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THE PLATTSBTJRGH SENTINEL,. FRIDAY MORNING, SEPT. 26, 1902. —.Mrs. Jane Ransom of Albuirgh re- turned Monday after ispending two weeks with friends in town- , —W. S. Stevenson, D. D. S., will be at his office here Friday, Oct. 3d. j —Work is progressing fairly well j on the new kiln at the lime works. It is claimed that this kiln will be | able to cook three carloads of lime j a day. The old Goss kiln like Mt. • Pelee te in full eruption, sending out torrents of black smioke continually and 75 'barrels of lime continually. —Henry iBcirdwell, casthier of the Gloversville and Fonda Street Rail- way Co., is in town for a week's va- cation. —Mrs. H. A. Doty and Mrs. Mer- riam of El more, v T t, aTe visiting their ister, Mrs. Geo. W. Clark. —Cha Dickinson of the N. Y. C. \No Clothing Fits Like Ours\ A prelude to Clothes Nicety is our Fall Models Everything available to detail t is embodied in our endeavors Perfect in design-built upon lines of beauty seldom seen in ens torn garments Are'nt you curious to see this kind of clothine: ? H. A. Wood ALONG THE D. & S. SOUTH PJLATTSBTJJRGH. Sept. 23—Mr. Samuel Parsons Is •better although not able to open our •School this week as was expected. —Stanton Martin returned to High- Saadville this morning after a weeks vacation. —Miss Hattie Ordway remains very BL —Mrs. Nelson Storehouse and son, Harry of Ausafcle Forks visited fri- ends here and attended the fair, re- turning home Friday. —Mrs. Tilman Smythe and *son ©dgerton of Ottawa Canada visited at H. P. Merchant last week, little Edgerton will remain in Plattstourg and attend school. —Albert Roades and wife of St JLawrence and Mrs Silas Cochrane, ifilwankee were the guests oif Mrs. Oaias last week. —Mr. Wateman Joy and John Goodspeed have finished their job for the state on tine road from Roose Point to Champlam and are home iwreparing to go for Mr. Cun- Ingnam in another Job. tHAZ l Sept. 28.—Geo. D. and Will Hin- Znaxt of New Haven Vt., are visiting their beotfher and cousio, H. J. Hin- —Geo. Tajlfbrd who has toeen in Quite poor health for a number of years, died lafcst week at his farm on the Radge. —Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Jewett, who sold their home here last spring, took the train a few days ago for Nashfua, •where they wSll make their future home. —(Mrs. Zerada Copeland, wiho has (been spending the summer with heir sister. Mists Sara Dunning, at her coantry home just out of New York, is now visiting tier brother, David iR. Dttnniing on Ea£t street. About Ot. 1st she will return to her home in Chicago. —Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Bugiby spent fair week with Jas. Cavanagh in PJattsburjgn. ••—Mil's. Esther Ransom who years ago lived on the Rfidge, but for thi past twenty years has lived in Platts- itmtfgn hate changed 'her residence again and is making her home with &er nephew, D. B. Dunning. —Mrs. Peter Mossey and Miss Er- mina. Ab&re took in the New York R. !R. office force at Albany and son of Postmaster Dickinsom fof Cham- plain, was in town Monday. —The funeral of M<rs. Bmeroy A. Doane, widow of the late P. B. Doane, was very largely attended Sunday af- ternoon. The burial was at the vil- a«e cemetery. She leaves one daugh- ter, Mrs. A. S. Anderson, with whom she has lived for the past eight years. \lso one giranddaughter,\ Florence E. Doane. Rev. J. C. Booth, assisted by Revs. P. J. H. Myers and Henry Mlargetts, conducted the services. M. B. Clark was r funeral director. WEST CHASB\. H. F. Bruso will toe at Bruso end Atwod's Store in West Chazy Wednes- day Oct. 1st, clothing. with a complete line EAST BEEKIUANTOWN. Sept. 23.—Mr. Matthew Howes was buried last Sabbath at 2 p. m., from bis late home. His death wau very d sudden from appoplexy troke over a He had but had few moments his ne side and he covered from It eo that he wa,s quite himself again. On the day of his death he attended the County fair and started about three o'clock for his home. After driving about a mile he told his wife who was with hum that he was feeling bad and in head leaned to gone. A large fathering of people at his funeral at- the esteem in which he was held by his neighbors and acquaint- ances. Mr. Howes was a man with oxellent qualities and irreproachable life. He was a memtoer of the M. E. church and always had the best good of the community in which he lived near his heart. lie is sincerely mourned by all who knew 'him. He ves a widow and two sons, Geo. M, Howes and Ralph Howes and one brother Mr. Samuel Howes and oth- •r relatives who mourn his departure from them. Mark the perfect man nd behold the upright for the end of that man is peace. —Or. M. S. El kins and wife and Matter Arthur of Keeseville, spent Subscribe for Plattsburgh Sentinel to January 1903 25 Cents 'will make this farm look different