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Buffalo morning express. (Buffalo, N.Y.) 1878-1926, May 22, 1878, Image 3

Image and text provided by Villa Maria College

Persistent link: http://nyshistoricnewspapers.org/lccn/sn85042195/1878-05-22/ed-1/seq-3/

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E21)! ~11.’- ‘v.m — L~‘|*~1|¢I!l«rI-1.-ml.-c-I-crank ‘x‘-“'.3.\.\.....gt£‘... \\\' , . ,...,......,.. 0-km the aw?‘-.|Ir. ,xI>I.u u ocxo-X mu W -:...é“.:~*-«W»:-.a.:*;.*:*.m».-:'$.‘.:-ys:=:*:::.~.‘:V bl nuicer Cleve‘ x'x:).lnUb|9ck.a¢t£‘(I)ol R3Dt'I sub. amum a! pm»: sou nlnln $.h‘I:wviv_e. mm ,4; m. :‘;::%::.i\\;m*.*:.*:,z-a9.:¥§‘:;...**.t.;:zr.’3; g_gr‘§;r or, ’I!sxI;t1.o'Il<l*-_!IiI§',bti-,'c_?v'Ad¢,'r c-:v'cx ....~.: Sale. I. A; 9 A. pg. ~ ' \CHASE :82 ‘Aims, L .Ba7z;€qzr:‘ and Broaéers, No. Xk.]flC)_.|l5..S,«1‘>lR,l:‘I‘_,,\Nl ‘ to-draft 5ut.c.- A-on o-_ was or spa.- B¢;»sz3ia“zE)“2'}% 557412 t ‘ell 2‘ r ..’£«.«‘y‘iui.‘.‘.T.§ 331;; '1)“. %:::.:::::*= \*\ numu.A-'-‘!é’»1’;“ L:gu1‘t.~'aaID‘s new -wuss. mini! ‘ml; GREAT PM-!'«.:+* D<:2.-ékm‘.-2% FM rite: Asonuuixongn s':o-I-ygoi n_-isujimnaonzy . 5 N » V . New-York Aquarsux Wl!.L;EX'B1I!lT' UF Lo.\' .7‘ * Egg::cu (‘m'I;_;n if Tmiucd 4nu’Iqal:I- The Pinon Embnuna cm k_no‘Irp. Najw Sunnling Fu- mys Coo-snxly ‘A Jun-diam: g-on:-vault?-2. Lms;.sracK «,»I4,A=,xa»z: _ I _ _ nqlalo, [by pn,'al1Q. Cnnuelccelpq Q4qr'hfId..9( which x_!1-_cgy con» “mi *9 N! The. IF?“ W eouequpu,olshe decline us'lh{u-York. ‘hr N ups: Pr‘ . o. . tar. :\I¢ilcI-&¥.‘gr‘1. mm... i: In: 35.»? :$OO¢o§°f.4€:.lt ,.. .Z.,.‘_ . I_9 ion’: :3‘); Hoas.—-‘l'h_etc nnouly I ৭৭৭৭ণਮेণੈ৮fllilil‘ ndluavy wuximn-day. wit}: :5: sum yuh unit}-: .dn;d widulunhcrdoynwud only oqe \'wkbuy5;‘wul_nt_hn-u_t:¢;wb_99§gr;lnc3i|9Ih!r¢r tgm. twenty-lveloigli w£«’aa‘u)e In ‘nanom- Il ਝ৮filkhillt kit Mn‘. Thejgllowlng Illu \ ~\ . . Sdltn No. Wu‘ I. \:1. P!ei toP1and¢t so .35‘ gm Sxneaonmc.-. .. . . 1 :19 1.3!: K:rr.’l‘ay’§ur 01.02. to Du:-nu :3 an 3.3:: San: ta ujl . . 2;. 03! mo Sun b Sl:\!=1!..- ~ - - I I 15¢ 3.3a Swop:A!lu¢bcnoKHock.. ‘:2 us Same ct; llclca & Cushlnz an I 3.3:: A R Bpkcucoume |~r us I3: 515 L. §m1b:llI:o Plunder no In 3.}: suu.-.—l’.1run canunue\ in): tn that news. and the lz_r|Ix:£ rulcsmmparamrelv quiet. when nu.-nunber on sale llukea mu cohsidenllon. 01 Iour1¢¢n_,19.§g!;.w5_n!e u: thenomng cub: wen Id: onrmfs '11:: \make: m manna (a much an an: condition :1 ycsmvdny. when prsoawcruixdl 55: 0!! (run Ihmeu! Fndny Re;-on: hum Ncw-Yuri: ware nnhtnnbk The lollomnznlca um: tcpnncd: WAC!-I,lNO'l‘O,{l N _ I3.\ PM kmtwwgsg , :11! re. hr’-' 3\ ' “.3: ' lhigg years ago of ‘Philip Reid, 1 gonna: Bdutenml, ml {vh“.,M-“.‘v-M‘.