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FRIDAY MORNING, JAN. 10, 1902, THli PLATTSBTJKCm SENTINEL. CONGRESSMAN OfiDEN SAYS: \For those who need a good catarrh medicine / knowofnoth ing better] than Peruna.\ Hon.H. W.Og&en, Congressman from 7-ouisiana, was elected to the 53d, 54th And 55th Congress. In a letter written at Washington, D. C, he says the fol- lowing of Perana, the national catarrh remedy: \ I can conscientiously recommend your Peruna as a fine tonic and all round good medicine to those who are in need Bf a catarrh remedy. It has been com- mended to me by people who have used It, as a remedy particularly effective in the cure of catarrh. For those who need ft good catarrh medicine I know of noth- ing better.\ Mr. Virgil Rowlee, Fulton, Oswego, county, N. Y., writes: \la m an old sol- dier, and have doctored with five differ- itors for stomach trouble for three I could get no help. I took your entdo years. Peruna and now feel like a new man. I can recommend it to anyone suffering •With catarrh of the stomach. A great many people want to know what I took that helped me BO much. I tell them it was Peruna. One year ago I could hardly do anything and only weighed 100 pounds. Now I weigh 140 and ctfn- not say too much for your medicine, as it has done me BO much good.\ So many people think catarrh affects the head only. This is a great mistake. The stomach is liable to catarrh. The kidneys are also very liable to catarrh, .producing all the symptoms of kidney Most oases of we*k fcack are OBITUARY. Died, at Lake Placid, December 30, 1901, Hairy Lockwood Isham. In re- cording the above, reminds us thai death has removed another of the oldest and best-known residents of this county. Mr. Isham was born in Willis ton, VL, Augiust 3, 1801. He da St WEDDING BELLS. Bosworth--Haff. At the home of the bride, Wednes- day afternoon, January 1st, 1902, Dr. Frank -Nichols Haff, of Swamton, VL, and Miss Harriet E., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Bosworth, of Mooers, N. Y., were united in holy matrimony was married to Ad Stevens at Black S by the Rev. E. A. Arnold, pastor of Brook, N. Y., October 2 1850, amd soon the Methodist Episcopal church, as- after took up his residence in Platts- J sisted by the Rev. J. Gourley, of Otta- burgh, \ --..-.. ~ ._ n bui here he was actively engaged ess and (the head of one of its largest industries for abouit thirty- eight years. >He was generous, kind, faithful husband, father and friend. A true Christian, we are told by those nearest him, and who loved him. Hi DEATH IN THE TUNNEL EIGHTY-FOIfS MELLIONS Terrible Collision in New York—-Nineteen Persons Dead and Many In- jured. Population of the United States and Its Outlying Possessions Exceeds That Figure. I'ESTBAL PERU. Jan. 8.—Today is a fine winte<r day vith fair sleighing, and our people (are -taking advantage of it in good ' earnest. Teams loaded with logs, wood and grain vie, with eacih other for the right of way. We elarnestly ap- prove of Che farther extension of the j ton Tuesday at noon. - „ , „- •.. _ i New York, Jan. 8—A serious wreck Washington, Jan. 8—The census wa, Ont., formerly pastor ot the Pres-1 oc ^ irped i Q the fcmmel o f ^ New bureau today issued a report an . bytenan church of Mooers m the Y( ^ k Central at Slxty . flftn str eet this Wncin g the population of the entire torty guests, I ue i mornin g i Two passenger trains col-! United States, including all outlying decorated,, lided _ H - - ...... ndsomely pg H caIls were gent & t once possessions> green and white being the prevailing | fo^ambiilances\ yg in the cen- in life was: \To be rather than I was arranged a beautiful alcove of i comsio n , wa s ibe t d hi di l lif evergreen and holly from which ever- lotto in life was: \To be rather than I was arranged a beautiful alcove of i comsio n , wa s ibetweei l trains of the proper, 7 eem to be,\ and his daily life was a evergreen^ and holly, from which ever- New York> Ngw Hftven and Hartfrrd nounced); ving illustration of this motto. greens were festooned from center of |jmd the New York , Central aml Har . the estiraa After his retirement from business i ceiling to wall, forming a ^over leff l ^.^^ It was a rear end crash. Philippine iid i throueh which the bridal party passed m, * i due to catarrh of the kidneys. Catarrh j of the bladder is a common disease, and is rapidly becoming more and more common. I t produces the host of dis» tressing symptoms which follow bladde* disease. In short, all urinary and pelvic organs are subject to catarrh, and ca- tarrh is more frequently the cause ol >rgans than all other disease of thes causes combined. Mr. J . Edward Williams, of Lebanon, O.,Box 438, was cured ojf systemic ca- tarrh by Peruna. Systemic catarrh is that condition in which catarrh has per- meated the whole system. Mr. Williams says: *f I took Peruna for acute catarrh of the entire membranous process. \ / suffered every conceivable evil that cdn accompany chronic catarrh in its most aggravated form* i coughed incessantly. My stomach refused to do its duty at all. The in' testines became inflamed, the kidneys were paralyzed, the bladder tost its tonicity, i began with Perana, and realized « steady improvement from the first until I was entirely cared.