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FRIDAY .MORN I NO, MAR. 29, 1901.] THE PLATTSBURGUI SENTINEL. I SUNSHINE CORNER j So. Burlington, Vt., Mar. 16, 1901. Dear Editor:—<As the Sunshine Cor- ner lhas not (heard from me in a good While, I thought I would write. We have all had the grippe and I stayed out -of school a month. We are hav- ing vacation. I will 'be glad when spring comes so I can drive ray pony, Tom Tit. 1 wonder if any of the read- ers are making maple sugar? I will be glad when spring comes, this has been such a long winter. One of my friends is going to 'have a birthday party and I expect to go, this afternoon, and have a good time. Did any one go to the inaugural ? gone with ton Globe\ Mamma is Roosevelt, nstorm. II \rauld my teacher like like the ' teathers and scholars did. just like Vice-President she likes to go out in a I 'hope that some of the r$st off' the boys and girls will wri,te often. When we go over to Platts- burgli we are going to call on the edi- tor Yours. HAZEL L. DREW. WIST wows. There is noticing that adds so much to a room as clean windows and fresh curtains. If the windows are kept sfhiningly .clean, and the lace or muslin curtains firesh and dainty, the windows are very attractive, no matter how cheap the curtains may be. Before be- th k g ft cloth to cheap the curtains y ginning the work of was'hing the win dows, go over them with a soft cloth t remove as much of'tin© \dust as p-oi A fimaH paint br ;h .should be used for removing the dust that lodges in the .corners. Paint and putty; can be clean- ed from Ch-e glass by soaking with a strong solution of soda, repeating the ti til Itfre spots are soft and g operation until bbd g ft and easily Tubbed off. If there are spots on the outside, -caused by the beating WfWW M rain, which cannot -be easily washed rovinc& W |n off, dtesolve som« lye in rain water, •wet <a cloth with the water \and wipe t!he wiadcws. 'Care must be taken that the lye does not touch the wood work or tine hands, Wfaen the windows are clean, -put a tabiegpoonful of kerosene i,3rto the water in which the window glass is washed, and wasfti with a soft ''cloth wfltfoout.-uising soap, then polish with a dry ototih and again with tiasue paper. Lace and musHn curtains may be made .beautifully White and clean hy washing in a strong sudis made with pearline and soft, warm water, and if very soiled, a tableepooniful of am- monia should 'be added to tlhe water. Wafcb *hem between the hands in the suds amd then in a second water pre- pared U&e the first. Rinse in clear wa- ter and tben in water in which a little boiled starch QiaJs been stirred. Add strained coffee for a creamy tint, or ihlueing if all nrhite is preferred. Dry quickly upon d-rying frames or stretch and pull them into shape and dry by pinning them to sheets \wlhicfh have been tacked to the floor of some umus- ed spare room. If they are dried in thfe way they wiH need no ironing and they will :have a fresh, new appearance. A. M. H. ADVANCE OF THE BEAR Russia's Action in Corea Not Pleasant to This Govern- ment-Japan Ready for War. Washington, March 28—At tine State Department the dismissal of Mr. Levy Brown, the 'director general of customs in Corea, Is looked upon as due to Rus- sian intrigue,- and marks another step if t/he Bear towards tlhe Pacific and the Russianizing of the Hermit Kingdom. The man w(ho is believed to 'be di- jotly responsible for Mr, Brown's dis- missal is M. Pavloff, tOie Russian min- ister at Seoul, but tlhe master mind Which made the plans in wfoicb the •emoval of t!he British director general of customs is a .mere incident, is Count •Cassini, the present Russian ambassa- dor ait Washington, tout .formerly the Czar's political emissary ait Pekin. Mr. Pavloff is a. pupil of Oassini and was trained in the sdhool of diplomacy by 'the count, -who is recognized as a past master, .Mr. Pavloff has been the Czar's representative ait Seoul only a comparatively short time\ but ©vents in the East have been .moving