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Buffalo morning express. (Buffalo, N.Y.) 1878-1926, January 12, 1878, Image 6

Image and text provided by Villa Maria College

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AM 92:13 bodllvéss vaxim. who the-mi-e. Tcgpligqluns manning‘ 1:3 u_oubuo,1 aluomz ‘me haujgiuznt mountain happy dost thoé ted \ To auntie with my rad'nn‘ce. eluszcly son. __ Llkq igngmcnioual Katy’: val: appeal \.V!!ctIt-9P!d.__wa§c4tic Junk!’ nowcn slow when dry? in memstclcx peace be lu||nth£:‘\uvI:s. 0.: V his xieriloua bi1l,0\II proudly , - Thy pennpnrol hrilllxnuz. though he mile: or rues. Away the varying sea don than unfurli But :11. though Inna. mounudn. mcggour and sea. shall cut; 131! ‘*0’- taro: swoc_ll; win. While lily of Henna. how can i.\ plcdsure um To blossom move the city‘: gtusuv sin? —SaIgm' Faavrrlt. I ~ , .l='3‘?5i3I\n-win: n,:8tHsh:4runiuav4a«r9° c!o,a!::'1no:ia,I_r-w,.x’::v?s>tuII} \!is.—|I°w6S\er.t9!¢1;i9‘ any Icbiiei fun: '.l$:!'dgb$¢od.Iolqhé him um en. 39.4)\. um, mzgamglg _Dc(¢'ct1vt luck -usmhcg up. to lkm k.-Vina «ho mass: 11:6 ~vl. that be eipcclcd the (id hgck noon.“ l)‘¢t_o:uvp l1g'ggovnn.nmAln¢a»iq u:¢.,,non: u)d- shanty n ecimsirilnoklnz mung My Gnlcmd 5nd xnquiud I9;-_r.-_Mr.. Solomon, Amy Ininu;e;,ct_>uw:,1y‘1:!a1Id!IE:l»Ja:r,@.::5QvIw v.h¢~ot that ‘imvuloetlnk l_or;.ix‘u1‘ iwartestesitbcr. A: heu1quan:jrs'i!_xc (xvi: her axial; Ros; Fummuiu. and hat age ctghngcn years. Natty all at the “plea ptopgny. consisting qf dunks. sacques. sb.xwu.u=iuegn,s'ul-skin caps and mom. 1ta1ucth!t_.ogeu;g|; ¢UI1>°.|I¥ $15. Wu rccnkrtd, Solomon paid the girl out: d‘o1ln-whcalshc સ the good: 1911!! neg: and prgxnhcd to zlvc hm‘ 35 “,—‘‘{¢ 1519' in In: dxemonq. She was latxely employed as A giglmzggc in a tunily on Niagm ctmct... In Nam -we are v=='r=-,1-W ‘to.-. which ‘I em! you §uu'nio‘_¢~. -Aljgr. we ; have a_ci;ul_icd Ilhihxixyu ol fecllng kid; _ learned to ion‘ vglpu he lays. ad what- .He mam: is ~u}¢n_lIully 5-eougmvuzsggw up qu§ neon: pk nin lshohlngvup in an mgclungz zqble pm; that the consqeuce in lhé nuance‘ at cxpia ’ oxqhodga gngpggggpgm-3» gin: Jo‘: .3x_I_a?¢to1ilxa‘uou wm. pg; ‘ .m:.ord lnanuhchabxcnhk pm. an-.s-don, we need rapt: ‘Than our ‘6\‘~“n rcgtqm.-u alga _A9,e:_-uzgn! excellencm: that. lhertfote. not only Kl}: nccesiity ht similarity of Ice!- Ing with-God.or :11: new birth. but me necuaity of the nouuncnl 3150. is iclgnti eaten-able (Jon the necessity . of our h_axmqx;iz.1;(an.wi:h our \g_h_91¢ tnv1ron;_n:nt.\ 1‘ “ The sqldic: who dcsc;-u and N-{mists with ! d_;m'- -minaulon 1,0116 an duty in gun not 3o,bett€¢IV:d an 919 | suldlcl vyhd never deuried. Tm: pumhieh was an client bccomu I Muse. and will pqpelullly prodncaoappropx-hue drew oi fancbodlng unless God’: hand 11 I ncttcn be let down Between strand 1%\ In concluuqn hcszld; .“ That: Is nolhlnz shadowy. noxhlnz unccruun about the (win that Lady Macbeth‘: hand is led; nothing shadowy, nothing unccmin thou: the (act that shewould mtetovnnh in nothing shgdowy. nothing upcmun about the an than she cannot. who can) Na: Plalo,no!. Socn¢es.no1.G¢¢__l,he. not Scnus. not Patter. not Enema-only Chrinlanny can wash Lady Macbeth’: red right hand!\ '5 ;y'::.-.::a F 2; :‘l7T , T‘ ‘ ‘*5-»: .‘r*'-\°!.¢=!\9?.‘; 34431:\-'f\ 9‘: r .7 1 ‘ '25- 5-‘.::~~-;;;.-‘<~.;:~~‘.'.:wzu. ya-..».: —. L I I .. x 1 1.2\. :1} ‘- = . A 2633?“ «-w‘ 4 _' ‘iii; 118 '°\.'T‘-’?\.’i.‘.‘;= “i5A=N\D \)’3I7(!i?N%lTY.. Dpjth ofTM_rn. Mljqqqgncn. mm. 'r0ucI'.t'Yf §l!!Q¢ma:ns. rho mnouugctncnt of the dent): of‘ Mn. El_iza- bath P. .Ioou.rt¢1lc‘t qt Mlicn Jones. ivhlch occumd‘ycau'r- danxnomlnz at (tn minute: before. eight o'clock. \_vm‘bzln¢ 71_!¢_3}‘l*,1§“» sorrow to I very lam: if lrcl: o trygnau who ‘knew And loved liens: g nos; M . f uienphry chfiill ‘ ‘ It may nlmpsl he said can Mn. Jones was bound gnw up vui:hBu!_fa1o.loc the :12: of her birth-plabeu Qoyv ly- cluded within; the limit: 0! the city. She wu the dlnqhlgr of }olm aupp. vm born January 3am. me. 11%. mberwukilled at the bumlnz at Bullalg by the Btiuth nnd Indlgnl, in mm. In 1829 the im nnrriedwlhehl Niles Iona. in honqrrd cizigen and pronlneatbuslnsu nan. $1195: death occum.-d In 3869. Thcxbtdten ¢1 mi. daroenonundscven dzualncn’. All at v¢hounn1lv- In; and (H About four yeusago. I-In. Jones was nlicud int n paralytic stmke.Ind {or n tune «named nearly hclpleu, but her native vlzot ol mind mg! body nubled her to rally (mm nu: disease In a. considerable uneasurc. so an the III cnzblcci to rcsumebcr ntcusmmcd domestic duties. Ahoul aux manlhl itmhowcver, sh: experienced another Quack ! which rendered her ialtcdy quite helpless and m uulud lrglicr dmlx. -o.s'u»su&‘o’e'€.’ N -=|.°s.rtr«.».iw..I;.-:.«m..n.-. ,_______u , ‘ I 31:. Julia; Gyezi will circulgxc nnd collect 1N\T3_'BB|!7FAl-O anal. ityksl 3!~CIt nix: inn.» 3uI5txwortu'u, u3!lo‘n.~ . 7, ~ ahxar utwnon. ' T ‘bum’. T ‘ !O'hllS-.-Ju.»u'tt. II ‘.Ja Halo: 1. Jam. 1 ‘the II Slur! R lion ‘ § Hi1::6gIl,£'C|ty .. .... ;:‘_..“a-.,\:;; .‘5?'W='- -=4 mth.Il1I..§¢ iI.3’n A.In.. Ablul Dug‘;n‘ Fwtcnftg-div! I7 5 r-. ff0I.I.S¢. ‘hum’ church. ii*iN‘K 2 The Police made arzesls during Thurs- day. ' Glaéiiu .« ie 5» \T ‘T : \\‘T \ ‘amt V “_Babr\ lxwggrsqll was to lecture ll Rochcstet Manning. * \Pf-;_ , - V E The not depot for the Canal Rnilmd ax L51‘ Sa mnpkted. _ _ , , Trclve desliluliggcrsons lodged 3: the different ST“ JAMES HALL W—-°w““--«- % - “ ’ ' - - ~ \ Th; mic of sat: for Miss Kate Cls.xlou‘s cn~ IIONDAY I1!32{I .!AN'8§lI. ELIIWILI. TOUR (scenes: will begin this naming. .,.._ A , 01* I-‘inc! aggregating 320 were lmposod by the GIBM Imus BAND w«-~W=m ~==~=v 1 ». . . “F Hf __~ N Th: Tivoii Soda! Club purpose hl In good ' “ ‘T u tlhciparl mum x.~ GRANDJAOEQERT ORGANIZATION. mc:;::»x.:n'u.n?.:} the Scoo:’x;vlt’:r::§nck.~on Thurs. -OF NEW YORK. day armxesl Marymm AI!en.I.n'in§zu woman. l|'zrn-Eumihri; A:-nus under £59 dirgcuon of Mr. P. S. Owe: hundred freight as p — ug§.__w «««;~»=c«»~== WW1;-\~*?m»’ # gregaw onx_r..gn:a*uu. mm 4»: nm cc\h\[13Is'!‘£ttI’iDx(x:s :9 3 \ exxus. It bu stun-xi. bx: .9.1.hct bnghlcsl on the Villain N: and °‘*\]'x:!.tlaLinst. when she maybedilsnncuyst-ca i.nbrmdd:y- RELIGIOUS CERTAINTIES. Loctuge by he Rev. Joseph cook. of Bolton, at the central Church Last Evening. ' ~2.-:~«i;f}.; ,1? .. 2\ ‘ :‘ 5.‘ Rev. joscph Cook, 0! Boston, lhe noted expoacnt ol Evaugclttal ott?:odox)'. dclwucd his 5231 lcculm in Bu!’- talo tau cvcuuig 3.! she Central Prcsbylcrian Chutch. The audience winch greeted hm the spacxoua Inditorlutn and zallcricsol the an so that were were but few Va.- cam sens. owing lo a zmsundersundinz between the lecturer and his managcr. me former was Announced lo HARDWARE. -=.;. §3NEDENBORGlA1\I,;.;,s~,~ Tho Rev. J. R. Hlbburdfu iéctures on \ the New Jerusalem. AN A1\-rt-:T l’5T‘*1‘~(;E-S_CAPE Bxonzzz, SILVER AND ORDINARY HOUSE TRIMMINGS, Locxs, KNOBS, HINGES, ETC. SILVER PLATED' WARE. The St. Bonltaca churéh Burglar Makes Thlngu Lively in Jun. speak on the subject. “Does Death ilnd All.