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FRIDAY MORNING, AUG. 29, ISO?. Thursday, Aug. 2S. at 10.30 a. m., ing friends. They here h& will ease the weary pains. ( vMle on Monday. l ' Mr L A Rea Life Insurance Co. —Mr. Henry Wilson of R Point spent Sunday in town wit .sister, Mrs. Matthew Clark. —Miss KathJerine Sears of Port Henry is spending the week in town, the guest of Miss Libbie Duiprius. —A. E. Wood spent Sunday at Rouses Point. —Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Brown spent Saturday and Sunday in Mooers. —Mrs. L. Bromley of Pittsburgh spent Sunday with her 'parents, Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Stoughton. —Miss Cora Patnode is- ..spending a few weeks at Rouses Point and Ohasy. —Dr. and Mrs. M. I. Elkins and son of Keeseville spent SUmday at Lewis Atwood's. —Miss Carrie McFadden offers for sale Wednesday, Aug. 27th—farming implements, mechanics' tools., furni- ture, carpets and household goods. —The W. M. Sunday school will >iold their excursion to St. Allans Bay and Burlington Friday, Aug. 29. Fare 65c. . —Mies Minnie Stiles spent Sunday ,t home. —Mr. and Mrs. McKenzie Stewart eturned home Monday after spending Uen days : —Will town. Rodgers left Monday to <*T>end a week iat Lyon Mountain on business. —Mr. and Mrs. C, P. Bassett ss>emt Monday in Pittsburgh. ALONG THE D. » H. Aug. trargh WEST €HAX1. 26.—John Clark of Platts- r a& in town last week calling friends. —Rev. Willis Lewis and wife of Pennsylvania are spending a few /\•reeks here with his -mother. —J. C. 'Shotthafer, representing Tallman Boot & Shoe Co., of Utica. -was calling on Our merchants Fri- day. —Rev. C. C. MaxfleM preached the in the M. E. church Sunday —-Tlie infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Stratton Is very ill Mi Sybil R —Miss Reynolds is engaged Wdl to teach the Woodley school this fell and winter. —William N. Harris and sister re- 4turned home to Oansevort Tihusrsday after two weeks' camping at Harris' «eamj> at Lake Ghanmlain. —Miss Cora Patnode is engaged to *eaeh in the McFadden District. —Mx. and Mrs. Gai-alin of New York city, returned 1 (home Saturday M£tcv spending a few weeks at F. A. .Hay's, Chazy Centre. —The West Chazy Granite Co. are erecting a numiber at; nice montumeruts \~\ ' placed one in the cemetery at >^ort Jackson, St. Lawrence; couai- ly In memory of the late Harrison Kellogg. One in the cemetery here lor Miss Carrie MoFadden in memory •<af .her parents, Mr. and Mrs. lAflbext McFadden. They a,xe to place om 4i \.Plattsimrgh cemetery for Louis Pe- . t this week. Mrs. George Wioodley <«£ Lowell, -Mass., has one to 'be set w» -Wednesday. William D. Savage :lias bought .two to be set up at Trom- #i»Iey Bay Cemetery. F. L. Smith has VJrchased one to b* set up at Ell en - n burgh in meawwy of ibis grandpar- *en£s. pondt&ioir Ryan on the D. & fj,. ^railroad has also purchased one ~-t56 be set up at Whitehall. Mrs. A. F. «.nd Mrs. H. E. Jerry have bought a feandsome monument to be set up in t&e Catholic cemetery here. Mrs. -Choice Bassett has purchased one of They have on YALCOIR Awg. 23.—Mr. Hughes, electrician, of Piattsburgth, spent abou/t a week here repairing Hon. Jos. C. Silbley's automobile recently. —Mrs. C. .H. Richmond and son, Prin. Jamies Leigh Richmond of Rouses Point spent a few days here this week and took and neighbors. ]4 years ago. His fa. '•'ce now belonging to kins just east of the raiiroad station. A gr as Howe's mill was ti- the people of this s< have their grain gro ,nd meal. The mill ^ a little way north fn house now stands. Th< ;he mill are now gone remaiins to mark the • oupied fifty years ago traversed the ground o he often played in his cb He drank from the well often quenched him thi boy. He talked of the be who made up 'the social rears ago tout the passing been marked by great chai ;&w familiar faces or thh Such is human life! —(Mr. P. Hanlon shipped otf fat cattle consisting o- itined for Plttaffleld, M tihis sation on Tuesday. —Mr. James Howes forw; of early apples from his pit. York on Tuesday. —Mr. F. J. Lengfeld is hay from Spellman's Crost —Large fields of ripe grt for the reaper or lying in waiting for dry weather ar seen in this section whSchev* we look. The' oat crop is hea threshing