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Buffalo morning express. (Buffalo, N.Y.) 1878-1926, May 18, 1878, Image 3

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Ioqkjpg 563%!!!) ‘ bImgd» in the E:l_Cl5 Ind; '_il w>n-_a‘ my Iqun-post‘ ‘bejdne,a,d- nv\'ll.I'a:\V, tqsnmlns. . .,.-t;1he‘!~.e-_d oz nus, :h;d _ts_. nn‘;Agdlug,..y;iLhn sgiu_d_l nub): in-139;: 9fher,,ngu-In _w_u¢v cg, mknand, aid ‘~55.-‘puIh.dH.eR tm.-..-fair! -ad‘! my-u an up by “p,illo9rs‘._,hh fungi .g_hgv_:nn’n;d.1h¢ _uc_h sunk. ‘I: shuns: A-(ggmé 1:; yahoo lAi\'¢on'e- In, mke anvil]; but ‘Alger span-kin? with hln'~lqc a'lj(tl¢_:llIn; !':(elt satis- EOJ {ht the ut‘eI.1é4.‘tv|gqul!e.dcu; R T.\It_Iing :9 cjunou !*~=tqxd- hex} lhqg-she aged no; yau,’l wonuldilil-iiahxeufgnzthlug. -\Yet. llgjmi I\. ‘cried Ih'¢ wk Inn; sudllgg , I détgcj q|;e_§gernes;_ is; his vptgc I) if he hgr absence mixer dun her pm_¢upc_. As lhlu.-Clulrxpn mom 1 gugl}! tight _o£ lb: ,:_e,I_¢c1iau,o{ her in the ‘Ian owe: the chgnncy p}.;ce.b_u_,I I no nut thunk sh; quid hi.-W Scéwkd ‘Mt: I; much had sh: known that I In: looking. I begin by Mr. Bum- lel what item his wish: with R3: to his wi Ii: ow xonulu: {old me am he drama :6 [we :5- cxyxhipg so Hannah Chnngn. his Imusckucpcv. I: 1 award (at he: long and !auhlul»scr\'lc-:3. .. I spoke gnyqly to the old mgn. niumugh wuhon: much hope; of meats. but H185! ! got tum lo con- Iesa thxrhe lad Ind no Intention of malung hi; housekeeper his sop hurts: until the had hcnelf branched the timid to him. She rcnnmly mus! haw had gm! power 97:: the uh! mm to mducc hing In In such: achemcr I pmyuacd to M1. IIIIIJI: should lam: hit ytupcxq In some one an whom he aura re! . in 1.:-us: Jo: hu daugh- ter. I 3130 voiungecxod. ough I luv: an Ive!- s \ unable and m _ gbfliy nl_ aInx»1cc- shlp. my mace: an mmcv tn: nu. pu._'q|‘me My argument prcuslcd. He Augmad. min! parparr-J a will nccotdlnsiy. an 01:! min l Hm his xpcdin! nun, -I’. Raina}, thank! a nuannaletf an my m-Finn:-e. and thus mi annuity 0! £5) should he plum Izlum-_1!_= Chaney !m 111:. _ I mud the will to hip very carefully. cxphiuing. as l dgdao. In full 1511; \\-‘hm 1 13:6 tiémhid, he :muu¢ ;*‘ fxo ng I nut: nut. ux I am afraid Hannasgzll not ?;qplea:u:l.§' lcnnnuellml him not to tncnnon ll in tact‘. and my uh'tt.': scclutsl to misty hum. .»'~.\1 '3 I.-.‘ ‘.'.4«,.‘-.5 I’!-was-r4.II-c-+-If-,-M‘-II-.u-or-_-,-Ma. T..:‘-'*“.:‘.'°.‘.'.+*;:..'..'!'T*.°:»..\..:'+..-:'.:.z\ ;J1!3:|=.\IL¢l‘Fi!.|‘i!:||-'i!9hl\!i3‘3fI?I!;— .- 5% I. It ‘ mi \7”\ * u‘:-‘u.m_u_i‘;u_,-‘;.. jury _~\_ig.a’x.b,i§ex.1§.; T HGIMCE <9 CO...» Ba n.;1w1'_sj= ~21 mi —;»B?r\~o:k..e.rs ivzsrzan;i:AM“fnzaA V Nx,i.g3g,\\V'1:I NW-,Y9ux, ' l2\.?«ur Jul! ' uuiv i’ is: 1-33»; l‘-E‘-‘i’. Of‘. 7, -‘-‘- Qouvhn \Vn_i1l\i5n;|ppoiu in bier-‘t loot!-'9. -39+ sh: .o( Ii\!!! ‘Her jliiill plztrvtill 35¢ Qnyuui Afuhvigg, in Cation’: :_ue_n‘- ocle’b_ul'ed= nviut 91 ~,« yjugr . , -rTl¢iwe.is I,ngspkio_n iii Nellnqi bu’ 91 0;’: igukl. !g‘isaouove. sjgc‘ i_I.-15;: outgkpvru Ila! wnkneig. T is A Ieut nu; l_\,¢‘r‘ nu’!-‘sen’: :9 pay; 111;} -lay |;u_v9~I9‘ Milt vgmu-snllyélmn Th -t-cm ' '-—)lbi Huy Auslcrlon; the acgmg, in I r;<_>n.'m- sc Rpdfiéu,cr.~,s feir day: a¢o..d¢_ni¢d 11;: :2- put that Huryiwaitmdn Ly! glqlcv-l.~|aer in_ _h¢r qt stgge..b_u; aid this she did. so, at the uhriee 0! Cl:-done cnshnpan. who ml! ht- \cunc oonvinccaloi the young girl‘: powers. ‘ ; —§Iue. Plppgnhcim will he complimented by I {and (gravel! tcsuugouinl coqaccn at the Academy cl Hume on lhy goth. This celebme ygjgn -dean sail; for Europe eaxiy in lung. Ski wi an tugugcuegt ll Dnu-y Line. uul pcxlonn the name pm}: wh Mme. Tillem uscd to nine, Tn !<'n'r-._r't7 }’g¢.v. T ?°*“‘%’~%**‘,'°§z*.I<.‘:’+=i?.\ \ - MA§§&rx\.£zw;3~a 0* , I’ ‘_ 7 \c S - main la’ la 'ol‘tbo‘_cl¥y; unesvbutlz and :s::.P:.:*.:'.J'§‘.;‘:?°““:*:.°Is*~*:'..*;.::;'s1*:':. _ -, _,,,'-'x.»xzWi-;’LL.3I‘.n.-.gu._‘ 1-us ’INo_1..I'linr..:.i ‘mg. n. Adfituqo-4pgb 9! lniu \ 1:-,1 Preamm iv: for the n. nlb: ch: v1 fur pg: ll|.>llL:!I one w§,.:w.v«:,u;:. E,-L4.‘-\x~u:i '. ._ ‘7 ,.f§_ > 1 tr mud n iu-¢!9- -4 vo.'5'«'r -rs set. 3;; .. », L . _ 5-won r n Repnblk1If,i9fI.l He In frieze-.s‘3t!-.-u -‘mm. mg» cm! pun-. ,,u6n_yp:ej ‘ ‘e. §:‘:z::*.:‘.*;r%*°\‘° a’-:‘*'°'~\*.:..‘*% °' -‘ , A w . -more that an{lgody expcctad his in ni2Spn.' SEE: itzfnbl nus,’ including Neg’-Enl ueqbcn. _ Hr. of Ohio. dechted ].s1i‘V;:7iI:.u¢‘>‘ught'to case ‘thug Dcnocnu awn I ‘m'l;'h§‘£{lr{:'1‘&§;;tvu\“ _£:'y:p:°a§ve;y llt to . , u on ‘to usannee: ‘!h_cy hue glevofsol‘ |§upoltIiIl:t:}iu.£SjR<tlt£ir buds ‘Ida. and! !>¢1i¢Lxs Spl mung-thou: op- raped in Penn‘: rcsojntion tits} 1: Iu§h_otI nxvdriv. J\-‘ a,‘.“.§:“.‘:.:%‘..*:L‘.{:°“\“.‘.'-‘..'.§ ,§1'.\.§‘-“‘°“'..\,; “F , J n ,1: cu! ,- aqgddcn mow.-emgnt. It is Iindcrslood that (git Ezlton hing R!- ;x°:1g;ln‘hBd1inI;om ol , , ur¢§ cost a mo uiog, m \ tl\un,!’ou_c:'; syn ‘nqt, found, but the Commune selected Pom-.2 hocausmney dcsixqd. the movement lg hr: _Ihe st::¢n‘1];'i; cum. 3; gal; hi;-h|“;::,3‘\m¢!:r.b.lS:vchl co§s'proiiixcs-Ju'd oc cIcxn?._tmno¢u:cz‘e_«!. The Impzgs-no-_a la ztining gxouna nu} u.xeP:ua ghai ‘analog to prevent any Invcnlgulon us; it‘ . vn Pm I a! ' ow» mm. mifa. .»