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Orleans Republican. (Albion, N.Y.) 1829-1943, October 26, 1870, Image 3

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Carspau Albion SWionsB rollomt XS>°.<wx\ 1 «••—'\« , ..ruit and AKomodaHou lA.JltlS/J jSWtaigW.- je-Uulou of ibifahSilSil |S»tntday last was a *>y bog to he re- riem.'bttei >ty the sutYlving officers and iras it joyous on-, and ma anm S^^oM^M 8 «» well 83 the hilarity ^'^S^Kr***' \w»#ej ti». 4o.ti.oi . . Frog-nt. {SsKS'gbt ^ rtl,..l«».~»»>,lj ffi £„,. *„. Bandars. to w» * -•<< fa t s*a,. -jrf e iiKttKWii BM.mop'8 ^«J_ATO*\l6|^^«B«» eta it Vfi hare reoleyed Hi No* ,0? BaUpu's Han yfJSl)KES»f V, (OOJ^SS, .im f.K u% bas-wM puiJodWlMoHcai will tontlnuo t o ,(,.iucl«<i oudur the came of C G . Bsaoil fit Co., uebioh title oil cpinr^rMltullolU, ^t^ndttWor 'V: ^caucus > U beoddrtviied, . -.^.j\ , J . ' ' rue gdtior's otto ho<»ra,»lll,bo Crotnlft to hrel»«i , and from '•• lo B \ '• * ?*w1?'fc/P.' i\!>% '[ „o,t,. ox, asxj bololtat all times with . Beach, ^,JSS; m ' t,-.; >, <-* -•plenty of white ftoitl. : w **\''. * _ Indian »™»ier*B-at h.nn'dg^ -No earthquake about here. -Police bnsiflW iabrlglitexi%{(. -/ . _ mroral cllapltay 8 «r« fre'qfieni. _Tbe woollier at»pro«nul Is lovoly. . _TnanksgMng'' 3n$ Wvonabor 114th. —Look out for meteors ihttsso nigli'a. ..idler & Co. Adlcr S fco.* \ \Idler & C6 _OiJ Boroas nbistlelb much jusl now. -Stove doalors ajc doing a thritlng bus- iness. -Iho low price of UOOUJXMU) & Farn- him's goodB boots the northern lights. -Mr E. T. Coann bag opened » Bank- ,„, ofhoo in Uoyoe' a Illook, Canal it, front. If youTHKt your wWlow»8blng done „ ID arllallo mlWner.n^ply'ta'^MrfflioharJ durdineer, at Medina. -Mr. J. T St. Clairhatotx r llinnks fo r Sen Orleans papers, a naoltago, of Tpic h ' IA rtw L, S it OOTT receiro weokly.' Hr« in Klbo. \U loaru that a houso'ipa %>ari) Itl KIb% *ere Joalroyodhy Uro on Friday night. llollcT- We learn froin^ UJJ, Slun&exrti that the iltlley TJniou Sobool , undor tlso able DIW - iffmeni of Mr. SLilson, bs5 ml presonl a .irgrr ivitondoooe Usanit lias bkad for years, tad 'be putrotidgo' from Oulal<I« tho (llatrlcl .•cil.ijr Microns! i&g. Urlloo NOT.. t nr« ocourod a t LnkoViow onSslarday, jomg no damage, tuxverdr, bojrond burning tsr roof of Murray's saw-mill. t larfrti scboooor. name not known,oaine sear be ta g nrookod in Lako Ontario, noas* nt lung pier at Uaio Vlow, on Tuosday. ,'i. *as l o ImraSjasnt dsng^cr, of bein g hihrd wtrninsl tbo piorbjlbe wares which riortpht or loo feet bigh Sla« iras CneJly •^-rl about and nailed east t>rmo<-rmilr ^Irelln^E*. r«o lt.id B es, Oct. 28{b-R- Po(l«r, Jno •I «l Rr>raVer» Kollry. Ool 'J*ih— 1 I'.ric-r. ffm K_ Tonoienxi, Upoakin-a. MrUa So> 111— E Torler. J II. White, bn V B Lcwr». Sr 'mn iba D«nioorala of Ibo abo-rc iijir-l pucea will r-alljand-io Ibelr best' .<i'rure> 4 Urge attendance at eneh mooting titration. w* w ill send lb© RiMnuroAH and th e H'.<-.-w ffomi, h laaTRO Jolimial of sixlo«n p*ie« fi r younn and old. osao joar, fo r !' >i (be Run txx.IQAlf and the Solur<iaj/ r -i.«7 Pott, on© of lho beat family **ck. leu tne couniry affords, for ^.1 . 'bo Rx- \ si i* *a and Litiy i JYunii for J-1 Opposition lo Meri-e-< Morlrllrm. \ \' ale I onrenlion opiioa* 1 ^ lo icorel ao •* •• i* loin hold Bl Sjrac^aae. in Sha k •[rare Hall, on Cho I6lh of SoTembor I -,g i he «i((nera of lliorall. who aro near ii .-ritTOien, wo nolloo th o names oi t l-«oford, Ssq of BntreOanatar, and R«r» II r Robert., of Roolioslor rkr Va ri h<ianki< »» . «'i(hil; felt at 41 Mai n all eel. there 'r o/ « grand ruRli for ffoodji on Ihla day. ml Me*«r« Adler and Reynolds found b»ir bands full ira attondinss to Ibo wantf •'•le r ,-tniomerji bill Iho Pioneer (\lo • b f l ri ,.i«e has wllhsloo^J many »ocb •M.-I« an I i« prepared for many more in ••,• ' nre wj't,! aayB •M l £$WP tt?>ost songtuno of Us mem- (pa •»>{ tSfeio tntiny othor rej and near. r^sDBotJve. bamos in this vioinUy, whilo nm£ •HJ*%.Sf, Jtb.j.8,-.0«feflrat tornUon, »%>.*«mil silt ana%ify:^ Wo t 1 .«^ a . m m^iH.\^ punrtia-by. fta titrof Wond«hlj>- and- brotherly love \to. tUXtl fbrrner ootarados'.' Many'wore tho hearty T4'B 8 Jr-S\t' !m<1 8'V«n »nd many were «i5T»6\atf £e bf'frienashir5 JrJoUfert ?rftMhi3- tjooasion by Ihoso vrh^Stia' not met before ainca Ihcy -wore \the Bnit of blue.