OP ILLS, and when in tile name of science igimraill plot ndem thrust themselves forward, pulling and blowing llinir nos- trums into notice, lo the prejudice or those whoso jUilrlions need not l)o enlarged by vile quackery and Vllor compounds, & verdict should be rendered ol ATimier hi the fust degree. Yet how strange thai a n intelligent people u ill be Iniinhng- Kcd outol their lives, even when there ar e experienced Phy - sicians and Valuable Medicines to bo hart at much loss cnsl! The public are earnestly r.olicilod to lay aside all other prep- Kratiousor medicine, and immedialoly make m e or MARTIN'S COMPOUND SYKUP OF SNAKE-BOOT, SARSAPAUILLA AND BURDOCK, which has been thoroughly lesletirorthc past sixteen years in the Slates o r Maine, Now Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, Ohio and New- Vork. It has been proved ry hun- dreds to be decidedly the best remedy in use for the cure u r Cottgfis,Camnwn CoU>s.1Vcaluie**in the Brea'tamt hmtfrs, Asthma, Influenza, Consumption, Whooping Congh, J'e - mule Weuhncssei of every description, Liver Complamt, Dropsy in itsvarious form*, ,yc. rye. rye. The inventor oflhe'iibove Compound ha s in his possession a Brosvt number of Certificates and !.ottuv« lYotn thftue ,vlin have been rescued, a s it wore, from th e very vcryo of ill.; crave by tills Compound. Amonir then, he has over ONi. HUNDRED COMMUNICATIONS frum Ihuse who have been relieved or onlirclv cured or what -was supposed to b e CONSUMPTION. Also a number who have been cured or the I.ivcr. Cojil'i.AiNT an d Dnorsv in their several stages. A- mougst the cci tilicatos, please, rorelully peruse the following, which is inserted for circulation in llus vicinity, where there are hundreds who have personal knowledge or the facts se t forth in lite certificate. CERTIFICATE: In charily to the afflicted llii.- may certify Illal I consider rayseir as having been snalehod apparently from the last sto- nes of Pulmonary Consumption, by Dr. Martin's Compound Syrup of Snnkc-lloot, SuVMiimrllta and Bin-dock, ami resto- red to pcrreet hrallli ami vlwir. I v. as attacked with inflam- matory Fever, which terminated in Chronic Inllniiimalioii and Ulceralion o r tho Limes. 1 had a constant Coueli.Pain in the Breast and Side, and threw up a large tpianhlv or roc- lid purulent matter from llio lungs, which had contiiiiied Tor more than a year. I had Iricil Physicians and aomcdioswitll- out number, bin gradually grew weaker aud_ we-ilmr until I was induced In try Dr. Mariiu's Compound byrnp, and alter taking sercrnl boltlos I was reslnred to peifeet henllh, an d am now able to perform as much labor in a day as any imo. CALVIN ADAMS. Kocheslor, Jlunroe Co., N. Y., Sept. 12, 18-M. CERTIFICATE: Tho nmlorsigncd hereby certifies, on oath, that lie lias used several bottles of Dr. Mariiu's Compound S>rup or Snake- Root, Sarsaiiarilla an d Buuloel; lu hi;- r.miily, is Hell ac- quainted with lite ciretimslances related in the. abovec3.se . and has known Mr. Calvin Adams for the nasi tell ycars,niirl knows him to bo a ma n whose character fir Irnih anil vera- city stands nniiopraehnWe. BENJAMI N SUTS. Subscribed and swor n before me this SSiliday of January, 1817. WM . H. SHOW WAV, Supreme Court C'ovmmsioner. For sale by the following appointed Agents in Joflbrsnn county, viz: HOY P & GREGORY, anil J. N . SMITH, in Hie village of Wntertown; C. C. AIIpnrl,Kllisl)iirsli; M. S. Graves, Belle- ville: 11. Miller, Adams: W.D.Alport, Rodman; II. Lnumis, Felts Mills; Daniel MeNiol, G,oat Bend; E . MosliUTj L e Itaysville; J.Billiard,Rutland: A.0 . Baheock, Champion; Elijah Unrr, Cartilage; Johlcl Wrlitlit, Natural Bridge; D . D. Reamer, l.ewisbur»li; S. L\wis North Wilnn; A. 1. B.ii- lay& Co.,Antwerp; F. Van Ostrand, Philadelphia jAmli-ow Seaman,Sterliiiiiville; S. Oak., South Hiillnnil; Gilbert & Wait, East Hodman; James Davis, llinr's Mills; E.S.Sl.iek- well. Theresa; J . Stewart,2,1, Piunelia -1 Corners; C. Wond- wa©!, Evans Mills; 12. Brainnrd, Ox Bow; C. Woedwnrd, Quaker Solllami<ilt; Gen. V, Bell, llrounville: J, A. 1M1 & Co., Uovter; L. Smith, Limerick; A. (!. Hamhlm. Cliaumoni; M0TI\S PATENT DAIRY STOVE. \fjQW IS THE TIME TO X.\ buy thesfi Kutile.N. Sht thmn uuiir your Pi g Pens. Boil your food frosli for your Hogs every thiVj anil you will find tlmttlloy gain 10 par cont. more on the -same food than Ijy llio ordinary way of fci'dinp. Km* a»Ui m tho Old Hardware Store, by 0OOPT3 li & AYOOmtUFF. Sopt.20, 1847. f> W HOLESALE AND BJ mi) EAKTUENWAKE R-ETiUL CHINA, GLASS Tlib milium ibuis liave uii \\miA } and arn receiving by the Idleurriiitls fVcnn Eurnpo,ii full and ruinplcic* ataoriment of Warci—eanHisiing' of (Jlihin, Kronch and English white and gold hand, and fmiry. in great variety. GLAUS WsUlE in nil mylon. Cut and Pressed Tarn- blevs, AViui-'P, Uueuiitorp,Lani|)r?,l)is-heK,&c. BAllTHEN WA-UE in all styles and colors,white, bluo, odgt'j&u, FLEMING JB-fctTtf.-Dming, Tea, and Toilol setts, of a superiorstylr*n«d pattern,entirely a newiirliclo. JtftASS ]K\IiS>. —Lamps for lard oilorenmphone. Solar ami Astral, Slandjtiido, orHnspousion, for ciiiirclios, parlors, oflircsjauu Hulls, of thu very best make, mid in a great varie- ty of patterns. CUThlUlY A.VZJ JAPAN WARE, consisting of Tea TravF.Tuhlo Knives unit Korlrs, Carvers, kc. LOOKING GI,A88J38<— A very large and complete as- sorinicntoftlie latest and moM approved stylus, OG, O O G* plain baud inid rosnwond, gilt, and mahogany. Also an ah- sortnu'iil (il'Scrki'noy plnps pUle. Tin 1 limits of on advertisement will not admit ofour advert- ing to lite many and desirable artirles we Itcepsuitrttilc for connlry merehants and innltccpei-p—but we b»g to say that oiiiasfioilmimt is very ^enurnl, unr U'riiit- particnli.i 1> ad van- tageoiiij,iiinlo n dt'&iiuiohilibojund coitcui tie it. M r e \\nuld respectfully invite all to ctillandcxnn 'twa trstock and pti- cos. FQLLEK. fcTl'RY, &• Co. Xi.S While'fcBUiek. Oswego Wurs«ri«s & STlorul CiavacDi. J W. P. ALLEN, ESQ., HAVIWG SOUO HIS « iuturubt in the abinu Gstabhslioitiil tu JZ. A. Sttclduo, the bnsintss will hereafter be conducted in the tiamc'of SHELDON & KLINE. Mr. Alton will in future d.-vnti> his tinieasatinmatoui* and niurltetcnUivutor; and lias kindly of- fered us liU services in the intruduetion and testing o f every ncwamlrnre variety of Fruit, of which we flatter \ourselves we shall ponn be able to .show the linest eollcrlion in the Un- ion, nspccially o f Pears it ml Poaches, to which our yoil and climate seem remarkably well *»daptfd. The position of our Nnrsories, being'the most northerly cfaiiy in the United Stales, situated upon the immediate shorn of the Lake, fully exposed to the winds, which, at tho same time lltcy serve as a protection Irom ihr* pi-verity of frosts, to our more tender va- rieties of fruit, reiitlur our trees much hardier, and fur more desirable for transplanting, p trliculurly for our northern cli- mates, than those grown in more Nouthei-n and protected lo- calities, am! on stimulated soil--. Ou r trco»ni-c «ll viLrorous and healthy, ami p >rf.'»uly free from th - numnrotis disenses with which most oth»r nni'snries are. inuVlcd. The yellow of the Peach, an d the frozen snp an d fi.-e blight of the Pear, arcdiseases never known in there IVuncriA, We would call the attention of the public lo flu-ir inereaj-od, extensive col* lection of Fruit and O.-namrnlal IVc-s and .Slirnlm, Bulbous Flower, Boots, Herbaceous and Green-House Plants, &c. &c. Twoiity-fiveaerosarcdevoted exclusively to the culture of trees, which consist in part of (trees suitable thr trans- plaiuing into the orehard or garden.) 3i,00t) Poach Trees of thelargo.il size, and tltf hewt and most popular varieties, an cents each; lO.ODO. Pear Trees, including nil the elmicest va- rieticfi] SO cents each, except a few rare kinds, and those of extra fcifcc, 75 to $1.00 each. We have, in addition to our usu- al Steele of Pears, a few hundred of tin* Oswet'o Hunre,a new and inestimable Pear oi icitiating h^re, now for the first lime offered for flule, and only to be obtained/row thcxr Numeric-', §2,00 for trees two years old, from the graft or bud; 12,000 Apple Trees, including every tiling that is worthy nf culti- vation, So cents each. Also an extensive and very desirable assortment of Plums. Cherries 1 , Nectarines, Apricots, Grapes, Gooseberries, Cunnht.--, lhispbQmes,Stra\\l]eriics, &c. tec. Catalogues sent f-ratisloall post imid applications. Ad' dress SHKLDON & KLIMK, Oswego, N. V, Oswego, S«pt. as, Irt-iy*. 8 The Greatest Discovery of the Age! ^^^^, Henry CHne, Three Mil H. Suits, Pie- \ llay; II, Ilittcliinfon, l>e|ja»ville- jiy 1^ PATEHf mMM^im A S FALL AND WINTER, TUE SEASONS FOII XJt _ iiaiugStoves,are approaching^ we could call theat'eu- lionriftho pntilic to thi.s Sluve, winch we continue lo make and vi-tul, wliohs.de and retail,.itmirFnrnaee.s in Hnnvnvill'\ Mid Wateriown. and to which, since the List beacon, we have sdded curtain useful improvements. 1st, liyn-tttpiintf.iiiRicail of the entire nninil. the flat tup Or«;#, for the convemenee of sotting tlihhns &c. on while engaged in cooking; and'2d, by inserting under the back boiler.--lieir the oven, which it* the Cast Iron K'.ecntcd Oecn, a funmie or fire chamber with grates, and of sunicieijidimcnsiins to lake womi IS Inch. «K lony. By this last improvem-nt this Stove is rendered the Vst.ind most fuel saving stove now in use; for uiih uood \ oii anyy lightt fuel,, yuuu DR. TRASK'S MAGNETIC OINTMENT. T HIS IS THE FIRST ATTEMPT TO COMBINE llu'EI.KPTUIOur MAGNETICFLUHlwlth Pnwcit- Ki r, VCOBTAIU.I: Kxtrarh in the f>»nu of an Ointtiieu'—to lie npplied extcnrtlty fur Hie removal «f ilihoicc. The uhiio^t rSMMiTEiisrei T;SH IT has m«'t with stuniiS it at on« o the GUUATMSTUISCOVKKVOF TH E AUY,. It N eotiMatitly eir-ctnu'ciiM\! of the uiiimsi Importance. THE MOST. « • CUHDULOU.S AKE t'ONyiNCKD—the nmsi fimIit«.vKaro cuiipelled t'l believt* in the ptrtvcv ami virtue ol thisgr at *«? i remedy, A It I* univecaUvadhiilicd to be THE MOST WOXPEK- J; : FCL COMB! N T \T10N KNOW'X t«» the WOULD lbr tin im- p*i i mediatert'li\f of msK-vsnandI'AIN. m I It never fiil«* while theri* remain.* sufneiiudlifuto resbtre g( a natural mid IieiHhy aclimi tu th - capillary ve-sel* of the -.' | b'dy, ami equalize the riirtilutimi oft'ie Mitr.it . Bv tltiw SP j moans A (JONTUOLLINO POWER i-* GAINED OVER the | MOST MALIGNANT FOKMS O F DISJ5ASE, wl,i--h .