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LflRQEST CIRCULATION - *. AND MORE LOCAL NKVVS THAN ALL T1IK OTIIKIt CLINTON COLN- mtimL QKEflTEST ADVCRTISINQ IN CLINTON COUNTY. RBAX> BY EVIEIIYBOBY; ClROUIiATED EVERYWHERE. »LATTSBUHGH, X. Y., DECEMBER 1902 Terms:-41.50 Per Year. LOCAL PARAGRAMS Pews of Pittsburgh and Vicinity,' Told Briefly and to the Point PERSONAL MENTION ;''a!ur-mTV^ Past Week Araon £ People Here and Elsewhere. Th il! be <• KuKlai I U:\ ; t'c« :i .mile in lemgtJi t:o Durgb nit. from •bch in A tho cx)'in.iiHg wint. placed a t a distant n W li s. •• . 1: M o M. of 11! VI 1 v y. II ti V v iv •10 IS. \v cil 11, e ci Mll( a » •Six i-K ' m d • Ml C o H. II! e i IO IT luf Mrs. 'ro H'J M o 1 | eld v. i n [>. Ms'boro, v. y s nd II I VI i ;sf|. of f Ke n ut-titww of M rt!t!i>rs W. () No. 18 Mason ore vis y. '. ••Mcil) ( ev >(> to 1 a ili OI ha 1«K ill. rl;p •rs Mo i d ii g S?ll ii .i n Ti Ko i r isii nd daii frk •\ lin ad f CH- •iks, •it v g«\i\ St. fih- n-is on - HON. JOHN F. O'BRIEN THE GUEST OF HONOR NKCRKTAHY OF KTATK-KLBC'T Y.. Dec It;.—The third j of the leading men of , St. La.wi.ene.' county WJW held at : White's lloU-1, Mu.ssona. this evening. 'lion. John t' 1 O'H-rien. Secretary of j Stale-elect, of 'l'lattshunffh, being th-- guosf or honor. These dinners have e to be a regular feature., and Mas- is the chosen spot in St. Law- c county whore these gatherings hold, because of the spaciousness or hostelry and the excellent service ided, thiw last toeing fully up to standard set heretofore. The inent men of «t. Ijawrence, klin and Clintion counties bogan critic at nine o'clocik, and evory brought its contingent. Many pent the afternoon takimg in .s la.lon.g the canall and re- ing the stupendous work and moth machinery in the power e of the St. Lawrjonce F<«ver Com- at this pla.ee, and wore well iv- of ihe cdk V f their la isit. The •th e tra<-K, an d i.s protecte d by a sintii!- cv feme. —tA.bout (thirty you tig friends .if Qmnt Palmer attended tho biitJiday ipa»rty igivon in observance w>f his fofir- teernth ibirthday, art hi-i home on Mar- garet street on -Satu-vliiy even.inK- K\ fpesbmifntH were served and 'giam»s enjoyed by the young folks untH 'tnid- nilgtfift, and nil report having wpent a. most enjoyalbile evening. —tA pi'g bake, given iby Alderman J. O. Smiith to a few ifriencK was held in the Kike' rooms on Saturday evening. Tbe pi'g was declared by those present to 'be done to a turn, and was served in Caterer Oauthler's 'best style. Ail those present 'gsfleattly enjoyed the even- ing, and thanked .Mr. Smith heartily for his hlosipltality. Mr. Smith has attainted tihe ball rol'ling for a sorites of similar entertainments thiis winter --Msichawl 'Sullivan, a former n dent of this city, died on Sunday 'Mianrhestar, N. H. He wtas. the sor tho kite Daniel Sullivan, of Plaltts- Sburih, and a ibrother of T. J. Sullivan, j of tlhJs cdty. and Mrs. Michael Owyer, of Snranae ,La\ke who have- gone in ai - tend the funeral at OlintJon, Miss., on Tuesday. Mr. Sullivan is s,urvi've<i by a wife and three SOILS. —Fred B. l>my, collect or of tibe town of Plattaburgh, ba.s rewived the tax warraiil, and iwill .be at the store of GillWand & Chappel. in the city of PlattobniUgh, 'on Wednesday, Thursday. Friday and Saturday, and at the store of Albert. Vaughn, at WnstPlattriburgu, on Tuesday, .and <at his own residence each Monday, for the purpose of re- ceiving payments of taxes. —Julia Ciarlk was 'before the city judgeTuesday on a ah.arge of being a disorderly i*»mon, and pleaded guil- ty. She wan sentenced to serve a te-nn of sixty days In the com-nty jail, de- spite her i\)k'n for discharge.- She said she had just .been married tx> a woldier by the tiuimc oil' Soluiltz, an 1 displayed u •mar.ifiaig'e ceil Hi cat e to prove her claim. —Tuesday morning about ten o'clock the chimney oil\ Joseph I^aval- ley's house on Cham plain stnuw caught { fire. It. wais necessary to wml to the , ))<>f< lire station for help as the tire alarm .am was not in wonking order on account tnti of tlhe electric light wires having been | KaI1 Mown down upon the flue alarm wires, of : The fire was, however. extinguish^.! the before any .material damage had h Hi us by VVeducHday niorniiiK. The tine] will 'be- mi ailed on 'Chrislnnas itiMiK. coming oui one day earlier. After visiting all tnc 2-1 stores of the Suuprise Mem-hsindi.se 'Co. omr old friend, Santa Clans, decided to make. his headquarters at Uie.ir ilMat-isburgn .store, at f»8 Miirganet street, where he can ibe seen at any tlmo in their fthmv window in all his glory, with boauti- ful P'lT'fiontH for everybody. ccessful rehearsal oif SI. Peter's -choir and orcheatria was hold iWednesday might. The choir under t/hc direction ni Mr. Wilfred A. Tremblay, is showing marked improvement, and it ks expected that, the Cluris-tlmas music will surpass that of any previous —Monday afternoon Judge •Beman at Malone sentenced S. Lllodges to- wenve a term of ten years in Oannemora State .prison for amsam.lt and rolbl>ery oti tho night of June 5, 1002. 