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THE No need to be alarmed but well to be cautious. USE DISINFECTANTS German Disinfectant and Formalin can always fee relied upon to destroy disease germs MEDICAL HALL., The Pittsburgh Sentinel. Wasiiington Letter. Washington, Dec. 2, 1901. Congress is now in session, and will • - • • • •• int o SOX. - - Publishers remain for at least six months, int< ———a. j which will be crowded some of tlh- FRIDAY MORNING, DEC. 6, 1901. Our Clubbing List- Iteg'r Combination Price Price Troy Semi-Weekly Times....51 00 s:: * K T.- Tri-Weekly Tribune.. 150 2 Jo A banv Semi-Weekly Journal 1 00 2 '5 Thrice-ii-week World 150 • 2 £0 Toung Peoples' Weekly 75 If Mew York Tribune 1 00 1 So jmost exciting political experiences that this country has witnessed for many a day The Republicans have, of course, a great advantage, not only from their position as a majority party but also from the extreme weal- -- the opposition. Not only are tl: ocrats without leaders but they ha not even chosen the best of those a j.zine rest Magazine jrgarten Revie Kindergarten Maga Muneey's Magazine Roosevelt A Disciplinarian. \The Personality of President Roose- velt\ is analyzed in the December Cen- tury by one who knows him well. He is a kind-hearted man, yet a rig- id disciplinarian, and will demand a faithful and efficient discharge of pub- lic duties by public officials. I happen- BOARD OF SUPERVISORS. Continued from 1st Page.) A detailed report from the superin- tendent of poor was presented to the Mr. Pickett presented the amount of the indebtedness Saranac to the ed to be present when graduates of, Board for consideration. It . .. Harvard and other universities, and follows: -Bond maturing March 1, 1901, ijonty party Western mining enginers. to the num-j $1,000; interest on $7,000 1 year at 4 weakness oi ber o f tn ; rty or f or ty, collected in the !per cent, $280; balance due on Shel- office of the Assistant Secretary of the i don bridge, $273: interest on $4,773, 3 Navy to be enlisted in the \Rough Ri-1 months at 4 per cent, $47.73; total, Na y to be nlis g der\ Regiment. Mr. Roosevelt stood in ham they have, to manage their bat- front Qf Mg desk| whn@ t , hes e earn6St , e for them \Slippery Jim • Richard- d d tie for them. \Slippery Jim Richard- j f n , son, who was renommated for Speaker around three sides tood ranged e s o f his offIce , Ad _ $1,600.73. On motion of Mr. Lawson, Clerk In- roan was allowed $300 as salary anc $125 additional for efficient by the Democratic caucus on Saturday dressillg them in his peculiarly quick, | together with his bill for postage, etc. and received the complimentary vote earnest manner to the effect that they | A communication was received from of that side of the House today, and mugt nQt linderstI , mat e t he dangers or (Judge Sheddon, stating that certain was thus made-the tactical leader or (jiffieulties they would encounter, he j records of indexes should be provided, the minority in tbe_House^ j s poetry told them that'it would probably be the and recommending that the count nearly the weakest , p man of all those told them thatit would probably be the ; and recommeg roughest experience that they ever had : clerk be authorized t o procure them, d h ihd th t dtd tht ' This action was taken spired to the honor. Isot tor and hf i wished them to understand that ' This action was taken. ••\\ c - t CLxl\l -LIC W 1DL1CU uljtli i L\J UUUU 1 OLCli-lU \,iA.Vu\t nothing did he receive his nickname after onc Q being gworn i n they mugt above; his regular mode of warfare is k h itht bli .bo.ve; his regular mode of warfare i: to compromise with the enemy when- ever possible and to fight only when \ i it is impossible to avoid doing so. A Far different is Representative De Ar- mond, of Missouri, who would ha 1 take whatever came without grumbling. \Positively gentlemen,\ said he, \I will have no squealin/g,\ and he urged them, if any of them thought they could not endure tlhe greatest hard- The committee on public buildings, consisting of Messrs. Mortality. Pick- ett and Mace, reported that the amount claimed and allowed was $1*41(2. OS. Cm motion of Mr. rromlbly, the su- >rvisor of Altona was contested the leadership with toim, had { £ too j strike from the he been in Washington. Unfortunate ly, both for him and his party, tw< successive mishaps to transports or which he has been traveling—at Gov to withdraw Then, turnin a pile o f vol-1 f * t P tacti he jL C.• R R and hurry forward the equipme You, gentlemen, hurry to San Antonio >sment roll the of $750 assessed against the 0. & - - • • ^ having :he State Trombly was authorized to make certain changes in the gSS^ C p a nS?il\D4Velo i^He-s-weekiy-':::::. .v.v.