in a few years. —We were reminded the other day 5 of a little boy Who was sent to the *• store after some vinegar, and it so g happened the boy could not pro- g naunce the word vinegar very well, 5 and was ashamed to expose his lack g of English pronouaciation, so he hand gied the bottle to the store keeper and 5 i requested his \to smell of the bottle R'and fill again,\ If aU the empty £ (bottles found iby the road side, under K j fences, in the diitches, should be carri Sled to the retailer to be fill- 1 would crowd out the \beef steak\ and 'bacon trade methinks. ents or explosions to' chroncile. Mr. will grow corpulant while being en- tertained next season in every corner of 'the county iby his new acquaint- aeea of the Typo fraternity. TO CUliE A (JOLDIN ONE DAY Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All druggists refund the money tf It tails to cure. E. W. Grove'a signature Is on each box. 26c. ALONG THE 0. & L. C. IROXA. —Wm. Laporte spent Saturday and Sunday with friends in Ohazy. —Perry Ivambertion had the mis- fortune to get a needle into his foot one day last week. He was taken to Dr. O'Neil who succeeded in extract- ing the needle after considerhlae cut- ting and searching. The woud seems to be healig ail right. [ —Martin Shea who ta s been In health for the past year or two la failing very noticably now so that he is scarely aWe to leave the house at all. —Jacob Lamberton, Peter Betters, and Maxime Rethicn have each just finished digging a well. AH having to go quite deep to find water. Mr Lam- berton's well proved to be a veritable has purchased of Ellemb'urgh from I. L. Sheldon Depot a fine new ensilage cutter, to out the fodder for the new silo he has just built. CHAMPJJAIN. Sept. 23.—€. M. Graves has return ed from Saranac Lake. —Roy Baker is clerking for W. F. Jranch. —Willie Milliette will leave next peek for Albany School of Pharmacy —Oharles Bonner, of Springfield, •lass., is visiting in mis village. —Hiram Doolittle of New York City is at the Champlain House. —T. H. Dickinson, delegate to the state convention, left Monday morn- ig, for Saratoga. —Mrs. Israel Blair, Louis Brariard, Master Branard, Peter Potrie, Damaa Lafountaine, W. C. Lafoutaine, Mis last weeW ivisiting in this Vicinity and taking in the County fair. JMrs.M Frederickdik Laflame, Mr and Mrs —M. L. Douglass and wife of Barre \0 the guests of Mr. A. Hoffnagle for a few days. —Mr. Lesvis Howes of Peaslevilla in town ovtr Sabbath to be pres- Maggie Roberts, Mrs. Frank Henry, F Lfl M d M H. S. Milliette, the Misses Hebert M. Senecall, Mrs. Seguin and Mrs. Col- omlbe, left Thursday mornig on the New York excursion via New London ent at the funeral of ihte uncle, Mr. Matthew Howes. —Mr. and Mrs. Herbetr Chtttenden and wife of Granby, Conn., are visit- oig friends in this vicinity. —Mr. and Mrs. N. Holcomb and wife with three children from Con- necticut are the guests of Mr. James Howes and wife. —Mr. Jubar and wife from the east part of this town took the train at \tytrls station '.with 'their triplets to exhibit them at the Franklin county fair at Malone tihte week. —'Mr. Albert Pardy and Mr. Wm. Lombard with their wives, went to Ellenburgh Monday to attend the wedding of Wm. Pardy, the son of Albert Pardy, who is to be married to Miss Martha Straits of Ellenburgh —Mr. Lewis Lombard and wife went Tuesday morning to Ellenburgh. —William Graves is putting a gas- oline engine in his sailing yacht. —George Clark, of the Champlain House has returned from a trip In St Lawrence County. —Mr and Mrs. B. F Woodiward left Tuesday morning for a trip through the state of Minnesota. PORT HENRY —All entries are in for the raees at bhe Sherman Park next week and the books are closed. All the best horses that were in the different races Northern New York this season ill be at the ISherman races. —Attorney Owen ; : wife were In Plattaburgh Friday 'and Saturday. —Clayton Green of this place has established a fruiit store in Ausable Forks. —C. H. Rhodes of Plattsbtangh was 'orking Insurance here this week. —'John R. Woodlbridige. of this place was marrtied at Salt Lake City Utah on Wednesday. —!D. A Burke left here on Wednes day for Philadelphia Pa., after visit- at Philadelphia he will enter a law school Dayton Ohio. —Rev. Chas E. Cragg of North- iort N. Y. after a tw<o weeks vaca- tion spent here among friends has returned ta his charge. —Judge McLaughilin and Houghton have trip —J returned from their hunting Canada. L. O'Hara and wife of Wills- born have, .