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FRIDAY MORNING, MAR. 15, 1901.] THE PLATTSBTJRGHE1 SENTENTEL. f SUNSHINE CORNER j CLINTON PARK PLANS, |EXPLOSION IN CHICAGO. !What wiJl be Done this Year'Newly Fifty Laundry Em-) THE 25c!. FAMILY DOCTOR. Moffitts Dear Editor:—] years old. •! like Blanche read pets a dog it sunshine corner, 1 have two ! to Render Popular Platts- burgii's Pleasure Re- sort-Base Ball. pioyes Buried Under tbe Fallen Walls of the Building. CEDtAR SPRINGS, MICH. M y Akibougih an entir .ried ]>)ei new 01 into n and. •n - ! is Nigger and my cat's name is Tiger. 1 had a doll fur -Christmas and her name is May. I have two Grandma's: one lives at Saranac Lake, and one I ha Last summer, left many pheasant recol- lection's in t'he mtods of those' who attended .the various entertainments given on its grounds, and it will be interesting news to aJJ to know that of March 11—By the explo- oiler in the Doj-emus steam laundry in Madison street, near Throop on tine west side, s/hontiy alter eight iargem o'clock this monu'ng, the entire buiid- | doctor ing was wrecked. EATON RAPIDS, MICH. Mrs. Rose Chaffee, a business wom- an of Eaton Rapids, writes: \For a long time my system was in a terribly Fflls too much. They did for ^e^SS kid'ne\trSe/aSe me so miserable that I waa hardlv alle ! by to work. A friend told me of Dr. | thi Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills, and COINAGE OF THE HEBREWS. Delivered Before Institute, by Rev..I. I Mart'h 11. 19O1. Mrs. Isaac Dunham, a well-known lady of that place, writes: \I cannot praise Dr. A. W. Ohase's Kidney-Liv- what doctors ana other medicines eould not do. I was troubled with se- vers disorders of the kidneys and en- trgament of the liver. My family found them just as represented. The? Mr. President—Ladles and Gentlemen: Although 1 expected a larger' au- dience, considering the state of the weather, I may say that I am pleased our presence; and I have now onor 'to place myself before you. to address you on the some- ennreled by the words (c-hatzi shekel) a half shekel. The weight was exact- ly half of the original \shekel. The shekels and >ha!i shekels of the sevond and third year are like those of Tie first >ear except that over the CUD ar* the Hebrew 'peters two tnree ro denote the year of coi stated ;eason increased attractions and about 30 girls and .between 50 and 60 wxprovementa wMl be added m ^ Ie employes were buried in the anfldemtly • ruAas - w?Mc h immediately took fire. - »ure-giver ; Twelve girls were dragged from the •wreckage ibefore the fire broke out. In those shekel: fie second jear in the spelling of the Hebrew legend, cnnia.mng two moie letters than that of 'he orher years- in the other years it ,« wutten thus .Terusholam Kdes- h.i aid m the second year it is Je- m=.halaim Kedusho There was no >n of a shekel of her son Tiberius' name on them. On tihose coins having Tiberius' name alone, there are various symbols, sucto as a cup, a staff, etc. Tine same 1B the case with those of his successor Claudius. (42-54 C. E.) whose name is •o and j also accompanied by that of (his wife •mage. | Julia Agrippina, and with those of there is a difference wSh a coin Suck ( in honor o^Nero and Britanni-ous. Among the coins of King Agrippais reign there is a copoe* one, which has on tb« obverse ^ the words Basil eos Agrdppa, King ^ grJ Pf i ' «wt«aing a fringed umbrel- On tihe rev wee there are three very g , They were badly ihuirt. It i fed th t h Grandpa. ; this I go :to Sunday School every Sunday j many imipnoveimeiits will I can, and my Sunday School teacher's j and that the park may b< name is Mrs. Haynes. My sister | looked forward to as a p. Blanche ifl writing tihis for me. -I | tflVoughouit the season hope I will see this in she Sunshine j small cost to the in-dividiKw. • T ± • * ,, tK t t l +K Kt • - • Tihe management will be inthehands '. \ iS *«arsd that ihe others caught of Mr. A. E. Reynolds, of the Light. i n tie c ™*' h of tailing walls and fly- Heat & Power Co., a thorough-going m ^ 'timbers, were killed. A general •businessman which insures that the' alarm wa s turned m and hundreds of Mar 11 park will be'conducted on a business -firemen attacked tlhe pile in a desper- «,• i / ,'p fl ,«l basi s w ^ on Includes good order, good at e effor t to dra g tlve unfortunates Dear Editor:-I am a .girl ten years [ a:tt , ractiong , an d tte * l e J ally fram the certain deatfc in the fire. Id and go- to school every day I can. . ^ ^^ o f ^^ m _ | T he bu<ildta,g was a two-story brick. Mid my teachers name is Marlon I The baaeM1 seaRo n wil ] ibe ^ n ^ it h I The odilers wilnch exploded were lo- inrphiy. I go to Sunday School j & gk>rt ^ intr0ductor y i a the vay of cated m the basement..There were be- every Sunday I can. and my teachers ; iVllCTi .. , anhr , ni *» maa Kon-nr^n -PI a+ fo . 'tween 7o and 90 men and women era- k. I remai MYRTLE TRiLPP. Moffittsv ihiigh school games between Platts ie is Mrs. Waynes. I like her yery ; ^^ and other tonra B i n tMg seCltiOT1 . i pl irell. I like the corner real well. I j The OI>OTin g game lV , m lta)k e place tto e ,m lonesome when there are no let- first . veek l n May between the P. H. S. ! n ine and either'the Burlington or S f bovs in the coi 1 like to slide down hill. I have two sisters and their names are Blanche and Myrtle.. You may print 'this if you please in the Sunshine Corner. Yours truly. LUCY TRIPPS. West Plattsburgh, Mar. 12. I>ear Editor:—I am a little boy nine years old. I live with my grandma and right nea and my other her name is Molly. She is very pice. j I go to school every day when there -jtine team is any school. I read in the fourth j thought tin reader and study geography. I have- - - no brothers nor sisters, but I have lote of yery nice playmates. I hope to see this letter in Sunshine Comer. ed in the laundry and they had J^ t gone to work. About a dozen dead and injured had Sf at . 