\ Farm and Fireside National Tribune McCalls 1 SO 4 50 1 75 SEW ADTBBTISEMK5TS. —Xmas goods at C H. store. Cha: uv . ffi an Disinfectant and Forma- lin at Gilbert's Drug Store. —-Cherry Balsam, a sure cure for cold—At Cady's Drug Store. , —Xmas Furniture at Geo. H. Car- roll'fc 1 store. Canadian statesmen talk of increas- ing tariff charges against the United States. A heavy advance of that kind would lead to a rapid development of annexation sentiment in the dominion. Last year the United States export- ~^^~ --— —\ \7 . .... once, the men catching them on the fly. shall again be leader of the minority iT cou]d ge e } n theiT faces tha t every in that body and the contemplated r«- ;• o f them waf l ready to follow him volt by those who object to further tQ ^ , deat n dictation from the Nebraskan and who j Qut Q f tae \ olouds o f misconception think that Mr. Jones failed them woe- l an d the false i mpress ions thrown about fully by not fighting the army bill and ms picturesque figiure b y the cartoon- other measures put through at the last . t d ^ paragraphers, more in- —-'-- is-indefinitely postponed to . tereBte d 5 n sensationalism than in await tlhe return of iSenator Bacon, of reality there suddenly emergi ^^^7},?2 S ^\lT^ heTe ^ h o tensely earnest, forceful, to Representative DeArmord. The stars certainly s x ' \\\ the Democrats nc Pm >n m fiLht aaainst i triotic > humanity-loving, broad-minded™\ an< 1 Trombly a comtaitt.e ^S« « aSaiQS nonseetional American this practical I T ^ t tle litigation, which STduayb. i^f>nli«5t in homm p the* vrainee«t. Tiller wn o ro t,( n i, TIT^T-Q ^,I + has prepared _. ... introduce, to establish the new Depart- ment of Commerce and Industries, re- commended by the recent reciprocity convention and by a number of similar bodies in the past. ^Senator Nelson has discussed his bill with the President,!Low who has approved it and will urge it ' upon Congress. The bill, as drawn, creates a Secretary, with an Assistant Secretary and a Chief of the Bureau of ^~* ., — ._._. - Manufactures. To it will be transfer- ed a total of $250,000,000 in animals | ed from the Treasury Department, the mud animal products, including 48,000 ; lighthouse service, live saving ser- horsess andd mules.. Thee srowthofr this yJce mar i ne hospital, inspector of steamboats, bureau of navigation, U. S. 3eallst, to become the youngest ruler ; •f the greatest country in the world, j Board. The committee on. lunatic asylums reported that the sum of $522.05 was claimed, and that 851/9,65 was allowed The committee consisted of Messrs' MciRaulley. Mace and Lawson. Messrs. Pickett. Bowron and Mori- arity, the committee on deceased sol- diers, reported that SI.500 was claimed, and $1,505 was allowed. On motion of Mr. Dommy. the chair brave, pa- appointed Messrs. Haugthran, dough 1jnlnllr f ! --- J m \ -itte to settle the h is over certain «possible to iiet Ice-Locked Craft to Tidewater. Col. John N. Partridge, State super- intendent of public works, after con- erring with various interests connect- I d with the canals, and with his sub- j •rdinates, has reached the decision | that further attempt to deliver east | and southbound boats to tide-water would be ill-advised, not only because )f its apparent uselessness, but the nore because of the danger to craft md cargoes which would result ftom 'urther effort. As soon as Colonel Partridge was advised of the coming of the cold V!a\e, ' directions were given to section super- intendents and others all along the ;ine, to use every effort to keep tfhe ! channel open and to assist boats to their destination. To this end every tug and every other craft belonging to the State, which could be used as an ice breaiker, was brought into com- mission. In spite of the severity of the cold wave, boats - 1 •apidly east, first off the then from the middle division, until, with the exception of a very few boats, all of the loaded craft reached a point east of Utica. A steel ice crusher was brought on from Buffalo, and effective service until six-inch ice was reached. It was even able to break this up. but as the channel of the canal is so nar- row as to leave no room for disposing of the broken ice. this did not furnish the needed relief. The canal was to officially close Saturday night at 12 o'clock, but with the hope that moderate weather would prevail,-which would permit of a re- sumption of traffic to snch an extent as to enable the loaded boats to reach tide water, the superintendent save di- rections to continue the canal forces on duty. Colonel Pa/rriflge's decision to a.ban- ' ' '\ Of 9S- ?ti.rally were cut by last years Mr. Raughran as chairman, horse an mules Th g department of industry is highly en- couraging to those engaged in it. Aa the time approaches for the Cu- The Vote in New York. A New York politician has made a calculation in which he shows that of the 297,412 ballots oast for Hon. Seth for mayor 250,010 were marked under the Republican emblem; 36,659 under that of the citizen's union, and 10,743 under that of the greater New York Democracy. The total vote for Edward M. Shepard was 265,227, or 15,217 more than was received fey Mr. Low under the Republicans emblem, These figures, which are presumably correct, indicate that Mr. Low's plur- _ correct, indicate that Mr. Lows plur shipping commissioners, bureau of ! a ilty was 32,185. They also shcuw that statistics and coast and geodetic suf-1 the Greater New York Democracy, vey; from the Interior Department, the