has commenced by who were fortunate enough to t the 'grain when dry. School excursion, meet them. Was sorry not to —The Sunday school excursion was a grand success as regards weather, members, etc., yea the crowd was so great several were left behind and Mrs. Will IReted and two children, Mr. .and Mrs. R. M. Bissell. Miss Mattie Weatherwax and two lady boarders from Mr. Walter Ayres' 'boarding house, went north instead to St. Al- bans on the steamer Chafteaugay. —Mr. and Mrs. Walter Myers and little daughter Bessie, visited hex mother, Mrs. Herworth at VaJcour lighthouse this wieek, remaining over the Sa'bbath and attending morning and evening sessions at the M. E. church. —We learn that Mr. Jay Ingeo-soll, son of our pastor, will teach on Lyon street this year. Mr. Peter Lyons, trustee. Also that Mr. E. L. Day, trustee, in District No. 8, has engag- ed Miss Effie M. Chirisian of Platts- burgh for teacher. Miss Christian has taught here three years already. —Mrs. ; Thos. Lyons has .been called co Saranac by the serious illness of her brother. —Mrs. Will Reed and two children, Guy and Jessie, returned to South •Plattsbiwgh Friday and will go with Mr. Reed to their western-. (home the last week in August, having spent about six weeks with their friends (here. We enjoyed their stay and they received a warm welcome from all. —Supt. C. D. Hammond of the D. & H., wife and daughter, of Albany, were guests of Congressman J. C. Silblejr at their summer home this week. Miss Jcephine Hammond led the Epworth League evening, Aug. 24ith at Valcour, a large number being present MR . Ham- mond and daughter will be much missed from the Sunday school and other services where th«y always take an active part. -nJJr. and Mra. James H. Lobdell of Sehuyler Falls were guests of her -rother, T. W. Day, Sunday, Aug. 24th. Miss L. Bessig Day returned to her home with them after a two weeks' vacation. —'Mir. and Mrs. Jno. Frank Her- worth of Bluff Point are rejoicing • the birth of a daiag>hiter and re- e many congratulations. vhich ...-. onflned her to itne house sin... rs. Dr. Carpenter and daughter return home from, their Colora- trip next week. Aug. 26.—Next Sunday will be th last service at the Episcopal cihaDei for this yeair and much regret is ex- pressed. That the IRev. H. LdF. Gra- <bau is in high favor here is proven by the well filled church each Sabbath —Miss -H. Ordway is improving slowly but is yet unable to see call- ers. —iMir. Ross Martin who made a short visit here has returned to his home in Rutland, .taking his wife and little daughter. -HMTS. John Matthews and child- ren of Keeseville, are visiting her many friends for a week. —Word was received here Friday by the relatives of John Benway who is employed in a pulp mill at Wills- boro, that he had been caught in the machinery and had both hands and one leg cut off. Young Benway is about 21 years old. It Is thought he cannot live. —Mrs. Meagher visited her sister, Mrs. McCarthy, and attended the lawn party last week. -nMertrit Howe who has been visit- ing here for the past four weeks, leaves for his home in the west on Thursday. COOPERVIl-LE Aug. 26.—Mr. and Mrs. (E. J. La- point, Mrs. Jas, Yale, Misses Mabel Cleveland and Lottie Hancock drove to Wool's Point Sunday. —<Mrs. M. J. Wool of Plattsfburgh returned home Monday affair spend- ing a iweek with, her sister, Mrs. B. M. Yale at King's Bay. —Mr. Sylvester Hayford' left Tues- day for Burlington to attend the wedding Of his daughter, Miss Inez Hayford, Wednesday, Aug. 27. —Mr. M. Mooers of Burlington has been spending a few days in town the guest of (his (brother, F. D. Mooers. —Mr. E. H. Cleveland, Miss Mabel Cleveland and MSss Lotitie Hancock spent Wednesday in Plattsburgn. —Mr. Bruso of West Chazy town Thursday. —'Mr. Bettinger of PlaJttsJburgh call- ed on the .merchants Tuesday. -HMTS. Chas. Warner of Malone who t 81 Aug. 26. —Tthere wi JIILXH -ill be a law party at the home of Mrs. E. J. Whit- ney Tuesday evening, Sept. 2, for the benefit of the Congregational soci- ety. A cordial invitation is given to all to come and have a pleasant time. —Mr. and Mrs. Albert Farnsiworth and daugihlter Gertrude are Tisitirig —The Misses Emma and da m Fish r of Ver«ennes are guests of R. W. Igg-leston and family. —Dr. M, B. Hodgkins of Palmer, Maes., was called home last week by the i ill th seri illness of his mother. —A good many of o>ur townspeople attended the musical at W. W. Weod- tlie same company, hand a large nuber of monuments Snifshed and set- up in the yard. Bus- • iEess is increasing and more help is ^to foe added eoon. —Miss Jennie Smith of Peru spent 'Friday here with Miss Cora Patnode. —Frank Lonsjto of Fort Edward spent Sunday here with relatives. —Bent Tormey of Wadhams Mills ..,-called in town Thursday. ~~fh H. 