'Hodges assaulted and ro^bdx'd WMlkinn Ciartk, an (Miginecr on tho Rutland railroad, roRldimg at Malone. He was convict- ed of tlhe or lino lawt wc^.k. -I n vital ions lia-ve l«'cn lsa.iw»d for ie annual ball of the Knights of the .Maccaibees, to be bold in iMaccitbeu hall on Now Year's iKve The committee in change are planning to malke the lance one of the bast over held hero, iood music 'will be furnislhed and a tuppcr will Ite nerved. A gcxxl time Is iHWured to all attending. —All sticking roal estate investment. ihould attend the sale at Court House it noon Monday next, f22d Dec.) of )uiinett<» jiroperty on Elizabeth sttreet. This ia a rare chance to get desiraJble operty in a part of the city where real estate is rapidly appreciating, ow- ing to municipal improvements and other causes. —Early Tuesday evening while a young lady was -returning home near the corner of Cornelia and River streets who was followed by a m Becoming frightened silio ran and 1 pursued l>y the stranger who stopped Hho turned intx> a yard. There 1: ' due to tho miscreant who was of iH'ium hrlpht. and wore a slouch hat. —Richard, better known as \Doc ijoy was taken into. •cu.stkx.Iy Tues-- nd will 'be brought e City Judge Tit littmerit to some today foi don e t o th e hou s —'OlaHc & Domln y will (•(•'• th e store s in th e ne w Levy o r 'before Apri l 1st. am ! I h.- rente d )>y t luvn will be ,,< •heritable instl- home and for me past has been in the habit ling in 'haras and ihaso.imenits of ', Retting Qiis meals whereeve •ouId and as a consequence Ihl S. pn e I>r y(.Iuods Stor have the •otiher mid the front floor will ,l>e o^-.u jwiny. The third fk oft into tla.ts wim --Thi s wee k nt Kli Joh n M. Kolljog-, w appointe d t o filit the. v th o r»'siignj)ition of ll o mil IVom th e .Supi-e •will pr(«ii(le a t bi s 1 oourt . Man y lof o n hiav e wines at th e to Ibethlow n \ MOIKIHV 'I 1 . H. < otler , ui '\Vi CoUur : S. L. .VV'lieeh Hotstond , Miirrihevv Madde n an d I', ,|. M I ( Ka y tr a '-tiUio n ssin g at' • h(%31h ha s suff< ipy on e of ; ->-ester'l;i v mornim g shortl y aft bloc k on . s-. ven o'elook th e liio departmen t wi s • 1. :nu i th e -tin-, mu v . calle d ou t b y a n alar m run g in fron: will b e .»e,-ii]U'il ;»;• ' ltox i:i. th e lire bein g in th e house- o r prieto r of th e Siai-|SI . Catherin e iitn-ei ooyuplo d by Ilenr ' .1. A. Frc,-»;n n will | Varno . an d r>wncd 'liy W . M . l*vy .!•.» in Hie Lev y hlucit, | Th o fire wa s di-covew d t o bo. i n a pa r an d th e Ladu e ('oni- ; iiuH.ses t hroim h th e par t i( ion . ' !>econi i'misbei! ! in g overhoaied . Th e lire wa s (|uick!> b-rii i.m- extinwuished . an d th o onl y dasnag ' ilono w.us som e sligh t injur y t o t l i< ,vn Him . furniture , cause d by th o water . '\•'•'•• |1(| y The funera l •()•!' th e la( e '.Mrs. Mm ) by til Kli/.ii-! KuilMM- of de }{( Lak e the r e I; oli<la.ys. •-U M. Willard , o • r as amon g th o visit uesday . --•Mr. and Mrs. .1. N. Slower > Albany MomHay for a shot- •itb fniond.s. - l>r. .1. ii. 0' Ne.il, of Mooors 1 irofessiional trip. --]>r. 10. v . 7>ow, who 1 mod to the hou.se by illm wo wooks, i.s improving. -MiHS J'^rances Riley is speinHni; the wo wooks boifore the holidays with 4l«s Anna GiMiland, 112 Sailly avenue. --Mrs. W. G. Pope and dauigihter, lelon, of Koewoville, we.ro among tho isitoKs to the iity -Saturday. - Roibert E. 'Hoaley retturaed on Sat- urday from Malone, where he had been f tliiiis year as on for- ny of tjboSHe who wtvuld ml having been kept nds in 'Hoston. j •Mrs. Charlos M. Rdwards and child ; •Buffalo to spend the j The i)an(|uet lioga/i at ten o'clock, •and there were just 'seventy guo.sts ]>rosont. Tbo tables were laid in two rows- (he on tire length of (he spaciouw dinitvg roonn, and were vaiy -prettily adoruwl with caraatijons, smilax 'and palms. iBefore each ])late was a dain- ihe r-it-v We.inesdnv mi i s.hnii ' ril y Panted menu, bearing on its cover llil 'I-Our Complimentary Dinner to Hon. i-John F. O'Brien.\ Tho dinner .was admlralbly served and of ext'o-.ent quality, and a credit to tho proprietors of the hotel. After the substantial p-airt of the program hiad boon disposed of, iDr. iF. 1^. Dewey, of Potsdam, in the capacity of toast- 'm.astcr, started the flow of wit in his inimitable mannen After a witty introduction he introduced Afsisembly- .man Edwin A. Merritt, J.r., of Pots- ho resiponded in (an exlcellent ipaeoh, in which he told of some of rly y tftendimg Frankili n count y O T F Shl T. 