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LdRQEST CIRCULATION •- - '»•' ' • \ ii ' i • AND MORE LOCAL NEWS THAN AU, THE OTHER cLlNTON COUN- TY PAPERS TOGETHER mtiraL IN CLINTON COUNTY. BY EVERYBODY; EVERYWHERE. Whole No. .1072. PLATTSBURGH, N.Y., NOVEMBER- 7, 1902 Terms :-*tjfr *& SHELLS LOCAL PARAGRAMS of Plattsburgh and Yicinity Told Briefly and to the Point Clinton County Contributes 4,000 to the Republican Candidate Democrats Successful in Greater New York But The Up-State Vote Won Out--The Rural Counties Knew When They Had a Man That Suited Them ty clerks ni ll follows-: Cu'iinty. Albany AUegeuy Cattarausus . Cayuga Cbautnuqua . . Ohwnuns •• • Chenango . . . Clinton Columbia . . Cortland . . . Delaware . . . iMitehess . . • Erie E'-.sex Franklin . . . Fulton Genieeee . . . . Green o Hamilton . . . Herkimer ... . Jefferson . . . Kings Lewis Livingston . . Madison .'. .. Monroe . . . . Montgomery . Nassau . . . . New York.. . Niagara . . ... i'eidn .... jntano .. . • Orange .. .. Queens Renspclaor . . Hiohraond . . Rocklanfl . . f>t Lawrence Saratoga . . Seheneetndy -The officia r in ih<> stat r (JiU'li hy vi Odell. Coler '. . 3,720 .. 4.3S3 . . 3.046 . . 8,4:52 720 .. 2,395 .. 3,969 .. 1 '.363 .. .1.944 .. 2,929 .. 2,565 .. . 530 .. 2,607 .. 3.110 .. 3,100 .. 1.8)19 578 6 .. 1,363 .. ; 4,000 1.875 2.768 5,691 907 656 46 7 689 X987 1.471 3.117 1,802 1.068 50. Al-bort T. Faneher, R. ••Re-elected. NEW SENATE. Republicans ])em<x:rats Republican majority PRESENT SENATE. Republicans ' Democrats Seneca Suffolk . . •• •• •• Sullivan Tioza. •Ulster ..' Washington . . . . Wayne 2.739 7.439 1,656 785 565 2 S 996 1,341 911 1,577 1.348 1.673 940 3.750 3,154 2.166 2,299 1.423 2,355 562 ifotol plurality for Odell 135,912 \Wa i plurality for Coler 123.058 OrtcU's pluraHty ov • Coler... 12,887 THE LEGISLATURE. SENATE >OR l'JO3-'O4. 1. E. Bailey, Jr., 0. 2. nV'iUiivm W. Cocks. R. 3. *Thomas K Oullen, D. 1 T C. Whit lock, D. S. 'Mantes H. McCabe. 1). vi. Walter C. Barton, D. 7 *P. H. MaCarren, D. y. \'Henry Mar.ilvill, R. 1) •*.i<;orpti Warner D. JO Daniel J. Riordan, U- 11. John C. Fitwrald . D. 12. *»umtiet J. Foley, R 13.*Bernnrd F. 'MartiP.. D. 14 *Thomas P. Grady. D. 15. \N. A. Eilsberg, U. 16. * Patrick F. Trainer. D. 17. *Oo . W. Plunkvtt, D. 18. \Victor J. Dowling, D. 1!*. ,T. W. RiAisell. I>. 20. James J. Fraiwley, I). 'J1. .Tunica A, *\Jrtjwkins. f). 2'2. ('. P. r .ilolland, D. 21!. *Lm>'', F. (1'oodsHI. R. •>•». *U\.i-y S. Amlicr, R. 2l*i<'rnnlc J. Lefevre, R. Jfi. -.Tothmm P. Allds. R -. K. Warwick. R. *Kdj>ar T. -Bracken. R. *Ja«. R MolOwau. It. •Wm. I). Barnes R. *8poncor (4. Prime, K. *f}«>ri,'o 11. Mall» •• 27. Wal Hr U. VA. Wm. Towsond. 1). 35. *RI()u R. Ilmwu. R. M. *llnifi',-. White. R. 37. Francis- II. (kites, R. V,H. *c;r.-irsr*' F. Oiwn. R. :i!>. *Ito7ij. M. Wilcox , R . »to. •Kilwin C Stewart. R. •»;. *F. n . F-hevwood. R. 42. *.!nlm Rnlnea. R. 43. 'Mi iton I-:. Lewis, R. 41. *W. W. Armstrong, R. 45. i. L. Homnicdiou. U. 46. F. (\. Kt.<'VT>iiH. R. 47. *Hfnry W. Hill, R. -1H. *S. J. Ramnnwrgpr. D. 49. *Gc<orgo A. Davis, It. Republican majority 20 ASSEMBLY FOR 1903. ALBANY. I. Chas. W. Mead, R.; 2. *Abram 8. Ooon, R.: 3. Williaim V. Cooke, D.; 4. Wm, J. Onattan', R. /Allegany—*Jease S. 'Phillips, R. Broome—a. *James T. Rogers, R.; 2. ••Fred E. Alien, R. Cattaraiuigus—1. Theodore iHayden, R. 2. James C. Sheldon, IR. Oayuiga— <l. Ernest G. Treiat, R.; 2. * Charles J. Hewitt, >R. Chautauiqua—1. *Samuiel 'Powler, R.; 2. *S. tF. Nixon, R. Ohemung— iSheirman Moinelajid, R. Chenango—-Eklgar A. Pearsall, R. Clinton-HH. Wallace Knap-p, R. Coluimbia—-E. iWashibuirne S'covWle.R. Cortland—• Henry A. Dickinson, R. Delaware—• James C. Ccfwan, R. Dutchess^l. *John T. Smith, R.; 2. *P. <3. (Langdon, (R. ' Brie—1. *John R. Bradley, D.; 2. R. L. C'ox. R.; 3. \lAmtihony F. -Burtte, D.; 4. Charles V. Lynch, ID.; 5. C. W. Hinson, >D.; 6. <3eotr(ge Ruehl, R.; 7. Moihn K. Patton, R.; 8. *Eli1ah Cook. R. Essex—*James M. 