\been visiting Rev. M. H. Holland and sister. —The ball nine of Mineville defeat- ed the local nine here on last Friday by a score of 11 to 9. —Mrs E. S. Smith, and daughter spent last Sunday with relatives in Montreal return-ing Tuesday. —Mrs. D. K. Sherman was visit- here thds week. —Barnard and P. C. McRory at- tended the Pittsburgh Fair excursion. They will remain the full of the Port Henry sporting fraterni- limit of time as Mrs. Mossey will buy tier fall and winter stock of millinery goods. —t£L C. McCullough came up from JPMkuielph fete atunt, Mrs. Doan —i Mfes Bertha Getorge of Fonda is - -• ending a week with Mrs. G. E. BardwelL ty. —The Republican had its annual banquet at Port Fredrick on last Sat- ,urday for the benefit of its numerous ,ttend the funeral of county correspondents. The grave re- iponsibiility of conducting eight •harming young ladies of marriage- day for this section. John able age to Fort Fredrick and return of South Ellenburgh, whili Vfcfai ^gnsiuiv is on every box of the genuine Unative 8romo=Quinine Tablets l^s ismody that c-anr-w a <x- J«l in one day RLLRXBIRfiH CESfTER '•—Potatoe diging has begun in earn st and the yield is reported ordin- El,l.ENBt T R«H DEPOT. Sept. 24—E. Piper,of Leominster, Mass is spending a part of Ms vacat- ion at JohnBaxter's. —Miss Edith Myers is spending a week in New York —Mr and Mrs. Wiley, of New York, have been visiting at her father's Aaron Priest and other friends here .(• : —E. W. Wood was a caller in townjtion of the 'building .has been filled bis week. | foT housekeeping where Mr and Mrs. —Dan'iel Crowley sold a valuable i Tabey will be at home on and after orse one day last week to Mr Teryea Oct. 1. of Alder Bend. , Stop the Conch and Work off the Cold. Laxative Bromo-Quinlne Tablets cure a cold in one day. No cure, no Pay, Price 25 cents. ALONG THE GHftTEAUGAY CADYVILLE —Cadyville was well represented at the Clinton County Fair. —M'iss Dora Helms is risibing fri- ends in town. —Frank Hopkins of the State Hosspitali force at Dannemora spent Saturday at uis home here. —Four Engines and a large number of dump cars arrived Saturday to be used gy the Constructors of the new —Mrs. George Armstrong and chil- chateaugay Railroad, dren, of Movers, spent the past week With her mother, Mrs. Lapell. , ^ up ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ -Frank Cheeseman, has improved pi]oye d on the railroad, and all the the looks of his out buildings .by giv- , local teamsters are getting work on WK.vr PLA ITSBURGH —Geo. Burnham, of Andover, Mass, has been visiting E. J. Paige —Mrs. Timons, of New York is visiting her daughter, Mrs. John Walsh. —Miss. Clara Fisk, of New York, is visiting friends in tMs vicinity Mrs. George La Plante, of Sum- merville, Mass, has returned to her home. —Nearly every one from this part of the town took in the Fair —The ladies of the M. E. Society will give a chicken supper at the rest dence of Herbert Stiles in Robinson on Friday evening, Sept. 26th. —Fred Blake and family spent Sun- day in Clnton —Rev. . E. E Marsh has returned to his charge after spending his vacat I ion in the east — A larger number of younig people ing them a coat of paint - Mr. Gokcy, of Chateaugay, I for a prosperous winter, painted Cyrus Myers store last week. —Hotels and boarding houses are ; than usual are attending the different .«.* «,.„ ^^ _ ^ „ ' ichool g l n Plattsburgh —A large number from this part of application, so the prospect are bright —Several young people from this place went to Ma'tone Fair today. —Mrs. Elmer Van Ornam returned from her visit to friends at Plattsburg last week. • ' \ ; \i • —H. J. lyhort of Chazy was hom6 Sunday. —Mrs. Jefferson Tracy off Nashua N. H. is a guest at her fathers J. W. Havens. —Miss Katie Moore of Bedford is visiting friends here. —School began in the higher depart ment Monday, Miss Elizabeth Rooney Principal. —.Mris Fisher is visiting at her Aunts' Mrs. H. Bonsinger. ary. —The nice weather of last week has been improved by farmers in pick infg up the ends of harvesting, cut- ting corn, and filling silos etc Some think our equinoxical storm has been put off for this year, but we guess th!at when the Franklin County Fair ibegins, the rain will <be on time. —Rev. Ward, of Lyon Mountain, came 'over and preached in Rev. C. P. Hogles' pulpits Sunday and ad- ministered the Sacrament. He was ac companied by. Itfrs. Ward and two cMldren. —Dr. Bell, of Troy, was caP'- 1 to help in a surgical operation per- formed by Dr. Van Vecihton, of Chat- eaugay, upon Dr. Bell's sister, Mrs. McPhersbn. —©r. H. H. Reynolds, of Malone, was here Saturday on business, in company with Dr. Daily of the Depot. —R. C. Holt and wife, of iSarana'c Lake, and Mr. Clark and wife of i Clark and Dominy, city merchants, | were visiting at L, G. Carpenter's over Sunday. —Ira Brown, of Chazy, is spending few days vacation here and will take in the Malone Fair. —Mrs. Dr. Carpenter and daughter, Ethel, returned from their Colorado trip last week and we were all pleas- ed to see flier in her accustomed place in the church choir last 'Sunday. —'Miss Debbie McGregor and an- other up Sunday night to attend church. —Miss Katie 'Gilbert, sister of our Town Clerk, passed