\ Dr. Hartman, the discoverer of Pertin*, has written a book on the different phases and stages of catarrh. This txJCk contains the doctor's opinion as to'fb.e treatment of catarrh from an-experi<enc« of over forty years. Address Tb* $*eru- Medicine Co., Columbo*, O., for fc £te« oo©v «*f this book. ____________ 1888, he removed to Laike Placid. N. Y., where the last years of his life were passed in a serene and happy old a^e. On October 2, 1900, he celebrated lis golden weddiog, and at that feast were gathered among other relatives i friends, his seven children. siurvivinig him are his widow and h,s children—Mrs. Alice R. Hotag, Mrs. h,s chil e g, George T. Chellis, Harry S>. Isham, Mrs. Mattie I. Hadley, Frederick A'. Isham, Mrs. C. J. Greenough and Ira D. Isham. ; The funeral services were held at I Lake Placid, at the home of his son, Harry S. IslhJam, December 31, 1901. iha'ough which the bridal party passed. At 5:30 o'clock the Mendellsohn Wed- ding March was played by Miss Mar- tha A. Prindle, of West Chazy. The groom entered escorted by Mr. George Dunbar, of Swanton, Vt, as best man. Then came 'the bride, leading on the arm of her father, preceded by Miss Ethel M. Bedell, oif Mooers, as maid of honor. The bride, gowned in white stlk organdie and carrying a bouquet of white roses, presented a very charming appearance. The maid of honor was handsomely attired in white organdie with green .trimmings, Mrs. Leonard MoJSall. The funeral of Mrs. Leonard McNa.ll, whose death occurred on Tuesday even- ing, will be held on (Saturday after- noon i at three o'clock, at the house, No. 5 Rugar street, the Rev. Or. G. V. Grismer officiating. Mrs. McNall had been an invalid, for over a year, and in that time all was done that loving car& and the best medical attendance could do to save her life. Recently Mrs. McNall's con- dition shows signs of improvement and the family moved into a comfortable new home at -No. 5 Rugar street, the property having 'been given to Mrs. McNall by her husband. Mrs. McNall 'was the daughter of the late Samuel Calmer, of Champlialn, and leaves to mourn her loss her hus- band. Captain Leonard MoNall, three- sons, Irving D., Everett and \Nastihan and one daughter, Miss Gussie MciNafl.. She is also survived by seven 'brolthers, Joseph, Thomas asnd Henry 'Palmer, of Rouses Point, and Edward, Samuel, PROF. F. B. SANBORN OF BURLINGTON, VT. SPECIALIST IM DIRECTORS KLiECTBD. Will visit the following places until further motiee i mnnal Meeting of Stockholders of | Champlain Transportation Co. The annual meeting of the stock- holders of the OhampMsn Transpor- tation Company was held on Tuesday morning at (the ^general offices of the, comipany in. Burlington. Directors 6\ } he ensuing year were elected, there but two changes in the old UtARANAC LAKE-^Offiee, Roberts'j board, R. M. Olyphant new Block, Room 5, Three days be- -*- — ' T - - ^--- - ginning with FIRST TUESDAY each month. AUSABLE - jRKS—-American House, , Tuesday -ana We&nesday, Dec. 31, r action of -other business will be held Jan. 1. : -..— ---.. •JAY, UPIPR JAY AJND WILMING- TON—Leave ordeis with Drs. Mer- rill or Stockney. Will -be hene'Thurs- day.-Jan, 3. DANNEMORA—Ointon Prison Hos- pital, Department every other month beginning Jan. IS and 14. Orders may be left wiith i)r. J. o. iKansom. REFERENCE-—Dr. Howe end Dr. D'Avignon, AusaMe Forks. Office Hours: 8 to 10 &. ns., 1 to 2.3© and 7 Do 9 p. m. H. WEIR, Assistant Gommodoa^ Van Santvoord and C. A. Walker succeeding F. M. Olyphant. The anaual meesting of the directors for the election of officers and trans- In New York on Friday. The gireotors eleeted Tuesday were as folkws: H. G. Y<xmg of Albany, R. M. Olyphant of New York city, Dr. W. Senward Webb ^of \Sltelfomrne Capt. Geoi'ge Rush low of S&eHmrne, A. C. Spauldlijg and Elias Lyman of Bur- Notice. The Iron National Ba»k of 'Platts- g Plattsbiirgh, N. T., Dec 11, 1901. The annu«El meeting of y .ue' Stock- holders of this iBank if or the ^election of Directors lor the easuing year, will be held at the Banking House of said Bank, in the Yillage of Plattsbmrgli, on Tuesday, the 14th day of January, 19GS, between the hcraps of'ten (10) a. m* a®d eleven (H) a. <va. STEPHESf MQFS3TT. President Notice. The Plattsburg ;NationsS Bank. Platrsbuxgk, N. Y.. $>ee. 11, 3s901. The annual meeting ot the S&ecik- holdera of this Bank for 'the election of Directors »for ti e ensuing year, will be held at the Banking Hiause of said Bank, in tfee village of Plaettsburgfe on Tuesday, the 14th day oS! 'January. 1902, between the 'iiours of 11:30 a. m. and 12:30 n. m. STEBPB5EN MD'FFTTT. FAKM FOR BAlUBr-i A 100-acre farm fcneewn as the :R. <S. Qate farna, in the -town of Peru, about :1% miles from -the post office, will 'he sold «m easy THA1V DROWK£D. Fell 1M Mill Pond at Ausable Forks-- Bo^Iy Recovered. Tuesday afternoon /while of (men. were removing, -the chips and rerase irom the bulk-head of ithe dam of the J. & J. Rogers :Pulp Mill Ausab&e Foi'ks, they felt something heavy at the end of a rope, and found it necessary to stop tihe mill as the strctfroii <was so great they were unable ito raise it to the surface. When 'John Mopfeins, .Jr., succeeded in raising: i t to the surface of the river it was found to be the body of James Fyans. mill. out on ttfce ice and slipped, falling into the river. The drowned man was ummarrred, and hi) Pafa&er iHill. He vwas & young man of exeelitmt habits, &nd had a wide circle xit .friends, Tfee mssjagemeot «tf Kfce-ririill- are-in no way \to blame, as there was notJh- ing ilbsst'»T>uId require a® employe to go on .the ice, and tlms <rt*k : his life. who was an employ© at the It is supposed .thiat he w,ent —C IH. JBosoth, ;ppeet4etnt^f the Ho- tel Cfeamplain Company, Eleotrician DuBoise and ^Architect Pesry, return- ed t o New York last ni^bct. They visited the hotel yesterday atfd look- ed ovrar fthe-gjians of tlte prjqposed im- provesaeents at the hotel. li««t Man ia Plafttebargh. As well as the handsomest, and others are invi*ed to sail on any druggist and tget free a triai bottle of Kemp's Bal- sam for. She Throat and Lungs, a rem- terms. The barn aru£ buildiegs are,! >edy that le guaranteed to cure and re- in first «lass condition. The faran will Ilieve all Chronic and A.cute Coughs, be sold outright *or a small farm from (Asthma, -SronchHis and Consumption. 