‘é‘&:;.:.*r:.”a::\:::::s: duxclyafter sh: gouu-nugcnt ymcrdxy. urging [he Dexnocms z_nd R¢‘p¢bHC1lI£.!0(‘0blbi!IefO|’lhE dc. :::.::'...='.:=.;==,::.::=-**°-v~.».;=.=*- *:,==m.v== ‘ CORD . 1|- “°::.:’.;:°.:-=.';*“'A'°““*;.°°\\*= °:::::e:'*~ y we ammo: n my: llama! _ .. Y.. illlppmuhcd lhcbemotxtts \'39 3 Pmposmon to bolmnd volcdmrn Mr. fol- xrr: xrsoiuuon. Thqcwdltnscauot lhcllouie '.°::.:~:.,~;~ mm 9 Cl‘ C 00!! $S *=-*=-» Saturdgy .I_l6irilng[ May‘ 1+8.’ 1878.‘ 4ociLL8a§ifs-Educ zarxlirbvusixtvziré HOUSE. FINANCIAL. Kg. JcIcrst'_;.I.i_IiTIc¢,dnwn; nil at 15c MP-M \.-'I¢.li.;owiiI't1>¢'3|P.\ '0 than-ualadli-ii-' ¢li:a_uolin.t$qI¢. Lima :0 pay ennhalnugal-,lh‘I_z hi beanie to lead} I)! -them: goes. -The \-nupcxb manic coupniy.\ iiuaonnccd to: his support wunonisibk. cm‘: xvi an open glam We suppose it |IvtQ9l!lH.nLop¢ that Iiggi will ever: and mother role. 1:: on.- uuely «I «ha hlnsclt. as Rn) Van Wink. JIDNE Y AND STOCKS. . Ncw lay I1. Tbt tollawlnc S: n Iunnur oi I0-4lV'I D0991 “*4 Wt‘ by .$_nocuu:d Pm: when-2 Nancy ll 3 pa écu. sou cloud n max. Q PnnI,n.Ic:cuI&\|I paper-I £5 perm!- Gom-ueu S-cundu-The touowlng nu the clan; \\°$°\\ 6 81 um sum ' 1 1. , unuad snug. a-s:'.'r'ca Unnad Spill. ‘Gall?! Ullld Sula. I ‘ tq . Unlud Sum. angst-'8. < : 33% s.“:‘.3‘. ...'rs‘?.“..':'a Unlld Suns. new Ql. veg §*°.¢! “€°!¢ nctioneer. -'11:: nan scnsztidh ii: aruaxlc citclcs i: pxozniscd in the shipe 01' His: Hand Giles. who promises to sing, und;,r__!!te manngcxnuu at Paul‘. J. Jay Wal- ton. It the Cooper lnnime. uuimerruptcnilg for tlme consecutive boun, in Engllsing Itiph, Stokch. Gonna. Ilnlian. Fttuch, Spanish aid Latin. -0!\ due? cautemponry. the Ryan. (:11: us ‘an: sin. Scou-Siddonrs warned name as Cuzm. Ht: hnsbaad'sfI1her ohgcclyd K0 hnvin; the stand nine of Quuer used 9:: :11; gage, so young Camel; .13; law. look the m uunqdf his mother. Miss Siddons objcctul lg giving up he: led nlmc. And so between 'em‘ [lacy mule up scan-Sidduns. This hay is in Auslmlia. we believe. but she is such a traveler. it is not my to kccp truck of be: name- -cnu.--v'Sar'nra-;F ti: Timex. ‘ CHOICE I‘ » F rent/2, H yb rid, _°“lIunmu ,,_ ‘John A. Stevens. in his own my uteenlnlploy, \ Unknown,\ in unonnced It the Academy in: Ibo Gm nun caning} -o!—ncxt syapls 1!: bring: an cxcellenx company -with hill. ‘ - - ‘ Th: bpnc p¢t!o_rw.un;g,. seudczed Inc. Hod- Jcsh y the lllctu-3. Mecca. next '-rhumlny enn- lng. sill doublkax ‘nugget slug; audience. The [by is to be \ Romeo and jnlieg.\ On Hand!) evening. May 37th. the gain; J!- phy, which has umzud so much nscntion in can rides. \ The E1il;:.\' will be ptotlloed ll use At!!!- uuy by the Boston Thane Con-puny. Root’: calm. \ The Fldvm Qucen.‘-‘ is to be given bcmon the awning oi lb: 315:. ndcg: lie dimctlou of Mn. ‘I-‘uni: ChI.1_l_:_:_,_ 3;)» in hiding rm: deserved success in the cily no vocal tusicr. The liuxuonic Club. under Ihe dhmlon :25 Hr. A. G. Bxgeloi. Ins Behncl \ May Qucu \ In ‘satire ytrganllou, :nd.expccl_ to pzud ix about the middle 08 June. The accogxpmnzmcms till he pnkytd by 51;: mar orchestra. collected Ind ed by Mr. Bxgelaw. Wt lam from his LII;-I cray- Ihingjs pggrcssing Th: Queen to be given at Sr. jnnm Hall by Kean. \ ins bccu poaxpancd tothe 27th. I utek hm than alxcady uxnanuccsl. Ill. C. ‘W. Sykes calmdned his cm: of pupils and their lxisnds at his residence on Niagara wee: Lu! Thursday cvcniug, Ind _Ihe fniioidtg pro- grxnuue was perfyujucdz ' ’ ;_:< rm‘ i;.,*_‘;6' I I 3;; id 395 ‘.:§ at ' :rtlIcd<aw Hom—nuc¢guauur my nan. ;_:.I;; hid. Shap- mlllloiqgsleld, olL_hu«_vIpu ulncgeaut hut ucnr loastnwervcrgoug-odnopnnluhpvc, to-day .':‘‘1.‘:‘;’.‘:‘;t“\.;‘.‘‘““’“:'::‘.'’‘3‘' 1:: 1! Int. .. , 5% lgithhch‘-shcbuialuulmp Buu-mhuyxnvcre u..o.. Tvulooggothavy-msu I:-55.53» 0-col IhIl.nllIIt.I1I0(I&ok¢quIlll!§n4lIeyncc|!I1dil z:xuddN£i.wu!nr_: Iroulslbcn eouidqud-for the gr.-nualnnolluvyurwciu. ‘ I13!‘ INN 09.»! '2' wdd\8M\ en‘. < V 8 —l$t:: 1.N * 4;: £2‘ H ‘:1 a\v.Iiu.:onc«u:.cLoe: - S“vm:- an Luau.-pu um: I-Jun» bud. S uh: the. min. hug. 1'h¢ntn:tr xanxznnh-uunnnjchn:uar|ug.a-Juthsck-ceau had: nnaiul om nnaold. The bulkolthnaluu-at nnd:nx1yinLhcl:y.a-Ithcpdcugpldlunot snai- nuyaxlu-fnn natal ycsmiay. hendnculxvn °‘h:lnu\u-uenluotl-bk. and this unit: dooddu udlury. Tlslo EXTRA LARGE /. \;l’:;” v“ (\W 1'‘; I I i1’ M I’, 19/ %“.5z%\’»:::»;*°:§r.\;,*:~ ’y§;%’,f:%4.g0,;,%¢¢,; , if 2: é‘€3””3‘”£:v%;:é“‘ 33 «\433 ’’4’'3’ ‘W715 “ ,— -.6 1\‘ ‘/1 ' W ff‘ 0%”? \ p¢:.?-’‘‘g,,”5’'¢o :3 ’ pl 44 p\ p f 5 #4\ 4,5’ g§:f~ ’?M 5%. 7!”; , 5? y ,9?‘ :9 ,, M‘ p .-I, t’ /o . F,,;i\‘ ? / ‘ ' 49 I V ‘ :1 ,‘r’ If u 5 / r/‘V f:’}f;;a”v%» y ’ yoga 5/ Flmverihg 'AmericanLfTFiir6’ Nm. N‘|u\‘ ' (‘(1, Flaristf Reguzkms. 6%.. Wkalcsalar ——The olhex dz:-moon John lltfullmxgh was inking a up in hufiooua st the Sxunenru ! having given slgigl orders that no one should 8: ul- 'n1illeg1 11:: man. the uxlnl Bob. wu an). and when the tngediax: WI: umwd by A knock at the - -- he tcspondt.-d with sax»: idmncnfe. supposing to be um‘ of IE? itnyzte 0! the hotel A young gentleman. an cnliyf sttaxxgct. xppcaxed ins!