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Buffalo daily republic and times. ([Buffalo, N.Y.]) 1857-1859, November 12, 1858, Image 3

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ltt.cpublt.c anb i!timt~. No he IS not handsome but every body likes Th s s. he sea et of t. Every body likes be c tor The lllqu rug lady was e deutly ap d\' GALT oN -~fr A MANNI G 1! not author ed to co lect a c ua\8 due the Buffolo Repuhl c prec at ve for she laughed londOIIt and lange. alw::>.y• \Wlzere .t.he Ia.ngh ca.I:ne n \\ = ~ rs N -w ~ G .ur n ~ r p rt Ill! to ho \' oJ by lhe 1r e~ Jk,.k..d Bank L n nnmflen'l!taVC be61lJ88llCd ]A!B]J an I oany oft em l:>':nt west Tftm ~~no 31 eft e#Ji!..,. t!.,....,~ J.i~~~Bclo e .!udg BnELD()1( and JngtJceR Nl-et and ll•A!rn....,_ The J?eop e\\ Jrr.mo • W~!lf9ml/ lllUICICIJ fo grand Jarcen;r l'nJWij(ll\ arrrug~~ell, a~d plead guilty B:l1d --was sen eDCEd to 3 :f\CIU'S .and 6 months mpr so melilt- .a Aubu n I be '71Tlkt:n~ Rl!: T ~ y E Ta:otrSA!'f:D DoLr.A-:& People vs Rwhnrd Hennessey Ind eted fur carrynxg slung shot A rn1 !riJed and plead -uot gu :y The People vs S1llltll H ll Ind c ed for burglnn Arra gned and pleod not !>\' ty 1 he People Chn IPS M Be h_ Ind e ed for an assa lt. w th a dangerous we.o\Lpon - Pend ng tho tr a! of th s md ctmcnt the pr son er through Iris counsel proposed to plead guilty to a!!sau t and hal. ery only wh ch plea h.avmg been aceepted be was sen encE'tl to pay a. fiae of $10 and stand comm ted until pa.td The Peop e vs ( eo ge Patterson Ind cted fo ~ s ng conE erfe t money Tr ed and conncted and sen fenced to 5 years and 6 months mpns otiment at ~ub11 n The People YS El za -M IS to emmn n u.u.d. s v re • cmt [ M Do~EI.L ce P e~ de -H S CAZJPDE:LL A MoPIIERBoY a y WY McOILVRA\\ Mannge ~J E fnoYsON' D v o BEER IN s Jo W LL Ar..EX MoK 't th, Ann Mallory I ad ated lor rece v ng solen T a! progress ~A New It~EA Some g('otl1:1meu tes d g on Delawa e Aven e and n that ne ghborhood l e conce ved he den. or ge tlDg up a. p ate skat ng ground and for tl at pn pose have h red tho vacant lots on the corne of \ trg n a Street nnd Delawa eo A venuo These- lots- preeent an a ea of fifi y two boo and aqua e fee and a: e to be feneed 11 Ma ns ! om he wa.ter wo11ks are 6 be lad to diffe ant pa s or ibe lot and the- lot ilouded As fast as t f eezes t!Je water ~ renewe I unt 1 a suffic ent tb ekne!!S of ce sat ta ned for a I praet en! pnrposes The gro d a o be p wa. 1y g aded so as o p eaent t1 su face requ r: ng but I tle wate to gtve a smoo h an 1 pol shed su face As fast ns the ce be come• cut up by aka ng wafer w II he tu ned on from the hydrants and n the co rse of a n gllt. the wbo e so face w I be enew-ed g ary and perfao Soma of the lad es of Delawa e Avenue and othe s u llat ~ c n ty a e a lea o to aka e h s w n m and the out doo spa