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Buffalo morning express. (Buffalo, N.Y.) 1878-1926, May 30, 1878, Image 4

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W‘-\°\“7!\ 1dr\e’l !C‘&|’;.«.D.\Vl§;' .\:.'.e. as‘ 3* e. _-(nu 5 ‘ ‘.*\“'5“'!\E N-°r '3?.e'5'.”\~\'=“'-’r““’ \.‘- \‘°r Nev.-’Y9riL Á Á ! l-I-qétin-. ; * city of Ch|<=ll°.- The ¢°.“'”!‘-‘-‘ lnglfreferredby Mr.1Du,tu.n4.$lale'ot¢'t«to .' .tltri_§'nxl_t_=PtEK,klTQ I‘-:euc‘y.luruea that large i-ieliui or lioouwerilcasoéuiilietloo. sh. ....,9~' &,_ “;..-~ -.-~ _f'“'\“ Archénivicnne. frqtn.B_!¥)9!«’¢9 =: and The‘ v - 2 ~ ll tmoecu' -~ \3 tat $311010 V-'..||-I (' o'_ot~u,... : \-“‘k' \ thvl:‘s::¢'e use lots boil 5\°P~lK°¢p¢r;’hi to: 49\Ir-Ittldnets. audit! ’,“d‘bé¢n “om M kn; \“' 0, mm, tnkcs. hewetegnuch they-niy‘a_ll’dr rm. asem. ‘gm d9C,0II‘¢;\h¢:‘!:_‘*;a'C5\llh.@}\‘l¥ile Yd“; ' P . “ ~ ' ’ we su'p§’_ose 3lrs.‘l‘)o-::\élS‘Iv;x'h lowly l'Ie‘ ':nere1.lree ter -f .-. , 99nIr-Jszwneui ire.-.n.-iv are Vgého an !;<:d...£° I“*irPdescwd”\ Tluséwos zzvldellllctl cl 8804 palette :l;eun.lt.wuuld.lu_ai'e, bcettfunl. ‘ V.\ ‘ :1!-w=°‘°°='°”'°“'°‘:v*\‘¢\\° \\1 “'°\ ’“i'\\‘ °‘§ ....°3.‘¢ ;‘r‘ai’a\'.‘ “ *\*’*’°\“°“ ‘° 99°“ ‘-\°. P-\\\° That, thirteen yejrsv-after the close of the v°d%Pe':len- dad im,m°\c “Him . im An’ ,‘°T:°1\\'° .¢.°l°|’¢f!d§Illdf¢9j ‘P ‘§“‘“\l N'.W~V°_.!l'~--~ 3\ ‘\1 ‘mick they no“, fan’ ‘he honors m‘ wa’:tniat!e’to tamper with thge jut-gr. and : r“\‘—' ‘\4 “- -‘°‘‘-9“’’’' \“de“‘ \\°“ I having’ failed ttheulrteeasity for timber end how muck less their tehder mum ioulll sure? their ‘graves-were ‘freshly dngmhovrs that [4 er hawk 3’ M‘ The wig“ gram slighund agzultand nb-M}. lllllty, we‘. to ‘they diet! not in V§l their cx_a‘m_ple ‘ 1:’? been,“ ~ucceNm-of-P93“ R“ W” keep utrbixg tlieiitelveqia;-iprga pg.>;;_b”15_.-,,,d‘,,5g “‘“‘- ““-*1’ “\5 ‘’‘-‘‘»‘°‘*‘‘‘ \3 \‘° P°°P‘°' “'““ l nd that :1: buute3'hnl‘£)d other ‘ rs‘ \’ '° P“ “W” M‘ \”“\‘fW\\\°‘%l’. um».-day.ats :it‘lt,as eve: bebnln-the h1s—“? ! «WM it-it cw ind‘ nu luditethare-mt: ggunszthen, trgglerpd ,, ‘tory of. thlshyored land;..tlle_t a [gm we amhomia ;r.he.6n! roof of am. 3‘-|3'l‘.‘%‘i.P |=\°N¥;31¥;K| “”” \””” \\” '1 ‘’ ‘'‘‘‘ \\”\‘ ' fraud mltidklie {lad thmull the in-7 >lh‘e‘:‘cx't‘e:t:‘t't°lt:y .13“ S“ \5 mm 3' c'°‘x°\° am’? .5” ‘he s\°\g°5‘ mm um\ we p°p\m‘tmduaion in evidence of ‘lite tinted AxsAC.Bmtcxt:1'r 'ves' th T '0 i‘m53iu\ and judgmtm‘ minutes uf the Board of Supefvisors, the cause llte“f;lloze'§I‘ the l3I'un:It‘st:l‘t::l‘.|3 Though we decorate we graves and honor ' but then: was no law providing for this 55'-‘ 5'5\‘ W‘ \ml “*9 PNP°5m°*I. lllltlo Womln the memories of those who bravely tightmg K md an obiwmn to ‘L “Md be ms‘ ,0 db\ ,0 ha“ “wand. émmnn ma “lune B. bravelv fell in defense of the cuuntry‘s umtv. d b h“ n i l Counsdor Á N no more A thing to be nhuned of than for s manta and though ell retognige the service which f mm’ ‘ M ‘ u 3 ‘'3! h d desire a wife. children and shone. She adds that they did to preventing the dissolution of the | “mf“p‘m;g we ’£‘E,\$°n' I3 ”” an e ' lb\? 3*‘ I5 ‘\35 WW5 %m°°E *5“ WVVHBKWWGB‘ union ‘mo warring \_agmems_ “ is doumml K pttssageiu ‘.1 law prowl 11:: or su 1 en ens; . .n time: who take lllrlt poodle: out for no stirtngixs if many have not forgotten the other great \' me tbtsmg hunts: . e \55:! 3:\ fin‘ lc‘°“:;\ 9”?‘ b‘h’“\‘:P;:‘ °‘ ’‘°\‘’- 9\ *1” \“\ service which they did to the eountry's\”md Tm Wuminz $3“: Y c f\°\i:£'e ujf\ \”'\°‘\\’ —‘ c\“-‘m:‘$C'“b- Th” name and fame when they took their lit-es|°m°\ h‘ °“'s°° g e p;°“C\\'°;\“’ 39‘ . The’ WM‘ 3” day Th‘ y mm “d no‘ in their hands and marched to the field as . p E;°°:??Mf,h fut‘; «Stan hl:,P/:1: Wu.-nglv. dung: ofuene and dimenul alum here gwy as to a fast. ’]uHh ‘ . mist. o “ ate 0 . tr l I,[.,_-, [kg .1.\ . um: tanker. Yin: change Intfltal ,_ what an usually called the tallest lying on , (hrs had more to I11: society of the ¢.ther-exthxnin Those had attained to manhunt! at rmrd\ H ‘Mun d ‘O the idem“ n'1llxal0I their avrn—and thnfactunlsolobe atutellns the date of the breaking out oi the rebellion '0 N ‘P g h’ dc). _ ed ‘ht d 3; iune ol aliich they have ooteasantubelshsltl-ed. cannot have fm’8°ttert the slinging sneersl D‘_‘ I “' ’ ‘“_ ° ‘ \er 3°\ 5 mm ll mm-lmhluilv lnI=- B111 I! I5 “W CI!-mill! (1! _ . . Lxt t A to Et,;\u_ that the [umuurc had ' sonely lur gentlemen to call on hours. and not for wluch the whole cwiltzcd lrarldlzurlv mined» mm ht Ped W wawdurd on ‘H: ‘_mm‘_lu.1.¢. to an an g¢n[fgm¢n_ 4‘_qa,¢q“,,;1y_ an.‘ rupon us when the polrtical agitations wlnrh ! hm! _‘-”']al:ncs Dumi ,, and um u ‘u.3_-uh“ ‘not timnlurally prefer to_ lire where they eansee Preceded \hf upon Sum!\ we\ mg-‘fmm the boat and -ternpomrily\ata'recl tn .1 lll mg. The idea that we _Imuld vrxslmudin ‘m we aim] at “so showed ~31,-to th would do wrong. And hem. too. hootcdat. We wcreanzttton of shopkeepers. g F’ b \1 I h, d _ ;Iln-y are right lf mggi-Ind-banal ttotnxa were ‘the canker of trade had eaten nu! the 91th.‘ am}. .:’:;:l€l:rfm.r;:e ‘:;L'lm;: \2! I 0, u '0! 9\ m3“h_°°d - P”1u'°°“°’Y '4“ “W ‘-'4“ °'l x and Rs mlmmiun 0”.“ mm: “sltould call on any woman lr-tend, and llnt he should a Yankee; compromise 3513- might. buy 11! . py _ spam lumuul his mu 1- at..uit rohahletlut appliq . _ _ u 6 V ‘ gth.