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Buffalo morning express. (Buffalo, N.Y.) 1878-1926, March 19, 1878, Image 1

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j‘__-,~n- .-_1x~.A.,d-~ ,. - . ,_-, ._ . ~s ‘ - -3.; ,. ii 'i‘,.§ .—. .9 . ..-_.. 1:. -~~w ‘ “v ’ U 1294‘ ‘.2 ‘ .V I :2‘. . n.:, Iv‘ ,>‘-1'2 5n.Iu.n.:§-i.v't”-{}r‘§ J.) « % i = : t/9;. ,;.,,e-,w,. - . . ,1,‘-. '1: -£7 'l;_.;.‘7!.;‘ . 5 ‘E %“.<‘:”';-\:13\ ’ ; J_.« {'1 3,,,, mun tt'¢:%;Ml1§i»qgIa»~T ,au.d‘.!Vvm; Dixzigiau .51.». um.»-in--Pie-=.'9s_,, ‘_J.V;\..’;\'§ + ‘“~ Mar. :2 [,oag‘a_ ‘ . ' ‘ Mar; an w.,hmg:gn!.odg,= N?-I_4°('!‘hundI.Y) Mu.‘ ., :3 Pansh Lodgc,Nq.aqa,CI‘ucsday}. .. . Mu,“ ,, gg Qucep City Leda! N9=+353:lf','l'l§ly). . . . . .1 ., , . April 5, 39: uu Chapter N31. 1- lwvdaeldny) Mu-. .. ao~ }._Kg3'§_gqn¢ChlP“Tx»9§:1§3(\K¢‘?UE5'3|Y) .. Mar. .. .1 uun.:ucounc11Nouz<11:u_z.~.sd-y>;.. .An,tl!. . :2 Kc-ystone Conncii Nqnflo (Saturday). . ._ April . ao Lakc I-1rieC0II1Jl’\Ind£VI}'No. ao(Manday)......Hii., .. :8 Hugh ncifaytnx Cammwmr No. so u~I_amy)Mu. ,2; ,i~?—amj-'.=,<2< 5t5~!h3s-V555} fr:-c'I*.. ft . - j‘;-7'.1‘¥I'e.':I1tI¢'.‘g'__£.'§*f1l_I‘,')\'I:‘)“4IlI§[I* ti!s¢’fIi.1li$1;_v(i,§|x~ the: Cn¢|s.c’¢.-.\of‘!3xn ‘ ' A .. 2-v-.-.-H¢Vs0ll¢_)f,-—!‘,\r_fZA!.‘|'¢; uil ma Dcgnny Hugh-of‘ the Stars. wcm=1IL~St.,'L¢ui3-lxspvfeclg. ' / 7:? —--'l‘he New-B_.¢:lto_1da‘,, of New.-B§d£ou!, will begin I‘5l§zu lhrqugh. New-York Sxagg, equ- mcncjng Aytil ggth. ._ “ ,--.-'I‘Iné:.I'unsgc’:rs.nf.xthc Bu -will not tnakc my umngmcul, ‘loraunmauntil 1h_¢a-5..¢1l,¢.$1|.11_¢§ for Lin; 1n1cnu v sure ghampibilihipg are made ou-V '- —>. l|l.n ._ . \ . .§,. m. . W 2 ‘.1. .. ,- . -._,.,L_ _- :2 .2 ' :1. THIRTY-THIRD ’YE,AAR.+-N0. 62. BUFFALO, N. Y1; T-l!ljZ'.S“DA Y, MARCH 19. m;;.73.. E6 i¥fE?i§r~i‘.' IF}?-:1 t0I1l¢f:.‘Mdl'ICV and Cayrl .$'¢‘n'd_:. OFFICE: 179.7WA3HlN0TQN 57- THE M,QRNlHG~-E~X-PRESS:-A—FallhIu de- , livéi'e’dt?uII,b9ctil:eg;,si1oja_y31_qth¢'wgg|;. hy\]uu_u§ Gugancgg C|,k\;u!al-ot..oz sent by Inxjl. P“l>iId, to any pot:-o Hatred Status: the lollnwtng nlca: ' Q‘ one yui . $6.00-. Sis momlp . . a 3.00 Ttgxceagooxhs . .. . . l.50 Ol,I_n‘.no§IJI... .. .., .. 50 - Single oonl THREE CENTS. 6/egz./czp . » - , - V ' - - > .rx_E1:s1 use .pcrso,n be 39 £1 :;1: sausfnclof)’ ‘=-\ nminuiiomv . ‘W ‘ I J: _ , zeagg. apd Vgn, Bryxntfhgve siggx - Eowtnnongl .dugd&.i_»= ki 239 main ‘ah: ,vcmor't'\:tl‘ ,_ ‘gx ‘ so ’l},xc ncw cod ‘Th; (minim-a1:.o.v qsksth-t a x_«¢a-casggggissioxjy Irccrystcd to xevise L11: ¢qmg.letea«;uagg.¢.e:gcnr¢fwpone<!, h the “Com-‘. and “ é ! on Pmclige i,—n§q.;I'l9,m!_{x;g;‘»?'axxd-ye , rt :9 Lhéz-1.¢\s-. 1.-mare at t!un_i‘gx1 stssioli. :13; is‘ 'hélc-.£at- I “W1” P¢!*\9n huvbccn 32004\ by all 3116 mu», hem of ch’: Gsgsne coups; _ Luau» of A353eni!1§ix§muna24a.§ .mu,‘a.m‘m. .. .wn-II» cnnv:=rNo.=as(w=,anss3w>_._‘_.._-,. Nu. 1-as QuAaaEf'.§r1Lp. -aA'c.__x§;:_. if s o. 3t!i\§il_I\l itoutigri. u_Jsgi.scroxsTS\- Tar. T saoug-1.‘. «mus &.BBit!~l wisdlssolved on Febmqku ; :8 B R&muxu;,;o;g:; gm m_a_4vunked. flu K1. nfui cnmnow . :99!\-N-es-at .805 14 and -:6 wgmugtoa suéet. lsnugnonxcd to _co1l¢ct,u.n4 mu; the w*.;:z‘::::\'sa- TAKE NOTICI-.‘.«—-I~low is thgéi to ggt. our ‘l*~re re-covcyed and Spring Beds an_d Ma“ holslr::r‘c‘;,Y:lt9§£\ln!‘ you Ia; *I2a{'|.1:’ePsxures. Addresa your omen lo UP,HOLS“I'Eic£R. m,,9s;.u1lnenns:t_n:eg. “__ _ - AFAYETTE-STREET CHU ‘CH. -9- 1 P N. 1'1 “uh: chm l.‘,[:.n’1x‘x’\‘E‘é’(‘omj;a(,!xg'r;s llt 7' ' In ms 14oRuTmc* Mr. Va_r1c,¢'s’ bjl! directs ‘he Secular: of £h_c' Tnasury to pug out of the 375,000 lpptvpfia-led’ \Much 1877. 1 uaxnounldqe uni! cnuxzasiojs for scIv|cI:i.nlhv'Couf;derateSt1.1cs up to May gnu. 1801. Any chimspiid by the Confederacy will go: he again paid. Engxana and at swo_rd91P‘oInlts-:- Prospsr Qt the Ggnsreéim Greac:a7‘Part~-t$7Jatrla‘o P|‘8DI.I‘ EKG. -—~_Thc Erie mu: u A slmgxg one this spjnson. It ml! hm: vaxcntinu 1.I‘ .0! .1,)w..