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The Plattsburgh sentinel. (Plattsburgh, N.Y.) 1861-1902, July 17, 1885, Image 5

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NKWS OF T1IK WKKK. inar ) Iut (!hri«tu t )h.T Miinn, UR#MI 111 -li-d ut ludB|Kmd«!ii««, Mo. . Kundny. A doHpnic.h Hftj-H thut FOTIK A h 11 J«s MippoHfd rnurdcror o f Hiiij^ Loo, at ; linix- . N. Y , huH »ioon firroHtod ut liurling- ; Nino now OUHOH of Hinnllpox w«r« r.;- I ported ut Montreal Tuonday. Th..r.- »n- twenty three caHeH in tho boHpital. roBtmaHter-deneral YiltiH haH approval , the d.'Hign for the now Hp««Ul delivery if?, | Htiirnp authorized at tho lust ftmnum of Reviving' Sectionalism. A ^etitlcmiin wh o called on SH-T- U .ar r-fcutl y mi d e.i,<|uiP'd conr e THE LATESTjNEWS. The Latest War News ! Ann e t detect.iv. K'l\ h*vy arrive ! at. to j.rot. !1 properly wh A tire i n l'lm-nix, It. I , Monday, royed tho Hrig K R HOUHO an d stable and r building , canning ft IOHH of al.ont w City, Mich., *:t< 1,1)1)0. dli uitliriHitened Thre e me n were killed an d tw o others of North und South with e p p g. an 1 do for a. Tbo new Russian advance threaten* again imply a r>^- i to precipitate a war. Tho KuHHmnn aro hiKtory novin g o n Znlficar pass , which , like iHtitntii H f n 1. It fought tcna IM ai.dVi'niHhod tin Ilmrlo d iidly donii'H that, tho i that <uty othor th :»ard of honlth olJi- IH an y yello w fevoi onn CIIHO report' 'I hundnx l foet at Albany aftornoon b y of -Prof . Cliarlen Kendall A.lniim of Mioh- nn TiniverHity ha« boon oleoted an Pnni - l'Y,re«t firow Juive burned over a tract. j dent Whib'ti miccoHHor an prr-Hidonl of ten inileH by « v«s of cranberry bo g property , Cornell university b y n vote of 12 t o \-\. in Ne w .IfTHey. Th e IOMM will approxi- ' Tlie Mexican rh,tr</<• ,1'tijDi.i rrn in Lon- mit e *:>00,<)()<). | do n eHpeciail y deuie n th o trut h o f th o M™. Sn K <«, wif e o f tlie Jlon . Il.-nr y M. ! rmnur n tha t Mexic o doniroH t o nell Home o f Sn^ o o f Ithimw, an d founde r o f tlie S.if.'o col - he r norther n Ktaton t o tlie Unite d StaW-H. h r .. . Cornel l university , WIIH throw n fro m Mrn. EHU:11O Hunter , o f HitwUlc , N . H nilll , !: , S.iturdn y mi d kille d almos t in - I! . IHIH boo n arrowe d charge d wit h nhrx,t- »\ n ,,:\\ :ii»K I»IT lumban d o n th o nigh t o f Jun e l ^. r ,th, ];., k )i ( II H collier y fn I 1 ' -iinny Ivania , (!,,• firnt apiiearanco H indicatin g Kiiicide ,.,;„. 1 i n l-'ndiiy afternoo n whil e i n opera - i Th o Hlgnftl norvlc n obw>rvcr a t IVnsa - defe.Ue d it. too k u p ami ^ I conten t o n th e field of battle . Th e « th e complet e overthro w o f shiver y i ahvavH bee n f or t he S; m t Ii. Jus t im tlie Democrac y of th e Nort h refuse d I'enjdah, i« disputed territory, and should an engagement enmio the ehanccs of war would be greater than before, an the now Kngliah minister in pledged to a more vig. orous reflifltanoo to tbo Russian aggressions. Tho British claim commission -visits Herui A PERFECT BAKING POWDER To the Farmers! The undersigned has for Sale FARM IMPLEMENTS o t -vitation of tbo Afgha who appe the ,„• the lead of the their hold < of public opi sla\ to follow •Whig s lost •1 Mason and From that time o n the South stood altnoHt. solidly together, compelling the North to niiiUe a comp;i.'t fur the pre- servation of tho rnion . So completely did the .slave Mates control •ati( of a general u p : HIUV.TY) their >. 11 K Ci'.i in the the North ati\ i th nf, declaring it w - ),u y red men wore m tho mine ! cola ban been ordered to Washington for j In the proeedmg ye li r th all oHcapo.l through tho j rofuHing to accept a colored .urni-Unl. Th »uM l\y*?