rapidly re- cently. The development of the Man- churian affair has probably caused 'tlhe _..joverdng of the Russian designs in Corea more speedily than would other- ise have been the case. The designs include the entire Russianizing of. the Hermit Kingdom wMdh occupies What migiht be called the JVlamchurian. penin- sula, Its possession by Russia, together with Manchuria, Would give the Czar the entire control of the Yellow Sea, and several outlets for the trans-Si- berian railroad at ports unblocked by ice all the winter through. The immediate result of the removal of Mr. Brown will be tJhe appointment of a Russian -officer as director of the customs. Having thus the control of the revenues of the ooounitry the next BOARD OF SUPERVISORS. PROCEEDINGS, 1900. AXXUAI- SESSION. ICHUYLER FALLS. A. Rol R. H. Emery F. II. Good . F. M. Purdy . T. H. Harney .... G. De Witt Dare F. M Purdy Benj. F. Sanborn J. H. Lewis 2 50 21 00 14 33 43 51 GO 00 1 85 55 15 17 05 37 04 3> 0 STATEMENT of the Indebtedness of the County of Clinton, and of each Town, City, Village, School District and Union Free School District therein. When Payable. J. D. Everest .. J. T. Everest ... Will D. Lobdell M. L. Reed C. E. Ferris .... E. H. Hayes .... H. G. Gad way . Chas Pascal Carl Peterson ... towards maktag it a COITXTY FAIRS. The question of how to manage the amusements which custom has asso- ciated with our county fairs is quite a live one and forms a subject for dis- eussion at many of the farmers' Insti- tutes. In niany. counties the horse jockey, • the fa kir and the Midway fiend run the fair to the disgust of ail decent people who have too old fash- ioned idea that the county fair Is.main-- tained fjr tb« piuvose of advancing Japan and England can together put ich 'obstacles in Che way as' to stop te insid/uo-us and steady march of the Bear to *he Japan sea. New York, <M»rc9i '26—-According to a Washington special to the Tribune, the United States has just declined to em- ber a protest. against the seizure of ManahiUiria by Russia, alitihough ap- proached by other powers witlh that end in view and warned \by them that the convention consummation of the negotiation today in St. Petersburg would ensure 'the dismemberment of the Chinese empire and proibably lead to war in the Orient. The decision of this government to abstain from (intervention Is in accord- ance with its traditional policy, in compJiiCBMons beyxrad the seas, and was communicated very recently to Wu Ting Pang by Secretary Hay. London, -March 26—to the absence from London of Baron HayasM, the Japanese .minister, Mr. Maitsui, first secretary of the legation, has made a statement in which foe says: \Assuming that Ghdna signs itthe Man- chxirian treaties, I suppose Great Brit- ain, -Germany and the United States will protest <to Russia, But that is about as far as they will go, and about as mucfhas they will get W&thJapan it ds a matter of figMIng. : \The question is whether we are to figlht Russia now Or to figfht her later on. She Ms <no right to Manchuria; and if she secures Manehuria, sbe -will be on itih© way to securing Korea,\ the best interests of agriculture It is evident that the question of amuse- ments cannot be ignored, for the ma- jority of the people want entertain- ment as well as instruction when tney attend. The horse race will always be a drawing feature, and we see good reasc why it should \be aban- doned when the business is done on the square, the fact being that a man has got to be a thirty-third degree dea- con, to deny himself the pleasure of seeing a square race between tw-p or more good horses. Those good people who fear they will be tempted to bet on the race if they see it had better re- hall while the races •the ped- fftkir supplies The other xtypee—the chap with the shell game, wheel of fortune and the hundred and one straight gambling devices and the Midway fakir who ad- vertises varieties of human cussedness for a quarter a peep which be is too Wise to give hii patrons—are simply public