‘.I.s2uis- 7911,},-1;“-. R5 pitchers, Dehlngsn of St Louis. A: the bgsc, and Kc$sl¢r5s_;’.s,hp{x-szpjpi. - ‘Q’ ——- 4 - — -—'I‘P.u-“following elm, ' ;1gayig_,..lnrt,1|g= In. tcmntinnsl championshi ;, Tsuc \ Bnifalus, sms. Uiicas. Howells. Cxickets, Lowells, Mun. chesten, New-Bt.-dIunls~,rSpnng ! and Roches- texs. ‘ ——1‘he uunagem of the home nine fwd more __f~, obsuclcs to the preparation of the ground [us play. 2'“ ~ ’< in; ya scs. Ihan thp‘ 3,! flhl supposed. The ml to th: Eu. ol n (calf: very §o{t and mucky and ‘n his ban (onud xacccssarar Input as large. $lreclvplo\v m - the to; ts: mm lag day slmum bclaw. Asgsoun as glowing is bum mmpicted sand mil be eutqd in A311 4 ht-L13 roller 9PfIY3_1€<!,. ll 1: lured that the grounds vA nut hei {or ylaymg bciurv the hue: p April. In me meantime, the old grounds an .'ugn: street mil be used ‘lad £z4;n.t:Ic;_:D:;6a?: TB’-Ir} ‘Pugs. '1‘-RE WEE-EL? ;E_XPRE5S.—\\\\h the “ new xsne\nn1uahIs5upplcI.Icm ha given rogu- larty. ash v:uk.¥R£K. (hut inking It It: larynx! as well vuuaéuppqtornhc uousypubliahad In um munuy. Br etc?!”- .. . ..$|.OO. All nonmumcauon. ol whlcvu mm. mended lot that pap-_c1-uhould be addmgled In 1. N.,glA'l‘THEW5. mm; ud‘Fuhl‘ub:r. 385310.24 v » —wgasINc§:_‘9N. PACIFIC RAl!:!;;J‘;l—D.§ osaarran. Ca!-3._L.£ 31.11.. Giur. !,\ionm5;:!|lJiIl ;>ronl:l-:3 Ikm 11:: Uunxxad Simues v:_m,mcx) eu_o'Ics:;Jn: -v‘n - an] to the {aim-nl oi gm-an ‘ltkgtiglx-§Clbk5 as mrxcy ' :n3v.3c4.H:r my foreign gotemmenl. and uuccns -of the nil: States enjoy the same pIiVil:§ts 8: subjects of lorcign coknuin. The consent 0 C431». gum: is gircn go pmr mu 0,; . mnoul ay s:a_bl¢s_ bcmicgn the Stale: 3 lorcngu gunn- Lncs. . ulszl-‘£2 IN nu! co2«;n_a:s> THE LEGISLATURE. .-;<ex _._ . ; \%1~§\ \\ Rx “R. §\\\ \‘*\§‘;\“‘ \§‘~V~“\$:*~‘§\*\~ ‘§.‘\“::?‘*»: §\\§\\ \ ts‘ ‘‘x;‘;‘\‘\‘ *x\\ §.«-=.=‘\“‘~\‘\g~‘~‘~\ *« é~ \§\\\\\ V‘ )~\§\ \ ‘W; ‘\\ \~\ v git“ \Ns \ \l\‘\\\ §§\\\‘V\\‘\¥\\\\“§\\\:\ 1‘ \‘~\ \\*3\ ,;K‘!\\{‘ C‘\\ §N\\ §i:%:‘:\§‘.§.\ “‘\»}\‘\;{“:§“u:‘*3s‘\“\\ ‘$\\ \ «K Q N ‘\ N‘ K‘ \\‘\‘\ \ \ \\‘\‘\ N1\§ \ \\ §§\‘}‘Q\\§:§\§~§\\§’§“R:£:‘§§§\ \ \ W ‘ “ N ‘K W A» \\‘\\§‘\‘§§\‘V \\\\‘ K \ j\:‘\‘\ \‘x\:\\' ‘\‘\§\\\\f\\ xx § ‘*3 ‘:1? N‘ ‘R § \ \\*V3%f‘ \\\\[\ Q K \\\\\ “\ \\\§§\\\q\:‘ \l‘§\i\‘§§‘i“ X N §\‘“\\\\\:\\‘§\‘;‘\g\\ \ ‘‘ \ \\§*§“§\‘\Q‘\\ V.‘ § \ \{§‘*\Q:::‘\‘ M ‘ ‘\ \ \\\\\:‘~s ‘\\i‘; ‘V \\ ~‘\l\{‘ §§£$ ‘£‘ '§,»\§§::\\ :\\j§§ {xi §§ $5 \~.-;, \ ;;\‘\\:\\ K \ N\\ ~~ \ §§\\“k\\‘i‘ \ “xx” W \\§\\‘\ \ \ \ \\““ V‘\\\‘‘ \ \\\\ ‘\\‘\ * ‘xx WM“ M\.\\‘\ “N §‘€{ ‘R { \ \S§‘\\;\§\‘ ‘V; :\:‘i :\§“§\ ‘ ‘\‘t‘\‘:\Q\ \ \i‘\‘\§~ KKK‘ \\ ‘\\‘§ ‘\:\‘\é\ ‘ W ‘\\‘:‘\::§§¥:‘:\\\\§\\\\\\‘\ \§\\\‘\‘\\ \\ *\ \\‘\\\\\€\ §\\‘\\\ \ ‘V \ \ \ \ \\:‘} \§\ \.\\\¢{\ \\§\£:“ \\ \K\\\ \ \\\\\\§ {\\\ \§\\ ‘\ \ \\ ~\ ‘Q \‘ K‘ \~\\§s\\: ix“ \ \\“\\\\\‘\ \ § Q‘ \ \§§‘\\y;‘\\ \ 3q\‘\\\\\i \\\\« \ \\\Q‘~\‘i\;3\‘}* t K‘ ‘\ \l\\‘\‘\ \§‘\\‘\§\\§‘\\$.:\\\\ § .\\‘§\..‘*\\\ §\;\\\ \ ‘\i\ \\\\\§ N \“ \ ~\‘'‘ ~ ‘‘ ‘\§ ‘\g i\\ ‘xx \ ~\h~ ‘ \ \;N.‘§‘¥\§\\§:“§:>\§«¢\Q§x‘\\\w\Q\ §§‘:*~1:§\ :1 \‘§;?§ ‘ ‘\,:‘:\‘\\‘\;\\:S‘;:\ \:)\\\Q\ N :\ \ Q \“§K}§£t%\ \ .\\ \«N\ :&j ‘ ‘\\‘ \‘ §.\\\\ \ \ ‘ “ §\ ‘ 4*‘ ‘‘\l ‘ \ “*§“\\w‘£:§;:\\‘\“\\~\ *‘1;:‘:s.s‘:- \7§;§V“ ~= \\ \ *\\ “ .53 ~.§s‘::§~: «V \\:;‘;\ ‘:2 ‘V \\:§‘\\\\.;:§§\ * \\::‘}§{‘é§\ 1 §‘Q \:‘~« A \\ ».i‘~:w‘\~»>\ ‘W W ~>‘~\ N ““~t::,\ ‘*\\“‘~§‘\~:“ \ \\‘ N“ ‘Q \\ ‘ \‘ ‘ \\‘\ \\‘*\Q‘ \\\§%¢:\‘\“ \ \ \£\\\\ \\ ‘Q ‘?<~“~‘-?:~\*‘~§:J\\ M? >«:<\\ “* \ \ ‘ \ \ » “ \ ‘ \_ ‘ \ \~ * ‘ \\ \ \ ‘ L ~ \ ~ \~ \ ‘ ~ \ ‘ \s‘ \ \ < ~ ‘~ \ K‘ ~ \\\\§ ‘ \ ‘\ R ‘».:~\‘\ §\5i\\} ‘ ‘\\\\\\\ \\ \‘ R ‘V :§x:\ wx‘ \ ‘\§‘¢;\\'\‘§\ ‘§*\>\§t $§«~. ~\ “E «ta. \::»:;:§:;j;; ~\“‘§9~ \;:;x.~.., xx; .