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The Plattsburgh sentinel. (Plattsburgh, N.Y.) 1861-1902, December 12, 1902, Image 2

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THE PLATTBBUBttH SENTINEL. FRIDAY MORNING, DBC. 12. l»02. K You Could Look Shiloh's Consumption CureV;;;:2ll,::H:,i N. V., for ft < lover Root Tc purifies the Blood THE LUCK OF* \LUM OIL FIELDS FOUND IN CANADA 4. It KAT I.F.AII an Hui>i»lv An wlll i I'in-1 fo 4.<MU rntfoiiH isi ove-t H-s of o: the I>< mmioi H'l'l'n IIIN(< Af, Iran War .-*> many of HOOK rj of Kon The Burlington i, Savings Bank, l Total As d ? =n > n \\ (>1 ( Tiiuarrwiaa j ' ( l Cabas I'. Smith W ill l ' d ( nin ° i , , F W Ward. i l ! 'M#eelTeB and pa/*) d< poult* dally | toeitB made on either of the first [U* r fouanie»8 dayB of any month draw hi n : from the 1st If mado after |< u -vmrd inU'HBt will (omnitnoo tho Gmt, w ft* the follows E mont'ti ! t h Itrterost a/lll t>e credited to aeposltor* , ui I Wmu**y let and July lat, oompoundlug 'h i Wwic« a >< 11 I hero are no stockhold h u *r« i s this bank All earning 1< BS ex I ill , belong to the depositors Th« I m •rsrff of iiitr (Ked the i aXc fetet Imt th e la w HIU fnvlnfrs bank In thr . » can pay at not to ox coed thief! id onti half per cent per annum until I MWpHia reaches ten per cent of It* !: when a 8p«cial dividend 1B pro [ $n4<*$ for .- -poHtta are rocrtvefl tn mime from j m to 12000 and no lnl« rent will be paid | $» way sum In exe<8s of thla amount , MUMpt on d< pohita by widows orphans , Yt<4aiIii5stratorB ex(cutois guardian* | *fearttabh» or rf*IlRloiiB Institutions or ' 3* trast funds deposited bv order of ( chltulh nk ! i) v •ould In Hi it !•- ie\\< ishf entitled \Tin by Main Object in to Keiovci lirtiiK'h <«ol<l 4 BIMII Like a fairy tale reJad-s in Kalian s«v tnt who piopo-.. li<?ht tho bevfn hranch candlrstirk olhfi hi^tonr reins thi own in Hi f i 1i»)f» as votive offerings to ' the diiddi i Rom num.* ns RIVR R TIBK K O. W. Oaines, of Nebraska, has one e finest collections of Indian in the United 'States, which he ed while .se,rr,inig as deputy ie plan of 1 marHhai on tne frontier between 1878 \I wide l lurid t( (onstag e & T o m I omlo n in d dedi | th r Q < md M tho Rinrr infill t o M\ f ( i I'IUII I IIKW *,uihjf<ts ol th e Bntis h ompiir | 1^'fiil It wa s perilin g tlu most icnnilal ) - ^ s book b \ tl u most ir miai kalhle Jead i no vin thi t in \ tecemt wn r In s produced Th . 'non e (OIH isn sum pi \ told tale of th e r\tia - wf w oidin m oamp<iie;n is maike d thiouigh ^'-'^ OH! with th r stam p of trut h of ^ t Tho baldnes s mf th e narmtu e on h f( I l » serve s t o bnniR int o strikin g relief th e f<vf> o i hen, p i \nign- whor e a stron g mi n Ilf \ 1 ^ liteial h bliut s ou t hi s soul in patheti c | t \ luf ' K ' inert ft o r hit tnt df nmuinciafiion In | that ' thu s taking; th e publie int o r onfidence ' ' u ' lfl< - He Wet loses nothin g of thp glamo r KlI1 P Inou. h >f nhaps If s ie|igi JU s tha n )f th e Hol y biai l this o - II g s tlnoughr to ha w lain for *1h th e sluggish strei m Inodg h th p Ltirna l Cit \ is less rrmarkalbl e A b r ef je - on* s Roma n history will L well nig h inexhaustibl e h-,t s <i fabulou s wort h sarnfic - sUjX^ivtiticnus people on th e ttlr»s durin g pe rial s o! gro t of nitiona l tejoinng s m d he t f > eonvmc e almos t any on e e should be in th e Tiber side uhu h th restom ( es <f If you feel ill and need a pill Why not purchase the best DeWitt's Early Risers Are iittle surr>n' c ers Take one~Jttney do the rest W. II. Howell, Housten, Tex., writes — T have used Little Early Riser PiUg in m\ tarn h for constipation sick headache, etc. To