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Buffalo daily republic and times. ([Buffalo, N.Y.]) 1857-1859, September 29, 1858, Image 1

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Tile Dally Repabll~ .1:od Tfllles ublliched ~Very, a.ff8Ttlool':l ht ibo undenttgned a.t 1he New R.epubli Bnildinp;, 182 -wa&hin~-st.. nares a comnrtl!!.fcationH on bu.&neii or flherwtse to 0. C 8RIS'~OL, .l'ttann,..e., TERMS g trs z 5 VOL XII WHOLE NO 6468 WEDNESDAl EVENING, SEPTEMBER 29 1858 BUSINESS CARDS G Z. & 0 A HOUSE Attorneys and t onnsellors at AND C MM:J I NE:R. OF DEEDS f70rn o No tl e ~ m llletllna and J,ockport Sand Stone, rR :BENTLEY & 00, Forwardmg & Commission JUercb:mts AND A ENTS OF SWIF'..SUH.E LINE OF HOA.TS ON THE HUDSON R VJ;R N 17 Cana ;v'ha Buffa N Y AllES S BE! K OR .S B R.RDJ.I'E D 0 F a n:n lttltl .....!o~=\-\'-,F. \GLE BR IBS F UND'=R\Y F COLLIGON & CO MACHIN!R1R & MANUFACTURER!! OF Portable Steam Euglnes, Trember's NE~ YORK LIQUOR & CIGAR STORE 174, MAIN STREET D 1111 :r3 al kinds Pickles, J ell1es, Sardines, &e. A &J KEOGH Plano Forte lUannfacturers 'W\ ASIJ:ING'rON s-.r.KEET_. BETIVEEX NORTl! ANO SOUTH DIVISION STS ·~~·~1y~------~~~~~~~~~~~ FffiE INSURANCR &nd General &gency Business P H<ENIX FIRE INSURANCE CO No 6 W U ~ N w Yo k Cap ta ~md p u $27 000 HARMONY FIRE INSURANCE 00 No 6 B oad R N w Y k Cap tn. an su p ue $1ST 000 SECURITY FIRE INS! R~NCE C l No 8 Pn N w\i: k--,C p aland u pus$28 000 FARMERS UNION INSURANCE 00- Ahn Ba.dfi dC J23 000 Fire and laland hviP:.sti.o.u ID;o·•u••P..c!'• &!I .. _!!' JOHN N GARDNER, N ga.ti n ur m,aoy Cap ta $ 00 000 W ASHINOTON FIRE INSURANCE CO of Now Vo k Cn h Cap lq $200 000 BEEKMAN FIRE IN:SURANOE COMP.A ny N wY C hCap tn. $00000 SUSQUEHANNA INSURANCE OOMPA ny A bany Cash Cap a $ 00 000 A D E PLSrnbg Niles & K nney mh26tf A ~herwo d &--Co JOHN N GARDNER Agent - ~---- NEW PA.'l'TERN & lUA.CDINE SHOP FREDERICK JOSET ENGINE AND BOILER BU lLDER, No 19 Lloyd Street, HUUalf) A LL KIND:; F E NUINE AND B )!LER R ptur g ne !t W k .Ma h.iD nil CA~T N~ Ul! ALL DE::;~.,.:Rl.PT UN:s nad o U iOoU us moo of lliiLL GD.ARf'IG PATTERNS Jy2dly SCOfT STREET STOVE FOIJNDRV A LAR E ASSORTMEN1 F NEW AN dtl abopa nso :So os o ou on mn.n n tn e Ofr ant y on blllld t\lso Potash Kettles and llark lllills ANY KIND OF FANCY CASriNGS (Succel'ISorS to Kenega & Peterson ) PUNO FORTE llUNU.FACTURERS, N O 284 .MAL.'! STREET BUFFALO N Y 6.1-<\ 6~ and 7 0 :ta e Pfuno Fo n Pia n and Fancy Cas a m ue o the best ma. ena WI h al th m darn mpro emen s: a- 86 nd band Piano F te 1:.1: ken n exchange. ~Tlln DR and J:BlllUnng promptly ex. c ed OR 'R ;l!;S FROBO:SS F W 'l'R:4I:l.ES WM ST ltK an24dl,f MERCHANT TAILORg JAMES MONTGOMERY, MERCH'ANT rAILOR 193 !IIAJN S'J'RE!El' Tfphaine &. Son. s Sto e next to Snnth B othe Ba Sto e SEWING MACHINES. NEW ARRANGE!IIENT ,.\twater'J! $15l00 New Goods-Fall and Winter Styles p4;,~0X, LY£NufllLR:S AND CMHM~ Rll:s A fu assort nen of C oth.s for Comb! Pan s Bu.11iness Cuatt, &c &e. '1 Lo 1:. 