j having polled more than ten thousand bans to set up for themselves, their • commissionar of railroads, patent of- i votes is entitled to a column in the «rdor for an independent government flce( census office and geological sur- official ballot, with an emblem of its perceptibly cools. iBut Uncle Sam al- V ey; and from the State department, 'own, and may be expected to continue ways keeps his word, and Cuba can tn e toureara of foreign commerce. To | its organization and take an active have as much experience on its own these are to be added the now inde- par t in future municipal campaigns, account as it is willing to assimilate, j pendent bureau of labor and the fish land probably make an attempt to se- —: (commission. The Secretary of Com- | cure a representation in Democratic iPrevious practice of the fire drill en- • m erce will be a cabinet officer, raising state conventions. It is also apparent, abled the teachers in a school ^ the number of the President's advises from a study of the figures presented, Cleveland, Ohio in which a fire brok,e f rom eight to nine.' The government •'that Mr. Low would have been elected out, to empty the building of 860 pu- began its existence in 1789 with three without the Greater New York Demo- pils in a minute and a half, without departments—that of State, War and cracy vote, but needed the Citizens' one .being injured. The children- left, Treasury and two independent bureaus,! union to carry him through, their Shats, coats, and wraps behind. whose heads were not cabinet officers— : — — (those of Post Office and Justice. The \ One of the Albany lawyers thinks he Navy department was added nine years Bees- a necessity for an amendment to later, and the Postmaster General and Hue Federal Constitution limiting the Attorney General made Cabinet offi- grounds upon which divorces can be C ers about the same time. No further granted. At present, he says, there increase took place until 4849. wh-n are some States where there are eight the Interior Department was organic grounds upon which absolute divorce o d by taking patents a/nd census from can be secured, and this makes the the State department, lands from the law of that State the law of the Nation Treasury, Indians from the War, and on •divorces, for the Constitution pro- pensions from War and Navy. The vides that the adjudication of one Department of Agriculture was creat- State must be accepted by all the other e d only a dozen years ago. Certainly States. ' TTncle 'Sam has 'been in no hurry to multiply new departments. had 'been sued, and had retained Judge Shedden, while S. L. Wheeler appeared for the comiplainant. On motion of Mr. Chahoon, the clerk was authorized to purchase tax re- ceipts, proceedings of the 'Board and assessment rolls at a price not to ex- ceed that of the lowest bidder. The clerk has placed an order with E. J. Robinson for 11,000 tax receipts for $18; 400 copies of the proceedings of the Board (50 bound in cloth) at 60 cents per page, and 34 assessment rolls for $60. The motion of Mr. Pickett relative to the $500 appropriation by the county to the town of Saranac for expendi- ture on bridge accoun. was lost by a vote of 7 to 6. A vote on Mr. Chahoon's bill to make the pay of inspectors of election pol clerks and ballot clerks the same as -now but to allow two days instead of one wag taken. It resulted as follows: ten for; four against. Through the courtesy of Mr. I. H. Chaihoon, the supervisors are to visit Ausa;ble Forks by special train next Wednesday afternoon, and inspect the J. & J. Rogers pulp mills. ISEBVHES . arse Andienee Witness First. Fx-el* fi^ies of PlaStshursh I-o.l^e of FJki According to the mandates of the Be- lt d Ptti Od ff Elks which has entert nevolent and Protective Order o Elk ^rt^fre^Theatee ; ever y lod S G o f the Order iolds > on the urt btreet ineaue ;firs t Sunday o £ December, memorial services which are in memory of the departed members of the lodge, who The currency difficulty encc-unteired , Secretary Root's recommendations at Manila, as a consequence of trying in regard to Cuba have created a de- to make two Mexican silver dollars cided sensation here. In effect they i li The Trinity church fail step held in the Court -St: ;uoed under the direction of ft jj^vcJyn Bromley. The (members M -•• j all 'in costume, and the participants t°j included some of the best singers in Plattsburgh. All present'were, great- large audience gathered in the !: theatre Sunday itness the servi- exchange g p g ly pleased with the program, and each are a plea for prompt action looking to reciprocity with the island, on the i selection was encored repeatedly. Each j 01 Uro - ij -. Or - number was sung with accompaniment | * ure ' • t ' o f t £ by Mr. Edwin G, Clarke's orchestra, i added greatly to the effect. The to reciproeity with the island, on the ^%i c h added greatly to the effect. The can gold dollar, was to be expected, ground that its peace, health, prosperi- orchestra also rendered three selections It would have been all very well if the ty and indedendence'are necessary to Mexican coin were worth just fifty the U. S. and can only be attained by cents in our 'money, and would main- prompt commercial arragements that which the Plattsburgh lodge had The services were opened by Clarke's orchestra, under the personal direction ~~ ~. Clarke, playing an over- and Peasant.