-‘HI’ 5\. p,,;.,\p‘. neg:-n\:la!!yc‘ot I_pmmincnl‘ smas- tA ‘ 1 . - , in as 3a'}(|::ia:‘z!){un} ,I,.6:A\'e;xwxl\|)..KL3 to °\‘“\°' » ' ‘ V \ ..‘Ivo\I --f.rV°se um .¢n_uu gu- ‘ mxd 1ifnl‘!¥‘e Vt clllel Attractions. ~ *Min{o.i.m»‘i '5'. réicnxickmone.-. ‘ 7 Subsesm-Ur 9° “*1! 0“ limmnl dc~ Thseid‘ I3 qfm \\ “bah “,4”. may . zafwiuedg send him bnde [0 xl notunly {or} intend’ .5323; tbcii ‘same is nhendriehii in use ' W °*llt.is'-won .nf her mlcutlxcexxt ypgca.-,,t;p {X159 [03 mnuxl You-roiaie hm ‘aha am tlicy will ‘pm. A !1I=.n.=rr-i=.=m.w-1 0‘ thaw amt“ uu ioxolixe Re” titilicihs regihl'Pol{er's ¢omm|u¢,.5p'u_.k¢d _- socgely. In ‘which all: ‘WAS. 5211\)’ <!c ll of beéaz Dexiiocnls are an Vpirtisiriv-:nd‘the nei '1'» ! 'I.\sw°V “W §?*-*“ - WNM3 f2'1'4*= uw ' ‘oh _,,,m,,‘;s, “nhoicndly Iy on ma educnion of 23-3 9. and. us u the-« {L “aye; \5§’&‘::gm. 'h°;,e,‘,e,_ “,“_e5‘;,,' 0; ‘me , tumm: of [he be;11nmc:;‘lu.-rvuxcc dIsp!nyed_{r<-sh :|l::I\;en will oppose soy nuunpl to us»! 13.31:;-cs 'h!'l~h::t[r)x;~3cl)t§:l:ivinrtt1;-‘clan-‘x; ‘ ‘ - e mamao ulure success or In your!‘ :1 cu one u§f:.ia“°6L‘.$o%‘;£??E2f.i1§’.?..;°‘$5’£1:Li“k..‘;’..‘鑧.ox we sum or we vvcmm =mx=- 4‘ . wcdncsdn B an issuance of an dd“ ‘'0 me P“, Her assomuons wen: lm people of her pro- le him 17‘ ‘he “non of me um“, um ,u“m_ (essmu during xhe tum pm of the mac she was E‘ {hi dicll ਝ at an bemoan“; gag,“ “at under instructions. wuh her husband's conscnl. her n«§nss::ulIE%nHnyc§sm!eiainm1d:d. hgnng me lullca! con in he: hams: nnd . . - - - - - - vmue. ‘Ab sub‘ ' Al 1.15! came 0:: nnss In the I ieun-mm of her The \nus; imtrday Fused . Mm ‘vwluum, sudden death. nipped in the had of the mos: n m rmmg‘ ‘I sin for Mm Robe“-, pen“, xmznislng audlucmlnre earccroll the wry exc at LI:lpm_,€_ho“se in “Z35-mam“. :1 dv.-but. The mclnnchui) duly of her dcgth is Wm E_ Chamuu is M“. ‘min: ‘O “pm” the fresh in the minds 0! omccn m zmluary cirrlcs. and mph” ukguun which 1“ gm ,0 kynng R¢Pubh_ the an-ml! at he: btixdy an llm rfauuury and ‘AIL; durlnz the Pwgtess olulg Flondn count. ?:“1d‘ ‘° ‘hf ‘°““’- \W-\\\‘l 5) 3” \°\“‘°“ h“\»; , -. n . ace: 3 ma rcpclmun. D}. And nus! Glmés (luv slrur-,;c PM’! 1.11 the nlory. un bx this will not z his feslominn. F\-'““ \“\m\ ‘Tm “W “W I-i°\‘°“““ ‘“\“'°’3 M», E,m;hn 5,_.m‘g,,, gm“-cu; ‘mg 5,,,.ud_ immlncndxm 'umpc the cmnunixnary me buy 11\ 30,.“ caxummggg-11”] .50. “pan sen”-3 prnacd tum Ihnl has ml: was cull aim: and wcll. use “mine Hi, I ham,“ and living in Pan; mlh-am acxgu of the most «ii» Anwgmmn in Ptvééaing ¢o”Cou‘,,m,,u; xigguuhcd charlrl as.a wuc fail due! these “main” mu,” pa“ 5,‘ “om , storm cross the ocean aha: at last he dcu-mum.-d to‘ \The ~:¢nm- Ftmlgn mims Committee mu have the bud: uhumc-I and the mffm opened. doubucss know Evans, rm,” mncemmg we «lush il hm! nul hctn -an unul. Kn wnu.