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FRIDAY MORNING, FEB. 14, 1902. THE PX,ATTSBTTRGrH SENTINEL. UNCLE SAM'S BUSY H0 mm ™ l «• Use Peruna For Colds, Coughs and Catarrh. Expert Pathologist Under Ex amination-- Evidence of Patrick's Friend and Client. £%* I As the skin covers the outside of th« j body, so the mucous membranes line th« \ inside. Every organ, every duct, every Postofflce Building, Montgomery, Ala. Hon. John C. Lef twich, Redeemer of Public Moneys, whose office is in the magnificent building above shown, in a letter written from Montgomery, Ala., «ays:\ I take pleasure in recommending Peruna as an excellent tonic and it is recommended to me by those who have used it as a good catarrh cure.\ Hon. Robert Barber, Register United States Land Office, also writes from Montgomery, Ala.: \For some time I • have been a sufferer from catarrh in its incipient stage, so much so that I be- came depressed and feared my health was generally in a decline. But bear-, ing of Peruna as a good remedy I gave it a fair trial and soon began to im- prove. Its effects were distinctly bene- ficial, removing the annoying symp- toms and was particularly good as a tonic\ Hon. J . K. Burke, Collector of Port, of Mobile, Ala., writes: \ Peruna I can rec- ommend as a fine medicine. It has been used in my family and as a tonic it is excellent. I take pleasure in testifying to its fine qualities.\ P. D. Barker, Postmaster of Mobile, Ala., in a recent letter, says:\ Allow me to send to you my testimonial as to the good qualities of Peruna. I hare used it for the past three months and find it & Dost excellent tonic.\ New York, Feb. 11—The cross ex- i t _ when the trial of Albert T. Patrick, for the murder of William Marsh Rice, was resumed. Assistant District Attorney Osborne passage, every cavity of \the body, is animation of Dr. Loomis, expert pa- lined by mucous membrane. These mu« thologist, was taken up yesterday cous membranes are liable from various causes to become irritated or inflamed When this occurs it is called catarrh, and catarrh may be located in the head, &n d hi g agsistant; Garvan> were pre . nose,middle ear, throat, bronchial tubes, d to offe r evidence showing that or air cells of the lungs, liver, bowels, Rice had been poisoned by mercury kidneys, bladder, procreative and uri> before being killed by chloroform. nary organs. Wherever there is a ma- For this purpose, they brought to cous membrane, there catarrh may be court Prof. Rudolph A. Withaus, un- also. i dertaker's assistant John IS. Potter, ho embal Huneke, ma ed Rice's 'body; and Max ft f the emlbalm- To be sure, catarrh of these various organs has been known by different names; that is, catarrh of the stomach : '\ Dr 7Toornis. who~\swore on direct has been called dyspepsia, catarrh oi examination that the congested condi- ihe kidneys, Brlght's Disease; catarrh of the bowels, diarrhoea or dysentery; \ catarrh of the probative organs, A. i uken jn hand again by - RobtM> male trouble, and so on, and so on. i Moore, of counsel for the defense. But our claim is, that these are all ons , Patrick made copious notes of. the and the same disease—catarrh—and Rice' i come from dis nhalation lungs could not h, ;ase, but was the result of irritant that our remedy, Peruna, Is applic&bls to catarrh of all of these various or* gans. Peruna is not a \cure all\; it cures j ust cross examination. When Mr. Moore was through, Mr. Osborne took tihe witness in hand again. In answer to a question re- garding the condition of Rice's pul- monary orifices, Dr. Loomis, in teeth- OLEOMARGARINE BILL PASSED. Provision for Inspection of Renovated Butter is Retained. Washington, Feb. 13—The Oleomar- garine bill was passed by the House without division yesterday, after a test vote on a motion by Mr. Wads- worth (Rep., N. Y.,) to recommit had been beaten by 162 votes to 118. Sen- ator Proctor, (Rep., Vt.,) Chairman of the Committee on Agriculture and 1 Forestry, says he thinks the measure will pass the 'Senate, and friends of tihe original proposals are confident that when it comes before the Senate it will be shorn of the amendments added to it in the House. The bill is considerably different from what it was when it first came up. It provides for a tax of 10 cents a pound on colored oleomargarine d t f 1 t New York Grand Jury Holds Contractor and Superin- tendent for Park Ave- nue Explosion. New York. Feb. 13—The grand jury i today found seven indictments in the j matter of tine Park avenue subway ex- plosion. Sub-Contractor Shaler, in , whose section the explosion occurred, iuperintendent, Ernest G. Mathe- the act shall interfere with of a State to permit the sale of oleo- margarine, consistently witih the laws degree. Two men, connected with the city's bureau of combustibles, were in- dicted for neglect of duty. They were Inspector Edward Smith