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The Plattsburgh sentinel. (Plattsburgh, N.Y.) 1861-1902, November 14, 1902, Image 8

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THE PLATTSBURGrH SENTINEL. ^ of n.nn t n IUUUULIUU Wa For Dav and EYGnin? CJ Wear •111(1 Ml: for llur of Mrs. garment, high fin an ad o witl ,#ind ciii w d.hat S<>1«. « o har d I. Pbop . h 1 • v .1 i k K. Ill t.v I-V 1) He <-k o h i b in' al< w of n iillf c 1 ^ thai we H. i] Ml 1\ ;('oi Mi lie pi; in II,, in ret ilii :i llM- ; th e t wvi.j it of •p w i . Ha: run tut a had : liei - (i (> sto III I .fir la l n,o Win gh s fiv< hat; ii(l< tcl ft<>! it •ilti« IIO'IV led fi !<• Slj l d:o<* •pest tig f P ^r. p. r> is ! a. K i'w Hi grew 1 VIM r sm n (\V ('.]'> o-rlieid driiri wa n I: 1^ O.|\ (H (!'•! iIt 1 t! I.M 111 II til m 'iin li UK IK Kit- |H OIYV ml-urnimg II H t f( ('nn.a- nait h e ,<> !>()- >t bi y lpkins irnips. Is iui-1 Hinds. ;h in veiigbs in his »w lie 11 I'V - • dmv. r thai o buy I'an-m- )!1- fiv e iclnng a t ((hi mt.-h«il of <\2 farm- X ib!v I'ink Dole has — Mr. H. Miles horvens and Mrs assena St. Lawn m visiting for povoia of their ilwather-in nd other Mendrs e from rtirana h o . Saturday lo visit CuiupbrH a.ini funi •toved lo Ch.-i.tnniif uer ['.rooks of Si rinir business in of days last \Md Clothing Fits|;«^^ Like Ours\ HA. Wood ALONG THE D. & H. ith CIHKV 'Nov. j ].— R. I 1 . Hoa from Canada on Frida buck which ho shot, while in search •of pulp timber. —iBy a recent derision nf the town \fcoan] or common council 'Pig Alley is \to''be thrown up. • land reve.rtin.vig to -yvjginal nwppr«, v:hik- river alongside 'iis tto be spanned hy a new .iron brid'g-:.. <Gotxl things come alow and to aill who wait; but this 'beats the record, while ---grcir sidewalks are all worn wit by peJolple tramping albo.nl town in frantic •endeavor to escaue without crossing £Jie river. -Mr. and Mrs. A. IM. 'DufflK'e visit- ed the city on Friday. —<Mrs. Henry Marigeitts is visit iivg .her sister, Mrs. Keirshaw in Peru. Nov. 11.—Mr. an i Mrs. Marsh of Flattsburgh ^peni Sunday with Mr. And Mrs. Hominy. —The ladies of the W. 0. T. U. will iilold a temperance sorviico at the Preplbv/-vian church Sundlay eveniiiig. —(Miss Marltin of Plattsburg-h spent Sundaiy with Mrs. O. O. Sfmith. —'Mrs. McGiiulley of West, Chazy is spendinig a few days with her daugh- ter, Mrs. King, who is confined to the iKmse by sickness. —Mr. T. Gairrow and family have •mewed to RnJota. COOPBRVItiLE Nov. 12.—Mrs. Chas. (Warner a,n<l son of Malone aire visiting her sister, Mrs. C. P. iMcKJ-reogr. —iM'r. and Mrs. James Yale tfpe-nt Sunday at Chazy 'guesits of Mr. and jMns. O. E. Minckler. -—'Mr. and -Mirs. E. J. Lapointe spemt Sunday at Plattsbiiingh. -HW . W. Sweet tof Chazy was in tow n Tuesday. —iMir. Sylvester Hayford is visiting his sister, Mrs. Cleveland. —Miss Mildred Ashline of Romset.: Poin t was in town Monday. WKST <II.%Z\ . Nov. 1.2.—Reward R -<I;ge;rs arriA fi'ome last week from Connect i< -v^here he has spent the summer. —iL. I>. Tlonsingei .tjransacted hu Tiess in Pliattsbuii'gh Monday. —Rev. E. E. An&.fsli is aasistinig R Bootth at Ohazy this week in a w< of prayer. —Mra. M. Ti. Clark sp-nt last ;w< «.t Rouses Point wkh her parents, : and Mira. Olark Wilson. —'Mirs. .7. M. At wood left Thinrsi; •for WkKidclifl'e, .N. .1., lo visit ] •daulirivler, Mr:-;. Ih-rb Normandcau. for ten days. . I). Saxe nf Alhan\ ha \ • MisKe.; Ai.na and Kn.1i »ved from the Landing to their, riyl- icn iu this village. nepi;ty Comtmanaer Wagftr Of th e ler of \ho M'acaliees is in town re- lding tlm tent. fire to see abo.u( ie for her hus- •( wrlM> died last <W. M. I,atn nl)l,e, to part of the M-t la.st Mo I Rev. 'Mr. !\ led (he i eilings Ibid ! till driv i and Town promise of iKe. :l)U( we y iho Clar- ig the high- allkins irary span and reat- throHsh Pig Alley, and that is vay we have 'boon crossing the for four months, which has been quite- an imposition mi the public. —Mn-s. R. P. 