™™™! n \! l ! colored man remains in charge of the ofT'io. he duty of con K ress to the rights of the i'n the government of any 1 to give Mid, protection, nth, embold- inent Mormonn at Ogdon, j It 1« stated that Noah Porter, presiden und Morann Brown, havo | o f Yulo College, in Hiiperintending a roviw toHix montbHimpriHonmont |u.n of Webnter's Dictionary, wliich fo fine of f:iOO for unlawful ! gome time bas boon socretly in progroHfl nbor of profeHHorw an Hinting in the v«-Hton, Tex ng th.' hint M \.i of th e North , boldl y tho Afriran slave trade whopndeo f th, t l All .re u part of In )f instruction. ud .Icderson mailed those iilniniiuiity and ninful- ntH of the past. They Which Hhr, p e ha , by and tree limbH. CreHtr.n, Iowa, ]H al 1<UK, an.l it. i« inu»o«Hibl«t to carry the dead to th people are ,,an,c Htriok. unbuned Novernl d-iys. r.f J-idgo Lynch, ! llio.lH Ump.poHtHJ H for tlm Sout h Thoy teach tlm ' 1 for Hontho 1 b e full I Mont a ed with inll- > Sout) •i right., nty-five lodg.mof iriHurreetionary , Indnm,, under anon of Big H«»r, j ,, m WJirm ^ vo ,c , () f xhnw w ,, ( , lm( , ,,;„ UK towards tJie boundary lino of , H ] lip MV \ H yiiipiit»i.y with the South „ politi- .. Ihe y would be a disturbing j <MI milt if milierod to join our Indians. . NllU'H htut gonot o Indian Territory, ninetery. The j li e may bo able to prevent bloodshed, b. - Tlie doad Ho j ing well known to the Indians and having I cunhidciablo influence over them. | Smith, who told a Mood curdling j j <;. Do Wolf, formerly th Htor y <»f ob b j hicag o hmt week , ha s j oh. U of u bankin g Hr m i n Berlin , an d w h Htory <»f a robber y at < hicag o hmt week , ha s j oh. U o f u bankin g Hrm in Brlin , an d wh o confcHHed Dial nho nuido u p th e yarn , an d I forged lottorw of credit o n th e concer n an d \K. Hhe g,,ve sfrl,(l(t() of hor husbaud's .-.V to ),.>r lover, a gambler. A tire at Bidfait, Me , Kundny inorn- coiiimiiiMtf'd iuulivoryHtabl.-, extondo,! > Ho id H aladi'.i n to the All ing blochs. Tw o men and twenty horwn in the Mitblo wero burned to death The hop market at New York ,H very much depreswd. I'.n-w.iH say they havo nil they want und they predict a lower market. 1'rime qunlity can be had at 10 conti and even lower. The crop in Kurope is Riiid to proniine well The Htnuloy hmiMi, one ,,f the finest hotels hi HouthwoHt Harbor, Mt. Desert, I Mo , of a desperate battlo which took pluo WftH destroyed by tiro Friday, caused by a j on tbo 4th ut tho houdwatorn of the Konne ado u tour of this country UH a (ID .tint, WHH arrested at, Montreal Tin id will bo turned over to tlui Ame ithoritioH. Ho secured fl.HOO f n Philadelphia hauls. Tim World's exposition plant, build- ings und machinery ftt Now Orleans were Mold ut auction Monday for $175,000. I'r.Ridenl Modonin of tho Now Origins Kx- p-siti. World ompany KHJH tho purchase of the •xpimilloi) i>l«vut closes tho last loo[) hole of doubt to tho reopening of tho exposition. -I'nrtiruinrH liti e just reached Augusta, half burned cigar thrown out of the win- dow by a guont. Loss, 5*10,000; insurance policy having just, expired. - Chark.H A. Libby, the merchant who disappeared from Chicago noveral months ago and whose wife sulmt-ipieutly commit- ted Huioide, UM arrived m New York. Ho has been on a long spree and it i» Raid he al n wrook. It in wild he did not livo hnppily with IHH wife. -Mrs. Jtu.mB II. MeMullon of Portland wont to Old Orchard, Mr., on Bnturdny and took n Iieiuh truiu for Hay Vi< Eithe on the Boston and Maine or on tho lioaoh road sho drop pod a sutchol Containing .