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• --»•. ,-r^vW^^t9|^jy^t^t^^ E -g^g^g 1 t^^.^ttgg05^ ;222Hj3 H, Y. Central Time Tabla. Garipasa Albion Station » follow!: GOING EABT. Now York Bxpreaa Day Express—.\......... ...... Way Freight........................ Lire fltoofc .......—........ .. . Boston Freight Atlantic Expreaa. Accommodation................ Nilht Express— . H. Y.Throu»-h Freight .. a<HKQWB3T.j» f Emigrant »nd ittmSkAS^J^^jSifi 0**3%: First Line FmlgU1iOS&^3K.ftV. : .Sfc. 4 15 W \«' Night Express «... .............. — 4 65 \ Accommodation Way Frejht , Facifla Bxpreaa— —.....,... 11 00 u 'elic \ - ...8.15 A, X. ... 0.16 \ ..10.45 « ..12.43 r. at. ... 135 \ ...4.08 •' Sontn, Clai It said «r im —4^00 tu,- i i oo « Accomodation... ~.,;.-..^.r.Kr;-,'-..-i^4frr..»l, Throagti Frelgl-t .,.,.__..,, v ..,._..3 JB \ Chicago Expreia -„u^isv,i—^J.ai.-JJXiW - '* Atuotio Express, JStt..t,*ndPao!ttoBxpreM, West, rononSundv** _ » , , a » . iere mtir •tii wEDNEaDkiV^Ec? as, listd;? : h ^ Li 5 ?.« FOB business purposes this, offloo wl,lt continue to^ be conduotod under; thji natue..ox3p. GipaACJtj5s Goi,* to wbioh tltlo all communicQUoxis Intended for the RKrosLiOAir may be addressed, .. „_ TUB Editor's office hoars will be from ten^o twelve s, x., and from tw«r ta'areV. at.' Orders'for'joos; advertisements, etc., may be loft at all times 3»ith:. Mr. Hurd. or Fred G. Beach. Bfcwafc—jjiwtitja ,of o-cere. «tf. HdriMfa-niJHr, F . «d A. M., h-losr Tuesday ovening, Deo. 20th, the eWion of officers Jor the ensuing year took pia«ftC e|8alliar«fjfiMo«ft : \ '• * -ThomaO-Belt/'vV. M. .J&m pawn, s. M. • -TVin. Tanner, J. W. 8. A. RlYentrargh, Sec. GOO. 8. Hutchinson, Treaa. -Ara' regular convocation of Ortea,ns ffiw^tor, No. 105, R. A. M., the following s sora e|eoMpffloirs,for the ensuing year : U5-§<6®W?«J. H.P. O. Hardy, _. K. awajBAiliy , _ . B. Q. S. Hulohinson, Ireaa. ^arneS Mo^,ip, SM. InstalloLion, Jan. 12th. , ,., MWifia, Wei'eier. appeared th Js ^Z?Ln^ at tho Pioneer Clothing Houao. We havo no posttiveproof of tula, but believe i'lfe. whatever style of goods, or make h have required they could have be»n. at S; Adior &Oo's. i /soldiers o'fteiaiijbr i 0 wa, .muni*^ t 5^ 4^4*ta**fe^#»* #4 I* oal^the T«»a»**,jitte»«o!i , (j*. the llltm< r ,:. «Sjfv of Conno!^f'i^U t y^j l -, :!. IVaxtted. We wont a reliable correspondent in each and every town and village in Orleans county. Items of nows from dif- ferent points i n the oounty are alwayB ao- oeptablo to us and to most of tho readerB of the KBPUBUOAH. O. p. Onrtlea r Sel^s go.oda.oho«», and gives every eos- (omer a proaent. Oo and see about it at 37-ftblJ-ttieat. ^tand. >yera W Botip 0 rt <wu , 6 iyofli« moritB of this prodtiotlon, 0 r the grifeelui; e&otlT«mwuwr in-whtrtit wal a»Uvor»d. The tnodMt ytlle KOWSB.! j»«^i«Mattj)ed Ay 8e»alo|r B«h«lt, of Wa.|ii»gion. lis , jojo*. sh*pr«e«*l»d I . *K T «(thi.iolleV.- wMoli» f»»«^.>(i*fl oo*p«l» a ..-«rit;Vtti, labored pre-teo«oi>- uatiaUy brought fMth; onsuohocoasloa_j| J i^ r BoMMt,,onrl)raTeir,'oat boat j .•••'•. Proud pecs of tt» wti»Mr« irorsaipj'H\ he»«»'iTe in wirf.nlaSw'aisft*; »e wooHfaitta to^ay, Alaarellamoctalas hcarao, Abont the cilia w«»i oftke maallul §onU That eter to nortal'i «ere (Inn t A|oir» the dlujstUU of ip i t^ere In ptesente »a oash ouslomer* at 0; F, 0vtrUij^4TM»U»,itH^t. On th» 28d irut.»light luth« r pookef- heq», oenialniag two BO«I, p»y*W» to Sy* AU pattont are vratBtd »gaiaM:>u«oUit(n( ft»Jlk»,l^«^a.a%.«l>Rta4aei|«|i!50 ;&' i'^0»«h , «*orih«l»lUlrT*-aiHT.£'lilIit.' ,1 BINGHAM 1K&W >>$ i » T V is y Lift % *M M^P 4 »HI- fu^^wfsh LocuJ Notes. —Almost time to pay taxes. —Local new s is terribly- -senroe. —Xho late Catholic Fair woe a complete sucoeas. — Mr. Ooo. W. Blaoktroll, > former Al- banian, Is hore on a visit from tho West. —Oo and hoax Matilda Flotpbor Friday overling. , —Tho Albion Lyoeum Trill hold a spir- ited debato to-morrow ovening. —Tbo Eplaoopollano, Uclhouielo and Presbyterians had Ohrlatmas trees at their churches. —do to tho Pioneer Clotfiiqg'8tore for underwear. —The slolghiag so far this week has been excellent. x* 0 urio> Amorioa is baring a good lime \ ketohln' on bobs.