and Superin- j tendenit. Geo. E. Murray. Shaler, Epps \ and Matheson had already been held I one disease—catarrh. But since catarrh i nical language, stated what he had is able to fasten itself within the differ*1 found, and based his conclusions on j W vv _ JiUOlV ^ ^, „ WWM ^ V , W4W , mt organs of the body,so itis that Pe« I certam experiments which he Said he j The bill also states that oleornar- Revolutionary Steamer Lioenatlor Did The Allen amendment provides that all renovated butter shall be properly stamped and labeled, and that the plants where it is turned oat shall be subject to Government inspection. But it does not impose any tax on renovated butter. The amended bill defines who shall be considered as manufacturers of oleomargarine. Anybody who takes the uncolored ar- ticle and places coloring matter in it | is considered as a man-ufacturer. ! Bracken, sub-foreman of Shaler's sec- tion, was also indicted for manslaugh- ter in the first degree. An engineer for 'Shaler, Ch&s. E. Frazier, was in- dicted for a misdemeanor in failing to see that proper safeguards against an accident were taken. AH those indicted, except Murray and Smith. ; v/ere arraigned this afternoon before Judge Cowing. SANK THE GENERAL CR'ESPO. runa cures affections of these organs But w© insist that Peruna cures one di3> ease only. We claim that Peruna is tha only internal, scientific remedy for ca« tarrh yet devised. We olaim that ca« had made on animate. \I object to his using his experiences on animals as a basis for one of his* conclusons,\ sad Mr. Moore. The ob- jection was sustained. . ne may ibe put up in tubs of from 10 to 100 pounds and labeled. The the Work in Half an Hour, Wadswortft substitute which was de-! \Willemstad Island of Coracoa, Feb. feated, provided that the product y tarrh is a systemic disease; that is to lay, it invades the whole system. Wt j iou ilaim that Peruna is a systemic re ------ — ,could be* put only in. one\ and\two yestertia y witn tihe Venezuelan revo- Atter Dr. Loomis had answered sev-[pound packages, stamped and labeled lutionary steamer Libertador, (for- mal hypothetical questions of prodig- ian d could not (be sold except in these ' merly the Ban High), confirms the re- length. Patrick whispered to [packages; and also provided fora n_ Port tb'.u the latter sank the Vene- say, it eradicates catarrh from « sems to me ev m. Catarrh is not a local dis- j f °und differed •dy | (Lawyer Cantwell, of his counsel: ^ \It J cense fee' oTfeOcTa ye&r^on^maniTfac-< zue ^ n the system, ease; Peruna Is not a local remedy. Since catarrh invades the system, only a systemic remedy can reach it. This is, in brief, our claim in assigning to the disease—catarrh-—onr remedy, Peruna. An instructive and interesting treatise on catarrh in its different forms and stages, will be sent free to any address by The Perana Medicine Co., Colum- bus. Ohio. MID-WINTER SALE -OF- ery one of tihese fellows it conditions of affairs.\ One of t ! he most interesting parts of the trial yesterday was the move of the state in placing in the witness box John R. Potts, a lawyer and banker, and at one time, at least, a friend of the accused. Mr. Potts said, among other things, that Patrick, a few days before his arrest, but after Mr. Rice's death, had retained him as counsel, and that the tie had not been severed. 'Mr. House, counsel for de- fense, objected strongly to the testi- mony being accepted by tihe court, on the ground that Mr. Potts' conversa- tion with Patrick was privileged. The court, however, allowed Mr. Potts to testify to matters prior to Patrick's arrest. The he had known Farm and Teaming Harness !• We just received fifteen set of work harness and have decided to offer extra inducements while they last. These harness are made from the best oak tanned leather, put together by skilled Patrick since 1870. becoming intilm&te with him in 1890. He had never seen Rice in Patrick's office, though I the latter was in the same suite as his (Potts), Patrick had told him a rich client had died and made ihim residuary legatee. Patrick had also ihown him many of the documents low in dispute, among them the \Pat- rick\ will, and he had told {Patrick he workmen and warranted to withstand lows: 1 3-4 inch team straps, felt pads. 1 Larness, crotchet bi'ee eh traces, \o. 1 collar! wear. Description fol- whiff letree neekyoke wed th 1OO street a ch farm harness, ughout stufFed on felt pads, heavy breechings. hand- did not think the will would hold. Owen Machine Tool Co. Champion i seriou s damage to her. After half an Patrick replied, \That's all right, the Chemical Co., iSpringfield Foundry Co. • four's fighting the Crespo hoisted the estate practically mine.