'Nightingale, insurance '•\siK-ent was in town Saturday. —Farmers are doing their harvest- Thursday afternoon. , Proce-eds $8. Mr has been visiting her sister, Mrs. C. P. McGregor, left for his home Wed- nesday. —Mr. and Mrs. vWill Moore and children of Haverhill, Mass., left for their home Wednesday evening after spending two. weeks witfh Mr. Norm Davenpiort and family. —Mirs. E. J. Lapoint spent Monday in Flattsibnrgh. —Mr. E. H. Cleveland did business at Plattsburgh Monday. —Mrs. Sihaw of Michigan left for her home Monday after spending a few weeks in town with her mother, Mrs. Horace DavenDOrt. —Mr. Hart otf Montreal, tfee Misses Mamie Jordan of Merrick, Mass., and Evelyn Lapointe of Plattsburgk, were tne guests of ML, V and Mrs. E.. J. La- pointe Tuesday afternoon. —Yale & Hancock had a young colt kille'd: by lightning in their pasture it Point Au 'Fer Mionday evening. BEKKMAXTOWX. Aug. 27.—Mr. and Mrs. Fultoax of .C. Aug. of West Chazj .EXTEK i J . Watson and wife were 'up on a visit last week. They report more wet at that side of the counlty tlhan on this. Ouir sympathy igotes out to any who have suffered worse from wet weath- er than wie> have. 'Haying £s well over and a good crop /has been hous- ed and in pretty good shape. -Our butter factory is shipping weekly over ithree tons of butter. Two heavy (teams go loaded every Monday afternoon. —Hutch ins & Bigalow have receiv- ed their new plainer and matches and novelty sidins: machine from the maniuifadturers aJt 'Buffalo and are put- ting it in position. Master machin- ist E. E. Hobbs has the job in hand. —Geo. Rock of Glens tF?.lls is aimong us/ callin/g on old neighbors. —Allie Hiitchins is walking on tip toes. A strange lady caune to his house Wednesday evening and want- ed clothes and drink, and Aillife be- ing a generous ibody, [granted tthe re- auest. —Mrs. Gertie Bennett and daugh- ter are visiting her mother, Mrs. M. E. 'Brown at the Centre. —All-day meeting at ifche M. E. church next Tuesday, led by Rev. Mr. Kunz and assisted by a talentled sing- er from Boston. —H. C. Freeman and wife of Mooers Forks were here this week visiting his uncle, C. P. Fifield. —Callie Bates has gone to Burling- on to work. —Our boys crossed Ibats Saturday aflternotm with the Lyon Mountain boys. This is a return gaime and our boys were victorious for the second time Carpenter has gone to Rutland where ihe passed an examin- ation for fireman om the railroad. As he passed all right he was seft at work flrintg. Willie is a steady and faithful boy and will not disappoint the expectations of the railroad man- agers. He is after a position as en- gineer and we trust his promotion will come in due time. —Wm. Matthews has the most cel- ery growing on his home lot of any one in this town. He raises it for the market and his land is peculiarly adapted to its growth. —-Supervisor Hutohins has been fix- ing up the Town Hall here by repair- ing the old steps and the blind, etc, •It looks nice. —lit rains and sun shines alteraate- ' —T. B.. Hobbs killed a very larg>e porcupine with a club while haying in the south woods, and brought it home for exhibition. It fulrniahed the town with toothpiks for a long [me. —Clarence Casiunan is building a large shed and hog house He lost a valuable thoroughbred Holstein cow last week. He foand h!er dead in the Chicago called on friends in town on ! pasture. He was offered $125 for her Tuesday.. ... ._ _. _ . jthe day 'before she was found dead. raff's in Lewis Wednesday evening! —Mr, • and Mrs. Hungerford. of | She was poisoned, probably, iby some ---••- T • Swanton are visiting Mrs. Hunger- i human fiend to the owner unknown. larents, Mr. and .tars. George j —Henry Honslnger was badly 'bruis- •t a good time. —Miss LUIQ French, will teach, in the Vaughan district in Westport. —The social at Mrs. Payne's on Friday evening was well aittencfed idering the rain. Proceeds un- known. —There was a large attendance on Sunday from here at the camp meet- ing at Willabooro. —Mrs. -Adidie Setts has returned after spending a week with friends in Vermont. —The Ladies' Aid and Mission so- vas read by Miss Mary y unday morning. M Rdlll -Mr. and Mrs. Will •• Bobbins • who- _ave been spending a month at the Phoenix House returned home last reek. •^Emmett D. Angell is home for a few days. .