\ and wheeled rehioiea are eoaroe in tho streets. —Owing to the alight confusion attend- ant upon too moving of our ollioe, tbo Rjt. n DLicis appeare this week considerably bcblnd litoo. — t)ur old West Darro correspondent, \ Trii.\ has looatod oot Weal, A lettor from hint under his now nom it plume of \ Keoo,\ will bo found on this pa|o. —At a mooting of tho Albloo Lyoeam held on Thursday last, ilobort Burna w^a elcolcd Proaluenl, O. M. Alvord Vico Pres- ident, John Cuanocn 8eorotmry, Fred Q, lleaoh Vreaaurer. — It pare to edvortiso. Skoptlc's want hiine testimony to oonvinoe, thorn of the truth of this assertion. Wc refer such to Goodman k Parnbam.the popular Cloihlor* wlio hare, by liberal OJld JudloiouJ adTcr- tuing, established a business second to nooo la tho oounlj. It?n«onlc HnHD^tcnllon at aie«aa. • The new MeWi o tlall recently fitted tip in McCormiok'i blook at M«dlna,by Medina Lodge, No. 888, F. and A. M., wasdedl- oated to their mse laat events! by the nw»! solemn and impressin oareaetlM of tht order. The dedieatory oertaaalea wera performed under the direollei of Depnly Grand Master Ohrietopher I . F»», »f Bnf. falo.and were witnessed by a large gather- ng of the order; tho lodge at (hit Ttllagt.as •well-as-all thoie throughout Orttjas md Niagara ceuntiej, being rapreaenud by largo delegations. Aa eleqaeat addrtM was delivered by Her. C. P. Clark, Lookporl, and those who were fortun e enough .to bi preioat tajey-d a rare liter. ary treat. -Tho hall, whloh la aleaauilytltaatadla tho new blook raeeatly ereolad i a that villaga, reflenta great oredit on its foan- dora for th» adjnlrabla aad (aiiefql an U ar In which ft* rooms are arraagtd and fur. nlahed, and as a Lodge kali ranks second to nono In any viUage ia Weatarn New York. ' a^TXiva^iil^» * A» Cola'maUl spirit hath known, j While a Uentaga fairer-thin wooarona have (HID On the lowlirat child she etltows, And,a lljbt that la hrtnilas; tht woria,to,httfut Thriea hlsistd are ye who have laid oa her aailaeJ trferWnw.aiJtteei, ' 1 Thr Tnlon tlloeb. Hoyce & Hicsola* new block on Canal st in vbtoh tho HarcnLKAJt ufllce is now lo- cated, has been named tho \ Union Blook \ LlbftrnJ. Tho proprietors of iho BulTaUa £^£1130-0^ JulHbntcd among tho ofhoe employees one hun.lrc.1 ,'hrlsimawa turkeys. The fowls caitSIM t onfrc^a Adjoarsevi. hith bouses of JOdngress adjourned 1'nJay last, until the 4th of January *a Amirtrd Edllar* The editor of the Brockport Ripvt4*c iaji •• We havo found by experieaoa dar- ing the pail week that running the editori- al irp&rttrocnt of a nowapapor and dlptho- na ai tiio samo lime, arc uol congenlal.and *a ate anxioua to disaolTe oo-partnerahlp with dipibena.\ A Prraent. Qo to Cnrtlsa' and bny One DtlUr'i worth of gooda and get a present extra. Uemoval af tho RepnlUesn OBea. 8inoe our last Issue, tho moling of Iho Rari-nwoAs printuig office hat bain oatit- faetorlly aeoomplishod, and we %re tdw established—albeit yet In some confusion —in our now oflioo. It la, wo may say. pronouneed by competent judges to be one of the handsomest and mosi oonvenlenl Ttllago printing offices In .Western Now York; being in this respect a oonirest to our old one, which had nothing to recom- mend It, save that it bad (ben the hopes and foam, tho dark days and tho bright ones of tho old Rar-rouoAH for nearly twonty-flve ycara—and that It was rented cheaply; The moving of a printing ofliee ia a mat- ter for some consideration, being always- attended With ranch trouble, great expenie, aod more or leas risk. In the present In* stanco tho oare and good Judgment of (ho foreman, and tho faithfulness of the other ouiyloycea of the ealabliahment ha>vo ro- lierr.1 us from mueh anxiety, as well as oxpcu'e . while the skill of tho machialais — than whom none better can be found— lo sbom was committed tho menlpalsjiion and management of the piresea, haa put t'l.'iutip In perfect shape, and left them la tip-iup running order. Wo feel under obligations (o all of these, and te auoo frlonda as volantarily rendered