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The Plattsburgh sentinel. (Plattsburgh, N.Y.) 1861-1902, June 14, 1866, Image 3

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Local and Miscellaneous AHIIIVU . AM> IlKI'AKTMlK OK MAILS. !, \V(IH in town on Monday. The Co- i; believe, goes to Montreal on Nntur- :i he THE PLATTSBURGII SENTINEL* THURSDAY, JUNE 14, 1866. end D . H., of Klkbur;;li, will hv 'Xt. , \ It in ftMonishing ho w (hn l bo y Hitid Ih r old liuly with :i MU;I>. r: JlrxC festival at tlie P r _^ I Cliurcli will be, luM on Wolncsdsu did you say, I.HMUC? tlmt the j of next week. • \ snid .Mrs. I'tirliinUi... it<3?~ Alfred (Jnibonl, who for the pa-t ,-h-y years IKIH been in tlio employ of lhiMwd l Winslow, has accepted n position in tlio ]'i -Hpr-cinl eting of tlio Town 11 A. M. an«l i KNI.AKUKD.--The Onlurto County Times. N. J. Mllikcn editor and proprietor, has Ixen . t. I urged iv column to u ]>»«'•, und otliTwi-w ini proved. In other re.MpeetH it rnmuin (!.<• H.UIIP, imoofthobes l rondiirli-d papers in the. nliiK-. LAUOE HAI.K OK K«»a.—Tim salo of eggs w< •.poke of two wookH ago will tako place at lh« }>UittBiiiirgli Depot, on Friday at 1 v. M. The amount is 4IWU dozens. Thin is just nbonl OIK dozen each to the entire population of Plaits burgh. Joir> Hit, We Praiidcnt Johimon, but ltiley Johnson, of OgdetiHburgJi, who undenitnjtdH li'm \biz.\- - Jle keeps the . lohnson Mouse, corner of Ford and Patterson Streets, linnrcHl the H. It. De- pot and Steamboat, Lnndinr. -Mr. Johnson, (we Hpcnk advisedly) is one. of the bcsl Hotel keepers in the North, lias a c.ood hmito, good . lublc, good rooniK, and nn ahi.n.laiKe of help. We liRY* always no!iced that lie in especially pleased to see gentlqincn from the A unable and HnrAimc country.' (Jive him a call and ihid out morn about it. NOUMAI. Sruoo...M. W e publish this week the law relative to the organization of State .Normal Schools. Doubtless it will be rend carefully by every one in this localily. School Commissioner Newell, of IXse^ Co., writes ou this subject to a friend in PhiltHhurgh, as Cot- lows : 'Th e Legislature of the past winter passed nn act to establish four new Normal Schools, to-be nituated in towns that will erect, mutable buildings and furnish Hit; necessary apparatus. It docs certainly Kcetn lo me that Platt.sbiirgh IH the place for one of them. It would be a great help to the town, as tin; Slate, supports the school niter it is started, and is to appro- priate $I'2,(MIO n yenr for this purpose 1 wish your town would speuk very soon and speak loudly, too, for one, of these schools. We need one in this section, and Pittsburg h seems lo be the most appropriate place for it.\ One genllemau in Pittsburg h offers lo give a suitable «ite for such nn institution. Others talk favorably. Whatever is done should un- doubtedly be. attended to without, delay.— Probably such another opportunity will not, present itself. A vory important point to take into consideration is that if Pittsburg h fails to accept this offer, the school will very likely be established at some other point so near as to draw largely from our patronge, while we bavin- it in our midst. M<.ai.l lield lust week, Henr y E. Uartmrd, Ksq., w,,., appointed Justine of th e Peace to fill the vacancy occasioned tiy tho death of his father, the late ClnirlcR Barnard', V,M\. O r Th<- Masonic l.odiM' of Platthbur^h Imvo ; jti.st. received from New York a very lino set • of chairs of the. Oriental patnrn, which will bo • nn ornament to their rooniM and a great addi- tion to llicir comfort and convenience. j r iT As tlic Sporting season is at hand, those < who pay especial attention to this subject .should I Htib.Mcribe for Wilke'n Spirit of Tho Timci, a.s UiiH i«t tlio only journal that nmkes sporting intelligence a Hpeciulty, giving full nnd detailed accounts of ull important mcca, gamen, Ac. furnished by I. Hoheicr, one door south of thc Cumberland House. Tho steins of tobacco leaven wld nt 4 cents per pound, and the whole leaf at 10 cents. Mr. Hcheier will furnish farmers tho proper information in regard to the AccorxTKD Kon.