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VIUDAY MOKXINO THE PJLJATTSBURGUI SENTINEL. HARMLESS AND GOOD JAQUES' DYSPHPSIA CAPSULES \THE LSTTLE WONDER.\ One Capsule will Digest 5,(MX) (trains of l : ootl. A .SIMCIIIC l()k STOMACH D1SOR I>1R.S <>i AM. KINDS. NEW YORK CENTRAL Arrangement Will Relieve Congestion of Traffic- Cost Will Be $1,- 000,000. mimn BODY MEN ME Many Tributes of Respect to Former Speaker Reed Senate and House Adjourn. nxcs o! V«M! I relief. nwhly TESTIMONIALS. <>(' I>];i.lit.HiiMirg3), N . V MTF. F. Jl. DeVinney, 1 Nurse, says: 1 have used JaqiKW 1 I)y»i sulos wit.h the nrosit. satis M!lt,s. Friends who li;i\ diswdoi W tlKtl of the liLKhl ich. I .1. H w- a taki E tc l> S. U aving a.s adv Capsu np one lyspepi m'g a s •ifjO' les 1 1 tics , I ' (1 t< an ipHI l lai(,ts,l) re att > ir v d wa lie,. Si Lily r VII) ax J .s x ••It ( aqi ca.| •)f N liev in i ui . Y. lynpe Dy s (Hi' ; es C nd 't. •ps ]K' lit V) he Y., 11*02. wi-t.h th e result :- lUttlo «1 th e My p fullne fore vising : of di tif rnmexlie [tied lo he is an opp iw-h and di: meal. Ju ulcs 1 had lost t it: suited in vertigo and ne«s for perhaps ten cajraules produced a beneficial n-sult from the first. 1 am now using the second box and m far as I can judge. am about free from these troubles. I would adviso any one who likes to suffer with any farm of dyspepsia not to take Jaques' Dyspepsia Capsules. Very respectfully, C. H. PrKIC. Plattsburph. N Y., June 7, 1902. M.osP>rH. Carry Drug Co., •Gentlemen:—<1 hav« been using Jaques' Dyspepsia Capsules for acrane time and have received good results from their use. I can recommend them to anyone UioJt is troubled with indi- gestion. Yours truly, GEK>RXTE D. (MARTIN, Agent Standard Oil Comptany, Platits- burpjb, (N. Y. w w ess O e itb PI rs. Cody Drag Platt&burgh. ntlftmen:—•-Hav sf^vere pains attsbmrgl Co., N. Y inig •Fob beei l<> S t 1 h a i. N. omai Y.. 1902. :>U.bi]ed eh for tried Wit h Nichol.s & < C9 N\.<»rth . B. Jaque Sir:- The an d dysp pern dy B talke iin opt mn el iti< ilim th il k ei:it 1) • I t il d If MRA.MAN. lisburtfi. N. Y. . HKX2. N. Y. .[ lia w lined in my family blo rome<iy for line of I hi the en.<l you punting It may b H. KANUWMtN. N. Y., n. il followed hi with th<» rrtnr\ :> highly of .Jaqu \The Little We: y . Ha 'by , N .Ion h a K. nk •tl . \ iar Mot. of 1 Di e '. , »'1.S h' d i gi v<\i : Mat Lite. dv an S(XI'( i Ih' of le l>r ler the Fi •urgh. s. Wonder ug- •Co.. :eel lent H, bili( jin.su lies rs.t ay s HIM Pli ren MIS] a t N P' ;itt •]P< IW Taques' Dyspepsia Capsules TjHi.-v.. a,nl Cure all forms of I.yspM-si... I nd ieeslioi-. Flnlulenry. Catarrh I8PRICE 50 CENTS PER BOX <'ivn lmys 1 Tiviumr,,!) Six Boxes for $2.50. CADY DRUG COMPANY, PLATTSBURGH, N. Y. Also man u fact uroTS of the following tfeimlne preparations: ('Al)VS OHIO'RKY HALSiAM for Coughs and Cold*, Price 25c. CAWS HKADACH'K POWDERS tor all foTms of Headache and Neuralgia CAWS TRIED A.N1) TRUE LINIMENTl ft>r Kxtrains, Uiruisipa am i mitt ins | Waslnnslon, -Dec. V- The body or I former Speaker Thomas Hrackett Reed who died at 12:10 a. m. Sunday morn- u\tpr a simple funeral efre.mony. con- sisting of a gathering of relatives and •rifTHls at I he Arlington hotel. TTie re- mains were removed to the station without esronirt in deference to the wishes of Mrs. Reed. While it was Mrs. Reed's desire tuat ihere should be no ceremonies, it waa not possible fo prevent the tributes of respect paid today by America's public men to one of their number who had made to great place for himself in Am- erica's history. Are a universal remedy for Pains in the Back (so frequent in the case of women). They give instantaneous relief. Wherever there is a pain apply a Plaster. DIRECTIONS FOR USE lit (h e •r Par mi will: surfac: <\\]>Y'S RUSSIAN CORIN OlTRIES, an effective specific, 20c. OADY'S OHOIJORA MIXTrR'B for Dysentery and Summer Comrplaint. etc. (1R10AM