'Gi'taeff, R. Franklin—*HaIbe*rt (D. Stevens, iH. Kulton and Hamiltonr—*Clarenice W. Smith. R. Genesee—*Samiuel P. Hooker, R. Greene—'C. E. NteWals, R. .Herki-mer—*^miuel M. Allston, R. Jefferson—1. W. A. Def&ison, R.; 2. •Jas. A. Outterson, R. Kings—1. *John Hill Moiigaa, R.; 2. *John McKeown, ©.; 3. *J. J . Mc- Inerney, D.; .4. J. B. Bullwinfkle, D.; 5. (F. C. Metealf, D.; 6. Frank J. Ul- rich, D.; 7. William Keegsan, D.; 8. *J. C. L. 'Daley, D.; 9. James J . Kehoe. ID.; 10. F. J. Byrne, D.; 11. W. S. Shanahan, D.; 12. John IF. Kearney, (D.; 13. T.- J. iMatthews, D.; 14. James B. Ferre. D.; 15. *H. 'Howaird Dale, D.; 16. *G. C. Weber, R.; 17. B. C. Dorwl- in, R.; 18. *J. ID. (Rsmsen.-R.; 19. •John Wiolf, fD.; 20. Louis J. Zettler, D.; 21. E. A. Miller, D. Lewis—* Lewis H. Stiles, R. Livingston—William Y. Roibinson, R. Madison—*Aveiy M. Hoiadley, R. Monroe—1. ^Martin Davis, R.; 2. *G. .H. Smith, IR.; 3. Eugene F. Dwyer, R.; 4. Albert P. Bdbee, R. Montgomery—* John W. Oandee, R. New York—1. Andrew J. Doyle, D.; 2. Jas, V. Bcurke. D.; 3. D. F. Mwllan- «.y, D.; 4. \iWm. H. ©urns, D.; 5. H. H. O'Connor, D.; 6. *Haury ,D. Oxford, D.; 7. Peter 'P. Sherry, D.; 8. Isidor !ohn, D.; 9. R. J. Butler, D.; 10. *J. P. MeColough, ,D.; 11. 'Hugh Doton, D.; 2. Edward Rosenstejn, ©.; 13. John '. Maekett, D.; 14. *H. (W. Doll, D.; 5. T. J. McManus. D.; 16. *Samuel J. Prince, D.; 17. John F. Ctirry, D.; . *G. P. Richiter, D.; 19. C. F. Bots- kvk, R.; 20. *J. H. Fitzpatrick, D.; 21. E. S. Potter, D.; 22. Wm. H. Hor- idge, D.; 23. Eugene MloOarthy, D.; 24, *Loo Ph. Ulmann, D.; 25. liolward Colliding, R.; 20. *M. Sulzborger, 1).; 27. fieo. U. Aignew, iR.; 28. *John T. >ling, I).; 29. G. B. Clark,, R.; 3O.*G. '\ T . Liltmier. I).; 31. L. A. Abrams, 1).; ••V2. *M. F. Neville, D.; 33. ' Jamas 6. vrrell, D.; ;{4. Win. J. Ellis, D.; 35. P. Fverctt, J). -Niasara— f. Goo. F. ThOmp.son, R.; 2. *.John H. Ix>gset't, R. neida—1. Ttiouvas Mortimer, D.: 2. *Krod ,1. Brill, R.; 3. John C. Evens, Ono-ndtiw—.1. * James P. Williams, R.; 2. *F. H. Traub, R.; 3. *LMarliii L. Cadin, R.; I. *\<\ W. Hammond, It. Ontario—* Jean L. Burnett, it. Oratige—1. +Jo'hn Ow, (R.; 2. *ljouis pde)!. R. Orleans—Chas. S. Bridgoman, R. Oawe.go—1. *Thomas 1). Lewis, R.; •Thos. M. Custello. R. Otsogo— •John B. Coupling. R. Put.nam—*John It. Yale. II. Queens—1. Joseph Sullivan, D.; 2. \Francis X. Duer. I).; 3. *George W. Doughty, R. Renssoiaer—1. *J. M. Chambeirs, It.; 2. John J. McCarthy, D.; 3. *C. W. Reynalds. R. Richmond—Charles J. iMcCormick, D. Roekland—Thom-as /Finegan. D. St.. Lavvreiwe—1. *iChiarles S. Plank, R.; 2. *K. A. Merritt, Jr., IR. Saratoga—George H. Whitney, R. Scheneotady—iWm. W. Wemple, R. Sfhohairle— *Gea M. Palmer, D. Scliuyler—*OJJn T. ^Nye, R. Seneca—* Daniel M. Moijan, IR. Hteu'beu—L * Frank C. iPlatt,. R.; <2. Hi. M. Patchin, R. Suffolk—1. * Willis A. Reeve, R. Orlando HuUbs, R. Tioga—• Edwin S. 'Hanford, R. Tampldns—*George E. Monroe, R. Ulster—1. Charles T. Coutant, R.;2. Solotmion P. Thorn, R. Warren—Loyal L. ©avis, R. Waehimgton—*Williaiin H. Hughes.R. Wayne— Addison P. Smith, R. Wefltthester—4. \John J. Sloane, D.; 2. *.T. M. Wainwright, R.'. 3 * James '.. Apgar, R. Wyoming—*Henrv J. MeNalr, R. Yates—Cyrus C. Harvey, R. * Re-elected. NEW ASSEMBLY. Republicans 88 Democrats : 62 Republican majority .... 