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The Plattsburgh sentinel. (Plattsburgh, N.Y.) 1861-1902, July 05, 1866, Image 4

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THE PLATTSBURGII SENTINEL, THURSDAY, JULY 5, 1866. Legal Notices. N OTirK.— ll y Or-ie i ••>( »*.-r.-r N. rulm.-r , HmrojoN' (.•Mi...!.-r«, ]•:«'!.. In Mary Annls' Estate. Insurance- Croton Fire Insurance Company OF NEW YORK. AM, l*All> I\, I N (ASH. f M. Iw. IM/A'I'T, A <-n iiceurul Insurance Agency* FIRE-LIFE-ACCIDENTS. r\w\befuV*uVur2*o\'i^ ' \ V \' *' \ \ N V IjKH ' A<; K, :V ' 1 [' FO ! 1 , TIIK \ Estatdo f Lewi s Savago . j i\«\^;>'<- <-[< i >\™>\™ \'^'^''il^^'L N OTIC E Tlyordoro f IVfrH . Palmer, Hurr-.trttt\ I N A I ION A , I.I I-!• A N 1) I It. W KI.klt H Innuranc\ of Ollnton County . Noli.-.' Is li-r.il,y«lv.-n accoi ^ ! C ' j Ij^,'',\ ifuVcl\?\ 'i-^T, T> win'' MAVAQIi, ialeofClm/y , '•[''\'•'[\\l-mlclK .^^.r^ofVn'ih' n : ' SI * H I N ii VIK 1 , I> \ \\ ~ ™ «r Sf'Sl\^^^ : f^c & Marine Insurance ('ompany. SPRINGFIELD MASS., HnVpUM::::::::::::::.':::::.'::.''.'.'.'.'.'.'. W,\I\ } >H A*ncto,.In». 1, 1H«5 M1«,7H» :tnviN j GEORG E MOORE, Agont . £$;•:'&\\nch»m,^in™noi'h' l i : .^' 1 ijrp1.» ll d r »y 1 of: Fire & Marinolnsuranc e Agenc y Notomluir.iMO. Dato'l April M, IWirt. \ j ° J _ I j'lti N i >A - K ^ .-.''.'. _ .•_.\\\ \. .'\ t \ l< 'l ..] $.'{80,000. Stat e of Now York. ! Arctic, New York, 625,00 0 Xr<wic^*iB I HTuKiiV A ijiV V KMV' P i^inTv- I Columbia, Now York, 555,000 ^i?HH5S^^ i iTKTi<\-ncH l |lKIlK \^' l mn AT TIIK KAm ~ ) Ne w York Hlntr Th»OUt»tnndinBclrrt)lntlni. ' niilcn nf th e imM limik, mut t b.i nr««<'rtte<], n< i»fiip-mil<l, widil n >|i yni n li» m Die ( |»t<Oici<»of; nml nil noted wliir-h nlinll not. )>i< ]>fi-- •cntc d for i'uilniii|itlon anil payment within Ihr time thus fi/fjinO O. W . HCHUYI.EIl , Hup«ilntf>iiiti<nl. Nlirittn* Sale. \VrKlV TOH K ISI'FItKOTK COIIIT—f'l.rN- i>nd' ^\\m\\ ™ and* 1 c»i\!>r«:<V\ tf\\t'hV ix'lmv\*'«'ntTlV»\l ton, niiliVmt'n'or Now VwC'm'lli \ 1 It'll day \of AHK'HHI, A . 1). 1800, nl 10 nVIook In tin) forcnomi, tho followlnu r.-al e«Uto, to wit : All tlmt, trnrt or ij.'ircrl <.f laud itllu- nln in lti.< town ofPUtUlmn.'h , rull.d tl>« Viii-no lol.l.e - Intf tli<i hit or parcel of land lylnn on tin- umiUi *ld« of Ir.i'now'S'iiVl. with t\ light ty',*\ w'ntrr from lh\ /Xl RhorifTs .Sale. OXrWBRRWR COURT—COUNTY OK CT.TN- 0 'I'ON.-lOll/.nU-sth 1). Johimon, Hen tiny It. Bliorman, tin,I (looriio &f. Ho. kwith, n. Kxroutorn of Henry H. Johnson, di«)i)a«pd iiii-i Nallmnlol II. Alien, 1'lttV, ag,t. TrTmiMunn'eo and l?y'virtue of a lii.l«moiit of thn Hu- proin* Court of tho State of New York, mailo In thn a- hovo ontltlud action ut a H|>eclfil tni'in thereof hold ut tlio Oourt IIOUHO at Canton In tli« (-\aunty of Ht. Law- l.»wr«iion on tho third Tiiondwy (Dm 19th (J«y) of .Imio. 18(10, thu undomlnnud Htiorlir or thn County of Clinton, in tho flwto of New York, nruned In •ftl.ijuditinont, will uxiiutin for «alo nnd dell at, yubllr, n So3 Ul<1<w 1 rite lo't number «ixly right of a trnrt of land known »« tho Diiervlllu rati'iit in nald Oonnty, oxcuptlnu liter*. tKnlicorlhiK to*''«\l!l Vlfrviiy \nnd\hoiuid« 'by\ Honry' H. •Tolumoii and Natlinnlol II. Allim to Benor Young, of I'iattatmrKh, in ajild I'D inty,sald qunrlrr to bo excrpled Mortgago Sale. AS lfll IKN Iucn Did i>luht«mt!