1 0 o'clock been taken from the ' rinns e resoueirs were working Later on a city team will toe organ-' with desperate energy in nfce hope of | izerl in which our local players will. **? l *Z the lives of the unfortunates j .bo strengthened by others from Pinned down by the debris'. 'abroad, including a first-ela.?s battery, ! J \ e explosion occurred at 8.10 so 'that the team will be able to srfve o'clock, sihortly afiter the ermployes had a good account of itself TOitfh any other' & Ofle lt o work - and it s force literally orcanization in Northern New Yorfc. tore ltjhe iburiWdng to fragments. One The Fourth of July will (be 'the open- iman was blown through a id KIDNEY-LIVER PILLS. ing day of the yet reached the point Where it is defl- and 'despite the vharp work of the - - - - - ... .. -K™^™ tli-e flames spread rapidly and regular baseball Araiangemenits have not tnd then at least a hundred feet. .The ruins almost immediately caught fire ni.tely knowtn from what place the vis- . ill come butt it is \ 1S 1CiUO T u. Montreal te&m may be 'Ployes, Injured TREATY NOT ACCEPTED Great Britain Rejects Senate's Amendments-Thinks the Canal Should Be Neutral. Washington, Mar. 12—Lord Paunce- fote, tlhe British amibassador, appear- 1 „ ^ .„ ed at the state department yesterday tory of McKeesport occurred this , and handed Secretary Hay a memo- morning at 5 o'clock, when the cook-: EXPLOSION IN BREWERY Two Lives Lost at McKeese- port, Pd.-The Entire Plant Was Destroy- ed. McKeesport, Pa., March 12.—The most disastrous explosion in the Ms- The Quarter sh Ike-ness, and to receive your indul- gence amd generosity, should I even not be fortunate enough to satisfy your expectations, nevertheless, I promise you not to take advantage of your kindness, and -not to detain you too long; for as soon as I shall have merely sketched my subject, I shall take good heed not to waste your time, and not to fatigue your patience. Having promised (these few prelim- inary remarks, I shall now enter on ter • •\- subject, although I am quite sure j ' T hese are bhe only ai5. on the ob-1 Hebrew aharaater, \Of the deliverance 'of Zion, a quar-! as the silver onesi onh 7 \* * oins of the ti y | of Simcm. We notice that none of that everyone present -b__ knowledge of Scripture history, but as j th . m bear an image of any animal '.' mv subject is on the coinage of the j tnp name o f any n ,, p r Hebrews, I th. few words of thi: l evening will be of great value to those Who are interest- ed in Bible History. Ladies and Gentlemen:—The On the death of Simon (135 B. C. E.), his son, John Hyrcanue, succeed- ed 'him. .'Iftft latter governed for thir- ty yea-re, till <his death. There are randum embracing an instructionifrtom er in the ibig $100,000 plant of the Me- Lord Lansdowne, the British minister t Keespont 'Brewing company let go. FLOYiD S. ROCK. •A HELP F@R HOUSE-CLEANING. Written pep the Pjattsburgih Sentinel, I fee 1 ! like I want the feimiinine selected, which wouild insure an inter- ruins , w ere burned to death. Fain* -••-••- j cries for help we heard from two or b e three places under thek piles of brick ^ d j- 1 - _ _-.-•„ „- - number of em-J f or foreign affairs, in regard to the! The explosion \was heard all\ over and helpless in the I Hay-Pauncefote treaty. The memo- the city and people living a block pieces ; time w.] tions of Scripture drachma) o^te ^TyLr was probably fesued b/ a S dnn, or the great Synod. On l« e r? e S -VL e J? a ' tom&Ie W* ton.- lars with the word Jerusalem, a (reverse a Iulab or cedar tit it. On bran tlhe tr&n-wemen: — rue oldest • q , U i te a nU mber of coins made during tine words Tlhe :ripture menti'on silver I !hi s government, ail of which are cop- j liverance of Isr- ledimm of exchange, at a 1 por . The stamps thereon differ from seconti year Hit everse a Iulab or palm amd cedar tm.it surrounfcaJ by nds TDie flret year of th \ it_yeax of the i s coin: 3 Grecians and other na- their traffic with s, h eating and (hotly contested game, Sl it t g y g Several improvements are to be p p made in amd about the diamond and and Broken ttot>ep, but these ceased \ ^ f oi*e they could be T«w(hed. grandstand. In order to keep the d f h l £ i k p, but the they could be T«w(hed bd i f th i l grandstand. In order to keep the \ y ci'owd away from (the players £ picket! TIHe bodies of three girls were taken f th ft ibigh i t b t d i ] ° n ' t so frigihtfullly m«Ie d that the 's of the \Sentinel\ to have the L lent of this excellent little ihelp in ll be fence, three feet ibigh is to be erected i *>«* I in front oif the bleachers, and another \~~ ! row of bleachers is to be erect'ed oa e ^ A- the soulth side opposite the present row. Last summer a good many foul ball: our daily dirties, and it will b es- pecially good during the 'house-clean- ing time. Many of you good house- keepers may \have been using these exeeHent little cleaners, bu,t it not get them at once, it ii merely stiff little .brushes, fos 1 tinning bronzes and. •brie-a-brac of all kinds. \ write for ft large syndicate of papers in the hOU8e-hold andhqine departments and I m'ake it my ^business 'to find out all the easiest and most-ibelpiM methods of doing our house-hold duties, so as to benefit my sister