\ Mr. Potts; Progress 'Stove and Furnace Co., In-i whlt e fla S and surrendered uneondi- also advised Patrick not to fill out! dianapolis Frog and Switch Co., Mil- ' * \ and use t!he blank checks puported to : ler Gas Engine Co., Green Mfg. Co., have been given his by Mr. Rice and —---• — Patrick replied he would use the money as Mr. Rice had named him as residuary legatee, (because of his per- sonal regard for him. He also told d stable blankets at cost and in some cases less th SWEAT PADS FOR WORKING COLLARS Fifty-five cents per pair We have also a large amount of spruce and cedar shingles which we have decided to offer at prices much less than regular This sale will be a demonstration of the power of price Child s & Byrnes Krell French Piano Co. The Whitely shops were built in 1882 at a cost of -$750,000, and at that time the shops were the largest under one roof in the world, and they tea- itness the day before Mr. Rice died j only one rival in later years, the that he had not seen him for a week. | Krupp Gun works in Germany. Then Mr. Potts swore that the day after the death Patrick had brought •his a check for $25,000, and asked him Rink Building. Pittsburgh, N. Y. L0RD.DUFFER1N !S DEAD. POLYGAMY STILL PRACTICED. Ministerial Alliance of Salt Lake Re- news Fight on Mormons. Salt Lake, Utah, Feb. 12—The Min- isterial Alliance of Salt Lake has Is- sue* an address declaring tbJat poly- gamy is still practiced by Mormons. The address wil be used as an argu- ment for the passage of a Constitu- tional amendment making polygamy a criiae against tihe Government. It j passed\^w'Teace7ully\aftera\night Oreat Diplomat Passes Away at His Home in Ireland. London, Feb. 12—The Marquis of Dufferin, former governor general of Canada, and who had filled many high diplomatic positions in, the English service died at 6:25 o'clock this morn- ing at his residence at Glandeboye, county Down, Ireland. Lord Dufferin \Investigation discloses that poly- gamous cohabitation continues in vovl- of total unconsciousness. Lord Dufferin never wholly reeov- ered from the shook which (ae expe- id th lt f th dh ^ p tiplied instances in Salt Lake City, rienced as the result of the death of Logan, Rrigham City^ Provo, Payson, Smithfield and elsewhere; that the Mormon authorities continue to pub- licly teach and insist upon the right- fulness of polygamy.\ \At the quarterly conference of Ca- che county, held at Logan Jan. 6, 1901, Apostle Crowley said: 'If you have a man in the priesthood who does not acquaint himself with all the doctrines of the Church and teach the same, both 'by precept and example to his son, Lord Ava, in. South Africa, and the failure of the London and Globe Finance Corporation, Limited, and kindred companies of which he was a director, completed his break- down. With the exception of his youngest son, Lord Hanulton-Tetaple- Blackwood, (who is wi«h Ihis regi- ment, the Nninth Lancers, in South Africa,) all the family were present at the death bed. Lord Clamieboye, the eldest son, who is a clerk in the the families of his district, plural mar- j foreign office, and who married lage and all they have no business Florence, daughter of John H. Davis, • - - • of New York, succeeds to the title, and another American joins the rank3 in the priesthood.' \At another conference, George Q. Cannon publicly stated: 'The people of the world do not believe in breed- ing, but we do, so the people of the >rld i ill die out and we will fill the wfhole earth. I admit that those rais- ing children by plural wives are not complying with man-made laws but in tihe sight of God they are not sin- ning.' \At Beaver a few months ago, Elder White said: 'Yes we believe a man should have one wife today and five tomorrow if he wands them.' \The practice of leaders and their I J continued insistence upon the correct- 1^ ness of the doctrine show most clear- ly that it still is held as an essential feature of their faith.\ the peeresses. The funeral of Lord Dufferin will be private. His remains will be buried_in the grave yard at Clande- boye, February 15. $ yr on a turers and a 2 per cent tax on. col- ored oleomargarine. HALF A MILLION LOSS. Manufacturing Establishments :ld, 0., in Ruins. General Crespo, re- cently near Cunmrebo. The captain jand ciew of the Crespo are prisoners jon board the Libertador. No confirmation has been olbtaim , pgg^ent in took place Monday last off .die epaat 1 of Venezuela Chough th sd of CLEVELAND'S Baking Powder Does the work better Makes the cake sweeter Saves labor, time, health PATERSON IS HARD AT WORK. Thousands of Men Busy Clearing Away the Ruins. Paterson, N. J., Feb. 13-^Moire than of'theT^ort_^t a\MvaTeng^Sent'^^ff? ^™™.™^^ .