their use I am in- b'jted for the health of my family. D. K. Gilbert Plattaburg; H. E. lespie, Ausaible Forks, W M' U i I»pefl a I I)r ni l Wet e\ p Ut s th r rm sto dw nd ople (hat to Rnl)f Kitfi the al Duller, ml p i s nns t s.t/nongei position itn othpi Biitish genennl on^lio'iit the woik tlhr Hoei gfn has but slight praise for bo t.s and Little more for Lon ener. -Ofneral Knox is almos nly British general who seems t struck De Wet as a rammandi real military genius \Tommy Afkins\ he has man e ^alt h of Mon o m» ignifcan< e the item of treasnie Prof. Tiro Nispi-f.andi th nio^f hopes to uco\e i l branoh candlcfltirl ot the liilble to nulepd !ii™ wM.h Mto»,l nf King Da\ id .! the \U K of Ic r. i, ^ d Iompe\ i i th om , ki | Fi n c flv to i^h in h i ftom b cmnparativp rs from harm Kins th e •id hiots ot th - oust intl> »»-. •>- s wfh rnp lows t, shi p on 1 MB method s thusnasm <-iaf red em i lost to si If <=o w h o c n to its p 0 r< v>\ PI \ tigi nd the disc A itself fo ing to m T u s old ind tailed b\ u c: tihe I K imp Is] iribined rc-itore h blf; •h , s e nf\ I tie w ll m aftr and with :> thf ir if .\ for neirh Mid h u 1 nn° ' \ \nd iT^ mf de: the Ie knm iought e I on! r hP V\ hat v h^ Id b Ml t^ liom of In 1S27 a silmr unrrtcin salmo 'onmk U was olumbia IHP I n weighing ^ pounds ie Ta.y. This is the fis.h. The largest L on record was S2 amght in 1893 in the ^r ran endure more than nft animal except the ndeer has been known to ndred poumis at ten miles t vplve ! hours LEGAL NOTICES. < itati«n for Juriioinl Mettlement TIIL r LOPM OK THF «T\T E OF NOW ^ORK to fhannre \ Stod'danl of f imbudgp Massar'nisetts T.ydia J Up'n m of 111 Dftiatur street rliooklvn New \ OJ Hobait A Stod- ' 7 T-1 of Omil n Neihra-^ka Helen s W >rthen oi Hpl*m \rkansa« Ma- I !« i \ Ikolrwan d Mary \ Dri.,0- nrntl ot LKtle R O( k \rlin=as ; Jo- rph \I ^todrlard and Hime t C Sin - m HIS f f l'oledo Ohio Piuline Oourr- tn*\ o Dalla<- T<-\a% Chailes H. i\r(h ot lueson \n/on a Perlie Bell Irin.p s A H Rire of Poultne> Ver- mont C F Henirt lesidence un- 'now n datg'htei of Chailes H Hewitt LBG-AL NOTICES. NOTICE—By order of Hon. Joha H. Booth, Surrogate of Clinton Cofua- 17, New York, notice is hereby givea according to law t(- all .persons fctivin* claims against Silas P. White late th C&dyvme in eaid -r^unty, de^easej that they are requLrtM to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof to H 8 M SCr ^ er> at the offic e Qt Bots- ^PI ^, ei 3 e ? & Allen in the Ullage Plattsburgh, New York, on or be- fore the 15th. day of December, 1902 Oated June 9, 1902. JAMES H. WHITE Administrator wUa the Will annexed 4051—6 mo. B. M. and A. NOTICE.—By order of Hon. John H Booth, Surrogate of Clinton County N. Y notice is hereby given accord mg to law, to all persons having claims against Mary W. Bidwell late °J P ^ tt9bur » fa . i n ^d county, deceas- ed, that they are required to exhibit ne same with the vouchers thereof to the subscriber at the store of Fred r ie M C V n the Villag e ot Morrison- e^ N. Y., on or before the 1st day December, 1902.—Dated, May 16 1902. FRDD E. PTERCE. EUGfcJN-E D1DWEL.L, Executors. NOTICB.