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Buffalo daily republic and times. ([Buffalo, N.Y.]) 1857-1859, June 05, 1858, Image 3

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$aturba11_, .Jnnt 5, 1.858: ~ T)!E n., 4LO Hvru • DF. !o horse Unk own c owned h\lfc w th h last effort on Wednesday w th F .a.rrk Grmr 0 e says the De ro t Ad rt <<JT He s dead The 20 m le feat at the dash ng ga t to wh cl F ank n d b .u.. was mo e I an h const tu on was cap~hle of nd n g He was ape fectly gamey TRADE AND CO~fMERCE iEi1T We ordi auccs ~ 1\.fonTAt 'l'Y OF TIIE C n Dnr ng month of April tl ere were cm.e l.und d and fUC!Jen dea hs n he c ty Oftb snumber s xty five we e unde the age of ten yea s an ma and held ou n neteen and a h:llf m es when he had tog ve t up a.nd as though ask 11 0 o be excused i om fur her effort and fn the:r urg ng he fell upon h s knees when hlli owne saw that t was a I up w th h m E:e could not urbe h m ou of a wa k or ra he he con1d not prevent h s oubs d ug mto a Yalk AfteJ I e failed he walked home ::md w:;~S e den he was DJUred Everyth ng howere was done forb m that could be n be way of a ent ons. and gwomurg He va.~ b ought down to th s a ty aut! placed a Thompson s Stables At 9 o clock he showed ev dents gns of d stless H s rns ties we e thump ng as though all was JJOt 'lght Be d ed ea Iy yes e day mo n g He wa.~ a noble look ng horse We never saw a mo c gamey gallant appear g an mal W\The Til nat ated London News for May 22d th a wa.,.n ficent. colored snpp ement a d Punch for May 22d JUSt teemve I and for sale b) C C T .ELA. E& 20 .Ma. n stre fon doors abo e the Theatre g\'\ RA D LA.R b ough f: o n Ja 1 by office Bu&Tox charged w b s eal g n be gbt of the lst of Jnne ron HE~& K Y a ho \Be worth one hundred dollars • B ack Rock Darn He p ead not gu lty Case n prog ess W GRA n LARCENY -Ja ues Bu nett and Jo aeph A Walker were brought f om Jail yester day befo e Just ce DauLLARD charged w h grand Ia eeny and bu gla y n break ng nto the ba n of AARON P P Eacc n be town of West Seneca and s e linu thcre:ti om a Buffalo obe and an axe T e.y were fully comm fted for tnaJ ~CortoNEE:.s: Coun.T:-The ev dence taken by Co o e n be case of Kisscus the boy cbargcd w th k llmg a ch ld by kwk ng h m ns cone uded yes e day af ernoon He (Kiss u) wasLcldton.nswe n thes moffi elun d e clolJ \A r e c le ce ali er 12o clock yes te lay vas but co oboratory of what we have )>ubi he! ~ ~WI L M x N Ca OA.Go- The Ch cago I. m o at say he Ch cago people a e mostly fed on sw ll m lk f on ows kcp at. the dlStille es a d p opose to aba e the n sa oe Also makes t ~ £ o ng ex ao d na y sa ement are se e \tl pe sons n ou c y who. supply fam I es w h rn !k that lave not a cow n the wo ll Tt ey manufac ure m lk f om ch lk aod d ugs ~ Boo Fo ND The bo y of the I tie boy w o fe £ on tl e dee of p opelle wh I play n!J' w on e othe boys last Ma ch was ye e day fo nd n be c eok ne BIDWELL s sh p yard The body was ve y m ch decomposed an l was conveyed to KRAFT s lead house whe e he Co one hel ::m n.quest W t AM N nous Me luERN flt'W\ A Row -A party of can aile 'B got au e a m n on h beach yes e clay a e :n on a J po nde 1 and beat h m ery nea ly to deatl We o not know wl at wru the oc a& on of the qua rcl The man wh pped s Jy ng at I s house ca t foo of e se ous y TIJ ed an unable o getabou Office KEEL'l'Y and oth e s go af e