\ jPtt^^J.o^nifig P>nay;of thoso ra- ^iding.itt « distance oamoVsnd, after the arrival of iho early trains on the folldWng 1 ^ffkU^t'S^f \l\ °1° hundred pros- Wat mil n Jl': \it-one' o^iook\ all a^om 5 - ile.d, in th.n parlors of the Harrington Bouse and listooed ta the Chaplain's, nfl. dre'sa, tiBsc uhifih the business t)jt the: or- ganizniioii W a 8 tronsaoted nnd the follow- ing oflieors elected for tho ensuing year: Praiimt—U.. Col: Charles Bogardus, j ./»««-fr«tti«K—Capt, Jas- H. MqMannis. !'Secrsforsr-^QIjMloB W.. Wall. ., .... \SVeslirer—Li. Coi.\ S. A. Uowon Stdmlard Surer— Saruuol Tont. ' Tho meeting ^aa Jldjourned for dinuor. On ontor-ing the \ dining room \ Wol- oome 161 s\\ waa prosenied to view in large Altera t*aiei\)ljy arranged with iho aura and Bldpes ovurhead, while around tho walla wero tho names of the engage- montsid \erlil«tji Utiiii.ri)giia e rti partic4>ited. On thonavbljjji^eforo thero wawiapfend a —.ptatjiu*., feast whioh-dld jor^ttit to Iho arid hpjVeBS^aiioapreparjtfa it ^ and ill hid assembled, three reusing \^^^^^^SSSS^S^^SS^&i^g^B^^^^S^S^^S^^^^^^^^^^^^^A rb u III illn. a '\- \ | •Ur „, •> I ii • . 1 |. t lfxta*-ni ^ Crwirtili will bo routed on ' Iba i \• ' ln *\\\\ ' \ '\\ \ peotn' 1 t attendance i« r e .order of Trt. * V *** T (' l!UL* V ' nork *«plM*«-|* .* ettuumc alo^uonoe and force wo ha.** •ol lately area ajayloina btsJUe/ loan tin 'I- 1 ' \ ai • I - i . 1 ml '. I-- rfabiHiiicr in tho Mennell l-iiITal\. i«rppoi-«e*l bj iho F!i. f'i 1 erf wit, oT-igitnlitj and OglC 'n Sun.lnj night U*i a ba-rti betonprinp * x I r tnMon. anj rcnM by Mr Hib- * r < n [.Hire L'entor, vrati defllroyed bj ^ Tho bam coaminod feetweon $30ti \I > ' >\ wnrili of grmn and a horso, all w -.^h were oo-nsumod. Tbo fire wa n \•l-iMni nbotjl hn)f-pa.«»t Kp?i»n, f»nd \ hon mudfl son sidontdo faendway I t i\ \•rr-'ioo-d to hnve t>eon iho frork of ftn in - '*n I ir y \| r ]\ ,bbard nflexriH lo bo singu- » r ? '• ttforiuDftrttaa regard* loss by fire, • * ovn barn HaTi^^bfioh b^orncd in A u ••-«• wiih its cpotentfiv *n«omo ntMu Alb.on \ntttt^A Bceu^.y In AmexacA.iB t»id to ^\l ro 8pleD'(\iii^^lnythIji^-of IhD tclnd in s » w» rid 8nme o! ^rlelxesi effeota uro ' <\ ob?erv«d\ 110W in tbe •noods hero- ^'fuis, tbe tlilTerent Tfirioti«s of trees and r >* cra-iftiions o f sliAilo in enoh ronntng n , l ,, '\*cle of exquisite beauty and brll > iticy Al v lt Albion there aro from raftny points \p\* whifh hptweon the fair (dty of these l *' 'cw lonely dajannti ibe rioh trees bc- ' * l{ . ire magai fiooDt, Most of the bask- \». ^-neee aid other ccrliftitients H&™ »lfB*dy been brought airily, and only a ( * f>ow(rnyot linger aloag iU ptttha WJd » T »me3, but ti»« plpce ~b*v always a '*«- undsoletba natuiai*l>eft.tty , of iw ewn, ^ now ihai other adonamenlfl are dls- l Pp*\vr ng.ihe warm and voided bues of Il8 *»•\' U»oi Bt» 1 ^aooand *nlifon.-th».«pfit *Q*rvj dwell so frmpy V»3?r> rbftTe passed Wittier o»er the tlironholds of our village honm. Bum boat lifter cUeera>er^jtT^.|oj.J^^arB wolpomii they had r«oo.redl. ''\-S AYtor. i^^^lftpy^Kftiiii ^Wred to the parley an<l tranBaoTcii^Bj^^Dualnetft iid mlgbt gome tofor^tbo org^p^tlon.i and after an txo^ BpVnlfTtt toaVlog apocohed, offering to^ttflV etc., tho moetlng adjournod until the aeit nnnaiu rVunion; *' A AotioeAblo featuro on ihta occasion waa tbo faot t-hal thero waa no imbibing of liijuora, ba t iho utmost harmony and goutiomatxly deportment prevailed, »n4 tbe 151at. vrlio claim to bo \iho first in iho field aad the first &t borne/' left a favor- able impression among onr oiliiena. Tfttl VoUisEarr H> formal or; at W'aruw. Tho lluffalo f-'jprt-is gitca tho following nooouni o f tho purpoues for which this now [QBtitotlba i» designed. The idea open which (he Roformttory id founded aooms to ua one of tho soundest and most pbllan- tbropio wbiob baa ever been conceived and o&rried out in this Stale. It la well known that in many oaees— especially ihu oases of young men—orimo is ibo rostill of overpowering temptation in an evil hour rather than of any doliboraio doterpiloa>iion lo enter upon a career of in- famy lo suoh ease the person is not a criminil, out only a person guilty of orimo Tlio diBiioatiuQ is » subatai tial and very nido ono. To roteAio him is had, for it gives imptartliy lo orimo and is of evil *x- auipJo. to send him lo lb« felon's plaoo is woHfJ, Tor H invjlvoa his aim oat oortaln ruin. Tb i s voluutary reformatory ontor- prlae lidestgttrd for that CIAJB of cases. The