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Buffalo morning express. (Buffalo, N.Y.) 1878-1926, July 27, 1878, Image 1

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Wind north and {mm wt:al§cr4:budy.: ' ‘vs R.A.-M. :*-f‘; -The water In Buwo Rlvcr us qIl$1Q§0V7¢§§ . lends) up no uhuul thue, o‘c!ock r IL. when}: toy; ‘, 4, «haul (bio (act. the wind. ncmwlnilc. hwiogshiilei lmxp mmhctsl to smxihvrcsl The wenhék Ig ~, o'do,:'k was l,hIealculxxg,l>ll1 lh'§Tk,y: §h<utly(gItg:.»~— Ivan! eluted up. nlggr ti lgyccssgnt tlhiay tun. x I -—The schooner Sastd luslhct malusallu Ed: » rlul Suudnyutnd lay: slaw ltstllllctl a new m:c.\\\\ lugvther with other rqnln Slur 11:: been chirtucd ' j lul lcu mp: lo hung mal (mm llluk Rlverlu (hi; ‘; ;pon. ml and: her In! run [mm than plate in 3‘ mrmcy-two boom. _ ‘M-;»';‘. :iéhrE1II’eiii§riéa and Mini SIT:-’ Ia.dcs=.Nsu-.x-‘s<.|_'r.ila‘v‘)~-.:--.--.- A. '- ' aria.-l.odisS¢'-'!.5!('l’.'I.UIJ|4!«\Y$.,-~-\-.«-‘-< I5} \v,;3.g;(9n{l.’I;§¢¢No.’2Qu('§’:nndIv). .. l.jzfs nun’ 0.39:, v.- . .. .1‘ 3._.... cI:y:I_a9!I¢’?!'¢_-pl . 3. .5 3:51:39 ._u_ 1V,Ic4uutIy),....,.....A:g~. ,1. u xeyuou <=.h.eu.-r.!°s -in (F93!_III40_!)m«,...AIl— so. at aunuacnunc11,I*-17 .. s ;&r7--°I9C°“'!‘“a\“- I-(Sm-4-1)»:.,.,., A-«A —.. -1 LE“ 3'“ g“.'§«““'!\i._.-’.‘<°.~..\lu.°|.‘I!)-.c.~..'.AI_(. 5,, :9 HuvhD9P!Y= - :otIv-.-_I..-zI.4-c- an. as .|{r,rI»rm-.:v Mm. «xi Coir: Slmh. [H I R T Y-TH! RD YEA»R,;-N0. H3: §_u12£AL}o. N. 1.. S”4.fT.b!R‘D:A'?3 -JULY :7, 1878. WHQQE IIUHBER, 10,770. ‘d. |An';icn:!4nd.'l§rh_ ('§‘haI_lay)An¢. 5. gdg ctngw ‘$3.333 (vIogneu'm. ..5epc.u. 72115 M0.RNI.2\'G'S ml-‘lcs. CITY AN D VICIN ITY. ‘...,~,,,..r..,.....,_ .. -._- . ... ud_ up are cu): tmn lucgln In an uyoll lsixy. 1, Jan an: -qnahlu up upun bcuun Ium , ,1 E nlI_u I; ya 9 r} anxa,;_‘ ,,u_..aT I x mu n a ' ml :51 use :1»: ajvug llrl \ ! nu, x 48. 3._I¢.-I43} This built’: Tau first truancy. In. . C. W. \\'oolIey thud. Luluml‘ . [qn nun» than. u T-z&=.:;:=:2-.;:::::.~a!‘.*.;\;;'*;*.°f“*é'.L°';.‘.1’”' \\1 ‘ . I‘ ‘ I I . .... .,;.4...; f 3: :3 A Jw :;‘&‘?‘’.aéf.3~; : L‘; L, “‘r‘ai«‘a6o.‘l$fk'*u‘..‘n£\'uKch\’ } an SHORT AND CH EKP! Increasing cloudihq and nin.- Winn southcrjy veering to colder northwest winds. followed by rising bumnieter. Te/egmp/1.’ ma -mnocic‘-d (n‘(,3uic|d'sr as he Hheavuu. ifgsrjt. Himock ungl Rnlhcy wen: aha conducting kiln £0 In ‘ te‘ ‘. .-I )‘P'°“‘ ..__wn. burn {o mnncfoaueanailj-rive: Io- ng soul. He in Ia,Ng§dl_y uppuori-3 the hunt. an-norm-than ‘I9: Ohm. ‘ , , _ Thhrouucou-iu1qu‘v \ -basins: ten In-nomw. ‘V- EQEEIEI THE BERLIN TREATY RATIFIED. THE CIRCUIT Idk1’flII!;§Ill§.IIR_ltf Jdtné} Am ilmrtcd in Mu salmwc at £1:/nllawiu; low mics. TXVO LINES. words or less. for 1l:§xsx.SyK . . 25 Cents. |,.,¢-ngubsgqucnxconsoeuuvvc taxman I5 \ ‘&schndaIunn_lluc.,imluscnbon Io “ gunm-cilconnetullnhn 5 -3 rms uoru~1me’s DESPATCHES. A||\Ihg Pbworu hut ‘rurkur Mme--'l‘!n Anlioérurltlih Truly Ddonlod -Auntvhn Oooupttion. rm can-‘sung Iutfnlo Ilinllnl--Tho nun» In Chicago. 0! course. it nevus rain: but it P°‘\\ — A .,_ . ‘ The mat! to occur In llm city next and xuvnhe xc comp; ‘agwlll \*9 bet! in that hung} 0! my Aso- cuuun. A gum many fun: hum sic cnIcm1..5.h- Sbuliag am gm: ccI¢.h!“.l\*n and -ch-\’¢°xI.9n aid gnxhomy (huh; Bn tngk us, um: {um than it ‘u“fa!~ tgelouxgntxhig 1‘h§'sign: toeim dial; much inxcx \ greeting, \'rilh- 3 lug: Imudnmce Km «ch day. but {mu outof lot: Indolent own people. Son: oi as: hone: haw Ilxndy um:-d. and uh: mun body 05“ 501130 Inna» ante!) upon the clone 9! the Clgvelud ulccnsg. Thou nlmdy here include john ll. amin. in the I. 34 clus. Ethel. in the : a: clan. Chestnut um. Sn 1h: 3 28 cuss. Dxim. in the 1.24. gm! Xlmnu huh: 2.21 The pad I: in Gnu-xm onlor. sud “mm; ml! be nun.-d lu «uh: uh: mccuug In nu) Impact In nuxcuwc on. W: but has nqw.-sud in sun: thank: pt-we u( pnvalt beau Imlxa xe- suced [run ]_5o lo 330. , sayxsguxv méiuptéd a defense o! the An- glo-‘Turkish ui-my in Pulluncnl yesterday. It in becoming gppancnz. II!!! a delcnsc In ,nqcgunry, ; « It £'wxt‘ug': Drlt on flird Pqé. SEASIDE POTTERING. wébkl ’ F ngnxizlsq ml 'I'§:!1|tlSI| nun- guotoufa ‘hm. cc rwétkiumqu-sholevod ‘ lndlgn Iupnll ‘ Inc.‘ $6.-Ia. uh: Home of Lani; ga- =.:lt'{k~.|lIrquh'bja_1£sbuvy arena! 3;: agcutglm --<.¢T-MI-_c.<.3-ass--c’!-l='r=~=1ic~: ram: 41 tgncqnl which an: intudcgi 1o’ in turn! of the (ulun; 0111;: Coixfrru. 334! not I9 130; (U: 9‘ lb: (ingcmmggl unng diacsnious, Vlg dedtiod the Government um um- nie: nuns“ ' 1: to: the (mute amp: Ibo»- rlktqhod I manned more «no none. I: igdnmyuuiuéoncm In mm-uc ol xgsmory. ncauxsw OR §!aEcsR.—wa:i:. » ».::‘:.:‘.m.**.°'\ n.»_»-,g«.._\i-«‘-‘é“'-.'?‘«:f.:'.‘f:'::‘. \FHhEE{‘2L!DA;!?S.—Trh;xk‘§¥ to oi- Depou an scan. 1 Palm!- .‘:f'.;m-.. .¥.::.'u.,.w:x‘:_r::I:... l')L'CKS.-—-For sale or exchange for ant ..a ..‘:§\:!.‘x§.¥“.§.\.;':L‘»“«‘..‘.'=‘.?$§ om: \'s.‘§\ ‘°\' 23.. ;j'~.._.;;j.s:;:*.:°.::.§*.°;.::°°.s';“.¥.%£'L=t.=:.\:é$ The yeflovi fci/er has ye’: la In‘ 591;: 0! 13¢ I Sigthcrh cities and is likely to have a long run. It will not be checked by (man tux months ya. and there sccms no olhgx ; ». ~ I've remedy. _ Tufcovaxudn or LOUBIANA R103,‘-‘Q5 waxing.-caxzse .‘ _. \VA_sx_3:,'c:1os. £1: _a(5.'—-Sin ;1-uqblno‘ uoIMLSouth\\_? ‘nap; lo-day III; Iabwrmygicauuag (hp toIudIl|9.I.¢_5A|: _ vi, Enfi l_'{nI|._ building. H .i-aging: cxdmd gun; to J-crttu lm‘ hudtvd strong and both colond nu! tilts, £1.- at 'xhe lshoun whgulugcd us have yak has ‘ y—, can . , 1-um”-i3':i§ of -Two Loulullnn Ix-Com gr«.usmcn—--l':9knrd'u Nomlnluou _!_n_I3'£|;O3£9n.-Ho could Hnvo tumult. Ito. '§‘tnn_1j.$. 