oeeaaie&a) asslstanco In our begins. Freea hi: radiant galaxy (lows, Thriea bletssd are r rtojar lives andyoer , Thro'the lark storm et wrath, tit hope and the etrsnith - r , Cf freedoaV, of berth, and of good. Wo tremblo no mare, tho' the- <T0tH phooW atlie In msaaolng ew ord at onr doon, The love, and tee areweu of Libeitay aou. Are fortress eooagh for cat shores, From lhetMBcheaof Titisairgte Loosewl'e sroud crest, Frova our o».n lorel/jUtoi to Ua mi Thro; etiry Strca oostlct.'thro' daafan aai gtalh Te catrlad the tajr of the Ires, Till the kale of fiery 'raial lowsfa trow, •eras oa wtth a* half * laiaa Aj«Ter was ensthoerro» tie raraaoi at Ufa, Pr (local on,th« altar tf fame, FryiatJusTaialadeairalriMaad (leas, *iom oar cltlM>Ulr bomak jo have oitmr, 'With year battle stalled lip, with the vtlaaaf lis . past, , In your time honored file end yea* dram | Ahl thatveiaeof the past, to yoer hiartaaal eon It brtass In its ats^eanl hcaath rha wild stratacf etetory I softened sad blent With the lotr, mvatiaaadsaeaof death. And th» Jubilant eoJst that wsUs ap to onr eyma,, is touabad with tba tears ot »gr«t. Aad onr hearts muss go oot to the drar caartyftd ones V7hose love wa can aersr teraat, Bnt the angel of (altb wnb bar magical aaod. Lifts the veil from oar friif, aad beheld I The loavlubl* hand of a lltytag God; Oath ptaiml (hara tntq ths fold. And we tao»-ib»t t«4a> in.tr toretl'tetrrej talto iB-a-aftrsaony-tTaadty dlvlas, *'* A (lad ttraln of Uinaipb, vbsse masie with oars Would tovlaal;. ealtafally twins. TUI ocr mlcea ring oat, lo raptoroes ihoat— A aooj who«, m« eeh0|3 ikall aay. Th. worts Uj.j.wOaldtjBa'bla, eeafa. Wy lbs* fttes SIOTB baslde-vlui.Lhalr eoinradta to-day j * All hett I to oar gallant dtihedera, all halbt All hall 1 to ran Freedoms release I I re-salon of keartal efaaaMl JlMO*0.<3»UTII. ' ,1 !a»,>» »W^»S^W^ftWI«»?eMoa(i si aoadnian 4 Farnham. _• v • y.*-„tf..„- -...- i.1.. IUII..I.H. i 'I OeaeaeeCaausijIteaaeh ; ....a . » Tho Datavia flptrtt tfiH !&»-». tjcapleled iMt we»k lla ifty «Twt year. - A IA Roy eorreepondeat of th e Timu gives • aa'aeooant of 'the •'deeloeatloa of a hew OhuTih.'St Marli»r Ift' .thai vinage, b y BUhajr'cO*. It was dedlWleg'aaJ'a hoase' ^PW^^i^iwwi^Mfroia bllttk H.XWW-^T^«»M»ail Ohuroh. I • th« ^tsfaiHrt d*n<*t* hM (h a allow- ing; Oalaeiciay laae M*. David B. pari*, fomw-a-ea i ef laaQemiaMwaadthLifa IatnraaM CoiiMat . of Raw Tqfk, m arrwaUedla thta vllbaey*, oa a warraiat froaa t4M,HM , »^ravm : tt«a*»« # aolJani ottfca.eoaipaay'i ateavey ha h»*:e>allaatad. It aeaaia tkavt thee* an twa IMM U Uia t* W \ 1 1 .\•'• 71 Grull. 'BlHk, Alb!»v i u 4 » j. tj-e ,+ * lis rif SW1 »^D m) uiatolaig&IiSti tmntWsSaait, - ati 1 R \ rt- fc lilKXai h\f Xlrftfif *•<(»•« f-*Mo *lmvt «HCU**®^ I ...rvnaitaaaniPy 1 ll 11^1 .ft tf\\^ i i wktoh All hail 1 to the All ball to Uia bABQftal Kntprprlwo. Tho Yonkers Oastttt, ono of tho bost papers we reoeivo issued !a«t Sejtuarday an pt'ja Christmas cumber, containing in addition to Iho usaal looal and general news eo-verai colnmna of proae and poetry especially suited to the Holiday season niMrtrimi Flrr In Rocheater. A serious oontlagraLion oocorred at Ro- rhesler 00 XJondsy morning, b y whloh the r»ol building,' Penlecost Bros'. Mllla an ! a p-oxlion of tho Detaoerat olBco were destroy od Many of the sufferers by the Irp ha.1 no insurance on their property Thr. loan to the Democrat ofliee will amount 10 about $t-\ooo. N'» Vlnalr. 'ilivoT Dlncn s Co , of B-^sion, have re- c * n 'ly publiihed two'now s mrpa, words and \>i\ie kji H MoNaiichion, entliled. ' H»mel«>ss Nelly,•' an! \ No, no, n\ ! and TM . yes. yes \• Of iho former we will oo'.y say ihal it haa already become, at the fas', on© of 1 he most popular molodies of the lay The latlar is as charming n piece ve h»To lately s*en—Tory jrraeefut and Mr McNaaghton ranks high as a len-ipi '\of writer.and theme simple and beantiful pwtswill add to the estimntiera In whloh he i> held Eatrnrt Worn „ niaeonrae Pf'ivere.l at the Baptist Church in Trn man.knrg, N Y., Tbanksglving Day, 1870, A. Sfarkwether, formerly ol •; Rev All. Thr / anksgiving has booomo a permanent •dilution of the land. We havo at loa.it \\\Uy in iho year when nil complaints 'hillI he i a j,i ajjiiB. N OW [ ojncspeoially 'h'nkf.il for Thanksgiving day,'just logive gfitobling people ono day of sunshine.