--The Clmruplain Journal given tho following account of the \heavy firing\ heard over the line about 10 miles from Champlnin, which created conRiderablo excitement in PUllsburgh as well an nearer the \Th nd pr eded from loading a boat, i lying in Ihe, river behind some build h\y», with ' dar posts. » it-frOn the morning of the lltliinst., Mr. Russell North, of Clin/.y, shot a large black bear near Clia/y village. His weight was near 100 pounds. We can hardly conceive what Bruin's object, could have been in coming out into such a thickly settled country unless it were to bike lessons in civilized life. He paid dearly for his venture, as his society was not deemed at all desirable. CKNTKIC IIOI:HK.--WO invite attention to tho Card of Mr. Potter, the proprietor of this House. Gentlemen going to that locality on business, or slopping thei Olmtcaugay right at the Centre Hoi only house in the plat vill find cry thing all Indeed, it is the vith all the proper oundings, and Mr. Potter will nee that nothing is wanting for the comfort or convenience of bis guests. itK A HOMKSTK.U.. Th e cheapest, and vestment ever offered to the public, ands languish and die, when a small in- nt in the Old Homestead Wild Cherry Th o Bille ld not, only have checked dis but saved Life, Grief and .Mourning. Hitters are doubly-distilled, strongly medic dru nd conluln poi redly upon Die liver, thc great, sea I hey not only cure, but. prevent dis They nil so generous - -our feelings all HO kindly - j that wo really wish wo ,;,«hl sympathize willi ! least, could pity them.' The lime lias been') when they were mighty perl, not unlYoqucnlly j unoourleously short, with Yankee traveller-! nt j their Holds and on their Railroads. j \Don't take greenbacks on thi* rond,\ says j tlie amiable conductor. | \Can't pay this bill wilh greenbacks,\ nays | the polite hotel keeper. ,! \Now you don't, say so,\ nays Jonathan. \ It appears tlmt the run on the Savings Hunks , lit. Montreal has put gold on the double i|i \Well Johnny, how do like- it V says the j inevitable Yankee. j \Oh for some; greenbacks lo ease this pain | in my olust,\ says the plethoric old gentleman. ' \Oh this sympathy for raiders,\ exclaim directors and stockholders. \Oh ho,\ says Jonathan. \Hy the way, now I think on't, could you jest us well as not pay me that couple of thousand to-day ? \ \Gold all gone; very sorry; can let you have half greenbacks, and half Vermont Htate.\ \Dew tall,\ nays Jonathan. \Wall hocin' it's you, I won't bo hard ; r,,l,,,r. it to gold so I cnu pay my hotel and railroad bills! \ And the imperturbable Yankee chuckled over the discomfiture of tho \loyal Canadians.\ \WAKM WKATHKK.--T1U! preparations In this village for the heated term were never HO am- ple as now. On any warm day a man at all excited ean get cooled off for the little trifle of ten cents. For ten cents an hour he can talk politics all day and keep perfectly cool, and if a breeze should spring up suddenly he would find himself laid out cold and rigid —yes, talk- ing politics. Hut he must know where' and how to do it. Firstly, II. W. duly & Co. have just, put. up n magnificent Soda Fountain that will furnish you any kind you please -lemon, sarsaparilla, ginger, pineapple, manilla, wlntergreen, or even cold colloe—all out of the same tank. - All they have to do is, to say ,,n-sh,, <•,,/„WW. uiium, aud you have it cool and foamy, iind you feel inclined to travel at once towards the equa- tor. Secondly, Tilley it Co. have also \establish- ed' 1 a Fountain wlio.se spray will remind you of a whiu- bear on an iceberg in tho Fn.wn cleanse the stomach, and purity tho blood.