26 PRESENT ASSEMBLY. Republicans ''lOB Democrats 42 Independent Democrats 2 Republican majority 64 New York Nov. 5—Associated Pre'.s figures give Odell 10,700 plurality in the state. The Sun says . .Latest re- turns in New York city and state sbmr Gov. OdeW's plumlity to be 7,757. Coler's plurality four the 'boroughs ot the cRy is 120,757. Gov. Odell «ame down the Bronx with a plurality or 129,882. Rookland, ISdhohailie were the •nily counties albove the iBronx that ave a plurality to Coler. Of the dtioj up the state, Buffalo gives Ooler n plurality of 1255 which 1» less than it e Van Wyok in 1898. Syracuse gave OdeM 3,940 while two years ago be led Stanehfleld by 4,284. to Elmira Coler got a pluraHty of 12. IStanchfleld whose holme cdty it is, got 793 in 1900. Rochester gave OdeM 3,054. Ithaca went for Odell .by 191. In Uti'ca Coler a plurality of 1321. Binjghamtoni gave Odell 1394 and Oswego 'Coler 840. (Albany county gave Odell a gaiin of 7,000 over the vote of Roosevelt in 189S., and Erie gave a gain of 3,000. In nearly every aounlty the gain, for Odell over 1898 wihioh was not Presi- dential year correspondingly great. The plurality for Coler in New York city fc? 120,777 made up as follows: Manhattan anld Bronx, 85,129; Brooklyn. 26,226; Queens7,086; Rich- ond, 2.336;—Total 120,777. New York, NOT. 5.—The Evening Journal Fays Odell carries the statte by 4,500. Secretary Mason says Odell ha3 3,500 on the face of the returns, (but Its claims that Ctoler is re-elected arc based upon the fadt that 15,000 ballots oa«Jt for Coler have been thrown out as defective. 'New York. Nov. 5.—The vote on Secretary o>f stalte an Manhattan ana Bronx was as follows: Joh<n F. O'Brien, Republican, 104,670. Frank H. Mott, Democrat, 188,831.; Al- ton W. Yming, Prohibitionlist, 684.; Boris Reinsteln, Socialist -laibor.5,383.; Leonard D. Abbott, Socialist -demo- crat, 9.840.; John B. Howanth, Liberal- democrat 546. Mott over OlBrien 83,- 711. O'Brien runs 2/163 ahead of Odell in Now York county. Congress stands 26 Reipublican at least with sorao dlfctridts in doubt. Gray has 91.fi68 over Werner in New York county, and is thouglht to elected by 20,000. CLDMTON COUNTY, Unprecedented Majorities for the Republican Candidates* The following table, compiled from the official returns of Tuesday's lection tiled in the County Clerk's office, show's the vote by districts on Governor, Secretary of State and local candidates: ILLINOIS REPUBLICAN. Except for Demoicratic Sheriff, Oh'Lcago Gives 5,000 Majority. Chicago, Nov. 5—With the except- ion of a few missing precincts the to- tal vote of the city of Chicago for tihe state treasurer gives Bm:se, R., a plur- ality of 12,4 71. Bas'jett, the Demiocra- cand'idate for sheriff, received a plurality of 12,918. For county tretas- r. Maniberg, R., received a plurality of 3,78(5. it is estimated thait the <>oainty vote aitside the city wlill swell the Retpubll- an vote by 5,000. Tho Republican! also will have a majority of metabers if the Legislature from this county. WASHINGTON 'STATE 10,000. Official Majority for Republicans May Exceed Thlat Figure. Seattle, Wash., Nov. 5—The Republi- cans have carried the state of Washing ton Iby a majority that may run, high as 12,000. thoiUgJh the indications are that it will be nearer 10,000. The returns go fa.r received seem to indik i largo Ropublican majority 'in both l>ran<-hf; of the ^Legislature. It is likely that Judge Hiram E. Hartley, nomflnee for justioe of the Suipreme Coturt, will lead the Republi- can state ticket. The three congress- ional nominees will r*un very close. ed. It was discovered later-that they *were only out for a few Halllowe'en fpramks; —An electric motor has been install- ed in tihe Cliff Haven steaon laundry and a new collar asnd ouff machine and ,a shirt. ironer have ibeen added. The jlaundry is now prepared to do all kinds of custom work In the best man- ner and at reasonable prices. --•Louis A&ialine was run in by Offi- cer Frederick on Saturday evening for itrylmg, without success, to carry too ;big a load of \John Barley Corn.