*?!' o f lth e burned district today and took place Monday last off .die epaat ^ tdy an 1 of Venezuela, Chough the sound of laborers are flocking into the city. ANGLO-JAPANESE ALLIANCE. Its Objec* to Preserve the Integrity of China and Korea. London, Feb. 12—A Parliamentary paper was issued last night giving the ' isrlticai k o terms of a practical alliance between Practically without exception the \« Great Britain and Japan for tihe pres- UES. LLOYD WHKATOX. Anecdote* of the Brave Man Whose Moldiers Idolize Hi^i. Gen. Lloyd Wlheaton, whose frank- ness in expressing his opinions ha* stirred up a numtoer of not lack for Senatorial defender*. SpringfleidT*O.7'Feb. Tl—The largest j cannonading was heard here that I Many safes have been opened today, ervation of me integrity of china\and broke out in the Champion < plant of the Eagle street shops yes- terday at 9 A. M. An hour and a half later twelve manufacturing plants were in total ruin. The latest esti- mated loss is $500,000. The fire was tamed: started by the xplosion of some chem-; \ On J ' boa t r I d the T ^ lb ^^°£.i? Cttmare- Later in the day the following re-'torney General Griggs (revealed only jon Jan. 30 by the Marquis of Lans- port of the engagement (between the j ashes and melted metal. Mr. Griggs Idowne, the Secretary of State of Por- Libertador and the Crespo was ob- j hkd . icals in tie Champion Chemical plant. A strong westerly wind was blowing and with amazing rapidity the fire ate its way along the buildings, which were all under one roof. bo, Venezuela, Feb. 7th: \We left the vicinity of CuHacoa at o'clock this morning going and relics in the safe, j eign Affairs, • but these had melted. The front walls at Tokio, Sir Claude M. McDonald, of the First National bank were torn > an d a down today f™- '*«•«»<«,• a^^i »™,, D In the agreement. who have served sunder him whom they fondly call \Dad\ Wheaton, s would fight for him to tfce last ditek % against any odds, ^ ; Even among the general oSicerse^^ the United States Army* 1 many men < splendid character, mere are h k i h Wh i paper says the s an out- past two | tall p , m a tm who rank with. Wheaton in personal among the straight as enMsted meat, 5 ing. ffi SSMV fight To our summons to Ten firemen were caught in the lender ^hich was accompanied f th Kll F R^f^^^ we*mV&e M stea^<£e8p^ %***; B^f^ ^ f^f 0 ^^ ^3€^ Wacfe^and «£\i6w«g marebo and sh^ immediately preye d Jthe elevator sh^ office of the Kirell French cdmpany, and to escape they had to jump from a window. Four freight cars of tihe Detroit and Southern railway were totally destoy- ed and many others ruined. Among the heaviest losers are the it tomorrow. The First National bank I upon 'Carrere and Hastings, the New by opening fire upon us to which the Libertador answered by directing toe fire Of her helavy guns and rapid fire j York architects, to draw \plans of its; guns on the Crespo. The latter kept j new fire .proof building to cost $150,- ' up firing for a time but her shells did J00O. Contractor Vanderhoof of New not strike us while^our shells inflicted [York, who built tihe City Hall, in- to get is certified. This he had done, as he did with ; other checks. THE PATRICK MUTWDER TRIAL Several More COCOS ISLAND TREASURE. Victoria, B. p., Feb. 13—At a meet- ing of the Pacific Exploration Com- pany, which recently sent an expedi- tion to Cocos Island to search for buried treasure, the president said that a letter had been received from Admi- i of the territorial status quo, either in Chna ox the adjoining regions.\ The' following are the terms of the have to come down. tionally, The commander of the Cres- po, General Pedro Sutero, and all her crew were then transferred on (board i the Paget building today and appoint- j the Libertador and the Cregpo ren- led a committee to adjust losses on j dered completely useless, was aban- it.h« lare-A ihiiilfliti doned on the coast (Signed), The signer of the j The Governments of Great Britain Representatives of eighty fire in- iand Japan actuated ^^y , b y a desire rL^^f^S a1 ^S 1 \! t it d th tt d • maintain the status quo and gen- \ • . the - \ g Manuel A. Matos, the V r enezuelan revolution der of the Obertador. report is Gen. leader of the and cotmman- FIANCE DEAD OF SMALLPOX. Bower Caught It From the'Tojing Woman lie Was Going to Marry. Bloomfield, N. J., Feb. 13—Frederick Will Be Examined. Experts j ^fpauiser, formerly* i^comma^d^of ! Bower, Jr., died here last nfght ol (the British Pacific squadron, saying ;smallpox^ He got the^^diseaae^while i will adjust its own risks on the small 'buildings. The city is without a fire alarm system. The Fire Committee of the Board of Aldermen had a con- sultation today witta a representative of <the Gamewell Fire Alarm Company The company offered to put in a tem- porary system in three days, and this was accepted. - The Relief Committee is finding its work increased, as the people who •were rendered homeless are beginning to shift for themselves. The Rev. Dr. D. S. Hamilton said today that they found the greatest demand for babies' of wthat;J-> and 'became ^ill about three weeks j row, several more handwriting ex-' place of tihe treasure, on