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Buffalo morning express. (Buffalo, N.Y.) 1878-1926, March 27, 1878, Image 1

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A.__ w:‘\ '-~‘k.. Ii-‘ii.-‘ “‘ A ' % ~ A I. % U‘ >- V‘ ’ I ‘ I . rim‘? .‘.\ ' .. «'5 Kv .. * j - T . % L ’ -¢. XPRESS \ . _ 1~),,“_ &m**\‘ .«-a« *‘ of s.:.. .o«:_ - T — » N L‘ . » 1 I.Jlie9rd,cr- L- '. Mxiu n.1,ons*. sis-. ex, :1. .S inde- tnculorsfcmd. . _ , .,\«j_‘«.. ~ ‘5-:-. _, , 'r:: v \' '2» K .; ..~.»_-. x, ::<_~:;' La: carry!» £{5;:(.g¢¢r;‘ag_a: Sn; ‘L’ §’9._xo;;v_ _' Vy ...‘_»,. 12.: 3§§3‘Lw3:‘un..tox§r°*uw-Tr} -< Aw“ 4--' \vasmnau>nl»°.\KF «—'-‘*‘=\ “\3” “'3! ' “F Paris!!!-$1dZEN°'*;\§T?”‘2’;l’_Z“§S’.*‘ :9‘ ‘H9 ‘~’,‘,’;‘;’.‘5r\\\°°':§ 3 ~ \ Ag \1’ '3 ~°c ‘ D twed‘-gd ‘ MW 3' 7 Km if: M(’I3‘hund: ) 3” \?\'A'rri\x [:5 Co 92-{|7_ _.)’ A Pm~' K ,-sgongcoungil o.ao‘gSa_turd:_y)...... ....1p . :0 “kg ;1¢g:nmnn_ndcryN9.2o(Monzuy) ‘~;..,.,Apra :. :5 , PgygmLommandfqNn.3agL('ogdgy)§p:n mu A 4):“: comer Ngm am! '€€i$[t‘ Stngfts. .,,,1,;:o?.gq5;¢n:'L;nam:1:_sr:n4;x ytsasmap-a‘: 4. we A33,-um£hp}}L;I’Nq.a33‘(§_§ - ...N3U’. .. :7 J: -1‘ ; ‘ ‘.1?’ T_H ,1;-1) EAR.--N0 6. BURFA, N. x, WEDNESDAY, 51.4 12011 27, 137.9. §1V‘IIOLI‘5‘ N‘U2K£\ER. 10,665. .: OFFICE; 179 WABBINOTON 31-. , IiI;I_LLOK1:II_x_(; §V2§§:K§SS.'—-Faithfully dc- I1n':_xea :9 miibriben. H13-van: II|e‘Vm!k.by Juuus 2; uxagg. cmumoc. or lint by an. pmvald. to any pottoitihtk United smmu therouowxna reduced mu 5»: scar Sr. month: Three month! 0!): month Telegraph ALBANY. FOREIGN. deeds and surrender his ptopefty iuduced\I‘\‘\'ceg3's confession andhis pm summder 0!’ his pmpi any. He slaw l|1,I!t':g];l¢ He A,uomay.Gcn,cr,\I gigonxlsed him (Kelly) '14 at. _e would discharge weed n! be complied. with As a citizen. Kcliy says. he feels 33- «T5111: is being dislmnotcd by (Ina breach 0! ltllil, and h:.1u:¥ic1'c< Tweed‘: hmhe: delcnuuu ma neulxer bene to the Sm:-awn example to u31.aam nor service- abie to the cit . T\\tcx:d’:> lg.-s:lnmn)'. says K213, in aulu signs: ta: my. involving nxdlxons of do an. woulc! veryimpomxnl, but he refuses to testify unless dischugcd 'r ( - w ‘. _...——: ~ van on MR. sum»:-s cAsa:.;war Passions Fully A:-.p,usea Thu’ Probnbllltloh-PriocaodInns of the GERMAN [N1-g Acgm cnnnl Board-.»—The_ Contested Contrngt‘. \Vulhm nusu»: vs» !5s1~,verss=n. awn. ,¥:..!si¢9‘% «to: pan con 39¢ judgiwnz, o;'dcro_d‘in I¢e.0.l“3|,N.‘° 1.339‘?- ‘with. - .' ' \ ‘ ‘ Sylwcncr P. x,o§r¢' ts.‘lle,t1nIn'F8,¢, Al! rio- ceemngn on uh: part or pjuq mydd uhltil deslniou oi mouon tur new-grin. ¢xcey:gr.ha_k M ‘be-silawcdm cam judgment and ancuv 8: to aupggl sc¢I;r1lt‘- ~ Andmw 1. Isxcclmmpneu A1m!r.aGx4x;c,g- ltouon l «K the dclcndant lo qpjal detail! 373904‘ W3 595' 1 . . ~ ' ‘£3; 5. Laubexkm vs. liars-ey M. aunts. Rouge on pan o1 plami to open dchu}: xnnxed on payment at (no com. Quiinn. « m1suumuNa‘s nnsmcmas. 5,.\ M ASONlC.~.—A ggecsal. communicmi 1 DI:N.°lIY‘L0dK==, 0- 13!. F. _nnd A. Mn ‘ I ucxd 'rhu:sd:&,I! nnc ocluc r. 2., slurp. at lc l<lzlh!N0- 341 uhén ,smc:..!ot lhclgnrposc 9;’ land. '°= 5‘-“*::.':‘.2,‘;:.“:,.;‘a.$'.:::?::-.%2:.§, ‘3:.\°':: “E33; 0 an . . or en: Mum. _ , H. B. S'l'AM|1ACH.y5ccr:{a _. $0.00 3.00. I .50 50 Last Em-/u':g’: Demalckts on 7‘£t‘rn‘r Page. .Franoa wm Not Enter the Congress ' Without England--War Prepara- Svzcmt To Ttua Bt'rx~'.u.o EXPRESS’ [ uong Ag aging on, Frvu our Rtgtcltzr Carrr:p£md'ntt. i 15 _.._._.