the Normal ex- aminations all right and has entered vnpooi her studies. Miss Katie is only 16 years of age and has passed up to the Normal class from our 'home school. She ds a student with push and will be no laggard in her classes She will board with her sister, Mrs MOOKKS FOUK* —A very serious acdident took place a little south of this place Monday last. Arthur Wray a son of Mr. Rob- ert Wray was driving along the road vith a load of wood containing a cord vhen one u the stake gave way lett- ing the wood snde from the rack which frightened the horses so they ran away throwing Arthur from the rack among the wood and the waggon going over him. He was badly injured about 'Ms head. One of his lags was broken in two places, one broken above the knee and the other below it. He is under the care of Dr. O'Neil and it is hoped by all in tMs neighborhood that he may recover •without being crippled tor life. We extend our sympatihy to him and his parents tin their trouble. —Mrs Mary J. Armstrong and respected lady of our village, had a misfortune, wiule going into her re- sidence sliped on the front step fall- ing to the ground her leg was broken a little above the ankle. The injury is a very serious and painful one. It may 'be very difficulty to heal as her age is scmeiwhat against her tout we hope for the best and trust to see her out again in the near future. —At the Havelock fair last Wednes- day a man named Rowe put his horse into a stable not far\ from the fair ground. When he came 'back to get his horse he found that his horse and carriage had been taken by some per son and he immediately went ln search for it and some found that a -jmn u uosuqiOf jo ouren otr; Kq_ uera latto livinJg near Rowes place had taken it. Rowe had not gone far when he found his horse and wagon turned over in the dlitch at the side of the road. The waggon with tooth shafts broken and the 'horse lying In the ditch with Johnson holding the horse from 'gettig up by sitting on the horses head. On seeing tihe Situa- tion and the damage done he was so enraged that he struck Johnson on the head with a stone whidh he held n his hand with such force that' it lose the sdalp and fle^h from the back 'Of Johnsons head and fractured the skull. Johnson was picked up un- conscious and we learn never re- covered condiousness until he died a short time after as we are formed. Sept. 23.—Arthur Wray, son of Mr. and Mrs. Rob e rt Wray, while loading a car with wood on Monday, his team became frightened by the front part —T!he little 12 months old son of Nicholas 'Darrah died of cholera in- Thursday and was buried fantum Friday. rival of a baby boy at their 'home on, Sundiay mJorning. < [ —F. B. Scott is enjoying aa forced vacation on account of ill: —George Cook of Mi was in town Sunday. rom this part of the town attended the funeral of tihe late Matthew Holwes —Leslie Rea done [business here on Monday of thlis week —A A Shelters went to Elleniburgh on Monday L y —Large crowds are passing through SARA\A LAKE CLATBUEGH. j —Heury Kennedy, who has been *«!t . . a . n/um ' be r of months in Choc —Miss Ella Crowley of Back Brook >mmenced school here Monday. —Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Harney of Cadyville, and Mr andfMrs T. F Har- •Sept. 23—The beautiful weather of n«y and little son of 'Schuylerville, the past few weeks has lured many spent Sunday with Mr and Mrs M. of our towns people into the woods to hunt or camp, and has brought a large number from the city to enjoy a few days in the mountains during the beist of all the seasons here— the glorious autumn. —Miss Hogan, teacher of the 5th grade in the Union School, was seiz- ed with paralysis of the throat and side last week and lies in a critical condition at her boarding place, Mrs J. Hanlon. —Mrs. Kate Morrow left here Mon- day, and with her sister M'iss Lizzie 'ill spent a few days in New York, selecting millinery goods. —Master Clarence Keysor is again on the siick list. —(Dr. D. Avignon* and wife of Au- a-ble Forks, called on Mre. Lizzie Hani on M'onday, while en route to Bloom ingd ale. Eruptions Dry, moist, scaly tetter, all forms of eczema or salt rheum, pimples and other cufcaaeons eruptions pro- ceed from humors, either inherited, or aoquirod through defective di- gestion and assimilation. To treat these eruptions Trith drying medicines is dangerous. The thing to do is to take Hood's Sarsaparllla and Pills Which thoroughly cleanse the blood, expelling all humors and building ap th^whola system. They cure Hood's SfcrgaparUla permanently cared J. Q. Hines, Franks, 111., of eeeema. from which •\t bad suffered for som« time; and Hiss <Uvina Walter, Box aia, iU*ona, Wls.. of pirn- vies on her foe« and back and chafed skin en ber tx»djr, by which .he had been greatly twubleA There are more testimonials in favor of Hood's than can be »ublished. Hood's SarsaparHte promises to jura and keeps the promise. Bale's on. River St. 