111t qnall y ol Clo hs, Caasunere and V 1rt gs k p eonlrtan y on hanoi Gf\Hb Ia eut aad ronde to o dl!r N B Pa.r;t ;UJ ~ tl:mti n w be ptl.l<l o h getting np o Mil t.u.ry Uu rms ap2 d y GEO HERLE 1\'lliRCH AN f TAILOR Corner of Main a1 d SUTan Slreets 0 e Buffao T ust Co lank DIJFFALO CARRIAGE MANUFACTORY, NO 9'7 EJm. St Bnifalo, N Y J RAPELYEA, LUMBER YARDR LUMBER! LUMBER! LUMBER, LATH & SHINGLES S DU]S\N CONTRACTOR AND DEAL • e n ~umbe Fu:tnlshlilg and dn'i'lng- Pi es; e- plllnng Wharves promptly dona on wnlrAill or other- ,.,. K~s oonstantly .on hand a. good ass tmant o Re-m ooi: Wb w od and & a.ple Lnmb S :J<t\ iDa: Q eut and :sawed Shmg e.a, ..a h. Fe nee Boards. Po~ta eto [7\0ffiee ana ya d on Oh 0 Stroo s.nd Oh 0 B&P D nea (I o ~f ChicagO' atreet oP\ Bm den 'irlll find t to. their advantage to call and e%Wil1D (i them e .s S YBUP ~LAOKBE:R.Ry SOOT A pleasant ud effi en Remedr o.r: Swnmo C:ompla nt::l Pre p!U'ed and .so d at 68 lfatu. slreet. J E F-RANC!~ y29 Bui!Ceasor to Chas Co eman Tu p a.nd B lm Tre !- d S a.n and Sta.g G na RUM Jama ca and St Crolx WHISKEYS lLL.'fUPA.O'rWUR.S OF- and 0 d Rye THE GREAT COAL OIL LA.MP, The Cheapest and most :Brrlliant LIGHT EVER INTRODUCED GAS NOT EXCEPTED T HIS LAMP w ll \ve a I abt EQUAL TO TI'IREE F UID J.AMPS of two w kB each, AT HALF THE COST Tile Oil Is not ExplOSIVe, and w not :J;tU.m up I k.e other o a,. and C8Jl be bnrnad n his laznp W1tbou· smell sm ka Fo Churches. Stores Fa.n:ill s, Steamers &e thUI Lamp cannot be excel ed W • aro p epared to onpply the LamJ>.', •hade• Chimneys W cks Kerosene Breckenndge Canne Coal Oi a n any qua titi ~0 d .&mPJI ev ry d =tpti n a. tered to burn thhl U RA:ND & FELTHOU~EN C a 0 Depot:,. Je21dly !16lfatn atroet Bulflllo N Y Paving, furblull' and Flagglug. SA.JUES HOWELLS I S PREPARED to erccnte orde 'B n the 1 ne or Doo and W milow Caps anJ Sllls, P atform &. LOCKPORT ..U.\D !IEDI~A SANDSTONE Alwa on ban<l Of!i e. a d yard a. Cau!Ll Bridge un :tion of Gene ee and Chu ch str&et1 Bufl'l. o 17 Ordel'S 'P ompt y tell ed o ~ A L.All.GE IWOl'lmeD.t of Almnals for 1858 DOW' rN.dy PllfliN\'P \q AJ 00 188 Jlail:lllf:r::ut. da<iil11 BIIINGER'S u GIN ' AM BrNINGER & Co (Estabhfhed 1778,) IMPORTERS, No 17 BROAD STREET, NEW YORK THE tii~TER OF TRIGGANE$, A TALE OF ZETLAND Coo uded.) Ires .safe fo ha, f an hour. n:ml er.ed- the other He gently ra •ad h s compau on s bo h a bJt and pulled hm ea1 a I ttle h ghe1 olf b s brow\\ li ·~ keepJDg lum m such a po$Lu e &S t.o a ro a the ay~ of the sun Phen he went and stooJ at a I ttle d stance f10m l1m 10 tbe poslura of o e eommg t 1 the h 11 f\Om the sooth ward obser e l ]J m .attent e y and seem ng sat sfied w th the scntl ny denarted m the duect on of Tng ganess Norman Mack ntosh was also abroaJ tl at fo enoon I m go ng sboot1 g up the lull he told h • sa ant Young Garlbson tells n e lhe e s some good 1abb t-shoot ng p by rugga loch ani! I half exp~et to meet lnm tl ero about th t me He walke I slo :v-Jy n tl e 1 ec on of e Th1s agreeable Tour s des gned especially as a Safe and 1 elwble Medtcuu Joel wl tch was co