perts will be dalled to the stand by that he received one-fourth ^^ ,,^»!., the State to prove forgeries in the was found. Admiral Palliser visited j Rice will of 1900. Assistant District the island a couple of years ago with Attorney Osborne is seeking to estab- > his flagship and made a search for lish proof that the alleged signa- I the treasure. It was said at the meet- ; tures of the millionaire in the last ing on Tuesday night that on that oc- ! Ward, will are much fainter than the orig- | casion the Admiral found treasure, ! To ™ Council, attended young 'Bower inal in letters and documents written : but decided to leave it where it was and remained at his bedside from 3 by Rice. He asserts that Rice was a until he retired from the navy, when j o'clock yesterday afternoon until the -igorous old man, and did not write [he intended to recover i t {time of his death at 8 oclock last the faint lines ascribed to him. Tihe | POSTAL APPROXIMATION BILL. pnnoe ad territorial integrity of China and Korea, and in securing equal opportu- nities in those countries for the com- merce and industry of all nations, hereby agree as follows: AWicle 1—The high contracting parties, having mutually recognized the independence of China and Korea, declare themselves to be entirely un- influenced by any aggressive tenden- cies either country. Having in view however, their especial interests, of which those of Great Britain relate principally to China, while Japan, in addition to the interests she possesses in China, is interested in a peculiar cially and industrially, in Korea, the •••-••• ... in ^ prosecution insists that all the faint tnd unshaded writings are forgeries. New York, Feb. 13—Blackboards, powerful magnifying glasses, 'big cards Carries $137,916,598—Contract System for Rural Delivery. Washington, Feb. 13^—The Postof- 'fiee Appropriation bill has been prac- with specimens of handwriting, lo«g; tloall y com pieted by .the House Corn- rulers and other paraphernalia of thejmittee on Postoffice and Postroads, class room, made Recorder Goff's j and will be reported in a few days. It carries $137,916,59S, an increase of $14,133,910 over the current appropria- tion, and of $3,185,022 over the eeti- EPIDEMIC OF SMAlLLPOX. Every Railroad Man Entering Chi- cago to Be Vaccinated. Chicago, Feb. 13—Every employe of every railroad entering Chicago, from the president to the messenger oy, wi'li be vaccinated between now .. „__„ „._ . --. -— .and Monday or lose his posMon. accused lawyer as a proof of his mo-' a n increase of $1,250,000, making the Every car which arrives in the city tive for the alleged chloroforming of : total $7,529,000, and provision is made! form every direction will be sniibject- W. M. Rice. The jury was like a ; t o - Dlac e tne rural carriers under a ' ed to fumigation for six hours under class of school boys, today, with Al- ! contract system, instead of paying the direction of the health department bt S Ob hditi t them salaries as at ret : \ \ court resemble a section of a scienti- fic school when the PatrlcK trial was resumed today. The: were the in- j mat es. The largest TtenT is*$41^250^000 8 o night. 'Dr. Ward has -ia contract iwita to t b hi h he i $10 g t town by which sh receives $10 a visit for each case of smallpox which she attends. Tlhere are four cases in town at present town $40 a day. and they cost the struments of the State in its endeavor : for railway transportiation of mails, j b< to fasten the crime of forgery on the| The . rurai free delivery service getslaj of the city before other ^passengers bert S. Osborne, handwriting expert them salaries as at present ._ „ , o __. from Rochester, as instructor. j The extra allowance for fast rail- j are allowed to enter i t These ; pre- Before the handwriting expert wentj wa 7 man service between New York ' cautions were agreed upon at a'meet- on the stand, a big blackboard was :att| d Washington is omitted, but that ing of the general managers of all the placed beside the witness' chair, in : for the service between Washington railroads entering Chicago. The Chi- full view of each juror. Then each and New Orleans and from Kansas cago and Alton railroad and the Ill- juror was handed a card three feet;City to Newton.. Kan., is included, inois Central began to put them into long and one foot in width, on which I There is no provision for pneumatic effect yesterday. The other roads will were enlargement'of genuine and al- .tube service, that subject being cov- begin today. All will continue the leged forged signatures of Rice. For the in- 'measures \until *the smallpox^ epidemic \A similar card was\in'the\hands of.!crease of salaries of postoffice clerks \which\is ravaging \in the**northwest Expert Osborne, when he swore that : $811,000 is allowed, and there is $200,- and the Mississippi valley states, shall signatures to the