OF HasiCS, a prtiparation for Chaiupod Hands. Sunburn and Shav- ing ]x)thm. Send this Pamphlet to a Friend Suffering with Stomach Trouble. The ATLA NTIC MONT HLY 190 3 a \Little Wondei .1'inodiaJte and plei l>nig Lshurtti :—Aftx icpsia want t( '.stonvaic existed i evei '\w!vl 1< • * C o ( ' •r N Caip h •y sa; o (.1 h IS \f ve ]{ N Y. aving giv ules a the en ir- that they are t he trou'l w so Hoi ly a pen-f< i (ruily. MARVIN w York Oi )le >rt ty. Mr. Chn.s. 11. K.iimlbflll. I'atiern Mak- r. Piatt.sburg-h, N. Y.. says: I have had stoinia/ch trouble for ears, sio bad in fact that sometimes could not work. 1 have tried all inds of mexlicine without receiving ny beneit until f used Jaxyuips' Dys- epsia Capsules, which seemed to he .ist. the. thing needed. 1 can oheer- nd the \V. J. wh e •njoys iarge pi-arlic* in Dentisttry, in Platta- burgh, says: have taken Jaques' Dyspepsia Cap- es with the mjost gratifying effevt rl therefore lake pleasure in reeom- Piarttatwiirgh, N. V.. June 7, l!t02. Plaittsiburgh, N. Y., Sept. 24, 1902. CUdy Druig Company. entlemen:—Tar years I have been ible<l with indigestion and Dys- Kia and could not eat lui.^ti-y—such things distressed me vary much. Three r four months ago T too'k only OIK ox (xf Jaques' Dyspepsia Capsules, IP r(.'!ief was immediate and I he- eve the ew e pemmianent for I have sulen everythimg 1 wish to eat since, take pleasure in recommending them > my friends. Respectfully, VICTORIA MONTY. Mrs Moiii,v is one of the most suc- <ssful nurses in Northern N<w York. •zu:\ \V(»st MI nothln With Acker, I , Ne 1 find •'The Lit w York City. Sept. 23, 1902. Capsules. .nit .gtnatify- J. E. DERBY. nail & Condi.t. Whole- All <MXK-4TK. Albany. N Y.. Nov. t;. ll>02 riattsburgh, N. Y., •\>r Indigent ion am <• Dyspepsi; P. II. CROUNSE. Hixinoke. Va.. (Nov. J, 1<H Cody Drug Cotiipany, PlaitwburBh. New York. C-entlemen: tl wltfh yrm womild aei ni\ one dozen litoxe.s of yoti;- JM\\H Mency Order $5.00 IU> cover roet' luiiic I jun <mW.vU\K thwri for so ot)M«- parties whr> want them. I foil thorn very offtxrOve. iPlenwj ship th - by exprenw to my ad«krefiH at lim n oh SERIAL FICTION A NE W SKR1A.L NOVEiL. P,y Arthur Sherburne Hardy. The chief Atlantic serial for th ill exhi'bit to the full th f Its plo n the r talized chart) ure of <• ary life. pagan spirit tha suc:h classics a.s pi OF GENERAL SHTH President Asked to Appoin Him to Next Vacaney on List of Brigadier Generals. Washington, Dec 8—Friends of Brig- adier -(ieneral Jacob H Smith ar e mak- ing a determined effort lo have the of- ficer whose acts in th e Philippines caused (his retirement, restored to duty imd to have PrusKient Roosevelt a,p- .\ I point Cienerai Smith to te e next va - . I cancy on the list of brigadier -genej-als. ]\ ! More ardent champtonB even go so far '' j as to urge that he 'be selected for the ; \ first vacancy in the list of major gen- i ei-als, with th e u nder stand ling that he j shall retire immediately after having I received a vindicsation. Pressure f the 1 strongest sort is being exerted upon the ,1 ' President, Ohio is. ardient in its efforts • i ; 'in hehaltl of the retired general. Sena- a iKiigian person is tors Hanna and Foraker ar e eamest- sented It is told '>' !l t work in Uie matter. General en.se of the genial : Smith's friends say tin ere is a strong is fit to rank with ter P-ite'i-'s '\pol- i I fine na:-ni- :t .M-inlster *o ui>on com.plica- miarket in Xe\vv M r. 11 perfect] > DAPHNE y Maiigaret Sherwoo<l. >t a mellow Italian ba<:kg; story of a sensitive Ann LIFE OK Tl A group . IE AMERICAN ( y g nt throughout the Grand Army avor of restoring him to duty. His nds also plead that in the regular y tliere is a n opinion Chart; General th has been punished at least a s he deserved, and that action looking .undings age man. the School, th f papers describing from towai-d his reinstatement is only ju s ~ id proper. The