\ As some _ _ V _ _ _ _ ‘ diagram: which hctucun mtatitscuurse iIt1Elllld¥'E . H “aim. 5.“. left it) Bostutt. ll waslmutd ncatsisary to change the 5:: inc: I “f:n:\‘: Á to ' Certnmttu in Rcllgtnn.“ Aitcr prays: by the Egg. I3NS-Cla Bishop. Christouhgt lirutz, mm ,,,;,mh. R Prater. the ipe wuintruduccrl nrxtha J€T_I:ll’Dl.ll!2 a;: uilymmw the public nit the confessed ' '““““?' “M” by W’ R\\ ma‘ w°°d’ bun!” \ha Nuke mm 5‘ no‘-‘mg um\ and new l Mr Cook laastttnlily tzullt.bt-out tltoultieml gcnucmu: mc\ ! ! ‘M ‘umcnm M mm 1,‘ in tit: pnm: at me tie into: anal»-e ht-ad.unLh full“ suited annthcrr:tl=ulh3§&!t1Is would-be tmmtce and l'““‘l¥ fw-blue via-mt! I hit“ “<'°=°= 0' lolthwl l-Wrrs tguntcli A man: i;‘txnl|&R and dim: ltllt-nv' man . “9 ‘.'‘-“°° bd and smmg‘ “M M‘ mi’: °‘ den“=”'“m Ln“ Pu ň gunned “Mu ‘U’ sméc we mm“, t KI:'»ult7nS1ntxve_ yc! iravtgg ottthc gndsallusbcatcxs 011215 guilt to me Pclicc Supcrinlmdt.-at he has us. : ““\\“““‘.‘“‘-'*~“\“\\““ *’°''‘‘'' ° *’\‘°‘“ \ °\\\ mi in Jul awaiting diswsltim by the courts Evl~ dm“ “W35! “\11\” l“\‘“’\ , Gently be apprccutc: the ixtsecunzy at that out Ik turbid: t \1 '“’°‘‘ N“ dam“ ‘M c”“'“‘ h'\\ ‘°\'“3'“ “g“”‘“ \3 mu ‘G11: mt “train as Mn‘ ,0, Elk cunnm aw asnults olThatun Patncmr at his water tiisctpla. Let which m will man he supjiixntcal by the stately slnlc~ ' nae begin wt!“ 9?‘ '-““\“\“ “‘ D°\‘°‘*h.°“°\ ma “-\3\ “N am. nun’ mmpxaed ‘mnchwim “ma “own” staeech sboulrllj.-e_g'tn mth an tncunttnt-emblc proposluuft am “my be.“ “ ‘mun an‘ Chnsmpu” dmmumd u_ runs it is surziu£a;_liy inumtnovctublt; lhal 4 huh: wrun- mica strike fur liberty. and the account ox hll opcmnuut zit?” “wk \°‘ a hm: w:P.‘:,::\\ P\ N“ '3' willbe luundlo mnultulcaninlercstlng dxaptrx “\ ‘”°\ °\-\“ 5\‘ \ \ 5 “,\\ “‘ On Thursday morning. die: the tztiauncxs hat! bruh ' um \°.“\ ‘mg h‘”°“\°\' ‘ mm“ °P°‘° W‘. B’bl“‘°d hmd we N, “among” am we at we mu spake: ccrtalnty trotntupatga W\herun: the ltt burs‘ fumnn gm, “Sc ‘mm the men In I 2 1‘ bath max I might use atsauthonncal \\\hc.re IKE ghctuftétl any out be gcnenliy known (Mt jailan we amtnomcd tn mg H] mm“! W\! a mu \1 mmd\? ‘um’ a N“ mm “mun: a‘ dad, mus’. Search W“ . Etbkts o an wt: will indeed surprua tn: :3’: mt we km,‘ in be ‘en: mg, m mt “twat”. dam‘ But that: enemas are nmin earnest it so why do zhcyrwt mg. ‘ma I“ ‘n WHEN“ “hm hm” Gantchu :33: rollrgu ‘Ln 'L>c<lxlnn.- Pulcar s t attzotnll hD:<.;|van..ati:altheuxa:und:un¢i¢t- '5””m°“_\'°°“ ' _ \°\e'1P\’c” \m \3 we now had she man i tixoklnds. un: noted lut In men: tor the inwardrr oi V:’tliaattiC.arncy.tlta! anothrr 9} tit: mks‘ ‘M 0%!“ mg” ‘L’ in mu \ 0, “mi” 3“ cm!“ mg \mg: m urn\ The mud’ (mum: ' in In: wt: Irma Cal lng=rsull‘t lccnm ‘I \“ “\5”; J! 8'3: an ‘“\‘::'::‘:L:1 an in mctsmc 141:: a run ui skull» Iran: the lamest iliull at; in '3‘ cu dnamua mm 3 . m ink, thatlrarrerttecnlound. skulls lruullhe antral putttam Cmsxoptarr was tbcrrmnn ukcnlntnuu: emu Ann nus :‘L_:“\‘f.‘ ‘|\’ “\‘h'”” \' A;“”‘“\ \P “' '3” am I mmbemb“mRnm_m_m_‘Md“_gmd atlas nithe itlcr And nnnrrddnttltur mi” Fwmnt ‘ll hnhwmunmcd ma -I'a_-uh: gmedt \ thin: dsullatha: thanks.- \\\mw‘dw_‘wamm'”Ppu_ \ wme‘nI,‘bti\t1enihe prtaducu ui thou skulls And I said ‘anunirhnlcsztnsfttcctawhuhnntittllotognaer lib: -\\ “gm W‘ “ ‘R ' -‘3“‘'‘“'“ ‘it \\‘u“7\““.‘l”\1-' orotncr c with wt \ ilk: zsthctic mitt. track! its o °p'”\\“ . “ J3 '9‘ ‘Train M. ham ”d*~‘~\\\\'_\! mg m mm: Bun: A: an octucxtn the timing oi the ' ' ' ‘‘:a”’ l’ ‘m ' ‘3‘°’“’“ ‘°‘ \’*’“' (2: he urn taken out tad ‘£315 Lntcmewcsl but ’ ‘M ‘M 3 ma’ Rm” ‘'9 damn\ m“n\ma‘”y “T u {M dlvuml “cum: ma *1‘ ‘ ,m.utiuad hlhc goo)-cl we want‘ In cnatntt 100:1: the m‘ :3‘ na mam ' \rm! stmhxm 5; sptakcx mad tantra-.1 lmmmempn at nltarnrtl Gei- ‘E’ m..p.“‘.;:;.‘ the dundmn. us. '4... f;-_j-’-\r-?v*“ *~'r==*== :1?‘ 3% f*h;;v=== Wf-3 ‘ M ‘ , | ‘ Jlzxtug mu it'll! 1 ti’ tan: 3 in t :;:: av»-»u~»»~«~««-w«»~=n~«=»:~u-==a Id’ sum hmwn ma “ha \away maul“ tiutald be [wood to pusm them“ i \ \ that all‘ n:n‘¢r.q\_§c.txxi 1 nrxzt in “H113 I aw: ts-tilt-r. and wit» \\\\,\“: | Q \' rmmg‘ mg: \m;'pb;:' ‘\5\ mogtvthedlxngealldilvt xurtwcsjttsltt-(.3:-cthnndiitltti ?;“\“’_b “dd: \_ \T 'm£;“‘l {cu-umrhlkulzhadsstapedinnnuzuull hzaiutzthad \\*‘~‘ _“°\\“ “\ \“\\°“\’ “' um; .:u.;itt¢d 1. mg am. but by pulling on 5., kn“ hm the nut tiutvdrai )1’-SIS! my SI)‘ the country inn be in the managed to It-en hltttsr.-2! lie strut: 5:‘ «it on tncius: °“\“\‘w' di” “mm” m\‘““' \‘ ‘mm\\3. ‘mg! \mg\ wd'i‘u“mu_‘hu“J ark“, mm 3” M m 3\” > emit KnlI3xlt Ẵ l'.\‘i.‘1'yl\’€r3£c§ W “ma 4“! ‘M at d“p ! nturn hm aunt: in: tuna-..t I titanic (and (to: at that an ““*“‘ \‘“u’° \”' ‘ma “n man and M thtuktnx tun dunno! ucq-t anything which ts mtthaa ‘°'-\““\\“\’““‘ “‘*'_“‘ ‘“°“ ~ “ “\ \““‘ tuuiy embitstmt 112- unit pmtm;-tau ultkdr tueum. um-xv thi.-dtxagesanu Lat-zzml Tbry hudxsi «nth Bum an 109.3!!! tockny Srttudnrdl tad km! belt! at tit: ban : ‘m,‘;‘d;:f:mu‘‘;‘£;‘u\”: 1“ if *>=*“*'¢'““ \‘“‘ ‘“‘,\\“ \’ M *‘ “\ “\‘ \“: will be last a tea anmina tut!-\':>ett':I. unite the t\““**’~\““'““““\‘ ‘“ NW \\ ‘“\’\ “\“\' amt» wind: has h-uni in: an tttmmntt rain. mu mad thhfut trnxsoe with t.-mrll-rsi usralttuguun gum‘ ‘Mn “N mm” W‘ amount Hg\ mm m -°’’‘‘‘’‘'’’*''‘ 5”‘ 8\‘”“\‘3’“°\\“\\\““ “’“\\' two n.-ltgtam rerwntu-a.tt:.u we Ins: count of thlitinxld ‘*7 “\\‘5““ \\\“\’““f‘a‘\\”““”\‘°\\‘““\, —-sud until Luv II unil tn Ill rri vtr shall not its l‘5'5’°\‘w“7°' \\5\ ‘”‘N'‘\ 5“ \\' “H” 5”\ ' gnu: tutolthn wroddoumimuihe-orrn-igntyu! the ’“i‘$,:ldv“l\txesni::uzno1 trauma Fmutbc um t4'x“u\u1“‘“' \’ “\“k“'Nf“‘nwk wk \' - I ~ ,rnlnIintzut-utaiurudaqugtg pa _lu.!§’v ! '3‘ *'3’?“‘”\\ °‘ \\’ ““\'. “\\\\*\\\“‘“ \ Q‘ \5 ntimtnut: lddy nyau mduy tluttn-u¢g&ng julwssl SN” \“\f‘!\\“' \-\\“ 7:‘ ham. ldtciy any -as tn duty that no I111! no go km: \\“33_“\\*““\\*”““\”°\‘ “'“\‘7' ’ ‘KI-|i'l.'¥.‘¢ lite!) uiyuu to -ten that we as enhan- i’ 3- 5°“!-'-3\‘“““'*“ “\\“l“’3 ‘5\“‘ ‘” 3” \'5 in pure ulc-an we :1! hr-uoatttd with our rumm- Nr Kw-1 l-I-W: ID-‘ \1 9\ W-\|\“'~ ‘M ' pm, mm ta um: um earuummt is use up ‘[ttlW£¢63nHnt§nc£l|.1I‘.li¢ ut1l'!'l|W3|l~4Il>i3 In meld 59¢‘; W; 91,, at N, on Mm,‘-...,,,;.,g W m, ‘} An cxutnutamhom ; M, h In “uh ‘,0 ‘Wm \ D“ be hmmim rt-cs-.rrrrut~at.I:tuattaatiun curnn -turn-txsx the i ,7” cm, “I mam”, H“ M, ,,‘w,,.o,_ n W “,1 116:!‘ Nlil ਝ୩ढ at as mat“-n NUWE3 N3’ ‘ «mum ol tmaap. thaw «mom In [rats lit! in. Amsntls }|I§k§§KA({tl£'|1. ran an hilifn bmnu mus: iirAr1!..m§.. «mute pmn-mks -m the‘ IVWFIHDOB xix.-tttttsing t'4Wi‘-f°“5'~\?\-\\\'*‘““\“\“\' .¢1l¢.ntlllldu セ セ ל ৭я̩ ľՕ৭થľ “ \|\’“*\“”‘ B\‘“°‘T““”\“\\“\“'“‘ “‘ .&nf¢.l tt.attitndr.Ir.’i-cuutndutt-n_tsilto5vtI:niniuxur ilUl'F‘»'*'N \K539 '33 ‘\35\’ ”' \\\ ',‘”\\ \\\”tt-ten1hm- And now. am: In bat: an at:-mi-.IItutt ‘lluu!uslud.uman has his Ihl tr:-I mi Ishnutbe “kw” 4-”,,‘_m“,‘“,., “,6”, _,,,,_.,mm 1,, l'‘'’‘‘‘''‘ L'*‘’'‘“‘'’‘ '‘‘‘‘‘u b‘‘‘‘''''‘‘'‘‘‘'' ‘”\\“° '“ wlmiuxlnmiualy at Indira-aura u-«nu and i'I‘f' are l\¥‘*“\\\“\ \\\“' \”“\‘-'3“ |tndnmuu:.