1.1:. I I331. I-ll. 3.315.; «.3. ' ; nu nnsrox-Au. The thin! 380:‘ up the (toe-lax-all. mm A ltuxpl in; ‘wt; ul 33.6». Th: noted hoists um: hmxl I: lhgunde lbw sppcannct Pm» mac up 13: (name. slug; alum um lo on: again bgcu I-luxem. uh: xgféuud ‘c ‘nu snap. Illulnetd Ila: “mezwm been Isaigncd {annual u (anon Nun: . Hopeful Icaxml. its‘?! mum thud. Pxumnc Iunxth. uul (‘mom The \corner\ in the when market In Milwaukee and Chicago creams great In- terest and no lmlc cicnemzu. The hull; appear to be hnving thing; their own way undue Illa.-ly so somluug to. ' Aruurrxc Cm. July :6.-Auk: Putts: Con- Iuxm Iccung nu; mourn; the attendance vru Inge: uunduruxg any vgoqgdny. T5: not» cxuunnuun 01 Mt. Gnrg VIII poupooqd for the pascal. Ga. Syphutuxhtqlleii maumm: on Wal- ncsdayhg nauuhlelo \ \ which but M1. Shawn‘: signnur, but couldnow n he #34 «en the Sacuuryk aignzllre in uxtogrql Ilbunu. and sluclicdlot nation fozo huh c-the: zncnbena! Congrcu. tad abo Eu tnnh Wimm all he was at the ‘Rcpubkcnn Stu: Eon- xcaliun tn A16, which 1 ml Eukud 19! Bow. cnzu. ‘I1.crcwu<:onug:?>?e oppu some qghkelca-cnbol zhtpmy nthxngm «mump- nseqmd by the Sun: A_d-nxiamxion and other by (=01-wed purple nngglgggmiot _ ‘(byte In: In vvsauan I e pf Ila In gm: auuuxsfuucu sum the Sum: Adllinislnllop 4; at the muse: it ny blktls mm ogxpot-ed to! you! the curwnonc Rrpnblicaunxv InnIthd.::aI.!§sf::!£ am 111% Loakno putt: u. Pilchbaclt. In: bang-md. rm duh: mus. Wu- nol) wn acnlnntd In: Cqngmu. but dednqd uni left Slut. _\\\i:ar;me1i§¢_d lu~h§g1{S!.n£§_!3.§§ gm! inn‘: :9 afrauiq Rcpaunam béncm: damn nuuh/3 been asadto arm: the ngmiauioucl Pu-kud. Iidp LndcllI«. Ga. Andmon. (_3<7Vtllot Wansolh. Gouge W. ‘Lilith:-A and Paabsci Sn:-;§‘bdn'u'I: the minim to: such nonhuman s an an smut.-A mug. In !n was sermon is: Ind head of ‘ 2*. and in onnwrul I-in Rqubllun . euhuluysqttinvufrliciul. Monroe and , . gun an-ulhrann 1| um. in addition in «L5; lugshgqhkn. TM ¢sIotId.!9u\ an-airman! than Dsellcqzlid ma} «W4; mime: the ion In: tbtirpmtect ' Hugh . vnuakluduihldtikh them They vcndlunisiel because Fwdbld «nu wt alumni in the: Sum, \\'ka xvdm I-hoxnL1h:...Shunu law: II was. the want» lu, ‘uthchaslurxiting at $1317.; Thur tan an (gum uh; Ila: National (kin.-I ahunld um mm 11!: Sun: nude: 11: lxliem! am an: in- unklsthn Lu Pcucizu R1-pulvlimm me appuwrhouwluyoun pour; which had In» use Rcpnbu-mm sewn! Noulun Sum and iuund an R4-guhlkannol lag \\‘xm»mduru an I I Inn. ecu-Iv ion th:’?\'KG¢} qucsuon. ‘heck: ullh its con- fwubcualduaut In 1872. he allégnuanx at _1t&d!#'einlu|4xx:‘:'Itsxq uric um use ck: unn. ctuges tulle: nu 3959 1 gratin ulna: tin: can has ta . , . 311. Ill:-and nkml ukaban (I: Dcau-mu: WIIM lo couilhae xiemimd In me Open’! um» Vex, in nmu up am as gm do in New- Yaari. big mun. \nxiuuu.\n nun were sad 5: Gltlllhk ! an mum: to then. {Lug 1:13. We hi I nkup mutt.-u on the total quunon. {u qrgumd an uu awn-ital on 1711»; tr «'1 1 whim In drw at! £1: ocl:?::s. ,1: any Ii: I):-sown; hm us a link-. a PRSOHI DKWWNKD. -The pxopcllm Bu ! \ the Wmcm Tums- ponalion Cnmpm). now bulldmg Al \\1cu‘lxn\L It“! be Snakes! about Angxnl I0 He: engmes an: in pouuon. with her um mum an km mun dwk. ail:-xing In an msptd hum mm: lxuhul xhuclm. -—-The uuovuncnlol tench mm nun yrauznhs was «re light. mm! the lndqvcnnlcnl Lune tn-a dz About 3| Iheduvung. Lul gruuug um 01 151: st- auuunun up In; Lu ch: uunlslpl u.nln.u:,x4ny, mum I-- mg cggfutl sunny, lm um: nnl wax: N\ then; had byes lherr iscnlyluul h-um and about :11 at men: use \ukuuktd ‘ cu.-mm; in smhuul law». Am! 32: me msnugcn ul uh: aanaullml mp «hunk u gwd pain In numblzlc -ml mxkuvs to shun um ch: mg: And, (an: lend uonotn in gun thug all than luIt_ '- uudu pun al ‘nun lull uni lllb when «M133: hum‘ only I» guru 33:31:. A. {magi {ant ll pxrsrnx «tam ml! it cardin- d!Is\|~X€(llXV<l II: (II: Iuuxuumvnn um ya: '-sly} -50:3 lnnuur. 35“. _ The wean‘ mans, ion moan h Vvzlhkpqihsihvtgtkhi than qml v-mks: 25 can can’; thus- :‘.::.\‘.°«'%.*.:.;*=\“‘:':s1“.':;.:'.°::‘..::';.:.‘: and to-uon',uIt.‘u.Il'¢_= ll: if Ike 9:. That: i: Inch nu a situation. Pbutd it been kg ' he of the “4I dc: gghaqk tot Lh:loIr—!q¢9¢lerotl, glad lick who d2an.§.1I_13g&nn:y.yunhc§t« ea-§°’.1a\1'ysn‘»\'\\‘ “ “Eu “..‘i'.“‘..\':.'§ Ir . an 1 I rim Coiuy Ca- \\o '3 .. NEW mxsuxo nmua LIFE 1:?- ..‘m a§}\”\°\a°9s.“:';‘\' °’ '£‘:“f{\;. \“‘u.§\s\'a; Aaum Blast. w um: n’33a: nu the =un~‘O }n at 2,: in ‘:2m\;”“\-‘~ §4_:»_«mIlunut:_A§uutnc§u£:.\qaEd _t§:_1_|g_1 'E3ROAg;‘\'lt:‘.f‘vT.KTTER52‘I.L'S. - Bills lo;\‘:.‘grii:\.L‘§si‘l.ig‘lB!-.n¥u-sail;-_n’ys;n“ }.I'li:!§'5;§!iHb’l.5S’ d'RF'F1L1::“S(miino.xeE mm?\ .3: “ML:-3; i:':rr:.T=~ *-“=- -* * Gcu.G1uu'uu.n was attacked with vcr while bathing at Atlantic City ycstcgdsi. As I possxble Prcsidcntkal candxdue and Prtsldent. it is to be hoped the General will kce his bed steady £1 much 01 sh: dun: as potable. __ '17:: law on the prvgmnun: lux youth; at Clncluzd urn: pmpumd and today. (hm my on mumuoco with cu} own: upevsumng a haw tun- itom The lnllourlng drum-d rqum nl Tints day‘: nu.-1. In which wry tn! nm in: nude 91 wk: luau: thn t‘:rm‘4u.l Latin 91 geaztully mum ‘FE A T ¢‘£.K£’£Le| 3'0 Fill aha! ——MlcI nu: an no allclnpls, A gnu! can an: mute and I! once too): Iho ml The qunmpuh was npadly nuud and sun Ill Sal. bucked by (own Eultm. | an-us. Pm Aeha:_ al Ncmc. Coacuo hunk: us she mum! quutu Quick. which pent he: lo '13:: Inn. and with dmchuga in mm wnxumsl nun‘! uwahn qltlnu 9(_a than Puma: And mm Fm ctnchofd plum. own; cum hiuklngol mu abuzz iivdy tux: s-usual brim-ca Nuztlnl gm: ! \ (M hush. lssu the gala-ng um. - . uisi ion-gin:-csn-ans-.-Ina lxsqv-i““3¥\“WI&!v\3 Aqgdingxy 1.; The qumm it-ac as lung». :u~a.:»§Q. tuanu Pun. I}y86.--‘I'M \ Connect 1:» inlorgul Cam! Co-piueaol use zshsbnuxm tlqu umnicqunctul the nu-Iuaoln nqum at the ft-11163.0 Ah: uh: ul gum utiahsgnuqionhle their number. Then: -(ll nmhcxsogmdpdmcnd 3.5003016 -mun almanac; am! is muuax xvmxu. 