ts of the females of Germany and Sw tzerland w ll h~ ~rans e ed to B tfa. o The dea san excellent one a nee wh Je t w II be ent rely p vote the ad es who fa le da ly n hot ooms breath og hu ned au can hnve an oppo :ton y of enew ne: he r oses and call ng back refresh ng health Dd !t eng Ii to weak and ene vn ed fames- We endorse the p oject ns n supe excellent one mn STEWARTS COOKING STO' E For Wood or UoaU A J RE - Accord ng lo t1 r on of the E e Oamt t..~ E:x.t u~ATTON OF RoB.mn.T DEVRttEAu~ L:EIARGE w TR BuRGLARY AND LAno&..1i'Y -Yes e day Robe t D~e enux an noffens e look cg yonng man was brought befo e Justice Dn.uL- ARP fo exam nato on he charge of rubb ng FuRS I El B'i H~m EY £ HUSTED S 1 BRow~ & KEEP Bauk ng Ho se on tl en ght £ be 14th of Oc o'be Jo.e a Coox Esq f. 4 No 119 Mam st -- he defence (The follow ng ev donee wl ch we took yes e day at the Pol ce Cou t at conmde able o GOTHIC HAIJL OLO'IIHNC,- W AREHOll~E b e was su pp e sed ta tlie 8'J1.d8 of JUBt c m ght not oe defeated on the 1 e terated p om1se that t should n No 153 Mam Street d esse I night o VP cos ume of the knoc e I at tl o d o ng .QUe of e be nse a. e of anotl e pe son as un he pe o so nam~d n A ~ o assessment cannot t ad n f on he conve sat on :wh eb we 3!'e obout ela e a I \h cb oocu red p iorjJ) the commen em n of he e-xh b tion Whv fi~ wen ot!:r.e 1 At the eonclus on of this evtd_¢~ lfr JosiAH. Coo~ demanded the- disc.ha ge of h s cl eut on the groun4 th1t )lot one part cia of evidence ugamst h m had been off'e ed exo p ha he was seen m SLAGHT s b Ilia d oom bv Mr A .t.EN OJ;~: the eTen ng of the robbery M F THIAN InSISted thatrthe pr sone slould 1>~ fur he held on the ch• ge o nwa t ~v dance wh ch be sh<>nld bnng- forward connect ng he p soner- w th the nnrne Jus e Dau L llD deeded to hold h m tm 1 $a u day mo n ug when the eram nalton w ll be coot nu#!d I she wl a t of n man must he be o aw eh a c owd f fasb onable lades .a11d ee lleme h ue a I orne Another Lady ~'.CH:s- :U TKRlfATIOllrAL BRlDG:£ -The C\o11: mon Coone ba. og o dered a .speeixl a:ect t)\n for Tne•day he 16 h day of November n t to y a e Fall ami Winter Clothing, EDDY & BINGHAM M..U li' 0 URERS OF WROUGIIT & CAST IRON FENCES v ER.AJ.'ID ~HS BALCONIES STAIR:; BRA.CKETS BA.NK DOORS,;sHIJTI:ERS Gratmg Awmng IrollJS IR N WINDOW HASH WINDOW C.APS SILLS AND GUARDS IRON COL UliiNS CAST IRON GAS & WA TER PIPE BRANCHES W][N DOW VElGllTS BENDS SEWER TRAPS HORSE POSTS &c &c Corner Church and .Tackson Sts Ne NV g\\Casting mad Q d & M EDDY m 9 y R )[ RNGRA.lr IUTJ:.tA.I 0 ELECI:RO GOLD & SILVER PLATING FACTOR I' A S WEBSTER GROCERIES AND PRO VISIONS, Also-\\ ege ab es Flou Salt F slh Po k r G een and D d Fru t, Wooden ELLIS WKBSTER 7 East Seneca Street. Blllffalo GROCERIES AND PROVISIONS, F RU T SEEDS &e myll J F SIBLEY pi: :&R N Groceries, Provisions, Flou, & Feed 