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LdRQEST CIRCULflTION AND MORE LOCAL NEWS THAN ALL THE CLINTON COUNTY PAPERS j TOGETHER. mtiml. QKMTEST dDYERTlSINQ I2V C^IxVTOJV COtWTF. READ BY EVERYBODY; CIRCULATED E VES YWH VOL. XLVII, NO. 3 -WHOLE NO. 3097. % PLATTSBURGH, IN\. Y., MAY 31, 1901. TEBMS:»tl.5O PEB YEAR LOCAL PARAGRAMS. News of Pittsburgh and Vicinity Told Briefly and to the Point. —The residences of J. T. Kavanagh and Mrs. George Place have been con- nected 'With the telephone exchange. CO Stl It Ol M uc .JOHSSOX liiiixion Jlnsu r. Johnson, it iis-s:on does t sewers on IXTEUVIEWE ers Our Kep.ort is rumored that not mean to c Platt street streets in that vicinity, nor on El I). ent or . the ou- and iza- PERSONAL MENTION. rhe Past Week Among' People Here aad Elsewhere. —Mrs. Jamos A. Wren, of Ansonia, ]onn., is risking friends in town. —Mrs. C. M. Truitt left .vlonday for REPUBLICAN OFFICE BURNED. Plant of Essex County Publishing Co ton -Th e Woman's Christian Temper- j vSni^^o^u mtnd'SSgme 1 to '\ ex \ teid \ ^ '^t'with'fri'endsTn'BoB\- ance Union county convention will be p Ub ]. lca , t i on youi . views and the vie- held at Peru. Thursday and Friday, o f the otne , June 13 3.nd 14. —Attention is called tisement of Ohiids & tssue. This firm is off in harness at present. rs of tin I own uii that subject?\ | o n an the adver- i Mr. Johnson, whom the reporter j ilinn - rnes in this saw in his office, replied: ! __E. ng bargains i \No. 1 .have not tin;? least objection from N sen t . J to giving you the fullest information. , family. _ ., ! In the first place. I do not see how of the Treasury has |such a tMng shmM be rumored Plattsburg National , about There m , us t b e gome . busybody interested in filling the ears of the people with false statements for some mid have 'heaird —Mrs. D. K. Gilbert left last evening extended visit to Min: Botsford, Esq., is in town v York on a short visit to his —The Secret; designated th Bank as United States depository succeed the Iron Bank. —The annual election of officers of the Santa Maria Reading Circle will oocur this evening, alter services, in their rooms. Every member is ear- nestly requested to be present. —The excursion to Chazy Lake Park , given by the ladies of the First M. E. '• stand it, and church, yesterday, was well attended , un^ <\••»+«>\« '+ considering the weather, which i: —Mrs. M. iends. J. Dunham, of Montreal, spending a few days with Port Henry. Destroyed. The plant of the Essex County Puib- iishing Company, at Port Henry, was eomplletely destroyed by fire early itrday morning. Shortly o'clock the cook at tihe discovered flames issuing from tihe two story building. An alarm was ided and the fire department IN HONOR OF HEROES GONE, j GENERAL COUNTY NEWS. Memorial Day Property Observed ir This Village. With Memorial Day annually obse ed, as it was in this village yesterday, j ;ter four j the memory of the heroes who gave' House j up their lives on the battle field will j ever be kept green, and the patriotism j of the young generation will be kept j dedandthfir e department r ^ | j siponded promptly, \'out was unable to i up to th9 spirits which ensure good i *„ „„,.**,,•„„ ,,„+ „* t.u^ „ „,. ' citizensfbip and the future prosperity j Courthouse Notes and Items of In- terest from the Towns The following transfers of real es- tate have recently been recorded: Giles Randlett sold to McMartin & Fesett. Chay real estate for $21.50. 3imon Lagasse sold to George Hay, Altona, real estate for $1\ and other anything but prevent the spread- f h citizensfbip and the future prosperity j atio 1 of the country. The day opened lower?, and many tn g v Let me say that if are albroad, that i oily false. There' friends. Elia Murray, of Burlington, town visiting 'relatives and is not the least foundation for (them, j T^'^'17 Why. this commission, as I under- g —Cyrus Bassett, of West Chazy, Wednesday's visitors to ing of the fli of paper stock, which was in the . building, burned with a rapidity j prophesied the usual Decoration Day which made it impossible to save any j rain storm ih-efore the hour set for the t of the contents. i parade, but in this they were mistaken, j The origin of the fire is unknown, [ for not a drop of rain fell until,well | but is supposed to have been dn the along in the afternoon. • I boiler room, in an addition back of Promptly ait nine o'clock. Captain j the main ffice. The building of the Andrus, adjutant of the 27th, who Citizens' National bank adjoins, and was in command of the military part it was thought that it i of the parade, gave the order,\ and ' nearly 300 sturoy Boys in Blue took up the march step, and wheeled from Robert E. Healey, referee, sold to Margaret E. Tierney, Sohuyler Falls, real estate for $250. Mary Kilroy sold to Edward Gilroy, Beekmantown, 90 acres for $2,600. C. H. Signor sold to Delia Orate, Pittsburgh village property for $500. Narci sold\ ;to \Village of as the other members irstanti it, and ais they • ive ex- —Mrs. M. C. DeForris, of South Plattsburgh, called upon friends Wed- | nesday. is visiting with F. S. Masfleld, at ,' .pressed themselves to me, was created •o-re'at\measure\ impaired the pleasure solely for 'the purpose of constructingj — E . J. Cu'lvei of the excursionists. j sewers wherever needed. While we I hi 3 daughter. Mr TI o rvwrvn^nn social at the home ' do not yet know the ful 1 extent of the | Potsdam. «T7 n x N £ N RiLsT [ nepd s of th e v «lage. we do know that SiJ IrSd^y) fv'S^p r nSe^^e — are imperatively needed in the this iHwaji e euii™ r ni h o or. streets and places you spe^k of. The,, , a success. ^hce d Goose w m be a n ^ ^^ ^ Health)ha < ^ SQ &nd