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Orleans Republican. (Albion, N.Y.) 1829-1943, April 20, 1870, Image 2

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> ? , •••\1 '-1 ;i t -A --••.* I i' 1 •f .*: 1-4 :4 r Y. r, »-;i ..:/ *-''? ^*9? «tjA>AT> AWH&f**, 1870? v ' ' p«njoor«tlo JwWotaU j$iwitjr 0 • 4 j 4; 1 \+2&mmy*'* i ! •l*otow, of *• *w«»l Ww«w' of th« •qMB^AOfce*, «»^lft«by-w«nfi*. wMtiiiitiift. <*•'* w«p«wl*» ' townii l(^»Jb«I^io•lpl»o«tofholdll((town^lM^ *M3v/lpil 27,4870, f« &•:«><«»• ntjBoajOfM^ of #e^onj#a£A£ p8»l»,'»a'ii'lie tjunitctlon cf lotlj olhir bo#lnM» » p*jrJ)0'.-8ee?»((\prpJ»r» ; . ' H. J, 8lOK5*8, . „ .. . . §ifl-\lAw¥» QHAfl, P. B08», AtHtA BO^JBH, H. B. 8iok«ia, - D. B, 3WMVS, .. , -.-.^wiBOonBtf GenlMl Oortrolttoo' I^WOMMorOounty^Ooirentton, ••InwBWob M rtoto h»i been • cneogo to tjhfl (fell fdr Wo County Qonrtnibn, for nomlnitlng • delegate to the Demo- qr«tlQ Stito. JadlcW Oonvontion, t?|n hold it Bogbcstor, on tho 27th Jolt., since It wm first pnblifhoj In-our >]• umni, wo *g»ln Mk ftttofltlon to It if it now upgexrt. Wc truit *th«t our (I»jsow«ilo frtondi of lite eevoral towns, will not oily glvo tbolr attontlon to tho notice, but will no >o It th*t tlolojiloi ire ohoiod who will not fill to attend the CoDTentloD. i mm pi THB SWING B8IDCUB. Weror Iuro' our oltlsens booD mora InteroilooMli »ny publlo Jmprovamont, than la tbo removal of tbo ereient an- learaly brldg* over tbo oauil, on MUD Str««l, and tbo inbitltatlon of * iwlog brtdgo, ilmllar to tho ono on Exchange Stmt, ID JlpobeiUr, to Hi plioo. Nor h»T* tho/aW latter noll'il their ef- fort* to loour* tho and desired. Ai It wu only through tbo logtilituxt ihit thty ootlld »ooonipl!ih llitt objiot lh»y .oonMolriUd tholr effort* In Ihit direction ind u tbo reiull ihowa, not without IUOOMO. Etrly in tht MMIOD, potllloni nnmor- ouiljr ilgusd, md rMolutlou of tht board of Truitooi of tbo vllligo, uk- Ing tor tho oonitruotlon of iuob a bridge woro forwirdsd to tho logUli- tur*. On bilng proianted to tbo Son- it* with i bill for that objoot, thoy woro rofirad to tbi ootomltloo of oanilt, of whldb Mr. Htrdonbargh, tbo abloit rain In tho Sin»to, or atito ItgUtatnro li obalrmu. After nioh roforonooa, lOTernl inoattngi of Iho oomnlltos woro hold, to heir trbit might bo laid In fitor of Iho State gnatlog what wu to aarnoitly doiirod. Tboio meeting! war* ettondod by roproeonutlroi of the rlllago who urged orory irgomont that leeraad to them most and proper, but ell to no avail; for after two or throe waakV dliouielon and oomldoritlon.aalil oommlttoe reported uninimotuly againat tho ptaiage of tho bill, and tho Sonata agreed to tho report. At flret, tlile wta tbongbt to be oonoltuiTo againat furthor efforts in tho inattor. Hut Sonntor Mowen, of M» dlstriot, alter aanToailng among other Bonatore, oonolndad to mako an otforl to rocon- ildor iho voto on igroelog lo iho re- port of tbo Oanal oomtnltloo. IIo mado a motion to that offoot, md, with tho aid of Sooator Lord, euoaoodtd la gptt'iDg a rooontldoration, although itroonouily oppoaod hySonator Harden- burgh. Ik vrai tbon by a very oloso voto rolorrod to tho committee of tbo whole, whoro it laid for eotornl wooka, until Bomo ohangeB in Its provision! woro made by oonaont of Iho oitiaoni of tbo village. After this nan dono li was again onlltd up, and oiler mooting with tho most determined roilitiooo oa iho ground that auoli a bridgo was not only tuourlog a largo and unjuitiflablo oipoaso, on tho pari of tho alato, but would prove ri t'orloua obitmotioo to the navigation of tho oanal, wis order- ed to a third reading. When oallod up for suoh reading tho noxt day, It wis again oppoaod by tbo »«mo able and dotormlnod Sonntor and Tailed to gel tho nooossary votes for Its passage and was doolarad lost. Senator Bow on than moVod to reoonaldor suoh voto end to lay that motion on tho tablo, whloh wna onrriod. Shortly nftor, ou Iho appoaranoo of othor Sinotors in tholr aoate ho moved to tako tllo bill from tho tnblo and lo roooosijor tho provions voto 6°n Its pasiago, which motion provnllod, and than Iho i)ussiion was again put on tho passage of tho hill, and oarlod, with ono voto to aparo It was thon ordorod to bo «ont to tho Assembly for oonourronoo. On tho bill bofbg announood In tho Assombly, it was roferod lo tho oom- mlltoo on oonala, of whioh Air. Itamlor, of Krio, Is ohtirmnn, Tho noxt day it was brought up in oommittoo, when pnrtioa nppoarod and urgod a I'nvornblo report theroon. It was than, on sug- gestion of tho oheirmon, rofomd to an \Exooutivo Sosalon,\ whioh moans, for saorot action or oonaldoratlon, and tlioro it roumlnod for ovor threo wooka. This was dono under one pretinoft and anothor, althoogh. all tho othor mem- bori of tho oommittoo woro for making n favortbls roport thoreon and so ox- preawd inall;' ••rtao.hlU,. kaotberttnoberoi tke oo»nlt**» ?