1 CORNER OF lliCJ>IGAN A1W NORTH DIYIS ON S'l'RFETS uny1 :r F W LOHOUSE DEALER IN BOOTS !ND SIIOES, No 1144 MaiD St., Buffalo N ~ :r><l!y J5:R, LEWIS ---- B om e &]Ia tlllst a )1.41 Sug •t•, Has-remO-ved his. Offie.e to hm res:Jdence COJ11~ ofCou and P81tl !f;:J<eetJ. ln:y4:tf NEW T.ailermg &Ill Dyemg Estallllsll•ellt REICJIA. VELT & HOFMANN Exellange S1:reeG .Un e buliding fo\rmC y oecu_p d 'by 0 L e- & Co _,Bank A RE Pli.EP.ARED TO MAKE TO OILDER Garmenl!l of ery d cr ptio~ on sh rt uo I e ~Dy ng ~ n~ and Rep&i:rmg_ done on the most reasona.b e fJ;mll aul9dly .Q,. W!TUBES & JElf1lLKf .&:.IIi C iT SHURLY, SUcceo~r lq E :g J>, SlJJJrlT• No M.a \'6t ft 011 lltHJr .rcfd'i o.l GOlla H~ D EALER IN OLOCKS WA TOH:ES JEW ELR.Y: FANCY GOODS &t! U\ P&rtl uia.r &ttent on tnud o Ren:rlr ng Cloeki 1\'\a: h.es, lfsn.ners. Comptll~Se:8., Jew lry .Eu.- !.ll6dly 0 ' FF!OE OF TirE NEW Y\ORK CENTRAL RA[L ROAD COMPA....'TY ..!LB.a..: No e.m'bex 3d 8ti8 'l'ha..A-nnn&l Eleclion or Dueeto. s or to:s Compa ny and f1 Threeinall'o o so tl;l&.rua:t e e-eti. n 'lri t.e he d a thR Office ofth& Company 'In tlle Excb:mge n be CJ.ty f Albany onthe.se-t! nd Wc~y: he e ghth). D embe next. T.hepoU:willbeopena: e en.ccloel: m he ii ~noon -and will contin.n~t o-pen fi two h~ ihe pffe B oru r o-r the- Board or DiJE'tC 0 ~ n 4Th d QlLBERT L WILSON ~tary ---------- ---- pnpe TRADE AND COMMERCE o,nce o:t the BcpubUe ......_ Tuae.. ~ Btrun.o: Nov. 12 ].Wj S Buf-falo M.ID'Il:et. Fltxn..I.T N~ 'N embe ~,____= -=\\\ r-nmfmn ,. =Y bet,:,g~a \'=\! t!::ua.:!:.~~ == =~ 1!lll ~OflT!lfiflj',p@ Tilt llllri:lhll••u•~ <ares- ~w,-y,., ~ ~:;s-o ~ :sfJ ro -e::rtn~. w-ueon,q~~ .A: co~ ~ v <tiJ!il'i GITY 2 I P good lo hloa t=. !.Gelugan. IndWi& and Ohio, $-5 40@;a 00 for t!ouble e.i:tru llaluln l1e .ru.rnoon f OOM.rt'IERCIAL COllEGE r E~.ra.n. o ou na.1n :io'n\eet. esterda w~ l3J() bbl.&. a abo. 'tii 5&me ra.Dge p ce w:mtl.'t m&zbt llry dull, tho........., heU>g • ceeQ n(l11 gilt Holdm are gentllll1 pti!tJ fum l.lld Ml N E!XT'J.'O SAGR & SON fl MIJSJCSTORE on~ d ec1ly ppn1 to to J bn E BearJsl :Y s Book StaN> ~ ~ !Gin S1::r 1ldf,J N., y Mono Tit app ltct!um.IJ.! /awcl J. apr ct:ualexd. FACULTY D Clinton ID<'b, Preot<lent tie.: .rge- ~ G eawn Stcritruy I! 1'!l !0 ~eyttJ.~o::r Conn.s u D H CK Pl\ e\'..sar 1..h The ry and Practice ot:D nb e Rrrtcy Book keepmg and p nn13mohip G.e l G aBO!< P OfF!! s;or or C'omtnerciJJ 1 thmeti Book keePJ:n and I.! tu.rer on tbGSe neeot.(!a ubtion R'El DR DU.RTIS. Le tureron theE em nts .11~ D e pment,. &e HE' .J\OII.N C LORD, L tu er on Poll leal E\c nom1 and the !'ic en e ct G!Jv erument. 