* nt» very word Thanksgiving has snob a \\Mlons ring dbout it that It takes all iho rnmMe ont of a person. What ! find fault \» Thanksgiving day T why. i t would be >1*' as appropriate to sing •' Bark from 'he i«mbs,\ at a Christmas wedding. f m. u, w ernrn to Albion. I e are ploosod U) announoo t o the afflict • 1 \* t after an unusually long absence, T List on, the ronowned Surgeon to the A-haay Eye and Ear Infirmary, will visit A1> ion on iho lllh day of Janrjary, stop- l\\g for ono day only, at'his old head- lasnera, the Harrington Hooso. This *'ll of courso bo good nows t o sufferora fr »t» iiseaaes of the Eyo, Ear, Throat, Oa- *\h or Chronio diseases cf an y form, for \ « well known jhat in the successful jfeaimont of this class of complalnte, Dr. Wftoa haa no equal laithis oooittry. DrstractlTe Ertr* la ills, A Arc oconrred In Madia* n Monday nlgbi, reaultlag in a coaaldsrakla laae ol property. The l>amp*ef Ik* WaMr'IrirrU was frosen, aad the Ira tagiati ware e«l of order.and had ll tat be*a tat Ika arempl response of Gompany Ho % ol IUt vffiago 10 tho telegram for kelp, the daasge arauld doubtless have hewa'aiuch grealtr. The ftro was tret diaaovarodJa Frank Hunt's tin shop, and tho flames quickly onmmunloalcd to tho Presbyterian Ckaroh, wbioh was but a abort time ago remodelled and repaired al a great eoat. Other ad- joining bulldttji^a^fcr^jral *e..»r»f> i^n0$4^i^^»imSitU Me- dina Ilouso wereliurncd, though the hotol ilsolf was unlBJared r . As sooa aa f M^ wohid hm.lh a alarm was glmri/'tirf-Sa.Wui'lee »'U soon drawn 10 the depoi, »h«a i t -nib ca t eato the work train, whiek lack it U KasUaa la 12 minutos. Oaoa eatke growada the an- gino wovked venrud the! \Boyi thy thai notwithstanding the fact that they erorked as hard, if aol,b»rder than tkoie more im- mediately Interested, ao heafltelUy was o6erod ihem, and tbey had to gel their cs- jr!ne»& the Iraia again without th* least aid from ot hers. To Mr Joseph Lafwood, telegraph ope- intor here, we are indebted for the follow- ing statement of losses and insurance - Presbyterian Church loss $30,000 1 -in- surance $A,0OO. P. P Hunt s loss on building and Bt&ck $8,0<X); insurance £2,200. Chapman A Ferguson's loss $3,- \0n ; insurance $1,300. 8. 0 Tibbttt'i loss S-i.OOO ; folly Insured. Rlohardson A Swan s lrw\» $200 ; covered by Insurance M E Post's loss $100 ; no insnrance. For the I.net Time ^^, During the yoar 1870 we tnko occasion to refer our readers lo tbo cloihing ompo- rinm of 8 Adler & Co. No one can rea- lize the benefits derived from patronizing a first-class establishment without first giving their goods a trial, aod wo urge onr ••endors who are Interested In doing so to giro the above named house a coll. N. V. Stale .lUllutxT Ansoriotloo, The 18lh annual mcoting of this Ttssoci- ation will bo held at Albany, on Tuesday and Wednesday, January 17tb and 18th, and promises to be an interesting oocasion. The only opportunity for cougultation, and tho formation of mutual acquaintance, among the officers of tho Nationnl Guard, IS that offcrod by this annual gathering of two days duration; {and if the officers avail themaelveasof. It, as they should, ranch good would unquestionably be the result. The annual addresB will be delivered ID the Assembly Chamber, on tbe evening of the 18th, Ly Colonol Frederick A. Conk- ling of New York ; after which tho Asioci ation will be entertained by Adjutant Gen oral Towtutend. ' Officers will attend tho ^sessions of the Association in fatigue uniform; and the annual address and.reoep tion In full dress uniform, with lido arms. lUcdlnri Items. We learn from the TVioenu that Mr. D, C. Breed haa placed is the Masonic Lodge of that village, a musical instrument of great elegance and beanty. The samo paper states that Rev. A. At O-raley, former pastor of tha Fraibviarlro Church at Slodlna, has accepted Ika pas- torate