-quenre of‘ Cmldun (“bay min“ The but “(mud ‘uh uh: ndnncc-I mu: ul dr-.1z1u.p-mnuu u! the mrpsc. Ilcuxcn do not belicve the {wish comuuiem will The\ W “ fmwd ‘hm mdcad 0! ins MW» body bu ‘ink’: ,9 “am, an ,:,P°,,5u,g1,, og ,1] we 1\ being in 111: wllin. :1 was lhngul an old woman of on whkh 6:“ ‘mi “gums: [used me“. acuom Ibuul an . nut!) lhr squmr mus and unmuxnlablc Th: U0-.um'xs\'inn:r 0! Patent: to whom the nub ‘“‘“\~\ J “\-‘ “?“\ MW“? P'“‘‘-“‘‘’* E*''‘*\‘' In ml ‘use by Ihr Uorerinmcm of mites oi d'“‘“T P'‘“‘“ I“'‘‘' b\\' “\“'“ “’ ‘“’‘‘P ‘h‘‘‘‘' 5*“ “-‘Shin km in pagzgibn 0; mt. Lu.“ ‘um’, cl quit! and hum ah: press but nun lhr) An: cum»-an‘ vngmmb ‘\5 \(and “W, Putnam: u 3“. ulk uuongn until an-Ir nnclirr dz»-mxsul Mfum- P ‘in! ‘I: all I ‘ mg lh; mun! I--ux.|.|£Iru rplundra lhl! has new 6 ' ' ________ ccrn nluuranyuz rcuunl 1Aeu|.t.I§;1l kc.-Id I) now u: San l:u,q;o. falxlnmxn. In dnxgc 0 lb: trlqnph I.!1ll§\ puty 0! {ha signs! service. A GAPTVE RECLAIMED. N HOLSE. n~u:§31'Axugi. an-v n.q‘p'mp.' ‘wu._s. R}DAboCK.’L ‘ HOR.‘{1CE JIEINUEL 5 C61. Ban kérs 11 d‘ [B rok ers, V!-.~'!n»-*5-[v.1 -3!-.&d-0615049-.965 . T , No.37-'97 t°% 3°? ‘W*ing¥%7T!*;‘;e Auctionccr. V N9; 51 WALL Snxm, New-Youc. zuu-mar -fall‘ bed? 1: :15‘? ‘!‘Vt\lg7d¢'::r_::’i:l:f1{i;\\Y\} S“ ‘b mull nu1axo'N.fv. )li_ _A ml-. .— J \_!1A&'l$E!\:\§?“,:in.E1%'.;\.‘:ea‘Ael'€:)_'f'I3§‘:\.'-h ‘°' W “' SuP2iR1ox1,.£:Q1;R:r or BUFFALO.- Yadwam Wh|l. Jnwph Bork. Jud olben. d:l\'ns1%n!l. and SAT! H-1J4\l'S‘ ;...°s;‘.““m====«. L 4: — OWN: ovinix 7. ’ W W ¥:'s*‘c::*.,*.%%.2.‘:'*-f . Q _ . MARIC‘ETkgUO'I;A;I'iIQNST (121 all cogn- ncgu u ugpngui cg). buiilx mi equipped It 1% Edison Duplex T Aulmnulc Wllcnonhe one ל ל to Al. 71!. M411!’-S.'= \ «vs: SIr.rr_-{V . «£- r1oNI neat-étrthe-aboverutixlgxtacttxau §?.‘.'.3‘t‘.‘ kc \“ \’{\’ °{.$‘:5; ::::- };—““ ““.§:§.‘i.,‘“ “‘§ . gt: .nul.I ll ( sale In _ ‘ e...‘§e.t.1§ua.‘2.r.°?t2’t‘~5ff c-:.3,.i\c‘_'cs:.°g‘.“t‘2.‘§§\.t‘s’=z:.:‘.‘..“.?§ the.-idday olgunc at .1: _tt!| or I tltalomnoon, lb! ollowtnz weunscs. or no much tktt-not an ll necessary In uultly the vi:.: Ftnt--.521 the allowing uuibcd Palm‘ viz: All 'that ccrtuu tot. piece 9: nine) or In situate n tbecity of Bums! tnthc cu,-um _ut Bi: and S.tav.-ul New-York. and bou_ IN. 1.: foltawmdu uczutntng at apolnt In themt ha: 01 Kidd II smzt tat my-um; gnd sénrerzhagugat ltivnnllcfly if! ul Virgin}: t nuut - t mm on Nlchlnn ztrwth ! tart? étitntr QI5lrI?7“‘Il ‘:32: agile: to httclxlgzaa men one tmdred («L thutce at :3: uncles wuuxedy wallet um: Nlthtgut suya im- ‘éi ‘°:‘-.'t:'.’2“\°‘{?‘.i§’i:i‘:‘..'.'l‘.'2§£.'£%'.‘-'.;.‘£‘ \“\' ' nt.u.'{L§n geruln taxman: tn tmnu» um-fun. 31m. tzd tttd descgtlzed as tulluw-5. vim llcutnutna at a gum; m ‘;i‘§a.