__ At.a.At~\a'. March :6.-—A great deal of spttulttltun ‘L Much 2a_:Gm_ lgmug M amwt ta beingindttlgtd tn to-night m rcgald to to-mu!’-' _ _ row-'5 vote in the Smyth case On: mpun l§\?h:t' _ “§—!t2E -'£C°‘“u°DA~‘-‘lg 'ws5M' Senntoxs Gocbel, I.)-ado. R \' Ptem.-. Llppttt. ' ‘~ °\'5T-\“'\‘°\*‘- \f\“‘h_ \$1\ °i‘;‘:“‘|“§\°°' °‘ Scssiom. Dn\'e'n'poIt. and Robertson of the Rrpub- ‘3;|3k:°:hn?§::l§::e ':?;‘u_:\_.d“§uyu 12:5: ltcans wit! wt: for removal and that all the Dctno- | my o“.“p)- g\|.,—,1,1“ ' emu. willgo the same way ucepIh¢tu1nn\\'a.g-V 9’ m agnsut, tta and Hughes. Another It-port, which Inches. 3,3,_,-;‘;;f¢,%,‘._ Much 3o_...1'm \Pun um, [ht Inc from 3 source usunlly zeltzble. is that tt is not t 5;;-vuu 1 ’I'_ P; have cV_I.s.fI.]!.1§d \\'tatt;n ts cnnfumcd know}: that any Rcpubltcam mt] vote for temovztl. and thc {Wen ha.» stncc been oc1:tt}!l¢sd1:)\hE Ru» sage 14%;-51, “,3 _§§;;g;g¢“.‘(agn3p“'oue1- 0|‘,-oggvstlit 'ik£,T tnttabttanta of “mu: tmc .:a:ed Ytstetdiy ttm all the Democrats and all but I ff: :3 5&3” '§tP{|‘3f°u*‘l'I'u';0;m3 “ “;,_';‘;:j; two or Rt.-pttbiteam vtoulsi, fat; to: ‘ permmion N migtmhé ‘Pm Sgnh; ban”, they in. E“ §:'“\”f3 *\‘§“‘“;““ 2*’ “cf,” ‘.19’ \‘x“°°'I P33‘ resulted not to teutun tn Ilnlgula at .. pemttcn cut my-t won not rtmovcri ' N N E c°_,mx55_ Tm: \H\ ‘M mu\ ! Pltkts. b§::hc:{:t.I:—-:11-: nu): helium the (Inn- The ptpc-line bill. me: bcmg atnemtcd today In gees: has (urea in consequence at England‘: nztusat the Sentte so as to pmvtde that the line should be to puttctpato. Fnnce sttpulztcxl (mm the outset \tor pub}? ttse.\ wn.» progressed in sptte ol the sh: Tould 13:3?‘-\E:“£\“ *7 ‘H c oft sfneuds tu have tt onlv.-red ton xhtnl tend- mu the cqifmcu 0! Mmmen W mg. Th: opponent; u! the but were on hand tn “wed mt mohmon‘ Inllloxce. Dun _, ,__ , _,_,_ _____ _.._ Single caplet. THREE CENTS. TI!E \VE_EKL\’ EXPRESS.-w-With the “ new 1ame\nva1nnbk5up93enent has heir: gm-.n regu- la nah we¢k.FRBB. than mung ll Ml arm: as wen uu:k;g_1qgr lo:-_I.§c muggy wblhhed in ma country By -Au. prepaid. One year. . .. . = OLOO. Allcommuntuuma. at whatever uunc. lnlendcd lot thou: 9&9!!! should be uldxutcd to __ _ 1- N. MATTHEWS. ' Edllbf I96 Publistur. Bu N Y A EAWNGS AND LOAN AS» ‘ t°‘°°“.'.\.‘%’{na*‘:..‘:.\‘.?:\“;.? ‘é’.f.‘» 29- grgagway ind hlliwuslrctl.' It ms lined u 1 send‘ ‘[uundIlib1I\\’l\l1 list at suhscrigerli. A whp dc. ,.u: no Inns: men money we-ly and pto will do “*\ .‘.§‘.‘°'£'.~é’-‘.' Á \:'.\<§‘:':°x°§‘i‘;“a‘{5°z'x‘fa»’.‘ 5-¥§.'I’ If: p§'tn«; Film-'9. Tréasum pr} llm-.- AUG S0!*{!{§1*IANN.Secxcurv,6~_A;rag5<;m:' V _ I AFAYETTE-STREET\ (?H‘U‘RCl-!.- .;. ‘:»~:::'::‘.zi:3:;§=3:“:; $33 ‘am .w....uns1uxpzy, A212-lylo . S35 SlNHi‘ \\ L..u..mm company 6 Wu dine WASHINGTON. guo aéfifv 'ro«H.dwE=s BATTERY PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD COMPANY»- l'lu1.._!tI1£l.t‘ltIA, ‘starch '.t6.—Thc stockholdcxs art the Pennsylvania Rmlmad umnifeslctl a deeper in» tcn:stto—d:¥tnthcn\o.1t¢r of the lundmg u.-hczuc than they d I! In the rlt-vuon ul ducctors. but as re- gards the latter then M. an l1LlI\(' tuutcgt The rcfular ticket nununtttcd 1-~ tht sxotkhulclm‘ mm. xn unnhcadcd by Thuxnae. A 3-swat. Mt; succcastul some of the Opiiusllluu utku xcuned a large wot: The funding -c mm was an-zt-wed A pactston nouns? ~£\\é~.on1.t:ANs. Nan‘-Otupsss. Match ab~- ju Muutvc. .