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FRIDAY HORNINti, FEB. THE PLATTSBTJRG-H SE^TIXEL. 7\ I SUNSHINE CORNER [ BOARD OF SUPERVISORS, j l^t^^r^ U PROCEEDINGS, 1900. ] s i»Y!]r n '-md i] ZU\y The Story Mamma Told. IMPORTANT LAND CASE I Hearing in Glens Falls Be- 1 fore H. T. Kellogg as Re- I feree- 56,000 Acres Affected. ANNUAL REPORT Of the Plattsbnrgh Water Commissioners, ! Dated, January 31, 1901. OST OF CONS 13 1 \ TnC 1~ J Former Seeretar Ham C. Whitney. Harper & Bros., ; and Mr. Converse, j turer, all of New Tlio beeaust and \v« black i Tilie ro h«i-d l.mi finoe h she k'Ji talking pa.per kitten urn i it had ,s wiiil.1. 1 . w •n wi-Hing ad Tult s il doi'.v-n lu. : with hii. and was i nocn I no tail rA'.h one [HP TKCl s;,-:iii' t i' jifn, a II, i:ad reading. ; people of the reward should lose of brinsins- i to lit [ ta.ik err n-t her. ..Hi ,-ed. That off on Bunny cOoHoi hold ted by of $12.00 to refn > Board of Tow se Adjusters. Adopted, of tbc R«i-llT*Otid Oomir ;he New York and Car the He Kaiiroad, do bonds i . County. pectfully i that tin the Ac i received the s ru was lo o wf-ill-l.nx! but he looked a.r he talked to the kif.en think this hons^ is house I evor lived don't think so. because you have pv \ l'^ e authorize erytihing you -wint and you con n1ny;j i y the Cm; all the time.' Th ore's JIVPC throe folks , yuunty fmd in this room. Bunny, mamma, and I thf ' n -J hn t t you and me, and I'm just as lone-; ^.mi y betw some as I can be.\ j ^JU^d ? At th'is poin.t tihe spool swung! c? h ,-, (i ,] en n n around in the rep.Mpss little hand and . tuto a com Bimny ffave a jump and rf^sed it ] ^TnT'-ft Un •across the flow. Clarence laughed to|j fri! , t o b e h , see the kitten biring and kicking th.?jwm. f Adoivte< spool7 and jurt then mamma looked towards him. \Oh mamma, how g'la.d I aim you're Chrousvh reading thai* old pap&r! You won't read any more, will yon, mamima? at least, not for a little* while, 'cause I'm so lonesome,\ said Clarence joyfully, losing no time in climbing into her lap and pitting his arms around her neck. \I love you, mamma, the best of anybody in ttMs world; don't you wia-nt to telk to your little boy? Why! maimma, you don't feel toad about anything, do you?\ and Clarence kissed his dear mamma, wfho looked alt him with a itV of - whic h w e ar e appoini svery grave fate. g4 ~ of tn e Laws of 1867)\ was \No no,\ saiid mamma, smiling, dred thousand dollars; that th \buit I have been reading such a said story about a dear little girl wiho has to be feet for her two older brothers.\ \Feet!\ sa>id Clarence, aistonished, \and is it a true story, mamma, or just a make-'betieve, and ! could I un- derstand it if you told.it to me?\ • \You could understand it very •woll, and jJt is a perfectly true story. It Ihaippened in Dakota, and this little gdrl and her two brothers were out on the praline, when a sudden storm caime up which soon turned into a (blizzard, and the poor children real- ized •their danger, knowing they were far out on ttihe prairie, helpless and alone. \When they saw the storm coming, mamma, Why didn't they run home as hard as they could and not wait to play any longer?\ \Because dear, in that part of our country, even strong men are some- times overtaken by tlfese sudden hail- storms and become so bewildered they lose all idea a: tihe direct ion of home and many have penisihed in that way even when they were within sight of tiheir 'homes. Ore man once had a rope tied about his waist so that he could find his way back, after feed- ing his horses and cattle, an'd he was no farther away than his own barn. \When these three ohfildren did not return, their father and as many of the neig'hibnrs as could be g-oit to- gether, farter! o--.