-a. an u-aunt in human; until in mitt! It 3* “ 5'-5° *“\“ ‘3\’ °\“\“' 3”\ 'v\5\“\\”°°G‘\“' min Imuuw. In moot iaenvmxzam with ix. An: In ‘ll!-=1-n.Iho in until»: lib‘ “Iii”-\8' \ W\=“\'-\\ Mt tutamauun-amt: mu «uh nut:-nu enrtm-wrist tn‘ :'.?3:S“.§:‘;“&.”;:;;‘l“.’$ ti mt -mar; ’ git\ ,., _,,,,,, m:~,;::::_+; ltrt ! one they «trotted -tr:-not or cumin? ,v ,,_“.“g~u .- . ‘W9 ‘M tPS1'l&1 Á ! \\ ‘hm ‘an’ '‘n”‘. L \ Smtdtdrw err: c.um::zu.lutananlt.ubutt1$a.» l1z3iuI.)asII'vr1.¢td am my in pnvy£i=1.tiId sum the . ‘uh,’ hm.‘ mu“, 1”,’ .333 “.53, l,,..,,,,‘ I“, N, Aitnlpt to map: can man by than he out-\II-4 ’““\ uncut as. and mama: cum to. with 9 stmzayim ads f.‘::.'.§‘.'.‘;:‘ \\‘- “””\““;:‘i: ._...“s't.‘.‘.“\“““\°‘.:\.\a:;’t :3’ -:5, '~ 3:: '°* \‘:;:°- ':,:\~: 5: 3%: “F ' in: W s It w \“5“\\““\ \ \“\“'°‘:\\\\\““““m“*\V\ pnkwhtalarn’-fc:etMt:?lah)t'mcu uygndy gru- “‘”\'”‘ nit-miinauuiownx lII7d mm not \ «at u. whet; No wonder mt hi-talc Swim! and micnattib: though It ll mama inuy Ir: tlintu: dmlmnatuatn say that tuba. M Wtlllnmor liicsmd mutate \’o‘eIn)-thin out much but. but nhln, Banning art. painting up in the cuts. ' Danton: is guana‘ We utntgutteace Tivrm in no doubt about mu Now ya will purxtve anther ptutiouiumt. We All vntmotobcl-ct in new Art Mm mcnmcmt cs- thtdnttni the all vrortdu imiicaunn oiuxh (« I Jud;-all by its twain. it that mt Setting of our nature dupe: or more intuit: 0\ \1'7iun la: uvuugnodtnoutmrunnti Intzncrt Not- if we imtildgo ht-are tntx-act.&ctttt.tIl go in harnoiiy with me tzttngil \ ! mt cannot ucxzvc. llubui ‘ipenivr up the _ y ut_a.br:ng with in cnrlmnnrnt about only country in its pruumrity but toin cxiunace. rim: that In ua.-. exmrranmrnt 1:! null .22: things (min which [M1 cannot crap: ‘D21 uivoi-tr own natm-9.!\-od and our rrcnni \V'!tllg 3-in Qniéinug in pa. KM -tllha-re to keep murmur vritls ymrlc 4-ill roe non ‘ Kwan- in vxiltuxt I‘! ramwt he {mm on: own Indnlduazium my 1! inannncrcnible \ , \ Scllhtt can it etc! rkapr (mm autntptttcncr. Tfmt- in no («taunting who u c\\efywhrJ'l' ’l‘hI.-old Latin gtrnirrb urn.» ‘ it you with to Ila-imét Gui. ac. to Goa. it I) an inn He will be mu’ ea-tumttmciii.n wax) u one arm nature in mm envlnsttmagtt Faculties south iacuxzictund. nluuyuywtstn I clasp rnyha.-ids. on Mad II the ennmnnut o! imuthctl So I may qr. when my mutuu tnurwt. that one (malty ‘as an envitmi-nan at tlw urulty that “And! next to it. 5:) I miss: own indu- ruinlrienpurt oi our on: own cum-u uncut [let the past is uncharuubk. Nos oniycut lhI%!t!‘l§xilln mt mun out oi the Cumhcrhna and out at Iii; ma. II cannot say: imxn its ai Freight. an it) You were bum in the (‘ommotmulxh oi .‘s’€W-Yyrt. Otnntpoii.-nu: cannot mains ll true that wn wen: not born them. our record 'havlui1 il tn the unchanuublt put. our con. «tract mun hr: it. Ind God must {me it van: that it ts uncontmvcnibly cu'tzln that thy: three things constitute any ungltmh: gmrllvllncxli in than ttuf’nd.lhcY must continue to Jo f%‘lg_lj|.i nut: Here the at-rptin will say that I am paxslng into the region of con. iectumbut all i at: M them iliu be‘true to the scienti mcthad The uimtltt urn law ls nnlrcrtal. Very well then H lean tnezutntt th little are oi I luv here. I will draw the whole am: limit the In On the revelation: of the speclrmtopc. Mr mm will id] you that auood text boolron lhl law: 0! light. written bcrr. would be worth mnzethlngin the constrll.-mun --I Orton. 1!: up smbe. ause hciutxre n! the universality of law So, luylf-I can drterrttinc at tun-e oi the mot-:l_tnw here. I have: right to walk on lggln up to Orion. right up to the North Star Ind thi.‘ Pleixzlcs Mon! law hjuut at much naiurzl law 1: pl5yt%3uiia\v,ttnd moral law as natural law is unitqszl mt! : unit.\ . “ Wt have now provcd that our unaltcnblc cavtmnmcnt mic and hcraitcr ts our nature. God ‘id our r-«on: ; And even neconling in rcacttuauy. hat:-studlcd thought. that -iylc of philosophy which csptutcs bcginncrfiiily. We tr: told that we must have lutrmottizailon of our ttwlmn-, must. or we cannot possibly be ill pgacz; with the; utth-mtg. Now‘ the tmaltcrablc natural condltxon oi peaac at soul is scienti lmown to be lunnot-tizattan with conscience. Uodlnd it the nature of things is ugnlmt us. tugninst. ut. II. in the race at the nature of things. you need: change. to you do in the presence oln petaooamod. Untilnman gets rid oilxitl: the love and thcgti oliln hfcan not be at r-caste with thy namr: at things. , Without perfect ircedotn iron’ t.lte1'5\'?é olsin. and patent lrbetfom itong the -guilt of it. : mtitrcan not be :1 peuuxiiui it ugalverse maxi- aka! :1 it taught to be. land this uqmrsg iaqttsgtd an it ought lobe. slid it will bctorsome time to com -. it is ‘,mi:‘“‘ tueoqtrovcrtiblc that we itnpw ltitittcilt-ety that the soul. like everything bite. is rn:tdi:’on— a plan ; that the plan of any niechaiiitm is to be ascertained by finding out how it can be opcnted as umty irtcilonltgsa as pagi- ble; that the frictionless in a iull-at-bed human ttzmtre in = the natural tr; human Dlfttrcg illll continuous joy lit all facilities is a ‘sign of mi: frictiqn us or natural action 6! this iuéuljticsg that. only when reason and conscicnc; unsu- premein the religious tenant. can 3 tnli-at-bed taut oltlain ‘frictionless action; within itxaetwirotas. or ooniinuoo joy in nluugcul Tlaere.i9r¢.iha¢il*i= \E‘lll0‘.=.¥. in ieisail ;aI to in lbs only nttmml. that in, the only i cuoniia».-aagioyt oi imnum nature witltittitn un- nltcrable tnviruntncnt oi God. coqscicnce and our manta.“ “X1501 this haruirfartuxd, Why inot.ba¢;gwm1r? gae. cause the mcdlmis fesists that action, The hqndéinnot haw been matte in such 4 manner that its ttuzttrql tggiptt it ts own datmctlon. Now what It cite iiidtlprtltsn or tat‘-~ and action bf the Imalln a full-urbed aunt Them in a ruin} it: the Unitcd.-States that no (me state an declare war or IIIIJIC peace without the consent of all iii; other _S_iAt_cs.‘ Now ihgt lq jqqt mg [qw of tilt: rcyghllc of ‘fapultla. Vice; in rcltcllionm ‘I'M: In not at vice (lint get‘ a vote oi this union oi iacttltles on it: tide. 'l‘i§ese truth: 3;; known by strict indttctlqig; ‘M t °H'!'“|Ii0 Iiwa last the guttin tool: 6 * ‘limit the i:’oi;l_liitI'itWill notclt.-uug¢. gnd mquutzitin will rctuttln :ts»ch:.ngelcs.n§ ivitlt the lion! wbrld. Iiiornlity I may say. is in“; thI.Iif9II’a Isl! \tiltltill arm‘ can rtttgtt. to tgstsithetcmpiixlgmains; religion is like set uy n_l_>e__t_;g inusie than the sinus anti yttuud by ilictg \\_ ______ Lust evening the Rev. Dr. J. R. Hibbatd, of Chicago, superintendent at Mtumnund Wu:-It _u_! (‘Mitch Extension 9! the Church of the New Jemsalsmuielivercd II the Ututsrhn Cltuxqh. the opening Iectun.-'6}: Icrlcs ‘onthu doctrine whtch he represcnu. The sutm-ctol Mr Hihbu-d'| cpcxung dtsguuxse tns. “Eternal Llle and How to obmntt\ actual: [or ms text, Matthew xix. :1: \If thou wlhcnuet law life keep the commnndznutt.:\ Herc. he said. tn: the wnnis at God to men-—o! “ God aunties: tn the itch.