\ This was followed by the opening ceremonies of the Order of Elks, by the Plattsburgh Lodge, No.-f\ with a finish and skill that made them During the ceremonies the lights on highly appreciated. the stage and in the theatre were off tain its value, but it has the perversity w ui inure to the island's benefit \They Were on Their Honeymoon,\ of fluctuation in its vetry nature, and \The same considerations,\ says the was sung by Mrs. Reynolds, Mrs. Cross, nongovernment decree_ can keep it^on Secretary, \which led to the war with j Miss Tierney and Miss Bromley. This selection wass excellent, and was heart- ily applaudeu. On account of the illness of Miss Kathleen Ryan, Miss Olive Smith was substituted, and gave a pleasing recita- tion in negro dialect of one of the stor- ies of Uncle Remua. Miss Smith's 1 delivery was excellent and her recita- tion very amusin?. Miss Bromley delighted all by her exquisite rendering of '\The Amorous Goldfish,\ from the Geisha, with its beautiful accompaniment. Mr. Con- aughty and Miss Bromley achieved a like success in their excellent render- ing of the \Kissing Duet,\ from the same opera, \The Angelus,\ from the Serenade, was beautifully sung by Mrs. Pettis in the costume of the Abbess, assisted by a chorus. The selection gave ample opportunity for the exhibition of the singer's beautiful contralto voice. \Cupid Will Guide,\ from the Ameer, is a pretty soprano selection, whi dlihtfl l b M The quartet from Rogers Brothers, and left lighted only three purple ones, commission at Manila will -rinake the best shift it can \things going safely. u euveiuuiem. uewee » u neey IL UU secretary, \wnicn led to the war wnn \parity\ with anything in particular, Spain, now require that a commercial •or prevent speculation upon its varia- arrangement be made under which tions. The trouble is that there is no Cuba can live.\ These ideas of the limitation rapon the volume of Mexican Secretary are undoubtedly for all prac- dollars in the Philippines or upon their tical purposes identical with those of legal tender character, and they will the President. As such they foresha- persist in keeping their own level, dow a spirited contest in Congress this There is a rational plan for congres- winter with those who think that Bional action on the subject in the re- nothing can be done until Cuba is in- port just made by Mr. Charles A. dependent and with those who are op- Conant to the Secretary of War, ibut posed to making any concessions evfen until this can be duly provided for the after it is independent. Sugar is, of ,-..__ _. .,__ , =„ haye to eoupse j the head and feont ofthe op _ to keep position. The beet growers in the : west, aided by the cane men. in Louis- ——• -iana, and Hawaii, aftd even in Porto Wu Ting Fang, the Chinese minis- Rico, and hy the high protectionist ter to this country, is greatly cha- . interest in the east, have been abso- grined by the prospect that congress lutely deluging members of both will reenact the Chinese exclusion act. houses with communications on the He has everywhere been received witti subject. The Sugar Trust is charged great cordiality and apparently con- with being both for and against any vinced that the prejudice against the -grant to Cuba, but, as a matter of fact Chinese in this country was .breaking it is difficult to see how it can have down. Mr. Wu blames the newspap- any interest in the matter at all. As ers for spreading the idea that if the long as the duty on refined sugar re- bars were down this country would mains untouched, it matters nothing epeedily witness's flood of Chinese im- to the refiners how much the duty on migration. If he thought tihat would raw sugar is reduced. Giving due con- be the result, Mr. Wu declares that sideration to the difficulty of \getting he would favor keeping -up the bars, a line\ on probaMe Congressional ac- but he insists that nothing of the tion, it seems to your correspondent kind ^wcra-ld take place. If the Chi- that Republican feeling (certainly that nese in this country had votes there in the House) is opposed to lowering would *be no discrimination against the duties on Cuban sugar and that the them, he says. Finally, be wants to proposed reciprocity with ti e island meet the anti-Chinese editors in a will come to naught. debate, in which he promises to pul- At the Republican caucus which was ^erize them with facts and arguments, held on Saturday, General Henderson, If all Chinamen were like Mr. Wu, Alexander McDowell, Henry Casson the exclusion act would t>e unneces- and the other officers of the last Con- «ary. We might absorb and elevate gress were nominated by acclamation. some thousands of the Chinese race, The ft^ed rules, after the usual pro- tout the fear that we might lhave to test from Colonel Hepburn, were adopt- •welcome some millions of them if they ed. The committee on \Industrial Arts had a chance to come is one not easi- and Expositions\ was made permanent, sing, i nolds, Mrs. Reynolds has a p!