•* a^ttM t^repM^-tM **»j»^~ifl*»* *bj waijdWailt*^)**^^ «<> «oV JBPS?! «|»i»4 Aftk'flofr Ki aaUaiLad/'lti _b»^iuiaw» w . 'Atj«|p«||^|^CtP <! ««I•>•«•\ , .0*' aTib^A^iavbry.'Mr.^ler.o^^trf WIM.^loiiedr^; jritf ^it patfloaiirjr tne»dni**ti mi bj k\WliWr. ^WIRS WMtaedfc third tim*»it4'P«»i>d,Ay«w '•8QiHtiji.fr \ •'•••\' •'\•» K'i'.'-. •'. '. .; ; q%j^^r'«a^;t^^Ha]a«. when ltagtl* eneonntired .llie W#fc tiori. of Stpator Hardenburgh »»4 Thay- er, fcut tbo artMd|a«nt-''Wai ooeatiqrjjot Jn by » UiMMtv, 4,' ip\ita Won* sto^b* (jfpTorjtQr^tso^'aPbjr p|auni|nlpg; jtaprovisions andsendleg fortbaiiiW lEtnglncexDnc ootmlUiio* ai to tht of- feetoMhi/iamu, giVo'it:. off IfenatHrSj und tMiHW))jip&U§*:'tyf *;; * ( -^ A i j||| J>*IM ^|ftj>ai.,.'|J^&|Vft tanoh atlcntlonjnd ooonm^ amoaaj our oltlnni, we lure ' thougli't tbii 1)1*- {ory qf l u Inoipiion M pr%*»*l 'p* BUffiolont imjor/anoo' 'to ocdiyp^.lh' »p*9« W« b»»e glwin to it. .,. . Son- ft, J». Ohuroh-O^ipf yudjgabjp. Jt \j with groit f|lci«u)fo ttaf we have t'o sonoongo tb»t our present fol- low townsman, who** nimo' tppeirs at Iho.beld of thle nrtiole, is now futra- gaioinghi* hoillh. 8lnoe his return to his old houioitoiu itooog bi» neirly lifo-Iong nolghborfj friondi ind aseooi- ationi, he hai been gridnall; improv- ing, until thoro Is now over; pUspeot ofbMeirlyreatoritlon to ho»|ti md rigor. Nor It It rauoh lea* giatlljlogr to u* to faavo It to annoano* that of avll that- oandldatti who bare been meationed lor the offloe of Ohlof Judge undor the new Judiciary artlole of tbo BliU Oon- ititutioo thero bii no out b«a r*oelv«d with eqail faror or u*mlmlir sai that of our dlnlngulihod follow eitlien- Tho only retion why hltnamj has cot been more prominently pM«nt«d by th* publlo prea* te on loooimt of the oondltlon of bis health ind doobta as to hie penonal wuih*a In tht enatttr. Although many of tho more audent friends and adtliora of Qowornor Ohuroh woald prefer to ban him re- served for a higher and mora prominent station, thinking bit aeoopUnoe- ©f that offloo might compromise bint I cterttln oxtant—still there I* no diffiranoo of opinion is to his eminent fitnoia for tbo offloe and tho important)! of biviag bis name to hoad tho Dsmooratio tlokel In tho oomlng Judicial election. Nor oin wa aee bow or why hi* oloo- tloo aa Ohlof Judge, oan In my wise Injuriously affeol hi* idTinoonaanl or uifnlneu to bi* party. On tho eootriry wo are confident that In tho ditqhargo or the dttile* of thai offloe, he will rlso In tke publlo Nllmation and baoome mora prominent before the people of the Slats. Ho will dtaoDitnle tn tho oapaoity n he has in others, that be Is equal to any duty or honor tbit may bo boxtowed upon blm. By ioa«ptlng •uah offloe It does not neoeiiully fol- low, that tho Domooratlo party must loso tho benefit of bii adrioa irjd oono. sol*. Itoannat nor should. It d«prlro Mm of the exproiilon of bis political oonvlotlooi on aultablo oooaalona auid lo oooforonee with bii poliiloal Moods. In viow of tbo protraotod lllnsksa of Qovernor Ohuroh and its ofliota upon bis poraenal and profcaalonal rolationi, we thtnk thai oeitbor ho nor the dsjmoo- raoy of the State, should hcaluio at to the proprroty of his nominalloa and oleotlon to the offloo of Ohlof Judgo. Of bit fitness and morita thero oan bo no dispute and wo trust ha will rexselvo the unanimous nomllatlon of tho Com ooratio Slalo Judicial Oonvontion to be hold at Roohoator on tho 37th inst. Wo think it aliko duo to bin) tad to the groat party of whioh bo li s o dis- tinguished a mombor. No-ws Itoxni. —Publlo sympathy eoanu to bo ntrongly with MoFarland, whose, pov- erty atoms to havo boon tho ohlof cause of hie troubles. — Fivo thousand two hundred and Qfty-tno emigrants laodod it Now York, between tho (th end llllh inst, miking a total of 20,640 iluoo tbo 10th of JanUaty. —Obattinoog*, Tonoossoo, hoi a ool- orod Oongrogational Ohuroh not ono ol whoao motubore ia addiotod to tho use of tobaooo In any