\ The Lord \Jesus. spoke lhento who inquired saymz, \ good things shall I do that I my have etc Me P\ and the Lord‘: reply to bun It an answer In A questioning world. A question mute ltnponaq; gqmd not be nskcd.and tn answer mane dtmt and posuvecould not be gut.-cu Let us wander in. Ltlc. what as It. and vghatis ctcant by um the tan God tn lutnseu ts Inc. and hm cmzmung sphcre ts the we of the um:-cxsc The Ldrdnnd his nlatlon (nth: unlvcnc an symbolized by the sun Ind its nalztuun to the solar system Take away thlsaatutalsource of heat and tight. and that wuuld some rum. Ahtkncs-1. death And an- athtlzxlun just so with the Lard..thq Diane Sug, and the xutene t \ 01 his life fréated. All ex- ‘stmcr ts event tumncnt dependent upon Hun larlhe me vsh It utd must: it to a))(ar to be Thtts. lit’: in its ongm is God Lttc tn tn duwuinn is from Minn tn dt degrees tn all thtng: In unntht: lite tstna higher degree than nature lie ha a soul ant-all asa buoy in km. thesetorc. ta sptnt and matter An arguuu.-xl tum: uampuicd al the substances or the sptnmal world tu well as I (van composed at the suhsunce: u! the naxunl warm The spu- ttutl uody beta: trumn. or above the naxunl body. up‘ neamt. u at were. to the Loni. rust twctvts me (mm nun. and thenthae Iutunl body (ma: the sptntuzx Wltu: the thadshts txnmt: &‘4t*¢=\Rd at tntumd as lu notonzczl sent the puxguscsu} tmwd.iIHbo or tat-astasxrle-.1 and thewusaauyamummtanspauun amt-Id. uu-and dull: are upposm: tuna. and an appltcd 2.. uppotue cna- -imam. As the Lord LI l that emanatu (mm Hun i1tu5,ut the draw: that It rrtntn the spirit and Ch ul ungtn But In the Jcxtce anythmg has Bu spun. at by pcntrsiua OI abate txsrhuactct bccxmuschangul to‘ sutnetntnu upfxillt It éxfrcruxi in Hti Iptrii. ii that :S.——{r?:- gttccxm tn ltw.andttumndtuoauc;!1¢dd¢;m in un- Don: ht: ts tnhumt Below hm: all thmg-s an l=:ruu:m,u atuchhle mun Hun Gum. and nuts: thetntnnpur an be. ‘DA: cal 01 stunt nl tmn :1 but at curiously arguuzggt tom at smtitual lnhsL1nr!.al' suhstentca. harm}; no me tn |mIl.bott wnttnuauy manna luc Iran: the math at own: In III: bud Aaall thugs lit: by stnue us! lt(¢_g;g1 may mm. but dmnzxg mm thcna. ll I-allows that an L11; .9. pan nrcomtng tn the tuna tat» tthtrh 11 than Any nth- mnxc \\ tnlu another usunaen tu (um um sppcsn ucnrthugly I.-Ila min the soul is received not! tsun 3;. mfdlng to as (an: Mn tau hetuytu-u.tn.und no; 3 turn turbine. is en ! by ht: Creator snth lht ca;uu:, at nrunng Hm Isle. and using 11 u txpugnn we\ mg on He IIlIP.lhrl'V1n tt‘nghuy.n: he up was It It hem: ll nghttt-.ac:un:Ln4: to an own nxlun. no \ll-3! Inn. and chwyu the Nursing: at uxc. ad the Mpg!!- nuss Ithsdt result: (mm bang tn harmony with lhr Dtrtue um: lint II It: than the use which ha Cttaux gt:-ca mnhetwmawuy nun lxubcmmudumduulnndbn gum Ltadlc. ‘.3lan.L-|tl¢.SM|m3,3r4€|u> the 0159: un lint‘ tvsuuuc cu be lbtrc mentally. «ht tBc‘y‘h}' - ! Á Than who an Inn um I u-acme kmmatmuggman to there. uhtk those who abuse that me but. can. um: tndoaothezc. nnlutbaehnaov tueudonxthua tte tnthcxsttum weld the In-u general cnndmam «Int! 11!: and death.ht-avctuml bell The ten conumancnu -I!ra.*]‘va'rTes-Wu eznlmnuy I domestic woman. devoted to h:r large fqmly, from vlbgm the reeelved the sweet return of the mwfs regard and a All at her child with their children, have madc.!,l 3 1341:, to dine with -215: on Sunday. 58:: was as con member 0! the Universal!!! Church. Sac cared um: to_r the agtncuuns at nclcty me. but was absorbed in herdevollon to family and home. ' muss VULIIV-IT uaunsnso-.-:. . ~ » . “R, m Aimmnso ~ 0.3!‘. B: Q 83“, Sam v Thcconrgzatof Metcydn ‘Rachestcr.was shghtly A Lgpgn 5;,“ we 3;, F numaztdby hmrnn Thursday. Suxemlunn-asm-v.-n.~1y amaqaw. Solo Fzgte; and umdk solemn : bumect V poxruggsg 3-3,5-ru mas. The annual mum.-ntion of the New-.\‘otLSK.{.i: 1-,&a*°:§¢i': 3‘i?6\s‘:'u§.‘§I~’&’ °' ‘.2: ‘;‘“§\'“'..“‘.“ '35 ' .'..‘;°‘;.':' **‘°°“\°° '*“ ”‘ \“‘ “‘ “\“‘-'*\‘\“’ ‘°“* \\‘ M II‘ . mm; ax; ;_n,:.anxm,L:-: 03:34.1. §Anxs. mm).-I Tin Md _ . . (mans “mums, 5,, 4n mg punqpa 1mm,;¢m,,_ 3,35‘ s rtns tnccung ax the Lafngctlc-street otgrméaogéi m J \ church to-.nutmw ercamg u-in bcgiu:l.X1o':luc.k. The l , J . W‘ W S-nus on sale ux Conic: A i)cnton's.\\'e-lncsday morumg '““°' mn.p\”h' C1“ 3 q A V _ T21: Ina! 411 Thomas \\'hn:. M the murder of RLES . EL\ LLB. rut ;a5<T\(!x:r’.-As\\'nzi1.In~Ax.v.g8sx Int. :5 unmmccd no began .11 \‘ \\‘ Bab cahluoday next E=‘='.1I1rd T liner. I-‘rink Manhall and (hue! Spue Vagm.nu.»'u'e :55: In use wmxk.-bone: ysmmay mommy In: any 4370. =*’ ‘ Rebeca Lodge (German) I U 0 F . is makmg cums\: pa.-nnuons {hr 3 auto ban. to ukephct at or;:h-an on me gm Inst humuaus ol mm.-n's clnlhtng and cl rcligtoxzs and see-u:3t|u;Acr: and nazuxna. €£I.l.l'E damd byline Young Mm’: fhnstnn Asmcuueu Thcbcudy at lit: woman found in the llunfurgh C.u:.aJ<o~1§nrsday ham: yet has: uhssrzzlc Cam“ n-3:345:23 uabum! 1i;_';d}}-- Xics-H39 oi the sxgnenvuxd alxczmz-: ug;:gi\s pi [hr lauuh llcnmnu’ nuczncs us Sslunstmel. -ad the LN A cummxzre mun _ Mr Charles A llmnikn be!!! a;-pomztd As- uuaunx Snmtnnundsnx 0 mt t Smnhvmtcru Na!- ruas. Ind bi: mu-.3. Donn! (‘neutral Fltighl Agrm Tu. scrrnd .m:uscI'-qty c:xi:n‘u::u?::-ix? 6% Ha?- noaw ladzr ‘lo I}. A O L’ 715.’. N11 ht {wen T-wacky menu; a: ua: hall. urns: «:1 Mann and Stan duct: 1: iuuzcxl H23: 3}: Inn):-s \\rt'-mu-I. has 0! Ike Canada \ a piano; an me (‘;.-nd: Pant‘: Ruhtq; u Suptxiaxmttnz a! use at 8% esnszunz Am: us: a.nn's<.| ‘ml mrmng by (Minx: Cm:':1‘:.ul uao Fin: Pu.-uni cturtrd my (making 5.: true: Juuswuluxn Shawuwzkdupxnawuluaumw um ‘The n mutated to take place unnotrow ant!- noon.“ two n'tlock.lr9q1 um (unily f&Ijd¢n¢f,|[ car. an at Georgia and Chippewa sllccls. ‘ A FULL FINEST PLA TE--£1.15. GANT DESIGNS. THE COURTS Sm-uuon (.‘ox;7ur-un.wn.u. Tum. Jm.'mh; I878.-Ptescnl. Judges Junta Sheldon, James H. Slim. uxl Chane: Bcckwith. > _ _ CUTLERY. Mgoks. SCISSORS. PEN- xmvnzs. GARVING SETS. _ _ Rogers Bros.’ A I Triple No. 12 Knives, Forks, Spoons, etc. Amen '1'. Brown VII. the Empire Fruit Company of But- (2110. Appeal from a decision at Judge Clinton. On nad- lug mg none: of muuun. And pm! at scyvlce. and an Laotian o! M. B. Moore. attorney la: the dzlendanl, ordered that the ans: be stricken from the calendar. and yudgmaxx ordered to: the delcuésnl with com. and On: cos: 01 motion‘ BUFFALO C HURIXL L’3\'l();\I. SLEIGH BELLS.‘ ‘ .SLEDS. snow suovsns. ST JAMES HA1! TUESDAY K\'E?\'I'I\‘L'>. In 3;, I573, an 511%»! Costa‘: Uratonu. “ EU.\ With ID: hdlio um: 91 C. Hall. L L N snow 5: AL: lgnat “ sans. buiuam.-. F C M |.:xnx.|nmon:. B it La . ham. mm PULL okcu C-us W S-513. Pugusl. Cu: Anuufondunm Adz:-sun: nuns. 4...nu-5 5: cans. Rn,=_2:-vat sans as can extra Dugv-an new opt: u Come: & Demon‘: Funk Eagle. adnlnhuaxot. etc. npp!‘L.. 11., John J. hlcmmur. mp'L, mount: to ncau order of nuisance. Axgued suhmmtd ‘ BKRNEY & BERRY AND HEW-YORK, SKATES. Tools for Every Trade. Jud: Klnn:y.lr,;.rcsp’¢.. v:.. hxhua Cohen. [unleaded I.'