3 to 20 acres will -iie taken in part pay- ment for same. Furtber parttewlars address €. H. Jotes, LaiSiams, 5C Y. WANTED—A gwd, reliable &ti. oman thai understands general hou«ework. Three in family. No washing. Apply at 43 Coeirt street. 25c *nd 60c The U. S. Civil xSewdce Gesnmisskm will Itold examinations at several places iiai each state during Msxch and [April, to secure young men and wo- Rev. Mr. Arnold introduced Mr. and Mrs. Haff to the guests. After congratula- tions refreshments were served, after k l Palmer., of Ch&m- . sisters, Mrs. Mary Stuart and Mrs. John C Dolby, of Robert plain, and Johi two MCCULILIOUGH. — , Ha., Jan. l, 1902, a daughter t o Mr. anfl-TMrs. H. C. McOoBeugh, ana grand- aaughiter to Mr. and Mrs. !R. S. Mc- tJullough, of Chazy, N. T . CONNwua Willsboaro, N. Y,. uTanuary 4, l^OS, a daughter'to Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Oomne-ll, and grand-danigh- ter to Mr. and Mrs. W. ••&-' Ctt of ; PlattsburKh. OSTRANDER,—Ott : & -Plt*ts- burgh, Jan. 7, 19.$2, a son (William Wallace) to Mr. and Mrs.- Milton Ostrander. GARLTCK.—la Elleiibfurgh, Jan. 4, 1902, a daojghlter (.Lizzie M. Garltck) to Mr. and Mrs. T. A. • Garlicfe. MAMMJLJ&D. * 1UCOX— WlAjRN.BR.-Tln &«- ¥:oife city, December #8, -1901, 'by the Rev, George A. Warner, .Mrs. Belie Warner, of Grown BeaM, JK. Y.,-and Edwin Rol- lin Wlloox, of Crown .Point. Their future pesid«ince will -be at the latter •place. MASON—:Slu-NOR.*-On New dear's evening, 18ft2, at iUie'residemice of Mr. and Mire. Charles C. Signor, Aoxsable, ocouai-ed a pleasant home weddimg, Mr. Nathan Mason, of Peru, and. Eliza Sdignor were umited in marriage '.by the Rev.. F. T. .Love, :of ithe M. M. chmrcii. GLADO—-TYRREOUL.—At the M. JB. parsonage, ElizafeethitO'Win. Wednes- day feKreaaoon, Jian. -8,•-.190(2. by.the Rev. Relgk JMefeadorf, iMiss Minaiie E. Gladd and Mr. Leslie W. Terrili,'. ibotto. BILMY..—«n Piattabmrgh, Jlaasiary 5, ISffi, -of :pa6umania,.Mrs. Joiha Jliley. iiiaeral services Tuesday morning at St. John's church. LOHJD.—3in .'Sasajiae, Jianuary &, JL-SC Mir. Alexander iE. Lord, agied tft yeai M<^ALL.—to 'Plattsburgh, Mm. 1902, Mrs. .Leonard McNall, a^ed 54 years. SIHHMWAX.-^Ait othe CSumberlaod House, Plattstou3ig]i,.Jan. ,7, 1MB, Miss Qarah B. Sbunuway. tfw>m 'Trinity fc.. ehurch, Ti»ur»uay ssfterjnoon at three o'elook. J—<M •Ingraham, N. Y,, morraing .at 6.30, iMiss ;H&ir- ld services will be .held at *he home of Miss (Abbie Lengfeld, SataiF- day, sat 2-30 .p. m. ^Ehe Rev. J. C. BoottJi, «f- Chazy, wdll.affieiate, assisted b ti M S bi Ait tiie Gibkons Institute. The first of ithe,jugular .ladies' nights of .the Oibbons 'lastitute occur- red *n the Kerns .<sf the society Wed- nesday and wias as enjoyable as ever. JThe prize -vrinneis a t progressive whist were: Miss Anna fCruRlivaai, first, a hiandsosme ,chocolaie pot; Miss T. Lynch, iconsoltoition, a doll; Mark 'Meagher, firsit, a shaving set; Jethn Hooley, coasotetton, *a .bottle ,of :keteh- tne the ibest and anen for the .government service. [4,889 peroons secured positions last ___, ^ wm .^__^ _^ WDt wu yi ear -through .tftieee «mminsiions. most amusin-g feature of the eveniag Pbbl 10000 appointaents will be \ ti f t h lh b M Great Commercial Estaibllshed 43 yeara. Offers features whioh can not be tmnd in any other school. Hundreds of graduates placed in positions annually. Send for new Art Catalogue. WANTED—Agents you can make toig money selling garden seeds. Big com minion and 1100 In cash to right party. Addre'ss L. R. Parris, Alt»na, N. Y. 4O20W4* FOR SAJLU—'A span of 'heavy work y og tftee «mminsiions. Probably 10,000 appointaents will be \ d thi \All i g ng auction of the luoeh boxes. Me. made this year.\ \'All appointments ip^ ^ulluT p^esicL^wlSi bis usual are for life and for unost positions on- ' .... ly a. common school education is re- quired. Salaries at appointment rary firom $600 to |1200 a year with liberal promotions afterward. Politics is nci considered. This affords • changjtng a 'blue rib&on from oaie ibox to another, caus- ed a well-known business man to buy at & high fig&ire *ke wrong box of lunch, which he afterwards exchjaiaged ._ for people between^ Si ' ^^oi^ThtZeX years of age. Those desiring j ^Srnm l dancing. places of this kfod can get full in - formation about them, free, 'by writ- ing to the Columbian Correspondence College, Washington, D. C , and ask- ing for its Civil Service catalogue, nulmber three. 4029-4 week* horses, weighing z6D0 pounds. Mrs. Kidder, Peru, N. Y. NOTICE. of tthe Ausable Horse Company, Keeseville, N. Y., December j Notice to Stoekliolders. 'Notice is hereby gii/ven that a meet- ing of the stockholders of the Baker Brothers' Lumber Company will be held at the office of the Company in Platfcsburgh, N. Y., on Monday, the •13tfti day of January, 1902, at 10 o'clock a. m., for the purpose of electing di- rectors for the ensuing year, and in- spectors of election to serve at the nniual meeting and for the pur- Address j 20th, 1901:—Notice is hereby given; pose of voting upon a proposition to '—\—\- that.the Annual Meeting of the Stock-1 increase its capital stock from $30,- ;onsisting of 300 shares of the NOTICE OF LIiBEJRTIGM. I have this day given my son, David Davidson (a minor) his time during \ will not holders of the Ausat>le Horse Nail j 000 Company, will be held at the office of I par alue of ?100 each to $45,000 to npany in the Village of Keese- j consist of 450 shares of the par value on the at 2 o'clo electing uary, 1902, purpose of manage the proj>erty and business of the rest of his minority. •ollect any of his wages, or pay any I said company for the ensuing y< of hi* debts .after this date. j for the transaction of any otiher busi- ; deemed desirable. GEORGE N. KUNGSLAND. 