-tn we can gxve them bulllce II to say ,m..,.,, ‘W151, .,.,mh,;,,,.,,J; ,“,,,,m,,,__¢,.,n peace “La! mo gh_b'\ gm‘ M \ h'th:It the man’: no was an ther ltx)‘WPP“‘° lb-I ‘hi-’)‘d14“33|'°I faxouoamsee was these men whose graves we deek“to-day A « '7 d “'09; Th um ‘..,°g,g,,_g;- Pm who rolled back the tide of obloquy which I mmum '1: cf“ cf Then: ts I gooddezl romeo! thelrdfu \-av mm. nssatlcd us. and by -pay-trig the lam full M\ “°m°y'°\ ‘ 3-mgfo me any “ ‘bl: uncle but tlilsu enough to reproduce-—'u ten; measure of devotion to the national rnuselw“ .g\:°\' ‘W1 \‘° ‘’~'“°_‘' ‘“ F\ “_“d “'33 \‘ ,the cm\! -1073» ‘ I Placed the national name among “ ltllelgosscswm 0“?! mnffgmon m pmm.’y' The‘ roost renowned formanlincss and resolution 1 l“\°\“3 \T \“\\ £23\ °“’\m“'d “V1 Letters to the Editor. TM)‘ bots \kn men What is-\ha! Ilwavs‘ 5'm'.m\\\\ mum“ .M ” much “II-‘REE axpru-:ssTc>74§'—a\v ‘rue PEOPLE. must be--any moral standards to the '“”“E 5'?” \ hm c°“um°d' ‘he can?!\ u - - - comnry notwithstanding—the final test of : boa‘ mpmn W? ‘mind’ Am?‘ M ‘mod ray ...l,..'f.:'..\ hm‘ b‘ Md‘ ““ tttgqliood. The nation does well to decli;‘°m .e “ load 0 mt-I ' \their graves with garlands and thetr fame '\\\_° °' “\“\‘ ma \'“\‘h° ‘n.mr', with laurel: The day when it fails to do sun 33:‘ J: 33):’ 2; :?:i:E‘h:a:“‘::::‘; 3 thy 0! mmmal \dmadmce and do. i showed beyund question that the paper had %—‘:—‘?—- not been manufactured until I877. whereas» :the alleged truns.-urtmn took place two years ---—é——i I Thebanquetgiveninhonorplfol.Atontr bc::r;;: ginning (,5 \\__.u,m Fhw u_ D. Siutw at TorontoonTue$davt~\'enivtgwa;Jnmm:d mu” man the band“ at a \mu 3 c°\\ple\° jucccs\ \m‘y b°3‘“h\\d ‘mm conscious ul Innocence. and many were in- mc gmpmc “Po” ‘hi?!’-i*°9\‘k‘“-\-sglt {mm lrllned tn sympathize with him as a surely. the Tpijifb C7535! ind P ! °“ ‘M5 P33 'pers¢-cuted person but when the ionfesston The sglendtd dining-room of the Queen's: at CREE and m’: acmmpammg c“_cum_ “me! has s°m°m b‘’'’“ ‘h’ 5\\ \x \ mm‘ ' slam ea b-utmc knuvqn to him he brukc \h°'°“gmV °“«l°5\‘m° ‘°\‘°\““\“°“\’ 'Th°J‘tlu'\t-rl'and.6nhllv made at full and ample con- h°‘p\\m3\ \\‘“L Th‘ d”““\ “\“’ ad'lll'$$10n. Fl} Wlllvbf Is:-ntenecll to-murmur. i$:\:l:::cl;'::i°:r:\r':d5t;:;do;°\:\'p‘::‘:2'and will get anywhere lrnm three to ten lapprcciation. ln short. it was clear enough ‘ i,:‘ur;“;;.‘S::E p:ns:,m'c ‘° “\Yi“‘¢m§'~\\ °h5°\'°\ “W ‘W’ “°\hl'lovcr till lune. and there is a deal ul Consul had madefor himself owarm place In , ‘m on we pan 0, a gmd may who 2:! :‘c:;t:°:'d‘::‘ar‘i°{:dr :f::‘:w%[P‘-§';?$:“‘_ are .1: more or less cullusmnpgmn them. with the lull assurance of leasing be-hind‘ ’“ 7 him‘: multitude of sincere Personal friends. numbering mmiy ol the foremost merchants and mat dlstuiguuhcd statesmen ul the Metropolts of Western C.-inada. and of carrylng with him the___b<'st wishes of the whole community for Ills luturc pros- perityxmd happiness. There was a genu- incncss. alerror and a sponunclty about the many-expression; at regard for the rétlruig Consul. thus uttered‘ broke lending men nl the Province. that must have been intensely gratifying to CoE~%A\\'. Certmnly his friends from this side ho saw nn<_i_r-an bear \witness of these thlngmtclt thin the whole aflair was lllglllY_ honorable to all cgn- eerned. Orr their own behalf murh might and perhaps ought to be said, in acknowl- fdgment of the cordial and clianniog hospi- tnlitia and attentions for which !l'Lt)'.SL'1nLl mrlebtvrd to the Hart. Gfuiu-E. Blznw N and other eminent gentlemen of Toronto. ..-I ~=-I-It. .u.£;. wha- ....... ~;..'°\..*~T\-fa ms---was -hwy.‘ vww-*3-* «...:~*-.’.--=.:-..v~:.:~:.'.-.4‘-1 “.3 .306 ‘r. In y __ _~‘ .-‘nu-. 1.93 PIv,9I=;“l§‘*.9 ‘uh-ini.-hr 9-.» ~24. I-h.-I.-5-A re W60!-. 9* II-I-S-.-;‘v~h.k.=In aha-so-.0! ,p»-I:-mu |I.';,\.I¢. _ LMw.n!-0V8-.-cg '”*::.“.‘.‘.'”‘°“‘..;..%».\.’.‘£-'3'«“?:.T.\s.’.'.'.'—‘:'L ixconfsun-am_wg.. min; ' : kg. ‘V » QGIIII, 7.-. beds’ . cl Ih,vIM§!L';.v-it,-15.11-té-'tfe.v‘|=-V ~..aauu_ shunt guy 'auI¢x‘lIl‘StI£¢§‘Cg all . _ 7 it vie. ski-1- ;otjuunw.!9-is -id\ _ Lyks; .. 15!, , ..: . I_lNI'i0.rhI!¢|h..1 *-..~.:~.-:3.-.:-°' -:.-.r..-:.-* --~ *-* -nu?-ie;ni4’:Iiué&_' u qt. nu’ mi-1::-‘«“:»€ :-.-;\:;.-:2-W‘ 1%‘-.::-‘&**\\“.:‘.'&:f 'x'=’iz:b¢-II}! ms; is. gum Smag: 2r«_H.th; -40.9-I In I 8!: » , . 1:-:.é1l\A'¢’!'{.':'!¢Ps* 5*’-““' ‘«*“.‘#..:\’;'3;u“zs;‘-\\‘*\\“.?‘.“.$a‘x:.‘L\f.’:'* “5:..’. \!lx.'|Y|tIheI;sgI:t9t -I_n; b¢\t aye nut 11!: .:h;_h_:hd'n,v.ct \tn-ml .lim¢1l_;on,\ am man Iu‘(xI'l&i‘.li> t ya =:'sd..i.vrm-N| 19,. L..5!“'''s:*.‘<-!l\.-“! “ i\m\§¢':‘1“3.‘¢b'£:°5'.£':§i'x'x$&m ‘ “3.;‘r:\:.‘.*.‘.':’.“.’i f.;,mn,‘f..u;.g .sh;el Comql lt‘|d7flc<¢‘c‘l,!1_{ .19 pylvmi .;,\{-s_ (1! t,-=-6-.-“>r*!5.-J.-n-7; {:%oL’§.|i--w=S~%rri£F1iifr*-f”i¢*\§v‘{“31hi*% lxuslv-0.10 ins” ., ythcj mu, x._.~‘.{m ‘bghall ,1»; co um Iagueguhlks Bcfolell am: the Hog. »§_(_g. Bmwn go; cnllhglhnogc, lot.‘ gueifeglll tuna. T13: gcnucquog sight‘ the on. Mr. Pax ‘I!-.8!’ ., % *:.::::‘~= °**={*':~.:.°~*.:.~*:*,..:.¥* ..,.n* .;., 5;,“-ggzf ‘um a.|mt;_l._‘ than quietly dexc‘:n!wdxl:‘gc¢iduncetoahair him ukasz‘ _¢[:;:?§.mdc1u éixixcnvhocanldlounakcupeeck- . ’ wpnld.inpus!,ag. guy: no, ’ ‘mi chic ' of‘? ' 2'... ..**a.°-'...,, \.:.°*::. aiming, he could ix that the Colonel v:su,>t with ‘on: ,;souo: in bison co¢IE!1:!9l3¢N!i§_!9¢1~ M ‘*;::.::-=:.r\..~v= ~:.-é.:a~W -1 . : 9-‘ Tye Hm. Sratuxy-that gzpnuddbétd lcgten ~s\.°§3‘x§‘} sii:e”_f\t.Efx'p‘ ‘_‘ 1: mg’ ash}: in $.11: Twzallwm Il$6xCn|khl§ £1! £1!!! IO Buquct 9I~ ni1ig:.lal_b_c_c_ous¢oI_vchic j E13 T « mg? _ .5 ৭ _. 3‘ ,3‘. ._,. .37..-3-_.~ ...;£ -L A 1,,..,.uuuup-he-_nm _ ; ._.f.h,c-«,.+'f\ ’‘ .A, :f_;\-= ~~r.j-’*’ ' 1;;.‘.;~,.‘.-gg}~;.---u~vf~ av.-5 ~‘ '..:’3¥‘e’ ‘ ‘ xPR.j,L.l'i,lIj ! '.-.,:g*h|:.iy.nII._l ‘ *’ H1,\ _ ‘.-:.:.,,-f . 1 ‘ — ‘n >\_ *7 I ‘ _ ~7- ¢1,‘«*-;i;>~‘--\ gnu.“ pupa ’_ an hr « _»;>“e-‘},\‘ - ‘\5’ .- ‘w-xf;,.;. . _\\\“' ' \ ' r__ ;.‘*¢.‘$’e.':‘?'.:.\'?‘.'.'a.- .. “- ~‘ ,‘7‘.‘li*.-:3-1. .~. . ‘my \‘¢w.Yq:g'g'n'al I .;\ WW “' ‘?*\‘-::«\\e .