-- They remove blotches and pimples from the f.i.v. Tliev • •nr« SfrofnUj, VHolpclno nnrl oil »l<i:id Diseases, and arc a certain remedy for Dyspepsia, Jaundice, and Chronic Disirrho-a. Fi.r Coughs and Cold.s they are superior to any Cherry Pectoral. To persons of sedentary habitH, aixl those « bo feel a loss of strength, adapto,'. JThey increase, the nppetile and strengthen the body. Tr) nursing mothers and delicate females, and al that critical p National Bank of PlatUburgh. ft Ra n the San n Trotting Park 'lkk 1' M Strawberry Festival. The Mies ' Aid Society of South PlatMturgV, •will hold a Festival at the Church in that place, j hoping that all will bear this in mind and Hy order of Committee. TO CONSUMPTIVES. J. IV. COTTHIUL'S «\\X^ r T^Z!.ll!.^X^:2r- 1 New Jewelry Store, n..L..1 l-jinf... 11.1 + 1. „ ,.,i,-,.w. IKII. I r-. <!\....• '• . ,r\ nii. l ! 1\ . I t Now Advertisements. It. JOHNSON.—Johnson House. W. E. POT.-KI:. --Centre House. of d of M.cpr, on Friday, June 22d, 1K0I}, a 2 oVloc 1>. M., I HCIIFIFK —Fire Works, will include a Match of *200, between Jnd< j AMt , p. <; AI . K .-I)ru g S ami Median. Merrill's b. g. \Hurlington Chief,\ and H. ]_, RKMINCTON & So.v.-Revolvers, Kill, Muzzy'H b. s. \Yankee Roy;\ pay or play. l&c. II. W. STETSON.—lury Notice. I. P. HOAO.—Shaving Saloon. P. T. <ixvi-mw& So*.—New Paint Shop j ^^{^^^l^X^ZS 7 ^ ^ *'\' C °\ To TKACUKKS.—The ninth regular of the Essex County Teachers' Ass ciatio ill be held at Ke vill Thursday and Friday, June21st and 22d. The teaciiers of! Clinton County are cordially invited to be prcs- | ent and participate in the exercises. I \LMJOII AND in: FAT.\—As promised, Whit- I more & Clark played at Norton's Hall last i evening, find perform again this evening. All | will go of course, but plcn.se bear in mind that | we take uo responsibility for accidents or rc- Bults of any kind. Laugh, but each one must take care of himself. W. Dow.—Egg Sale, at the Depot. Cn.vur.Es E. DAT.—Musical Instruments. II. S. RANSOM.—Sale Adjourned. L. MYERS.—Assessor's Notice. MARRIAGES . ill be loticed that Wm. G. lirown is building a nev joining his re.si Him liis ]iroinises ad- . On Tuesday we attend- 1 rendered valuable asni.Ht- Uing their pumpkin pieH, &ic\ We can aJwaya be relied upon in such « .ergon AH soon as Mr. Hrown j^etH his shop finished )ff we have no doubt, be will receive a lnnjc imonnt of business from his old customers. HonnKRY IN- HKKKMANTOWN.—On Saturday iif,'ht last the house of Mr. Philip Farnsworth ,TIIH enlered by robbers and plundered of a Hianllty of pork, part of a tub of butter, n, new •ont, a cloak, anil numerous other articles. SPECIAL NOTICES. JOUYEN'S RID irLOVE! CLEANER. (Established 12 Years.) T)i# only ur><>]> nrliclc fur instantly cleaning KtJ (Jloveii-;'.5 ronU per bottle, riold everywhere. Whole- sail- hv Duumo Humes & Co. and F. C. Well* &. Co., ' WATCHES. Perfect nc SIUH.KS of llnu ({old. Warranted for time— will NKVKN ttinilHh. (i.-titH' size, Detached Lever, %t:> to $30. Indies' I,i-pliim, .*_».'». If you Wish to buy for ['IKS'! e .\ n }! 1 i>.* C o\ ( Fulton til., N°e\v Yo\r\ 111. H. H. fc (Jo.) MWyl Soldiers wlio onlinted In N«w Yu»k Keglments In 1801, droning un, Blviii!