talk of Senator Hanna introOuc- ng a bill creating a neiw brigadier-gen- .Iship has apparently DO foundation ilization and social SUT- ii the life of the \aver- etitutions as varied ai Church, and the Stock Exchange, professions as far apart as the Law and that of the Trained Nuivse will be examined with a view to not- ing their effect upon the current ex- perience and the character of the American of today. CHAPTERS OF BOSTON HISTORY. iMark Anthony iDeWolfe Howe, au- thor of \American Dodkmen/' etc., will contribute a short series of pa- ?rs recalling scenes and personages f Boston life, chiefly in the nine- •enth century. Commercial, social, nd intellectual interests will be toueh- 1 upon not 'merely for their local but >r their national significance. The rst of these papers will be entitled pisHxles of Boston Coiwmeree. It is pretty well understood that Con gress is not likely t o go on record avi taking such a vigorous method of ex- presising disapproval of the chief ex- :t)ive. Moreover, su«h a bill would precipitate a renewal of diHcaission up- on the whole Philippine question. The next vacancy in the liist of major-gen- -als will not occur for some time, per- haps until General Miles\f> retirement next vacancy in the ranks of the tni'go- next vacaney in the ranks o the briga- diers 'would only need the sanction of the Senate, and General Smith's sup- porters regard that solution as an ear- ly probability. JOHN e of th T. TRO'WBRUDG'E. 3 two surviving c first lant.ii Story l-l\ Decoi of nbeir of the Al- ; autobiography tie of M:y Own charge nil be mailed fix uhscriptioi l>efore December 20th. li.S cents a copy. $4.00 a year. Prospectus for 1903 an application Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1 Park St. Boston. frien hias jiiait revived the an- ysitem of shooting for the Siller resented t o the trades of the )y King Jiiiws VI of Scotland. ally begins to lose at IJlie ag e of of !io has lowt i d o:lds the od :id aft the rail uwen 'the record few ; third nail >iir over certain sfLretehes leu oi track. The n^-xird sly hifild !>y the IJorain & «a<l, -at 55 mi.las an hour. dewt.r isi- Many noldiers In the last war T\rote fo may tlhat foir ^jratohos, Bruises, CUIH. Wounds, Cornu, Sore Keet and Sitiff .loint.s, Hucklen's Arnica Salve Is fh<. be«( in tho world. Same for Burns. •aids. Bolls Ulci and Pile* 25c at Oil les pi Holden, It Skin Eruptions Only i or no i>ay. irt, Plattlalxu^gh; H. .fiable iForks; Weaver COCKS FOR A MANILA MAIN. American Fighters Will Be Pitted Against Picked Filipino Birds. Now that the American sloldiers have no more Filipinos to fight, they have turned American gameeodks against Filipino roosters, and with the same result fhat marked the clash of Amer- ican and Filipino arms, says the Sa.n Francisoo Examiner. As evidence of the\ s iiew order of warfare, an im'pos- in^'Aoop containing nfte-en American fif^WHivg cocks appeared on the Pacdflc Mail diock, at San Francisco recently and was stowed aiway upon the steam- ship'Korea, boumd for the orient. The ooop with its belligerent ten- ants came from Pennsylvania, con- signed to Captain 'Carey, Thirteenth Tnlted States Infantry, now at. Manila. It was a maswive ciiate 6 feet high, C feet lo«g and 2 fi-et 6 inches deep, stoutly built and furnished with ex- terior t.i-ays for water and food. The interior wae divided Into fifteen com- partments, flor the game Muds could not be trusted in one another's com- pany, and it wias wilute washed and treatexl with antiseptic eolution, the greatest rare (being evinced in convey- ing the fllghtere to tiheir destination. The freight cJiargee from Pennsyl- vania U> Manila, via Hongkong, were $175, and the birds were valued at $25 each. Army men way that four American game-cocks were talken to (Manila to participate in the Fflllpino national sport off coekfigihtijig, and thein own- ers wton $700 and cleaned out a regi- ment of native roosters. The Fllipnno fowls were armed with sonall knives while, the American birds were sup- plied with ateeil speaiie, which pix>ved the most effective tweatpone. And now re-en fore eineaite of llfteen picked birds, »Die as fierce, and as big as taii^k-s, others onxliuary bantfinis, aj-e <m tJieir way a*iros« the ocean to (flu-r- nish sijx>rt for KOldieii-s and Filipinos. Cure Saxony lias one of Uie best regulat- d systems of forestry in the world, ho net profits Prom the forests Gillei .mountlug xh OVCT $2,000,000. ' Holdei drivt-wuvs in the n ^ on oo.