\ He was (brought before the city judge and !s;ave ball for his appearance this morn- ing. —The stone wonk of the front of the Levy Uodk on Margaret street is fin-^ ished, and a, handsome front it is, too —the 'best quality \of gre-y limestone, laid in ashlar work, with a polished block on top in the center, ibearing the following letters: \Levy ®l«sk, 1902.\ -^Sand in great quantities is (being talken from the west shores 'of Lake Champlain, mostly near the mouth of the AusaWe riven and transported in boats to Canada for building purposes, for which it is said to \be of a soiperior iiuality. —Twenty-two Chinamen were tuato- ed over to the eaire of Sheriff Dtominy iftonday night by Deputy United States Marshal W. <H. Brewater. The OWna- men were captured at Rdusee ipoint as they weite crossings the ltne^ and there are thiree children of not more than twelve years k>f age atoaag (them. —The youmg Reputoltcana, headed ty a drum corps and' bearing Aloft a bans** with various device, partfcdetf the principal streets .W«dn«edtoy along a. route illuminated toy red flre ana blew long and loud on tfbeir horns to the accompandnent at the ear-split- Jug reports of giaittt fire -crackers. —We were k«pt quite busy the past week sending orders HOT the Young Peoples Weekly and Fanm and r p y side. They are i ith ti SiJ Scbuvler FalV«| 1 (Pluralities—Odell, 3969; O'Brieii, 4603; Knapp, 4153; Kellogg, 4041; Williams, 4126; Savage, 3980; Johnson, 850; Wblcott. .1288.' JUDGE GRAY ELECTED. . — •.. ' (8 Majority in the State 25,000 -Attorney General in Doubt. New York, Nov. 6—William, B. Wer- ner, who was the eandidaite for judgis of Court of AppeaJls. upon the Repuibll- oan state ticket, is xmdoiiibtedly beaten by John Clinton. Gray, the present in- cumbent of <that offi«e. In the greater city of New York Judge Gray ran in the neiighlborWood of 20,000 vidtes iah-ead of >Mr. Ooler, and the returns as they Majorities of 4,000 t!o 6,000 for Con- gressman Howell. REPUBLICANS SWBBP UTAH. Salt Ijake, Utah, Nov. B—Onfly about one-fifth of the voting precinctts ot Utah so far have been heard' frotoi In official detail, tout unofficial refcurns from practically every sectibn show that the Ropublteans have made al- most a clean sweep of the state, How- Cll 'for Congress and McCarty for as- sociate justice being elected by majori- ties of from 4,000 to 6,000. The Leg- islature, which this wiinter elects a suc- cessor to United Stated (Senator Raw- ticket in nearly every county. II looks \ MONTANA DEMOCRATS ARRESTED N~-Ktogs co-nty Co '™^* f a ' rma \ an f ^^e may deterge the election Of At or-' Ca \ dl(lat e Aoc ^ d o] ney Generail. At RepittbHcan State hieadquarters this morning William Bute, Mont.,. Nov. 5—George H Cteey chairman of the Democratic county fi •showed from all but ten ^tX^A^^\ O ^^ c S^ 1 S^l&'^ General , n d thalt estdmatin^ the ot.her S Clark , ha d also teen arr^Hut this ?ut n SVote™ Fr° \ -f 1 iS \\^ 0?ar k ^ppened to be with out 800 vote* Fro™ reports he rot Case y a t tn e tim e of thft arres t • •klyn, Barnes saM Coman thu s me stor y ^ 9 started. The two to a, e ,^ion e SicT^ T^^)ZZ^™ P^ - fler ^* « said Mr. Barnes. \Judge Coir an | ' seems to be gaining in Kin'ss. We have given Cunneen 25,000 tinere bu,i from figures already on hand Daman showv: an average gain of four vcites in election diist.nict, which might <; down Cunncen's leaid to 23,000 whioh would pleet Canian. The ladies of the M. E. church of Valcoiiir will serve a chicken pie sup- per