-._t-.111. harm; gained the Aparqnenl m 3 mane: only knawqlof \I callul. “I! McCullough.\ he sgid. ' to see ii 3:-u would gm aw umr'uc'.!l s 10l'9£;1Ig!.\ Thu am too much \!h:ze.o?n yy very palace! Gel om“ rum-d the actor In slcnlorlxntones. The \ vuxxshcd. aaucl;-19» fuse Ipoingin. hung at least uqnixul the anal making a “ quid mo. \ . HARVEY W’ . livvwm R1 111: bcll. ! nrquzalcd Mn ( hunun lu summon unrs Bun: um! Narguu bum». me we scnams srlmlxsd «unusual the (an: an!) A- loan as they new as the mom. I gun My. Brawl:-igh a pen. Ind plum; Ihe donnxwm hcloxv hum. I ~'-ad drsuncuy. an an all nuglu but \ um «Inch I :ht\1 just twi in we :2 soul fma| mill. and run xe- quul jams Batu and Magma hum to-aunts» yonrcxtcqltoa oi n?‘'' ‘'11 u—l do.\ I}: solemn!) uldju» vmh table he umlr hu name. The Iwo avu~.u:nd:n dousexms um. addcd units. and I think that hand: shunt awn» (hm thc ltslllufs. nus uncut sputum ol the whale of this but I would and an [In tau. nah: awésn zht «run! shclnghz 9! the map. F - Balm: alhwmg Lassa: :2 km: the nasal placed the lull an lug: mu-In-e l'u!n.m.; .- wuh \n.x.l lnyxrued u nub Sh. ilimmlrlghs mm. ugrm and cuss by mam u! a .5.» due um nun um- utyol Lhcxnksxaud Thcalduun Iuld.-vd tn: .4»: ly. uni lhth I had fuushrd, B: and \ hrrp :- tzil sl $333521! \ I.’-19:13:; ma -.1 .- para tunusnnu. to: I and no: late mung n In «a. your 9! Hannah Chunuu. Kw an xhnuhl luxurcv am at. ' NO. -221 wA'sH1Nc;'roN ; F0l?5l6'.1' FI.’V}1A'l.‘IAL. London. In my--mgn. n. Uuxnd Sula 30-4!-«K0. h‘-ugh’. unit. luau; new Sdhr: . N. 16' ‘ll. Frkr. SI#;“X1“m.‘: ‘act: “:2 8:2 Kut.?I%:§CmmHuhou.. . .136 2; SI-china: . . _ tn 53 6-!- 2: ‘: 5*‘ s:.ucui'RK: .. . ' 3; 3 EE town 7 . \ . . I ‘\'h::\a§°w\f”'\'-.-can -'3; e3 1'}; Xvuunlxznuu. 31:157.-'£'1:e Hone Coxuuitlge ¢;‘£ndlclu3'-Ito agulnu §I'e~vo'¢)¢CK¢d ms» \a bill (or the gnnncnr lolhé Unll sum. K3:-Xticl Judgrs tn itcai-Yeti a nut} and sumptu- sumncquj. mxkgu pa ऑਮਇ oln Blue, and tn‘: l Circuit Jud _e lsaluy e , «man I’ u - °w::‘*..=..:..':°** *3 €:*.=:.r:.=:..:;*§ fairs. Th; Na Pczcnu Fon Leurcnwonh ink: *\%5*.*:'*.:\’°’*=***=*=':‘:,-..*.’,.\:..\;.“*..';= u c c Pxa (‘aupgnka in WI bridge uni Fax‘: Yuan‘: a euaaava %m £523:-«=12 in my Cmnmincc to-da. 31:. Huntington 5:341 11 the budge mu IRIHOILM the Cdllazuh zmqnny Ironld Inn: 3 mm! 1! El Pun within fats. and be had bu! assunnaca llul he Iould be me! lime Jrir “r1\§.\:“‘*:= \“ '\‘::' \\'.:‘ smut t . w :4 er . an 1 Tan hill at not. .. D Q ‘ I Faggidg bills luv: been ngtepd ugaon bigihc (‘ougwuge on Rp 5195.‘; _tn upwa- £'.i‘.’£‘f.'i‘.”\°°‘§‘° ”?»‘¥$§;”L£?§‘;°33f? 223' Lulu: Em; Gu ml. to puma: lot a mine Qgwgh hvesxlguiou 0! accidents on nllmlth. the Scum: Bill. naked 139 cogs-tmtthu a! I nnmd [mu um Bzmilrlifs to I12: BJ.ad.'lii1as; bL|l_ ua l¢ :3 Cbqtxme lid Blub ‘3lil!n Th: H.912: Lfaumzllcc on E (£008! Iuvi ngn-ed to ruunun-iv.-as! the passage at 3:11. l\\s'i,p',Iu§oh's un I A ‘an 1 cc! . E1‘I.“.§':‘.’E. ‘i:’.m§°:I$\cmf§m. s§c.z’?§'o..‘?'. 1:3. ii 375! 'Wi5!1i5i!ly in Septthbcr. 1579. the dune! the nu! genml dmlm. ‘ rloctlon for du-k~ pal? the muslituium tamnlnn I}-{ll be. Jtrld 0. A ‘ I A -' um! denim! .;. ..,,;:*.**..'.*::.-, .3-;:%.;., u..\.::m ,.... '\ W Dr. {visa 8. 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Mr Syka announces that he luxends lo mu.-3! this pmgruuue below a Inger cnn}n.I] 3: son: an ol on tall: at :1 ads‘ day nth the usisunu at nu oijns 19:1! pupil: and Grace Clmdx ! - Miu !-luie \\'ilnuu in bun cngngul u saopmo as S1 ]4hn'I church, and mu ung then for use am mm Io-u-mow ' SzI.¢'é' I .»4a’7J2}:‘e ‘fa? 1\7¢1>*—':%i*.z;€:‘é1‘s‘ PAR‘-IS J 31:1 I4.-aim! Dodgc coxuncnen in d.u1|n_I.1 'l.':in!|y Church to-nanuu Nu. C)u‘umxc Dosing ‘hit \ t’ '. Ind :11! dag In: our [imcnx u Ilse cum! Pmhr lsnu Chunk :-3:. IE ncuar. yr» : prr ;In: 'o3\K6n:a undsgnutnn. nd clnei\rB¢ “1:'u,-oa an \ mm: 0010! in lovely Inpguap and wmhmgx (hug_uu a un- aunt in cunt. . Non uduundux; IL: obtain: bnmcs—£h: um um \.1alnk.J.ml 3:1I.L\~1!|nd- nun tanned than in had um: mu-hcd Mn. Raul». and he duo iusauzd um In Ind new: gs- sultvd say one an In» mc. Tm -aux-menu Im uccculuxtd a funk: duzgo agum-I the can to: perjuy. ad to at «such :1»: tan mam cm the peanut. II will nun up I;-an u the Cain! (nu- inl Colt! 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Qua: ullh Sun. ten» (1 Quausdn in new man. Evy» linchanicd cu Mun-Quin. .l!tJl.'n Dull Woum long can ,qu,«,sm1___u4!gc- dry Ian; den :1 me Int-Lam-u .54 may humus at sumo; 5 0-nn—l-‘Ira ' gonna! unuehxio: Sm». 13¢-w ‘luv quoted u g spud:-l.lau~rd Dvlfvlnlli ‘non lliul-3 -Qmex. one-acduluas nah. . CHICAGO slakkifl‘ mu bun .-4:.-n~.5(cad usauncot mlau —guY). D§'o c Cgkaigmin vanyotui u 5» use hid cash “.1 m, r m as an my mum ’q¢M lot ny. flllr Steady Dunn! ll u0\X‘tnJ ulcxnr my Rn-—Flruer. Qumulllsoc. Ila ed :1 slaguyk. hr-L-—5ludy at ca ;?h“;°'umo‘a.u June. z.mz.num MAI yo um; ' lune. Al‘nlAuuto~§1nd;j mu! nu. ¢ . en 2:01:11 :1 ab 1: 463:. uuoncsenn 95:. A 491- F1:-um Quoted u 34: (ml lH|ixly~Sml3y Ind uathugd Donia! alhog. lab »°»ir;:;:°°~-=::='“°s:°-**-\: .l‘ . z . '. . bu: . inn but bid!