tb~ assa lants sho y a ter be. af 1 ay o cu d and st cceeded n a e-s ng one of them who s now p I ~So D The Oom ner~alAdvert o!ler pe son also went off at a ve 7 low figure to the Oha tauq e Cou y sell last even ng The body of (a) R new g fo nd n a. cellar n he Reed B ck n S ne enrv I e n a mutila ed conn on and a m n name l S Mason (most p obablv r. one rna on) w s s sp c e 1 of mn lating he body f :...s: ER of he Democrat w 1 feel no ways flat e d a !h s last su bsc pt on to I ~SuNDAY -The close of he \eek o G;e mo e b ngs ound the welco ne pe od of a day of rest Welcome o he to Je -!abo er me chn!i c or a lLZan-ha led w h pleasu e by the wear erl man of bus ness be t ed sc be he fat g ed of all classes a nte!val of repose fo men a1 mach nery between Sa u day and Mon d•y g • ef Jy pp ec n ed rendered more de ] gh fa] s ll by home assoc at ons he chee fal sm I.e of he one lo d face he Joyous nng ng laugh of cJ d eD on he ~ nooth cl pt awn outs de and as reakofsunsb nes eal ngthrougL the ell sed pos e n whose qu e ng I ght a racta l e playful k tten gambolling a your fee Ah he e s no p ace I c home af e a] he old song snys-1 orne and t; sweet assoc a Bache o11 a e \ nf!U a excep ons o hap p ness We have t ed both pha~ es of ex stenco and won ad se a 1 fu ks wJ o on like b on]ess sh ts unda ned s ockinga and an e y of m n l to get man ed at one they • II soon eal ze the i>YS and comforts of home p en ln 1y on Sunday when t me bang so hea ily on the spa e hocrs of he bachelor ~ \ STRA HORSE A 1 o se ha pecu a es s yed n o our office h mo n g H s first peculia' y s that be has but hree legs an l the seeond s that h s I oofs are u e ly u Ike any v he hq se .hoofs e e bcfo e seen b ng so t of c oss bet r'een flat ons nd m ffin gs H s ta I s athe of the ser ous cast (we m y say MR L D Ro s Ou co 1 c pub c ven e as e who e th ng was utend <'d o U l>:e n sma t people ~W RN :'10 TO HorsE EEPERS-Ji efor ned bu a w es o the New-\\ o k p pe1.s hn he ibas obbed n ne een hquses du mg .he last three yea s b t bas been conve ted by tl e rev vals- He ays many bu gla. es are comm t ed by n d dca who ns nua. hemsel es no the af a long time oof; l e pa s of old men a theM t opo tan Theatre and wl o was JUstly a fa o te Y th all theaUe fectwns of suscept ble se vnnt gnls and wh le nnk ng lo e o B Udy ncqmun.t hemsel es w h he oc on of he aluab es and the quai ty o the locks and shu s He ad ses he domes goeJ:s ~lisfo nne fo the !as yea o mo e h overta en h m and d sease and pove ty have e d ced h n to a state tl at calls fo tl e comm • e a on and syn pa hy of all who ac m.t.red h ta ts as n.,a.e o and eha a e as a; man .I:Ie Las been confin<Jd o h s bed for nea ly a yea the conseq e ces of w h ch ha e bee!l n a.dd tion o er bod ly pros at on ex. eme p cnru t cs to be mo e a efui of heu .naqua ntanc s and not g e awav the he:a s and b oken v c ua s to lo e ntil hey know who they a e ~ Tn 1 OF T E STEAM F n ENGIN!l- fhe e wa 1o omotive harl he sk and wo ld wood nn.d wa e on lian t p swa. c h UCl was ce a nl y the most go g ou t w s e au for ne to beho d It was beaut ful n all s parts and espec ally daz.zl n~ he end b n to the e.ry v.: eked I eople rnme fo th f om thet storo nnd houses and s ood n the run to v ew these bow of p om e ntil they faded away and oll rna ds s ood o b fion s oops o see them he on y l en IX hat can eve l ave any nte est