form. —The Way* and Moans Oommittoo tmvo iniertod tn the Supply bill, whioh will be roporfod early noxt wook, a pro vision making Oomtutaaiouora or iS-us- teea of institution* poraomlly liiblD for expenditures boyond thwimounHuttbo- orlied. —Whilo a oolorod prooojislon eela> brating the Kftoonth amonoMiiht was pawing NUgara Square in llufTato, a whltboM, agodiflven, wu aootdewt. ally killed by * Street ou. -t-Tho Sonito beaidoa tratiHoting othor buBiioM, pawtd ninsty-flro bills at a atnglp^ aittiog, OR Friday last. Tho Assembly, oonildtriog tbaUts roll ooutains'-four times it mint oanjos, did ovon hotter, pwaing ilxty-four bllti. :pJ«*ii WH^WuMwyT mttaArl rofpoopl*, and utterly daatroy- Mr. 0. t). Traoy, of th* Bo»li** itmi^- ferformed npo* U«' *y*> wlai»»*,fi*_wriow*ly injurtd»f«r*»y* *B««. -;' 0 '.',./ '•'\.' . .*',.''( ! a^oMpwp**ti»: forth* Bed JBiwr fir. Tn*) «x{^dit&»'^wi»''a»»b«r 1,000 piclceid nertti^hHtlaiingr * *M bitfcery md rookie bHgado, u weU u ^lorajJnji*jf i: / *r-A MW worktag I» Hailtaa 1** week, found i taluible dumoad pin in »'l**.bol» # M(| b*tw«n t*#;^*»?J*K<M>i MUMI ti aOtM,Md ^WiTBJIM^kp*!!*!*, »pr<M(otlDg«ralne ^#72,000^ th* iildlijrbM b*.» J tt«d ;<bf * 'gMi $i§m** *&\&$*> fm )mmm-M bldlag-phwe probib.lj f}i aw-JoDg while, aod was undoubtedly ||lt|-3|irc«^0\favro|b*jyv' , • • -' jp najsorymeiR of Iflinoui^tay lhafe. tits told weather whioh ooated th* llabauBd bodletol tho tree* with fee, wilt «tmeithe*fy prop •f.frUif 4 thiir %1c H(i,*iid l 'i!hfl «g\g». fi? the •pplay, ouromllo will bo deitroyod. . —Anothor oooan itoimor ia missing (lie City of'BruMSIs, whioh loft $of, yorfcfo.rEurope, M»roh,30. Xhottgh iho faai been outonly thirteen day*, Iht 1il«irpo«l pe^ftfSro aorrotut »bvut tor, atnil the nndorwritors have railed tbo premium to twenty guipoat. ~St. Panl'i Ohnrth, where General l'liomn'funenl exerolses took plioo, wu dripod with Amerloan flaga bor- dorod with' oripe, and omblema of grief net tiooyo iu every part of the odifloa- Illibop Doaae road the service, tad I'rofenor Gay presided at thoorgin. The tniiiloal portion of tho B°rvtoe* conaialid of the bymn \Brief U Llfo,\ ind tie lolo \I KDOW tbit my Bedeem- »r Iiiwelb.\ —Sir. Prouer^ member «f # eongre*»' [tern tbo fifth dittriot of TOPOWM*, Hyi Ixe will bt th* th*. drat U anooeed lo goMlnj a oolorod boy into tbo Weil 1'olnt IHIIIlBry Academy. Ha has ip- (olotard M a oadet to that Institution AIQBSO Nipior, ookrod, of bla dlitrlot, lie aasyi hoi* thoroughly qualiflod, and •III paui in elimination. —Xn tho diplomatlo olrolaa of Eu- rope, tho moat aatonlahlng ramora are olouIaUjog in regard to tho sudden diith ol Mr. ADSOD Barllogatne. It (a alttecx> that dffloultiai originated in the Qhlome embassy, ooDoornlng tbo rank •lid avolhority of its various mombora, ondlo-j In. the polaonlog of tho Amor- i)in oblol of tho eaabtaay. Mr. Burlln- ganio wit very oarelesa In rogard to bit lioiltb. tie waa out skating only few i«yi beforo bia death, wbon tho lloioznur thermometer ihowod 58 do- greoa below sero. ^-The wifo of Qeorgo B. Carter, ehlif of ongravlng in tho treasury da- pittmtant, raoelvod a basket of flowera Hie other day with a t-1,700 roll of blila loiong tho leavee. Mr Carter ihowod it lo BIr. Boutwoll, Mr. Boutwell put it Into hli safo, md both inquired into alio raaettor, and found thil it oama from looupJeof poor bat honsil bank note ongrawon of New York olty, who wan ted a contract with tho treasury do- pirlnxant. All 8orU. —Figaro aaya taot la to tho mind what grtoo ia to the body, —rboro ia a reduction lo the prloe of kid glove* this season. —To be truly and really iodopondent is lo rapport ouraelvoa by our own exer- tion,. -Same Roohoator sportsmen have gone to Iho great Ponnaylvanla \roost to ihoot pigeons. —Elaborato propantloni aro being ntiilo in Bngltnd for taking aoleallflo ol'iirvmtlone of th* next eolipao of the ~I£*ory Daks of Richmond baa bono tho same, baptiamil namo of Clurloa, ifler tho founder of the family, King Ohuloa II. -A. trivolar writas home from Paris: \Tho wrord I havo etood most in nood of ilnow my arrival horo, Is tbo Fronoh for dexBD.\ —Nothing loss than tho portraits of btaiotf and bis family, worked tn his polnt-latco onrtalns, will satisfy a Marry Blllreeldoni of Maw York. -Mi. Orooloy says that tba eolation of the quostioii whothor woman Is oipul Co mats doponda upon who the womin is, md who tho man is. -A few days ago a little girl in Eltiloa jnst boforo sho died oxolajmed; \Ptpa take bold of my hand and holp oao IOXTOH,\ Her fa^tber died two mouths ago. ~ u Thh Is oapital alo,\ taid an old toptrj \seo bow long it koepa ill bwl I\ \Ay* said a byitandor, \but ootildox- bow soon it takoe away yours.