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Buffalo morning express. (Buffalo, N.Y.) 1878-1926, May 29, 1878, Image 1

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I_l!I,*II:,:~!)a..._.'..-,\.Ji-0,‘: 11:’ :2‘ JWIS :1oi01r4riN'o‘s‘ zvpzcs. pg: to.th,é_'.|')to'€l.,I\qf lictlgllla Th 9°13-Il,t!=I~VI - \'.¢'ve'nrb't' the 9-men: oath. nror4.: 'W . ‘ g be c.-pl.?od .9‘ N I ,mim_i;m¢5l' fxhg run‘ qov. .7:»'.‘-‘?‘5-'2\u.-si-*_ ‘sun-an ’.’ _ now? ea es‘ “gvizf-cn¢a‘cc:pt the I jnu'ug:as,u_renl iidugof the in-than 67 V EE 1:71.‘. :9 “ remit! 19* the I9!!! It ‘Mom: of b°'5P§s¢lIIljI|£\ lit. cnabg-{ft _d_ch!l.¢!r,sni-,s.fac10¢!¢!i. otn,!_1: .‘:I,I1!>;-lIvaeseh<_:nal,:,::_ncL$a,nIi,t<_ 4; 1'.‘ 'v.KDl|\ =-as-xi»;-issrinon orT:1u§17\~:«:=‘«fe-.»a:¢o- '99 £49.53 sfgvtixulonz \.I:iu_bo!iIi‘okx‘b)9'llIi ~Gdvcgnn¢1gt'__ ‘.- nn6!imionu._ ,’ Rikki. ' Ifjlidlnj S lamp; of 13,3 ‘Oi.-' .=-i>‘i°-M chixch pow\: Plormehkot l‘-5!P3,5_l3'h L9 tuna, may {all uvy. n ‘in _I_I! in - 5 kt9I..up It qnnxba; me‘ the abolxqgn 95 um 9:15: on 21;: B] It moths rcllgiaqs wtmonks. in In couzts. ; - ch ._IIn.u.s%n:u-cu-c‘;-.a. likig «$5; wit)!-lie {ho slyly: -,-Mk :9! I.|.-.e'i-,.-“M 0°-h-wm. '=!:.mirvn_s with editors-mvoofru,-Qin v<,-itw-.~«c..T in-!1>iI£.°!'°‘ 1*‘ M 2.“ daizw W'\..'::'.:.\'*= % -no An , nwu_ = ‘ \‘!1.‘§%:\|‘;_'3-nit»:'*Mi¢t:ihit‘ in ‘*1! M ~ D I I. 1 PCUWIP‘ NI“ ,\'rhe Jean: \0! xh.r'J‘ 'nid=I_ot“ { ox'7-The J: /«a.-''’& H A! L’ - — jlfikl loiiisniijg §“l clear or. cloudy‘ ‘Weather tovdiy.‘ .. .2 :Il:If:'rmo. or me acoucnlss. ~ - -5;.\-'~~' 3.715. 3k.» In [tnaundr noiv to e.a=er,¢t-5 a.'gr.,o:.e.ct-N ‘orig; pom,-r give; Ar;_,IxL,i¢ Iurkgg. \Her de- n')gnds.ln the Eutem nettlenge likely ED ¢7¢,I;tual1y get her into tmubicx There is no limit to -mun. ' Q i uonxmc*s%nnspmu:s.; .0-at .09t--’l5¢mir°8!!=A.lin°r?- ‘ l,n'q|nn¢'i ‘pxtruvnjnht 9061,?! as ‘Who will liq ‘Icpru¢:'\ta_tlv’n--—. -» Tu:-kluh ',l'I-ouhiu.’ ' §;§¥££J& ’r*'2.é.'-”¢1£:9*i°=.;*:2;2.::% 5=';.-::,::-.'..:-..!*.-....:°:'-.:~“**'**\*‘~“*°'*- “ H:.u.v'm'sos.‘ . ‘HE “:.*s*.:.e.'-‘ ' <=:.'°~ 3¢b~bn\Hyeu§uOI!cc‘.§':i.‘:\3.{(:€x°n-,Fi.’ “3i’u'.?sa'i$}f.i‘.\. w~:.*;::'«1..\.::r.:=...-“a...e.~:.:*\~=v-~~=== ‘M - >___,4A Sunnry. Last L?ig«qIqg'f.i_ L2‘ddir'g','_}’q'¢. cwcoélsg ox 4_njo‘uxxuu'r. ‘TF£::i‘é Princ,¢’B1_su.ac:, it given a good than of 119:, cr,edit_;1or tlie negotiations which now seenrlilgely to rc_sI§lAig'1 gig: mugging at the. Europun Congtegé. The méctlug gill there- fore Ink: place at Berlin on or about June nth. ‘ WASH I NGTON-. Agzcr idiouxqnciz §lI:ilfo'g.sg Democrat bags! I gm: go: eons-geziushesdzosré-Iku: oi. am pm.» :13! _sess_xonol’ thy Sepagcéoncinent Incip- uoq Ib:‘xol_ DHHHG having kutbf Jpon, _uqtI1lh¢a9dS-int. Soucgt the ung- B3?» expressed a dcsinmr, M: ed! Idiom.- mgnx. um! lhqughl L515 conic! be sloctnd by 11:: apth of June, while otbm pppoqed nu- mi .1 time owing in (be large mun: qt» pu lie business n9\!,__x.>gpding; u_d., beddes, (M qixésllon qt adjnuxnnenystaould {pm the pgesclt .rcx';n__in v-hug 15 lg; qmdé. with Lhe The caucus. ax; ggqngl of_)lr.— ly «solved ta move, in the Rouse to-gnogtpxgnfnnler poslpoueucmol '11:: Scam; icgolusiou ugul thejthoi unc. '4 .u.. E!!'!hg..of D_hin_. ollcrnda. Log ‘il~in;xpcdi¢u! (9 get on the T::§lbi1!a:,Iha ptnscat. scssion but Whoa! -tsionthecnucu ‘s Joumed ungl 1l,h- _.,§j}' vue.-uz xuurs uA|yAnL _ ‘ L6.-\ .3, Ellis _ d _ ;au*n;: 9»: an? mm “ 5 ll mm‘ _ con- tIib!!°d $0 the suc;c,e,s,s of 5_d1o'nv|lo nisyiza arid 23.3313 9! the dCsi:IgI=sS',h the wins be. ,ea_cma,n:n, rym M’ tut phase conslim’csa consiskzblc gleam»: :1! peace. :15 lhlttzhlgcxsizilcc S1. Vnllicx to ncpkcsént - II-nee: nvras qmmzue. -- A Viexuu corresponslem ‘rcnurks lh3!:K|l_1! {or ‘B11-,!u_I,I:l5'l_hc ‘i x;xig3t ut $1; ulna lax: beg EDBVGB \IIQI ‘n,A_,un In It '.°‘3V\ ‘lgxexsbi . -11:: ‘c»7',‘I:§e‘ti:S\1,r‘?'x!xi:),‘x‘xs 5. tI'g,\,q~.e _ngeu;; Ba-Shun dismiss one 3:” &si‘n’vi%:i{o“§: L .C-_ DU7!L1,C‘A‘l!ff:3¢. n ‘ma Auanlqafgs IN I,-Ami. - V ’ i ‘ M.‘-“~‘%:,L_—_.5. 1=nstmastar—Ge.n.Kgy'sY_Varn- 'lnggAgaln¢t Revolution. Pan‘: Curr. a?:-_..- man. 050 --MW‘ Owré 3'15 — ' '3\ ,' ‘ , Lou1s\~n.x.I:. !<y.. nay, :§;—Fiu_I me. time- fouxrtlxs mile. two-year otdx, Vudlct Ion. 811119‘: :I1m¢ 1:061-3. ~ ' =. HORSE RACES. Our Amie:-Beans axe imneixsa \bu {tench \-at has: n uujaxily of them man theyni. Ask any of men xf they speak Ftgnch. ml the ijnmhle ga- -P1!