•tCJO.OOl) worth of jewelry und govern S.iorily after U ,ng >i heuvv uind over hitlio Minneto Minn AnmnllHru ds b,,ndH. othe bee river, in which abont 7-» r men were on- gaged. A party of Canadians, with wagons loaded with produce, liquor, tobacco, etc., wrned the line for the purpc, had trailing und obtaining work in harvesting, and were attacked by a gang of 12 river drivers who were celebrating. Revolvers, shotguns and (dubs woro freely used. At the end of tho row only one er-dri remained on his feet, while tho Frenchmen lost all their supplios. The tornado in Massachusetts on the '.Kb WIIH Hovero. In West Urookflold the wind stripped from a 10x10 warehouse its Mansard roof, and oarriod it over 200 feet Mraight upward, and then some uHterly, dropping It there with o'clock Sunday morn- Minneupolin, ! with ten por- | which slnitt.-rcd timbe eight inche In I'ittHikild lightning burned 101) telephone, b.wdoH injuring telegraph intitn nt.s. In Houlh t Tl ..-.I Kx Mayor \Uu<\, IUH wife an.l j H ' „,„ «oro among the unforlnnatoH. \ a l bouse wa« denlroy««d am) a lady ngod .IH inHtantly kille<l. At (>Hhko«h, Win., nado an.l water «|»oul did grout <lam I'hioo reginn nt»i of cavalry and Iho fourth uifuntry, muking a total foroo of nourly :»,000 men, have been ordered to proceed at once to the vicinity of Fort Kmio, Indian territory. Thin will make a forco of 1,000 in Indiiin territory. Sovoral tribe's of Indians arc mooting and evidently ul.lc A young man entered the Fourth national bank in Philadelphia Saturday and told the ch-rk in ohnrgo that a gentlo- inan wiHhed to HC<» him nt tho door. Tho clerk \vtin i^-oiie ,i moment to Hpeak to tho man in the buggy und when he returned $H00 HI CUHII WIIH mihhing und tho stranger had diHuppeurod — A tiro at Albany, Sunday night, de- stroyed Bureh's stableH with twonty-throo hormiK and a number of oarriugoH and Uray'H piano factory. Loss f t 00,000. During tho (Ire four of the most horoio and intrepid tlroiiiuii iu the city wero buried under a fulling wall of tho factory. Tbreo woro killed and tho other one seriously in- jured. One hundred and llfty carpenh paint.,™ and uphold™ am now at w liniuhniK tho nuw (lien house ut tho \HII- of Mount Washington on tho site of th hotel dohtroyed by lire hu,t full. It is i the guron Anno st\lr, provided with elevi tor, very elaborately furni.Mhed and will I open to Iho public .July'.!!i. Alltheulaj , linen nre now running onth , emit ;udo of age. Hundreds of IIOUSOH were wholly or purtly domolished, among tho number the expohiliou buildingH and Ht. I'aul'H and St. Peter'n (ihurohcH. Tw o portions wore killed and twenty hurt. The Mnhdi iHa K ain r«)>ortcd iload. - Tho ollioial report shows a total of .'JO.OOO cholera onsen in Spain since tho in- ception of the BCourgo up to the oommonoe- mont of this week, and a total of 13,000 ileutliH. The eelebration of tho buttle of the Hoyno ut Wutorford, Ireland, Hiinduy, led to bloodshed. Th e noldierH bayoneted to doalh ono of the citizens, while tho mob Hinushed tho windows of Iho barracks with stones. At a meeting of the Midland iron trade at Birmingham, Kng., on tho Uth, great depression was reported and failures uro increasing. Tho bulk of the iron works uro not paying expenses. Competition is severe and priiion are ruinous. A mysterious epidomio h»» broken out The protect that patriotic citizens have nude aguinst the api>ointuient of notori- >usly unrepentant HereHHumistH to phuen of rust in the federal government IH not <li- eetcd uguiiif,t. the men but, against tho utter M-r.tion.dism they represent When effersoii Diivin, on the 'A I nt of J.inuury, HC1, ,OH.' in biH sent in the f.emile of tl: 1 for aid and protection, Mormon Rising Imminent. Thero is groat apprehension at Salt Lake City over tho bvl feeling existing between Gentiles and Mormons. Tho situation has assumed graver proportions and has been greatly intensified by the insult offered by tho MormonH to our llig. The end is not yet, and serious trouble m-iy occur at hour on tiio slightest protex',. The ( very tiles and United St>ito H HOMI'T indignant. This Morning's News itiMiis. -Th e President the