-\ -r*w> old pn«pa In London, with th«h«adl«s ramovad, h&vO boon tait- tatoii.fox lottar-lioxoa by atnpid'paoplo and thirty or forty lottorfi, supposed to h»vt be*u \stolen in tho poit-bfEob,\ h»»( boon toocvond from ihom. -Potr vigorous, original English, tot ouojo TVost ot s!ratb. A Momphla ionllovoau) Is dosoribod by a papor thoro by tho rernntk that \his forohoad ox- tomli to tho gable end of his nook,\ wrblohis Intorprotod to mean that\beI is birefbot on tho top of his hoad.\ j •fmmmamms IrtelmcMn^arer* on* day en« toofyk m mm, when on* hpbjITna pito the groom lamnOBtttsr bm, tad i*? quired, when he/ouod bimjjinj^j.r^; mn m you de*df\ .fimr »if*ie«i*r*'. we**. -At Wilwfc*;illl., the Mm.m aaMioo.and,Httic* them**ir*. #| 1** Msratary't UWe, ;ni»j*4> * .«*i*-3«f; •ttonrV a*^>»H» a*OBld p*y f*» »f*'*>t l aodt* iageoiow p»r«ar|i* djewflewrid • 'iaX, mmmmwi* mm- anea, frojn. 1mm. m% >$$& r*W». »y»jt*riooilyahlpp*d.ofc.Jp.iB\oll»a4j fiij* horrible ..»**ipieioo.l baa «ri«en among London lietxMholdere that jt re- tarn* t o tbsm' ia- .-th* ikepa.- (ofube Datobbnltotio Iaargely bottmm^idt thebmtobeni. '*> .»»Uf « -i'?- -iA«Oftei|0«Jesnt ill 'Fl*pif^|^iy» Md immense onrtjje grorM'j of, that State are fletiotub'-• Tba-'ngrorivJ-are \fow end far botw*s*n/' and r^ 3^W bVpntt N !^'»v#i™ Wg=thom.at fl,jier s do|en HJ TftfejWP ofbaninai fterwupl Uj.JfiQrid», 4»1» «50«t«po.B . *o\rPH* f*wB«»l Made ipeoiBjew ,« that fruit, \thr«» f&M «H«rier,\ —Q^eral Th/,^iuj( h«d'hji. llfo 1n- egrod for ttyM fitioitt oojopa^y. ,'f^i —Dr. J. O. lJoJlap,*\ »o\ fartjily^rJlii retnra from Europai early i a May. BT- Twaln 7 e»rnis-()oorlttlAbVolltl''Wf- to undergo ^ngllihs nprtnt. t \ \ ^ —Tho Ciir'i iiBi-laia* take the pleasant form of torturing; bin With tbo belief that hi mUrderod hi* father and hi* wn- —lire, ^jmiii Wllla'rd, th* founder, of th* Troy Paanje- 8emlnary, diediHt hor reaidonoo, In Troy on-Friday, aged, elghty-throo yew. —Sonator Borols oomplaiu <d>at-|g |e or*r riw by nowarjiper tntentlowo% tod boliovoi that wiero other seoatori tvo ono-oall, ho iaal ten.-. Bo will, loirs Waibidgton-ia ft few daya for; tho north and wetfe. ../, —M. £b;nei, Ream, lo a rooo.«\ly published artlolo, eosprowe* the opinion mat there art butl-aeo quoatloo* totally mysterious—tho origin of the humatf oonioioooo, and tbo *upremo end of lb*; qnlverae. Thayuy lo Bomo that Quoen Vletorl* la etrongly leaning towards Oatholloism, and Aarebbfshop Hinnlng ll l sported to hiVa ilaortod that tn euo hor Brltanolq aajeaty ilfpnjid ah', dloatfi her orown, efco wouM» at, onoo embraoo the oitliolix, faith.- -Mfii'Oi.WI'/rai |)|9 s ff>tfSthfM litely boon nppointful a member of the ntedloal ttaff of il«i 3Sut London Boe- pital. Her appointment is tho drat recognition by oii-ctleil luthorltib* of lldy dooton. ' i. Mill •rh* Oinolnnattl Boalslon. ^3r^^^«a»-«iV^a»»y'.r : r.--'*'| m*tftig UtlkoMtie siafaetitali the aut m. -of l^^M^iiMmir oat*- 1 JrtttflWlB.^WjL* tieusan^jiarj.WWla aun --Worfiafte th* oVaeVwuf torA^i aad,wa»*i)aqt,:^h«rrfor«3:s<»rprti»a' U - V%w^fc0WjWWe4f4a*aiir'wUh ex^arliffie, aiir !iMlM»«f«?»*«$ asaHBiitfirif fount mbi*! r BaTauliai *vb*«^r«i<tUty ftr-lellllli a\-'story : iUtiookoabatlai'si .wit*-. UugeUbta l»ei- and oewad. m»U »•»* '*»di.eaeoMifotlyi psrsaviraict, • J =ia' i! Tfa;t,' '-hb*«- a»ltainar»eababr * WeuW- bnM<ft5fc». eouraajng to (t!*art,\-6bir'em- wbje! meet span araeababl* ot«erbtal»-f If taey- 3 \-\\ \ ^JBtBeetHitboqH* '*»bat jorojlta% a*. w»B- M.Jl'MPWWfi itfit t* read, Baejuraifng to *tMU,et;, : en^ i lote'hat lies of his prtrtOKJWi wJWt; *pf, eigfMUov and HP* naf^ aotraeJataaotame^x men ef note-hat h \» Trory extensive, and tba % \Btrb|glH and Ttiutopl: patting through a- doiea , §W,?SfW l «JtJ»Mf?lji »• *Bffent ,v, _^«an JlfTe.iqobifa. fUa WB fortone,^! Sntrew tOeulo rtther.' mrtatUng of -\ •-*'--«*• tf«ryvtf«t to vtjulTali etdlauy life- time*, so far at/Ike diteipUat.' aad exper- lese'M, of tba.taiBe *r» oonearntd.. .• .u«> : Th* esgtavlnM or tho,boo>,Mrtjjttree, linumlnir, areeioellent, andmostpflho: bumorotuf:- Hiriuln hWiIvk'&piV'pnbll \a tkU book hli ttltbrRtti lutart on \the it.t i0 f MewjTOHtltg/lt upon .whloa JX»- ^WlWSmaijiia Jlw_o'f lta.