—IMTS. Anna Kay of Montreal is tbe guest of Mrs. C. F. Humphrey. —H. L. Rood, a former townsman, and now of Indianapolis is visiting friends here. —Mra. C. F. Humphrey spent a few days last week at Cumberland Head. —Mr. and Mrs. Higgins and son Charles, also a. sister, Miss Hi^g re>re the guests yesterday of Mr. and Mrs. H. 'A. Johnson. They are from Montreal and Mr. Higgins is the audi- ye of the Grand Trunk R. R —Charles Knapp has gone to Wa- terfoury, Vt —Mr. Daggett goes to Weft Pitts - burgh today to put in a furnace. We understand H. N. Bedell has a num- ber of contracts for 1 furnaces in i ed by falling from a wagon a few joining towns. I days ago, but is now getting along —Charles Rhodes was in Platts- ibawgh Saturday. —Mr, and Mrs. Jacob Swivel re- turned to Mooers today. —Mr. and Mrs. Gay lord Knapp left on Friday for Troy, and after a few days at Mrs, Knapp's home they will ford's Barber. —'M. H3owe of Superior, Mich., ited his 5>ld friends here last week. \ nicely. —Mrs. W. H. Randall is visiting [ —Corn is making a fine growth her parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. V. Ran- now but is late; oats are getting ripe dall. —A sermon • R(M KEK POINT. Aug. 27.—Miss Nellie Oliver of Mai- den, Mass., is visiting her mother. —The Holland House is being- ex- tensively repaired. —Mr. B. G. Blaisdell connected with the I. O. F., is a guest at the Holland. —Miss Anna McKeefe an'd Chas. F. Halligan of Plattsburgh, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. M. Halligan. —Frank W. Phillips, Arthur J. Hal- ligan and Phil. Thivierge are taking in the Ottawa Fair this week. —There .will -be an excursion to Bur- lington on the steamer Maqu&m. for the benefit of Chazy R. C. churdh on Tbd AU'g. 28th, touching at —The Junior Y. M. C. A. team goes to PlattsibaiPgh on Thursday to cross bats with the Y. M. C. A. boys of that city. — The Montgomery team met defeat on Saturday at the hands of tihe Swanton elulb. The score tftotod 2 to i at tihe end of the second inning in favor of the seconfd inning in favor of the home team. A heavy rain storm came on and left the grounds rery miuiddy. Tne game was oontin- ued with Stoanton at the bat and the result was thait they run in ten scores easily. The game was stopped at the end of the fifth inning, score, 11 to 2 in favor of the visiting team. —Cards are out announcing tlhe marriage of Miss Eldith Louise, daugh- ter of Mr. and 'Mrs. Alonaon J. Prime, of Yonkers, N. Y., to Mr. John Kel- liogg Lovell, of ,New York City, on Wednesday, <Sept. 10th. Mr. OLovell is well known in this vicinity and his many friends extend their congratu- MOOKRH Aftig;. 27.—'W. H. Knapp returned to Mooers for Saturday and Sunday and leaves again for Oharteaugay Lake —Mrs. H. Edith, le S. Haff and daughter tomorrow for Ottawa, vheo-e they will spend ten days with Mrs. Nettie Gourley. —Mr. and Mrs. Harley Freeman of Chicopee Falls, Mass., who have 'been visiting friends in this vicinity for •two weeks left Saturday for home.. —Lincoln Pickle and family of .St. Lawrence county are in town foir a w days. —Miss Edith Brill is visiting hi sister in and are heavy and some pieces are lodged ibadly. Potatoes are looking Dominy at the Presibvaerian church i fine, no blight to report yet. Some y g —Mrs. Randal and Mrs. Gorham j-gjll spent a day with Mrs. Aldridge at! Ch g p • have not had to spray with paris d b f h h d t p Chazy las.t •vnR Iw here in his dental —Mr. .nd Mi ling 3. G. H. Whiit snds from Vt Hi5£ sigiiature is on every box of the genuine Laxative Bronao--Qdnine Tablets 'jifoe rstnedv that <pjn-\« n tMHti in ono dny EAWT BEEKJIANTOU-N. Aug. 27.