-h ,;ide connect Forty-f:ilh street via with by stairways at. height. resident and Mrs. Roosevelt called person at the Arlington hotel at n and left their cards and notes of sympathy for Mrs. Reed. Cabinet min- • PTP, senators and representatives •-••\'p ; culled during the morning and aft'er- \ w 'tn,non n hours to tender uheir sympathy, •^ av( - j while hundreds of telegrams of condo- lence came from proiniinent people In '\ -^ ^ jail ivnrts of the country. IJ ••'•\\! M'thoiigih it v.as known throughout '• (ll(> HIP week that M:. Reed was danger- :il(1 h » onsly ill, h.;s 'li>a:h early yesterday '\.'. •- ,niu,ning ca.me with a great and sudden • lrl in .^ j shock to tho;-' j who kne^w him. •' '•• h \ ; ^ thp lu.tiy W as taken from the Ar- 'iington hotel Lo the .hearse, a large (1( n -, number of statesmen and well known >vi<'tn. P nr, r .i« nf AVashington stood by and -va e.-l 'lifted their hats in respect to Mr Reed's '• Ollr '' , - -w- r I,...s\.u mfiD/DD,8v\|cmfwyp*3)hi-dlu ° \'\\'-nomory annned as shown above. Sti'ffn^.,, tu - B r onThTtir Lungs nud for pai sensitive narts of t men, apply as indi ful and he abdo- id Rheumatism, Colds, Coughs Weak Chest, Weak Back Lumbago, Sciatica, &c, Ac. If you want th e best results, the quickt-.l .-m: 1 , . I.-nuc-t r— ,.- - Allcock's Plasters. The y are farsuperior tu 1 fll. ,<><„•,>:> ,- \^^h ^'x^ ^ tract of deadly ni^ht shade, a virulent poison r,c'< •••' t'r -h<v\u i •• r-eii except by direction of a physician. Allcock> i>:--,tn r , ^~>'-'•. - :' 'V j sons. The y cure by absorption. Absolutely curMiv,-, perfectlv\har m le.s. Read letter from Prof. Henry A. Mott, the c;ninpnt chemist . p'aza '•dlately nc •onnwied tin r ight feet The plaza will no •etlii<>les and from the sta- tion, hut baggage wagons as well, and 1.1 so furnish a eommodioms caiTiage \The incoming baggage room will be >ver the tracks and on a level with the •Ievate<d driveway, so that Depew Place vill be freed from its present cong^a- .ion of bagigage wagons. This general u-rangeroent will also relieve Forty- etond street from veJhicular conges- ion, and also, In a large part, will do uway wit'h the congestion of pedetst- ian traffic in the neighborhood of the itatlon. Raggage will be handled from to t'lie baggage rooms and vice versa overhead conveyers at the north and south ends of the trainshed. 'The depression of the tracks In the trainshed will be a,ho;ut \V 2 feet, mak- ng a total depth from the concouj'.-' forms. This difference in elev&tion I be overcome by inclines, so to av- lirways. >f about 10V 2 f«et to the train pLat- y The body was enclosed in a casket ith h idid et heavy oxidized extension handles anil on the top was a solid silver plate on which had been engraved the fol- lowing simple inscription: THOMAS BlRlACKETT REED Oct. 18, lS93-Oec. 7,1902. The casket remained at the hotel un- ti'l about our o'clock lin the afternoon, when it was brought down stairs and and lifted into the hearse, tine under- taker's assistants anld the employes of the. 'hotel acting as body bearers. Then without ceremony or display of any kind, it was taiken to the railroad At the •station there were Senator and Mrs. 