nuisances and if licensed by the fair offlcials and permitted to operate by the officers of the law should be promptly \nationalized\ and tumbled unceremoniously out of the grounds by the lovers of decency and good mor- als. We have long believed that fair officials could increase the premiums offered r for the best things owned and produced by the farmers of the county —for Instance, $40 for the best proper- ly attested milk record of any cow of any breed or for the best team of walk- ing horses of the draft breeds, $15 for the sow showing the largest and best litter of pigs, $25 for the best single for the best trained » lor toe heav- f3S for Ae boy age who bad raised • on one acre old fashioned farmer*' sons, $10 to the boy who could show up the most gopher scalps, $5 for the best made calico dress and pair of overalls made by a farmer's daughter under 15 years of age, $25 to the draft team which could pull the heaviest load, good pre- miums for the beat home smoked and cured hams and bacon, the best home- made farm cheese, the best certified aci«e of corn—the good purses to go on those lines which would best promote interest among farmers and practically promote the agricultural interests of the county where such fair is held. «1OOK OUT FOR THE CABS\ There are altogether too many farm- ers killed each year in the effort to . beat an express train at a railway crossing. Five farmers are dead and wiles Willis M. Broadw J. K. Wever \. K Wever J. G. Allen V. W. Weaver ... a M. Henry iseph Ladue •soph Ladue .. . iseph Ladue F. M. Purdy .. Edgar Eells .... Waterman Eells J. H. Lewis... Will M. Densmi R, A. Dutton •• J. A. Lyon ...._. Benj. Rlcketson* Current Magazines. Scrd'bner's Magazine for April, in ad- dition to articlef of travel, adventure and art, by 'Walter A. Wyckoff, John Fox, .Ediwin Lord Weeks and others, contains six short stories, three of them new iwriters and three by write] whose work is 'familiar in this Mags zine. On its art side this number is also 'rich and varied..: It has a colored cover by Poringer. It contains eight pages of illustrations by Frederic Dor Steele, reproduced in color in a novt way to illustrate the story of a \Blue Rtbbon -Horse.\ The frontispiece, which is a very delicate pen-and-ink drawing by Peixotto, is reproduced with a tint; Edwin Lord Weeks, tin traveler and artist, contributes a very elaborate illustrated article on \Tw- Centers of Moorish Art\ which reveals 'his wonderful skill as a painter of Ori- ental su'bjects. : Among tthe other ar- tists are Christy, Tohn, Will H. Low, and Henry MoCarter. Althouigh, both in the ^beauty and 'richness of its illus- tration and in the variety of its eon- tents, 'this is a Spring number of ex- traoopdinary attractiveness. Carte J. ©leaner supplies a study ol a beautiful h'ead for the cover of Ains- lee's for April. The main- article by Edwin Emerson, Jr., is entitled \Auto- mobiles Today,\ and is illustrated lavishly. This is a valuable contribu- tion as an account of the exact state of automobile 'invention and accom- plishment at the present time. \Chi- nese Children's (Blocks,\ by I. T. Head- land, and \Queer Uses of Common Things,\ tby Harvey Sutherland, are both good samples of 't)he variety char- acteristic of: Ainslee's. \Iron and •Steel,\ by Wdlliaim J. Lattnpton, is a •dramatic picture of these enormous twin industries, with copious illustra- tion. \John Muir: A King of. Out- doors,\ by Adeline Knapp, is a charac- ter sketch of the mountain explorer, enlivened *by interes-tins rnoeftous 'bearing on the life of a uniauely not- vbie 'man. G. Sheridan Dowell, in \A Glance at Australia,\ conveys much useful information without tedium, and J. Cha: Will es s La 4 00 10 00 4 00 5 00 4 00 32 00 30 00 9 00 0 00 112 02 1G 00 23 62 14 00 200 Glerk. .. J. H. GOOD To IRA M. HENRY, K. G. ALLEN, V. W. WEAVER, Town Auditors. Audited by Board of Supervisors. Natui of claim Joseph Martino estate H. G. Dashna-n J........ Home of the Frletyaie V. C. Mason, Sup'r, C W. Lansing & So'jj,\'printing 136 50 154 50 1434 75 STATEMENT of the aggregate valua- tions of real and personal estate, ; \ amount of taxes levied in the sevi towns and wards m the county Clinton as corrected by the Board „ Supervisors at their annual meeting in the year one thousand nine hun- dred PUBI JO SSJ3V C. E. Inmau, Clerk of the Board of srvisors of the County of Clin- do hereby certify that the pre- —,ngis a true statement of the ag- gregate valuation of the real and per- Tit iSid^Co^tyf^corSd *gj said Board of Supervisors, at their an- nual ^meeting i n the month O f Decem- some ipicturesque photo- furniShes graphs. A series of studies\ of \Bad Men\ is begun in the April number of Every- body's Magazine. Owen Wister wTites of this primitive type of frontier cele- brity in\ a most interesting way, dis- tinguishing between tfhe real desperado and the reckless cowboy or prospector, wiho frequentfly shoots and Mils under the influence of excitement. In a long resi'denoe in the far West, Owen Wister learned the wild life of the plains and mountains .better than most men, and no one is 'more able to express the cur- ious characteristics of the gun fighters who in the early days were either sum- mary executants of law or daring and brutal bullies with a lust for blood shedding. The \Bad Man\ is now al- most .an extinct type, even in the South- buried, five widows mourning the loss of good husbands, and five atto neys are trying to collect damages in the territory near where the writer lives, each man killed by reason of the fact that he thought that his team was faster than a mogul locomotive. While a widow may get a matter of $2,500 or §3,000 damages and thus be able to pay off the mortgage on the farm, there is also the liability that she will get an- other husband. It is pretty good sense to look both ways for Sunday when approaching • a railway crossing and concede the train the right of way. SUTOIDE AT TUPPER LAKE. Syracuse, March 26—A Malone spec- ial says: Word has been received here that Lewis Lessor, aged 25 and rr ried, living at Tupper Lake Junction, in a fit of despondency, Saturday, com- mitted suicide hy drinking whiskey in ftich .he had dissolved carbolic acid crystals. Prof. Ivison of Lonaconing, Md., suffered terribly from neuralgia of the stomach and indigestion for thdr teen years an'd after tihe doctors fail- ed to cure him they fed Mm on mor- phine. A friend advised the use of Kodol Dyspepsia Cure and after tak- ing a ifew (bottles of it he says, \It has cured me entirely. I can't say too maioh for Kodol Dyspepsia Cure,\ It digests what you eat. Mrs. Gilbert; Bmrtom & Keller, Keesevllle; H. E. Gillesple, Ausable Forks. 00|$5 000 March 1st 1901. I$5 000 March 1st. 1902. 300 00^ March 1st, 1901. ' • konst.uctio Roads and of Plattsburgh. of Ichuyfer Falls . e of Plattsburgh e of PUUtsburjjh e of Keesevelle ;e of Ch.implam e of Rouses Point Vnion School District N n of Plattsburgh . •I District No 13 PI >\ 1 District No \ ~ ' I District No Hi£r Roa Tc/ ij indebted^! Woric- School School Ichool School Plattbburgh 2, Schuylor Falls- 3, Schu\ler Falls rict No S, Ausablo . . rict No 3, Saranac .. . ] water ^orii*. list High School Bids hil Broad St Schuo! Betiocl Ho School Ho- Kchoul Ho District No. 8, Saranac Distinct No 10 Saranac District No 14 Saranac District No 17, Saranac District No IS Saranac District No 10, Black Br( I hereby certify that the above is a true statement of all the maeDtedness of the County of Clinton and of w^n suant to the Countj Law (Chap. 586, Laws of 1892, as amended by Chap. 310. Laws of 1895) ^ iinton - an d of each In witness whereof, I have hereto subscubed my name this 15th day of December. 