--.it on horseback to search for the la-.t dhildren. Every few yards they >b!'ew long blasts on heavy tin horns thM t-hey rirried. and sfoou'ted w~,h all thei-r might. Every moment the danger increased for the .children co'i^ld nciT live long in ?uch ; ! a furious storm. Suddenly, the cloud . drifts seemed to part, a ray of sun- ligfhit broke through the driving snow, aji'tl or)e of t.he men SIPJW the children huitfd'led together, but struggling bravely onward. \He blew three sharp whistles on ibis horn, wh'icih was a signal that he had cauig?ht ! sight af the children and soon they wore lifted in front of their rescuers and riding towards home, a; UKCAPrrrr.ATiox. KXPEXDITUREI?. t door relief .'...\ ' John F. O'Bri -^(OPINION BY MAC ARTHUR .... s .'.'. '.1.VI ...3 S .. 4i .77 3fi ... 93 '6 9; I> 21 i Progress of Pacification of Philippines Very Slow- Why Insurgeut Lead- er Was Deportea. [ •etary Root j K*5k ig Scholnr- •frh June 25th. n-y. Wood & Mar 'laitsburg-h fu tiith Bros. Pla .nd <3i- Fred E. Purdy.\ 'piattsburg-h,' M. Chittend... irgh, wood &c McHattie, PlattsburRh, Co.' s ' r&h ffh, \... 36.00 3.30 4.00 3.7,5 33.73 ST. 05 20. f 2 33.50 K J. Jo A Sc II W Sn 4- w jcist . V, -iith Dock Adrinr Gt R T Srhiff . Bros ... H. Boot r & s & Moc & I Rob alfo & Coal C l Seneenl o. N. W H. Ca r ehb roll y of the Xavy Wil- Henry S. Harper, of Charles H. Tatem a glass manufac- Ycwk city, together -,- 0 ;\v-icn many others, a>re financially in- '•o i t&rested in the outcome of one of the f 0 ! most important suits ever brought in ;.- ; | the courts of Northern New York. is I Indirectly the title to a strip of land •j about fifty-six miles long and averag- :Z ; ing a mile and five-eighths wide, con- .\1 | tain ing about 56,000 acres of virgin | forest land, is involved togetiher with the boundaries of four or five of the Adirondack counties, the value of the property involved being over $100,000. The case is that of Edward H. Li r-ch field. of Brooklyn, against George W. Sisson, of Potsdam, and another. It is an action to recover §30,000 for trespass upon lands south of Litohn&ld Park, w'hlcli are claimed by the owner, a strip a miil-e and one- half wide and six miles long. The action was brought in Jume, 1899, and Justice Russell appointed Henry T. if Platts/bu-rgh, referee. Twt> '&ply to j hearings have foeen had, one in New inquir-' Yor j5 ? ity < in _Septem:ber last, and one -.a' I of 12 3BUHGH i % apDoars on the Books Assessments including d uuiirters of 19oo. $6016.- BONDED INDEBTEDNESS Plattsbuigh Water Works,\ Jan. signed Com- k & Canada >port in pur- by author- ited (Chao nty-flv< if $25.00 for ippiying the $25, there re- aised to pay the interest utstanding bonds for the iree hundred and twenty- id the additional sum of dollars to pay principal r 1st, 1901. respectfully ask that the Dusand three hundred and .lars ($5,325) be raised by s Board for such pi of the of PI; th e ssioner Railroad Com Canada Railroau. Dated Plattsburgh, N. Y. Dec* 1900 By Mr. Hnug-hran: Resolved, That there be levict i bonds At 9 o'clock adjourned to I ?mber 6th, 1900. NINTH DAY. December Mr. Haughn Minutes\ of Decembei By Mr. Dominy: Resolved, That bids binding- 50 copies of the Board of SuDervi 1900 inclusive be held c \ay. Adopted. i- Mr. Baker: 3solved, That the GUIBORD. if Decembi Mr. Kvei -laim of P< ...- . .. ^nder the .following his Hoard Decembt :here the: \How could the men tell whicih way to go,\ said Clarence, wiho was d< ly interested, and then wiich the eeiiijjjy of a - ttve-year-old boy, who loves stJOiues,. he am question. \Prob'ly tJhey bad some one standing in the door of their house that was Mowing a horn or maybe fixing off a gun, don't you 'spose chat was the way, mamma'\ \It. may have been so, answ •mamma, but after ! Caey had reached home they found the children were terribly frost-bitten, and they suffered _ so that the little girl lost bdth her! ^atf\, e a ^un hands and the two boys toad to have i county and i tiheir feet amputated by a doctor thait. °f the Treas -came fouiteen miles to visit tihe poor as' a \ f.\resa^d children. But they lived 'and gtot well, j of the same and the little girl runs on different j c!ln e° t n ha c I ? u c • her 'brothers and as ctheer- i reward the ' ' divided' eqiti 1 for the year 1300, $4.:iS from School District No. By Mr. 