“§‘:‘\\$\\“‘. \ \\‘x “\‘\k.\\?‘\\:§‘:\\\ § \\\\‘V‘“§:‘§\ ‘xx \\\§\ \: E \i\\‘;:\$~Q‘\q\ \\\*‘ .‘\\\‘\\|K\‘ 1;:§ :q§»\‘ \\‘£‘§§‘\ \‘\§\\ \\ ‘\‘ Q \\\ 3‘\\\ \\“‘\;‘§.\ \ \ \ \’ \:\\\\’\‘* \\§*‘w:: M\\\ f\‘ \\“‘\\ “\\\\\ xi‘ \\\\ \ ’‘ ‘ “§“...:. !‘\ \\\:‘\« ‘§\‘U\\g | \ *\§\ N \~ \\ \~\ ‘\\ \\ N\\\ ‘\ ‘\ 5‘ \\\\ \ \ \\\‘\ \ \\ it‘ ‘x\ \, g\\\\\\ V‘ \\ »§\ 3‘ \\ ‘\?\‘ \‘\:‘\\ ‘£3 \ \ ‘\‘\\\\ I‘\£\\\\ ‘N K 0:: \ \§:Q\\‘ #§::\::. \‘ \\ ‘Q’ v\‘\ t\\ .\\N‘E« \\\}‘\{§}‘ ‘*q\\\:\\§\ \; N ‘i\‘1‘:\T‘\\\ \‘ ‘\‘\\ \\:\\‘§§\§\ \ \\‘§\ \ V!‘ H s,‘ “~~‘~ ’ 9* ~~ \\ “3§\“§\\ \ \\ \\\‘ ‘V N 3 \i\ \\}‘ K\\ \ ~ \~\,\\ ‘~ N‘ ‘ ” ‘°~“\\‘.f:‘\I\ xix; ‘~ “*3 N‘ ‘Q ““‘“ \ *\“‘ \\~ \ \“ M‘ {\ \:‘\:lK \\\ \‘:‘I\‘ ‘ 1 \‘§\\\‘‘\:\ \§<\\\\ \\ \ ~ *~ ‘N11: “ *~ \\ K N !\R 1 \I\\ \ \\\‘;‘%\ \\\\£:;:\\V \\ \“:\\\ ‘\‘~§:\‘ ‘\\N\ \ \‘\\\ ‘ ’\w\{\Q\ \ ‘\ \s§\:j ‘\.‘ x‘ ‘\ \‘x\\V * x ‘\ \ \ ‘ \ “““*:1~«g*‘:~“*<‘*~\‘~.§‘§ ‘\ ‘\ ~ \\ x ‘ \\ \ 3 § \ \‘§:‘‘\‘‘ ‘%\:\§\ \§\\ .1: \ ‘ ‘ k \ \ \ ‘\ \\~. \\ \\\ ‘KS :\‘§3‘.;::Q N Q: \ ‘\\N\\\ \ \;\\\ \ \. V Losbox, March 18 —-In the lluaxsc of fommoxn Sit Stn Nunhtole con \ the report that Rama bu! not Muses! to adnm (irc«.$:- lo am (on- gttxe but incrdy man! a quasziou as (0 lhv: touung on 31:!) lb: Gxtdg repxtsemamt should be ad‘- min Stanley Matthews Demolished -- Rebel Mall Cuntrgqgora Again--Freight Dild ! porsoy Aocund. \_ V‘ . _\_ Axnxxmws msa. @ OUR Ld*T£S7‘ NE W5. & ,_ .. ......... . SPECIAL 11> Tue Bm=wu.o Exrxms. Guvemox Pmckani. Posxnusm Gctcefd Ke_y-am others called an the Pxtsiden! after the o the Louisianqysupxzuze Coqr: in «gm! to the case c.-LAn&c,xm. ‘Hz: .l,*z¢au!:_txt expusscd gruntin- nun with 111: decision and and she gum: ,Umou would aiplggd the action at the coun as pitdmw and In e:iut=,res\, at cunciliauun‘ \ ' *— ‘ l-.F'I‘ H15 HOME on turday morning. . an. .s.mins.L.1ohn Bc.>guc.n§¢A .,,mnu wanna. ma age. nu: N111! ¢iri‘g:IéI.,I-9, G_ gchcoaxgadu-,sg,sgin and ten 11.1.! «A4 1:1\:-‘If ahgr com.ylcmon.bJu,ec)'u_. An, ununnanuo as to In 3 wh:rcab<.2;1!s,u~iIr~be Ihaukmlly nu-nrd by ‘\5 WIWXI at No. 71 333! Gcncsac ttrtct. ' For the Middlevsggtcs and lower lake re- gionsdgu or gully cloudy rather to-dny. Yale Collegt; -will be_ rcprescnxed a_t_ the -Seneca Lake single scull mm. 7 ‘i Ewan our Rqgular Cmrqp \\_‘a.s1uxn:Iun_, March 18. ——!;u 1 wluum tdnonul under thy bend ql, \ Rvpubhcan Dgtly.“ (his mom mg’: Vqitiaagqg f;:p:_cAc'm1u up -'-The A'gx- Yvrl lf’cr.'d ol Sundav. sgxcakxq of ;be New-\-‘ml: Sgite um:-5, says ‘Rb sum (or an igggune mu hum a cr-smpxomm of in mm and the sum at eopzptxs mo a\:\n‘-\uI8 glue ciubcgwhl Ir (9: than tnspmu pznnsm will be mung the Inca“ cam; ufqae sauna That will he mm.- ctuxp It xri§cnxw we lust: for me Sm: chalxxnsznsl vim Auuuuu glaia. Binshmxun. llarndln 1:- Lou- glnghurg. $1 ‘ lshad. Rackcsxu Srruusc and [um \mh'ew~\n Alaéaxlmx are RC’-{twin {tam Iusgmhcx which I1!-|h_: n:pn.-smuuvo mug g( | 9 ngarwha mu ucasnq Tlqnl 9 League tug‘: nu jit-I)‘IIg“hlli!a|h.‘.'g_nl such teams at an Sm . ul- tg UL-mu»: mhqm mil.-‘uc cwn me Luguc «nun. (tom .1 km! put ta tklwy Vaiei-Ini7Tu\C —\\'\\’ Milwaukee. also, has an hoixesy.-money lcngue. Thegos}_>eli5$}!tIIding. A ‘bill wasginttoduced in the House yes- mxhy tegn_§§_g1hc pay at the Gencralaot the Amy [rum $13,5oq_tu§xz,ooo. and u! all the ulbotdllnlr a in u 2-unlit!’ ptopnnion. Despatches from all the prixxcipgnl cities New-Tori to San Fnacnsm. mcludmg'tln-.- clues of Cnnzdl. spexk of the-S1. l'nlnds‘.'s Day rekbralion ycaxcnhy. Nu scnnus dismrhmce: are are ntported. Assemblyman Hurd Introduced a bill. last crengzg. made In Elie ‘County on tha ens: by a snip {tom W_;~nz,nxng County. 1: still am mquue much ggulaxgcmcut lax Ed: County In xequuc A sum .M,Gmh»‘f91 Asaenbxy. “ The men who gave llayv-.-3 the |£!¢§l(!