-By order of Hon. John H. Booth, Surrogate of Clinton Coun- ty, N. Y., notice is hereby given ac- cording to law, to all persons having u^ m % ^n DS K J ° hn - Loui s l*W*lr, late of Ellenburgh, in said county deceased, that they are required to exhioit the same with the vouchers' thereof to the subscriber at his resi- dence in the town of Ellenbui-gh Clin- ton county, New York, on or before JOHN MEAGHER. fftmdfi may be sent by bank chock $8r 6r+£t, or postal money order and 4g«pocit book will be returned by mall CHARLES P. SMITH, President. irSJEDKRICK W. WARD. Treasurer IE B. 1SH.AM, AsslBtant Treasurer. - I ATTORNEYS WWRD4 « ONV\ \ ^ ATTORN E Y S AND AT-LAW—Oflirn. Wt lmion Stint , ( ()I I ( R ( OI \M LORS d & MIXMI I iMattsburgh, N •'uTTORVhY ANll ( OI N-sl 1 OR \T JLAW--Offlcc n the Mir ion l'lo<k CTintmi «tiM t PI ittshuigh N \» iEom ii i ( rv i nrs i 'ATTOHNFY VNI) ( Ol N SI< I>0R AT •JRAW—OflKe 9 Clinton Stuff 2<1 flooi He tliirt\ ed thr tnd mill II <if no i it do' laro- on ar oui i not 1. n adusrd t b\ thf wr \, nl , Ho 1 , r .s ot South Hwen Mlch- forward of L.ttle (Rock, n<M mi l gn sons n teste d e of P^ebe N S^ddatcT late r\ nmon{ lei \ ni? assets founts New \ork , de- ^ert.lors legates next of do b\ er him odus h II rl I lew-, w th tl e n rie toi tint number albeit the des^iptio \ (onfiinis the sfate the rd thi twr f 11 i d niionicnt H< iil Hi WTNSIJOW C. WATSON. ATTORNKYAND COUNSELOR-AT urgh, N. Y.—Office, cor Bridge and Margaret Streets, o\er f e tore. Especial attention to business in the Surrogate's CHARLES II. S1GN0R '-Attorney and Counselor at Uw, 10 BMnk-erhoff St., Platt.s'burg'h, N. Y. jojiN J:. JUDGK - Attorney and Counsellor at hnw «Mfk» With Hon. John B. Riley, Oor. Marlon and Clinton Streets. PfliATTSBURGlI. N. Y. Mkmey to loan on Real Estate •comity. PHYSICIANS DR. FRANK MADDEN, PHYSICIAN, SURGEON AND OOU- £JST. Office and residence, 113 Mar ; 6treet. Office hours, before 1C . and 2 t o 5 p. m. Special atten- i*fon given to diseases of tlie l-.]vc, i: \\ M Throat, and disoases of women Pom i Didn t • nis in >sl thii little laugh iking bis w; \Ah here what •-And . He J Karl 1 forty, for the cried. 'Hr was he has got a if his life. No i.vs ago, and •agging him Hi',, nut off in ed at. her, then s he noticeel a unvard them. ui inte-Tcsiiing If s conrljination — next dance:' he Kind japed m tsitonish ittrnng i upplij turn<d I < tt alone H<r>l walk r fep down th< (onser len had just settled him stirk beside hw ehlair 1 upon him Hr looked P ami siw a f,louoiuh vision in white lie r<vogni7f*el hen -th e one woman ho had eve-r loved. She was smiling and holding omt her hand to him. Don't ri«e \ she said a« he attempt- with hi n she (sa The; morne: okeel at 1 ianot.be Cor speak i nig. Then sh at by hfK side, she, said softly. S'be nieditat.ive.ily. \Will h e N o botw -en his solid if 's left I s 'best I e'.a.n on a tv.w pri'vate money and a. The chances of •w-ar, aiel forcing a smile. we -biuigain foir—th< ntains—Ihe Sierra chain ies—contains a Ia,ke of me \hi i ' til Ie qufintit\ l ne save; is nf o e (he Tevrns product anr! | <.rnei^I IVXhi ami self Rpig\mlinig his own foices De Wef writes It wi s far easiei' to fight against the giraf PngH'sh a:m> than against ti ear hen among mi own pto pie and an iron will was req t >n hom the Hnrodnan Temple bv omans under the < nmmanrl of the candlcti ]< was carried in h lmmediateh befoie the con nd each of . ou to he * Titus eie<ted at lenisalei >ioducd in mor\ of o fight against bath Onte if onlv 1h p %1<t01% at lemsalem This aid mi ordeiis had teen raine d out a lit I' ^ thp oIr] e-t one ot it s kind &t:ll ie ll 11. tint thr of thn ( i dard Oil Company has a grip i larlian No it \men< t'hwest right nn- irt of thp 0.1 nnd i the world withir A C.OOI) COUGH M:E.T>IC;INE. : (Fiom the Gazette, Toowoormba, Aus- tralia.) T find Chamberlain's Cousgfh Remedy is an excellent medicine. I have been suffering from a serve oo<ugh for the laft two montihs, and it has effected a cure. I have great pleasure in recom- mending it.