women, especial- ly the busy house-wives many of them who desire to 'have time for re&ding and recreation. These little brushes will cleian your whole house- hold bric-a-brac,- bronzes little stat- uettes etc .. in jusit half the time by mabing a good hot suets o( soft water and pearline. and using the stiff little brushes, dip 1th& ibl-usli into the ^aVM suds an'd waste, into very nicfee aod ef evice,/ afed It oleans so beaaiifariy that sbm& of tihem will look like new uses, ii seems to do the work twice e.s oftlick. Rinse with dean waran wa/tfeY a&'d d-ry witih a soft cloth wiith- soVrt any lint. Almost all other stains May be 'removed by mixinsg one ounce Of -finely powdered chalk, one ounce t>i puimdiee stone, two ounces of com- mon soda, mix with wiater and rub the mixture over the stains until they ;appear. Wash the marble with were in the !habit of going over the' top of the grand stand, and to frsad' these off in the fmfcure, a wire netting is to be placed on the roof ol the Structure similar to tSUbt' whieh ^o«. teats 'the occupants witHto th# 1>Mld- ing itself. Occupants' of tlh'Q grand- stand wili also be prdtfeeted from the rays of the afternoon sum (by heavy diuick curtains itihat will cover tihe openings on the western side between io fri'gthtfuMy ,man«Ied that the 1 to remove them in bask- TTventy .injured already have 'been taken to the hospitals. The firemen estimate tbait not less , than 25 per- ; still in the ruins, probably UK ATTEMPTED HOLD-UP Bold Attempt at Robbing an V Road Ticket Office in Wew York City at Sixth Avenue, New York, March 12.—A the roof and 'upper -row of seats. These provisions for day entertain- ments will rue supplemented by a series of evening attractions that should _„ __, , call forth a large attendance from attempted & hold-up those whose b.uisinesB pursuits renders i a tation of tlhe Slsth \an a-fteiraotm off\ an inconvenience,' if not a matter of 'absolute financial loss. A Very «©mple!te «md convenient stage that can easilir bfe erected and tai^en down is- -t& fcfe built *o be tem- Do-rarily erects in fronlt of the grand- rap.dum explains Great Britain's reas- away were thrown from their beds b: cng for mot accepting the Senate the force of tihe concussion. The en- to the treaty and ex- j tire four-story building is in ruins. rnpp= , , presses regret tfhat the negotiations ! M unoccupied frpme building on one ; A,;\ a ^ carried „_ their neighbors. Erven before thi foundation of itlheir sibate in Palestine, the Hebrews as w&ll as the native should have ' conclusion. There sWer to amggest that negotiations for a new •be welcomed by Great Britain the answer indicates \ i 'broug'ht to such a sde of the brewery' was cru&ied like Ian egg shell. The building on the ade came of money. When 3 on the coins of his ^ . , , , consisting of a double cornucopia, | leader of 'tflie whidh on many specimens is adorned with pendant vine-leaves. There is a poppy 'head wthere the points of the cornucopia meet. On the obverse side, from Haran on his j surrounded by a wreath of olive nothing in th'e British an-|«th-er side •was occupied by Wii'liam bury cabinet regards arranging a convention to take §]&te of-Hne Bulwer-Claytofl .treaty as ended. There is no doubt that from the tone of the British attawfci? any at- tempit to reopen negotiations must be initiated by the United States. through the side of a car of merdhian- *£&»Z?i. SS2SS-S«!SJS: =™* = SiaTSSS can be learned of the extent and afcter of the British answen. Shortly ! after it was delivered to him Secretary , Th Hay -went to the White House and ' laid it (before the President, The tone of the reply is distinctly friendly throughout, particularly so in the concluding assurances of good V 13 who were on ' that B S?n? men i ^ mills of the National Tube com-' • were buried in tbe wreck of th© \L\ road j tbx>U g Q ^.g iext h,-iwflftiheM, it'is un- j at Eighteenth street just before 4 <j ew ,tood that the answer takes up o^iock this morning He was driven , eaJ ca of 'the three amendments made off .©after, a plucky fight between him s 'c and Joseph Lawless, the ticket, agent, and tihe aged tieket .chopper, known to ;his associates only as \Tom \ fire department was called out. The flames were soon extinguished and the firemen aided the men at work seancih- \Phe robber bought a ticket from stand, asd ou this a vaudeville enter- i^anyiess and then staggered toward \\ <by a first-class company of j ^e chopper, ^pretending to be drunk. soap and dry and polish wiitih chamois skin. I keep the same kind f litl iff bh f li artists will 'be given three nights a week, on alternate weeks, and tlhese entertainments will Ibe supplemented with concerts ;by the City Band. The .price of admission -will be the lt (ttfiv nts e pc as last year, (twentynfiv di dffci t th ents, p of little stiff brushes for clea isame as last ye, y, including admffcsion to the grounds and trolley ride both ways. Grand- stand seats, ten cents extra. Tnis brief outtline of what Clinton Park will be to the people of Platts- burgh during the coming summer ought to he .satisfactory to all. It shows that people who want a little H ill h \ eta'bl'ps-. in the kitchen, potatoes etc Tt does it &o quickly and nicely. It will also clean other vegetables and after once adopting them 3 never be without them again. KENTUCKIENNE. in S i iunocenJt pileasmre will 'have \some- wfliere to go.\ to a healthy It 'will attract many outing with beautifjul • CMMES OF CHICAGO BOYS. One Murders Playmate and Other Robs Father of $4,000. Chicago, March 12.