checks and other j 000 for the increase documents were forged, he explained j railway mail employes. in detail to the jury why he did so, ! and he pointed out on the card the j Of Jute id f the lld i i P salaries of be stamped out At Che meeting of the managers t g g ! condition of plague in Wisconsin, o Suninier Hotel Keepers Michigan, Minnesota, Ioiwa, Nebraska, K Mii d Illi i d vidence'of th alleged crime of Pat- j The lis t o f Slimmer ;hotel s et< / in Kansas, ifissouri and Illinois Was' de- and it was stated BURNED ON THE SEA. Two-Masted Schooner Solid Mass of Fire and Deserted by Crew. Delaware Breakwater, Del., Feb. 11 —The togs Sommers N. Smith and Juno, which left here last night to go ce of a schooner on -ned at 3 this morning ri Wh a en d Patrick took his seat in court I ana aa ^ ent t0 tne Adirondack Maun- .-£ — he plunged immediately into the bun- | tains, issued each year by the Passen- so , ut h as Mississippi and Alabama. BIG EXPRESS MERGER. Four Largest Express Companies May Be Consolidated. San Francisco, Feb. 13—The Call by the aggressive action Of any other power or by disturbances arising in China or Korea necessitating the in- tervention of either of the contracting parties for the protection of the lives and property of its subjects. »«« ,.*«*««-, •*•«, «r -* w ~~» Article 2—If eiither Great Britain or states that the four ibis express com- jJapan, in defense of Its respective in- panies of the country—the Adams, ter ests, as above described, s&ould be- the American the United States and lcome involved in a war wili anothw he Wells Fargo—may merge into one P?^' t!h e 9^^ eontracting party orporation. It says that \word comes *®K ma I ntam striot neuttraldty and •y private message from the east that use lU efforts to prevent other powers I H. SaSSS Ssident of the from Joining in the hostilities against Souther n Pacific company, will b e « s ally. • ^ > elected to the presidency of the Wells 1 Artade 3—If, m the above event, Fargo Express company at the nexti ai 7 other power or powers should anmml meting of the stockholders.\ l^l\.^.^ 0 !^^,^^ ^ ^J7' The paper adds tihat Harriman may be selected as president of'the propos- ed com4)&ny. WILLING TO TURN IRISH. g y, the other contracting party will come to its assistance and will conduct war in common and make peace in (mu- tual agreement witih it Article 4—The contracting parties j agree that neither of them will, with- Bishop Gonaty, rector of the Oath- out consulting the other, enter into olic Uruiversity at Washington, while separate arrangements with another on a visit to Brooklyn jreoently, told power to the prejudice of the interests of a priest's experience in a ^mall New above described. England town. The clergyman was Article 5—Whenever, in the opinion just about to retire for the nigfht of either Great Britain or Japan, the when he heard a knock at his door, above mentioned interests are jeop- He called, \Come in,\ and a negro ardized, the two Governments will presented himself, and said, rather shamefacedly: \Father there is a girl outside May I bring her in?\ communicate with one another fully and frankly. Article 6 provides that tihe agree- ment is to go into effect immediately, Assent having been given, he dis- i remain in force for five years, and be appeared for a moment, an'd returned binding for a year after either party with a 'wfhite woman, and informed the scandalized iprtest that they wish- renounces i t But if, when the date fixed for the expiration of the agree- tment arrives, either party thereto is actually engaged in war, tfhe alliance promptness, and the girl was severely j shall ipso facto, continue until peace ed to be married. He was shown ihe door with ion\had l spre^ aT'far j adimonished on the course she was! is concluded. Idles rie: as well. H the bundle g tures he diligently compared wLrh those which the State claim are the pursuing. Piteen minutes later there came another knock, and on opening the of photographs of alleged forge- I ger Department of the New York Cen- The general managers passed resolu- and into the original documents ! tral & Hudson River Railroad Com- ; lions calling on the medical advisers, . , Mmself ~ agaIn giave special attention to ; . . , rw , aoH frt , tho aaaann : of the road to take steps to check the i °°° r } h * P^est touna himseir again of checks. These signa, fi**^ S^^^cSLSldiSS dlse - e an d giving them full author- '«~~ *\ ' — + ^ — MJK o ^^ - J«HNSOX IGNORES NEW RULES. American Baseball League Will Not Usel Those Lately Adopted. Chicago, Feb. 13—It is stated that I President Ben Johnson, of the Ameri- can League, after consulting with Um- pire Jack Sheridan and President Hirey, of the American Association, . v ,. authorized the announcement that the j ^heved^ to^be merican League will not accept the masted schooner. Both anchors were ( down