-an Cft | n„i bi'obiuiucd from m>y oih»r it-iueily. Such is the power )m I of thisrmnhinatiuti thiit it pennlratrs tnevt-ry portion of the *\ human frame: eveiy hmieunit inn.-ele, vein.'tiervc. z.\ul \itn\- mrtit is searched o'Uand mnle ^'•it'xiMe \f IK puiif>iiic and li^ttlinit fiifliieiire. Hence It c«»P'-s ns readily with internal as external disease. Nunt\riius insiances are on record whore this remedy has restored health U> patients so near the crave tint the most powerful interna! remedies filled to produce an v effect. Such fittFftraiiQntb been the cas-in INFLAMMATION OF THE BOWELS— no patient ever \>eetl rtir ttf thUdi^eatc where the Magnetic Ointment can he obtained. That dangerous Epi demic known as the rUTKID ERYSIPELAS ran always be cured hv Ihisremetlv. Fur INFLAMMATORY RHEUMATISM Oils Ointment is the most comph'te remedy ever p eparcd. In 03 rates out of Kin IT WILL A>F<inn RNTIRC UKI^IEK to the worst cues of NERVOUS HEADACHE in thinv min- utes. ForNRnvors PI^CASH.1 ihis remedv i« of immense value. AFFECTIONS OF THE SPINE, RHEUMATISM,Lame- nnsx ULCERATED SOItE THROAT, BituNriirm, PI.BU- itisY.t'HOCPrCHour.rnot.Eii-v Atimnis, AGUE IN THE FAf'EOKRREAST. IUniNS.Sr\r,nHF.Aii,.SVrofnIa.SAi.T RIIIH-M,Erysipelas. INFLAMEP EYES. Fr.vnit S.mr.s l &c. wilt lie nnmrdiately relieved by the «>p of ihU lemedy. fiy-Fer further partictilnrs and lestimuiiials, set pamphlets chips,charcual, o an ligti fuel yu can buil, b.dte, fiy, , . . . broil, hi-.it smoothing imns, »vater fir washing, or do any } left with each neerit. other work usually done by a stove, wirhmit any fire in the , Price a\> and SO emit\! per buttle. main fire ehamb'-r of the t.mve, and \\ jih the least possible {xT\S>)Id by T. II. f'AMP, sole ncent, W.itertown. and by fuel, whli.h tomes hi close, niiil.ict uilbthebi.il.rsorculina- ouef<d(?ae;cii'tiiiea-h ull.ip'' in NoritKrn N**w Yo.k. 3vl ry vessels placed over it, and soneir tin* oven that the heat passcp immediately into the pipe.-! lending thereto. In Winter, B UTTER AID EGGS;--WANTED 500 TUBS of Butter,, ' \*0 \ \ \\ Cnsh Store. anil 0 barrels of Eygs, at the iVlanhattnn orwh«n desinible,thisstovnstands unrivalled for its adipta- tion to tinrmii£eoarso wond and radiatiiur heat; even ivfrnc- to ry logs may be conveniently limned therein. It (s con- structed of unusually heavy plates, which are all exposed lo the. outward atmosphere, and consequently not liable to be dc- fitroyod by the aeiion of the lire. This stove, on account of the extra thickness of its plal.-a, wcHi s pmbably from 75 to 100 pounds more than ntiy other stove sold in (he country at the same price, and wi' h it,* late improvements is not tnui can- not be mirpassed for durability and eon venienci? by any other cook stove now in useinihiscoiintry. IlswholumnKiniction combiner simplicity with the greatest possible ennvoniene , and it is in all respects what its ?imnr purports to be, » The Northern Farmer's Slocc,\ and has the aclnalrofKercccircrf within itself. The operation of th e vftlves, by which the current of heat Is ehanjipd from the oven pipes into the pipe which passes iip in the rear and unites with thai above iheuveo, i. m „<st J«T- fect. Uyihisop'Tauon the temperature of the oven mav be regulated at pW«ure, fronilhehMtreqtiirnil for baking a'sur- l**in of beef, to tint forthomii.<t delicate pastrii-s. We do not ask our enstumers or the public to taken news- paper adv-rtisi'ineiit. a s proof of the superioritv of thi*sp stoves. We warrant them to our retail nc«ianientnciihtst fire craeks for six months, when properly i^eil, and nllnu them to b e returned wtihin twenty dnv.s, if, o n trial, (hey dr. not i auttftiml refund the aniount received for the fame. This! prhrilegis we have always Riven, and a s y t -t not one stove has been returned. I Those dc.iirous of purcha-.iiiK. would do well first to in- I quire of those who ho.\ e wed these stoves, nml i,» ihal end w e refer th*»m to the fotlouing persons, among the many hun- dreds of others, viz:— JirownrWe. —F. W. Andrews, Wm, Ynmlergnbari, Gen. T . THE ECLIPSE STOVE. r PO TJUIJORS.—MAHAW'S EEPORTS OF I Fashiqiis I'or the Fall antl Wiiilor of 1847-a, just ru- cGivctl mid fi|r i,ulo utllic Empoi-iura of Fusliion liy So|il. 18-17, CD HOUR & WIGGINS. T?IRE AND MARINE INSURANCE.--THE JL Oolumhus Muriiia -and .Kiro Iusunincc Ooinpany will inauioovtiry SIJOCIUK of properly agiiliifitlossordiuimgc by .lir« t nuU'llie cya-goos of Cana l Boatfi, Slcamboatsand Vessels, against tho (lungers ol'lak o ami river iiuvigtition. Apulvto WM, II. SIIUMWAY, Agent. M ^Vjtorlown , April G, IBiT. BVIPROTkb YANKEE COOK ST0VE~ T HE SUBSCRIBERS CONTINUE TO MANUFAO- lure the above Stove, which hits been in use throughout thitjcuunty for the last four yoavt?,and has given universal saiiutaction—and whenever tin opporlunilv ha s b\eu given lo to-t it with any other Elevated Oven Stove', it ha s been found lo bake quicker, and to consume- only about two-thiuls the quantity of wood, (owing t o its rising top,) There is a divi- sion phuu between the back boilers, w> that, b y blinding ei- ther dumper in the elevators, you can throw I he fire till on or oy/'oiihor kettle as you please—and by means of these dam- pers you haven perfect regulator to the Oven, by throwing the fire a//orjjur/:oiT through ihcoacA-fJiVc The oven, un- like any other, being flut o n the lap, is'quite convenient for selling things mi. The Trimmings are rondo of ihe best stock, and by men who have tervctl,their time at their trade and mulcrt-laml it! This Stove has In lam Ihe premium for iho laxL two years in this county, and would have received it again this year, but the rules ol; the Society would not allow of it. We can give references in e.vciy lottm in the county. -In Jjiie, it needs no travelling hireling* to trumpet ita fame. I'M fricud.s and ad- vouateg willbcmiiudinlhukitchun. PRIGti JIEDUCE1}. For sale at the Old Hardware Store by Sept.an, I8fr, » COOPER & WOODEUFF. JS^tSSSi: •I s T- iiing in ... -___- the form of a medical com- •£)5§§?|.12 pound which has hud so ex- 'S'jpgaggi tensive and rapid a sale, which \ has given such universal sat- _Jsjfhcijon, which has accom- ^.^plishedsomanycxtniordinnry ~^^^^=\cures of almost every vnrtety S^^^5^ audslageof disense,nnd which fe-^^^p maintainsilsreputaiionsuper- •^j^^^^ fectly untai-nlshed in every tri- J= -...„- s ^^T B ^' W Wc'ALISTEll'S ALL- ^^0j$m=0IF HEALINGOINTMENT. Its *~~-r££*&r.w-* success in curing the worst diseases, m then most dangerous and hopeless stages, has surpasf-cd the moat sanguine expectations of its Proprietor and its friends. All this unexampled sueeess U owing to ite mn.lf.-Mli* pow- er in opening the pores of the bku\, and restoring the insen- sible perspiration, thus cnablinglhe system to rid itself of all ihe impurities which corrupt the bleed, the morbid mutter which overloads, obstructs,and deranges iheinternal organs and which if not removed becomes a poison that generates vlcer? } ubfce*ici>, /ece.rs } itiflamalionti, melling^ liimar>, ca~ t(trrji,contnimplwn,$'r. It is by this grand process of re- lieving the system of all bad hit mors, by opening a free out- let for their egress; by facliiating and ursine; their expulsion, and thus restoring nil their fund ions to llieir norma I slate, that Viisapproprialoly iiumedAEL-HEALlKGOINTIilENThas cured more than 20.000 cases of every form of disease. By purifying the blond, It effects the pe.rina.noni ami radical cure of fScro/vlfi, Suit Rheum, Scald JFcad, While Sivcllivgs, En/i.ipeJas', Barber'pitch, Ulcere, Fever So all Culancam liruntione. It regulates the glandular system in which Sciofuladevelopesi itselfj by removing all obstruc- tions, and inducing healthy seeretunis. Ey opening the ni.1 cs, and exciting the absorbents, it re- moves turbaries from th e Eiing.*, promotes easy oxpeclora- linn, cieuin.es and heats ulcers or abscesses, aiiil thus cures Consumption. Shiny ar c the testimonies on rccoul of its greataitd singular efficacy in the cure of tiiis alarming and obstinate disease. It is cfjuilly eflicaoions in disease of the windpipe or throat, Q,uin*y 1 lironchitiv, Af-thma, Catairh, Mumps Mid Croup. Uy restoring tho insensible perspiration—the suspension or arrest of which causes such a host of violent and fatal maladies—the All-IIealiuer Ointment breaks tip Fevers and Itiflamaiion, cures Rheumaih-ni and Gout. Pleurisy, Liver Complaint, disease of the Kidneys, Dyspepsia, Cholic, and as- suages all excruciating pain s in all ptu is of the body, wheth- er inlerna! or external. By relieving the skin o f stricture nrdryness, and expelling from the system the waste an d morbid matter which clogs all its f'Uiclions it cures all forms of Nervous Diseases, as Ner- vousor Si<-fc lleiidache. Epileptic Fits, Sniual AfTectmns. Pal- sy, NeuralEru, St Viliib- I):uiee, and all kinds of Female Com- plaints It may seem ineredilile,and yet it is undeniably true, that this celebrated medicine has accomplished wonder.** in theeure o f this class of enprieions and lUtlicult diseases, ns many thousandsof persons in all parts of the country have certified. Nearly all diseases arise from, or are directly connected with, the nr/Wof fiiseiiMble Perspiration, in consequence of which all the \vas|n matter which is constantly thrown off from the various tissues is retained in the sytfcm, and this be- ine concentrated upon son e one organ, the internal viscera, tho brain or nerves, the bones ami joints, or b y being thrown into the blood, ex-cryvurict >t of deewe %i generated. Rc-c.*- tiiblish this t-reat fundamental law of the human economy] viz: the InfcnaihlePerspiration, nm\ yon have done more to cure any and all diseases than can be done by any other pro- cess whitever. Noaetion upon the stomach or bowel. 1 ? alone ran begin to do what this will. Here then wc see the inesti- mable, the unequalled value of Ihe All-Heahn» Ointment, which opens the pores, nml thn*- ejects disease with all the care and promptitude imaginable. K?\ We take occasion here lo forestall deepp'ion and impo- sition, by cautioning the public against any Ointment or Hair Oil an mine, which lias not the written tkuatnre of JAM KS MeALISTElloneverybo>c.vial.iV..amlIherrbvoffernA-jy TlIOrXAXI) DOLLARS JtElVAliI),ln ntiy'^K-vwnwlin will pro -rente to eonvietinn, aeenrding to |aw t anv miL> who shall counterfeit try nann* rmd Ointment, nr H.iir Oil. J.ime*iMe\Ii«ier,:,-dfPi*4ipiictor,Grand Deput 111 Fulton stre ), New York. * EPHRATM BENNETT, Perch River, Jeff. Co., geneml InivetliuffAgcut for Northern New York. Wold by the M- 1'iwiiiL'at'pniiiifd At;cnls in thisn-nn'r, viz: T H. CAMP, Watei-roun ; S. W.Ei.dd.Hrownville; J. A. Eell& Cn. t n--.