—W. C. Wockner. This ia the opinion of one. of our okkv.it and most resyiecit.pjd residents, and (has 'been voluntarily given in good fa.i'th that others may try the remedy and be. jjhrmflfltrfl. as was Mr. Wockner. This j rermedy is sold by Mrs Gilbert. E. White. Plaittftburgh; j Hough's Dnig Store, West Chazy. il w on-'lel i it no he nile. f She rose and took his arm. The mus-ir had started, and they began to | wait/. A good many eyes were focused jon the sedate looking man and his 5 ! beautiful partner. They went around • room tuvice. The Earl GBJSTKRAL INSUKANCE AGENTS, PLATTSBURGH, N.Y she :newthat. made a - which . There «ut the rest 9 W. T. BUKLK1OIH '11 g i r, ; !'a k gth. in his at him stened shlveer notire ro rite \ tone-. i | |,i ro u torn* an el on li run thail V5llt7, \ ] )o :> 1*1 i--i;uv er t.ll.l »h V O 711 to •o i •hr lie se th ng n <1 her. i ait bi s •. 'She •h her. ,-e-nl a *iid hi lind if aeldod. bap ;. \Why wouldn't you lpit .'\ she added gently, \one rather 'white. I yon hear 9 \ he stammered. >mispd faithfully.\ iot Archie.\ she said qmic.'k- II yo u som e othe r tim e hiow 1. All I wan t t o remem - o from 'B-o-Hwell io FT) 'a., the air-line distance bein-g fivo lil^s. The road doubles on itself four Fmes, and at. one point, all ton making loop of albo.nt five miles, t.he road to w^H.hii 50 fe-et lower. fe f rrf it f that ed md I ehall be prafoful ilV.\ s.he finished in a low tone. He shifted his fo « uneasily, but spea,k. lie felt a d • ' • Dr in a i left England 9 1 it. n.ig.h •he wen ,no:ther. You Th e A NEW REMEDY. •ieiKls of Chambe.iiai Cough Remedy will be pleased know that the manufacturers of t/hat preparation have gotten out a new remedy called Chamlberlain's Stomach and Liver Tabletu. and 'that it is meet- ing with much success in the treat- ment of constipation, biliousness, sick •headache, impaired digestion and Hike disorders. These Tablets are easier to taike and more pleasant in effect than pills, ithen they not only move the boweK mit improve the appetite and cwreet any disorders of the stomach an'i liver. For sale by Mrs GUhfpf. E. White, Plaitfsburgh; ('lough's Dnig Store, Wast Chazy. Things Wo Like Best Disagree With Us j lili | I > 1 ;':;.'-;- I , ll i ;! h ;;:,,' ___J w» overeat of them . Indi- : ''*' ,,' ; ' H ' 'i'. 1 '\ » follows. Bu t there's a wa y t o ' , , ' .. ',,' .',\\, • suoh oonsequonces. A dose of a ! '\ ' \ MUnt like Kodol will relive you ! 1 \ in ' 1 \ 1 Your stomach is glinply too j lvV '' inl ' \ ktodJgea t what you eat. That' s all I h inm lion Is. Kodol dibits th e food | rrl: k !|1|i< h An:l ; 6he Btomach'i aid. Thui th e I \ ' \'\'\' n ' 11 \ 1 ' 1 fcrestswhile the body is strength- [ !! ' ' ' ' '' _ j wholesome food. Diotlng is un- i \\'hv iiidn'i •.•••Mir y Kodol digests auy kind of in' - .1 - • ••- < rv (pwifood . Strengthen s an d in vlgoratos ' t> \f lv jfaiil Makes i Rich Red Blood. ' •jhipWMlttttlyb y K. C. DKWITT^OO. Chicago , t. j ' u [ , ;i . H-rw. D . K . (Jilhert , () . T . l.-irkin , i A ''\'\ \ '.' ''\ w U . K. (!illeK|d«-. Aunahl e j \I\ 1 '\ 11 \ A \^ \J \V . 15. Ston e Ac Co. . Ke.revillo . \\\ •;.;.','\.'•:..' ' ,;:;;.: i I K ff:> 'h m I ,,;,, ] a 1 al met rt | t n k i.ppl ley. *>' 'b id s mi - ca n He.- nf i' A •o n m. Ve'S ul d hks.j WO I Kau t ill ( w h ul; i f't 1 hr 1 1 id ' v o •c!) PU) 11 W e o n ei i j' t ; t •e f t tt i ( R e ' a n a t A 1 ( ' efejr if Ca i.s n (I) yv )l'CA •1 U K nigh SI 1:1 !S 1 ac,( 1 141 )ld s ; )MS. .c h a ;ini\ Ch Mr s .lillgl l V() •» hn timl lifon ^tiniia irs. IS A iieml- C h an d id rod < i- a i a n i <-.d t l \\ 1 i (' Uion cago pre,h Remedy f n^trie 1 P -. Ai nei' d nd <•( It i.s ids ( crsa! Mar nip; (Jilbi 's h i !i-: i ted t •(•iscr i glae and ughs nou- f the pan; ' R. 111. i'!. K n g S A i' K and twenty million e cut annually