ldth appointed <i F. A. Kimhall to bo post-u-istor at Vor- gennos, \'t., aud Lym.in W. RtMiington a Rutland, Vt, Wednesday afternoon t #„ women wh wore examining HOIIIO rings mamiged t steal tw diftii: *M0, fro . Thoy f Illlle d St.ateH fr MiHsiHHippi the Htnfo of Secretary I. to announce that his state had seceded and that ho would retire with it, lie boastfully and bitterly declared that Mississippi \sur- renderH all tho benefits and deprives herself of the advantage^ severs all the ties of affection which havo hound hor to tho Tnion, und thus divesting bersolf of every benefit, taking upon herself every burden, she claims to bo exempt from any power to execute the laws of the United State with- in hor limits.\ The man who agreed with Jcli'ernon Davis in thii nt, who at the <-1O g expreHsion of Konti- h ddd of JelferHon J U the HO.I- te of the United KuteH, is to-day a cabinet fTicor of the government, HO far forgetful f tho pant that ho unbliiHbingly puts him- r If on public re<-or<l ml Himplo. - - Albany Hootionulmt p There was a bloody conflict between tho Htrikon* and tho police ut Cleveland on Wednesday afternoon. Two companies of troops havo arrived, but there IH no profl- peet of a settlement of the difllenltioH. THE NEW YORK MARKETS. liCTTKK The. market IH firm for line grades or Htock, with a good (lorrmrid from Hjx-culatorH, who are putting the goods In cold storage to await an ailvnnoe In prices. 'Die demand for Intorme- state, tung, choice now ifl^^iii Ktatxi, tuba, prtmo lfi3<(»iil HtaUi, tubs, medium w.^ih HtaU», tulM, onllnai-y l.'I^M CIIKKHK -The market IH active mid nnii for all elanacH of Htock, with moderate HupplloH. We Mtatefactory, choice KwH h Htato factory, good »7 KtUfuU r fair Houns, Marrow, choice 1 :..v<«i 5', IICUIIH, Medium, choice i ir>«4 .. . HeuriH, I'CM, choice, now 14(14... . He;uiH, While Kidney, choice 1 ISO<4 HejiiiM, Weil Kidney, choice 1 75 41 Kf) K<M;N The iniirkoMH firm for inline alook. vvllh stulc, choice, per do/. , i.v. th . untai A grout land idido oc<Mirred o n Cherry inunnliiiii netii th e .Ictteiiion depo t in th o Whit e Mountain*! at <, ,,-rlm k last i'rtday morning . A poin t know n at. Owl' s Head wan strippe d o f a dens e foroul tw o union lon g an d 1:. rods wide . Tli e ./.•,'»/•/* extolldod hull u mil e IK,in th e bufie of th o mountain , u.UHhiiig'i .. . u burn l>e|on K ing t o OHOUI Htaiile.v. klllmi Stanley ^ lr K H. th e h.av y nun , Tli.' >d breaking both o( ido W.IH CUUHO.I b y \r cold night \ Innleiid of ik when day IIII.II the chain fo e.l nt h ile ,:; l,.,,u into.me.I thai th e circular -b..\l not imponechtty on dommitle ..h.pp-.l In.,,, on e Ameri.nn p.., l «r lhi-,Mi K h Cuiiudu, by routed p.irt I nt i y id rr.|iurrd, f,f proper proof., thai American produc t Hhipmenbi I.v all i tr-utod an heretofore I in Lisbon an d i n various other parts of rt > f Portugal. Th o victiuiH ar e attacked with- Ii ou t warning an d di e withi n a few minute s of seizure. Tho disease is a mystery to tbo doctors, who an yet havo found no ef- fective method of combating it. < UIIIKUt. •Six no w CUKOH of Hinull po x wer e re- porte d i n Montrea l Monday . A chil d WUH notice d on e uftvrnoii l rt st week i n Montrea l bein g wheele d i n a perambulato r wit h I(H UC O covere d with Hinallpoi pustulcM It liTift been dlncovorod that a largo numbe r of bond s havn diotxppoarc.l from the governmen t vault s a t Ottawa. It in suppose d tho y wero fttolon b y employes , Higued und pu t i u circulation . HiHHUid liiel'ii coumiol will snbpon a Sir Joh n Macdonald.Si r David Mcl'horuon an d th e Hon . A. I\. Caron . Th o defc-nne will content th e constitutionalit y o f th e cnmiiia l court i n th(s Northwesl , an d if mi uiiluvorabl e verdict n. returned , the y will a]>p«-al t<> th e privy counsel . The recent cimtom s uei/.uro of over : |(i n (KKI worth .if paten t medicines , eo n ji.ign..d b y .1 C. Ayer A Co. , o f I,oN\(dl, ! M.iHH , t o tirms i n Montreal , Toronto, • Halifax uu d Hamilton , ban bee n i.untaine.1, mid b.