_ 154 \ Oh. yen 'I_N_ir§'I hue guy _trpulg!ge—-get ‘sionph-‘st-me.‘ _!n_eed scztcely say (hi! ;n.u‘xy.o( thqmuu mistgleu nu their atrium: oi -tyeir mm ahalutcs in am dm.-ction. Ihue who have csuics ed settle under the Banlgmpt law havebut three months in which to do it--{Var we “ke““ (0: .gra;ne'c§ 1118!, the President will qigti the ,hi!l.\vhich me ‘national Bankrupzhwon the ‘In of Sepgesnber‘. if“ smona APpiaAL-rc rrHa‘aQu?rn IE1 ‘Na~mceLce:*.a.*: s:.‘r..9.<\-T 1 05- , - an! Ii4.diau.Iw- iul-lo Mac: -I No: ihlnism. :..-:;'=u:.~:. **= Somali ng.-e. gnu: auu! Am eighth, Kcnncsur nun, ‘Ann! Betsy second‘. tune ::5s‘1-:.-' . '!'!'u-Q ripe, m Miss NIUQ) won.‘ Llctl’ Bee: s;coa:!;rb4:sz,|uu:-14.; 3-3,, ‘ me. thmn-tuunhpol galls-. C3luuCe'!\ you. Mnlgpxdn secoqd; time I get, , ?l§|HD;iJ|l|A, ‘Iggy. :3.--‘Pqilft 'B:eez,e_ Parke? 339.: 132.3300. time uiigqte dug. Melba yon. b¢.$tl“m=;’33 F-1 -. F n‘ ‘. rIce.= pm, 00. ,, ,I‘I ‘Ion. plbdesny second; agsllllie. :16 M. { J. 0.. .4151: CHAN1Z;'{_ L; _ w 1s.“'~ ._.,_. .. 7 9* A Domqoutglo conqrup l clvllwaf -e-Th; Atlny la in -Roducod--The Human: Awu ln~u1n-Igqhtgg There is unung my Ametiun ncqulnmscgsin Rlmutcnu \ (_2aloncl \ ll/Id (gnu;-‘-vgrile. can am) dgznghm ‘Huey ll spul I-tench-90: I such. Wilh lhc geuutne wosmn u.-cent. age! the jgxuc nu-manijrd xdizim, ‘.K'htyh1.v: acqnucnu ‘ (mm In (each July 9196 her thug Ker. both 131:. mm hung at an educalcd clan, and acixhu _g! ghqm 5pcaku: oi ~Englis,l, , Lt}! night I ppttl in 0:5 the Colqugl. Boll: jamilm went galh:-zed in I132 gnu! salon, um) vex: -lanvinlg a hm.-zy elm xngtunsl Ii 1: 3 A = I 3: com -Imu e I n i ‘trust: and E!ngl}s¥:h.nguIg3::. §lv|:xnd.,-gay: uu Q ml: of the colonel rectum! u oplnlacr ' \always guagdc dif tn Fnucuse at Xe n I neat :“°rx,a. ,|uzdlarr{:;ooLesl pmxqa and wounded. The )‘nn:£dFt,u.u:h dy ac;-med puxxled_uxcl lumen:-:11 an . - NOTlGE.—'~'l,‘h¢ ‘ {mil Iueeti ” of the Swcirlvklcn ‘ '0lthf‘t.’u’ 113:: “ guy. he xhcabcdon ol w Cnupny. on, Wxln-uh’, £305!-5.1118. Pan: will in 3 Iron us-a.u,1uuu.. 9-vmnd ! The Rhoda-lshnd ScVxx'n‘t'\e\’y'¢a1‘-chiay adopt- ed; suqluuon agaiusg the Porrgx invcggls This, 11;, Ports: qtgoulgi take no- tice. in the aceioix 0! a “ sovereign state.” for which he has so much rcvzmuce. Iv. is as very level-headed Sum. :00. Sncuu. to Tag nvzrign anus: M; E. 1A A R C H For-. Aim’): \VAgg;.xum2r. May 38.,-'-Rcpqn _iu:nrr¢n; here that an Dcmncuu ui: ls;-in; plus to tears» an organization 0!, ti; Scx;_x'xe. having obu.iu¢_d use pwlnigc ¢t thé. so-opcnxiou of mm: B Benton (at that yuiposg. It will be rcsuugbuud am they sritkin on: 1:01: at :14.-ctiug Scum; Thunuu Pxessdeut fit mi. nu ‘dialer. II in xy- momd to-dxy mg zhenmcsuzyvoxc cannon be had. Ind Ihu undue; stump: sillsnpn beinad: by the Denocnnq to scan the oxganimzion oi the Sennettv being pxtptgedlodispose of Ptesidi.-at {x £1 lhc’Pnue,r Covnixixxetduuutti rcmmaaend such Action. These mngunam shnz in lhebcsl informed cintlcs in Wnhlngmn. The Adminismuon. Ibyyta lo _know.ls thnrongily ahmiad and is dcspcxaxe e than em helm-. up plume lcaduog Dcaocun by as- tmxy. pnmbasol pumuxc axsdrv-tn than oi mm com: c \ 1h:1’1=es.:- 453;‘; 23.41; _‘ __ _ Duncan. .1550:/A:'£n rxass pas” TCIIJ-ES. ~- .-Frnzuo gig?‘ Regular: C'o_nw}o«4fqaf, I_;'ic;,1l, Roxie glad um Vinnie km. thesggxp. xgcu. wctv nurgicd this cvcfnlng. Gen. Shémgn gdvg away the bride. Lug: gllcnducc. _‘ uxnxstnvg ‘ A;.C0.ut'_n:Iln¢p.1é dcspatch again: the retnmf oi .‘1(Ih,_In9ud Baud Pnha to-the, intspry. The vu- lcuptqt Misuui go .P|'9d§iI. use tesgonuou oi Jl.Ix,!d so the gluonc $0 nzlvcd on senouaucu .0! S Band 1hout.¢;vmph‘aci¢s that Mdunoud urns ielll-ed go (he; tnhcc gm! 9 yoiuxcgl The Su!na~I¢¥u at Jgomlltngxoil In. ahhuqndmubcandhovamuqiahxrn his in ’ 4 7131.81 34!: sign: he (2 sate cl Dam’. per- erohon. - cnxuaaaub OACUALTIIQ, Thescnau.-_Co;nuCt1co oufntclgu Rehlitzu 193 dq acted on the studs o! the Vcuzucl-in Count», 550:: by mthoxitipg ll!-. Eaton tuwgprt : balm, paling the Id of 1873, illxichdrmvi ed that the sf-ifnluims at the Convention 181% should be : oxen}. and adding some xepcalgdischitncrdf mm to qucmon the uncut; of umduw the'pu>- ytict; at 3 ll‘! Ccuvualloo. nu; vxxuuxu mun: Nzw-liavm, Mu :5.--John Andaman In sentcnccd to sun: to: ma to-day. fmltgq mudcxot all. in 152:. Ande um; :l¢\'¢u abuts mu 2, row» full workmen farmer trial he nu; scnlqntgs) to dead». bu! was nl~ Iowa! I saqnad and on ‘evidence shgn-in; msanlly. Puma, 111,. Has 35..