‘3‘.:“” \“z.§u“‘.- \\“»\iZé‘.\“u$.°§.33\ :\\f.‘.\'t\.‘ ““3uf‘i“\ , ‘I4 I _ In I an _ Int 9-! Virginia um: git Ijqnumz llklgct Itutjtlt outta; uldxfst kn‘: ol smart fotjttctgitu tn,-ct [hence atnuutaptnut . Is tganrstntt enter an ”fKl'l’t¢‘BO¢ wuthcrty I -ht uuglu ans guaklmidh NIJ-tguu Sum |s:tI.¥»u:‘hl‘§:vt’ thence ttntaly st xgbt maul?”-gxe. bundmd «I o Hkhlxan meet at the pin: 91 ::XlIr5.;-El‘: land In “ Llonunl. bound- an ant auso«vra.s-at Inn an x the utterly lane of Mtclugmt stnvct mo mgima Ié ! I‘ am oncslull tgnyp lt-rt nutty-rl) hunt tl_vt,I.|ul“lb hm ul Ur;-uua um-t ngtd uuuung thence nunhcrly an and an Inn: 01 Mtdnfln um: um tau. the-ac: casted; at tutu uaskaw th Ntchtgn smu ow: hundred kit. (Rufus: »:.°::':°a::,‘::s\”*1*:;:.:.'{':.*7.;1:?L:;$ \ mx . dmlt :0 Much, am: he pa.» 3 Mwwmt cwnatfku »f§.'$\.n “U311-‘:l\d§gll:£x‘:‘K|nd0 anddcttxxjihnlost-nl:unn.xn llrgf:mn- uggmu mm talk!!!) but at R’-'2:-gun mgr than launtlmd and seven, 1:14:09-h3\l{'u\3l! twrux-fly (run 11:! nvnhhnc ul . .4...-. l.‘i.“‘.i‘..‘2 ’..‘.“§aé‘?\..... u‘.‘.’f.°‘f 3m... ‘”‘ “\ l at right: angles Iith. Hiduftf hlrlu adv bulcful In: (‘em avutlm: can an A ' punlld In-uh an-m';u sum tlfiny-hzur tau. thence wrstzrty ll rt N ugtcgtu €¢'!1J(tlu.h‘i! utd cat-(Hi) uncut Mints» nun place mm: ..*‘*°-*”.:§.':t'.:“”:.5*“=»».“.:. P*:::;;*' W W... ‘W n u urn as nan-1;. :1 van: tn he at I ha: at M -1: ltunang {hzrt3~Iv:u «‘ ha|:i’lm:xq': :31) tins Mtgun amt In-amlr :1 min utgks tn ;:..‘*;5.:““' ““ ‘*«“:‘.' \‘*-.:°::.:‘.::\’*..:'...\:-\- suntan Z\ 't\ ' ‘ ticnni ' is °‘“'“*gt,*3:::.:u.\.*:. ...\§.“.\'I..“’“‘ °‘ W 9 A!».a*.‘: I tzaun cum: an mum at ,s!a«:aa bnwtd-tdulnlknu llcgtniua unntmmth: calmly ‘In at Supt: unttuoc huudxnt anducsnty ‘:33-'\\.':‘-°'*:..\' \\\':'..':::.\.\' \.“-V\; nut It at N ' ’ :1 l :l::% aw: lllhl $68!‘! I?“ ll f..f£‘uEo¢iu whnmkqis \ .36 &q\ ‘ Ala. -I.1lkI¢If\ttI|$'col' (mtg; .4 tum an maths» In 8tK'tnnu1g_,~.‘un;u::°intbu 3-Nell‘ H33 dill)! In -1: tllllet-tttvctmtmnthrn-xrutrxlytiiunl V “:2 mm.thcutr ufl ugh: um-.ta huh?‘ ah ::':,t-**“:~:'.:°.'~**:=‘.:..'“='v\:'.;.*°'*' ~*~'**-‘**- I’ I 1:: \r~.:t:.*:*:~~‘-‘.:.*:s-. -um -.:.*--*~.~* as :4 C . , H’! O ' 51:8!\ musty-ate an tm ‘;:“|s:t7’|=v3A:t -2! secnlud ’1mo.u. magma m.5.,.. gunrrttua It his-yl‘lLi my in t‘:c.tt.¢-fun; A we as: r mm, y aux’ Ann! 3.. .;ml.,.;n5.a 1 an an ~ an M ska‘: téa\ tuti twgui the stats‘-no tum gmm mam '{§~»-u. £3‘ '.‘i.‘.‘.... an n :3): 5:; om3l'Ki.. tltmun O\\%CI‘Y mt! guulkt Itthii xpuszqtu pun. ttataa :1 mil utgku am- :1.) M» hut» llxhaxn 83111.53! uh-ate path-r.’ um; Multan» tum p (m. to as ntug v1 \“~~\*...‘~;~.*--x.:.-:*:,°,s‘= xv-::-« 1? 2: Blvcunn us! <1‘ n l 113;. _ by are: data ‘I tlty and mag‘! ¢e:g£.