9th day of Jan-!of $100 each, and for the transaction ;k p. m., for the [of such other business as may proper- five trustees to ! ly come before said meeting. Dated E. C. W. .DAVIDSON. Sara,nac, N. Y. Dated, Dec. 26, 1901. ltp-4ts 1026w Secretary. Pittsburgh, N. Y., December 24, 1901. E. ;C. (B'AKiER, NED BAKEiR. A. W. BAKER. S. JAMDRELA.IL Directo sus year of 1900. i This is itemized as follows: Conti- nental United States, or United States een trains of th e proper, 75,994,575 (heretofore an- \\ Philippines, 6,961,339, being Lmate of the statisticans to the es commission; Porto Rico, t occurred a t 8:20. The ^53,243; Hawaii, 154,001; Alaska, 63,- cause is uncertain, but the fog and .592; Goiaim, 9,000; Ametritfan Samoa, the haze of the early morning hours 6,100; persons in the military amd na- had something to do with the disas-jval service of the United States out- ter. The dead and injured were rid- ! . side of the territory of the , United j express from Danbury, Conn., on th. York, Nwv Haven am ing in the rear coach of_the Danibury States proper, 9*1,21&. _. , The report announces that the Hartford twelfth census only extended to Alas- Withput an instant's warning ka and Hawaii outside of Continental n^ine N>f the Harlem train : United States, but that the figures for crashed into this car and ploughed its the rest of the United (States domain way half through, The screams of are taken from the .best available re- the injured and panic stricken pas- sources, nengers were heard in 'Park avenue i ,. The jreport_says_: 'JThe totel popula- and carried white carnations. After the through /which the tunnel the voices of agony gave the alarm to the police. Fire engine; an(i ' tion ot tn6 Uni ted States at the close PEASLK TOLLS. Jan. C—Our school opened Monday after a two weeks' vaoattion. ' —Mr. John Durgan of Saranac Le&» spent a few days here during the pest week. —Mr. and Mrs 1 . Thos. Putnam of Lake Placid, are the guests of -Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Putnam. —The funeral of Mrs. Earl Whit- ney was held Monday noon at th e church and that of Mrs. Randall Dear fine new road between Pittsburgh and Keeseville. Then, ho, for a trol- sr i t and on up to the heart of ousr glorious Adirondiaciks!\*- —Our eyes have been gladdened by the unusTial sight of hundreds of pure white snow birds of late, more than we had seen for years. —Mrs. Fanny Moore Smith is the guest of her daughter, Mrs. iE. Man- —The butter factory a t Lapiham is doing well and though less milk comes in than formerly, it Is a great con- venience to many farmers that Mr. McGaulley keeps it running all winter. —Miss Etta Anmiee of Pittsburgh spent the S&bbath with her mother in Peru, —Mrs. Elsie Medgs, accompanied by Miss Katie Taylor, enjoyed the holi- days with her daughter, Mrs. E. Featherstone ait Ausable Forks. Jan. 9.—On the morning * of - Jan. 7 while employed in the heading mill at Lapham, Mr. Ed Barber was work- ing at the bolter and Ms hand getting —Miss Julia Hall returned ffc^ifcl New York city Sunday,; .j:\ -/ : .% —-Mrs. 'Nathan Howes spent a jft^rS; days on Burnt Hill during tftie pdlii week. •• . • _ : ' ' -, '• : 'YrHr —.Mrs. Enreline Lewis and son MaeSt are spending a few days^ at W. ^Et The first theatre in this country £o be lighted with gas was a tneaitre i a Philadelphia, which put in >gas pipes f the nineteenth century was eighty- • caught two of the smallest fingers of Fre e S ines ^d ,'our and a quarter million. As the .his right hand were badly lacerated, hurried t( J the j population of the United States at the the smallest finger being crushed amd [beginning of the century was about nearly cut from his hand. Dr. De the y splintero'l into which 'the bridal party took leave on k ^'4^ ho\ >TJft the evening train east The ushers'\\ 1 an lin ' n bef ( were Messrs. Lucius A. amd John C. Bosrworth, cousins of the bride, Mrs. Haff is one of our brightest and most estimable young ladies, and. will be greatly missed by a wide circle of friends. Dr. Haff, formerly of Mooers, is a graduate from the Dental College of. Baltimore, Md., and now a promising j young dentist of Swanton, Vt, where a pretty home has been arraniged and waiting. Mr. and Mrs. Haff were the recipients of many bfeautiful and cost- ly gifts in token of the high esteem in which both are (held, and the con- iraitiulaitittos and best wishes 'Of a host of friends go with them. Confusion reigned. It was nearly' fiv e and a thj1r d millions, the nation alf an h b f th has S row n nerf y 16fl d I 100 the the nearlyons, the nation -5 n:ade has S row n nearf y 16-fold In 100 years. de S own earf y 16 nd , There ^ e bll t thre « !now hv t y loach. The telescoping en- ! now have a greater popu^tion than *,«»!