n them t;~r I E'R a T E T .A.BLE -.A. sh ggy ook ng yo ng man amed Temp c went n o a thud class bon d ng ho JSe yes e day and after as sa I ng two o th ee of the mma es was pu ou He th n went nd got war. an them ~ r w saul and l nL ery on I m Tl e par es <'ame Oo w en oue of tJ e defendants got out a wa an ti Temple The defendants ~ e scha ged wh e Temple was found gu lty of ::.. sru1 t and batte \Y nnd mal-lng a vagabond of b m If. He ru pe C\tly o e whelmed when hew~ nfo rned bat he m st pay twenty dol J s or go o the pen tent a y fo fo ty days He tm. d they m gh a'3. wel askh m to buy he C y of B :ff&.Io as to find twenty dollars and 1 e there fore went p .} d stJ. ess We do no h nk that suGh a man ll be allowe I w GRAKD L ROEY ard Bowman wru a e trd th s mo n ng cba ged w h g nd 1a eeny u s eal n f om a sa o a tavern on Oh o e reel kept by Bowman a fine gold watch an l a twenty dollar gol! p eo The compla nt was made at h Ch ef's offie th s morn ng and a search wa ant obta ed - Pol ceman CnOWLEY and office s. B RTO and l ey, we e n so n a The e cows a e a so fed on d s llery McGu re he same ne ghbo hoo I has ~ B w.. - Oa T u sday 11 g t He mon I odge (Ge man) b rl n. grnnd Ball on the occn s on of h Seventl A nu ve sa y of the r mee ng at G II~ s Hal ( vc th eo hundred n d dua. s bo h se.-.;::es we e n a endance - MILLERs Band d ;cou sed sweet m s c nnd some gentlemen vo rrn ee s VOC\.a.hzed n a very mas ter:ly IS le add ng muah to the pleasu -es of the e en ng Dane ng and •he snalfestiv t es were ke-pt np till an ea Iv ho n the morn ng wl en the assembly separated ru cb:gra fied w th he wholeaffa LAKE went down to Bo v-man s and sea bed h s house and found the watch n the stuffing of the sofa and the $20 go d p ece ol!ed up n a aO' and t eked a way n some wood n e back ya d The sa lo s wl o lost tbe money weut to bed abont ten o clock At about one o clo k Bowman awoke hem sey ng that the e h t!ecows and we m sts y tn.ke ng eat del of pruns w h h s eows clean ng the r s ab e and le t ng them o ~ f equentiy It would be of f1\ eat advanL1. e u the consume s of be m Ik f ~tber p opr e o -s would t..'1ke as m ch a e of M and P FESous on bel aJf of the Commtttee v a Tangemen s ende heu hanks to the Band and the voca sts who so mueh e hanced t e pleasu e oftheeW\en ng tar\ .A F GHT -N tght befo e as woman was some no se down stairs down sta s o see what w s they net Bowman who old them to wrut until he go h s p stol They bought some nne was :-obb D the unks nnd so went dow Bow man fol owed them \\hen they got down they found hat the prope t.y was stolen and he r clothe3 strewn ubont the room The way the obbe y lS supposed o have been effee ed was as follows Bowman found on where the r property was placed got them to bed ea ly aod af e th.ey had £ lien as eep went down st s robbed the trqnks concealed the p ope &y and hen went up s a s: lle h n a oused the sleep ng sailo s tell ng them that thP. e were thieves down stars and when they came down therr p ope1 ty was diSposed of. Fo ulla ely all the aloable.s we e recove ed and the lave n w II be landlordless for some time nas n ah as Jnstiee lliuLLARD fully com m tted him to tt al on the cha ge of grand Ia cenv He will not be long n suspense the grand JUry commenc ng a Si2SSJ.on on :Monday ~ T a::~;:: En>n.:ess A D :t:nE NEW YoRK. CEN TR L RuLRO<D -The Buffalo Repuhl c n orde