—Div M. S. Elkins and wiife and Master Artuiur of Keeseville have &een spending a few days at East Beekmantowjii and West Chazy visit- broken wrist. [ shipment is rebuilding j day —Mrs. Aldridge has —Mrs. A. D. Lad- her barna. —Mrs. Richards and Mrs. Martin j at rep; of Platts&ui-gh spent several days j sure i with Mrs. O. O. Smith last week. I _ ,E . —Mrs. D. S. Lumibard of Plaits- in th burgh was in town Friday. has g I p n at all and but f so more tluta once. —The most calves shipped ait one nt from our depot Fri- 'ur aaiu boys have bad two spells go to Boston, their future home. —Mirsw. Charles K. 'Douglass and son Print, who have (been the summer with the Knappa, leave today for their home in -Martinsville, —-Mr. and Mrs. James G. Gregory ring iLhe dam and now they are j o l Rockland, 111., are visiting at Mr. not ^HEONLY SILO Ado-Heri and used in connection with Ihe Model Dairy at i HECREfciM MOUNTMN * * * * * The silage has been of the very best character from start to finish—in fact, I do kiiow how it could havebeen better. •Let me say particularly, that yo«r patent doors are the only ones I have ever seen tha.t are of any piarticulair value after once put fn. as usually a crowbar has to be used in getting them out. These are simple to get out and can be replaced without difficulty, and to my mind are a very valuable factor in favor of your Silo. Very truly your*. Edward Van Alht.vne. WILBUR ATWOOD, WEST land. Vermont will hold water. who has been at work er factory at the Corners Lowell to work with a there. feremiah Potter of Clinton, Mass., has been visiting and fishing •ea'bouts, has .returned home after CROWS POIXT Aug. 27.—Mrs. Laura Turrill and on John, of Chicago, are visiting hel- tives here. —MESS Grace Mclntyre is visiting. Mrs. Bertha Wilson at Schroon Lake, j —L. G. Carpenter and wley Hepburne (Carrie rhave gone to Upper Jay and Mrs y attending\ the Cushman—Hammond . Friday last. and Mrs. Rollin Dixon's. —H. A. Johnson, our efficient tail- or, made a trip to Lake Placid on business. We understand he was ouiite successful. * —Mrs. James Bennett of Montreal who has been the guest of Dr. and Mrs. Mulvey for a week, returned on nuptials at Chateaugay. —Mr. and Mrs. _......... of Davenport, Iowa, are visiting rel-1 Schu: ler Falls on a visiting trip. ives here. .! —The thanks of the Church people I goo d bunting and extra good fishing. —Howard Bristol erf Glens Falls is! here are due Wm. Dengaite, our) —Mr. and Mrs. v: H. Wright re- Aug. 8.—Most all the campers have returned home. Th>ey report a pleasant outing, good weather, i d d fihi with his cou&in spending his v a!ton Huestis. —Miss Elizabeth J. Breed Ticonderoga Wednesday. weeds and keeps it trimmed witit —School opens Sept. 2, E. M. San- lawn mower so it looks really ine. ers, principal; Miss Margaret Pros-1 We trust our good church folks grammar department; Miss Eliz- j won't forget that his pay comes due hurch janitor for the improved ap- j turned to their home in Waitsfield, learance ot the church grounds. He Vt, Friday aftesr spending a tihree las picked it up and cut dawn tfie(weeks' vacation with tiheir parents. abeth J. Breed, mtermed&aite; MJlss Kate L. Moore, orimary. —Mrs. Mary Smiuh of Troy is spend- ing a week with her mother, Mrs. Eliza Starks. —Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Mi'ddleton of once in a wihile. —Our Sunday scho l will giv* a next Sunday night to raise funds to pay the school- ing of our Indian boy who is bring fitted for a native missionary in L. Hammond and; India son Robert of Chicago, are in town, j —Wallace Vaugihan of Rutland was —Sawyer Barker of Glens Falla is here visiting over Sunday and re-ttrn- —L. S. Wright returned to Mt. Her- mon, Miass., Friday to reenme his .tudies. —The Methodist camp meeting con- ducted iby Rev. »B. S. Taylor, will open here Friday evening. All are invited to come and bring their friends. —Mr. and Mrs. Gaylord Knapp re- turned to this home in Massachusetts Saturday, after spending, a short honeymoon with Mr. Knapp's parents, —Mr. Watson and family of Mon- 3. E, P. 7 rapidly y of. Har- ' a of this ago that / it was ,iize with ion) and | e weeks' 1 by two e profes- etting all the short- cause the ceed—that successful cattle were . yards this jrned b_ome spending her