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Buffalo daily republic and times. ([Buffalo, N.Y.]) 1857-1859, September 24, 1858, Image 2

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QI:~.e lhtffalo JIJaUn Jttpttblit anb QI:nn.es ..... .fnbal!, iltpttmbtr 211, ta&a 11\epnbhc nnb l!ttmts. ~~ -- HUJF:FALO N Y FRIDAY EVENING SEPTEMBER 24 C C BBISTOL ~tor Democratic State Nonuna:ttonli FOR G0¥1ffilf01t, AMASA J PARKER, of Albany ll' R EtJTa..rttl' GO'VBitXOB, JOHN J 'PAYLOR ofT oga F0.11 CAl OOMM SSIONER »HE,H,B!JRNE B J?IPER of ,N>agara :rOR STA!I'.G -80 B :ECTOR EDWARD L DO:i :Sl!LLY of New Yo k ~SEE F-:;;8T4tm FOUR'l'H PJGES Tbe Repnbhcan nieelinll' at American Hall Tbe Repub can a ficat on meet ng was h B last even ng a~ A me can Hall Arne n Hal rs n ry c pac ous and of c urse s pl ys ea y mposs ble to say ue a g evv lv a! sly! th t th~ ga he ng was mmense Tl e ha me was tolerably \ell fille 1 but as the pel)piA en e n slowly and sMtter nglv '\' L y u J o1 ped ou n he an e ruanue and the cllmax of a full house occurred but fo a f, w moments about the m Idle of the <'ven ng But the cha rman consoled h m \ If and the and ence w tl tl e re na k t1 at be lack of numbe s W'll made up n enthu h sm and perhaps It was so 11\6 are no p epared to contrad ct hat state nent for the entbus asm of a mowd s someth IJg n r~Jc !able Judge STE EN c.Ued the meef ng to o le and nom nated CHARLES D NoRTON ha man Mr NORTON was elected and and leavmg out the meanmgless pa ty at tack t m ght ha e been del ve ed befo e a Dernoc a c meet ng Wl b as much p opn ety as before a Republ can one With more propr ety even for the entue speeeh was Jl consecull e and profoundly log cal argument n favor of the Democratic doctnne of pop ular sovc e gnty Its ob;ect was to recon c e the Repnbl can party to the usa of the thunde stolen from theJr anlagomsts W c egret now that we had not prepared ourse es With notes of MT TffAYERS speech for there were many portwns of Jt wh ch we should like to pubbsh Bnt we neglected to do so and he b ef report of a cotemporary Is too Impe feet to answe the purpose We lo not look upon Mr THAYER as a Rep bl an n any pa y seme He s an ndependent worke earnest and pract cal There s I ttle of the fanat or b got about b m H s ant slave y zealLS under tbe con trol of a so nd JUdgment and a wise diE e etnes.q He has bold of the ght thread o d en ang e, an~ s a gbten out the slavery problem an I f tbe Rep bl!cans could be nduce<l to fol ow h s lead they m ght ae comp sh someth ng- not as a pol tical partv b t as pa t of a northern organ zat10 crob ac ng a 1 pa s wh ch should gathe n o self s ate af er state of the Southern Confe leracy by the qu et graVItat on of sympathy Tile New Ymk Tribune and tile Spl.rilll The New Yo k 'll lnme s ev dent y out of pat ence w th the Sp r ts In ts last ssue t, devotes a col mn and a half of ault Ra\ILROAD FARE FaElGHT CaAaGas AND FaEE PAssEs -The.ra !road pffic als of the Oeqtral tbe Ere the Pennsylvan a and Ohio Ba !roads are now n New York, to at- tend an adJourned m(ljlling tihl8 mormng whue It lS presumed that all differences w II be settled and rates of fares and- fre~ght ad vanced We annex the articles of agree ment now drawn up ART OLE No 1 Proh b Is the employment of nnne s o agents to ~1 e t passenger& No 2 r o Company to nfinenoe t ollie thro ts office so ageDta No 3 No Company to