9: *:m:.a.*::.-'+=A -“-.::.:\-~:: §»’;a\?\-’:‘$‘°&‘:“a3‘ ‘ ““' “°é:‘ ‘3'r\\““ \“ an - ‘v \ \\'. an- on: the mains mm he kmu %lQ}N?:n:tw: gin; Status”-‘lfsci $o. ll I'll’ ICE 11% I- I- muuen ct slstgggxuis dash: ziataklss in nu. pl0ptNu:q.§ by Oonjmn. Gegcn! Gntuug who usumcd the o at Sutvcyor 0! the Fan. of NeI»\‘qrI: yester- day. annonnccd lhtl lhcr: will be no 11:» man! of clerk; except to: Win: cansxizuces \cause \ uadcxtms Adaman- tion. however. is one of the rdonn mys- teries. 4 as his usi the «pen that King Mlomo duuxrm In E nu nun AIJU1 Mrvxw. THE 984 I413 Tlu thing on lhr pnzgmnme bu lht‘ day athcenm-insianofthz sum: uhxhhnduan unmupmlou 15: day Mom a: tit clmeol the (lam! km. Edna hula»: (ad was. um hands: day b and ol cums: #31 an lamnx: ltldlruul haul gamed car. and muud puslnun in noahu. and uuuhll tl than he amghc that up «:11 me: the l\lghl‘\ teu. Tnxu ! vrhouundao high In lh_crLI.:olt Tuesday In‘ - I. -am hadhossuzl !p_cn.=.lt ._l;n_ns«-rm ._.._..h.-I.1_ul.x.-Lie-91;: pnuunua. ucosdtn; In the «mm at ii: In: but on\\‘:d|h‘:l1 hduun Font» mu. Tuna};-oline ucwad. W ,. (uni \ xhml. litiwunl nah. [lulu Dick Moan nub (‘nun sntnlh. N» do: Ctghlb. lcuinskn ulllh Ml Dwpennlum ual rut vrnaz:-:‘s mwaxxss. PAIIS. July 26.--A ICSEXOSI alike \\'nmuz‘u Rlghn ogeud her: today M Minus. Hinmpu counuor ol tins. and 3:1. lulu WIN llovc. oi Boston. was cloned Pxuiduu ul thctiolpw. _______ Qt ! -Maul I «In:-an wares it'll‘ Inc-It “\5 ‘'3.’.'’;“''\ 'iJ:°7i.. 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P and [um ktguthan uul junta, and (mo (Evian! ‘kl -nun; pnluuunnu.-s at“ be guru an \\.a1un.- Var. “mm!!! and N1-lay, twgmnnng at I! .-In-l uni nu-lm; II II )0 In Iuur Ix-I -hum: Ah-Y an turn that will dun!» a m. xnanhy uwumun :1 a. in VA-..-1 5!). AI‘ £4,056 ct!R1ns3;r!' \ .‘ n..§3'..\ #3:» Haas‘! Wwbmg gnu \ ‘til t aklusi on share A dame \Jun! 1 In .1» ol Flldicn PI‘:u!|tcgu:\::§m£{s-lul.ATy ailntba uhwh xx (xx! down so 3:: sun I£lIl‘l‘l.\‘G lull.-\IlI$ ' V'A?~\}‘Iil1.—A.I’rnv.v.-:.v.nnt woman to uh: rlno1ch|X<Ili‘l&I45t'l‘:lIlt!IlSt8!t! M- dzcaItI.mI_c W _ ,_ _ -> The eclipse ol the sun. Ihttll wil! be tottl (or the Western section at $311: on-.mtry. oc- curs Monday. In this section the surhce 0! the sun till he nbout threelourtht obscured. The eclipse will commence about 4.4: in the duzmoou and and thou 6.2;. The natur- rence ls 01 the more sdetttiitr later!!! be: cause mother total eclipse at the sun does not occur during this cxutury. Though it mined pictty ttctdily and hav- (I: in mu tegkrn yesterday. Bu did not than the deluge thu vultcd Chicago. Mll- taukce and other stamens at the Wen. bnscmexua. destroying; streets by the torrent at rate: that pound through tin.-rn. and domg other damage. Anln ml :31 (our am-hes is. we believe. unprecedented. But the extreme: oi rather at every sort very Itindly avoid thh city Suulh Amarlan. IA!!! nrlornu Il W*.’:2‘.§,°.:I..'f.':.'*.:.“.‘°-.:;:<;2...*;'*:'..:=*;’* *ai'—u)-.n_._c_e,_-t. ,,_A . _,___ _ \ DRUG C£;§}l‘{s;_\\'Ah‘TED-One -having \81 3 I‘! will unn sun *9‘-*J'..1\.-?'.!.‘:..**.‘_.\_*.\_\.‘L'.\.\;!1|\2‘s=v._ VV Y5’ ‘.L“'.§.‘°*.3:é‘.£‘.°J.‘£’;§.“.‘é1§.?..°,§.*.:\.%:’$f?.: \‘\\‘.’:‘.\.f'.i.’:‘1‘..‘.$.;,°“...S\ .13.! .§'.\:.:‘:.‘ f;_w_;§-*_.-gragrw-:I_;:«:e3a mmkxa auto: m an -»‘?iu!‘¢-._A1t*1.!-.r!s'3u’-»!\2r\°‘ V “\“ “ \° \‘,7AlNTEI‘)‘-;;K\£;i’& .1: do up m-dk.3nL-n V‘!-K§‘I’Eil‘)-VvCullar rand Shin ln.n{_n;_ Hun uh»4t1.“.<:':v.‘:al“;:;.,lg‘:':’n;I 3”‘, ‘I W ‘am- Rm la Junta. jut: ll-Orr: our unnuuc! iuuugruu hum been new mun 2‘sm\bcn [mu during the Inn ltsnllgkl sun! 1 hm» untrue! dim an on anti II! \o Bun Amnlualhm. cbleigaadrr the old in;-unumo «wound». hue hm: no km N to gun-v a mum mbx in II: I.‘-manna»! mg man: kw: hit! an! lo at-p Xutlm Itutxuam thin thou munch. Iu: Mvumu Ingmar -I‘-uona Mun um! .4». my cum mmslnn ytttrnlly qluamm-as hum: Ilrulqunrn. 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In the wt- unugs d In Rciknu mom and ol that common hum!» tn (3: Hnhlttnnnn 8: Not lnllfmi lhibdnd was dbtl - by the Du:-Egcxun cl Nldhnu 3-an‘: uduna agmd noun pcuabzr (L Tin mun Iulhmnnu «mm «:03 vcanoux 1):.- unlllrpuhikunnjo I in I 74. “amen urn anon)»: l?uH3¢=u wind baton the Ram- ug Shun}. he tune! htinklmu violence ud uxuduuuwoalldbuluudp am not dlapucd. iicuniyqucxsnun who apmulud tkcolxaavu. Ilisalnndui-cqclthcntm an ll: Solsncnloluinluh hlnlhbnéa «Hie tau ll: Iudncru hard thuuy ukuiu hubnannae xohinglhcolradm 9 taunt. Elm liml In Oudnlu pu- sh. I-tea 1M-~l)auocnlu are In para. Tam urn no qumhn n to me vroun having hen nlugumuly nglncd. \\'ium Iru uut cl? pmmn) tnqx-tuna. Elln Waknoa cum-:1 (moth: room at the Running Bun! on I sun. The inpztniag Rltfliltd llsu tkh tx- llbluon would have q good e «.1, Inc! My on In- fiuuou um u would be In cmllcnl thin: to do: in smhmnm o! In: muu-. Tho nuqluuon 04' Pack- anl produced at much :!h!Il|Ihcllot1|lzIl!ctdInf Republican: dlncusa-rd the qu.-men as to shake: I value: but In ptoinl nn H nu! an I the nuroaulliclci done pmpoud J33; tn cbudoncd. B£JA'1;~;1KC£ TO-‘DAY A ‘ mm 3.: u u x . VI] zyida u1: I:E:¢ W l Hm Aftuusun the Quay ( -I1 mull aha -mm an a up on an Em (Anal, hon: nu mm-0 and by hi the qu tuhup In-lg: and um mm. 1 mu: ul time min ‘lbw .-.~-( In‘ :- lhIlan' ‘L Quuul an Inn ’I‘Allt‘I | In-Ian ‘and: ‘oh: usllnlsu. No 3. lanes | am» he; I. lame! II-mg;-u luv line», (¢im1.lIum '*rnL Dr-nvmlu‘ “an-oh, B P umzun ‘so a. 1 banana ~.~.- a M u um. luv 1 I‘ D--urns: The Inn all be alum! n 9 ya ll: I W um, um an n «um, M. yuan may «no he-qua. In-an lkmnun. \\‘g. «In-dun J In: ll mdgn lo: the | chat. J Mrumn. Inhn l‘lz-ii and john Clum u jmlg (on Que-tn (‘hrs 0 |“uu‘mo u - Mun;-m \ Mm Emmi A-mgr! ul loilun (calm. rhughlu ul Amm- tomgn n llnh mt ! Iuh hu l Mn I-when nl llulhln. I8 Fmlnp-2 \ — Hymn I‘ lhuh. liq . Pvrudml ul Ill! Ilu \clung |‘u| Auuculéon. Inn lrllll [mm ( has laud in: Eununlu l'tuu1u'u I --nun’! ‘Thu [inst]-!