^jUv«rv. te f Wv*»*aia otltg and others k*tv«ll)6»ei»jeeh*.knr«)r^i ltek^yonAoairt aatxrt tatllt varlon* Rtt \gti'd olmr\ at thouiaads of domeli-' llo tearthtthe ootdag Mitto, and-It \Bat r»a*lag\ for the jeuag. aadoia tTtrjr Wb*r». Sba boose fit [3. 0- Jiqrr A Co, la W«*lo*.Tta,-C»edIt«oe*i:..!,. n»«Mo«-w.-j«»mjiuri«»MVKiiir,-jJvirt'Mi art Siifcsisoa^ii^^ 37«J J32- H h XSJiUNDlVFn,,,, ,. tltlnti t rt!C»^OOit»0r«»Ki.-rii7iil«iitt6iiut<)(V {» U b«»t>i >n<n tt> all f HBUI bsvini cUlm» M»l«-lh. «(>t«*t 4»o=«U»l». Itoofe Mi SIW \jOji frfMtti \»<fll;l#lMi«t ^^tJ)M<tn«t ' Bi&i; ^th tij ^ttnce^Tsre t.-r.a r ' * (^POUtK,*.,^. CifPRSme OOUUT.—CJonm or Oueauiaj SUt» :h|;fc,Jt.«i«4>Bll;M» CSunHrOrt^kt flJIkltt dittos, tad ttf rirrf.k.eo|>jxir jour taster on the jltMikw; att AftteiiOHtias iiauily, J£ N„wlihla Io»ti» coirtfot th,:i,|l«f<J.niaini|J Initio unmplUnt tlwll's n a qqmpli r - AII'J, or ! Mlat wuiity. ', Ejection IVallf}*^. GutLmirr • OU-IOK. Couarr a OJUSAIB, 1 Aii.i.. P , A P II| ieih is7c ! ^ Kottltu baxeti- ,MD ptinvinnt. ib « >nrmMfooa tit! uaJMOalitr Jua«.«<jrnlo<mrt orXfpiilt, IgtaorCu^^ rt««^ot thpet^ar ue^n&t/ ir^ but ill, amMXtd D0UA4 from Ib^ S»c- • - - lUxtacVeo <IU U k.liln Uibr NUr7^f fttetf, H'enU, oo ch« U,b4 Tu»-**»> bt iiv a«xt. ,| ih)Vu Uu tollo^oj; ofltcn tn «o-bVctftl£l to wtl't ^ *n«Ui» Jddf M 0( lit Coorl of Appi.Im BOBIUT P. BOHSftm. ShlHX Tbo voto oast In Cincinnati at her rtoont Obarlor Kleotion waa onaraally large, and, wbilo tkao llopublioaaa.warc laoooafut by louio -4,000 majwity. tho majority agaioaf'Tbo Bible ia Sohoola\ waa nearly is muoht. Tbit ia to aiy: While mott of tbt Jlopnbltoaaa voted Yoi, a ooasidonblea minority of tbsia, with nearly all that Domoonta, voted No. Thit Je treated am i vordlot againit Biblo roading in lofaoota, bat we think Uhjoitly. A pirl o>* tko majority may have meant that) others, jra i oaanoe doubt, voted eimpiy not to oompel aoob roading by thoie wtao did uot ohaoa* it. In other words, wheal thoie who gave tho daoidiog vote &«ant waa to taiab Hlh tho porfool liw of liberty, And tbit, wa «r* oonSdoat, will ba tho goneral decision. If tht btople of any aohool distrlel prater to bavo tbo Blblo read in their eohool, who ahall forbid it T If thoy ohoosa not to have it read, who ahall oanitrain. -thaai I Is iW« * thoaghtfa! Qiriitiia whe weald ohooio to lay tn. iffaetto Jaws aad Ia- ols, \Your ohlldrvn ebell read tht w Teitamoot, hoar much eoewec you diilike it, or they afaali hare no plaoe, noohanot in onroops*)oa sobooikf\ Wo ioiiat that tbii oontioilm—if oontrovorty there xmost ba—ahall be oondaotod on oatildsa in tho Interest of common aohool idooaatlon, and of noth- ing olso. If there jbo thoso—^whothor Roman Oatholics or olbera—who woald eaorifioo oommon gahpoli to tho tup- poeod interest of tiolr ohuroh, tbty must not bo pornilttod to laaoetq. If thero bo thoso wh.o would nto the eohoob ta promote sootariin ends they, also must be baffled. And tho ouitst and safest eolation of tho Bible quostiop- it to loavo tbo toioheis and pupils froo to road or not roaad it lu oommon sohoola, aa tho pooplei of oloh looility or dittriot ahall for _thotniolvoa judge bolt, joribed bi Uiot bo loft tp the pooplo of. that Hi irlot, and lot tb'oie wtid tiro not natlsfiod with tbo dooisiou In tny olty district 1 just sdnd tholr oblldron to the nurfcst' eohool Wbibo'ls ruled 1n aooordanno with tbotr pordootl awnvlotions.— Nht>- Fork TWitme. ltiv. THOMAS K. Btatoaaa, of Klmlra, Now York, 'ooraos onl very strongly against 'tojar potilioning bus- inosi, tbls humbly praying staff,' ad- dressed to our ioglslavtort, ind saya It if a ratio of grovoli&ij; subtorwionoe to tyranny longainoeesplodod. Hiastyl* would b*as follows i To the Senate Md Assembly of the Sv'ator-W*, your ousters, haro oan. oludod that wo wmfi ulsro aoaay ia this county than you havo been wont to atnd us. . Thuretforo take aotioo horoihy that wo reqwajro 110,000 this winter for our orphans itayl&m, titdllO, O00 moco toward t near miating bonse, and 110,000 more fa * t iketiop-rink,, withoot distinotioo ot? *ox. Attend to ibis matter at onoo, ,» ;, \YOUB MAsttns, \(500 nirooa lubaoribod.)\ ilnguUrly ftlldliloua In the oboloe, of lh| tueetaifql books which H glvei t'o, tht **ttMj-tt«WttW*** tB'thenrtit of Itt ibUoatleati matt na p ttt dtiervcdre- ir4. ...