\iR.*j L.Smtili.I.:medck; It. l)iy & Cn-.Thr.-e Mile Bay; Woodruffs. Ontnr t (Mmmnnuni; Z. Cnnv ej «t>, Cape Vincent; 'P. S. Aiu*el Jc (*•», t'lavlon ; L. Bushnell, Lafarge* ville; II. North. Hcp.vu-iae; U.Mnili.-iiii,S'one Milh; r.B . Avery, TV eli Hiver; Elinh H'trr-Cirlhagp-G. W. Hnzepom Bhck liner; lteiUeuI»av,p|llai P.iinl; A. I. Baih-v & Co., Aulworp; H.J). IMck'T, l*l.*s%ls: P. 1). nullard.Thefesa; E. D. Wooilwuid. riifbdelphM ; V. Woodward, Evans' Milb; S. lUuiu, Pnint'Ua 1 ('tiruer^: (J G. D/eimi), Adam^; Davis & Bliss, Adam* Centre; W. T . Srarle, Ellishurch: O. C. Brown, BellviII.s E. Burnham, H*-m!erson; O.S. Salisbury, Smitb- villc- 11. H. Roberta. Roberts' Corners; A. Seaman, Sterling- vill*; I). oL-Ned, (beat Bend. Uyl. WESTERN SEW YORK COLLEGE OF HKALTH, 2WMAIN STREET, BUFFALO, N . Y. 1R. G. C. VAUGHN'S VEGETABLE •ir CONSUMPXION HAS NO MORE TERROR !! BR AW T^INDtAN PULMONABY BALSAM Cures the most hopeless—such cases as the best Physi- cians bad pronounced mciinible.and some thafware believed in a dying state, yet live, to till how miraculously they have been preserved and uuieri, bv the ail-healing, toothing mid purifying efficacy of this wonderful Indian Remedy. It calms a.nd.pacitic6, the no; ce*~iuutlauud allay* covgh—aids caipec- torution—purifies the {thud.and heals and cures internal ul- cere in the Lung* and clseu here, us certainly and easily as the 1 UIUFYING EXTRACT mentioned below heals and cures Eruptions, Sore-i, Ulcers, and all Scrofulous affections, ex- terna Ry. Those who have Consumptions, Coughs, Colds, Asthmas, B-onchitcs, Spitting of Blood, Pains in the Breast, Side, or B ick, or any Pulmonary Symptoms; or any painful Chronic DheaFC, such as RheuinalUm. Goutj or waul of nervous en- ergy, must use tho PULMONARY BALSAM. And those who have Scrofula, Erysipelas, Eruptions, Sores, Ulcers, Ulcerated Sore Mouth) Nursing Sore Mouth, Biles, Scald Head, Files. Liver Complaint, Fevor Sores, Salt Itheum, Pimples on the Face, and Female Weaknesses and Derangements, whether they be suppressions, excess } or other wcafincstcPj may use the PURIFYING EXTRACT, which purifies the blood, and so regulates the secretions, as to produce a fieal'hy action in all the natural functions of the system. Wf-icftr-u---* Mini ..-»„—*II luiuj-i-SterL Ihnl true OOtttC OI ei- ther of I hese medicines, conlains_/ourf»»« a s much altera- tive and blood'pttrifying virtue Ui'each bottle as (here is hi Ihe buttle of any Sari'aparilta, or any other medicine ever offer- ed for sale, and yet the-e Medicines are purely and wholly ve- getable. Read the folio wing cure. SCROFULA. to no purpose, l was consiuurcu 10 ue inc same as a tun by all injr friends, and I had hist all hope myself, ewas so horrible, I hat I lad no faith that any medicine thing could help me, but , f Bit ANT'S INDIAN PntiFr- SEVENTEEN HIP ULCERS By using only KINK DOTTLES OF BRANT'S PURIFYING EXTRA.CT. EOMC, Oneida Co., N.Y., Jan. IRth, 18-17. oTr.M.T . WALLACE—Sir: I hereby certify that I have been four years affected with a horrible Scrofulous ttf*eu<e. and for the hnt near confined lo my bed. I have been doctored by different doctors, anil have tried and used many different medicines which arc highly recommended to cure Sctofula, I have used several of the best recommended Sarsaparillas, but all to no purpose. I was considered to be the same a; dead jnun ••--•• r.s.„.i» My case w or any thing could help I.NO EXTHACT\ tins suved my life, and restored me to health again. When I commenced taking the Purifying ExXrwt I had twenty running Ulcers on me. I had one on each h-g; two on my Jefl, arm, which destroyed tie* use of the arm en- tirely ; but your medicine has cured that, so that I have the use of it again to woik with. Sly tlmnt was all eaten off from ear to ear, and my windpipe was MI eaten through, lhac the wind enmc out of a hole in it below my chin, which pv - vented me from spraking, but your medicine has healed and cured that, a^d now lean talk arain. AI.\* ear was so eaten out around it, that I could lift it up out of my head, it only holding by a small place, and your medicine hai cured that. Another ulcer hnd nearly eatcna hole (hiough my side, and your medicine has cured that. When I had used only three \bottles I was able to walk about considerable, and walked two miles to tho store of your agents, Messrs. BisiseU & lani- ard, at Rome, where I showed them my situation, and staicil to ihem how dreadfully severe nnd loathsome my disease had been, and how much belter I then was. When I hail used only nine bottles, terenteen of the worst ulcersthut ever were on a man had healed up, leaving-only three which v ere then so nearly well, thata few bottles more made a perfect cure. T further certify that all the particulars I wrote you in my letter dated December 20th, 181G, arc strWh* true. J. B. HASKIN. Ro*iin, January iN'h, H17. Jerry B. Hasktn appeared before me this day, and being duly sworn, depm-eth and savs, that the facts in hi** 1-tter, dated On'cmber 20th, lSlO\ and addrr.-^ed to Sir. Wallace, of Biooklyn.N. Y., re-peciiinr his Scrofulous Complaint and Cure, and as Mated in his certificate above, ore xti n-tlv true. B. P. JOHNSON, Judire. The following letter is from Me.srs. Bw-rll -fc Leonard, Wholcwlr- and Retiil Druggist* at Rome, N. Y., w ho are ac- quainted with Sir. Ha^kin and know allifiepartieiil tr^ofhis case and his cure; having seen H-iskm during his progress of being cured. RoMr.Jantim ISth.1^47. SL'Ssrs. SI. T. WAtLArc &. Co. Di tr Sir*-—Wo received your letter n few dav; siitee, re- questing us to ,-if-k Sir. Hi^kin if he was willing to make iMlhtlMt Ihe fo'tsnf his ca;e iepre.-irnl.il in hi.* letn-r to ymi of December ffiith, were Irue. He lusriiei-rfullvdone so.and we here enclose \\i* eertificitn The Sl.tgistrate, (Sir. B. P. Jobni-'in.) bt-Pn-e whom he w-.-nl, -v *. p.-rfe.*tlv ahtouished at the man y scars he showed, nnd «t liiHstnfcmeot,uoilrt*marltt'd thai IF an y doubted bin tOntemoiit, let them look at bin rcnri*. and nil doutit would vaolj-b. It any one doobtti, tlierpf..*-'. aud wishes lo see for himself, let hbn call on us , an d we will take pleaMire in introducing him to Mr. Haskin,and he will be sceptical no more. Your obedient servants, BISSELL & LEONARD. 1 OO KEGS WHITE LEAP,; 25BOXESfiuH X\J\J Oracltora; 50 boxcsUaisiiis; 50 kegs Fowilar; <1U boxep Honey Buw Tbbucco; 25 bugs Coffee; 2,000 gilllons pure \Whips arid Lifittors; 100 limits Cassia; 500 doz. Snio- kingand CIiewing'Tobiicco: 60 doz. Brooms; 200 clicslsand hulf cliosts of Tea; 10,000 lbs. Sugar.: all for sale ehnincr than the cheapest, by h &. 1. G, HAYfib. May25, [Sir. -10 g Q TONS LEHIGH GOA%500 FIRE BRICI£. 15 barrels Rdsin; 12. do Tar. . 25 do \Water Lime. 50 do Salt,and50bagsDaliiydo. 100 do host Ohio superfine F. Flour. lSkog&Mii-lwliBlasiingiui'l Cannon Powder. 10 barrels CoalTar, for painliiip. 23 boxes 7 by 9 anil 8 by 10 Window Glass. SOlcegs Nails and Splhcs. 20 Douglas' Patent Metal Pumps. GOO lbs. 1-2,3-1, 1 and 1 1-2 inch Lead Pipe. 10 chests Yniltig Hyson Tea. 50 barrels frosli ground Plaster. 500 lbs. Oaknnnuul 3 barrels Pitch. 2G bales Russia and Cotton Duck, Band.TJar, and Bound Iron, Hollow Ware, Ploughs, Cordage, Lmseod and Wliale Oils.Painls, &e. The above Goods will be sold low for cash, by i!i. cC hi. li- U.'inll. Sackots Harbor, June 3,1847. ,B \yllF auhsrrilirr-conlino the nnnnlirinrp of STfTVES a *• thoirnld stand at Hip Furnace in BltOWNVILLE, amonc Loomis, Arba Strong, G.TilIui«!iast.H. A. Bead, Jmtl.ISbmd, t w-Idrliaiotlu-E- lipseby name and nature tno. For economy A. C. Moffati, C.Yan Allen, Jere Carpenter, U.Eiirl, J. Thm- I of fiiel,!*iind baling,easy regulating,convenieceand diiiMbil- mau, Esq., Jas. Wood, ('. Iv. Loomis, P. Maltis-on, Mai. E. | ity,theyc,haUon^ethe world lo produce its equal. Tin*stove Kirby,A. Goodivin, N.Sawver,D. Gibb.ins.J. A. Wah-atb.J. i has been in use tour year?, and! mm the favorable testimonials I. Html, E. S. Stn-kwell, Widow V. Slotl. H. W. Heelier, ki- las Webb. J. Bouney, T. L. Knnpp, A. AlilehcH, n. P. Easl- ailv, J JS. Zimmerman. G.M. Priest, T. T, Woodruff. Isaac Tmierson, S. Himtin-iinn, Otis Day. E . 11. Bell L. llenirie, H. Ilen'zie.M C. Loomis, Juimilian AI.ifTaii.W. N. CokP.Bea- som, D. Crouch, B. fluss.Geu. Mumo., A. Killmrii,S> Adams. J.S.Chase,_H. Wjleyj Lewis M. WeMi- S. Phelps, J. A. of those who have uspd it, and the lone esperienee of the sub' scrlbersiii maufa.*turing,Uiey are cniimlcut it is the best stove now offered to the puHic. It is constructed of unusually hu ge plates,and all exposed to Ihe outward air, w Inch i^ the greatest pussibleprotection to their durability. The lower bottom is pcrfecilj plain uithnu holes lo rattle ashes through upon ihe dps, J. \. j ilonraiHli'onserpientls !e*.-{!liable to brcuA*. The cap has four Packard, O. Peck, T. Y. How. E..q.,J. Kilioirn. A. W. W.il- 1 boiler holes tOinehesiiidiamolmsandcfimdlydtsUintjSainches rath, Wm. Bell,0. Phelps, P. Kelsi.v, K, E. Pullman, G. W. 1 BO IhntHie double Imilnr may be placed either way at pleasure, Chapman, J. D. Enieisnu. In the cenlrc arc two dampers and a centre piece by which the Orleans.—S. S. Hartei,C. P. Richardson, U. II. Turner, II. heat may beehnnged lo eiilim-sideofthefluve and also to either Tisgor.S. nmpnbaek , D. Hughes, U>v.T\ HrnWll.Jiut. O-reen. \'»• of il»»ov««,-wWch i» ,.»«,!« oi:«»ti Ml ., ol-volcd and (tut S H. Ilarc, C. Barter. O. Frost,!*. Sti, km v, W, Utttr. , ontho lop. with 1 bacfclhie cast on, past-hie, ruund the backside TP(i/crfoie«.—-Lis. Bi iulnall, IS*. C1.1T en, Ji., H. H. ColTeeu, in n circular fnrm.o.-cupyingle. s spaee than a hack pipe and H . Fshiun, D. M. M. Turner, P. Mundy, H. A Mann. A. B. Ad- mdiating less than une half the heat, and by mie single damper omS( j inay boiegnhtted to any given heat rerpiiicd. f'lutiton.—V. A. Osbnrn. Geo. Starr, J. Gant'cv. \Willis Houn'rd, Ashley Smith.. E. P'^.k.