employ f e ght agents at the West except at lake and t ver port• nor at any other po nts no o• the r respect vc; lines except at Bostou New York PliifadeYphlll and Ba1t more No 4 Rela[<>s to fre ght as per uhedulo g ven at. he adJournment of the Pbilade ph a Convent.Ion No 5 Nu new b Jls as to tn-a ns fares o f e ghts except s clJ as shall he posted sn ta ble p ace> o b used by e he compao.y No 6 C ass fica on off e ght n fou dnsses No 7 Each 1'• tyto p o ect tb o he f om any departure from the estab shed class fi a oms by exp ess or:: transporta on ompan 0 asso a ODS No 8 The ra es of charges and fre ghts to 1111 common po n s he ng he eby d~te m ned no n m na on shall be made n v Iat on bet eof :nd f any d sc m na on be ma.de by auy o of he fon compan es ben tb s agrecmen s o bed ssolve I No 9 Ra es fo tra ns of ve sklek to be un orm o and from al c mmon po us No 10 NofeepassessbaJlbereate be ssued bye be of the pa t es he eto cxcep~ to lhe em ployees of each oad and o a o e s n c a ge of s k and s ock o s oek a ns ens wa d w h on he p e us ssent of all the pa es he eto n wnt ng Drove s passes shall be I m ed tu one pass fo one or two car load• of stock two p es o e.<ss ban h eeo fou ca o d h ee passes fo Dot Jess than a x car loads and to lou passes fu not less han ten en loads and d overs etu n Dg shall be allowed passes on h u tr p No 11 Rela es o paa enge fares o common po nts No 12 How d fte ences of nte 'P etatiou of k ng the cl a made a b ef spee b e find ng w n s unseen f ends On ead ust sens ble port on of wh ch was the con ng I e art cle one would s ppo e that the son n wh ch he warned the Renubl cans w er bad been a l e shabb ly t eated at he a es of ag eemen may be dJuS d No 13 Nod awbacke o be a owed by ex p e s ~ ght com pan es o other c\ y ng pa cs No 14 P o des f n t<> ue1 en l pon seem ng d v sons n th some t me by tbe nv s bles and he takes llemo t c rank AI hough Tamn any occas on to let h s w atb out on them n he s J m gbt be ent n twa n st II the wo ds when to ns mo tals convey s ong Democracy would s ppo t the t cket and t Old Fatbe NEWTON comes 10 oulJ. Le n c ~a y fo us to put fo h ou a s ce afi er l s fa h on w bole efforts n o der t succeed Th s seemed o cast a momenta y g oom o er the mee ng b t Mr NoRTON w h !:> ea act fo lowed up he f nereal sen ence w h a stentonan prophecyof succes a wh cb the aud ence rega ne<l the sp ts and ln clu ged n a I ttle demonstrat on of enthu a rn A~ e the fo malty of appo n D 0 V ce P es dents and Sec e a es and a com m tee of se en o d aft resolut ons M \V R ca one of the delega es lo the Rtate Convent on came pon \be stand and real a sta ement of the act on of the nom nat ng c n t on the ohJ ct of wh ch was to ex pi n why a non ~as not effected between the Repub can and Ame can pa t es: The statement was fm the most part h1stmwal anu s h has al eady appea ed n he ews l ape reports of the lo ngs of the Conven tons In o r est mation M WELCH con s ~ y s ab LShed he po nt he p oposed that t was mposs b e to un fe w th t an aban lonment of self espect and t he Repub1 can Conven on went as as poss ble to go f not fa the ught o have gone, to effect an Of thiS be meet ng seemed to be fie I and certa nly endor ed the Con ent on u a manne wh ch ad cted what certa n raD d Know C n ntwn fur ts f I e tu effe t an un on T! ese-or th s same JO rna! got several o be most g at