§ ml: 11;‘ hunted If P¢x>.¢cutiu‘n luv mtuzcx btzllhoulc ' 0 5 ll 0: cat: [U111 I nemu Tildeu us Eunuundcd b the sum dz us:-N 01 In: pang, could am but {naught dceps;-1 db cuumgenmu and dugusx In dag Iirpubhcans r\‘t‘|'\- whcrc. 'l'lx«: Rrliuhhan put); mus! thurlun: pm. cud with us we as i! naA.dm1n‘uu-aim msted \ ALBANY. ‘THOMAS HUGl>l’ES— It is reported that ,,»u run me e I1ts_In use slraxnsw 7-um ,l’ar9£d- .,.,..I name (or Yer month. uwbgs untrue cone ..- me Hz}! and show d lfuczu. No two hot: Entaualnc the qrwnda of Erie Count: Snrut to Tm Em-MI n Esnnss ALRAM. Match 18 —-Me Hard uxuudustd a bull to-wght changing the bound-.uy Em: 1».-mc:u hm uni \\‘§1xuuIg It aim «I ma: Aaron 8:»- uinglon. \\')t-i?ung' County. am Add: to Manila, Erie Cnu_m;. Dru A. pupéurnn llllanxn. mu Mr.-am ‘kuuuura ..-,_ \::xIl3)l3;f\.i1.]'~ BUSINESS ‘In! ‘ be mm: 9:. .ni=,u;;;_«n£;s'i:.?ué“x?a¥:c3:‘s_..‘?—m’i‘;“’on-?%:.)§:§ u 6 V6 0 make but ‘ Q !§.‘:.°~.‘x“§\.7¢‘n:..} llonncy Hopi: énlock.’ “Y Sunzin Cimsuxncy and: an able speed: In-day in snpponv.-I the judtcuxy 1'oInlnm:~r's mu com. pelung lhe Fm-sh: railroads to pay that debt: du: the Unucd Suuts. utter!) dcsnulhhlng Sunlcy Mu. 1hcws'u«gunM:nI. He hcld dunk: huh: km. road C-Olpulanonr sswgzzed the Amended an mm alllhccunstsun.-ua unpoacd. “duh: Lungzrss had (nil pave: tn the pzrvcmcs. hunky Malxkzns to my mm:-my notwiuxuzniqtg. ' ‘- --«A sunad gun: between pulsed man a! pm. tnuunal pl.\)s‘:> HILL, flu: nu I‘t'L)°spnl fzvh. 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A, \\f.. llzgch Ia‘ ncc Sunuam. and other 1:53 lmpomn iiinnlnstioaa. xppamntly am. on! oppodnmm The Frcsiéca! eridemiy nsy enough to agru» with the Saute when he no-mlmma to fall ramncies and nominates Repubh. an: X: 15 srhcn he atlcmptg gggxgznu Ca}!-Ihlr uf lhn In: fund» lmuble. 7 smwazss am Ol5‘N'!\lM\iUK3' r-an the rebel max! aaainrsxasa has an: gut» up 41:1: gar: ‘Shiva an-3;: balls I» pa; dag» d,_;.m:. um: uuwdnu-.\l In It: lion): Mn; and (than) In lbs: Lhuxmtncc on Chum lluumua !$M4.»h>:»u., In.s.~x:s1u —. M: 1.43.,» ms mu (m at tu!-nut: sue cuuuzwd cu lb: C an; (‘ink «('35: an yvucniay , '1 \\’ANTED-—u!_3u¥ A singnc genemn. uéé thine nl shed mom: '~ buns: --n::w§¢f1'e igdfc lkmgngtalgi X \ l Jhuu l.\.Stl( [3 Its!) PR!’ \ '3 III‘. APJ II. II! .1 wf.:a‘-nu m \‘\‘. 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FIIAW-‘-I3 fill III! E1015’. DMIPHISNI \\'r\NTED-— A {Inst-( Lass wallet at the Hun-b Rcauur.uu_ Su ,7, Nun sane: ‘ \\'ANTE[)—-A Blunt boy about :7 Ap- uyn Nu am L‘annu.LIn-:2 \\' ANTI-ID‘--A wung man ln learn From:-o ...;.. .l:‘é’i&‘\.€'.§';§':'. ‘.‘.‘a\’.‘$'3.'?e\a‘1.u\.‘i‘?x..“ '”““\ Mu \‘A§Cn}.[n .—\l“lIINo«:~ss Alur-vw — - the em ill:-tuna ziu-um; an Ihe um am he «ma In» by It «mg ..'.kad ‘serum. ' M; an: :-..-.un, ..a I-oi; Gums. and vim umc 0! u ‘\uL;r-I cu. untmnxn. ' TUB haunt sax! “gut H‘ Ike ll-J) $31!!!! \ ‘Hunky, ‘ :\ Iiruupuma us lhr I ‘mm In: M the u-A ! a! ll}: inn!» “ tr» mi ’. “ Tb!‘ hwy ui (‘knm| \\n:xwa tn ‘!§Q“‘.' --- \21‘§\1X£rn.' Senator Chnsuancy nude: a sound syccth on munpclluug the Path: railnads In pa; up um. 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So;-t—cml bills that wouid be pl lntcrcst it lhu‘ \I’('1'!' likely tn be acted on agtlgs tn-re tntrorlnrul into tht: Home ycstcnlaf. tnclttdc at but mpc the wtctt on icgadt-s and succesttonli. .1 but! to pm:-tdc for the Ippointmu of I comm mm In ascertain lhc tints on trhicla I treaty with Mcum an be negotiated. a lull relative to occut cable oontpanin; I hill to ttpcal the bankrupt law. fl I-All pt-nposing an amendment to the Constitution pr-ntltng for dcc the Prnidcnt by a direct vote of thr penplc. and several b tel.