^S. S. Pitkin,, A. G. Ileuven- LITHONTUIPTIC ADVEUTISEMEN T I'UIl l«f ame, I saw, I compuT'-d,*' is most emphatically the case with this article. Disease hnsever yHdetl to its mm t mar- velhms m diniial power. Whereier 11 has^onejand Sooth America, England, Canada, and the United States have pioved the truth of this statement, the nbove quotation in a strong and pithy sentence tells thewlmle story. Invalids, the prin- ciple upon which you are cured may tint be known to yon, but the result of a trial of tlwavlielcisj-nimTaerory* yon are restored, and the secret t«f the cure remains with the prop i- etor. The Medicine is a compound of 22 distinct vegetable agencies; each individual root has its own particular, exclu- sive medicinal property, r.nnflieiingwilh no other compound —each root makes its own cure—and as a perfect combina- tion, when taken into thf system, it does the work which KATi'nn. when her laws were first established, intended it should no— puriftc*, Urct clhcns and m-l-trc* the broken down.debitltahd con«titmion. Dnorsv,hi allits characters, will be completely eradicated from Ihe system by ils use. S'-*e pamphlets in agents' hands for free circulation—they treat upon «W thVeave.', ami show toMhnuny \f cuVes. GRAV- EL, and all complaints of the urinary orf*un? 7 form also the cam-e of great suffcrii.p, and Vaughn's Lithoutripfie has ac- quired no *mail ctlvbriiy «vcr the country-, by the cures it has made in lids distressing .-lass of affliction--. So finned, itt-cems, is thism.-diein'*, that it has thus attracted the notice of one of ourMedlcol publhatimis. In the November No., Ifllty-f the ••Biiffiiln Journal and Monthly Review of Medi- I cal nnd Surgical Sfienn y hi an article iipon calrulons dis- eases and •'pidvenl**,'* tht? writer, nficr noticing the fact lliat the KngliPh governiocnt «>nce pnrchastd a s*rr»-t remedy, and als-> noticing the pureli ise, m lKt>2, of a secret remedy, bytheLejrislatureofNew Yo 1 k,thuspaysliibutcIo the fame of tbem-dicme—\Why do mil our Representatives, in Sen- ate and Assembly convent d,onbchien and'dissolvi-'ihesnf- i reiingtlu>iisandsofihisrtMnilry,bytlir>purrhasCfilVatigliii's Yegetable Lithontriptic, than which no solvent since the.' days of Alchemy has possessed mm half the mine {'- Header here is a periodical o! IiipK siamling,acl:nowIedged throu\h- o-it a large seeimn «f ibis eonnlry to be one of the best con- dticted journals .if ii,e kind in the United States,exclnn\in- with the scientific journals or Europe to our certain knowl- edge, edited by Am-tin I?--,,-., M . 0 am l contributed to by men of the highest prnfes-sional ttbiliiy.thusstepping aside to lumen a \secrei teim-dy.\ You will at ouce understand no unknomtand worthier nottrum could tlms extorta comment hoin so nteli a quarter-—and consf qnentlv, unless it directlv connictcd with Ihe prnctiee of the Jacnliv, it must have been its great \mme whWi has caused Hlo receive this passinc noil. Kidney d,*cnsc» 1 i'*cpknc>.tof the back and spine. irreX ular,pumjvl and euppresPedMen'lruathn, Fluor Albus and the entirecmphrnied t, a j n of evils which follow adisoider- eil system, are ni onre n-lieved hy the medicine. Send to the Agents f.w parnph,.^, and you will find evi-lencenf the value rV f ^Sit n i!rW-S^ V *1'*K $* \remedyfor the iJ! root\ whi'-hliasli Seattlfis with the be^t SAnsAPVmr,i,.v! Heat it with ANY MClliriNCj PATENT, UNPATENTED, OR ANY OTHER, ]f you can !!t V?P could give thousands of other cures, but a newspaper advertisement w ill not admit us sn (.. do. Wc shall.thercfore, only refer to a few other respectihle persons for important cures. We will merely mention the mime of the reference and the disease cured. Some have been cured themselves, others who are knowing to, and have reported to us impottnnt cures. We nTcr tliereforcto Ur. N. HVBBARP, Stamford, r mm . , who was cured of Liver Comphuit of 3n years s'ai dmg. Dr.J. N. SMITH, Prugght.'W.teitnwn, Jefferson Co.,N. Y.. for cure of Consumption and S-ntfula. Hr, UOS^M.VN, IW Henry St., Brooklyn, N. Y. t n>r Nurs- ing S re Mouth and Sr-rofuln. l)r. T. M. HUNT, i-rugg'st, Auburn, N. Y., for cure .if Seroful 1 and Consnmp'ion. Jir. GEO. FRANCIS, Prugqt.f, Middletown, Conn., for cure of Ervsippfas and S-rnfnia. Dr. GEO. A. ROGEIlS,Bath, Steuben Co.,N. Y., for cures of Chronic Cunchs. Br. S. \WHITE. Frednnia, Cliaulnnqne Co, N . Y., for Chronic fnughand Incipient Cotenmpti.m. Rev.UICHAUl) PUNNING. ArKm's Basin, Monrne Co., N. Y-, for Con-iimipiion antl Fe-. c-* Sore. JTessrs. TBKK Y & MILLER, Merchants, Byron, Genesee Co.,N. Y.. fiir cure of Consiimpi.ms. Mr. JOHN WAIT. Merchant, BalUton Spa,, N. Y., Con- emedy for the Million !! FOE ALL SEASONS. T\R. PHELPS 5 COBIPOUND TOMATO PILLS, II the unrivalled Purifycr r.f the Blood and Kestorniive of ihoiSystem in all morbid secretions of the Glands, Skin,imd Liver, morbid hjttp^ nnd vitiated stale of the system. ThcoPilhi lnBfng had an unprecedented popularity with the Faculty and (he peuplo, fur eight years, are not among those of doubtful efficacy, or experimental cbavacler j bijiean be confided in as a composition founded upon correct Uicra- nulio nrinciples.nnd relied upon us the safest, most pleasant, •.nd efficient PUEGATl^MEDICIN-E ever known, nud where a simple caihkriic irriccded Ijiey are nnequalled. They will positively cure, and have done so ; m more than fivcthoupand cases; Dyspepsia, Jaundice, Liver Complaint, Scrofula Hlcersj Erysipelas,Kii.K^^vilXonsiijraiiou.ni.eu- matism, Tumors, Worms, Nervous Face Aehb, Bepressinn of Mind, liropsy, Female Diseases, Eruptions of the Skin. Pam and enlargement of the Bones, Morbid Complexion, Kttu- lcncy, Gravel, General Debility, Loss of Appetile, Suppress- ed Perspiration, etc., etc. • Tho indications requiring the Tomato Fills, and when they should bd used wilhontdelay,nsa PiiKVENTATiviUotho or- matinn of acute and dangerous diseases, at c When 1 here is a SEDIMENT m ihe urine, \When the urine is very highly COI.OKED, \When there is a GENERAL LASSITUDE, \When Ihcreis PAIN in tho back or head, \When the tongue is FURRED, When the sk-in ;« HOT, w hen (lie skin is DRY, \When the skin is YELLOW, \When the APPETITE is poor, \When there are COLD OTIILI.S, \When there is pain in the STOMACH OR BOWELS, \When there is NERVOUS IRRITATION, When the dreams are bad or starting in SLEEP. If taken on the occurrence of any of the above indications of the approaching disease, much pain and sickness might be pre ven tea. 1 LOOK OUT FOR IMITATIONS! Be pavliculartn uiqiiirefoi* PHELPS 1 Tomato Pills, and stc that the name of G. 11. Phelps,M. D., is on the side label. The genuine can be obtained of all the respectable Druggists in the country, and ONE principal merchant in every tovvn is an authorised agent. Those wishing the Pills should inquire at the prineipifstore in their town. Orders should be directed N. GUIMES, Marcellns, Onondaga county, N. Y. For sale by T . H. CAMP, Wateriown, and by agents throughout the County. 11 mo THE MOST WONDERFUL CURE Li the World. READ WHAT HORACE ORRELEY SAVS. A CURE WELL NIGII MIRACULOUS. \W^E CALLED YESTERDAY TO SEE A WBECK If of humanity named James Wyckoff, now 20 years of age, the sou of Peter Wyckoff, a farmer of Claramv, N. Y. The boy James, u hen five years old, beimj attacked by mea- ides, was uori-elhai! murdered by aduseot catuiml prescrib- ed for, nnd s^ent to him (without a vis.il ,and probably without a knowledge of his disease) ItY A REPUTABLE PHYSICIAN. He became deaf, dumb, and blind, in the midstof uniuter- milled and fearful tortures; and at length was deprived bv in- cessant and dreadful ulceration, of his legs and arms, which finally dropped off his agonized body. His Nose, palate, &c, were COMPLETELY DESTROYED, rendering lilanf* flier ion and deformity beyond nil possible description. The process of destruction continued through a period of more than ten years, during which he was unable to lie in bed, but wore out tho weary hours as best he could in an easy chair. That HE LONGED FOR DEA Til, ami lived in coiiMnnt expectation of iii need hardly be suited, nor that ho enjoy- ed from time to time the attention of several of the beta physicians of Erie county—nil to no purpose. At length in 1811 a Buffalo physician, puiely as a piece of banter, pru|w-s« od to une of his brethren, who had inst relui ncd from \ Jailing the sufferer, that C. C Bristol, the Druggist, whose \EXTRACT OF SARSAPARILLA\ that was so puffed in the peters, should be induced totryhs virtues upon jKior Wyckoff, as there was n o hope n f his liv- I in« many davs, at any rate. The proposition was mado to Mr. B.,und though he had himself hardly a hope upon visit- ing him-nl saving the maimed boy's life, (he being thin deal, dumb, blind nf one eye, three of hii limns gone, his face cat* CM away as w e stated, and what was left of him a ma<« of til- ed .iiiini ami agony) he yet resolv erf to make the attempt, and did make it, and at the end of a year thcrealicr, THE PATIENT WAS CURED! So far as it was p^sitde that he could be. For the five years follow ing.be ha enjoyed all the he thh that i^eumpitildevnih such a frame. He rats heartily, stumps about on his fr.ii;- ments of legs, MV; with tine 1 ye, converges by 'tgnR, and uktsa n niteiestinwh.tievrrisnoingoit ironnd him. II.* !* hr.etu verify the EXTRAORDINARY niMHACTKit «.f ill*- -me wio'iehl in hi-. ea*-e. Tlwi !«•• \-xtraei of SU-.MI- pinlUpu-pared by Mr. BrUNd, i*aii e\veMtii'-ly valuable ieiiied\,webave lone-aco experienced and )»> r m' te.siimuuy and if \ihi'Mulu of this p\«r vrtim can but t«- rf uthred sub- *,-rx lent to the purpose of creating or dlffusutg a imue j;i-ner* al horror of the car\lessiU'fS with which Cd-unel and kin- dred pre-wrationsareoften dispensed by pliy-irimi*. his bie will not have been jirescrvcd in vain. We wimhl ad- vii-e none to l-Mik at him from motives of curiosity only—the siitctaclt- is too painfully ret ».tmi-*, teittl...- i\ »»» hnw n-l.i n\-e« sofferliig from uleeralttois, &c.,e-t^Ialty ih'.st-p.odiic- ed t.y Calomel, slioold nol full >•> «**e hint, and i\* n-wured td Ho- p.aeii. ability of a cm**. We make ihU ttatemeui ncc.»- varily ft urn the rrprcp entalionn ofotberc, hut they an- persniis whom we know, and Inwluete integrtiy we have reason to place implicit reliance —tN. Y. Tribune. Orders shoiiM^bp directed 10 N. GRIMES, Marrcllus, On ondagaco.,N. Y. For sale by T. H. CAMP, Watertown, nnd by agents ihroiighoiit the country. 1-mB B O'FANICO MEBICAL- PE-ACTICE. DR. .