‘ 01:90 bu. Sdlittflfr-Fhlr. gang--. uh:-‘nag. sown» . com. -6-as-bu. 080- Shun . rye. SF“ HILWal‘R5Ii MARKET. --— uuv 1:2. I .-17:11-01!!! and dmop l WI“ IJI . CPI 8 . 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I xgnl ‘ hln will am -l - w \ l{€t1tlru’t1:;fIlr:-yrmo lot in-r pout:-Is, I Wtumz-d hr! lhr other two xhp t-ml than In-uu me wutmv cum. I cord. but 3 hi: l mu}. unir me: her In- I llnn nhr begun in mum-1 me I gm lmmr -rn‘ lute thalnl ‘lb: «nu man tltm daun at-ul so no t c not sauce’ Mt. lltunldgh -In-J the nut cum-nlng at l drlurrh Kc-rm alt:-1| lml lrll ll: be. new «man. utuuu, m which mt: ht rrnutnnl Ii\ Jr-\ly hr] at Imdcallt. then then u. A ally LI.-n-tn l'u- qr- um]: xnug look. as ll hr mmnl usmtlrhing hr .IIT=‘ omudr Jhl: \‘$’:tll:\. ‘Rm! rfjlng cu, . a‘ c _u\ e xummnm - Ilnlgrtnada Mm lhnlr lm | 125 an ll 2' dn-ml mm ;‘%:\s;ots|t‘t;;-tn\’tv tmlmm-n limit) or not I ‘ 0 ca 1%: [arm-rai Imls [illftzfl Vht '~uluMay. but In‘ engngnctnent prerrnted me (mm (n|lovuIt;;.9Mn ('l.u;-ggn hgd umflru, rcqnrntmg that I wt-aid land with the will, winch null rtulunnl an my pm. 3 .cu!on with then:-o::nnru'b1| hrlr . ‘ I‘ «_ l i laniml at the: sea in e a It-ronr n'r nr um wu 1! ohm ukuu into the dmtng rnnm. wln-tr l ' luund llr. Rixrmy, Mr Robcnn ta Inuthet ptarn‘ (Inner). Inn! 9 haxtdsamr ynxmg lrllow u-hu an In I Irnrluvtd ln me as Luxurnam Mautaml, Ihc law Mr. Bnmlcighk ton-in-lm-. . Thu: d’nnr ripe-uni. incl 1 young lady entrrrd ll dul nu! requnru In antnulncnon lu tell me that Isht- wu the nnginaloltlu: null wtlh Its tmnt turned towudslhc val,“ Ila lam was very bun- Itlul. nottulhnundsug In extreme pclcneu and the ‘ (cat-swnllcn eyelids. She sealtd hrrsell l-)- the lm-. ‘ her ‘husband snndtn lichlnd hex. lczmng his mm on the back of thc c air Mrs. Churton Ind closely (allowed Magdnloa Mnlthnd Into the room. Shem» drv.-s¢d\ln rlcrp ‘ moumtn md wore a black grape up, tluu um-nug n mu-hvfwnlratt In fcln. lhitland. ‘who wa; neat- lng a In dress rxtbe. Inn!-scaled. Alppsu-cntl; the hail bud no tlme to pr: re her mount :1 ‘ Dr. Ru-nscy politely puma lnrwurd 1 c fol‘. the housekeeper Takln it from him wlth a cam \Thank you.\ the phctlflt at thr end I3f_lhc tnhlt. ‘ dm.-ct ylncm me Very cu-rn Ind fortiuldnngshc lookech ln harilnck gxrmtnlir‘-'-WET lcatniu immov. ; Able. beuunds f¢SllI1g. on her knees. l wu about to unseal lh_c cm-elopc cnnlntnmg the will,auhcn Lieutenant hlnllland lntcmtptcd me. \ One moment. if you plcnc.\ he said, placing l h shand on my arm. \ Bclore lhh wlll is read. I KS3]: to uy n le 3:5. Churtclnit tell: me 4 . . T \‘F ‘In I’|(‘OD' ' h2m ré 3;; ' that Mr. llramlel ulcl only have been tnduced I to make much A ill by unfair um? foul menus. AI» , thoughl have been the cause u an cstrangemcnt _ betnicen lntheund daughter. Ic.-rnnnt think that he could no lnrtfurgct his love for but u H: nllzip her of evei-ythin . It is my lutcnlinn. for her ..sukc. to! contest l wlll: and his Will) um \-l'cw that! have requested my old friend, Mr. Robson. to be prcscnt today at my legal adviser.\ His trunk, 1111? fncctms t‘lus‘h_€d-with honest cx~ elm-nent Igl om lhebaclt at his wife‘: chniz-,_ he tool: her face l>eL\vct:ghi;s'hands and kissed \hfox your sake--nql mute, dearest, ' I heard m at ispcr. \ - V I rend the will slowly and distlnctly. It was very short. Saw‘: the nnnully of $30 to Hannah Chur- tou for lift, cvetythln wns lc to Dr, Ramsey and myself in trust for l Mnittund, to bcfseb (led Sn her us we in our cliscmtinxt should think (it. _ Astonlshment in a halls! word ldexprt.-ss«thc {ccl~ ings of those ‘present. not will I nttempl to do so. My ule lies with Hannah Cltu Sur to her fzgt, she ;puIh_cd~the chlirtimm her, and stretch- ing out one arm. gave tlltenncc to a t bl'iIi\'tClWc. ’{hc veil t»\tu'Illl‘cd, and 'thc nag?- oousen of I e womuis mlure stoov revca ,. ltwnun Ihndleared. Unimndful of the bounty of but ‘loogcncrom 3 master, she hlzipcd obloquy on his memory. Ind fcnrle‘sul?.v—1L-set: th|_t she had wasted the best years of her ate in his scrvleel 77/15 (1 I.-IN T IJL‘ VII. I\I.S'I:' J 7: Hr“ ‘ M. _ c‘;;s!‘”.n,...1->“.,‘34“ x .,..«--?«M'‘«* :fw ... gf ৮flo 5”’ l\“\ “vl¢‘}‘§.a\\.\¢_ an 51,“! Wntrgu :%;‘.\\o‘««“::«~%s£»'i*-.'fa*% vs” ;::»“?:a‘““\\\3?:\.:\é“~“”“\;‘”§.L nu” =*.\ir-W *“’.It\‘J~W .9‘ L x 9» ..m:»»«,:. a;=..-»s:.« .w- . 5”“ ;*“.'$n- \i'Fnd¢«' .5“rv\ t ,.-pr-\\\' Efffc ';y’..dg,‘;xagf,§§;°“',{;,‘.\’a- u*’‘” 3;: ¢ff“\ ma cn ' cl Nm.\<'cnx. May I7.--The Syndicate hm dc- ddcdlo take the nmaxning ¢x_x.ouo.oaoo€ low. |nd.:»h|ll paatat. bonds mtemdmmvllumnlnn ‘nu: done: out the wire ' iom. II has lnccn dctcuulncd lo mlruwe the price oi the Ixusdo. In as mu-zed that the 8:-ndmte is dlmlnizaglhr qucmon ol diluting into axuntz for O56.oou,om (an p ccul. bonds with opllonof 050,000,000 mou. EEIIZEE ‘ - Mr. 1.. I! sea ‘_.. .7“ .. M‘ D‘ \_m‘3‘4‘Lr52-mum mm ten 1; 9 (cu at to mu 1 ll can can mm: “id d‘.'.'m¥m mlmwdwcar 111:- nnmn an Srnuuxa an. In I.|.n\nll muuml I ugn ludn: |.