~'iI.hA Calxcnnppfl Appeal [rum duqxlnn cl Sun!!! J. Axgued sud sulnnixted ; Adluumcdlo January 211111.12’.-;l_;,,...<,-. ' | ,3 IRON. A'AIl.S. JUL 75‘.Jl’AS!l£'K5, lit. “ GLOBE \ AND OTIIKK 11035.3 NAIL: MASONIL‘ lNS1.'.\LLATlu!c'.—-.-\l : n:gulareommun- gauunul Enns1AdxeNur§s.I-' & IL hL.hek!uAn- gnu. N. $1,, on Thu tsdly. the louowlng ol wet: duly xxxsunnd in: (h: cnsnlng year Mister. H P bjpf 5 W. I M Ncwlon,I 15\.. I G Thampaun. Treasx J R. Newton. Sccxmry. N. B. Wan; S D.('. 1. W<:<1dw3I’d. J D..H D Guhy.M C J‘ C Rubmsan George Wugox. Chaplain. Rev. B. C. !>:vu.'1‘~i1:r.l_'. Hugcr “ Banners.\ \ PEaxms'.\ “ Wm'R’s \ HORSE SHOES. Ameck on lngersull. Li 5!‘ JAMES HALL. On Sunday Steam; the max Lccxun to conncuc: at I odwd think D:-mi 0’!3 M y Mdudta val! be wig‘ -53$, u.¥hi Ql gg Supplla lur Mmu&u:%§ f:aluhMu, hm in uuzm m 4 S 'i’«‘au=2ir:i—..-g&’esieidiy morning Mr D. W. Bhnchlrd. the pnncip§] 01 public Na 3. arddeulally tell duvrn use nun In thc sthouhhmsc and suauinnd Irumiujuxin He was ulau to Big moms. in m: A-cman black. what: be In: auwdul by Doclots Folk! and Dayton He was ddxnou: ax nan ycstcnhy. but In uasakmag bl.-ran: much quieter. The docton an ex lhf opunnn that no scrtouuousequenceu um rank (ma xhunnand um mbcluzpaixhat Mr. Blanchnm urillshonw ty I: IN: us manna hh dudes. mg --cunmxcs\ AXD --nmmxcx-5\ Feed Cuttmg Boxes. BOLT, BRIDGE AH!) IRON wonx T0 onnan. LAD1 I-IS’ WALK! NC» BOOTS. LADIES“ URI-Ii: BOJYS A33!) bLU‘l'Ek$. Mqdctuqma «:1 mphwnnm ! Guantana- u-.:.1.ay J :7 nxaouuxsz :1-luxswusz (tho!-yi CARLLTOWZ M LY 31.33‘ PRATT & g,,o.. Attorney at Law, No ,5 con nmcx A Gcmuu \ .a\!xll~LaI‘3nd-Cult: League \ u suds mud ct ‘nu pwjxsclnn ea! In: warrant a) they nmpmpk pxouncd ilthar urban: snnzyxuaeuu I-urjuhyn. 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Thompson Good: at 75c.. sold by all others at 31.25. in spatial um-ting ol the Snnzttbuml drill be new as ‘run can c1-enln;-.x3e:lrcs— tmagmcau; tn mg at the own at “ maniac “' u the bad- emy «I link (1 April can . An “dung: an u an and alm-gtxbcr vircnderiui was-qzlnrbuudcwaelnpovulh 301310 Di?£’kd‘$l use fnkxnmy 1):; vmluunaam ‘l'hmIsnmud- tymhouhaulhnnuhuevixl wsxkapcsausuvkt. llmudtrshle mlnzloun mxeml ht) becz: due!- oguzlduing twain: mum Sal I’. Own To-nah urdn treats; uothtr uqzeuv ;;:s:9!¢'I cm; I wt}! In kM.w|'.8:nud:LruubrIb¢snsxnt.Lh:« Sta In Hana. \\ e uuxknund lhe {km-tl «:1 Pain (‘ommhuuurn kxnuurusnathesxn-ury wuxunnm apmn Liv us- mxam csoyaua ulna ran: in my than risk: on as item Hair. 4! they do out \ may own\ man In an - \\ A V‘ 23 an :3; [ycmd*‘§'!5hnhy luzenunn in» (an an aura: this all): (run! Srkasu at-aha «A than dbl. ‘M: Earn! mu,-. up-nu “ ‘nu uxnalum at Annmtv \ II In: In: cwntruui uni min: with ru- ubvl: Ihrufhl - mm‘-. new hall 1: 'l'u-nuramia nil be Knmully annual): nth Inn The Scalar: Qummm nub. oi lh chug! OI (ht Ihh Ttntnllbess aulxsivy mm L IL Pk3§i1t4.n¥o6 Slmleaninv Mann-. as-can _ min Ana sauna. nenuma. ml I'M! mun. rahall The Gtzman Enngclnml §an«ln7r.st:!:ml Aime-la nan ul um day rm Native In thin! nun-may to-nan mrw «alas. I: 5!. Juan tuvsiy und:y»adm-:3: ukmpm §llXdQt|'!‘1¢{\ mist. Féabugu mu conduct! the scum) chi “oi on man! chart:-15.4): Icaxhxnuh am“ to he rude:-ed iy Mater‘: MI bun. lane 11:‘.-/«amt - \ The Ashuhuln |cciv3cnI_ uh. Icthdaiunemalloouptt ccnI.nlthl..n\csboauud:. and the muxibuum to the land tool moan.-I hall of ompnctm. 0Klol;!o§(il'Qc\11§:£r|n.lh! malnu- cnumncunbmrwopcvuu <bun(onbcA:.a- ubuu cu-tutu Is one I.h.u.h:g-r has «Mom In at mac. and u can ezmmy but In pay ex on: at arms: mauve“ _ _f_.y..z|x;o§ Pg, p!j4\.I.-_-_-_All,I.Ic,lxsi>x§”§I_1‘f.1r :n;ex~ 31?“ A'7:\‘n”I'l’.5'd7¢“'3‘T‘.{ua2?.‘It?il$:i*I’i\‘i1iéi'C1u|e mu. du: lnllmrlag Mun! omtus true iuxulkd by D. G. C.. A. 11 unease: —--- ~—~“ \\‘ HOSIERY AND GLOVES. »su=r9:ee=*e-;wrr.w=.-2-‘.5;-s«'s’~T¢7~'-\\‘~7 I‘ c..cmo. w..mu~. c or. mud L-!|ux:V.C. 3-a \ 1. mnum Wobulm 0. 5.1.0. menu. doll QUEER CIT!‘ Having purchased ol Manufncmm-s’ Agents the balance 0! Full and Wimrr stock of thcsc Goods at one-hall usual cost. will o them at real Baxguins to our customers. Dining Hall and Lunch Room vu Mus Stun 0lI'l.I‘-‘fl nun at ('4-sauna. OYSTERS A SI’EClAl.T‘\' ur the Du-znclan «:1 mm!) human M: The wnthmal aunndoe-1 tame: nuns-Ina uwa In uptxmuxo gun «I quality at chararlrt “ask: dune us aucunsxnm rub the Inn caunsncamu mptrn a truly human lam 1131-: use cptru ol nun. urine work: on-med to I158 cunmsodutnu mama opmsua ca nu turn. Lu: Imttn hm hm ‘qnpun mm-sung!’ H. madam; ' him would um: mm In: he must twp the uunaa.§r1ucnu.' ‘lo-morn-at m-xrnmg .\lr llibbatil um! wen!» u the Pan- usn:nChwl'th. an “ The Gumbo! lb: Future.\ and In the ct-qnxp_g_nla -no '&rn'd Scnpntu no nanny. lun- dny And \\‘cdnnd.1y crrnmp nu: be null dc!“-rt krtuxn 49 lhcgcatraldmuuxua at car an Cinrchxlnxh he mp ruin Mxuu|\n--Am mgulnr umungol \ A \ Com. slur. an luaiu-wt. bad at Lhdrparhn. lb: tommu; oakrn twnducuui luv the 1 run I‘rw¢ml.l\ma. Cook: 3’ egg, Emma gm-y,._ !r 5en':nJ‘)'.'l'I:m Lynn. Tnsnm. (hpuln Wu Snllh; Trumcs. Wu Bu-by. bmme sunk. John A Kuhn. we Nuns uc W)! H HIITTON. ULOAKS AND SHAWLS. PRATT 8; LETCHWORTH. Tm: Dzu. Rlnulzn.-The Dd) Rhlguf Aneu- cuum at St. l‘u.u!‘n (hxhcdnl I'!\‘I!|ll] held their nun! naming. and dams! ma {ouumng mncd u Pxucdaal. W. llobbu-. \'|ce-Yauldcszt. ll. Bay: Secre- u:y.1 Puxka Ttéuurar. W Pam: Tnamu. N. Omar. 8’ Ta|!l‘J’.R.5Ir[cnI. Chapiun. Rn W Shawn. b L4_:>ok Q; our Goéds 3:156 Wrflcesibctorc u no . I ~ 1 t nu ma 1 Goid \ ‘ I pes ,RA::w.\c‘rt'nns.5 or‘ THE LOCKPOBT MURDER. Sanumzmr mums arm Hauzaam lama. Duh-n In any ac-xaipuna at canny: nu Wtqao Inurulud Tdnnusg-1 Tha mu:-lcr of 11:: young man john Smith by Jmarph Fairy. In laxxgnn Wcdncsday nxgm. ls donned a lane“ in the I ‘-9- o! no innovdng um-mm “ [knees In and ck-rm o‘do:t Lm uxzhl Jonah Fu- Icy ma Waxiuu Rule utn vnmn: am: Hi‘?! Iutti In runway u-uh urn young Iaaiu by the mm a! Pnudcy. sud war an n. the cont-tn! Illghnnd lnhnstncuby John sums and June: suxtlru. mm mm: In um neigh- banana! lluhmnthulwnchcatmurnu the: \Dad Luau\ tcrnmmnmzvrdot you: ucmnnd shun: of thtuun found In that nanny uwy usually \ get In uthepzaueu tuml. It ubuxuhon unuamour nud- cn will namulbor. when A uboaung may toot puce In mu muzhumhood. uni a mu)»: at the gang wax: crscmly w-mmdcd. om.-at the two being nhmthct oi the vkuua at Lu: night‘: wnuk Mus. Souxa Br.-mm-.--The pufurmmcc cl use vaudeville. ‘A Fully‘: lane.\ 1: the Auden: 1:! Mn- :5: Ln! evening. by the 61-min The-mt Conway, ‘DI’ the bmct‘-I at Ma. Clm Sum. Isa: in-guy mended. The ;-crfuuum was In may ropxu uuamue.-an waned tuba highly :31-‘ml. Rcgn:-dies: of cost to close out all of oh! goods. to make room for the Inrgcsl stock 0! these (gods. to be opened 11:1. :5. oval offered in u P:-oprsamu KUFFALO N_AI.!.§,'qI!.r. {Mm worms . and lUFrAh9'$k3DI.I§xS’}!A1li3\8‘M(8\ THE.POLlC8 .G0lJR»1?. Nickel Plating :1 Specialty. STOVI TRl2o!3H!