'Hnalon and MiK LM. F. Aldiiid'ge weriit. do New York Tuesday. Ht<>|> an d VVorU oil* Laxative Bromo-Quinino Tablets cure a cold in onp day. No cure, no Pay. Price 25 cents. ALONG THE 0. & L. C. HOOK Its —Miss Cora Champion is confined :> her room with the •measles -Several cases of typhoid fever re reputed in the western pant of the town, iivcliKF.iig two deaths frolm the off wit Hi the most gratifying result 1 -. Here Mr Knapp 1 his own town by a large niiajority. The i'i oihibitionst gained o last year there were only Hi Pro hibition this year the tract No. 1 the Piclhi.bition vote largeir Chan the DemocratH. cast in this town while st. On de- --•Mr. A H. Wright i trip to Port Henry last ng home Tuesday. —A large number o'l attending the RevivaJ i ade a business Mir people ar^ vtings held at —Rt. While for a aek of quinsy. — Mrs. M. C. Sb-ut'.hwt er went to Tioston last -M r Wayne Stein barge, wenit. to New Vo-rk Cify Wednesday where he ex- \)eci>3 to go to -work again soon. ok with and lamgli- alled —M FOKEST G.—Mr. J. W. StarkLS of Altona n town Saturday. John Tromibley of Rllenburgh visited relatives in town Sun- --Miss Nora Vondell of Elleniburgh l> not. is visiting her sister, iMrs. Frank Hnle. —.Mis-srs MautT and May me Duffy of railenburgh visited relatives in town Sunday. — Mr. and Mrs. Wra. iB.roderick of Mooei-H visited 'relatives in town Sun- day — Miss Anna White visited friends in Chateangay Monday and Tuesday. , Mr'firfgor and Sidney Marshall • —Mrs Annie Welch >v. IU. —Mr. ; •left on T Ishiirgh where (hoy I'-. On Minn day <von ing a rw:e.p was tendfired th-oin alt. it.he resi o of Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Smith •\ a'l,t»it ir>r> friends assembled t. them f;'m>\v..,li. Ml . # (VjIJi n . s wa •nled with a sold headed ,-a.ne a.m Smilh a handsome Dresdei \ clock-. d '.Mrs. 'A. L. Col- ng for eside in odt.h app id he li li d g M'a: young np wen 'Thmr an sday -Mrs . Minnie Foil of SI. Alb; ne.sday id th e 'Miss Margaref Sfo —M. O'(V) •Miss -Ka •-penti -Satu-n --Several na.l student TO CCJKU A »()I,IHN OM ! DAV Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All druggists refund the money 1f it falls to cure. E. W. Grove's signature is on each box. 26c. ALONG THE CHATEAUGAY OANNKMOIIA. Nov. 10.—-Mr. Dennis Spellman and wife left Mondiay night for Now York on (ho excursion. —Rev. (}. K. Stright will h.obl meet- ings every nl-glit duiring the week, as- »rl.od by 'Mrs. Jones, of .Albany. The village 'board will commence this week putting in the water pipes on Saranac street. —.Vfiss Ai.ie M.artin, of So. Plaitts- bin-igh, who is teaching a-t Durginvl!^, spent Salurday and Sunday iu (own, retnirning M'onda-y morning to her school. —Mr. J'(j-hn I<\irrin'gii.on rettirned from Niiiwuioick on Monday, 'after a six weeks' vacation. lie was nominated for Hie-bool tHTmmcwion.ei- 'of Ulster <ounty, and was defeated iby only five -amlid --Mr. fill.v •a gad ery atronig with the odfls against him. hn Rmland, of Troy, has been nted -fire giuaird of the prson, at •lollars 'a, month, he work on the rail mad is pro- gressing rapidly. There are a nmm- S'anigt; -of Italians working near iving in box <• has ac of PI a Us- ing Mrs. Wim. 'PatJton. or of Wa.teriown did •a«l Friday. H. .-}•>(> -of -Pl-atts/burgh •' in town. the Plaitsb-urgh :N'or- visiiteii the mines and f interest -at this place —-Vioto: Da- Irander returned home VVK.VI' PI, A ITlsltl IU<II 12.—A. ! Vau/ghan has returned \fter a few days' hunt at Gold- is again quite ill. i was in town y«s- -.Dr. Larkln and wife of Pittsburgh wore in town Sunday. 'A R. Dickinson and wife gpent Sunday here. —G. W. O: yesterday. —I. A. Moader is dloinig a very good business just now in istoves. We has a good line of ranges, heaters, etc. —F. S. 'Raker's cider mi'll is in ac- tive operation yet. From fifteen to twen!ty-flve barrels of cider are made daily. —A cottage meeting was held at Mrs. -Sh'aw's Friday evening. The Rev. Mr. Manning took charge. The next meeting is at the home of €. B. Phil- lips next Friday evening. ie-kce-pe th e id. -Mr. (;(.r»i-g> ( M; m ;ey lists purchased < ADVV il.—The Fi wp'm K'l. pola •—Tl iih : —M. 'Ora ',,<• M-iw-rav —J. A. Sdiiff niankel rema •-en is. at brisk morn ing and hired a rig t Chenibmsc-o. L\ol having rotu-rnoMl by Friday noo-n Mr. Den to notified offi- cers in the surro.un;dii).g towns and s>wn received a 'telegram from Rons- , es 'Poinlt that his property had 'been !'