{ Company, Keyiinent, and dato ol KnlUtiiionl. Mlin3 .VU CiO-V I'., ilaiifliler of thu In Wo-jtnn, C.inn., on tho SOfli nit., Wi!lli\m«, Rev. ,JOIIN T X. MARVI L'ulut, and Mms MARY KEXX, of M^HUtmriih^M AICII I -c, N. J., r,nd Miss MAKV F E f li l r,nd Miss MA Esq., of llii- pl.i K-:v. J . of Koin CON, f Cthnin , C. W., and NEAN.of Sln;rlii«lon, U. E. ir M KM7&Ani nd Alisn 1IARM1NE BEAU- In thin vlllam), on tlic 8th inst , after a lon B illness JIMMI K CALDWELL , 8o n of w m H . ciidwoii, a-.W GKOKoVl'jlT^iKRALD.ngf'a l\t) yl-iirs. lUa n l9C \ 0 > In Mooern, on the 6th hist., MA ITbAN'D LOREX- ItiSiiranne, on tho 2d hint., WATSOX 1IAVNES, ,. P.UOWX A CO., Rmkcrs a 1 Col H of Mill Boarders Wanted. HTH E UNDERSIGNE D WO' D .VSSOVSCE A. that who is c rcniirt-l to ryelvo 13o:inlei» at thu latu JfcV-Tei-m» i ihi W '\ dt ' J \' u \ fcUxU. Th e ash value of the articles slolun is not less *7n Thr same night Mr. Joi >b\m\ of all hi.s pork, a rjiu •», 2 1'Hrk I'lsce.N. York. TII K MASON &. IIAMI.IN CABINE T OR - «ANS , forty dllVerent styl<H, ndnntcd to snored am] noriilnr muni'', for *S0 to #000 vnc.h. F1KTVONK J MAHOXA. KAMI.IN, HOSTON, or MABON 11KOTII- Kit.s, NKW YOIIK. r.r::iii riattdburgli, May 10, 18C0 Mi 9. C. D. A. SPUAOt.'E. One Door Nort h o f COOK'S HARDWARE STORE. Watclies, Clocks, Jewelry, Silver & Plated Ware, Fancy Goods, &c. HAI R JEWELR Y mnde, to order. SITWmehcs, Clocks and Jeivilry neatly repaired. 1'Uittnburgli, May 10, 1S0C. 5C8yl UNDERTAKER, lUnofacturer and Dealer in Cherry, Black Walnut, Pine, Butternut. And Cloth COFFINS, H AS JUST RECEIVED FROM BOSTON A Coffin Handles, Plates, Crosses, &c\. &c, K-ur before olTurod in this market, wlilch ho oiferd at sa-FunerulH r it ended with a New awl Beautiful Fiinernln 'will be\s\tVnded with the Hearg \ deeo'ra'ted sirlble Cr ° rt8 an< 1 P|UUK ' S ° r WUU ° U t UR ' m \\ may b e <i0 \ CARPENTER AND JOINER WORK, And «n sliort notice, by the moat experienced -KOTV- Shop on thenast side of the Square, In tlio bulldiug BisTAll Orders promptl y executed.-« l Hiituljuru'ti, May 17,18(W 060 BFNJ. TILLET & CO, STATIONERY Of Ever y Description, BLANK BOOKS, TASS BOOKS, DIARIES, TUCK MEMORANDUMS, ENVELOPES, LKQAL AND F00LSCA1' P^PEB, NOTS AND LETTKH PAPKJl. nLOTTING PAPEH, DKAWING PAPER, VISITING CAKDS, PLAT1N0 CARDS, ENVELOPES, IMPRK8S1ON PAPER, ERASING RUBREH, STEKL PENS, FABEK'3 LEAD PENCILS, TISSUE PAPER, RED TAPE, INK STANDH, ARNOLD'B ISC , DELLIBLE INK, PEN RACKS, SCHOOL REWARD CARDS, &c, *c , &o. SeUooV tabllsbmsiit the ac- Beekeepers, Attention! j. D. WILKINSON, Errors of Youth- _ t^^^:^^o^:TZ:iZ I !;:iiS^ifSS ; GUNSMITH, WHITESMITH, ^xarst I ana CXTI^R. by addreuHlng JOHN IJ. OGDEN, No. 13 Chamber! Bt., New York. ith tlic. premises. And we apjirclicnd the ! »<:nd fie- •ntlciiien thoroughly gentlemen nunied had not, taken the proper j f \ r ' ri!l11 prcenutions in having their tloorH and wii\' «»\\••\•« wlthlnu t TIIK L'UMMEHCIAI, COI.I.K(;E.—EvcrytliinR is in perfect running order in this iiiHtitulion. It Hliould be renienibercd that all who paid for a full coin-He, under Mr. Fnrnsworth's auspices, will he. permitted by Prof. Ailanm, the Prind- p«l of the Collie, lo tuplete thoir con Doubtless the old students will avail tlie >f tin: privilege, and we will \ int they will ;h instniction. There has been little noise made about this College of late, but it lias never presented facilities equal to the prcnent. Mr. Adums is a thorough and HVKlenuUic teaeher, and perfectly understands ''how to run a Commercial College.\ AV« Impehen.ny rncHve l!ii» Vicinity. Mrsir.w. IN,,TIUMI:.