« uau iammed its way 'into the - the UD » tei(i states - vlz - : .China, the car almost the entire length, ami a British empire and the Russian em- ctoud of steam poured from the c-hclh'i n \ e * The •ngonizing cries of the iniu ed •sonnded' above the roar of eaoa^'ng | MAflOSiDH IS BIBBIS H PILE. steam and the confused cries of fire- men and polire. The pass^neers in the other coaches of the Taibury received a spvpre shaken s. ti-pc ,hut no one was badly huTt outside of the telescoped car. The trains not traveling fast. Both trains The imrnedia'te relatives of 'both fam- ilies assembled on New Year's Day to witness the marriage of \Miss Eliza R, Signor, of West Peru, and Mr. iNathaa Mason, of P-eru, at the home tif the bride. The bride was dressed in a S white lamdsdowne gown, trimm silk Tace and chiffon, and carried a bouquet of white carnations. The hap- py pair were the recipients of many- nice and \useful presents, and alter /a pleasant repast, they departed for New Yotfk city and New Jersey. Their future >flome will .be-in Peru valiagfe, where Mr. Mason is engaged in bmrsl- rooms weTe itasttilj and holly. A'tluieit home wedding occuTred aft th« Kome of Mr. and Mrs. William H. Brullis, Lyon Mountain, at thiree o'clock p, m., Thursday, January 2, 190-2, •when 'their, daughter, Elsie M., -was united in marriage to Conrad B. Myers, oif Malone, N. Y., the Rev. L. Ward of- ficiating. Only near relatives 'of the bride and groom were present. The deeoirated witii The 'bride wore , becoming dress of cadet blue, trim- med with white silk, and carried a bouquet of white carnations, tied with white satin ribbon. The happy couple were the recipients of many .useful and handsome presents, among them'being a beautiful silver tea set. 'They will make Malone their future home. Sft ^ Goodspeed—Itirifps. pTSA..pretty home weddiajig -took place Man Wednesday i$t££nocm, last, at the ':residence .of. M# T and Mrs. Arthur L. Phillips, SohooJf street, Wincheadon, Mass., wtten tiaeax alder cb.ild.aai4>ojily daughter, Goldie, was united in mar- riage to Emery G- Goodspeed, former- ly of Mooers, N. Y. The bride entered the .parlor, accom- panied toy her father, who gave her away, and attended 'by-the bridesmaid, Miss Kirby, of. FLtehhurg, the .b-ride- groom and best man, Clarence He>y- wood, awaiting them. The .party took their station in the ,btay window, which -was banked with, laurel, and the Rev. A. J. Oulp perfetrmfid itlie ceremony which united them i n holy wedlock, the ring service .being used. Robert H. Whitcomb was ipianist, s p<laying .favorite Lohengrin wed ding .march as the bridal party entered .the room, wMle durinjg the service the subdued, strains of melody added to the efCect- apT>roaching the Grand Central sta- tion. When the rescuers finally pene- trated the wrecked car they con- fronted a scene of horror. In the forward end of the oar lay a mass of bleeding 'humanity. Some were dead, some dying and others ha!d sustained severe, injuries. tA few had miracu- lously escaped being badly hurt Dead and injured alike were -placed In the waffing ambulances and hiir- rted to the hospitals. The work of raising the debris for the purpose of .finding (bodies believed, to have iheen. j ploughed 'under the wheels of the telescoping engine, was then begun. l Most of the passengers on both trains \were commuters, persons who reside in nearby towns in Connecticut and JTfew \York who come to business in 1 this city dally. (Both trains were well loaded. At 10 o'clock a physician who was one of the first on the scene to (aid the injured and care for the dead, said that he was positive that ten •persons were dead and that two score were injured, some fatally. Thfe po- lice say from eigiht to twelve were The bride looked very charming h a dainty white muslin gotwn, with flowing veil and iuidial ^bOAWjuet. The bridesmaid was gowned im light blue muslin, with, white lace garnitures. About sixty people were present,. in- cluding friends and relatives from this town, State JJsae, JFlteh'bajrg, Leomia- ster and GaraKciea*. The presents were Mumerous and Jjeautiful, including a great array of silver, ,<ihina, linen, fan- cy articles, chair, parlor lamp, family Bible, aaid money. Winslow Phillips, the young brother of the bride, And ;Florertee Kirby, -A cousin, acted as usners, also presenting t^e iguests with wedding cake dsdnstly enveloped in white crepe paper. (Caterer Stanley served chocolate, lady lingers robns and faasey «aikes. Mr. and Mrs. Gojodspeed are t o take up their residence .at the Kedth home^ , skeasd on School street, wh«re they will be pleased to see ttfeeir friendaLWin- chiendon Courier, At ithe First TA, E. Forte, Wednesday ev-ening, Jan. 8, 1902, Miss Myrtle Slater and Mr. J . H. Hopkins were /united in mariage by the pastor, the Rev. C. B. AliorA, Ph. D. * The charsii was beaiattfully decorafbad with evergreens and bouse- plants. * The ceremony took place suader aa arch made of evergreens, from whjeih hung four beils of the same material. -Abofut four hundred people were present to witness the ceremony. At 7:20 the bridal party entered the church, consisting; of the fficiaiiaig clergy; sy., C. B. Alford, the groom and best roan, Mr, Benjanwn Bullen, accompanied by the ushers, Frank Pine, Heory Jacques, Joseph Long and John Miller. The ushers then escorted ti e bride- elewt and her maid of honor, Miss Daisy Slater, to the altar. The beau- tiful service of the M. iE. church was read. The bride wore a white veil and was gowned in white organdie. She carried a 'bouquet of white roses. The happy couple have the beet wishes of a large circle of acquaint- ances. Their future residence will be' n Ausable Forks. A Certain Cure for Chilblains. Shake into your shoes Allen's Foot- Ease, a powder. It cures Chilblains, Frostbites, Damp, Sweating, Swollen feet At all Druggists and Shoe Stores 25c. ;vere killed. No •ount of the dead or in- jured has been kepit. As soon as a ibody or injured person