heutenant i^^e \dmiSn 10 ell\ I every man on the comlmfes'on k*ows I _ E . W. Featherston, of Arable •seueii nee. Admi.oion. IU cent... ' i t as well as the State Board of; Forks, was among yesterday's visitors —The first excursion of the season Health. Those are the sewers which to our ibursh. to Vergennes will be held by steamer w m be first constructed It was the j _ John Cottrill of Burlineton Reindeer Sunday, the boat leaving condition of thite locality which was i - tottnn, __« tfuilington, here at 11 o'clock and returning at 9 m ost largely instrumental in bringing j town n. m. This is one of tihe prettiest t hi a commission into life. It is the 1 rides <v -he lake, and will undoubtedly locality which is suffering most, and be largely attended. —Ensign J. H. Holden, U. S. N., of BurMngton, is soon to be promoted to t oi'this vil7age & was' in —Justin Goodrich has returned from i two weeks visit to his former home n Mooers Forks. must receive first attention. You T n rvv rpp0 T,f or - b},]<= received by may tell everyone for ime and for the the Tov-i\^card'for work\on the plank commission that we are in earnest j _ R . M . T'rumbull has accepted a po- road Aiished yesterday morning, about this, and we mean all we say. ' - • -- - - - y - *- the bid oi J. B. Mooers, & Co. annear- W-hat_ good reaison is there wh#_ we | sane a t Dannemora. as $1.2\ ner cuibic yard, when it should ihave i.ien J.I..S5, which is 2\ 'higher than the bid of W. H. Br p p isition in the State Hospital for the In- —Fi-rrhssers of 25 'S. R. Stofldard's illus : his la:-i trip to Euroi them for reserved ee' box office, by the pay additional. The day should not attend rto this first? \Wihile ., v,..nv~ we aire doing that work we can find •ewster. out what next should be done. The , ; places which most need attention 1 should ibe first attended to; thait is the on i way practical men look at such / exenange . things < Tthi g WQr k can be done M & f % in » Itert of the .system of sewage of the aent of 10 cents | vil] ^ e R can b e done at once . and kets rated lectur upon whioh the box office will be open will <be an- nounced later. —-Handsome specimens of the skill- full pen work of Rev. J. Lubin, can be •seen in the Cumberland or Wibherill Houses, or D. & H. depot, in the form of a Masonic directory. The work shows Mr. Lrtibin to ibe an artist with the pen, 1 and is as fine as any ever seen in this village. —Schifl & Keen; •are displaying a ) •>• line of 1 -and tail be made a part of that system. There is no question about the greatest pos- sible need of sewers in ^ae streets —Mr. and Mrs. George S. 'Place have taken possession of their new home at 77 Brinkerhoff street. -^Mrs. Charles Stebbins and Mils® Katherine Boole, of Albany, are visit- ing Mrs. A. E. Reynolds. —Mrs. Jahn Devlin and daughter, Miss Anna Devlin have returned from a visit to Burlington. E. Bentley, of Chateaugay, ex- and places you mention. Platt street j eursion manager for the steamer Rein- — j «...—+« t~ +.^«+ ^nini+w IVIQVO \\'dee r was i n town this week -made suits. Also children's Thi t' negli and infants' wear. Their gents' negli- gee and colored shirts are just up to date. Don't miss seeing their well-flll- •ed store. Their prices are bottom. —J. C. Davis, who formerly con- ducted a broker's office dn Momtipelier, an office in Plattsburgh, ias corres T>ondent -for Jacob Berry & Co., of tihe Consolidated Exchange, New York. Mr. Davis expects to be alble to start \business about June 3d. —'About. nine dollatfs was realized *m the cake sale 'held by the Ladies' Aid Society of the Baptist church on Saturday afternoon. The laldlies of the Vilas Home can testify to the ex- cellent quality of the \goodies\ from liberal samples seat them by tihe Bap- tist ladies. —Miss Norma Wheeler iand her school very appropriately observed the day before Memorial ©ay by vis- iting the graves of the old soldiers of 1812, on Cumberland Head, and dec- orating them. Among those buried there are 'Major John Adamis and Gen. Wolsey-,---of Revolutionary fame. —At the first annual open track meet of Union Oofltege, held at -Sohen- and streets in that vicinity Ihave no] proper sewers, and have a lange ipop- i ulation. The same can t>e -said of Elizabeth street and places in that vicindty. It is a well known fact that the cellars of all tihe houses in these places fill with water, and the , •water stays there until it evaporates. This is a condition of living which is I intolerable in a civilized community, and this condition is made more in- tolerable by the fact What all the sew- age of all the houses is either deposit- ed in cess-pools or turned upon the surface otf itihe ground albout the dwiel- ling houses. Other places are bad enough, but none quite equal to these. u^w u ~ - - .You neesd have no apprehension wihat- Vt., is making_arrangementB to open | ever > nor need an y One , least of all the people livin? tin these localities, that we will not first begin ooir work in these pairts of the viMOiage, and finish tihe work in a businesslike way to final completion.