'Hnrnnhrey: Resolved. That the Supervii AS ! .oil of said to- Bv Mr. Lawsc Resolved, Thai own of Dannen , add to ;s of 1-S99. Adoi Sune ;^ is he! Assessn of Jl'i.16 rest \of the Potfer s of Ellenburg-h, a tdical bee h numerous fires in Clin- ch .ipp^ar to have beer, rigin, and perpetrators of s t hat ee it woufd t be°for t . people of the coumv i t eward should be offered e of bringing to jut i mmitting such crii ird of SSOO.if th e that r page fill and haptpy. Stoe can do a good •many-things to help her mother, too.\ \Anid nuamma, do those poor little, Ul _ _„_ „.. , .. 4>oys have to sit still all the time?|t>y 'his Board. Adopted. Can't they play at all? And, mam- L^ Boo^oTlup'ervis^\ 6 vel ••ma., bow can the little girl eat, she! lym. inclusive. Bound in \lea can do errands, buit how cam sine feed i y, ncM T oe ^ K . • - Q t hei-seW?\ ' ?• J-- *f*$?°l co fo fenli \The Story didn't tell anything ! The Farmer Co CO cent; about that, Clarence, they are doubt- i Bv Mr Krianp 050 ' 00 fo r j ° b ' less cared for, and when they grow | Ropoived^\ That all bids be rejected Older fchey can wear artificial limuis, • Adopted. fchait Will be a great heap to unem. i offic e ' o f State Engineer and Surveyor You rem&mhea- Captain Joe's arm,; Albany, December Jth I9on do-u't you, and how he used to take i ,,, f Road it off; and he^coyW wrifce a.s we'll as ! Mr , Curtj u Vi lnman ho ever- could \\\wiitlh 'JSos-e curious • clerk of\ Board' oi\ Suoervisors \jOkhrg' fingers.\ i Clinton Co.. Plattsburgh. N. V. \Mlayibe they are too poor to buy ,JO p ^'f pianr^iia'^peSncation^^overin*' many, manimia. then what wlii tney tin'' 'imuroyi'ment of 5.1s 'miles of pubh. do? Do you think those men that; liiKJnwH.v in the towns of Piaitsbunfi found the children wouild help buy ! portion 1 \ o> -'-\ ° n ^° U - >1 ~^' • ---•\ °- e ^- < the ark'flchial feet? 'Spoee—\ ! So. 71, p>n \We wonit su-pipoee any more,\ dar- | v ' so ?\ s r)ec ' 1 ling; yon may be sure their parents' m Clinton' love the.m aaxd wtill aare fo>r bhem tihe i if the pi •best they can. They were very thank- *'},)? rn ™, bl ;nt of the'Lake Shore 1 ed ^re satiafaeiory\ to Board, a fesoh & Son, kets, &c rs & - Co, Z. Jabaut wood for se i. Germain, Platts- ' Platts-' \piatts-' •n PiiljttS- ' Platts- S °PIatts-' Miller. Plattsbui \Miller \Piattsburi clothing- The Sowles Hardware ' Plattsburph glass. &c .. •\. H. Goff Plattburgh. W -ke & Randall, Plat burph matting- ,. N'ichols & Co.. Plattsbui LT). &P . 13.50 59.32 [attsburgh \'Auburn!' burgh supj>lies V. F. Brando, Pittsburgh \lthi mith & \LaRoi 7 P. Cnnniiijri nirgh Sheriff .. Dated Plaltsbu 2.ro 12.40 D. S. LAWSON, II E. BAKER. I. HASBROUCK CHAHOON. Cit t ule. ON mmit t .he Committee of State Loans norable BoEtrd of Supervisor of Clinton. nmiittoe on U. S De-^o i .eetfully^ • •' ' - \ U\VSON . CARPENTER, MASON. Washington, Feb. 4—S> today sent to the Sena.t ,n s into *, deport^on trom Maaila \ H^°H,Sl ThfSS && to Guam of Mabini, an insurgent j A third hearing.began in Glens Falls ITT .1 and continued until yester- 3o\6o ! leader, Secretary Root says in reply; | Tuesday 7 7 7i4.4ij \A. Mabini, the person referred to, I dav 109.70 • \ ' \ ' (Sing Sing:) V.'.. .7 i prisoner of war, captured by Che ;i34>4 military forces of the United States . 9';25 , on the 10th day of-December, 1899. • |Q-^ j While such prisoner, he was found, to !lJo!26 be maintaining correspondence -'\• t a\n\d * \Va rden\ 7*7T! 7/. ..*.... 10S 20 i Mead, Warden (Auburn) 12.0-1 McMartin & Fez Nichols & Co ... ~ . W. Cady J. A. McCrank _. K. G?ibert7!!!! J. W. Tuttle & Co L. \V. Hayes \ .. Desiardin G. Graves -„. MeHatlie'7 R. O. Barber Plattsburph F Lewis D^pee H. A. Wood ~ C Champlain Agr't'l s.o 13.6!) 65.^3 W.30 . 1.F0 ... 27.77 13.92 ... 34.40 4.10 18.00 ...164.15 t'l l ..20 00 tsburgh Carriagi & Harr B. Ritchie ::. Tromblv ' A. D. Boomhower Geo. M. Howes Addison Johnson (Sing Sing) A. Peasley A. Mckeefe & Cb Gilliland & Chaopel H. W. Guibord\ Jesse Holeornbe N.! 777 III N __. E. J. Robii John: C. H. Pardy (Sing Sing) Patrick Finnegan Chas'. l'en1riield Daniel Noonan . C. H. Jones A. P. Jerry H. E. Jerrv nd Repair; ef). •.