—Murder ended scenery, pure air and pleasant will i ipany, •wlho otherwise would find time 'hanging heavy on their hands, lit will .place games and sports upon a orderly basis, and furnish amusement of a good-character in a popular and acceirtable manner. 1 The grounds generally •will be im- proved for those wQio like its green grass, - shady ibrees and toeauitMul out- boyish feud last night under the shad- aook upon \the waters of Ghtamplain, ows of fit. Stanislaus dhurch at Noble an d there is no reason why Clinton Park sihoutld not be a 'success; it cer- tainly is in hands of those willing to do much 'to #UI?-JMI ifche people with a genuine pleasure resort. atwi Bradley streets. .. Fifteen year \old •^<Mna^Lj4eafeows was shot - through chia •\\ 'hie!ar'fci>y a life long playmate, Fiask Wisnlawski. A moment before the Shooting Father Balsczins.ki espied Wisniewaki in (the hallway in the act of loading a revolver. \Stop cried the priest, 'stop, I command you:\ While the priest in Ms flowing robes ran toward Wisniewsk, imploring with uplifted iands for peace, the boy fired. Half a huaidred 'boys and girls also witnessesd the tragedy and saw tihe murderer escape which he did by nourishing (bis smoking pistol freely and keeping the «rowd at bay. The crime occurred at the close of a meeting of Uhe Podamie Przyjesie, or Mother of Poland Society, of which rthe boys of St. Stanislaus have a branch. 'Thirteen-year-old Frederick Wind- -biel, tihe son of Peter Windbiel, a sa- loon-keeper, has been arrested charg- i ed with robbing !his father of over $4,000. Tlhe boy's aunt, Annie Sproul, is also under arrest and she has con- fessed that she and her husband in- djueed the 'boy to take the money from his father. Before (he could be arrest- ed Mrs. SprauVs 'husband fled to Ger- many. A cablegram 'has been sent to ttoe German authorities. THAT ELUSIVE CHAIR FACTORY. Champlaia Said to Be Making a Strong Effort lo Secure It. The Plattsburgih correspondent of tJhe Burlington <pree Press writes that \J. It. McLaren, of Burlin<gton, Vt., is anxious to locate im some village or r, —„ — . 7 — j.ffii ,!• — Bremen aiaea ine men ac worK searon- 5S;5S^ SSSSTto SSJ 0 *™ | isr^\««- 0 ( t^.a™** to i» e As to tiie amendment J^hich struck rp he deatroyed b pem«ry was recently out all ifiiBi clause of the treaty in-! , mr ,. h . asH j by ehe Pittsburg Brewing viting other ma^ime nations to^n-i {^^™ ^i* <££%&& nS5 •SK ^^l 11 ^!? 11 ! 11 !^'afnfSSia\ th e ^««*8 in .«» wertera part of the British, vk _. „ , United States and Great Britain catti r w bind tShemselTes by treaty to neutral- ize the canal they cannot make this action binding on all 'the otlher gor- ernments unless .these governments A* to the entire abrogation of the OTayton-Bulwer treaty, as provided by one of the Senate amendiments, it ap- pears to be the British view that such , a step is too far reaching to be taken j without some negotiation in wlhich THBICE-A-WEEKI MOBLD. Almost a Daily made an effoait to secure Hb 5 a| induisitry, but as Plattsbuirgfli, had, > i chat time, almost .exhausted iherseM' in raising a bonus of $100,000 for the Lozier Mo- tor Co., only about $7,000 could be .raise'd for the tchair factory. Mr. Mc- j Laren went away and the deal fell througih. \Now Ihowever, Mr. McLaren has be- come favorably impressed with the •village of OhiajmpLain, N. Y., and rthe ^hustling citizens of'that enterprising vil'lage have adopted a novel and in- genious scheme by whidh they hope to raise enough money to secure the nc^w industry. '\hjey (have secured options on about 50 acres of land at $50 per acre mear the village and have set apart enough of it for the factory buildings and cut up the balance into 200 build He refused to deposit the ticket and started a quarrel with Tom,,, who is past sixty years of age. He finally began shaking Tom, who yelled for assistance and thus brought Lawless ifrom Ihis booth. As Lawless approached, the robber turned and knocked him down with a blow thart draw blood from, his nose and cuit his lips'. Then the robber dashed toward tlhe ticket booth, the door of wMGh bad been left open. Tom jumped at the intruder and j the British side of the c gTappled with him. The two men fell to the floor and while they were struggling Lawless retreated to his booth and closed the door. He yelled loudly for help. The robber broke 'loose from Tom and ran down tlhe stairway. He was by a cabman at <tlhe bottom of the stairway, tout as no policeman was in sigh* he was able to run west on Eigh- teenth street and escape. Lawless was not seriously hurt and he remained on duty. Tom was so badly knocked out by the excitement that he was sent home. The robber was roughly dressed and wore a red skull cap. He was heavily built and seemed to be about -thirty years old. Lawless did not have much money In the'station -wlun the robbery was at- tempted as the collection car had just passed and taken away the day's re- ceipts. Lawless said that wthile the naan was buying the ticket he looked stharply ait the piles of change on the counter in front of tihe ticket agent. MANY APPLICANTS. More Than Seven Thousand Volun- teer s Want lieutenancies. Washington, March 12.—There are unteers and. ex.-volunteers for the 610 » lailt p erected four JAPAN GETS FLEET READY. Prepared to Protest Against Russia's Action in Manchuria. London, Mancjh 11—The Daily Mail's correspondent at Yokohama represents tne Japanese government as regarding Russia s action in Manchua'ia as seri- ous. He declares it is significant tnat orders have been gi^en to t r he Japan- ese Navy, including the new iSngiisb- built battlesihip iNatsuso, to hasten It is a-total loss, partially insured. SURRENDER OP FILIPINOS. Gen. MacArthur Says It Indicates tne Collapse of the Insurrection. Washington, March 12.