\ \And Mr. Reporter, you are author- ized to say for me to everyone, that this commiission has undertaken to do this work, and if the people stand by ufs, the work will Ibe done to the satis- faction of every person interested, and we will have, before we get through, tan efficient system of sew- ers in this vdlilaJge. I do not tihiink there is a man on the commission who wanted to be appointed. None of us were consulted; the work and the duties were Hjhrust upon us, and we were urged not to resign aflter the appointments had been matde. Why, wihat do we get for it? Not a cent We get la lot of hard work; but we must, all of ! us, (take our pay in the tlhanks of the people, for we shall get ! nothing Ibessides, either directly or in- deer, was in town this week. Frank Jabaut and daughter Catherine, of GMalone, are in town vis- iting Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Jabaut. —-H. R. Jones, the well known hotel man, will be behind the desk at the Algonquin, iSaranac Lake, the coming summer. —Miss Jennie Kelley, of Port Henry, is in town visiting her brother, Rev. W. S. Kelley, pastor of St. John's church. : —Miss Maud Winters is spending the week in Burlington, and will at- tend the (military hop given by the U. V. M. —Mr. iand Mrs. David Fulton awd Mr. Thomas Fulton, of -Montreal, are spending a few days wi*h iMr. and Mrs. G. N. Webb. —Henry Dollaire, of this village went to iRice's on Lake Clear, Wed- nesday morning, as clerk amd tele- graph operator. —Mrs. W. G. Atkins an?d son, James G. have returned from Hark- nes~, aifter spending two weeks with relatives and friends. —Matt. Fitzpatrick has returned 'to Plattisiburgh from Victor, Colo., for (the summer. He will go to the great gcjld camp again next fall. —C. T. Lancaster, a ja^aduate of th< voiuld catch fire. The night was falling, both tiin- md Tain ; the further progress of tin The 'horses in S. 'H. Donnell's release stilft derii fire. Lake House livery wen hich added to ithe confusion. The office was an entire 1< Nothing was saved but the office d< and its contents, the 'books md the heading ifoi parade grounds into Peru nd from there to Margaret street, id, where they were halted in front of [Fraternity Hall. There the scarred 5S. and maimed veterans of the Civil war, sk the majority now unable to withstand i tihe safe the fatigue of marching to the differ- x County ent cemeteries to pay homage to their blih d d hdd hd i Republican, a, weekly paper published } fallen comrades, ha gathered in ear- by *he company. The job office was one of the motet completely equipped dn Northern New j future. York. The assortment of type and j Some time was lost here in waiting riag-es to perform a noble duty which others must do for them in the near stock was largfe, and there was plete ruling sand bookbinding The machinery destroyed included a g arrival of one of the cpmpanies of the fire department, which was expect- ed to take part in the ceremonies of h d bt h th fil d t cylinder newipaper press and four jofb I the day, but. however, they failed to preteses. ruler,; folder and paper cutter, appear, and tihe order was finally giv- Tihe loss on the building is esrtimat- en and the parade started through ed at $5,000; insurance, $2,000; and Margaret street to Broad dn the fol- the loss on plaint at $25,000, insurance, -lowing order: $12,000. The .property was formerly i known as the Sheehy property, and ' has been owned for same time by the Citizens' National Bank. The Port Henry office of the Re- publican has been established at Heslin's news rooms, and *he business df the firm will suffer a 'little inter- ruption. The paper will be issued this week as usual, and will be print- ed in the office of The Sentinel. The Republican has a branch office In Keeseville, and as much of the work as possible will be done in that ril- EPWOBTH LEAGUE COVFEREXCE Plafctaburgh Normal, and at present j Rouses inill f the K Vl l hl Will be Held at FJlenlrargh on Wed The Epworth League Conference for the Plattsburgto district, northern sec- tion, will be held in the First Metho- dist Episcopal ohuroh at Ellenburgfl, on Wednesday, June 12. The officers are: President, Rev. J. C. Booth, Chazy; Vice-President, Dr. M. D. Briggs, Cham-plain; Secretary and Treasurer, Mrs. S. Mitchell, Saranac The fallowing Is the program: MORNING SESSION. 10.30.—Devotions—Rev. E. L. Ar- nold, Mooers. 10.40.—Gpenin g words—President. 10.50.—The Latent Power of Our Young People—O. A. Babcock, Cham- plain. 11.10.—'Discussion: How can the League heip the Ohmrch in Practical Work?—Opened by Rev. C. P. Hogle, EllemlbuTgh Centre. 11.35—Paper—Herbert Short, MooeTS. Appointment of committees. 12.00—Adjournment. AiFTERNOON SESSION. 2.00—Devotions—Rev. G. E. Straight, Dannemora. 2.15-Our Duty to the Social Meet- ings of the Church—Rev. K. Golledge, f U g , •ectady, two former Plaittaburgih High Sdlvool boys secured first places. Em-. directly. W< imett Finnegam won the hamt throw—distance, 94 feet 6% inch< and Henry J. Langlois was victorious th il ti 5 ites and in the mile run—time, 5 minutes and U seconds. —A. J. Dollaire has arranged -with Charles McCarthy, of the '*Bon Air,\ to manage a barber shop to be opened in that hotel. Mr. Dollaire is one of the best known barbery in this village, and will, as manager of the new shop, *reat his patrons with the same court- esy which has made Ms sfliop on Clin- ton street so popular. —The St. Allbans High 'Scfhool team will come to Plattstrargh tomorrow and endeavor to lower the colors of the Plattsburgh High School boys. The Vermonters are smarting under ithe defeat receivd in their own town at the hands of the Blatteburghers last Saturday, and will work hard to turn the tables on the wearers of the yellow. • —The Adirondack Hardware Com- pany .of Saranac Lake, lately incor- porated with the (Secretary of State, has filed a certificate with the State •Department- announcing that half of its capital stock, whiicih amounts to 150,000, has been paid in. The di- rectors of the company include Mich- ael J. Callan°n, 'George L. iStarks and William H. Pitkin. —Through the thoughtful kindness of Miss Laura Shedden, the Chinese detained in jail here were last Friday furnished with copies of the New Testament in Uheir own language. It was not the first time they