of the ckuroh at KnowlaavfUe. Also, that tho Presbyterian society at MiUville will give a grandJJ festival te-a\or- row evening, In their new'chureh, which ll nearly completed. The proceeds are to be appropriated to the furarahlag 0/ the oborch. The fWJuac haa alio a lucripllia ef Ika aew Hall ot ike Odd felloere at Mediae, and en>ecooat af the dsdiaaiary eaxaas- alea, part of -iklak we oopy: The Hall Ua haa* e»iuaTat*fd-a»der the aaparvliloti of a caanitue innatatai by th* Lodge, *earopyla| the saliVailrd Itawy of Smith's aew brick bloak, HkyH feet, and we Boat say tkal It raneels fraal credit oa the soauaiuae. Tha loor a? Ua aula hall kaa bees eovmd with lagrala earpal, a Taylor and rarjey Orgaa, aad other neat aad appropriate furaUore. The The desks of tba officers are beaitUally upholstered with red and blue velvet. Behind the If O. In ths West, Is * baok- f sand of Red. Behind the V O. la Ike east Ua baokgreuod of Olne. The walls are hung wtb beautiful ptotures and oherle,emblem* tlcof the order, also tbe picture of ths foun dsx of Odd r.Uo wghlf la Amarita—Tkamai Wtlday The pheugrapk af W. W. Potter, deceased, presented to ths Lodge by hli wife, hangtofike P O.'a ohalr. the •*•! ' uaa hetsUahlla-UvUi, J*- faat. 6 t , oaa of the asOet beautlfally-tarriagei ablll la tha Bias* fa* suck luipoaee. Tha ft. W. O. M- efthia Btate, Daedal Weed, »«- fottnad Ih* Dedicalary eaaaaaay, waiated by Qraad Oakeeri of Mediae and erther Lodges WK!aTKa»J CORBanPONDBXCB- [The following, from a former Weal Bars re correspondent, appears ia oar looal col oraos, for want of space on Ike feoond page. —Xn. Rar ] An Aaaoa, Miea , Dee, TO. En RaroaLioaw.—Perhaps a few liaei from this quarter may interest someef your readers. After leaving the eld, traaquil vi llage of Albion, and speeding along over ih* tails of the New York Central, and Michigan and Qreat Western Railways. I soon reaohod the enterprising aid beauti- ful city of Ann arbor, waieh ia situated about 47 miles from Detroit, on an elevated tract of lead between 60 aad 74 feet above tho level of the surrounding country. ThU place baa many atiiacUonsand apiitaenU in the line of business and educational en- terprise. Among the many extensive es- tablishments I may montipn in particular, Dr. Chaso's steam printing bcusoand book- bindery. This institution la the largest e» the kind In the Stale, and haa the largest and most perfect machinery now In opera- tion anywhere In tho country. They carry on printing from tho paper in the sheet, which Is done on tbe ground floor, passing through the various operationa' until it reaches tho third floor.from whloh it comes out In nicely hound books—all being done under the samo roof. Among tho cdoca tional institulione is tbo College or Univer ally of Michigan, whloh embraces in its oourse every branch of education neoessary to complete a thorough and praetlca.1 know- ledge of hosinesa transactions. Conneoted with tbia inslitotlOn la tho Medical College wbcre mew; of our Eastern Surgeona and Physicians receive their diplomas, l a this institution there i s a large Muaenm, scien- tific and medical, an domination of which is eery interesting. There are now 1200 students attending this College, rtxwo. time Vi H toewtt of aavlif eoUaaftad oquraa U will t o tato tha Mart* fat adjndl- caUoa. Mr. P. piwMMa bad, wW** was fll** at 18,600. H* wea in okargw of Ih* sharsf for two days. They are parable, QoodaM ft ratalthai'i isodt' ar e dura- Mo. AtC^lituf'RemoHtllri- Ltrttge^rlo. 97, F. aid A. M., which wa* held a a the evealng of D»o. 3*th, tloaa* Ball, Tor ehlpful Master, «u |«*aaled by A. W. Crtndall, la hehalf j\f th* orttar. wltk an elegant lea pltehar, salver Md goblsli The gift waa a token of thlf Htsia tm whloh Mr. Ball Is kali] by lii'blithn n of the order, fir his oatlxlag tabor aad faithful ness aa W. M. Ik a followiig Is a aepy ot Mr. Oandall's prcaaatatloa epiioh ; Moil Worshipful Maiteri 1 have a communication whloh doei net oomo from the Banlor Warden la the Wem yal I hate no doubt he laaillou* end eppror»» of 111 neither does It oome from tho Jislo r War- den In the South, although I am eetutrala- ed to balliva that ha alio (tsolloaa and From (hi aaturi of B M it PRESTON'S ia JTEW ^oHjJlV ».' 