'But slight hopes | —Will' D'Avignoa, who has spent are entertained of her recovery. Over the summer at St. AJibans, returned work is said to have caused the at- to his home Saturday. *^ M d M —Rev. John B. Calvert of New York president of the Baptist State Convention, who is in camp on the Upper Saranac, was in town one day this 'week looking about in the- inter- ests oif Ca>lvary Baptist church. —Rev. John W. Moore has resign- ed the pastorate K>f the Baptist church to the gerat regret of his people and thei general public, among whom he among the few, who attended th- Fair from our little village. DANSSMORA. —Miss 'Sweeney, from, Clinton com meneed her auhool in the Nash Dis- trict and Miss Winifred Jones, from Lapham, in the Cumming's district Monday of this week. —John Farriingtbn left for his home in Napanoels for a few weeks vacation Monday. —Mr. Moirray returned from Albany .alfter a week's vacation'. Mrs Murray will remain in Albany for a few weeks longer before returning to this place for the winter. —G. P. Sawyer is expected to re- turn this week with his new brfde. . ... He is to -occupy the rooms >in Na?ih'- and packed up a large amount of. block which have been' fitted up for silver-ware and other valuables. He '*\'\ an old has many warm friends Mr. Moore has accepted a call to become the pastor oi BucTser Hill Baptist church at Charleston., Mass., it is expected that Rev. Charles E. Parker of Buf- falo will be Ms successor here. \ —Sarefll R. Wood of Albany is visiting (has father and sisters here. —Mrs. Frank Hatch, iSr, Mrs Anse Parsons, and Mrs Wright Salisbury, were among those from this place who attended the fadr at Plattsburg. —A burglar entered the house of Dr. C. F. Wicker, one night recently was startled, hotwever, by some one coming in late and fled leaving his plunder. —Antoine Fortune has purchased the Lattrell House on Broadway and had it removed to make room for a large four story (brick building which he expects to ibegin immediately. —The Algonquin closed Saturday Sept. 20, after a' successful g the load giving ed away, which, caus- Q He received a compound fracture of both legs. One leg was broken above the knee and the other leg below the knee. Drs. O'Neil were hastily sum- moned and replaced the broken bones and left him in as comfortable a sit- uation as possible. His frignds, of which he has many, are deeply griev- ed to learn of his sad misfortune. SCHUYL.ER FALLS Sept. 24—Dr. Eaton preached here Sunday morning Rev. Mr. Bradford ; to Peasleville. —Frank Grisdale went to Burling- ton Tuesday to be operated on for apendicitis. —The Church Workers will have a meeting Friday afternoon at Mrs. Julia Gord's a ten cent tea will be served. —The W. C. T. U. will hold their annual meeting Saturday afternoon at Mrs Ladues, —Schools opened Monday. —Mr. and Mrs. James Lynch from Plattsburgh were at J. T. Ames Sun- -Wrs. Abbolt from Meirilsville is at James Redmond's. —Mrs. Orson is very ill with pneu AJLTONA. —Miss Dora Puxyea has returned home from Plattsburgh where she has been working. —Leon Wray and brother Roy are attending school at Plattsburgh High School. —Miss Annie Frudo of of Alder Bend left for Burlington Vt., this morning. —Quite a number of the people of his tdd the Fi lt k S l Dominy at 155 Margaret Street. —Geo Cashman has gone to Water- —Miss Mattie Delong berry, Conn., to visit his son and \ Stiles of Robinson are Q thi town attended th Fair last week, id Agnes attending [School at the Normal of Plattsburgh. family. ^ —Wm. Mathews is having grand ' —The farmers will -son begin dig- success in selling his celery. jing potatoes now there are lots of —There was a wedding reception'them bad. at Mr. E. E. Hofobs Monday night for his son Elmer and wife, who was Miss Lillian Honsinger.g them a prosperous rimonial sea. —Last Saturday —^Miss Frances McDonald -from Troy who has been stopping in town for the past few months an account of her health, returned Tuesday much improved. —-Miss Carrlck fnoan Troy spent a few days at Rev. Mr. Metcalf's, re- turning home Tuesday. —Ed Thayer, son of Warden Thayer was in totwn for a few days this week. —Rev, Mr Bane, from Syracuse, is to preach in the prison Sunday morn- ing, and in the evening- he will occupy the pulpdt in the M. E. church. —Warden Deyo is attending tlie State Convention, at Saratoga. —F. J. Ayres spent Sunday at Saranac Lake, the guest of ihis son C. J. Ayres of that city. —'Dr. D'Avtignon of Ausable Forks was in town Sunday. —Mr and <Mrs A. Rodee of Milwau- kee Wis. who toave been making an visit among friends in Saranac and viointity return to their home this week. —W. H. Trombley of Hartford Conn., with Ira Flanders, were the guests of Mr and Mrs Walter Hooey at Owl's Head over Sunday. —Mr and Mrs Watson and Miss SopMa