--By ti‘: falling at u out‘. fold Chris Pcschcn gm! 6:: Jacobs wen: in-91:33:]; sully and jusgph, adutuu «mad: In-x FARRAR cg »rn~xn.=x.a. srmu £A'GtN._E’3_.,‘j_!0I,L£&S‘cu\ vs’... an an nu; :.._. \' 'oun~_llaL¢A1~o5||’iiivOi‘8 Á ’ , - ~*\ L95?-9. :2:‘.2..°.:.‘<*°*°‘.:: *“= GUI’ ~ ‘ I swgigum haul 1-ii be you lit in nun 'Th and several members of the Cabinet o.nd.Gcn. Em-um go to Gettysburg, to-day-to‘ nke’ part in ghe Decgnuou gay eurciacno-morrar. It till he amen years in July smce the,g-mat harp: 91 Gettysburg Flsfougi-;t——:hc most. moxngntous struggle. undoubtedly. 0! use n;b§.llion. ICE! run. \)\.'g€_§;g§tr§;;«_ utmcg-5;: cbok in 1 a\'*..-§:_°.' ~ ~-av “\“\ ' M-'3“-‘I AN 331453 PROX‘El7-1’0I.A1'2 (IE I173-RES‘, “Cunmenti Legendre?‘ A Then then: fact-rutnal inquiries nu! explan- nuns and no be nndemood tux Mn. «ulnar! man: _ , ‘u not the non dnaculu dam? in Ftcarh. ban nplmc ol usng KM “ION (mu. ox garden. she uacd the Inn! ‘S:-1:11»-. phzdn n1unu~uu.—m~h- ‘I71: canludon nud- HENRYjVL\”KI} «£.’\1#\0%\5 3 my Uo - ! _.gu..g.. ‘ :11} bill In-hsddin the luxghgrzezmaauzd lcguly lenders winch (Isaiah: Senate V why am} sun: the Ptuidmt qapmnl it thelz introduced in the a month ago by an. Fun. at Illinou. ° lnvi;'o\o‘$n my :3.-The Tina tunes that same ;nis,n-ace‘:->2 be n m Tirkry xo yxvvcatxkguiodlcalncnmpce of such crises ts lhcksvucnt; tlnl son: cnnswxl izasnrenmbe ap- p; _ to thc governing amhorix 10 insure goqd fevrsnum. EINR as I Ihdc, It says. cannot «L, _IC!Bl1|)'diich.rg¢ moi rush. Rum: mwot. be ennui; Turks dunk»: hcx. Klilk on thum- ,!.u:; 13 gal ufpnclcd 01 any dam Io: nem- ggquislliaa. St: has pmttd :3 India he: c_:pu:i:_y in: data; nit); sign it Sauna; a 3:53 Idnanhtrlnm :5 Lbs tn.‘ clsndlnglke most mhdmca zpd ‘suppm at has u ! wank ch: a‘ perfectly vacuut! but :3 the was tum: dean! uustunce In use Port: to the work dftlxetul trluru, [I would be‘; MM balsam but Km‘ um mm: 1 \\1sa one. it use I122: to uni: up out $3» to name 15th‘ post an nspcvl to Astute ‘er. ' ur us Em-pa ii we ta; .p-V--..;~'s=a5. '!‘h-:4: us: gm un anwvu_1,:maadiniIuav.! uuuvapahlrot yum; rm; 0!: ptobiauul pleantnb. but an diglu éovusely uucecpulu lu-nerd:-given! mica»- bdilylhu n dun: ngspmtu e le- uunda of the kit Enyuvc. TH: pnnsyrzaxnu Asszuuv mj Thu Tcuncnge Dxaxduxuc Convcntmn mocks ko-thy. nnd can hardly {an ‘to (the some Action upon Po-zmzszcr-Gcncul Kn‘: appeal to use South. cspecizuy as Ksv is a Tcuaeswcin. The sad {urn Dus- aaan also mat in this taxis, and nut llondzy Oregon has Snteclectian. fmmnmx. ‘ :23»-In the Prcabyxman (icnenl _A,I€l|!§l} the Cumulus: on Fm-zxneu :9- ‘?-xui. :39 ch-tuba and 10.00:; wuxnnmcanu. \z_-an Yupbyacriaa uiuwcn w-cs: Irpotttd :- Iavugdlggghc sac pu. Minutes nu: Idupl u‘r:uc d oi the hxxgqivlx on thcxpg 0! Rev. Hana. S nod See. me adrenal put: at lmun; us! th,-ad:;s;93vqL 1120...: T “ Tx ;' W ‘Yin 681::-uo__ 333‘! ‘ §°‘.’{\”°“\‘ ‘__se. : \ V ’“\ Mm FORT’?-FIFTH CONGRESS. . Sonata,-= ~ — .c .7 , Wawmmux, XI: 1!. 3:3. Svlef t:-minim éssiadég it uxigcud Inupcdienlfnrcoggtts. at en: -4-sacs. IBc\ use d as: an’ unxmhcinud lohum. ll: for its gamut coandrnlibn. Owecuaa am nadcby Rt. Wilb- en. ~ _¢pd me am-ucsneusol ten dmghm um, um! cull: undmzu-1. ' S-mm!) lamb: Ann-nun mama I-ten «shed ‘oumlthe puml win the mlonci tumbled mo g|g—'_lu,§ nun dmuy. ‘Fina was: time ménimnx uses In Lulumzh mud“. oi l«hlrhIiuw.kx:cl. as me: mun! spirit. sash- tank m and must}! ISAAC‘ 110LLv0 W;e4\1€; ‘,- 2 ummwsmu ‘.“. ‘ .. k . 1. \¥AX;1‘EDip‘_Incdiau!y. to dis _, AT ' \’°\' 5”’ wagxan-3:3 511$!-’coEss.t0n¢‘l;ti:cl!§& :\»:r-“\'\~* \‘\\’ Yestexday as I in Congas: Th; Scnxtc passed nnd seal. to use Pmsidenl the Hqusc pm to p|whIbiz any fxqxhcr mo of gxpnumcks: am! also received the lmpmunx rep-on ol the Foreign Rela- tiqna Commlm.-c on the Fisheries uund. The Home coumngd in the Senate? uncndxn-:aut.oLh:N1l repealing the» Banks I-up: law and sun it to the President; and tho passed the Amy appwpdstlou NIL As 01135 811711 I10! 31!. KEY THE F!!! RSGORD \-\ V‘ “V \ \vAsm.\o1u:u. Mn; :8. -—- Postmasu:-tiuvcnl Key kn urine: 1: open lens: to the people»! the Soulh. lle up any the eixeuumens Ilttuding the e at the Pom: resolution with the unbu- gm e! insyzmial l.Jsx_n_9_=n.n In ev- ulg-mge mu if buhlocxsaf lhe4blhCan mssur Dunocnltc the majority {stand to 03:: Emma! lllyts and lnupuxxe T5164». 