•'7.7.77. 1 Bd w rd Kirby. Eugene Lanlant John Pillow Wallace Turner . Lewis Dur.ee ... C. W. Bruce ... A. D. Ladue ... M. J. Barber .. W. Loughan R. E. Hvdo YVm. I,. Hayes .. John Sample .. . J. _Ru?hlow & S01 $826 30 A. W. FAIRBANK, H. H. PARMERTER, of Decemt on of Mr. I r?oan°s was\ Report of Superintendi the Ho'lirahlp Rnar • f Clin i year 1900. ;epted and ; Coramitt of Supei ierintend< ctfully id reports of Willi; o pay County 0•\ pay 'ternnorary reliefilief nit the county ........... mined the it r epoi x>. savage, Su- herewiia SUL- s liabilities are Indebted- through7 i^ciward Bushev ?. I-. Comstock . R. S. Lengfield Hook X-. Coal Co . Wm. D. Savase .. F-Ic-nry Arnold . . P'la 'M. Savage . ^ 1 AT. J. Snel f ' Gcors-e R \ John\ P. I .3,354.61 find that bounty\ Hoi Adopted. To the Ho of Clint •afls M. C. HUTCHINS, D. S. LAWSON, W. A. MeMARTIN, s Board of Supervis swis Lombard . rs J. Pillow .. Moffitt erritt Baker .. . ihn Pillow'*..7 J. S. Banker & . Moriarify . . Father Km ikk Fli y y ere very thank ??l, roV Pdbv l ful, no doubt, thatt the dhildren were ' should \be n&o6te = ,. - d, after passing t'hrouigih such a vul and providing for the appropriation df ? =frmrm \ • b >' vour <-ountv of $17,1115 beins one-i.a f stonm. , o( t - he estimat e d cost of the work which nce lookeid at Ms own little ; is $34,230. I 1 l uJar ee lookeid at Ms own littleis $34,230. hands and then picking Bunny up in I . 1 enclose herewith a form of re^olu- his arms. saM, \If I hadnU any hands, I pro\ e\of These nhn, I would°s. r ,^t Bunny, I couldn't hold you so nice, I that the enclosed resolution be adored d StI hd to bt h a r ' \ \\\' ' \'\ '\ and if .1 had lost both my feeit, 1 don't know what I shoufld do. And Bunny ' or ] I've got almost free dollars in bank and if that 'scription man c here a^adn I'll ask him if he won't i in\ take ft to hel>p those poor little ch'l- \ dren.\ RAY. Sarajnac, N. Y. PNEIU'MONIIA CAN BE PREVENTED Tttiijs disease always results from a cold, or an attack of'the gain and may be prevented by the timely use of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. That rmredy w-ps extensively used during th-e epidemic oif I...1 Griippe of the past. few y^ars, nnid net a single case has ever been reported •Wiat did not reoov- or o,- ;ih'iit VPSII)M'«I in pneumonia. which shows it to be a certain pre- ventive of tihat dangerous diise-a.se. nha-rrlberlviiin's CoiMrfi Remedy has prrinerl a world wide reputation for •its mrpa of colds and grip.. For sale toy E. White, Mrs. D. K. Gilbert; W. h. C-lough. West dhazy. The plans herewith submitt orie-rnal plans for the work proved by your Section U of Char 1898, vou should in the place prep of the approvinK copy of there\ sr then be returned furnished vow P files. Board, as p ter 115 of th tred° r therefo eal.' ifk-ations an Union ado-it to hi.-- offle of the nla In ea.se your Board of Supe prove of this wor <. the road w '\\B\\' von kindly 'p. •;>f t.his letter and 'the Plattsbur ff h and ] The undersisned, Wm. D. Savt Superintendent ol the Poor of Clin County, respectfully presents his rei from Nov. 1, 1VJ9 to Nov. 1, WOO: \orwalaries and County :Iome supplies ...... . .§10,411.71 ransportation expen- ses of Superintendent nd sundry expenses... 46S.70 $10 8! 'or drafts drawn for salaries, County Home supplies and repairs .. 6,478.31 ESSo, elief, tinu-ont ensuins Drafts \in Fathe ric Flann ert Pardy a Robaree . Otto Oo rv B W H •hel . . Hubbell ... . si Bassett 'd E. Purdy ... . . V. Taylor, M. H. E. Jerry R. J. Robinson'7! S Bea a ney .7.7' . Denio Pillow . Childs D ''Savage\.' Ella M. Savage . AmITrose Parker . S. J. Marsh ...'.'.'.' M. L. Baker\. 