~‘G§, STUDENT LAIIPS. Jon worm. Em Omen AHD Smmonns. . 52 a 5% Teams. The Record of Yemu-day‘: Procucdinn -Hero Human Wuknalln. HOTEL ARRlV_ FEATHERS,m__ ‘iai Ostrich ‘Tips at half cost 0! importa- 1! Wu cridunl in Janice King, on opening lhc mun 11-under Inonuu nu ma dimming rattan»- umm Ionctctn n dcnnnltxtna cum upon the non! ms: at the arena Bunalnnua. Pun Fulun. -use Iu:nty—are run. In uhnguud «pm: 1 clan-gent utaull mt bun-q uprvn lira txu wile, um us; was Emu kinmr. an oi I-vb:-In la-had u umugh any can but bane: u my -nun! mm mm nunums In that appannu-. In Isa. Ihq lookul may And yea, «my indi ! \ ambient tscxuntmagu Frank p!mdcd::I:xy.udvr:u kl cf! umunmoa (gourmet- non an in humid ll!!! :23 (mag dunking ‘hm be mm! In. {ad Junk: Km: axnumund tho (midst my :1 «we. must urucnnouasumu Frank udnpmcd wpu-unto In the lists! dmcuon. [M be IIPIH «:3 run- luly um ugh vcckiy drunk The {alluring no lhc inc a‘:-rival: I! the hotel: mtnxbonenr , . Tun Nous-IJII Mmmnu llama-A. Tompkins. Pkubutxlg Allan and Sula. Albany: 3. 11 Child». Rocbcsm-: L G. B. cannot. B. P Wuumnl. New-Vom R. C Miller. Iowa; 1‘. D Snyder. Rm-haxen W. ‘N. 1111!. New-Yoth L. H. Club. trlcvelaadx III llmwnel. Schcutcudy; L E. Buthtnk. Nubia. N. IL.-. R. Ballad. Lckoy; C, C. Duh, Chlagu; C. 1‘. Mai. Ithaca; G. H. Tam. New-Yuk: Ioicph N. Roul.snd.l‘hihde1phh.-,!.. W. Bcnhln. N:w.Yotk:C. H. Mm. Haw-York: A. C. SUI-uuon. Ilnoddphhg G. W. Udell. Detroit when the pants out an nllnuuon at onceemucd be- ureualokn Snub ma loscyh Yam-9. In the course oi vrhkh the lam: gnu a lean: and Itah§n!Jbe lama In um ban. Farley mfi lhenle(llboIcUI&.IId81mI.l1 dmppul to the udcwall; gag! guano! luuacdiatéfy upird. ltcwu Mlwdui: an ukut v.6hlIMmt.'n-blch came! I mm «Ignace lrouuuIamoIxhcIv:¢uf)'.and Dr. Kmengcr um cnkd. Ute um exuact and «heplrysldnnb usmuswurmtuenfed. The of Polk: vru soon mxl and drama: aponbn of ill: kg-,9 -ta‘, nu about the work :21 urux Fairy 13:! Omczn were watching -1 an depot for the wklmzhl nun. Ind the Chlpl. newn- puned by odxcvmtmbtnnl Ihelnrr: pmmrdahothc bout: of Eula on Eric um.-gr and (acid his In bed. wngs he wuhandmaed undukn tosuuon No a Thaof then who to Parity’: touupon \VaM\:! and and us we byuae boy‘: tuber than we van was non: hone This army $93: but Mi:-s-ca and the bans: nu nmadmi. In 3 close! In the uppcr portion of me home dmynung uunsetcr in: (mud hidden Airay Cnroner Imam wu noti and this mnmlng a jury was Iummoncd. and AA!!!-norfln enmlnauon wu pe ! by Douan Kmtnger and Gnu-cnor An inquest will be held :1 the Font: Hald- qmmu: zhu Illcrnoon.“ LACES—-50 Pnacas YAK LACE. EDGAR P. PICKIERING BROKER. THE MILITARY TR!BUNAl.. which in to Try and Holnrmino um can of Llout. col. Charla: E. Blunt. xo and :2 I-2c.: soid by others at so to 75¢- IONDS. !|OR1“ Mm cnuuucul. ‘APIR 20L: M ADD SOLD. Loans at III (and aura Panlculu nun?» given In It-siutul uh‘: _0l'-cc with 505311. in R R:-1 tun:-.~ Axum !~:~. :.1l‘”!.£\9_'}.'.'£~.'¢.°FP=! PM-T . .- m--r-M ‘ F REN CH'S, . No. 270 and 272 Main st., Buffalo. .* _ fan-14 nuzznllomu-U.J. lletht. lloubowcrx C. VI Sine. New-Yam X. W. bdndnle. Dunkirk; Clan. P. lln-mm. New-Yeti. I. I1 1’. Ciumplln. New-York; Gco. M. Cook. CM-cage: I’ru-at 5 Dark. Ntw-\'o:k; John Ballc |on;N. I1. Bil‘. L W. Andnvn. Dcrknx G. M. Hea- dnch. South Bend. Ind. 3: math lnxtresx h rmnllcsu-xi in the gcnctal cuun-uanhl «hid: Men Galena: §r use Pt-eudem tn anemia: in an city as the -513 tum. :3: 11-sum otueux Cd Cranes}! mun_t.o.ma-Gargnul Eamu-m.ure plblnla «helm of she dxntngltshgd 6\_':c¢1I cunt;-aumu um-mu uaud some dtum at mes: miliuxy mod Bzzsmess C o/lega THIS 15 THE BEST TIME IN THE WHOLE HEAR tasxagncncen conned Denial-u \:.:%’.'§x‘.e“’i§.¢”\”\ fas\‘”‘§;“§3u'3§°.'§a”\a'n'5’:fas“u forbntncnisalnt- Ea \ \ Mnnan-I '.'.‘.‘!'.'!\.\“.\°\3E\‘ .‘°''‘“'‘!}_‘‘’.’ .. - ,. 9\.\ “II!!! no A9313]. AITHUI I‘ I(ll.‘LIlA\ AUSTIN & f{ICXMAN “ Attorneys and ~Counse!1ors. I no lo B. EAGLE $T.. BUFFALO. N V J19-i o——-a———~ ‘4——- -—i—- -»-~- ~ — H1-{git Walker axial luentv-lhrée rexn. ans brmgln up an I charge ol Ileana: ltn damn [mu \\‘|llun Brady Magma Inn dn.-.-ml unduly bulrngglnl guwnmlm a dlngf plus) eluwl ovulm head Her law nqhml one. nus a look upao ix uol I um-Ll. hunted annual. rm. éu-ulsxlm men-an once ucadu tube and klesed lsybumallnere up; Willa: llndy. the cmnplumm. u e nae: mule mm 59nwnuc.5rxecamuy. N Y . nu: ma land: we I lune ring upon one of an mxmpy an;-ch. and he Iuokxd n llmugh he lad autumn: Incl of !:um;llanddldn‘l wan! lo my Inn! The ma uxmgls: max \Vmmn da- Ierved lnlmve an nanny. but held Magglelor ma! In the Supemr Loan lot-m Hotter. : barber and uuny-one nan. was enm- mal upon use change at braking law A \\'eya.ml‘s «loan. \'o :3 Terrace. wind: (I m near the stalk: mlln es ln render John‘: olletue a deliberate msxnll to the point: John and that lb: door ol the uloonwnlopenandhe only wnlled In In»; helped lunml. last Tuesday night. lr amm mohty am! a le-wdg-u.m~;1¢'-:»9n- llns the mean cannsellar Cot. mu: ca-puma expo: torauon, advanced galhnlly lo the rescue al the Acmsd. and by his advice John pladal gullw to pan Ian.-any But the lncredulnus justice lhaugbl that lobmvas mlsukl-.1: About the dam hem; opgn. Ind man he {null-cmnuy climbed mu lb! saloon through nu-indnvo John wu umcfore held for mal Iov burglary IN the superinr Conn. Dominick Williams. 3 tough young fellow of Cdllc de- m-am». van bmugln up to: assault and battery la;-an . Bah Rmncdy. nlsba alllesiaq. ol Abdul logy y_e2p¢_x_:__d l-:5 enough to handle two!-he vouune-;l:.md when use llama: round that the lam we-:.\ u-orlclng hml Is a team- uz-r In Iuppon his mother and tmex-.and had only but Elam: once or lwluc. so to speak. and dial Eluah was en- uuea lo lbs l \ by reason at mopporznnc criuqucs upop Daminlclx. he mp ! Ewan. nmlaulloncd Dominick against losing lalucaapex-. and dimmed the case. Eiizabclh Pox-h~.uf meet, a neat little German woman al .:wenly-oaexun. with a pale. pretty rue. com- nlalned ll;i'I31fev£ iimrricd lixc of but time over a yes: her husband wunm lgd driven her from hi: mother‘; llQ§8¢.\Yh¢3'_¢ they Incl lived. gg the sum llmc glrprlvmg sex-or her \\ \ baby. -ERnl:clh said maxi- was partly his mother‘: (unit, and paruybccanse lnabil. [139 to oblnln work had mag: Wllllam cross. but all she wanted us he: liulc baby. {or lxer own mother would take c.-u-colhcr 1114 the child. The Justice though; ulanhis must be .1-preuygucd year (ix-mol ! ! and mix an of the baby Andjls dcllnqutgng father. and gal boux. The flat was given to the overjoyed Elizabeth and William had to give .bondi'fa‘r1helr Iuppofl. PAUL PARK.WHO%I-ZSALE AND RE- H 11:1 llsxnnbet I R-r‘1':'-2593:\ :-Txngxuss. 1°: rm?‘ Bueialngx. 'nltYud in dmaicd 0; (Senate strut line Cuul. Lunbct. Ln Shin In and Peace Emu mice Ild Yud cult? of OUR nu: WILKINSON sranrg. _ _ .....-. gzggums Colonel hncl Vegan. Ill ammty. she Frnidcnt ol un- e:-urunar-.531. In I uure of Pgau;inni:.:g1-aduue at West Pom Acadeny. uppnrtitad ad Lmnunt. July 21:. -~39. rcaazmg In prom: ra\z.A-stun nu. nu, Hz- -cnrdjua unfolanaun during the lan- mar * CHURCH SERVICES. BA:.uSm.