Judge condemning a prisoner may, In bia dlicrollo*, after OonTictiqp and lontenoe, proooiincod nooording to law, offer Iho pris- oner his choice to go to prison or to the Kefornulory If bo chooses Ibe lallor, Qourt alaya ih* exeeutlot. of the aentenoe, and tbo c-oQiici repairs to this Reforma- tory. It is not a priaon at all, h»a no walls, or bnrs or botia. It ia merely a large farm wiLb^ t-oarding faelUtioB and •.hups. If ho remains tboro and bohavoa well till tbo expiration of the term of his sentenoo or till pardoned, tbe sentence is wiped ou t entirety. If he misbehaves or runs twfcy and ia again caunht, bo is taken to priion under tho original oontence Tbe onierprts« is ft) experiment bnt gives high promne of success. Ladlri' 1~B|OD Chivrttnb.o Harleiy: Tho Annual meeting of tho Ladies' Union Charitable Society was hold Ool lbth, at which lime tho Reports of tbe Secretary and Treo-stiror far tbe year wore road and accepted. Tbo monthly mootinga of tho Soou'iy b i»vc boon hold from Ootober to May, unci ropor-sof visitors from the dif- ferent districts received, \i-t families have been asaasitcd during Uio year. A.mouoi of money expended $167.67. This money was iloriwcd from Lifo Membership fees. Annua! fees, Thanksgiving Day (\ollootion Reocipls of tbe Tableaux Parties, and the generous donations of some of our ciiliens Tbe Charitable Society has been in exist- ence for «i x years : it ho« been doing a rpitel, bat wo fool an important and useful work L>imng this time many families have been relieved from diatresi and sut. enngby the timely aid of the visitors, by way of soitablo food, clothing and wood We btvTe aided many of the \aged and elck poor, by providing them with comforts, in nonicoaRca paying their board, and have also uide-d some in finding Choir friends -*r olti2«u« l» aYC responded cheerfully I<I Hj> and we hope thai they may con our oa ' , , , , • . _ -1 that tho funds placed m tbe iinao lo fev r hands of thlsHv-^'y \>ol»diea will endea- ,or to »se in a oare <* «* W*»*£- nor. for . Bo aid of,he t .-an-.rln B pabr tf, Ihi. C OBI. oommnni t y CtntrTormol lUnmlnnllo n Free . Fbjsioinns, after years of careful »\»•» in anolocny, physiology, an 1 a lliorou'lh knowledge of the looa'lion and name of OT ery bone;, muscle, nerve nnd blood vesseli still make lamentable failures in tho prac- tical using of the proper remedies in the cure of Uisonse. Tho reason la obvious— l hey learn enough of the outside, whioh is well, bus. nol enough of lhat real lifo which oomrols every motion of the bone, musolo and lissoe, sod givoa to them their poifer Ur. Butterliolil oombines tho practical med. ical educntlon with tbnl olnirroyant sight which investigates tho lifo foroos, goes down W-Mh yon in pympalhy to tbe disturb- ingoausesby whioh the rye has lost its brightness nnd (bo check its bloom, nnd benco rorel; fails to oure any caso bo un- derlakes. Ilia astonishing sacoess id tho trenlment of Scrofula, Consumption, Asth- ma, Catarrh, Diseases of the Heart, Liver, Stomach, Kidneys, Bowels, Rheumatism, and Piles, is truly remarkable. Let tbo afflicted oonsult bim at the Harrington House, Tuosday, Nov 8tb. 19ir2 Comjilaetc , „ ... la lh« slock of now goods al tho Bioelsi. or Low-rrloe clothing Store of Goodmftrj .t [.Farnham. Entire now stock ! Tbe latest and most foBhionable styles in f»U goods, whilo quantity and quality of collars,onBB, neokti«,&o., kept on bond byua are not to bo oicelled by any similar eslabliahment in (his county. Give na a call and be aat- Ufied. Down with High Prices, U out m< \\ > \ OOOPHAS * FaMiaAJI. •fi TAMPT, 0,8 qongroisBtraMt JBpston, are, inopublishers. - .*\' 1iJ! 7 r *™^ t »M*P» B S»RPBtg,4<l]f , ?ov-Jul|B Favre; M Jr* *%!,\*?**•*• * J 8 ***!. 30! Bremier; iy v H. Uoopar, tho MoxnW Pelogate. to Oongre*»sTt>ax£(!r' Bmltni % -Song\w,rSUr i.HyhatSsji'rBi-jijji^ - or? j,|: l*W«%til»HjoT , «T»»tBI arB«w»prinU» t t T »a, Afply inm« $*•> If. , C«Mla|| *. U ^|. «|f f j j u I We^a informed ng^ jaJG, n ^§v m -nnt Albion this month , lint ha „m ha in »>ohestw, at tho Oltnta* Hetrt for out ^imm&t&ftit&k ThoDr h^yWled *orpl»oeBi>r«gula»ly forauoU a lrag tine, TajorMns ma-ny ontei, that all this time. 18w2 1* bandsoraalf otnamoStsd «»k»TiM5^inlicrua a^ov- not ee. it was suhmlttoa to th« JuSgmtnt ot «hBcomnoidtor«ta this office, »u 0 ntonoii^ced It ^Tha nani&t^pSla oS»9« { o8l( 1 uVStnsla tlliatothoma.qur«otura of a hlltceol touplaU bat oarpojirjaiaoHMliontoforder, and wa content ..l.tf..?.. i, \ 'WW.'