- the Thur! DtE‘!ti1t,.-ijuutt. lxsta xtndcrcd A dcuztuv agsunst the clty‘tLu'! tn ltnuv nl the southt-m hank compelhng the my cuthufmz-s to levy a wt 01 $050.01» pct unum \ pat the lnl uu tnuaolx. datcd bonds. xbuut uut ycars back taxes cm: dn. on Ihcu bpnds ' * Law v. :11 doubtless br ap- pealed. 4 Anson Launbenon rs. Lhc same Like maxim: and order vnlhoul coats. The llnnovcr Fire lusuxgic Company In. llcnq M. Dam. Phlmm onlcxod to 1:-mducc won! or lomc:-;..nnd leave the same al the office of we Clerk u!.AIiegany Coumy tor thin)!-six hurt. ddcndan; to have In em: and dtahuncmenn Applscsuoo to pungah plalnti (or comcmm ardqvd to stand ant ml next Special Tenn auer Apr“ afd Phcnbc Phubuck H. R. W Chnmhcrinln ex 3!. Rcierceh rcpurlluuurplun money: I: con ! sad Tmsam at Allegauy County amend yo pay ore: month In his land m anmrduulv mm the tuna vi and rcpon « Chances Against Wood‘: 1‘arlf!—-U3n3o- cram: Pllferers--Tfihbor Degrada- . tors canton: Judgment. OUR LA TIES T :\’EWS. W,» I-rum our Rrgiidf (lvnrypanltul. .3. Xwysuuenaora. March :b....sm,;,, Mmhews and Repmculatxve 0.1:. of Ohm. had a length; eonlm. cure mt}: Prcsuiann Hiya In mfexrnn: 1515: 1:5: conga to take an tclauun lu btnuol lIowe's speed: It \.\‘u. decided, In new of the ntzkness oi the Aduunmmuon furccs m the bentle. nut to nuke my xcply wlmgver. The Dcmocnlic lenders have 3130 decided nut to champum Ptmdem Hl)':s's ctusc. ',‘l' a's,~cr!_1.]‘a| they mil, an herb tgtore. appmvc hls I and appoumm.-ms whcnevcr they ate exilnnly w.u.s1ac£9ry{o ghc [km- ocmlc party, but will um defend his Adnylgislnnon In gcncnl lcnns. IWX cm»: to n:-ganl [um ctlhu than I lnudulenx Prcsniem. bcunlot Bra 31111 was um!» nh restmmgd {mm mslnng lo the team: and the Adunmaxrauon ycatcllhy. and may 33! has: somtrhmg to say. bu! uh: II;-moan» ml; :1?! fall-nu hum Sracuu 19 ‘run Busnlu Exrxm. iluinineui Kantian. For the Middle Sgptes. increasing clofxdn ness Ind ram. Forlhc lower lakes partly cloudy oz clnugy wuh xgin Men. The Laununary ugnala 15 entered only at Iln . ’ m ml) RELIABLE MAM. . busness ‘X , ,_p,,.m._¢ an !1n\'%LI1a cxcgusxv wgxtnlladnwhax. I ll 0 IN do IL?‘ 13.‘ ec:!‘ll \ 3§:§j1‘5'1'1Ns°o§ {n SLATER. __,,,‘, m mstmcnt 01 Bonn:-y l ouae Blvd. \Vasm.nxwn allt Thumaa. I l\':n vs him M Wiley. uupLead.cd._c:¢ Dc- lcndzuu Allowed lo uncut! nun-tr munn xhmy clan on p.:y_m_em_ at no son: at motion, Phmufl to be nllqaxcd In amcnd complaint or to nnts ! ou|_ any delense set up in uuwcr n he may bcmlvuod Admvurnwd to Mad: -uh. no 4,4: A law has caaetgd in Iowa 1-£1 estnblnsmng cngmt punishment. Thu sunsziu shuwu: Incmascd number 0! murder: nuclei the mon: mcmful syslcm. The State Senate wili vote on the case n! lnsunntex Smyth lbw: Ingrmng Tin: verdict scum to be about an .uncQ_:mn a: that ol (he oxdmuy pm: Jury . Horse dealers will be interested in the nun thxl agent: at the Engiuh Gcmmmcm are buyung :8,uuohorsu In 1):» connln f Ihn: cavalry ,;seru:.e. Pnca an: new wry luv-. Suantcb. MARINE NOTE8. ,. ..--—~--.—..--...--.-....-.--..-.-. \\'ANTED.--An educated young lady dc-~' sun I ii-luauun house-krcfet. goxt-nines: ux x,d.A{ur:xn’z‘:a1‘c.;,;‘zez§a, beau: ntxczxmangugn 1 ( Hlx Mm, Maul: eh Rcprescnmn.