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Buffalo daily republic and times. ([Buffalo, N.Y.]) 1857-1859, August 16, 1858, Image 1

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f J NEW YORI<: LIQUOR & CIGAR STORE 174 MAIN STREET Dea ers n all kinds of ho ee I quora and C ga a A so Pwkles, Jellies, Sardines, &c dec2tf WEBSTER S OIL STORE J R BEJ:,TLEY & CO Fot wardmg & CommiSSIOn !tlerchants ANDA ENr~oF sWIJ?TSUBE L.m!E OF BOATS ON THE HUDSON RITER No 17 Can»! What Blfflll N Y Cabinet Manufactory W HERSEE & BROTHER, 0 MalA tre th Pa.t'k .U. Eli! DS. 011' CABI.N~T WARE CHAIRS 1IATRAS«E SPRL~G CHAIRS &c &o.,. Kep eonstan y on hand and Il).aQ~ to- ore: er 'I' lr HE SEE: { B\CFFALO N ~ HA.RR H:£R5EE ~ mh2:Qly Roofing Slate W E WILL PUT UN SLA.TE ROOFS n b be!rt m:wne an W'IU\iaD~d m th ST Al'ES aildCAN OM 1he-- up nonty o£8LATE TOOFS o e u.U ofhe tng is too l'i e kn n tonged certifiqates of p oaf ITALIAN A.c'YD AiU:ERIOA.c'Y \'LABS ;\..N D MONUMENT:-; Coru •n yon hand t WU:OLEIUER ONLY u-o de s fr m De.Mers oli ell GEO 0 V.AIL-kCO m.b2ld y E \\\!ft. anti h p C3naJ Bnffa.Io • tt an OUTDOOR Aomsx,.,.NTs -Outdoor amuse >Jtijpl~ju ~~U~tJ! evary numerous pleasure groun~s are up n the !;uburbs; where the '\\\~''u of the mose UuSfy Cltv CRU get both and rec eat on and w thout endange h s morals This re~olution n he po taste for roc eat on 1s due to the Ger and t would bllwellfor Amencans to the r example Jn other det I A He man taKes re eat on Dfleuer than tl e I A me can he U!kes 1t n a mo e s sterna c, MONDAY E\ ENING AUGU T 16 at anal sort of wav He takes h • r. f .,..;.~~~;:..~~~~~~~~~--------------------r------------------------,-~' ..,...,.,__., 8 -...,..;;;-..-...;;;..,...,....,~..,...,...,...,...,...,...,.::~~--~~--~~------~~----o;;;; ,and ch llren along with h n anJ I alf h • I; J I a, ure I es n afford ng pleasure to heru WINES AN'D LIQUORS SEWING MACHINES I REPUBLIC & TIMES lC llUb QbmCS. 'The Amercan §. soltary n most of ns ____ INSURANCE~---­ MARINE AND FIRE INSURANCE FIIR OCEAN INSURANCE CO MERCHANf TAILORS OY 'tHE C1TY OF NE.W' YORK;. OFFICE 16 WALL STREET To Ill Aa a< Janaa r11BW •ail867T,2~ Tba C rop=y CODtmu tMt> P: lice gh and cargo a.lsr.t;, on &efR and nlaad Navtgatw 1md Trau&- portaiion RiE.k tal«m a he low t ra ee: .All degenptlon p perty n:rored on thu m 1rt f; rnb e erJllll aga nst Loss or Damage by Fm JAMES MaFARLANJE MERCHANT TAILOR AT THE Q D TAND OF CA.RRIA.GE:s SLEIGHS &c CA.RRUGE !UtlNIJFA.CTORY Corner Pearl and Mohawk sts BIJFFA.LO CARRUGE M.ANUF .ACTOR Y, I W !R H cal) the atte tiOJ! of C A RRIA. GE f~KER.O r BfNET !AKERS PL NO !ANl:'FAr RER T ffiNERS and RU LDERS o be oWl.llg t<:1 MB&R 81>- h y ba. be n 81 d w h g .,.. LARD OIL 2 000 GALLONS OF PP..IME WIN • 'tar Lard OiL A.J.w,. SP~Ril; ELi:PRA.....'lT and WH..U.lt 11.t~ ..P_!leet ~f r a fl':!Sir, 61 llun•tnoot C URTAil< SHADE Jt PICT1JR!E!