-wg .. tlults-yn..ru l-gnthcuztn-3-um: vtlu: unhu‘ «tlhl «mu III the own» use «.1 tug-am nun. “Liam; that; -Ivut1|I:‘a!:u‘;”‘3lxit§;:!- -I-aura gm Inc‘. In a: tu as I’ . than u5\Igganl gounart int: )-lnhuis butt:-:1 In dc -.$ kguutamurgmd thxnaztamuutlntnt tug nwmmn tag that ‘at trans»; 11:0”:-‘w‘ItI\')rtI huh‘ 6‘ 1 tr dent! amt: rmwf mm .sy{‘\\taau:aca mu 3'.“ {rtatla-ans not-av _..tt Hapk mm cl: an aunt ugtm cuwt. km an :1 light ten. thaw tlt Tllllkl I uh ‘I? . tram: as ugh! mug:-I Is:stan!; :3 t:t“I:- '.’mf'§. ‘nu thguu um-at Must: arm -suutm; 9 Isthdtt pfkt t begun; Fun» ‘I muuutu éctnlzxxi gun-n&-no «turns ex sun numb; lnbrzi that and can to ‘Jul-at twig dad 1 31:7 ..u. uh \m‘M dutzttluaaa In via wining ts &t’;s‘a (xn.uIdN\;_pleunu&ug haired I mun «at: on , them: can 0 ‘rat’: Lacks -to $23-‘s .x‘::E-:.“..?l\u:. ‘mm: c-v-nuns! wnfsrl -uh tbs» nus plat mg. umu mt! ca to (m In qtl: um-t ndtlwn-0 antic!’ nut; Ml nun-I ya in: ma: axis’ ‘ 3.3. ‘tn 04:35-IItt\ mum. an .5. ..,... i'.2\\\.\.e§.‘;;‘1‘K?,mz§.a‘2? n“.£{E.‘.’ 93%“ \.3‘l£‘2 gnu tn» -J'lla;~.’h omen gm Itu ouni cl ugnn mun. ttnm am at an stem with Karl: mm: 00» tm‘ ‘tin.-cc any [:3 Int) Musk | l!I!w':_ um . m to an n hex: an-Q3 v ' t')”lI'fI tntltui\ ‘at gun N“ kqwuu - *~*“*\ 1.. z.\'.*'..‘.‘:';*~= ** l t“§:7-:.‘w tar‘ \t::TmS:a 9\“ ’\:l heap Album; ig ‘:8-‘|u‘!l‘tti:gnn , lm mum \ aunt» I-tltti. menu ant ll uni: LT III: sum 7-'tru.lLNut nun ma gr. ; III II MINI (11 “M i up In: ta Swain ‘nun. .na'35;:-“Sag Nam: utr mtuttatlg 0‘ us In the ylan cl trzguntng ' :u':t-mt:-tn with O limit .3 M33’. tuagu sgln pg dN‘I’\uI:l1I'd‘|‘& at‘; 4., .4 ’ KI , II mic! 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' ' For 511/6 /2}! J(.)SIil’H cnL'Rc1n'ARn. ..«r. - . . rIG3:'!\m_¢ .,.\5A_l.!€«e-No. wiltt.‘gA K“:.m ‘mmwtg -nu. BRlCK_ DWELLING Sij ! wm z:';n”*H‘n':3\“u\m»‘&’w“.“.°h:; \Q X §.L{:.D'Ni&?£.\“*‘ W. * Tug‘: lfgxialgg ‘with link icon}. 15 (hr. H'a:luIu_vI¢m mu! .\u:.m 31:. w A muum n.ans.nn Agem The llrruld mfouncen ulnllu from any In Ibo Idmr Aim at Randal‘: island. In charge: gt-on mum.-Jlgrmncnl. ‘ (or. ( ‘lmlou am! Adam: 5!: l,v1~1i_:l1 \':v1llv_\' (Ina! (‘rt llmrnx. Mny =x.—An exglmlou ocnmui thi- mumingix; the new wing of I, e mines. ¢\ lug: number in the pit wen cut 0! {min :1] help. Luuxux. PL, Mny al.-—john Slocvcr. a te- ‘sfwcglccl citizen of Mgmtovrn. confused on his calhbed Snndxy Ihn e ind gun couccmcd in (cm mumlcn.» - . - when tad Stunrn -M Anmrum (nu can uaru .S'ufrrI'm' I I '1/l'r.r-/fa rn: ( bal AI Illuxlclak sad mud. n Imrru uuvkn pnrn I50 Ac:-as of Land Mn: N!-vrutlr 5' 3\ 4 uml .0 A’ «an. mu .m;. 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My 2x.—l{n-ry ‘Rcpplkr, u :1?