-.» up uh. lcndmg eastern [mm to-day agreed on a prnenuw v u! nppomonmcnl 0! ilclghl lo tint‘? mad “Inch u ‘should xury out uf SI 1.--urn. I llnapuln, (‘hug gn. and (‘nntumnuau md mun n-mug puum RAILWAY Lmaa. \ -—\\'c learn hum A private letter to Locke. Aus- un A Sparks. uglhu dz)-, that (hate is vrhm o mg .1! 2 I ma pg! bmhcl (mm Dc-{run to Bul- Mlu .‘ a nggnn be e \ wnb resscls to —!'uI|h fUN Humu. mm m thuu:~;.tme nude n \ $1.50 pct xhons:.-:d an lumbc: {mm |‘.un~ muud, um-ugun Ray, no (‘h;c'1lgn, (are an ml —l Ipmm 4 Vi Nuwaul hawuzx nngéd so llns cm; to: [hr purpose of uhmg disrgc -A AW fmlngi out thc srhounex I . Arman \ VVANTED T0 ‘I-{E._NTV—-A small farm near Bn Addxcsn. (nuns cu: And xrnna. lo I nil‘ PERSIIN. No .2 mm Jeirnan sure: cxxy H12’. GSA-3'3 DUKE 115.233 [HE §L‘X.|’A.N 4550‘ 1\“ rs” P55 3-‘ D55?\ 741“ ~’~ I Lossrnrimorla. Much ab.--The Gnnd Duh- PIOCEEDIXU: 61- run a menu many. . Nichol». amzmpnnzcd bf-“twelve Rxmhn gmexnh. A_,_,,,M_ Mud aawu uuctuug of EM (km, Bxslttcded today In the penal yacht Lamdm lo Boaxdlu-day M: Gala. o! Tm). urged :15: Board‘ ““l’°gm“\ P'1‘°°' “'h”.° l\ \\\°\°“\\\! 5‘ an rtlerrncr (olhrdum of] H. Boomer. cnnlmchu m” 3“h‘” ’'\'‘°‘§‘\3°d 5? 1115 Mlmstm. Ounm (9, Mm ,, ,1,°_ud, N,_ W“, -rm)“ ‘U ad\ Pam Pasha an_d ulhcr Latnrzals The Grand Duke unn- 5,,.¢u, D; we cum “ma. “,3, mu” dhpmtd ten:-A Wllh (he Sultan twenty minutes» H: mm 1-5,, ‘mm ,,m“w, .9 gym and mm, mam, wv.-nl lo Bcylczbcy Pdlct. when he an: mu».-‘d by u um¢.n.,.,.,,g 531,313, .4 3.. ,‘1,,,,,,~.,;H,%,J¢ 132.: auhaa lost:--inc Imnmcs Inn. The (stand ‘9 11,, mom.) ,3, u, mt “um”. m 9;‘ I and huh: and um: Mu pmoeedtzd go the former Ru». would lapse hack :0 the Max: In 51:) Th} man:-u. “‘”7“'h'”‘7,\ (“W a‘ wmch “\\‘“ “ “\' after dxswamm. was n!z<x=:td ¢‘~\‘9.1'?\d‘ 63',‘ D“? K?‘ *‘“|‘‘’'‘ ‘''‘’‘‘d A Pmyamm ,0 mh H“, mm m, in mm,‘ ma Lu-aim tmmghx and _I-uuz.\ asekm with the Rive: (ma! conform uilh thou: on In: Em (maul §“k”“°’m‘m°§ k.\ “£3 ‘g‘ me 6”“ .D““' .3 ‘$34 W _ rdrmng to am For}: «. .?p;¢;;¢qmuns ol 4: munngc A in-nluuun tn taro: of mluung toll on Inn:-zgn \”3|°'R“‘““ ‘°\ A 3'3“: ‘kg 5°7’°~‘?‘ a\ all Ei sum rate as on duuu-an: ms adn;-In! r‘’\‘\’‘' “''“m c ! “ \m“‘““‘“‘ ' nu ummnuu mrnut 1.1.1!-‘lIM.s x “’”\ °°\°°’\'°' An 5 men! In: had btlutr mm: \\ nxluuul h\“'”‘\' Mud‘ ’h\'Th‘ ‘.u‘\' “y”““‘h\ mm Q04‘, $23, mi-,5 as i____.,;_.,r,é'i ‘ W, ‘W nmugujm barn undo §o___xyulu_v._': §{ugn.s__}o cg. mt: uxdulnm-1 uulln usa lhe ntu I spud, (3 ‘I 4 k\°' '43’ mm’ '\'5’°‘m'““7 “,':\‘.’d’ E‘i‘7;‘E §§,m,, dim“, . W M ,1“ “mm mm“ W,” New mph on tnruuhly Ihh, via. __ \ou tum: an l‘ouImIuIou:o- ‘tn-‘In avaldrd the cum . I--' bh\'” °§ '\P\‘\“f“!’§ ‘M’ \\“\. \\-,1;,,_ am”, and §Je5m,,_ up uumdo Em The I .-.-I my: ‘ should tit enigma (ml «um- “46 - moi we lupus um “N we a W nun: any yet he -uughl (or thin mg 3 m! -n mm, ht kadd an an ‘nwmnkm “I met?‘ 6! ‘amended ngreca:-ax 1! an Emublhlr u 1‘:-ill b: 1875 And I575 tn n-{mun lo the new calnu and ‘’\“‘L ‘m! “‘“\\\'“\..' 31¢!\ ’ “M” ‘‘‘h“’‘ \ (hr uxt-Mung al the mud \ ccpyuus-nmgg ' ‘ms 1,. b'“'”“§ ‘“\n “ma o nouid an dmldc um an-5 A Ikrhn conymnndeal ulna um an ngnmllg mapned uncle tn. me Emu 1’-an txxm gluzd - dgmand. and (H.-durs Russia shou hr um umugb to be modem: M u Yuish. — Lelngh Xa [hm t uuupan has min;-ml '11:: Inuomng pun-s fm ma «lelnrro; alumml rcsa:-h nl Penh lmhny In Mun gum?