-.,u-u u -y \ mu Nrl \ . uldopaoi « «nun: qbwlumy nan Ran uul Emma; how!» new lhul All «kt hbunnm Aumu maimed. ‘-11- \ Rum”; \ Vni 1”” ‘N3 r W‘ \' um‘ mu.‘ icon; ('I.\\CI.\.'.\'a Tl M‘: 71:11. ptogrammcs of the Mny (aura! have al- ready appcunl In Tn: Exnzxm. In wt!) :1 Icic- gnphk u.1'Iml| and. lcuen giving cxlrndai noucu oi the gas: macs; uhicmd by the immense Chntii. solohu and oxchntn made: the dixrcnun of Theo- dore Thoma. We give hen: I let mm: (mm dil‘. {emu aunts.- Aulhur can u «Iv-M lad I lual In-vuglu lmn In lxnuluan lmm um country. In nbhgv an a!-I mllrge (head. In nlmd am as In em ol mud: me In lb‘? 0513. bu! he and In twp the olhn (Inks In akg:od ltnuxr by Ina ummng an)‘: and dry ms nu! $ 100,002) Bmnchu 1 I orscs AN ESTATE IIIPOIID OF. 11» man be-mllal. Inn In-ndtrful. and son thmoxhly named New ol hnrseube uomhaunr Rn. _ '7\‘z\v-Yonx. May II.--The will of lleu J. Baker. of Sing Slag. d ypcumo! an csulc med 1! three -gum. dollm. Then: on unem- I an to nlauou. Ind tgqooo is dmdgd along 2?:.xhod‘zs: corponxiom. The banner at lhe am: In dmdcd into SLI\fIll\!-- (or his Emily. um lo Kb: Wesleyan nirmny 1: mrldlcton. -undone (q the New-Yovk Methodist Miniosny 506:1]. UNLV L!\'L\'(t TRAINER! ColKA|“- I IN AUKRIE-5.‘ WHXDERPULLY TRMNBD D065. awn to an uh-vwnuln -n the we-H can unuhbu uh--nchkv Min-rL1e.: nu mm» mung. me a :;;.:':‘:-«a u an [III no law hondbu-h. an nurse . Arthur plated. at if mmtdtnng. Ind then. um!) I look ol mxeusgcmc. av mm: In In say 113:! Inc Ind hi! the tail on lho: head lhh limo he unswerrc! \ Well. at. the’: g can nl btlwul am! In-tn-1-tn \ \No! I bid defuuunn. Imhnr. an the ‘bee mm and lantern ’ up-anus\ A ull. middle-sgrd uouun cnlunl and tr!--In the seal I placed for her. My vsnlor mum-ed her glans am]. ran-lully imoounng them. 5-Isa-d than an um um: lncude Ixcr. She lhrn pmduw.-d hum her pocket a large (ouhcap cm-c-lope. (mm vrlurh she drew a mm of paper folded long:-my». ‘I’-Mn she handed to me. cxplninmg. in I hull. monotonous mncc. than .1...- lml bccu ten! to me by he: mister. Mt. Robert Bramltigh. of (‘oh-man um-1. who nu» dnugrruu-L I ill—-in fad. wu not-cxpedaha In-r many MINI. 1'11: paper. she uul. ha! hem wnucn I-y his dirt!‘- mm, and signed by lum for In) mll lhll Aftcmoun‘ Faring Its: it should uh’? be In a proper (am, he hnl desired her to lalsr II In (hr lawyer and have one pngpuvd acrarding (0 this law I umnldcd the pper and n-ad as fnllmu PORT OF CIIICJCU. nu»-no an 15. -v-The pm of vb: Muir Hull xhom ms: \uls in » drtns-citdr. .33: m 11:: balconv And‘ :37; on un- Ihlln liovg-r: (MAL 441$ - Praia l!¢ Ibrugc. ‘ 3 cLn.u:n mwus. : Sdu S-I Andrew; Tab-A com. sch: l’nnk( Lei; lolziqtyabaeon Sch! W1re1Ir;oym be cozy“? hunts cnsbblsiour In-an bbkcnrn and a u: Sdn lacuna. mu cm. . .¢..nv- law an honelnuu-work lo \FLORA.\ hp who tnllu hu1r[u:p'f:la :11: u an- x us: nurnw plank with :.-.~.«.fu\?.'& on ¢$_nA! In wtxe IIEKIIART huohlve lzl armaogn: mam. the on Y ramlus Max TA Elonunh. who men I smart in at Living Wm um sad Leon-mu. and genome uses: Inn Hun». ammo for ankdnwt cl Donna on mmdlom wumlgdul tI{%U.'CH,|)3 IN THEIR G NIL!- TARV HRH. . . ;:.E:!\Y.1Ln%;tIxns. lubeupcu un sprung mm a I III ' N and M !iAU$1‘I.\I.In Ihtn unrivalled U ha %.;;lm_x£mL Mcu:rts.cnv-s sown. Jar —\\'e nxlrlw I\ who wish In obtain A full Account oi the Fuuui. um: dru- ml pictum ol the hnll and organ. lo ad-zd for the (‘ina'auum G4- am. at Salunhy. May nth. --The cos! of lhc.C’\nninn:u| Mum Hall will be aboul 8306.000. cl I-Md: sum Mr. Reuben R. Sptinnt bu mnltibuled Qxqm Ind now pro- pose: to gin: t5o.ouo toward building wing: to: Exposition pntpnsn -The lcsmnl chorus is composexl oi Cancun- nu singing societies. and mm Iocirllu. om each from Dayton. Hazmlmu and Urban. Th: voices vac distributed as Iollogu. AlKdlAhu‘[.5cM1Ild.!°O¢ tun mutate lrmhol theCmw‘r;‘~::Io;§g§Iqa»:.th:I'hw la uo&er_.r:l lacuna wcreulo 50115!-proof. y -u-urnlockai rptI|ll:e\’UI‘l:‘\sf.1(|':t1AS|¢.'I¥u'I|Oi.l'I- -an or one humus! fan. Ind»: c ugcwuclhtdlatoiinsu. sumiltyiunpuedty um lhelorlunlock-pkhr apmnu ml: I-Item wmuounruuble. Souandcnaolmdlchqlrhu undid with the aid ol chamryusa the nicmncopnbtto-cu pluund uiuplaanddhunu ml were rennin! Incor- nblengcaenuonngomu rndnyylgld to en- playedbyzbcnodnaudprogrudnpl .-‘Ado cade ol run since. and woua wen uughnoklim thubdr puculhrdhcuuiuweskleuuvuclucunhlq has now hudrciindlbouiuaot mechodo women In the Uniuasmn will uulytouuisuuu Df. Heme’: Favorite ha elem! (hunter- tecundlcnu. Touno. Ohio. Doc. 6. am. D:-.R.V. PmLc1.Du!!aIo.N.V.: - ~ Jewels of am crown or soounnd. .7‘ I15 CJIVZl..S‘. Axuvxn an 17. xu'uu's‘cp§5°.'n§h':'m ”\\\ 16°? 9: f\'°\s°’:?\\\R' 5 I . II c ;i:;~a-..¢,n-.’.‘:;:\-- -*(:‘~u*’**\g ‘xi: ’:““§“<~.-\ \ ‘ “viz.-°.‘&'-'3?\ \“3'.;... n\r‘u{‘».\\\‘“' . er. , , ;om?Pem».»}usu:-on. I. 6Cul|e.ll l.oNnoI.JcnnI¢. Sign Elma‘ on Imunorc. Reliance Kn: a,Connar [u “,::.-°c;¥’*:,“**-.£~°=:\'°-.'**.:';.\..\.-ism.-;~n:.\ °‘- C $22\ .t‘,:*.-?\:°**- '°.r.°.*\ * ’°,':.'.‘;-.‘.21.:,'m..‘.'.' m c'!s mmagun. Misc. é'5'.':'a,.....; ' \ u -a n M la n ma: u.;.“.'. a.‘3f§: n..‘;‘g!‘.‘6....\a\.'a‘.'._v.~....°A'..’:..V“‘ of {I ‘ umsmon COURT . qr. mam. ‘ uunxanha.