'Lodge, Justice McKenna, General W. F. Drap«r, F. W. Hackett, tormer assistant secretary of the navy; Representative Littlefleld, of Maine; Representative W. S. (Sherman, of New York; many people now residents In Washington, and many m-etoengers and clerks from, the House o>f Represen tatives who had served Mr. Reed when sip-eaker. As the train bearing his body left the Nation all present bared their \The plans also contemplate an un-j heads. It was all very simple, yet onnection beneaub. the de- jtouching, just as Mr. Reed had desired - 1 -- 1 \.ith the rapid tran- and j nst as Mr Reed's Mends feel it subway. The depression starts In n the outer track on each side of the ew additional tracks under Park ave- .ue in the neighborhood of F:ftieitai street passes under the entire yard and Central station, and joins the ex- press tracks of the rapid transit SJUID- ith o a single grade crossing. 'Our plans propose sametihing han the betterment of terminal facill- ies. There will be a great iimprove- nrient. But we have mads plans for the vlarble Hill 'cut-off,\ -which will ellm- nate eight gradie orosising<j at King's Hr, in the Bronx. The elimination of the only three grade crossings ex- clusive of those at Kings Bridge is al- so eontempbatdd. These are at High Bridge, Morris Helgihte and Fordham Heights. Thus every grade crossing in New York City on our main line will be done away with. This will Involve lew stations and other accessaries anil ve will have to erect overhead stations he same as those now in iu&e on Hhe elerated roads. The trains will be operated electrinally.\ FAMOUS LITIGATION REOPENED. OlaLm Filed for $60,000 Advanced Min- ing Cotrapany. Phoenix, Ariz., Deic. S—Tlie faanoois Cobre Grand litigation \has been re- opened by the filing by Axel W Hallen- •berg and Jahn Edward LAxidicks of Delaware of a stilt against the Greene Consolidated Copper Company and the vould have 'been his wish. 'Bofh Senate and Hbnise today immediately after assemibling, will ad- journ out of respect to the memory of former Speaker Reed. Mr. Reed was a private riitizen at tlhe time of his deatih, ind such an act on the port of Con- gress 'has only one precedent. That vans in the case of another great Maine itatesman, James G. Blaine. Senators and Congressmen ihav< lone nothing all day but recall the many incidents in Mr. Reed's life that made him famous. It is recalled that Thomas B. Reed wat3 rjhe man who part Theodore Rooseveilt in the office of as- itary of the navy. Senator Lodge had impressed President Mc- Kinley with tihe wiadomri of appointing Mr. Roosevelt, but Mr. Roosevelt had been Mayor Strong's police commis- sioner, and he had not got along well with the Republican machine in New York. Senator Platt objected, and the apipo'intment could not be made with- out Mr. Platt's consent 'Mr. Reed went to Mr. Platt and induced him to consent to the appointment. So caustic was Mr. Reed's wit that few men dared debate with hiim on the floor. Mr. Reed's retort to William M. Springer, on the floor o-f the House one day. has become almost classlte. \I had rather be right than Presi- dent.\ said Mr. Springer In a speech, try,' replied Mr. Reed Jn his inimitable wiay, \you'll never be either.' ADJOURNMENT OF HOUSE. Washington, Dec. 8—The House of Representatives paid a remarkable tn- Oopper Company, the Cobre Grande and certain officers and direc- tors of the last named compony, J Halleaberg also filed a claim of for money advanced the Cobre G-ranide „. in its legation againat Greene and > lte to the ™*nory of ex-Speaker Tho- his associates. The object of the sulti ma s B > R**\- is to convert back into Cdbre Grande I The ^aplain paid, at «he opening of mining properties in Sonora which the session, a feeling reference to the were transferred to the Greene Con-I death of ex-Speaker uNo business was solMated by the settlement of the suit transacted beyond the formal reading which haLI been pro .e<l lor two years ' of two messages frofm President and an by the Cobre Gran le and the Greene arrangement