-um: In Southern rlmms. the coinage. pensions. snlxtidics. etc ('lc.1t|v ctfottgh lhh Hmtsc of Rcptcscnltttivcs. as a lair tmtu on 1116 dctetturatinn of recent legisla- unn sa_h, \:-xh thcfccut-ttllty or a low.orgnn- ' I\ 7' R,EN.T—-‘A tenement 0! 53: moms at Vi! suft-«In sure! Apply In: ken .1: Sn 4. Cr» ‘ :1 mrrl I.\ll IIJAII “III! IOBL it; an (ii.M on wpmnmw-u Na (na- lt) l Q '5“ I IITHI‘ 1!‘ li fl . ,»- I: _ ¢ \£1. 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RI-gain an ma xx». 4%: 6! me am; at My ‘ uu.\|u>—!‘tveauml-at the c rat the my dcgwxum :3! In an ‘t’n1smnna.ai (at. —:*rzmalng law caucus 51 an I R \3'\‘{a:-D:-53”\ mg Crud n the £4: at ht‘ nun J:*..§::..§*‘****s:;°;::m:xI.'z..\\§*1.:°7='******~“*°” . , 1 Mn luitfjxac-l_N. \\.~»‘t\nv n ilo arm the fun At m6i€ “‘ M unwholo when °»:.:.v.-:.:*..~‘:~*~’S.-”~, dung the it lawn In-at lama Kmnu «-1 loem Iago. u M nneuoa remucuobmnumm Wood. £31.. In late put-so:-1.22: . grmuaa huh}: Eartha m . m V: Phnlm Onrbnmt. n at lulgucu onumcionrz am! we onlm-2'! ' Ml-ml 5-!crrn.aumw .ct.~ . n nu-qasepgscn «-1 as am: nntadlnav mdauau hem. gamed Tho ň uni btiry (‘um-7. n The Dv- piua Asylum Detlxlmn H-unto Thc Pm-snirnl and Seen-lacy Stimn reviewed the Sc Purlri pmu-union um] um: ululttl hy each oxganizaunn :3: lim- 190R SALFZ. CHI-‘.z'\l’ ‘-Hogarth‘: \\’or&:s. ' In 0135 mlumccnmplcxc. Gray: Anammy ‘ml In a Manta Medic: In lwn cw-In . l-'lmI'o .\'*\.:\;‘»\ “°“£.\'-“\\\\**. \\\h'- %‘i'£\?‘. '.:1:'.'; ' um: oi . at I I ' . i fli - gr; I’.u(ySc11r(A llrrct. V _ ‘FOR SALE OR TO LET-~~.=\ valuable mm and lumbcr duck gwopem-. Ionutm mm a I-on-trlul suzam :n2mc.bailcr.sha!lln§.é.: .uma1cd be. -7w the dnmnua: Ihr mnuu: oi the “mum and: Ct-anti: My about En from with :1} Lnrilmn In! a plamnn In-II. 9hinFlc lacmrg nv oxhct mznulacuxnnu I-nu?-an Pnqunrvu E li\'A'MS Toa.1\\-gmia. (3 I’ Name: Ack- I-111. M Ma, Rnben_ Townsend. Syracuse. N V H rJ\!l!v\%'s Inn‘ It Isl!-P4519. ki 1~2mn.~'- MI! pmpmn In mom pox-ct u\pon any ‘Sula exposed lo (ha I:m of cpirifmlc. wnnagsegm or gniccumn ‘ , ’ us ca- labluda quammine Iamms und 3:? I manage in upon vrcswh km! In such trgulu mu mffmtul lo mainlatn and execute them ._.:c,.‘ K AN mom-nm'»x mt. '_ ‘ Instr)-s. March I3 -‘Then mm dlghl nmfng In ‘ 3 l'1d(Asi am! lmadmsdrny dung; an ale!-raxbun n! ‘ SI. Patrick’. DA; nu puu any-um at Dr mu a cunning In no mun phtlaoi than and bmxxhnl drunks\ 1 «Mad lhil usevly mnum-Iy [vrsgmlu Sold cnryvdmr 13 (am a bmlc Graaca. nttmm n1u:.M'!gA Anmn. Mud: x3.—‘[‘bc 0 \ ?d~u\I Hohm Pub: hauhrca Valgmlnrd Rurlu, I unlen we lmmggtnts uvscaule Mah H11. SL-ruuon (Zorn:-Tun Tun -Thu If-as [mm M SmI1b,prtL'nhng. Mud: 19.3974: hmu.u&k1_h.vsugt Wnllnp ll Grawuh r1 .1 vs: <im!ov ' law‘! to: up 1 ' < hm: gum; uulmt lhmxrd may Vudnu rs! {nan lot the phlali Mnfy Maya :1. John Km; (as: used by the noun. ludxucnllmpmnun at 3'?» - Muy6mnooun'IJahn uhn 0n nu! my rucndu Sm tn. 3, \ . H'.’II. IV. 1..-1l'¥’.S'0:V. 0’DONOVAN-‘HOBBNB ADVENTURE. Tonowo. Mud: I8.--0'Donman Ram ur m-ed xhisluvmnocm. Funng A warm recqumn qt 3 ““‘“\ lhe -l¢poi.i:u: jumped oig rhcuain wink in motion‘ Chm .. _ allhc rmmdhouu-, {gs} the mud and came near‘ nmvau! mm nu-nu. I‘-73 - b°i“3 ‘“\°\\' R\\‘ . °“l7 ‘“°\\P\“‘-‘d *3\ LONDON. March :8 -—A Berlin dispatch rcprm. lxicnllly 1\)! one eom bul there were I mIm- um (‘him has asked Rum: lo cmcuale Kn!!!-sciia. ' °‘ ‘3 1°°“\£¢ |\3§;!1\b°3I<l lb!‘ \I'D- WP‘ . I! Is said some (‘iuncse offmcn smdying in Eur-npe rotcd lo compose his y-gunl. Pr:-cauuom M‘, been ,,,,,m.,, ,,,,m_ ,_, we been taken «gains: rioting lo-nlghi. ‘ ,_._..--,. Tonorno. March I tenured in an an». Wést Ind! . xiicnccltgi n lnindmxl. ‘licgiur A‘ (?thIllnIl.Ic::x\ mlley oi . ‘ mg “'3, \ommm ‘$5159; \mt A I 0 , ' ..2:.::*.g:..‘:..: .‘::,,:;:.; '.:....:.,,.g: ..., \um. M» «s —«~ :-m-»-=- \=’.