\\'»u.*' '. ‘ new Bun gs _ at {sup-an to-xomc. flhniarddea-uel.A1lni * ';.\...:.'.’:.-:.!;'.;::’.*.~.-:'.'.t*.::F.A - »*» ......... ;oun3:I::s&I{alDbiw¢QIdt¢ 5 _ 1\ u.u°3u‘n'cf.. -..aT’«.'.'.u\‘.‘3?:‘.;\ \““\“z.‘N'£ .*I¢I'HM)( ‘ Inn unuman. nclnhc, i. - no In» ~ use as! you: fallow be :2~tI&y‘:la. \ ‘ at ‘ \ “ ' . '-4 '-—A mw'b§T3:Vo: § ram;-‘ ._ ‘ No.\1 ‘ “ nun.‘ ‘ ...k..,... 1 i 1: ' 2 :-..;:. ’.a: . . O‘ . . . I’ - 1 .‘~ 3» .. ,-;—.‘.':At' ‘.‘. .:':~.\l nm couxrvgo ..——,, «{ ,._.;~»...*«:.;'3.*’ E )I\iu- mt-uc_: ' hr! In 30 \\¢- ..’=~>‘ sC:‘xfnrlneB:\.t;;:¢l I V. ~ : H‘ W-gl-;_-¢,«w‘r “ .5-:‘ _,\'\ I-.n.=:, 9;’ chute); and cndlui ~ _ \ _ ,“tu.,_- 5\‘-’ K :'u‘s;‘t:f::t_I_tncnt¥_ ’ tcan¢ol.yr.n'nl3|hvr at um-ar-In-t!°\‘!:z-g‘!!!; ,, 9;»; ; “-“'n&°s‘.'a\A\p‘c'3§'....i »* i\A‘;»-4-°\\'i\~\\“‘” ’ 7 ncatibo ~.-' ‘: I ' - \137 ~,’:;,~.T ' -w _ ‘E WQ suiééé.‘ 7' Z\ . ;-A , u‘ ‘ \'-5* Remember, this is not a Circus! Ttilncddngaltiugn u:‘n::l’lIy per!‘o;- on bombod all the an «no \ rump 11211 ‘I. 1' 5 l' EDGAQ I2£§l‘l.R's SILVIE cn:'i:\B’:”x A _ _ H Al._oo ‘foul _. I6) Tanon 15; [lanes VIC - aw In the name of God. Amm I lav: my body to PM , nd and my soul IQ Mml who we I. 55?: dd: inhe ml! of lie. o H Brnmlc of 55:; Coleman meet. I give anchlcnte nllmy homes, lamb. monefind erezylhing ‘an I hm. lo lhnnah Churtun, my housclm-pn, u u N.-vurrl (or her long and faith ul unites. ‘Signed by iifon Tucsdxy. Deccmbcl 1:111. 1863. Roman muu.smu. Steam TALLV-I10 COACH’ Wm. tour-tn-hud.Aul I T! ‘ \ Alto a lumen Inpuill Coach of Nspaleoc IN’ mm: the gun! 9! the tuna lrapcror Qxnmaua m-,5! TIFII It !\CIl(| HORSES. I_ed duly ?: 1.mm.a on-am 41» um um: Jnrklln-ti u.....m (:8-:1 ljapincu Trpupe In an otnn lluptdayupanae n e: _ cc-mm m In: \\.’.Z.‘C.‘.“' '7' 1‘ ' n I hen. can my K1! in amgb . what do Inch Emu do 2: M kauaurt. roman; bgcgtg dd W W llaurrll. time. :9»): vnacit do \ mm: C lambs. hwln. tnobu when V do I‘ J Mm.-n. Guest. has In com do I O *,‘.’:‘u‘~’-‘.:\‘..‘.t' n... 3° Brings & PI‘D¢f Iinbuoc. taco In can do Mary A qalptn. train leg: ton do Claude S longmon. I3: arm. has in cars do 0 R Mom“. nllh who In what do A Hammad.lhbcock. ylao be who! do ‘°x-“¢‘.’.£2»‘.§\i-'.£’.:.1‘¥°°\“f..‘:.°°..\“\\°\ 32 Seneca lilhou. haiku com do Col §. § Pare. Salt. you hwheng ‘ do P K Vm ollxcnburg. l.¢9Ier.Iou bacon an e ., _ a §i.“£;”“:é‘~¥;»‘:£“s.'.'.::\ ' S“ Linnea! on co,'u;nsou3 «ashram do I) A Enter. Donncliy. ligament: do long Jackson. Innnen._ lgu can do A W Sar - Tabor, Bgcoblcoll do Ccllmkllngha bu prim! do cm. Hg¢k.I~nx;m.mubueom so r Be Joanna what . do Arms 1‘homa:.4Goodsi_r. Iooyh rye do -Rob W Pmom. Hurry. I143 bu com do o°.°:.;’.:°.\:°\-'°am'°.a:!r; 3:\-'..'.;°°\ 3° . r. o ‘ - iieo A Winner Winter. a mwmm do Ngllie Wad. i, iyolb com _ do Dganclm .V omzioobuuium‘ do 50 met, Pan, nu: by when do» In Nelson, Dunn 3535! com do wnxzeeg-;:nF.cdhos. uéoo bu’:-nu do Jules Shut r ylod buv \ do llydrz x. runie all. :39: blcorn do 7&1. . nlhony. ollht. I3odI_|co|-| do . ,. WI.anb¢$lwphr. inch can do onulu. \'n_I- etch mun: do us; a Lab -ilrovu lpoiu can do N Mmhcnu. Co\e. S con do 3 \‘*“‘%s\\:?. ..:::~. ° n . _. , »::.*s°.:.*'s.'.\~.:: 2° 9 t . D Sa:.r:’:\' “E 32:z::.\'-'- '\.\..':.. ‘- 2° .' . . ' ‘ o . limit: wt-at Goat. I-:5! Q; _ do John Fo}1h.~Va\l°lc&o_eu‘.ii|ht V. Means- .l-‘nnkk tihcéyi ._u:u_I _ ‘.~«—- _ mbguy mo: of the cot. I.edn:n,su_n: locheuu Hug gafpgtg llcae. lam, _ , I.__mk Dado -'-The oliclnl prqgmnme book at the Cf feetlnl «in without uccpllon the funnel specimen of ptngrnmme-snaking the: lat ye: nppeued In this country. The book contnim some geicral rimnks upotithe lesttul; I dcscripttun ol the new hall. list! of executive committee. snbtcdbc to the gulntttec tuna, utd the ooto performers: shot! bio. graphies ot III the soloisu. Iltetcltetof the eon- pateu. and desczipttans of the luger works. sped. my prepared by musical critics sud wnten. the pmgnmmes IIIIIIBS at all the members of ‘the dténts cm! orehestn and plus ot the ML -1-‘he new Hook orgnn. built for the Mtulc Hall nttlan the luucst In America. and fourth or Stu: to the world. than larger being the organs in Albert Bull. London: thcmtlteelral at Ulm. Ger- nnny: the Churehol St. Snlpllcc. Putt, and pos- slblyst. Geqrcl-'-SQI]. Liiexpool. The following xmttmrywlll give those interested lunch mttten. utlden oflu tizez ‘ _ ‘ ‘ ‘ Touno. May I;.— What-Study. No I while Michigan «mom: :1 3- so; Imbei Mirmgnn at 3- 5;: Nu . ma winter II {I no. (‘om-~SIud{' lugh mum! qunml on .;s¢:- No : non.-d sum: 1 I: Inacurc Ra aaumcd at n ‘Ry:-No aqunlcd at sea: Knn 'hcaI. any.» ; com. ;6.ooo hi; can. urn bu. ‘ l‘fnl.rIIa- 'huA.maoo b bu; GI“ 34-00 IN. S1‘. [.0015 MARKET. Dru str~—Abou in yea duct :1 wllqwunalil vkk.nn;l,moIghr: ..,ao,J'u.. but piny In at ty. yenhe ‘nanny nevi mg: the was con- Iinedmhe bed. nxmynacdyl u~I¢J.ocau-uuhl. nixed to can or \run chi Riki. Aslaclprucunln home of you ru-arm Pmcripuon. nd u:;uyI-u-prion, It can «lion (mun: 2:15:19»: with I link pnnduntt an cnllncun nu c8oc(ed. vci_ ally yous, cue. IODBNNILLIK. ‘\§ 1!!