'F. iSchley. of the 23d Infantry, has been giianlted leave for twelve days, to take effect D«<c. 2?,. —Lieut. J. S, Ohlaffee, has left Hot Springs, Anlt., for Platltsburigih Bar- racks, N. Y. —Army and Isfiavy Journal. --'Miss Katheryne Stevens, of Keese- iSlo, has returned to heir htome after a short visit with friends in this city. ~-Mrr. and Mrs. James Rogers, of Aii'salblo iFoife, were visiting friends ii this city for a short time Tties- ritiy. —J. •.lent iva.K i Dusim —M Joann we.ro —(' from lw< in :cr \K F. Shedden, of game prutector in the city Mo iMoo- foir nday rs. -W. H. Cunningha ette Cunningham visiting friends harlos P. Wintei his recent illnew his j)lace of H>ufmies> i.rt of the week. —Mi's. .1. iK. Kein:ran ( in th 1 PI'S thi on ,m )f j , (1 i ; .b ot't , thf * effi- s county, official and All! city w ga y th. M,t Mi'ss «tl>Je, •WP(1 - ining f lat- mda.v the good qualities of the guest of the evening, and opened the way for the introduction of Mr. O'Bnien, wiho in a very pleasing manner re&ponded ex- pressing his gratitniide and thanks foi the honor accorlded him land hte plea- siviie at being alble to be present. The other epeakers were County Treasurer M. H. iFlahenty, Prof. .Geo. R. iHanlie, of St. I^awrence Univer- sity; Charles C. Cole, city editor tho Watortown Times; Senator George R, MiaiUby, General E. 'A. Merritt, John C. Craipser and S. L. Buirnihart. 'Oliarles H. Slsson, of Tiuppw -Lake, rendered hits toa«t in the shape of a Coon song, and L. E. Ginn read «enti'inent written by ex-Miayor Cowie, of H'yracuse, and iunpubiished to date, entitled, \An Evening With the Boys.' Tho dinner lasted until two o'clock and closed with aJl singling \Amer- ica.\ The following is a list lof the guests lion. John F. O-Bayen, G. P. Mat- thefwis, A. P. Bero, (E. P. Simith, Jaimes 'Fox, L. C. Sutton, h. A. Ohittenden, , F. L. D«iwey, G. W. Tuttle, A. K ,1. F. Karnan. of the 2.1 Infajitry, who lPhi , liipK , w . a Smlth w . j. Patctl 1 created in 'tbiat city, CHHISTMAS DINNERS |GENERAL COUNTY NEWS I'oor on riirlHtmaM I>ay. • A nitmbo-r of citizens attended at th? grand ju'iy room Wwlnesday in re- tonso to the pwhiished cia.ll in con- wtion with the charitable plan ol' io of our citizens to serve free din- ars at the hotel on Christmas day. T. B. 'Cotter, Esq., was elected chair- man of the meeting. Hon. J. H. Moffitt, as the .reipresen- tativo of tho projector of th*ls worthy rihlarity, explained the sdope of the plan, and said the meeting had been ,ilo.d for the purpose of taking steps ascertain the number of worthy admit people residing in the city who v cm Id accept a first-ollass dinner serv- ed at the hotels of the city at 1:30 •'clock on Christmas day. The hotels, Mr. Moffitt announced, would provide for 520 people, as follows: The Cumberland 1\><> The Wither-iil 100 The Commercial 100 Tho Bon Air 50 Tlhe Dovlin 40 Delancy-'S Hotel 40 Tho De »co pi. 40 .thlin the limits of will be provided ride to and from the 'Id OT feeWe .will be n a car- lin h tlckeLs dinner. TV akon to and from the lilotel -iage. Persons attending the dinner are ro- jnested to bring 'baskets in order- to ake something homo to the (-hiklren. Courthouse Notes and Items of In- terest from the Towns. neal EHtate TratiMferN. The following is a list of real estate transfers recently recorded in Clinton county: Mary Jane Lafayette sold to iL. L. Honsinger, Altona proipenty for $1. George Abbot solid to Thomas 'Reed, Clinton, 25 acres foe $300. John Bouton sold to Oav.id Bouton, •M;ooei*P. 4 acres for $115. lMarganet Fuller sold to S. E. Wol- cott, Keese(v r llle property far $35. James P. Thompson sold to William 'H. Sheehy, Saranaxj, 1 acre for $180. 'Isaac; Roberts sold to Peter E. Mar- tin, Au«aible. i87 aores foir $6,000. 'William Looby sold to Mary Les- traiw, 1 acre for $50. Sarah E. Baker; sold to Emmla F. Cook, Black 'Brook property for $90. 13arah E. Baker 'sold to Ophelia Mat.hias, BMck iBrotofk. 1 acre foil $90. S. A. Kellogg sold to Peter Ashiine. C'haimplain, abouit 65 acres ifor $1500. A,l>ijah J. Clark sold to Jacoto For- iay, CWa'mplain, acre fior $575. Joseph BO'ityeii soim to Edward Cas- :ine. fAamplain, 20 acres for $:J50. Thomas Crook Bold to Lewis Mayo, :,haimplain, 1 acre for $40. Ar ng,o ents have be made ia located in thiat city, i r K ip n j llipS i w . w . G . , Pe€k ) w . R . -iMiss filmma Boiro of Lowell. M«M. Weeri | E . , B . Bums ted, M. «. 