have eeived literature in their own tongue through her efforts. The reading armst serve to pass away much dreary time, as well as being up-lifting and helpful. —Branch & Caillanan, who; nidi at Saranac Lake was recently destroyed by fire, started to last week. Th& building will be muoh larger than the old one and will be made of brick, and fireproof. It is expected that it wi'll be completed in about two months. In the meantime the firm's contracts are being filleid at their mill on Lake Flower, a short distance from the visage. The ten employes of the Port Henry office of the Essex Co. Republican have been sent to the Keeseville of- fice of the same concern, and the pa- per will continue to be issued regular- ly in its full form. The work will be done at^Keeaeville with the exception of the press work, temporary arrange- ments having been made with the Plattsburgh Sentinel. ___ want to earn the tahanks though, and shall try for that. You may also assure everyone that this commission cannot be useSd to fur- :her the ends of any ipolitician, no matter who \he may ibe; nor the in- terests of any Individual. It ds a non-partisan commission. We mean :o do business, and business and poli- ;ics mixed, would ruin any enter- ployed. Thi friends will follow them in tfheir new home. —Mrs. M. A. Smtitih left Tuesday for Buffalo, wthere SJhe will be joined (by her husband, who is en route home from an extended visit west. After \doing\ the Pan-Ameri- can exposition they will return home. Mr. Smiith has been 'greatly (benefited in health by his trip west. —Mrs. Lydia WMtlock, of Mount »• ^ t ' Kisco, N. Y., sister of the late Rich-- guished army and navy officers of, ard Hoag > o f KeeSeville > spent last FIRST A\ T Xl'AIi COA'VRXTIOX to be Held at Plattsburgh. The first annual convention of the Distinguished Service Order will be I in August or Sep- , the exact dates not having yet been fixed upon, and will bring to this village more distin- principa of th Keene Valley schools, spent yesterday in town. —G. H. Beckwith, Esq., of Denver, Codo., a former resident of Platts- 'b>urgh., is in town en route home from a business trip to Boston. —J. H. Shelley, of- Dannemora, wiho went to the Philippines with the 26sth Volunteer Intfanstry, lhas returned home. Mr. Shelly proved himself a brave soldier, and won the respect of all hia superior officers. —-Mrs. L. F. Harmon amd family left town Monday for aid in Plattsburg sm'ber of this ye visit with relatives They will then make in Albany, where Mr. a week's Ohamplain. their residence Harmon is em- ishes of many Bennett. Miss Ben- nett, Ellenburgii. 2.45-^The Ep-worth League and Mis- sionary Work—Rev. H. C. Petty, Ihamplain. 3.10—Discussion—How Shall We Ob- serve the Sabbath—Opened by Rev. E. L. Arnold. 3.50—Paper—Miss Hattte Bull. Sara- nac. 4.10—Recitation—Miss Leda Ham- mond, Ellenburgh. 4.30—Reports of Committees. Elec- tion of Officers and other business. 5.00—Adjournment and social hour. EVENING SESSION. 7.00—Song Service—Rev. E. D. White, Ellenburgh. 7.13—Devotions—Rev. J. S. Hunt, West Chazy. 7.30—Address—True Ideals in Life- Rev. E. E. Marsh, Saranac. 8.45—Benediction. Each cnapter is entitled to five del- egates. Please elect same and notify Rev. E. D. White on or before June 5, of number expecting to attend, that proper arrangements may be made for reception at trains and subsequent en- both the regular and volunteer service than ^ • before In tihis village. h -eek town the iguest of Mr. and Aft i The order has upon its rolls the names of nearly every officer \who distinguish- ed 'himself during the Spanish-Ameri- can war, and many of them have al- ready expressed their intention of at- tending the convention. \ Among the ffic g g who will probably be here are A. Miles, Gen. O. ard, Gen. Peck, Capt. Busn, command- the Legion of Honor, Capt. Webb, Major Lyons, Dr. Carroll, Chaplain sviif-t and Chaplain Chadwick. Delegates will be present from patriotic orders north and south, and during the convention, which will be hetld in the PlattsburKh theatre, a! Roister, parade will be held, this being made a I the guest: Mrs. Dominy. After renewing many old acquaintances, she went to Granid Isle; Saturday, and will remain there a short time before returning to her home. —R. M. Trumbull Wednesday resum- ed his duties as mail clerk on the Ohat- eaugay railroad, after an extended ?st, following his recovery from the Captain lAndrus and,.9taff, Twentv-Seventh Infantry Band, Max IMuller, Director. Company G, Fifteenth Infantry, Capt. Smiley, Comimandmg. Co. E, Twenty-Seventh Infantry, Capt. Shuttle worth.. Commanding. Co. G. Twenty-Seventh Infantry, Capt. Phillips, Comfmanding. Co. F, Twenty-Seventh Infantry, Capt. Crcrain, Commanding. Walter H. Benedict Post, G. A. R,. Dr. E. M. Lyon. Commanding. Horicon Engine and Hose Company, Frank Baker, Foreman. Lafayette Hose Company, G. W. Lefebvre, Foreman. Citizens in Carriages. Wihen Rivenside cemetery was reach- el. Capt. Shuttleworth wheeled his company .from the line and marched it into the cemetery, where three vollieB were fired, as if from one gun, \ta. were sounded, and tihe company, then taking its iplalce in ithe line, ijhe mare* to Mount Carmel cemetery was begun. The ceremonies of Riverside cemetery •ere here repeated, as tihey were at St. John's and St. Peter's and the mil- itary cemeteries, at the conclusion of which the parade was dismissed, the soldiers returning to their quarters and the civic societies to the village. As the clock in the office of the of- ficer of the guard indicated the noon hour, fthe first gun of a national salui rang out, thus carrying out a standing order of the war department. By order of