\ T * m j .‘..»;{.,.—‘:.:‘.;;l.;_~a _ j ; ,_ . ». i -4% ‘J.-7 &’f&\jivu.(lor\lh¢ 'pfi|'I!f-'_ W ;-,~.~-'2‘ “ >‘a.3,_g;§'agu.:oeat.tW..K9949-i!h- ' _ H , - ‘ -‘ V m. at-wh3t.€Yl,!' nmvmi-I,-I¢vl.:.fe.r T . \V ‘ ' V 1- «\'~ W.\1.'l‘HlI'S. , . ~.(.‘?.;'._' EduorndPubIxsh¢fo _ ~‘«-:24. ii tit’ 13: ivlipav iivzuxgsn-Z,-K-‘ .nn;coLouqI.‘r Iivtvluliv _Aw1u_axr_Lx 41. T no Lt ;or Igcur.‘ «.4 ‘rm’- ¢4*'s’ raw-4-,1:-: \..\'.hn the I05.“ .mch=dvTo-b-Io. “-0,: ‘Ilu1‘_Col.xhe‘Hog._A§hcn {Sh-IIr.. 1);: _ ..ugmea Smia cps.-ml jot thIs:c?fy,.«._T-vi; weir ‘ Iaxhg‘ h| 0l\L0A1nI_1:!!‘ jun:-cl-a.T.su Ii!-'1.¢T¢‘“'£' was -dmdd 5:‘ ’s:=Io-‘in it hid in l|'¢‘iIt|!-I i T 3 1‘!-Te 1h§=\arw'!*‘-'81‘-g°£ non when been to cgoy. the, .on_-; zsurg mend-hip. 'gi3>imon;d .i_ugk'vuuv_c been Iaoit _c_lepn‘n!Y¢— wt -u,lled;1onh' I.-‘wth9-=.otAo¢s‘ci£i¥s!~w|-0.5-4 9* .h1o\vluE:u|i_nju sopn’e';ipu9i§qn'ol .the1;\Ip&v§c1uI\o!!- The _ q ! h1&I§ Ys , owl In} .163‘. 15; :.gg;. or .mI;:g»a ._ being A r._ u. -15‘ h t ad; go‘ .‘a'ss:ugblc. ml. an mug‘ H . 3 _ yaqu_!omuy_ on, such were summoned by bu {no nu: diglm-,,nll., , dmo,ra_Iic.-_u ol ml. gg \ “pfly ch§!e.-_u:d wyuilesu csmtly elgbpralt tub: ¢n_ waning. «arc uouuclua to iulqnupx am :1} the -ublcs. 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Robert‘ Vilkcs. Jaxpes Michic. 'An:y Deanna. .Ald:nnu C192. Rabi. Bell. .’L(.'PP.. Ctiuia §vlcIlute’t. A-, S. lmnf’. Robert Ellxun. obqn Haj: Anhur avid Shaw. John D. lain, James ‘ Smith. D. \\\:!kcr. Noah Bunud. W. G. Falcoaw b T, C. Cooper. Thumn Wzn Kenngth Miller. I1: Hughes. Mr: ! j. Mxughan, £11, ‘A. 37:: P. \\'ti§!:!. lhjor (imig, 6. fmmw. 1. 1- D. ,\\an1. 1. Douglas. _x. The nah: was mlmit. and halt: uaiauiucd the L‘:‘:\'liI at ‘the ash:-32;: n! the Q;'.am':. Mia- dxnnu Ind h.-tn dismsuod and the dark gudrum. Mam “unison and oinhcguaza to _E1h.h¢in giuestatlhc gout. limo! “TheQ\weI~.GotI bless her.’ It can mfcixul with chars. lb: band playing Inc Susan! Ankh;-1:. , lbw: Morrison asked thus: - I In in 3 l_:ump_er Ind dz-£59: 3 bumper In E human: the _Pmxd:nI oi our icighbbisoi xix’: Ueudigd \‘ ‘ “'10! Canada sbuuld kg! 1 lxmchxl fxicndghipwilh th: rcople I-i_xh whom we am-so cloudy alhcd. 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ARI:ADE‘AEICTION HOUSE, Na:;_g_p§. lVii Sr. ‘...I,{ol!;‘3',!‘ - I A3-Iés 13617.3-!!S$.i¥.8C!l!#IQ§Y.$.II.l‘s2\tUInA\'s. 7 ' . - — - - , » \- can wanna’ '¥ . . . * J. °\\',\\'\\‘“ D E N. 'Rom.~zsnx Is an New-York. under. 3 rcqgpuons by the hiaghatun Clubgnd _;‘v;.““f:V‘;’;'5:Qdi!:F,l.‘_e!‘emon:es 0! {hr sun which usually \ a_ candidacy of snmc description. 1.-gkxmhc \'.*.!?I\.\v ' . . -'“,\!*‘1!.'I¢¥9°¥_—ot'nn ‘mic’:-of 59“ 335 Fania and In 11'9\?‘ 9* I-slemkeuu 1-. -- . W. . _. . xugnng, Mew sin- -Dr: :,~, . \*=°z!'?%nou.-seat-e4 qm €‘s.‘.“'a.’:\i‘.\~.i\-“‘”'T‘ '““ -\'-\‘*\“-* . r . In .a-.. . ms ~- \:‘* A,-.4 5‘: MIN pcmisséan In W! '31-Iii- M such rods. one shag -“«°~I>\lIh¢. Treasury has mf in setting the dpxkpj into circulation. This was ,;g¥3_V¢Iq):{;s§¢x1:§}j:aIlbut the silver maniacs. No- f{ ‘take silver dollnxs who can get tlu; -paper dollar is at once ;_}~’C‘ and mom eonvnnicm. 71.~'XI“a_f)pears that Judge Hnxrox does not 1;-'=\‘;:;’;. the women out or the big ..-';.:;'1:1'3.§$¢,V.if!- hdte',L He us merely planning to t. llxcxe by mppiying ill: on: miss- £f::’f:\i‘ug‘ ntimaiou-men. This important in- ’r;‘.:;.:r fisderived {mm the vary 1%; jg \='j with Judge H. ‘ 1\ ,A - M. H. BIRQEEE SONS. Ru. ul ll-(art )Li‘nI.Stnu_-1-. \1 odd‘ ‘ ’ II Iflu-K you cunnu “fa Ii»!-uh! gr (outta tunmuuadu but and .1I'1~¥Die . gcgu sum. s-Jsmaxtsazm 1:4-uni new M 9 vwuv .T°r°-mus! *9. :1-=°;*~,!t-.19: ggjugu-gguzxwgm‘ni¢iagw-gut,-u m marge 3 _ nkgc. . . »!at:mu:hen-exuorwneyinnctig Han. Gouge Ion. D111!!!’ Spmtlry Mt!-Yolk ?.‘“§€J«'L°‘$“'?:':’i.\'3’ea'i'f~‘..‘»\“\ “Xi? Ainmncuun. mu: ma \ye-r.‘ York: Ilr. C. E. 5:33. ad-lot .d fr-'I_w°‘!‘If geaul; Ir. 1. IL.DAwy.«cx~!t. 0.. YWGJ .‘ ‘zy; av. 3.4. awn). Sane:-r Pan o1.._Nr- Yqrk; 1):. IL W. Yinqm, Hon. some: 1!. R. '1‘I_xncr.,; _ : lit. ,1-Mn D. ‘Wunn. aditou-_ ll Agevmarr; Jake Sauzcrs tortilla, N. 1:.: r.S.\V..Tnuu_n:r}c er- snncoug. R. }'.:,3lr. .41. \\u«ws3. N. \‘.: r. Iacbud _ . }aakpoz¢.N.\.z Ii. Dr‘! A.]..urnsce. Imrohct: In {t}. O. P'utl.g?‘_‘ui3:!1';$|(pK€l.X.a’IIl. nu.» mu. . .. . !\'mcrou lumen of the received (mm gullcnca Qmcghnl The banquet make up at 13.34: A. ll. Carpet,Se3so11 .*:;[',.»f,.s_o_t;: as we hm obsem-d. the nursuo 13:- :'..‘~_:.» thew}! paper that In; dcclucd against ;,._\~_‘~ ‘-1,5; Etlieyofatouwcnlxon We trust It does not \ ,\j‘j if bygh: end. A few mn.~.rk.1(rotnlhe .<U’.9¢a:_r 4,3\; evidently in urdu.-—.£'orluterD:m-. 1“ 1 my . ’ ‘ OF -,1_ 878. Hun. Funk Uuitgd Sum Consul It mxugltou. Kanmdcd. Ilqatfcrmé to $111: you d1ut»fu|shevd_ the htsklcuu. axnecisllr-lgineoln and I 9 dot-lg on bchull cl :1»: sums. Nu! that um U. S. cunt. thaw hon Duke of use Auuicu Imy. £1:-idcnz Slam bdd nice i;_ I tqh; mm. B encnumncsl a non snx «mum; bu! In iii. imbued mm sudenunu and pmiousu. [Tlxemul luau thcatollatvstudtuerupou-Std to In ucclknl mule. but U: u: obhgcd to can this pomou ol the prugmdlngs to: «ran! at toou.--Jib.) TYRE Egu-nsss has rt.-rimnly not declared , ikgipst the holding of a Repubiican‘ State 2-‘,’§.,:’s'('J4:j1y'¢':';‘xt.i_on this year. It has simply dgclgred .;' _-' -T to arqmcscc. should the, State _, 1.; 3 S I'll. In the cu-mse of the dis- at ‘T . ‘;g_tedz_1I'nr’itl: which at has been clothed. to ' ho callfor Itonvz-anon. As to speak- ca.-d.' the D.-mxrau would en- ., . ‘ :1; ghouldjz seek to huxd anybody bu‘: Tn: Ex- r.-’ ; *u:$sn&sponsib1c tur the utterance: of ‘Ta: 3’ .,.,;_;__,_‘.‘;__E,3t1‘-Ji‘!!'..