.\!© WTSST. *WltaswlOi tendirloi oar bort wtahst for the fa uisitos-or the Olarttrnjin ;>¥hy«lol«l iEd« •«»«« 1H vM^mkf ° W» i uoatitm i.The.-CtoYorfloya' 6t tewr Torkjfe l ' r ' ir f '\-™ \ \\\ Hi ^ZIU-,K n ' u ^ *Wm. H. Selr'atd ; \VhfttinnlC€a'woxBBn^ti>.l ^*ypy-1 -Spitttiiiai«in v « «*n4{i(^mw3pKV Great ttbnr-fl&lway Prttgresa;- RenuMt •oi6m*»«-Mot.ttrcbyi oto. Single numbed. 8j cte., SubBoriptioa !$ a yqaij '$^; ^^ i'B tho tllaq t,o stibticrflie,}^ afn^w ToluW be- gins with tho January number, and the- pubUalioi: offers „,8poo4& iV4^iQ,enttf*.t,C[ tiew But>do'ria)ors. Jp$ $&\ % '^0^3^ fqt ito 1 Phrenological Journal and a oopy of the Chriatian Qnioii will'be'Hent'a'yoar'andal tjo, oxje^of thoso ftao\ eDgravinga ftotn WarsljiaU'fl Vfaahing^n» the prtQ^of;^!^ dloni) i? S5._ Ajddyeas S. R, JfiLxaj »'. Y, 1 Tn$ OOTOBBB aloHTmr P*Rr or OLITBI, 0 PTIO* s MAGAEtME. ia; aa usual, fall of «t-. (raolivo and iostTuoUvo rcadlng.tina PtfotA* od with oxeMIont pioturea. Including four, full-page t iHuatratlc.us.- .' - The, -etorlca, skeiohea, pooLry, dialogues, and puule de- partment, are admirable ; and the maga- asiue, as aVholo, h a model of beauty and edttortal ability. No other juvenile po- rlodloal givoa so much roadlng-tnktter; and It Is th^pnjy ono published lub'oth wcsklyr. and mohthly edition a. till; - A-8mii'Ari\>, : MO VTaBhingtox. Btreot. Itosion; $2,60 per y ear. EVKUX 8ATCB»ATI—T?hi8 jburnal grows boiler and boiler. It is now, by far tho handsomest paper in the oountry, with a literary lopo peoullar to itself. Its issuu for October 20th, has somo Very fino Ulua- tfations, Ooa YOVHO FOLKS.—In mo Nov^nbor number Mrs. Whitney oontinues her pleas- ant story, of We Girla. in whioh a lovo af- fair is at band. hlitabeth 8 in art Phelpa bai a lively and OQUftctoriaUQ stoxy^ Mrs- Dial gives tbo last of tho \William rfenry, Lett era\ whioh will appoor In tho maga- aino, and Luoy Larcom has a pretty IUUH- trated poem; '-NVaitlng^for a Bite.\ A Doy's vialt lo Pompeii, will bo read with iulereoU Tboro is a children's opera, on- tilled. The Soldiers Family, which will be populavr, and a good variety ' of onigtn**, oto : $2.00 a yojtr. t'iiiia>fl, UoaoOD & Ju. 124 Tremout street Boston. DIED. , |ALU}M,—Atmoi^Corn.raUjthu conntj^onth. • Sftth f'U^8^^«Ki^Bw|r|t|oa^PlrP t ^d I^U'a A, Allen and gtandaoa «r John Uuboatd «f this village, ajjed eUxea yoars, tm.an uioutbi anil Tji» Novombox*qqmber of (ho Technolo. yfif has several arllolcs of groat value to the general reader, as woll as muoh looh- nical information Among the former wo may mention, Serloua faults In the plana of Dwellings ; Damp proof Constructions ; and Lifo lusuraoico not a Loll ery This monthly cooiiiina ti largo amount o' useful and interesting reading mailer, [ .- tbo low prioo of $'i-O0ayoar. Now Tork City HcaiiiMBB's WoJiTULT.—Tbo first num- ber i f lb is now pcriodiea-1, edited by Dr. J U Holland, couioa to ua promising in appcaranoo and ooutents. ll ditlora froot all of (bo older magatlnea and betrays no relationship lo those from which it sprung, bolng an like t*xiinam, and still more unlike Hours at llomt. The publishers announce thai their aim ia to make it Ibo beat family magaxlnc in America, the best writers in England and America being engaged to conlrtbote to its pages. We give the table of contents . Jeremy Train—Hl» Drive. The Boliom of iho Be* , A Day with Dr Brooks : Na (iii]ua , Tho Uondage of tbo Pulpit . Bon- net t Twice AI o n ci Tho Writings of Oso. MaoDooald , Fair weather and Foul ; Wil . frld Cumbcrmedo ; Topios of tho Tim© ; Uooks and Authors Abroad . Uooks and Authors at Homo. $.1 a yoar. Soribncr & Co , 661 B'way, Now York TUB NcitdKHT —This obarming little monthly has for November, a large number of nloe storiofl for ehtdren, all of thorn at- tractively illustrated in tho boat stylo. AU tbo little onoM will bo cxoiM by tho slory of Tbe flood R*»ar,and laugh at Baby Hub- ling The .Vurttry la $1 M a year,and ihe prenent is a goo-1 time t<* Bttbsefibe Ad dretts John U Sborcy, Boeloa, Ma,s». THE ATLANTIC MONTHtr baa, among other things, another of 11. H Stowo's \Old- town rircfltde stories;'\ \Joseph and his Friend ;\ ft ptcasntit, rambling artiolo on- titled •• Fooipikibp, ' by T W. Higginson ; and a little poem, fine and finished, '• Mu- rillo a Immacculalc Conception '--which reminds os o f a r*ire