and the schooner was a solid j mass of frre. She was burned to the | water's edge and it was not possible ; to learn her name. The (burning ves- sel was about two mile off Cape May. ' y loaded with grain MARCONI CABLE SYSTEM. :our hundred names. Circular letters uy t o use whatever measures they have been sent to all who were repre- deeme d best I sented in 1901 callin^ for revision or ' The SUT S eon S o f the road and their L \ • confirmation of the published ra tes j assistants met and decided upon the etc. The proprietors of any new ho- I striQ gent action above outlined. tels, camps or boarding-houses in any i portion of the Adirondack region, or | POLICE CANNOT RIDE FREE, at places outside the Adirondacks, but Troy. X. Y., Feb. 13.— Twenty-turee tegular Service Will Be Estab- lished Across the Atlantic. p don d tributary to tihe New York Central's Adirondack Division, are requested to forward at once to H. D. Carter, General Agent, Makrae, N. Y., the fol- , li ifi i hir Tr lug. It :es framed at tihe Buffalo meet- ••• % also predicted in baseball cir- .^^^ ,.L^ ^^^u,, , w «^ c ^ nil .u gic^u. London, Feb. 13—The annual I or soft coal and was old. After leav- port of Marconi's Wireless Telegraph j ] owing information concerning thei j ing the 'blazing ship the two tugs Company was issued by the direc- Place: j cruised in the vicinity for two hours tors yesterday. It refers to the sue-j Name of House; post-office; near-j searching for the crew, who were cess achieved in transmitting signals ' est R - R - station; miles from station; j .float in a small boat, across the Atlantic and proceeds: I terms per week, for adults; for child-! board anticipate with consider-|fen; transient^ rate per _ day; date j their ; that Hickey will follow John- j daylight, but sou's lead, and several other minor in S crew. leagues are likely to follow suit. This means the complete collapse Berlin's Black •Book, the of the plan of formulating a universal ' r fi <*ord ke cede of rules under which the gai puccessful and able confidence that they will shortly [ house opens; date closes; kind of con- j regular service acrofs j veyance from station; lake, pond or ! it rates which need not | river near which located; o'tormen of me Unk- any were arrested by. £?ut 'urealise 'hey re- heemei .o ride free by ?ifavr>r Conwiay. in development of -fsM \'i the eomrany als over the risbt of e.ua 10 ride i on bridegroom. With great indignation, the priest said: \I thought I .sent you about your business before!\ The darky paralyzed him with this reply: \Yes I know you did, Father James, but Mary an/d I have talked it over, earch was not both returned here. The steam pilot establish boat Philadelphia extended the hunt the Atlantic ign of the mis; welfare all amate both professional and : ? played. j oto seriously interfere with the of cable companies.\ The Daily Mail says that the direc- riminal tors of the Marconi Wireless Tele- by the police, now con- grapih Company have decided to in- -olumes containing 21,000 sure Marconi's life for £150,000. Th proprietor or mana_ No charge is made for this represen- tation. Should any whose hotel, etc., has appeared in the list heretofore, fail to receive the circular letter re- ferred to, they are requested to send of all class- insurance will be divided among sev-)'>• promptly information asked for era! companies. above. the Democracy roken front H '-!' t>s.i'lt:i(.y, bays must present a.n at front \b; old man with a silve running-mate. face to face with the would J be colored The agreement is signed by Lord Lansdowne and by Baron Hayashi, the Japanese minister to Great Britain. ROOSEVELT OUT OF-BANGER. Groton, Mass., Feb. 13—Young Theodore Roosevelt passed a good night, and this morning his condition was such that it was announced that the President would leave for Wash- ington this afternoon. Tihe crisis of the disease in the right lung has been (passed successfully, the left lung has cleared to the satisfaction of the doc- and we thought^ maybe you^would look j tors* ~andi\ the\ boy \now\is \considered matter differently if you knew willing to turn Irish.\ at th I Of Sir William Harcouint, Disraeli once said in his affectedly cynical way, \He has the three essential qualifica- tions of success in politics—a fine per- ,nd no principles \ To tills. Harcoui- 1 fust two qualifications, it might al- most be applied to 'Dizzy' himself.\ A MEASURE OF TIME. The Pupil—It seemed to me that I must have practiced all of two hours. The Professor—But I'm sure you out of danger. 