«§. The I7(wmrr.‘tI has apparently for- ,' ‘3',_[5u‘en,that'the cditnr of the Aléany yaursal lhe.I!:o7'cr of the resululinn authorizing We omission of the gonvcnzion this you. AREN153‘ ‘ ’ - MORGAN. W aznoczgns, .4 I’rA‘aiaIl. i Fl-nu: Brrr un Exruss -Many tax-payers ‘ «-1 the I-‘ounh \\ an! an apposed ln Md:-run» Lou‘. rcsulnuon (a cum: ax. \\'z1Ium Schnmll (hr _' sue cl mama us School Na :3 during me summer 1 months to: a pm<.1r 2:!-.-c! My L-ckxmm u to “he lnuI')g5—mggmg huuncss. but the my oagm cu rm pay lo: that II M: 5-thlmdl warm to bar: 8 :puvII€ uh-ml. he ought lo man uuublc tunuxp Th: an an : n lu lumixh mama and my (began and pmuon lur .\h mhmndl. ll: u a nhnui Harm-. tn a pubu. school um in. no Min‘ dun: an flhr nrgbvudn bu alas‘ If any one u! out ‘ puhhc whoa! «mam amid an um same the my I ought In ¢‘7'I.'r1 a MI «I one ~:hmHaousc- to: pin are , tc:u.hm;; dunng raw-an Thu colmmlu.-c -hunk! mm me pxuptnumn lo rtpca! -emun 7. chsplct 6 no! the Lu; Unluumca tn (Ann an! 511. hcmmdl 1 0x nu -wnmen. ' The Hon. seacuxy mud t (allowing mm: Umn or III Runny an Pnus I‘e-an. CAMDA.‘ Onavmkxy u -5 Dur ! ଓढ icruncudau lg-illvith 3-on gm-wet us vnhu-pen at-mini» (.3-LS|u.L Sknuoalal Tau:-la. hum ucuabgiy nu ngsrkcacicuocalq-tau uupauublcxs-‘scans: an II\1.uht.u In v-augm-us |X9¢xIvuI;n§;:u¢ets)alII.MdS1IcndalTu:vuein '°s':3\°“‘ u-\s mm at up I’ ' . mycundolbythruxglknmdxhn uh-:|I¢aSehnusn\unl!uwich' I wanna: -an sin (9 can an unuprti-xii-5 xmprovunnnu In on Iumoholu Ham. .4 SP-—LE\7[:115.-—a£:\’B-‘off No. :.-59 Main Street, So alu-nuns: in my ol I56 in-Ida» main. Sc:-\’od: .2: Ms‘: inst,» am“? :5 than Mug tum uuk: :s'““‘“\§ *£':,.“'***~ Wm\ °' 3.2. *7 . n - e tseuunsud Rsgusl “,a~ei!ktr\&§e»c:ati‘:.‘ auuahhotd Hm Thy mm: uunxtuuonol qua tnmlgy. an an lhe ਮਝ at xbevprdcs hut in» .31 . Tie grand all In nmmq !nk ammnnatt. Tl: :31-nphhuonuquutetnlantbcn The tug-you look: on ulna-lny. Th: mm to occupy I any ten: new the 9513. Tim: at’ ugemakn (M 343° nun:an dt'.“'?h‘: ‘ 3‘ an “'fii'.‘.\\.2‘:‘ \“ ““\‘1§‘.‘£‘..‘2°.§‘.: ‘:1’: 9| ‘T. K 110! um . R bk 1 tot thcéil gt!-azgloils ‘no 21131:}; ms, \’..\:..'°..‘?u:37“s‘.§’a?\1'm3\‘ ‘“‘''’g'‘''‘‘‘“‘ .4. an: TL: (lulu:-£1!) on the Iqu hannm. pslccnd mklic an nu-rim mgiooutalw a. mum at-lean-. ur. tan 4... '.*.'°':.‘.‘;'%“§.‘.=.,£‘.”‘.'.“\‘* '“‘ ““\:’ slvnmihemn ! Kiln. “wag”. “ 1‘4“?\\ > 7\ 4, ; ‘.1 -gas: F the Board at Trade of cm. :1 ‘ ’ this foliuwingz \‘ L ‘n. m $53; gj- ‘ ' \ (‘wt '53.; ‘vs: ¢ rm..?.3;°:;'£i:;:.2;:“;t:,g‘:o’:\.:$ 3\ of 1,000 mm cab to! eeml ghggfx‘; 4\\ ‘A; ' “ ‘. I ‘ M’ tv in?‘ \muff :§°°u\\£ fr :_- JV - :‘a£1_:';rxms (mm without or it ! 2. gig. _’“'w“u! '1 n ms.-Iucc .1]:e\p¢a;;-1-:31 ‘I, ‘,_ .. _ _.. — V “7”Ihct=sponseotu:cH tn 4 ,_ 4 -1. , 7 ousco epn2scnta- '5 '3‘ “W 133385 Of an act weakening } 05 strcngthcnixgg the army. The , .’ f‘; s9._k‘K_0_111C|'Ch1 may be undglg nu-vous. 1 '3‘ » ~,‘§‘!‘.~‘.h¢ H0135! ls~aL the cum: c$xtrcxnr.—nu- i I I _;f_I.; f}!!!#.I.-t':12!s-¥9.lh¢ 1us:._f¢:m_.gnd reason- i.Jg._-, .-_I,l‘J|c‘__-IvI.:|1:cs'o! the coggxzry. But the coun- ~ ._‘ :‘ ~3»'Y,-‘ “ \-‘€157. P ! Tcspnnsiblp In having 3 }.3clf:\_,e‘<'I\;st:xccl't: It will pmbablv 510: F . ' ll cf , ,5-“ (In-nn true IQ! in lat. fowl h ‘ k $.4“.\l§l. The Chin-nan. in the bunk at tbr n!olIhrcv¢:n1:§,xIh It ' clam:-alt! E-I:I‘|hed1t§:ul:y be In propos- inguue tout. Cutout! Shut use but u «mm. hnnum! by up hm Gutrnutll. \ht idol’: 3 gm haAlp:u_¢-d h:(th:CJmmu)udun:£t gum vac mum-2 u bmdmx Colon-I S8»; in udeux-cl lumcll dating-Sb say In all his ‘leilac-nu in the en .usdtouoIuk\vol vonnklnd too. [L3 5- 1:-:‘. Frau llh urn-tun intern-(is and .5354. uafo! English ‘sun. on: than dd nu tiny: ollscr mcmnldnncbc: xhlakchnhehai been born is oh! Fa He mt his gvoii hula u like aimed Sun» tuubnzg um now we- ognlml R: (the Ctaumu) 501: name his (:1- sauuugu u-to gsgln um Nnctam um they would Inc: 65:! a tram: man no son tonqslubk ml than than of Colon! Slur. [laOIJ(Ii¢\‘ The 0uhl:nel'o with um dml Iilhf in :- -unn—t ul rmonegoct. at I \I 1'.’ lunrl-\Van es: noodle.“ 3 an an. an usnpcu Axmxstxa. ROYAL smmx. umusu ¥!ll.V,‘lT. Ionw cm tafttmr uuvsius. ‘mun-xx nut SL'PtLR nxmuxx c.m-:13. 351712665 I-H olbctoms. AI audit and qualms ' E:-nw: Drn,uu Exrnrss —-‘\t n Inerluzg o! ! pmmncnx Launch menfheld '11 out alfwc Tuesday qcvuuug. May zsxh, fur the purpose of nnzemng a ‘lmmpanxnc tcsl. nu wager! at light nu-I cnonamy. la‘ my gas. rub my gn cnmhn! by 111-: “ Duel! . «..ubur2ua.' Mr John H. Vonglu, m-3-mu ol ; [he 1. mxu-u‘ bu Lngm Company. mad: a,-uxcmenl , an n-gud to the an: o! the carlmum II Acui- emy «-1 Hunt whxrh uf nal crmmdmnl ungln be I «lm~quug to My Bur.-ll‘: int:-nllun I M: Vonghl dmgcd that 0:: gm hill at the Acad- Iutrrrxlxng to (Zn (‘anrumru Drapery Department. L‘:-lutl-cean¢litu9v:.]ruInn&$£xxukn.zbnm u Vt I l'l.‘.S' /121*!) <.'IJ.llJIl~..\'l\. PERSONAL AQID POLITICAL Ex-Governor Hendricks is now at the Ho! 9-pangs at Arhuu tum cumuxs. LASIQREQUIPSR. RAW SILRS. - sorts. ‘r‘wsm:s. aw Na. 5 J RANDALL is nui agood parka K A 1’ s F u E m 11.13 a star cngagclucnl on Lhc I mm’mc Tl Urn . Mr. Rfrh Waldo Emerson us seventy- fm years d In: Sunnhy. A yfifillc mccpuun will be {men to Sir. John ; Whumn In Baum on Dcennuon Dc). 