'Ftoherty, and Ml«« .Daisy Boire are visiting their w . P> 1>a] y R A . Jenne B , A . Mer . motlier, Mrs. Jessie .Boiro. and will r^-j rltt i Jr , aeil - K A MerrMi H . M . :iui.in unltil after the holidays. Townsley, F. M. Decker, R T. Kel- —-Captain R. Arbucklo, of tho steam- iogg c H Siasoni G i R< Hardie, L E. or Vormlont, anci Ca.pt. L. R. Rock- QAnn, Senator George IR. IMalby, Dr. well, of the steiaimen Msniuani, were in J j anieK Wiltse, C. E. Giffin, P. P. Day, the city Wednesday. j O. E. Martin, R. D. Or-r, 'F. H. Etoner, -IMIHS Moine Hilbba«:<l, of South | j K _ € 'leary, H. E, Esler, Fred Hono, formerly a^student alt t.he^ Nor- j Westmott, H. C. Douigllass. S. S. JJan- on Sat forth. John McLaughlir .Peteue. E. D. \Tan Bacoklin, —Mr. and Mrs. A. Sharron, Mr. and ;' G w . Lewis, S. N. Browning, G. A. MPS. Julius Mendelsolm and Mr. and . squirets, S. L. Ba.rnhart, Fred G. Pad- Mrs. JoseplnPayotte went to Rutland ; dwk Jm]ge L P Hale > H P Barn . Wednesday to attend the <E<-k»te.in- hartj H puller . E. A. (Everest, H. B. Sterns wetldtng. |'Chase, E. M. Perkins, Ohas. E. Cole, —Warren R. Fizell. of Dunkirk. Is j E# A _ Horton, G. E. Britton, C. C. visitin.g in the city, the guest of hi.s jCaldw-ell. Sheriff of St. Lawrence niwo, Mrs. N. A. Johnson, on Sailly j County. E. H. Hackett, G. A. Ghase, S. iu xvo u ' \ '\ \\ \'•\•• T \. Bi-owning, J. W. ido gifts and delicacies fior 1,000 •1 children, to 'bo distributed from Court Street ' Theatre at 11.30 Ohrstmaa morning. Moffitt said tfie co-operation of the citizens was solicited in a general but particularly on two points, the perfecting of a list of thode will accept dinner tfckets, and (2.) to ..see that the dinners are properly and that their baskets are filled when they go away. After discussing as to the most feas- ible way of getting 'a list of those who to the hotels for dinner, on motion of Hon. J. F. O'Brien, the fol- lowing committees were appointed, all to constitute one committee with May- »r Sharron as chiainman and tom.miis- jioner of Charities Borde meniber-at- largo: Hon Albert Shanron. Andrew Borde. Ward 1—J. 0. Smith, S. K. Ryan, Rev. H. P. LeF. Grabau. Ward 2—.George 'Desjardins, R. K. Healey, M. V. B. Turner. Ward 3—James iHaney, Jiohn Haugih- ran, B. St. Louis. Ward 4—A. Markel, Peter Phillips, IRev. J. N. JPeillotier. Ward 5—T. J. ©'lArcy, W. H. Goff. Andti<ew MaKeefe. War^d 6—Irving Duirkee, William Cooke, Israel Crete. The Alderman of each ward a.s chairmlan of the eomimittee for hi ward, is requested to call a meeting of hie committee at the earliest ipossd moment to the end that a canvass of the 'ward may be imade, and a reipfc>rt made to the general committee ou Satumday evening. Mr. Moffitt's state- ment above gi-ven will 'give the .sub- committees an idea of the nature and 'scope of the information they are ex -pected to communicate to the general committee. The matter of seeing that the bas- kets brought to the hotels are filled was referaied to a committee consisting of Miss Helen I. Smitih, Mrs. B. J. Holt and Mus. Alibert Sharron, wnc hiave power to name their own assis- tants. M.r. Horde's services are at Che dis- IJtosal of any and all the ward com- mittees, and he will be ifound of gireat assistance. The dinner tickets will be issued in advance, a fact which the committees should ,bear in mind in making their canvass and impart for the ibenefit of the sensitive ones. The committees 'are requested to re- <port to the general oommlittee at the Macdonougih Club, Oak street, a: \ ac-k Saturday evening 1 . iFizel-1 'orto Ric --Mrs. A. M«ado (Xf PlattS- n, Mass :oft . •Wednesday for, Clin- D p •Weibl), J. C. Craipsen, B. S. Crapser, S. J. Bowen. Robert Thompson, C. A. ) atte the funeral of her , Noiwland. S. O'Neill, Jas. W. Reed, 3 , Mrs. W. M. Johnson, fon{m.erly a residenl of M<M>ers. --Dr. 10. L. Trudeau, of Saranac Lake, rnt.urned from Little Rapids last w«'<Hk, where he bad been spend- ing th<- autumn months, much im- j ;.roved in health. Me is now sj>end - ! in-g a month in New Yorlk. - Mr. Mark W. Weiilheim, of Allbany, was married on Sunday afternoon to Miss Lottie E. Rohrback, at the hotel iiizar. a.: St. Run I, Minn. Mr. Wer- ih«>im is a 'Iniother of Mr.s. W. M. :ul wi n /ill join in P: ling . mt;, Krank Me Mack Ticm.-y New edial\. Foi T \' j | The 1 Norl I Edwi i iimlt'i 1 I or a 1 j(,li;|| | in th • ( . f n. owi Bh i Colt I k irta on i \ Cl u V 1! l ( i in nl br» I' I •' ng is the menu: 1 Points on Half Shell, i-Y. Toracona, Slherrv iiUloa. QiMeen Olivfes i«»pd Troiut, Sauce, re!