>'. ?Teappend,axtfaota fjora, ihj work t— AboW* flrit of afafy, ito, Ittg.n tq make arringimoots for exltk novtltlii. addltloaal ptrformanoet, a large to oust of extra adTtrililng, aad an onudoor dis- play, forJJw.. tifllorlsBas Xcu.rU >,\ Jjtrgt eartleelored bill* wore ortlind, iraasptr. tno)te ware jropirtd. tht froe bind of mullo wat aUtihenttd by » trampotjr, and «oU«ih» of •adVirtltatttfcu, httda< with, Urgt atpllilt.'wert v/riU««aid^ut on tie, I wtnletttonjn oat a Itrletiof Arair- lcao flags across Iht ttrtil en that day, for I knew thtrt would ba tbousandt of people pining tbt Mastrns w llh lll'iir* and poektt'mebty, tad I fall eotifideeeibttta ainiaalalsplaTifaatloaal flsgt would ar- roit th«lr patrletlo, ttltnlloq, aad bring iv of then f Ithin a» walla, Uafor- itljr for my purpois, 8U rani's Chureh Oat- tela jolt, Lot not tbi) Gfood Book bo prt> F.J° d \. ,d u P_ m * ,l « ,T,a ' Ml \$$ ?! ^W^ fflf .. , !\r ta *ft ' WVtar l*to«M | )ut lot tho obdioo or bbdka in any aft> yon dart to out down tbo 7 man; tonal-, . , . . _. f stood dlrullj onpeslto,. and' thirf nothing ti-whloh I could KtUeli ray ropt, unlntil tnlgbi bt en* ef tke tx-tw the tanrek»y*rdk I wont t» tho vestrj. msnfor perxnlulea to aq tltich my flag rope onthe Pourln of July, and fhty were Indignant at whil tbty calltd my \IniuH- ing propottUen\; autb t tones woaUbe \»aorlllj«.\ I pllld than-with arguments, and appttlod to Ihalr patrlt dim, bat In vain, Rommlng to the ilusoum I gave orders lo havo tho atrlfcg of flags made ' \ With dlreetlons at aajlight on tho of July to attach eat tnil of tht rant te eao of thathlrdaterjr.windows tMba Mnttnm, and tba v'htr,em) t» a trie .Jn, St. Paul' ohmreb/ard, The Jreat dav arrWad, a»L ray brdsn were •HiClly followed. The flaga attrotcd great attention, and before nlat 6'clook IUitVtnottoubt that haadrtds of additional •jIlHora.wtr* drawn by ihit 'ialf»naal and' about riady, lontlvllHora dliplar Into the Museum, p. nln't llroadwav waa tlmo two gonltome txelKmeni raihid into iy eujn. jii MWlUWof lerannothe- log thamsilvaa as Injured ind iatalttd Tistrytneo at St. l'aol'a ChaMb. \KMP.O9P1. csntlanan,\ aaln I, \I gnssi lllsallrilb'. , . \Wghtl\ Indljdintiy Oxelalmed one of ihsm, \do yob think It is Ttght ta sttaah jonr Un'etum to our Ohnreh T Wa will •bow you What Is 'right,'-aad what It law. frwa live till to-mOrrow ; thoio Saga most coma down Instantly,\ \Thank you,\ 1 laid,\but let as not be In a hurry. 1 will go oUt with yen and look kt.thsm i tad 1 gaaas we oan makt It all right.\ Going into the atrtol 1 ritnarked; \RaaUy genUflmtn, those Sags look ur j beautlfnli U \- *---' ' I always sto ^kdoommodatlon wbenovtr yon da> rtrrlou, «nd II It but rale that] you atiould rtlura thsfavtr.\ oall .,,,,. were* oao 1 •»e»trym»n, \and now F tell yo,u that if tbeat-llagt an not taken down inittn mlauttti 1 will' out th«a down\ ,1 Hit l*dlgnatlon was at a bollbjg point. THt'erowd In ths street was dtngo. arid the angry jjeattoulltou ef the roitryman attraoteu tbair tltentlos. I saw there was at useln trying to parley with Mm or doex him, and so, assamln] they oVnot Injur* boor tree; top ray befao'iry mnifo for yonr allon whansvn yon held week- •«, andlt It but rale that, you „-_ .lira thofevtr.\ 'We oOUld tndlOt your \mailo u jrou I It, u » hut»aji||e, tr wa ohoae,'* an«- tetisai'iiBWifotMr, io< or.?\ Btoanu\' «sr StMi, V 'AltMiaj.'iprlt lOb, Wj^' To (Af Sicrp'oJ the County ol OrUanv 'Bii-Vfotiw'u biriby (trio ttulit DO BI.OII.O U, bilnlilBtai. ami, o*ti« tutii'TwatoUy lnl]«» I . _ batat,d »atd ut« < Mmh tWt.wo>»J, .l|t<H» AMilriJ _ }\ i «iUU«il '-At «et lo preilil. tp t u iUe- T Chlsf Jldp »nd Anod.li-jrwJj^If lh» rol!!*llt»tt»!I»viM.W tiling to»lt! ii»<l«l»'0«iIjM•treat- Oouit St Am«Ii, %«! HRfert*taa«rflr**^t«M*i|^t*ttlht«lit* triUll o* t£ . OooitlfoOoa of Ihi 8Uu mt Hn Voik, Mil rawM on Oil Stmt Vondlj of J«l;, llt», Ttn»U»nti»«!ol;Tinr»«»a ClljIlMiaoii llotida. luMelan of - r \ u, eiztcUiito a«etlo4ir-6ti, ftrar ua^lfr, aciur loUnl ttllAd J a ckur jttf, ut at* AUMUI*- : m»In«on «f ib,»i,f« o»thiriii(j-rii««4.rlrui3 w).j]«*wi»iJo On [•dlBiorj«, iiiite«m«l. ifao Oouukutoe- Th! DIBO« of til ninoo* VOIM! fur >t nubilottlooi hoj iloetor .hillb. opaa on.billol. Joe^ud-tllt tints' vot.dtoiuA-oclu, jj.„ l&oVu tloctot Utll tDt*-Shr nor«-'t2sKB thf Jsimosr] ftmrafUi AoftoeUta Judrta Sadit«llQS •lull bo ««<lot«»4 •'JoJlcUl7,• u4 Iho lB»j»i1i)f»or «l|o ,-..JN6 •Jcdltlirt.'iii WliUll tto OAttotl ..li l bo dopoitllll t)M MHmi»- htltiMf.itib.i- of „in M-ChtirTffo itor o f IUIIO Ot oomSlVkt •\.'