|<]nyofHepl.mior, A.l)!lHR7|fXcr!itu rf«y nY'ttephViUlt'i-'\^.\\ whh'h\ 1- Vl.'o \wh'ol'n amount chjlinod to be IIIKI niui iiuynltlii on nnt.l niortKsm' 1 . nftir^powoVo'r'Vn'lo' eoolnlmll h/ialil'' nimtK.? K e, 'nn'l tho anil'dayo'l July, !wVll,ut\ten o'il'uoii 111 U.u fore noun ° Tho «'akl pn>mUc» me doneilbnllti anld nn.rti;a«o ni. fll toinpany. BROOKLYN. N. Y. BTKI'IIKN CBOWKM;, I'n^idrnt. I:IM;AH W. CHOWUI.I. , vi( c VICHH. VlllLASDV.n KIIAW.Scc'y. 'IIHII < 'ii.pl tn l $500 000 00 iHfiiluHMiiM'l i l.lHdi. 22220 20 ANW I « W22-210 2' m. K. I'LATT, 4i)ltf Agont, PUttaburBh^H. Y- COMMERCL Insurance Company, Or ALBANY, N. Y. Millinery. TT AS JIST lfiri't IINFO FBO3I THE South New York and Boston Fashions of HATS, BONNETS, &C. > Oil IB II]III>I;I: STRi;r/r, ..r.^wel. i © | c 3S > y Btor. IM x|| §!! 'A i a i |^ Druggists. DRUGS AND MEDICINES. G.B.BALCH, . HucccHRor to T.DeFORRIS. IMIK CITIZENS OF PLATTSBVGH, AND Golden Mortar, Hea d of BRIDG E HTKKET , wher e U ey wil l find a FIRST CLASS DRUG STORE. Plattsl>ur«h, K, Y. April 18, 18C0. GCit f JAMES S. GALE, M, D,, Druggist and Apothecary, IllakcN Block, FlatUburgh, N. V., DKALEK IS DRl'GS, MEDICINES, CHEMICALS, EX- TRACTS, PAINTS, OILS. Zliv, White Lcatl, Hplrits Turpentine, HiMizine, Krro- ^ t ^^ __ , r Bric k Dus t Deposit , and nil J Fluid Millinery Goods. vln K |II«I n-hiniH from N»w York with nn 1 vHw.rtit,<.|.t.ofMIM,INKH,YGOOI)H, Orcater than Ever Before OLD CUSTOMERS AND NEW, hr.H<.vlnx the nuint porh'ot HfillHractlon will bo Rained htVtratlr7\'Vliiii| r v*/iiiih\e aii<i|aH*'loim\\MLi*I(:l(''ii' f 1 oti 0 ly will I... fnriihit.nl. ' IMrjtort,n«|n Ulrd'H new Mock, on Margaret Htrrct, P. K. DELANEY & CO. ( HELMBOLD'S BRIDGE STREET, Fluid Extract BUCHU (Opposite the Uuited States Hotel.) For Kon-RctcnUon or Incontinence of Urine, Irritation. PLATTSBUEGH, N. Y., W\\o\esa\e imd He tall. GROCERS, Commission MERCHANTS, Dealers in 1866. Xew ftooils and low Prices, «^ate1C. UCMM ! Morgan's Museum Bee Hive. Spring Goods just Opened. FOR WEAKNESSES ARISING FROM EXCESSES OU INDISCRETION. : t be aubralttod to Con Helmbold^s Dress Goods, Cottons, Hats, Caps, &c. Ihfio. V. Mtiinplirpy, V«HBchcrTcn Kyck, K. A. Dnnint, I'nfcrMontcatli, II. I). Hawkins, (•lina. H. AiIiunB, L. M. Palmer. DIRECTORS. Adftfn Van Alien, dims. U. Lananijr, John IT. RcynoMa, 'I'hno. V. Hnmplirpy, (1. I'. Williams, M. II. Read, JOSHC 0 . I'ottn, ;liilm!.I MoClui Thomas Schuylcr, John ({. White, Iftaac A. (\linpmaj James W.Kuton, ADAM VAN ALLEN, Prcit T- SCHUYLER, Vico Prest O A. VAN ALLEN.Secretary. M K PLATT, Agent, riattsburgh, NY- witf Life and Accidents! THE NATIONAL LIFE AND Travelers' Insurance Co. NKW YORK. CAPITAL, - - - - j - $500,000 I SSUKH MP K POMCIK S ON TIIK PI'IIK- . Iv inuliuil Tilim, nml INHUHKS AUMN'hT A(JC1- DKNTH KVKKY DiwcKii-noN . i\VAl(l > A . , t. MILLS He- ir K.NTZ,! 