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The impartial observer. (Cooperstown, N.Y.) 1808-1809, May 06, 1809, Image 1

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w emocommaimmate : A Lot it Be impressed on your minds, that the liberty of the frees is . be no * , , 0 BA CoL the of dil the civil, political and of Ereeiien. «4C \Py g # A « ,.. ‘:1.. & LIBERTAS EST POTESTAS FACIUNDLI IBjatop suk® ® C008 Mok rC 2 payer . 4° s i , <0 , ( +, -< ”f“ S\ - wo 2 , tow. ' - tad g ~ of de a 5 jOURNAT - gr’d‘ a A” £35“ & im the Farmer's 'in recollecting: 500 a xt f Wg' CS ¢ ‘ | 173}; d’ bog.“ 2 .'~ wa - f 5C sil. 50 \(51h Lik cate on hay . certainly * fhat than sinning; . iman-worskip,!\ as fufation of the faut\ tand its miserdble ¥ Tollow ing exquisite:.de« f the Task : ‘ a pperty of most, | . _ Rey Stine coirtmon mass; af means to ratse themselves, | ts file lower thin they need. > ito feel within Faculty, that grasps | ies with casgethat turns and wields, fhout an effort; 'plans too vast whith they:cannot move. of impotence, they soon grow drunk With jz ng when they see gn;:fble man Sp forth to rotice ; anid, besqited thus, |. Boild him a p destily and«ggy, 5 stand there» Est. And be our adnufation fnd our praise.\ - most deserving in their own account _. W hen most estravagant in his «pplausey | | isn. (B As Hfexalting him they rais'd themselves.\ is » -- Bog \p. Thus by degrees, seif.chéated of thetr sound sand sober judgmaent, that be is but mang. ,- j Trey depai-deify and fume him so, That in due.seagon he forgets it too. 2: Ynflated and astrut with seif conceit, FHE pulps the windy diet ; and ere long; . opting their mistake, profoundly thinks he made in vain, if not for him» || -a FRAGKENT. “fingers; thirigr’ifié it to decay 3 all was $1053 * $ [mt] . For lack .6f culture, my farm becarire & Fie : J agiigculttite also;; \of their cahfice- AMF Skok a e 8\ i> C tlk cos} vad At... 's. aa oo [ Mog] was ignorant, till itil‘ughtbjjfafifi Experi- igre * * ®. ~ Fearing to risk myself with peo- ges AFP yjured,: and IP figpgggches E constantly . as, well as the k: '' decoration I bud made,. I left my possessiofis to \ the care of & servant who had been my chief E adviser. and retired to\ this lonefy spot, but 6 /P Alangeér's Aron grasp. (Here, said I. I shall be / trily inFepengdent. | Tghalibe happy of goupse ;- ibupalag1 I was decejred=-I had escaped out F Fward~reproathes, but to endute vepronthes [4 _J - more, dreadful. from withig. - My constience, 'al= -of which - before. L knew nothing, became tay He- ; k \ tk. PASC .O a lec o session.if Congress, ~My. Rowanys6f E should be oad. session. GF Congrasy, >- Mi. o,~F'u_§i-w Js. 5 a. most i % Nélfon ali6 'his.place, that if no other gentleman did, he OVT \House He had been extremely relugtant to- 'tause he knew it might be snie, and truly, ihat law and who is 'prectuded- in the act: itielf - - restrict his faction to go limited an extent, that t Tchid'so deeply injured,: and to avoid the . and it belonging to the wisdom of the House, -. danmmorine =m x - pe \my x ivy» ose fl\: fs X4 6 m_» rompers: “A, Y'Le‘ e ps 's JMR i- [0 wo, 2g. 3 ~ 1, 1 COoPERSTOWN, SATURDAY, MAY 6, 1800, ., .. ~,, I DEBATE -ON EXTRA BATIQNS. ~.. ion.. And he felt hipiself wartinted - in 'what $ st eveningof thedayp-#41 in giving thar opinion had néfeomectly ih- pressly prohibited by the act.passed 'the 16th. : which on thei IA £99 E Ki? BC a ‘ xgéfififi’efifiéfl;becafiséjhé‘fihd'hdt‘cbfréefli'gtared day:of March, 1862, entitled:\ An act fixing tucky; 138. heen consifeted\ by-somé:- as the the lbw. - Jt has beeh siid that Homer the military peace eStaplishingnt of the Unit moeslog doe n ~ S@metimesnodded; and a person even of \the States.\ . PC mou ”(51 Forth ted v v 6 a < sehfat fifitie§ and~ legal research, presséd by a «Best abilities. al res The house agréed now to consider the reso- Tas, of bosiness; might make an oversight lution. .