=c'-\' --»~ «p - .» « a revolution moi: plan-1| Pm an Ptmcc dutin nobody hurt. he «tracts in the ucmily 0! mt , . ii . the nhasenrc of «he ! rcsuicm. Tum. at the hear! :- hnll wt-rec dcd by (lmusands ni‘ people. Rom ‘ k I h h I 1 jvii ਝક૨ਝ८કণܶऑ cmwd unrecognized‘ :\l mx:i- M !°'\\\ rim?“ '3 .§1:'' 7“ ‘Ce’ ‘?°“‘‘‘ '2: night the R123: :76 still thronfed wilh ; disorderiy , '°\- “P“::\_\i1t' Q‘ °\ H ° ';'‘‘W \;“‘h?‘ “i ' rmwd Shun! Rosufs where: ram: became known , \’ '\ '”' ng‘ ° P0!“ on: o 1 J \59 “‘. a dcspemic conflict is feared. ‘ ‘ ' - . - 1 ; BUSINESS FAILURES. ‘ runs fell ycslentny. The new l_ribMcn .\ION1'iil-ZAL. March r8.—(‘. ‘L. Baku. cg Lind. : grn:\rt}r&is:nd to be much unpaired by train» %_he my. wholesale ‘r5'cer.1m.:fail :1’ bilixjcs 30,000. ' P15 “' - ‘-,- ' mus ‘M O‘ K .« :3 :1‘ .. ; »-, mmr.-..u-rs ’ ~ The lfcavcr Stamping Company has been at ‘ nnc ihouxand iwo hundrrcl and cmig-nan!» inched. l|r’I.blh(lL‘& $76.00!}. asst-arts unknown‘ {mm the (Emu-y Isiamla haw!‘ arrival hero ht-(‘YO CHICAGO, March 18 —~:-sicarns. Dana &- ('o., « cngagcdby sugar planters. More expeditions are whoicsaic grocers. are bankrupt. liabilities $31,000, ‘ cxpccu-dr mots $70,000. ' ‘ HAIH-‘DC. March £3.-Aimon & M1.-lntosh. ummeq. lxa¢iesus';'wcndg;x1. {he linbiiiiicq exceed $lOa.’oifX1::$scls nomm‘ iy 1 e same. Other fati- ures mt feared. . . ' CElcM:n., Marcia 'i8.—Gcorgc Work, gsgcturi Tfrfi mmufaclnrqr, is bankrupt, debt: 01 .000. ail-nsscis exempt. V \ and Retail Oealu tn Semlor .. near‘: bill m 11131 { cl ht hum-s nh \ apdufs work to: Ipersgns engaged u\ the pedal-mnncc 0! work !'oror.in the production of mat_eml lot the use of lhv (:oycm- mcnl. No rcducuon of wage: bezow NM pant bv pm-ale puma in the sgme ksuilily shsll be nude on this accoum. The ball game den that allmntncxs with the Government shall contain an ilghi hmm atipulauou. the cmplnyes under such €0MI’ In lmvv: Ihc rig!“ In n-raver mmpemalian an that l-am In the United Slates conru. I7 masn AND SALT M 1-:A1's., Smll .\'n. I5, lilo!’ Slrnv Jlarkri, mu-wu.o. N v. \ end; and Pmpcnns mpphed an Imam tantra nu-1 ’r() LET WKTH I10 RD--A lame and pxcuun tram-mom: on I soon. tumnhcd of un- !urnIshcd_ also: nlngic room n n6 West Eagle street. near City Building. ‘ .. - - ,_—y :- _- --» V B()ARDING.—-Lara ' \ nmxshcd rooms tumble to: gentlemen and um; mvu Alsu. ac-urn» mndalions fora ten-nlnglc gentlemen. Day board $31\ prr we-ck. N9 uihl-I1_:a!v_I¢ slrccl. _ _ _ or/;/s.v arr Dining Hall and Lun_§h Room. Rn: Cogwn Cont -“rm Hon \\'IlInm “- Ihmmont}, Judge. pr:-nh March IR. 3878. FOR RENT. I’ 6dh.3v..vs. Cluda P Miller O‘rd:,-ted um plun- u have gate to name at mm! and much name no had¢mm\rElI mm. /tn um lurlhu um the plllrm C momcysh are united Muqb nth why tudumcnt ememx bcnshall no! be 3:! Aside, Nv nu Mm swan an Bums: Louurnn BOARD--For tmnsionts 3: ‘RE!’ ‘day: to- hgl duccd me by the week. at No :13 r! urc near 6. _ _ THAT ELEGANT AND CAPACIOUS .5‘/ore. No. 246 Alairz Strcrl. Through In rear! -siren :3: feet deep. Pm:-3 win- don-son urh stud. Recently occuw by Gig: Son: at (‘:2 1 being‘ we i Rain! and iocglixy insi- ncss In the Cl y. For partkculanxnaulre of _ 'l‘jlOMAS _C._R§Q._1_._ ,__hj9. I Ningim u. Representative Ellsworth‘; bill pmmlcs that no 5h8!‘t‘~h0Id¢l' of .1 national bank shal »:L<g_.__‘:‘|_l~_g: mt.-Ming for the cicction of dirccrnrs. :\. ate: mic {Inn a (hm! oi the entire capunl stock, NATIORAI. BANK El LL!‘ 0\\-STERS A SPECIALTY Damclscuemcln e\ I! to Georg: Tnncou Tcnhu at 1-6» for plgn ’ ietunlih Iotdnn vs John A Wang Omgial. _ Day Calendar for Mann nous Nos “. :9. u. u. p. .3. 1!.:3. __ _ Ema Com-n\(‘oun1' or Sxssxoxs-The Hon. W. W. llammoml, junlgc presiding. Henry M. Rngtn and Byron A. Churchill. justices of So!