-avy I1IM-H will bo impoHO<l oti th e ' good,! c.inllucutcl, probabl y lifty per cent. ! of th,, -, alue of th e K oo,|. ( . I The lurymiui for Kiel'ii trial havo been 'Melerlrd from amon g tlie whit e fiettleril alon K th e dumdu m I'.icillc railway . Half j bre. d s und <.lhfir iiympalhi/.orH of Kiel ar e 1 • icctin g becnllMO th e jury Will not b e xed. The trial will begi n o n th e 20l h t It in said a Haw ban boon foun d i n . indictmen t ugiunnt Kin) whic h ma y tilt in Lin uriuitta l « A. M.,..V'^ il )•. u.].. Ml ™ K £' ) * V ,-.. / 9 r. u'.'.'.'.K, (1 A. M. ti r. M. tl I*. M. SI A. U., .'! r. M. , tv r. M. , H 1\. M., . TO . ..Hi. ...IW HUNDAT « A. M....V0 12 U., HI 8 i\. M.,..S.l ftr.M.,...',» » r.M.,. . TinJUHDAY. 8 1\ M., '. '. ft F. M.,. . Dr.*.,. . est III K Imrrlblo itriU n ich Hcnirnln hanupon the nyHtmii uuiHt, hoar- ted, and the hlood IHIIKI, ho purlllod, or serious all/.tiiK olTectH, Mood's HarHapartlla Imn heen iid superior to any oMior preparation. It ex- y truce of Impurity from the hlood, and lif l vigor upo fti H l ody, e g p y bling H, lu entirely He You r Ow n l>(»<lur ! II won't, cost, von one-half an much. Do not, ilcliiy. Hend throe two-cent, HUiiirm tor pontage, and we will send you Dr. Kaurmunn'a groat work, line colored platen from life, on disease, its causes and home cure. Addreus, A. l\ ordway & Co., HoHtdll, MllHH. -»•»- tr cinK run CHOIUV-UHO Dr. 'riioinaa' Kcleo- l.rte oil accordliiK to dlrccttoiiH. It, IH the bcKt, rcmcd.> for all midden attacks or cold.s, pain and Inllammatlon, and for i/ni,ri,«. Local Notices. <•• ltOII|(l l «••• llAl M Z 1 '* ,llK.wll.M.. II.Mi.UHi.v.HKoi.lri.HiKWHCii.-o.i l.y \IVwi. ' VVnlla' •MloilKli oil ()<> .|>lnl »lln i of Dio llUddar. \y, llliuldor and tl i. ii.•»(!»,'li<-, II.MI,'»I K | , ii l'»ln l'lttBt^rn, lft.'. l,ltti t'ronifvor . Tappin'n jowolry store in Troy, raped. A demented woman creit-sd citement in the house of commons at Otta- wa on Wednesday evening. —Two boys named H.tgan of (HOIIH Falli while gatliering wintorgreenn in Sherm ui'i grove near that village Wednesday, found the skeleton of an infant in an old bag. The coroner is investigating. On WoduoHduy a Mr,, .lone* ,,f |{,,f. fulo, who with it party of U<1|<H wan ,tt Niagara Full^, becune di/zy while g.i/ing ut the rushing water, fell into the htruum and was carried over the American falls. As tho unfortunate lady went over tho rapids, one hand grasped her parasol, the other her hat, her body turned around, and wan then lost to Hight. —The Republicans of Virginia held a convention at Richmond on Wednesday and adopted a platform. JohnS. Wiw was linated for Governor on tho first ballot. Mr. Wise in accepting the nomination said that ho and his party wero going into tho light to win. —Late Monday night five murderers made their escape from tho jail at Ashville, N. C , by overpowering tho jailer and locking him in a cell. All tho prisoners had pistols, and a number of shots were fired. The prisoners OHcaped to tbe mountains. A pome of citizens and a company of state ips aro in pursuit. SUIMBOHS. ilala TransDortalion Go. STEAMER VERMONT, CAPTAIN <;K0. Ill'811l.OW. Will, until further notice, run »* follow?: I.cavcn I'laUahnrRti 7 o'clock A.M., Port Kent 7:118, Uii'llriKton 8:40, mtklntr n*u»l lsurtlngn, rf»ohn* fort TI<v>nd«m>K% 1'2:W \- M, tu«klnH dlr*ct oon- iD-iiiloti tlir«»u«h to fltrtuui, Troy, Albauy and New Vork, liolh via Latin UxorK<) «nd via Wblt«liall. U P ti.r.iltM. l«av«>« Fort Ti. on •.rriva) of train*, l:!10 i' M., makltitf way land'DffK. arrivn Hnrlinntoii r>:i0 v M.. I'm I K.u.l 6:ftfl, FIattibur K hfl:45 p M , makliiK r..n 1.1..1U011 wltn train for Montreal aud Orfileuii- STEAMER A. WILLIAMS, CAPTAIS K. J. BALDWJS, I,«avo» K«wi 7:;W A M . Uiirllngton 9:1(5, Pott PlutUbiujjii 11:16; r.