from ed -wotxl foras'te; yet at they will iast fo> )t,;i'S IX CIULDRIiN of a Well Known Physician. crlibe Chamberlain's •>v almowt all olwtin- ougflns, with direct l)e it to children or to recoimmend it to seeking relief from and •iH-omih.ial afflic- narcotio and safe in liuxst i: ii professional c<-a for all mankind Mclendy, M. h.. \>h Thiis i-cinedy is for White. Pittsburgh : .ore, West C'liazy. IN 'XI^W V0R.K. more strictly and if only the most elementary rules of stratefgy had been observed in our efforts io break the EugiUplh lines of communication, Lord Roberts and his thousands of froons maininis in Rome. After the triumph the candlestick was deposited in the Temple af Peace and, acoording to tradition, fell into tiring the flight of Maxen- 'ould have found themselves shut up; tins fiom Constantine 312 A. D. Nev- l n Pret pen^hed of hunger If skill of thru commander in chief that wvied them Of the block hom^e^ De Wet is frankly contemptuous The block- house p-o'ho he sav^ mught eqnalh •well have 1>eFn called the policy of the blockhead The writer emphatically defends the right to blow up railroad lines and trains as the usaige of wax, and he deal ares he never missed an opyor- Umit/y to do so. The aocalled war against women anrl the niitiiise of the white flag by British is steral, -w-otild havo I cr has it been heard tio not the | Piot Nispii Landi will be the mot>t r'lsappomlrHl man in the world if he roes not find it with other historic froLjhies fxiried beneath the «-ilt of For vears -without numL-er men wi/th an m'genious turn rjf mind ha-ve sought to make the Tuber d/eg'orge its trea c - urtB, with only partial suocees. The list of those making the attempt in- fo e Boer genera), Vho says: \Tfrat such direct 'and indirect murder ahjould have been committed agsinist defense- less women and children is a thin? I should have staked my head could neveir have happened in a war waiged by the civilized English nation, and yot it happe.nerl.\ His last word is an injunction to his fellow oountnymen to be ljoyal to the new government. \Ljoyalty he says, \pays 'beisft in the end, and loyal- ty alone is worthy af a nation which has {-.hod its blood for freedom.\ The l;«r-k ronsahis a magnificent porn-nit of the author by the American painter, John S. Sargent. de ng th e attemp ludes such mames a s Cardlinal de Polignac, Brussi, Ga.rihalldl and tlhe late Prince Alexander Torlonia. With- out, therefore claiming originality of purpose, Prof. Nispi-lLandi, inspector of nationial rmomuiments oif Italy, stands forth as the first person to set iabouit the task with proper mechanical de- vices. The enterprise'hate for its foundation volumiinous records, all of whiioh bear witness to the feet that Wherever and whenever the Tiber has (been searched in the cx}iua«e of 'bridge ihcuilding, or >f the work of emlbankment, ancient and 1 valuable things have came to light. Prof. Lamdi'te scheme will be financed by ChevfTiler William Millar a wealthy A.n.jrlo-Itnlian, of Leghorn, and has tine ff'i l nctio-n of King Victor 'Em- and his Minister of Public N4KIX U CIUPTRK . lltOlM Of tlM' \HKliOUl] »« Wo For the purposes of exploration, the savant has divided the river into zones or disftricte. It is believed that Mhe candlestick wtll be found in the t.hat part of the Tiber Castel Anigelo, close iff-d and lequmed personally to be nd nppeai before our Surrogate of fi\ ( ( nnU ot Clintor New \ irk. at is on ice in Pittsburgh on the 5tli i> M Jannan 1903 at ten odoek n the foremoon of that rla-s then and ttuie to attend the judicial settle- i'rn f of the accounts of Chatmcey ^toddaid as E\Ap U tor of the said Ph^be N «foddard