777. Dock & Coal Co .. Gala Barber Or H. K. Hyde . T. J. Moriaritv ... Patrick Mullen .. James P. n'NToil W. N. Robinson inly for ihe / V insurgents engaged in armed resist- ance to the authority of the United •States, anid his place of confinement has been, during tihe past month of January, changed from Manila to the island of Guam. \I enclose a diapatcih which came to the War Department In cipher from Gen. MaciArt!h.ur\ date<l Dec. 25, 1900. Its tone was far from encouraging. Gen. MaoArthur said: \Expectations based on result of election, have not been realdzed. Pro- gress of pacifioajtian apparent to \me but still very slow. Condition very inflexible and likely to become 3S.25 1 dhronac. Proclaim-altfon well received by country, wihieh is expectant and awaiting practical appltetaifcton there- of. Am considering expediency of closing points off both Oamarines, Al- bey. Samar and Leyte. Would like to emphasize new -policy ! b-y deporting to Guiam at early date a few prominent leaders now in my han'd-3. Request acooirdin^ly. Pro-Ann er- i at Manila, with chief jus- the northern Jboamdary line of tin Toitten and Crossfi©ld purchase. Th< grant as made in 1772, it is contended by the plaintiff, fixed as the northern boundary of this tract a line rumning westerly from a point ten miles north of Crown Point on Lake Champlain. In 1796 the State made a patent to Daniel M-cOormick and William Con- stable of land's since fenojwn as Ma- comb's purchaise, 'great tracts 1, 2 and 3, comprising the present tfountiee of St. Lawrence aad Franklin, and by tihe terms of tbis^ grant 'Che- south bounds df Maoomto's purchase were defined as Uhe nontiti bouni^s of the Tbtten and 'Crossfleld'a poorchase. Tihe cladim of the pladatiff is that these lands, having been TVIM and vacant, the 'bouniiarttee thef li ican native tt the $4,077.10 Uy Home wihioh apparently has some elements of cohesion and useiMness. Field movements outlined in any m Ob i y ssage ol October 26 will p.roihiaihdy be somewihatt interniipte'd by early return of votlpu-. teers. Tt is difficult to convince peo- ple, especially natives, tihat any of the volunteers ill b ld El i forr y y ill be rep-laced. Early in- f purpose of department in regard to the army legislation and the -prospect of the passage of an army I bill would greatly • strengthen my ad- i ministration here.\ ! I Aifiter a conference wi'th the Preisi- ' dentt, •Seoretary Rooit ' -etary of tb \ the deter point at the litigation is li-natiom of tthe location of Plumbing-, Paid for 6 in Pi] ^Pense of c 1 l°o?nt Une t0 ° Water rights etc Pond :o right of v o.> aim ciUrvGys. Paid for 100Q ft. 2 in. nd 5S0 ft. 4 in. DiDe nd exrrense of lay- ng same on Cather- ne ana So. Platt , having been TVIM and the 'bouniiarttee thereof are , line coming west ftiotm a point ten miles north o(f Crown Poiut, as ttie magnetic oeedle pointed in 171J2-. Th« line M>m tlMs podnt was niot nm at the time the .patents were granted. MtchAeld contends that this line strikes the northeastern part of tShe 1\xtten and Gh^ossfleld ,p/urch!ase, one and one- qua-rter'- mlieB south of tthe -present northerly .location, and gradiuaHy de- flects-to the south,, so that wihen it reacthes the northwest part of the tract it is more than two miles south of the present location. The Totten and CrassifieM purdhase was surveyed hy Alexander Campbell in -1.722, 'who began on tfee sonflhwest corner and ran a liae thence north- westerly to the present sicra,th,'wes.t corner of St. Lawrence county. He •then changed to an easterly coiuxse, and ran the line to wihiait is nofw the present sou/thuwest corner oif Fran M in county. Catmipbell, while making his .survey, was attended by a iparty of the Indian proprietors, Mdhawiks and S ih i l Navy, telling in sub- Senecas, wiho aim gave-a- release to ^ ™~~^y,r,~>~ r.-nm* ffi e paJteateeB. The swveyior's notes i•?;.'() i stance oif General MaoArthur's request . 39.J5 j for amthc-rity to deport insurgent • P[{Jj leaders. He added: '. \27.0 i \SwbssbantiaMy the sann'e plan as - -9-0 f • recommended by Gen. MacArthur toas by us. and ou;r eon- ^ . v , , been .. \.. 50co ! elusions approved by the President. |I ;\0 i it is now requested that definite in- 77; is!i\ i structions be issued by you to the TS • 0 [ naval officer in comimand 'Of the is- 1 J ; '?' I land c;f Guam to receive and care for '.'.'.'.'. 7.01 j such prisoners as may be sent to the ••••-,!„ 3 1 I'island by toe coiriimandiing general, ;^;-,^ division of the Philippine©.