JC~~le I f1 10 1 Jew of the fm Famdy Use. alv g tl e I 0 s wl cl The Pubhc are aifured that bord reJ w ~h fine g a ol 1 J e a lJo n n\' our h lis black and peatv hun\ o e J b I ON DON DocK GIN IS a fupenor cane eflecle !11 1ls I o on on h h onh artlde polfelling all the VIrtues one so u r~ sea fo I fioateJ a J as l e n afcnbed to It as a Medw~naZ Be t le a1 poach d L o e tl a fa ntsc eam 181a{/B and defervmg of thetr fua and soated a1 ay Abml Ll e n t.lt.lle of he fc water the e ns a J 1 Ll e slet, connect d tronage m pre erence to the us- w th tl 0 sl 0 6 by s epp \stone p eJ p1c1ous decoehons emanatmg from w!t.lely ap2rl and on tb1s 1slet n oul I 1e J rrefponfible fources and fold un away the ru ns of an anc ent P ct sh castle, der vanous pretentwus names or rather lio el fhe fa(l: that our houfe (eftabh h d What a spot fo a I m 1 t thougl t Ma 5 e ck nto h o for a be ng c t oH f om h s m I 778 ) has attained a favorable fellow men an 1 ban she 1 r. , 0 ne a •f 1 reputatwn for the genume character cr mel eyond the 1 ale of soc1ety Here a and punty of Its Ltquors Will we ma 1 n gl t beco ne pm 1te 1l a J l un Lied trull: be a suffictent guarantee of the r ly though I I now not I ut that I \ II f hi I m ght become 1 o e lespe ale Shall I exce ence o t s artie e a vake1 tl e eel oes w tl a fe v g a ns of Put up m quart and pmt bottles harmless powde 2 Pe I aps m tl e c ann\ n cafes of one and two dozen each of yon ler once lordly ed fice the e a I • 11 th our name on the bottles and lu k ng some morse of v tal ty more sub a tacfim 1 Je of our Stgnature 0 ~ th slant a] than a sp1de1 o Llue bottle He e e goes He vas on the po t of 1 ~ g the vrappers gun o h s .sboulde whe I a was a ested Sold throughout the Umted bv a 'o ce l el n 1 1 m p onouncmg I States and Canadas by Druggiil:s name He tur ed roun 1 and saw Cui Grocers &c q boun Ga thson Goad mo n n s sad tie Druggrfis and Dealers F ne mornm 1s 1t no 2 Saw ye onytb ng that ye we1e gaen to sl oot2 Supphed With Goo 1 morn ng to vou Garttson W B notL ng I :vas merely go g trJ h e a L INES AND RAND IRS, of useless blaze and shall La ery glaJ f D1reil: from U S Bonded Ware ) ou can d reo n e, as you prom sed o o ran l ned howe er to suspect yo r r bb t war houfes of all the favonte Bd\ moJO exc1tmg spot I am ery much 10 and molt approved Vmtages ren 1s a fane ful th ng fo I ve been andet ng over tbese braes for two or three yea s PEASE Oil ~annfu.cture 61 Ua.in s eet. N B The New Burne attAched to any Lam.P to burn he aboT\ 0 a Ca. d 'XB.Dl ne thUI .amp a.nd se the Oil bW\IL P'ias • N w Oil can be seen burw.n.