to postipone tihe special p^plg ~ \order for today—the London dock The \court is asked to set aside the'^^^ I'ill-nntil tomoan-ow. judgment by agreement and grant Mr - «herma,n fNew York) then amid the relief pravtd for in the ordinal Profoiintl silence, offered !n a few feet- petition ol t;he Ctobre Crande against in ^ r remarks, a eulogistic resolution to Greene I h e 8 P reac l \P° n the record of the House I of Representatives, wlhich was adopted, idjoiuraed in honor of Pittsburgh Combinaiiou of Capital Will Represent $75,000,000. Pittsb-jrg, Dec. 8—Seventy -five mil- lion dollars is to be the capiftalization of the new Union Steel Ompany. A bond issue of $25,000,000 and a stook issue of $50,000,000 has been authorized About $1'S,000,000 of the 'bonds and about $33,000,000 of the stock will be is&ned at once. Of the bonds issued a sufficient sum will be placed in a sink- ing fund to redeem the existing bond issues of the Sharon Steel Company concerns amounting to $3,591,000. These are 5 per cent bonds, due in 1940. Of the amount $1,841,000 are outstanding aiga'inst the Sharon iSheet Steel Com- pany and $1,250,000 against the Sharon Coke Company. The 'bonds and stock of the Union Steel Company not issued ot once will be available for 'tihe acquisition of other properties. There are said to be now no definite plans in this particu- lar. The propiosed two hundred male railroad from Elk Creek Barbor to the works at Sharon and Donora amd to the Oonnellisville coke fields, for which construction contracts are to be let early next year, is not considered In the reserve seouritiies. Tftie railroad will be financed independently with stock and bonds probably aggregating $25.000,0000. The Union Steel Com- pany bonds will be 5 per cent due In 40 years and redeemable after 10 years. Leading representatives of the Unilon Steel Company have already declared that the concern has practically been financed, and arrangements it Is un- derstood, are substantially completed for the floating of the big bond issue Audits of properties are now being made, and to the time required for this is ascriibed the delay till the first of the year to finish the deald. CADSE OF mOLINEUX DIVORCE. Did Molineux Hire Detectives to Watch His Wife? St. Paul, Minn., Dec, 5.—A dfspatcb from Soux Falls, S. ©., discloses the grounds upon which Mrs. 'Blanche- •Molineux is suing her husband for di- vorce. The dispatch says: \The complaint now prepared will allege that while Holland «B. Molineux was in prison he employed detedtives to shadow hen movements, and by his. distrust in her and\ in consequence ol being followed (by detectives, ah-e was claused igreat mental suffering as t o conatituite cruel and imbunnan treat- ment. \The complaint will recite that dar- ing the second year of the incarcera- tion of Molineux his wife. quIarreHed with the family of her husband i n •wluch the latter was involved, and that it was during the tiwo years following this ibrelak with Ms family that ~te distrust of her caused him to naive her watched and in other ways annoyed by- Ms emissaries. \The courts here deal so liberiaOly- wilh wives who seek divorce that de- crees are gtranted -fart much lees than this.\ Soux Falls, S. D., iDec. 5.—Mrs. Moli- neux tonigM refused either to affirm or deny the report that she Was said the reasons for heir divorce are be- cause her hiustband caused detective* to watch her. OKU .A.HOM A'ri SIKfJR the H o the distinguished dead. eader t of th cf Us Pos,sibil Oklahoma is revealing Tei • Tells : ties each yean, according to J. C. San- derson of Kingfisher, that territory. Said he t o a reporter of dm Netw Yoric Tribune at the Fifth Avenue hotel the other day: \Onur territory is giving up its seiore-tj* one by one, and the more it is developed the more we find what a .good place it Js t o live in. First it waa the fertility of the soil that, attracted the hiomestead-ais. Then cot- ton raising became th e feature, dua to a suitable cLimate. From that it was but a step to begin manufacturing. \Now we are beginning, to find min- eral deposits. Just recently at Ouiiltis, •Woodward county, strata of pure roeK salt twenty feet thick were discovered at a depth of only forty-seven feet. Below the rock a stream of hot wa- ter, hlgihly imprej&iuoed 'With miner- als, was found. Who knows now but what Oklahoma, in addition to its other features will rival the states famed i'oa- Lheir mineral spj'infgs?