at the residence of Mri R. M. Bis- sell on Wednesday evening, Notv. 12. The public is cordially invited, and an enjoyable time is assured to all. The O'Briens Good Runner*. Hon. John F. O'lBrien, Secretaa-y of State, elect, is not the only member of that family thiafc makes a good showing alt the polls. His (brother. Jarvis O'- Brien, was elected District-Attorney of .Renesel'aetr county, receiving a plu- rality of 3,548, 819 in excess of that for Odell, and 1472 greater than that of Comnty Judge Naison, the head of the ticket. The THoy Record, was opposed to Mr, O'Brien, We, the undersigned, do hereby agree to 'iiefiund the money on a 50- cent botole ot GM-eerte^f- ^arranlted Syruip of Tar if ic fails to cure your cough or cold. We also guarantee a elaer is 2992, 263 inexceaeof that for county which savs: \All the candidates on !the Republi- can county ticket are elected, the run of Jarvis P. O'Brien for district-attor- ney being the most notable, Mr. O'- Brien leading, the ticket by a larger majority that Odell. Joihn F. O'Brien's plurality in Rense- i 2992 263 f th f 25 cent bottle to patove satisfactory, Odell. or money refunded. y H. W. Cady, 0. T. iJarkin, iE. fWfoite & Co., Mtrs. D. K. Gilbert, Smith & LaRJocque, Plattsburgh. -PUT/NAM FADELESS DYIE8 are fast to sun light, washing! and ruib- bing. Sold iby O. E. Minckler, Chazy. —Read our special offer on page three. —The Board of Pu'blic Works have «™. tees to N OT . 15. lnc, U - -^Clubbing List will Hie published in next week's SentineL_JSvait and let us order your magazine. We can save you money. —There will be an examination for entrance to the Normal in the Normal School building, Thursday, Nov. 13, at nine o'clock. —The High School football team will dd meet the i 3 High School eleven 1 hw — \Jaiok\ Dumleavy, formerly of Ma- lone, has been s#gned iby the Montreal Eastei —All aocounts againet the Town of Platteburgh mus(t be 'presented to the ©oard of Auditors on or before Thurs- day, Nov. 13. at thiree o'clock. a League team for the coming —The stocial smoking party to be -\Dun\ won &ix out of, seven ''given for the benefit of St. Peter's fair games pitched wihile 'with the Canad- \' M 1 u \ ~\\ \ ••-•-- ians the latter pert of last season. —'Six soldiers from the Barracka fit of St. Peters fair will be given toniight in St. Peter's ne hall M nd hall. Men and young men are cordial- ly invited to attend. There will 1>e an created sofam curiosity Hallow-e 7 en\by ^ dmissi(>1 1 o f 13 cenlta. 'CTgars .will al iappearing on the streets dressed in ,white duck suits and with faices Ibiiack- as premiums with the Sentinei. IAM who pay a year In advance trom date have their <sh<o!oe of either of the atoavfe papers one year free and the remaining ntumbers of ;hls year's Sentinel tturawp in. —The progressive ewShre party given in the new hall of Bt. Peter's Church Wednesday night was well attended seventy-five couples being present. Mr. Frank -Fountain'won- the first prize and Miss Regina (Bessette the oonsola- tfton. After the games were concluded, reHreshments comsteting ni coffee and cake were served iby (the ladle's. —T9ie two great industries of Sche- nectady, the General Electric Works and the SchenectJady plant of the American Locomotive (Company, are now employing 14,800 hands, the for- mer 10,600 and the latter 4,200. The pay-roil tor the General Electric works atmounted last week to $132,000, and tJfe loocwBtotiye works to $50,000. The party of surveyors from the State Engineer's office have begun the survey of the road at (Keeeeville. The park at AMaahle Chasm wiH alfeo <be surveyed with a view to its purchase by the State. The party will make their headquarters ait Keeseville for some ume, and