\ CORDS IUJ:d ~18, aaaorted = ~d .C m:s. I • D41Uro11'S Gt~~it V.,.!Y Slo10, Ill!' • m !bin met. PRINTIK O l:SJABLISHM'rNJ. ,:~musements he never thmks of tak ng hts New Wine aud Llqllor Store, NEW ARRANGEMENT, ¥ li li fe ancl ch ldren He lei e~es that mo t WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Atwater's $Ia,OO I w \\nteth•aiten)ion ° 1 ub c places of ente trunmen -are not p o- No 28'5 Main Street, Bu:ffalo JV, Y R.lll..ROADSUP.E.R.Th~\D~~ Th d •- A d p~r fo women thoue:h unobject onable fo ,~ J\~ -ocK. SI'EAllBOAl' & VESSEL Ow:h.'ERS ere s one e!,t:lct n mer can e uca ._, o•. ~\ nL Ell'llE!!i COliPAliiES. ton or rathe n Amer can cha ade and .L m Outdom amusements, a r de to son e T~ ~~!.,!~!Al}~~TI!!~~T.!! !!''I!! FORW,.\RDERS, tl at .., 0 r voung people do not Jearn to 1 [easant garden out of tOWDJ whe e the e fvund lnlBto N-ew Yo k The-a entton.or Wemm Jd.er- BANKERS., ron verse well 'I het th nk-they act- 8 e some vest ges of na ure green swn d o han~andd ~rs.ge.nenll 18. .res~tily ll1V'1ted to LAW.YERS r· h 1 h h Wlandenm •••lo l<am!ppces \h chwil beaslowao hen fO sed they a-e eloquent-hut the) eel ne m trees to s e ter pure a rto sat e New'la kJobb>mprtces MEC!Ll..NICS, ll T' b ' u l oow fo he ch dren to pla' anJ om» Amongst.the-stock-eanbe- undthe-followmg\bnmds Bt:STh'ESS lri.E...\l ldom C\ n erse we ue O.) t.augu d \L J r BmnU.1 R P pe~ .half. qua.rt.e ant e.ighth P pes. w TG the fii.cll ti w-.e offer in the line o PRTh\TTNG .BtL v ] Ja m-tv stu !;:) L ;:; rn ud \\ th thus~ LL~~\ places shoulJ s perce e e ~ ooLJ:;, wLBb o cal partienl&r atten~n to a sq_pen 4rtlcl.e J 11 J th t 1 h h BRANDIES WG BTNDING anae.,.,.thing!H'rtainlng- otb•l'RlNT Jea; tha w I stu land \eu moe the ug ~Js an ea res, an e a e ptG-.urn PuitLIS!lllo-Gbusiness Wehava one -ofth• mul tude-bn e v ra t. to eon-r-erse w h o man who cannot 'Sen 1 1 w fe an 1 !.fa ~J'\\\t :~•cor 18 o, LARGEST JOB 0 F Fl C E ~ ~use anu elegance Tl 0 g 1 5 d c plned ldren n the count ) can let the n ha e J Hennesst;~y J l I h ' f J F liArteJl lo the sbote, supennteoded'by com!J'!ent m• ho.n cs, and to smg an t plaJ 11nd Ja1 ce, and s t g ace a ens an occasion~ om o ,wo o nnu 0 d London Dock, F ancls s .,.. enab a to e<ecute aD manner of full• She s e en l repared fo those en! enjoyment and healthf I ecrea 01 New York Olnb, tmported 835 .J d 1 And.A Se gnette Plain, Fancy & OI'Jlamental P:rlntlng, womanly dut es she must perform n afte f et out oo amusements p e a HOLLAND GlNJ;l 1er a 1 fe-dut es of the nurse 'V nnd the hou e R A T'\ Ta p and Bam Tree l!ede Swan aud ta.g Gins. Road Cir ulsrs Cards, Po.s s, Coupon an OCR J EADJNG LOUD- pe 0 S UO t ec:1.t SO RUM T p Sh•et.~ Emli<lii!Jlhed and Embossed Show hold Her m01al powers a e cult vated \ eat as to hear g~od read ng of any k n 1 Jamtl.lca and St. C 1L WIDSKEYS Bon bon l!Ononga.he 2., Seotch Irish, and 0 tl Rye WINES LONDON AND DUBLIN PORTER l n & f:ons Edinbu gh A e A psAe by cask kg o bo es OLD TOCK ALE b he barre and k g Absynthe Curagna. Co dial B tte 1'1 &c.. &e. Fro ts and San cs BROWN & DR.AK.E::; CATAWBA B Tl'ERS bott 17' NOTICE to Country Me chants and Triule. liOO Barrels of Old Stock Ale, n Comm a. B we pnce- .A.Is at mp rtors p s n New