¥ I -u xx! pcucnhy up 1:011! R‘:‘.\‘T-The Quccn (Luv Mm nu: 3: 533 W '?Wt'r. as.‘ \3 IYC THE WHEAT MARKET. Th; Wuum txollununl-a mm: run an In cum» Imnm. (tun. I3.-'1'!“ “Lite in In good Halli Invl il|U¢1'l&|l toalupmue mu. the uusuiun oi Msaxd phyuznn The I\-‘mum: lmnrkuun Luauuu! aux duly ruunin I-1| lunch“! Iutnrh at us), and lit nu h mmm1Ium an]: new ad!» in causally u I pap: an Inn --bunch! lbw Iulnmah an mmmg 11:: ml Imlmu a mutant, am! an entry ct-sprtl the uanopollmgi: uungunrul- apprn um nu-uy In all ---mun-o \¢-Ituh) the burn al -‘\I um um um um paying [mm lime In {arr cum ‘nu ham‘! mun um: unmnlmr dllpmrnl on the mini In: an bsinguvg. and than gunman nuloanl to -m.-1:1 1&9:-anl ham-h lb: un ul mi. hue u one u! the given»! rm ....:s new «knead by the g-rnlon.-n own «he tn-m--«x-:12. IIBI mmlumtly wum um ch: gaundu-I n no! Qum- -u-mun: an H the pnxlurrrn In-nun Ihumagmy urgnmml with man will be uvmmplasnnl. Ranxtv. the Cnliiornsgngiuwz. II on hi: my East. hnmagulng ur:gg1cmnhouscm- me at the railway suuons ta loot I He 4: cxpccwd to arrive In Boston lo-tub» mw «Sunday». when he tr!!!-bi» prueuled am: an address of srdcmnc. Kusuuv and: word mud than he will not dung: ha uyte of speaking to cull the icmiblliuei of Honor: pcopk. but will give them M: “and lot‘ speeches unadulterated, Uh: sucks to this he In not likely kn pmve very dangcmun. The stated rum Si‘ is ‘ \ \ wn ma 3 yr sun. «It a punt nl nu: man u Timur uu um hnmlc In the 2. and t 01115?! [mm as and charm Th: ' n«4u'ucn umcmmr-5 3- In! int: i \\‘ ‘\\'oI.m‘1 rim, Up and U1‘: -c-mad ~.mu 3 Tuna Ihlvsl. [II had: luauh, lumlau hllb. (oi-mcl bun «uh. 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Clallg and In-.m'n noun lI'I!A‘llis‘;3.'|’. \):§“£ 00 . \\\m(‘stkI. . \' 11»: I‘dqw;b‘n \'aumn dngutr Iunmnm the autumn In lulu lruulnrv Io lhr Aoulunnlln litrnfuvlnnmgn culhrrxl ‘I at Tnzlnh Pleni- ysolml uiu lm-e ulna Iu.-cl lit:-M prqvouh lo the dumuu Gumnuum, but an-til-rd no -tehnur un- vlu Samcnl the oundiuom pa-rnouly reopened our unnatpuhlo The Hum Vbuux: canes]-on-Inn no annual lhn Tukry mum on the mnnmmn-e cl I-lnniwm u the csllhlubnl rdtglun nl lhc prunnrrs Tm Ix-mm (‘nun —)u1m You] an «ml:-any am In the WnuI~|:nuu for an mnnun lm sxulmn n hum: ulna! M Ian. belonging In John Johnna The Chinese Aml and puny. who. with Sm:-tum. our ‘Mlnlm-1 :oCl1ln:l.Irrl\~td ln. San Ftanrlm) on the long-dclaytd Incum- ct \City-‘pl Tolslo” ycacrdxy. will hold a sum:-vi'lm lmponnnl pmuum In this country. Tllc Embassy will occugzy um! lmponnm quarters at Wuhlngton. which will be per- mancnl. It will coaxial of many more per- sons than that of any other foreign lcgadonn accrcdllcd lo \\’nslxlng1on.md its members rm cnlcr lmcly into the society ol \Vulnng- ton nnd will give elaborate cntcnalnmcnls The Embnny will have charge 0! ull Chl- nmc lntcrcstson this North Amcncan con- llncnl. FOII RENT—!-‘urnlslmd mom: in: Race \\'_¢gk,oso Igud: (run Pouulace 5 . ncoud Home 'l‘() LET-!\'c\ely-furnished rooms. vfilh _ ,I'o_nI-da¢I_bmM.m7Hu pcumuu. _ ‘ _ 'r() LET—-‘Furnished moms. Apply at -\'.°-.!l.’.“.\‘_\£‘-. .7. , . . TO LET -- Furnuhc‘d £9‘ unfurmahcd ”a§r:o‘n‘§,;‘lIIhur:t..|wn cw 5-union may Gen. Buumuquumi u 1:} the same ol amu- mm In Lanilnluu. lo thud: It-mun: ttp ‘tango ll2$’I1!IvAn uovhlh:- ban cluafnl n ' at ' . l d ol hue been rrpmleduocy‘ lie Con€::S:xn.Ll Cozgllfg in '65 when the Rqmbncxuu ad mum! of than lvro-thud: 0! the ?IlNItI. ‘ 1!: did not but o! I angle cnnridwn on I polnkal murdgt nude: the sdmtniumtiou of whet Wamnlh of hellngg. The um: in Inn 0 lo the Njcholls Gov-cmmcut. ’ . '5 «-‘:03 me: ' TI” :1. ' E i\ g g‘.'.‘ !._un :1 ubunnunn - i _ i 9 V 3\ ‘ ‘ * ‘A 0 ¢ 0 '71.’ 5 In. 377:: 323“: £33,? 34. am. . . q‘. a II 9. $5.3‘ M I1 N ~. 0 I arm n u no can u « N K» 0 1 W \\5 3 3 23 1; 1‘.‘..’:a'{v‘ 5’. 7:‘ m -33- I ‘u 9'“ 01 $7.\. 1‘‘‘:'“,'!.... - tlhuml. The mm B ti - ilungnn cptncusd tun mnpcnun-. tlemunn and la- an-uncnul cant LOQAL 0IIB 20 - him nmnlu :1 the hull-lo‘ u-I T--umn Hotel mrlunle I A Elam‘. Chlrngn. ] ti Rkhm-I-, Eric I R Lawnnn. Ponlhnzl. (.Ivq_-on ll \\ \uuxh. ltlmnn. A ll !vJcILu.Chb:::¢n. ll Knuth tad scale. L‘xuunLun\n._ “In . I I Iowan unrland I‘ I’ Ausnu.l'-Ilm-I, I,-an I ll ‘smith. K-alum. “lx\, II I) lknung, '\,¢u¢;m_ and! h Rn-vn. Unclnnnn Germany. All It\! nuns IIIKIVN4. hi; 26 --A dnpal-is [mm Brvllh an Imnrh «mull lhr pawn nu-pl Ilse ham have nnfml lhe lrcniy 0! pear: cnnxlnded h} - Congmx oi lk-rhn. C0.\|B|'NATl0N SA?!-IS FOR SALE.- riéluo ‘I I Q . Q -In the mean‘ hm menu a punt. «Enact: do not an In Loulshn: md_1-no lhm snand Ilul -Sum: dl an gglln ex new red m stunnglbe hours bu! when antral’ In. dunu uolis xi-tuned 1 :1‘: hi lcui. ulm-h he ind In nut ‘and luv. 1» ( along‘ Dawn van uvmng Int-I lul mggjxe Au Ilu-y pawn! the Inn! qumz-I lhey ucmplcd the lnllrvanng mdct Iuuhannpuh-. I ulnnrl luwm .\v<n|l'I ‘lam. [lav llu-L. Up and Up. I \\‘ “nolln. Gumball ‘ic-ill‘: Tum In-1|. [hr in nml [dun helm: me me had umlmued nunb luv rim. and rum Ihry name mun! me. grind and it -as nun.-nu um 1| lmhanlpolu tanned Ihc I‘-nu pllco hr ttuulll but In not lot 1: I he umcmuu kncrustd. Iom ta sdly guard. and an Ihcy puma! omit: the am: J: u 'dI'l\l htax \ an hear-I hum cnnal‘ tun. the 11:13:?‘ gut lb!‘ ha: ha In- dnnapnlu m 2 :1 l,)x£Ilt€FT- Á I or; 34. : Ab. I an ‘ flu»! Ila‘ -Nu trouble In: expencnu-d In gel ling a inn Ihn lime lnduunpolu, hnmg lhc pu|r_ -pnng (ahead and Ihc lullm-mg m-In was won Inumc-d by Ihv ram-n lndxam In hum n 'l'om u-cm_ul. l'p Ind l' olonrl ln1re\(nur'l)|. llay Lprk mm. \V«n?ly mm. (nun. ball having been mlhulrawn. Thumhx cummenccd braking and “mllcy begin In Hot cl I ltemcmlouu paw. md on me lhml uarler he uloorl mom! in the race. and was prux?n ban! [or lhe lucl. In- dunapuin luck: on Ibo Emma-nlmah and Woully gradually utpl lurvnuvl A mum and nrdx nan.