.\Mind al that pla.ee mi nuts the driver. } —When our Hifch school football team lined up ag-aiiust the Platits burgh Normals we felt nlothinig but pity for the Normals; how sad that they should, came so fair to ! be badly beaiten. We could estimate exactly the sioore. But, alas! win en we aot a 'first glimpse l.bmxigh the duist we wore horrified to isee that the rude Normals insist- ed on having their way about the in- nocent roly poly game, and when any of our leading .actors attempted to make gallery play they would be rudely thwarted; the plays that were .scheduled to make the welkin ring— »UJ slo down through history as the game tlhat nuade <Ti'a,tea:uig!ay famous, wore cut. off the list without olpoloigics from the bold visitors. The scare up to the time we fled in d iis may, hfonro-r and chaigrin was '26 to 0, and we can- did.ly say that if there was any way to (\tut the rim of our cipher the Nor- mals (would have done it. We now realize, too late, that if we are to have the aggregation of chairs wihich we at'ipiired to have, they m'ust avioid horeafter chicken pie eating 'contests and dther hiarmlesb frivolities such as they have been enjoyinlg. A good resohiti'on and football accoutrements are no good without at least one or pi-'cfr-e games. They shionild al- so know their numbers. —<0. M. Sheldon and family have gone to '.Mount Vernon to remain [lur- ing the winter. G. W. Foster and family will occuipy the house vacated by them. —A laborer working on the .Chaft- eaiiiglay Chasm dam was beimg lower- ed to the bottom in .the basket which is controlled iby an enigine. When about 70 feet from the Iblotitom, the rope slipped off the druim, allowing the 'basket, to d'.mp suddenly. When the .slack rope was .payed louit the ibas- ket stopped with sufficient force to throw its occupant onlt and he escaped nvc.re injulries, if not death,, ibiy strik- ing in -about Itiwo feet of waiter. Dr. Burl a.nd was called and found that he had sustained but slight injuries. wise '\Wednesday night Plattsibursh calkv N -custonn'r.-s in town Friday. - t.Mr. W. 11. ROKC of Fort E<lwanl ,.as rcsLgned his position as iKiok- eepn-r lor the International Paper d nd left for his hlome Monday. M i. Plait I of PlattsilHi.rgh succeeds him. —Toncy SairranciMKio, storekeeper Tor the Ua,lians, left ftm- New Yorjv en for the contractors'. -JMrs. 'Wright has moved to Sara- ac 'Lake to be with her sons. —James Ba-essett of Lyon Mto'ii.n- tin haw mo-ved into E. Da,rrah's ten- 10.—A ma/r'ket. degree of N rest is manifest in the scliools at this end of the town iby both teach- ers and pupilLs. In the Mason street hool, taught by Miss iK'atie HWey of bh g West Plaittsbiiirtgh,g f Fd E H of F find the name for Hammond on the roll of the month of Octloiber. —There is 'an increased attendance a the graded school o( .our viillage, nder the tuition of iMr. Bradley and he Misses Hayes and Gonyea who re employed for (the fall and winter i:i,i,r..NHiu<;ii DEPOT. —Fi-ank and Emmet Cheeseman re- .rned home Saturday from a hunting :pei|iitit-n bringing u line deer with —'Mr. John Lcouyer has gjone to Biwlingfon an.d opened a shoe shop. —The ladies of the M. E. church society netited $16.50 from dinners served in the diniiigs nqoms in Em- ery's 'Hall on election day. —.Miss 'Wilso, daughter of Oscar Smith from Peneooke, N. H., who s]>en<t. her summeir vacation with her a/imt, Mns. €. B. Vanig-han, is slowly recavei-ing from a severe illness from typhoid fever. Miss Slmith has made many friends in this village to whom she has en.dea.red hea-scr -by heir at- tractive manner and wweet disoosi- t ion. —iMrs. V. Chapman with her son and dftniigihter have returned from a .