—Gen. Mac- Arthur has cabled the War Depart- present-! 'Bienit reporting the surrender of an 1 insurgent general and a number of Filipinos. He says he regards the surrender as very important and that j it indicates a collapse of itfhe\ insur- t rection because the territory in which 'the surrender took place has hereto- fore been obstinately defended. His steward to -Mesopotamia to find a wife for Isaac, alter meeting Rebekah, tlhe daughter of Bethuel, a nephew of Abraham, he gave Ihar ecrane presents, consisting of a goldien earing, orae Beka, or a half stoekel, -two bracelets, and 10 gold slhekels in weight. Jacob bought a parcel of land in Shechem for one thumdtred Kesitaih, Which had tihe same value of a Maneh rn gold. By the purchase of Joseph by the Is(hma.elites from his brothers, they paid them twenty pieces p.f silver, buit \it\'doesn't easy money. It. appears, therefore, beyond doubt, 'tlhtat before She exile, 'tihe Hebrews Had silver and go-id pieces of fixed values for tihe pur- poses of caanmerc'e. The first time money is memtloned in the Bible, when bhe brothers of Jo- p CMne to buy corn, on their turn home, opening their sacks th lli d H i lati'oi tion e ofostinately d dispatch is as follows: \Gen. Marian de Dios, four officers, fifty-seven men, uniformed and arm; ed, surra • Naic. Tnis is re- corn -they exelalimed: Here is my tioney. . It appears that pieces o-f silver and of gpild of fixed Weights -were im olrcu- •' \\ ' before tfbe exile. Am examlna- \-ill sh«w Itlhat the Hebrews had i system of weights, as the Scriptures speak-of •• it,, as hay ing'been used in the most remoite ag«s. The -hieaiviest was the Kikar, tlhe hiundred weigh* or Talent wlhieh weighed 672,000 grains in goVi, wSikh contained 100 Manens anct 10,000 Shekels. The -silver\\ Talent contained 3,000 Shekele. 6,000 Beikas, and 60,000 Ge- rahs. -Ttoere was also a copper Talent which only • ihad . 109' Sh-eikelB. The next was the Manelh, ciontainimg 50 \\ ' \' Is. The tihird was the Shekel ol silver on:ly for current use. Qf the above Shekel there were also half shekels, quarter shekels, and third shekels. ' The fourth was the Bekah, wtokfe way to Canaan, accoraing to the Bible,! i eaV es, is the inscription, \John the where he was commanded by Qtod toihi^h priest, asni tbe community of •the Jews.\ Some specimens have a Greek A ov- er 'the ancient Hebrew inscription. John Hyrcanus was succeeded at h.is death by his eldest son Judah Aristo- bulus, who died in the year 104 B. C. E., after governing but one year. The coins issued under his government are like *hose of his predecessors, with the exception that his namp, Judah, is inserted instead of his fa- ther's. Judah Artetobulus was suc- ceeded by his brother, Alexander Jan- BUCUS. who reigned for 25 years. The money coined in tihe early part of his reign was exactly like those of his predecessors, with the exception that Shis name, Jannueus, was inserted; this appears to have been the original form of the name Jannah, Which is tihe appellation by which he is known in the Talmud. After Jannaens had been victorious over his enemies he changed his modest title of \high- prfeat\ into the more ambitious title of \king and inscribed on his coins, \The King 'Yehonaitban.\. This legend in some specimens, is inscribed in the spaces between the eight rays of a star, surrounded by a circle, and in others is written around a half-open flower. Cta the reverse side is an an- chor with two cross-pieces, surround- ed in Greek words, (Alexandroi Basil- eos). the King Alexander. In the museum at Marseilles there is a coin of thi3 reign, which has only a wreath on the reverse side and the Greek words (Alexandroi Basileos), the King Alexander, with two con- nected cornucupiae and a poppy-head on the obverse side. A'evaidrr Tan- naeus was succeeded by his widow, ofeh 6 ^bSllSS^a ^J coined money.. One of the silver cSS without a dak, has on the obv^rS side, *he wow Simon, in a wreath and on the reverse, W words ^R dekveraace of Jerusalem, «,n a jug and a palm branch. Silver ootos of the second year nave a bunch of grapw instead <*T!2 ^mbles that of Bleaaar, except that rt baa a star over the temple, a-ad' has •ttoe inscription, Simon, around it Besides these, there are some coins with a date tree on one T d ^ ^T h of ^ naeus was succeeded by M , Salome Alexandra. The only coin of her reign knowm to us has on the ob- garded as very important and indicat- ing collapse of the insurrection. The territory was (heretofore obstinately defended throughoutt thee entiree i C y defended. \Conditions lots. An effort is now \being made lll bildi l t $1000 h l to sel building lots at $10 each. Al- the Price of a ^e^Koes oT^sfthe same ^isTuTofnewT 'SSeSn'SS T^tZ^J^Ilt^ ws iust as it is-promptly and im- S/S^}^ .\5* l£^?i l^l f y ° U , a ^t 1S * 15 > 000 lto turn ove r t o Mr - McLaren. sn the columns of The Thrice- I n retum Mr . MeLaren agrees to em- New York p i o v at least 50 'hands for at lt fi . to do anything beyond making an emphatic- protest single-ihanded amd that 'there is no prospect of a coalition between herself and any other cower. According to the Mail's St. Peters- burg correspondent Russia is getting irritable over the foreign, especially the British press insinuations of bad faitih on her part. He sayis that some of Russia's recent diplomatic remarks verged on brusqu'eness. He adds that Russiia does not aim at Che annexa- tion of Manchuria, because the ex- pense of administration would be too throughou th entir archipelago very encouraging. Cap- tures, surrenders of arms continue; 3,168 arms surrendered and captured since Jan. 1.