Vermont id daug-htw he guests of ight Monday, duate of the 'ol. She has •ful terms in curns to begin •nday. Massachtiaetts ation witii his street. t and daughter nd relatives in J W. M. church neetings for two ,ims giving their ion. nearly recovered aimful illness : his shop. SA. •phen A. Sweet of »vho recently came pot to attend the their, Henry Myers, ,g for a few days among fr^ii. this neighborhood —Nellie Patki has been engaged to teach, the schpool at Cannons Corners where she has already taught several terms. -^Miss Jennie Crow of Chirysosome, P. Q., has 'been visiting for a few days at the home of Stillman Siweet —Quite a numiber of young people from here attended the excursion to Ohazy Lake. —There, was a largely attended party of young people at the home of Tlhtomas Row last Tuesday even- ing, fl lA good time is reported. -—P. L. Mahan of Mooers who han- dles tflie bulk of the market apples of this section of country, made a cal Monday of this week. He is shipping Duchess and Red Astrakans now. —Jennie Parks spent Sunday at her home. She was accompanied by Miss Ethel Wood of Mooers. —A i>arty of young people from here visited the \Gulf\ on Corey iHll rock last Friday. Eruptions Dry, moist, scaly tetter, all forms of eczema or salt rheum, pimples and other cutaneous eruptions pro- ceed from humors, either inherited, or acquired through defective di- gestion aad assimilation. To treat these eruptions Tvith drying medicines is dangerous. The thing to do is to take Hood's Sqrsapariila and Pili H EIXENBtRfiH DEPOT. Aug. 28—Tbe farmetr^ have just finished harvesting the largest crop of hay eiver known to <be harvested in this section of country. The grain crop is ailso good. HMTS. Stephen. Sweet of Providence R. I., who wa» called' here by the deatb of her father, Henry Myers, will remain here a few Weeks to visdt frienda —Thtja Oldtem who has been auite sick the past week, we atre glad to retpoft. is (better. —Miss Aldridige and sister ot Chazy are the guests of the Miss Mainards this week. : ^Mrs. McFadden Of Plattsburgh is spending a few days with her tooth- er, Arthur Liewis. : -4R. MctLemnan of \Nashua made his aged father an'd brothers a short visit last week, returning home on Monday. —(Mrs. James Siherlock of Cheyenne, Wyot, arrived 'in towni last Friday. She has come to visit her mother, More. R. .Sherlock and to see her little daughter Norma, who has been stay- ing with her grandmother tlhe past r. ' '\ -,.- -Mr. B. iG. (BlyorB an'd wife will return tio their home in Boston the last of this week. -^Rujtih (Reynolds iof MaJone is vis- itinjg Miss Terza Kent and other schoolmates in town. —^Lillian Pctrter Is sp>en<iing this week with her cousin Ethel Myers. —'Ms®. Frank Kellis (returns to her home in [Waterboi'ry, Conn., this week after spending two montihs with her mobher, <Wr&, Dunham., and her sisters. —'Robert Piatten and wife of Malone came last week to s^e his mother, Mirs. \Finlayson wiho has beeau quite sick the past few weeks. Stop the Couffh and Work, off the < old. Laxative Bromo-Qulnine Tablets cure m cold in one day. No cure, no Pay. Price 25 cents. D17RU1NVJ1.I.E Auig. 28^—Haying is nearly dona —Next in line comes the whooping cough which is the (all important topic for conversation if these chances to toe an opportunity to speak between e ibarks. —'Mrs. ABslow, wife of a former minister to tihis place, is visitin-g at Mrs. D, W. Den-ton's. iMIsa iPhoebe Durgin who has been visiting Mends and relatives in thb vicinity returned to her home at Lob- dell last Sunday. • - —We were pleased to note thiat among the congregation at afternoon service held here last Sunday after- noon, was Mr. Peter Sweeney of Ware, Mass., Tyfr© is; spending his va- .tion here visiting friends and rela- tives. —It is now thought that Mrs.^ Sig. Durgin who lias been seriously* ill, will recover. • —>Mr. John McKee spent Sunday at Lobdell. —AH those who attended the an- nual picnic at Bedford report a good time, although a few look a little the worse for having been there. —Mr. A. Burg in took a busmess rip to Peru Wednesday. —Mrs. Nettie Bragg is doing ia rush- ing 'business at dressmaking at the residence of her uncle, James Durgin, Sr. A party of Durginville ladies at- tended a supiper given by the Ladies' Aid at the Peasleville parsonage on Friday lafternoon. \IheyDrawEasy \TheyHold Easy\ \They look well,\ \They work well.