-tion ,/ I. « vm Plmtuhiirih 'i:'M v. M , fort JankMiu <m BI. •• >• l'./it Kont U:4ft, Bur- llii H t.iii4:lfi, ftrrlvo K«a. x il:i.% p. « . Conii««tB at Oraud I«lo, North Island mid Hwmiloii. O&hiw^U U::i() A.M. , nrrive* Baldwin ]V::i0 P.M. : l>r~ Kr«lKhta LaudlM with .t..-i 1 Ht-li at low r*t>». P. W. BAUNEY, Gen. Hupt. Iturltiiflton, Juuo 3tt, 1HH6. 1MH BflStOI&LoWflllRlVLM STEAMER MAQUAM, CA 1'T. F. ./. 11A WLKY, llutll further notice will run an followe: I>,»v» I'lattRhurKh kt 7.(HI A. M., inukliiK Unriluga at iho IHUIHIB on RIK\»1 and tirrivli.K at MK^IKIQ at tf.llO, making i:iiijii(,(,lk)n« fur Doaton, Whlto Muun- tklna and I'urtlaiid. Loavo Ma.piain at •J.OU o'clock, tonohliiK at th« Islands on Bl«nal and arrtvtUK at I'ltttUburRh at 4 !)(), oouueoUiig with Delaware and Hudson trains north aud aouth. Hpwilal trip Saturday* for tho aocommodation of the Inland people. Tbe boat will limve Maquatn Hatur- (lnyn, al. 11 o'clock, arrivtiiK at I'lutUonrKti at 1.H0; retunmiK. leave Platt*bur(|h at 0 o'clock, arriving at North Uero mt 0.80. A. B. JBWKTT, Bunt. Ht. Johuibnry, June 36, 18H6, 1664 L. FAGAN & SON, Bakers and Confectioners WKPDINdU AND 1'AHTIKH Htirl'I.IKO WITH KVKHY HKOVIHITK AT SHOUT NOTK'K. ICE CREAM AND WATER ICES ('HOICK CONKFA'TIONKUY. At the City Bakery, Kant. Mlilo Cuurt'-limiHti Park. KIVKU si'UKICT. nilOI'ONAI. N IOU COAI, . Hoalcrl }>ro))OHaU for th^ »alo and dellvory of 1'iO Kroiia toua U«lawar<> h Hudson (lonl, will bo rn- oolvnd by tho MndmalKiiml and opouwlon Haturday, tho 1H11. day of July, 1HU0. Ooul to bo thoroughly Hrrnanod. Hl/.o (liato ami Hlovt>, lu proportion aa ro,iulrc<!. To ho dollvciwl »H <llr<-<'.U'd. In pronor- I l»nn an ro<iulrdd, in thn iilir.>r«iit 1»1IIM of I ho dUt'er- onl Mohool hoiiwH. In Fro.* Union H«iliool UUtrlot No. 1, vlllanoof PlattaburKh. Delivery to bti oom- lll t At 'JUili lKHfl The groat success of the Royal Baking Powder is due to tlie extreme care exercise I l.v the manufacturers to make it entirely pure, uniform in quality, and of the highest leaven- ing power. All the scientific knowledge, care, and skill attained by a twenty years' practical experience are con trilmted toward this and, and no pharmaceutical prepara- tion can be dispense*I with a greater accuracy, precision, and exactness. Every article used is absolutely pure. A number of chemists are employed to test the strength oi each ingredient, so that its exact power and effect in combination with its ro-ingredumts is definitely known. Nothing is trusted to chance, and no person is employed in the preparation of the materials who is not an expert in his particular branch of the business. As a, consequence, the Royal Baking Powder is of the highest grade of ex- cellence, always pure, wholesome, and uniform in o,uality. Each box is exactly like even- other, and will retain its powers and produce the same and the highest leavening effect in any climate, at uny time. The Government Chem- ists, after having analyzed all the principal brands in the market, in their reports placed the Royal Baking Powder at the head of the list for strength, purity, and wholesome- ness, and thousands of t.