~r:a HOllER ll ao \ 175 Mam •treet, ho ha. e the Lamp:s fo sale myfi no ~ and oug!Jt to know every peat o them but tabbt s I a e I never seen once I can assure you M Mack ntosl e pi ~d Galthsnn Wllh b s JlOS! respGctful ue I m no m staken a boot be abb e 0 But they e e y shy an ye mauu be wary G1eep saftly up yo sheep 9 gate keep ve een open an ••e frm DO telln you t b n And he u eete I Mack ntosh to t ke the wad up the lull lendmg to Eucs o~ I y wb cb be ha I h mselt JUSt de cended l r went llfack ntosb saymg Don t you go be lore me then And GarLhson followe l L \ gentiJ In about fi \ m nutes It s n deed Mack nto.sb excla med- t s, n ueed I Now husb I Ill nave biml He hfte I h1s large fowl ng piece to h s shoulde ook a m at the an mal be seemed o see be fo e ban w th elevated ears an 1-fl ed A Jeep grJan came do vn the btl! s d wl cl .appal ed the young man and fille l L s sou w th hor or He 1 usbed f01 ward an l tl ere lav the 1 feless body of Hos<;a Colquhoun welter ng n the blood wh ell pou ed tb ough the ragged skm cap f om h s aha te ed skull I Oh Mr Mack ntosh exela rned the w ly Ga thson \ tL well fe1gneil hor ot \hat bava you done -what I ave you done What ha e I done' g oaned th~ serable yo ng man Ob Heaven vho co IJ ba1e futeseen th1s! How cuulJ tl s ha e J:.appened 2: Wee! t looks odd rep! etl GarLhson, w1th s ch a s gmficant empbas s 10 h s tone that the other sla ted and laoke 1 fixeuly at h m Pu fel ow he cont nued Lend ng over the body he II ne er £ee hgbt more The d1eadful thmg • how d ffic 14It w 11 l e to explam t to the people excla meJ Mack ntosb the •quabble of ye te day m the k rk yarJ recurr ng to h s m nd He was certa n th 9 was the subJect of Gmthson s thoughts also uch a at ange and unac couutable ace lent he added and none but } ou to corroborate my tale The mo ment he bad sad tb she shuJuereJ anJ L s heart gre v col\ w th n h m for Ga thson actually laughed-1m ghed v th bitterness and sarcasm I he <' eJ hat can I say on th s sJbJecl? Was I b s1Je youg AtJ Low could I tell you wo ld fi e so 1 acklessly and shoot a man' Man tbe folk w Jna bel eve me It I swore to any SIC lee I e ken be t hoo ye 11 explam t They 11 tl tnk t odu snrely that the very fust t me ye shou d meet b1m ~fter yer w1rds W1 btm I e sbou]t] dee by yer hand }fay be Jtlllook odder n a m n slor !I an n an tb r boJy The truth seamed to dawn QIJ Mack n tosh 1t came m ngle 1 w th rage and alas I w th despair too V lla n he cr ed \I more than suspect you kno\' more of tb s matter than I do I fl lly bel e'e yo w sb to rum me Oh Heavens what a s tua tionl Ye needn t look sae fierce, Garthson 1f ony ane cam<:~ by Just noo they would 1 ppen Y\ were gaen to shuteme 0 I L S too I adv se ye to flee\ COAL OILS Lest n Mackmtosh scarcefy heard bJm he stood C 0 A L--==----=-=-=-''-- 2000 f!.A~LONS DROSENE gen e article CANNEL COAL OIL UlliO PJ>NNSYLVANIA: KllN'I'UCK1 CARBON an I PARRAFF!N E 01LS Fo l'!ala n quanti es to su t,. AT WHOLESALE' PRJ OEB F \ PEAH!l au 7 De llannfa.etliJ:'eT G Ma1ll-rll' t. THOMAS CLARE:, (LATE CLARK & BROIV!( J RECTIFYING DISTILLER Co ner P'!