•six works' visit with her mother in Kecne Valley. —iM.rs. rA. W. Emery and daughter, with Mrs. Heffernan from iPlattsfouirgh, visited friends here on Friday last. —MVls. iR. :H. Emery is sliowly re- covp-i.mg fi-om a ^evere attack of nnenmionia. — Miss Carrie Pierce I'eturned home last, week, having closed her season's vacation as bookkeeper and pjostmis- •trews at Chase's Hotel, 'Loon Lake. —'Ma-s. Olive Dimond, widow of Nelson Dimond, died after a 'brief , fr< liver trouble, last week at .1 years. -Her last illness was induced by injuries sustained froim a fall several years a^o from :\v:biich she never had fiilliy recovered. She was Iburued on Sunday, Nov. 2, frto-m St. Alexander's church, in the R. C. cemetery, ,Rev. Father Qrena- thier officiating. I were calle, i —'Mrs. Edifli ! I-Ioy. of 1011 : --Mr. Deir :-ivcd home i to i Sin i P' > Mrs vcre. callr of Kiutlai -~i\'. of e I , lie nday IIOOI'.ltK I'OltliS id l —Mrs ilist —Rev. Shults a Ad i recently if Cyrus Myers th e lionise h of Johnston Hotel. Lena McGit'gor visitcil -looers last week\ ia Carson is on the sick RI* FAILS :Mr. 'Bradford glave rmon Sunday night from Lake Placid i supplies for the win- M. Chf-ney pending two md Lcn ;ihter Mn Laxative MILK PRORUCES g NIKMM) It I.A U ^o Tbe (ireen Mountmn Hilo Catalog. It. contains J* iii'ch good informat.on on the \Advantages of \^ Si!a«e and Silo Construction.\ (• Equip your Dary with A DeLavel ?* Separator and \Superior\ Dary £ goods (• 4 all or WOIMI to m<- for i HIUIOKN mill Pi-ices g WILBUR ATWOOD, WEST CHAZY, N. Y. g !. and Eddie 1 mi Boston Tlmr <IIA;\II'I,\I.\ . Nov. !:s.---Mrs. Khm-r -Deal left o:i Monday nir'j-niivg for a visit lo Albany and \i'\v York. --Amos Ilaimlin lias laken thn wm- tra.rt to nn>ve -St. Jean Baptist ha.ll. -•Charles T)k-kinson arrived in to-wn Monday morniim: lo /il.tend his .gtrand- inoilier's I'lwiei'iil. —A veil 1,1 & Clark will launch a ca- •Olie well stjirted. 'Mrs. Murwiret I'Mck.insion was l biir- ird Tuesday afternoon. -ill. M. Mrr.-t.rand, G<-outgo Presc.ott, too'k iu I fie !). & f{. excursion t.o Now Ymrlf Tuesday. ••Tim l- iuiy friends of Will .Bro<ler wrrr vU-iwl to : <:iiarles IHoki bany Tuesday eve •eturned to Al- -'Mr. 1 >f (b<> hi —A\ r illi ige over e, who has been m r ho^ipiital the past v\ hipine Friday. to hear that Miis.s il I he Lkx-ilo'.r thinks advisable. ; moved i Mis. Klizaibeth t. .]>n faimily frc na,st few days. ad'UP, M-iss AUK [•n't to New Yo at Mrs. Allen's L\'O\ MOi'XATIX. Nov. n.--€hark.-< Rows oi Ma-lone nuiHa,c'.ed lw.Hiness bore last wrt*k. —Mitw 'Mag-gJe Df?l>bi!is .retuni«l to WM- home at Saranac Lake last Tuos- hay afier sppndiiiig a few days in town. — Alvin M. Cum mi mgs spent Qaitur- -C. \V. in town I •iu; of Saran ay of last N'ov. 12.—H. A. Higgins of Chateau- gay was a guest at the home of Dara'- ius Lobdel! over Sunday. —Rev. W. E. Potter of iRaiceville is in town for a few weeks in the in- terest of the Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York. —Sidney Mitchell, Jr., who has been in California (he past eighteen months arrived in I own Fir id ay 'after a week of travel from San -Francisco by the San-t.a Fo route. A brief visit with Mo —'Har (lay for°New L< tosifion a his depaiture don, Oonn., ailinig him Hood's Sarsaparilla j Haa won success far beyond the effect Of advertising on]y. The secret of its wonderful popular- ity is explained by its unapproachable Merit. Based upon a prescription which oared people considered incurable, Hood's Sarsaparilla Unites the best-known vegetable rem- edies, by such a combination, propor- tion and process as to have curative power peculiar to itself. Its cures of Bcrofula, eczema, psori- asis, and every kind of humor, as well as catarrh and rheumatism — prove Hood's Sarsaparilla the best blood purifier ever produced. Ite cures of dyspepsia, loss of appe- tite and that tired feeling make it the greatest stomach tonio and strength- restorer the world has ever known. Hood's Sarsaparilla [8 a thoroughly good medicine. Begin to take it TODAY. Get HOOD'S. ing enjoyed it to the fullest extent Miss Lewis expects to remain in Cali- nia for a year or more and will be greatly missed by her many friends in j section. ; and visited CJKKKN STIIEET. Nov. H.—Mrs. 