- siom. March 18. I378. The Grand In? cgme into court and rcpnrted twenty- nine hm: of in icuncnl. Ind having fnrthtr busInc.u.v:-- urcd lor dellbcrauon. A numbct nl pnsonm tnduucd My use Grand Jury ware arraigned. '-'1: » The People vu.lgmu.Moeoch. jndlctcd log p¢r;ut\y~ Arraigned. and pleaded not ¢umy.\ be: to bill in the sum .o!I1.u-o. Same v1. Lucv nmuz. lndlcuwlor nboruon. Atraitn‘-, éd. pleaded not guilty and held to ball In (he gurnot 3-mo. V. L. TIPHAINE. W3! 1!’ BRITTON. F URNISHED ROOMS TO LET --With or without board: lranslcnl and day boarders accum- modnxcd n casouahic (er-ms.m No 3915215! Swan 5 For .‘s‘a/for In Ram‘ “ r Ill 1.25. \I‘HNI-2 BRICK RESIU1 ~\*:rnr_i'p;etéist-s c:.;....n£.' ?°r£‘鑧.‘i§£‘ “:'=f‘.‘xi“.f.’§'.’.$£‘.Lm s%‘.§.‘1...?em§n“E4’. double parlon. iibq dinin -romn and knchcn on the \ and eight-iiiyeasanx {rooms above. Fur- cwJdng«1:ngc.g:u, c'L-ucm nnéludmnl wnhr. h‘.-uh- ngom and other canmucnczs. 4 The library morn {mum Magus’: ~trcet.andv could be used scpamc from the rust of :m.~ uuscdbirha docmrur acnust. it halting ln:>c\3£3‘i¢‘1it'h€itl: V-l E DCESMI’ Eff}!!! cmcn ICOIIIICC V ‘VH3’ lo VVAD§‘\V0Il'l‘{I3HOl5(INS R VVHITE. Na. 1355 33*! Swan street. 1 Uulfgdg. March nth 1878: __ . ____________ _* _ P0-RK—PAG1(I‘N‘G HOUSE TO RENT x«*oR..s.n:1«;riM or vxsmzs. A,ou.‘,(7I4 Nzhgard Slwel. A85“! I l1l.Olll3Tl(’)NS~ THE RAJ-‘v'S. WINES, LIOUS AND SEGARS, For ‘Sale or for Re:z!.7‘%%'*’ 'I‘HE ELEGANT RESIDENCE OF E LATE EEIJAH D. EFNER.cnrncr oi Set: In and Fonnccjlcut sums. Lug: house and lar lyln lwo parks gnndovcrlnolglrgglhe vcr. ubor a_n_-I. .'x_k¢;.__[jZrgqu_Im_g_l_l1c_llu!nIu SIVIIIE Dank.__’ V gw 7 zme Taéles. l‘‘'':'?‘:‘ 51; ‘ THE ' Rcprcscnmivc Mnlsh’-.; blll \ that the pro- motion of commissioned army n shall be lineal through all gmdu up to and including illogradc of cdlunel. In cast: of the voluntary transfer of an al- from unc arm of the service In tmollxcr position below his usual rank. he slmlllhcrcaflct be enllllcd :9 such pmgyolion only as porlnma to llw pouixlnn Jhus numptegl. _ Na 2;; MM» Snmrr. I Exublislxcd m tho. nurnho. n. v, l'}lB'N('HV‘3TO!>!E. i W F U R‘/_Vl T l/RE . mmmon woonwnnx. nooks. AN AssistA:vr’A1'3rn:msv-(;1;Nt:n‘I\1.. , cprcsenmive \\'nddcl}'s bl\ provides [or an Assistant Attorney-Gcnaml {orthe Postof Deput- mem with :1 aulary of $4.000. cxruouc PRIEST on TRIAL. [~:,¢ um STATES EXPRESS G0. Pnnmmm-.m. March 18.-The trial at ’B1a1.ius Pistnrious. charged with lata shooliing .,§§.1m. jaw. hcgzm per: to-day. p found chilly at A Innner trial in Montgomery County. but oblaincd :1 new trial and change of venue on the ground that there was tcligious prejudice agnisgsl him, he being a Catholic pncst. , _ . CAS_l§h$(3‘u€S._MANTELS. STA,I{i%§E3. ETC D:’d;ffé%ies ‘:1 ._S'pecz'a/f_y. -R433 BARGAINS. RANK OF ARMY QFPICERS. *3‘ Will forward Matter to FRADFORD, PA., Rcprcscmativc Harris's bill proposes that still’ officers of the zlrmy shall receive titles of line glides with whom they held relative mnkaml itldllléiaail title In their own corps and take pretfedcuce in their scveral co 3 and grades and with ol of the line. with who icy hold relative rank according to date of comn ' ‘on. They shall rccciw: the same pay as line ol \ s of t amc relative mnlr. . .. c 1' was. Mr. A ctcnll'e's bil Irovidcs that Ices. commis- sions anti charges of o ' ers and «gen of courts in bankrupt y-cases bet ccd.u1\c-lral 1 k;_ xnvcnm znurv n’sr|1*nr‘«s$s\';sv;-wv- Rcpr cnmtive Bragg‘s hill the salary of the’ fgmru of the Army at 314.com IZit-ultcn-ant-Gen- cm! at $8.000. Mxxjot-General at $6.000. l'lrlgatlier- ‘General nl’ 55.000. Colonel at $3.513. lieutenant- ,Colnm:l at $3.000, Major at/32.000 each. Coma Wnissioned of below Major to be paid to per lccnl. of the salary for each term of yc.1rs's service. provided the total of such incremc ;in no case exceed: an For cent of their regular -yearly,»-pay. At places“-xerc there are no public qtiartcrs commutation may be paid. not exceeding nine-dol-Inn per room per month. Mr. Bragg has ah-0 mtrmluccd a hill provltlilig via‘: the appnlntmem of army payrna,~ms— hereafter lfrbmci tlttline or person: who urvedaa HOTEL ARRIVALS. 