1!: anti“ um Pint.-hat Hiya‘: all: an: at-met! 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In’: 1 mail-ll: um: ya?” 0 Ron I So and that truism. 3 am: 9-Oran. re-pllol (‘:4-mIum.\\$-cc wing“:- visgilhl’-hczilnti Inr at &lm~h.usuuo.\ ‘H rgu r .u. Ul fr?!» dam I hum 53:-be maul uadsfvw-I nun- lsllf mo tho mg-la; alum hr mxa. ' My ux\lsndhuhnal.'clsc ' I'm.r giu; egglmuloi mi hind. unit: A 3; nr 1: :1 km 1 i ,-at I. on-I‘I::u3 than iotlJ“?|:t uy zmm um I an 9! nakbxmu mpms rim \ Pu» pnnbni aim smut: Ii!) my q-n Iialntn odw 0.! new «gm :3! then. ltoddl ii» In- muxul wt: mum and on Ron! who can hunt the am unmdiug me»: «I tnnnmm- Inioiml a In: 0 vnnmnl. I-nu rnamxu ad! l::uu.brrnnr luv ubcllm -be anon! on at am. rsnscsugruuouoyguuann; «zany-In-nu: .110 0.5!. UPRIGH 2‘. auxxums.-mi bu , \ \“\“\\\: cE“ セ セ WM“ _“.§ni \’:t:mA. my 3!. -Cum Imxmay nun; un- tmual owdeiaurmnm mu (Io u-mm; can an allow mud! loocnpy 0-e9o,u£5ou ol Inn! dcpu-L uc: syn 15: «the: pun. 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VOTI- thins. lulu in--In an dune! tut Amman to an rants»:-pun Rrpchkna «normal 5:; mpg- Lxy up 0 mm mud 23.93;. ‘ma sixvmos mm»: um -3m~Runu.x.-I-um Icuovnxouvg mad as hum! jams autumn. the am under wmch he I06 in am. died kn. arming 1: we age of 86. To um: hjrme II-acid be to arm: I history 0% Gran Imus: during in grates: tn\ otnwry. Entering Padkucm In $15.3: thong: at :2. be and been con- unuomly in ot me ercr since. his public amcr be-Jag unaquakd in dunno: by um o \ other Sugiuhrmn. living or dad. lie Iran 0! the home 0! Ilcdmrd. one of 11:: nicks! and mom {amount in the kingdom. in was A Whlgixmllyulnd Lona jam: and not depart from in trmllliom. Beginning with mg. am name I'll (or n gcngrauon the lending one In the cause 0! Parliamentary rdnrtn. He was and K4; ghg Cnbin m 1830», by Lord K.‘-lKs'.’5‘a'lat_1 In 2146 bzumc Imnscll Prime Nlnltlt}; a pm! which he had. icvcm timcx um: ward. was diligent in Iirem.ure_u$ in ‘politics. and aw list of his biog:-aphlul. him to poxmcax and liltnry wands u one of» magnitude. ‘He was ucvcr xi mm: of such‘ personal popularity 1: his contgrnporariu. the Duke of \V¢l2Ingzon Ind Lord PM.» znsrus. ‘Very’ diminutive in ualurc. very unlasluonablc and peculiar in mumcrn mu dress. and rtpmed to be cxtraordmarily stingy. he was always 3 fnvorihc butt for cark:t_urlsu am_i_ saurisu. mrnishlng Puxré one or its smcksubkcts. But he was I true and unions Briton, HI: country Ind no mum patriotic or copsciémious statesman. and what he lacked In brllliancy he mndé up In dniigcncc. The nation well knew his wonh. and will heartily mourn his loss. Iuauv. Sh ll -7}: Go-an-u in upon! lie bill Including tic saving» Rank in F U-RMN mu R E Below C03.’ \ ‘H1110!’ '3'fIL‘l0KA llmaumuvrz N. '3'. May 31-11,. (,1? Nu- Ion, who Ind min thutpllzro an-gnu at 3 among and 12:: law must Luuuuukv oi Lia rune ad dkxi (his acting. I ! PL. Mn; :3 -Run!-n!y_ (tuna Q Lo._ on cl lb knot has (um: (I: \\n-an-no Puunyiunia. an 1.51:3. Otmun sun) .4 lbria yarn can In ptolmt Sumhy l.h~.3«n.lum and um «Imus. cassusu.~aon.z. liq mqsusyu hm Ian been «Ii-uiuag mum Ptcukrthlplni Ruhli Pubs appauml Inn aroma. Y 3l£I$lI%i PIIXIZI. oItIval_IrIu:uIuhclnuuin~nu_n4-II9Vit,I1Ih‘&O mun-an. Woman hr-k \ hills: Ihrlnuaal a セ ל CRASRLS‘ VIIQS. ‘ $1151! 0' WI! l|II‘$1Cl'lYlI.1 Mn um» mm! M: lhfutfo unmglunl mu an-Mic our cutttasy. I lull at the pvcent db ably;-n um um: um-nq In kgxl cadet dumb _Ier would be ukca way uni not around hut two kinds cl part: century. 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Ram, lot my gm! dull cu [cu an-II:-nah]: n twenyol lhc mllcn had at -um \ Mgofcy ma \Imued so IM Cablnu on‘ but wotelkujmiczwunlonclo the Suugl. neither to umlic for my rgv-uj ad: imxn any polkiaua ga. 31 to us; any hour to sum the pe¢p|¢ the us at Ibo dkngu u-hid; llsruuzu the many. No can lead Isapeuuuhe_ xbeanuot mum Irhohmrecng necnd n uomuw tn uuw Pmirlcnl H5‘;-cc an be dined on! tilhul Hog! clril um. on-cu this dxngct-'1 con ! y upen zlmwmm andbonatohhcpenpieai nynuirc on.” Decorated } Diriner yw:.nrs:m.'guxAmfs*vD&aKV', ., mmuuo gufgzunnmlcu cxtygf -- Ca-tn u.m.um-wpazzaagvma-9«,a+. uncuwnm-lauula-_u¢M-nu. a 111.4 T733 W—v0'.1V£1 * ___)gx.n him. . Péffzsons aemg guodnmiioard _.ma N . .. ' Akiléitf-é?€s‘-’:~?«§*§&§if5s3;.??“?i° BOARD—ROOMS-—Mru. Own luuakm qhelvuu Na Géoxaktt India this leunmo kn aumsna-. muunu aw-qéaaim is boardiu. mm a {gun («aim av l Į IIh_x__.k_b_f_§1_itltt1_“~.