‘ 34. egg 51 ‘rs mm‘. 8190. |’h!‘$§§)u| 3'-'5 , COAL PRICES \T\' A2f«YTED—— Shin. aqd coilau 1 owns in (‘mm 5112! uundnzhazsr 98 ya: aw Pnnsuce (;!RL \\'A2\‘TED. --A German P‘rI:Ie~;-lam M. v:.?.:-;:=:::°::=:*=*.,,:°.:..*:.,:*..-= M ° ‘W A G£RL' \»¥';3;\’J;‘I'£'.;U“lu.f1g§ gin {musc- rmai In y. a Brynn sum lgnaue am: at the wilicst oi diplomac- ms. ha: um-ed at Vtenu to make terms with Au» Im II he succeeds Russia snll not area ruwh what Englnnd uunks ax data about is Ill! IAHH‘ $111.. The House had us mu simggle own the Tana bill loan; and the rcsall b no! rag-udcd 8.: lam-ru bl: to my um lcgulauon an stsxxon. My “nod rcpnned the bill. scconpmu.-d with an msnlutlon 'I'in1:uln apn! 4. la: :1; caamkr luau. and (In: tun xx.-snird by all! the a '-7%)“ cngnposc 1 uvzewiz and wlugdo not attain lb: un 5:- micmd with ‘ {On pamng the Ieavlullon the man wu :37 ya: lo 114 mp. sad :1: ll'I§I}f:__0I an rug. as I\'l'll'a.s muwcmm-as sub mtmbem tank. :1 certain aim the hundred and Ivnnctn wlio mm: agnnai imizg u iiité is aaéd-“=23: £34:-; ==-:3! Iulr xgunu a tuna run an all 1!: nagca. ctnleal m. nihnualase I012 Ihcre are quuc a numb\ the, stud: nnllmg mu 3 day would b: and Sm nulsxdcmnon. ml! tux: ngamal (he bu) lnabwsur —-Laputn llc.-my huge. late 0! lb: Jinucmel (I .5‘ llamrd. leaves Ilus wed in: Ibicagn. Ln; ukr charge of I21: what-urr Ran! H\utg. um: m 11:31 km but This resu.-I _u amp 9! the lucky one: whzd: ob tuned rm: Ctnis pt! bushel In timpon France declmes 16 cuts: the European Cnngum-5 units all the signxmry powtnm: trym ixnlcd. Unless {ha dtlggrgcp 2.-ehragn England and Rug»: ahzll bc '~'1hu:Iunc. I Cangles win} out oi the qnts 9 [Hum be seen by our‘ Albany \spccml \ dmlhc Pipe-lint bdl ncurcd a set-back La lb: sum: ytsmdny. ‘I1: Bu cammillce should be on the gnmnd uuhmu dghy to combat the ct (um N 11:: rulmml and \Stamina! \ mlcrcsb. IR»;-. rum». Mame, Ma-.~h an -— judgr lI\earcs. m the K umhcxund l'ruh;u¢ ( mm. ruled u-du um (hEJii.§»h€n! 5*‘: Va.--4-A bu the Ins! Lr,;ulamr«- :- rgxg ughile [hr 1 nllol Malt; hank l‘u[|V llw cm. nnue. In [gnu BANKRUPTCY LAWS \'x genres! yaugzg lrcsluzzan. 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A no Trt-asury. was l tit:-c lrun lg En ‘ . §\\\}\‘ tlt-artrt nl Pcttttxylratttgtlunng lllttjslli, ‘ml 40th..‘ .ua.t..'md 42d t'r.In;;:‘ut:.-t and «mum Pcnnrylunm at at Rtgle. lmtnlhc Cntatntttecoulnralld l'enu-xn.rt7~. _ “'16” \W8 \W *3 ‘?\\8\*‘- W‘ ‘\\°*' =* dwv 51‘.’.\.°:“z..?.. ~.i‘.2\““lé‘t'.‘..‘.\.’:’..\’t’.‘.’.‘$.\.l”.l‘t‘i '°\\.‘t‘£\‘ ‘§.‘f.‘; Italy. mm 01 the Lpmmtlltr on Kat ml fgiux ,1 Q“. m,.nu,_‘c‘lt¢1m.¢ P‘ ml: ‘W_, ‘\ . . . 11.1! '”l6 l t to rest» ‘ “ c otmtuttt-r on an mg ant 'urn-my tn. at V I! 0 , . 0 £90 5, ‘W t _ H ,4; gt; , ummmn gncw mm. had a gent-r.tl mntultttlnn ronrrmlng the counting gaff? “'6g1u?.:3g§,‘¢\’ mg, ;.¢ul :lDt;ng‘nl‘;):lsllllIig\§ It was their In at n-cjghlng nl mm In llw nevrfal at-.mam lrva. ‘ -ales:-s. Actttm. 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Iv-um) tlw loss ul thv luv)’:/Itt was ncudcnlal. tm Th’ llmal \3\\ 3\ h“\\\\° '\7\'\‘ um 'h\'° Home Human Jones 13' June: (Ina \ Kenna. H m attaching to nnyhudl )CYSOlls tn Cnltastcn ‘artsh. «In-tlntmcvlm-or tlurt-2-.