- -\ - \_\ \\_\\ ool oo. as dq. as in the :Attornmey-General's opiti- Mr. Renfdolft said it would h¢ . Hyery reater wil {Mgééflfiéhfipmfi“mmmfi preceding the\ word that he had said the - Attorniey-G Entral ha i abstatity “miifigfi émfggn; hufm‘tghe my; was omitted, ('Thi Ate had misiitedthe 'that tke gig-fig? s «General acknoyledged the force of the ce establishments Cofig sdliet in the Hease: of ives ce\ , 20 rap. «Genera oyledged the subjéct of.the military peace esteablishmghts .. iia edaige m. cif Jand,\ ind eptadiungnit,, Aifection ofthe Im carting f the command- and yet, whan he chime to reactie Altories) expoutilier of the Tisyp-and that Colfgres® is: E&M Obiéf from any other emoluments, but General's opinion as fremed. -he found to; bdgnd'By. his expositions! . My.:Hollind and. 40 ©\ T buta just interpretation, on any very and ymb@rres§sment - that ) -nfade some 'but: thay: Slavite contained in a statute, you must lonkbe= the- laiv was correctly quoted. \ He would LB awote in Substance thekame: ag those of Mr.avf¥?§§.j't§§ ingulated. section. 'The enitife' act state haw ithappened, : In the, JOth page of - 1&3in gas Top . me , g tolist by taken into tiew, and such a the printed report, fifth paragraph and fourth for oP RRPRBRSEkENXPArIYy&®k VenTormedas will give effett to every part.\\ line, the word \additional\ preceding thr . s10U8k OR - WBM fuethet guoed the primed Gecoment. words « number of ratobs}? will by ind, Lis 209, - Pripy, “mtg?! 3. ._ @The iiHOWancefinade to General Wi)kinson But ought not to be, becange it. was not in the EXPENDITURES OF THE PDBLIC MOMIRS. | fey; in his capacity of brgadier-gereral, but Attorney General's off 35 feport, It was Mr. RANDOLPH said, it would be reeo}= iff His quahity of commander of post. omitted, and Mr. R. said he wished.to state Jected by the House, that a committes, was ap» Sth section of the act above mentioned how it got in. When .the copy of the Attor» \pointed some tine ago, for the purpose of en- the President is authorised roallow to the come- ney-General's oping p bad been pit into . his quiring whether any advances of money had mandefs of separate posts such hands, he had percsived .the . difference be- pcenzmadé By the War Bepariment, contrary bagpf rations as hemay from time to time thiftk tween the opinion and the law as iifigiyi‘st od, to law, and if any, to what amount ; it would proper to direct, having respect to the special and with bis per hgdmgwkgdgt‘hbfifigfié“ 4s also be recoftected, that dating. the discussion. Cifcunystances of each East-i\ ._ Now surely the a guide to himself, and the printer had insert» . on prinfing the documents, ke had stated in forte of this term @additional\\ must have'been ed it in the printed copy ; and. thus Mr. R. 5 1 $ febked by the Attoriey-Getisral in 'this said when be read the prinfed repott to the would bring forward a motion in relation to Patticulir cast. To a man to 'whoha rations house he was astonished that it did mist tally . that subject. Conceiving it to be his duty so _ aft allywed by law you may allow additionalras with his conception. ©This being a palpable 'to do, he now rose for the purpose of tiOns» he renar ut can you allow additional rations to error, every gentlemah who. had the report» ing the pledge which he had given to the a man who it expressly prohibited-from res and those whopu lished it, aught to omitthe , ceivigy any ? Can you allow -additional any word . Thig.would-shew to.the bring forward a mation on .this 106 a man whose compensition is fixed by house, he hoped, that it was not very unrea~ . 94 ' fee 21d .W R if ~aonable in him to differ on this gcomsion with there was po time: for the. House to examine from feceiving any farther compensation + Eo-a-gentleman of the Attomey-Geptral'$ eritdi« the documents during the present session. He infevior officers commanding At Sepdrate posts;\ tion 3 as he had so Far. misnnfiéfifiéfihelém; was well aware of that objection, and therefore additional rations were by the law contemplas Mr J. &. Jurksin moved that the resolufion Should not go into that examination ; but should tédito be allowed, and. for a reason explained lie on the table.: | Hp said it would be innéeces» } in the act itself. But it would be recollected sary forohim‘togtaié, that at ghjgffiléiggiseflad that the commander in chietalvays bad @ se- ofthe session it wald be impofiéifilé' I9 sfii‘ls’flfi it would haimpqs/{igszga ip any man, as he be. sible for any man tggdmfigin,‘ that any difficul- © by. having a seperate @qommind, Shcidgntal was entified. - 'As_it was announced; ty coxisied as ta a ready 'compreliension: and as to inferior officer®, bnt mmaeparable as ftiovét. of fl?6.