Eaton of Torington Conn., re- turned to their homes on Monday after a prolonged visit at the home of Mr and Mrs H. J. Bull. —B. A. Soper of Cadyville spent Sunday in town. —Mr L. A. Soper has returned from Karriettstown where sfhe has spent the summer. —William Duley did business In ] —James Oliver has gone to the Plattsburgh last week. Ampersand where he has found em- —Miss Jenn'ie Brunell of Purdy' ployment. left for Malone to spend a week! —Miss Myra Signor returned on friends. Thursday from Loon Lake. g was heavily laid on the shoulders of the gallant manager, BO'b McK.ee of the local force. The encf of this gallant looking after the feminine race came t unlimited experl gentleman in comforts of the his assistance this varied combination of rural school ma'ams and country scribes were eriven a pleasant time on land and sea, without any drowing accid- arterie We wish sail on the Mat- j Mills j with was an eventful —Chas Wray of Alder Bend • did Gregorv, business in Plattsburgh last week. at work —Miss Mary Laplant began her first bush scythe,'severed the big j term of scnooi last Monday morning of oue \of his Ircs and being!in Rabinson. hort man, he bled about quarts before they could bring him from the field. Dr. Carpeoter was summoned at once and as luck was right side of Dr. Bell, of Troy, was here and both the doctors were able to bind the arteries and stop the flow- got home from this operation a cal •was waiting to go to Star as Mr: Horace Lord, the Star Mail carriers MILK PRORUCERS SHOULD HEAD | The Green Mountain Silo Catalog. It contains t much good information on the \Advantages of ( Silage and Silo Construction.\ j A GREEN MOUNTAIN SILO ; AND SUPERIOR DAIRY GOODS Call or Send to me for Catalogs and Prioen WILBUR ATWOOO, WEST CHAZY, N. Y. Agent for .lloweley & iStodUard Jlfl'a. Co., Rut j wife, had 'broken he fallen dow wrist. Then lightly Used Pianos-$100 On Easy Terms until paid for We have 60 upright pianos that J one year that we are obliged to dis- pose of to make room for our fall stock: and until they are gone, they stairs and win be so} d at P rice y never before iOllowp-l I heard of. They include the Chicker- surgical operation oT 'Mrs' McPherson ! in ^ Emerson, Wegman, Briggs, Gra- who was stopping at Robt Bells, ourl^er. Marshall & Wendell, Hallett & mail carrier from the Depot. So all»avis. Hallett & Cumston, and Haines together it was a busy day for the \ at prices from $100 to $275 on easy doctors and afflicted ones. j terms. —Miss Jennie Sanbourn has return • These pianos are In first-class con- ed from her summer sojourn at Par-idition and are warranted for ten yearn sans.. W. H. After visiting here she i an d include stool and scarf. nd the winter in Albany. | I f yQ U €ver expeot lt o own a pianO ( -Mrs E. D. Eldred is visiting a ! before i t i too late for style :ata i, pric- j Charles Devarney farm I the centre, and will mov the near future. Fred is j 18 Clinton St., irought the'j- Churoh S t., outh east of ; there In ,The Largest Music H . worker and |4065w2 BROS. & CO., Plattsburgh, N. Y. Burlington, Vt. n the State! hursday —Will Colvin of Barre Vt., made a brief visit to his parents Mr and M br p J. Colvin on Friday. \ i J ill —John\ Kevins Jr. who has bee: all summer, at present is very low. —Miss Annie Thompson of Lake Placid will SDend the autumn in town guest of Mr and Mrs. Jos Thornp son and rumors of cupid's wiles are prevalent. —A detachment of the 23rl infantry ur hundred strcr.g unrler marching —Mr and Mrs Louis FoUntalini ana family attended the Fair Wednesday at Plattsiburgh. AMONG THE ISLANDS, GRAsb l«.i.E ft Sept 22.—Miss Clara Davis has re- turned to her home in Pearl after sipendijig the summer at Arbor Vitae farm. —A reunion of the Pearlites met at John Kent's residence, Plaittstbuirgh, last Wednesday, at which the fol- lowing people were present: Ethel M. Bennett, Etihjel Kent, Myrtle Kent, Mabel Alexandria, Besfeie Viall, May iln-gails, Jennie Poquett, Genevieve Pen/man, Jeseie Davis, Leon J. Du- buque, Jr., Clifford Bennett, •Baldwin, H. Oonroy, Mr. Lynch, cream and cake were served for re- freshments. All report a pleasant time. --Edward L. Girard of Pe&rl has gone to New York far a 10 days' stay with friends. -Fred G. Hoag, United States Mail Messenger at Pearl spent last Wed- nesday at the P'lat'tsburgh fair. -HH. McsGowan has opened a dianc- ing school. All are cordially invited; Terms, $1.00 for two lessons. Season Sept. lat to Nov. 16th. We have our stock of GUNS and RIFLES ready for your inspect ion. ^t' - The * Winchester 30-30 using smokeless powder and soft point Tw-Uet is the favorite for deer g M. . Hanion, [Peter Coffey, Bam. and Mr. H. Stanley were h —Fred 'Brando of Plattsburgh is ln town on business to-day, —Mrs. Frank CanteU reurned Mon- day to her home in (St Albans after spending several weeks in town