deceased \nd if any of the persons mteresc- pd be under the age of twenty-one 'MM they ate eqinied to appear by tl eir guaidian if they have one, or if tbev ha,\e none to 'appear and apply for one to be appointed or in the event ot their neglect or failure to do so a guardian will be appointed b\< tht surrogate to represent and act tn them in the troceedir? IN TESTIMONY WHEREuF, we haive caused the seal of office of ou' said Surrogate to be hereunto affivri WITNESS, John H Both Es- quire SawTogare of said Coun- 'I S ) t\ of Clinton at Pittsburgh, the 19tft day of Novemuer, one thousand nine hundred and two. TITUS P. SHED DEN, Clerk of SuTJrogMJe's Ct. H.^'^OOTHy'L^at 0 / o^'ciinton County, N. Y. notice is hereby given ac cording to law, to all persons Sng claims against George W. Buchana? late of Plattaburgh in said countydS ceased that they are required to ex- hibit the same with the vouchers thereof to the subscribers at the law offices of E. C EVEREST, at No 9 Clinton Street, Plattstburgh N Y on or before first day of May' 1903 Dated, October 22. 1902. CHARLES A. GEORGE MYRTIE L. GEORGE, E. C. EVEREST, A mimstrators - Attorney for Administrators. Plattsburgh. N. Y. 4071-6mos E C E W. C. WATSON, Petitioners Attorney. .•oiu- first T near th fam \My the cans. has not 1 VatiVan and St. Peter's—p<raba,b lion KI«Tt Otli The annual meeting of S-aranac ChaP- t.er, Daughtai-s of the American Ri Jution, was held Saturday afternoon at j tho home of -Mrs. C, C. Schuyler, and ! ^\R the following officem were elected. Regent—(Mrs. Joseph Gainnble. Vice-Regent—Mrs. George 'F. Tattle. Rec. Sec—Mrs. C. V. Grismer. . Cor. Sec—Mrs. C. H. Moore. Treasurer—Mrs. C. S. Johnson. Registrar—Mrs. B. L. iBurritr. Historian—Mrs. George F. Nichols. Managers—.Mos. D. F. Barker, Mrs. Digests all classes P.. H. Barber, Mrs. C. C. Sclwyler, Miss strength OPS the fetor Catherine Cady. organs. C: res Dyspepsi The chapter has closed its eighth 'Stamafh Troubles and ear t most familiar to Araei n thp work will be ibegun n fully stated, '.but the nec- pleted and then, should fortune smile, merit as well as riches will reward the sectrcbers after fetiir>meirged and buried 'OUT Ointmt Cumber (a i gSnttfh\'-\' 1 , < m vAluable ifoUilnfi run .*jr PIJ.Kri, i mmmtsd ln tl SJ ( \b :iii tf! 1 0 *t c 1 I lt< i k i hi a; 8 p >tl :1 <> 1 1 Ih c Lbel ar r«*parc<l EG at ? lUorhs County, prompt n ;>bi< e variouB of tfc* I N. n i\?i ti )na th« T., In i>rtie<ly u curti oubha igglMt*. ;. -SI ron - (May Yohc-i stateroom. Stutm-g re -thin, K inbout his pa.st . in IMllon, 'Who :u\. th e .Irish --n f existence and is in a very blood. heaMh a: prosperous condition. A number of b'-.ilds wornoi new memfoers have .been recently ad strengthens and mitted, among them being Miss (Ruth Go\ C W \tk Norton, Miss Florence Turner, Mit>& T rm ^ \ se ^ n Alexandra tlamWe, Misis Mabel Maiun r \onr' nncl fiavf and Miss Abliie Heyworth. effector and in . | h far «.fomach The memlwiH of t.he Gil>bons Insti r ^ J. ^ p °'' \^\ tine held their ann.uaJ meeting foi the ^^ np K((1[fV]l] f.lci't.iou of off ice re yesterday, and the following were elected for the nt\ t ^ j , , ( , s l v eaident—^W. F. Haley. I it i 1 m I u; ce-Prew.— Dr. J. A. MciOranU. [ , u k k 'tis a eaaureii-—John Holland. iiml urn Km po e. Secretary—Felix l>aley. f ]( , ,f to limn n. Secretary—T. .1. ..Munia.no ecutive Committet—Geo. L. } it ,ck, Willvam (Vjfley, Thomas il •fid, tones and and digestive , Indigestion, akes rich red trength. Kodol re- tissues, purifies, pe: ens the 9tamadh . i af W \ a sa% s r of bot'les of 'NEW YORK SUPREME OOURT.