\ '! STRICKEN MARINES ARE BIA.CK. ^ j Newport News, Va., Dec. 8.—The United States steamship Panthea\ •Commander J. C. Wflpon, reached Hampton |Roads from Ct>lon today bringing the fevre-stricken marines who have been protecting the milroad prop- erty on the isthmus for more than a month. Aboard the vessel were 320 men. Thirty-four of them were offi- ho were taken to the naval pital at Portsmouth. drtod to be se These cases are tood to be serious. The other stricken marines ar e no t very ill, and tney will be granted shore leave until they can recuperate. The Panther had an extretmely rouglh voyage uip from San Juan, whence she sailed last Monday afternoon. Th e storm delayed her amiival about two days, and made the -sldk mariners move miseraible. •WAGES TO BE (RAISED. Scranton, Pa., Dec. 8.—The .Delaware, Ijaokawanna and Western puruoses a Foil* A iK'iMiiy Atta«-k s>u r bsitantlal Increase in rates df pay to was so 111 thart g :od employes in th e various departments, phyaicans were unable to help her,\ Th e officials are now a t wonk on a writes M. M. Austin, of Winchester, I genera! plan of readjustment and Ind., \bi t was completely cured by j equalization to became effective at u.'i Dr. King's New Pills.\ T&ey work early date, probably from Dec. 1. r onder*j in stomach amd liver tronibles onstipatlonp sdcli headache. 25c at i Mrs. Gilbert. Piattetmngh; . H. R. iCalne, •Wittshiae.:. E&Jlgland,. Ijas se- lected its new mayor at the annual 'Forks; Weaver & cake and wine party held tor the pur- pose. ^ J THE TOP OF VESUVIUS. A Visit to the Crater of tiiie 'Seething Volcano. There was mo life on that bare, black, birdless cone, and as we clisonb- d an icy win<| began to .blow, and tlhe ava dust aturiglthe face like hail. The crust waa warm to the feet. I dipped my hand into an aperture the sdzei of a rabbit hole and withdrew it hot ;nd wet. On every side the smoke ed- died up from tiny craiters but all tiheee things were details in face of that 'erlasting vomit of black smoke from the crater. Tfhe wind raged ajbore us as we drew near the crater, and the lava dust spat more viciously; the suHphaurous smoke hid the\world from our vilew. It was as if the lieutenanlte of that angry monarch strove tlo prevent mortals from igazing too closely at her nfernal orgies. On hands ond knees ve grabbed our way up the «one, ^ougfting, blinded by the smoke, Ibuffet ed by the icy wind. We reached tlhe verge of the crater and threw oiiir- jlves on our faces. 'I peered for one moment into that caldron of fire and imoke. The guide clutched my arm and motioned me to follow hlim round the ed'ge of the crater. I crawled after him, crying, '\Enough!\ (But he did not hear. He could not have- heard a foghorn in the roar of that wind. '•Enough!\ I bawled, trying to grab him. 'Enough!' I roared, clutching at his leg. He shrugged his shoulders, and, taking my arm, we phingeld dawn through the lava. A few paces below he stopped. I beat toward hum and through the screams of tth-e wilnd heard him aay, 'Give me a leetle present to buy macaroni.'—Academy. A Million VoUen Could hardly express the thlanks of Homer Hall, of West Point, la. ids- ten, why: A sever© cold had settled on his lungs, causing a ncoat obstinate cough. Several physicians saM he had consumption, but could not help him. When all thought he was doomed lie began to use Dr. 