consists of O. G. Dempster, W. H. B^unkler, <&. H. Nortli- rup, A. E. Wood, €hlairile& Myers 1 Peter E, ~ added to the mnmlber of Sheriff's Doiminy's <boa»rders last evening. The almond-eyed in- dividuals were <ia,ptured trying to cross the line at Rouses Point, and 'brought to this city by Deputy United States Marshal Brehvster. —The BroadweM grist mill at Mor- ri»onville h(as been repaired and a new buckwheat flour mill hasJseen Dlaced in it, which is in fine runnin-g order, and is equipped *o do some of the best work in the county. The public pat- ronage is respectfully solicited. —'Franklin county gave a majority of 3150 and re-elected Hon. H. D. Stevens, the able representative of that county in the Assembly tor tthree years past. J. O. Allen, of Molna, who ran as an independent candidate for sheriff* received only 37S votes, thouigh he had over 1,000 signatures to his nominating petition. —The Delaware & Hudson Company Wednesday filed with the Secretary of State a certificate off merger of the Adilrondftck Railway Company. TIhe Delaware & 'Hudson Company owns all the stock of the merged company. The certificate is signed by President -Oly- phant and Treasurer Chianles A. Wailic- er, of the D. & H. do. —The Normal football team leaves for Malone this morning to play the strtmg High'Sfehool fooHbail team of that city, and on ttte following day the Rouses Point town team alt Bouses Point. The line-up for the games are as follows: R. B., Dustim; R. T., Stowe; R. <}., Swe>n«fy; C, Whitney; U G., Kenyonj 1^ T., Walrath; L. E., Ward? Q: a , Nichols; R. H., Braman; L. H,, Guibord; F. B., R. iFitzpatrick; 3ttba., t,ynteh, Allen,. —•Don't forget the exouirsion to New York, Tuesday, Nov. 11, via D. & H. and Citizens' Line Steamers; fare for the round-trip, $5. Speciail excursion tickets frill ibe 'good going on special train on Tnesdlay, Nat. 11, and return- ing Monday night, (Ndv. 17. The- pow- erful searchlight on the steamer City of Troy will- show the excursionists the beautiful places along the (banks, of the Hudson. Special train leaives PJth 2 so be c 1 Hale. Chinamen were added to the art lfctfO p. m. . No stop- over allowed. —Miss Sarah Dean, of Newark, N. J., has 'been engaged by the local board of thp Normal for the balance of the year in the place of 'Miss Traicey, teacher of methods and English language in the Model department, who has been given leave of atbsence on account of ilinbsa. Miss Dean is a graduate of the West- field State 'Normal School, of Westfleld, Mass., and has a large and varied 'ex- perience qoverinig a period of fifteen years. She will arrive at Plattsbutfgh today. —While stamping letters with the date of their receipt the other day at the Tupper Lake ipost office, Geoage Burrell had a singular experience. * As he rapped one of the letters with the stamp there was a sharp explosion and a flash of Are, the office 'being suddenily -filled with amjoke. When he had col- ileced his shattered nerves he fohmd that the letter was half fuU of paper caps such as axe used with toy pistols. It flame from New Brunswidk, and was addo-eased to a Tupper 'Lake \pairty. The sending of the caps through the mail was an illegal and cteflgerous act. They might halve set ft mail balg aflre. die, —The three o'clock meeting for 'boys' Sunday afternoon will be addressed by Mr. C. iH. Signor, a member of the 'boys' department committee. Subject, \l>reasures.