'W. L. Wed; daughter Alma of ClintlonviHe on omr streeit ,'^st week. —• Mrs. Sarr.a Lenaghan of Platts- bungh visited at Mr. C. P. Joy's a few days last week. —Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Joy went to Reber to attend the funeral of Mr. Henry Spears, which 'was held a.t the Baptist church Sunday afte 9th. MT. Hiram Havens granddaughter, also Mr. \nobn the and little ink Ha- Murphy •whJo has 1; icy ing a week's vacation with mother •n'd friends, returned Tuesday to Bur- ington wheife he holds a responsibli ooition on the farm of II. B. Chittfn en of that city. --The Reading Clrci- his week in the lectur hurch. —Miss i.VJinnie Pa-rson will IK ro-osn . en- held >f the j vens ami Miss Jennie Reed of Clin- tonville, .attended the funeral. —We are sorry to hear that Mr. Ed- mund Bigwood is very sick at present. Ha has returned ?n'e she has Ni,ent the sn.mmer. —Mr. and Mrs. F. 'A. Parsons aire spending t.hc week in Maw Yor«k City. —Mrs. F. J. A.yres has returned liome alter an 'absence of some weeks with her d-nlighter in HudFO-n and It*,- er with friends in the metropiolis. -Miss Gertrude Hazen who has 'been the guest of Miss Bessie Signor foir a few days, returned to her home - on Friday. Miss Hazen .gtoes speedily to Pasadena, Cal., for the winter months. —iMrs. W. J. Chapman is in Man- chester, Vt., for- a few weeks. —James Oliver who is emiriloyed at the Ampersand was at home for elec- tion. —An Hon. E. J. Pickett, Lea: „„„„, ^ ^ gene Flanders of Saraniac, and Warden •Deyo of Dannemlo^a, have taken their lives in their hands and joined the army of hunters in 'the AJirondacks this week. —The iRead: nt-repid party domp,:,sed of ', Circle ion HfUl'ow'een at H .J. Bull's, was a distinctly en- joyable affai'i 1 , the social hiour ! being devoted to the mystical rites appropri- ate to the evening and over which the Witch of Endlor in prb-pria. persona presided in regulation oap and gown. —Mils. Abel Kimbaill, a good woman ind true, is very serioitsly ill at n-res- mt. —Geo. W. Bedell visited Plattsbiur'ga )n business connected with election •eturns one day last week. ALONG THE AUSABLE. It LOO If 11IV €i D A IiB. Nov. 8,—Election passed off very quietly here. Although the day was 'ery fine a light vote was poillad. —Mr. H. Kimboll of New York, architect, for J^ouis Adiarjan was in town Monday, locating the aite for the Hotel. Mr. Adarjan is to build here B. I). Lantry of Gabrielis has the contract for putting in the foundation. —Mrs. J. IW Fletcher gave a party st evening at her home, for her jphew Geo Mooi-e, it being his twenty-first birthday. Quite a gjood many, of the young people from were down and al* time. —Mr and -Mrs en in camp at St. Reigis Lake foi me time returned home last even- z. —Mis« Lin'da Seaman when has been siting heir home in Johnsonville N. Y. returned Tuesday to spend the winter here. —Mr. and Mrs John H. Titus are visiting relatives in Brighton. There will be a dance this evening in Maloneys Hall, igiven ! by Trom'bleys orchestra of Saranac Lake. —C. H. Wardner of Ax ton N. Y. was in roiwn a few days this week. —W. Goldlbeiig hais leased the store n Grist Mill 'building and will soon ipen a du-y goods and clothing store Mr. Goldberg goto to New York r.«xi :ek to purchase his stock of goods. AMONG THE ISLANDS. ISLE LA MOTTE Nov. 12.—Mr. and Mrs. Abel Phelps returned to Plattsburgh on the steaim- er Chiateau-g'ay Friday. —The steamer Chateauigaiy came Friday for the last load of apples from the island. There were 800 bbls. —-Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wbod and ily h • Prom. Wyoming! to sta.te. _ . . 'Barnes went (to Swan- famil hav settle in this —iRev. 'F. tom Monday. —M. S. Th'omas has returned from Burlington. —^Miss iFlorette Hill is able to walk on crT.itohes. —'Mrs. Eli Holcomlb h:as ret-uarned froira a visit to Chazy. —Mrs. 'A. Y- Len-gfeld is viisitiirg in ; Chaz.y. —Mr. and Tartytcr Mrs. sited it week.. -iH. G. Holcomb goes W. T, ConneU of at O. J. Thomas' g g week to see- (Dr. London the OsteolDath. —A. .L. Holcomb has ibeen having the roof to his 'kitchen raised. The work is nearly completed. DON'T MISS SEEING- OUR BARGAINS American Platform Scales 600 lbs at $10.00 1000 lbs at 12.00 These scales are accurate and reliable, and will save their cost within a short time Call and see what we offer Henry, Wood & Marshall 14BRIDG-E STREET a man approaches; but, accustomed to --There will be a dime social at the meet the demands of their familiar