eamet4, u a J ncl is by David (Jrny, nf the Huffalo Co urirr, wo SUp poso Tbo R.evlow« and literary notices are of course readnblc and full of gooAorit- ioism, parupfUarly those of Hans ChriP. lian Andersen's ' Only a Fiddlei \ and \Prefltloflana *' The other arilolos are . Tbo Return: Highly ExplosiTo; Eiperi- monta , Feobisras Hamlot . I'oor Months with Charle Dickens : Traieling ' otnpan- ions ; The latelleoturl Influence of Music . A Noveuiher FnMoral; Mr. Burlingamo as an'uraio-. $4 * y ear \• Flolds - ° 9 g 00, i & Co., Boeton, Mass. potfoo Itpport;- John Mcllaroey, vagrant; disohargod. Mary Ann -Eagan, drtink; discharged. Patrick Collins, drunk ; $14 00 or 30 days. Carl Frederick, drunk ; $8 or 10 days. Andrew McKimdy, drunk; discharged* Bridget Woods, drunk ; paid fioc--$8. Thomas Hyslop, vagrant ; discharged A l?rlrnd In Need. Or Wlstsr's BaWnm of Wild Cherry, is a friend indoed Who haa not found it such in curing all diseases af the lungs and throat cougba, colds, and pulmonary af- fectiona, nnd 'last not least, 7 confliimptiont The sick are onsured that the high Bland ard of exoeUenoeon whioh the popularity of this props ration is baaed, will always be mantained by the proprietors. Tbe ItcbelSarriDDdflf. ,^ Those rebctilous oastomerfl, CoftiS, B un- ions Ingrowing Nails, fco^'imrrendor la- the superior and magical iufliKnoe of Dr J. Brigg's Modern Curtitifo. n i .i ik.« «ti»l(l . I Baukrupt Notice, fNBAk*l£RnrK)Y.-«.Haa uuUarT«lii«S'* •X BtjUUs and I'hllaodsr UUIard, a Baakrop* .- 'Nortliora Dlatrlet of Now York, as. A Warrant lo sir::/ a\.r to ^*o?x\;^ z mot, ^udsoJ a twtakn pt opou th« pstlUoo of bli to Ua or to bl.iui^and ttt?tt«n»f«r»faSj pronorvj bj hioiare forbiddea bj l,» . Araaotiogortha era* iprovo tn»lr dubts and obooas rula ottate, will ta held at a •iS-aniTtDo'tuiuiarofai leu bjf lloraQfaald BaukruplW one or mure Aiudgiiaus ol . „ . , Gourtuf uankruntoj, tu bo bolson at Rooheatar ll .1 v . . _ - . . D D, tyourturtlankruntoj. tu bo bolson at Rooheatar !!l» \'S'I'^MIAUI' WAb DM .or. Nmtiuibor, A. 18T0. ai reo^-olockl'ffis atSiVanicafcf Joai.ph ... Huvbanda, ua, uf Uio lteglatera in Baukruplov 01 aaiO Court. E. J. KISKNKV, „„,„„„_ l>'P«tj-U'S. UnrahalulloSBOSor, att'f for fotlUanora, Albion, N. Y. 1T«3 iLi_ ELECTION NOTICE. u liuiu >a-e orjorc, mm BusaHrr'a urrioa, COVRTY or OBLSAKS, ) AI3IOM, ^njOBtfl, 1B7C. J Notice t» horohj gl*aii, ponuant to tbv tUtut«t of tbU State and the anoexvo notice from tt o Hooro. Ufa «f Statw, tjwtthtt Qnuwral Eteq in tbU opon^a oa Tuwo;*r >uccoadU, d»v In Notemiar R«t, « whioh the. Cera »ru to b « tleoted, to wit 1 A U«wnor, In tbo place pf a/nhn T, UotTman. A Llottlea*nwa6vt?httf*m Iha* pUco'oT Allssr C. Ueaeh A ComotFoUer, la tb«. pU« o f Alb«r 1\ Nlpboli, appulatttl t» |bc UeTaoqpr, to, tho pUce uf WtlUam J-' Allen, restgnefl 1 A Qinal OouitululoQsir, In tbo pUoo of John D. A. Ouil C*e.\rAi*ld&«F la ith» pUe6 of 6eorfc* W. Chaptuu, •.ppolntott by the QoTtsmor, In tho pUc. Of t'ilTtr lia«<5om, decoawO. An loipoetor of tiut* Piison, In the pUcsef Sotiu moo Bebea. Alt.«bos« turns of otuoa wlU axpln «a, th» tut d*y of Dtonabtr amtt. A ll«prc»»«JointlTo la th« F<vtj'«aoond Oo«fr»»»of Iba L'ntltJ Stairs, fur tbo Tmmtj-el|htti Cgogirkv slcnnl tl^titat. copiponitj af tbe oauaUoi of Or,tj»n» ftod UoiiB-tfi*. Also » ItoprtBonUttTa) to tho fwrl; •Ant Coupon* of the Unlt»>J HUte»furU» twcat}>ellbth OoDgrci •tonal UUixicl, compo^od of tbo couutifS Q! Urictttn fcod UuDroc, til pUc« or \Noah DavU «rLo h4k tSttaieO to bs» » repraasntatlvt. COUNTY OFnOKltd—ALSO TO R I OIIOIIR n>a SAID OOOMTV. A Vlsmbar of Aaiewbly. T»o JiuUooi of BeMiooa. tu tbo pises of Philip II, JaokaoQ sad Datlua W CoU. Two Coramon, to the ptaca ot Homor Ctldloj and E. Cbtitff Pauls. All »!