\ 7 7! iv s Assistant Secretary of the Navy I?- 1 '! I Kaekett cabled the necessary order to Admiral Remey and the prisoners were deported. In a later dispatch, explaining the deportation of Mabini, General Ma«Arthur said: \Mabini deported, a most active agi- say'thJat the Indians expressed them- selves as satisfied with th-e lines &s ran, and sugreed that the noritih btnind- ary line sthould be extemded in easterly course, as alreajdiy started, to the Hudson River. At the two hearings previously held the plaintiff has inbrodiuiced a great •mass, of dbcumentary evidence, dating back, s'ome of it, to the colonial period. Three witnesses ihave been examined—>Praf. William G. Ray- m'ond of Rensselaer Po'lyteohnic In- stitute, whio determined the imeridian of the souiih Jine of Litclhifleld Park as HOT inclosed; 'Bdtaw Harrison, consulting civil engineer of Jersey Giity, who testified as to the bearing of the magnetic needle in 1772 at the, 10-mile point in Westport TBaiy, and p pt y, ad -, sa M that a Hne run west by tha t bear- 1 i f t h dl Wld tik tfhf - %-\V tator, persistently and defiantly refu __ __ „ ^^ __ „_„ , .r9 : ojing .amnesty and imtaiintainlng corres-! ing o .f the needle wouW strike soioth of • -\..2 r ] pondence wrth insurgents in the field | DitehfieLd Park one amd one-half • Voo i while living in Manila, Luzon, under j m i\^ St and Charles W. -Bamce, his as- ( protection of the United Staltes: also j sistaM, of Jersey CTty, wiho cor«Jt>or- ... 1°. .70 ... T5 6i 7.' 2<\ '.'.'. 10 P0 •y '0 .-•0 j fnr fbe offensive statement in regard '§i' i to the recent n-roclam'ati'on enforcing '\5\! laws of war Fis deporftaition abso- 'gilu-teily essential.\ PRESIDENT SIGNS ARMY BILL. Senator Teller Wants Information on the Rice Episode in Manila. Washington, Feb. .2— The President signed the army bill shortly after \'o aoou today. { 7: ! I'h© Senate met at 11 o'clock. This aauce was given by Mr. iBacon, (Dem., Ga.,) that on 'Monsday next he would ated his chief's Tihe case wiill go : tx> the Couirt ot Ap- peals prdbalbly in any event, simce the value of -t)h« •-lands involved aggregate nearly a imillion of do'lliar®, In case the plaintiff is; susdcesss'ful the State will be the heaviiest singile loser, since large silices will l be (taken off town- ships 43 and 38 and tihe triangle north- of 38 aad the gore north idf 50. Sub- sequent to these grants, by various acts of 'the Legislaituire, the nonthern I boundary line of the T5titen and Crossfleld purohiase wias invade the south bonndaxy line of St. Lawrence, Franlclin and Oliation ooumties7 and the nonthern bounidiairy ldoes of Essex, Haimilton and Herkianer cbtunltaes. vTater rights pui ed from Rab and Ostrander ; Scribner Pond. 1S93 Purchased from I Vodra and Loui Bradford. Land: right of way. 13547.35 473.11 1200.00 6656.95 Be, .$4332,45 . 2335.00 2. 417.36 ipe lay and ing pora- Bluff Mai san: d 544.42 18666.25 .ylng 2530 1 So : relinda St ?rland ai ft. id Draper id making Paid for 4S31 ft. 12 in. main used on Broad Street $3262.11 paid for laying same 1400.00 Paid for Cementing servoir bottoms. Paid fnr Rebuilding a t Scribner * Pom 1S97 :.abor and Materi laying 436 ft 4 i and 6 J°h Ija t aye t ?»iid fQr nS °Pipe ree a: ]55iP e \se laying , 191 Total $157000.00 On Jan. 18th 1901. The foOOO.OO 6 per cent Bonds were paid which leaves the Bonded Indebtedness of the \Water Works\ at thia date January 31st 1901. In addition to the \Bonded Indebted- ness\ There is Out- standing a $5000.00 Note bearing 6 oer cent Intereat. Inter- est on which has been rseS. 1st Gfi Paid f< 12 in.) frc Paid J. O. Smith foi Fordham lands am Water nio-iitc Laying: pipe an Hydran- 7 ft. 4 in. setting 16 and Valves. Short EX - IT different Lands purchased from F. S. Baker. 125 acres on brook pur- chased from M. V. B. Pipe, Gat Special G: Labor lay purchased from B. Baker es. Lead, isting and ine 2S75 ft, Beekman. and Stetso-n Paid on New Stone D?m, Scribner Pond\ 1900 Paid on New Stone ~ Dam, Scribner Pond Paid for Wire Fence around Ponds (to finish)' Paid for Pipe and Cost of laying- same to T.ozier Works and Sa?Uy Ave. and^ Mar- garet Street. Total. 