< well trained voice, and her rendering of the song was delightful. The duet—\He Was a Little from Patience, by Mrs. E. L. Pet- ha a chanc ly dispelled. p ae permanent, but on motion of Mr. Payne, it was re- lieved of all authority in matters re- The Orders of Blks was organized in lating to revenue and appropriations Delancy Street in New York, thirty-one pertaining to the Louisiana Purchase years ago by a half-dozen men, mem- and all proposed expositions. Mr. bers of the theatrical profession. It Tawney, Who was Chairman of the was primarily organized to include in committee in the last Congress, pro- its membership only those who are tested vigorously, but Mr. Payne's pro- actors. Ater the ' organization of posed amendment carried. Ijodge No. 1 in New York its scope The Democratic, held their perfiunc- was changed and its jurisdiction was tory caucus on ' Saturday morning. increased. Two of the original six are After nominating a slate for the var- Btill living. William Lloyd Baron, ions officers of the House, including leader of tlhe Ftnth Stt Th \Slippery Jim\ Richad f Sk leader of tlhe Fourteenth Street Thea- \Slippery Jim\ Richardson, foi i;re Orchestra in (New York, is the first er, they proceeded to offer inan ever initiated into the Order of glomeration of resolutions as TSlks. That was thirty-one years ago and since that time the order has ex- tended its membership into every state In the Union, including all territories as well as the District of Columbia And Alaska and Honolulu. The Grand '.Lodge has a membership of G62 and Speak- a con- diveree and impractical as are the opinions held by the peculiar varieties of chimerical economists who call them- selves Democrats. The only sensible resolution offered, Which opposed \any interference with the existing standard of values\ and .g a p of G62 and t g the individual membership is 100,000. which was championed ,by tl.o New Its .growth has been marvelous. It Yorkers was fought by the Texfins and can only be accounted fm m >hc fvet fimllv inri resolutions wore buiud i> that (he Amujcan propl o I K inn; tli o committee Nnriir.i M mn -WIN'OII I v ho r o s i imp o f .ftT>PK)\il n o swift cnil u ( , „ <> i t 'as T pWr o f uptfldm R cnl- o i n Tin ] \pn]nt m if ordf>r rrukf- ono limitiii that li slnll not <xt(ml t< nlto.j of (he I nilod fu m 'Iho I i and (hat is /n linon.l tlio li p d r lluc ; I » t\< uesnrpgVP'>- aienllf d Ttoc l.v thilrtirn tn py p was delightfully sung by Mrs. Rey- which were suspended on the horns of the elk's head. Brother W. E. Cross, the esquire, approached the elk's head and as Ralph L. Signor, the secretary, called the names of the three departed brothers, a gong was struck and a light extinguished at each name, th< esquire answering \dead.\ This was a very impressive part of the service. These closed toy the lodge singing the opening Ode. j Great Ruler of the Universe, All seeing and ibenign; Look down upon and bless our work, And be all glory Thine. Oh! hear our prayers for the honored dead. While bearing in our minds; The memories graven on each heart, For the days of Auld Lang Syne. Prayer was then offered by Rev. H. P, LeF. Grabau. A quartette composed of Mrs. E. L. Pettis, Miss Edith Mason, Mr. Barker and Mr. Langdon sang the \Crossing of the Bar.\ The orchestra played as an intermezzo, Lori- Salome. Then the address of the day was giv- en by Brother Samuel T. Hull, of th< Albany Lodge, No. 49. Mr. Hull held by his easy manner and eloquent ad- dress the audience during his entire dis- ~~ I course, which was of a memorial char- tis and 'Miss Elizabeth Tierney, re- called to many the successful amateur .production of that opera several'years ago. Both singers were in splendid voice last evening, and their voices blended harmoniously with a very pleasing effect. \The Shade of the Sheltering Palm.\ from Florodora, gave an opportunity for a very pleasing stage setting. Miss Wrigiht taking the role of Dolores. Mr. Langdon sang the selection ia a splen- did manner, his pleasing voice being heard to great advantage. The concluding number was tne sex- tette, \Tell Mte Pretty Maiden,\ from Florodora, sung by Miss Munger, Miss Borde, Mrs. Cross, Mrs. Woodward, Mrs. Pettis, Miss Howell, Mr. Con- aiughty, Mr. Hapgood, Mr. Cavanagh, Mr. Stratton, Mir. Hadley, Mr. Senecal, Mr. Cavanagh. This was one of the hits of the evening, and aroused a storm of enthusiasm, necessitating frequent returns on the part of the erformers. The fair has been very successful, the entertainments having bren of ex- cent.ional excellence. A considerable sum has been realized from the sale of the articles at the different booths, tihp total receipts proving a substantial adrti+ion to the treasury of the Ladies' Aid Society. The president, Mrs. A. M. Warren, and the other ladies as- svfctinsr. ar« to DP e OTvprrat.nl at erf Great ovf^dit. is rtn-p Miss '\Bromley who bad fnargp of the excellent entertainment, last evening. ,IN FLA M M