1900 sub-dmsion thereof, and of the facts relating fhereto as reported to n C. E. INM AN. Clerfc of the BbarM of Supervise*** 8 : i : : :8 .ggg .gg. Hll| Mil j ;i^ d<?r tho provisions of Chapter 115 of the Laws ot 1M)S That «aid voik be d< ne uTidei the charge care and superin- tendence ot the State Engineer and Sur- veyor* and that said maps, plans speci- fications and estimate nrepared by taid State Ungmeer and Survcvor for said vvoilc are hereby duly approved and adopted by this Board. Resolved, That the Treasurer of the County of Clinton, Is hereby authoriz- ed and directed to pay upon the requis- ition or draft of the State Engineer and Survevor the sum of nine thousand four hundred and fifty five dollars <%9 45 -0 being one-half of the estimated total expense, which amounts to $18 910 f< r improving and constructing in accord- ance witn the provisions of Chanter 115 law s of 1898 the section of Plattsburgh and Keeseville road as described in tgraph three hereof from any un- ropriated funds in his hands, and .. _.e should find it necessary he >s hereby authorized to raise on the ob- ligation of the county such a sum as is --pessary to meet such requisition draft, and said sum Is hereby made medtatelv available subiect to the aft of the State Engineer and Sai I hereby certify that the above Is a ! copy of the resolution passed bv Hoard of Supervisors of Clinton ntv at a meeting held on the 8th day of January, 1901. C. E L INMAN. Clerk of Board of Supervisors Ayes—Baker, Chahoon, Holeombe, icMartln Humnhrey, Lawson, Hutch- is, Clough, Haughran, Mason. Ayes 30 Nays—Carpenter, Dominy. Pickett, Nays 3 Adopted. By Mr. Clough: Whereas At a meeting of this Board held on the 7th day of December 1898, i resolution was adopted that provis- on should be made for the improve- nent of that portion of the highway lommonly known as Plattsburgh, ROUB- JS Point and Windsor Road and de- scribed as follows, commencing at the bridge across the Dead Creek, (so-called) -bout one mile north of the north line if the Mllar \ \ ' '• ' * -- .ling thence .... Windsor Road store in the village also from ' Chazy Landing, a distance of ir less, in accordance visions of \• • Wereas, SJSSl PT UIU •s Board of Supervisors, •k's Office, Clinton County, ss.: hereby certify that the foregoing ceedinga of the Board of Supervls- the tables and lists accompanying same are correct and embrace the les of all persons who had any ac- nt or claim audited by the Board of (Supervisors! of said county or by the Town Auditors of the respective towns herein named at the last annual ses- sion thereof, together with the amount •laimed and allowed thereon (so far aa jeturned to me), that no account waao, audited at said session unless the same was dully verified as required by law; that the items of the accounts of the embers of said Board are those con- ined in their several bills herewith iblished; that the table of the equal- lid e same iat the ____„_, that the tement of the mileage charged there- is correct to the best of my knowl- ?ated Plattsburgh, N. T., December, C, E. INMAN, Clerk. ' SPECIAL SESSION. January Sth, 1901 special session of the Board of Su- pervisors, held in their rooms Janu- ary Sth, 1901, pursuant to call of the Chairman, John Haughran Supervisors present.—Messrs Carpen- er. Baker, Dominy, Holeombe, Cha- ioon, Humphrey, Lawson, Hutchins, tughran, Clough, Pickett, McMartin, Whereas, The State Engineer and Surveyor has investigated and deter- mined that a section of said highway is of sufficient public importance for im- provement in accordance with the pro- visions of said Chapter 115 and has cer- tified his anpioval of the said resolu- ^d by the this Board on the adopted !»,.. 14th <3a Whereas ! Surveyor u \ highway, highway, w follows- Fo d K i , of Der< Said Stat< mber 19 Engin bGCTlOI is des Pl 1 anJ r and Ot ^ \l(l bed as ng the Plattsburgh Section 1, from th t the tnat porn on uiereui above described in paragraph three m accordance with the maps, plans, specifications and esti- mate prepared for such Improvement by the State Engineer and Surveyor un- tiled) to Cooks' to Chazy miles more h th pro- ; and , and Sur- . _„ __ investigated and determined that a section of said highway is of sufficient public importance for Im- provement in accordance with the pro- visions of said Chapter 115. and