was found they were hurried away in- ambu- lances. Two (bodies have been lo- dated under the telescoped coach. The coach on the Danbury express- that adjoined the owe telescoped was aJeo -badly wrecked. Two young women named (Scott, one Sadae Scott, believed to be sisters, fell under a mass of wreckage and were held prisoners in that position for more than an hour. Beside them lay the 1x>dy of a dead man. The women suffered from Injo- ries, and while held as in a vise toy the wneckage suffered great mental torture. The cry of fire followed the crash and the tiwo women feared they would be burned to death \before they could be extricated. The engineer of the Danbury express was severely hiurt. His fireman escaped injury. New York, Jan. 8—The latest re- ports on the Park Avenue tunnel dis- asters shows 19 killed, 40 Injured, 16 killed outrieht, three more died flrom injuries, either at the hospitals' or on the way there. The passengers on the on the rear coach, mostly from New Roohelle, were either killed or badly injured, some being roasted toy the steam. The accident has mafle pro- found sensation and the authorities show a disposition to prote it to the bottom. District Attorney Jerome has evidence that the signals were prop- erly set. This would malce En^new rs. fiftKier'H Mtsains Jewels Found by a Search In the Dump. Mrs. iE. R. Lozier is rejoicing over Grandpre reduced the fracture and the hand is doing well. •—This reminds us that the mill is running full time night and day and a carload of heads is being shipped today. —MTS. Lyman Annice who had the misfortune to tlake a misstep when going down stairs, iBJurrng her ankle considerable, is suffering from a bad- ly swollen foot. —Mr, Joseph Ferris, who, though an ^^I^ appar- Th ently beyond hope of recovery. The jewels In question were three rings and two pins, valued at $950. For safe keeping Mrs. Lozier had enclosed them in a chamois sack, which in turn was held by a liheai bag, which Mrs. Lozier wore on her person. On Retiring Friday evening at her roiom at ithe WStherill House, Mrs. Loz- ier placed the sack wito its valuable^ contents betweein the mattresses of the' bed, and om arising the nest moraine, forgot to take tfhem out. MARKETS New York Li?e Stock Market New York. Jan. 9. CATTLE—Receipts 3 cars. Market dull and lower. Veals, .fair to good a# 5.50@7.50; choice to extra at 8@8.§0. HOGS—Receipts 40 cars. Market @10c lower. Best heavy at 6.5O@«.56; mixed at 6.30<g>6.45; Yorkers at 6.20@[ 6.25; light at 6.10@6.15; pigs at 5.50® 600 oh t 55O@570 t i& g 6.00; roughs at b0 g statgs alt i stand will again take up his real deuce here. —Mr. E. Stave, clerk in McOaulley's store, is at .present visiting friends at Dannemora. .\•-. : , —The school children of Ddst No. 9 were vacciniated on Tluesday by Dr. Thayer of Pern. STAX DISH. Jan. 9—Sleighing here is the finest it has (been this winter. —Miss Frances Curtis returned to SHEEIP AND liAlMIBS-Receipts^^l cars. Mairket active; laffiite lO^lSi^rf higher. Tops at 5,«S@5,0O; t&v atSS 5.95; culls to good at 3.^@5.86; ^E® S steady; top mixed at 4.W@iMl ©pi * to good ai 2M@iM; wethers aBt*S i yearlings a t 4.^@6.00, .-'.;./.'•••-,:;••--: : j~i lottsellpld Market * J1 • '\.;• • ••••:••••• • tNew : ^Yopk v -, jiwfc'^g- POTAT0©S--Markeit steady. <Ldd#?' slaaid at BJ25#3.50; state a t f \ ^ t-^eeeLpts 3A00 paokaeee. •In the meantime the chambermaid-,/her school Monday, whose duty it was to care -for the ' —Another son was born to Mr. and room, had done her work, and it was Mrs. Louis Forthune Friday. not until late in <tbe day that Mrs. ! Jh B ttdd th Lozier thougnt of the diamonds, and ie i took returned to her room to find the sack P*«* from the R. C. Church at Red- y —Joseph Burns attended the funer- l of his /brother Maiurfce which took * fr th R C C Sprtag piatents at \ 4.<M>@4.8Srwint«e patents ait 3.85@4,15; spring atrai^it* at 3.75@4.50; wiater straigfets a t g.75 @4.10; clears at 3.30@3.60; N a 1 ex- tra at 3.1O@3.40; No. _ extra a t 2.95 '@3.00; supers at J2.70@2.75. WHEAT—Steady. Reteedpts 58,9(M> bush. Sales 890,000 bush. July a t [•88%c. BYB^Firm. Western at W%c , •BARUBY—Market quiet - Feeding at 59#61« c. i. f. Buffalo; maltinte; a t 63@65c c. i. f. BufEaJo. CORN—Receipts 1,000 bush. Sales. 00,000 bush. N a 2 at 71c; May a t 1c missing. iford Monday. After an investigation by the hotel I —MT. and Mrs. James Winch of people the police were notified of the Bloomingdale are visiting relatives loss toward evening. Chief-Butler vis- in-.town. 2 ited the hotel, but at first could throw i —Albert Blair is il at Ms home with no light on tiie situation. The peritonitis. girl, who had done the room work, was : i —Mrs. W. E. McCaslanid is conflO' questioned, and told a straightforward *&' tG her ibed by Ulness. story. She said that she had turned; -HRev. L. W. Wlard is iassisting in the mattresses of the bed and had revival services at Essex this iweek. swept the room, >but had seen nothing Of the sack of diamonds. The chief them inquired where the sweepings had been thrown, and learn- s . Thomas spent Tte^s- 1 day and Wednesday visiting friends -*. Lyon Mountain. —<x. WV Evans of Cambride, tran- Wisker to blame, as disregarding t&e Tne Pee« M af. The druggists have already been supplied iwith Peruna almanacs. There is sure to be a great demaad for these almanacs on account of the articles on astrology wMch they contain. The subject of astrology is a very attrac- tive one to most people. The arti- cles on astrology in the Peruna al- manac have been furnished 1>y a very competent astrologist the mental chiaraoteri9tl«s of each sagm is igivtm, constitutinig almost a complete horo- scope. A list of Iuoky aad unlucky days for each month are given. Th^re will toe a great rush for these books. Ask your druggist for one early be- fore they are all goce. J>oetor* Used X-R»}«. Dannemora, Jan. 6.