« - ' _ K ‘L R‘ I “ _ L, _n°'d ‘“ '-‘ “ lourths nl‘ lhc 93.nnr)lng~ mml, ltnu: t0l|l(‘\t~cfl LKllI13.:::rltlinl'!:io:‘t'£t. :\‘ux-tltn‘. l.\3‘y‘l Mcalg. m.~tas' WA!-Es. l“\E'“°'“- _ _ “ ' Sg fil|¢:€‘l;3i,::;:,r::{»i§§11nr'fal;'Jtt%l°rl;Iui'°t:l'l. ll‘:trus:‘ The mlltcn at heart ‘Form llat'c‘l¢ml\'ctl notice‘ ‘ \““ ‘\“''”~ 1 tg (¢‘3‘htv>|t.,sR:ltlI<l‘l’e.§lt?.;tlbb|tt§h(5'l C ul : 5 per cent trdttctlon nl Waita. d ‘O ‘ ( ommtxloro Wymttn. Up('l’llll!‘l‘l lent - l thol 1 ‘ — ° 3 ‘ ~ “\ ' \9 u ° ° ‘ '\?\‘- The wncn nl the South Ynr Slllh‘ mt ;.“ M1 “\3\ “'4 °‘\\\‘ \‘\- “‘- ‘-’°‘f\“‘ '-\'\\‘ tlrogmplnt olllrc. mu. :1 ‘n. nndr-nIr'v0tl. rrltcvv R3; §'°\’ 5Itlt' 5a'£';§‘1,’c‘,,|§‘“,§}\ l‘(‘l‘l‘y\ll|l'l\ cnllitrrlcl have accepted the mmpm. n\\\°‘N' ‘ 'M‘\h \\9\ Admtnl Prcblc ol‘ rnmmatul «I the ‘imtth l':tufu- ‘ V13? 'Vccxlcr Wadd Wtmer \l'tm' tmxr ro nsetl by the men and \\‘I as have there- Emtmu. Bur-At.t 9unx.s;— I wlnlt In publicly taxvftsa “am”; Rn’ Admml H Wei,‘ M ‘h. In “hr “mm:--W‘ ‘nu-m_w“‘fhm“M;ch_‘ wIuhm“Dd~,' W“: In- hf; ‘P \duwd Mr “Li lnmfa of 7 L2 ” tluotiuh the pres: at Bttllnlo my gratitude to Dr Collins. T f I _ ° ' ! cg h. . llama (Ma. \\t Wood loung—- \ ‘I ' ‘ ed 5 he \ ' Mag-nctlc Ph)-stclatt. for the lnralunblc service ht: bu li'\\V;~v€||l I503 year. rt-.\tnn<.-a mntnmnv n C 0\ Nayqkhdrltll. B.‘t_ct (N ) L Bttllou. llaetnv.-. Blair. 1‘‘'‘' '*'°[“°mP'\ rvndcrcd mt tmcstonng rue tn health attu sum.-ring tor a ' 1\\? 0\ l 33'3\l$13‘gmggfiagtdl 1'Il}dt‘- 13“? .,. lgng tltne frum!lySpepS|lIljl_d_hI.'l.ll2lgl1 In my late. The - r‘”\ ' I ,‘ ' ' t1ow'n).Clyt Colc.Co&§ns.i‘ongtr. Crag». Cumrutngs. .}-IORSES FOR ENGLISH SERVICE- dl$€35“ b°¢*‘m'-‘ V‘ 5°\¢\~‘ W“ \\3 “’“m¢“° \*9 '3\ ‘ TELEGRAPH SUIT. (utlclt. Danltml. Dstvls 1 ll. Dect)n;x Dcmstm Dunnel l . Y ‘x 0 Th am 0‘ mt let: mtnutes at n time The _ would commence In my-1 . . , I 2 Eatnts.E|ls\\'t5rth. lltianstil’ J. Evint at-td_}, }t‘.¢1.1, pas lVm\- ntztt. :7‘: l 2 .-- c cert gommmnd do.“ We ybom,’ ma up [mo my _l\m\.\ ntut. March 26.-a—ln the still of F.. Ilene. my »¢'(‘,;u-duct mtg. lanna. 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('hé'“““é' ' M h 6 - T ’ be THE NATIONAL pAR1‘Y. ahotsytctall-19;: ?x’rcczl.p0 Om: of the agssnftlgkgnts was citrrlccg I - — < ‘ ' ' ‘-\7VE\““’v “\7 2 -\' 5 ‘E’ \V135 D’ ' ~. ' - gt 1 J, _-n, N ‘ 1 . ll‘ ' tied and the MI retired’. It is be lcv Zgs Pm mum F1 «ii df‘ ‘Wm mmmrmuv .1 3'6 §r19q°;]‘°“s~° °‘ $'“M\ Dmm 82 0\ “5‘°’ig“°d ‘°' ni[§:|lW:‘ld(‘!}:‘I:tfl.:l to the §.cg?;l:ln\lIre ggzsllfg l)hey“tT¢{'r1e alter Trtte. Ste Ilmrdertr of Rev. Wol~ ' .. S W‘ ‘ “'\°'\' . In number of New-¥o;le City hill: mllint for a part new 1.1) ml. and intended to hanghlm. QUEEN CZEY ‘ , joint resolution In lavoroLthc utx colltagc of . -*\'~t* . _ * ' - ‘ THE PEACH CROP. , the precious metals. the repeal of ‘the rcsmnpticlt___ TWEED'5 RELEASE ASKED. Dimng Hall and Lunch .Room. WILMINGTON, Del.. Mam]: 26.--Rt: arts from law. e'tc._. and ft\'v'°Y*\I; “\3 \¢5‘““P'W“ °‘ ]‘*l‘°' ml Nr~:\v-Yank. Marsh 26.:-4C»nn1ptrol1cr Kelly hns ‘ 3 nttmerous points In the ad: regitins 0 V, ’Dclm-ttre ’-vhc INN\ *\'P\°\°m'~'\“‘- sent tt contmunicntlon to the Attomey-General urge 'v Na 193 Mam smm. on-. BANK or Cu~vt2',£,<‘,1l _, . and the eastern shore olmlliurylnnd stlt F: that the ‘ t'turAc‘o. March‘ 26 --The Trlrg-ttl/VI. a mnmmg mg \P0\ W“ E310 ‘FIBMU 0‘ Twat‘-ti. !