Captain Andrus, adju- tant, the 27th Infantry band had in the meantime gathered at the foot of the flag-staff and played\ a number of national airs with good effect. At the conclusion of the concert the band was discharged and the enlisted men were for the balance of the day (free to do as they pleased, all duty, except guard mount at five o'clock, being sus- pended. By I>e»oto Commande-ry, Xo. 40, K. T.. Wednesday Kveninj?. The members of DeSoto Comman- dery, Xo. 49, K. T., gathered in Ma- ionic Temple Wednesday to witness Memorial Day Services. A Memorial day service was held Sunday night in the Peristr-xme Pres- byterian chuirch, an excellent address being made-by the (pastor, the Rev. F. B. Hall. The servcies were attended by Walter H. Benedict IPost, No. f\~ and the Woman's Relief Corps, who came in a body, marching to the church from their roams. The ehuardh was beautifully decorat- ed. Large American fliaigs hung over the aroh and draped the pulpit and walls. Two stacks or arms furnish- ed an appropriate decoration and flowers and evergreen in abundance enhanced the beauity. The seats reserved for the attend- ing organization were marked with small flagis, and eight vacant chairs taarked the number of veterans dying in the past year. The address was vary appropriately delivered by the tpasltor, a chaplain in the Civil War, and a member of the Legion of Honor, the inaiginia of which he wore Sunday night. Mr. Hall sipoke from Acts. 28-3: \There came a viper out of the heat and fastened on his hiand.\ Appropriate tmri was provided, and the services closed by the singing of America. In the morning the usual services were held, the pastor speaking from Luke, 7-14: \Young man, I say unto thee, arise.\ the installation of their new officers. At the opening of the' meeting Emin- ent Commander-elect Parsons an- nounced the names of ithe appointive injuries received on the road Feforu-1 officers, which comprise all the list ary 28. S. L. Hayner, of Mechanic- j given below, except those of Eminent ville, who has filled the place since; Commander, Generalissimo, Captaln- thait time, left for home Tuesday i General, Treasurer and Recorder; who prominent feature of the convention. The convention will be open to the public, and in the evening a number of stirring addresses will be made by well known speakers. The credit of bringing thii tion to Platts\burgh - - - R. Alexander, one of its organizers on the battlefield lear Pasay, on the very spot where a j gave up| night. —Commissary Sergeant ©. A. H. rife and five children, are Mr. and Mrs. William is due to Arthur j adjutant, who Cooke. Sergeant Kolster, who was formerly a member of the 21st Inf., is now stationed in Culba, where his family has been with (him for the past year. He is now in Plattsburgh on furlougih. —F. L. Brewer, of Rock Rapids, I Iowa, is in (town, and will remain J home of Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Brom- ley. Mr. Brewer was formerly a Plattsburgher, being employed in E. A. Bromley's store, and his many friends are glad to renew acquain- tance with him. his life in the discharge of his duty, j , and which spot is now marked by ; .suitable tablet erected by the order. Hotel Opened. C. A. Murphy, recently of Burling- j ton, 'has leased the hotel on River' street, formerly known as the Ameri- can House, and opened it Monday un- er the name of \The Bon Air.\ Thejgyrup of Tar, and I will pay you back j fell from the roof of a buildin, are -the elective officers. Eminent Commander Wheeler acted as install- ing officer, and Past Eminent Com- mander Barnard as grand marshal, both performing their duities with neatness and dispatch. The follow- ing are the officers installed: George Parsons, E. C. C. J. Dale, G. Halsey R. Graves*? C. G. C. E. Martin. S. W. J. G. McKiinney, J. W. J. W. Eaton, Prelate. H. A. Wood, Treasurer, O. E. Robinson, Recorder. C. H. Stackpole, St. B. Charles Payette, Sev'd B. V. A. B. -Davidson, Warder. Charles Parton, W. L. Germain, Charles Thomas, Guards. Joseph A. Forkey, Sentinel. house has been thoroughly overhauled and refitted, and is now in excellent condition. Mr. Murphy intends to run a first-class hotel, the rates for transients being $1.50 per day. A Curd. Come to my store and get a 25 or it bottle of Greene's Warranted your\money if it does not cure your Will- Fell From a Kuilding. im Geroux, aged about 18 ye A \ABROW ESCAPE. Four Plattsbm-grliers Yearly Drown- our young men of this village had a narrow escape from drowning yes- terday about three miles east of the Plattsburgh dock and about two milea from the Grand Isle shore. The party consisted of William Frazieir, John H, Barnard, Joseph Fournler and Wal- lace Guibord. There was a strong south wind blowing and a high sea, and their row boat islMlpped a little water with each wave. In spite of the efforts of the occupants the boat filled and swamped. All four manag- ed to get hold of the boat, and clung to it for nearly two hours until rescued by a man named Provo, who was re- turning from fishing in a row boat. Fournier was uttable to swim a stroke, but was aided by his companions. All four men were thoroughly ex- hausted when rescued. Champlain, Champlain village prop- erty for $200. Louis Archaraibault sold to Louis Archam'bauLt, Plattslburgh village property for $1 Henry Pelkey sold to Edgar Ash- line. Chazy real estate for $300. Cornelius PMMips sold to Cornelius Phillips, Jr., Clinton, 40 acres for $1. P. A. Fesette sold to W. A. McMar- lijin. Chazy, 69 acres for $262.50. Robert Forkey, Sr., sold to Ellen Harris. Ellenburgh real estate for $450. Margaret E. Tierney sold to Rich- ard Connor, Schuyler Falls real estate for $1,700. Peter Legnond sold to SaTah R. Crook, 'Rouses Point village property for SI and other considerations. Henry Farmer sold to Jos. Lapan, Champiain, 50 acres for $850. Henry Farmer sold ito Jos. Laipan, Mooers, 35 acres for $250. William tStesphenson sold to Nellie Stephenson, Peru, 4*4 'acres for $2. Henrietta Panrant sold to Delia Orate, Plattsburgh village property for $59.39. Notice to Farmers. Owing 'to the unsettled weather, ork on the farms has been unavoid- ably delayed,.arid ils pressing. There- fore, the meeting of dhe Clinton Coun- ty Farmers' Association, appointed for the 4th of June, 'is postponed to the call of the President. T<h.e committee on picnic arrange- ments, also executive committee of the association, will aneetat tihe Cum- berland House, Plattsburgh, June 4, at 1 p. ffl:, to make arrangements for picnic and advise when fo call the above postponed meeting of the as- sociation. •. A. G. MEIKLEJOHN, .-President. Transferred to the %7th. A general order has been issued by the Secretary of War for tihe comple- tion of the organization of the five \ddiitional infantry regiments author- ized by the army re-organization law. Originally it was intended that por- ons of each of these regiments 'be organized in tihe Philip- r servic the ild b tions should es for serv p on the islands, but d d p ce on th islands, but this has been changed, and it is now the intention of the department to keep each regiment intact. This has made it necessary to transfer the en- listed men of som eit f h e en regiments fo oth- d ssay listed men of som ot ers. Under the new order, Companies E, F, G and H, forming tfhe second battalion of the 27th Infanitryi sta- i t McPherson G hi tioned at Fort McPherson, Ga., bJave been transferre'd to the i27th Inflantry, as Companies A, B, C and D., to form.' the first battalion of the latter regi- ment. Companies A, B, C and D of j tihe 27th Infantry, now m the PMlip- ! pines, are transferred to the 26th In- fantry, as Companies I, K, L -anti M. The organszation of the new regi- ments will Ibe made on the balsis of 1.04 men to each company, as (provided for in recent orders. The first bat- •tailon of the 27th Infantry is to be reorganized at Fort McPfaerson by transfer as above stated; the second battalion is now in course of forma- tion at regimental headquarters, P'attebuTgh Barracks, ; and the third battalion will be formed after tihe sec- ond battalion is completed. Captain J. W. L. Phillips reported at the Post for duty last Friday after- noon, and •will be assigned to the command of Company G. Captain Phillips was recently (promoted from ^st lieutenant in th© 11th Infantry, and casme here from Governor's Is- land. He is very popular among the enlisted men, and is ever (watchful for the comfort and proper treatment of the men idireetly under Ms command. Second Lieuftenant A. W. Brown ilso reported to Col. Sanno for duty CLINTON COUNT f VETERANS Wilt Hold Encampment at Chazy, August 21. At a meeting of the executive com- mibtee of the Clinton County Veterans* Association, held last Friday in t!h» grand jury rooms, tihe .following mem- bers were present: Orra Bennett, chairman, M. Wfllett, proxy for I. L. Rock, Mooers; James Redlmon/d, Mof- risonviille; E. W. Steele, proxy folS A. Buchanan, Mooers Forks; A. J Vawghn, Beekmanto M B iproxy for James Monty, Altona; Peter iMatott, Champlain; A. P. Denio, proxy for S. D. Mix, Ellenburgh. On motion of ! Mir. Dfenio, it was voted to hold the next encampment at Chazy, Wednesday, August 21. On motion of Mr. Vaufehn, it was voted that the refreshments ibe served by some cthureh or society, the price not to exceed 25 cents. Mr. Bourdon moved that Mr. Denio* be appointed a ^committee of one t o secure a speakej; and the toOtloa wa« adopted. Upon motion \ Denio and Benn comanittee on n. of Mr. Bourdon, Cut In Two From Feet to Head. Angelo Parreta, an Italian section hand, was instiantly killed by the north-bound fast (freight shortly after 12 o'clock last Thursday, neair Crown Point. He was sitting on the track -when struck and and tsuit in two from is feet to his head. His body was found by a track walker a few minutes after the accident, but the train ran through to Port Kent before the engi- neer learned that a iman had been kill- ed Iby his train. Coroner Marshall, of Ticonderoga, was notified and after viewing ithe body in company with Dr. Cumimings, of Addison, ordered it iburled, which was done during the af- ternoon, the interment being at Ticon- deroga. Deceased was about 50 years of age and married, his wife living in t eprte d to Col. Sanno ( [Friday. Lieut. 'Brown is a young 1 officer, but under the guidance of Col. Sanno and (she other officers now here he wi>l soon become thoroughly fam- iliar with his duties, and make an excellent lieutenant. The 27th Infantry iband now plays il<y at guard mount. Although the band is. small its muaio is good. Au- gust Kaiser has been appointed prin- cipal nrusieian of tihe organization. The following additional non-com- missioned officers have been appoint- ed for Company G, 27th Infantry: Sergeant, William- Holmes; Corporals, Howard D. Fuller and Orville L. Dyer. John Wfcteallan, formerly a member of the 21st, has been made first ser- geant of F Comspany, 27th Infantry, which, under his instructions ils fast getting into shape, and becoming pro- ficient in the use of the rifle. William Kileher, formerly one of the most popular members of • the 21st, has joined the 27th, and been id t G C Pensions Granted. The following pensions ihave been granted .to residents of this sedition: Samuel C. White, Schuyler Falls..