en- Ivcme of Mr. and Mils. William Bratman by dis- this evening, under ithe auspices of the requentt ladiess off th Fit Bti r my, the man-o'-war haw gorging a fish in, the air, they frequen ladie o the First iBaijr-tist ehulrich. iy resort to tine same process and lay cordial invitation is extended to all, at the feet of the intruding tetranger and a pleasant evening is promised, whalt stock of fish they have available '• —-R. J. Cambpell was arrested by The man-o'-war hawks turned tthis Officer Sen-ec&l last night and placed in practice to their own advantage by jail where he made his »presence known olio-wing after any -man .who might by shouting and yejnng until a late appear among the nesting birds, cirel- hour. lie will toe brougfit (before the ing in th •just orerh [ y to city judge this morning upon a charge pic k n p 'tlhe fish whic h th e frighiteoetf ^ .i^i — ,i~..-i-.---•< .••• - - • - g ng upon at charge o f 'being drunk and disorderly and the additional change of indecemt coadTiet. _ AiI those-wiuo are int«resteti in ch(? formation of a-social cimb sBoalld attend :lhe me etirug in the 1. A. iRrooans this ee e evea i n g at eight o'clock. It is pw- fght toss in the air. On one occaa- , pose d to organize a GHy Olub, which n one of these birds swiftly snatcto- win provide fo r its members at the ed a notebook which lay for a mo- 11&ate8 t vms m i t o th d d ild p liodbies might give up as a peace offering. The man-o'-war hawks were generally eager for anything ana hover clc^ely, ready to take : from the hand of a iman whatever he y f a mo ment on the ground and miled away. don t h fldfct pde fo r its members at 11&ate8 t vms m<> expense, suitable commd tm t l h v xpense, suitab ment on the ground and miled away. commod , a tms to 6DJa!l>Ie ch;e m to dropping it. however, on flodfcg,it .to ft aour i n a ie t ^^ r be th fih tCt p be neither Magazine. fish A STRIKE THAT 1« »TIM, \OX rat.-Ce.tur, J o y re ho - ! the club seilf-s-ustaindntg. report a very good O. Otis wiuo have Description of Machine Which » ressfally JRcprodncf>s Halfconei> H. R. Palmer and: Thomais MHte or Cleveland, the imsrontars of ai rakcl for sendliing 'pictures- biy >wire, gave a public exhibition, of their apparatus New York a feiw d'ays ago.. A somewihait similar imladhine ! by the same inventors, 'was used coneidlarably more than a year ago in sending a pic- ture of Presddenlt MlcKinley frwm Wash ington ioto the oftiice of the New York Tribune, which was afterward repro- iuced in that paper. The present in- ention, 'however, is a very [great im- provement over the old one, beinfg In, \act practically a new machine. The electragraph, as it is called i machine with a steel cylinder revolved by electricity. It is as occasion de- mands, a transmiititer or a receiivei When two machines are connected, at no matter wthat distance they Tevolvs at exactly the same speed. The ibe i>rinciiple of this is admittedly the \hronogranh used in alt government nd the Morse trans- —Tin- Re PEKl ' •. Mr Kershaw ibeing out ji town over 'tihe Salbbaith there wa« TO serrice in the Congregational .•.hureh, many of their people attended ;he Methodist church, where the Rev. <\ T. Love iireached an eloquent and idpfttl sermon from II Peter 3, 9. —The Ladies oif the Congregational j ,, .he Town Hall next Friday even n g i f .i) whicii all are invited. \ I —The I,adies of Hie MntliO'i.'srU •Imrcli are preparing for a sale ' f fan- ! •y articles to come off dn time -o: he holidays of wihich due notice will —The W. C. T. V. will hold a Motlher-s meetim- at the mdd-ence of Wrs Dat.us Clark next Friday P. M. signal stations mifcter. Along the steel cylinder, just m \n a {.ihonograph, is an electrical contrfv- ance 'which travels one-seventieth of an inch wli'th ^ach revolution, of the cylinder from rgWt to left. Tlhis holds a steel point when a picture is to be sont or a pnn when it Is to be receiv- ed. When a picture ite to be sent, it is first made in'to what is known as a halftone plate. This Is then flooded with melted wta and rrbbed to a p-niooth surface. The wax then fills the interstices of what would 1 repro- duce a lighf. surface alone, leaving the other parj clean. The plate te th™ hert umffl it re- serables a phonogi-aph cj'linder and is slipped on the steel cylinder. The Ji^lant receiving m^ hine has plain white paper wrtppeid around the cylin- der in tihe same \'^ner as the plate when the electrifip' steel point rests a-arainst the plate p-1 the pen point •i.eainst the paner \he moment the r-vlinders start revolving the work hr- i h e r ' r'p a*\-\ the - \t^ -n electric coi iooh nne-- •»-.o p P n point tra r e'i •iper When a w <\'.acb~d. t'^e con'^ftix 1 'he •• n=-mitt r its nd an-'1 lipfolr 1 1 .