>(>•• taima ol ofllca wilt axpti* oa t&S lu t daj ot IK-c*nabcf oeit B P. UOaDWKLU Bh«rW •TATBOF NBW YOIUT, I Ortnca UP TUA HKOKBTAIIT urHTits, > A4-WAAT, Aujutt I 1970 ) Tu TUB '-nKHirr ur TUB COUVTY o r ORLIAMB . ailt->or*oaia lluim i UKU, Uut al lb« Uanpial KUatiob h. 6» twld la tela ftuta dn lh« Tnaitlaj ia t car»j*ib| Uv» Cut Uaodaj of VttiTaiiiba? n«l , liv« tol* iowlor i.lfcc«ni #jti to bo alaetod, to Wit ; A U»i*> nor, ID th* plac* of John T. Hoffman. A l-irt> -unit OoTeroor, In Iba pU a of A 11 * 1 ) ^. A • > , TP ,>r«>tlfi > , In tha plate* u f Aahar-1*. Jtlcaalt,' Kpp<>lula-0 t>j Ua Go»»tt»t»r, In pl*c« of William I. Arid. t.» ,n.. i A t'.uai Cuminiuloaar, In lb * place of Joan II. Faj- A (.'aaal Cuininlialntier. to Hia ptaca of Oaorga 11. Ch»(jiu»ii, «p|)>iiDl><l by tlitj Uuvvioor to tba pine* of (liner rtawiru O'Couaiad. An In'ixotuf ot Hut* I'rUoo*, In ih* placa of rialo- tuifii 8cli»Q . A It abftfca lim u of Oflloo aOl axptra as U » laatr<U^ of ll«*c»rol>»r otxl A lUpto»«i)uun In Uia Fprlj-«eeocJ Vaotrmtn ol tha Umtetl State*, tot tha Tvantj^tahth CoQ*r*»- otaoal Pi»U-Jet, cwtnpaaad of th* countli-l of OrleiiU COl'STY OFVlCKHS~auo TO » • iLKcTti) foa aim OOOSTT : A UarobWT of AMSOHly. ^ T>o Ju*tlcn of Sai<l»ua, lo tha plae« of ItuJIp II. JackMit) a»<l llartui W Coir. -TvoC-'f-anira, In tha placa ot tlomor Uatdlng ^ud A'l alioso Urm* of ufflc« will aaptr* oo th» last da; o f I)«•(•»• 111t>«T QflXl, Ttt« al&»mUbataf.TnwB and i'iXj Kl«Uott Boarda, laapix-tor* i t Election and Coatilj Caovauar*. !• r«»p*rtlallj .llr-<Tt»il t<> Chapter 379. U«i uf 1H70, uoraiTltb paHntcd, as U> th*lr dulla-i uaJat aqlil act CHAP. 3TB. AN ACT t o pro?!*!* for the patinaot of Ilia canal and franpial ru n <l dabt, fnr wl.tcb tho <olta ara p lad foil bj the Cunilllntloi), PAWU) Aran. 8&> U70 - r UirKS-aftaa balQf prcaaql. Thl Pfbplt 0/ Mr tltatr 0} tfw Tor*, %-q/irh trntui tn Senate and Ataembly do enact at follows : tiasrion '. Tha CuRuptaalotmra at the Canal Fund am ti.r.tiy aalborliad and JUoctcd to QUITOW, on tbe creditor Lb* flute, luoh ism of tnoury u taa; bo acoainri tot tha puipoaa of pajloRanil exUngulab- tnc tbe caiul and ganetad fond dsit. Air whleb Ihe toil i a n pladjed, u pro tided, b j »cupni Ono, two and ihrto of article tvvao or tha OuaitltDtloa. Tbs I Treaiurrc la iathorliad\aod dlraroted to uiua ahd d»- tivor to Utm *ai<i OemimiuiloQara, as itnulrtd by thifn. ragliternl or eoapon bond* of tbU Btata. baflbg rtistfen y«aritortin, bctaiiaf^idJt per ceQL Intrreit, pajablp MUiil-anotialljr, for tutth atnouat as ahall ba rvqnJrad by «*ld Comml«»iiinpr*, far tho parj)o»« aio»>M»l I'pnn the raoctpt pf tbe uld bonds. Iba smii) UoroastHilnoent aba.II sell the atas lo th* htjurat bidder, at nut Icaa than par, either h) adtanlaltit, !tir aaat'd propoiata to iba oanal mannor, oi at public* aacttflii, \po-.! th» nntica *a lb * laid Cotamta-lorief maj ilrem Wit Tho nioorj thoa obtained If bef-h* •.[•pmprtiat-il tu pa; an'l extluguiih Um canal -oJ tbe 0-oanral funtl drbtn at th»V m»y *ttit when ibliact aliall txconiw tipor»tlTP. ] Z A 8ut« tal ibaU be an&aallr Urlwl le d cot- 1«C1P<1 tttfUdcot Ui paj tha tntaTt-flf nn ld«h monay* >>• timlI !»*• Iiurroved under tbta ad, and, In addlti-m U)«ta-Ui L» (inirl^aj far ao aofir^ai tmatfit/otioo (itt!l r.l-,,1 l« .-r^-.lr ntxl ^atabll-li a a In Ling fund, •!•!« h •hall pay •••.. <iiadiar B o, «*ll in tdgbtaen year*, th* prloctpal \f tbu ('.rot < rpaAod aodiT tlta (jroTlkioDt of ibli act Hu>, In iMSe tOa L*nij(UUito |na4l annual I j p.oi,>i. »JI4 approptlate anj IDOIKJI from tbq caual i.all. ur ttitw'lFff '\ tbo pairnaal of anj pArtlon of the lutcrvol utr au^b dabt, or aaob cootrioutllo to 'be alakmg food afonraatd, lha Ux berebj Olrcoted abaJl ba fnl«rc*»d unij to Ui* oitaut *bl£b may »a aotiaa* «*fj and aafOotant lor U M parpaae afotraaid. f 3. inun the tald oanal and gnural fond dabta •biuiikreU^Dpil'Vor fnllv prorUad for i n par- auaoM of a*etion una of tbts act, the Oanal Hoard ahall tbeiwiipoD and thaivafter OJTC fall power, from ftnt to tlzne, to flx, ragtiUU and n-doca ibe nuca of toll upon Hit raoali of tbla Atato, In laeb manner to prc»cnt tbe dlreraloa-UftnKjJ A rj<l H abaJl bt Uia •lotr of ti»e «alrt Ilnar to aterclae tbta authority lo auch waj aito Hron to tbe oanali* of thta Blata tba grptftaat prutl^ble amoaotof tnnoage and traniprif UDon, a.ndtb» l<«^alaXuro, tn aototdanea irttb tb* r#iiplr«miitiU of lection thri-a of tbe mvauth artlele of 10* OaoH'ttutlOD, declares Ita enncurrenca In sneb, adjdiltnamtaot. r*Oantoa ae the Oaoal Ittiard wi y dram ail'annblo In the exercise, frntti ttm« to Uiti' of Uie anthorltj hereby voatad and fwnieiTrd. J1 Th*a aot ahall DO rfobmlttsd to the people at the next gna«ral elrotlou to bo bald in thla Htate, In No- rem bur neit. Tbo tnspactara of Election lo Ua dlf fersbt«Iawt|on dlatrieta tn tbta State, shall profble at oacbtioll, rmiaid alactloo day a box to th* tubal form for tbs retwptloo of the ballots hetwip pWTldad; and facb and %verj alsactor of this B'attrtsa* pr«a»nt a ballot, on: whtcb ehmll ba printed or writun, oc parti; priotco and partly written, oae of tbo follow- ing fnrtsra, namelr : 'for tbo act to create « State dabt t« prottde for tbo pariuent of tbe canal and fao- artll fon*I d^bU,* or ' Agaioat tha ant U> oraala a Htaiea^bllfjptdtltia'fur tha pa J inapt iff tne canal ai.') i n*ral fond dtrbts ** Tna «id b'allota ihall lw ao Inld-'l a - (0 cgnroal tb« coottn'x i'f tha b&llata, and • bail b«* *ndoracd \ A n act in reiaUvn to ta.