-ed with Mk: iiutchlriss. pleuled not guilty to gun larrcny. Paper! wet: than szntd on him in civil suit for 330.000 dnnngu. He was bsiled. ‘t.3!'NTRAl. Iwxr dr urr. _ Nl’AGls\‘RA s1'1uI.ul1'- in. In the Pinto: mm. nnr I It \. I -0! H061 I Wlltf I 264:. :11 conupku: l‘1I:¢\‘..gan ' ‘ L ' E1534 mmv twrr or c/rr MINOR TELEORAM8. Auumn May 2:.—-Com of Appeal: Calcndu for \\'ulncsdny. Nos. no. I57. no: 1-2. :49; :25, 226. 103. 4:5. ANTHRACITR. nx-wmrmvs. CANNBI. am! . CIIIIII4‘//.\’1'll/r \ STHRE —(nmdt Pcckhnn ud u-mm Imus. cum to lm plant. but mun. Prlatjz-as Mgglltbs STR1:‘.3I'—No. ha. ha: lnuvla. cu)»: in (net. V p ID]. xvuv V -2: , wt- \..... .I.i‘..,§.'£'§.\L.~ “..'.\ \A'l§.'.‘e'i23‘3$.° .\.§‘{ w Inca. sap; colon. M13: kitchen mus. Lox pita}. KRETTNRR $’l‘l|'.E'l'—No. no. an»: In (yet. Lot go no}. t‘l’.(‘h‘ STRRBT—-No. am; no Inn. with xnvauegu STl:]l1l|§}’?‘NL” mm uh via: 5 . -~ . l hntnllmhan. ha nu:\'. W “M Y I” ‘ ALSO. Ponuu-m. Mc.. Ma‘ 2:.--It is rumored that n sisltnhig to lhc \ (‘in tin \ ix shortly upected II the soul vrctx llubor. ‘ . Al Ion-at mnrku nu-I Nmrovzi‘. R. 1.. May al.—uOvcr eigh! thousand bumliot xnchhnden anddvru lhounnd butch of ségp were canglngby the fishing yénlorghy 0!! :11}: port; the Ingest amount ever caught an on y. nmm. my . u_.‘3...mé g;e,Icudcd‘ Russhn emigrants are pxssing throng‘: many.’ It isbe. licved they In: searncn disguised. on their way to America to man cruisers. BRAKCI} QFFICB VARD§—Nn nn Muzlmun St 0711;.-94:1. _4:'6é§.Kgx's ;~_i§ix— ml ?;2::=«»~;~e»v»-«mm COA-L. COAL. , __...__.—.,, I1-‘E xN,sunANcn.~_-—w¢:- “ \r‘c'§cxit ‘t -» fgefmthir. -9 pa gvmg-x Vn9\je“ THE RIVERSIDE COAL €0.18‘ - €‘lLlII.A1iD T /1: .411!/.'rar:'It' C‘ 021/ /lssvrizzllbiz . Wall sell lhdt ctlcbrmcxl cosh. LACKAWANNA. ‘ S‘CRAN'[‘pN, _ HENRY CLAY. and , ' BLACK DlAMOI:1D: STEAMBDAT AND Tue Bwméas. ENTERPRISE COAi:.‘ Bosmx. my 2r.—Thognu Rumil. late Min- ister to Venczueln, whence he has just returned. ll’- rived this momlng. a 1: ohm! n the lowest huh: price (or cash. 1:‘. '1’. H01. L [S TFR. No. : Ens“: swam Snu-:27. THIS CHIEJIPEST CITY LOTS IN *t5g».«j;,'.;: -\.3: K3332:-‘tr-“ ~ Fm‘ V5».‘tI.-_I.s.--:'s€rg-..-=~ ~ .~ TIIE WORLD. BRIER “HILL C043“; To ham and tup; It FAIIPOR1‘. onxo. I! my low nus. By ‘s-Ina good coal. ind mod dlstntch. we hope ‘.0 plane alflwho my all npou u. ‘funnier n cnlnnoc is now (mm lounecn Ice! dccgisn . co _.___ Nb. 1’ Water Ii. Cgiveland 0'1‘: 6 Ex ssl rep.-m.-din! mnunnd 1 muxe. me In . ex:-37a xgapdeau posulgxc ‘3ma.u.m n:x?:‘ Iunou pt’ ‘- per um 01 2.0:: pounds: Ton. 5 Tan. §( Ton. Grate. . Q; 65 I: go In 30 7 D I 5:225.” . as :3: .:z .3: (‘M5 nu . 4 0 I 30 I 2 Pa V 3 so 2 so . «'4 Our o when: nrdm [nay be left _Me at Np an Main ,gu-ecu, Na 61-; lixcblngi: mm. foul oi Gcnesa: street. and £016: 0;-:)’I‘uo sugar; Al 2 I ‘ . , -V ’ ’ cnonm-: DAKIN.A;::nL I an sang. Go_qd ball A! la!lihln for One Dollar per Foot Franc hi O¢'lCY!y Du-n‘cl. TO THE DEs1RA \. m If N». .,z --~~...