\T.H. --Charles K. Day, ion of the lute Edmund Duy, lias assumed the igeney for .). Ksly iV Co.'s celebrated Cottage LOVE AND MATRIMONY. t.a<llPin\ndK<;ntlciiion, ifyow wish to marry, uddress llm uii(kr«l[{niMl, wlio will HCIK! you, without money an<l o marry happily nnd upwdlly, ir Shop on River Street, Opposite Lafountain's Park House, NEVV^RRM- •p.cTn V r wealth P **' D f/ NE Y & CO ' ' SUCCESSORS TO Maui'you!'' \AM i WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCERS. Dealers in Provisions, 6 *m3 <ir ec n_lrl l ™»wi™™ York. I COIHHUSSIOUMcrclvaiUs, STRANGE BUTTRUEr I Aml DeaI 7 e <iL\7w Coal and Kv«.i-i-j-ounal.»1yan-lK.. n Mcm ! in In ihM:nlto.l Stales ; R , R p PctfllIl y , nviu . t n« attention of tho pubic to their „. ,„„],,,.. , I'liitUljiinjh PLATTWBURGII *' hhVH ° ^'^'>\;^> (:iIA1MAXi , j cigar Man ufact o r y. .Wil MU Ui-oiuhvny, New Yevr I ° V ! \f K I SCIIKIKIt BEOS TO KETl'HK V K. I. SCIIKIKIt BEOS TO KETl'HK jIkthl^ tli-r lh:m twenty | 1H , SU , W( , ) I\ I1 , O1 ) llinl . A « S : Ijfty-tlve him- , hit imtronn he lmu ulnei; islwnrthy ^enlleman, and w ve his <iiBlomc;rs the best of Wil, isfaction. \ y letter | (\ d skkiiL-xs will bo of | York, c .T Ksty *• f.»r moiv^fb f ye mi f mve steadily >ved Ilieir maiiufactunng facililicH, nolwilli- ndin;,' Ihe entire deHtmelion of the cstublish- •nt by fire in 1H17, and again in 1H(||, until •y are now finishing some two hundred iu- unirutH |.er month. They have employed I retained from the first Home of tlie first chiinicH and invenlorrt of the age, and have .he Turn of Life, Ihebe Uillers will i adopted and patented more, valuable improve- be 1'imnd ol inealfidabhr valn<'. J^ememlier mentH than any nlher <-HtuflHnliment In thejbind. n the K e. Old Hoi l Wild JKTIAN I.INIMKNT, ii Their if not superior to Cherry BilleiH, mumilitc lined by Dr. T. K uny others manufactured. Set; new advertisc- Slii.KerlaiKi A-, Co., New York City. Hold by ) ment on opposite pnge. J. S. Calr, I'lallbburgh, and by Druggies gen- j crally. Thl« inudk-lix- liiit 1,500,000 Domestic Cigars, 500,000 HAVANNA, most popular brandn, on hand, whith he I'r'i'j.sortuioi'i't of SilOKIXG A^ D CIIEW- - , jUKEUSCIIAl'iW BOWIES—All sires nnd all ' (1 \<:«iA« TIBKS- Fnni-y patterns, in great variety, • ' CMiAKTUnKS-i'lnin an.l llutfd. ' ' f^n.^^^H^rv ^-m^lunhcr'ttnd'Yio'™ \nouthplcic-!.\ \^ ' ! < K;AU CASKS EIIKI1I.II, Froiich, Urrinan, Tnr- . ; key mid Mo ..... ... ... I brut «tylc«, B. J. Weaver, Margaret Street, Plattsburgh, N. Y.. Wholesale aud Retail GROCER, TKAS~Ooloni», Bouclion«, Japan colored and uncol- jre<i, Orcen, Hygon, Youni.' Hyson, Imperial, Twankcy ally paid Now York City Brokori. r B N SlJ« i AMS.-Gru^li(!d, Gra.uilaied, PowdoreJ.Yellow, S YKi:PS~Gol(Jcn, Extra Golden, Sugar Ilouse and it.-wart'H 8ni«»r Iloune Drips. ' .1'ortorleo, New Orleans, Trinidad and TOBACCO—Pure Virginia Leaf in 10' V and 1 1b. Plut?s; Fine Cut Chewing of different brands; Honey D.w, Sta,, Kmplru and Short Cut Chewing and also in Foilnofall Hizes, and,V and % Grosi Doses suited to ^HHOKISG.—Extra, No. 1, Mild, and different brands of V COFFKJE--0M Government Java, Maracaibo, Illo and Hi. Domingo. Ground Coffees in bulk, papers, foil and cans. Brooms, Pails, Wooden and Wil- low Ware. nnoOMS-eiiuker, Carpet, Street, and Extra No. 1. 