\ All boys are invited to attend. —The week beginning Sunday will be observed by the association, in com- mon with the others of Nonth Aanerica. as the Week of 'Prayer for Young Men. There will be three meeting held next week in addition to the Sunday ser- vice, on the evenings of Monday, Wed- nesday and Friday. Notice of subjects and speakers will be Press tomormw. •given in The -William Puller, who was con- victed of assault in the seteond degree, James Pearce, who pleaded guilty of burglary in the second degree, were last Friday fornaon. turned over to the warden at Danoeanora, each to serve a sentence of not leas than one nor more than five years. The two men were sentenced at Hudson, Columbia :o«anty- f and weaie. 'brought to the iprl- son by Sheriff H. J. Best. —The Forest, Fish and Game Com- mission are posting notices like the following tihrouigh, the Adirondacks: \The State of New Yonk having lib- erated several moose and elk in the Adirondacks, notice is hereby given hat the killing of these animals is paiGhi/b.tcd by law and that the penal- ty of $250 for killing an elk;an<j $360 or killirag a-moose will be promptly inforced. The same penailty will be mforced where any person or party is found with a part or portion of said animals in his or .'their 'possession,\ —About twenty-five'cotuiples'attended the progressive euchre party given ih the Gibbons Instittute rooms Wednfis- tey night by the Ladlles Auxiliairy and all enjoyed t'he ni®hit gi\eatly. ' When tlie Beore cards were examined It was found that Edward Coffey was the winner of the first prize, w$th James ( H. Heffernan a close second. Amcoig £™-~ ^ \ humoa % pathos, mirth and :he ladies, Mrs. Julias-Mendelsohn won mimi n ' o t to me nUon musical abil- flcat prize and Miss O. Smith sacond. . f a ' hi h {W . de r seeme( i to he as After the games were finished refresh- ments, consisting of sandlwiches, cake and coffee, were served <by the ladies of the AiuxiQiiary. When refreshments had been served the-young people en- loyd themselves by dan«in(g until 12 o'clock. --Wednesday Peter Montville asked that warrants !be issued against na wife, Sarah, and Geonge St. Johns, on a charge of igrand larceny in steal- ng silverwaiie and other pensonail val- uables wor'th in all a/bout thirty dol- lars. In asking for the wasnflants Mr. Montville claimed taat his wife and St. Johns had left town together, tak- ing with tthem her three children ibe- sides the articles mentioned in the oonnpladnt. St. Johns and\ the woman left town Friday afternoon, and M<r. left to y , Montville know nothing of their de- —The Edwin R. Weeks Co. Nov. 6 presented the first numiber of the as- siciation course at the 'Plattaburgh Theatiie last evening-ttf a gix>d sized and appreciative sjudience. To (know that it was a success, it Was only ne- cessary to look at the faces ofthe peo- ple as they passed out of the theatre. Rax* member of the company is a true artist in theft- respective lines, Miste Jillson hlaiving a sweet soprano voice, under gdod control, and a winning nmnnar. Alice Mead -Martin's albil- ity as a iWarpist is well known to the musical world, and the Plattsfburgh people will be glud t o heanr her again. Mr. Weefloa is certainly a many-sided rgenims and altl around entertainer, im- i th it h d pie. The program was so varied and unique that time -and space do mot ad- mit of mention of detail, but the travesty of Floa-oUora, introducing prominent characters, by Mr. Weeks and Miss Jilson.exernplifted the abili- ties of these artists. The entertain- menlt committee certainly made po mi&tlaike in securing the Weeks Co. —The next attraction of the associa- tion course wWl be a beautifully illus- trated lecture on \Python Eggs and the American Boy\ (by Jrof. John B. De Motte, A. M., M. £>., iPh. D., on the evening of Wednesday, Dec. 10. »h«t Brother for I»eer. While deer hunting near Piseco, 3 - Hamilton county, Tuesday afternoon, •s William Albraons shot and killed his he found brdther, 'Fred Abrams. ™\ \\\ PAPER MILL