ATII!O N h \Colds \^o mingFc nrs^G RI P CURES ANY PAIN IFSmt OP OUT JUST THE THING FOR CHRISTMAS Received Today AN IMMENSE -ASSORTMENT OF FANCY CHAIRS FINISHED IN GOL- DEN 0AK 0R MiAHOGAiNY HIGHLY POLISHED, BEAUTIFULLY CARVED BACK, HANDSOME TURNED SPINDLES OR WITH A PANEL BACK, UPHOLSTERED IN LEATHER, VKL OUR OR TAPESTRY, AT PRICES ges decision t fforts in the way boats, and to \ ly svas onl reached af- ferred with large ship- >r«sentatives of insurance As insurance companies do not insure against loss in the way of cHamasre to boats or to cargoes re- sulting from ice, any loss resulting to either cargoes or craft would neces- sarily fall upon bout owners, and, as in some cases the value of cargoes is far in excess of the ability of th» car- rier to ma-ke good, the loss would ne- cessarily fall imon the owners of 'car- goes. Many shippers and t>oat owners have absolutely refused to have their boats mbved. There are no ttigs ready to take tows down the river. As a result, a considerable number of boats Which have reached the river locks, have refused to be locked into the river. In the event of tugs reach- ing ATbany and river navigation being open, the boats on the Troy and Al- bany level will be locked into the river. About 90 loaded iboats are caught in the ice on the Erie and 85 on the Champlain canal. •NOTES. —The Lake Champiain Towing Co. of Whitehall \have laid up their steam- ers, after the most successful season in years, and have sent their mule teams into winter quarters. —The last tow of the' season arriv- ed at-Whitehall on Nov. 29, and is stalled there. The tow consisted of fourteen hay boats, ten iron ore boats, six, boats laden with'pulp and four with lumber. There are also twelve light boats laid xip there for the win- der. —The canal boat Thomas Wallace mnk recently crossing the Hudson riv- tr at Northumberland, Saratoga Co. It was loaded with hay, consigned to 'New York city by W. N. Sweet, of Cihazy. The presidential canvass in Cuba, which has just started, and which will last till February, promises to 'be ex- citing. There is a chance, too, that Che contest may not be confined to the present candidates, Palma and Maso. One or two others, it is intimated, may get in the race before the finish. Yet when Cuba reaches the stage that she will assist in the election, as a state of the American Union, of a President of the United States, her canvasses will attract much more attention from tihe world at large than they can under present conditions That time may not be so far distant, either, as some persons imagine. WITHIN REACH OF ALL. 16 BRIDGE STREET PARDON ASKED FOB PRESIIIHY. j Champlain Transportation Company Mrs. Marguerite Warren Springer of Chicago has promised to give the site at Van Buren and Green Streets, Chi- cago for the home of a proposed Indus- trial Art League there. (Already $25,- 000 has been subscribed toward the fund for the projected association. HOME AMD CHILD Does your horse \feel his Governor Odell gave a hearing Tues-1 ^ r .™' d f Iy> Snn4a ^ s excepted: ) day afternoon on an application for a ^omg North—Leave Burlington 9:00 pardon for Amer Ben Aii, better known a - m.; Port Kent 9:35 a. m.; Val- as \Frenchy an Algerian, who is jccnur sl0:10; Arrive Plattsburgh 10:30. serving .'a. life'ser\*\*\\ A \* mn^r, ™ i _ . for the murder ( MBSKSSSS? r** \??*-«-» Plattsbu * e:i5 a character of the East Side of New York city, whose horribly mutilated remains were found in a room in the East River hotel in that city on April \4.-1S9I1. The application is based on the al- legation-that evidence has been discov- ered wihich tends to show that Frenchy was not the murderer of the woman. The argument was made before Gov. Odell by Paul Fuller, of the law firm of Coiudert Brothers. Ovide Robillard, who has been attorney for Frenchy for several years, was also present The woman was murdered in room No. 31 of the hotel. The key to the room was missing after the murder. An affidavit from George Damon, of Cranford, N. J., was presented to the governor, stating that on the night of tihe murder a banish servant employed by iDamon, and who had been secured at Castle Garden, remained away from home all night. Subsequently he dis- appeard, leaiving behind him in his room, bloody trousers and shirt, and a brass key- with: the number 31.-upon it The key has been (found to be identical with others used in the hotel wihere the woman was murdered. An affidavit from Jacob Riis, a news- paper man, of New York city, was read. He made an examination of the room occupied by Frenchy on the night of the murder, and had found no blood spots on the wall or door. At Frenchy's trial it had been shown that there were a few blood spots on the wall. An affidavit was also read tending to show that the interpreter at the trial ha,d not correctly interpreted the tes- timony of Frendhy, who spoke a slang composed of Arabic, French and Span- ish, The jury at the trial had refused to find the prisoner guilty of murder in the first degree, and Mr. Fuller be- lieved that if these facts were before the jury they would have acquitted him. In conclusion