-sts all over the country have OF ALL KINDS. further demonstrated the fact ch.it its (qualities es are, in every respect, unrivaled. »TORT7\ Great Reduction Sale BY TREIYIBLAY & FISK. B KFORE TAKING INVENTORY, we offer the balance of our Summer Goods at actual Cost, and offer extraordinary Bargains in LADIES' MUSLIN UNDERWEAR! The balance of which we will close out at Fifty per oent. less than regular prices. Each garment is made on two thread machines, of good material, and latest style, and full line of sizes so that any person, large or small, can find a perfcot fit. KiT Call and examine the Special Bargains in each and every Department. Dr y GoodB.Carpets un d Oil Clotlis ! Hllk« an d Dross Goods ! Below we quote a few prices: Rich French riaWs, 44 Inches wide, at 50c., worth $1.00. Flno Wool Checks, &) inches wide, s»a, regular price 50c. ao pieces Satin Berber, all aliadee, from 50c. to $1.00. 15 \ Albatros Cloths, from 60c. up. :*) \ Double width cashmere, all colors, 22xc M \ Hroc de Cashmere, all colors, 15c. 50 \ Fine Serge, new shades, 7c, worth 15c. :«) \ Single width Cashmere, new shade, la^c. one case of Fancy Shirting at 6c. per yard. Hlack and Colored Cashmere, 25c., 30c., 47>^c., 62XC 75c. and $1.00. BUCK DRESS G003S AND VELVETS. I'vory known wear. In low priced medium and finest goods, Including Bannockburn, Quadrille, Trlrottne and Henrietta ( loitia. murk and <<ilorcd Sllkn, 75c, $1.00, $1.25, $1.60, $2.00—every yard guaranteed not to out. laivc assortment of Hosiery, Gloves, Fancy Trimming braid, Braded Lace, Esourtal and Oriental r.ac<-8, Etc. PRUTS AND GINGHAMS. 1 case Good Prluts, 5c. 1 case Ginghams, to. 1 case Figured Lnwus, r>L. % and HOUSEKEEPING GOODS. Good Hrown Cotton, 4c, 5c, Be, and 7o. HlnuohiMl Cotton, fe., 7c., He, and Ve. ftn dozen I'uro Linen Towels, 22x40, I2^c, worth 25c. 10 pieces Turkey Kod Damask, 25—warranted fast celor. Full Btock of Black aud Colored Cashmere Shawls. ivlU) the Ladies' attention to our beautiful stock of White Dre^ss CJoods, and White Ecru Robes, and Heady-made Whlto Aprons. - • Inlaundiled Hhl efts Half Hoae at 1: CARPE1S ANO OIL CLOTHS A new niul large assortment of Carpets In all grades—Ingrain carpet from 25c. up; Tapestry Brussols, (10c; Kngllsh Brussels, 75c. A complete assortment of Hytnrna and other Rugs at special prices. Aurent, for Madam McUoe'H Coronet Corset. Hospcctfully, TBEfflBLA ¥ & *'I»K. l <:iw:(iood Prints, K'. l t:aw; lfc'st, 1'rintB, «<;. l cfiHC Ii«'Ht Apron Checks, tie. Slippers, Slippers, Slippers! SLIPPERS, SLIPPERS, SLIPPERS 1 Slippers, Slippers, Slippers! A LL STYLES of Ladies', Misses' and Children's Slippers, ^\^ Kewport Button and Ties, Vassar Tiep, Etc., Etc. All Qualities and Prices from the Cheapest to the very Finest Goods Made! A LAKGK STOCK -HIST RECEIVED AT THE ROCK-BOTTOM BOOT AND SHOE STORE 68-MARaARET STREET--68 I OIBH* of '\HIS\ n unrrli of lli l'uui Md-iBiy 8ociKilt'N IW17W4HI- rtrv.-y K (li.ii)ra' In to , „ Tho woll-known \Porter J''«rm,\oii (luml)erUiK llrutt, amUliili 1|( 7ii IU-VVH of laud. It In situate nour H10 UUo RIIOI«»II<1 on tlio most diulitly portloi of Oumbi>rUiiil Heart. l'\ir further |i«rtluul«rH mi .|iitroof H. V. VILAH, IRISH rUlUljnr«h, N. Y Fire, Marine, Life and Accident INSURANCE! W. S. CUIBORD & CO., General Agents, - - 58 Margaret Street, l'LATTSBUKCJU, N. Y. HoiiroHonting compuuieB of oHtublinhed reputation, in every departmont of our basi- IIOHH, with rooordu of prompt und houomblo settloment of claims, wo teuder our ser- vio«)H, Imn kod by your« of oxporiouco, to the iusimug public, und Bolioit a fair share of itn putronivgc. I'opulur liin'H of (h-ean SUamfvx, iimluding tho Allan, the National, the Royal Mail «*. Moditorrnnoim A Now York, uro reproHouted at the Agency, where passage oertifloates to iin-l from all pointH in Europt\ and all reciuisite information may be secured. I)A KOTA LOAN *&• HECURITY CO., < liirU, Clark <o. , I>uUoiu, I- Irwt iVlort|fa|re 1.UO.UM. County and School Warrant*. HOIHIH and H<*ouritioH, bearing interest from (3 to 10 pot omit, ou'nalo ut thin Agoncy. W . H. UIIIHOHD - I.OUI?* IOLLETT . yy O H NA i, K i In the vUlnK^of Alton tho following properly: Ono iiitw (lilit Mill. Mill. C t! I I. !•: l ( V .