__ o\I‘ax1umudaIII:l . «has me min) Mme 01 Sir Salon! Nmllisgi uumm Ike Lennon Monday pmlumd Alma’-I toxmrmmuu new The comapnmlcm pum. out (In! the qua- man u I Cu fmghnd be aunlcal will: the truly bun gluxsl balm the by Ge-nanny. as Rub not gaming 1: her»! «mum «mum mun: Iain»: Ike prlndple Iutnuherl by ling- :1. II an not thought. bot-rm. um the dn in in-irnouublc. \‘u;;.u.s dxwpzml the rag»! . Md lot cpl! mm qundnl’, ha: hr newt: uaullg ' - ' uh: uh! . nu!-.\ he uni. Inc! the: {ha bnlh pmm-and Ilwy as-mid nut! was: so li|;c.aouIlnag pnsgnphen agar; ‘nu n5dHi:61'i3 ‘CONVENTION. Aguntsncl dxunmséon the ullnmule nu to cd -xoIo 3!; - - , Thu hill having been cnmtdtttd (Is Commlllce of the Wlioh was rcpmu-d In nu» sum: and ‘tlm ‘ail’ I A man: Id Bai Kaine (3?-'7... (}<xtnl‘lf.rC_sle. Co-or-1-1:. llnhmgllll. Drunk. Iv-try. not-don. (H-vnu. ‘l mu. #3:‘ '-.‘.';..!-r-**'»..*:~:-*«--*.~.:°.-.aL-'..:.=**~r- . ' ' s ' ‘ . .1 ’ ' . . ls’-,n-‘Juan antimony. nmmn. mm; Mfnoih. :'.-M vé 'ayx5—. ' ‘ '-~' one or sgzmv cgmouu aroiukn. The Avzu: dilutes {mm Ilse l«‘~lmz.~ (‘arm 3 lnaltcra-In nrgmtnt um Rqnmkaru dtutttdtl the ml: at the rrmulcnt. baud upon uh: gum at thc Int kcgublimn Sm: Cnrwrution. 0! mum-. but} Ila: (favim and the Art»; harm thnt (hm urns no «man oltitu Cmnusliun Iarunllng mil mud: n. oum \ Thry do not lttapu-1-upmtt rtnuelru by t it nut-n-ptewnutintx, um upon us: tnlc mama. and it to hardly worth ttlule count I it dull tn I tenotn Irq Yr: pethzp! use any I! nil expo-r the |tch“‘él\i=\ou at “:0 mnvrl ‘men can no qucuiott ututcm to II)!‘ Rocha. tn Com-utttrm about the hutdz-at’: title The only quexttuo rv.-lucd to the char-nrtu at the 0- prmtm. not It mt»: rt ! thr I‘tcnid£‘11I'I tllle. constraint‘ which here was no d'upulr<b=nu9 lot1sel'tcsido.-rvtc policy and mruurr:-1. The ma. lntity 9| the Convcnuon deemed lldprtidcnl to pro. notmee neither I spcclhc qppmv not I sp'euhc umdcmnuton of that polity. but to cnnxrnt melt with a general dechxahor. of Rtpubllun prin- dplcs. A miiiorilyg on lhe other land, desired I distinct crmlomement of svlnt the President had done. Tltlt. thcmwn the only lune. Tb: tubslitttte wlztrh Mr. Cunt: otrma lot I portion ol the xlatform cmbodlul I prnctlqnl npprunl of the Ron cm and cm! sch-lce It tuned out. Indeed. with : sutcmcnt Al “the -kiln! tit!» of llutbr.-rlotd 8. Hire: to the Pttllik in u :1:-at and pcrtect as that ol George \V':5hlngton;\ but that um only I preamble to theruddrclnrationa vrhig-sl were in iqussgon. and gut msgo tn yr: aunt 1: tan L\nl \ :- ll?:nal Executive.\ ‘ vote In thyconvcntion was notan any Iucltaquesllbn. but on the question whether the action Q! the Pmlnlent ln the South and in the miller ol the civnl service tltoultlbe speci amltmvcd. The majority said noI._:ntl we t llm t the has vindicated their porltian. 0! course, the Uuiau and the Anna uttdentutd tlut ml: is the nu flat. just aswell as study. The! know, us vrjejlu we do, that their attempt to pic out 1 sfngla Eliusc rt! 3 iusolutlon a ' that um cite issue before the Convention is run. ln It it not I mallet-of much cansequence. 'l‘ are is no tlutger that the ltc nttitudc‘ will 13¢ misundcrxlood. Nor can those lvvbo are conspiring qinlnst the ttaitqulllty of the country shield themsc m under any such sxttxtcilugc. Am: ll} din) At. .\'uI'l4-fa niurqgu-u Dev-uni Inc’. 3’ mull. BOA R NG.s£-'Lae rooms ...'.':L“..:*.. 22:. :*‘::*:*~-\.:.*=*'*\\. ... 03.9 pa vntl. No II) Xnlmls M. ’ . nu Ann nu. wmmua-ms, .V3a?;:S.--11:9 mm {exam of the Amy n \ mu an {opened the ! to-any An.‘ 1 ac‘ Fixing the smnglh ol the am at -50.03: am: tho xmnbc: of nvnlq mum u eight with compua§u not exceeding us primes. and of (ntumy rqimlinu. 1'! 18, with con- rnnlesof maze» than 60 p mes: redsxcingdthe one of use w ml! rkpartmcnlrs prov lug fonboanl to reotganhe thou; dcplxlmtutaz pro- viding foraboud to recommend use mixing or nxumdng cm of cakes: Exin the washer of Major-Gcnuals :1: one and of lltétdlen 3! three; nflcrlhbse shall be aucbid Inducing the number and rank 0! aijtggeump; reducing the any an-3 cmolumum cf o trmdcrdzgthe Indun Bureau to the Wu Dcpuunent. as pro- lubmng the gmplayncnl 6! (mops (or civil purposes nnlcsnpecnlly mlhoriud by ad of Congrcst. A Cnsnxnliuopk dhpxlrh si lku Rue-Inch Push «£11 ukclhc tide oi Grand Vldu A cumin: any man, 1nrn\rid|youcnntspond- ml. 0! want. docs not wash. lac: giru it As rul- lcxitnnin to man up in the mum to! my in II 1.11:! lbs: henna. an 0! lbs: R:-gm inn clmun, Ind tween nncmd-|:g.ooma tell all. wt ‘Ind to In cmrrulned the lluopa at Jan pupa: c\ pun-nu: -pmdl, to but dc lvcrul II. in the annals; oi the 1-Ila-Ion, he «board an and cm on Rtp$\b- hm: s-nwlm ‘mm. 3: 1» mid Ihll Xcnoggdis. ‘cm- um. newnnanon. Ind our the 36 0! mm. In «¢:.gn,.r.cJ'u. gnu agony tn Benton Manon dud Shemnn. and on the next my the .1!!! Ide- grnphed «gun to mg: an ‘(utter in these worth. \‘ W-‘—OIl.lAN1. Dar. 4. \ fa Sealer: Hula: at Slnuuu, D. 6.: \Gm me your «during an the uubkcc nutter of ¢.