1 Painting. Pauil S T> T . (iAMHIEI t A SOJV HAVi : OI'KBI- <,|)i*i»'uc'thp (\on it IIOUHV\ \vli'en'.'th'ey 'w'm do'ldtii'llI'M 1 - puth all UiiiUoiwuifc In their lino. House, Sign aud Oarriago Painting, r^ANDSCAI'Ii AND OKNAMKXTAL, «1I>1>IN<», PAI'E H JIAINGINU, Ac , &.c, .lone loonier. Their oxperUm-i- iinal.l.•» tlu'in lo sr.y tlmt they ran ulv.i the hint of Biillnfm-tlon in :iny and nil New Paint Firm ! I CRAMER &. TAYLOR, 1 fAV K OI'KXKI) Till ; I'AINT-SIIOI' former- tlvft ' It Is'wl'li ki'inwiVtliiit Mi-Tij-lov\irt\.i l t l < ii'v \'f th NEW 'YOlt-K Accidental INSURANCE COMPANY, NO. Ml Uroiulun)', N.w Yoik. CASH CAPITAL, $250,000. Insures against Accidents of all Kinds. ni^riiA h Acrnmivrs IN«:I«T»I<: 'rni %tii 1.0r y.'tir «eeui.'« %,.•,,<><)(• In < vent of Dcatl,. »SO pi-r yciir MiTiin'H fcr.O \Vc-nkly Coiiipeiiialloii. mi $10,00 0 at D.villi. Smaller SUIIIB in Propoition, No Medical Examination Kequired. REASONS FOR Insuring against Accident* myhtesutyu^ Summer Fashions! SILK, J1Btlct(!co ' 1BllUni{of WQ0L SOFT FUR, STRAW, AND BOYS' HATS, Cloth, blazed, and Fancy Caps, <;flits' Fiirnishincc Cioods, Ilmhrcllas, Traveling Baps, Canes, &c, &c , at Cooley's Wat Stove, No. % Hrl«l«c Street, Plattftburgh, N. Y . April 1(1, ISflfl. _ yly The Old hsidical Hatter,\ A KTIiill M ANl'KAOTljlUNd AND HKLLINO 2 8YEARS Hats, ( aps, (.rnts Furnishing <<oods, Imbrellas, <Jaucs, Trunks, Trav- eling Ua?N, &c , &c , \o. 2, lUiiley's Block. B.r-K-l.ulrlnK.l.m,..,.,..,,,,!^ ^ c<)Oucy & r( ) riatlHl.Mi-nli, Mny 10, ISUfi. f,«S RECONSTRUCTION •yNew Store! New Goods! IVew Every Thing! EVAXS Si SIIATTKK NEWHAT&CAP STOltE IN BLAKE'S BLOCK, | Pluttslmrgh and vicinity that we have jnsl rc- 1 turned from Iioslon and Nuw York with the I largest, stork of HATS, CAPS, AND CiKNTS' | FUItNISIIING GOODS that was cvur brought at a' Northern New York, consisting of the All Patent Medicines of the Dav, . _ _ I >\ood, Coal, Cedar Posts, A Full AMOrtmcnt of Family Dye Color- I ' ' > My Rtoflk Unll new, an<l ha-, !,cen boupht for on mrPhysicians' Prescriptions Accurat Will pay the highest market price for all m kiuds of H.W.CADY&CO., A-potliecaries, Corner Bridge and Margaret Streets, FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC DRUGS, Medicines, Chemicals, Choice Perfume- ries, and Druggist's Fancy Goods. Produce. We have a large and well selected stock of Groceries and Provisions, Such as PORK, FLOUR, LARD, BUT- TER, CHEESE, &c. Teas. Of all descriptions. Sugars. Crushed, Granulutcd, Powdered and Brown. Syrups. Golden Extra lloude Syrups, &c. Molasses. Portorico, New Orleans, &c. Tobacco. Honey Dew, Pure Virginia Leaf, &c. Coffee. cv AUTIOLKH and I'EitFtKSf Kiev,among which will j old Gov't Java,—Ground and Unground. \HAIR BRUSHES, TOOTH