^ Saitatwga Chips uhicken Croquettes, Petit Pois. .rkcy. with DreBsing, Ci'anilK'rvY Sauce, a Rolls. Spanish Puff Celeii-y Salad, anilia ice Cream, Ncolate Cake. Fru.it Coffoo. ir Minujftclinar Klitter. so o;f I^rod -R. Badger ir'k<\ Franklin -count Pon-d. 'bolh of who i ci me nt. for smutfglin >thor goods across th •tlnr. was moved Wed iicii Suiios IH.strict ('( (ill v ' ami bail wa-< ti \ a i)f nil m are g l> > C< ie.s< )urt xod K- a;» a; at IK. Mil's. Jeaniette ID«rg)in iWilthetrill, widow of Hiram D. Witherill, died on •Wednesday evening of heart failure at the home of her daulghlter, Afe. J. W. Velsey, 1908 ^Seventh avenue, Troy. She had !been a n invalid for same tiime, and was in her eighty- fourth year. Sue was ibiorn at Sil Lake, Penn., hea* [jarents being Silas and Jeaiu\tte Durgin. She mam . Hi,ram o. iWitherill, of northern New Yu;-k. Mr. WliUieiiiilil located Plattsburgh, where he built 'the With- ers! 1 House, one of the best kne hotels in Cunton dounty. Mr. 'With- ered conducted the hotel for a m •bar of yeans, 'being succeeded in managjment by h|is son-<ini-law, late [. W. Velsey, of Troy. Mir. With- erfcsll died aibout fifteen years ag< Shortly alter his death Mrs. 'Witherill rnove<l to r Dv.ay, residing with her lauighiter, .Mrs. Velsey. Mrs. -Wiuierill ia survived by hei (lauigmor-in-law, Mn-s. Sarah 'Withe: ill rf PlftUsbaiPgh, four grand-sons, Mor- is \V., Rolbei-t S. and Guiaham W Velsey. oi r lroy, and John T. With- I. of PladLabungh, and one gnand- lKhtor, Miiss Anna Jeanette vel- of Troy. A funeral seirvke il at the ressldenico yesterday after- m an four o'clock, the Revs. P. I w and Andrew iGMMos official ing. r he rcimains arrived at Platf.* •gh Saturday morning and services •e held at t.en o'cituck at the Perte- mo Preisibytorian chiUK-h, tJio Rev B. Hall officiating. The interment i I'l'TN.-VM FADKLI0HI S DYff i ar e hereb y j t .. (H y (( ) ()S( , a , . _ S(> . L1) N< > ]1)UH S (> r fa| furthe; betwc •M> fifty f.- t hav«. fa.ile bwii killoi will far : o 'been K\ a charge guarante. it Lsfactory ) Wn [. W. Caxly, Dr. J. H. I Chi Ids & Byrnes wish to puivh O. T. TjtM'kln, I^D.OOl) Cedar Fence Posts, delivered at M. Whit.e & Co .'• tllv> D. & H. station between Rouseu o, 'Pl'attatbuirgih. j Point and Willsboro. Ri rsid e ItoiKl to Nus|i«»n(I OlMTllt ions. •he iRuequdtte Lake Railroad Coin- y ha.s made an application to tht to \Railroad Commission fo pemmii the corporation (o cease operations oi its road from Jan. 1 to May 1. Th< company clai'.ms the road wais original- ly const.iw-eted to luanille the sum,inei travel, and from Jan. 1 to May 1 the railroad is operated at a loss for the lack of business, and on laccoun't of the expense attachwl to its operations i k«M>in« the tnick clemr from snow. The comanission toolv the request under advisement. A HRR1OIT4 ACCIIIFAT, Kneine in l>. A H. Vartl. E. H. Jones, master mechanic for he Delaware and Hudson, met with a »ery r serious accident Monday shortly ifter twelve o'clock, and which re- sulted in the logs of his right foot and the breaking of the bone in his left ,rm just below the shoulder, besides giving hiim a severe shaking up. n Jones was on his way to his home on the Point, going by way of •he railroad trestle, as was his cus- om. As he neared the trestle engine (No. 92, in charge of engineer Hewitt, came off the itjmstle to go into the ard. Mr. Jones .wials walking on the nain track, and thought that the en- line was coming on the same track. At -thiat point tlhere are several switch- es and side tracks, and fihinlkiins that was ge-ttinsg out of the way of the engine, he stepped on one of the ks directly in front of the engine. •Beftore anything could be done ito ohecik the speed of the train tlhe pilot of the engine struck him land threw (him al- most clear of the (track, the only por- tion of his body left on the rail ibeimg his right foot, aver, which the wheels of the engine passed. The injured 1 man was instantly pick- id ojp by the ^nigineer, .firemen and the men in the 'yard, and taken to the sta- tion. Dm. Silver land Parnsworth, ho werp called, very quicMy respond- ed, and did all they could to reEeve his suffering, penddng the removal to his home. When 'the injured man was ta'ken to his home he was put under the in- fluence of ether, and the foot was amputated just (above the ankle joint. Mr. Jones ii a very healthy iman, and has always 'been of 'the most tempetrate habits, and no compiUciatiJonis am ex- peteted. He retained icionfcctoueness until put under the influ&nice of the diriug, of which it respired nine ounces to produce unconsciausness. Tuesday niglht doctors in attend'ance reported that Mr. Jones wias resting quietly, and had no fever at all. His mkny friendls in this city and all