- zhtn tluutdlneltvecn “no mo huncs In um (muh, Woolly (he Inn! by in: than I neck. In 2.15 I-2. the DI tars In-In? name distance brluml Tlu: mans ll the funnel wet! as (allows ( . W \\'oo{luc”y (ml. Lndmmpoln scmnd. Lolnnel Dans thud. Up and Up laurlh. Scan’: Tun‘: fx Bay hlrlx duh. Th: mu: 1! the qunm-rs «cm 37. I II. 3.49. 1.25 14. in-mgin thdruwn In? A -Thu I: ‘Inc much the cue , -—.\Iv lnlm ( hut-rt In spending a lrt din «nth Inn hvmly 3! Evan: ( talu- --‘II and .\It\ Alla\ ‘ilsunlxrrgg t-I N-Ml: dltv-I hu-9 n-Iumtrl (mm a sh mc:mlIu' nu! lu he-runny (iv.-nen! llutlu dm intrnogutd Iil1l¢‘$\. who said on the im at the mums Nicboiin cm! the Tiidcn tie:-ton marital I nujorily. and the Re- turning Baud threw out tsnugft foil‘! to clad Puk- ud. And After lith uncut out L51: vote: to data the life: eicctm h 1 M h ,I.—-you st toga 1.500 In to ‘rat a clcclnn! vote in Hayes! no you say tits! 5:: pm- mtumt pohttcitnn and waiting statesmen and the m Re ublicut rmmtel did not dilnxn this condi- tion ofthmgni was it not tnxiotnly and earnestly dbcuucd by than? )\.---u us. Q —\'on know it vm din-um-d tn l‘uim I‘ P A.—lil1hougit I do not res-nlicct any pmiculu dis- ulsxion. I led mnfuient it Im. if not by visiting stunmcn. by ct-eraboly the. It In dincusud by counsel and put)! ldt on both sides. 0:: being. ulzed uhethu niyIh‘i.tt'§ was said u to that ought to be done. witness the object ui unmuzi us In proiui against crtryihing in the parishes which was ilicxnlm im:g-nlu. Q.— isd prior to the opening at the xttunu you ind mbsumitliy mums shDWing_vyn|i the mui A.—\\’¢- had mule tome as to what tesuii vouid be ptodnred if certain parish 'n.-tum were thrown out. Th: cnqnlattons rem no! nude in ae¢_nt,,,hut» to uctmin the result. and probnbiy the cum: to the knnwlcdgv: oi the vidiias sutemew. Witness then said it wa.s_F.o|uihie the guru wt-re not tncntinned to mun. I might not hue desired to be in- formed of the Kgunug as to the unit. but I tutu- nlly suppmcdl I: Juliet would be brou to their attention. lundcrsiood the muit oi t c caicnin. tion was .-cit;--to Flnridn so u to come to the knowievilfc oi the Fiotidn o , ('1:-'— IYC you cg doubt this hiked oi’ in uisiun I: {am linigu we Ire uiking hereto- day? A.-—-I lud no dot: n cslcixhtion concemitgs the ttiiimztt: malt in..Lod wu oonnqnicat to them. 1.: (H? were as nudt interested in ‘know- ing win! woui be the result In Léitisiun u we ;{-re‘dl.n knowing win! would be the 115111 in on . NBVl—0RL‘EAN5 OUARANTINED nomu. July :0.—-The Mn)-miuues a pm!» mutton ltpmorvuw quunnumng Na-t.0xkAm on and allcr July :7!!! Thmugh lmvcl an [rum lnun Ncmorléans will no! be mmh.-red nub. A The Congreuionni Committee to investi- ‘gte the Labor question have an opponunlly to do the country a real service by carrying out the programme which the despatchcs say Chairman mzwi-rr has made om. and it is vent. much to be hoped that they will not let the failure oi Congress to make an appropriation for their expense: pre- vent its being done. There has neverbecn 3 /time when the country needed to have this question honestly discussed nnd explained to the popuiar -comprehension so much u now. Mr. Hizwn-T's committee have the oppomxnity to dissipate I thousand wild coinmunisuc nation: which, left to them- seives. might work great minciiid. simply by a fair and iuli ascertainment and presenta- tion oi tarts. _Mr.' Hawrr-r himscitis emi- nently sound on the question as well as the question. which is also to be dis- russcd. He is also a very wedthy man and might better afford to risi: the payment oi the expenses oi the inquiry“i1im's'€ii rather than lose the opportunity oi doing such a service to society. —.\h and .\|n. Loom I. |\n-y nl lnnlunnp--in at uuung friends on Fun!-lm nu! um-n Mun A CARD. THE INDIAN COUNTHV. The Hcuuoo Irnklnx‘Uu==-New h Snurvnr-Ir. Mm , duly :6 — lly I Icsolunxm ol the [loan] 0! \call no lxnu [mm N('I'>()l' lean» will be mowed to cum dun purl uuul hmhu aouoe. - 3\’ \V |s‘l!lN(3 to rant-cnlmlc my Iumnns. l an dlntmnm ol All such. Fsmsllurv and Vmnm. . ~nuIlm[ at Pine Wmes. Lunwn and (inn. lhlnud lnbws. Show ( up Tn-In. Own. us. tuumncd In my ummh nuns N--u .¢ ms! nu Mun our.-n II pnbllv nu nan sun mauaeis. In} every naming II no n‘docI.cou- unsung maul all ll cold Hunnn I an be laund only at my dnwu-town Mom. Mn. .9 -9.. and In Nun. nd No no; (mama-rlnlumci. when l dull umun all my buunggg__m_r1 will lg: ‘lug Lg. C5?“ A3 Pot‘--Road Auntu. — R J \\'ifIon.RI - Ind In \\ Vm\u-n T I! Flngg. Nru--\'m|x, M Walllrr In-I -oak. lmcimuu. H. II lloplms. Chlugn H l- :1... min. l.anu-xcv. I‘: . Mum t ‘Rh:-3-uuu-I An-I --Ie. jersey City. IN. I . jnmu Amm. llmll-ml juhn Nevburgh. J. Tnlh Nul ‘lulhnll. ‘éagmn, \\' ( I4-Mn nnrl vr Rruhnlrv new ummg ynlrrday : guano :1 (hr “urn llnuw -R 1 “an! and Mun: Roch-nay A \\.-ml, Ncw-York.) F Ilumc. llelmxl S. I! R-nslcy uul mic. Phtlndelphtn. A W. Pallennn. Mou- Irui. H Hamlin. I. R5501. Smelhpoxl. I-conga Runcs. Rovhul ] N Hrbnmld. I’ ‘\ lhnell. Tommn (’ 1' Malcolm and W F! luxk. (hm mg\. the mcmbrn 0! lbs Adah Ruhmruu! ( um blruuun. Ind (ins Willium. N:-w\n:k. urn- among yeuerdiyl Imvuh It lh! Hannah Hqusc --0. Peck. N:-av-Voxlc. Mnunce .\.hm;;1., Tn. mnln. I‘ W. Hyde. Pnllon. (1. !vymu|s},,1SI)Qr- mm. and llvram Bcncdln. lxulxpon, are II the L'mled ‘lulu Hold. -1-‘ E. Slaw. A. S I‘:-rune. \V. 1‘ Nymomls. New-York. R. Kent. 1. S. Mn nnul mle. Piluburygh. l C’ TIII. Boston. I-Z. ll lard. uxlclplna; 4:‘-. Gouldcr. A. I} Marlin. Clcvchnd. In it the Ihnercl House. nun Cm‘. Om. jui a6.