has certified his approval of the said reso- lution adopted by this Board on the said 7th day of December, 1898; and, \\ nereas. Said State Engineer and Surveyor has caused a section of sai highway, whic h section is described as follows: For Improving the Windsor Road, Section 1 between the vlllagi line of Rouses Point and a point on<_ \• westerly in the to'wn of Cham- . Clinton Countv, N T., to be __. .jyed and mapped, and has caused plans and specifications and an estimate \ cost to be made for said improve- ent. and has transmitted the same to us Board, Resolved, That the highway known s the Windsor Road-, Section 1, road sove described in paragraph one, be ^proved and constructed in that ppr- on thereof f?bove described in para- •aph. three in accordance with japs, plans, sp*<ihcauons and esti- mate prepared for such improvement by the State Engineer ahd Surveyor uder the provisions of Chapter 115 of the Laws of 1898. That said work be donte urwTetri the charge, care and su- perintendence of the State Engineer and Surveyor, and that said maps, plans specifications and estimate prepared by said State Engineer and Surveyor for said work, are hereby duly approved and adopted by thus Board. Resolved, That the Treasurer of the Countv of Clinton iwtfiereby authorized and directed to pay upon the requis- tion or draft of the State Engineer and Surveyor the sum of three thousand ~'~ Ui '-•ndred and ninety dollars (|3 890) ie-half of the estimated total expense which amounts to $7 780 for improving and constructing in accord- ance with the provisions of Chapter 116. Laws of 1898 the section of Windsor Road. Section 1, as described in para- graph three hereof, from any unappro- priated funds in his hands; and If he should find it necessary he is hereby authorized to raise on the obligation of the County such a sum as is necessary to meet such requisition or draft; and said sum is hereby made immediately availabte subject to the draft of thr State Engineer and Surveyor. I hereby certify that the above is a rue copy of the resolution passed by .he Board of Supervisors of Clinton County at a meeting held on the Sth day of January, 1901. C, E. INMAN. Clerk of Board of Supervisors. By Mr McMartin: Resolved, That it is, the expression of this Board that the next highway sur- veyed with the view of improving, and rebuilding the same under the new Arm- strong highway law passed in 1898, be hereby designated, namely, the ~\\ • the hfghway\beginning at Kei . Y , in the County of Clinton sville thei . . -j Town Hall, Cherubusco N Y. e»i to the Old Military if which wa,* adopted by jing by way of Peru. Plattsburgh, Beekmantown, West Chazy to Mooers village. Also that portion of highway beginning in front of the Town Hall, in the village of- \ and running *• unanimous vote of this Board on De cember 14th,. 1900. For a more particu- lar description of said route reference is made to the resolution passed by this Board on that date Ajes—Messrs Baker. Chahoon, Hol- combe. MeMartin, Lawson, Hutchins, Clough, Haughran, Mason, Ayes 9. Nays—Messrs. Carpenter, Dominy, Pickett Nays 3. Not voting-1. Adopted. Chicago will never be able to assert its right to the position of a real me- tropolis until it 'has been the scene of the formation of a large combination of capital. Thus far all the large deals have been consummated La New York. A GOOD COU<JH MEDrCINE FOR OHILDKBN. I ia&ve no 'hesitancy in recom- mending GhamberIain's Cough Reme- dy,\ says F. P. Mor&n, a well known ,nd popuilar baker, of Petersburgh, r a. \We have given it to our chil- dren when troubled with bad coughs, also whooping cough and it has always given perfect satisfaction. It was re- commended to me by a druggist as the best cough medicine for children as it mtains no opium or other harmful druej\ Sold bv Mrs. Gilbert and E. White; W. E Clough, West Chazy. Shakespeare's conundrum, tr Wn»t's in a name?