-rt M‘B.-E.Igleumt.be!o'wlc£cnon. Rev. L T. Fo0le.;:l“of Pnw A1 co!-5 A. musd 7 1-. n. by Ihc pastor, 3-school Bible chases 10 um: r. u. Clan sawing: at e close at creniu nu-non. -Calaod David S Sunltf. nwrlnfanntty. In I swlre oi on». a graduate oi \\’cn Academy. appomu-d Lil-emud Lieulcmmo! the ad Datum». My at. my :w|x t July mix. 1566. He served a asap: of voxuucen drum me rebtllsm (aloud zukm (1 Tower. ol an Carp: at Ewan. :- : mun oi aim:-chu-etu. a g-rzduu: at “B1 nu, ap- ,:olnIM to the any as d Lauxenun of Enginenn. tulv cu. um. reaching his present rant. hmnry um. :32. Re terval as Ilrigldlrt-Ggg_!g’.\!-Bxld am-cs Muse:-Gencn. oi Vnluntetn during the me in. _ Llcuxznanl-Colonel Hocneyn ix. Arm. :4 Immcry. u a name at ?\‘cw\’o:'k. C gmtnate of Wax Palm. appointed Bum :4‘ i.z‘m. gm Anlncry Iuxy nu. ma. In-Mn: at his plum: malt. July um. man He mvulas D era! and Bm-ex -\Ia}or-General ulvoiuntcm during (Fe lax: wu. ; Asumu z..—Corn r rlqndchi nu-ecu. Rev. 1' 1. Lake. pugtol. xsrcapgting u Inga A u. and at 7.3: r. :1. 13-11» pa-Ito! subgen tor the evening; \In rum: punishment cndlosn\ undayschool at 9 .\. n. Yam: aE::gle’sv!Ire.r mean; at ago ML. to beled byln. . D Rwnsm M B —Corncr Bin! Avenue 1nd North Wuh- Ingxua mm. Rev E. H. ucimenpnwr. ‘Sunday-ochool Ital»)! Pt-aching bymc torn ro.3aA..u.ud an ML ,E,renIagI\-bkcu \Be§§uar' Pow.“ LEE & LOOMIS, No. s\ EKST sr-maca §=m‘r:’rf'r. 561 an Wbolade and Run!) ANTH RACITE. BITU MINOUSQ CANNEL COAL. ‘ CONNELLSVILLE COKE; FOR SALE. -ma zuzcam nasxnnsca. arm-D Loves: A. 0. U W.-Ag has slrudy been announced. Ihu Grand Lodge oi use Ancient Order of Unilcd workmen vriii cont-cm Tuesday. Pchnnry 3th. m'New Er: Hull. corner 0! Main and Swan Iurcu. this city Tbcruwlllpmbably be rcprrscxxxpurcs from About one hundred and uremy-(ire Lodges.’ These with lhg Gr.1ndLo-d¢eo!i'rmnwllico_ns1itntes b of Qlmut one hundred and munbcn. Eric l.od$LrNo. «am! this c£l)'.1nsorg:quuq guqsiorupd Guard o omis ni thou: um-qnty um: who wall art as an moon to the Grand Lodge. Harmony Lodge. Na. :1. vdii also show honor to this Gnnd. V Kidngabanqncx on Wednesday evening ihbmyt we deem House. It is cxpccled than: last four humired mu pmicipae. No, go; Dt:u;w.\ncs 51.. S. W. Con. Camzv luau, -nwtr nuns ‘_9;l_;v ,h'o. |lCu~cynrttL *;:v1x.;°‘_‘_°-%,‘a+§°;:;'::':a:.;f;s3..¢,3,.3. I SILVER PLATED Wm D2141’ _ . — . _ » “|'“€?!i:;‘*:Y -§“m.§,'X 31'»? 33: $41.‘ 98.33:- L 's\..\...‘s“.‘,’-“.“‘¢...9Tz\.§”9\2 .. ‘*‘s‘a'.t ‘#5’ ‘ha’: WW .‘::‘!?‘.‘s.'£ ,y-use lmcrvicenobe Ma eécsyéreaxn ! ; Wn‘n1mI1\I: Pnnswnuum.——Pmcmn; by Lbg pumg .; , 19.30 A. tuna -no r. u. BRANCH OFFICE AND YARDS-—Iu k Sum THE SUN. !.I:uten2nl.(‘n1an¢I 61-nrge'n:o‘m. ol :1}: cm-§i\§r~E;jis gineen. is a mliye or New-Hzmpdslre. a graduate ox Wis: Paint. appotnted Brent ed Deal. at Topngraphidl Engi- nem. July at. -an. reaching his present tank. July mm. xzsc. He~sraurxw§ntcd Br:-re! lh‘|::d\¢r«Gcnc1-al Much Iath. :35; . Licutanm-cozouel Emmy Upwn. Isl Aruuary. II I :1... Live»! New-\'urk. a West Palm gngqgte. xppainlea ad Licxllqth Amllcry, May em. :I5x.mcxsixrg hnprucxu rank. July 28:11.. M6. He urvcd as I Brigadier-Gcnenl and .3;-grc: Majaneeneral ol Volusmn during the law nr. LIc\u¢E:.nhColDnel Elwdl 5. (mt. ad Inlantryuh 1 na- sire of K‘-iaryludmaxering the unite us aiapialn in the g_‘gQ[ Rag-zmgnc o_l New York Vnlutcen. racking hn -wean: that us Lleuntnanx-Co:ancl. July 13th. 3366‘ He served as Brave: Bdcadfcr-tt, 0:! Volumcen during 41:41:22 «mac. ——,..::.:r.‘:“—‘.\‘ T_ _ ism‘€a;n:.co!aaI! Rock: 96:10:. Asticllnl inspector General. I! a mate 0: the Dim-icx of Columbia. .1 gnduate ‘oi’ Wes: Polnmppaintea Bun: Second Liculcnanx Monm- ed‘ Rl Iuli nst, 2131.313! teached his pnintnc tank June -K37-1| 3551- . ,‘ *-r . ,.... I.Iemnznz.cn1nnc'!',Hen:y M.,B1‘uk. mh ‘limntry. is I nau-we oi Pcnnsylnn‘:a,4 nrA<!m!;.s‘6\“' F515: agpoihteé‘-Bare: 36 Iaiclfh 41!: Xétlntryp. Ty (st. :89. and A-\cached his pfelenl ‘nah, 0:1. 7. 1868. two: Guido. kl. ueber. Judge‘-Adrocacz. is x native bf South Carolina, uppoinxed (rim Nnuuvock m I.lcu- team nu: Infantry. May um. xsoz. teaching his present rank Nov. 1561; 155:. The ‘ of the co_un-amid Lieutenant-Coxonzl Charla E. Blunt, 6 I nllin of Nut-llaupgmxe. I graduate at WeszPou_:1~ was appointed Bun’: no meat. Jn1ym.L8g6.an¢} ohufncd his paucni ran! xmmw. ‘#1712 conrnnmial will probably In held :1 Fun Porter. Colpnd Ilunzhu hgretaloqe stood Io lxignln an animation or use u-my Ind 61 ‘b\Il'_¢{l3l¢n!. that is is hoped byall that the am will reiuh g; in can acquittal. :..::.*;°‘\.2;.E‘*-n .*»\.z::.:.:‘; “ 33$, M‘ I-W‘ M '- W S n-. n. Young Lpc; eupnycru eeoléx 1}. u. ' II ,——R . Dr. wtd bot; A.&'. SS-v:c;: 1‘ll1cc!§p¢l net“ 13$? “m um —er... uer. tn’. t . §:..',;\**°c:=°**\:aa‘.§’..‘T'=.:;‘Y.°:**,~.'*.*§\.*’.5..\“ 7*‘ Wlsr Sm: Pun: mx.-11 v. H: 6. Lordzputor. sen1uess4..§\5.§i‘ «'0.-d chl1<1I'c1\‘::§r:ic:. «H Sup‘: Rnggucr Ax-um Bamrr.-—Pmc.hlng It so}; A. n. and . M ' , . vz??s'm'..= s°mw::h2'.a::-:.:::9:.c=~ H M *= 1878. NEW YORK. 1878. AS THE TIME HAS COME FOR THE , rennnlof suhucriptimu.1'HE SUN would rcmmd {amends ndvrell vhhzn everywhere that It is again a candida: forjhcir conxldenuon and mpgon. Upon as recordforthepnu ten yum It mic: for nccnunuance of the heuny sympathy ma gtncrous cooperation which h‘;:%h‘i°z1;crxo been extruded to it from every quarter at I . *~=¥ia::EoRA-ran FRENCH cmm DIN.’3}£R:ANn TEA SETS. Onn FELLDWSUIX’ -7‘-‘L15! cvamng the following omrcn at Esmcr Rebekah Degree Lodge No. 3. I.0,0.l’.. ware insulin! ‘by J W. Best, D. D. G. M.. in the lodge rooms ova No. 4:6 Main Intel: N. G.—Isnc H. Steep ; V. (1—Sist¢r M. 1. Waters; R\. S.-Neil Mclhchrcn: 3.5. -0. A. Lindsay: Trca.Iurtr—~Slslu Addie \V'e!;sur; Winn d¢n—Wm».«-Pa ct; Coqducgo;-«‘$ Alfce J. Holeb I. G.~’{‘. M. (gluing; 0, Cg.--Wm. 5. Prior; R. S. N. G.~s Sixlcr Igndsqy, I, 5.N G.-Sign; F. Haring; Its. V. G.—E. C. Ho:x:hkls3s.;_l‘.,,__$. V. G.-J. Luugyear. Allhe conclusion {at the installation cercznoulu. Net’! Mc ! rulrlmz Nol;IcG d was prescgtcd with a hzndaomuctof nmduitd 3 Jay pin. Mn; 1-‘. 1. Her- ring xnakmg the pnscnmion speech. lute: this tbcrg was a short emcrulnmcut. cotulsung or f¢adlngs,Iil1g[ng, 4:2. TMBDAILY SIIIN I: I tom-—pa¢e age: of aslcolumns; sun A cents: non . . a war '3 §uNx5R‘? THE sun i:'a3cI‘§'m.’page sheet 0; 36 cohlunna While glvh the new: ol_u:edav.1! Ihounulnsiluge llaounl. of t > and nhczllnneouu unites; spechlly prepugd for It. The UNDAY SUN has act such gruuucceu. Pan paid, Onto: year. ,.___ ,_ A1? - GREATLY REDUCED PRICES. Cnuncu ur -nus Mnsmu-—-'rhe pastor, the, ,_Rev. 1.. I. Fletcher D. I_).. will Eresch momingandeiullléf. In the evening he W11! pm; m :3u¢.i§'onn¢ men at am «y on the tubksct ot “ 2lmu|eny:‘m.' - . GEO, E. NEWMAN, S1-. Mm’;-M. E.-981}: unmet. Rev. 1. N. Simpklnupw cor. Pruchin ' ' r it to‘ 4.5:. Ind v. n. - Suhdgyqchoofalhnyrfhlf. 