~;;»; .1:-.x;;,,,« Nu.~ Ilgq ,.‘ ~*M‘:2I:.~:-~..v~»~»...~‘~«a+.-; ~ guy.“ g”'.'1..~.»’ ‘uh. ~ , _. _vw,‘~.‘ ~%::'*-~'~“-:.‘.\\ V # 4~»,+. ,~«.£1§i. »r'« S Nicks . A .$¥.‘£,\’-«'$‘l»«‘»Z*..-‘;_'- . - 7 lilul A.\Ml\ LVET. I31»! FLY and V and Ullall‘ During a In“ In the convegsalion. yesterday even-V iqg, (inndfnther Llck5hingTe surtled the family by‘ xjvcmnrking: I’ ‘ d In ‘dyed y_ b ch \ we [me over n in en; , c wat . Ind ncV¢|\I'¢lt this My b¢':for:;\ andme linked in I very sonoivtul mnnner. ~ ~ \5 \\’lm's the‘mAlter7\ hiked mother. who was at his §idc:5n.an inst-‘art. ' ‘ ,--1 aonu lmn ‘he said. ‘llr 1 haw; . ‘quipkgncd cgmscicnee;\ and be b1ink¢dgnd.sm_td’ by gums in a N?’ alarming gunner. \ 1 (cc! som; hot. Around me can,\ he went on. \' an‘ mébbi; I'd better, confess.\ Bradfo1'd- Oil Regions. Burma. Nsw~jYonx & Pn1LAn1au=uu R'Y. Con: Ind buy hclom they are All (one. [!'0I'FfCB OPE}! BVBRV EVENING. ‘J’ }...~‘-... pi '- . ‘Zn’. Ouiyvur 2/m)r,‘;'r’ of Gm. D':l1jgh!fuI ammy. ‘ Npzm [mix 11‘: main‘ Cauntrtioiu. - . MAIL-Aim :12‘ \\3 7-4-S A~ NI’ nu. Conrx:'c: ;W°.:° f:.:‘’,:\:“ M?“ M .1\: °*“-\::m\z a 1n II I tano .|I.' 9, rl ..w '. 351.; and at Empqi-iuin um}: Pnnaa3§§'n*a'zdc5R R P}. M PORT ALLEGANY EXPR,ESS—Arrl\'- 4-35 :9 'JnKhlh.PdIlklltglnyal--8:45-g;_n. Cam. nccdn-n¢ at _Olcan wit OI:I_n.Br1 tardawu-1-ca mason. -|l‘I_,l\'I.lV)‘ |}‘9f3or. ll , a V How): <5’ SANFORD, REAL ESTATE AG'IN'l'5o No.16 Wm S\mt_Sn_n1-, rttm-m. NEW-YOR KWCENTRAI3 FOR SALE~No§ sn Nlu :t.: 2-‘ntory ___,.__(g:_rn¢uad.,hr:3. . -._,. ,, THE RESIDENCE ~OF M85, 3. F. P531’:-. Nu u 7 swugtueer; lot sumo; l9r uie. v . 5 b.5n\.'}’e'T.r{e.‘commoasoun-A as -wan condition sun waned In: 3 boarding orlolql. “not -2 .-<z°n~4'!_°.9c19!1-L~.!.'.*.'5.'. - N EW’ TDEPARTURE.—aThe _pc_opI¢ must Iuall My this He: hlV:l0Ved?(:: =::.-:xL.,.., <-:9 °°'*.:*'.‘.°’*‘:“‘***‘”=\'.%' \:\“\\.\ 2 . ,, rec (comer o es and l’_:arl_ dn:f1'edrX‘|nEd‘!V|ngnr: urcem when ! £'.’§:“.‘§-2.3-.-“:‘.?‘ :‘:;\.“ '.ti&“““2':‘.’5.‘5£;‘.\;i°: Jim opusrzsgamgg n:oc§_o¢-pgwgoaaani ’ ' _‘ ~ee:|M1;'ncm.» STAT NI:uv‘..~mw-sni-to\ \ rAs11xoxA{34§§sur1oNnnv. » Mi?‘ P-.-zen w,zur1»4:. war 4:}: Y3?‘ Gmc\:-I. gm... Sc ! 8941?. Slmnhrd Mm!!!-nan» Bnolgr. .3 _ P§av'!z':]‘ra)§j Allipjnvg. El:-R HUDSON _RIV£-ZR RAILROAD. _. SPR IX‘? ~A.llR.l\N.(3.'E MIINT. ' MON DA Y. MAY :3; I818. Trim: lexve gu follows. by New \'urk umc N 5V in V . - ' . . , 1.5:\-s=a3'=2m-’§’\“’T , Eli“--“ Spcdal 1%? I-zxprcgs _ 8.00 \ Adggnlt pn_-as lblccpinjz (‘an e m p .1, « - -3-\: 1: sun&a;y''r:$-Iz‘uéL . K‘ manaa.*.a -- T0 ‘NIAGARA FALLS. From Exchange Strut Depot. Morpltrahgn gm .... 