$26 Edward Morhous, Willsboro Michael Halpin, Hattsbutrgh. John B. Kissner, Plarttsiburgh\ Teresa Gillespie, Plattisbtorgh .... . Edward White, Platteburglh John Lamountain, Altona 12 Euzeibe Carroll, Jay.... Elizabeth Woofd, Tdconderoga, Joseph A. Haas. Sow in Clinton fc Jail After Servlns Four Fears in Clinton Prison. Deputy Sheriff Vaughian and Con- statble iRiley went to Clinton prison Tuesday 'morning and as Joseph A. Haas, alias Joseph A. Hayes, received the legal documents whiicih made him a free man, after spending four years 'behind prison walls, tihe officers step- ped up to him and made him again a prisoner. Tuesday's arrest was made on an order of arresft issued by Judge J.* A. 0'Gorman of the supreme court of New York city. The order charges Haas with the wrongful taking and con- version ©f personal property, consist- ing of gold bricks, valued at $3,340.44 and other valuables, making tihe ag- gregate nearly $7,000. The ortler al- so fixes the bail at $7,000. When ar- rested at the prison Haas exipres no surprise, and said the rather ex- pected it, and would have his bail ready in a few 'days. After being brought to the jail here, lie telegraph- ed to his father, who lives in Pitts- COJfTRACT *\Ott ROADS. State Engineer Bond Awards It to Preseott & Buckley. State Engineer Bond has awarded the contract for building the roads in this county authorized by the Board of Supervisors 'to Prescott & Buckley for $23,700. One road is known as the Plattsfourgh and Keeseville roaxi a section of which, 2.82 miles in length, between the Chateaugay rail- road and tihe road to Lake Champlain, near Salmon River, is to be built; the other is the Windsor road, extending one mMe westerly from the village of Rouses Point. The estimated expense of the Plattsburgh road (was $18,910; and that of the Windsor roa-d, $7,780; total, $26,690. A Moi The postal clerk on,the north-bound train. Monday afternoon, had in his possession probably the largest \bull- pout\ ever seen in this village. It was over two feet in length and weighed 16 pounds. The fish was caught near •s, | Crown Point with a line less than four on, feet in length and made a desperate cold or cough. Mrs. D. K. Gilbert, Smith & LaRocque, O. T. Larkin. H. W. Cady, E. White & Co., Miller street upon whiih 'he was work- j fight. It is said that another fish of ing, Wednesday morning about eight the same kind was caught at Crown o'clock, and sustained a badly sprain-!Point a short time ago which meas- ed ankle. Dr. Larkin was called to ured three feet in length and weighed attend the young man. 23 pounds. This is a true fish story. LETTEK TO D. S. KOBIXSOX. Plattsbui'STli, X. Y. Dear iSir: A painter wants to know what his paint is made of. That's all right: he's welcome. Devoe is white-lead and wh zinc ground together in linseed oil. There is nothing else in it, but color and turpentine dryer. Our agent in your town has the official State Chemist's certificate of analysis certi- fying to that effect. It is <the zinc and the grinding that make it wear twice as long as leai and oil mixed by hand. Yours truly, F. W. DEVOE & Co. P. S. M. P. Myers & Co., sell our him until tb paint in your section. tence. , jone the 27th signed to G Company. , SOCIETIES. Amount Received Front the State by Neighboring Associations. State Commiissioner of Agriculture Wetting has tdistributed among 55 counties and 32 town agricultural so- cieties $66,000, derived from the pro- visions of chapter 418, Laws of l: $2,000 of which was paiid to the Hor- nellisville Farmers' elufl!> and $2,000 to the Cambridge Valley Agricultural society, in accordance wiith chapter 587 df the Laws of 1896, which pro-i vides tfhat certain societiefe which, for! THE YlLLAcre TO FIGHT. , s Forks; A. J* , Beekmantown; M. Bourdon*, or James Monty, Altona; Peter'' Champlain; A P Di Mr. steele, M«*»rs. tt were appointed a l 3ic, and on motion. D. S. tBinndngs as chosen a committee on badges,. and transportation, and Mr. Denio \was authorized to attend to all other busi- ness connected with th!e encampment. The executive committee thought it proper to arrange tihat retfreshmftnts- *9hou(ld be served by some organiza- tion for a nominal fee of 25 cents, instead of being a charge on the local post, as has. formerly foeen the case. MISSIONARY MKETI.VGS. ' Series to Be Held in Plattflb IHstrict of M. E. Cfcvreh. A series of \Group Meetings\ is be* ing held in Plattaburgh District, in. thehe interestt off thee Woman'ss Foreiga Missionayy Sit ff M. E hl interes o th Woman Missionar Society o the cnurah The fit f th Fatt«£ The first of tihe series held at Sandy Hill, May 2Sth, is followed ^ one at Port Henry. May Slat; Sa*a* nac Lake, June 4th; Scantier ikjtei June 6tfh, and Mooers, June 7thv Mrs* v Geo. C. Morehouse, district secretary; and Miss Phoebe Wells, recent? See-: turned from the work In Fooealn, Ohdna. will attend all of :tbMJt>iiigfcjU The churches at Saranac, jDwaae' mora, Lyon Mountain, PeasfleTiHe, J&y, Clintonville, Keesertlle, P&v, Valconr£.*. and Plattstourgh, are invited t o unit* K in the meetings at Sc&iyfcif' ^ iU T&uirBday, June «. There will «*.*«» sessions, morning, commencing at ten ••; o'clock, and afifceratoon at %S0, it> L basket luncheon at the noon recess. Each ohfiirch is asked to send a re- port of the condition of tihe ^orfcapstf a larjte delegation. y; ' 10 a» m.—^Devotional Service con- > ducted by Mrs. C. A. Bradford.;\ > Reports of Auxiliaries, !Td*aiS* Women's Societies, Mission Band^an* Little Light Bearers. ;;--:/: ~; Paper—Value of Missionary Infiw^ J; mation—Mrs. C. V. Grlsmer. Address—Mrs, Geo. C. Morea^soi Diet. Secretary. ' - v,-;:i s Questions and Disoussion.—Adjourn- ment. : . •'•.'• ' . -v-i : - 'H. 1.30 p. m.