5 Thu Hon. sccmnqlhzsn mm the ‘foilorhrut ml xi; Pu! snmr mnrv meal in your tub. Mr TII~ ' tIt\ yo-.:'rt too mmpjnmgss cm; a! Mum. the fm_x wt:-I: um lhc urtmrutu u us: put us. amounted to $42. _ I this bdl n. - large: than the one lhc weds erwut without the _«gIlmnuc|‘ 3.1. \'oug}:i‘s nmcmenmu u and: Ifvlul And It llluus to the ennvr nu-lacuna cl all pn-«cm. but nun: learn um Mr Voughx ha.» , mad: us: came -mcmem to pamcs no! pfcscnl nl ‘,lh:x meeting. we dent: in ptcprt to relate tho: .h:m;e m my. public manna. hm. lnowqau, wt ‘drum to say that we haw: am «he Illhhltsl doubt that Mr ‘rough! nnppoacd he -an lclluig the cut! . math. Hr wan -umplv mu-talmu. an we all are liable u. be. cspcnally dam an! out lnlclrth am so deeply lnvnln-«I ' rmuu m.;.zaa»é\u :1». r x. mm: 55:’:-‘. j;§o:rg'ra:;§man 'l’m'ruz. m his long letter _.;—;3c['¢nding-his one-sided mucst‘ tion reclu- ,,:!go;s. sgygone or the masons why Au-.x.\so‘ ,H§,51'£P1lE.\'5 was howled down and not ;. go srnk when-:!'g.is resolution Eras ‘ -Ira that It was understood he} ” -...‘sp‘eal:' ngalnsl ix. and that he hag‘ Q Irlepuhlncans a I .2 of twenty-two ;_;;_ - \ \ would ioltoiav him §’:'4V:‘L§__;_.II’-Pl_lI,vT.!\'S).in any move he might make. ptazcxncnt Mr Sumaxs now denies. .ghongh..it appears clear that... of Democrats pretty shaky _§ none at them had the cour- §§j‘e,1t;ghe.hst momcnna do otherwise than -*~’£‘nis1:;:.-2h;: very, danger which aemoc E§ Itrannot ' said that dcsire revolution: butlamong; ‘i,[_:,f'; ;of‘€hc party thcre_ in only one in dares oppo§é hi_s;1~artyif it The people ¢annot a -._ 'r'.... .n ' v- I. Gen. Sherman is m the Black Hills. taking mcmncs lo prawn Ilzc uzulcn {mm Iha Indian“. W \:‘..\‘%““a.°'..*&':‘.\‘ °=.:.-~‘~‘.~:,::-.::*.-.1’. uuuu was , $75 c¢cu6oa pco'nno¢hu’I?|hoca-uauunta'u Wum (hi xv-It tank! and sum but manna um tun-on IIVIIKCIIII. In Illll «peas *1“ °** “ Ill: 0! not ad] I! I okmun «runway in N we «ma, it! Home was tmnmuuh nuaawunsuulalgnu lntmvu in manual Iluludty u1eouury.AIJ Henxmd round! an Iouucmue In II II: nhuannusdmhano umuy UH lvu . _ -2 , We 1-rgmoguiu the any ‘music IN nluik penonu quliutc much uyzu ‘Smut.-I:-:;H;i‘x.1.mcm~ guce luzud-nuulaun uilq anac- mud yw during your Noe run -oqtaualathlscuzz 33::-.:.~.*;:.-~ '=- m'::::: é.:'.-- -' “\: pamnapanufw togn R-ummuae\°-'a';uoxnso«'rucv:seuo1 nuuaumam mum w ! ]'0II¢'¢;lII wulerewu A§.‘.'€.'.'.':“\\\\' £3 ‘.‘L'i““.?€ ’:x':‘.’ \;.\.’.—'.’.':7£ popdkqeprzfcnnure of 5'. mm. “m 1' A_:a-4 K<1&k Quinn §'..'..‘.\5\i’:;.“““’“' Wu; Sccmaqi ' MRS WM. 6. z5‘R$’/1N'.S‘ Bmmnaxc swoop ma Yum Lamas. f We can stand-civil war; but heaven pro- mv us (run: Vlrn-nu Wum-mill. The rcsolnuonn ol the Rcpubllcnu; 01 Venannl in re§\.Lrd' In the l’n:sld:nl'u Snulhtm pnliry an: the ab nncu kind ol milk ml water.- l'h‘m Rzfublu-ant. HOSIERY. I The Driraif I-‘rtr Pram comimn.-3 io stand .hy- us l'I1I:!ld|. \ The muln.\ in up. \ Is 3 bchui ; am! an nbuocll animal.\ , In Albany. rv.-Lcmly. A Lulv put un 41 new 9 spring bnnnev. mm! the tar: nnl day her Im-band . doped wuh an cmxrc \H'an§'EI'. Mnmqomcry Blair is an almost daily vis- llur al the senate Chamber. and is Jur u- mum to maven l'am.-non. ol snub Cyclist. and (‘onuu-3, ul Finn-lx. The Centennial 0! Finance 11:: lnnumucd a pexmnn Io Luugrcs: annealing to mmhnry.-d Ia: npcnsn ice lb: Gortrmneul Con- nmuonen of an» inhibition. any-uunxing Io 0811.090. Sccrcuuz Sherman ha) bmugh! about in- mm dear: I: dnniekl his depcmncul by abol- nhmg the hall ham or luncheon at noun. 3 pm- xlcgc vrhidx [HE duh hue gmsly abused by my- Eng out (or a much lougct tine. ICE CAM! Lubn ltuluwru. Gm-u. Lu». kph-«d¢2Ics.Sim. A T 9915. LL’7'7'ED4'9* £0.25. ?v'_¢a_..¢3_x_5’_§LL‘t:c Sr. E The lo‘:-pal~lrrI (fnmn-.»1rgw?rcmarks. “ All kn nanm. pap-uxmdarly -omrn.\ Vny wen m . that: mi! wane dung: than unit)? I A vynnl in your car. Mr. C:m;_ Hire Sn- nx-. B: u and )vu an whip '21:: all. And we can «par: turn. vuu: mun.-\x)—uc an «pan lum I That he was mmnlrn u sholn by lhr Kullmnng gas l:1!;nLhLs eompauy. lht onguuls oi whnch an c'I;e’Le‘en at our om:-. an “(en Swan mm \{9R%’Is91§a5'~1?*2a1}§9§§3‘ .- ou _ in nu. .(2..\.2:'.g_¥§~£.”..:g:*..°:6z*:.\;:“,,':.: °-'_-_».«_-«_-=‘«“%a‘re«.1'w==.“-e'«-“e-.=w- id INDI44. 31906315 and JL'0Ul.L';V .S'IIz1H’I.S. Mcrrh Elan . to( «man (II)-llghl (uupuny. DI «Pu-nuts Igcadz-my ol .Vluu:.I.._..- Sun: at Miter I-‘eh path. 11:3 3:. “ -ah. -an m 5 °*\-¢- 1‘|h!é.Dsaor|,9,l-.!1*5. Slmhzuluilu. numwcu. Cal. SHAW has bccn U. S. Consul at ‘for- onto nine ycama long period of service enn- siderlng our oil-changing pnliuml interests This fact. taken in_ connection ‘with his rcccnt promotion. n abundant testi- mony lhaz hisdciimtc duties have been faith- luily p_crformcd. to the saxisiimion ‘oi our State Dcpa__rgfygnLu The almost affectionate leave-taking Whl culminated in this grand banqueivis evidence that such duties can be discharged with equal aatislactiou to the pzopiceo whom a Consul is accredited. Both mtulgoio grove that Col. Sum» is possessed of that rare wmbination of mm. judgment and which makcsxhc successful rep- rcscnmtivc. and we sincerely hope that his promotion to the important Consulship at Manchester may be only another step to- wards a higher position in the honorable setvicc of his country. We judge (rum several recent strurxcs r¢-- gnrdmg Mm (\nun «hm that lady ln.1n:i;ec ‘Ju S'm.\x:~ns«. ll canudcubiv Inn!!! than ma-mgr.-« her j70HN 1}’. 1¥f{;1cG€./it/CfILI1\’. Cuntuuawind‘ Ln: -7 pasta: dunoum ‘av The /llécmy .4ru:_dcnics {hut Gov. Robin- sun has ‘cut ‘ uplrxtlous. and ism that h: \ would no} (at a moment think at dcsccriding from 1}): high position (0 which the pt I: have called mm to nil in a representative apogy |I'Wuhlng- ton.\ . Remark of a person rcccnllynrrcsu-d on oomphxngf a \\-nm:'x—-\ This Is In nulragt \\'h» see here‘ 1 wk‘ never m Plymouth (‘luncgz in my ! “=°=\°° rgm: .: s....mc:u.z.\ 5 Dnnng (he week for whtrh the abnva bin was ‘rm-lrrrd that wcre only ux performances at the . Acndrm) ul Mum. and at on: a! lb \ vi: . thc ; evrnmg at Fch .I5lh, the axbnrcner an In use. by whirl» at least I mo h-er of gas were uw.