• « r . ' \\\^•\.HII'L would iuii)ounou lo UwiiiliabilaiUB 01 W»terlqwn waadjiumiit cauhlry, Uial ho lips onlablislifd liirasolf 111 ihb Botimio Pi-nctloo, nnd woulil Invito llio public, Ptpooinlly lliost lavoraWo lo llio Bolimio TroalmunX, lo hi s iDispeiiBnlo)7,si!Qonill|oilHB(ib()VQ llio Inslitiilo, Slalo street, wlieroliomiiy bo conaultoil at all hours. axcapUni: when ah- sent 011 nrorowional business. OS- Prompt alloiilloii to ull calls in the village and country. May 25, 1847. ' EPHBAMI BEJHWBXX, PERCH RIVER, JEFFERSON COUNTY, N. \K 'JTAMlt. Gonoral Aaont for Beachls AMEKICAN PKA0TIOE. or th o I V\ PHYSICIAN,.Bcnoli's improvfil sysloni or MID- VVii'-liKy, Beach's MEDICAL DICTIONARY, Board's ANATOMY AN D PHYSIOLOGY, ami his MEDICINES. Also MoAllstor's ALL-HEALING OINTMENT, anil Dr . S. B. Smith's Premium Tbrpello Eloctro-Magnntic Machine. All orders by mail or otherwise, addressed to liini: ivill b e pronipllyatlendeil to. Juno aO, 1817. ' 45yl DR. BEACH'S B00ICS AND MEDICKIS. sumplion and Wlnuipins Couch. Mr. CHAPMAN, Merchant, MliMMrary, 1 ermnnt, hlecd- incatth-I.nii^aiul fonsiiwr Mr. OILMAN nif'KKY. Mcrrhanl, Elba, Genesee Co., N. Y„ Innammntiniinf ili„ I.nnesanl SVrnfula. Mr. iJBOOKFIELD, Merchant. Bnilsclon, Conn., Tor cure of Consiimplinn. __„„ _. , , „„ , Messrs. PllATT & FOSTEH, Mnrclianls, Wmclioatcr, Cnmi.,Consuniptinn. . \VV W'V'1'1 recmnn.elHl to Ihe ifiliclptl XVIIll Cnnsumpllon,or any imnnre'rtiseape nf the blnnii, Ki call on one nf our tisents anil Ret a Pamphlttot Handbill, which will state particulars of case-i clued I and show roncln-ivc evidence that the.\' med- icines are what they are abt.v\ represented to be. Agents civca.pampllMnrhandljllll.iaHw nrallformic. In the pamphlets vnn «ill find Ihe ..IromreWaiid nwl riha- Uewiin-pectable '••vidVu.v. t!»t the mo-i iillerlu hopclas Coimnan'*-)'\ nn<l tl\ 1 vl \)' '•'\\\ r <\'» ofhcrofula, have BEACH'S AMERICAN PRACTICE AND FAMILY PHYSICIAN. T 1 ) the topics trcali- C HIS is A WORK ON MEDICINE, COHPRE- «7iidiii»ilii. v.)nite si*j«t ol di.-M!-c and Iteillh-iU i. ionics trcali»I In the various bonks on Puthnli-ey.llirra- dovfi\. V.'Jnnp«,\S. F . Wanier, D. B. Avery. J, MeKw, A. Gil- lett, W. W. Warren, O. Gnuhl, H. Norton. E^q. L'ime.— Joseph Wells, Iwiac Wells. S. 11. Briars, Adam A. G.-ny t Wm. LaUuo, C lj| f kley, Jobn Clark W. Gould. L. Phillips, C. Fry, C. H. Siwn, S. Pillon, Z. Ciuivm-;-c. J. Nor- thrni), A. Dcmanfr, W . M. Comhis, M. Barnes, \V. Grant A. Wheelodc. S. Wurren. IIoumticld.—E. Wilder, Jr., D. Kwul. S. S. Mixon. E . Slo- m.in, J.'LufT, It. Weaver, H. B. Hav». K. Washhnrn, A. Westcntt. S. McKee. C. lv.l\iiker, l\ C. Symonds, S. Wash- burn, 13.Barnes. R. W. Phelps, J. S. Colburn, W. Pnvnc, A Demalh, Z. Gibbs, N. F. Benneit, J. Ovcrockcr, C. Phelps, W. Benjamin, M. A. Alanley. Jfcndcrson. —John Carpenter, D. P . Holmes, C. F, Overton, E.Urovvn J S.'DpIrvmple,A. Johns'in, E. Burnham JEff/isftitr^r/..—Wm. H. II. Wootl.O. Bachelor, S. Bettinper, A.Easlman, J.W. Con verse, Cvviii? Hull, Azuuali Ilnnne, J. Parker, W. C. Wakefield) J. Tin } Hirum Hall, Albert Hall, J. Kislv Pamclia.—S. C. Xfuslior. L. Jnbez, Sol. Kobbins, Jr., Jas. Wac^oiier, C. G. Harder. Jtbrlmutt. —Darius M. Wood, Samuel Adams, C. Witliam- aon, Austin Puller, J-osne P.Tobv. IZutlavd. —Efonjnmin F. Hunt, Uaac Munson. STandy Creek.— Thaihlous Bowman Champion.— Rev. W. Pentm-Ie, J. C. Fcnnick. Lellav— Joseph Hnrwick, Storm ILBli-jp. Theresa. —Warner Green, Salisbury & Thompson, Elmore ft: Barnes. Merandria.— Cvrus Parker, A. Walton, Esq. Adumv.—N. Wricht. Hiivlmr obtained tetters patent from the Unhod States for tho design nf the above named stove, we hereby eautiim nil pcr- «oiwncihistmakliig,m1iip,nr vetidinff ihe samu wnhoiit au- thority fmm us, as we are determined to mainlaiti our legal rights against en-roarhmenlp, Wual^o have for sale nt reduced prices a e^cat variety of Cookui\ Stovew of different p'titerns, among which art- NOR. 4 and 5 Z'dr/orCooAJniirovedtStreiifflhened, and fortified, to prevent cracking. These stoves have the Cast Iron Elevated Gvon, with flat top, arc low priced, and very convenient and ns\fid. Also an extensive assortment of Plate, Church, Hall,School 7/bM-j«,nnd Shan Stoves, with nevoral new and oeanii ul patterns of Purine Stove?. _ J tut received from Albany » variety of patterns and sizes of tlio mnsl modern improved -tir Tight Parlor Stove*, of beau- tiful fu-ureand mould. Plow*, Flow Casting- Cnlflrons, nntl other Hoi low Ware, Sleigh Shoes, Pipe* and Carriasc Boxe*, for either iron or wooden axles. Pirn Frames, Arch\ and Oven JYImitlis. A11 kinds of Mill and Machinery Castings made and fin- ished to order of the best material and at rudw**tt pnr.es.— C4rind!t'oiio Crank with friction rollers finished. Gate and Blind HIIIRO««, -V. &C.&C SKINNEKj DAVIS fc OO . Browiiville, Se(U. 8, !Si7. '*'-*3- \h way of referenen lln> foll.iw in« Eentlcmptl are referred to. 1 frown rill e.— fapt.E. Stcrlinjr.W. W. Wncar, Dr. H. \War- ren, A. Huntington, Jus. Shield/, Ben*. F. Parrou*, Jno . Cmv an, llevd. F. R -gers, Pamela J odd, Aaron Brown, Samuel PccA', Wm. Croat. .Samuel Priest, Roswel Baxte-, GcorccSteel. Jnn. Willsnn. r«le b Allen, J. B. tlb-e, Sh-Iilen Wricht/Robert Belion, David Phelps & Son, Samuel h. Knnpp, D. C. Tomlin- soiijll. W. Roe/-wood, Aimer Reeves, Jno. Reeves, Thomas Reeves, Lev i \M. Fox, Zilmon Cert well, Jacob Low, J . W. In- gles, Jesse BabcW\ J, Ht-mcnway, Tr«/cr/otc«.— \, P. Bravimi, IVf. Hnnserford, Knowllon & Uice, Mr. Sill, Jas. Ballard, A. B. Turner,A. J. Peck, Haul. Bartiinlomew. Pameb'it. —Tims. Brown, Jacob Rider, Jacob H. Zuller. Henry Zuller, Norman Nit hols, Hiram K. House, John 1? Siioll.llenhen Loe/r, Orlciim.— Gailor Fi«lils. Wm. C. Moody, Linns Bidlecomb- Judge Hinim TV-A-ey, Orson Wright, JMerrii Sperry, Benj. Hel, mei'j W. H. Hncer. Claijhn.— Geo. W. Mcnombnr, H. D. Vnncnmp. A. & Iff. Gould,Amorf RevnnlrlB. Parlf-y Hutmau, Jacob Lowe, David Huwtill- Henry ti. Cnmc, J. I-. IMansfield, Lyme,— Smith & Cory, Lewis Farmer. Unlit \Mcpherson Pe- er J\. Denaire.E. F . Tetvell, Miehnel Vans»ehric&, FredericA- CofTim, Jo>opb Rider Jr., Titers *fc Cliue, Riehard Grile, J. G. Willsnn, Samuel LorA*wo<id Esq., Artamas W. Horton, W. H. Hm-ton, Jnn W. Horton. areCi'ea llorlon. Iloumficld. —T»nniel Bunnell, V. F..B\iiiiett Jcs«e FJenjaminc, Ebenczer Alb-n, Leonard Allen, Djnl.CoiiA-lin, f'hnuney Smith, Jno. aioti, A.F. Dorchester, Jas . Carter, Joel Gi-aves, Moses Welnmre Ji.' Harvey Hiee,ElinK FrinA. Heiulej-nn.— Wm. S-ntt, Otis Dalry-iinK Sylvester Cole, Hnhhard iUeKee, (71ms. Washburn, Riley ftlills. Elthburgh. —Wm Gray, Pi>l*-rai«n Stacy, L Baxton, Adorns.— J(ilii-zBoBwi)rtli,Geo. Armsbnry. Rmhmn.— Wm. Hollo*vay, Wm. Beard, W. D. Alport, Win. Cllimdidl. Lera i/.—Jacob Hawrie/c Theresa. —A. Ranney, \Martin Wallers, J. L. Boyer, Norman Hmicli. Jno. Honel r Lowcillc.— Jno. BucA-, W.M . ClarA. Lorain. —L. H. Homison. Alargeassortment of other coo/jins'Stoves always on hand. Prices from 10 to 2H dollar?. Plate stoves from 1 1-2 to 4 1-2 fcot, also Ploughs, Plow Uastine;*-, Sleigh Shoes, Wageon nnd Ctirrfajre Bnxcs, Fire and Arch Frames, Oven Mouths. Hollow Wufcrif all descriptions,Axles finished and unfini-'hed. Cal- drons frnni 30 to 90 GnlliMis, also an extensive assortment of Patterns for Mill and \Machinery eastings of every /and which willbonmdeand finished to order with promptness and des- patch. Ineonneetion wilh the above, we would invite (heat- tention of those buying HARDWARE Goods jo call and ex- amineourstoejfc before pnrehasin.ff el-owhere, as we will not bonndeivold in the county, a general assnrtmont of which will abviivs be iept on hand. , Brownville. Dec. IGth, 18-15. 30'f ' n rr-Riirtrd m iii Hie north o r Europe fur centuries, as a sure cure f'»r this coinpl.iint, and a restorer of the health uf theentti e system. 7.ir«- Complaint, Jaundice. Itdioiiv dhc*~r* t i^-e , are instantly relieved. People of the West will find il the only remedy in the.se complain is, as well as Fever and Ague. There U no remedy like it, amino cal- omel or quinine forms any part of this mixture. No injury will result in its use, an d its active properties arc ninnifi-sted in the use nf a single 30 o?.. bottle. For Fever and Ague, fiilioit* diiordcr-\ take no other medicine. Rheumatism, Gout, will fiml relief. The action of lids medicine upon the blood, will change the dUea«-e— which originates in the blood —and a healthy result will follow. D'l'pcpmu, Incigedian, tVc, yield in a f»w days' nj-e of this medicine. Inflammation of the LtinL'R, Couch, CONSUMPTION* also, has ever found re- lief. Scrofula, Erysipelas, Piles, Inflamed Eyes, all caused by impure blood, will find this article ihe reined v. Tiie svs- tem,enmulctely acted upon by tho twenty-two diflerenl prop- erties of the mWltire, is purified and restoied—as a partial cure will not follow. Th e train of ennmnn enmplaints. Pah pitatian nf the Heart, JSiek Headache, Debility, ^-c., are all the result of some derangement of the system,and this GREAT RusTo-tF.it will do its work. The promises set forth in the advertisement, are based upon the proof of w hat it has done in the past four years. The written testimony of 1000 A- ecnts in Canada, the United States, England and South Amer- ica, in the possession of the proprieior—and can be seen by all interested—is a sufficient demonstration that His (he best Medicine ever offered to the World. Get the pamphlet, and study the principlens there laid down, nf the method nt cure. Put up in 3(1 Qz. boltlos at §2; 12 o/.. do. at §1 each—the lar- ger holding G oz. more than two small bottles. Look out and not get imposed upon. Every untile has \Vaughn's Vegeta- ble Lithontripiir iMK-tnre\ blown upon the glass, the written signature of \G Vaughn\ on the directions, and ,( G. C. Vaughn, Buffalo.\ stamped on therork, None other arc gen- uine. Prepared by Dr. G. C. Vaughn, and sold at the princi- pal office, 2n? Slim street, Buffalo, at wholesale nnd retail— No attention civen to letters unless post paid— ordrrs from regularly mnst'duted Agent* excepted. Post paid letters, or verbal e.-mmtiideations soliciting advice, promptly attended to, gratis. Offices devoted exclusively fo the sole of this article—13** Nassau St., New York city; 29.\i Essex St., Salem, ntass.: and hy the principal Drugcists throughout the United States and Canada, as advertised in Ihe papers. J. N . SMITH, T. H. CAMP, and H.SCR1BNER, Water- town; J.