\ a good deal to claim, but the new \'Le Roy Plows\ have been.thor- igMy tested and found worthy of atbove claims. They have many new and important features that make \Le Roy Plows\ superior to any ath- They are furnished in ail sizes and are especially adapted to youT soil. Prices ar- not controlled by a 'low Trust, b\i are sold at a fair price. For full particulars call at Childs & Byrnes', Plattsbutrgh, N. Y. ^y expelling all kumera up the whole system. G. HI***, Frank*. 111., «f BTaELV Ti Tley ing pies os her fac« and back u 4 chafed skin on her body, hr which she had b«ea *re»tiy troebled. There are mora tcctimonlalg in fkTor ef Hood's thus «aa be published. Hcod's 8ar«ap*rHlsi promise* to cu f and keeps the promise. A PLANET JR. iCultivatotr is higher priced ttea oth,- er makes, but wears longer and dooa better work, ao is cheaper in the e^ We have them and know they wIK ALONG THE AUSABLE. Aug. 25.—All g,rain is fast ripening and shows us that the harvest is near- ly at hand and the fields are white. —M*\ and Mrs. Franklyn MomtroB* and daughter Harriet have retuirned their home at Peekskill-JonHthe- Hhidson, after having spent some time •guests at toe Mountain View House. —Messrs. Williams and Halstead o£ Pittsbiwg, Pa., were in town a short time as the gsuests of the Mountain View House. —Mrs. Chas. Cole of Minneapolis who is spenkiing the summer with the •Misses Bigelow of Ausaible Porks, ^pent a few days recently calling on friends in town. All are pleased to see her once more. —Miss Hattie Burtt of New York City was the guest of her aunt, Mrs. J. W. Burtt recently. —The Misses Ella and Maggie Kerr of Upper Jay, also Eddie Kerr of Lake Placid; Geo, and Henry Kerr of Bluff Point, were at home to at- tend the funeral of their sister, Mrs. Flrank Jackson. ^Mrs Senator Prime of Upper Jay called on her mother, Mrs. James Sweenay one kiay last week. —Dr. Clark and family of Brooklyn were the guests of Miss Nancy Clark. —Mir. Wlfllie i^anton of Saranac Lake is the-gaiest of his mother, Mrs. E. E. Stanton. —(Mrs. E. Clark and son of Burling- ton are with, her father, Mr. H. Dougherty. —Mr. Sheffield and wife of New Haven, Conn., are spending their va- cation at 'Mrs. L. D. Gay's. —The Misses LUJU and Anna Hav- ens are visiting friends at Saranac Lake. —MTS. M. Cobb has returned from Ausaible Chasm and ia now under the care ct Drs. Pope ami Severance. She is staying with her sister, Mrs, D. B. St ran ah an. —On Friday, Aug. 22, occurred the annual picnic of the First M. K ehurcSh during the afternoon and even- ing at the church grounds. A neat sum of $53 was placed in the treasury to apply on the pastor's salary. —On Tfcutsday, Attg. 21, occurred the death of iibbie Kerr, wife of Mr. Frank Jacfasion of Colorado, at the hlome of her parents, Mir. anld Mrs. David Kerr. Mrs. Jackson was a great sufferer from thait dread disease, con- sumption for many months and came east witihi the hopes tlhat the change of air would do her good, but the disease would) not be conauereid by medical Bkili or loving cam The deceased was but 25 years Of age and was married nearly one year, f\ leaves a sorrowing huaband, father, mother, four sisters and six toothers and a 'host of friends to mourn her loss. Her funeral was held Aug. 23, from her late home. Rev. G..< H. Le Orange officiating. A large concouirse >f friend's followed her remains to their last resting place in, the West cemetery, where the hands of her loving brothers placed her remains in their last long home. Aug. 2S—iMlrs. Sea Carson aged 18, poisoned herself by taking white lead and died -Aug. 20th. She and her husband were working for Mr. Peck at the Junction. She^was married be- flore when 13 years old, and lived with her husband tihifee years and then left him on account of his cruelty to her. iBen Carson (becoming acquaint- ed with her and they were married July 4th and soon after engaged themselves to work for Mr. Peck of tihis placte. She was smart and a good worker. The reason she took her life is unknown. The body wias taken to Lewis for interment. —Communion service will <be held at tihe Congregational