— Trial desired in Clinton County. Ella ML 'Moorfe, plaintiff, agialinstt Rufus P. Heaton as Administrator of the goods, chattels and credits of Ru- fus Heaton, deceased; Tluifus P. Heat- on and Edith B, Heaton, his wilfe; Lu'cius F. Heaton. and Eliza A. Hea- ton, hi ; s wife; William P. Heaton, Fred W. Heaton and Ella Heaton, his wife; Ed R. Heation, Fran'k Slayton, Cordelia C. Marsh, Ameflia O. Barber and Ezekial J. Hubert, defcndanits. To the 'above named defendants: You are hereby stmiimioned to an- ver the complaint in this action, and serve a cop.y of your answer on e plaintiff's attorney within twenty days after the service of this sum- mons, exclusive of the d'ay of service; and in case of your failure to appear or answer, judgment will be taken against you by default, for the relief demanded in the complaint. Dated November U>. 1902. E. C. EVEREST. Plaintiff's Attorney, Office and Post Office Address: 9 Clin- ton Street, Plattsb«rg<h, N. Y. To Lucius F. Heaton, Eliza A. Heaton, William P. Heaton, Ed R. Hoaton, Ella Heation, Fred W. Heaton, Frank Slayton, some of the defend- ant THE PEOPLE OF THE STfATE OF , NEW YORK, to William Talford, reai- dence, Rook Falls, Wis.; Jonathan Talford, residence, Chazy, N. Y.- Wes- ley Talford, residence, unknown; Rob- ! ert Taiiora, residence, Chazy N Y • John W. Tailford, residence,' Lowell' Mass.; Mrs. Norman Baxter, residence' Champilain, P , o. Chazy, N. Y.; Eva . waters, residence, ChampJain P rt Chazy, N. Y., the only heirs and next of km of the testator, and to all per- sons in .being who would take an in- terest in any portion of the real o- j personal pro-petfty of said testator and tae executor or executors, trustee- or ; trustees named or described in the will of George Talftwd, Mte ot Chazy, N. Y., deceased, Send Greeting- Whereas, Alexander W. .Fainbaaka the executor named, of Chazy, N. Y.' hae lately applied; te iour Surrtjgate'is- Court of the County of Clinton to have a certain instrument in writing relat- ing to both real and personal estate duly proved as the last will and testa- ment of George Talford late of Ohazy, N. Y., in said county, deceased. Therefore, you and each KX8 yom are- hereby cited and required to toe and. appear before o<wr said Surrogate's Court to be held at the office of our Surrogate of. the County of Clinton, in the city of Plottsbuirgh, in and ftxr the county of Clinton, on the 29th dajy of December, 1902, at 10 o'clock, i a the forenoon of that day, to attend the pro- bate of the said last will and. testa- ment. And if any of the persons interested l>e under the age o l twenty-one years, they are required to ajppear by their guardian, if they have one, or if ithey have none, to appear and alpply for one to be appointed; or, in. the ; event of their neglect or failure to do eon a guardian will be appointed by the Sur- rogate, to represent and act for them in the proceeding. In Testimony Whereof, we have caused the seal of o<ur said Sur- rogate's Court to be hereunto affixed. Witness, JOHN H. Baoth, Surrogate of'the County (L. S.) of Clinton, at the eity of Plattsburgh, in. said county, the 5th day of November, nineteen hundred and two. JOHN H. BOOTH, Surrogate, ed, it to be i powerful taburg; Forks, comm H The foregoing: summons is served upon you by piurbldcatioo, pursuant to an rwder of Hon. Lucia-n L,. Shedden, Clinton County Judge, dated the 20th day of November, 1902, and filed with the complaint in the office of the Clerk of the Otyuntv of Clmton N \ on the ^Oth day otf No\ember 1^1. B C EtVEKEST • p | Plaintiff s ^tiorne-s >n<] I Ottue and Past Office Address i Cl 1 ton Stieet Plattbbuigh N \k M |tO71«7rCE NOTICE.