the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Patton. —Rev and Mrs iL. W. Ward return ed Tuesday from Ellenibung Centre. —Mr and Mrs. Frank Hance of St. Albans, were recent visitor in town. —Mr. Burnham, of Danmemora was a visitor in town on Wednesday. —T. P. Riley and ©. H. Elkine of Plattaburgh representing G-. Gately and Co., of Boston are in town doing business this week. —Mrs. J. H. Brown made Platts- burgh friends a call Wednesday. —'John MaJan cf Oannemona called on Mends in town last week. —«Mr. and Mrs. Yost left Wednes- day evening for their home in Johns- own N. Y. —Mr and 'Mrs Asa Clark passed through town Monday en route to Plattsburgh from Ellenburg Centre. —C. E. Niblette, S. D. Healey, G. S. Badger, and I Bullock went up the line hunting Satundav and as usual returned with iwWat? —Mr and Mrs Max Gonyea are re- joicing over the 'birth of a son. —A large number of our towns- people attended the fa/r at Plattsburg Real Estate Transfers. The following, is a list of real estate transfers recently recorded in> Clinton county: Mary Derby sold to Wm. H. Myers and another, Morrisonville, 184 rods for $1 and other valuable considera- tions. Ernest LeBrun sold to Louise Du- buque, Pittsburgh city property for $1725. \ ^ James Cavanagh sold ftp'* Elmer Haye'3, Chazy, % acre for $50. Benj. E. Hall sold to Amanda iR. Henry, Plattslbuirgh city property for Julia St John sold to Mrs. Elmira Royal, 2 1-3 acres for |5. J. T Lay in sold to The Chazy Marble Lime Co., Altona, 30 acres for $50. Jonathan Hap good sold to Jkfirn Bi Stome, Clinton, 6% acres for $300. William B. Wescott sold to Martgar- ette A. CJine, Scbuyler Falls, 12% acres for $300. Hattie M. Ordawy sold to Byron J. Stoughton, Plattsburgh 'property for $700. • Albert H. Taylor and others sold to Mrs. Alice F. Mffller, Steiiuyl^r Palls property for $2,000. (Albert H. Taylor and others sold to 'Alice fF. Miller, Clinton county prop- erty for $10,000. E. C W. Davidson sold to Frank , Davidson, Saranac ^property for $1 and otlher consideration^. Tthe J. & J. Rogers Cto. sold to New York and Canada Railroad Co., 'Black Brook property for $1. S. M. Weed sold to P. Ev Smith, Plattsburgh city property for $3,000. • Richard Sanders sold to Ollie M. Smith, CSUntonville ptrpperty fer $1. last week. —Miss Margaret M. MuIIin are at- g tendant at the St. T.awrence State Hospital at Ogdn^ure: was a recent visitor in town. —John Collins ^f * -any called on friends in town Inst week. ALONG TEE AUSABLE. —Prof. Sanbo-rn, the Optician, will • p at Dr. Merrill's office, Thursday, )ct. 2, from 12 to 3 p. ru. Coane early. orders for the are expected in town today and w^'l encamp for the night in a field belcnsnns to James Parsons. As their coming will be at- tended with all the pomp and para- phernalia of war, it is looked for es- pecially by Young America with no little excitement. —Miss Sara Cane is at home from Loon Lake for a lew weeks. —F, D. Rrice.. dentist with wife and children are boarding at Jas. Cane's. —Eddie TromWey has returned from Ausable Chasm where he has been employed during the summer. Tbbey has moved it b\ The Rev. Dr. Francis E. Clark, resident of. the United Societies of Christian Endeavor, has just return- etd to Boston after a European trip new and nodious quarters which has through the summer been in pr oess of building and with shelves crowded with new goods attractively presented, and a most complete line ,f drusrs and chemicals ' * to meet the wants of all old custom- ers and not a few new ones. A por- AISABIKFORKS —Prof. Sanborn. the Optician, > at American House, Tuesday Wednesday,- Sept 30th, Oct. 1st. Cleveland's new $45,000 labor tern pie 'project is assuming a definite whidh he covered miles. \TheyDrawEas)\\ u TlieyHol(l Easy\ \They look well,\ \They work well.\ a good deal to claim, but the new \Le Roy Plows\ have been thor- oughly tested and found worthy of albove claims. They have many new and important features that make \Le Roy Plows\ superior to any oth- er. They are furnished in all sizes and soil. Plow price. are especi Prices ar* Tnmt, bv For tv. adapted to youir not controlled by a are sold at a fair particulars call at ISLE IiA 3f OTTE —Mrs F. CM. Barnes has returned from Swanton. -•Mrs Helena Tenney is visiting in Boston , —O. J. and M. S. Thomas have shipped dhiring the plum season over 480 baskets oi plums. —George- Oliyett of New York was in town last week lookinig over the apple crop. —Mrs A. M. Simons went to New York Monday on the excursion. —Mrs Peau Paw Jr., died Monday night after a lopg illness. Hi. Henry Minstrels. HI. Henry's troupe of fifty min- strels arrived here in two special cars yesterday and gave two very good parades, one at noon and the otiner in the evening, wiiich won them many flavoraible comments from the public. They played to a crowded hKxuse last svenintg, and no performance of t'he kind has ever given better satisfaction to a Plattsburgih audience. It is refreshingly original and pre- sents a pleasing variety, all parts of which are of a high standard, and the Iprogjram is carried out without a break with a spirit of geniuine dra- matic vigor. The minstrels have a superb stage setting, gorgeous costumes, and music jf a high order. They have many lew and popular songs and original jokes that kept'the audience-In .