\AfV S^M^tohrtaiUii'wikoBKm ro<u forjUxoibb ftign ohill b, li<mod« gndl ttveUon. • , o , « , . SSMralf *. Ai ,otk ^Iwfloa d»* M|titfy of . v' CVr-W\\.\**- 4 ^ of tot»« i, rtailr^ id t/.Ut. u<0 nl.Uot Uw, muni «i4 und. Otlfttiu (M*>dl» S ..0«l'o f 'dVtW .UtUTt,. *i , S , !***\V.'* \\U tm uot, »u t^o> Ininclon of tlKUM .S.ll rn,t> ft tint, Itiinl ai '' \ ,UUU,om ts> InnSij •« * a»uuj»r pHktu.,.. ojottlpt, w r«»l», torrosa OBJ Knipl.li, oai.l ,h,li .Ttrt, iotTM^uil unnlote tWftlH rM«tir,, \i\ 'udalkrtor otostfoDi, —---•••-II,., Jranoslf rtoit Oii-n,. ikontM rocoiutlidio a,ail or ApDf'l', >nd, >!>»ll tliil ili ( torVSllBj I,;, - «MJ „ its tofibfta l I»», li litliMno to ininl «Q«b niliU-j oboll liin b« '*• -R'.!l^»* a J , 'r , > 1 * «Mto»ittr,.,Ml >• tjf«tiidTo««<l»y If Jini ooMfo »«.u« oeOlktimio uodiiiciia imtntxoi t qmnllletllonj* thtei coftirarto*sLlltr» |»wi-f *juid' rtctp\( lurXa ii Qirier»l*ja^r*,fU«J Ml Uw in rHptotl O that^OlJinaJof ejlwctlo ot .flttr*. th*>pin[ih«.*nt fb* iniW'vMitiM K. Id nllinac* td «ticti»na *.l»»II ttpply to tbw *K„™ ttjr- af | wI««Ua%, ttt tflj tltyotUiD <)Utit<t taKtll i Btiia, •aV*It 04 Sllfx l 10 |h« mtU»I5*r pMl)J|d brv Uw , rjQ p r MMfwlhtvejgftTofnitii alaeUa.ii . <*** ' Becrtuiy of fll*t». GROCERIES Fer Cmsh Qnhj \Jr. t^Olaimcd In a IMO angry >d t, ' \ just like, to let yoli dart to out down tho Atncrloth dug on tn4 fourth of July i you' royst bo a'Britlsh- or'to make moh » Ihrtal m, that; hn» I'll thaw yon a thousand pairn of lYapkoa tahda in. two mlnulot, It jou d»ro to ai- fenjirjl te lake down tho sttrs and siripes o» tbia great birthday of American froedbm!' ' i-vfhtt't 1 tfiat JobnBol) * a-tiay&g?' aeked a brawny fellow, placing, btrastlrtn front of thi Irtto TMtryman i <>book horo, old if** t •th'nelty of Now York.' hronga ot oxoittd, exaaportttd •mlB aoo- bae •Th ero.wd»dtround,.and tht vtalrymen, In* tho pfaoi of my ruso, aouled falntlv an5lfad7')0i, oTeennatt lF'tJl right/' and K» and' his companion ^ittbtly edged ontof thecrowdi The nags remains! up all day and all night. The next morn- ing-1 tough! tht (Vanquished vestryman atfd OhWncd fcrpal pormlssUa to make ,thW use oTtte-tr*e'i>n following ho'lldave, lu consWirailon bfBiy fa »mtn\»rJeSlr r to >mit tbo doleful itraini of ray dltoordant baloony ban*'whtnl>or atnlotawore, hold to week dtyatnitkejOhBreh.,. .I^fcal^VfcltitreriiaiWOrk pnblishsd by. J. B. iBmr.ftOp., of Uaa-tford Conn., the .agent Jt.-aow aanvatlaftAlbltn anft Violn- iton'and wlUigivbatl«lt.opportunly;toxaa.|! vidt themtelvt* with the work. I WtSfl Co fbfom ray eattoaarl »nd Cho punlle, Ullton ud Hut H-prO-JM, 1«T0, «o taror. t, tl |[i *U1 6* tlTen on loodi. I b»T, rteolvvd to Oo o Strictly Cash Business. $A»t«tf>*»*JttCt*t) ««uflt«a oschklf (tar tht tomlng jett, 1 kra prttpUttjL to |tll Qofxll , AT VEBY LOW PRIC£S! FOR CASH om,r. This ta no tmmbQr, for I wn OeterKifiied tbit Albion will bare At leut OB« •tote when* g^otli '-rjaM«JftI*««t>a»itp«» *»T«1 itawt^roi «x««-o«otu. < M^immmttmi af-,l>tti^fi|t».,t|y.^ ) i 1 t A ^esl^pw b'oi-|. WW o t 0 Great Reduction ! IN PRICES eAN BE SOLD TOR CHEAPER CASH' ThM on t yo»r*« trtdW 0«lt «ufl Mitmln< cilroi beforaj purcJiaaiitj' eUawharo, u i< vill Go to rour idT»ptagvi. fortoiir 11 be You er* t-entpectftjjw i Q w-Uc>a ta tiunttao thi fbl- oiTinj price* foffooa* * MARKED DOVTN TO-DAY: D«rt Xt>afi>tl 8a(r»r.. „ \ <wtr-\ C Sogttr M v Ba(f»r , ** ToTarrtfnjriwnTwiv..^ \ «un Rowdet lea »w \ «b»n Te*.... .... \ ptdftov.vJaTmOatft*.,. \ Bio ColTt>«.... „ u Bikiot j Po*r<}«r It) tttxvrkot... ...I3H«til# .„13 ::*tl $\ All Other toodo tt eMme&lr toff ptlceo. hu the plioo. BILUXOS A BAI.W H rt«mtn|. old stand, Cor. of t«ali> and Benvfca- StB. OVTEN H'OABTHY. .rnrtln IndttttdiQ nttle IftjmodlattTy, u |« or* rco.a.Gitod t o calf io4 <»t»B to-WWli my tr*allt M i 7,J\T\ v S'T ^^Dii'OAfrt'iT' Albion, March ISth, UIO. «i|. KB IIAVB TUlfl DAY Rcdiieed Onr Prices on Teas A3K0U1A)IVS: Dollir Toa Down to 80 conu. Ton Shllliug Ton Down to 81 OO Twelto Shilling Tot Down lo fel/26. Ponrtoon Shilliotj Tea Down lo ?1.50 Two Dollar Ton I'owm to 81 76. And we p&roatee th«t THK QUALITY 8»ALIi REMAIN EQUALLY AS GOOD As any U«ret0f o i>« Siild by ns . f- - eso a. HurcuiNsoN & oo. «E<». p rropKiss, PMosraili Gallery W 81CKKt..r l BiOCK, Opened November 25th', H AVlNU obUliio d N<ivT InstrompntjL I om pre j>flT*t1 w Wf»4 rnnttiifrtplits f f»ni Dif imair* ' m m fttar« Uktmetm, Qpt to l.lWsiZt, anil painted fn OU . Watei r Col°ni or IntJi^Iiik.Jf; tl«.sired. OI,I> FICTVRBS 0» KVBST OnscRffioii , • Copied and Enlarged •nd Coloied In »Torjr TOH.lt of stjrta «od.lloi«t>i M«do MJntlty u reo«t, «• tnoit llSen froth- llfo: Specimens ou Exhibition All thpliilMt rty'Mor FRAMES AND CAS-BS^ Q aoUtkot /l.baiqj^ pwichttw *r. CAII a\nt;«{M t>» b«t*t*kpHart»'! Pi>ntfl K rspb ««!!»