fy ng s aps tl e face f om tl e gen em n w I o ead he stateinen I he pecul ar emphas s wb ch the Speaker p t pon he follow ng quoted ema k of .M: MoRGAN and hechee s:, W1 h which wa re e ved m st ha e had a s ng Jar ef. fe t pon ce tan pa t es who sat n the bo ly o t~e house He (M MoRGAN) sad tba he had no nte est whateve 1n the Central Ra I Road al hough he was free to confe s tha he d d not th nk that the hold ng of R~ l oad stock sl ould d squalifi.l a man for £Jjfi al stahon Ano her emphas sed and mean ng sen tence •h cb st uek somehoJy was the fol s y hey set fa he aga n a!l'a nst v f, and ne ghbo aga nst ne ghbo n e unwo1 thy of Iespectft I trea ment and sl ou d be hoo ed back to the bab at ons IV hence they came They w 11 othei wise be ng tieated w th so much cons derat on g ow arrogant a d se f suffic ent If we had the Ia gest fmth m the ex stence and ab so s a tho y ove them we th nk we hou ld exa c e ou powe by sen I ng the IV hole pa k about the bus ness He does not w sh to ha e any b ng to do Wl h the dev and says TaE MARYLAND SL.A. VEHOLDERB MERT ING -The slave holders of:Ma yland held a meeting at Snow H II on Tuesday last, to dev se means to p event the .slawea f om aU runn ng away Resolut ons we e adopted uecla ng hat the State of Ma yland has the powe and owes to her c t 2ens the du ty of protect ng slave 1 ropertv w th n her I m ts aga nst all adve sa es of our Jaws and ns tut ons come ~om whence they may and order ng that the payment of $100 fo eve y whi e man and $50 for every free ne- g o detected nnd convwted of tamper ng w h slaves adVJs ng that the p act ce of allow ng slaves co n patches an pe rn t ng them to leave nome w bout passes should be u seont n ed an I that the masters select homes for the slaves mstead of pe m tt ng hem o seek o t the own u g ng pou the General Assemb y to m truct o r Sena 't s anJ equest ou Rep esentat ves n Congr~ss to p esent the c a ms of the c t z ens of Ma ylan~ o the Gene al Government f, an ac al end ton of fug t ve slave all caie or equ valent payment m mony of the full value ~Th squcc day ast weeK: as an advertisemen n the S Lon l:lo pa~rs Engaged-M.lBS .Anna Gould John Caudal FA.LL FASHIONii COMSTOCK Will n oduce on SATYRDAY Augnst28 h h f H D TELLER GENTLEMEN S tJasslmere Dress Hats an23d6w GEORGE DU.&YEE re CO (Late of FlrDJ. of Cone Teller & Co ) !lAVING T KEN STORE NO 192 JUAIN WlLL OPEN On Monday the 13th instant WIT!! A F LL AND ENTRE NEW OTOCK OF Dry Goods Fancy Goods, &c &c Bonnet Ware Rooms E D 1 EA, COFFEE AND SUG!R STORE SIGN OF THE LARGE TEA CHES1 No 148 Ma1n Street S nd d m co of Exch nge PURE GROUND COFFEES FRESH GROUND TW CE A DAY '\'OUNG AND OLD HYSON f IlNPO'U. D.EH S IiliPERIAI AND BLA.CI( TE~ THE BE~T 'Flli'1'Y CENT' BLACK AND GREEN TEAS S d n tl.Je ty Every DescriptiOn AT LOW PR CE D S CELEBRATED PEARL STARCH h G LBERT S P E ~ A C DEl'ERS E F.RAS VE And Dry Brown Soaps Firth&~ S!l T B C a s & C s ENGLISH MUSTARDS nUILLARD'S £HOCOLATE BAKERS COCOA Uolm:m's Improved llaking 1 1 owder NONE BRTTRR PR OE ALSO DEALER N Dmge MediCmes Pamts V. INDOW OI ASS PIJRE WINES AND LIQUORS, PATENT JI!EDIC NES &c GOTHIC HALlA CLOTHING WAREHOUSE I) ENLARGED. ~ b t P.f and we can mag ne the conto t ons of countenance and the stmnglmg efforts b which they were swallowe l But they we e unquest onably heal by and f the pa ten\ o pat ents a e not too mcu ably b I 1 us