he said that if the iGovernor was not convinced of the iman's innocence by the argument pre- sented, a commissioner should be ap- pointed to take testimony. Governor Odell reserved decision. p. m.; Valcour s2:40 \-p. m.; Port Kent 3:30; Arrive Burlington 3:45. On Mondays trips will he continued from Plattsburgh to Adams' and re- turn. On Wednesdays and Thursdays only will leave Burlington 4:00 p. m. for Essex and Westport Will leave Westport 7:00 a. m., Essex 7:40 a. m., for Burlington, on Thuredays and Fri- days. Saturdays steamer will run di- rect from Port Kent to Gordon's thence to Plattsburgh. Returning, leave Plattsburgh at 2:15 p. m.. run- ning via Gordon's, thence to Port Kent and Burlinston. The Essex and Westport service on Wednesdays and Thursdays will be discontinued after making trips of De- cember 11th and 12tih. Will touch at Valcour on signal, except Saturdays. Unless interrupted by ice service will continue up to and including Wednes- day, December 25. GEORGE RUSffLOW. General Manager. Life Option POLIOT AND THE ENDOWMENT BONO Mother Gray's Sweet Powders for Children. Successfully used by Mother Gray, nurse in the Children's Home in New York, Cure Feverishness, Bad Stom- ach, Teething Disorders, move and regulate the Bowels and Destroy Worms. Over 30.000 testimonials. They never fail. At all drug-gists, 25c. Sample FREE. Address, Allen S. Olmsted, LeRoy, N. Y WANTED — Energetic experienced lady canvasser in Plattsburgh. 5- per six hours guaranteed. Pleasant em- ployment, write today. Manager, 3 Durand, Rochester, N. Y, 4024-lwk* MALE HELP WANTED—Reliable men to sell our line of high grade lub- ricating oils, greases, paints and var- nishes. Salary or commission. Ad- dress, Mutual Refining Co., Cleveland, Ohio. 4024-lwk* CLOSE OF ST. JOHNS FAIR. CIross Receipts Over *2.OOO-The Pris- e'«* Awarded. Saturday night brought to a close St. John's churdh fair, which had been suc- cessfully carried on for the entire week by tihe congregation. As a result of their ceaseless efforts they have to their credit as a grand gross receipt the neat sum of two thousand twenty- five dollars. When the expenses of the fair 'are paid there will remain as a profit something over one thousand nine hundred dollars. The contest for the ladies' gold watch carried on 'by the Misses Alice Leonard and Alice Holland, was a good source of revenue. The amount which the young ladies deposited with the Rev. Father Savage, was four hundred twenty-eight dollars and twenty cents, of Which Miss Leo- nard received two hundred fifty-six . dollars and seventy-six cents, and Miss j Holland one hundred seventy-one dol- lars and forty-four cents, Miss Leonard thereby winning the beautiful watch. But the Rev. Father in recog- inition of the efforts and conscientious Oats\? What a difference be- | work of Miss Holland, also presented • 1 her with a handso-me watch. tween the grain-fed and the) The articles on the fair tickets were ° j won by the following people; graSS-fed horse! Th e first Ten dollar gold piece, W. L fler- main; barrel of flower, John Holland; Strong and full Of ginger, the rocking chair Mary Duffy; eig.ht-day 6 , _ . | t , . v! clock. Mary Toulman; set of knives Second flabby, weak and tired I and- forks, George Lynch; bedroom toilet set, Mrs. R. Baldwin; glass tea Xmas Goods As well as Dry Goods entire Order of Elks rather than with any special or particular lodge. Mr. Fred Percy Barker pleased the audience with that beautiful bass solo, \Saviour Breathe An Evening (Bles- sing.\ Tobani's \Hearts and Flow> ers\ was next played by the orchestra Mrs. E. L. Pettis sang a contral to solo, \Galilee by Coombs, is a manner which always makes her wel come to a Plattsburgh audience.. (Brother J.B. Hagerty then pronounce a' eulogy on the three departed broth ers of the Plattsburgh lodge. Mr. Hag- erty is no stranger to the people of Plattsburgh, and in this instance he spoke with all the feeling and elo- quence of which he is capable. Mr. 'Ernest Langdon's sympathetic voice was next heard to advantage in that beautiful baritone solo, \Oh Morning Land.\ The closing exercises of the Order were next, and the audience joined the lodge in singing the ©oxology. Rev. J. j^ubin pronounced the Benediction, and the orchestra played as a finale, Holamann's \Fraternity.\ Thus ended the first memorial ser- vices of the Platt&U'rgh Lodge. They were neld for the following departed brothers: Solomon Scheier, William V. S. Woodward and Jofen .'Clitherow Smith. The exercises Sunday gave an op- portunity to get an insight into the Order of Elks, and if all departments of the order are carried out along lines as complete as were those of Sun- day's memorial exercises, then the or- der is to be commended on its thor- oughness and beneficence. Mrs. R. Baldwin; g Mullen; bed spread, Mrs. D. Healey; glass fruit dish, Kathleen set, John out before he begins. The I feeding makes the difference. Children are not alike either. One is rosy, bright-eyed, full of life and laughter, another is pale, weak and dull. The feed- ing again is responsible. Sickly Children need special i