BRUSHES, ! A large selection of CLOTH AND HAT BRUSHES, TOILET ARTICLES. Choice Wines and Liquors English Bottled Porter, or Brown Stout. l?vire alooliol, «fce. TrusHcn Abdomina l Supporters , an d Shoulder Hracc»,(i|>prov'd Puttorn?. Every POPULAH PATENT MEDICINE TOILET SOAPS, a fine Assortment. < IIAIHOIS SKINS, niKl cTisry arllcle u.ually fou Extract ia'thl^elZ^ciLiotlfc' 0 \' 1 ^» J « X - Dress Trimmings, Notions, &c, Helmbold's Fluul Extract IMPROVED EOSE WASH. Penny's Extract of the Egyptian Lotus, Phalon's Night Blooming tercus. JA«IVES ' ASSOHTE D I5XTRACT S lor llic Ilnn.llterchiof, nllof wljlch nvc flrnt clasn uoo.ln. lillcdi'it 8 th l (>\lowc'iit h r' 1 ti'\ Bani - ' ( ' I!i l w \' plomp y l'n-B'-rlpllono auiljKiimily Recipes dispenseJ by compe- SI\I>A V HOT K S from » tit 10 1-2 o'clock A. mi., an d i! 1-2 t o 4 o'clock P . IU. lMntlnlniruli, Mny Si.lSfil). fi71 Hardware. Fine Cutlery. I .^OH SALE A T ^ C. W oodeu W are. SPICES of all kinds. Fruits, Lemons, INixts. ORANGES in their season. Puvc CVAer \ me gar. Fish. Mackerel in barrel and half barrel. SALT by the Barrel and Sack. The stock consists of many articles too nu- merous to mention, and being purchased on the most advantageous terms will bo soid at this lowest cash prices. We would respectfully request an cxamina- I IStOiNj | j DEtASEV . P . K . DELAKEY. R\u\i i*™\. \iwa^simv of\* 1 *'\ 1141 *' FOU ! PluttBburgh, Jan. 1, 1805. 550 Paints, O ILS, PUTTY, &-<•., &,.-., FO R SAI-K AT REMOVAL. R. O. BARBER & SONS, it and dangerous diseases. XJSE Helmbold's F\wia In all cases oftho Urinary Organs, whether exintln maleor female, from whatever cause originating am matter of how loni? stancJlng. It Is pleaBant to tAete ordor, immoaiate in its action, and more strengthei th^n any of th» preparations of Bark or Iron. Physicians, Please Notice. Wo make no secret of tho ingredients JITTTlVfRm \n'H FLUID EXTRACT BUGHuT c?mp?»d \?»;S Cul)ebs and Junlpor Berries, selected with g'reat care and prepared in vncuo by H. T. HKLMBOLDt Draggistl am Chemlat, of sixteen years' experience in the Cfty of Philadelphia, and which is now preacribed by the most U n nlto<rStates t S Ann B ' and i^nUoin\!?\ 0 ' 110 UBe ' n th ° Btato HospltaU and public Sanitary InslltutionathrouVh\ BUCHU. (FroHI Dispensary of the United States.) Diosma Crenata. Buchu Leaves, PHOPERTIES.-Thcl r odor is strong, diffu MEDICAL PROPERTIE S AN D t/SES.-Buchu leaves arcccntly stimulant, with a peculiar tendency to thi; Urinary Organs, producing dttireala, and like other similar medicines, excitiny diaphoresis, when circura- Btauces favor this mode of action. m , . - „ \\\'. , j Tr/\VINC REMOVED TO THEIR NEW Tli« Famous Horse Nhoc Nails, j ii?/; 1 ^;!^^;* 1 ,; 1 ^^^^!;^\ 8 th E m Scales. V.TANt'IIKSTKll , I'LATKOIIM, AND C'OUN - ! J <'.l!!'<',. l l\|.!k\« l , l hy ' ' '' l \\ B ' \\•\' (J'.