7 no :. in. mm contfgznnm at Suapcnskzn hndge tnr aw ‘ mv “ Hrm ‘tamatampnvlng It Tonmo In: Toronto and all palms ma inxi \l‘<s'roin'In I-Lxlpmu numb Wngncrlum noon‘ Dravrixtn!‘ Room Cu luv Tnmmu mm Bul- mo wing at Tnromo 6.55 p. m.. Lon- don‘! nip In.) 2 ;n p m. ň Fxpnsn ,-- :1-n \ H, WM, _ .. Snndaiyg Mo:-um! Enrica! V '_~.. .. mos: n. m. -E3mnh.~.— .. me: 4;; His wxe.n_.m; arémrga like a. nut, gm. ma. 1% pnlloi 'l}\fU!sE‘f€§d iiiq face; A was 1 ‘open, w ‘ch tamed to revive him. Ind he 2-g = _ , V - . 'l—- role--\-Bcngtuful Snow!‘ ” , - \Va:_urdi’%al¢[>Ihix;‘¥-i>§.tha ném_\iy!e1Ied (gamer. “I. wmlentitj .an' ¢anp‘:9’ve_,t,\ _ 'Gmn;_lfa!her then weiigon with hi; contéssion. “I lulledplcl x-:,;angunn1‘s_ an’ wmgc glib Nathan Lcttctrlsll mm! up y bond (give me nnblher ‘worm .\ , Rcnijmlgug train lent-::o,'I’on ‘A. at Geoo A. \a.. Brand- lotd at me /x._u..unlvigxg.ln Eu]! _o qt ramp .4. IL’ Tram luvu Enapnnum 1: 1:25 r.-u...I_!ra_dlu_rd at 2:o6.r.-. a'u.. arriv. lg; lg liq :}o'_u 6:5o;r; M. No trams run on Sunday. ,3 , Milli}; l3:_8:__, _____ Fox sAL‘F.——m a great uggri s_ tlnhlkznlun meet‘. naugorybdclr uul_ brkh bun. Lot AW SILK.‘ PLUSH! ~ 3‘ ERIE ‘RAILWAXG. (')_'Mg—AND~AFTIS_R Fgiq. 25th. :82__8.‘mins , v_vTl1 la‘?'?‘D‘!7‘131!'II!n1ln\v‘:I.»N.ew'-Ydfk uglie- 7‘ 20 A; Myxv uAI1..——snnaayuxceprua. C3 \ & 41:37 A «z, “ iv Th‘ .9~s,§‘¢».& : .~ ~Q11“§£~.\“ ‘ ‘fix: \.“~'& MK \.'\‘a““ ‘ {M _Q‘'_ AN ~~g .=\ ~‘ >¥\ .. 3» ~ 6 1;. \ «V \&.«.,.»‘.~».;\§,~;;. “‘ 3 .‘ \\ St 5‘ *= ;s~ *f+.m<:*:*Iv;.»‘ SMALL 24,: 7 within City lln u; :2 Acre! (min Inc In he‘ ou- I; H In [road It. _> which I“ gn.11:oe11\ nu. Lowzh. ‘fmxcas duuhnvus been ?\°':::.L~g::*::s\s..¢<.':::;.t,m:*r:':..:\:;::*::'- ‘“*':«'5 II . IIIIICY. . éj wz mucus. Plule snuaugau mrbe con- IKIC . Anolhpi: window us opgned. - \ I voted‘for TH \--—- ‘sometlxing ms: in the wretched man's1hront and choked the readful Summoning all his strength xgnin he whispered‘: \It was 1 who struck Billy Patterson--an-uck himu once RJHV, mix! um: for [A twenty,\ and giandfather-{:11 buck in a chair exhausted. I..‘(')R£RENT“—-ThcNha.t6Idic%)f {uin!§e'd¢-‘°QS!L'!O.‘5‘.'.? °Il; ? . m ’ MARTIN TAYLOR, . rus1.I.smm. 800KSEI.£.ER ausm 1/akin. Nos. 22 um 34 Wi:s‘r Emu S1-.. ?fe‘%m\u§“5:m:7a$aa*m*a::29sm\- °°::r°‘- -.oo A. M.5*°\°%.;.*;:f‘::;:3*:~.':...'!.= Arriving at Ngw-Yer ll m.go pm. I ATL.AN'YlC ,EX . 17' 50 P‘ M'wArtIylnga; .2 m, 325 p_ M_ M rsxpRa§s—v;. Rochestcz Dm. ACc°’mn- ,|‘1_ndnys emepted. ODA — s- so P. M- n:::::.,..”-*?v- W» 9. 20 P. M.’\“v'-'~'om< §1a m>uss—- Embruidcrics H __‘_¢c_ogncr 41 gg ‘Purl -ad WHO Iuspinb rr. FRsA1.I-:“ mncdlnd bu_u¢|_l_gl q4lc‘r.or wit! it _ r n ‘ , . . I ' . . .7 ' WM.. 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