‘ No See: Show-3. Fedmm or other’ ii- lusud. nor unokmg in the ten! Anemaon nnd cvcnxng. under I new ad bmuful Daub]:-Parlor Tcul. \'ST‘F R S1-.Lnun..\hy7.-—u-r Irmwlaundusier Super. 57:“ 7*.\-:;‘:.‘_':.1 fuossorln at Otogbsd. Cavr £14». Qmlrd at igsic {or u 1 mixed. Gal:-—JQur-led at $55: to; No 1-. “ye-lnacllve Quoted ll ;6':&c. RarIr Irm bampla Innuou quoted ll yut. l£‘«n{::- mar. 3.o¢o bbls; when. amen bu: corn. 7a.auo_bu, mtg,‘ 1.or.e bu; rs-2. 3,000 ha; barley. 6.0-no bu. Slw Á our. 5.3:» him what. n.oao bu; com. 3I.ono bu-. uupanbu. \\'itncnu—Jnmes Burn. Mn-gate! Suns. I examined the writing carefully. The sig we \ Robert Brlmlctgh.\ was weak and shaky. a will itself was written In a mncaline-looking ol ungulav dectsron and~ boldness. The c act :3 were large-and well-formed: _ . . The will had evidently been argued bisome one who had but an imperfect lmowl go: of I e farm to be used for such I purpose. The solemn appeal to the Deity and the bequest of [he tcstntor's body and soul was an old‘ fd much In vogue with our gundlxthers, who generally headed a will with one ox two pious phrases. The document xhown‘ to me was, however. suf- to give Hannah Chutton all Mr. Bmrnlelglfa pmpeity. Then: were the rt-?utsitc number of wit- nesses, and the Ptl ‘Reg stry of Her Majesty‘: Conn bf Probatewou d have granted lcttéts 0! ad« mlntstmlon with the will annexed (the agpointmcnt of an exeéutor hurling been omitted t e ordinary probate rzottlti not have been obtained), ‘on one of the attesting witneggcs making an nmaxvi: rhtt the will had been executed by the tcstator in the pres- ence of himself utd the other attesting witness. and -tlut they had, at the same‘ ti.me»|nd in the presence of etch other subse their nunes thereto as wit- nenes. \ amnion n; (mum mnaaee. mum ce- oetmi tan :3 cents cum gr Til'kt1IlDfB1;;IC0lU¢fI Demon‘: Hui: Suan. No r ul ‘ W. c. COOP. lance. Wm also cxhlfwll III ALBION. lay M1 DATAVIA. Monday. 3-gay nth. 5! PM 1.11 H P3:-~N “op linen. :0; N_g3;/_1::.wAsTE \°v....... ALBANY MARKET A . M .‘!’4 I-Quiet. Ie. s In s::tAexl:clr,l Ii‘:-{sly Quoxzg I.lc3$671§~&’(\:rg:'-S:III plynndllmted N.-quest. gun: It ugvsjc Int Wmern. ::sr.»a\mw.s=*-o.9w;:;:= z;:..:..' - C ‘ \ , I’ u I 7 .~ whit: in mm‘: nun; ‘advance {mm mm; ° ’_ osivsao ugaxzr. Osw: In x .«-;aFI:ur— Sicad . Sales’ x.:ao bbh. noted-°:i\O6.I for No xardggg Q§.5eao. 5. loung- Wlmez; .7 am for hire Wmlcrx 7.ou for doubk-¢x'1.n- i).7§e,B.ao for Ncw Process. \ital-—‘ s.¢.d,_ No _. Mhwxugce c1-bquoced at May mm: sate usx.35:t‘edSutr£ux.gx. (‘gnu-Unclunqzcd $l£x':d\\‘ml- em ll 52¢. 0 WOM”(£;k3Fg: VV'h’\¢ ~ ' . It . II . (1 — '13-33°: \.°‘:=*' '=*-°°'°<4..“.;::’°‘*°’= ’ nx ~ uni‘ '1. .l=onu ll frag». M 1: ;’uzJ3:;ch;ngeA.“ca»»)¢c §£g(§t: on gni . Wivci ’ ‘ . ‘ . : . ‘§'c';'bmey. axe to Naive‘-€‘§’:I§’-°,IuuuI‘ae?-,'o«; fc ; ‘mas Io :€ew- ark. ~a_\'dllraI_4' m,;.:.-o 5?. ten. 54: urNew-York.sy:.;to Aibaxyynaoc. Lax-r to-:31: -—wl‘m§. ‘ma bmcuzv bu: lumber. ox7,ooo,!eet.~ . . J b§:°° , sawnrfié‘-Flour. l,o¢u|> : that. 8.00:: bu: lumber. Q .3 I __ __ xv. ‘ ._ “' S'IooI- Pint- §‘.\.?f°\“:.'..:;..... '“«.': 11!: Ch9k0r;u.. . 17 mm AI ;. » . ‘ g lochullgal Rqhmn. . ., ‘u .... Tolgluz ’S0wO. asrvives. c..m_ pew-oveieau. Ig. -The orchescrniscopnposéd v{--M1. Thain»? on pulsation and I|§I nckcred Iris’: th~E7V¢i-York Philbu-monk: Sdgiety‘, of thick _Mr. ’l‘homu.iiuho leader. IjIQoi1p6kitioni§|‘l_f§ \Z°\“‘_\~?‘-'37'x.:;f::: 1:?’ . \:.:::'. 1 \\_\°“‘ *':..:'.,;‘:;;‘:;5:L:: 7'7\\ : rmu‘.’.....'...‘.,'.'...'.;..;. ;_'x‘nu:.;... ' \ Huqroyu, .. 3 clédragn: nm_“\.'.'I“;.‘.'IfI-II ; ’ ‘ T0111: The success of every pmudupnier an (arena greatly by nu qlnlily oi rnedlcitln. coiublnjd um hpduty and upc- rumce of the Druum. Mr. Lynn vhvhg obmlea ciqks oi up-2 lance. with but qunllly oi Itdkiil. ll Flo puma lb gunm-nee all Inédldoemnnllt nducurnu man have bean charged buuolon. (sugoeuot In W}! Pnbody) C/zevrzzlvt zma’ Dmgeisaf, Now. Inn always \1:ry_pIri'1¢u'lar nbout wins; I think th'cy,,u-Moo sex-lone «ow settled in shun?-. I never will allow I client (0 gxecule one und 1' nmoodcom-Xncedthxt its purport is perfecgly unda- st . . ' - ‘ ‘ 2- 1.; ':‘=j«‘-‘.1.-‘T.v=.i”.‘.«‘.-’.-. PBTROLEUK MARKETS. . Nnq-Yoxx. Mny x1.—PctroIe¢n ! Crude quoted gr 1542; mined at nxan bid, pz |(n3_v”Y7.—PetruX¢un study and Quoted‘ at 7 c. OIL Corv. lily :7, 12:15 A. an-'-‘|‘he‘bld (or ulna (‘I-39%. Pnxue. my :7. loan. n.-'-Thebm lot on is Imoii. , 'l\rru_svxu.:. :1. l01t_o A. M.-«The bid for oil II chaos; (or Upper ‘Rand. V ‘- E nl 2655 I. for \°\ U rinary Com « ‘laws J}! \ You an: Msjmuvtm. I prci=um¢7\ I asked. “ I am.\ she n:pici1,!oo'ldng me un in‘ the ace. .Sem:how‘ I {alt suspicious -thxtthf were up! no (Air nlhey shourdlie. I §;‘m1_Ié’ned gm rlthnr clokly; but Aha o ! n I ob- mined from ha was am the I vfvtiucn. the ‘will. ‘bu! that it Ins arher maslafs dictation. I o ito pfIplj’g_ 9 mo‘relomn1‘documcn:;bm bcforc doling ‘no. I, declarrd than it ins neccssgr{'1'shnnAd see ~Mr.)mak‘ . '1‘-mme_d gthe oxhiss on aft -2 up» = I shut: n-ex¢c_utor.