—Opening Senrilcer^i)|rs. Ward. •.:•.:. ./. : ..~: , ; .,, Magram-r-Our Officers—Mrs. <3eo, C. Morehouse. * • Vocal Solo. - Address—-Miss Pihoebe Wells. 4 tx m—iChiidren's Hour. Address—Miss lArnold. Resolutions —Notices— Cknseeratioav service. ; • '•' ; / .-• • '. > '.'• :•. '':•'.: ithree consecutive years, have $3,000 in premiums, are entitled to ! $2,000; and $96,000 income from tihe Gray-Percy racing law, more general- ly called '^the Ives pool fund.\ The total amount disti*bu<tekl, exclusive of the two societies mentioned, is $158,- 000, 10 per cent or $110,600 going to the county and 30 per cent, or $47,400 to town societies. Tlte following is the amount re- ceived by each county society in this section: Clinton, $2058; Gfissex, $1,426; Franklin, $2,024; St. Lawrence, $2,197; Saratoga, $2,036; Warren, $1,312; Washington, $2,862. TWO MORE COTTAGES To Be Erected on the Summer School Grounds. Rev. M.~ J. Lavelle, president of tihe Catiholic Summer School, Rev. J. JT: Dntecoll and C. A. Wilber, of New York arrived in town Wednesday morning, and spent the greater part of the day on the school grounds, in- specting the im/provementis now under way and arranging for others. Contracts were Wednesday awarded to D. J. Callanan for two additional cottages to be completed before the ----- The first lake Corporation Rlley to *1*lit AetlOM Brought by Paper Mill * Bag C*. A special meeting of the Booed of Trustees was held last FWday for th» consideration of the action brougfet * by the Plattsburgh Paper Mill & Bag Company to recover $8,737.40 tor al- leged damages and expenses result* Ing from the caving in of the Bridge street flume. After tihe tmatfter hatf been discussed at some length the corrporation council was, upon motion of Trustee Rockwell, Instructed bo de- fend the suit, and empowered to em- ploy such counsel as needed to afcntst him in the case. Trustee Haney moved that Bridge street from the D. At H. station W the wharf be macadamized and a concrete walk laid from rthe D. & H. crossing to the wharf. Mr. Rockwell admit- ted tih'at the street between Uhe points named was in bad condition, (but waft of the opinion that the troteteeff baft already undertaken all ithe improve- ments which cenrid be completed this year, and therefore objected to the* consideration of the motion, aS saca* business was not specified in the call for the meeting. Under this objec- tion no action could be taken on tae> . opening of the school in July. Albany cottage, which will be started, will be located on the front, between the Rochester cottage arid the Champlain Club annex, and will be two stories high, its architec- tural plans differing greatly (from those of any of the present (buildings. Another New York cottage will (be started as soon as possible. It will not be as large as the present New York building, but will be lits equal in all matters of convenience and beauty. Contractor Callanan has all the work heretofore^ contracted for well under way, and the opening of <the coming session will see a greater change to the grounds than any previous year. SKIPPED FROM AN OFFICER. Prisoner Being: Taken to the Essex County Jail Unceremoniously Leaves the Officer. George Hopper, convicted at Lake Placid of abandonment and sentenced to the Essex county jail for a term of six months, took \French leave\ from. Deputy Sheriff Wilcox at that place, and came to Plattsburgh on the night train, accompanied by a young woman. The Essex county deputy telephoned to the sheriff's office here, and Officers Senecal and Connors went in search of! FIRST OF THE SEASON. Excursion to Venrennes on Steamer Reindeer Kext Snnday. The first excursion of the sefeson to- Vergennes will be I Iby Reindeer, next Sunday, the boat leav- ing Flattsrtxurgluat 11 a. m., arriving at 'Burlington at 1 p. m. and Vepgen- nes at 4 p.m . Leave Vergennes at 4.30 p. m., Burlington at 7.30, arriv- ing at 'Plattabiurgh at 9 ip. m. paar* for the round trip—Burlington 50 cts.; Vergennes, 75 cents. This to by far the prettiest trip on the lake. Th« lake ridte commands an elegant view on all aides—Queen City Park, dhel- burne Bay, Cedar Beach, Thompson** x Point and Chimney Point, and th» sail of eight miles up Otter Creek- is one never to be forgotten. . The boat has been put In excellent condition, and is again under com- mand of Captain 'William Newton, which is a guarantee that order fwjtt , be maintained >durin« the trip, and ' the comfort _ and pleasure of excur- . sionists carefully looked after. The Fair firounds. The (fair grounds, next Monday, Jutt* 3d, will be the scene of one of tfc*^ most novel contests ever presented ttk.\ ( , a i Qllu . ,_ uvlliUlo „,;„,. i U o^^ w ..this\part~of tihe state, when < •umaway. They found Him at one Duncan C. Ross, the champion ' . . ,.v ^. ,__,__ _._,_,.._.j i ma n o f th€ world, will meet of our hotels with the lady registered as \George Hathaway and wife.\ When arrested 'he did not deny his identity, simply saying that he saw a good opportunity to escape and he availed himself of it. The deputy Tived Tuesday and took Mizatoethtown, where, If good luck, and he does not teriff him they h; w. lw ^«,,^ good luck, a»d he try to escape, they may be able to keep •\ ' expiration of bjs sen- ProtlS la. IM A. Reid, champion of Canada, combat. Deputy Sheriff Joan Saratoga county, will meet Ross fa i wrestling contest. There will also boxing, foot racing, jtfmpdng, top war between teams of military I civilians; also a free-for-all trot. . ] tries can be made to Captain Bee*-* the Commercial Hotel. The trftftfc jrt be cleared and the Traction Cojfcjwtfc -will run their cars to tbe «rott|ida.

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