—.I can-‘w {mm Gen. llounl :11 lbs! IE4: Bannock sad Nnln an upanlulftgluc tome: no ! the coun- Whnh thcflutgt m: mpposltd to he‘ :1:-mngrluc r I n uosco turn-me no cocnIpA.§:'mcsr{)lothe °J‘5é.‘m inlnmrv pmedncthmufgb 132101: cily rs iv Io -tlwedox-c ‘lvcgund ,vr Inovlmnn a mu: In-7 aoclfp réumlng zocunu pnlbnye and the Ilu uni . “A S City dc.-«puck up Ibete ne lndmxlms um lb: hoslllu ue mumig in tin: direction. MONIIIAI. July 20.--Tho body .\Inub¢~u- Muh- cnummalri lml I-éahhy pe- was mum! in Rich:-lieu River with me head up!!! open john (hsuholu. who wu engaged in run Mnlht-non from Llcoile lo annlhet roml on the nvc: Im din- appcaxea. Muhcnon ud I'll!) lum when he smterl $3,000 worth 0! mt. and gold wnlchcn buldcs money. _ __ _ A nugmsaso Paoum IN VIENCII o—— —r—- -0 0.... n ‘ CABLE ' I \RTTER‘1' . (J - ---K) ._ __u n._.. -- — an nu -1! Luv old mend: and patron: Tl [no fun paumugc And wuclung I conununneu oi nag. I re: main. tu . PRINTERS‘ DISAOREEMENT NO. 319 MAIN ST.. DlAD\\‘o0D. {my I6;--Gen. Shctidnn L:-tired lo- amy [mm the III iury camp on the Lillie blluomi. The (§,eaeml.nl'tet Lao:-Etta! z ol Ihe I.uuuul nion tutu: £042! liillupmiiiury post will be but bcmcn Speu and Rapid Creel: nil?-n. The pmuzvggcxs on the couch mm Cheyenne re- port lhn E. . Smith. the messengenz-m—s§zAnylng the coach. engaged single-handed with I mid zgmg. and I‘!!! shots on the put at the toad n um twenty by Smi5h,lhe mu! ngenulr lrnllhgut moleuingnihe \toaéh. Smith’: horse vms c . CmcJum.]u!y.a(-.—'l‘lne db-agt-cement bclwccn the lnlm-Oran and the |ypogn;-hlul nmon wu incrtucd to-nigh! u the meelmg ol the union. qhen the prlnlcn un um nape: were ordered In oulammovmw mommg. II Is undmuood Ilm IE: unnagu ix (Ying lo arrange mm non-unwn men lu M3 Ihcir p Ices. _ P. . HANOUR, lmpnur -1! Wm:-. Llqunll. (Inn and Pun-1 (hoculu ‘du: .43. :5» And nu Mun smct W W0/tge, Bcdcll House, lnu.u'.s.\. July :xu.—(.eo. Le-an‘: house. an: Yarmoulh. hum:-cl tn-duly, Lnlnh pcmhmc In an.- ! Ht beam llu: pnhli: duxmglhe civil war in H1: Sum In ronneclmn with counter. {clung tL‘Nuva scam lnlln in Bosmn. There :3 (wan to Have he committed suicide. BURNED TO DEATH sole And Exdnnivc Ag:-.m Al.L!£.‘iT()!l. GRAND ISLAND Q AYI othcn an IMITATIONS Ant! NOT AWERI ax, Cl ma Imam} Ilral.-Nolwtlhstandtng Imlutntpolts mt gccomltnthethtrd hut ht: tmntln dttlnotdeszrt htm. or-‘fcctally when ll was lervfucd llut thc came cl his clan! wttn owiuti‘ to h s throwing his Alma and trtvigiht, _ Woollcy Ad the put:-. htt Indiana- ’polh loo tltcleatd lixxmetltntiliy. mttmgoll Wonlley. At the tum the horsenvcre I In A bunch. but soon <Jucml out. lnd_\Ill_A?0lI! having A slight lull. whtch Scott‘: Tom Aw: I: tn hurl vrutlt Io mfmttln The (alone! “'11 Elma after them. lullowcd by Up and Up and Bay Dick. Wooll: commcttretl lorglng ahead. and at the second pa’: thc second puntlon was Almost wtthrn his grasp. Then came Amag-nth. cent race tn’: the humc-stt-ztclt. At our: thne ll st.-emcd A: l Scott‘: Tom ms first. and than lndunapolis could be disttn utthcthslightly Ihctd. Thcdrivern Applied the whip trigot-ouAly,hutthe stnlllon was cqunl to the mark, and pnscd Across the line ens! enough ahead to win lh: race. though wllh noth ng to spur. The time via 3.3!. The others came in as lnlluws Woollcy third. Bay Dick iuurth. Up and Up Colonel Dnwcstlxtlt. 1‘ he quartm were 35 L4, r.to. 1.46. 2.31.. Ft/II: [hat —The pools wmtwo to one in favor ol the large home from Kentucky Not much QM?- culty was cxpcrtcnccd tn obulnlng I. start. only two scorn hctngi tn’:i'dc. lmlianngolitt took (dunuga 0! his suit on at tho pole an led lb: other harm. Up An Up. try _som:.- tall runnln second place Smtn _rom wa: thhd ‘ _qoIley fourth, (‘clonal Dawes hflh. wtth Bly buck IIHM: an pf the mm. In these Bosiliohs they pissed the M51 nlrlu hole. p and Up fell:-ed to the fI?lh ’plncc bolnrc the third pole VIII reached. Scott's Tom wan scm to be clos- In up with lntliampolts. ‘and passctl the lnttcr V:fl:l'Illhch0llI¢-‘sl|'(.‘1l‘ll\VBH reached. The drivers urged an the l\\'u‘hnN:s, and As they ttpptnnchctl the grand stand the mtitcntcnttvax at ltwcr hctt. llnt the citorts or lndimapotts were in vain. tmd he lost Ilu: heat by About a neck. Itme 2.2! I-4. The Iusil|0n3t1sBlg‘tlcd lhlzwmtxus harms View as lol- havu Scott's Tom. Indianapolis. secmtzl; ;\Voo|lra'. thhtl; Buy Dick. fourth: Up and Up. M116: alone; Ix)aw‘c'ts. sixth. qunrtcns. 35. t.to M, 1.4 t-2. 2.: -4. Au-M llml -—'l‘hc bell rung (ur thl: lmm.-3 to ap- pear, but nnl three came. lmllnnapolls. Scott's ram, 3.7‘. W. \y\’ool1t: . the others heir: ruled out. lndiAnea:lvo_llA, an usual. (pale tlttt letulgrg positlmt. lollmv cldscly by Scott‘ Tom And Woolley. The litter ttgtst: hmlze wnxt at tint. And Toni dtdltkcwixq. lnrltnnnpolia. was datngsotncs Iutdltl work nteanivhllc. and At the rust qtgtttter ha had fully tum’ length» the lead. Those whowcrc w:tch- htg Woolley notiqed htm gntrltnlly anm up. and Ar4tha_threeaquArt¢r.p’olc hrwu ‘neck unable: V\‘lIvlUI“SCO tlt sgmntl place‘. ghcn seen: u. » ' . ‘. -h°?’°¢“e¥53ml‘I0'*‘ the.‘ msitloth) E:gut:|t ‘I’: lift‘:- jffht: l”1¢l.‘[5£€mEd to1b'e‘Mt can ‘one for‘ the vlicn. A -lucky hqrac. htttbgixtg qtgite oh. the\ soortnputtjt-.tA. Sam #2 er‘ R(’SOI’// A GREAT RAINSTORM. Inon-unto Eloodud In‘ chlouo and Mll- wnukcc--Dnn-inn Donn. ILYER-PLATED WARE, Gen. Burma succeeded in hringing out some absurdly false sutacments concerning the Louigiumt Governonuhlp in the course of his examination of witnesses at Atlantic City yesterday. Ex-Congressmen Swmzn gnd Moltav were his vlctlms. According to ithetelegt-aph report the latter contradicted the testimony of. all the visiting statesmen by saying thnt the condition ol the votu Ind“ the number of votes that would have to be thrown out to elect the Haves elector; was discussed by them all. Several of tho cvisltotg have stated the direct reversool thin. Witness is further made to say that the PACKARD gov- ernment was throughout the State a established -tlut it could maln'ts'ln\ltsell’ without ftmoi.