-«I Bu! for lhh tan the gm Inn in: the week of ux_pEl‘foI\n\- !:nc-.-s would lun: bent $40 so mine‘ of Q-37.13 as 11.» M an !au\holudI;1A1! sure. ;x:~'o°.\5t: cl ivir;-I;.e\:nbg!‘:V'.a I swam in man ol use two CIGAR. ‘AREND. MORGAN‘& ROGERS Cal. Shaw. on using to rccpond. av tcctired wiliavptolonged chatting. He said that ii hllfsow ohpminn-n: eqxeai’ o cxpnn that int n his nan be up sue maid make incxreilustnply. Aw (Has he hardly‘ knew how to or where to enzi....!.l¢=mtne to this city on 1 :1: night lint um Ago this month,» Ipggfect manger; time y-can ‘Id biased an niftoo quickly. He came km: 1 young mu}. unite:-n to thepcopieof thinpm and unaaquuinteci with And nnncctmnmuito the «ink lies 0! I mnsui. ‘On ‘hi! mini he met‘ with some at zhigemleznen whom he cut round hiuuo-night. and win! by their counsel. COIHESL. and interest in him an in the Govcmment in id: be tcptcfcnted, nude his task In my one.‘ As time puwri on he-.tricd tn cloak (tilt? is hq undixxtoo-i it. He came hm u u’: Avnuicut. and :3? Because dttlili yun his early life be turned‘ to love in I country [client]. and because his investors had taken part in the sujugglc for libetty a hunched- ‘odd years This II was which mite him, a youngman. ed that helud sumctlugg to do iontbc memory oi those who had gone baton: him. When the cm! war broke (mi: this irwuuut prdmptpd hints at private soldier to Sunni -n£‘:‘or'th¢ Uta?» The Colonel went on to man]: t ‘while he 13 liken A gran intcrest in the political datinyof Camila. un interest born oi friendship uni moch- uon. than inteuesz mu tptickened by the not that he «ppm-iated the inx¢li:;n’sce.tlse indisttymd the ttrlotism oi’ the Canadian pegple, ,[Appi:us¢.} Yin would bar any from this pity the fondest recollections of Toronto and- _h'er people, mind he in: sure that his lcliow-citizens from ncmgi thg bongerv ! ' vyilh_ him tint he had nu-oi itrbq pm, ,0!‘ _iiie lri4;rui.thip'which In¢indlo y. He-ind not wqrds to txptén the grn whtcirweilcd up his heart forth’: splendid’ m~'éptibn nmi bqpquct to-nt ht. 'H¢hd Iegmzd much-(tom-‘the ugtogutions wgich in hiLl'i'ormeri tic.-re. mid Win! away oitjeg Int! wiu'r._ He cuméjscrc ;~buusglar. he Itch: atviy 1 with giro sn-get cfultlrdt‘. _1Appinus‘_e.')‘ ‘iii.-'woIir_l say that-alter his ‘nine years‘ ‘ucqutitttw ‘ahgv vritimhc 'cit_izex1s_ vi Tomnlo if 3130! i)_actxt~ ,e've'r,cune:t9 Muiciicstegiiieyvronid in hit‘ door‘ nnltichcd -Iiitl—opcn—to—agIclt:tiri2e them. [Chem] He hl almost ‘come ioyeganl Tofonto us his home; but cvc_ry1hing_ig:.thIx world must ad, the bit! at ft-icni1§1_I_x\nt-part. the busiacss oi lite‘ mm. becmied tja. andso it ‘cIm_'e1h:t 1,9»-rtighl he mist 'ny,ltr'eweil_ to Tégmto and its‘-peoplr. Wheneéer ittille lujtqng tbenaiue 6i‘,Tqn‘mo mg! his eyes it ‘would r¢ca_1i_-toghis mind sgime of the ,s1yoetes.v.‘-xegoi-. iectimwof ’Iii;:Jifg; ,!Ie iyouid 5:‘: 0:31)»; ’péo'pie_ in, vi:n‘¢lahd'th;t n\vr'onity ‘day am the’ ocien~a.:iI.t’t,*!e={>¢°Inir!i°n °ft..CInIds- 1-ind tbetwvirc. .,lpbeititi|gii re statenngu.-Icholgrs, div/inéx that .n‘oilddp - ow! to England‘ .b_cfn¢l_l. «Dating _l_l([ ra'tdz'ttce)ic‘n by but niwaji endeavored. the gcpotfs wngntmnmeanec Wugingii ‘to’ inpmntpon ' _ emugent __ t o_ mg.- u¢rdcl‘~ Qitbc '0l“CIli(_ll‘.' glnar. 9.-ear-‘l Entltnd C.-am and the United: ., «MAI no pun. voqid'dwuyI lye nnitcgui ape: gxuund'_nobte.vrock.ot g -up i_ip'lo|_‘ =tI<'tI!'i¢.i9i- lihmr. nu. an . _ : vh“ -poke! «as M-v.-c-I.~.£.-uh.-.!ormc itiu bulls:/vvlfc‘ ditnug gin. ‘.9!’ _ °vw|‘¢8.-II = \ Godtthlou ungycxy on¢.~nd_‘God lgleulbé mi. in live.‘ %[l.oId IMIipIOI01l‘€d.€h¢l_H ! >Coi. Shy their gaid he yroizid l Ltoint, ‘which he coigid do with a_u¢¢;i_au- ,\tW:d3 ;;t01\):{e':‘!t\'»*.\|\-‘Pity gt 'roromo..tle City iiiltwul ' J ' L \ , i-rn...-n~..n.=,.i..,.. 3.3.‘: i ;M'°‘-‘ “ TM,\ anew-V Iron aunt-c Imus\ Ito L-“Ii-¢-II-vrh-id; -.-out Iulnlo. n_-d In. Manhunt: , I-11.1-I-act ‘ ,, ,., T ‘T 9; ICC! '3 ‘H \‘ Tomato. aux-gm. chi. Mr. john Wilson Barron. the Treasurer of the Dale! (!o(c.) Savings who ucri his life mum than open the cub-box ol theuteto mhben. ten a wile, child and mnther vuh but nun mean! of simian. Mr. F. W. Palfrey. of Na. :3 §’.xd'xange street. Boslon. is receiving contributions or I Ilm. itmau The ¢‘our:’:r-journal would lake to know why juxuul was Imllgemhie. II nu Imr-I quc-mnn. bul lhtulng in nu! II) he pm «lawn M at-3 sx-fr 3859193. ‘ OLD COMFORT! j A L B E R_T E Y 9 BOOK BINDING. ” H’ £:a§iYDw3.1;l§aAa?u%';a\‘n\kcn‘4‘x’v:°Jwa?.! ..;'f.*1°*‘a.s‘-‘a‘r‘?«‘¢“«3.«‘a«?3:‘.a.‘:‘a:..¢f:’:::,':..\y¥ \rf‘~' V . . .. V . ‘of; Ants.-mm=.s H. Sr:-zmuzpzs ._fj§¢§i§if;”:31h¢¢,Fof$an Eicctoral invcstiga in its prcsmt shape, primaed‘ this momin& inn attract It-sounds the alarm against_ r¢_:v— clvil war quite as clearly as Posh appeal to the Sduxh. .morc'in sincelt come; '-'}.}jgj of higher? standing in the Mt. KEV. and who 'i_s under oblijzation to this Adm’1nis« gill ‘be singt ind_ecd.. If ’.i§|.!S.givcn agams: this-Dcmoc_x-at‘ic_ two Southern Dembcrats Tcdcmesdocs not produce: pro.- upon the vlilholp c ..,_|.'g«',-. TEPHEISS says 1. at '—’t e i can Hnfis can be pqgccfnlty nag is as dclusivc agfd as ‘V omnrc \ Up.“ ‘C:-\ ;‘jff<\<‘{.I_)i¢' men who sc:Itc,‘d\~'M1*. HAYES g?‘:\ did it -a‘; a matter of right. However much they‘ disappointed in his vcoursei allow: that priflciplg Br-‘ssta Tmzwwa says the Tu l'n.\‘ family Jinn‘: have quarrels, hul \ spals.\ bu: nu. actmxnh just as well for than‘! hnmtxl 1:;-:9 and Mw rm!\- rt-ndrrcd. I The (allow:-hg ulhe bill for the nu! WEC_k after [the caxbureltcr was put m.'ax-Ad Llunng this week , thew wan: ugh pcrlormnnccn msxead of six. I: in the week prn-ions ‘ n I ~°==~1='°~.