—By order of Hon. John H. Booth, Surrogate of Clinton Counr ty, N. Y., notke is hereby glvpn ac- cording to law, to all persons having; claims against Alexander Weir Lite of Plattsburgh, in said county, deceased, that they are required to exhibit the same with, the voucher* thereof to the subscriber at his store in the city of Plattsburgh, on or before the- 1st day >f April, 1903. Dated Sept. 16th, 13G& WILLIAM H. CHAiPPE'L, iO65m€-CJV Executor. i of p i l 1 oneleu Beih n [ \T\ Ob f'l INTON i — B\ ol the ( onntv Com t ot the (onit \ ir ( hnto n i^aiiib t tl u pi'opeit v i t Ci 1 bei c B n a h I hut st i/e d til th i righ t tit It m d inttns t th i t -li d Gilhi-r {it ih hi d m iiel o th e ro-lloroin-? describe d rt al ) l ( pi it \ i>n th e 7t h Every New Yorker . thnu ib ii :o \ \ ite-h H i i f win doi] u 111 d lit nam e when, it 1 SaU e E C De- iVitt ^ Co of M ioiF o discovere d A t'oiii «u\< > imu M-II S ag o linw t o mal e a sah e ras t of sudde n change s in tio m ^ m h Uu I tihat Is a spt a flc ' (he (m r t( )i IP . lo i Blin d bleedin g itihln g I tH ' r - h ( ll U ti<I iiK Hidin g Pile s ec zeni i cut s \ •' ^^ ' in n bruue s an d all ski n diseise s l ind hl1 - u \\ Kt s s a l\ e h it, n o equa l Ihi^ta U l l 1 l> uul un n- ( to n imc-rou-, woithlrs' . ^t o t ' ol \. > mle i fe Us \K 1 to r De^\it t she weather serves noiice thai a hoar voice and a heavy cocyii may inva the sanctity of health in your ow liome. Cautious people have a bott < De i>f one Minu'te Conffh Cure always at _, hiuid. II. 10. Wtee, Madison Ga., wines < ••I am indehte-d to One Minute ( ougd -, •;:.ure for my s>resent good health and I i>ro)>a.bly my lil'<\\ It cures Cong's f Colds. Lafirippe, Rronchit.is, Pneu.mon- ' -, ia ;t.nd a!l Thrcwit and Lung trembles I One Minute Coui^h Cure cuts ih< I phlegm, draws out i nil aim n wit ion, I i hf i t\ u a,r i t ( i t e in of nd t\\ nil O l out it\ O l tl- t bt () ie h i i i (7 stll (• it ti it( a; '21 0 I loo PI. 1 t IK ath lotK i •1 n\\ n JI I i 0 j; ot ttb ot ll 111 1 M T.. OU I the mieniib: nd K n^thena tlie lun,gs. Cilibert Plattshurp;; \ A usable Forks, ville. tiaftery company I i e K thf Me .»pl. r > of ilbe r t ss \ llle i^een t there ol th. oidin PH •i!e eo n \ M Pi 11\S ttshm Tor! •• i < u n ie on t d t t o t ( o in g tr the latte measi pany in tlu. | tual count, •; now shippin-.e; X'13 tons of stor- I ameter, six Indies in circumference, it cries to Seattle, Wash., for tho, and was pluck ed from its staJk nine • and TiKQUiia electric line. | feet from the ground. M me ncm on the huh w r U 1I\IUIH! I ro ( old nnth thuicc noitn I I'.II K 1 itt i lienib h t. land tlune e P. , wt t linns said 1 ntti litmb H s hm l hon to ( eoi -,f liilimu* s noithtib t imne i indjiluiu e wtst llon^ sm l Cilmoit s line nu r | to I uiu s m d (»t oi ^e Anderson and ids- and I'bout tlu ' ill the lam! thmie is on th e «outh suit wateimelon while i of th e si i ui'ic Ri\e i un to the said H\ fourteen mrlies ! Gtorge Gilnuoit s hncl a s deeded b \ (1 <H7 grain s b \ a<- Petor Tremb h March 3rd 1887 anc 1 two inches in di- No\emiber 23rd, 1S71, ais necoided. Dated, Plattsburgh , N. Y.. November 28. 1902. A. T. D0M1NY. Sheriff. should read The Story of New York State By QUSTAV KOBBE This is a true story of the good old Empire State, told in a most, interesting and reminiscent manner, touching in a character- istic style upon many people and places of which'you have heard a little, but should The story is in two parts. The first half, treating of'New York City, is in the October ivsue, and the balance in the November issue of PEARSON'S 0 Cents a Copy SI.00 a Ye*r PEARSON PUBLISHING COMPANY Astor Place New York City

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