4 TWENTY-ONE WERE INJURED. Cleveland, O., Feb. 13—A passen- ger train on the Erie, leaving Cleve- land at IP, M. for New York, was wrecked between Manoning and Pla- hanx, about forty miles from this ivhen it i\vas repeated to him, i C ity yesterday afternoon. The •ejoined: \Leaving out the | whole train left the track and ran on for twenty car lengths, finally toppling over in a ditch. Twenty-one persons are reported injured, but it is believed no fatalities occurred. The amount of gold coin in actual •culation in the world is estimated On horseback especially he -looks th*v «| part of a pirate king, and his Trciefti i§ is a deep bass of tremendous ; po^s*-vffl! that can be heard at great 4tei»Qees. Wil It is a favorite Jofce wffib> the «oti W diets in the islands that \Old l)ad**::i|| leads no staff f because he can make s himself 'heard half a m*k> withoat is straining himseflf. Most eadearis#jS§ of aM, from the standpoint of i&& com-if I mon soldier, Gen. Wheaton ii^e|§l i spares himself, and (many & little owtrlll post, hard pressed by an on^es^ow^riiagtSiii force of the \niggers has been ja-^Ki spired by the roaring command of J K \Old Dad\—\Go In, boys! Go in 1\^ IIS while he WmseM, riding like, a?: eefi>K«l taur, leid I^e ichai^e far In advanc#fli of the advancing column. ; . ; ; \ ' '^If Even his presence is inspiring. Jfi¥ w|| many & hot skirmish, vrlhen tite BaeOK^i: have become tired and scattesrea, 4^|il tremendous voice, toellowinig In p<aK*SI distance, has liad tbe effebt of> ar€l trumpet call or the arrival of a regi-v\ ^ ment of rednforeetments 5 \Brace up, boys,\ the call will go> C >ross the scattered Unes, \here-; S comes 'Old Dad,' \ and then rasli«9 iJ into the. fi'ght th© *big bay horse, top>- :? ped by the Wg, fierce, 'man, with Ms ^ black beard, and all is over Jbut th(B- i 'louting. •': ' : ..\./• . ; • • ' ' ',• . .' [: : : -M Enlisted men returned trom seryicef w In the islands tell all sorts of iatitft ? S stories of Gen. Wheaton. For In- i' : A stance, there was the night after tiur^S landing at San FaWaa. Six gatn^ cl; iboate had gone down the coag* to cflv^s S er the landing of a lot Off sneo <and«r-v^f Gen. Wheaton, who were loaded ott!vjfc^ couple of army trams^H-ts. Wtite *|h«v ? gunboats shelled N the town Wheaton .££ got his men into launches and otb«f ^ small boats and waited for the first vW chance to get ashore. Oae© &t t#ic*i^» his eagerness led him to push ahead within range of the gmilboato' rifr*,-::?. and each time he had to face about,tf and retire much to the aamuBementt ; of the men, bobbing aSbout on ~ 1&*£ : M swells in their little boats. Finally filers party landed, imd^ a hoi fire from* ^ the insurgeats, and: rushed the town.Cs After pickets had ibeea thrown oa^g and all arrangement nmie for guard*^ | against a night attaek, Geii*, eS Wheaton started to turn in, wfea \fh^Mi. idea of catching a few 1IO«UB' ele*^, ;S| He and his orderly went \into••'» .'JB00.^z% tive house on the square and op©n^# | the door leading into the corner room. *%i-£ As they did so a couple of ' j&vai4m0l who had already laid down to<$leiej|^|| on the floor rose sleepily, came toi ; il«•'?! tentioni saluted, and started to leaTO^S le roam. • \• :: '\•:.•-•':•\ .\•'.tM \Here you!\ roared \Old Dad,^ in ,2 his terrifying voice, \you boys needkr;! sleep just as much as I do. iiie down ^ again and go to sleep.\ / \ So the commanding General and a 4 S couple of privates went to sleep side ^:\ by side on the floor. But early to- ^ the morning, before any one else \sras^ '-'. awake, Gen. Wheaton got up and went Z% out all 'alone in a reconnoitrine toai%^ : A He closed the door, and it locked be- ~-yi hind him with a spring lock. ; Several times during the nigfcte ; straigglers had come pounding on.-tfti*/? : door, and had been ordered away bv the somewhat sulphuric orderly; It happened that the order^ had just ' ^ got into a sound sleep when the Gen- .: eral returned and knocked for adniis- sion. The orderly, who had no ipeai ' ; that Gen. Wheaton haft ©one w«t» i woke up hot and angry. ! =; With all the resources of his pie- j turesque vocalbulary he cursed the mas v wtho had disturbed Mm and oirdired him to go away under awful penalties. \Now you clear out of here and let tBS S sleep, or I'll come out and kick jfowe H head off!\ he roareld. \; A •• •: h \All right iSergeant,\; sbutoded jtlie^ deep voice of \Old Dad,\ \all rjpfet. I'll cleat out. But won't you irteaaft let me have my field gtewses #r^t?\ The Profta^i. ^o . ,~ , ,„„ , didn't! If you had practiced two hours \ by the Bank of England officials tohe it would have seemed like six.—Puck. I about SG5 tons. Y. W, <V A. SEOTES. ; | . '; V —The finance oommittee will iieet' at the rooms at seven o'clock saiud!: 4M& regular monthly meeting of the Boartl of Directors iwill be held at eight, o'clock this evening. ; —The mechanical idramnjg e^asewill: meet at 7:15 this evening. - Regular senior gymnasium class at eight p. m. •'•'•'. ; •:• .' : ' : —A nice lot oi talent has been se»: cured for the entertainment for. | the benefit of the boys' department om \ Wednesday next. '

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