along the line of the D. & iH. join in the ish that he will soon recover from the effects of tthe sad accident. That the accident did ndt msult in the> loss of Mr. Jones's life is due principally to the flaot that the regular iltcli engine or 'ibobbie\ is in the repair shop, and No. 92 wias being used inbtead. On the 'Iboibby\ there is no pilot, and had Mr. Jiones been struck by that engine he would have been thrown under the wheels instead of to one side, as was the case. Crew of Steamer < hat*»au«a.v AH- When tJhe steamer Chlateaugay came into [K)it Monday morning it. was seen that, a new fonce of deck hands were on the boat, as the old hands were all in the hospital at Burslington as 'a resoiLt of an accident on Sunday niaht. The Chateau'gay laid over Saturday might and Sunday at her wharf in Buo/lin/gton, and when the steward went to call the men Monday morn- ing he r:!ould not arouse them. The sleeping quarters of the men are in the hold of the boat, and it was quick- ly discovered ithat the room was filled with coal gas. Aid was qiuUckly sum- moned, and the men were talken out on the deck in an effort to grouse them. The hospital ambulance was sent fo<r and the men Itaken there for treat- ment. .In the opinion of tihe doctors they will all recover, and soon ibe 'back at wank. Captain Baldwin collected enough men from the 'boats in Slhelburn Har- bor 'to make tup the crew, and the boat made her regular trip to this city. It seems that when the men retired £or the night on 'Sunday evening they filled the stove with fresh coal and left the front door oipen and the dam- per closed. During the nigtht the gas escaped into the room, and the men overcome by the 'gas are fortunate hat their care'lesisness did nott result n greater disaster to themselves. The following •members of the omw who e overcome are residents of this city: Peter Bridges, (first mate; Peter Provost, and Peter MoAloon, firemen; T>ouiis Seytmour, David Gamrant \and William Parker, deck hands. Civil Service Kxttmtnation. The 'Municipal Civil Service Gam- in iasion will hold 'an examination on Tuesday, Dec. 23, to create eligible' lists for many of the offices at the disposal of ths city. 'No appointments can be .ma.de to these offices hereafter except from the eligible list, and the one standing highest will reteeive the appointment. From the examination one week from todiay eligible lists will be prepared for the following posi- tions: Truant Officer; salary.... .$400 pr. yr. Policemen, salary 600 pr. yr. Fireman, salary 480 pr. yr First Asst. Chief, sallarfy... 600 pr. yr. Second: Asat. Chief, salary. 300 pr. yr. Janitors-Weed Building .. aS5 pr. yr. 'High School, salary 54t> pr. yi\ 'Broad St. School, salary. 312 pr. yr. 'Elizabeth St. 'School, sal. i 260 pr. yr. Oak St. 'School, salary.... 156 pr. yr. WaW St. School, isalary.. 130 pr. yr. IScomwition Schnlol, sal 130 pr. yr. Margaret SL 6cO*»I,-sall. 130 pr. yr. There is a vtacamcy in the position of janitor of tihe Oak Street Schlool, and an appointment will ibe made from ithe eligible list as soon 'as the exam- ination p&perfs shall have been examin- Applioation blanks may be ob- tained fram the secretary iotf the com- mission, and the time for filing appli- cations will expire on Thlujmday, the 18th inst, five days 'before the date set for the examination. Applications received iby mail on the 19th >with the post anark dated the 18th, 'Wild toe ac- cepted. <.OVFKMIK\T OOODM MKIZKI*. Sheriff ]>ominy Recovers a Quantity ofMoldiers' Tlothins. Sheriff Dominy with a nuimber of deputies Wednesday, visited a nuimlber of dealers in second-hand clothing, and recovered a consid&raible amount of government property. The seizure i made on a search warulant issued by Justice MoMasters on tlhe instance of Captain Hinds, quartermaster Pkittaboargh Barracks. Captain Hinds stated that goods, to the amount of $183 have been .recentlj stolen from the quartermaster's stores it the Barracks. These goods eluded 53 blue shirts, 26 fur gaunt- lets, 16 woolen undershirts, and quantity of caps, shoes and other ar- ticles of clothing 1 . It was with view of detecting tihe .guilty persions that the searches were made. The sheriff and his force, aceompa led by Captain :Hinds, visited fr places—Louis Wolf, H. Gold, J. Harr and Isaac Goldfinkle, on Cihaa-.lotte •et, and IM<rs. iRessenaski on Bridge street. At Giold's and Gold'finkle's nothing was 'found, but government -property was discovered at the other three places, most of the goods being found at .Wolf's. The follcWing is a comiplete list of articles taken by the sheriff: Two fin- caps, 8 'blue ahirts, 5 i*airs if canton ilannel drawers, 1 ctanvas •oat, 2 carnpaiign hats, 6 [Miira of .hoes. -1 i>a.ii-s of draw are, 4 u-iidei-- ihirts, 7 kluaki coats, 5 khaki pants, pair oif fur gaunUets. 