1'AIUi -Oe.l.r, V ik rnl B hed, and 2 .nd 3 (looped. WASH TUB. - Painted and unpainted. Wash Hoards, Mop Hticks, Butter Bowlg, Chopping Trnyn, Pounders, Butter Ijidlea, Butter Stamp B , Kolllng Pi its, (Jarring*. Matg, Neat Boies, Hpice Boxes, Hugur Boxes, Flour Puil«, bailed Boxes, Clothes Pins, Willow BASKETS—Clothe* Basketo, Markot covered «nd un- covered, Traveling, r'ruit, and various other kiuds. SIKV I- B-Of alt nUes Tor Flour and Heal SPICES—Ground and un^round-Veppor, Allspice, Mustard, Ginger, Mace, Nutmeg, Clovei, Ciunamon Casxia BuiU. Onyenno Popper. M l CITS—Oranges and Lemons in their neaBon, Turkish l-iunes, Dates, Uai»in», Znnlo CurnintB.FIgs. NUTS—Brazil, Filberts, English Wuluuts, Almouas, Peanuts and Plcuns. Pure Cider Vioegar. ALBANY MESS l'ORK-Constantly on hand. FISII--Mackerel in barrels, halve*, quarter*, and eighths, Ooort'iti Bank Cod, Hake, Salmon, Smoked Halibut, and Ilcrrlns. fli SAI/r--ln 5,10, 20, and 66 lb. Sacks; nlso course and \PLOTR-Always on hand Butter , Cheese, E^frs, Acc.,-And other kinds of Farm Produce, bouitlH and (.old. Frcxli Neivark Cement—Always on hand. Aaent for tho UN1VKK8AL CLOT11ES WUINGEU. PlatUburgh, May 31, 1866. 571 Latest Styles! LOWEST PRICES! Ti'.UMiNKit. These Courts weru opened at Ihe Court House in this village, on Tuesday hint, lion. A. Hockcn, presiding assisted at the Oy- er and Terminer l.y Jud-e 1'. S. Palmer and Justices A. W. IlonsingerandO. Hrewster. The following proccodings were had up to the adjournment on Friday : John Fallon agst. Kdwiu C. Tli»inaB~A«:- tion for damage, to horse, by collision in the highway.-' Verdict for 1'IIV. $150. Henry IMoof agst. I'etcr Comslock and others —action on note. Judgment for PUT., $:!()<.»,():>. Commissioners of Excise of Clinton comity agst. Alfred Morrill—Action for penally for breach of Excise Law. Judgment for Pills., J. C ITtibbcll fiKHt. J<Vnin:ia Slierbono iind utlturii- Aution of Kjcctiiit-nl. Yenliut for uf Altonii. Ac- fitfwt. John S. Ocean. Thirdly, and Hnl, li, with the Namo Fonn- latn that Charley DeFoiris h.vs so often made minister hi »»,• comfm-t, « ill, ilu.Migh all the sweltering days of July and Au-ust, \dis - pense\ tin: agreeable beverage for the public gooil And Fourthly, Kamsey, further along on \^Urgavc.t Street, will keep lc<^ Cream constant ly on hand after lo morrow, aud you can sud denly be trnnsformed inlo an icehouse nl a ve v lo Ihe of e e the Sodn If you feel inclini'd lo s a glass of Sodn, and yo aperlc-trhill . K-II folks\ ron,<. <.n a shopping i - them to Ihe Soda Fonnluin, Duft. A. V. HrnurtuKHt. Tlic Tov lion on Town Bond. 1*111\. n< Andrew Williams and otht Gould and others--Actiou ou Contract. Vcr- dift for I'HI. $'JiK)l>. M. (ifo. \ - I). II. J'nrsoiis niiM. Tin-I WnHhl.nin A M<i\v<n Wire Works Action on Contract. Judgment lor rill'. Thomas llclinn H K HI. JoHoph Hushnlow.— V(-nli<t for Pill', lor #:i'JH,:il. lVt.-r (ii'io a-Kl. lVU-r Troinbly. Verdict for I 1 111\ for *Mi,7'J.. The People iv-sl. FranciH Sliamp!ii K n-In. ] diclcd tor (Jrimd hareeny. 1'lcadcd not (hiitty. j Sentenced to Clinlon Prison for three years. | Thc People agiun.M. Jcreiumh Uuiron - In- dicted for IVtit J.itrceny. l'lcudcd guilty. Sentenced to Clinton Prison for two years.\ People » ( cst. John Hehlmw. Convicted of (inind fjirecny. I'liituli'd guilty. .Sentenced to Clinton Prison for ',! years. The Peoph' against Frank AMiotl- -Indicte<l for Hurjrlnry. J'leiuled guilty of Petit Larceny. Sentenced to Counly Jail for sixty days. The People against Jatne* Annul rung—ln- di.-led lor Larceny. Headed guilty. ' Sen teneed to House of Hofngo. i The Gnm.l .lury. K. McP. Day, Foreman, | found eleven indietniouts and were discharged on Thursday morning last. There were forty three c;i;r, „,„,„ the Civil Cal.-iulnr, only a lew of whirl,, us appears above, were, tried, although many were refer- red; but a Htill larger number not having b,,en t.d time .,C the Court, went, over to tho Ocio , Vv.vy lu WAR IN EIIK0PK ! .felt*. DUVI H I>oii1<-d Ittill . THE FENIANS GOINGr HOME. Itiitisl i McpKMlutioiiH. l'ri>]>o*lllon In Hn — K< i.lnn The latest deapatehcH from Europe represent that there Is little hope of peace being main- ..llUls. ]>,• To'ilas nili'iKlrd 4D aiHfi and lo«t 4, being j lwlj^lln t eiionnuus Biitrllicu lo inaku room In hU ca- i-.ilh'd In hml.it^lndoiiiiy «oo.l. | i.