'i!df *•» ->i» |t6> -t-i 1 -I ' .* JM'O ,.J .-,.' 0 t :Wl ,. v .'. • • '!* - hi ait * ti» -a vttir-.ssV u £*.%, .'iljai-. jfc- • -• » i'1<r . b - . .1 .ilO -«3 . M'ta-Sfsik • • 1. %.m1 .ijjaseStfw ill. approvMofth»**ail. this oomnualeattoa It wsa.lt *«vU taal had bean Ihrengh th* aanda of th* tain of Tyre, for II pirjaksa lotnewhat ef tk * Tyr. Ian aldll and ounnlcg. II ta lomiwhat like a illver cloud lit with a goldin lialDg at thoinn slaka ialo th* Weet.VeV Iky . wlr, It is a ooramnnloatloa from lha Qraad Lodge of 13carta— kaarU that spiak with a silver tongue and golden words. It eoatj la yesa-at thb* Ittfur aUcaTiral aew assist lo retire ftoa the nerpesslbli dallia e f U i Waiter of this Lodge. It f* a alight raooj nltlan of th* falraae*, *f th* JuiUass of tha coartMy aad aiTlUiy, as wall •* the feithfaUeH with whllhyeu k«t* perforni. ed th* Satin af that effloi. ! Hid it w»i a ooauaaalistloa fram the Oread Ledge of Hearts, and I believe (hat yon will carry Ilia your heart *< hierta aa a oherriahed love iaa a ftaaa aad Utiag thlaf, •• leag aa Meat cry atU enthrcweei 0701 In aettti seal. IiataaUltasfthsstssajalmwalo l yon «ra held h y yo«i hnthen . U iMhalf efUea e b«thir», vh*M trariSWe goldia aad ahiH taagaas an silvar, I frss>e*tii yoa Um «oi4aa •ahl*** **i last (Urn •ttahar «• th* e*sj»a«l**Uaa wilt * thiy weuld oaka U yau lo-al|k», * • last r*- Oremaal rroaa ejia*. sVsd U * daalre if the doaori U, that It na y be lasg aefara the goldia »*wl la teakaa ax the aUvir esida«ra lieseaii. \ Tha raelplaat ef th* gift was lotarelaUly takaa a y aarerlse, hat aooa reoenrad hint- •elf, aad r*apea4sd luluhly. reat •aeekaasee sasaiealr. The -proprietor! of the Qreat Bhoskeneei Remedy aartalaly daaane great endlt , thiy havo latroloHd tato this Croat lepublle a Triwaphgnl atedlaal Diaeovary, wbioh Ii really, end IruthfaUy, wlthoal * alagli parallel la tha whole iiitary *f Medieiae. The Radical Curse made \y tela Qreat ladle* BeBtiy, I s lamal* Oeaifiainlij Dyipapala, «flrbfuia, WiMnahs*, tiainity, a>a, eas, la Ih* true atsaa af to* Una, lur- prlalxax aad aetonUMag. Ik e fttaaardy It aertalnly a vietety la raalily. USflMJL mm TH tba Dlstrlel Doort ef the trellsd ItaWa fat ths X North.mDisarlelaf Hew Tori, ta SfabrrtpU; Na9.STI. fha aaianteval arpaa; .1.7.. m»ife. .r his appernUBest as aeisntt«f Ota astita o# Jarsts w. gattlss and Ffcllaaeef Klllird, ef albun, la tie coeatj of Osteans cad But* 0 f >;««, Terbc. within Met tikOT R. SANrOIlD, Aaateare. Datad, Xavaas*wra9Ua,IBTa. SSel JE1VI1IJM 1 €#r. Main tnd Gtnml ^i,, ROYCE'S NEW EMPIRE BLOCK m Wo leraA, »<1*tJ •,vV M&MS&k |»lia»4«%T»SE»,V|Mi 'llill ».NnW£»»f'.... ?.a2}Hur\\ A -~\-\''-\- - - •' ! -'» I Jll>. Great dosing Oat Sale! T« oflir onr Entire Stpek for ualo WTITOUT RE8SKVG »g the h*alfh of onn of onr firm l» «EHQ|! that It i» aecttaarj for *> chatiga in bnslnet*. V7» bar* recslvexi Naw OooJa, but will i u l) all togoilior. I'lio follow log atra a row price*: JPUCk s\lpac*\ Hi sad «|>vraar4i •ccardlag i* tgmshllly, •11 Lla«B UMeJhartUhlalk, T9c. fr »«>., «•»« TomeYling, •*., Tnblo l.luan, flllc. W« hajv* a fblj |ln» af-thi b«*l makoa of Black Alpaca, Black Mohair Lustres and Pure Mohair Brilliantlnes. GOOD PBtKTB fs» 1} C*MU. *w»r;ikiha; ii Fnpaftioi. Uani LAUQB 8TO0K ia SHE1TIN8S, .lEUt IMOf. IU1PURE LACES. CUITAIN MUSLINS, NOTIONS, FLANNELS, Clotvkinsf, Shawl*, Cloths and Caasimeres. Wt h«ww * l»rg« »siortmeiit of tt>« last mentioned eooili, *ntl win got up RUITd TO OHDlifl on Uboil Notioe. QirrauB a call. We man baaiiirj*, and Intend to cl(*»e out our enlra stock. •a. U CAIlX •TBKKT. RIFRNDUBfiO & H0PE1NS. Jlhlon, N. V, pVcaeats Given Avrar. $2,000 worth o f Presents will be* given awey to cash oustomers at C. F. Curtlis', 47 Main street. Now is the time. All goods sold at tho lowest cash prices and a Prtswfceit^a, , , , lterereevB gfcla. Qtrrrttiti f»TJKT—QSIJMSS^ tTjnravT, WiUliai iJ>ea.