* D, S. Kimball, Sachets Harbor; S. W. Field. Brownville; G. W. Uiusdlon, Black River; O. Wheelock Felts Mills; P. McNeil, Great Bend; Davis ti Bliss, Adams Center; II. B. Whipple, Adams and Pierrepont Manor; H. McColbim^ Carthage j A. Davenport, Low ville; J.JM.Srurde- vant, MartniEbuigh • A. Seaman, Stcrlingville; J. H. Allen, Copenhagen; Amos Bnek, Deer River and Denmark; W. G. Comstock. Evans Mills; R. It. Sherman. Antwerp; Hunt k. West, Rodman; W. L. Porter, Belleville; M. W. Paltcreon, Dexter. For sale wlinleeale and retail by J. E. Warner & Co., L*- tica; Huvcy it DiJlaye, 5*yracute; Blssell «t Leonard, Rome. 9)1 I ndnnted in the treatment oi cacu uivutt'.iu™ • For Fair hv J. N. SMITir11..I T. II. CAITP. Wnl-rfnwii; a „', B ,, llenien l „| ,|,c m-llwds nrnrlisnl l.J Hi\ Aullwr.sur. a.o.rnmp.SwIn.lsHiirlmri J-H- WliippK A.l.iros; EMCI.- ^ ssCll ,|,. ,„ a rarirUr of ca»-s of tin-wurat anil mnjl,, ,«i- lTno*Hali-.CI.ivlon! E. Burnham, 11,-n.lr-rs..,,; E. »»J- c |,arocltr. In the surpraldeparlm™i,lllomoilci.,l n- irarJ, EvansMlll's; E. D. Wmxlwanl Phlladrlplna. «}\1 J tolnrauons, of rc-iuiiiliig fiaclurert Imnro, nf liralliig WniiluIs.Ulcors.Fistillas.RnpturfS.anUofp.-.-f.irnill.rtilllhr- various opwaliTOs in Surgery, arc very cl«rly and rt.ll . »l fhrth.-niu in be infellieibla to all p.-rsons; and siim.lilM t,y B.irh plain rules as to make cviry llnng umvcrsallj praclica- J| t . Tlie same things arc equally irue or the other parts ..I tho work;; allaromarked by the same rullnew^cleainias, and e,minrrlicnsivcne.-s of mranillg. ..,.,.. , All the v/.Uualil.'mrficaIintellis\nfeormatr-rialto D\ found in hundreds of various medical woi ks, wrilten in great part in an unknown tonsuc, lad^n «illl Gieek. Latin, I rencli, and oiheruniuli-Higibleicehnieal terms, is h.-re c.lli'i'tei, tr.ui.jla- \LET ITS WORKS PRAISE IT.\ 9& ' _ ^S -TODSETS UNIVERSAL OfflTOENT- JL . A eompletc remedy for Burn*, \\•\•i „^< ^,\3 Sprains. Swellings, SaltHlielim,Pilw- F r'^ TtiSK. Hands, Sore Lips, (Jliilblains. ScaldHraJ. anl1 B \ k, \ us oU \ Hamed Sores. . ,. , , , u„ Persons in all condition* 0 f lire aK>U\ '\««''\Vi, i„VJ alllicted will, llie above eomplainls. H ! -\\.'^TriSSj Sr or heads or families 10 pror Uct«ibW? n Y n 'ZSt! he any emergency, a ItEHEUYthal is rnpnlde oi removing the suffering attendant on Ihese very inniblwomocoinpnnion-. Those who have used Toutey's uiivcrval Oimmen , need not be .told that it is a most compete remedy- a perfectmasier of pain, and ilia most speedy remover of Inflammaiurn e: erdls- covered. The exper en,-e of such persons is sumucnt to prompt them lo keep it always on tend, know ing.that many valuable lives and limbs have been M«d ttf *« \ff'™ 1 conqueror of inflamed and other sore?, burns, scaliis.a.c. &c. Il inslanlly stops all pain of Ihe severe,! kind, and pre- vents all sear. No family should he willmnl II, •\ imine- diateapplication ofilin ease nrburnsm sraldK would domore good wliile waiting for the doctor than he could do wlion ar- rived, besides preventing long linnraof llii\ utmostsunenn_ which might passbelnre a physician cnnkl be obloinea. Il possesses control over llie sevcrcslin.iunes.by nre.ovcr - .... , nibineu virtues , einol- heaiinij, and is iii? 'mosfcnnipMc external remedy now in use.. Tllnusands have tried anil thousands praise It mortiBcalioiijorarlnllammatian, nnd by ils eorubined \ it nets as iinlf-scptic, nervine, anti-spiisnindir, anodyne, lient and healing, an d i s the most complete external r no w in use.. Tllnusands have tried anil thousands pr, It is working ils way into public ftvnr with a rapidiiy hereto- fore unknown in the lur.lory or medicines. Ail who use rec- ommend it. Again wo say, m faniilv should be witnout it. Thengcnls will rurniali tho'public gralis with books descri- binglliis Oiulmciit. „ , , US' Each boxof the genuine Touscy's TJniversalOintment has the signature or S. Tovsp.y written °\ ,he <\'<\!\ '!\\ in black ink. Never pnrchnso a bos unless tins signature can be seen. PriceSScts. per bot.nr fireboxes rorS!,\ll.— Prepared by S. Tousey, Svracus'e, N. Y-. nnd sold by agents throiigliont Ihe United .Stales. . „.,.„ Sold in Watertown bv J. N SMITH and T - H. CAMP; Moffatl &. Hanford, Rodman; and hv agrn's thronghonl the county, ' 3o „ _. Jiirinf THlKTl llifllio' IJI»I-IIWI-r,r constant and critical observation, nf the most extensive and varied experience in the treatment of more than iwenly lliou- sand cases of every form and slagc or disease, in pwrnna of every age, sex, and temperament, arc incorporated into tins unequalled work. Just such a work as tins the people have long needed—needed more than any other uninspired woi k. Scarcely a person lakes up this work anil examines 11. who does nol make some such remark as llie following -. Jlij in- teliipei.ee which this work gives me 0,1 thy a .biceI of Liwr Coroplaint, is worth the price of the book.\ \ Bail I known what I now know by this book. Ilnlghl ^''\^'fJS fit or sickness, and a Doclor'.< bill ol m re than one hundred dofiara. \I would have given a few weeks am, ««• dollars for the inrormalioli this work contains on small pox alone., •< My wire and daughter would, have be en •''\\\%' \J.{ known this book and ils prescriptions for C 0£ SUMPTiniS six months ago.\ \ Since I procure\ Br. Bead's book\ says one, \my family has known very little sickness, and what wc have, had we have nipped In Ihebinl.\ hays a lady of large property on the North River, \I would not take ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS forthecopy I have, ir I could not procure another.\ Another remarks, '• By (he teachings or this book I was saved from an untimely grave, having been brought lo ils verge by Dropsy, broughl on by llie use of mercury.\ Says another, \All my neighbors want to borrow or buy my book, and my success in trealing my own family according to Dr. Beach's 'American Practice,' has crealed an intense desire in Ihe people to possess themselves of this invaluable treatise, which I esteem the BOOK oi all medical books for lhc PEOPLE.\ , Mt nre„„ h „ In the department which treats or the P.E3IEDIES lo be used to secure complete success in curing disease,llicreaic presented thenames.iiualilies, and representations„rnearly Shundrcd different plants. Tlie engravings are colored,aiid are very bcautifolly nnd accurately executed;.so that Ihoy cannot rail to make it perfectly easy to recognize the living plant.shrub, flower, &c, when seen. As the Anthw relies almost wholly upon Ihe products or tho VLOETAIiLc. KINGDOM, he has evidently spared no pains lo en rich tins '\Grand Depot VorDr.\ Beach's Books and Medicines, where medical advice is given in all cases of disease, free 0/ charge, No. 141 Fulton street. New York. rt3-EPHRAIM BENNETT, Porch River, Jeff, courtly, general Travelling Agent for Northern New York, lo whom all orders should bo addressed, postpaid. Sold, by tnotol- lowing appointed agents in this county, 1)y Special appoint- I °™.''H. > CAMP, Walcrtown: E. Horr, Carthage: A. I. Bai- lev A; Co., Antwerp; E. D. Woodward, Philadelphia; 0. H. Harris, Sackets Harbor; T. S. Ange, & Cn, Olajton: It. Day & Co., Three Mile Bay; Z. .Converso ; Capo Vniceill; S. W. Field, Brownville; L.Smilh.I.imenclt; D. McNeil, Great Bend; A. Seaman, Slcrlmgyillc; K. Burnham, Hen- derson; G.G.Grenrll, Adams; J.A.Bell A; Co., Usxlcr; A. Halteson, Stone Mills; Parker k lanmr , Pies-is E. S. Stockweil, Thei'esa. J i ' DB. BEACH'S MEDICINES. Bcacli's Alterative Powdor and Syrup. This medicine is tho CIIJ1JHPIOJV over all others for th o cure of ull dlsciisos urising from a had state of ihe hlood. I t Is thuPHOrJSD, the ESTABLISHED remedy for SCRO- FUI.J1, for MERCURIAL, SYPHILITIC, and CANCER- OUS TAlWToC tho system, for White Swellings, Rheuma- tism, Erysipelas. It is pre-cmlnontly elFectivo In the exter- mination of all humors in the hlood which produce, ulcers, fever sores, ahcosses, tuliorclos in tho lungs, or consumption ; and for all- cutaneous affections, as Barber's Itch, Scald Uoad Salt Rheum, Ring-worm, &c. The searching, cleansing, and renovating power of this medicine Is truly wonderful, and lias efTectod tho most astonishing cures. It hns cured mora COMPLAINTS OF TIIE EVES, resulting from a bad state of tho hlood, in connection with tho Antl-BllIons Physic and Cojnpouml Ulnms Poultice, than nil the Eyo Infirmaries in the lund. It is a purely vegetable, compound, which can ho safely takon at all times, by young and old, under any -cir- cumstances. Beach's Pulmonary Powder and Syrup. For ull diseases of tho Lung*, of the Chest, nud Windpipe or Bronchial Tubes This medicine has long been In use in tho private practice of Its original proprietor, Dr. BEACH, and has been.prescribed in thousands of cases of lung nnd bron- chia! nflcctions with UNEXAMPLED SUCCESS. It has cured ninny cases prommuced hy the first physicians in the country to bo HOPELESS. This medicino promotes easy ex- pectoratloii,ruUcves the lungs of stricture, gives tone to the mus- cular fibre, and to tho goiiend system. It also acts as an alter ative, demising the body of morbid humors, thus removing tuborclcs from the lungs, and expelling tho consumptive taint from tho system. This remedy is perfectly stifo and salutary In all stages of consumption nnd under all circumstances. It produces no other than tho MOST PLEASANT SENSA- TIONS AND EFFECTS throughout; and if any thing on cartli can bring about a PERMANENT AND RADICAL CURE, this will most assuredly do It BJ3ACff£'3 ©ES/KJH'fflC EJKOPS. A medicine of the character and power winch (his pos- sesses is7io* to be/aund in the market. Extraordinary in iis penetrating, cleansing, and heating efficacy in all cases of dis- ease in the Kidneys, the Ureiurt. ; aiid all llie organs belonging to the Urinary apparatus. It is* the most effectual remedy for the proflucntdiseases of tho Uterus, with which so many are sufTeringaud oppressed, and winch, resist nil ordinary means of cure. It is the great remedy for Gravel, for Eneuresis or Incontinence of Urine, for Hematuria or Bloody Urine, for ulceration or purulent discharges from the Bladder, and oth- er like a (Fuel inns of thi-i organ. Nothing else is to bo com- pared uitli it in ctuing Lotioorrhea, Fluor Albus or White Flows, (ionnrrhca, and every form of disease arising from a debilitated state, or dei-am-ed ronditiun of the organs affectt A by the above mi-utiuued complaints. These Drops are Ihe product of many successful experiments in cases jof long standing, and oT the most obstinate character; and they have by their numerous and extraordinary cures, s'-curcd a ropu- ationof tho highest stamp, ami a character of imperishable value. From resp'-ct to the fastidiousness of the public mind, wed.