—Little James Lewis, son of Officer Lewis, while iving one of George Manley's teams sweepings had been thrown, and learn s of Cambride, tr ed that a load off refusee from thee hotel,, sacted business in town Saturday, hd b tak to the d in t i ' Mr ^^ Mrs Blk f P o d o refus fom th hotel had been taken to the dump in the i —' Mr - ld D l l d b h j dam w n Saturday. Mrs- Blackmamm off Pats- had been taken t th dump i the i rs- Blackma o Pats old Delaney coal yard about three j dam were the guests of Mr. and Mm o'clock in the afternoon. It was then J- W. Tedford ont day this week. too dark to make a search^ and the —'Or- 'A. M. Larkin is confined to chief suggested that it be done the the house by illness, first thing Sunday morning, the police j —Mrs. Arthur Keysor of Clayiburg b i ittd t k w *s thethe guestt ff M G. D. K g y g, polce instructed to keep an eye on l t th <uc»ioi.^ iu»uruui.t?u IAJ' 'K.t!wp ai i eye om i \ 4 * i ° ^M^J &W the pla'ce to see that no one else (hunt- j Wedaesday. ed there. Sattday mDrnlng OfficeT Connors, Mrs. Loiaer, with Miss Bromley and other friends, Mr. Lozier being absent in New York, went to the dump. After Kyo r of ClayburgL gues o Mrs. G D KeyStor ned SARASAC Jan. 8.-^-The funeral services of th< late A.. E. Lord were held at the horn* i the one who had gone and their sym- missifflg diamonds were found unharm- | pa thy for the strioiken family. A kinc Ar t | husban d an d {ather, for man y year s j a trusted servant of the town in which CGNTRAL MAY I.KASK RIT0AXU j his entire life has been spent; a man ed. iof irrpproacfhable character and best lent tyve of a \gentleman of the old 'school\ has passed out from the nar- jrow confines of earth and the, at best, nepeiv Now a Dl rector— Presldi Clement to Retire. „ ^__ « t A Rutland Dispatch says that Wai- i teou'Wed^sleepT caUed^fer'iirto lace C. Clement has resigned as di- undiscovered country of the B€fyond. rector of the Ruitlaad Raikoad, and | An invalid wife, three sons, (Charles, Senator Chaftincey M. DepefW has been [Percy and Perley, -with three dai«h- elected fai his place, Mr. Clement is ajters, Delia (Mrs. -P. J. Labdell), Fran- brotlier of President P. W. Clement! ees and Mollie, sairvive him. and has^ been a director for mrnrf \ _ A change of plans resulted in th( vmm. Prp siflM * nt™^-^ ^^idis<x>n^^n^c/reyiy^:sewl^^ W j the church <untll further noticei Thurs Jay evening prayer meeting as (usuaL —The Misses -Melrose and Dais: ^rdb^y rmnata a'directo^ 1 ^ not ! ^S^ ^vStif^ J^r^fi (president, aJthough just when the i ^f^H 1 ^! 8 ^^ 11 ^ 8 ? 4 *? ^ ur ^ ir ^ change will go into effeot is uncer- j t by selling has undonbt- I her return \\ the recipient of a hand- i |a>ge to^oTnwlw'f^J^if set ' the;,g«k of apprecia. years. President Clement has sold nearly all his stock to Dr. W. Steward Wefbti, of Shelbarne, so that the tetter now has between 68 and 70 per cent, of tJhe while. P. W. Clement will The JESS. change probably means f th d h N the g ply lease of the road to the New York • \trna IM tJ* —The Misses Mabel Time, Bthel Par- Millie Lbdll DEATH FROM AHPHYXIATIION. with a load of ice last week, slip- p off, falling in 'front of the for- ward sled, whirh strack him, break- ing his leg toelow the tonee, and in- JTsefing his hip very tadly. This was found by the use of the X-Rfays to be -out of joint, Sunday. Dr. Ranfeom and Dr. 'Barker 'got it back in place, and it is hoped that he rriay get along now. Since he was injured he has suffered excruciating pain, a*id tilt was feared that he would always toe a cripple. Married Twice. Frederick A. Webber was arrested Saturday by Sheriff Dominsy and brought before Justice >Gilliland. Weibber was married in 1875 to Marry MarteH of this village. After living with ber for some time he .went to Vermont a.nd married again in 1 THs tinie he married a widow named Griffin, %rho drew a pension. Webber returned to Plattsburgfh last week, and began working for the uoz- ier Motor Co. Hii don because of h- g e uoz wife lost her pen- er second marriaige, and to regain it she denied the mar- ?e. This 5ed to an investigation by Department, which resulted in b\t.h marvJRi.?es being discovered. He will be taken to Vermont for trial. He claims that shortly after going to Ver- mont, lie received word that his first ife was dead!* and on the strength of that information he married. Last year's fire losses in the United States were $161,000,000. The great- est loss was in 1893, $167,544,317. - Central, wihicn road now^ has the ma- sons, Milli Labdel and Mary Stian- jority of the Rutland directors, ! ton with Philip Signor have returned to Poultney T. C, A., and Miss Nellie True to * » Pla*tsburgh High schbol. I —Miss Frances Lord who was call «<.©r K e _ev IMed nt KeesevHIe After ed home by the illness and death o: I-nh 11 c I « [her father, has retuirned to the Nor George Lee, a respected ditizem of Keeseville, died Monday miorninig from tfhe effects of inhaling coal gas. Mr Lee has a farm at Essex, where he spends a large part of his time, com- ing to Keeseville frequently to visit his sister. He came to Keeseville on, Sunday, ana in the absence of his sis- ter, arranged to take his meals with A. J. Bond, staying in the house alone Monday mtmiing as Mr. Lee did not aippear for brealkfast, Mr. (Bond went to the house and, after endeavoring to rouse Mr. Lee, effected an entrance He found Mr. Lee in ibed un<*>nseious and the house filled •with coal gas. Drs. Pope and Severance were sum- moned and worked over the senseless man for two hoours, but to no avail, and he expired. The gas was caused by the stove door beanig left open and the drafts in the pipe shut. The fluneral was held on .Thurs- day. 