\A . COOK.' ' ri!iHHl 1 i,vnli,.JiiHunr y l,^,lsr.fl . ^ Hardware I Hardwarel o . . o o o it, AT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, A cholco variety of ofullkUias.coueiHtingof Teas, Sugars, Syrups, i>lolasscs, Coffee, Spices, Tobaccos, &c. PROVISIONS. JUST RECEIVED . Thankful for the past, he solicits a continua- tion of the patronage heretofore received, and assures his customers, -whether prices go up or down, they can buy Goods cheaper at Mor- gan's than any other place in town, (nationali- ,) and invites an examination of his stock and 'prices at his Museum Bee Hive. The stock consists in part of the most desi- ible styles of Dress GOODS, Plain, & Figured, Of superb quality and lateBt Btyles. Cobourgs and Alpaccas. A Beautiful Article White Alapaca, Prints in Abundance, Brown and Bleached Cottons, Plain and Fancy Flannels, OPEEA FLANNELS—CASSIMERES— BEOAD CLOTHS—DOE SKINS— SATTINETS—TWEEDS- CAMBRIC EDGINGS, GLOVES—HOSIERY, &c. &c. GEOOERIES, CEOOKERY, Wall and Window Paper, MUSLIF 8HADE8-HOODS-SONTAGS-NUBIAS- WORSTEDS AND YARN, ALL COLORS-HOOF SKIRTS, for old and young, low price—FLOOR AND TABLS OIL CLOTHS, most beanti- /ul patterns—Kerosene Lamps and Oil— And a general assortment of other goods as is always found at the MUSEUM. We solicit bat an examination of oui stock and prices to convince the most incrednlons that we are determined not to be undersold. All who are afflicted with short funds, orthoMwho Museum Bee Hive, Aud avail yourselves oi part of his stock, which h« bought at a low figure, and which he is bound to sell.— Quick sates and smallproHts is the motto of the esiao* Remember the MUSEUM BEE HIVE at the Old Stand. \VM. H. MORGAN. I'!attsbur K b,May3, 1866. Bt y rgns, er, Morbid ses of the of Urine, Foreign and American Iron & Steel, Pork, Flour, Lard, Smoked Ham, Shoulders and Beef, (own curing) Butter, Cheese, Et?gs, &c , &C, Heavy and Shelf Hardware, Mechanics' Tools, Ag'l Implements, Saddlery and Houso Finishings, iVivi*u\t\v aiuYMiU Saws, road, Zinc, Cutlery, Nails, Class, PuintM, Oils, COKIHKC, Powder, etc. j lUiiTsrni'Ct-st. Pliittsinirgh.N. Y. INDUCEMENTS. I TWLX For Sale. Piano for Nak. nts< Huti'.i i ( i I HftTS, CAPS, TRUNKS, VALISES, I>;ulifs' and Cents' Traveling Bags. j Also, a l:u\-(' assortment of LADIES' AND | ! (iKN'l'S 1 STRAW COODS, PAPER COL-j 1 I.AKS, (Tl'FS, A LEX ANDRE KIDS. LISLE THREAD, HIKICASTER DRIVING (.iLOVES. Ill furl EVERY THING (hat the public tfeiimilly need in our line. , <>('K STtH'K IS ALL NEW, und can he BFNJ. TILLEY & CO. STATIONERY Of Ever y Description , BLANK nnOKK, PAHt^ HOOKS, DIAJIIKH, TTCK MKMOHANDl'MS, KNVKl.Ol'Kt 1 , I.K(!AL ANH FOOLHCAT I'.M'KH, Bought und Sold. FISH. Salmon, Mackerel, Trout, White Fish, Herrings and Cod, In barrolB, >» barrels, hi barrels, and Kitl SALT. FRUITS. atlon. Tho romedv bus also beon and Dropsy. HrhnhaltVs Extract Bitchu ia used by porsonfl from tlio .i?m of 18 to '25, arid from 35 to 56, or In tho decline or IUUIKC of llfu ; «ftor C'oofluemcnt or Labor Puina ; Bod- ^ettiiig in children. 