o elie e he ev den nneas ness of the Expre~lh Legs to nform the latter Journa that upon al occas ons wbe e pn ty mal ce me ges nto pe sonal n eefive the Repuhl conSlJe os n the cows as M McGmre does manB€r. ti y no er d gJ. en n G ds bolilgh a: mh3ldoctr A FEW REASONS PLEASE TO CAL AND \X.UIDIE THE ID)4 SfEWART STU\E A'l' DADLEI' & HIJSTED S, No 119 Mam st PllNTING :OA VID LOVE, Emigrant Savmgs Bank, OF BUFFALO N Y I: co ']>Orated on the 17 ~ day oj 4pr I 18 8 Offwe 242 Diam Street p n 9A I ELDER & S1EARNS 270 !Uam Street, H A E: RECEI't ED A. LAR E CHOICE PA.PER UA.NGJNGS, F1 ench and American Manufacture AND ARE NOW SELL SG THEM A.T VERY LOW PRICES ll ap20d2m F 8 PE.A..SE 0 Mannf:r. htr.f' 61 Yain street. N B The Ne\ff B'qm~ :1 taeh ll to ny Lamp o bam the aOOvi Oils. C U nud e~m ne tb s Lamp and ae the 0 bum P ase\er New Oil csn be en bu:m n HO:UER ~ GO ~ Main m-eet,. who ha • the Lamps for l!llle my ftahan Statuary A ND FiflURE MANUFACTORY Bonne B o k ?Jonlde ke. Feet and Rands m Nature N 04 Waeh ngton treet, np .sta. re op~SJ e l'iaw P Ofli e myl8dly A PELEGRINI :P .M SAYLES A.ttornev and Counsellor at Law, COMMISSIONER FOR. VERl!ONT Office No 1 Weed. 11 ..fllock Co llain and Swan sh'eets came un ng to the Pol ce Office met officer KELTY an l told him her husband Pete F nne gan was k lt at ely by three men on the beacl She final y managed to nfo m KE TY hat he husband was no dead In the mo n ng Km.TY w h officer REY OLns, went down whe e the man was and found n m n bed n a te b sta. e His head was almost cut to p eccs w th stones a d hiS body presented the appearance of hav ng bPen k eked out of shape and was black and blue all o e w h numerous cu s and sk n b u es 'Vh le they were there they saw the th ee men who had thus mal eat ed F uuegan and gave chase The three men separated and rao KELTY ran his man nto a lumbe ymd where w th the ass staoceofSqmre DEFo EST he a ested h m R.EY:-fOLDS chased h a rna nto a coalya d whence he managed to make h s escape The a rested md • dna! s n JRi1 and we hope w II meet w th severe and mer ted p n sbment Fmnega.n conld not move a 1 rob thiS morn .ng so much had he been used up bat we do not hear that any danger lS an tic paled £om his wounds The assailants were jill •'!!'alleTO ly ts p vilege but the du y of eve y fmr m nd ed and 1mpa llal JOUrnal st to protest ag8lnst such a n. aston of nd VIdual Ig!lts,. nstigated by mal e ous motives When the Expres. re cently adv.: .1 the ext:cntion o£ be P es den and V ce 'President of the New York Central D EALER IN GROCERIES P oVlffions Fl a.nd F ad W ~ E L QVORS A N!D CI .AR Corner ofW~h ogton and Perry strP REFERENCE~H n. ~ phen Roy«e E..x.-Go.-e:m ~ermorrt-:· Hon So omon Foo~ U S Senato om V mon Ron D A.. Smalley (.: S D rtriet.Jndgt> H .. Ron WCash p&Id ti CPuntcy .Produ e my22.dly Wm R. ~ewa~ U S !'le.Ila or from N Y apldly ! E 210 MAIN STREET FRED ( (LA.RK ces or to JA~S APPLETON & CO DE.!. E.R nsfsrripf XXX.Vth CONGRESS-First. Sesa(oJJ WAS.EI GTON June 5 SENATE-Mr: B &]e of Pa nt odnced a mo1 ou to extend the Se s on t 11 he 21st n.s laid o er ill Ho too of Texas announced to th.,Sen a e he clca h of h colleagne Mr Rend~ on F om h s emarks we loa n h t the deceased was boi'T! n Lu c n Co N C Ma ch 31 1808 that he rece ved a 11 eJ:«! educat on and chose he prufCSSion of the w to wh ch he has alwa} s been a tached and n w h ch he