250.00 50.00 348.90 479.62 3695.64 2277.05 Report 1900 1 t FINANCIAL. of the Water Works ment \Tear 1900.\ Cash olMiand $5217.44 from Water ,„ ,. 5 , address the \Senate on the resolution Wilson ..& .Walls, of N*awYork, and \4 «o ! \hereitofore offered by him as to the | Badger & CantiweU of iMalane, appear \ \\ \ for tihe plaintiff, and Bell & Walit, of Glens Palls (for the defendant. The ... 2\0 ob I right of the Senate to oall for and in- ;;-\s oo i speot any .puiblic docuiment, paper or .7 60.00 j record on nie in any department of • • • ^-?2 | the govermment. : : A nu'mber of tolls wen 'bearings (have been art/tend* <by a 1.2' calemdar and passed, among them nuanjber of lawyers, wiho are taken fi\>m j watoMng Jfcs prtogreiss in the (interests i following: House 'MM to divide -OJO : ! Kentucky into two judicial districts; 3V0 I Senate bill to extend the time for the !ft' 5 I completion of a bridge across the M: c/f elients indirectly affected. OF COLDS ORIPPE. Tfhe greatestt danger from colds and 1900 Fan. 1st Interest paid on Bonds outstand- ing this date./ Jan 1st 1900 July 1st Bond \Poi kejmsle Savingfsj tion of a bridge across the Mis- , The greates danger from colds and iver; House bill granting to a la grippe is ttheir resulting in pneu- Bonds. o\ this date. Dec. f - ter power company the right to •/o ! cons-truiot and maintain wing dam, .0' ' canal and power section in the Missis- \ ••pipd river in Hancock county, I1U- o-:s; S'euate bill app-ropriaicaiig-$125,- • 24 50 ! 000 for a public buiilding at Hammond, • 2^no! Ind -; Senate Mil authorizing the con- .' ~3!O0 ; struction of a bridge \across Rock • «-^ ; river. Illinois; Senate bill extending ; 447o I co Sag.naw, Miich., the provisions of .' 2\>o ' idhe immediate transportation act. • ^^0 ! Mr - Teller Oil., Col.,) offered a reso- ; m 51 j hi'tion, w*hioh wemt over, calling on • n.i5 j the Secretary of War for in'form&tidn • ]IQJ I as to the deportation from Manila of ' 51>b G-eorge T. Rice, editor of tihe Daily • ^75 Bulletin at Manila, by order of the ; 5 00 ' o I military commander, and as to the monda. If reasonable care is used, however, and Chamberlain's Cgugh Remedy taken, all danger wall be avoided. Among the tens of thou- sands who ihave used this\ remedy; for these diseases we have yet .to learn of a single ca^e having resulted in pneu- monia, w*hioh shows conclusively that it is a certain preventive of tihat dan- gerous mfalady. It will cure a cold or an attack of la grippe ini less time than any otiher treatment, 'it is pleas- ant and safe to take. For sale by E. White -and Mrs. D. K. Gilbert; W. E. dough, West Ohazy. . 22 95 . 64 ' 0 .. 18 90 17 6 >ffense charged against hin Foraker, (Rep., 0.,) said he had received a cablegram from Governor AJlen, of Porto' Rioo, announcing tfhe adjournment otf the Legislature and brieliy reviewing its work. The Cablegram was reaid. The senator suggested that the principal part of it was that tihe Leg- islature had adjourned peaceably. The cablegram was referred to the I commvlttce on Pacific Islands and Por- • to Rico. It was a quarter to one vhen Mr. Frye was atole to get the jhip subsidy bill taken up. Then the floor was taken by Mr Turner (Dem., y (, proceeded to lecture Mr remark made hv him yes- off eat tha.t Mr. Turner's '• Wash..) ! Frye ! tf*r'av r to th I pnep-ch apaanst the hill ins t.hnt hp l v vl to teav so as to avoid bein* Berlin is to have an Italian expo- sition in the Zoological Gardens. There will be imitation streets of Naples^ Rome, Florence, Pompeii, Venice (with canals), etc. LA GRIPPE QUICKLY CURED. \In the winter of 1898 and 1899 I was fiaken down with a severe attack of wiha/t is called La Grippe,\ says F. •IJ. Herwett, a prominent druggist of Wittfleld,' 111. \The only medicine I 'used-was two bottles of Chaiflfberlain's Cough Remedy. -It-broke up the cold and stopped the couighing like magic, and I have never since been troubled wltih Grippe.