'Mr. Lee was albouit 60 years old, and unmarried. Clinton Co. Medical Society. The annual meeting of the Clinton County Medical (Society will be held In the girand jury room, at the Court House, in Plattsburgh, on Tuesday, January 14, 1-902, at 1:30 p. m. The president, Dr. T. A. Rogers, will address the meeting on Vaccination. Dr. J. H. LaRocque will give some ac- count of his recent experience in ill Pox. Dr. Robert B. Lamb, medical superintendent of iDannemkara State Hospftal, will read a paper en- titled, \The Diagnosis of 'Mental Dis- ase.\ 'Besides tJhe regular election of offi- ers, an amendment to the By-Laws of the society will be voted on. D. S. KELLOGG, M. D., Secy. Jan. 8.—Mrs. I. A. Meader and Clin- ton G. Meader returned Tuesday from iHemmin'gford, Que., where they have been visiting relatives and friends the Dast week. —Miss Nan <E. Baker returned to Mooers Tuesday afiter spending the | holidays with her parents here. —Misses Martha and Martgaret Brom- ley Sipent last week with friends in Stehuyler Falls. —Stewart L. Ostrander and F. R. Bates visited thd« place last week. transacted busine and Elmer Shaw in Redford last —Mrs. Albert Wood of West Chazy is spending a few days in town. —Miss H JC. Riley spent Sunday rith her parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Riles-. - —L. D. Simmons transacted busi- ness in this place 'Monday. -Miss Emma Hohns returned to her home at West Chazy lastt Satur- day, after spending a week in town. —.School reopened Monday after a two weeks' vacation. —A son was bocm to Mr. amd Mrs. H. M. Ostmnder Tuesday, Jan. 7 th. —Perley Leonard of Cold Brook vis- ted Mrs Phoebe Goldsmitih last week. —P. L. Smith called on friends here Tuesday. -Mr. and Mrs. Seldom Vaugihan re- turned last week from Riftom Glen, where they have ibeen living the past three years. —Mrs. R. D. Meader spent last Wed- nesday with her mother, Mrs. A. Meader. —Mrs. O. C. Baker of Morrisonvttle, called on friends in town Monday. Sales : pacik^9Mfc£ Market #a«- . OATS—<Firm. Staite at Receipts 60,000 9 BEEIF—^Fairly active. Mess at §.50? family ait 12.50; packet, at 1100@11^0 PORK—Firm. Mess ait IiARJ>-Qulet. Steam rendered 10.10. BUTTBR—Steady. Receipts 4, ^ packages. State dairy at lS<g>S3c; lery and western alt 16@e5 Blgin a t 25c; Imitation 14@'19c; factory at 2 OHE7ESE—Market firm. Receipt*. ,481 packages. State large at 7@10%c; I do. small a t 7@ll%c; part skims at,. ~@8c; Pull skims at 2@2%c. EGG&—Market steady. ReeeSpts 3,- 38 packages. State at 28fg>S6e; west- ern at 25@35c SUGAR—Raw, easy. Fair areflningf: at 3 3-32c; centrifugal, 96 test, ait 3 - 9-iac. Refined sugar—Crushed at 5.35;. powdere» a t 4.So; granulated a t 4.75. OOFiFEE3—Steady, unchanged to 16fc\ pointte decline. No. 7 spot at 6%c. RJTOB—Quiet sDomestk; at 3%@€%a - FRiMGHTS-Oull. TALLOW—Markeft firm. City a*^ 6 l-8c; country at 6c. HAY—Choice firm. Good at «&@95e;: poor at 50@82%c. STHAW-iFirm. Long rye at 80®» 85c. HOPS—Quiet and unchanged. LBAiD—Quoted at 4.00. DRIED FRUlTS-^Maaiket firm. Ap- 15 ples p aprtoolts at 8@15c; 14@l9 d l p ^@; poolts a t 8@15c; peaches, peeled at 14@l9c; do. uapeel- ed at 7@10%c; prunes t 2%®«% POtH^nRy-«o4e*^eat s latrtUre. Turkey at 8@13c; <*JifeaMt <slw 8@t7c; fowls at 7@10%iOi^an^fe*^; 3 9@15c; sreese % 7#10c. v i;W « ;?* ^ : :m»ES&--^eaidy.: .iiad : ^WfSSUStt^ll^M k WOOL—Market firm, DoniestJcle^A 'at 17@30c; pulled, scoured basis aT ¥ [26@50c; Texas jpalled 0 34@60&: BflBlANS--'Ma3'ket ...' ! choice iat 2.40; medium pea choice kidney choice t 2 at 1M@2M; red Many School Children ai* Sickly. Mother Gray's Sweet Powders for Children, used by Mother Gray, a nurse in Children's Borne, Nemr YorX, Break up Colds in 24 hoars, care Fe- verishness, Headache, Stomach Trou- bles, Teething Disorders, and Destroy Worms. At all druggists, 25c. Sample mailed FREE. Address, Allen a Olmsted, LeRoy, N. Y. —The Rev. Dr. John H. Oolem&tt, pastor of the Methodist Episcopal church of Glens Falls, has accepted the presidency of Willamette (Univer- sity at Salem, Oregon. Dr. Goleman expects to leave Glens Falls the first week in February, and will assume his new duties within a few days Two million Americans suffer the Ifborturing pangs of dyspepsia. No need to. Burdock Blood Bitters cures). At any drug store. The steamship Thyra sailed from Portland with the largest cargo of lumtber ever loaded—3,350,000 feet—All rallrlad ties to relay tracks (torn up> •by the Boxers. Impossible to foresee an accident Slot impoeeible to ibe prepared for i t Dr. Tihomas' Eclecrtric Oil. Monarch >ver pain. This year's, United States consump- ion of sugar trill be 2,200,000 tons. Louisiana furnishes 356,666 tons. A dt f |36 t 1 M 13 56 diuty of |36 per ton 1$ tKK> pounds of it. on 1,366,- \Little Colds\ neglected-*housaiMl« of Mves sacrificed every year. Dr. Wood's Norway Pine Syrup cures lit- \le colds—cures Wig qotda too. down :o the very verge of consumption. The proposed telephonic connectftm between Berlin and London is, after ,11. not to be carried thrdugih, not- withstansdifn? the conference of a cou- ile of years ago. Terrible plagues, those Itching, pee- :ering diseases of the sfein. Rift an md to tmisery. Doan's Ointment ures. At any drug stoi'e.

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