5 ,‘~ . ff“: [,4 .;~.~~' ._,4. ~. .v~-.I ‘ 1:1 \N ' c {alloying are the late mivals It tlu nfét|'!:£n“c‘J: 2 iv ..‘ - Err, -Hanan.-List rn':us€$.;.\“‘l‘o_“\ -- F won OUSI-A. . now A. S fgmrl . $4-..%*“:’+.’s..m:.*:v.;..:?L¥%#r2a;.:; §é~.::;::; P. 151..-aura. Shiohnsbuizr. v:.; 11. GlbtKms.,Xort Col- bornc; A. Knltcnbach and nugmcr jlncgneatew .:A. Van Dusen. Mmm. 1.. A. Bnbcock Lnica M‘. 1. Pnrdee. Plluburgl J. dune. Newark. ‘H. C. urlbun. Miln- §$.’f‘%=‘ T“:~.?!a“§«‘2W,£L?‘iz'%~'§§x{.;“'.3.§{‘.i‘.‘:‘?1§*‘? Meyéx. 5:. hour»; 4'. a. Ring a'nd Mic. saé 1!’:-’an'chsv;'o. ‘ ' Inouu. Hausa.-.-H. S. Rlnf. R. Lemar, ‘!V.Ii.God- -dud. C. B. Truncolt. W. H. Wi son and vyllc. I-I-. Lempcn. ,-;IIp¢_h_e_o:cr- A. W. Darrow. L. 15. suome G. L. Iluzh. D. neyer,A.L, Kirko\'I:r.- 1. Edlin, G. Agskxus s. Warren- t.*’<z.‘”;a,.‘.‘.;;§*'i1’.“?'i\:§\€;';:‘fé’E“‘s’.’a..‘.§-= x¥°‘铧‘¥:‘:2.‘;‘.°; E’: n'.\1uaa. dxuéé‘ ‘A; Juidi, .HInsJ:Ie' G. cnnnéxal ' ~. . I ' . . I’ 8.’.‘l‘.’»‘..*‘,’a ‘is “fé ”i3%?ry \W9\: ‘X’ E?\ “\\‘ ! ‘ Adiuuz. H,I11ds,u. c1e,J'euna;P<§. D. Hum. V grcwi. Ohio.‘ Containing steam engine. {house tubs clc. ‘II can iealjlf; 3:: amused for ‘ other zsganufncturing purpoacs. ___A G‘. R. IVILSON, M2. 285 xilfi Sf. MINOR TELEGRAMS. I Botznm-rown. N 1., March :s.—-The Del.-uvm.-' THE FIRE mfconn and Rsutun Canal opcncd’to navigation to-day. j “mm” H Om March‘ ‘S _;ucMm:m & P\”5T°N‘ Pa\ March l8'_T‘}f P°“nsy1““ia§\Vn(xll. 's-sl0t'eh11X‘lt;3dIa5!lt\I‘ghl . [.035 310000 Cm! CompI.ny'a (.'n'X)l0}'eS have bee noti to re. _ M l 8 M b‘ ‘ M ‘mu. ‘flu ' sumcwmorrow. large production forthc emu.’ kNt;\%[I£t.z=., .—-d ms‘ m I _m'- ing month is nttticipatcd-. u ‘ goon lite . lutttwsmcgss: cm M.-Vern atom “cw L:\WtlF.!'~'CE, Mass... March (5.-—-A reducttan or 10 \\‘°‘ ' ‘°”' '___ ‘ __ _____ tn r5-prlrccnt was made many in the wages of that ‘ HONEST MONEY. °‘“P‘°)’“* ‘“ \\3 Paci Mm-'” ' \, ' MlL\\'Al'KI-‘.R.‘Mnn‘.)1 13.--An nuxilinfy Ratio! .01 NI'-“'-H-A'-'FN- 3131011 *3-\TN Y3!!! UhIV=‘f‘¢‘i\‘4-Bito Honest MuncYDct1gue or hen: tr-.¢{ay Jkmt ( lub voted to send Julian Kennedy a the The spirit at the meeting was largely in favor at 8'35 \‘ '75- 5°\-'|'|W1° S€110°lv W “I0 Sc I tcsttng the strength nf the hard and soil moiféy cle- rcgntta, to represent Yale tn the stnule scull rpm. | “mu.-, an the approzmhillg ctty cicction. hiontazu. March t8.-- ose h Rose ycuu:rda- ‘ 7 ~ vtsircd tus wnté’. trnm u-homlltc ‘Baa scynmted. hh: 3*NDE“5°N 3 CASE- r to adtmt him. Rctracin Ins «twp». Rose‘ N3w.0xt.t:AN.=.~. March :8.--¥’l‘Ite order n! the let) down stanrvz-tum} WES‘ix‘iS1.'\nHy illed. ' . court for the disctmrgc of ltnderson does not enlarge 1-m__‘.m,\ ‘V. Jjnuch ,g___1-M supmnc gong; ‘ him at uncc. that late having five: days in wind: to, dcculcsuaconsmtmonttl the sac: of the Lcgtalattxre 51! “PP“°‘“'°“ f° “ \\\\\°“\\!~Tj __ 'chm1ging the division lines of warés in Ncxvark. I ”‘ “' “*7 . . The dmsmn n it great deal of legixtarion dun PETVTVONS A053N3T 1'55 C053- tng the present5esa10n.r¢g1|lItingrlheintcmalnfiairs. N:\v.Yonu ‘vtn (ti 19.—‘Lca.dtn§ mcmhm of of cities. - ; ‘ Whetbtsr here. togéfiglitr with Judge: onohuc. Law-< Om. ‘REGIONS, 13} two rcgulnr Ptuoeaggu ih Buffalo «E SOI.lIh~ western and ‘Egan RAH:-oadss. Arriving in WELLER, Baoggu 8; MESMER, Nos. 39': AN1_)V-?’.§93 MAIN ST. F01? RENT. \ HOUSE’ Na. 48 MARINE}: STREET. As desirable 11 residence-niny inure Citys them um mm 0184-zo. ». vCallaM.hr.- house met: us. It» ._ . 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