}0\\’ co ‘[511 '. QVSTERS A SPEC!“ 1-‘) severe colt! Sunda{ greatly dntnngcd the peach crop. penny paper pultllsht.-(I ln the mtcrccta nf the 'Na- in tho zlt-htnn pmon. Kcllzv snys has pram so 10 ‘ ‘ ' _‘ ,buds_ oflnte \'axiele.§ having lJecn_ nenrlyyrcttdy to ttonal party, luu been started here. theftrst tssuc T_wct_;dthat the hut: Attorncly-» uucrgtl \VIlf|1l‘t;l.|’clca_iS: as, - - .. -.- WM: 1!. BRITTQN. l:ropr'l¢tor.t.N<10ms [he crop,;t‘t_ Is thought. wtll ht: vcr_y smallbl nppcnrlng tcyday. ~ I z lttltt ll he would make I1 {U1 CUM-‘SSIOR 0 15 1“ -The «bonnet Muuw tlzrfr hgha. lch ! ialutday dlcmunn, bound {by the can dlnme S 9 pm but up now us my mum nnx). hm hm fanzu up on me buskuua. I-mug out mm mum and {ma u: hadlv |:IuLr3, and tr: run was And ng-mag med up . -rue rugxn!-Scnim Dcpao-men: l.u,-£4-nlrtx-«I muuomn ugnahlut Burma. um: ~o. K?Owhul¢.l‘ Clcrdmd. line. Sandal)‘. Tolnlo. ‘mime and :15 div: lpptl mac xx-um -- —-The (‘Mega Ink:-(km: puhlixb I dupurb Irma I133 C411‘ In (tw dict! thal use ihrhggan «'hwn1lu.1n hag c0 grub me Loaszmmml [AM so lIatD{Dl.1ll «Inna; (Br uuzzin = nruzem. mm.- xu.-ndng Mn; 1 snitotn bu-urn at 5:11 [hrs moans man my uw mt saga and this aukm. Km $1 no (man nu tum-1. 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Esq appointed «fare: to «-11 ‘.7 T1) LET WITH BUARI) - :\ Ian:-* and ulcuam (mm, mom. an ant no un lumis also: sang!» mum \'.a nr. \\¢~u2 Pay» and. near (11 5 lhuldmu Hnrmma and prozxlilv an to lndinulubly linked with gnod ht.-alih [1131 I‘ [lame «suffering with hoarseness. mnghs. colds. c(:.,rJ:m‘x1&lry Dr Bull’: Cough Syrup and be tux-rd Price :5 écnu Mmon (‘nwlrmi n 1'hnmn llnxun rt‘ :1 Relzn-rs n-,po’n coulirmrd and surplus mnneyt in II]: handml Tutu- ura 0! Garage ( rmmy nrd:-ml dmnhmcd m ncmrdmce therewith ' Tm-¢ .uvH\\ I'I‘(lI'RlAl.\lll-WM -1: dmulvi n--I hr lnrgnncn lhal lhe radon‘ cmmauum-nt u.-all lake plmr al '\'l Imnrv Hall I-nm0TI'0\9' ¢-vcnnq; 1 hr vmmg snldu-vs haw prepared a fxral-(‘Ii-as pm- ammnu: with \\lurh lo amuse then friends. and u 1- in he hofncd Ilml lht will um hr an empty seal nu «lm lml ’lhr mmurol pt-rfunnnncr and ahn 1-n--cw ml! be wt-II worth seeing FDR R Ii N '1 MAGNETISM TRIUMFHANT Mails» Lounsbnry vs Ebcnuu '& nartleu. ex: . at Rclercrn vtpnn con \ and me Hui: v-I Mk-gnny (oumy ordered In In com mu! 9 summ- Sanh White M George W ar cl at Ref:-rrci n-. pornn mruuon con ! 1 ‘*1. _§uuyell. George N Fubca and Calm: N. sume im} :1! avmmuumnrn no make pnrtlurm Wllliun Mcfllumpha rn oumc. Wake am Fan. closure relcrred lo I! E Harding. Esq .tn rompule at same rs. xamr judgment nnd sale nrdcred The Cuba National Bank vu. lunb ll Hnllcck cl ll Foreclosure ruencd ta )3 E. lhrdlnn. Esq. In com. pule.&c: - (' ‘Sage gt. sum: Iudgmcnl nnd we ordered. Th: Pcopletx rel. Thomu Parka vs The Bond 0! Su. xicrrggtjylr ol Orleans County Plnlnu a unlrzjdayu to , I 19 dctendanunnnwcnlrcr servkcoumpyo! the same. 1 THIT F.l.B('9l\VI AND (.\I’A(IUl\é =\'(nn . .\'n. 2,146 .v1f«n'n .\'/rm’. Thr-ru h In Pm-I «Neel 2,: not drop Punc-slim who now: £1 cad; gm-gg kg: iv nccu ml by um-nnv. Sam 8 ( 4' . ht-mg thv mm-‘K +33\: and Ken Irv-almv Mr lmu 1-M.-:. In the‘ ray Fm purl wuhn enquire nl THNMAS §_._Rl£ll.L\‘, No v 3 Nlapam 1! F0]? 5/! 1.7:\ ‘(OR .7‘U E/?.\-‘. 7! 7l{.