Church next •Sunday nio<raati<g, AuigL 31st Sermon to be preached by Rev. John Stone of Koene Valley. ... • —Mra Russell is visiting ai- the home of her Stores. —There are lots of summer board- —iRev. W. Marsh'has returned from is trip to Oneido County. He preached in the M. E. Church last Sunday. —Mr. Isaac Torranoe met with what might have been a serious ac- g * parents, Mr. and Mrs. suit. Also IRON AGE AND PLANET JR. garden tools. Our line of implements is complete and prices law. U BRIDGE STREET PLATTSBURGH BO «y. RTOLAt Bluff Potet N Y., Aug. 14, 1902, a dausgfcter to' Mr! and Mrs. J. Frank Herwerfca, aad girand-daughter to Mr. and Mrs Thoa Robinson. WALLACE.—In Plattsburgh, Aua 23 1902, a da^Mer (.M&bel) to M? and Mra. j. Wallace, Jr. August 13, R6rt SBARLES.In Saranac, Augnst 13, 1902 a son to Mir. and Mrs. William GONYEA.--.In Saranae. August 12, 1902, a son to Mir. and Mrs. Nelson Gronyea. CART1ER.—Jn Saraaac, Ai 1902, a son to Mr. and C&rtier. 'm iPBattatourgih, Aug. 2S, dausjtter to Mr. and Mrs. Henry (A. Wiefcber. MARK1M.JJ. LBGGETT—SOMTH.—;ln Peril, at tihe Congregational parsonaige, by thie Rev W. H. Kettshaiw, April 30, 1902, Mr! Fred L. Leggett, of Pern, and Miss Frances DeLoird Smith, of Plattsfcurgh. CROSSUP-HBOW.—-Ait th& M. E. parsonage at Lyon, Mountain, Sunday evening; Aug. 17, 1908, Mr. James Crosaup and Miss Cora Bow, both of Ellen burfch Center. TAI^MlAG<EI-«TtACKE>iO5LiEl—At the home of the bride's parents, in Lyon Mountain, Thursday afternoon August 21, 1902, Miss Silma A. SCackpole and Mr. Albert E. Talmage, of Montreal. MATHEIWS.—in Troy, Aug. 23, 1902, Mrs. Maria HartweH Mathews. Funeral from her late residence, No. 22 Glen avenue, Monday afternoon, Aug. 25. ait .2 o'clock. cident last 'Skturday as he was re- turning from Saranac with his daugh- ter and her two children. The wheel >roke and they were thrown from :he wagon. They escaped with altgtht injuries. —The Congregational and Methodist Sundtay School picnic will be held ii Copper's Grove Thursday , Aug. 28. Teams will start from Congregational 3hurch at 9 a. m. —'Rev. Mr. Cass is away at his wife'! Lome. She is still very sick and the Dr. gives little hopes of her recovery. —Mr. Thlayer, (a former niesident -f Wilmington) and his wife were in Lown Sunday. —Mrs. Hazelton, of Sta-ranac is visit- ing 'her parents Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Torrance. AMONG THE ISLANDS. GRAKtt I-*1.E VT Aug. 26.—Silas Dubuque of North Hero, sxtewt a few days at Leon Du- 'buque's last week. —Mr. Harvey Snow of Clinton vis- ited his granddaughter, Mrs. Joseph iPatnode, Jr., last week, reibuirning home Saturday. —Milton B. Hoag, an iwnploye of American Express Co>, of Rutland, is spending his vacation wifth his moth- er, Mrs. Lois O. Koag at Pearl. —Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Girard of Pearl spent Sunday at Oliff Haven. —Mrs. E. C. 'Brown and* Mm Fared Babb of Underbill are stopping at tlhe Station farm for a few days. —•Mr. D. C. Goodspeed is critically ill at his home in PearL —Mr. and Mrs. Lesfcetr Minckler and son have gone to Chazy for a few days' stay among friends and rela- tives. —A daughter was born to Mr. and! Mrs. Allen Hazen Aug. 20. —'Mrs. Alonzo L. (Wheeler has re- tuirned home after a folur weeks' stay with her son Clyde in Colchester. —P. Wi. Oemetnt, candidalte for governor on high license and local option, made a speech at the Davis hig<h school last Wednesday which was largely attended by all who are in favor of his platform. -HlrviuB Davis of Pearl went to Plattsibui-gh, (Monday Ho put in a bid to furnish onions at the Barracks for Uncle Sam. —Miss Sttella Seiguin of Burlington is visiting at Chas: Dubuque's. —'Mrs. Cha& Dulbuque has returned home after a treatment of four weeks a the Fanny Allen Hospital, Bun-ling-- A blessing; alike to young and old; Dr. Fowler's Extract of Wild Stmw- berry. Nature's specific for dysentery, diarrhoea and summer complaint. New Brttian, Conn., was the first city in tlhe Nutmeg State to put wires dTqr ground. Bodily pain loses its terror If you'v» a bottle of Dr. Thomas' ISeJeotric OH in the <hous«. Instant relief i n vases of burns, cuts, sprains, accidentB ot any sort.

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