\ is answered by Ine pres- ident of a Kansas street horse car line, who has named 'bis son 'Oscar and his daughter, Car'line, Headache often results from a dis- o red ronclliHon of the stomach and constipation of the bowels. A dose or two of Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets will carpect these dis- orders and ours the headache. Sold by E. White fcntf Mrs. Gilbert; W. E. Ob West Hhiazy. Town and Name of Corporatio Nature of busim ALTONA Ogdensburg & Lake Champlain R. R. Northern New York Telephone Co . Great Northwestern Telegraph Co Ausable Horse Kail Co E / Arnold Ore Co Alfce Falls Co.... Keeseville National Ban«. Northern New York Telephone Co.. '.'.. Peru Steel Ore Co., limited . BBEKMANTOWN. PAShS & Hudson Canal Canal Co Sheridan Iron Works Great Northwestern Telegraph \c'o Northern New York Telephon C Champlain & St Lawre R rg & Lake Ch hwiH e llM c ^ DANNEMOBA N. J. Magnetic Co. {now\ C. O.& I.Co) Chateaugay Ore & Iron Co „. . Chateaugay Railroad Co Chazy Lake Hotel Co Great NorthwesteriL Telegraph Co.'.'.'..'. Great Delaware & Hudson R.\ R. Co.. Delaware &~ Hudson Canal\__ PLATTSBURGH. Bluff Feint Improvement Co Chateaugay Railroad Co Chateau<?a> Ore & Iron Co Delaware & Hudson Canal Co First National Bank of Plattsburgh ... Freydenburgh Falls Pulp & Paper Co Iron National Bank of Plattsburgh.... Mountain Lumber Co Mutual Life Insurance Co Merchants National Bank of Plattsburgh National Exoress Co .. Northern New York Telephone Co Plattsburgh Land Co... Plattsburgh Shirt Co Great Northwestern Telegraph Co Postal Telegraph Co Sowles Hardware Co The Weed Building Co. Treadwells MHls Pulp & Vllas National Bank of Williams Manufacturing Co. tndry & Machine Co.... nar Co lateaugay Ore & Iron Co lateaugay Railroad Co .. .-«. y Qre & Iro n C Q Te J ]ln e Intern _ . . Plattsburgh Pulp & Paper \ \RANAC. Chati Great _._ „ Northern N«>TV York '»w W ,.™..v. SCHUYLER FALLS. CbMeuugay Railroad Co Chateaugay Telegraph Co. i7L. R ) .. Great Northwestern Telegraph Co .. International Paper Co Northern New York Telephone Co. .. Tread well's Mills P-ulp Co BLACK BROOK. Chateaugay Ore & Iron Co Peru Steel Ore & Iron Co J. & J. Rogers Co Great Northwestern Telegraph Co.... Northern K^Tork Telephone Co ... Chateaugay Ore f \ Peru Steel & Iron~Co\. • SARANAC. International Paper Co Postal Telegraph Co CHAMPLAIN. National Express Co DANNBMORA. Northern New York Telephone < AUSABLE. Keeseville Electric Co PLATTSBURGH. Plattsburgh Furniture Co Plattsburgh Beef Co Totals CH AMPL AI N-Added. Champlain Electric Light Co.... Railroad .. Telephone.. TelegTaph Horse nails Iron ore ... Wet pulr> . Railroad Railroad Telephone... . Telegraph Railroad Railroad Railroad Railroad Banking Lumber Railroad Railroad Telegraph Telephone Lime Ore separator Ore and iron Railroad Hotel Telegraph ... Hotel Railroad Iron and ore Railroad £S& u.be Express Telephone Village lots Electricity and gas Electric rail Shirts Telegraph Telegraph Hardware Opera House .... Pu!p and paper ... Banking Typewriters and machines ... Machinery Pulp and pape- Pulp \\\* ~=~= ICE Inman, Clerk of the Board of Supervisors of the County gf Clinton, do hereby certify that tha W~ w a true statement of the several incorporated companies in each of the towns and -wards in the County of Clinton, J with the valuation of real and personal estate for each, as set down In the returns of the local assessors in t l Assessment Roll and also the amount of tax to be levied. « P. O. Address, Pittsburgh. N. Y. C. E. INMAN. Cfea*. ' CLINTON ST. DOCK & COAL COMPANY, At the THE CLEANEST AND FINEST LINE OP TIMOTHY >\\\\• EVER SEEN IN NORTHERN NEW YORK. PI ftlirD Indium Red, Bed Top - I I lllfrK -(Alsyke, and {Pine Tree. Ui.UVI.tl ( Mammoth. Dwarf Kssex Rape. Seed OATS jj&Sffi&r-\ Fodder CORN \B SEE SAMFLES AND LEAVE ORDERS AT THE CLINTON STREET FEED STORE. Bran, Middlings, Oats, Ha>, LIIMIIEJ;, XJ-A-ISTID JP2L.A. __ F POKTLAND. f CEMENT Have you ever tried OUT Celebrated DANDY CORN AND OAT PEED? CORN FRESH at our ELECTRIC FEED MILL, \We do custom grinding. Telephones.

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