\lJ and W\'h \fJkm <t< Buffalo M ANUFAOT!JRER AND WHOLESALE Deale 10 H ghW\LD t, Aleoh 1., D ub • Refined Pn e Sp nbi, Co 1;0e Sp nts Re tified Wh skey 0 d Rye WhiB i:ey Bome tic B:nmdie.s and Spmts. .AlJ<o,. a supen ar t eo 95 per ent A.leoho o Btun ng Fluid 0 de a :p omptly filled at the-lowest m&rbt;. pntt;l! 17\Dealera n heaOO e&rtcleBa.re nnl.ed oa.Ilanrl exam.:me his stock bafore plll'eh&Slllg e sewhe e m,r.ro TH MAS CLAR.R' Yeast Calles F ROM PURE DRY HOPS Auy !am ly at a cost of ONE C.EliT can ba.re n :a. ew m nute3, a eup o L 7 YEAST ell U£h to a b&feb o b ead., Agencv & S 0. BARNUlrS G:reat Va.netv .Store m1H: 2llltiin etreet. apa t praymg h s face da<ped n h s ban ls the b g dropa oozmg through h1s fingers He saw nothmg but rum, degradat on death before him f he remamed and trusted to !he evidence ot' this scoundrel I~ seemed to h m the onlv course be could take was to leave tbe Jsland at once and :seelr refuge out of the country altogether Turmng therb fore, upon tbe fellow he thundered- Gt>d I bel eve, will yet penmt us to meet at a t1me when my mnocence shall t e eelahl!sh eJ an 1 your VJl!m'\Y made pnbhc T ll then yon sh'lll not see me agam He cast the gun from liim and fled down the htll w th IIDJMluostfv Hastenmg towards Mrn Fl'a!er's cott.,ge, he saw Marton n the gar den and beekoned to her She came out to meet hfm half. tern lied by h s look and gestures In a few burned word hut m po nted to a acant ens gncy su h a manner as to startle ber least, he Lcld ned m act ve serv ce nt l the 0 eptembe her what had happened and that be must the year followmg when Montreal fell S'oon afterthat event-J\fackintosb obta ned I s company 1 ~nd returned to B ltRlD He hastened to Hootland and slood before 'Marl on Fraser a bronzed and weather beaten sol I er very dJil:ereut from tbe supf le young m n ster who had pru ted WJth he on that se able day m the garden of Tngganess M ss Fraset howeveJ found no d fficulty m dent fymg the younK captam and d d not fur a mome!lt attempt to rep es<nt h m to I e fr ends as a person aeekmg to obtsm her I and uder false pretences. They were hap 1 ly wedded n he new home 1u Abe deen or d d the memory of tbe roo rnful past, or ihe brmses and en s or later days, pre ent the b tdeg oom from pe form ng the H eland flmg and several 'E1ght ree s and otbe myste es of the TEl ps cborean art v L great eclat But Mack ntosl d d not ake Scotland the home of h s hfe, though e had determ ned on et r ng from ac e e e Along wtth h 9 p etty w fe.. her other h s fatl1er and some otbe1 memhe ~ of I s fh mly he 1eturne I to the country m h c he l ad ga ned d s uct on and won h s comm Sl' o On a J leasant fa m n U ppt>r anada at tl at t n e almost beyond the pale of the c1 v hzed Circle the Mackmtosh fam ly etlled and spent tl e r l vs N ormau Mac! ntosb t sa J-happy though b s p •sent lot vao-somet nes tho 1gl t regretfully of he old ! n es n the nanse of 1 ggane. an 1 1 e once o t ~ l'e e.~1 oosed o b s w fe a 1 I tbnt he had taken some stet s to con f t that desp cable plo t r-uf the full sue of wh~e s h n s Le va ell a\\a e- 1 I !I ge hun to do I 1m JU~tJCe l:i t u h g ets 1 assed Uj dlj \\ ay He hail a ou ! w tho e he lo e I to he e;} es h s n u ence as cl at an I n J IS mo e at on»l n ent be ~ It be haJ nolL1ng mo e to .K NW:JWORTH u h 5th a Ph!Iade: pb. a n h use who so d $8000 w rth Jel4d m

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