- l*o« far h. t.arce famum fclgn '«(C«*r^ BXOCK. VKI AMtOti, N. f . ^^WVt--^^*.. 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It teochea how to pt rteli, elchitaj SorcorieL InenUtloUi Oemeaofejti, Uute, KH. m.riua, SplrltOtllna, ltan|>n QeWe, »nd.» tbou. .nd wondjrt. V«lledtor. JI.MnU. jld4KM, t - V' •.- V ,• ,'' t 1 t '5 ' ~ IhiTwunni Fhjilolo^al T UlTtTV YEAltMkipetleoit lot! of Cnionle iBffBiiialOlJeiMf.—A Vt«w of U»,r|.|,_-T>e ckoAjulbo/'kei -cooUlnJo^»»irlj(^ i p^ 1 Jitdjao $i. pUUi •nd «ofrerfu« or tn* Aoatomy or the UDmoQ orrtu loo oUta ofluilthaoO dlaeMo, wtUi atrettbaee •>r)r tnon, IU doplotiUe ooiitdaiqoai inoi ft, mind and bodr, with the eAth'ori'pUnorAVHXBiQt^ tbo oalj rAiioul aad a.aoceMfql ,uede af eare, u •howa \j % r.pori of euai txtnted JL bath&dli. Ttwr «otbe_ ouriied and thote cohtofflftlttlof manliM ---*-• •-— - r addj 3i: Jl.ld.p uJdl'Albin, t Oao of oojtata. to ear addreaioa raoalpiefll \ ^ ' iddretkh ^ ba npon vblch til. book* tr«a^ althtV pittooatrjr~ori7 ..A CROIX, SlOtjialilen turf, AIban T N. 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In tbo loaa of Ma^ar, Ort.ana eoaotr, Hla V«,r«. too DVia, on whloh «ald Botti aow reifaea itudiknn eoalfu aboat oao htiadn* and fan teroa of land, hu a comfortable dvelll>f hoofa, bona U\» two fratn barna, tod other °ot baitdlstt, «U Otntazatrn >St aUa of The an, * foot (teutlt lt.pl* orebird, tad email fnilta, the QodJrlded kuf ol ttfht acrvJof (TowtDgwbaAt, KSd{la, rood wktil Torm* of ptjmant mado knowD oo ftppUcaUoa U the rabacriber, at hta r«>idaDC* ta atDrraT.af*nulA HABVT •uharnHj},''• Ajateae* of Netloo W. Bllb. Datad Unth loth. IS70. aOat. aip^IaaaW*) CV>i^eJlosnr«' D KFACLT hsrino oeearred tn the eosdlUofl ef i Uortaap, datoA \ \ \ Uortgaar , Cti«Ht a L . 8p i OapOMbartlttijUUimtoal) 'ptetao aad wtA^ to Abnun Cola, tat Bct*oy D. Oltno, te *c ' \~ — tmat, and contalalni mrb po.»f herljf- b _ _,_.,._ , ipnMcaaa *•* rveonlM] ta bilaaoe OoaaW OtetVi Onto*, m Book IS or Mortnfta, pan <H: tad ull J»rtaac» h*>ln« boeo uatined toJil|U,BA«omJ*. d~ is bmbjji^o, tb*t byttrtae bfTtfdTaowii7rt •»!-. aauaaaatle lb. afatata, laid Uor1t>(e will U Ib^otowd bj iil* of LatprKnUea therentdeeeritei, It nabti ^ - •' - -> - ... — Albion, lea Oltno, te •ecora eajmeat of t&te aad te- \\«. on»i eonbUnlna t poa;ei of eate on deraetti ou-h po.«> herUr beeonia eaiiaUm aad akltk btlc eoctlon, at the office of And ZhOKaAjJii o. to aid Conhtj, BatofeiT, Viy 7th, isn'ti >'ol««k In Ibe fbraaoab. There la elalined te ke .ewnbUcallon of IbUnoUca, en uM I9M5* The land 10 to be .old li iiy Aid umrtaatfe; aa tltoate tn Kendtu, nlj H. YV, known as TO 184. In Toae o tba liandrad Tbomand Aofe Ttect, Ortw.no en m »hip fotji l..on.l»d nnrth k. |ot 184: ea*t, bi lot 167 i ionth,br lei 17» . ...t, k/ldt |«3{ cnntalnlnfej So 100 eeret teota ar leas utttptint Mahweva AftADTlloIlA^ Attorns; noMeitfpomJhea'Feb. I BACON, AnljoH. F ^XKOirroBS l«rmOK.»-N»tf«« te 4ere,hT JlTie J aeconltBg tn law, to all penone hietar culm .,..n.V J.oo Dpjd, laUof the town of RWgewtJ, iltf »w H tbet ttiejnre reQniiod to exhibit the •*•», allh th- r,.„fh.r. tharoor, to Ule HubMrlbor, U>. If •rut. r »r tb. tut will and teiuuaoctdf tha etld d»- ej»»M. *t hi. putco of resldenee tn Oja TlUas* of Know le**u> OO or bafore the 10th die or tnriL A. D. IITO Dated Inlitth d«y of October 1880, l«\o« BANDS OOLR, Kaecntoi. Attention, Business Men «To:i3 *»ni fM'x»xjiro i r ALL DKscmipnoss iVeally aad Promptly Done I AT THIS OFFICE. Wo bare Jut Received aa Ailodaetbof New Job Type And with tho aid of* EXPERIENCED WORKMEN I 3?*«ajst Presses, Are T*Pf pared lo do all Manner \of Printing, fVont n itHI Bend to n ro*te|r,>'. J ' 'ti tlif tost fetrlo. •£• ' Pertlcbiar Attention raid to 1.111 Heads, Letter Heads, _ Note Head8, BUSINESS CARDS, PAMPHLETS, CffiODLVABS, tABBCS, ETO., BTO,, firs. I No Patina Spared t o pionac Cuttoinore

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