\ second lieutenancies in tlhe new army, j g rea t. She sees no reason to fear the Besides there are thousands of civil- I action of the other powers, but fore- ians 'Who hope to set into the army, i sees the quiet achievement of her So great has the pressure become up- i policy on Secretary Root that he has been compelled to deny himself to visitors in ah© afternoons. All the entrances to his rooms are locked and no messengers are station- !, ed ouitside so that not even cards can ' \is Movements Are Greatly Hampered DE WET NEAR BRANFORT. be sent in. His fellow members the cabinet at these times can com- municate witih him only by means of the telephone. Senators Quay and Penrose' alone! by the Heavy Rain. Pretoria, March 12.—Gen. DeWet &ow reported to be north of Bran t in th O Ri l hi Senators Quay and Penrose alone! p have endorsed more applications than fort i the Orange River colony, his there are places, and either senators \ movements being hampered by the and representatives have been almost' rains, whidh are pouring in torrents. ll ith tfhi ti t According to this report be could not ttiave been at Kronatadt yester- AN HONEST MEDICINE FOR LA George W. Waitit. of South Gardi- ner, Me., says: \I have had the worst cough, cold, ehil ind grip and have token lot;; of iraish of m account bout profit to tihe vendor. Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is the only thing that ihas done any good whatever. I have Aised one bottle of it and the chills, coid and grip have all letfSt me. I con- gratulate the manufacturers of an /honest mediiatoe.\ For sale by Mrs. Gilbert and E. White; W. E. Clough, West Chazs. 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The required amount was secured .by subscription, and trustees were appointed for its proper expen- diture. The matter then hung fire, and though rumors of Mr. •McLaren's intention to locate in Ohampiain were prevalent, these Mr. McLaren replied tically a denial. For the village of Oh am plain The Sentinel lhas only the kindest feeling, and expresses the sincere hope that eaah $100 building loit may prove a profitable investment. y of June. I line from Bloemfontein to Pretoria. • 1 Bloemfontein, March 12.—Tihe Brit- REV. E. J. KELLOGG DYING. j ish force under Pilcher's command, Harpswell, Me.. March 12—The Rev. i which has 'been operating against Elijah J. Kellogg, the author, is the scattered bands of Boers In ! thought to be dying at his home near j Orange River colony, has brought. In- here. He will be eighty years old on to Bloemfontein fMrty-three Boer May 17. He wrote \Spartacus to the ' prisoners 3,000 horses. Gladiators\ and other famous stories, Cape Town, Mardh 12.—A few Boers also juvenile stories with scenes most- attacked Sheldon, a small place in ly laid on the coast of Maine ' Southern Cape Colony, about 100 Through Che failure of 'his publishing : miles north of Port Elizabeth. They 'house the later part of his life has destroyed the station, but did no oth- ueen passed in straightened circum- er damage. Troops lhave gone in pur- stances. He has occupied a pulpit here , suit of the raiders. , since 1866 A GOOD COUGH MEDICINE OHILDRMN. \I have no hesitancy in recom- mending Chamber Iain's Oougih Reme- dy,\ says F. P. Mtoran, a well kmy and popular baker, of Petersburg, Va. \We have given it to our children when troubled with bad coughs, also whooping cough,, and it has always given perfect satisfaction. It was recommended to me by a druggist as the best cougth medicine for children as it contained no opium or other harmful drug.\ Sold by Mrs. Gilbert g and E. White; W. n hazv Sunday spitals E. C T cu.e:h. Wes consultations at the Paris p were not well attended by the working classes, the workingman preferring to lose a day's work rather than a few of on Sunday. his hours of idleness GEN. HARRISON'S CONDITION. MRS. NATION RELEASED. Indianapolis, Ind., March 12.—Gen- : Gets Bail, and Will Now Start a War eral Harrison had a bail night. Dr.; on Tobacco. Jameson was 'hurriedly summoned to j Topoka K an. March 12.—Mrs. Na- the residence shortly after 6 o'clock tion was released on $2,000 bond yes- this morning It was announced at 8 terday, and will buy a home in To- o'clock that Mr. Harrison had a ser- ka and ^1^ the Smashers' Mail, relapse at 3.30 and thafr the worst Her bro r ne T s W. Moore, furnished fd Mrs. C. E. VanDeusen of Kilbourn, Wis., was afflicted with stomach trou- ble and constipation for a long time. She says, \I have tried many prepara- tions buit none have done me the good that Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets have\. These Tablets are for sale at Mrs. Gilbert's and E. White's drug stores; and W. E. Clough's, West Chazy. Price, 25 cents. Samples free. take erse side an anal with the Greek inscription, Alexandra Basilis, the Queen Alexandra, and on the reverse, between the eight rays of a star, the Hebrew legend, eueen. Alexandra was succeeded by her son Aristobwlus (70 B. C. E.) In the year 63 he, with his two sons, Alexander and Anti- gonus, was sent captive to Rome; and in the year 48 he died on the scaf- wsth. the same fold. In the year 40 Antigomis sue- \ear traces of T o f ^^ or a vine e other; the inscription The deMverace of Zion, around a vh,,, * In ,tbe rear 122 C. \E. the groat In-' snrroetion of Simon Ben Kozfltau wlhich had been Incite* by the