lamp, John Kelly; dressln; i» T M i tj.it 1.1 • Tohn Meuavish : Japanes e vs Ryan; pair vases, P. J. Hillen; ladies siilk umbrella, Julia Lyndon; Evening News (1 year), Mrs. F. W. Judge; dress suit case, James MoKeefe; box Acme soap, Mrs. Rose Ryan; gents' umbrella, Mrs George Lynch; table cloth and napkins, Mrs. R. Looby; lady's silk umbrella, Mrs. H. Behan; tswo-and-a- Ibalf-dollar gold piece, Miss Agnes Ryan; jardiniere, Clarence Burleigh: \ \ • -' ing sacque, c f *T»t i >J_ c i. i I John A'leua.visn; Japanese vase, Mar- feeding. They don t u feel their ! ^J e t Behan; parlor lamp, John Kelly. oats\. Scott's Emulsion adds j^' lo J ^; bl LVJS ; ^S°dozen P tawe just the right richness to their : snooiu^ wiiwam- LO diet. It is like grain tO the Holland; half dozen napkins, James , ' «,, ...j . Tubee; comfortable. Mrs. D. Palmer: horse. The child gets new oh af5n* dish, Mrs. -Pardy; satin skirt appetite and strong digestion. : T ^ w p j o ^ n wnaon^ a p\1r P fSther^ Scott's Emulsion is more ^^1^^^^ twe than food. It is a Stronp* Hoth. John Ragen: chocolate pot. Mrs. V W. Judge; rwkin.fif chairs f2). A. Colli*ran: lamn nif>t. Mrs. D. F. BeShan; two-and-a-haif-dollar gold niece, Mrs. F. D. Sullivan; ton of coal, T. E. Mr. and Mrs. D. T. Demy whose p settlement of Alkali Point was the -S genesis of the present city of Seattle BOB haVe just celebrated the fiftieth anni- iVGrfcflrv of the landing; of the party the \ llattpr nait of October, 1861. medicine. It rouses up dull children, puts new flesh on thin ones and red blood into pale . Mooney. ones. It makes children grow, j Scott's Emulsion makes ordi- nary food do its duty. This picture represents the Trade Mark of Scott's Emulsion and is on the wrapper of every bottle. Send for free sample. SCOTT & BOWNE, 409 Pearl St., New York, j fore that date. 50c and 11. all druggists. S^iv yvorfc, Dec. r>—The Manhattan tiling Mill Company, at Nos. 362 and S^S Avenue A. ownod by John Leonard, W3s destroyed by fire tJhis morning at 2 o'clock. The loss is $10,000. Notice to The Public. Notice is hereby given that after Dec. 1st 1901, my business will be i conducted on a cash system and goods will be sold at cash prices. All ac- counts due me must be paid on or be- C. E. CHURCH. iLapham, N. Y. Nov. 8 1901. AND MILLINERY AT CLOSING JUT PIES MUST BE SOLD Closing Out Sale OPP. WITH0RILL HOUSE, PLATTSBURGH, N. Y. TEACHERS' EIAHIIATIOIS. First and Second Districts Clinton Co. For Year 1902. FOR FIRST GRADE .CERTIFICATES Thursday and Friday. Program Thursday: A. M.—Arithmetic, Geography, Draw- ing, Philosophy and History of Ed- ucation. P. M.—'English Composition, Gram- mar, Physiology and Hygiene, Cur- rent Tonics. FRIDAY: A. M.—American History, Book Keeping, Orthography. P. M.—'Civil Government, School Law, Physics, Methods, and School Man- agement, Reading. Teachers will furnish themsel with pen ama ink, compasses and rul- ers for use in drawing. Uniform pa- per must be used and may be purchas- ed of tlhe Convmissioner. All examinations for First District will be held in Piattsfourgn, in Nor- mal school. All examinations occur 2d Thursday and Friday of month in which examin- ations occur. Examinations in Second District will be heid at Rouses Point .Mooers Forks Apr. 10-11 Chazy ........ Aug. 14-15 Chamiplain Nov. 13-14 OF THE National Lift Insurance[]Conipany Iv of Vermont. . , f la the Best Insurance In the World. WILLIAM I* JULSnr Special Aaint. Clm*jr. N. Y. Good agents wanted. SGHIFF & KEENM DANNEMORA, N. Y. j AH deoartmente In our Great ' Variety Store have Just l!een replenished with beautiful new FALL AND WINTER GOODS The lines we carry are well known to the.nubile We call especial attention to our Ladies' Coat and Suit De- partment. The styles, quality and prices are bound to please the purchaser. We are at the front with Hen's and Boys' Suits and Overcoats . . , Men's Suits made to order—ifit guaranteed and prices low. We sell the Queen Quality Shoe and other popular makes. GROCERIES & PRO VISIONS Thanking the public tor favors and soliciting patronage, we are SGHIFF & KEENAN Dannemora, October 8, llMtt. ADIRONDACK RHEUMATIC CURE A Positive Cure for Rhmnutism •I We do net claim to cure all diseases that nndt* kind is heir to, but we do claim to eta imiw&~ iate relief and to cure Rheumatism br «**•»• f Adirondack Rheumatic Care. PRICE ONE DOLLAR. RHEUMATIC REMEDY CO. CHAnPLAiN, N. ¥\. Free sample bottle sent <m aooRootiefe ? For sale by ~ Mrs. Gilbert, Plaftsbnrgh, N. %$ Trombly's Pharmacy, Rouses Poiar, K. William P. Branch, Ohampfein. N. Y. Farm For Sale. Situated six mllee north of : _ ibutrgh near the State Road; fiffcs* acres; all tillable land; good well t&5 never runs dry; buildings aU ia &&& repair; good orchard. MiMrt be wM| to settle an estate. Terras A W ly to CLARK & DOMINY, $ et street. Plattaburgih. WANTED— Men and Women to t the complete life of President 1 ley by Murat Halstead. large ' fully illustrated liberal f paid, credit given. Don't * send. 10 eta. at once to pay 1 outfit. Address Manager Bloci Room 6 Rochester N. T.

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