—o r AM. OKHUUIPTIONC— Hoven Uw^llhiK Ilouio« wttti in ftcrei of It A o«refully •aleotad itooh, by xh« above property will be *okl ohe»p, i n M. V. UYtHh h OO.. givmi If miulroil. Apply to Uld tflwt I'ltUbU ~ ' 8. F. VILAB, PUtUburgb, N.Y. ^ II I t H A I. E : Hoyle and otber Yearling Balls, Prom Extra Milkers, 186:1 At UNDERWOOD FARM. Mowers ^ Reapers AMERICAN AND EAGLE HORSE RAKES, FORMERLY SOLD BY .JAMEW HAMMOND. Biland Hn \ and ^ilpin >ulkey Plows, MANOfACTUBED BY -JOHN DEERE, of Moline, HI. W. P. BANKER, *««•* PLATT8BTFBQH, N.T . .'PT l T.-I •H Burlington, Yt.. of thorou«h instruction so d i practical Buslneas lll ltlttt aud ClltPi cattou neoond to 110 other 01 paripoi €!••! Pb Tl f(.r i termit much below tho Bu-kiesn College, u with our t&tes ol »illl«ir< ta i lino i o n o« r ftp hi e l«> (f> U U Hoi <-pe if open da ilh M-ICH, wbo r, LJ'lIiiN in all bn ,, Ull V UtL 8 \ li * 1 \' aa ma^y tlmllar lostltutlon, ^e of any other flr«t- be neea by a oom- : tuitltion: '*e, Sinonifai) 909 time, 3 ETtontba, SMI iiy, frc )ru 8 A M. to 5 p. M.. April 1st.) Iroia 7 to »r.K.'. L|B f ret INDIVIDUAL IH- . Day student* tA- '. Send fur our new A N OFFKK! «i 1 s*-i'd «s a H't of •he n»me8 of thoce ^«lity likely 10 aitend a Bimincw College, will feud joujuur inaie Leatly written on • .. ii . EVAN* . Principal . TNTEKEKICVU TO FARUEKS t THE ELEOTHI0 HORSE HOE CULTIVATOR, THE BEST IS TBE WOBLD! It meet* 'with favor wherever In* tioauctd. 1? CRYSTAL SPRING HOUSE, BL0OMINODALE, H. Y. M. L. Baldwin, - Proprietor. This Hmne in undated In tli<« oontre of th« best fl«hiu« ai d hiiutiojj Krouudu tu ttie Adirondack*. It ha\ i'n Hunirtor ft>. t^i« Ue»Uh iiud ple*«ure M>fk- er. TaWfH are r^pl«-t» wito all me delicacies of the WMOC. TUIK Hou e will be kept open fur Bummer and wtnt-r Om-ktii, and in conpiete in all its »r- raugenifuis .NO pain* will he npared for thu oom- fort or couveiileuce of Gueeta. Terms lower than can be had for the name accommoilations in tlie Adiromiarks. 1568ir THAT ARE IM WANT OP A Mower and Reaper Will get a Bargain by calling aud seeing th* Dansville Mower and Royce Reaper, For Sale by WILL H THOMAS, STATE BOaD, 1968w3 PLATT8BUBOH. 40,000 lbs. of Wool! WILL RECEIVE WOOL ON SvTCBDAIS AT Bromley's Livery Stable FOR THE NEXT 30 DAYS. OommenciDg June 27, 1885. N. H. MOONEY. Pittsburgh, June 17, lbM. 1568w4 is ones is Hereby given m conrormiiy to toe order of tbe Clerk of Clinton county and tne provision of Title L, Cnap, 4, part 2, of the revised Nlcnols, creating a limited capital Btock wne—\ - ——-- which has been o . „. „ $4,000 In casn, the business to be conducted b a retail and wholesale grocery business \ other general merchandise. Place of business Pittsburgh, N. Y., terms 5 years from May ll , 1886, Julia K. Nichols and Boss Nichols being toe general partners, Emma C. Nichols special part- ner. Ross Nichols, Julia K. Nichols, Knr NlchoLs. ^ it! T H K INVENTO R O F TH E ffKW England Hand Wood Sawing Kaeoln* wlabe* •ome on* with ready ca*h would take hold with tbe proprietor and Increase the manufacture of the** machine* to supply tbe demand. Thli machine DM been improved in tbe laat year and 1B now got to perfection, and tbe proprietor challenge* the world to produce a baud-machiue that will compete with them aawlog log* or cord-wood. Thin machine la 11 iron. Direct Bor 23, KLl^ENBDBaH OENTBW, UM>I.U'riONUFPAKTNt:H8UIP . hereby glv D bat thn co-partuersblp iIIK nmJf<ri4iHti'<l, t under n & VKI HEY, I« this day dlssolvril by luunul COUBHUI I'm- bualneaa will b« •outluurtt l>y I. W. VKLHKT, by wtioiu all aooouou if tho old tirtu will be oollfcled aud all dtbta of ta» *me be p»xl. K. i. wrixtAMS , I. W. VELSEy. PUtHburgh, N . V.. July a, Ih83. 1663w3 STOPPED FREE •UrvtUrus lUCCtt WANTE0I5

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