^us, v-wv>'<—-siiaass »ys»«»i. s» (Ulztel Merrill, plalans, atalast J.rstlt Tbi.ra ai< . daOaaa^Si la, aaeaiaaea ef a jaBttvieit 4sr of sale rsadaredta teiaaellea at a Bsactal art, baM n tbe Coart llowaa la Ika •. Cent* of **»•, M. T , era lbs W IITO Iry las Hoa.T. i./sba. appelated for that iraeMa, win Mil a* aablli wn.errewteteoeoi'<i«Oo»rtBoa««lltki ef nmt tUr, (k* lo\\Q+i*t dMerlM rnmnmt% *u •. •• AH tn*i met IT M««I of iW fititu lyim nd bain ta it,* tfws «f fUt)xir»M, tit Up eormati ef OfWuul fit*l*s>f KM- To(^W.aftfa«*«rui. of IBI •aBt><r tvtBt^-lbaT la Uwnhtf) gf|»ii •rid \v»i» third «r Ih* lI6Tlwa UR« Comui'i Uad, bouailKl wed V Ikftt) ffMrl.-T W'Jttw KB*)- Lid, afty chftiai twt«t7-«twllDk» j Bfirih b y U*i- •btp tttttab*r itxt**n In t%# (bird ntfif* tw«it/-it» cluiBi tw«Dt;-t*o iuk«: Hit -T lo* ntmWr »lit«i hr^-nla. cilia* t»inttj.t*tyfl»\i,'fAi<l rrwtk by M aual>»r twtotr-tluat twin^ST* *1UJM tviitr* two Itnta, uiWalBff oat hvadrtJ ul tv«aij'iU term.\ \ DaMd DeBtabai Mth, 1170. _____ afOBH 0- sUWTW, kAflym SOUS H. WHtTB, AUgreT. _ Ma) i-\BLKAIW COWT?~ __ Oimoi—n. Ka- tie* U b«r»by |l-«a Ui_* tha BASKS af fertit* ftror MraoDi to HUTQ »• Qrasd Jtmtt, ftsd OM auon ef tbirtj-erti pafiAakf- t«i-r» u r»jut Janm, fct ft Oo-rt af Ortr aad Tarartair au4 8pe«Ul Ttrm af (h* Bapfua* Court mopa!* 1 ** V) tu b*)t1 it Urn* Govt HriBji* tax AIMoa, la ta4 for fiu O-aatf rf OiUtbi on th« tftinj Mmoajr of •JaaBarY mrit, ailt _• dn*p *t ary oflak In Atbtoa, on tba Htk «*T ot Dwxarabat, .S70j at t*n o'doasa ID tba fomftOD Of that <«T. Wftacn BJT b>ad ami oflc-tl IM] tbtl lflttPtlfty af D*o«mb«r,lB70. 2S<-4 GEO i . PORTM, Dtai. Olarh. of Jobn Oi &H*j*r t Btm>)mU tf ft* Coaalt of Orieaos, Notiw ia bewby rfraa ta «H ftntna bit* for «l-ie» «nl-*t tba «a-.l* of Mar* D«k*t, ItW if tba Tamna of Barn, Otifaai Cpuptj tad Statw.ef Nt*. Bar—, Orlaaes Oo., M. T., sa er before the Uth 111 of DrcelabeT, A. D-, IITO. . , 1. aWATKltalAX, luamtn, latsd, Utb day of ja»,, A_ D. 1ST*. M^ OTICK TO CftEtVl ofJohn 0< Sawyi IrffL—Persaaatts ana order obn 0, Sawyer, lurratau.of the «—anly ef ncU».la hereby rivaita aUaerteaalaailsr rattstJOWaatataefBlram OirBi.laia — -t - Orl .. oulmsaisliit Oiaaetata of Hiram OarUs, lata af tbi towa Of Barre, Orleans Conatj aad lube of Kew Tork, aeeealed, to p'reseat the ass-, ait! lha •ewe- era thereof, duly varlBea, u the aaderslfaasl, at las TUISTS o'.ilWoa, OrHaasoowBlv, N. I, an aw betrrs ths Im oajtofiaay, A. D, lSTt MmS ~ OHABU-I?, MOOB», Adalatatrator. fe*g~ 1 •\' ' I'll mm 1 MAiKt* M Itkta It, maMhMta-. T>ffll leeelal Waelsaale eaS Hetall Bsaat far tu JL t—aWrart,alibiiaarta-tatrea* (tataim acs Vrias UH as* vt—waraa, •aapkaaar~asP •*•'•. teHlabrareb. rutw* Baal III Ctaas, •>ll jra«—I,ta.-iaaa4,el<, rsllaaia aad sarsata. Msa.a, graaat sal s,ri(b,s PI4.N-OS; •bkk*M (MBTSUBII., ORGANS RELODEOWS. TU tarpil raata—.lsHt <~Tbaia.tl>,Wrl taail aadihaiaeat esrpaa. Badaoid Prioai, ISO, *7B, HOO, 1126, •160, 1276, sad Upwirda. Ueal Ajeata, Oulltt, Taeuasra asl (bsf rablli eaSiMt«uRiaS njiUHat Haek'sUr, fraiarbthi\. n. B. bUeUe, IsaaJrur direst fr.a (areya, bUl.r a.aJeSeT.1 ' *^ Aeoordvont, Conoerflriaa, OTJITABfl, VIOLINS AND BOtTB, Kaittoogio Mouth Organs, Brass anii Oormaa Silver Cornets, Sax Born and BAND INSTRUMENTS. Hade and Stamp**! \H. a M\ rta* fr»h,autan. Trl«iaIa<«i,»-.,for every la. rtraM'bt fabtlatufef inxii Mlrsio, BLAKX AND BARD BOOKS, INBTKTJ0TI0-, IOWSAT SCHOOL iHDOiitrxcaiftrsia'Booii, Ac, ta , s»- . Ahy (Mil Mat by Xrpra— 0. O. 0. —amaled eerSwa, aeyaMa aa dsltvery artwr esaalaat—a. >Tg\lrni iTTKHTlOa sf yoass ate wbs Ssilra a X l«/M.o|h •rueratlaafer tlilaau ll UlllS ta taa adtsfitafesaesrjtd Iry tba •ryant, ItrMtun * Wtlllama iBOSIllESS IffllVElaSITYe BooBMraa, a. T. »j» WmtTB. HACDr, #IIUIa\- M.T. rs tQ.STCOT, aoi/vsnosafiouii a . , | J ,1^ , oi^^a^»*'- ,t ''* 0 - Mm | M«-ert« abUta. Iliiliu : TI»Wa*<a»veve- The ritroaagaeflkla fastilullns hs * fc'^saa so taeaaa1etBl.nr»av1,larU tHacs It* taefll- IfopsrXsi a th«T—ih miasm Wacattsa upon a rlaas w»4« Hl% a«4 bill l„r«—«»'* »> aay tr_tl!ollot| ef eusllw thasaeUr. i—.at a* la • Iters far lea; rate,? the lutttattlss sW be \• jrsfniHr aaai tpsliea- Aay laaairIM B—JTBilliaas—ariti ^/•%s«am<k'i*__»^aiitililsa> MBrraiMiw resfintii; eoatetf ef lavtraetlea. lira**, a$o„ address L. WlXXXtStil, rr«ewrl«tsr, Hsoauavls, K. T TIMOTHY SEED! NOW II THB T*ME New Seed at Low prices! Aulas. Aat SI III*. AT A. 0. BAIIJCT'B, I) MalstUnet. Hasou, Birn»rd A Spaaldlttg, DIALEBS II LUMBER, LATH, 8UIN0I/K8, DOORS, Sash and Blinds. BILLS SAWED TO OfiDEB Tbto arall ftnairn raaaMa tbrt*«t iff «pi C**«it'. '-i4 laftva th! cast* twbtai'. i| t« thr ii tti aisti iti* {urn a »...