° rig i ted nvich \-O-v 'axed >n Is ft n leav\ - ^s surface. fM- -travel)? slowly one dots the pi s an exact repn na-1 plate. ^vas a successfull over n b y Dd'HC- on? attention.—Foiurtih 1 \ '* 'UWK N Forty Yeai-« A«o a«d Sever Settled | ^^8 Tt whom over iflBW , w (From The Detroit Free Prctos.) ! either foreigners or provincials'. \Forty years ago, w&en I was a boy and living at Concord, N. H.,\ said a guest at a DetroR note! tihe other evening, \a man built a iraccory for the manufacture of sleds and wliee^mr- BOR2V. rows. It was a waiter power concern Wil1 an. the cost wa, aW $2 0,OOO. When \S the forty employees had .toned out dbout 100 wheelbarrows a difference f ii PATSND.—On Rook street, Peru, Oct. i WQ2, a dau)gn,ter to Mn and MrsV : 1 Pata d l n and MrsV and gmml-iJat^tter to j QrSGJt Nc(V ; 9 r 1 9 M) t M d dbout 100 wheelbarrows a difference May) to Mr < and , M ' rs . H .T Nkiman of opinion arclM between tbem and the deai r , an d grand-dai^hter to Mr. -and boss, I don't exactly remember what,«— - -- • • - :t was, but it was sltated 1 over and over again in after years that it iwould have imade a diiffetrenicei of less than a dollar a week to either teU-de. The dwner 'Wouldn't give in, and the men stood firm, small aU tihe miatter was, and a strike took place—perhaps the first in New Hampshire. When the men walked out the owner said to tftmr \Very weflT; you can go. Remember, however, that I'll see tMs ..factory rot to the ground before I'll give in. \They answered that they would starve first before they woiuld yield, and wi the factory was looked up, and tirae went on. A score of attempts were made to arbitrate but without avail. The owner grew old and 1 gray, and the hands died or dispersed, and five years ago >by personal Investiga- tion I found that only the owner and one of the S'ttfiTters iwere left alive in Conico-rd. Knowing theim both I had a talk wit*h them about the strike, (but both 'were stiTI firm. T wats in Concord igain a monlth agD. The factory was still' closed and ready to tumble idowu and the last of th£ strikers was dratl. The owner was hoibibTimg atoout the streets of the 'town on crfutohfs, wi'b only a few montftte, life left, when T saiid to him: \Well Uncle Billy. T learn that TO*- Rabins i« dead. As he was the Ia=t of he strikers you'll Oipen the factory aigafn won't you?\ T won't' fhe Huntly rpmlie^. 'Being as T've 'been a ;bianked fool for forty yenrtt T'm going to keep it up- he rest, of my days.\ BISHOP C>N\TY TO Mrs. J. M. Atwood, of West Chazy. \ MARM1JED. BAKBR—MURTW.GH.—'At the Bap- tist parsonage, West iPlattsburgb, lay the Rev. E. 'E. Manning, Mr. Amos 'I. Balker and Miss \Maggde Murtaigli> both.^ of Beekmantown. \ ^S' GAUTHTHR — BDAHS.—In, >natt,s- burgh, Js'av. 10, 1902, by tfce Rev. J. N. Pelletier, Mr. AdolpEt iGarathier, ot Ggdensbur'g, and iMiss Rose Anil Blais, of PlattsfouirgB-.. • KINSLE5Y—SIOKiBLS—At the Mur- ray Hill Hotel, New York .City; Sat- 'inrdlay, Oct. 25, 1902, 'by Rev. E. B. Coe, Cephas F. Kinsley, M. D., for- merly of Wefst 'Onazy, N. Y., and (Miss Mangaretta ST. Sickles, daughter of ifche late John Barrae SioMes, of New York., •:.. ••;••\ DfKD. DICKINSON.