\ Ohajmiberl'ain's Cough Remedy can always ibe deipended uip- on to break up a severe cold and ward off any tHireaitened attack oif ps monia. It is 'pleasant to take, too, which makes It the most desirable and one of tihe 'mca^ngqpiular preparations to in- lion bav- the I'ber- made a field _..lon, armty, why rtified Soutih Africa on De Wet? $27668.07 DISBURSEMENTS. Javings any N. nk\. Al- $3037.00 5000,00 62.50 1000.00 fiOOOO 3019.50 Vj\ U t \\\on eil bv \\ atef nae ol Main ui^'lvVn-nii • v '•» > L)o Tot Th e Tin IS!*. isir, isitt; ISO! ISJ1R 1S&9 1900. lit Iv in - Lit. loners rn\Sc>ril)iu>r n t d l\iit L r'est\ 4 U 1SSU9 Of re ha abu\ July JuFv July July Jnn. Juiv JTar'r Juiv Doc. 1 bee folio\ 1st. 1st. 1st. 1st'. 1st. \1st. ° o y por \d hy \Vater ' Mftln. fl Pond -° 5 S per Bonds n paid ued of $2000.00 3000 00 600 00 1st. $1600,00 31st. 1000 00 h 16th. 500finfl 1W0.00 OUTSTANDING BONDS 1001, Jan. 1st. bring - Interest i> :ier rent J5000.00 nnij Interest 5 per cent 1S000.00 rins Inrerest 1 ner cent 71000.00 rins Interest 3^i>er cent 63000.00 1 $198000.00 198Q00.ti« BONDS MATURE VIZ: r U52m<X> $167000.00 J. > O ! \Vater Commissioners, Attest Correct, ANDREW WILLIAMS Superintendent^ 1901 > ; T un 1st. There are W82 Patrons as - ' - spd for water, aside from which there- Hydrant pro* •• Bridse Street Battery Street ...7 Broad Streot Hnnkorhoff Street Bookman Street Bailey Avenue '•'—herinee Street So. l St c''aih Str e St et So et No et ... rlotte Sti v-uuch Street . Court.Street ... Street Cumberland Av Dock Street ... tnd Street Johnson Street \.7.77 i Street ... iviiii-uuiii Street McDonoush Street ^n^ reet •••• ii schooi'7;;.\; Peru \^Street\' Street Per Pin Pla e Street tt Street k Rd Plank Road 7777 '.'.'. Rugar Street River Street Riley Avenue \';andish Streets nith Street -ailly Avenue Williams Street Water Street Watrrhouse Street .. Total .109 Hydrants Rfcah, warm, healthy blood is given by Hotod's Saraaparffia and, thus wuighs, oolds and pneumonia are pre- vented. Ttake it nowr. held [ntere held t paid on Bonds ald on Kote CONSTRUCTION. THE MILITIA OfP THE STATES. An Organized Force ot 113,967 Offltoew and Men—10,43.2,043 Men Available. Washington, Feb. 5—OTie org Tuiliua of the various Spates, ing to the report of ^ Oorbto transmiiltied to g yes terday, agga-egiates 118,967 offieere and men, of wham 347 offioeirts aad 4,361 'men were In cavalry org&niaaJtkHiB, 348 oft'-icars and 6,619 men In artillery and 4,592 officers and 93,143 men la infantry. The total unarisbtoisHi araatt- able strength of the United; States Is eeitimated ait 10,432,043 men, af wh^eU the State of New York fu««tafc<* 800.- 000 mon. The organized nriM[Bfe of New York comprises 2,385 officers aad 14,194 men, of whom 6S0 officers aad 11,607 men were infantry; 24 offfc&ni and 35$ men cavalry, 65 officere and 1,025 men artillery; 11 officera and 184 men signal corps, and 45 offd-cera aad 196 men hospital corps. Fence to ound plete l 29.0i and Cost of lay- 3 to Lozier Works short extensions Sailly Avenue Margaret St. 1874.41 REPAIRS. tain; abor and jn Hydra Labor and Scribn Material Material :s. Material r Dam Material' $505.25 56.00 224.18 31.50 37.50 22.50 GENERAL EXPENSES. . WUTtams Supt. sal- 1900 $800.00 to fche British -him off to i itis hand [ HOW TO CUIRJE THE GRIP. Remain quietly at home and take v OhamiberMn's Cou@h Remedy as di- rected and a quick recovery is sure ko follow. That remedy counteracts any tendency of the grip to result in pneu- monia, wtokrtx is really the only seri- ous danger. Among the tens oif thott- sands who have used it for fhe grip not one case has ever been reported that did not recover. For sale by 2J, WMte an'd Mrs. D. K. GdJtoert; W. Bl Clomgh, West Ohazy. Dyspepsia Digests what yoa It artificially digests theiood Nature ia strengthentng w^. structing the exhausted digestive gans. It is the latest discovered <*' ant and tonic. No other pr^* can approach ifc in eflf '' stantly relieves and pe Dyspepsia, Indigo Flatulency So\ all other r< Price 5o-

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