9”“ 5‘ 7\ ' ucfm m nAms'r.—.Izev. G. H. nun. or. ; Mir‘. Sa’e!Ir)n.S3§s En:_s will to-uioifow It so’); ,A. x.a.xn!1,3c«:.u. 7 'sub I lh be: ;\F‘;llin¢np thqnfnicuons of rklltz“ In evening “B.-licvgn and nixheikvgrs.‘ r._ she omflnhlad y Pmg. Rtnbonuu. wallnu will eondnm rev val sen-kn “gray evening IRIR tho\us&., THE WEEKLY SUN. Who donnot know '1‘!!! Wl_EKl.V.SUNl, .11 circu- hu.-uhmughoul-the’ United States. IM.,Ca_nx_lgi.and bc~ you-M. Nloelyltbouund {names ggeetfts \v‘éIco'ne pages vmglly. xnd nnrd it in 3!»; light of guide. covniiclor ma In-lend. In he_w:,ed|,to:-hi‘. Igriculttinl. Indlllenry de- pnnmqunahe it. nnenthllybuojourul [or the tanily and the _1‘erns: ONE L!,Al.'n year post paid- Thh pne contidetcd. makes! t_h_e cheapo: nwr popcrpu . Fntclulnof m1.w:h0nunh wewsll tend tn cam cgyy (rec. Addr PUBLISHER OF THE SUN. Nth ark City. 1-ThS'l‘&cj:n7 No. 444 Man: S - Tm: Inusn R1r'E'i:§.-‘-.:9§WiE last regullr meeting of the Irish Rims. hqd at their Amory. No. 354 Waning. min Ittzet. the rollowmg of ware elected to £11 Vacaq. c es: ' NOTICE. “Vice Prcs|d_,cn:.. Ins. Burke: Flnnucigl Secretary. M. Cor. coma; Corresponding. secteury D. Fitx(e_r:Xd: Trus- um-.1. 0'Dea; Flrsl Llgutcnajm. D. Morin; Second lieu- tenant. C. 1. Panel]; Sergeant. J. Mcnonneu; Second Scvquun. In. Re; Quanaunl 'Sg_rxQant, Geo. Neville; s¢rgcu\t-u-AunI. 1‘. Co1lins..* !t\d6‘tv'cu1mn.. Wm.B.SmlI|1.C'tpu1n Win. ll. FiqlI,qr.D. Moran. C. J. Fnmll;-J. 0‘Ds!.:JAl»~.B\\f¥¢. . Usfrin Prx'sIv1'nm.#—Ou Wish‘ on wed mu -Eagle. 0n!&m!I the 1 amazon. me Rev. h. w. Crabbe. will pmc at to Mn. and 2;; r. u. sabbath- ochoolatmu. ‘p nrmeednuazas 1-,». The usual pnyct um! 11: on iducuday gvcnlng at 7%. N :4 un Mum Puvu: M mmrat 5:.‘ ma Hall. , Jznuary :3. H18. «H: be nddruniri by W. H. 35:21-.0! hater. . Cx $h‘adc Han§ing and ‘ _, ‘ at 111011 noun: and nth: bet! Cozouuo Mt:-mcn ‘Com-Axv.-—At ‘the Annual meeting of the btockholdcn oi the Coaondo‘ Mining and Land Company. lxeta nt t_hc o bf the company. So. 5:: Km sum. use lollovlving genuemen were elccugd trustees torxlog.¢nIt;inz yme Dan-I4 Anthoimthe Hun. N. P. sganron. ‘John Robtm. Wtq.H. Baker, the Hoj3.Ch1 H. M¢mrm,£Ggn.‘lhu. F. ‘Rania. I-Iim Waiter. Mu- mew Wltbgck. D. slayings, Egnry 4. Burrom.~ Alexander B. Brokmjun I-t. Pooh. Jonilhhn 8. Bull. At‘: iubnqinqlt needngqf the \unisex me following om-_. ein'1_or._1l;8,~vrcfiT;&'n'1‘iekgled : Prcqkifdnl. the Hun. Chan. Hr-. uqmyia: m\\§‘I_¢é.~'Pt¢ mum: Walker: ad wep- Pri-idial. H» Atom ; Sétreury Ind Tm-ur¢r. S. Bqdl; Finnhce Cqqigllllét. N,'Jm}gY('Wltbeck. Jawil. Fable. Hen‘-In',A» Damn,» v _ I BUFFALO ..AN‘D SUUTHWESTERN STRUT'HERS&HTEPW0RTH .M...a'-~w«cs=a- ~RAIbROAD. ' ' , corur ON1-rfmNDnI‘iKFT%§zgqt§PAY' Nov’ '2' 8‘ ' DMLY =(lNCLUDlN_G SUNDAY). -49 ~ - mivani It nmnon: u 2.13 .m.: ]ixi¢g't&i#n.xq..o\a. m.; Corry up ‘1'p.II;_: Titunvlllg, p.jI.; Ckv¢|and_-y.o&l.v:.Vg:.; §l§ I‘.! - I - -- .1, .9,-wt 59‘ .. _ I333‘ '- 3.‘}’£a’.-\ ¢:Vu'y,\!.£.s.._. L ,‘ \_\'5 4‘-oovP.. M-p;”’:{';‘:{..&“u’£‘§1‘.‘I.§L§:‘é’3P£*2’3r.:‘.';.'* -Ipym I: rm 1:. xqr.?5:6rrI».u.;ci l_!nIdcvme_w4° p‘.n.; Oi City 8530:. 111.; Cleve, 6. n.u.~ (.’mc(n—- 1111!. 5.96 am: i.ou_l»-Ille, Ia.xuI.I.: §.£oIig.i.oa 3.11.: Kuuuc (y. to,» p._m. «Na. 1 ma‘: :I.'sw1s Bnocxgswin S1-. an ‘ 1.'w.- C-‘anion; ta$1.l§:et,qf$: Mnvm: Sm‘:-r Pusnn-n1m;~Iir:v. Henry M. . . ‘bblllf I . Punch b use: I < service . “°°\\- \”§°°3** 5°‘-“*.*“.:~n'°.‘.§a\\§\\“\\-’.‘.'*'*\:\':.°' :s*.*:.‘§éE:!§ fa.-gang. nri’-1¥6qb;¢np-um. ’ ‘ ‘ Bmm-n or J. P. Howmw.--The comp myvlxrre Io Mr.J.'l*. Bayard will be givgxg this evening at lhc Acxdcngyvbf Music‘ Mr. Hawaii, iq will be remembered. ma glue big-tincipmmptgi at the Academy, 5114 now, having: with. gichseu. is in A popition to n.€¢d the nnigqnce which .111: I offered him. The cnteiulqncnt win he on ia |*.‘“'°~ conclndiiig vmh acomedieuz lhgqunlc hing furnished by the cmbxm Gtjmaulq -né Unlb!‘ Com: ‘buldt, us. Hnwprd Imgd tlfg gheatm-gum; public; so tajthrqlly and sail that his bandit nhoulsrbc n m,huLg_q;_iu rede W-M-me And-whezjme dune: 1 hokflle P'=\-it if 'Jr¢i*¢|o‘i=nTi9otob appeeue'n§u'v.:'x°.au+o.xz'.§ use -ystcm ¥59!'.“’=19I\9d. «gunned Ind minlorcodby‘ .. :°‘\!°!“::;‘“‘!§'§'a°-Qchmttai. z~e«ec_c,:;'..uoaua= :.:=.:.=:;.-'-:.'\=-~‘-:\* ‘:»°.*§;;‘§-=“?-\‘=«'?~\*'»‘v\«‘5‘=*'i3’«»“-=-‘»' min \“-nus y \! ८ “““°‘.':;‘.*:.'*:. .:.=:.,:~:=* lg..gré==9~ Á - *¢!*'°V‘f¢-than-.-In. srumcuunep-tic Iona Ar;-:.....e..;'.:«'.*:s-t .pI¢‘¢ely‘v‘e'IIedieawlI)e‘:'z'u\vlI'lclIIIi6?% Glove Works —S. B_AKER,3£ (‘:30-Q nm:u,’rAc‘l'_unsx,s-4 or t3LOVzs.,,}IlTTENs am) 1‘:AlI_)|I_;I_“$'l§»1‘8,DE‘ALL Igmps mm s1'Yu!.s. No; 1'32 Seneca Street, ‘Bu Hitiédé; of 111 uyzu.» sows mi 1-up Wnv-Smz.-‘This week's issue or the Touzifiladl llirall uh: , \0n’I'uc’nday mdminpas Deputy sbcrt Baton wag- conveying four vagrant: from Lockpdrito thelrk (‘pun Work-house. one of we number nctidmully nlippé3'- mrough one of me car wioqqu1,whcw_nb9gxuwogi1e¢ fromthis villngehuhd ht! Kaila! £9 u Waik- h<‘>u.c-ince.-~A -cup ‘[I)_[n;.n'Lfpll iiit It was- ;’¢'=cruiaX'y‘ ahuirdahi u:SdjétxAkihj,«bIi‘ -leIlav;ir‘neemin§.- 1;‘-otapeduainjqted. METBSRBE Qaninot in (lag yren‘\!s¢§_. gm.-1. 1.num.yz,be K _c'ar'2Iul and emgegn bixpie qa pmiai 9. amen; Indhi-' ‘iicicaheiaoir pupun- ;pve;uvg1jnir'cwtan*- ndlo_cd'_1ttId'N “dawn: 0!\ pnonr In Whu¢£c!t,—bu not in ma goeuliar naurncr,-lqow£vet.” I - S_;‘:uoox’.-,-Hausa: TIIi!\3ING.~Ye§!c_rday\ at the noon lutuniisioa~..whe;n gbc gin» o_l Pxiblln §cnooI_ Np. xo ape il‘o—1y_u Ema the drcsI5pz—I‘0om,.quitc .\ number ol mam ‘loam! -élbdkg jaud ‘QW|,.W,'1§ Ii‘lIslng,_ ,§fte_g-'Q'givchIpg, _“&..j_biIlldlP'¢ i to an; mun, gney noti ‘t2_:‘g,pdMj1inY.’Mr.‘E.,E_. I_~‘isb,,‘ l!e;ho1mkq[—:)g;'ggg mg, 99.4 Wuwnirccasfei In um!-I-sin“ .1’-y» I‘-t‘a”w‘-: 11¢ to ma_svA(am.eai.n.c poliegbfuneloii; ‘bktzcdvts-j)oijonn,ah5l.Hul'njfémdee :ut1yt.to =Ijntvuu¢at¢ the mama. ggay'1u<e;§g-atuyxzt n_u¢cond-hind déhI¢r‘vrlm'hif4' ' of rzong another (anon: or -use inpe buinaI,o_oclivanm Solomon, on Bmadwty. Thmu I. \ ” : lciuct ‘ M .aeeon-nu- lions can. ‘at Tnlpq mm It nunulou 2a.: 1.1. (enn Ind6.39y.l|.d_|lly. , 1orIx.r.JA_o iron. ; \ H . ‘ TIxosa:ALu.c§q_ gucznranxnxxns.-The cumin:-. , I99 ' ' l ._ “'- ms’ »“”‘-‘7‘..’.“’.“.\ §'.”§H.’%$‘$.‘{;.7.,’:\°£:‘ rim 12:‘ectne:;oa.cr-gzk opaesaag gag. §q%.¢_l_i¢5 égecu x{ocaI.,at l!crt!u,Onta_cio.o.u’ Friqily lot ztuterdsy momtng. hm 3 pmtpohgugnl upde; s‘eur,nl residents 0! Berth were, in‘ the city: yeauerdnyund den quite poduv the prisoners at; the person: sggn intllq ~., , J W :‘.‘~:i‘«“ -:::«:.:. .‘»,~f-.~.'«,' 51%-C: :.‘i\‘,?%“,~§§~‘« ‘\*C*\§.Q3ii \ . »_ 1;: ¥‘,‘~\=\‘~:\\‘~»;*?::\ ~~\\ \ :_; ~ \ X ‘»«‘‘\:‘~\ \ \~ \ ‘ N \t;;§ \ _ “S: «V ‘N: §\n§“§ ~ 4»; \ _ , \ ._Qk uxgq . ‘ N‘? «W I ’ ' ' =:;'~“:<;,*; .\ _ *7 ‘ONE! ;Sii!izI‘=ifit‘>Im.C!°° \W N 0 , Iv Oahu iggvebeen in\; “C wiu':°sn:'}:'::i um I nip nnpm§\§1 mp-ueau win :4. -.4 ._F, :\:«‘*~ 3331:}

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