was em nently so ess1u1 H s heal h becom g afteeted 1 e Wt\nt o Cu oa. Return ng he selec ed a ocation n MiSSis SIJ p un I he n 1.5 on of Texas by the MeXI cans awakened h s ene gy and I e d d m ch owa ds a ous ng the chrvalry of the South On epa ng o Texru l e was appo nted B [!ad e Gene al n t! c Texas a my W en the army was disbanded Le e p 1 fe un I aHed o bo he A on ey G n e 11! of the Stato wb oh office here a ed until a aeancy o o ed D the S a e Depa tmen by he d se uf lien Au tin be lust ous fathe of Texas when Gen R sk ha mg clec1 ned Gen Hende 'So was appornted o the office and emu ned n n 1837 when he was sen as M ste to England and F ance to negoc a e he e ogn on of Texan nd-ep ndence He e u ned f on Eu ope n 1840 and e surned h s p ofess on at San Augustme n 1 a t rsl p w th Gen Rnsk nn 1843 Dec! n ng a po on n he Cab ne he was nex appo n ed an ass san M n ste o Wash ngton whence e u n ng he esumed he p ofess on of la ;v un he annexa on of Texas was coitsumma ed He was n x n roembe of he Oonven on fr m Aug st ne county and afte wa ds elec ed fi s Go e no of Texas .Af; e some me equ s on was made on Texas fo troops fo the Mex an wa and Gen Rende .son ool command STERLI.: .Q EXC~t<-E demand l09aJOD ~TOCKS lluU FOR STO\ES BOUSE FURNISlliNG JOHN ( JE\\ ETT 217 Mam Street 'i\ II on Pla rge 0 en COOK as been e o 0 zed a: an ern nen c zen )n he death of Gene al R sk hew s una mously -a ec ed o be S He o o 1 narv man He made hl.S rna k on Texas a.nd l e llat on \\as ot acqna nted w lh h s mer ts hen p oceede o pa. s n feel ng ouch ng and eloquent e og urn on he deceas Rena o when bu s ng n o e.a s he wa down w hou offi The usual esolu ons of espect we e Ad on ned The fane al w II take place o nor ow n he Sen a e Clamber Them nage s of the ce emo ny .a e Mess s C a.y Baya d Hammond Da Wade and Sewa d W SH TON June 4 -The Sec eta y of Wa ece- ed a te1egra} h c d pa ch fiom Gen Ha ney da ed Lea enwo th n w h h ays tl e exp e~~ has a ved and ep01t~ Gov Cnmm ng d en out of Salt Lake C y The d sp ch doea not obta n full c edence f an be f ct hat Gen Ha ney me ely repeats a ~po and does no common cate as f om d e gence o h mself Harvest Home, Royal Oak! Chpper, New wp $15 00 15 ()0 12 00 Ley L The unde BJgned have thts day formed a co partn hip unde th n ru and fum B BERGMAN & CO al FINE WATCHES, s bol e ed as p obable that Go Cum m ng 1 as e rned to Cam1 Scot for s knowll. to he Gave- nment that when he left there con t a y to he ad es of Gen JohNson he p om sed o be back n two week T rnes co espondence -Gen pa h a to the Secre ary of W a qnest fo the re 1nfo cemen s to ward Agent for the Amerwan Watch Com :pany Waltham Mass FRENCH CLOCKS, RICH JEWELRY SILVER & PLATED Vl ARE, Go Den has madE\ a equ s t on on be OF EVEB\J[ DESCRIPTION \\h bar ffi ed h publi a prl s ELDER & STEARNS WAREROOMS No 270 lllam Street rommand ng office at F Leavenwo th for a de achmen of dragoons o ey ess tne d s 1.l ban ('eg Kansas T e P es den has w th I awn the nom na on of M W gg n of Me for F shery Cornm BSIO er uude the ea y w h England e!l Wad D Bu net s p essed fo be place wl l ome p o pr of success H B P a has been co :6. med as Sub T eas u f! at Bos on T e P es dent told a rnern be of the House o day tha he quest on of the gh of sea ch mn•t now be set led deftn ely and hat the ll sh gp ernmcr.t must abandon ts pretcn s he n Pn ion of the