|:§:ldm yesterday. Very K '\ It in added an: lhe nu-m -dvised Ktuou that II Inc Elecmn met md :3’? Etedojnn then! they zo-ld an the vuangy. ~ «mine this report adds, the Ocmqcmtic mnxgum In New-hovluat word to Neuuortuns um Omgon was ulc for Times. and the rltnoli: gentlemen who «ran ncgounting with Lev nee. mnembedng may the country um enter- ing on a period 0! economy ma nlonn. coudnded not an ’,:o.Any farther Irilh poor Luluec. 0: else he hlmxel thought bone: 0! ll. But It my me he. it xbuixl. lnre up hi: speech Ind umulncd faithful 19 7- \ [mat be rtmunbv.-red, In juhlcc to Mr. Lexi}- scc. that Ihis story any do hlm wrung. ll (5 given as one o! the numemvus upon: whit the onqnm will have loath luv the bun.- oi when it In con- c'cm.. Ind which will be brought won it for {nub tguuon. V 2 AUIYEIA Ash ‘I11! fnka 7Bronner‘8zCo.,;,~ DJSSGL U 7‘! ON. ’ RE COPARTNERSHKP hcmotnrc ex- lauug henna SAMUEL X SPKNCJER uni RICHARD 8L'l.!.\'MnKB. under the aim um ul SPENCER & BULLWKORB. 1! Q5 dngvllnolrea I? the case or on [metal Ihetesusi Sad SA um. M3 3.3. cm In on unacmea. mcwmn nux.x.vn.‘:mm. who will cotiunue the of use late at: as use an ;I54;o‘Ihmu .us um duo! llu . I III . I 7. ’ - I“.C|'-‘E9 x1v.L.u:n_mu:»._ Lokbou. Kay 15 -A Bcrlm dhplldl uncut:-to (tn! 5 Gcrlun _£mn-clad wqudma um Sure Wu- behulurcn lot I‘E:e_ Gcmun Oman to-day and ptobtbtlz [amazed to line Medncrunun. The nine dnpu an Assam’: olqcmcnn mike uz-[:3 or fish Stelmo an doubllcsu practically {gun by lush. Slip- ‘Vit- ac. EXGLAXXI A1’ ‘XIII. (DXUIIQL Mean. Eusus. Dom.-y. Chance. Plumb «ml Ilnict. who would hm-e word in thuf ware paitcd with Heart. Dawn. Ihmlin. Mcl’hcmn I-24!- mund: uni Sargent. who would have voted In the nnsuirc. ~ I: mqnon of Mr. Spencer. the Senate lmmed on ignmmdmmts loch; House bill 3:-uridinana per- nmtgmtemmcnl for the Iris: :1 0! In:-nbh and 3 Commlllee of Conference wits ordered. Wlndomxalicd up the lbx ! jiuglcia an x ‘m p xtionmcnl i.t atitm t un ל ┒ Mr. Bayard. at his on-xoreqncsl. wasexnnenl from scrrlu on the Board of imon to West Point and Mr. Morgan appointed. The Same vmnl Into executive session and after- vnrds ndjoumed. I The Daily Trlzgrufl uz-1 lo-daft Cabinet chum c \ decide aim the nnnzcdom la the British rcprcsenmivc at t c Congrm Arcnniin to the undenuailing with Sdnou-J35 Burg‘;-nu :-be:-1: rcdmvcd to less than half the me um proposal. Runs: lags‘ already ulmilled lugs limiullom in Ash. and nnngemenn are in view to get rid ol the Indemnity cnlirtly. . ~ \To Rezzzf C /zeay umaa omens mu sums or nouns. ' This morning’: news !mm'\Vuhlngton as , lo the remlutlonary eomplmcypy trlgiclt the 3-Govcmmem:-is nsagllcd In of 1, I011 to set quiet ciuzens to thinking. The constitution provide: (or the detcrmlnatlan of the result of each Presidential electlon by the Congress than in existence. It the next Congress can overturn the result so ‘reached. and turn out the Preslgeut in the mid- dlc of MI term. then there can be no permanence in the Government. It the Executive can displaced at the pleas- ,urc of the Legislative depar_t_ then the Executive In no longer I co-onflnlte branch of the Gpverngntnt. but I creature of a‘ hydra-headed dupo modern repro- duction of the Barebonesf ! Thus all the check; and balances of the Constitu- gen. framed with such cm: by the Fathers fat the Government, in: whittled down the wind and dltappur. If the tenure of the Executlve ‘ is to depend upon’ the political completion of Congress. then the Executive cnn_.h:ve no tenure. and_ um dcr ;ucl1 nn intcrprfetntlon-of the law the nunstahlenesuof our _(_§overnI'nent would‘ soon -make Mexlcb ind rerpgctahlc by? cbmrast. In short, ocnticafcheme to have [§“l_‘ ‘or the Eh‘ vote out one President in troté uinl another In ‘so Ibsurnjly .unln”rful,‘no lu- ingly revo1utibnIg;}.Ihn£ it; being enter- utined. for unom ” t’ byp or \ lur- abidin'g«\~citizj:’ns'ls inconcelvnble. lint thnt; it »-.1‘m‘:n;t,:;rtu.lned,.t11,2lt it, is daily becernlngy more «I ‘ringly luwleu in its .,desi¢'n|.thi;t'e', ‘can be no longer’ any dQ\Ibt._- The few» pfu-1 dent ~Dem_o¢r_ats who cry \pane. pei¢c,'.'Aare: ovcnvhéltned and imnpled -un_ae_r_-tgotnbyzl their reckless atoogiutes. Sohr‘hu‘lt gone, that an ex-rebelwho tits inthe C§hlnay)‘ltIi Ielt CDnS appeal t0LI.W¢,§0N( _¢9, prqtect the country gains: the revolutionuy designs 9! Nor!