Yo k by theca k, he eebaed All&op R East I:i:tdia Pale Ale and Hnrton Ales BARCLAY & PERKINS LONDON PORTER Gl! NNES:::! XXX PORTER my24 6m T VAKil, Comiilli'IB on Me hant BREWSTER & HALL LIFE & FIRE INSIJRA.NC.E OFFICE BUFFALO AGcENCX OJ: TilE Mutual Life Insurance Co N Ist 1858 $148 63 48 48 03 36 18,8 4 1 CHEA.PEST BURNING OIL II ~ THE \W\OB:LD And the Best Lubrltlatoi ! PEASE'S Improved Engine and Signal IS CHEAPER A.ND PUDER, MID WlL~ Burn Longer Br1ghter and Better THAN ANY Ol'HER OIL I T COSTS ONLY 21 2 MILLS pe bo Billa, Progra;mm s. Bllls of Fs.r~ aud all an.d man I kew e In h s CQU'tltrv so that she becomes Not one gent eman o 1ady n a hunQ: e I o PRINTING i,n a sty e equa o any establishm n f 1 be J t bl b B ' ,.. the State. a se u nevo en am \ e e ng u, ;ean rea] so as to please the e anJ send we ha e added '\ our e tab Uihmen • .,,., ty o sl ~ s not taught to converse the words w th gentle force to the bea t and the NEW STYLES 0 She can talk enough savs the c ustv uderstand ng An nd &tmrt ut erance Ornamental Job Type old bachelor l ray do not teach he to any wh nes, d ones, nasal twangs, gut eral not\\ .Anddonotmtend to bebtlhind any onemobtrunlngall !! e•te deg~ee, theuseofhertongue Ta J estaton 1 md other ces of elocutwn a~ he LATE\T FAsmoNs m h• way o DES GNS o EM ng s not con er ng The c s no deli en 1 nost n er al Why s, no one can BELT.ISIDfENTS eonne ed with th& bum.n sa: cy n the fo me h o g Is To talk 1 b h th tb 1 We ask thea.tten.ti no tho.s wh wisha.nythingl.U his lk II d ffi Tl :::.ay un ~ t e t at e e e p r 0 and to ta we are \ery etent e 1 \ d h 1 th 1 h lme acallandennuneourcapac tyfo execntingpr mp e NUD ay sc oo g ves e s y e n ese Jy and ueatly an manner of wor1< conne ed w th tho Ia te req res ease tact elf confidence lays Many a ladv can s ng !tal an song bua= as.. good sense a we conducted duca on a h con~ d a'ble exee tiOn but cannot rea i CARD PRINTING. lea re to please and an am able tempe Eng sh pass blv we a eenabedtopnntallmanne ofCIU\daa ememe In ne her ex sl ouh.t con ersat on be Yet read ng 8 by fa the m evaluable y W:;Pl:l.OOS,. QD L GI£1'N'lNG PRESSES, wh eh II. e capab h gh flown dedama 0 0 above be cond nct\omp shment of the two T n most d av; 0 tllowmgo:II15000C~dsp hou l fth h rh I ld b on o e ea e e \ o ce o e \\' ooms fa th ng s to be read 1 s rl BOOK BlNDING AND RULING ExPCUted m the mas :w kmanlike mann and lil he newest style of the Art, by CH.A.S L POND 3d B ory Re pol>li :Bnildlugs. Mur.ra.y, :n.ockw~ll & Go, lb:P.I:r:BLIO BUiltD~GS N-o 182.- w ASlONGTON ST ,P:E\0:&$ !tlota lllixmg ltlachme •v1mn MORETHANFOR ~J~~~~~J~~f~i:; !