1 poncho or ruinber .blanket. 'None of the 'p-eisons in whose places e articles we.re found -were arrested. Oapt-ain Hinds .said that a criminal charge could not be made against them unless it could be proven that the articles in question wene stolen, and this would •be difficult, if not impos- sible. The purchase of •government •property, unless condemned, is illegal, but no penalty is provided. Govern- ment property may 'be seized whenever ound but, according to Captain Hinds' itatoment, the purchaser cUinnot be >rosocuted tmless the pro.perty is itoLeu. -The annuial dance of the P. H. S Cadets will be held this eveniulg in tht Court Stireet Theatre, Music will be furnished by the Oity 'Band orchestra It is expected that a large number will attend. IiECTURK AMD HAN^l KT. leasant entertainment Given by HIuttHburjch Lodge, F. A A. M. A very pleasant iform of entertain- ment w)as 'given Wednesday by Hatts- bu'i'gh .Lodge, No. 828, F. & lA. M., in Masonic hall, those present halving at first the 'pleasure of lis*»ninig to a very interesting lecture by iMir. E. F. Bot»- tond, president and treasurer of the ue Company, and tinea partaking I of an excellent banquet, followed by a se-ries of toasts and ibniigJit responses-. The assembly room or Masonic Hall was well flJled when Mir. Ootsford be- gan his lecture on Alaska shortly after ' ;ht o'clock. Mr. Botaford is thor- oughly acquainted witih hia subject, and gives a most interesting narative; He is heard each time with an increase of interest for, unlike many lecturers, he is cto>ntinu.aJl'y addiinig to his mater- ial. In the evenin/g aboxiit fifty new lantern slides were sinown,. and life in the Alaskan region was graphically portrayed. Mr. Botsford's lecture was enjoyed greatly iby all present. On Friday night (he will delwer the lec- ture at Malone and on Saturday night at Bucke. After the lecture theibanquet was irved, abouit ! one hundmed 'being seat- ed at the ta/bles, •injcludimg members if the Lodfge, their families and friends. The room was very prettily decorated ith draped .Ajnerrican flags and fes- jons of red, white and 'blue. After the serving of the banquet the follow ng toasts and responses were given, the Rev. I>r. C. V. Gtrismer acting as st master: \Mian as a Social Being\—IRev. Joseph Oanvble. D. D. \Patriotism—America of Today and of the Early Days of the Repub- lic\—^District Attorney Ctar-les J. Vert \Civic Pride\—Judge L. L. Shedden. \The 'Man of Tamorrjaw\'—Supt. of Schools S. J. Preston. The Pass\—S. L. Wheeler, Esq. \Why f A,m a Mason\—Rev. J. W. Eaton. D. iD. The gatherimg broke up about mid- night. «ud all said that the evening hiad been a moist enjoyable one. The memibcrs of the Lodge, the Master, Dr. J. C. M'CiKinney, and the committee of jiiriaugeinents, O. E. Robinson, E. G. -loore and the Rev. Dr. Grismer, are o be congratulated on the success or he entertainment. Pots. two was ile • lie d l>y u Trai n •e. aged •((> year: struck by Potsda. No Qday nig'hit and instantly killed. Ever' bone in his .body was 'broken and hi; head was terrilbiy crushed. Alguir had been in Potisdam on Sunday, and was rehi.rninig home iby way of the railroad track .when struck. It is s he wns under the nifluence oi liqi The train booked tflp and piciked Al- guiire up and he was token to Potsdam Co await the aritival of the coroner. SUPERVISORS ADJOURN. *\VOK A<qriHITIO\ Olf AIT. Hi-Holntloa Adopted Requests Ita Pw - .].a«,-.rhairmail Knapp Presents Members and Clerk With Ooavea- ir* of the Me«c«ion and Is Given a HandMome Watch Charm by the Board. After beinig in session twelve days the Board of Supervisors last Friday adjourned for the year 1902. The session is : emarkafble for the short tilme in which the 'SuiperivisoaB fin- ished the large amount of ibuisinees before them for consideration, and for many resolutions passed Hooking! 