illuiP Mans Akiba, broke o-ut. It closed three years laiter with the- death of *he leaders. Julius Severns \ been recalled from 'Britain on to overcome the rebel's. Dmaine this period Ben-Koziba coined botH silver and copper -money. Some specimens show ithat thtey were struick over Ifoefcr oild Roman stamps, and the traces of the name of Vespasian are still visi- ble. On the obverse side is tne name Stimon, in a wreath, with the letters I S V (Vespasian) at tire margin. Otk the reverse are a jug amd a palm wittti one-half of the holy shekel. This j ceeded in ascending the throne, and ord Bekab. ocouirs only in the Ten-1 reigned three years. In tihe year 37 tatteuch, when every male person above twenty years of age was oblig- ed to pay one Bekaih or Shaltf a shekel to the Taberna-ele. The fifth was the Gerah, which- the smallest de- is now feared. j The Dr. Lyman Abbott is an 1 admirer of tthe newspaper. BURNED TO DEATH. I Hazen's \court\ that while she Washington, Ind.» March 12.—Three ' refrain from smashing saloons, she children of Guy Williams, aged 1, 3 would wage war on tobacco. On leav- and 5 years, were burned to death ing the court room, she accosted three seven miles nortlh of this city yester- men smoking cigars and demanded — healthy people don't — you day afternoon while the father was that they throw -the \nasty things\ won't if you take Hood's Sarsaparilla • felling timber on his farm. i away, W ' Quito, in 'South America, is the on- ] The total number of ice houses Three thousand marriages place every day in the world. For the first time since the war there is not a negro in the North Car- olina Legislature. You should not feel tired all Cooking is taught schools in Germany. Headache often results from a dis- o • red condition of the stomach and ecmstioaition of the bowels. A dose or two of Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets will correct these dis- and craire tfhe headache. Sold ( , ^ , „ ^_ _ _ orders and craire tfhe headache. Sold in 230 girls ]y large town at a Iheight of over 9,-; along the Hudson is 445, with < a total by E. White and Mrs. Gilbert; W. EL 1 000 feet above sea level. (tonnage capacity of 3,768,000. dough, West Cihazy. nomination; twenty of these made one sbekel. The sixth was the Prutaih, or the widow's mite. This* coin is only mentioned in tlhe Talmud. The exact values of these weights, according to ouir American money, was as follows: the Talent was worth £1,350; the Maneti, about -$22; the Shekel, 44 cents: -ithe Bekaih wais about _._ cents, and the Gerah, a fraction over two cents. Tiie flra* mention • of coined money lised among the He- brews is (found in Ezra, after their re- turn-.flrom their Babylonian captivity, where Darkemonim of gold and Man- im of silver are spoiken of. This was about 538 B. C, and about eighty years later ttlhe Adairkooim are again alluded to Ezra and Neshemia. Tlhe Darkemon and Adairkon are both in- tended to onean one and tlhe same thing, nameily a goa'd coin, wthich was well known to the Greeks, and \had be- come «urrenit before the time of Dari- us Hystaspea. Specimens of it are still in existence. On one side there is no stamp; on ihe other •Chere is a crowned bowman in a kneeling pos- ture. Tlhere was also current in Per- sia, the silver shekel, called by the Greeks and Medians siglas, which we find also to (Netoemia. Its value was one-twentieth of tbe gold coin last- mentioned and it was stamped like the latter. There were halves and quarters, thirds and sixths. The first two were rare. During tihose years while the Jews lived under Persian pule, -they used Persian coins, and made none of tJheir own. The first trace we have of any regular coinage among the Hebrews, is found in 1 Mace, xv: 2-9, in which. Antiochus Epiphanes authorizes Simon to coin money for his own country. Tnis was in itfift year 138 B. C. E. During the four years of Simon's government, aiftter he had obtained the requisite pofwer, (138-135 B. C. E.) he issued the following coins: 1. A silver shekel .\containing on the obverse side tlhe inscription, sihek- el of Israel, in amoientt Hebrew char- acters, encircling a cup which has ov- er it a Hebrew letter, meaning 1, to denote the first year \of independence; and on the reverse side a twig of lilies containing three flowers, one upright and one on eaah side ait right angles with it, the inscription, Jerusalem the Holy, surrounding it. The authenticity of this coin, and the truth of the reading of the legends thereon, are indisputable, for we can find them in the British Museum., The weights of the Hebrew coins were not according to the Attic system of Alexander the Great, but they follow- ed Dhe older, namely, \The. Tyrian weight,\ wlhidh was founded on Babylonian. The Talmudtets deration the Man eh zuiri, a portion of pain, and also Kesef zuri, a silver piece in need. 2. A silver half shekel, with thi same inscription and figure on the re verse side as fthe shekel. On tne ob- verse, the same flowers as the Shekel, he was executed by Herod, the son of Antipater, who succeeded him. There were some small eolins which were is- sued during Ms reign. There are a (few bronze coins of the reign of An- •tigonus. The obverse side thas the Greek words, BaMleos Antigonoi, the King Anitigonus, aronmid a laurel w-reatih. TSie reverse has two cornu- oopiae, connected at the ends and his Hebrew name, Matathia, tihe high priest and the connmundty of the Jews. In farm and character these coins dif- fer from those of the preceding reigns. Some of them have but a single cornuoopia, probably to denote in