-n. This was never before said even hy“:P._7tcI:.Al(n himself,’ and iscvidcntly false, in the United States Government never interfered with PACK- /m its only act in the ‘premises being_thc withdrawal or the troops. Jot Papxnan could have maintained himself he wouldliavc done so. Mmmv also made statements about HA\'v|.2\'. oi the MCVEAGII Commission, which xiierc unquestionably lnlsc. The Ad- ministration’; nets in relerenrc to Louis- iana question. including the sending of the Mcvamn Commission, were bad enough and excited very general condemnation among Republlqans, but they-do justify yes- terday's lies by a ‘considerable. uxzznnunc. \Vlulc sulphur v-«pnngs, W. VL. July I6.—Tl|c Annv Commission |\ wox-lung hu- Innniausly. A sptrll of compromise prevails The prospects an lllal I bill will be ngrccd upon which all will Slippo THE ARMY COMMl58lON_ ——'-« \ViLsnn nml wile. Mn. Jones. ('ullIh-a; (‘lIn. (on M Bud. Troy, G. I-'. Anmhl, England, ] (' Woodard. llusum. S. D. Rulmm. (nupon. john Rodney. Cum. III.] I. I’. Zctglu. Aalunn. U. \V. B Tully. N. V . I. W. Brown. Syracuse. Ave at the Bounty llouus. Wmzh hn hcco urully enlarged and unprm-M hy the Id mum nl Mac and Cold Iluhund nlhcr Mudcm (‘mwcn Imcu. will beGl‘I£N [or an Rzccpllbn ol Ginsu on (‘mcAoo. {iuly 26.-The min-£11! lulmighl us over [our Inc cs. thcgrutesl on rccnnl has: In my one night. Elsewhere in lheroulxneslexccpt I! Qulncy. there sccnulo hue been yer‘? much less nln. The change hate on Account. oi ood hue- menu mnnot be ulnllllcd. Cu-son. Her:-e & £.‘o's. dry good! bucment Is And g'oods up: report- « merged Aatsqnm. .Th¢ pusml bmldln undergoin_F rcpuimwas dnrnnged many xhunsm dollus. he ugsilillny hcadqun-ten in um um bullding su eonndex-ably. hmwwmz. July 26.~—Abou1 may busemzncs me f wllh ‘rater and considerable dam.-mg: u 1:- P°\ - . ' AMs1-unm. N. V. JulyJ6.—This a \ almlher storm Ingiurtd the knltling mil! of Cmilnev & Tholms lo K c Imolxgtaf 31.200. C. II Tim- ,inen'nm': cu uunnfnci -“OIOO. A dwelhng house wu unroofcd Ind an er in course 0! con- slnicuon demolished. L935 0500. ]nlm,_ l.am was struck by lightning and cumumed. Loss moo. Wlf DNESDII Y, 29//1. ‘N-ell u Amcrican China. is a spccmlv with us. and any- “ uklng we pain: in compare the sdecuon and Im. ' shy at stock cnmot tail in dmv condusinn in our ‘vot. SPORTING NEWS 3. Pa um Gen. Butler um. imcrmgited witness at length about the Packard Government and the ncvngn commission. \Viu-ms md among other tluingdn alter Packard nu imugnnlcd he could not ic- mcmd (mm o unlessrby inl ! and no attempt was madé to do this. 1- commission dis- claimed having my Aulhoritrexccp: of an advisory chmcter. — Pmmnzm-r.. July 2b.—In (hr 2 45 cllsa ( hath: won. Norwood Uuef 2d. best (Iran 2 3: 1-2. In the {me lo: All race Geo. ll. Damcls won. IU- Icy ad; but time 2 24. Tm: I-Zaursr: up rm. St N.--Conccllllng um eclipse which will occur nexl Munslny nltcmnun, the New-}’m£ Sun say: \The eclipse will he gcncnlly only to Ilre exlcnl of lhvce-quulen Thr- lolnl eclipse will be nlarig I mrrow rune {mm Sglu-. n’: and Ile'hring's smiu through Alaska. a few miles to lhe mmhcul of Slurl. and iurnmg mulb- usterly through the British posscisium, crosses the United Slates botmrluy in longitude 38, west {rum Wphlnglon. It will pus north ul’ lsall Lake City uni I lillla soul}: of Denver. striking Pike’: Pal: um! thence IMO the Gull at Mexico. between (Jul- veswn and New-Orlunr. The llne will then .nm etsicrly Ipross Cub: Ind the uoulhern section of San Domingo, Ind erl In lnlliucle I71-adcgrec north and longitude 7 1-4 degrees cm, m 1 little south of I'orl_o_,l_(lco. Scienti ayscrvlliuns are in be made In the mm: of the |oB,I.l.:clipse. The ob- server: are to be widely Icallcrcd. to avolrl entire fxllurerln use of shady wgntlm I! my n! the polnln. Professors Ncwcomb Ind Harkness. ol Wuslxlnglon. L. Trowcrmd Alvin Clark. nf Cum- brldge, null Llcui. Sturdy are rgported from Omnhn nhavlng recently passed through -there an [heir wlylo diflcrcntpoinrs. in New-Vorlx the cclipuc will begin I! .47 mlnutegs 4 seconds 1.»: four in lhe nitgmoon. nnd last until 33 mfnulcs 3 secondly put nix.\ ' . Spec-ul Ruum mane ranging Apamnenu luv the Send won or lot any lenglh a! use. 7115.1]-xo.:?.v I 4! mm maxv r nr “the summer Amman mm In eonnmuon with IM NI- acara-mrc: can.aa lonovm Luung llcdell House. on wcehdayu. I! 1 and g A. II.. mg. 3.45.6 iqmd 9. ll, Rrturnmg. lcnvulool nl Auhenuucuforuedc Ilnuu: ll land nay: A u . 1. sagdnnd 6.45 r. II. ‘ On Sundays law: all Iloue at g. tuna And In.» A u. ..:, ;. um 1 30!‘ u Luvcloutnf Alknulmzl ll 9 plnd u A‘ n-.. n u.. up. 3.31:. 3.301154 55:: 7. ll. SEN!) for (‘lRCL’l.AR GIVING FULL IMRTIGULJKS. OSSIAN RED!-ILL. Grand hhud“... TIMI! TABLE. THE clump M-imv. Gznmucxa. July 26.—-The L us:-e. mamas ol the Grand-Anny of the Re;-ubuc were wllncsscd today by I lug: usembly HOIISE-FURNISHIIIG GOODS. yo? 5IYl\_1¢h men 1: Gen. gcinwley an 4: ea vron n ' the mob ngnd um 14%;” ‘n°.';.'=.';§’§3I'.‘.“f ~\\*l:'x:f§; nnswcrcd In the I ! nnd Idded um. owing to Ms intimnq wilh Hawley he 1nd {rec comre lions mm mm diacovcn:<} that Huvlrt; desired to do Mar wns gig,‘ ho‘! was hamyzedrfd “by his! instructions,- a ll’ wumognix n a Is lb sun (I ma; able to mulnuin himscll :1. :hc‘énpi_:l] wil%Il'x‘isL on oliicehrs and Viéhgul assisklince fhror? the troops. ‘i nesst en lesti c concern 1 9 lion E the Nicholls Legishllllt. \Vitn;§suN:1;, il W25 glcncmlly understood (but the mission at the Mc- eagh commissiott to dealmy the Paclgud gov. ernment Ind cstxbllsh the Nicholls government. The Rcpublgansr were dliispi am§ dlabogerd in evcry e In to , .a‘ ‘t u» Pnckml govern_mea1I\cxIn(r:c? byqfhz (§o;1iy!'