TftK BUILT AT IRON BfllDGE TRAK8PER OF PROPERTY O f ' COttPAIfY. United Box Board A Pmper c.m**M~ The deed transferring the of the Frtydemburg''Falls ' J pany to the United -Box Paper Company, was filed last in the Coirhty Clerk's office S* Box, .Board & Paper Com| italized at $39,000,000, and i box board maniufactufrtmg.. A large \box board mill will (be at the Iron .Bridg© in the <4i Pjatt^burgh on the water that place and will in? t'he comintg yeaa. AIM . mvk furnish employment to at least people, and will be one \ employers of labor The mill at Freydenl used to si mill, and employed Mr. .Bentcn Turner, president former FTeydenfbuirg T*»fli* ^. will retain a larn stock -of the Unit* Paper Company. It „«, w efforts of Mn. Turner that was made and so good an ~wured for PlattsfoteSh. will the vielnitr be bSted not only by being able to find that their property in tinat will double in -value at its const;«, \r this they haive to thank ain curing this large iadatetry. The grdand tot *Be constpuction ( le m»l at the Iron Bridge wil ably be broken -(before spring. Let the *«ed w.rk «• «•, ami « In a short space *f ti AUTVJtlff Wftf>DI&«g. 'clock Wednesday afteKaoe»t etty kflto e £3F5 Miss Bart»»a A. Smith, and Mr. Fred Forreace, d urns and ferns «nd attractive appearance. The was attk-ed hk a <to»» of point lace and carried white chrysanthemums and b y sat down to aa excellent married couple •were attended two little nieces, Moai PWied the hanpy couple «o the h h p B where they boarded the aftcnuw* for a tow of the principal -Qu lft Mars. Forrence will reside to P«Btt p wedding were Mr. and Mrs. Fotnrence, parents of the Grace Rockwell, Mm. N. R. Mr. and MTS. H. P. «GiHHa«a, Misses Mary E. Gilllland, Gilliland and Margaret A very pretty wedding occurred nesday night att he fcame Mrs John Hollaed <rf Pi Miss Birdie Leonard, of was united in marriage to Mr. Culver, of Albany. Promptly at five o'clock the W. S. Kelley entered to the 8tm£nfe of Hayden's March, followed by the -\'' dial party. The bride 1 attired in a gown of white x de soire, and carried white ea The ibridesmaid, Miss Nellie 1 „ . , Brandon, Vt:, was becomrngly alt&ceA -'' in a gown of nile green ongandie catrrled pink oamationa The gr was attended by his tbtiother, 9tf.~t fayette Culver, of Ailbany. The IUM was tastily decorated with palmar« yellow crysanthemums. ... Immediately after the ceremenr «m$! elaborate dinner was served t o Ita* family and immediate friendte, foilowei by a reception at 8 p. m. The esteasar * of (Mr. and Mrs. Oliver was ^howtt ' by the many costly gifts Which %ht&c eceived. After a trip to the western part of the state Mr. and Mrs. Cujver will re- ^\^ side at 83 Grant Street, AJbany. - ;'.. J Arksey-L,miH>rt . |^ The home of Mr. and Mm Sidney \ ^ Laport was the scene of a most qot~ '< joyable gathering the evening of <^st .t., 1 28th, the occasion being (the marriage - -<^ of their daughter Brma to Mr. W.m. \ '- J Ark^ey, Rev. C. P. Hogto of ESlen- -^M buingh Center officiating. Sixty friends *fM and relatives of £he parties, a meet ', y congeniial company, gathered t o wit* -^ | ness the ceremony and they enjoyed *._- ^«J to the utmost the good things pro- , -3| vided for mind and body. They left ^. » a table filled with useful and season- . • y able .presents. Mr. Arksey whto is a ' '.<; Ine type of Ameataa's youn» m«f . '^ ood, also celeiwiated the occasion of • < his birthday land perhaps few men ever % received a better birthday present 3 than he in the pretty and accomplished . | young lady who ii» esteemed by afll Who M make her acquaints The couple left this week for Btebee, tart» zona, where Mr. Artoey ha» « goo*

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