/Fern Dcntocrqul This in en eggnortllnnry qpeeuele} The Ippul ts; rlpubtlcgp-well rneaht. but lorromioelveuie have but t‘,r'lning,faith in the lnyalty ‘olxhcn _‘So‘u‘th. swell ihl:;h.'.will_ y_av__e tile\: ‘countryi thli um mutt be mnde\to“I.h¢ _und,pea§e{ul- Igtlconsewntive citi-; zen: oi the North. -of 9!! Fi it ¢'3_l9'bI1~ jot—haa’r. ‘lei’; -time that th_i|.new rel3c.||e|9II. willbelbnriedlnybllrlttlnltlliio‘ T Nos. 406, 406’ Franco. ‘ 1'!!! VOLTAIIB Ah!Nl\'SI.I.\l.1' A PINE HALL WITH ANTI-ROOMS. The Same ha cou ! Hilton Forbes for pnsunmct ut Oiean. N. Y. _ A /i.-nvosoxxm awn Romr. AIlKl~lC:\V CUIISNCY IN CINADA. PARIR. May :8.--The Gan-mmcnl mime: to unt my out-door ceremonies on line ocudnn. 9! the one hundredth mnlmsuy of lhe dad: of vol- ume. The celcbmion takes phcc in the Gain.- Theaue on Thumhy. A mcclmg will be hcldovcr which Vlclor lluéfo will prctidt. The opening ad- drus will be :1 is-cred by M. Sjxullcr. member of the Chamber of Deputies. A Iscmltsc by Des- chnnel will lollow. hegdcn: Dc Bam-iuew ll rad u pocm, and Victor lingo close with I speech. an orrnma 'ruI.n'n_.‘ubm)vort ‘-W33 Na 7' Wm Emu sruxnuu N-us. mo mu: m Flux. Start. .- The Canadian Comxnlutoncr of Cu.sIou:smFh-es _noIice that In Muwm ol the nut Ipp mn- inmnlue of gold. at at tad paper cimncy no dis- count will hereafter be made on Amedan invoices. Apply ii: In ptnprlctm-. > . - THOS. VV. TOYE. O Na. 17 Wu! Ezz Ian's Au. wow. Suxr“_a;’;Z_’..: pggm; ' ms Bucx Omar,’ vs» 5 UNDER DFTICJEIB. \VAstix~«r.-mx.Mn :8. The Senate amendments to the but for (£9 me entry of an-tlclcs imported for exhibitioi: by I0- cietics for the encouragement of the an: end\ sciences true concurred in and the ‘bill 1:15 passed. The House proceeded to vole on the amendment: to the Amy Appre bill. All the items which were increased on t 2 but: of 25.090 men were 1:. stored N1 the original amounts on the basis oi 30.500. The amexttiment fixing the number gt‘ cxydry regiments at eight and of inhntry at at was concurred in; also 2 Ime the maximum ofdprivltes in e’ cavalry eompnn ‘at I25. Ame amen Ixicntustxiking out the main. my. fmfuing the Adiutuu-6chenl'er Department and nnpector-.Gcncm '3 Department were non-concurred in and the ncctions restored. The new‘ section‘ (Nu. in regmito the retirement of o \ ! retain . The emendmeuvo Mt. Coat. of N. Y.,, pmhibitin; nx-my ‘musicians from plying: muxi:.ior'h}re.»in1cwil-Iile w.u.:ejexj.ted. ‘ The amendment tnvnsfetrhg‘-The cotttm!o£ the Indignstg the War Dcpgttment was agreed to-«- xgo to use _ _ _ ‘ ‘ Mr. Kpott; Immdgncni ptohihxtnggunder pens my of «fine and lmpnsogxmert: the-: em;-ntayxnent of any part of We umyia 1 pa.r:‘:,pmu'iaIu:‘or_ other- wise undeglte pretext or for the puiroseof ext. qtttinz the luv except when such cusp oymem be exptculy nuthozized by :9: cf. Cyngress. nu ndopted~—13o to ll7--and-(hell tievbnuwu pend without dlvigiqn. E13233 The House Commiltcc on Indian A Innu- tlmiud Mr. Thmckmonouto regatta xcsofulloia. directing the: Committee to visit 3 g India}: Tani- lory an lnresli the conditional (be Intllms thm toanble e committee up report at the next smiun of Corrgréss what lcgisluion my be desk- nble. The principal qbject ol the Committee is to ascenlin whether or not the tribes desire the gub- lislngcnr of the Ter of Olzhlum. 'l‘ fume: have Also practically |§rced,to upon favor- ably u. bill cxmxding to 1be_Com of .Cl:lm§ ‘umdiction {wall claim: gmwxitgloct of treaties {:élwcca'\he United Smes Had the ndluis. A Silt FOR SALE. Till £XlHB}TIO.V. laws BLu:FI.x_mg. - — ':'+§.':;§ 8‘ 1 \ FIFTY FEET FRONT on Franklin st... can side. can fl. math at Virginia :2. We now user the above mentioned IMII lo 1‘. 1. n:nxi§, ‘ , .\?'.