-| lt |.;' VvOnKS.—W e have nl»o made nrranso waicrrvrty Imlfliuiir for lw.> hourM, nnd ruli the alidi>- ! l\»i'lt\nu oVciiuton Countv wlth\T>'\r* < \vovk ! » 1 > ftiiii < 'wIli Hizcola miul.lc, every tun inliiutt-H. It in warranted ' Wo^haU eoliUnuu to niake' our ^tahliXmrn t tho ac I 1c hnui ln.i.rn.T 1..i.i.l .. .i.y ..».,,-» (..„ il,,. »...,..).. ..** i l TRANSFORMATION ! slighter\ ut the present day, and yet tkU ii an aye uf Miracles, K'<:<inn,iuhed with tho uld of iduiice. For example :- and Saloon Koopcrs K STANU-Onc M y IMPORTANT™ FEMALES K,-,, n.iv,«._on .™,,],, K , counsel asking bail for JelF. Davis. Judge : CHHISTADORCTS HAIR DYE, I Uunderwood refused bail O11 the ground of Manufactured by .1. ClIltlSTADORO, « Astor Ilousf, I want of authority, the accused being a prison- ]- NVwyurk . Sold by l)nigal.-t«. Applied by ui^liair ; in Albany from MnU.no on the evening of the ! A 1T1 ti K 1 b ii JN WAitn| Th c Oldest Regulator for FCDialCS. Kith. They were furnished transportation by Made ftt WALTHAM, MASS., .he government | w T1IK llE8T ! DR. CHEESEMAN'S FEMALE PILLS Three ear-loatl.s of returning Fenia.m parsed ! ,,,. made „„ the best ..rhu-ipio. n. ft,.™. ». eon,,-,- \; W^V ^^tfXSkZfS'ffiJ&X'Z WatertOWIl O11 th e Dill, an d a n extr a train wil h < «e.f ol SOI.tO I'l.ATKS. NO jar cnn Interfere with the ct,:ir S e, whether arisin- from relamtlon or bupprtw \ >flt« workhiif, and no suilden atlOfk van <l;uu- llicy act like a eliarm in removing Hie puina that made and llnUhe KOTHSCHILD & CO'S (Succt«gor» t« David Stern.) New York Dry Goods Store, AT THE OLD STAND OP DAVID STEBIV. AD entirely new stock of Goods ! LADIES IN PARTICULJP, and to antiouiioo that we slinll continue tho busliie** ao Hucc«w»ftilly ei-tahllahed by our predecessor, Mr. Buvtd HUTU, at lil« ol.l stand. We would onll especial attention of nil buyers o» Dry (loodK to oui- luryo and well seluJtod stock of entirely Black aud Colored Dress Silks All the rage in New York. Also a. complete asioitraont of tho latest vsrllttos of Spi'ingf £tnxl Snminei' Dress Goods, CmulHtiiifc' of TarU Mohairs, Monseline«, Grnnadeniei und llciiiian] Mozambiques, aluo English Mohair Llama Hauls, Valencia*, nnd all othor fashionable Drcse Goods. Our stock of DomeKlIc Prints, Sheetings nnd Shirtinit, Cloaking, Hlnck Casstmevcs, Jean* and I.iuens, Clo»k aixl Dross TrlnimliiB^, Hllltncry Goode, rsnkee Notion* ic , aurpaBBing every thing in stylo and cheupnora. Carpets* Oilcloth*, ^fat^ini!^ and .ill other House Furninhlnij (Jooda have been selected by tin with great caret'nd pur- chased at thu LOWEST AUCTTOM PIIICK. Special Notice. mr naftner* 1H constantly In Now York all DresB Good*, from llrst hands b\ tlie '.Ion and for c..»h down, ' \-- nt Hlllfaio. 1 hundred pie' iwed und | DR. CHEESEMAN'S FEMALE PILLS ^n« who hav '•llrDKNKs.*-\ OK TIIK CANADIANS.---A deep ! tluM \ l n \\>' ktll< l (l f °>\der. At ,. . .. . , , . , », . I ed \ancre* \l«pliiu» und \Engllnh Patent i,ever»,\ idi-nat.on wa s lelt on learning that the Unt - , U1 . p( . vf ,, t | v „.,„ awilr u o f tll 0 ,,;„ , o f th | 8 8 uto,nent. ih had crossed mil' line aud murdered a mini- j At the b.-ainnlmr of our enterpiUe, more tlmn 10 your* er of Foiiiuns. W e can only iret th e follow- ' »K\ it w.v» om-n,«t .i.ject to make a thoroughly «ood _ ,-,.,. [ l»w-])rtcfd wntch for Hie million, to inU the place of j \' ^ Iarls: ] Uie«ofoiTl(rii Imposition*—1ho icfiiBO of foreign (ficto- Thu investigation of th o Hlitish invasion of . vle«-whl.