P e~ de o send Pl RE HAIR MATRESSES COTTON MATRESSES e Sa a oga to he Gu f nex week and the Con s ella on now on he way home f om he Med an an w 11 be orde ed mmed a.te1y o he on CORN HUSK MATRESSES SEA GRARS MATRESSES SPRING MATRESSES Bocock n end o morrow f be oppo tun J ocru • to enew h s mot on fo the sus p o on of he ules of the House GOLD SHADES he b U fo be canst uc on of 10 loop• of war 1'ih eh w n probably prevail as he has n mated hls w 11 ngness hat. an amend ment h II be offe ed from each s de of he I!onse, befo e demand ng the p ev ous ques on L A. 1J E A N D aiiJ S L I i'i t: U R T A.INS, Sec etar} ('a_~ ha og ~!egr~phed o he P M a A ngua a he- to dt~-y eplles hat he s una hie to lea n anyth ng further than he ramo a boo the ve sl fired nto off Pensaeola and one c .. ILl' CORN ICE::; A BEAUTIFUL ASSORTMENT man killed AND AT L o 'v PRICES' WASHINGTON June 5th -The followmg officers ha e been ordered to repo t on board the Sloop of Wa !Qara oga now at N orfo:pt p ~pan-ng to ELDER & S'l'E 1 DNS, JOn the Rome Squadron Qn the lOth 1nst ~\- Uomma.ede Tnrne L eutenants Wrunwr ghtJ. - 2:~;-=-c;o-__::2::7;c_O~M=;:a=m::;;S:.:tr:._e:::e::t~ 1 Crosby Gamble Jesse Taylor and Ham I on; 0 I L f Sorg on Whee w Qb .AssiSta.nt Surgeou Wm my • I Johnson J P \Ser 0 J Emery Md The cou t mar al o dered by he Secretary of the Navy to COBVene he e on the lOth ~st. W n est ga he cha ges agamst !JollJmander Bout well con sts of Oommodo e Stnngbam p1 es dent Oapta ns B ef!Se Sanda G1ynu McKeen Me cer Lownder Marston Wtlke GleD.dY' :Pnrv ance and Commande s Roberts and Til on Ne\\W York l!la.rket-.Dy Tele~ph N.:n- Yon,. June S5S FLtJR Betterwthfcird mand, m F...t gpeeu.Ia: e-- ss es 4,000 bbl5 a $3 85a3' 90 .superfi..IJe sta e U 05a 4 15 fo =xa state $3 &5a.3 9 o StlPPrdne wene~ $( 05ai 0 fo common to mixEd extra. vestern Canad:i 811 a &hal: b t.er..._,aa. es 800 tobis a S Oa; 2t. Rye tl ur !rtead aJ.es.IOObhll at$&.3 7 GRAIN-Wh at firmer Wlth fa.tr demand-sa es 30 ooo lm B'l %aS r. 'hicago spnng, 9la92 fo Mihra.nbe I ab, 10 all5 o trh te Canadian, 98 fo-r red Ohio Rye 15 ead at 5ua66 Barley llllChanged-sa.les at 53a60 Corti tead -sa 40 000 iro. & 60&73 for mo:ed weeter.n. EROVISIO:\~Pork ery dull a.t $17 50fo me&s, $Ua al4 20 for pruae B~f gtuet a.nd unebangad La d >leady-..Jes llQ(l bbls •tllXall!> :Jil:ODY & BINGHAM WROUGHT & C!ST IRON FENCES, \I ERANDl\.HS BALOONIES STAIRS BRACKETS, B..L'ITK DOORS, SHUT'l'Ens Grating A wrung I1'<l:ji8 IRON WINDOW SASB WINDOW CAPS SILLS AND GUARD;:; IRON COL lJMNS CAST IRON GAS & WA 'I'ER PIPE BRANCHE<> WIN DOW iH!IGH'l'o; BENDS SEWER TRAPS HORSE POSTS &e &c Corner Church au.q Jackson Sta N ea he <h.11, Wo ~e., Buffa N 1 WCastmgs made 6 o de :R !d EDDY my29 ly B:. PLUltiBING Al\'l)-GJlS FITTING RENWICK & WlBWELL K PLillPJrON Auctionee~ '>Rt> PLIMPTON & WELCH nolude n the sale of TUE:sDA 'l C gna.:: Brandy D V.llUGHN All C T J 0 i'i HID IJ 0 lll llll S S I 0 N 1 No 6 Tenaco Buffalo N 1' Comrmss on 5 per ot Real Estate 8 CA AD E R PERT¥ e4dly W ESA !} AND R TAL CLOTHIL'<G WAREHOUSE No 153 Mam StJ:eet W!i! He.. E U 1' ENED AN ENTIRE N J; I AND I Atil.llOL'iA13LJ 1lSS01UME~1 OF ISprmg and Summei' Clothing, ALI OF Of U OU N llllANTIFAC1'lJRl:, rlw hw a den n dtoEclla p ces DEFY COMPETI1IONt CLOTHING A n F 11 R N I fi H IN G G 0 0 D S, L Cheaper HAIRr

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