1 for- ward to the reduction of the tax rate for the county; among them the reso- lution directing OUT Senator and As- semblyman to have passed at the next session of the legislature a bill mak- ing the offifce of Sheriff a salaried one, and fixing ithe saflairy aft v .5G0 a year. Another resolution was passed unanimiau^y, adducing! tl»e nnimber of coroners in this county 6rom three to one, and fixing the sal- • airy at $200 per year. The princpipal business of general interest that was done was the adoption of a resolution offered 'by Supervisor Mace, and recommend- ing the purchase of Ausable Chasm and the sunioundinig forest land by the State for 'the purpose of coaveat- inig it intjo a piulWAc paiik. The 'Fo-r- est, Fish and Game OfcmmisBion have already been authorial to ototain ait option on the property, and the reso- lutilon was adapted to show the stand that this county fealkes on tihe ques- tion. A large niutmber of tourists visit the Chasm eaon year and pay for the privilege of seeimg .this greiat natural wonden. If the State gets he po-operty for a pulhlie pa.r(k there vill l>e nio admission' fee. iFottlowing is the .resolution fas unanimously adapted iby .the full 'board of Super- visoiis: Whiereas, AjusaJble Chasm, one of the great natumal wonders of the world, '\ located in this county, and iWIhereias, ft Is siurrounded' 'by a large quantity of fine forest lands containing a great variety of treea and plants, and adapted to tae jwir- potses of a pulblic <park, and Whereas, Said Chasm and property are annually visited not onfly by the residents of this and adjoining coun- ties, but ay thousands of tomriste and visiiora from this state and also the country at large, as well ae from foreign countries-, Whereas, This county, by r^aeon ol climate, and ofthen natural attxac- ttons and advantages, has become a great sumonbr resort, and <tne mtaterial welfare and prosperity of tlie comity thereiby great'ly increasedl, and as Aueable Ohasm is one of iita chief natural attractions, iit is for tlhe in- terest of every citizen of the county that it should fee free and ajcceeeilbl© to all, and its maturai attractions for- ever prelserved, not only for the pur- pose of a public pleasure resort, but as a place eminently adapted for the study of toe getology and ipdlant and forest growth &uaraciteris.tic of norths- cm New Yoato, and Whereas, An act of the legislature has been passed authorizing the 'For- est, Fish and Game Qcxmmis&ion to obtain an option on said property, with a view ito its acquisitipn by the state for the purpose of making 1 it a part of the Adirondack Park and free to the Dinblic: (New, Therefore, be it Resolved, That we, the Board of Supervisors of the County of Clinton, duly as* sembled at oum lanniuaa meeting, do hereby unanimously ap(pax>ve ot the acquisMon by the State of said Aa>- sable Chasm and murroundin^ foreac ands as a public paxfk owned iby the State and to be forever firee to the puMic, and do heretby ipetition and re- - quest that the UagSsaatur© oi the State and His Excellentey tlhe Oover- nor, take such action ait the coining session of the ilegfislatiure a» shall be necessary to acquire the title to said property for the State ftm that pur- JS6. On motion of Mr. Oomstoek, the supervisor from Beeiktmantown was authorized to add to the assessment roll of that town the. sum of $800 on the property of the Great Northwest- ern Telegraph Company. On motion of Supervisor Haiughran, Hon. >L. L. iSfcedden, B. S. MtcCul- lougth and J. W. 'Harkness n«nem ap- pointed the committee of examiners to hold a Qompetitave examination for the Armstrong scholarship at Union College, and the examination to take place in (this city on June 25, 1903. The resolution which was introduc- ed by Supervisor Pickett and imani- 'tnously adopted :by the 'Board, re- . dutcee the number ot coroners in this county from (three tlo one after the year of 1904, and fixes the salary of tmat one coroner at $1200 per year after 1906. The coroners' bills aud- ited at the session which ended yes- terday amounted to $1,649.31. During the momninig session Chair- man H. Wallace Knapp presented each member of the Board and the Clerk; with \a beauftifiu'lly Stold mounted fountain pen in remembrance of the session of 1902. Just Ibefore the final adjournment of the Board, Su- pervisor llauighiran, on behalf of the Bo^rd of SlupervLskyrsi, presented rt;o Chairman Knapp.. 'an eleigant solid gold watch chanm. In the front of the chair is set a 'brilliant small dia- mond and on the reverse side is en- graved the words: '^Compliments Su- pervisors, 1902.\ After the presenta- tion speech by Supervisor H-aughran, Chairman Knapp fe^Hrtgly thanked the members of the Board for their kindness, and said he would always prize the gift as a remembrance of the present Board. Resolutions were passed (thankins- Chaimman Knapp and Clerk Inman for the efficient dilseh&rige of their duties during the present session and the Board adjourned. The articles left over from the M. I. church sale at Peru last Saturday •'1 be on sale at Mrs. I* M. CQougfb's ill Friday, the 19th, <wihen the kuttw I ...11 hold a vary pleasant social at Mrs. Datus Clark's, where the Tenaain- artielee will be disposed of. •until

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