-frr saying all uf this medicine whWi it richly de- serves; hut we presume that the afflicted, who need this Grand Kemrdy, will apprehend hy what we have already said above, that U is pre-cminuiilly the medicine they especially need. BEACH'S PILE EI.EOTUAR7. Tho GRAND ItE.MF.DY , which lwnrs tho rALM OVER A\LI.OTlIBltS for tho radical and permanent euro of IIE- MORRII01DS or PILES, whether bleeding or Wind, or in a tsatc of tumor. This is nn Internal remedy which not only eradicates the diseare, hilt also removes that deranged con- dition of the Rystem, of tlie alomach, bowel*, and vonons cir- culation which Induced thl. distressing disorder. It KEVEll PAILS to five almost hiilnedlnte relief, and has PERFORM ED MORE Cl'JtES than any oilier remedy In mo However obstinate, ar of however Ions standing the complaint may be, this medicine will bo found a match for ovory caso in which a fair trial may bo clvon It. BEACH'S JEtESTOKATiV£ i wiitu D\- TEES. The rKWMMON SITCISS w hlrli has attended this valu- able, and vleavint remedy, for many years, In tho intensive practice i.rUr. IIP. VCH, in the cits' »C *«>w Yutk > mi ,h ° sur * rounding country, enables Mm with confidence to nsnert, that il Is superior lo any olhcr |ito|ianitlon of the kind In uso. It H in consequence or DKIHLITY lhat most diseases bocomo seated, and perpetrate their greatest ravages-whatever there- fore will remove this, whatever will restore tone and vlgoraml consooucnl health to the slomacli, the liver, the Intestines, tho l„l»™.l vl...r. il.~..al.o\> will enable, tho.vslcm to IlianvgJ disease of every kind. This Is precisely what the RESTO ItVTIVF, WINE mTI'F.ttR will do, and heneo their cm- ca'cyinI)l-»pol.sla-Ll\er complaint, d.-easo of tho Ilowcls, Iho Kidneys, the VICTIM. Incipient C.insuinpllon, nnd all dis- eases of tho heart. This incdlclno has accomplished many wonderful cures, and is of the highest value In all cases ari- sing fromttdolillltated stale of llio system. There Is NOTHING LIKE IT FOR TH E CURB OF FF.JIALE COMPLAINTS \wd in connection with lhc FEMALE PILLS. BEACH'S ITiJIALE I'HXS. From wearing too thin etolhing, or thin shoes In wot and cold weather, from tiglll lacing, improper diet, sedentary habits, great mental excitement, longcontlnucil anxiety, ordecp trouble of mind, and disappointment, nnd a host of other causes spring thnso BTl'DUOiUi* complalnM. with tho long, numerous, and melancholy train of diseases growing out of them, which these Pills are eminently designed to cure. Tho obstruction or sup- pression of llio natural secretions nml excretions peculiar to Women Is of very fretpienl occurrence, is w fde spread and ex- tensive, nnd one tvhich if ceglecled. produce* the most FATAL CONSECin;.\ri:.«. A large proportion of the lllr'KAPF.S of tho STOMACH, LIVER, LINGS, BI'.AIN, nml NEIIVOI'S SYSTEM in FEMALES, originate In this PRIMARY COJI- PLAINT- -hence a remedy which will ctrectiiiilly euro tills FOITNTALV of physical maladies must be one or llio G HEAT EST OF UI.ESSLNGH to those afflicted with ll. Wo havo no hesitation in saying, that these Mils nro PRE-EMINENTLY THE REMEDY over all others used for Female Complaints; as all who are ncrpmlnled \with lliein KNOW, anil ejs all v, lio will uso them will bo MOST PERFECTLY CONVINCED by tho results Beach's Anli-Mlious Family Physic. Thi s Physic cleanses the stomach an d bowels without |rrl ping or reducing th e strength of the system. Il Is one of tho most easy, safe, nnd thooingh purgatives in uso. It acts wit h groat curative power upon llio liver, th o kidneys, nnd other secretions of the body, relieving every part which may bo 4\if- fcring ; nnd should bouscdonce or twice a week III nearly al l cases of disease, a s i t co-operates with other mcdicluos la sfiecting a euro BEACH'S ANTI-DYRPEPTIC PILLS. The e are undoubtedly as jtowl a medicine for Dyspepsia, and all afi\e*-tlitns of the ttoma<*has l can be found in Ihe land- If not !-M|.eri-ir to f*v<*ry \-thcr th'-y are certainly n<-t «\r- pi^e d fnr mildness and etficicn'-y of operation, for the rmli- ral<*nrc of Co-divem f . Smir Stmnarh, Heart-burn, Water- bra-.h heat ami pain, and-wind in the Mnmach and bowels. They are most highly valm-d by all who know them,and none «.eek forahi-rter ^huhave-juceiredthfm. BEACH'S SUDORIFIC TINCTURE OR SWEATING DROPS. Thi s is nne of the gTcatestdiRC'-verics in medicine,such i s its iincqualcd powe r in producing free perFplraiion, thus throw tug I'ffatonee the mu«t ^i'drnt odds , confihs, fevers, inflammittmi*', an d pivmc the mo«l speedy and rntire relief in Gravel, Ch-»H-, Stiicture nf the Urethra, or evni'-iatiii'j pains in any part of thobndy. This medicine to valued above price by th-j^e families who are acquainted with il,and partie- «lrv,Jj- by pliyhi^iariB who uso II in Owi r practice. T( nefd s only to he known to be most highly esteemed, and by b'-nic u.-ed at the commencement of any sudden and vi»Ii'iitattark, it would nip the worst and nwst dangerous dis-ca^es in th e bud. No family er physffian could !•*» nithoiit this nnsiir- pasred remedy, did they but practically know ita inestimable value nnd rflicacy. BfcACETS ECBPATIC OR LIVEa PILLS, For all affections of the Liver and Biliary Organs. These Pills hove been found i n every caso of Liver Complaint a SOVE- REIGN REMEDY They act SPECIFICALLY UPON THE LIVER, and have an immediate effect upon all dis- eases of this organ, removing pain, enlargement, inflammation, acute or chronic, yellowness of complexion, low spirits, dull ness, heaviness, and all otheraixoinpaniments of every ftasn of disease which atTects the Liver. BEACH'S VEGETABLE EMETIC. This Is certainly tho most EASY, SAFE, MOMPT, an d rilOROl'GH emetic known, as all will bear witness who havo used it. it does not create any such, death-like sickness a s tartar emetic, i|iecac, and other medicines of like character. Il evacuates the stomach at once of phlegm or bilious matter, xeithout straining- the patient or reducing his strength, orjlovs ofepirits, or appetite in tho least, an d gives immediate relief In CROUP, FEVERS, ASTilalA, and In all cases of foul stomach Beach's Diaphoretic or Fever Powders, These far surpass the eelehrated Dover Powders, implored by physicians in fevers, and tilt other powdew of like charac- ter. They OUERCOME TIIE .MOST RIGID STRIC- TURE AND DRYNESS OF THE SKIN during fever, or in inflammatory disease*, and hring on gentle perspiration, a quiet stale of the nerval, with entire relief to the general flys- tom. This Is a superior and an invaluable medicine In AT*Z* FEVERS AND INFLAMMATIONS, as PlcUfisy, QulnSV Pneumonia, and in all cases of chills and fever. N. B.—No medicines are genuine unless they have th e Z£A-c»«8Band tcnY/enngTtttfiireof W. BEACH,.M. fJ., on ev - ery box, package, and vial. Grand Depot for Beach's Books and Medicines.* L41 Fulton fit., N. Y. , where medical advice will be given in all capes of disease without charge. EPHBAIM BENNETT, Perch Eivcr, JeffcrHon county, general Travelling Agent for Northern N«w York. Sold in Watertown hy T . H. CAM P only appoiniftd agent, and by the agent-* for Beach's Bookx throughout the Slate. ! 0^\S'.u notice of Dr. Beach's Books in another column, i 9yl !l!.JJ.••.\' •••'\. .''\ .iiugftWlilLJi '\'•*'^>* l «' l .ig--'l'l l E ll lli t^ARMS FOR SALE.—THE SUBSCRIBER OV* :l_ iers for sale IL farm in Wnlectow n, containing about 'iOOacces, with a glrtclc of cows and daitv,funning utensiln,, loams, &c,,imd another InOhainpionion lhc Snitc-Soad, ncfar llio vrUngCj containing 150 acres, ivitii a slock of cows, Thpr are both cxcolloiUgniZinguiid grain rarinn, aiiil in fine condi- Unn, Also a | small farm or 40 acres at Pillar Point, opposite Sacliots Harbor. Terms of credit as shall he doHirod, Walerlovyii, March 27, 1817, JOHN CLARKE. A T THEIR OLD STAND AT THE si&tf (% THE large bnildlo wilh Gin Stirrups. Tho subscribers coiilimio lhc business of Saddle, Harness, Triiiilcinakiiie and Carnage Trimming. Tlioy have now 011 mail, and will conslanllv keep, a sonoi-al assoi-tmom of Pla- loll, Brass, and common Harness—Saddles, Trunks. Valises, Uriiot Lings, made of Iho iirsl rale nialoriiil,av.dn>5> tlie liestfof workmen, which they will sell ns low a s can be obiiuhl elao- Where 111 tlioooinily,aiid of as good a qualily if nol superior. Also a good assortment of Saddle. Harness, and Carriai-a Trimmings, Curled Hair, \Moss Saddle Trow Hames, Skirt- mi:, Hog Slims, Scaling, Harness Leather, \Wliips Blorocco' Skins.Polent Leather, of the first quality, which will bo sold? clicup for cash or good paper. DS-(Juried Hair, Moss and Straw MnUrORms-nuttlc. to or-\ dot 011 short notico. J. B. & B . F . HOTUHKIN. Watertown, Soul. 15,18J0. .|tf H OWARD INSURANCE COMPANY, OF- fi'-r No, (5(3 Wall atreel, No w York. Tim cipitul, im- pinml by losses by fire in 1845, \vnfe fillud.up in June, 18-17\. to SSaOjOOO, by the payment ql all the subscription ffccoi0.— Ilisunuicos against loss hy Fire and Inland Navigatioin are made by tins Company on favorable term-.. DIRECTORS. K. Havens, Najah Taylor, J. Phillips Phoenix, Wm. W . Tuild, William Couch, Fanning C. Tueker, John David? Wolfe, John Rankin, i\I. 1). Benjamin, Ferdinand'Siiyrtany I'-dward Anihony, H. G. Thompson, Thos. W. Poarsnll. John- IIaSgnriy,Uonry E. Davius, Gabriel Wisner. Henry R. Bom-\ sen.Uharlc.*.N. Tulbol, JaphclBishop. LEWIS PHILLIPS, Scc'y. It. HAVENS, Pres>t.- W. SHERMAN, Agent, Watertown. &CT CARIUAGHS ANI3 WAGONS. TIE SUBSCRIBERS ILVVR ON HAND ATCD A?IE manufacturing at their establishment!; on ihn south sido \f til*Public Square,and at the old stand of Colwell fc Sco- vil.on tlm nm-ih yidc of Faeiory street, Barouches, Doublo anil SUIRIL- Chariotce.s, Bi'gfiicfi an d Bup^y Wagons, Doublo ami Single Lumber Wagoiih ; allot* whieh are-made nf gnod material ami b y the best of workmen, which thtfy will sell'a« low as can bo purchased in Northern New York, for cash or goml papi/r. Old carriages re-painU'd, -.aniishod, trimmed, and fitted u p anew, and old tops cleaned, oiled, &c„nndall kinds of repairing done on j-hort notice and at low prices. Walcrtown, March \G, 1&17. - TUTTLE & SCOYIL. N. B.