« canal and (tnttwral fnnd debta,^ j 16. Aftarflnallj cloalngtho pnlla of such olcctloo tbo Inapanetma iherftof abatl ltnni«'tlaulj, and wtttmut •ihnumstnciit. proca«l to aiouet and can*a->a Uta tmi- lota al*«iiiD relation to tbe proposed act, In tbe ..amf ma-ODpr *e thay are bylaw rrnutrrd U> ea»»a« u,o uatloU gives for tlovftaor, \^ — aetdoa-nln writing, lo [words _ . whole oomber of »»>tpa gwen \Po? the ,ael to oreat* a Buta <J*bi,\an<i ihe *»ola oomOarpf »ot»a gt»*o • A«lo«l thf act to create a State debt,'' aad cartlf; andi«b*orlba tbe fame, and ca-o.o tbe cpplaa thoraof t>. be tiwde, cartlfllNj and dt Ursraf aa-teraaciibed b; law In r*so»«t «f the oan»awi nfrtVntaa glrto al ao alrittlim fur Oorornor. And all tha proTt-lone of law in ;elattnn lo eleetlone otbar than tor tntltlary and toanofllcar.atwll a»pty.W> tho *qbmlaalon lo tbts 1'e'tpta b«TBln p/oildM for. on't Buy Before Looking at Our Good. an ( x»J ~*a «t iH__« ff«t cimim^mm :i3a.3BSjLirjs qaitliS^M-a^Vs^' * m !Ei&gMrt>e s^t Biit^WB^m ^»«»^ <Mft»tll^H;,f,^ i *lnd |t% th* Mneltiez for $tW0n, •• '. ,n+t vti^avp**. 4t fl «.,...' .1-M 11.34 1'J. 1,>t t« •' ~. • *t-js I i« h*$ f V Jjr ^^ \-* f i i 1 ^ f; |a,rTt Granite Bl«ck, AlMoa, ^'l^l^ *&§£$& f r V • -a> tJ»k*m».ttKjitat «3J •r-ii ai m mm ^rW*T i ilM^ • - ii *l\Rv- •-un -*Ja %,nf *T* •••..-i-4-cvj-.J U-c?>o.s ,,t s\>t*n 'ia -A- L*»!) : K .-a i ^• EW •fr ^^™«1SS» A.MSm\i»'ftm 5j„va W®W$&$£' JBWEHRT flf^RE i\ f un Cor. Main and Canal &U., i»ti-: ROYCE'S NEW EMPIRE BLOCK I^TTA Ta*J%.TWaaT- -WTm .JJ i 1-J1U'-1—Ull—L\J -llii-JUn ,gg, a.™ So W™\ \ It appQod, tian ihey ylaW them8oHo« as oapttvoo, loawtng poor burnaniU ' n , the , en - loYmtnt of ono of tbe greate-t Wcsalngr •Bonnd foci,' whioh ia to those who enjoy walking or to those who arc obliged to u»o them ouob ft. lh»l» daily ^o\*\ 0 \- ln \ deed a great blessing. Dr J. Briggs ireatw Corner, Bohlons »bd otbor dlscaoea of the fo«l at Koirark H. J., and Totonto, Oaoada. J a Tl « Haciiitary of statu, ihall, with all enn,* ..nlani <Sl<patoii, aftar «ila,aot atull fctf' I»o a(i- proial o f ilia Ootmtar. cauwthiittlauirolba Braeli nlT and printed opun allpa lo »eb numtipraas ahali b. StBto conMroed lo notifilng orboU/ttf «^I»J»* »iln« lh\« Ytrtea, mS «Hiu tranamlt f - '-\* offlcart. . eoiionsronr ( n»«. tljf »nd;s<*im of i. iiracl IffiraedlaUrrf bat liteUoat i H of this act that! tak* effect whan >Kf\r, u tusralniisfora airHtiai. M isarsiarfot Ta»c> Great Closing Out Sale! \ »' :a \ii p \'i!El''*i fl 1 , 'isFii™» !,e * ,, '' stl •iwm mBAwm ^mmw>mmt> JATA' .O.VAWtT*'; Ktwanitlnnts, Wti.l<kalf.aarrVts,»a« »«».\ AVrUatvOUUea As llrolliar. S1V3M AMT WMltb«Wtt>t.1(warMk> Wo offor our Entire ?itock'lor snio WlM'llOUT ItEBEUVli as tbo honlMi of miO of our Arm l» nucli tbat it is noceoBftrv lor » chango in biisiiican, Wu hnvo rcceivuil New (itiottej hot will soil nil togvUtrtv 't'lio following nre o. few prieuB : Blnch iiinpacn 9Sc nnd upwarda accordIna ao Qtuallty, All I.lli*ti IllinilUairclilefii, 7fie. pel* Ooz.. ^ , «<iu<l Toweling, 8c, Tools *rilen, (JO«!. Wo hnwt^/v lull lipo o f tbo )>cat rilpkca of Black Alpaca, Black Mohair Lustres and Pure Mohair Brilliantlnes. GOOD PIUNIS for 01 (Wi. Kvoryililog in Proportion. Ilavo a L.AI10B 8TO0K in SHEETINGS, .RESS QOQDS. GUIPURE LACES. CURTAIN MUSLINS, NOTIONS, FLANNELS, Cloakings, Shawls, Cloths and Oassimeres. \ \ Wo hnvo a largo nsBorttuont t.f tho L^t'lnHntlonOfJtkptl'lBi nf»d «if) n»t up SDI'l'S T() OllDEH ctn Shori ^Notico^ i Givo.ua a call. Wl) nifnn businoati, nntl Intoiitl to oltiso out onr unlro Hlooll. No. lo CANAL 8TKEET. RIVENOURGII & HOPKINS, Albion, N, \. an »TATK «T»r.i OaV N ¥ IIIM IllW t Kit, HENRY S. MACKIE, lafft'R^V \' i '\ •It'tnUIt I* Ulusical lusiriiuunlN. (fl^//m^// ryntfUffwnnH I atiJikVh vwuaiail.ur tor ouiioai tl,« ..lvi - . . . ,r, .