\con- inual uproar of laughter. Billy Clark, the comedian, took the leading part in this, and he is without doubt a peer in his line. J. Probst made a very decided hit last evening as a wonderful whistler and imitator of siinging birds, and of many other souimdti as well. Senor Francelia, the strong man, performed many feats of strength and physical prowess, and his act is a meritorious feature of the performance. Wimcherman's troupe of trained bears and monkeys furnished a good bit of entertainment to the aaiddence, and are truly wonderful animals. Every part of the performancei was new and of number one order, and Hi. Henry would receive a warm wel- come at any time in Plattsiburgth. Childs & Byrnes', Plattsbmrgh, N. Y, YOUNG BOUGHT THE TRUNK. Identified by Dealer Who Sold it —Inquest Adjourned. New York, Sept. 25.—The inquest into the death of Mrs, Anna Pullitzer Was begun last night in Jersey City and adjourned to October 8. The New York district attorney's office was re- presented and William F. S. Hart was present to watch the interests ot Hooper Young, who is under arrest for the crime. Nothing important was brought out at the brief session. The latest development in the case is the identification last night of Young as the man whk> brought the trunk in which the clothing of Mrs. Pulitzer was shipped to Chicago. Bhooting. WINCHESTER are rapid working and accurate. We have about everything in AMMUNITION Call and make your selection early. Henry, Wood 14 BRIDGE STREET PLATTSBURGH Bony. DARRAJH.—In Cadyville, Sept. 21 .902, a daughter to Mr. and Mirs. Tru- man E. Darrah, and granddaughter to Mrs, D. McQuillan, of Clayfourgh, and Mr. George Darrah, ST., of Cadyville. CfHILTON.—In tEHlenbiua-gh,' N. Y., Sept. 18, 1902, a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Wyman-iChilton. g MAJRJil£!D. HOBBS—HONiSLNGiER.—At the \M. . parsonage, Rouses Point, Sept 17, 1902, by the Rev. C. 'H. Richmond, Mr. Elmer Hofcibs and Miss Lillian Honsin- ger, both of Mlenfbungfti. BROWNEOJL—<SWEET.—«At the W. M. parskmage, Mooera, Qept 23, 1902, by the Cftev. j. F. Wartght, Mr. Clar- ence H. tBrorw&eil.. of Manchester, N. H., and Miss Jeonite Sweet, of Mooere. Testimonial New York. 203 West 103d Street, Sevt 23. 1902. Cady Drug Company, Gentlemen: I take great pleasure in recommending Joquies' Dyspepsia Capttules, I have taken, them with most gratifying results. In fact they gave one (relief when\ nothing else would. Respectfully, J. E. DERBY. Witfh Acker, Merrall & Ckxndit, New York City. For Sale. 1 dark forown mare, 4 years old, good, safe driver, 16 'hands higlh; 1 new open buggy; 1 top carriage; 1 bucteboard; '2 fine harnesses; 1 heavy harness; 1 cutter; 1 pair of feleighs; 1 plough; 1 drag; 1 scraper, and also other farming utensils; houeehjold goods, etc. The albove articles will be sold on my premises at Morrisonville, com- mencing at once and closing Oct. 2. MRS. A. ROBARE. Morrisonville, Sept. 25, 1902. THE NEW YORK WORLD Thrice-a- Week £diti<m The Most Widely Read Newspaper in America. Time has demonstrated thiat the Thriee-a-week World stands alone in its class. Other papers have imi- tated its form but not its success. This is because it tells all the news all the time and tells it impartially. whether that news be political or otherwise. It is, in fact, almost a daily at the price of a weekly 'iand you cannot afford to the; without i t Republican and 'Democrat alike can read the Tlirice-a-week \World. with absolute confidence in its truth. In addition to news, it publishes Srst-class serial stories and other features suited to the home and fire- side. The Thrtce^a-'week World's regu lar subscription' price is only $1.00 per year and tihds pays for 156 pa- pers. We offer this unequalled news- paper and Plattaburgh Daily Press together one year for $3.70. The regular subscription price of the two papers Is $4.00. WtANTED—Three or four good French families (gdrl help preferred) to. work in web factory as weavers, warpers and winders. Good pay and will pay while learning. Address The Russell Mfg. Co., Middletown, Ooniu 40S5W4 WANTED—(At once a girl to do gen- eral homework. References required. Satisfactory wages given. Ajpply 101 Margaret St., City. 4066wl A Chinese club has ibeen organized in San Pranciso. Its object is to foster the sprdad of Occidental ideas among students from CMna.

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