—At Chiamplain, Sun- day, Nov. 9, 1902, .ait >1 p. m. f Mrs, Mar- garet Didkimson, mother of Mr. T. H. Dickinson. iFuneral Tuesday after- n at 2L.3O. THAVTS-^In 1902, Wrflrnisto Funeral i?u-t rrf o'dock frtnt the Plattsborgh, Nov. 13, 7\nivi?. ngod iX years. a> rLovrrrn/; at nine M. V. cli/ch. wheth — No Ser hiu-ch next. —Miss Ell : A11 i he a,re invited. Lewis wiho has for the >ast five yours spent her a ha of friends in Cal o visit that state. left Peru on. the im :>K, and was awomipanied C. U. Alle licldon <: •illi her I They w. Niag-ar; >ined hy f 'NorWii • lo Redlai went bj Falls\ iesit so'licitatlon •rning of Ocit. •a<s far as. Al- Albany a .friend, Miss Agr.ee -Ik Conn., who goes ids Cal. what iis, known as the :mte, piassiing tlh rough Iowa, Omaha, etc. When last • they had reached Sacra- Bur lington, ?alt I^ake Ciit Ohicag. Denver, i rd fn nto in eoniipauy witih five hiundren er touriBte and exipressed them- selves as de'Li'ghted with the trip hav- Feathered Highwaymen That Do Their Fishing In the Air. The man-o'-war lhawk is a some- what large bird and am expert fisher but he does most of his fishing in the When the hodby bird comes horn n isu'l'jc-ssful and there i 3 no doubt |that fhe ti-ustees would elect him for aniotl'-er term if he s:hontld wish to remain. ]..s pieferen::e, however, is to retii'e from cdai-cationial work at this time and assume charge of a dio- oese or take a place as auxiliary bishop in so '0 in-.pn-rtant dicese. Inas- much as there is not at present a va- cancy such as he would like, it is pos- sible that he ••it. the head from abroad he finds the man-o'-\ hawk \layin' for him,\ anid, however persistently he may seek to escape by dashing fliig'ht, with much screeiahing amd creaming he finds that before he can safely set foot on the land he must disgorge a fish or two, whidh the swift pursuer adroitly catcher in the air. Tt seems, however to be generally under- stood as a modus vivendi between the fish and the pirate bird? that their tentions were only on the wing and that once on land they should diwell peacefully in their separate camping [rounds. The botofbto are awkward and im- vieldy on land and may be easily cap- tuml. They rai-ely seek to escape when The Ri'ght Rev. Tncmas J. Conaty rector of the Cathalfe University V Washington, D. C, will ask the tr:>'-- tees to elect his successor when t*--. hold their annual meetimg at the uni- versity on Nov. 12. I>r. rr.r.3fy\s ad- •ati< of the on r.ay consent to remain jf the university until Notice. My wife Amelia, having left my bed and board without just catase or provocation, I hereby fortoid amy per- son haj-'aoring her on my atocouint, as will pay no debts oi her contract- ing after this date. L-EWIS tK)NYEA. Writ Chazy. Xo-v. 11, 1902. FflRIVI FOR SALE T offer for sale the farm of the late Urine M. Smith, in the tdwn off Ad- ' u'-.t-nn Vt. about fi miles from Veregen- ripr. and 1 mile north of Addison ; village, said farm contains about 317 ' acres of exficellent land, is suitably .divided into meadow and pastrue In- cludes £0 acres of wood and valuable timber, land slopes to the west, haa good drainage all mowing done with machine nto waist land, no daises chicory or wild carrots, about 200 fruit trees, 2 wells and running water papers appointing 'Bisho>p Montgomery j L eles,, andd Montereyy coadju-u near the buildings, living '(Spring water in the pasture, buildings Consist of a one and one-half story and 1 con^ venient horftse, horse and cow 'barn, barn, hog and corn ibarn, hew of Las An-geles an Montere coadj , g h, tor. Archbishoip of San Francisco ar- house, etc. Location neacr church, rive. Bishop Ctonaty will be unani- creamery, store and blacksmith shop. mously recomsmendei for the Loe Ange.l« wise, if Biahoip Spaldling Is promoted to the Met;ro'])ioliitan See of Chicaigo, he nay choose Bishop Conaty for his co- udjutor, but if none of thesie things ; hierarchy i This is a most desirable all around Like- I dairy farm and will be sold to close •beflore will be 12, Bish< . urged to continue in ntil he obtains a dio- he university esan position. Bishop Oonaty is a director of the Chalmplain Summer School and w<as its rat president. It was lartgely through his influence that the Summeir School was located at Cliff Haven. For terms and more particulars, ad- dress R. D. BOOTH, Adm'r. Ferrlsburg, Vt., Oct. 14, 1902 tt FARM BUYERS ATTENTION FOR SALE—Stagar Hill farm of 150 acres at a i>vrgs-tn. Grand Stocfc or dairy ftirm. No postals or Brokers. Ad- dress Lock Box 2, Alatead N. H^

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