<-.al.» ivlltfu i AoU'Waolwaala i>*pol • aj e A Doobam'a Vim s Y of num- Am] UIBAO ft rtamltii*. Or sriiii at and Melodeona, Badaatd piln. llak Qnuda cerrfntlj aelrcled an aant for exao-lnatlon bj piatt on receipt of prtra b O tl.U. bj gapraeva WairaoUJ W tnr JIB ii<l«* and perfect, otiwrwl'li lha/ ia*J laietomed. iCC'OJI IlKOttB, jfrencll and^ Cermao, 0, 8 10 M>J 1 ....,. I — A t»jin JM , a.00. and 6J » M »H, 00 t o (JO,,,, BemJn^tSM' itoeTbl. IMIIUio. 1.60. 8*1 \afe B ,SiBj«i*'l» latlon and rqBaefgod, 10, Up in VliifggnM double ••*-' - 1— • Jo lo 110 CIU11WSK1B, »0, 0, iBsergfid, k.jo-i. ai.'a, a » «26. 1>B . . 2, 4. d, Bl e la kajra. »a. 4, i.wa i.wv, f, t - -'\ rlfeaa. BOo, SOo, \Sa |1, I.M t« *3 W. v ti. m: biSS'lis.'iCit'i\ M v 'S'a*5\\\ii!uti«' s. it. a, i\ \ J,DO, 3,», a T lOta |«>, S ac.oleia., ll.JS. t, LBIO,. Tin, ( 1 10. ta.W, to |<l liner fl »«V, Onir, OM to 10( oraamenUd, 8 t o ~ 60, O.fiO tu 10 i lOWaood and peart, gill 14 JV to$tiJ llosaa, »1 U>; «<i»d llnao t to »« Har M to h, rofion port , . 76a, 11 SO. 2.W1 (ioltara, i),( reed. ta.&0, to |t { liner fa to 101 patont list Mliliurl O to 10 ! nalont lilld, «S, 1^0 t o 10} ornamented, 8 t o 8u > Inlaid, »a'H),I>.f -^ • • •-- *\ \ \ 18 to ton . . inootdaa {inoatb orKaoa), KolttilDgeio a fanner made and staropod-'II H H . Ilr^tie^t^r, N t ,\ with U» \titer raade, Ua, OOoi Ion, tJ , 1.10 I Ott 1 TO, », 3.60 to sW i uommrtu, 6o to &Oc. Vtottoe. |1. 1 fro, B.M to |fi. Ilott. t». i, 8. 0 to (lo, linllatlon or liallan. to , 0 to lo amaU, ()0 , U, to t o »!u. Rial ,t«r, 113 18 to f2 2 Ueirgtnl and otb«i a«'»il n-iMleli, ' - - i - , 0 , 2f i [[,,3 0 , a t u |i ra , iti lf ih, 80 to oa, 7fro lo 11 . erood, ItBlf ttnpd, P oo, 8, Vrooeh 4 In It. Roaln So. t&e. IGe if*? %a. Is in to l\lAv tloi.a, jorfiig (Ii Vi Violin UoaaatK, 10, 41l !\•>« eX*». t.U,3to|a i B-xtra, $3.60 1, 4 60, ft to IIO, vlotlo ndiltca. Oe, lOo. IS?, 2t), JS.'Sa Htrloia ror Violin. Onltar and Banjo. 1«» or K 100, Ifte, it*, 38«, Sfw. Violin 0 or 4tb, dollar D«b, » Slh, Edtti, fliojo 4ltli I0« 1IK .j '.„.~„~, „ .ml »», He. 'all ae* Vlollo, Batnjo pe «olU [ >'rtpm, ^iSfVSSS.'VS- Wa,«c , 7Oc,00c«l.lI 0 t.M.li:-, mail Pl.t.o al full l«o«Ul, lb» tuMt ; 0| J { 0 ^, ,j 4 . w 0 , . , M 8 | (, , „ , M \ \' '\\—• ' B„ 0 o ra ,, u rM «ad UUr.r TaBJwrjnar, TrUogle,, Mnalc BoX««, Slieel Mimic. Doiiaa and ntl>«T rooatoal ewicBel lowi-at putdlatied and trada rata* Whalisau* tlileaa aont |o ratab' llafaed local merrcbaale. L dea,l«B tn Boost, N.e/a. Oroga, J«»elrf, Yaniss HotloiU ana Oanlral Mar- ebaadlsa. Accordeooe, Concartloaa, Viollo Bona, 4ro , pro&rptl/ repairatt add r«tofa*d ty vtprras to order. U /on aaonot proeor. tbeeo .goods uf /oar local marebaota, addrees aaog iO' Cat ;ffn'..l r -I.l'J Iba Bryant, atrotton & WUtlnms BUSINESS: omvEBsrry, M HOOHESTBn, N. 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I'etersiflB *• Co., 9jt Wilaat It, Phlll1sl,bl« so ticuta to.,SSj}er KvaaUat* tun pailltulira ami a valuable isinale, HMSIKHU del to coaimiioa sajatkiio. Anj aiiaouaaeUilUaao. tl* XhoVBaia •^aiaMj.MihWBr'sjratV, sh*»M etaiuithilraJJftnaltaaVW la/, , _ K. 0. Al.UK klit), Aotoils.Kalaa, vn« xafAnrMiniKKr o» tn«) SEGORITTBAMK ~0» TBI- City of New York lUTlaifrsisdadnlJ^d^HBaetiSjM hu Mttaaaa. te»«ti|> l4M|l«a| b/ Iba $mxt u( Dlr«»Ur| I. . Doubla^tUa Oapual Btook, rtn aavonUae* with lb. prOTlilnaa or Ike Caarfar,) (a <mlBrioo,.«iilieiaar»aila, baiiaaaaoflli.Baalr. A auOBOilsilm booh la orettlA la ba asalta *a Ua Ural Da/ o'deiobel,ItTO, al tlia U.akla. llaaaa, Wo. 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Dank uf llolla/, en • be t'.ikiha loth da; otXorain. yttf 1, neeeaasafO>ia pr«i» .,v ills asi «ra tbSrtff. ti lha »M!«r.t,i«il; Dank onisn»T, - - • - ».r, a. !>.. 1*54. tlateil, lenth da; •Vfiitjuli SO (JIU iN of tbe SO/TO,,., ;tit> ?'•».« ' ^'^tWVKAir. t foiausnltoanorder -'iiar)\ ^-»\.«- •• »-.i%Btor..o*i«M, N..t,caU)iora>M •!> t < f • >#P*fa?Vt-$?*Ut» ieiatnel (lie oslsl, al . , A. lioot, lata iljha Toes (if tlartton, Oil- A, i&ot. lata *• \•• ,1/aad HUM *» ««» if orb. dMeaaod. to pra. • • 11 \•>•' \Hi lha \Oaa. Pat.d,;ii»Bworw.roh.iiro *»»*. Orleans. MtM »a\'' \ii.la* i \. OiieBr^trsTt, snd Til^o, Be. folk, \\eased, tn preteBS Jtliaaalooi ejith lha \ - ' t ..t,.'»s^lMMalafeatrtfa H Sfllilf -HO 6aci5tx6^'t T ae»o««ri9aB''eiiro.1 oNobn* - = ' «/rtH0S, KotlM Jnftlsinii - «, r)eer»»», Ssin^E»)ej uf tbe Couatf ol lMl,b«HeYT£»lft i lfi i »llb*,rie^.*»r. elaat thU'iralaVdf Ja>fjslHe««». lata at DaUd, Itli day at <sus., i.l), MJ9, Has*

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