{Gifllmiwasfiihfiigfiégiil find i ed At, O I Wak real« ly. t0a single case, - If the House adopted the, comipelled to-enttrtain-company and go into ly new:gtmggggeggoggfieflgiggfgegmgflbg Ate I lieved, to deny its truth., It would be impbs. petite command. | 'The Jaw contemplated that the resolution that consideration-tg \which it . ted by the prompt decision npon it, It was restricted on- 10 the comniander in chigf; they , might be by the printed statement, of whic mation, it would flier; be for the House to dee sxpgfises which t'their‘peiy'wmmfiot warrant ; torgmgm‘qfatelmfigggmhggfiéxmgpwm . cond Instead of whent.'~-clare what should grow out of it' Mr.-Ret- and by Siigh casts iddbronal \rations ty anopinion That the atlowance:was just. and, \L iikle thought when I Heéstroyed. commerce doiph said,; he believed that it was understood had been allowed. If my construction of the proper; and'that if puriuance 'of such opine in Great Britaing that a dissolution of Parlia=® law be fot correct, saidthe; words have losttlicit fon the amount charged was allowed, What ment did dot affect ah impeachment, that the meaning ;~ «terms havé no longer-any signifi- is the hquécapoutto do?. What are they: sk» intpeachment did not abate by the dissolution; ction ; and we legislate here to no purpose ed.to do Z fiven admitting that there . was no, the force of this thing. will difficulty on' the subject, that a persqir of 'the after the resolution was decided, to say what be made more apparent when we come to con- high reipgfisgfim'g‘y of “I; © Attgrejnéyfcéfi Eta! should-be done- with it. He wished it to be sider that itis stated by the dctountant of the had not given an pgfiigmfihfiggjafléd “p“ distncily Anderstobod, that he made his motion War. Department;. that Cols, Freemar and on to decide ghazfieamimafifiggifiqggi, ohe to redeem a pledge given to the House ; and Cushing received @@ddf/final ratiots,\\ agréea- of the departments 16 their Jaw, is an incofrect 'that there was not a man in the U. States, bly todaw, for commanding at Natchitothes ones 'To make sich g declaration; would 'be however limited his capacity, that would not and New Orleans, for the same period of titre an encroachment on the. other parts af the be able ta discern its truth or its falsehood. | It which an allowance was miade to thécommihds government, . Et would be the des» Aid not test upon invelved or points er in chief at the same places. that even if pofigin fo enact laws, and after they Havebeen - offew, but upon the plainest and most lumin= | his construction was'inicofrett; if whiretmveys | eonstrued by tie proper,inibungley to say the ous ed the idés of dace, if Fight yas wronw, if \ad- that. constructidn is erroneous, _. to say that d #22 ia h- became iy qus.propesitions which could be offered to the ed the idées of back, if Fight vas wrong > structidh _ is erfoncous. inclific-fo _ Py [f orld. whispered the wrongs I had dobe:> human wind, the truth or falsehood of which ditional\ signified 'still (Mr. the opinion that tlie decision has beth incote - : \Fir hey * still smull voilce\ -I opposéd my.Bhi> would ag orice appear. e Randolph said) that the law ' had been com» rect; but deny theauthdrity.0f this. Housh to Sophy) ard\ forn Jong time endeavored to |. Op the 16th of Marth, 1803, an act passed pletely executed giv @@ h0¢ Co. moment the reverse the decisign, > Etisafandamental prin- AQ ~ viewing my former-conduct with ap« fixing the military peace establishment of the president had authorised additional rations to ciple of frep governments, that the powers. ol fr (|f probation, . Reason at length triumphed, and W. States, By that actit was provided; # that cols Freeman ant Cushihg for commanding at the several depattmehts shall besepirate a * her trromiph was my condemnation. \EBs the monthly pay of the officers, nomscommais- Natchitothes and New Offerfis-These were distinct . The legi€latgre enacts 3 thejudicig» sehing of my.eges Was “if?