*. _rw. ewn»> \- awJIV, Pf%l Biii hj Pracf ln(» and iU«iiip In mi ao4 laava .hi caaaa rt*h,a.». u ta> tba p»i# v|(i prajHuaUom. bat It lacasr-i ia4 aistft-^ \ ' • •flf aUajainttatisn, fbaa tmonnt tl ^imtttlat, RBTJ1 L W. roWM4 * M] • - <III taaae muiai'.ii las tr»w P»|t with. aRflfll u-in-, ^t it lacwr-i ia -iain#V, ih/fpwajj maf££eli* $10,000 in Premiums, TO BUnSOfllnsTKB ANOOAJIVlHSIJrl \ Americ'uRural Home rubll.hrjJ at »eil)tj»r, (f, Y, A, A. npRKiKB AKP o. r. tnuxtp, Kdilsrs aad Proprietors, A NEW FARM AHWMTV WEEKLY of Eight Urii Qoarts Pi(»l, Hand»mllr llSar tralsd,Staaltfe^^jalgl,t^failyktlaeti ,. ; Valuable W t iMT f kt ZM PLOY MIH 1 ucfim- >«iios(S*4t,j,itjji\i •- » lialsmi|||,l>,,ira t^tHR«iBh)tta>».a*,bfkilaw« -ta, lit'Sa^W-f**\^**..' tliflliil fa ilk'jLMfr •4 mm .iliV«Mi*afti,MIvai.. iTWlejit fa ' *^c Uiwf#fi|t^.*,n.i _?_*«i!t , flsiss .l»,.treka-l«l. l w'IW!t^,| 1 'lii l ri IIJ oa'., ft J,. > ; , ». ——^—-,., i^, i.-..^..-.... •\i'.f.*. '' ihvmfo trt* I'fntf.fcHfrcihj^Jr IfWSStajtiTP i> W7«J mi •IJJ—al la I.;T_prrM^H!Hrt~^Mita. -sojiil tlrtviinn. fcottoVy. t£& A Wish «f»t l e|r»,tiV' a«k««iMa«s>u~n Jig «w4^,il.fe^l,!fe.'w: ^rt,3irrtt^3na______ ABOhfs* 1 ttoft**li|,J. ;•,!, ?^,*»»NS R 4S^,Sl W ka*J!.-«l*0 M £ *i N J,.liy_,^A.MV raW-8H|lf»K»s«a»fti •^K ,6 V> haa»1l III'tMawlea,»I ill a-larr ar*«Jm*» AftTiiarA oiicas H;li.'v-r. , .ll|[i 1 .,,i»«v.trtij'. t r.*l«*„ii 1 |uv.—am •r-ii* jqtv«-it«iti tcrfli*i,fni«_t in. - I'.S «Mi* • uii'vratKaiiilrslAhaaliw Mi • % l I* 1 - |lfj^;i;^i r , ;.?«L*«'' , >•»• ci«vu«'itaii«». **!ii» a. c ;WM:»JI \' Us^aMM, \~*%f «•**• Vi uaT/t BLK JrifJ|ifs»-.i,i tie iii|^.»Aitrttji»ji.» i&%Q> '_ ._a_»'»l 0-^^V'«t«_5__M^fflfn I82C. l is . -i iiMta>«<.f4M'*w th* 14*-* k J d I Jtaaasri>ii IWe>». etlas t.d «*• oAlli i BI. an ether, ,;3!la.lE®ABDr •oft. kitVi'.f^^h'S i««»- lkiuiar ikiioi:., ,.,„ fllUB ',«it>IV«'^_l|biWtet>nn, llltlia-—tali rt.^ito. ta,tlll„l sMWai.ilJSn. vt dtiliir-^ •• - -_.*v#ltay»a^|;.ltef s Mia fc J,«i 1, kaakavaii «*a»atl*aes>er*^»i »««**« aHftfllatjlSlA {tlki»'f'}m»^ «|tms ? ».tj.f.^_ _ t , v , < ..... , -'•Vai JloHArlOa* —Ao, 1,1, at- gutlirsue <•» rwaCie lirXr'aeaaonln, uilira, thai, HI Basatat' My «\v»rhsi K»» b. »i» i|il» rBn—rniiiis *cv ''T-WHNl'-sr-BlX'i'H TfiJAJfc h (tllsOt IH. East End CaaM ««,, AIiBIOST, W. Y. a.*uaawA-» a mats m A.Hc.ltor.l, lT«Hf*u(fk'i-aaf,''lI.-|.»\ltt,« , ~ * Uurary ear) ftimt, FOB ALL. E.17BALIBT* ' As Oes* •• tbe.Blll, II l/,b*j\dnd>eIlU>»ti»'J 0^leftpea• thin tn» crh«im$& .' Deles' bnt II.OI a y*ar,SI*lt* gs8»c>l|r(lonv'-'allll Only $1.50 a Yeax- • i la Claba ef ilafaw eftrl-c. »-> i Hr-trei.lsi.ssaad jrjsalsa Uila>wlia47*<' laT»*ree. 4ddr4iw, • , «l u.pknii a wiicot, ; ' VMaMiVi fl, at m ' i .... Iraartlei L .»ias erif ps»IJn*srl, ltr,r> aasiUt Ii >*a«lP ttsrSHustiataa t>a|i«,asaV»g»«il; llliiatralld Klill o—^jpnii ipiavxasgi, tiptsseat^tg Dm MtHmnt.f Millie* '•*» Hilhtftiit, >f •—mtfiiiuMt ^ChmUnf 'Pktitpiihaf, tysat — ' s»|lsBa«-'ltBMMCS|t<s?ltlltfS^t»i. '. ' •'? till 'TWOliy.tldl^- VrjitilJid 0P.?«-*»r1r (111 Tltaesr luilpaaj.., toulr.le-al.ls \Iniwrawflioillftt Ordj. Ml/ Baa*! Pt|tl, .,-.; i • . .. , • \ «»?« \\ \' m _„• i, u&*mm B \-- - • <• :•-• - -- •'•i-,- l.-^»K«l»Vli| ! »a^rf,V.. n <e^-t«;iliiiil*aiaUa-^ aaaai%|p|r, . . T .,....aejtoiW:afeari,s' • , Javaaa^l»^»Blig»e^l))|aajlasiij|r.^ ^ . f t i.l.(0a.afr*s. aesr, via—a Ol\ f«r,i giae.aeb, u,tje\w.iih '•t«j» »«<•*•* hriiaja tha 1 ties eshknifd aNaei i- -\ , -*if-^» , « ! ter-. s . A ^l! | <•«.- // ^ ^^——jdSfeA*— — „„^ ? 4 A »Wrtl,»..»H.||»,\'

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