Hebrew, Of the deliv- of Jerusalem. Other coJoa Hebrew inscription* - _ e images ana names of Titus, Domitian and Trajan. With the deai&h ol Ben-Kozi!Wa, whose coins, by th-e by, are frequent- ly mentioned am the Talmud, the Ms- tory of Jewish coinage is at an eufl. In the Talmud there Is a discussion regardii ng the money used to the day* of Davifl and Solomon; some say tney used pieces of silver, copper and gold, even lead, as a meddum of exchange; and some say they used the shekel of Istrael which is very often mentioned •in the Bible. But we find in menttary to the' Babfy-Soiateui _, that in itihotse days of Kings DavW a&6 Solomon there was a coin made Ipi Je^ that 1 <• ihave but half the value. has juat bee Herod redgmed from 37 B. C. B. till his death, whdeih was In the year 5 C. E. All th© coins struck during his reign .have only -Greek inscriptions. They have various devices, sudh as an altar wiitih legs and 'base, a small pitcher, herald's staff, a vessel width a bell-like cover) palm branches, a shield, a helmet with plume, th« fore- part of a ship, two eornuoopiae wi-tOi poppy-toead and anchor. The Greek logend is Basileos Erodoi, the King H c \\od, acc<wipa«nied by bhe year of his reign. At the death of Herod, 1 bis son ^th\ 1 ^' Au'nelans, called (.Bthnardh), Prince of I'dnmaea, Judea and Samaria, suc- ceeded him, but on account of his •tvraiMiy, Ms subjects complained to the Emperor Augustus, who banish- ' ' ' n to Vienne, in Gaul, in the J C. E. HSs territory was an- nexed to (the Roman province of Syria and thereafter ruled by a procurator. The coins of Archelaus are similar to tihose of itshe Asmonean princes and of ihia father. On the obverse side Is the word Erodoi, Herod, around an anchor enclosed hi a string of pearls. On the reverse side, BthnardhoJ, prince of the people, in an oak wreath. Some of the oolns have a bimch of -which haid on one aide t&e •mames of David &o& ScRomvA to an- Gteot Hebrew <ih»naioters, ©B^tdiBg^ citron, and on the otherr ai<f© a t»1«n > word JerawOem WAen you are ibiMons, use those fa- mous little pills known as DeWitt'B Little Earxy Risers to cleanse tine \ liver and bowels. They never gripe. Mrs. Gilbert; Burton & Keltey, KeeswIHe; H. E. Gillespie, Ausable Forks. Jsmrf, were issued by Si- • mon (ben), son of Gamliel, the pres- ident of the StmJhedrrn, or great Sy- nod, in the first two years after S e «-™taton of the Romans from J« K salem. There is a bronze coin, whjch nas on the obverse side a lam^I wreath, and tihe words, ^imon, Printe of Israel. On the (reverse, a vase, en- circled by tthe words, The flret yew of the deliverance of Israel. There are also coins of Sdmon, Prinze of Israel. with the same devices of a palm tre* - 3>n'd vine leaf as those of EJe&zar and Sirrron Giora. Other small copper coins of the years two and 'tlm>e fowe on the obven-sp sSKJe tlhe words, The MT. or Tfh^> third year aronnd On the reverse, are th f Zto The Massachusetts Frog Company on them In the year 8C . E., Palestine was subjected to a Romam procurator, and tlie copper coins struck at that time had the likeness of the emperor, \but generally bear the image of a plant and the name of the reigrning emper- or, wiitih the year of his reign In Greek characters. This series of coins commenced in the year 6 C. E., dar- ing the reign of Augustus and closed in the fi'fith year of Nero's reign, (IP C. E.), or ait least no later specimens have been found. The coins issued by Augustus have on the obverse side, Kaisaros, Oaesar, next to a bent ear, or within f^e rays of a star, or over a vase with two handles. On the re- verse there is a fruiit-bearing palm iree or a vine leaf with a portion of the tpocrHls and the date. Other coin** bear tihe name of Uvte, the wife of Augustus and the mother of ibis euooessoir, Tiberias, or Julia, as she was called after the death of Au- puBibus. This name. Julia, is some- times wdtMn a wreath on one OT two lines, and sometimes beside a bunch cf grapes wd'tlh some of the tendrils. The reverse side has sometimes a covered urn, sometimes three^flowers on the same stalk, and sometimes two cormicoipiae witih the paptpy-h*ad. Be- sides these there is a>lso the date. There are also coins oi Julia's witt- incorpiomted in Jifatne, of $5,000, its object b»- g declared la the applfrc&tlcm to toe \to buy, seM, breed and hnport frogs, and like animals.\ f Prof. Ivison of Looaoontog, J suffered terribly from neuralgia the th d idUti f H 1 •I 7 k of i suffered terribly from neuralgia of th stomach and imdUgestion for Hbir~ teen years and after tihe doctors Sail- ed to cure him they fed ihlm on mor- phine. A friend advised the use of Kodol Dyspepsia Cure and after tak- ing a few bottles of it he says, \K has cured me entirely. I can't any too muoh for Kodol Dyspepsia Cure.\\ It digests -what you eat Mrs. Gilbert; Burton & Kelley, Keeseville; H. E. Gillespie, Auaable Esklruo oliiljdren at tbe Carlisle Sohool in Pennsylvania are reported to rank far ahead of tlhe Indian youths in every sstiudy. Like Oliver Twist, children ask for more when given One Minute CougSk Cure. Matihers endorse it highly> for croup. It quickly cures ail co\ ' and co-Ids and every throat and I trouble. It is a specific for gaips» and asthma and has long ibeen a weD- known remedy for whooping cough. Mrs, 'ilbert; Burton & Kelley, Keeser^e; H. E. Gillespie, Ausable Added opportunities are corr those American heiresses w' an ambiltion to marry a f reported froru China fth\ the Celestial empire ar^ ilyxet'uced grippe <M,rf bles this i

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