“S’.:. The number of persons admitted lo the I-Jxposi. uon on the payment of one {nnc club In! Sunday} was 103.133; durir the hm week 206,600; second week :52.4or~; (hi week 302.400. THE COAT AND THE PAT HAN. Germany. ms mm=.uoi's uovzurms Thcre Ire few things more demming Ihqn I out-In-(lye-front-ymi. I: lay: rule the_ and devout: the croquel arches, balk I_nd unl- ‘°‘‘ 1? ° ' :§”i§.‘z“ to 1 — 312::-‘; lge at the so» when lI.c‘\VIl‘I}IlIf,0I £5 ';:;,°'“=\ wsgm 9* \‘.§.'£‘.‘§.'.‘.\‘“:‘:.:';\: ‘m- ' int 0 nvcg c o_ ron :“\:?;“‘*\“‘*m'z' ::::::\ °°:\.:.'*;.::.';°.:::..'£ n w ns1I‘;edo\\flt:’\l'xre unlmls ow! hm but'I¢fr'IlIii funnie- 1umih5gl}Ii%u'f!l'&c\l’;‘Intil bl: Inc gsdizn S: ' egou ruin-WIS not do“! I C Figtnblow. jam! tc?naincd.‘):§(e'¢u _\ uI¢t:j_§It *'~°‘.'» r°:::z‘\:* \'-‘.:.1:’:».::::.‘:*:1...n .. ‘ in n: . In N W» ~.=..4.:';-....L-T1:-.*v~ ' \ CG! Ilm— . -, _,I_-, E§5*\5\£“’.r‘:e::::'a:*=.;:1:2:‘“-:';r;'.::a:*-« rm, 1: e _ Wu, u on __ I; ~‘:'*-** <*-v2.::.z~ I on mu: ll’ man i voII:_!'-'acro:s.the5,»~vn «:3?! he 'bxmit a:_e.vroodcn gasing utqund th_e .c1nl¢r;~. J5; f mt}? i Mr &9j_|,JI!! hI.II.lhr03I;ch»\hJI ‘ \W “l3.e'vi§»‘§§{{e3.“°§§?“5.¥‘{1€.“‘l2'.l‘3\n'3‘3;2‘?.a'.‘3 II-I u . . ’ ' ‘ ' ‘ll rth”k o£1'\i eke. :;:’:.°§;:*.°.::.<i:2.:.‘.‘:*«..°..':>.;. In oxdlndry nun. Fran IA: Nomfhirl Tlam. Exw Ojice ~ TO RENT. u “\5 ,. g. “ .'_. 'L';r ’ V c‘?'A';“~:“¥‘?~Z\1 , am 4,“ .V. v». ‘. _ A . . BERLIN. May :8.-—Thc dcpgmurcot the I-:mLm-or Jar Emu Rlsmg Qlcggg ittu of) the pro nhlc isscnnbling-of,l!u: (;ongr¢£;s’s_T’=§ ‘ .. Gen. E. A. Motrju. '6! New-York. and Reput- sentnlivcs Muller and Willis were way before the lléeizdw Ctglndllilleg on Public‘.}!u1ldlngs[ a;nd.;¢:»\‘o- l u proprint‘ ndooo or a. e an :3 N|vi:\?ork_Ci¢;:nf _ . ' r’nI'uc nuxwmcs THE FINE LARGE OFFICE noiv occu- . 2.?“ ‘’l ‘.’§.’.1\s;.\6.‘;\»‘v’£.‘»’.§.‘.‘...‘a §3.'c£\!s\\«‘.Z'.‘.\ ,'lrE~l7:boI um. \ givca . - ’ y ax ‘Ru. xyfwummw :x¢¢£z’,]_!;_,_{_§;5. Auitfall Sm 1-‘mwgxsco. Muy 28.—A Victoria\ despite}: my: the Congmnnrlant of the School of Gunnery in Onlnrio\has «rived In xupgrimcnd the crcction oi forti lot the protection of Esquimmill and Victor,‘ Young men are volunteering for the ar- li -icc: ro'rru=xcA'nm.-5, »svnuz‘s'¢ POLAR -mtoiv. ' “X 7 ' ‘ “‘-‘:.?3‘j77~’; l.E6lGA1'lI_l‘lNBj’llB 1’~iAvv._ Mr.-Americtu Symmmhus up1a3n¥ Mn fii Jhenry éoncitning the Noni: Pulp. -uh emu:-is c‘n- tlcnvotlrgglo have ‘ilkgzmghly tested by the Hair». f.9\u:.cxpcdition: \ I explomwill after ne pa-undue qjght degmc, Ike we.-all: grp milder: ivkcnht: menus ch: elghlyz d gt: 2 will and sum‘: opén water: when the mghsy- Icdond aegvee ls gcaclucd he wm Gm! much open water and gin! qumlmcs ohvild animal: and some nterlowlu; when !lR‘dgh()'-third degru lc,,reul\ex,i he ivill thcwizcn ‘Pom sc is 3.000 milesln dI_atx_u‘:t¢:x- un ; w1It¢o'out Intouulmwhen thuv weather 3» mm - genial. he will find me aounyry lhnt the~Syz_nni‘¢I -qmqry uzys cm_be“{ou:id—!u e fqrcslsol timbér. Inigo tlven In_d txdh htid. sud t§e hm-he otmore wild s ! thmmn ht lound my. what else in creation. and water {win in abund- mct.\ , , ?R7‘§:'PT~ ‘_ Z LETCHWORTH. The‘ House Coii1iu1_ti¢;e_ on xauluain Agreed to tenor! luvorabiyvthe‘ I-larfil bill’ for the momm- imioxi. DC 0I¢'XI.q,. V. § (R .. 3 . q ..I.~ -_ \ ._ ~. . ,~:~, K-f*:s-.,. ‘ . ~ _ .. W.'-v«_,,,«~\§l:*4-. ;, — . . _ -s‘. 1:. »..~_.\~\.y, _-: ,. \‘_ »_~_ \ 5 ; ~. Q3: \ ,”' ‘ T‘. ;...f\~ .3 3 ‘ ~'.~-bf ‘Si, N.‘ \34. “-\\_‘.~,‘.~_,.“.x_-K2,)‘ *'~~?s_ K » .~ “ ‘B L. ~ ~f‘7“* “N: ....=;.“:*‘u-:::=g§T?%.’$. ' it - . ‘.r;‘.=‘ ~.;-»x*.:v::r~.:s35.:::5;~_ w v~ . ~ ‘ ‘ - Q 5“_'~:=,‘¢j.~“L~ :.‘“\».{-5 ' ( ‘’'~r.<‘‘‘ . .°~ . - A, ‘H. -:5-,:»‘ ; . 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STEINWAY & Sons ’FIA_NOS wan Awauumb ‘rill;-_>l|:1§:’I‘Ils‘|‘ iioilons at was cams m.. Aha. wheievcr ulna hive‘ beeq.«uuiu¢ea»an#aei-owtj am.» the smx ARDPIANOS or 1-as won». nschek lfla-nos. Grovgsuen A Nller_Pimov.6oo- \£¢ Á \ a ' in ' _l'IqpoI.0rx_udi;.nr>)luauioc~Vahna§’:1':n_y’ . . Q0'l‘TllItI . ' ' _g_o.uu_ cu-u. _ . ,— .7913 NJRNIF3-v . Clxlfl-I-‘A?0|?., !l:y.al;—'l‘hp Nutioinl ’I‘nn1¢irs'.~ ‘_COIl§¢l ~plIUOm in favor o! abol- 'lglIin(tl_no , ‘ ' gem oi the iUnl(¢d Sum fund the ‘scam, dsclonpj of. gqvemmm to coming Val; “I! Man a! M~e.umum- who -0.-.1I:eI-=«A n wit’: 1I’E!wuuve; ‘§‘J*\' oi > on the cnnnbc,S9at¢s, 4,1,-._u.¢~ _{.._¢. lIéM£A|hT;tcu,, ‘ mil. .f nynw 6 > : ~'—‘. ‘»“ .._ as‘ .. u Q‘ I ‘ . _ -:_v_-, ‘~'.“‘.‘-\ 4 §‘ 4:3.‘ g§=*§’ *, -«+~;..n ~ '~ .—« \‘r'~‘-f.» '24.

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