--H. SCO\ r I L would say t o his old customers and friends, that he may be found at the OLD stand of Colwell it S'nvil, (opposite the Brick Simp, Factory street,) where ho would be happy lo wait upon those who may favor him with a call. 30tf §§§||fS 7*1 ML H EMORRHOIDS, on PILES, IS A DISEASE produced by local iM'itatioii,cnsiivene»K,purpativcHti- umlauts, iiiidupdniornu'natfon of the blood to the hemorrhoidal vessels by excessive rid ingot* walking, or a conKestivc rtattf oftlii' liver, and oftou by a peculiarity of the constitution it.sdf. Ills usually considered under thrt*e forms or. varieties, nn folltms.* Blind Piles, While piles,and UlocditigPile*. Thiidiffeaiiris so common-and so very well known, thut a, deKcripiinii of itsKyniptnms isnnt decmt'il neces>ary. The suer^ss that has followed the it.se of tho Embrocation in the cure of this disease, has been truly astonishing. Physi- cians now ndvise theirjmtitmtK to try it, as thconty IMIiB iTllsniClNJbi . In addition to its being a positive remedy for the piles, it nevor fails to onre that intolerable itching Which i>* an very cuinmon.and has its location in ihe same parts as the Piles. Iteadtlie following, from tiie editorial columns of Aloxan* dor's 'WVekly Messenger; Fiit'Nn AT LAST—A Svnu OI'RE FOR THKPII RS!—Chem- sis have long hei-n anxious to discovrr u mcdii-inc that would ur** um' of thi* most tronbh'pomt*diseases—ihe Piles. Sue- re-shas at hui-ith bepn the result. Hi. J YCKKON'S TILK KMBUOCATUJN* not nnlyst'tpsnllhlredui'.vilia.vs pain nud tiillantmaliMi. soihdur-s tliat intrdoratile itrhiiif, but 'effectually enres,li!C''a'*harm,aud in a ve\v short timr.persous yvlioso live«Inve liwn rendered mlf-urable £• >r y*ar*». ForroriilVarp., frrnn numi*muspi''rRrins ofilsptiwcrtoeiTeet ai'iircui-tJi eiscN.iMllattfiestort' of tin- sitbwnber, \vl«-i stih' agent l.iriiws.ilein thii*county,nnd nl*.» fur the sah-of Soma's .Vcoustic OH, a novor failing cure for nin«i ens-ps of ll.-afness. 52 Amtll^L ELY. CHERIFFS SALE.—BY VTKTUE OF TWO KJ pxcrtLlnns issued out of the Clerk'* Ottlreof ihi-ctmftty fifjefT'i'^on, and to me directed and ilclivc-rcil, against Ilorncu Henry <»f tin- villati* nf Carlhage, in said county, I have nei7.c« Wnlne-Vlavrthe first day nfBrerndter next, nt 10 o'clock in the forenoon «oTth.itday,atthe taiC'ti hnuscnow kppibysiifd Hura--\ Ih'iny, ull ihe nt-ltt, tnlr and interest of taid Henry to thf followliijL' ile-r-iibetl premie, ii7;a!l (hat certain piece or parrrl ti| I ttid-dtiiriic in ill*- utl.i?c of Carthago, town of Wihia. romitv »»[ Ji-iTer?«m t and S't.itp nf New York, known and disitir,-i i i^hed upon a map \f * aid vjlla«n BM loin numbers seven and ei^hl, rontainmx together ono half of an acru of |nid,bM.ind-'»! \ii tlu* northeast by village lohmmber nine, on thnMniihwivt by village lotmm.bei four, on the southeast by llio marem nf iho turnpike (or State street) atid oh the north- West bv the rjv*r iiu» of numbers fives and sis , extended ii.iiilir.r-.uHv by-ai'l lot lylnjr eicht rods on raid turnpike, and ten rods back.—Dated October IS, 1KJ7 WALTEk COLLINS,JShoritT. CitfiivTtipinsn BABrocx, Pcpnty. 0w7 M ORTGAGE SALE.—©EFAUM HAVING b-en mad*' in th** payment of a o-rlahi bum of money diviind ly a morrpig\ bearmg date the 10th day ol August, iHld, executed by .Samuel .Skiunr-r of the town of Lrllay, niiiiiiyof JelTi-rMUiand State uf New Yoik, to W.il. Chtldn of th'^ame plirr, and rPrinled In the (Merit's Office 6f the eiitmiy ..r Jet^rsnti in Bonk No. 31 of IVIortpigi-H, P-»ge -192, on III'*'lth day of Seplembcr, lKlG,ftt 7 o'cloflt A. JVL, upon all that certain pit re of l.ind i.ltuated, lying and bHmj in tho ull.igi' of 13*an*. *MiH», in the t.mn, comity and Sraica/bro- said, antl vthb*h is hounded as follows, In wit:—Beginning in tin- eeutrc of thr Mreot or road leading to Water(owhAlthe fcuiith»*astcorn«*r of land heretofore deeded by Joseph Boyer tti Thorn**,* 1 A. Warner, and now owned and occupied by tho Ilaptl-t Hnei\iv and rtinnin? from thenee north 83 degrees west ntintf siM'l S ri-ty's Imd si*£ rhafns and nfven liiikti to thn divp ion line between loin No. 520and GG,\>; (herjeo unnth i3fldegrees \\o>i along paid division line two chains; thence south s:U d.-gre.-M east six chains and four links to the C'-htre nf the aHirtsaid road; tln-nee north 3tt degroes ert.st Iwo chains atumr the same to the place of beginning, containing oucacre nnd 2.1 lOttihs of an aei e, be the samn moreor lei-8. .Slid moriL'ipe having bft>n duly assigned to the subscriber, and the sum claimed to be due at the fin*t publication of this ntitlcc, of pi in**ipal and iiitiTP'-t, being S7«,S0, and no pro- ceedings at law having been instituted for the reeov cry of tho same, h'-iia* is therefore hereby given that, by virtue of a power of sale contained in said mortgage, thcabove described premise.*, will hi* hold by ptddif aitPtjon ut the American Ho* lei, In the villug.- nf Watertown, on the 4(h day of Decemijer lievl, ai2 oVloclr P. il. oflnnl dav.—Dalell feplenibSf 13, 1817. tfwl3) STEPHEla MARTIN,Assignee. M ORTGAGE SALE .--A MORTGAGE WAS executed by William Alger and John Farrow of Clay- ton, in ihecoimty of Jeffi-r^rm, loBi-rnartl Bagleyand Abram Kj).iKbnry, dated May 11th IS12, -with a power of cale tioii- tniiird therein, and recorded in the Chris's olliec of JetTorRon rouiity on ihe 6th day ol June, 1&J2, at 0 oVIock A. M.. in Li- her A 2 nf mortgages, page303, to sedtrp the rstyweni of 9fi00 with mo-rest f of all that certain pfcecorparcel of land lying nndb'ingon Grindstone Island, in tho (own of Clayton, in tin' county of Jefferson, and State of New York, being part ofiliGl-tt known as lot No. 21 on the map of said Lslaml.and h.iiimled w* follows:—by taking the easterly half of tile front of ihe ,«,tid lot lying on the river St. Lawreiif e, nud running li ick u-iiiii thence so far as to inrhide by a line rnnning paral- lel to th\ base line of said lot,fifty aeres of I-uid on the CARI- e.Iy line nr s:iid lor No. 21, it being; the same lot deeded to the mid Aieeranjj \Farrow by Daniel Uipley and wife the 00th of Mnrnh, 1*37, and the deed recorded in bonk A 3 of deed*, picc312,A;c. „ , Iicfault having been made in the payment of the money se- cured by the said mortgnge, whereby the power of KKle be- came npe-atlve,and there being cl.ti/nt'd to he due Hipon iaid mortgage at the date of this notice $G*?.V»7> ani ' no prnceedinc at law bavins be»n instituted m collect the *-ame or any part (liercnf. and tlu* said mortgage having been duly Unsigned to the undesigned*, Adrid Ely, notice U therefore hereby glyeu that the above mentioned and described lands will bo f-otd at niihlle iijplinn, at Perkins* Hotel i n the yiuupv or Watartown, In said rouniv r.f jAirnnton, on tho tt\>th day of November nest, at ten oVlock in the ionmoon uf tlwit day. ^-V ated hep . tcinber 1st, 1-17. „A-DKIEL ELI, As-dgnfte, CHAS. U. WRIOIIT, Att'y. 2W15 M ORTGAGE SALE.—DEFAULT HAVING hPL-n in^ilf ill the piiym.-nt of llib luoiifysscclinlil t<» b. paid liy a r.orlaiu mnrlgoa^ IimrinB ilnlc UloSOlb day of Feb - nmry, MJ, rcnnnletl in tlift office of thu CJr-rk of lhc county of Jcirr-rsori on ilmaoiit doy of Fclinmry, ira3, in Liter P of M.irlpa\ prtc-39\&c. c-voetiwl l.y David MrAHiBtcr and Oarollnr his wifc, Joniall Drako, Jr. and Solly lib wifb, and Alanxon Drain-, all of Antwerp, in the comity of JfrTor- prm, nnd Kluto of New York, unto Apollou Cooper of Ulica, in the eonnty of Oneida, and Shite of New YorJc,toKcciire tlie payment of Fourloen Hunilrcd Dollars wilh interest ac- cording to th^ ermdilinn of fiaidmortgageanillhcjjondaccom- Eanyinjtllie Fame. AVIiiell said morlgace was duly assigned! y Benjamin F . Cooper.exeeillorof ApOlIosCooperdereased', and also the personal inlcrest of said Benjamin F. Cooper llnlo William JHeAllislcr of Antwnrp.coiuilyof Jefferson, and Stale of Kew York, on tholMtli day of December, 18-15, wliiclii mnrlgage was assigned by said William jVTrAllistef with tlia' flirtoilnts theroon due unto Aloiii..o Chnpin of Antwerp, county of Jefferson, and Slate or New York, tile 131 li day of Septem- ber instant, on which day there is claimed to be due on said mmlfOip! Eteht Hundred and Fifty Four Dollars and Eighty- Two'Cents, and payable at Ihe date of tlie last assignment,, and which said mortgage covers all and singular the follow- ing described premises,viz: Beginning in the centre of the- turnpike road forty-one linkH on a course-rtorlh sevenly-four degrees east from the northeasterly corner of tlipboard Jence in front of the bouse formerly belonging to Z. H, Cooper in the village of Antwerp, also one cliain and screnleeii links on a course sotilii seventy degrees west from the southeasterly cor- ner of thefenceon the easterly side of the stone, the above de- scribed corner of said lot is a flat atone in the ground, and rims from thence north seventy degrees east len oliainf to a brick and stones for a corner; thence north seventeen and one half degrees west fiftyfonr links tnabrlck and stones for a corner; thence south seventy-four degrees west fnureliams and lliirty-onc-linksloabrickand stones; thence north eleven dw-rces west two chains to lhc centre oftlie Kilkenny road; ihnnce south sixty-two degrees west five chains and seventy links along Ac centre of said road to the centre or the turn- pike road; thence south fivo degrees east one chain anitseven- lecil links along lhc centre of said turnpike road to the place nf beginning, containing one acre and sevenly linndrctlis or land, be the same more or less. And no suit or proceeding having been institulad at law for the Collection or said mon- evs duo as aforesaid or any part thereof, therefore notice is hereby given that by virtue of a pow° r of sale contained in said morlgngc and recorded therewith, and according lo the slatillesin such ease made and provided, tlie subscriber•will sell the abovo mortgaged and described' premises ft P'\ ' \> auction at the public house kept by Martin Hamblm, In llie. village of Antwerp, on Thursday, Ihe twenlythird day of n«„i„ler next, at two o'clock in 'he arieraonnc-nated Sep. ie.nher-10, 131V. <-l.vl3j ALONZ0 CHAlia.

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