210 MAIN STREET FRED c CLARK, FINE WATCHES, A.gent ror \the American Waroh Com p11ny Waltham Mass FRENCH CLOCKS RICH JEWELRY, SILVER &PLATED WARE OF EVERY DESCRIPTION whfeh ar6 na d 0 -th pub 21. p 1!1 he tim 11 WATCHES i& JEWELRY IN 'l'.B.E BEST MAN.N;ER... tv' Gne. of he BE::;l' ENGRA V!N(} ESTABLISH DR LIGHTHILL 0( ULIS1 AND PRINC PAL OF THE Opthalmic and Aural Institute SYRACUSE IS l' Is now at Ronm No 4 AMERICAN HO'IEI G ghsp nn a en no he eatmen o DEAFNESS, M Royal Phelps pre e :ed a ru non v conn -e repor A nothet comllliitee p esentd \ epo t vor of canal steam naVJgation A. gang of coun erfe.I ers we e es ed yes e day at a boose n B ookl n On the p m ses we e found eompJe e sets of d es stamps and p esse. oge her w h ohem cals and o eo fo coun erf\e t ng and alte- ng bank b 1s and man ufactu ngbog sco n La gequan esofcoun te fe t bantt b lls ant.l co n we e a1 o foun f The b 11< wero on the Delawa o ooun y Bnnk N Y H:ll'Ui d Bank and M ban c s Bank o Harford f'onn New EnO'lnt1d Bnnk (lf Boson and Dank of C a lo tesbu g S C Tb p •e•J eM n M,.Eu wa ds Raruue1 James and E lw Ll Cooke lly the a al of the 1l sh b g FJ zabetlJ from Tn 'k Is a.nd we- ]ea n ha he e had bee a heavy g le om e R ~ fo h e& days caus ng n t P f' dous sea on he e f o the westward of t e sland \I rh nlso broke w h THE GREAT WONDER Qt tlte Nlnetcllntll uentury, PROFESSOR WOODS H!IR RESTORATIVE STERL NG EXCHANGE STOCKS-A e a y 1,141\ U~TUIIERS OF » ROVEU SEWING '!'BE f]CONOitiiST COOKING STOVE. For Wood or Coal FRENCH Dyeillg ant Clening Establishment P LAIN AND FANOY DYEING n a!Iva netiM LOUIS CLAUDE. rom Part!!, 1!! _prepared fP. 1.m1:e an ordera lil 'fhe abo e line at aG6 M l=hlifl-ll ttNet, o:oe dQo !9Uth orEagle e2d let OU1lces Qllbtine 11(20 GALLONS FURNITURE V A.RN lilB V. 460 peunda Spongf!\l 1000 gro ..... orled eor.., ~ W-£~1f'11 Sclmapp~ 1 Messenl?el\ li G n. ~ Fa1 b&ni\ll Bourbon Wh ke- 1 680 Pcnuoo Stone '<l _... tied Soap .Assorted Cologne A fine a.Mortro n of Rubbe G oda, oo grou Butt!\' Flint- a.ud eomw n Gia::S'I'rare Fa 11eatN-ewYo kp eeeby GEO Du:&YE.IlO & CO ocZ Who e,S&le Druggists, Btrlraio TNDIA RUBBER. FLOOK COATS The n .l <l<nlgu d o<g'le& e\' ..U thuiten\ion oftHe publi to\ tha new a11d bea.utifttt sty e or hdia Rub eo t, which 'they ha e 1lit rece ved at th.Jr new India. Rubber Warehon. e- 214 Ma.tn .e:tnet. n i f FORD I< WELLS G IIIOKS P R.ACTIOAL BOOl' AND SHOE MAKER. &ota and Shou o-r he newe.it a 7 and Wlnf D,_ ,lll1lllfuefl at !hort notfce Jobbing promp y a tended to IA.d1 a wml: done with nea.tn.en and -wte .E:s.:cllange .st.., No 22, near W.a.shb:fgton.t 9g:..ly C LARK S Sl RU P WILL OUl~E the most d ffi n case f Q_ero UJ& o Socret BIBeU(l- 1 is mng~ea.t Fo alP by C a SIN.(}. c..ona of B?9&Un and. o~~t, w Yo~ and jy\!\Mm A L lfA'l'JlElV• & CO l!uffalo C LARKS SYRUP IS ALL ROOTS\ AND SITG~o mme!:sl-a:nd that IS wh&t the B ood w&nra FG M-le bv 0 R. R.l'NG eorne of Bro&dway and J hnstrey N wY ~and jy29 em A. I MATBEWS & CO Bufl'alo .. , ug L V \

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