=,'.~;s.7.r:;.=-;::-.‘:’.:.:.+*,~:!=.'.¢.e.-L3 °-‘ Sm: nl Meter gmh 5m. :37! 3:4. ,9 “ “ :2: mm. :82! gu-am Governor Robinson. son and daughter. have unwed in New-York. The Govcmor up gm vlsil is In lhc main gm-Sally conneclul with recent legislation concerning New-.York Ch‘. 1!: will have I11 intonnal reception at the Man anzn Club this evening, And wlllmrieur the ‘National Guard on Decoration Day. and his stall‘ will review the many; in Brpoklyu. - Na, 30: Main S-rm-I. ms rrn-an vs» as xmamr ’°o”ri§.»oHi’6':at... Szmma Room & RESTAURANT. \Vc judge from mhc fuss made ovct her and me dclccmes shmlnwung hgr that .\In. Vnsm uc-.n u on trial for having permitted lxcr husband to poison hex. THE l\iERC}°1\_‘1\Nf'f_S’ LINE Sfea:-zze‘*rs‘!o Brim’/. With ‘It and Telephone: glvlq dilly \\*\‘.' \........'*‘* W ~ Maryl_:md hnsn paper cailgd the Hyparr:'1es' 7aunml. and It Is thought the’ hcnmcmm: p.-my wdl poll a much Inger vote than mun! in that Stale this yur. ‘ Lac: la per cent discount Rtcettul graze»! can I! xoscnsuu ' 6’ The peculiar statement is madeconccming the dad: ol Lydia Sherman. the poisoucr. ttgu while death was pmddcetl mom a lung-seated dis- ease. yet the outward pangs. xs visible to apecmocs. were the Eame as most seen in persons yin; ad- denlyfmm poison. Ls thong? the luv/wrilh’i:fs of her victims, husband Ind ildtcn. vex: rep need us her deathbed to make the seem: an awful can- menury on be: vnilched and wicked life. Wines. Liguar: gm! ,C'z'ga'r:!; \6!£Il§¢l3A.VNOx.;D'“6Li!(L0GAR.\ $5» .\ ' I 0334.: \ '. > $Io:i.hd:yrrpuWaii§£g,’: '.nn'a‘c&lfn. 6 I’ Sa:n1'2.C|.‘I:. J . . “'9 V 5 -V . ¢Wznx1>'s ‘FAXOUI Srocz; 'I..\g§§T A Drgn Fast :11 Roan Fukctu, g KI.-A .' 508!‘ Nd id! C Rs-— WW .4 Bu1vc;m«xr«;\\s}rA‘7is§.sz/5.-w‘ The annual Orange is being prepared for in Monlrul. We -mppose. nth-of-jnly parade dn!.n'( eum,v_:_ p the cause at freedom wunld pcnsh [min the earth. (ins consumers will pins: nnlicr lhal ii thqtc had been ngll performances instead of IL; with city gals the wait ptcvious to the inuodnclion n! the car- burmer. as abort were liq: Gm wcck mu the rar- aumtzr. the bill for gas that week would have ex» teed:-4! 35:: no. as against $23.63. the amount of gas bill the; fan! week of eight pctl'onnances.wiH’$ the cnrburtmcx. Klcts are stubborn things. Very rcspccunlly. . BUELL 8: NEIU. iron-so; Au.e.v.m>s‘u Jfi \' . Inna-Ad Rsoa¢1||!l¢'!I.v’s»—-;§m\¢.-.‘]I. ,9“, ad .._..- ..,_'-.~.., , — ..........‘......:*#.:V.::*:\*.~‘.:.4‘.;:r:=‘:*r!=—-w=~ f_’._(_1o.;‘o. “X?_5,hij\'r£_ilSi:.N<w£1'urk Tumns‘ Ems was born in_ Lime.-ric_k. Ireland. sixty-four years ago. and has.1.'wcd in 'xroy since 1833. He was a stcvcdure. or ilabcrei-on the docks ; but in 1868 was elected ,Supcrvisor- of the Eighth Ward. and has s_erved‘,in the Board of Supervisors of Rcnaselaerj County eontinuaugly evehc. 'sa_'ve in 187; and 187‘-.-. In the winter of 1.816‘-7'thc Treasurer of ‘e county refused to pay a-‘bill audited. by 1}: Board. PDl1>on- ‘ing to c_o4-he from mic JAMES DlJ~Nu:A.a! New-York, for fuinituic furnished the pub- 1ico gonud that it was sub-. sthntiatiy a‘ci;py 6 '2. billjauditcd to the of’ Sm-m 81 Horcnxum fm-nituic dealers of ‘Troy; by the Building Cbmmittec of the c d of Supcn-fsors. anti that 353125 A. ZDUNLEA teas, in hi;.op'inidn, a per- gonage. .The bill 1_nd some otlic-r§ had .pas§ed‘into tiieha at‘ ‘third parties. and‘ these-‘par_ti¢s bmught sILiLfor the recovery or the amount of‘ their‘ face. The_si.xits— rc- suhcd iirthe decision that\ the county must; pay the ‘bills’. ‘and.this.wasvaccordingly done; but meantime an ihvcstigdtion hid been go- uingonl. showingthat there were fraud; on thepan. of three wxfymittees of the Board. go! cacji of vyhich THOMAS Emu: was ‘ member. ‘and \Ems [mm 1. Cagsm and jouzt C. ‘Ensues were indigud in 1~Inyembcr._i877.. Ea.-m elected to beuied, alone. An adjournment, gm: ‘was’ ‘hnd you the» strength of Eomfsr e Itlutjuguzs A. Du2&u';A was in New’-York; fbuteoulcg not readily be found: that -he was‘ I \!ltnitnre' dealer‘ on Fourth avenue‘ It the time the furniture was ‘bought’: that t had been’ in his employ one 1‘_noxAs Roach, .v‘rho tesideq air ifrouhplkins’ square. etc» etc; Mr Furs- ‘NAZN,-éf éb ‘(Or the j)roso¢u1io(g,:im. thdlietely set Pmnznrows _deu-uives at ‘Holt. ‘They exgatiined_'thgf;f;i.reuaries »o!» ! twelve -jinn p;-wgdig' ;..........., -0» was we \Sm-Wu-«~4«f~...xL‘ ,.5~~I».‘. r . ' '21 Youthful Vi The L Tri believe: Mr. Cox's name ought to be Sunrise insluu! of Sunset. Has that person been using again’? ml if ‘so. uh)- hn nobody heard of ii? _= President Haycs, it is stated. ylll positive- I be in Evansville. Im!.. on. July 4. on which day general ‘L B. Gonlon will then give mansion, sccrcuries Key. Mccnry tad Thqmpson will at-V tend the President. and it is announced by the Ezunn-ilb ymmutllhal \ that sminellc and dish- inf leader. whose elfqnwceis fike lnlsperspn and 1:: nd, gum and In-illant, Governor Wade Hihip. mi, rs comin'¢;\ Decorated Dinner Sets, mmturgr 5%-Z; :;4\FA.$’g?J;”’G%pS. Hm Wm. Join §I‘::occ:n‘l:‘Sc‘|;br:w.vl aqua usvxnnxo :m::g.3‘:‘n;ub»a cxmu. M-in , Dueon pa. Gnmnt .$'nn1m! and C lihiry Laiupx, &‘g'. - Al1o!w!ulchueo_ I n¢_.l:cl:w'¢o¢Pé5ca, ‘ MA TTHE. ONEJLL. __._.__.__._. £2-_-'9 “*w ..L j YV Western -Tran:<poVr_tati0n% (30. PASSENGER $7‘E:17x‘1!l:'RS q son nn ma’: m_:iv.ox. 1-_ucrcwAc. nu, . ..' IfAUKxI:,‘cmcAca‘ANb1N1IgnA' ‘ .. IIEDIATI vans. _ m?§_*-»*:‘.-:,,¥;°e;-.s*é'.x.=?'A *“'°:§és2§t** ‘M ‘ntsr,.m.- ., , e ' F0. \....‘-'.-.'..f . ;' . ';u5G;(:;gI-§':Tu:\‘;:_;\_ My ¢§;?6‘gh1[;1h?'h.'°: 1447 .551:-;ea«s.V;as;»5ux; .'m.’”'.s‘if»‘-'. ‘7.°\’ ' E)Il‘IlK3‘|'ATE.-. s~ .. >. e,,a_ ‘CI’ :‘~P ' . .mm.!