~f~~~~~: 1~'~-·E~~~g-,_I_ b no I lateu to he sul~ect a d ne er .ta sed co e ed th t no one can read one has veak 0 an 0 a 0 ca r 1 'The yle hould be lungs anotbe gets hoarse anothe chok 0 easy natural Jlayful f the occas on requ re anothet bas 11n abommnble s ng 80 g ev d t w hno anedandfa.rfetcheda empts nJyatad onoftbeway nl\hchhe ead at w t or ghtwr \ att • hv 1 us when he was too young o The e a e occas ons when the understand them anotl e umb es 1 ke a ence of ente ta n ng and successful con er broad wheel vagon a no the has a va) of at on cons sts n be ng a good I stene and ead ng wh ch e ms 0 ocla m that what n d aw ng o t othe a upon those top cs s read 8 of no •o t of consequence and Lad about wh ch you know they can fu n sh n bette not be at ended to formation We ha e sad before that the g eat ec et of pleas ng cons sts n oak ng RESPECT AD L TY -1 u I the asca s \Lo o ab u 3 4; OF A CENT n &ye:u.wg_ On halJ Pin m bu n 7 y f. ou n an dina:ry tw w k d !·~~~~~e~~f~~~~~l~l~~~!~ ..amp glnng a. Clear Beautiful White Light, !';i'\T S TY WJ. BR UNCY than ard o o Flu a F m moke o mf!D and' b11 othe s I eased w h themse \ es It s so n nde the ~emblance of a snug espectab I To be a good liStener s one y BOW the wo r 1 w th d senswns •nd dece of 1 e se e nf a ('on e sa onal powe It e e fi ted ~ h a hn te rote n:ou I Jouble s sad hat Dan el Webster ~rna I ed that 1 ts p ce nnd the exect troner a•L up hrs cat he never was n any sens ble mans company age RAILROADS AND lUA.CHINERY It 1B the ON l;\ re mb s Labnca ha will ke p b a. nga COOL AND 'WILL NOT GUM MEDAl Awarded by he Amencan Iru!t tute o this Oil as being equa oSperm lliEDAL AND TWO DIPLOllltlS .Award y N. \'£ Qt<.io-L Soo ~ a qua te of a.n hou bu what be 1e nt ,.,;;;,....,.,.,_~.,..,...,,.,,.,....,.,===.,..,...,,.,., somethr g He 1 ad the tact of draw ng JOHN-KORTZ, hem out o subJects h wh ch they vee fam lar and nth s way ga el nforn a t on 1 rnself. and made othe -s 1 eased w h hm 212 Mau1 Sbeet, A8. UST REC.E ED When g ria th nk too m ch of the beau ty they a e e y ap o fo get hat tl e powe s of conve sa on a e nee cd to pease t1 Large and Beautiful Assortmenl Beauty m~y s ke a severe blow on the heart but t requ es conversa onal powers to follow up the blow and ren ler t effec ve A pia n woman who converses well w I soon cause the want of beauty to be fo gotten by her powers of enterta nment Mad&me De Stael Holste n was an exceed ng y p a n woman bot such we e he con ersat onal talents !bat Byron declare l she could talk down her face n a q a er of an hour and be fe t o be pos ve y beautiful But the ques wn occurs bo ~ can th s powe be acqu red 1 It needs some nat ve confidence and much good JUdgment to Jay h-e- f'aundo.t \CU fo In::. uc; o z:s ca'u: c .;a \::l t bv always equ r ng the pupils to g ve the leas of the r lessons n the r own language anu no n he words of the text boo! Parents oo can early beg to en cou age the ch ldren to converse on sen ' lie top cs l>y call ng out the op n ons All shouiJ lea n to conve se OF Bh~;CK FRENCH LACES FOR MANTILLAS RANGING N PR CE FROM $2 00 to $7 00 Per l'ard JOlil'l JiUJ;t'l;Z e30 No 212 Mam Street Bracket and Scroll Sawing-- A. L 6RD.EH.j WILL BE RUlt~PTLY A l'l4N ED o JOSEPH SUOB .!Uecllanic fflreet., near eor te:r Tena<\e Bull'alo City Steam Turning Works JOSEPH SITOR 'l'URNKR .AND MlNU.FA.CTUREtf, bl' .. U. K ms OF MAHOGANY ROSEWOOD WALNUT AND CHERRY NEWEL POSTS.

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