3-TDr. Keyser is a Physician of over ModieuVooilo^o'iu'ia o^the UalvoMlty of Medicine and burgery of i'hlladephla. MB. II. T. HKLIIDOLD : Dear Sir.-Jn rcsard to the question anked mo as to nml sold the article In various forma for thu past thirty years. I do not think there is any form or preparation o/it I have not used or known to bo used, lu tho various diseases where such medlcnto agont would be indicated. You arc aware, as well as myself, that it has been ex- tensively employed in the various diseases of the blad- dor and kidneys, and the reputation it lias acquired in my Judgment in warranted by tho facts. I have seen and used, as beforo stated, every iorra of JJuchit— the powdured leave*, tho simple decoction, tinc- paration of that plant at all equal to yours. T'weive yearn' experience ought, I think, to give^me the right to jndijo of its merits, and without prejudice; or partiality, I OnnB > °ci;or5lna; C toi t 1 ts 0 b < iiIk J*f I^id*\ other Buchu would out-do yours, but I hold to the doctrine that bulk and ^ d k ^^^^ id I value your Bucha for its effect on patients. I lia-s i theViladder'anTkidn'eyB 0 than I liavo'over seeu cure Raisins, Dried Currants, Dried Apple, See. \ pound'ofwhalov^rtamc\ T \^ proprlotor y co n :OTK A ri:u. BKOTTINO rAl'KK, DKAWING PAI'KR, VISITING CA1II1S, PLAYING CAUDS, ENVKI.OPKS, IMPK1>'S1().\ PAI'lill, KKAS1NG HUliRKU, 8TKKL PKNf, FAltKlt'S LEAD PKIU'ILS, TISSTK PAPKK, EKI) TAl'K, INK STAN11C, AliNDI.D'S 1^11, PKI.l.ilU.K INK, PUN HACKS, KCIIOOIiUKW.UU) CAHl>S,*c, Ac., &c. Se\uu>l Hooks. Wooden and Stone Ware. OILS—Kerosene, Linseed and Boiled. Klock comnloto , prlco* fair, an d ever y thin g all riirh I'iattBljurgh, Man-h S, lSU.l. So»i WHITEHALL\ Kcspectfully, yours &c. GEORGE H. KEYSER, M. D. 140 Wood Street, I'lttabuigh, Pa. mgufit 11, 1785. isk for Helmbold's Fluid Extract Buchn. E. & H. T. ANTHONY & CO., ufacturevs of Photographic Materials, 501 BB0ADWAY, It. Y. eos\opea\ aad Swrooscopio Views, VIEWS OS*THE\WA\al UC \'\ ll °* BullRnn, Dutcii Gap, Yorktown, Pontooa Trains. Oettysburgh, Hanover Junction. FairOalra, lookout Mountain, Eavaee Station, Chickahominy, Fredericksburgh, City Poiat. Fairfax, Nashville, Richmond, Petersburg, Peep Bottom, Bello Plain. Monitors. Chattanooga, Fort Morgan, Atlanta, * Charlestou, Mobil-, Florida. Strawberry Plains, &c. &c. Photographic Albums. Office at Whitehall, IV. Y. HELMBOLD'S DRUG AND CHEMICAL WAREHOUSE IT H ] No. C94 BROADWAY, NEW YORK, FOR THROUGH TICKETS, Via all Lines to all I'oints, l-.MjriKIC AT TU1C Union Ticket Office, In I'. <V M. It. It, I><-i>oi, 1 A A K I J! U I>R. STUI(KLAIVI)'N || 'Vr.i.LiFn-or s ||1 ! Timber Lands & Improved Lands, And Houses for Sale, Sold in this Vicinity i--t>it in i : r,AH T Fifteen Country Merchants aud Teachers j I'^^T^:::;::::-:::^^?^ 1 ^.^.! Helmbold's Medical Depot, Lowest Market Price. nv.i.il,- Book.i, CarilH, Prlmrrs , &«•., &.C. Suitable for Gifts for School Children. j Fancy Goods ** and Confectionery? CONSTANTLY ON HAND. Ihc pla John F. Wlnalow, John A. (irisw,.,, John II, Keo.l, Kilwtml Ik-och, \V. 