“ffiémg‘Ofmfl cage, sioned officers, musicians emf»? privates, be as | things which he thought it his duty tostalé %o | ry expounds 3° but - it would Theengof my bappiness,.-L bebeld.with as* follows; to witt to the brigadier general two thehouse. Ifthey were not trae, if they were for us to.ckpoiind.as for the, judges to enact a Yonishment my, oyn frame wasted and decay» hundred and twenty-five doHags. which shall not agevident as the lights buriiing before his laws.. We have witnessed already. the im» -ed, while I had been deluding myself with the be his fid{ and entire compensation, without a eyes then the house would say so, wohld deny propriety of le islitive cawposition, of. Jaws» : fond expectation of \heaping whath upon right to.Gemand.or recéive amy rations, forage, the fact. I could go 'on Further and state a It is almpst six magefibmughtxcfgw ers, The crimes 1 had committed \continual travelling expentes of othe? perquisites or gréat many other Hlegal grants equally. cleat the hopfe the' gues nggfimgfth‘gm Jy passert In review. before my eyes. ,* My emolument whatever, except such stationary with this. I wilh state whe mores It is stated. struction of a contrasts thoug i $ did rot wish Incan fifld'éc‘fmi’d'lcefifig»3???“ng as may be requisite for the use of Hit depart, in thesedocuments® «Tobe sure it is a pretty to frave involved tkgfiqfiefixfi;wfiwfi iy rights to ibe ifivaded with imptnity, the ment.\ This is the law of theland, said he, in affair, and one which I would not have. brought . United States.@nd the stite of .Ohio, 'in rein 'Wiffering and distress LI had. brought upon my relation to this country, . The law then goés 'before this house, if T were not compelled by a tion. to- fands.of the United Stites e3 fifiiflflégaqfl. tenants, gad above all/the blood 1 on to state what shalt be the 'pay of other offi- sefise of duty .: Lit? I8 'an allowance 6f§§4?7 41\ from tazati withing. The o shed, preised.o6n my mind with mountaiti= cers, non-commissioned officers afd privates ; for part pay, subsistence and Forage, From the ~clared that Ave per cent, of the: =- J (A) \dus wweight=t. stood self-conden ined-->FHea' tha sth section apportions the Fitions to the 16th March, 1802, to thei ist May followitg=» arising from the sales of landsisfMon ' E iff Seng 1 gaid L, is this. fhe result of, my !! en: different grades of officers, and allows # to the oade how ?.® By an artantement of the. war plied to roals. The' JebislAGare: ements ?\-Fs this the end of my philoso- commanding officers of cith separate post, deprrtmeut.\ -Now dn the f6th of M rch, a ~sccepting the Mpdfififlgifi’wfifl »yisioft.. C 7 :L.roge, with the '¢.ii¢;§e?“i§fzafi6flzfi€ in- such rations as the Pre- law was. pased, which took efeot as the that three percent. should be applied; \undet Lc GB fatandy refiring to my. domiin and stoning Tor sident of the United States shall, from timeto law of the land, from the trine ihe president. the direction of.the Tegislature, in_ ig | §. former erroiy.. But'ths judgmentof God | gine; direct, Laving yespect to Ene special cire signed. it ~ and if the president could have d¢- toads inthe -State.» he, house.0 . Ap Sad \overtiket «ire. © Such long .cigmstances ofeach-post ,\ 1. bef. feated the operation of the-law tiff the 3'st_of ives when the bill was <[='within myself!\ had.deprived-me of strengths to. attend that the are @ \May y 1804, he-Could defeat it alfogether,; It plating the appropriation of. | iy limbs »vefused, thenroffice: Im vain 1 en- number of rations ;\ and yet it is Rte was thesboast of a free. govefnumeifit tlint Taw, ~emply declared thar only, t deavared to extricite thyseff/from this horvid fore the House that . Brigadfer-General Wil and hot the discretion of rath; was to. govern ; - Applicable, \ 'The legislgtur Sode © ~ my dbo \Was seated ; ~repentafite kinsom has reveived a considerable sum, of mo» aod the highest officer ofthis government was , monsly detlafed Trat AP top late. ~ 1 hait porsevered. in my folly \ney to wit: 1,433 dolls. 