\/ C. P05 T 45' S(7.’V. lxnpnncn and Dealt-ts In /'-1m~n_ (.1111. 610:1. A\rmI:' omI('oa:/1 Paznlen ! bl: . No .6 Ex-$1 Swm Stun. liurmu.-3 Vm~[‘g!t\ft|n8‘(In11el-aortic!‘ _ 7 >_ _ ______ __ HE NEW imp ELEGANT R ass- D|'~.'N('K No. M; Nun): mm; lnnzr Int. (ml: and nmamcnm! lice: Jzfapew: rcsidcnccm nm-fnrcoarh- man. tlc Wu-1 based at in great bargain on very m_u-ml um-nu. Mm Io rent..ln'-uric and arms No nag iv-rah sl'.rect.adécin!ng the above. AppF§\m A REV OLDS. 7f«n._u9u_B min slrcct;_ _' \‘ ‘ \' ‘ 7. (I DU/V12’/I.W. 1l.axe(‘unér tors N bgwrcnco & Son) ‘. V for Sale or for Rm/. ’ I HE ELEGANT RESID.ENCE,0I-'_ TH}: . LATE ELUAH D EFNER. comer ol Seventh and Go_nnccl.icu: au-cots. Large huusc and lame gr--unds. Wm? bcmgcn two parks and overlooking tho rim. harbur =92 1ks;.?;rr1!'!s_az.'h° '1t:£\J2.9a_v.lm._.82r~.L. .. __ aon Conger vm Peter ‘Smith at 31 Sheriff‘: n-pim 0! M1: con \ and order at mercnce m6 6 Race In pmoln as to lurplux moneys. l’m‘fevt Fitting Dress Shims. -, -N-. ,9; Man 51, AMzRIr_An BLoc_x (V,-' u\lf'§'). 9!?\ [”m_a Drcss_ShI§_l}. to ogdcr: $s_. 3: §9_._'Q§:__ax_1g_$s y Same vs Same. Rclcrr.-e's report enn and{Trc:u- wk of Ené Cqumy directed In pay money: in ma lands in gcgntdanoo lhertwr h. . in re. oi A. A. St: can u Commxuii or Aim 8. Chase. cpeuon ol unsour mind. Cammm c authorized tn par. mion had: and Iellipenonal proputy . ’_ Eureka Kant W. Christophe? Burrow at 1!. Foreclosure. Rdérmd lo Thus, Corbett ur compute. ac. Iaiepn shenaoir. vi. Hulda}: M, Shelddn ex 51. -Rclemd to C. B. Germain, Eaq.. ‘to: report 3: to surplus moneys. Warren savings Bank vs. wmum; N. Brown. lInpl’d. tic. Mount) to 3:: Aside summons nnd dismiss action us against ddcndlm Brown denied with $10 com. Gm M 'O's<.nnmw x. ; Amxuurt Mom 0.$‘(i00DB1_r' %£;f007\. LAW OFFT E . 02'' N. 3' , . V.D V .51.. zr o 34;5o:a;.4Y' mszou T; F. C. w. GEYER & sop. d . \Vholcsaléma{\u,[ac1§;'r(§?.3o£ 1 f‘- ::...°m-ux * - ° - ..,.,,~.$la1m 5 Some!/2A2 wag new 7,7; ._§cze12ce DISEASES TREATED -BY VACUUM. M. c...°.::.-{;.&£*$¥:£€;.,“‘m““§§.m%;2:‘&«¥.:\8sm glnélé Tg \\ given by M‘-EV Hy. 1’rcAtIng hours I'D A. . o 9 l..N . _ Mic. \Vu.1-v-—-Slfzvinm to l‘>:Zn’i§: your Yacuum treatment has ndercd my ‘inmny {cam 9! pain to t!x__c back ;and o and hope.-you WI“ ¢0|!lLlI.\.\1.¢:;$11_t11c géod work. hcnmjy £!n!_ot_u;, ‘lhel nul- lu.-r treatment an nppucd Q?! yau.tnd'tge1h:vu‘i'tj1oqbei B‘§¥§'”.3.;“x‘i-n’e‘.’s“§‘s’{:.£°1‘¢;..;§.‘”<‘.‘r.$'§‘°”°“8E~£'$'.’§o“§\“ ‘”““‘ ' s. mat 6. ma ol'§§_n:_-au:1§'4yuu. Fin: Nutiqnnl Bank of sum» vu. James Form. lmpl'd etc. Answer muci imhm ghintrwi John Gllxét vs. Daniel L Deck. er. al. ifp on par: of pl.-nlnuntor have to amend wmpI%§np,mgucII and pub. hlllcd‘ ' ' . '1 Kaine vs. Martin Kane.‘ Plafnii ordemd to serve mended uxnpmn‘! widiln ten dnyn; Andmv Borden vs. Henry Maock ct ml. Motion on pm of deggnqwl to open ddfaull, and (or lenvciu ’n:sve'r. Denied. with tua C031. _ Mnmaew P. Bcmus ct nl. va. Wmlnm I’. Whllcaidc. H. E, Klnztbury. Esq.. appointed rctcrwto Luke proofs us to glolnllon 0! lnjunctfon order. and tggort me Ivldcnce. with ‘~~,_:‘,-.;-'3. < .-< Y. I .2: ‘ v’~‘«::-E? ‘: é I’ “M; Z. . ff f-1-71' 4 ‘{‘a;:,g§ ’. '.:;“r’3.4.§7 . ;, .‘ ;¥«-‘;~‘-\-'1‘- — «'19:.» A . - .r,.»“'»¢.'<,~‘«.‘~‘~- qi . .v~.;:-‘;: <1--~.-=»;‘»: ‘.4

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