'I', l-'ootc, V. \Y. Fnrnhnra, 1 SAFETY, PROMPTNESS & DESPATCH. I Fur Transportation apply to It. Clinpln.31 Coontl»n Slip, Now York ; ,J. L. Rhvnch- I nnl.ll.V, River dtrrvt, Tr,.v : V.. A. Martin, li. K. J> ; ivi«. WliholKill; V. \V. MY'KRH, ROUSL-'H Point: W. T. < Ko<.ti\ I'ort Ili-nry; .1. T. li. Kctchum, riattsburgh ; Snip l u Ne w York , Pie r No . O, Eas t Ri v ! No. 104 SOUTH TENTH ST., BELOW CHESTNUT, PIIIADELPHIA. Sold by Drugists Everywhere. BEWARE OF COUNTERFITS. 538yl ASK FOR HELMBOLD'S. TAKI> NO OTHER. B|ake , s New B|ock CONSTANTLY ON HAND. | ^^*Z^;^™^^™:°L AT H. W. CADY & CO\S voiv<! (Hivr.itaMi.-lnnrnt with thi'lr imirniiiiuH', thiit j ^u'u,'.'^\^\^' •uu/^'ii^utRlrkT^thtie'lLuuVhii^Uke'in'o ! Kxtract LOGWOOD, COCHINEAL., rPT T 1 I7A, 7 \ t» f^r\ \>L2 ' .k-livoru'ooil* at the »:iM)L-pwir>ts heretofore. The Com- ; BLU E VITRIOL , REDWOOD , TILLEY & CO.'S HLUE VITRIOL, REDWOOD ' ty r lG %l 11 I COPPERAS, . LOGWOOD, REEVES' AMBROSIA ALUM, FUSTIC, CREAM TARTAR, MADDKll, SOLUTION OF TIN, INDIGO, INDIGO COMPOUND, Madder Compound. The best Pain Alleviator. Ever offered to the Public. Cooper's Anti-Pain Tincture. npHI S TINCTURE HAS BEE N USED FOR. X the last ten years by Hnndreds of Thousand*, Buf- fering from tho various diseases for which It U raoom- mended, to the entiro satisfaction of all, \ CHOLIC, CHOLERA, AND CHOLERA WOR- BUS. VTe have never known this Tincture to fell to give re- lief in u very few minutes In cases where ffle directions havo been followed in the above diseases. 1 COLDS AND COUGHS. g p NEURALGIA, RHEUMATISM, HEAD-ACHE, TOOTH-ACHE, &C , arc cured almost as by magic by tho use of this inv»Ju*- FEVER AND AGUE. Do not fail to give tho Tincture a fair trUl In this loathsome disease, and you will flnd a permanent otira effuctod sooner than by the use of any other knows CORNS, CHILBLAINS, BURNS, FREE- ZES, *C . Bathe the parts afflicted with the Tincture.andH -wl immediately give relief, and in time effectually cure. ' Finally, use It for all the complaints for wtiich it Is ToToXslm'/the 0 BITE of POlSOITOUs\I*iocu\ar« cured invariably by the use of this Tincture. None (fcniilne except manufactured by the subscriber. Sold liy Merchants and Druggists every where. IfciT All orders promptly filled. This Tincture is manufactured in the Elliott Building corner Bridge and Peru Streets, by GEOEGE WASHER. Pittsburgh, March 1.1866. SSStf New Livery Stable. HE SUBSCRIBER WOULD ANNOUKCX .. to the citizens of riatt«buryh and tho •urroundlng-*' 'LIVERY STABLE Boarders Wanted. j ' KKKVl^' I A'linK(^l l A i ;ml l uko 1 !!oMhvv 1 'Vov^!!o\ L y • CirlCttSS Wai'G, X-jC OAWSON & MORRIS, (Camdcn, Kent Count}-, Delaware,) AKi'iitsfor thcHaleof rms, Dwellings, Mills and Stores, Compensatio n for our xcrvlcea (a pRid bv the seller. iK3-C\miiumii'Mlons pmmptl v nnswereel Adilrpus S.-.7 DAWBOtT & SIORUIS, Cuindcn, Pel . I Wood Eave Troughs. PO R SALE BY 1 '\Y. D. MOUG

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