16 cents for $6 extra - as Strictly amenable. to law, as tie. 'meahest er 'and Mr. Bre ’?\l¢fiici€édnea3~ ti Bad rujned others, till L rations per day, whilst commandingat Natchi- menaber of s66fefyj ih %heeye of thé Iaw, and 1h \the state. of\ Kie ‘ A0 destoyednayself, - Witha fngering-death foches and at New;Orleans. - Whil«t at the foro conseien/ige niove so }. because they must: General of the pe thy eyes © in thk agonies, of my-soul, latter place, he has also recerved in alléwange be presumed 40 khow the law, although :the © high Aith-a frell in my bosom,\ I stretched my» of 589 dollars for . _ @ quartets, stabling, lowerordersinay not. ~. If there be ont piggo» ion 6f this hous If onthe earth * * * *, - But allis now over. &c.\ said allowanee, both as relates to rations ~ sition if the. world cléarey. than another, it . thiy moupt to ? Ph 3 fa'{ffiiefigiahagfivyfggjggs‘bgifiggqt”Egfiggrsf and quarters, being prohibited by the faw of the proposition which Z am 19 submit to° gus for the Iegislature ircling' my . heart. \In afew , moments I| the land.. I know that the allowancehad been the consideration of, theBouse. | T know the exposition of ita. pwn. ihall. depare. for. that cotinity, © made under very high authority, no less than lateness of the session, and the House will ap. the word.\ Efimaff Houbne no travetier returns,\ before an awful . that of the, Attorney-General of the V. States, preciate the motives by which 1 am Atrusted. | sume that the ge, to render in account of my Stewartiship? \ ander, the same sifietion Of to teks an- oprmion ~Ifthot itis roy -mislorhine; bat not my fruit,\. 1- nal épinion, rast have imaerte Ito googiint for in the \éertp Alat talent tin fils. ... 2.20, p00 c, | gC ,J C fihbfifiwémryitdfifikfirsanderft‘he, éensulc. of- gurring the. J ”fin/Hwy. committed to my cate. \I have tr ~ Mr. Randolph gaid itiiiél“®$ behove him to the house; bat if Hincur it in the, dis harge-of we find that le: td with tay own happiness apt that of oth- | entér thro a edntest 'with wontliemenlgarhed in, roy duty,. L shall bear it with equanifaitya«t thepré 6; antl -am > justly punished. - Takg: warning | the:sJaw as to the position of the daw 3 math - trust,-38 becomes a ian. 1 therefremove as .mandi Sringer. Agsumender.: yourotn rights say less the Attorney General Jnr# -case-suscepti= follpwses~s) ~> 0 ., 0 ~ Ao . beroff 1 to sbandon,. those . 6. others; of blelaf leing so put that difference of opinion _. «Resviged, That the allowance. of, 1,433 dol -Jack 'to dctend them, when cofeimitied to your rmight.arise under it. But whefe the case was | latsand L6 corits for ! 36 e€tra-vations per.-day, tor nH high\ treason against God,apd-man ! | such that q difference of opinion could not tike - made by the department of 'war to brigatier=~csitiof, a gfimi’fifiwfifi' & God forgive ins, 1 \place Where the terms of tle law were gitend- ~pentrg} Wilkinson at \Nacpitoches from the . intendec cl 1 aoc oP T o 0) ed to, with great deference, as a fe- Nif to -the 30throf September;1 ©0672 ind from | His nobler part was gone.. T sit. FE???”fpfihsénéfiééfififhéWW e, not oply. think him . the first of-Ogtober-tosthe_ttth 'of Novernber because it with and 4 gold Chill t thibugh . self entitled to decide between that people and -in the-=ame year, \ant ~wiilit. ' commanding \at - constrattich.=-Ivh velgs...--Recojjection returbed.,\ I'cont- the adniinistration for thesh, but that he was so- New Orleans, from 12thof Novemberk®06s to\ of war coyld not tediactemams to théearthy hd; taking up _Jemaly bound by duty io expicss such an opin- 24h November 1807, ind of 600° dgligrs dar. cerrcelly freak. . : Hastaly departed, n 0 u L t C c 1 Shon O T Spa tots tct » Coger | to t G t) Ta WQQMW be uy A eae *M e e e y t <a e t C # 4C See g Ne Pie a ul l. € w. . - Obe ede reek ** , ., . & 003 , 200 20 n> aTe Ce tf _; . ** oa L. Pe 3). my s , tgn xfléfih % * ‘_'Q f’fi ml r 00A AADY Fad . ~.. wass And Ne doll AnS hel L quarters; stables, &c.\ dt the same place, is | + - \ FiecGllawing is a of the debime. l sald by perceiving that the Attort€y-Gene+ contrary to.law s the said allowance being ex-

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