_g|AY «or. xx_t,k¢jvx!hz 3364 \W A xi‘;:és:.:;.s...=;§.;;‘;.g.,;ess°e;i..}“:§:.;{:;..:’*“*°~ :o5‘.\.;¢\uv'*.‘§€’.};g‘{...L. »‘'‘?'.‘‘f‘''’‘'’’ 7’'”‘‘\ h ‘PCROA . P‘, JOHKALLIN.-JR.gMgn§¢éP. ‘ _ SALLO “Em... Mr. Tngrrma gown’: bericvc in fraud fbul‘ he can recall Jam: 1‘. llornmrs occupation of J 0118 A. GRuswoLn's scat without chuckling and being tickled hall to dcaih. ‘ This is believed bylthc Tolnio Caxnrlzrrrial (o be Mr. 1‘u.m:w’s adjura ‘ WAUKEO”AN'3 OALAMITY Pm: ll: P£:'Iad<?)4h‘a ram. John Brl ht has suddenly lost his wife by u lcxy. S%e vvu luund ixioneot the momtof rm‘ naideuoc near Rochdhle. fa1_l:n on the - yr unr‘.1anst3'o§\s ;Ill:l_c.“:nd she (In atcsater. < r.. t was: a n.’ out‘ [he Lime. and ugly‘ I,égu:1iedIigbtui¢_uqréitl bodgsvartcr her Mrs; was the daughle: of 2 ‘ bcnjccy nn ‘bcxfknge the second wife of the dislingnisbed‘Libcn1in:l8¢7. - In the cdixne of human evcnls the btby show has reached Waukegan. u 4 bgauliful lawn on the mast- cm shot: 0! \Lake Michigapx. Ind the baby show hi‘, \\'auk¢-gun was net 1 giublic svriudfe as 1\0“’C_f: babrshovrs have hem. t was cgndncled on mam! pri.n‘ciples for the bcnc olachutch. I!!!’ must hive been altogether pio ox-Vera huner - babies wet!‘ on cxhibilioh, ivhlle it co.sJ.,ten‘ apt; a vote go cxgixvss om.-Ts fsrcfcxencz. E’ \ - [lung “went on 1: lpQi!1islh9n¢[IpoQn the prggnes of the ahubngnan: vo}e_n cyorded upju squads; the church was put noxnnI_§mog1cyq1_:t_o,f the moral and [aiming shnw, qgud a has par; dg.- hght. 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It was sognzat I job that it gave him not the s !i‘rxie.for anything‘ else. 'I‘mmAs Hsxmucxs is gbdinvcd by Mr. ‘TrL’Dt.~a'to be abate Irajgqr, He-is to the Porrm: invcsxiguxlon. Wnin no; 'u!: be is :- tnmm. hmvcver-at teas: to Mr. lmtnucxs. Georgia bcliévcs theta is bqzoneimn in the wggld and his name is A. 15!. —STilrtuzH's. 'Mr. Swaruxms can may in the Hons’: of Rcprcs'enu- just as long ‘as He 1i’v.cs‘a-snd'\ve hop; he will, Mrs. Vnsnvtum says Ihauif her--hnsbind is ‘c:jriv§x:ted,sh\e will hinilostate-p;i_aIoi1. If Mr, Vossvumi rally id_g(le'mp! to poi‘sonSt1:_i‘s lady hi’: hgotally incxcu ! ad!-dy-In‘; of shgnie and I! once. - ‘ ' the: wheglburgw man continues {o be idiotic; 1:11! the. T0149’: umgmtuhtqv incl! he isn't for ixgly ‘:nyhj«_:rw,a,I_sdv lye‘ waildrh: ifle wu notvin an. iiheeling ‘ _ ‘I Josie}! Coolrhaq in Detroit-mic! 11:: New tin}: ye. in. not an J(hiuli':r ot. :1 gm! 6131075 iii‘. Co0K'i¢nl\up my npidly. Wettuulcitnoi focoli,IOV, with the Gin; swzwnmzo of the col- in fond: ndeitly. ICC’ ‘jqsgwena lot,Mt,I,':|qI,'y.-' There is A.prc-{ v- llwco-«err c°II.‘¥— (hulk; Srhimzu '9 land; llnlly. NATIONAL Mxtzs wli Esgmtss is wclgdulelb auniujimce it as may as ‘accept -any’ oxxlgrs v fj \! may kspe, sud ' go obey; 1 my . nu: ma: 3; ran: ‘ ' __blic2a- my-. nor is it lhevciny {Io _.'£nd I912’ d 5,: up. ' An'|j\l'lK£; Ex- ;_ it km». um :¢.c1.n;..=-um _\\Co,m*en'u-wn ih Ncw-Yolk can’ Nos. 212 221220 .Er1’e..-$1., THU LIIBIMN EMi0W'AN'|'8.- JV;-i6I*'r'Vl (‘cm I_§f1a/e l.ll(I'_l'} mm Ricbggdson. {mm '1\lonrow-Ft. Afma, which qr:-ived here Io-'33}. bring:--some hr- teIhgcriec:¢'f -intgrcsr cnxpcérning‘ the ‘épi-1‘ grams tlsnreccyatlywcntout her. _Mr, Bjclgs. one of their 3iiliiIb!.'r.\Vh9l_¢l}_i1sig|lh§ \Lit_mrin.;\, says at u|e, cig .s:usl'1cd.»i one. a» r, \Lee bf. Woréule'r,:Hl.§s.._~ m$mcg1hogne_,By.wny'o!’ England; Neitly ill '0!) them hm hdihc AIrican;{cw_e'r. And ‘Mr M V numbcrdiod fmmilxe - Howcv¢1.‘nll ma ahd whén me \Liben'a\ mud th?huHel_llcd dqin. :6 running. raising chie co eeuduguane. ' ._ ‘ ICANUFACTUREIFS 01\ (l1!Imll5‘:C£‘l‘\i'i' L‘. l ‘. I35?‘ .' - ‘ am W n me (sum commmee to to éivgkdirecticin t_a his the. cncythrosjgli Ft we:-.».-\v.u~. ~ » ag . action may ‘be bid. .‘.H_ who di is u_>-rebel’ ‘Sate Comnlaittdt-. .o.~r..7.».. ,§%.?$g..\\,:...x..‘\&“hu _, .1.’ *~¢\e-'*‘..-s€«ar:..~~' ’ w 5.; ’. «x‘:~f'r-gz 'ou“’ & \\7 V. . cm ;. ‘ .. 5‘ we §f§..§.;..Q',.,. (.1 ' *'‘'7''\‘‘'~‘~''' ‘9' {“ Thornton 8: Chvesfe Be_s_t,\ -- Pawns,\ ‘Cvl'ohe.\ \“WHte _Lily',\ -\Franklin.\ ‘ , ;Gral;am_and ‘Rye JFlour,. and Quaker .MiHs Oatmeal. ‘“\}SfrA_1='1=.<:in15’sT~* -‘ Blue-Biléz p0 j/:12’/6. :T\-*“' *°.z.‘.%.:..\;';;;*.\:.\.'a.'5'.:‘:'.*’3z.-.*:°.;\.\i°°“*- CORN M'E;4L AND 'FL=1;fD{ ' 0.‘-.1.-F-\e-*%.':'*\-v*'*'-’-vv-«o-.«e--=.»«r-“ T‘. 4% Mama rr¢1_4‘u'.t. o>rHIIt‘1NRaL* ‘ .rt.m‘n‘~ *5 .3’~0.UNG;‘ zLOcIrWo0p~ «.9 69., QUDDl,N‘1IALDiiIII£ 'm_{0RN1foN?.&iTc%HE12R; 1 T.$wui-UaL>t.«w. I_ 1 umgwé‘ F913 J°'<v'.2- ':‘.|¥'!vcl1-I(nqv_tI.l.*!|I-. ..£.'~ *.=~::m%:.:.:'..*::-%.%:.J.:*.**~-%*’~\‘- *':..:'. ;w.nyA*bu¢u qgsgui,-. ml all: went whiq haue'og‘Ih¢‘_u_u_horc, Ia» G »\VII in ov ‘ '. T.‘i\'~\-\.r.'.‘A“-\.:“i3:';»..\T'V°“~‘ £:.‘.’.°‘-' \*3 ’:.‘:...°:’.?‘..“‘ 1-'-aryigg-ram _I—!nI_!,|.';rubbe4—o Mr. V ‘ hit Lcycbrott rlédcst.‘ , é-o,uuuh¢Ioll9-ml.’ #14:!-!*‘I.Tiuu-féétliithv chm \m.im- Thohoh. 9l1QIl¢h_cI! nasqlborrgrzxhuurceted ltnvja Inna.-:qor;u_;Lu¢n.. =:‘ca_zu-‘ct-.§‘Id \ _III.Ind. f’ § A. De JA.‘C:K:‘1 Si.G’$:N_\‘?J _ ,1,t.,uhA$z.,.p;‘aIo_; V. Ii * ~EDG;«4§:1.?; A .11‘. V -- .5 1 v“‘?:\::'l-l:-7:3!“ ‘vi A onixr ;ounixg.IiIw¢c6u\IA1;l '0 cube. ‘nu: \ ‘u léuhntllu .eun§§.m-\v$am':u3E'$'§5'§n&\-'£xe :.‘ua,;o.s~ l4l,eBri_nshl't¢:,o in the’-In-1' 5\'!0’ is‘-7 1% «live at ' oep‘ P,nlnm._>¢h¢‘ cpn:my6ugd¢m,ot 1 Pkihdg called -IQMI , side Colon Hm. _ Ibo Norm Adurimn 'nduked.hiu|f _ ‘: *''*'''''°''.:.‘*'‘''j*°*°i-'‘**..*:‘..-.r:.°!''‘'' _. ~ W».-\;'x ,':.- -_r17~. EH.) .$~9=:.z* :~' -\\r’é-J§'~‘«r' .- I . . ~2r.,..-.5, .1; ~;.'»«~_.‘~.- ,.f_ ;- ‘E - _>.',.v:'~;_';f;‘$'_: er,.g?.:,;;:;:';,, ‘ .. . . 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