!1?ssion!: c§;;.\nd_to p!‘0Vd:1I_= _fI:,,I,¢I1I;1;§7r the xlmbsistencg or the n events .o e . ac Lcgus Mme. very poor. Th? remained _wiIh lit lotrgég couldbe reason: iy expec!ed,_ind u long. U do: Iong l1u_n white men would do in my-Sme of the nion under similnr circumstances. and in the fact; of the same degree of’ tmptationrfrom the op- to party. poi Butler-1 wish you distinctly to unde that ‘It is not lhfxn. Ihlunc. [blame the tdmplci-. nollctc' tc. _ K \Vimcssm‘:aid that after Florida was‘ oounlcd for nik Cutkty.Bin‘l's and Bigd Cages. mm Table- : Wu-c. lamps. lnpanncd Wni-. French China. Eimllih Smncwuc. Snlld save: Spanns . and Case Goods. and.m (Act: ‘ everything usclutgebout V DH . IOLTGE S, \“'§ No. 319Iain St. YELLOW FEVER. Nnw-Onums. July 26.—-U5; to date 36 can oi gilt; ht-crhnve been offncu ly reported and 18 cu . ., IIOMOIOPATHIC SPECIALTIES. . . Appleby s Wrtch Hazel, 2,-::.::'*v. 2.-r...‘z:.~.:<-mg.-3-..:::.. ~..-:.-:.3;;- - H. 522;,ér3x.:,o:e;me=..:x-.:::x°evr*u:**.:. 1...; rt‘ ' . ,. THIVROSG-HANLON RACE. Rn-nsms. N. 8‘. July 26.--Th: Ross-llanlon me was poulpquerl until 3 P. H. (0-marrow. « Ext/zaizgc’-Slrfen‘ O ; . To RENT. HE FINE LARGE OFFiCE Iormeriy o .°n°s‘i'€m’ ‘S’s'-‘$531’ ?hr:d“!;:(n§:inb|‘r€5f1’lw,:k§“e:i'::l min‘ me-.m-05: viun.‘ Possess on‘ was nim'3ama35' ~ .‘*=*'W°v TH! EAIT IT. LOUIS WAR. Sf. tjwxs. July 26.-On the sxrenglh at In In- jqnctlonleslrqiqinglhc Mgyor from in the Illinois ind .g. Louis Rxi1murlCon:'pdny1o- dui ncaxly cpliigkled hying their (mi: llhrwgh the city of East 1. Louis. A crowd of ant:-1‘ cjllzezu mm uvngnu but time was no open de‘mo_¢.s¥n1I.m. Thuw issued 1 proclnmnlion ovderia his ud- bmm.-. fix)! in inlerlue. '1'hi:'1_n‘:}l 7 remain in the city. and Amxcd IOl’tL'¢S’Qf ong-gsl1gIIu:' dons oehupy the engine nnd mg boas-gs respec- tivcfy. Another oma i1$!W'lue5yilabl¢. Wcllvznglhc hi-non ntnnooennol aunnnd nl neccs: my hruunehpvcorkuot muauviu poisonous gums toauanlly Iowa; timy[h gt. To pnzvem Inch Iron: up eating their pnjuaiciu effect upon m units: Dr Bull‘: lllopd Idllutin dollld be and as in emtuyln simply W‘ I. STAFFORITS BEVLBLACK OFFICE INK. MA LLEA IILE IRON. Nuufattunn cl SADDLIRV HAKRDWARI and M.Al.l.BABLE IRON Q’ tvfjckel Fliuhg upcdnny. PRATT at LETCHWORTH. \\'“\°.'Z.i‘:1¥n'¢1’.2§’.:‘g’£.l£z.1‘.'.'.:.“5;s.'1°.}f’ W- . . . Is Szapcrzor to at’! .0t Inks‘. llthedrluidovconblncd. 7 ’ F01-2: ‘SALE. 73:-zwxnn AND 1-H: cmugsulyiuuv 1! Wm nzhse Fmnr 1-‘um? Vmbxr ,on- Emnkiin u.. “I ‘;e,\u. sii!é‘.1[n ot‘sVlrgln‘l=u_l‘.‘ We uww C I 0 I fDl\ ' D0 . we mnum M ‘ °'§flxr.Ir nacx1§‘§.’ , , I’. J.-Fakul ‘ ' . cca. SAN F‘xAnjct_s’co nly_a6,g-15' ~ . 5:“,-ms;::;:.%‘*\;£°“%»:;:;“é§\‘*&**%*.,*:\\‘.§'3- and piiiy have fb:‘!VII'El' “lot|‘7izi7:1 }§w_‘a'..',.f\‘:§§ form! reception ms tegseiécs zsruhcii- ‘i none at the- United [sum o5éid1a.w:I'c9ovnin¢’¢ho'.- :’.:::¥.2':h-:*::'.i'§' 3“ €\&:.:.*.; thé Ioigiei éluia §ihen£?nind_ an .,-.q{\.~=». 'glImps=unM1*v (lbhw ; _, A ‘ ~ 0\unnl>5alur»tu lV«.5:anl ikrnm. ‘ was A » Rx-mt. Eswmc 1‘nANsrsns.-Thu following trlnsfcrs ol vcalcsuta were ycslerdly recorded in the County Clerk’: ol ]ohyL)\_1,.,§;rnn|er to John Slmson. property in (Inc villngc of Tonuvandn. éonsidénllon 01.00. Angus! Lucrk to Emma Sehmlct, my grna on the ‘north side of llo meet cut 0 auson amen. SL500. --~-» - Charles}. Shuxt to Raul. prop- erty ln ti}: vllligtrol spgngv le. 0:75. ‘ -'-4 ,z, ‘me “ ‘ Tur.éz's/z Bat/z - Rooms You No, Locxwoon & Co., lmuns’ m: Tovmsrs’ HOTEL '1‘;-;'.=.:»,. u~%5.'§.’; Eon Sm: IJHEAP. J. G. HAFFA, MERCHAN’T TAILOR, , . 325 ‘VASIIXNGTON §1'.. BU!-‘MLO. . Hayas. then: was not the lam doubt nmoqg either Democrats or Republican: that Packnrd would be mnintnmed. Funher axuminuion was postponed Immor- row. Adjuungcd-, --vs-tv— V Decorated Dmnet Sets-,2 . me has Tim“ Sign '“MNa:nG\t Huh! I. Oil \ '. Wm. lob: IOIIOII l$&',O~CUtUl'It Suqcclhulpodlly. KAVILAYCDVO.‘ C0._'I ;I\II\llG CIIIL. mac .-Iéur ataqgh 141]: GENERAL Jili ‘Hnrolor, lglin-Iauhys. Wllnullyl All ‘Fdhyl. hi I go yrs. I1. A > Rubia liar Gem! -1-g..‘,,.,~ mm. in 5“ . d: from I. . . 3 :1 ,> ” m‘ w..n....,~ M. . ... :..':.:,;¢:,_¥.°::-,,2;;.,.‘:.*:.-:::;r,-_ «'~,:_r1 ‘ 'v\;’.' 1» u,5';\a\}' - . _'J;4,\»;.\7pl ma:-(<1, A mew (3O'I':T_AGf-3.780. jaagkn s:.. me..f;.$i.\.J.%“i5f.3‘+:’!$.':‘€’:%»;s}‘..¥'l‘;;o‘::€'m:%.§?i:. -my M_»§..L.~as;.y A,s3l.\j.I,‘!'.AYN!N'r nuwu , DAM ‘$,|\_¢-‘buiahcrln ‘yea-Iv psyxngnm jn. V?'04S‘E:1~\H‘ QHUR CIIYARD. No;uIcth;um;arm».swéIhwis;...: Geo; W. '§_o_)1t1s~ &; Ca.-, ~a:u_. GARFIELD ILL. ‘l~x\;Vf,,-.\,'!f'1.«‘-’—:A.$.‘ 3: cm :£;t:E%|;;%E¢§:Kn‘tIiM.. Lxa51e»s;q.';_¢;,g'f£§. ' The“§¢‘iI.cdIl¢-. of‘ Ayulhew AM.» npd K0\\'1_§_\\g! DAv'ia.: $025 Nlbililkrot 8210.069: megs _ .4'.\-——.—-——-———--~-v,—-- \\.{;‘. Gem in Srrilmnvni ‘ 3 ~5§’:i3; ‘.A|1‘olvqlI£luui6luillI,lJIib,1l‘::!i-‘.?:\ An.iu~rmj C113‘. July :6.-i=-f_}mi. Gn_r ‘bathing in‘ l‘l1,e‘mr! Ihiymdgplng. Wit? dlhéked with? viniga‘. Reptcsenluniyes Spiinggnand I-Iisézock nnér C. i' .‘ 8gin‘cy,'Se_ry€:n|-|_t-Arm» oflhc ‘PoI!or‘Com... V gulwcte up; ‘ m;ugnuI~ slim saamiungs T -'.‘>'I'I_Ig_I:‘.H,1I’)lJ‘.,“l;‘ ziu;/;,;5. —...*+:3:‘f'**.‘««\*a*-::\;.;~**v°+\i~°\*'*' \Tillf. ‘I-‘us: or LAN‘n1Nl.\-'-’~0Ivlng ‘_lo the co-I§nhoI_\'4_I‘ri|n if Mr lgrgn loud‘ Jneceaury I19‘ tur- th-rzglponc me \Inst of I;1§ilem_,- -':m;1_ this ovwi!I£~ ‘Him who _1a_\LiIlendes| Iovvioicj the SJTEAM ENGINES mu: 130(Ll:‘_RS, Pbmble l§dgInq.8m§e . 2i2i‘ .....a - ..m. ‘ V‘ -~';'_\1:’v}‘j *I€‘-‘E5-‘s' ‘:-:'«’.“-'

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