they may wo k good to the pol t cal # o rran sma Hon Eu: Te:nER the I on of the occa un wa• next ca led pon anu oec p e I the s of the even ng n a ve y long speech wh cb t m st be sad howeve w an nble and nte est ng one. Mr THAYER sent ted to he espe and adm a on of h s po 1 twa! OJ ponents more than any other man 1 hapo n he Republ can ranks not a nere Wke bu a worker a o H s ent1ments and dect nes are of the pract cal He does not a m to st1 up a contest he ween he two see ons of the country hut to harmon ze th•m to n te them to entan e hew together Wl h ent cal nte es s- He ad oca es an I at emots the con e son A S GN-The Repnb can party had one ot he ~ou b not Its conq est }. nd as be of the Central Ra I Road wagons for the1r h d last en no- te be eves n actlDO\ band of mus c last n ght Does the Cen ~ ~ dee of the feu: al leg slature n t;po It al Ra 1 Road own tbe Republ can pa ty' au open field of p acbcal exertion vhe e An ans ve IS- expec~ed f om the Express e opponents of I ee so I can be met n a I Too of Cb oago 0 ! '- anne an 1 not whe e they a e c a gm~ the grand u y ecen Iy sa d Du ng ! ll ,., m he last five yea g t! at I have h ld h s court roetually mp3! s oned and prejud eed and .,.. been my unpleasant duty to y aod £en 11 the guard ove abstract r gh s [ n e to be Sta e pnson •• e ai hU1ldred 1'• p ua Yon ons and I am sorry to say that while t s an a J agamot pol tiCal mterfe nee H s e sy mater to find J rors who ate re iy and tb. few except ons, w lling to pun sh poor offende s Wlthout pos e h ast e en ng was: W n 0 end:!f s w h g ea diffien y tD hn d D ocratlc one The doctrmes an ors \\\be foqod who npprec ate the fact at goo em man one bad man of pos t on and wealf.b can do more ,.. e vs were m tbe mam snch as any 0 ba rn that one hund ..,d P.OO mea can who are , d anvw)ler<>\ would ~nbacr be to \the humble wtdksof life 'P''l ?\\\\ 'Ill ' -, T E SEPoYs -The Sepoya all declare tl at au e 1S n he own eyes hopei~ The B sh have won the game and as the r own doom s death they fight on s mply Ito p otract he e I hour They have lost the m 1 tary s o es Theu guns a e gone and womdeu art.il 1ery sa poo sobs to e to b ass 'FheJ. fi e arms are d!Jll!DIBh ng The only caps In Behar ome f om he De h arsenal and a e Bclliug at 2rs a b nd ed Men a med 011.ly w th s cka a e told to look fo »o pBy and the nstalments of waO'es a EJ doled o w h a. Jealousy wh ch speaks of dec eMwg tease e and nc eas ngdts b'tls Before the action a~ Arrah 2 \ were g vcn out to each man and soon after Ir more A oo appear to d ead excess vel,y dlisw s on u o 1 ttle gronps They uy hat n he r own v lloges they are sure to he eaught and hauged wh eat the same t me DO dea of any r~~rnnd ex p o t s ems o occn to hem Therrp<Pl c7. sn h as t s s to hold on to the Jnna]e wh ch no body can en and there do notb ng o f at tacked d spe se and re un te If snc:cessful ne be- s th s the mood wh ch enab]es men to wm n revolutiODS Even despa r g ves to Sepoys IW g eat resolve It nspms them only w1lh tbe con age of ottel'!l who when the dogs have b ought them to bay die bnlf hidde:a. n the ho es We 1!leed only force and steady qn et pe severance to br ng b s po tion ot the ca npa gn to a elose The people pasS! ve as they a e must ass st ns n the end T:bey a e suffer ng horr b y already N ne tho san_d of them ha e fled the land for ever and w1th 11' ves and ch ldren are seek ng an asylum n the depot of he em gran s to the Mau::r. us SIX fhouS$nd h& e sn Jed already and 'tile co 011:y lS w llinu to ac.ccp ~ny uumbe The mass boweve £aDnot mov.e aud they w 11 uot tole rate tbe 1nsecunty and d]Stress for er~r 4 p\' mtse of pardon t..o e:veryvij4ge :v:b eh b ought A fifty Sepoy• dea4 or •I ve ..,., ld !