—~\¥hu-—seeIne4¥!llh¢r 4o nonplus hex. Sh: asked whclher she could 1.01%: .Mm:d’£s 'ete'c\\u‘\;. The mom nvenkm she sh ‘red to my stein‘ her mute: the mdre cnn félt 1th|1'.»6m¢t3Eng_vu wrong: and. sccingthat I - not to be Inovcdtrom my purpose, nhe at Jul gun)\: in: amodpg. hoyever. um I I-Ihouldvaccompn,:iy' their. 3:: ‘she grc|!ly‘fure<l it wouid too In}; if 12!‘! (ill the mgminp , A cub aoonwaluu to ‘No. 55q—ful§zn_tn nIre'et;— {ll wn g [u‘gg._ glooqf, old~fn_r.}gion;d house, with I I ma tgkcn Ihxo_'the‘n1ini:‘;-up aooni Inked to-nit while Mr, Innmlgkhv was ,b§in¢«|S,npgIul Iota-xy_§1jt_. Th¢=furqit1tvg« .In. ‘the «id 'l_!ld'V¢h|‘{lA:lh’{\‘¢;I_ ‘hgpdsfimmei ujn‘ \ ._\ an 1, ‘ nm veryron -o. lheglamp, Ivtyuihed gtwnd tlya mag: ulowly‘ingpoctln‘¢ an. ‘Qnvllle ‘ugh! ul '£uguu;l‘cnpn upon mpictuug with in (ID! _llnu.-d hvnulpw.wuiI._ ’$llIIIU3| lmmh. No. 3n_M/me S}.-. con.Sau1-nblvmolc, M 7 i _ aixrrnm. xv. HA1? V15 Y‘ &'-- IVHLLACE, A uuumtguua use Imus; R eduéed .Prz'ces rpx smuxc ‘MADE. Hmnwmg NAIIS. Clmznv. Em. ~ ,. ‘ ~ '-?\VIto'v H \;’v:3\?‘~?.?.%£;‘3'f4?*;&3'-sf‘ 3, F . “ . ,3 r M ,\;:-_~‘. '9af,‘.~,> . : “’«;~ 'l-~-gr:-’ ‘e.-_jT;;2». _ji-4;}:-.~,»‘_=-mi, . 03' 1- if _' __. Ni,‘ .,;r:.-“ . B3,; ; : ‘ -' ‘ “~‘ L ' rokxxmriikobucz I:A£tKET. ha mung, - “ 1, 3,39 ‘ . , It inc :1 . Mlddllng Atj6d:r Lnmmox. xy. :1: A; u.—FJour.'at up 6d@:6I ad. what-—,S€»\lL':i ‘earn 4d::R¢d Yllnler an nu Run 46; I , In in at In odtaus 5:1; Cnlllotu gab :3 xi: ed; cease-New quged 956 . u -. -0 3M!‘ - . Butky .‘ :3:~=:‘ ,2: =-..’*\.*:*-~ =':.°*+‘ 'P°'*’!;.*='.:.2: «Kg: :5. Ta#oF?:h§? :.m. “ : P.~Il.-~ ‘dllfl , _ . ll ,§hsd's£?ea 46; Red wu?:’§v~n: an m; .cauto§n';‘a nut Ilod ৭৭ণਝ up: our-‘New Va: :51.‘ adbat ya) u no B_uley'—u3nvad; Dawn 6:: . Pun wags; . ' afk l¢~45Ib§.; lazin- gp . «mu mod :5! 6.6- .1392! R15: pd. Tnllayr _|( _-:d. Clues:-nt6uno3.|e _ _‘ t‘. «nip!-‘ct. gkh {qr ‘mmt.th.raAdnn*a~m«6'.<v,o mu: 0 w .aau en wen: . ‘ ਝਝਝਝસওமल੭૨৭लસસȲ Wuthefh {W \ Ajnfge wm,_o¢ Pin|lyv'|_‘I1,l§I.lv’e'l-y(~2nn>' ’ _ -hue‘ '§“..;*=..2,.*.a..,..,.._»_.........°:.;‘\':=-\§.'*'j..§ y—l7'h¢¢¢II \ qua.- ::d’.l‘?;|nd1 Inga mwmng.d .n -~ .ju.I,'x:;w ,WOKK‘IA_I§..A81‘{-lp. ‘ No. 1049103 Tnnxct. 30lIA1’.O.;N.Y. irssrc.4.r.~ 1&5 zzrwm‘ mrrzxox. -=—Ml,lc. Cnlnxinu M ! Kate Smrilh. dugh-j ter of >the‘hl'e Mark smith). vr.i11-;l;m1,_agpc_¢:_in= New-Yogi in open. --Waehgci mikes u Mpytour among the Song. ggn, I!1d',‘|TI high C‘1rVi,1l’be Heard in ‘IE: high an, Jude; 'o‘f~.‘Swed¢u and Nanny. ,-.-Ll_ine..1\t'-ri'e.Rg>i¢:wi1lretu_x,u in theaaukffnn an tbq ~prjgn'u dong; o!'_t)\e Wilhelm} ‘ovum! puny. ‘Italic: sC&kBi,9‘:!\'I_hIl --A‘ p able dippd\ély_ in the-».'.'yMI4a_f Mr _'7%'»i\r that $olh'er'n's< ‘\ 'Ifr‘qedinu.—\ so augggylul‘ in ‘Ms’ dountry, ‘(did inuijhkx ._£b|y’in - ‘- __ * *_ aun.nans' s Ŏ ' 13:13. 70:05:’ and \.I‘r:7nt_io¢iIl¢2:. '4,’g'A“-:5'-Bqu:| to ‘zp .-noz~m’;%,Vsc3’icw:= \~ 9 ,\7‘—V'i§.'#mv'¥‘+.\- EVNES3. ‘ % Mqgalllcn Mnitlnnd coated her ears with her. hnnds. In shutout the hnd ‘wands. _Hcr hgsband .lm.ln\€;rdn)u-.door; but Hannah Churzon In- tcmumted them. ‘(Luring hey‘ .czxp..(zom her bend she] 1 new it upon I 4: ground before the lrighlened git ; * ,]__ pn:2>¢*;ABK . } '“-\ {W ’SOUJ3\\8TOMA\cH <gr=.....—-, “ Trim 1: on i.t!\shc cricdfn a fmnzicd voice. \ Ymnr'lq5ic:'svic1im[1u.n6 right to your in\ I must uduiitmalslgc looked gnndlr grnfic aq she dcclnjmcui ‘words. I f: Hinl for 'th_e,poqr'dgfc\atgd cigilutt.‘ ‘N _ .. _ Nih_e~Jem-s;hLve‘j1‘Ised since then. nndvhliq. Mnithn dcciafm then are \silver thfcads flgld.\ The cl. : ‘mug family hnyq hntired her ood‘ loo ,3‘. gt thgy Ivillllve _ \n‘l Mugdqku, 'V.ly|£l0IivI_llQ!\I0!Itr1IbeII!¥. - _ g;m;A1e ‘RPICKERING, . - BRQ/V.E‘R; ~ W5-.z:2:.'.*:.~.e.:,a:. F*;::ms°-H--GA» A*«‘=’~“=~=‘E-\-‘~'==t _ {/' ' ‘ »i'r;.-re-xx« -\E-5\~\‘.fi\”:» , g., ,, ~_ a,;.-5/,—r_'g,-.2. . ,5“ ~ ‘ ' ‘<- 1 ...='_ :‘-*‘.:;\.<.-'» V ’ 1 ‘:*~&;_-!«';:1£~'7\:- 1' ‘«\~’¢~“~ v” »'‘i. Q “I 1 .>‘f'*..:”' ' ' -' 5'' ' \ . _‘;J_a,‘;‘:ws s, A}-‘,,r ;'. ‘.'f;v1;; ‘“~u2»i~¥;‘\*= -{'7 3 '39\ = . .m~ ‘ ' ‘ l_l_i93if.”nI':tiFif4 ,ar.“?¢AS'l' $132!‘. 1t‘A§l|II‘.ts‘.f T W; . 7nur’rgu.o.« an L: DWI .1./m Mxkxszl‘. -V —,§Jgr§(¢r‘39£’gtIin¢-lhéluégtlrofihi at‘ -Iloyllbppug, M M: fa; .z]‘n_:'u. ii\ (hi pkqmuqu-1druu,n! \‘sunni:bIl_n.\fuie' '9' ‘vA'-*\*'*-9_+¢.- auo.u..0_sr.oopov. 3 ’ ‘, oqqaobpr &f”M00«7I _, ‘0VFl~‘.IC)}S'_'.M ~ ~ am My. 345 4}Iq‘:‘d, cpr. N; $1.. It 3!‘ ~ S” _'_‘ _ , ’ Fu ň -1.‘rl_1I; C;n1:t.h—Il;lipU¢hII£a'§tMsy¢ek u’.gIo|Ieid.6l w.I_|5 mum yd: uuough leaving q.i;gheId»lor my -um oil-aedynavpxu-Kayo-rhuguuu an >3,«*‘a..‘~ . '_-ix‘-.:,_,\.V.’u n '“<\‘-e. .5‘ It ../-.,_. 1.. =5.“ ' .v. ~» ’~'”:-!»‘, . ~.: ‘T 7*.‘ . , §~,_..\\; .1—. .*}r ' ‘STAF1=om's H Blue;BZac.§ O Imé. \‘“\ \§’na°$'n}‘x‘=§§>'y\o§'e\3'o§1:‘.'-':':'e':\‘§'hW ''°'''''' 15 gm-anon “’-ro‘m. mum “mks. tn-nix rwm on couumm. },'0(/’2VG', LOCK WOOD 6' .60., No. in Inn. 7 A MATTHEW O'NEILL, - wm.:...qx.un cRopKERY, C'hz'7¢a‘arm' Glasswang, LAAMPS A_§§_z_> c—nANDm.’u=;x=s,' STEAMBUAT mm Tim 0wN1sas,4V .. . We Itclow io Iuppiy KRIER HILL- COALIO /40 bpgli cup’. at rAl.§P0§.T. OHIO. :z'v‘emry> w » No.1 Wncru. gland Ob.

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