'King's iNew Discov- ery for Consumption and writes— \it completely cured me and saved my life. I now weigh 327 lbs.\ It's pos- itively guaranteed for Coughs,, Colds and Lung tr(ooibles. (Price 60c and $1.00. Trial bottles free at Mrs. Gilbert, Plaittebumgh; H. B . Gillespie, Ausable 'Forks; Weaver ft. Holden, Peru. HW E ENGAGED D. B. HILL. Schenectady Painters Union to Fight Case of Expelled Guardsman. Schenectady, Dec. 8—Douglass H. Pratt.recording secretary of the Paint- ers' unSn, said last night that the un- ion has engaged Senator David B. Hflll to flght the action brought against It by William Potter, the expelled guards- man, who has procured an injunction restraining the union from consider- ing him as not a metnuber. Pratt sold that a committee lhad requested Mr. Hill to take tiheir case and that he agreed to do so. The union has not ate yet ootoplied with the court's order and reindtatetl Potter to membership, and the officers ua^u; aq HIM. UOJ^C»B ijons ou jmj^, e^ e \No judge In the country can force us to give Potter a union card and receive him back into membership, said Mr. Pratt. It ie understood that if Potter te not restowsd by tomorrow application will be made lor tlhe arrest of Fraavk C. Sheffer, the president, and other offt- •ers of the union on the charge of con- tempt of court.. Pratt says the union has no fear of what moy happen and that it has received pledges otf flmancial help from the International Asteoda- lon of Painters and Deteorators and al- FD several individual painters' unions' inions. Another meeting of the union o consideir t!he mattea' will be held to- morrow night. ODELL'S PLURALITY. 8,801 Official Figures Tabulated by the Secre- tary of State. Albany, Dec. 7— The last of the of- ficial election returns were received ty Secretary of State McDanomgb. from the county boards of canvasser* •ctiterday. The official figures gbtm that the purality of Governor Odeil over bis Democratic opponent, Bird S. Coler, is 8,803. The total vote cast was 1,389,798, of which 6,632 were blank. The vote for the several candidates for governor follows: Benjamin B. Odell, jr., Rep., 665450, Bird 3. Coler, Dem., 656,347. Alfred I.. Manierre, Pro., 20,490. Daniel De Leon, Soe. ^LaJb., 16,886, Benjamin Hanford, Soc. Dem., 2J>.-iO\) liMgar L. Ryder, Lib. Denm.-, 1,894. The vote for the other candidate* on the state ticket has not aft yet been cotopilecl by the secretary of state. The two socialist parties, the Social Democratic and the Socialist; labor, cast in New York state tlhiis year & total vote of 39,286, a gain over 1900 of 13,795. Jn '1900 each party cast about tba yame number of votes, neanly 13,000* This year the vote of the Social (Dem- ocratic party was 23,400; thlat of Che Socialist Labor party 15,886. The So- cial Democratic vote inlcxeaeed nearly; 100 per cent. The gains were made largely in the cities and in manufacturing difltrtetB. In thirteen counties of the state Oh ere was a considerable falling off; In the SoioialM vote. I the counties of Kinga, QaOevm and New York, three of tihe fctar oounties comprising Greater New York the gain was 9,366. In Monroe county, which contains the city of Rochester,, there was a gain of 1,599. Saved at W rave's Brink \I know I would long iago have been in my grave,\ writes Mrs. & H. New- sora, of Decatur, Ala., \if it h-ad not been for Electric Bittere. iFtar three- years I suffered untold aigony front the worst forms of Indigestion, Water- Ibraslh, Stomach (and Botwel Dyepepeia. But this excellent medicine did me a world of good. Since using it I caa eat heartily and have gained W pounds.\ For Indigestion, Losb of Ap- petite, Stomach, iLiver and Kidney tmodibles, Electric (Bittere safe a poa*- ive, guia ran teed cure. Only 50c a t Mrs. Gilbert, Pia/ttsburgh; H. Rt i Gillespie, Ausable (Forte; Weaver Mi Holden. Peru.

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