>Ven nnw J~li oose the co~Jntry OR the m4rouders Tb • a th~ scene we mag ne prese11ted over rnnoh of Ind a. Ln ie bands are oam1ug about Bone e s and W'l houtr a esou .:e d ead mg oplv ·dis pe • 011 8IJ the certa n precqrsor of a d $gfateful death The pol cy ROW • if J>O'l\lble to pl11ee between them and the T Jlagers a ln'lljWDoilab e ha e Ji!ri<md of,£~ No 153 Mam Street We a e now p epared w th a ve y la go hoesetinf Fall and Winter mothmg, ALL OF OUR And which w will pnc to 111 th tim OUR CUSTOM DEPARTMENT W U be: ound we s ked w tl a. g as P un nd Fa.n Oaasun a, 0 C tings S lk an v sting &e. kc We have also on hand a fino s ock of FlJ RN I§ BING G 0 ODS, UTh e who wish sa e 25 pe en wil do we g1 e w a. call b re pn ha iDg ebewher 21 O~'\D & BEIRNE 153 M&m t. We wuuld respectful y nv:t e attent on to th Ri h t. B st S ~d, and M st Extensi e 1!k FRENCH MILLINERY GOODS n the St&: e o Nt'W Yo k, NOW OPENING a 228 Mam Slreot bs ng mpor ed sxproas y for this eatab lshmenf. Bdtf FALL STYLE H!T SMITH & BROTHER PRACTICAL HATIERS Wll odu e he NEWSTYLEOFHATS FOR FALL on SATURDAY Sep 4 b 858 fZl95 Ham st eel, o e Metropolitan Theatre Bnf :fa. o N Y: aa:23dlm W B OLVER Boase, Slgt anti Ortall.t:tlal fainter, GRAINER, PAPER RANGER &c Over 164 Main street, Buffalo g'\\ A shsre publi patronage u Jq'l ctfa.ll w e- 1 •• mhl2dtlm JVJ;JW WINDOW SIIADES FOR THE )!'ALL TRADE ThlS day r~ce yed ~ud for M4!low 11t W bole $a <and !Mall. :II l! B!RGJI .a.el NIJ I 4 l 41L tr e~ !ru:&NER BROTHERS• ....,40tUUR~ 07 Taraertl' Synps, SJrsaparma, Ginger W me ole at N eY York. Buft\alo lf T~ -·F\\\\- Co!l. •\\'141T T1 e snbs~nber has aken n lease of he spa 118Soe 287 and 289Main St. St. James Blo<'K Whex h m conti th WHOLESALE AND RETAIL 0 e Ba .. t & Tobey s, BuJia o N Y Destgns Cu e, B ll H de, o D k ustrati I1H Architectural Drawmgs Chu he Pnbll Buildings Pnvate. Dw m~ &c Engrs.vmg on Wood, A comple e outfit. P ess excep ed fo a Ooun try NewipApe o au ty Weekly can be had n REA SONA.BL.E TERl!S e ther Q cash o appro ea pape.; by appli~11 n 11. the .olfiee oft:j:JJB paper. jg9li CHEAP SIGN PAINTING I WIRE GAlJZE ~CREENS, LETTERED WINDOW SHADES I O.d.RV.ED .d.NJ) GILT LETTERS At F B Scott s, ISIS S DIViSIOll st - _ __:3::__::DOORS FROM MAIN S'I' ---aUFF ALO T A T T E R SA 1 L 8, Stable and Horse Infirmary, D CHAMPION GE.\'lllt DEALF.R. GROCERIES AND PROVISIONS FRUIT SEEDi:! &c ~IONIJ~IENTS, ~I!NTEL PIECES, W RHflTA N DR &,. &c Nos 84 nod SG Niagara .Street. 13'\ ar o Grates a way n han!L yl2dly --- C HERBST C~RRIHlE RNAMENTAL SJON fainting, Gramlng, Marbleing, &c, ~ Gre n Str IJ.ea.r R b Strt< t.. &n2 dGm Bt.TFP ALO N Y VALENTINE & OREILLY-,- Lock Manufacturers Brass Fonnders •ND FINISHERS SIGN OF THE CROSS-KEYS, No 14 Coutt Str et, Buffa o N Y W Be H&nrptlg and sn e Ple.tin e1 b Jt aty DR WffiTE HAS RE!liOVED To 386 Franklin Street D R J WHITE .A.nalytical l\bp n can be eonsul d at his Gft m this Cl No 3 6 Frankl -· THURsDAY und FRIDAY AMUSEMENT~ ME'rROPOLITAN THEATRE

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