-U wore entirely uniuleaulo at home and nor- X ' ' ' - U - : — •• ! ->n»UHly pushed forward, fl .,, l y wort^le^ everv «.,..„.. far leave but little doubt ' n,, w w .-ll we imvo' Vermont \» bein il the di.m i: Knglish troops ea])tured and killed one n- more FcnlnuH on the, Huil of Ver Mrs. Eeeles, an Ameriean lady, and the wife >f the gentleman mood fro nhed llii« may I lic 1'ae.t, tlmt nftor BO many yiinm of public !nl,\v« now make MO UK THAN IIAI.F OF At.l, UK WATCI1KH BOI.O IN* TllK UNITED BTATKri, OHO house (Jen. Spear und that no others have ever K lven sm-li universal saltH- made his headtmtiriers, wa s nhot and killecron faction. While tui» .lepartnu-nt of our bu«ine»« i» con- Sunday lligllt, b y Olie of th e British guard j tlmu-.l with liiciun»e,) fucllltlcn for perfect work, wo stationed around 'th e building to capture an y | l h b Notice to Country Merchants. ^ .... .. ... .- - _. - offered to wholesalu hityera 1'UKliNANUY-MB result, MISUAKUIAOE. Suclt i* from the eountry, and they wi l perceive nt once tho the irresistible tendency uf ike medicine It, restore thc «reat »aviii|i of time and money by looking over our idue'tivc iwircr uf nature cuiuiul resist it. TtlKYCAX- i of our buainetia, und'managed hy our Mr. Chnrl.'i Uotln- DR. CHEESEMAN'S FEMALE PILLS ' —\'^'\' ^'' : ^ 0 1 ^ = *\\ ™™\^** t MAIUUKD AKU .SINUT.K • IMMK1)IATK \ami ' l'>R DONT iti: j)K HlltiCHiOrS to DftVl no Street, Xew Y. r Fenhu who might lie lurking in that v ity. \ ;<•'•>•_ nit: HUIlKil V, u uuy tliltii,' hlllu-rl.) made by om- mid necin lo H to have otu Th e truatnient of tin; piistmera on the through the Canadian towns is very rounh.-\- ' Buhl \\' \\ d '\\\'n\'\ Thuy were jeered an d taunted and ' in one in- l '\ > \' \'' \ l\\l>»^ «•<• vUim-o ono of them was very s<:verely maltreat - lmv \ <1< ' lU \ 1 lv n luU U ed by the mob. l v {ov lhlr i b ' iulo h \ ' . ^ , „ ' thu IH.M workmen In TIIK NKrvuAi.rrv LAWS. - A srric-s of nwolu- . ^'ZZ^ZM^ (ions was introduced in Congress on Jlonduy, ! \iHU-^M7.ILI'^I'CKSV'\.' t by Mr. Aneona, of I'ennsylvania, looluii^ to a ' I,..! «,-<h,.iicn K e «-.., repeal of our neutrality laws with (ireat Jkit- : w<.rU and the ilmmt I aiu, and declaring that our government is un- ^Xl'h«i° \ \\do\ der no moral or elhieal obligation to di.yplay \ u t r\\w\amr ,la, pvusit.'i- eonrtrsy or ma K nanimit,v toward thai. i>-rior. AH mir w.»i Tower, than it, showed for us when we were «•\ ,,,,.1 thin en-aged in th\ war with Rebellion. ' The sub- *'*,\• A')\)'!ON''''TI\/^^^.'\^'.-^'^.\\'.'.'^'!^! t-i jeet wa.H referruil lo the committee on federal ^Z^wLiinu-'J*' A \ ll( ' vs \ n 8 tu '\'\ g c \ ItOlUHXS & Al'PLETON, DB. CHEESEMANS FEMALE PJLLS!!! \\x'l'I.ic'lT *1)[l\EOTt()XH wil'ltVaeh B.>x'\t'he price, ___,, _-_ cimT)TrnrT A-KTTkJa A —gSi Dr. STEICKLAND'S RKMEDY f Pl I [> Illled It maeliinc perform ','!'„.. 'u'ineompa' ^ \ Hag cured thoimandi of the wont ca»e*ol Blind and Blecdin? i'lloi. H Klves (mmodlato rollef.and effects n perinikiient euro. Try It directly. by all DrugglntH lit 50 Cm. per bottle. S52yl j That Noble Animal, thellorse,\ [TILL B E HKTTE H EVER Y WA Y I F T I'ctl ocout*toiu\Uy ^ K}>ooiifut of ALDEN'S CONDITION POWDERS. and, with lenpoclable uroomiiifi, ulvi- a bright, glonsy np- rpiI E SIIiSCKIHK H TAKE S THI S OPPOR - ! Imiw emUh/ned e^perlmen?! 1.rV p renareVwUh 1 '} ho \ut 1 - 1 ti,,,ily to Diank T111^(.'IT1ZK\H UV J'f.ATTS- / most euro, from tho rery ho«l ninterliil, <m<l K UHraiileeil Bllifill and vleliill.v for I heir foiinei- liberal patron- I vastly superior lo any llilnu- knowii. Many Vermont aye, and .UHO lo announce that h« hftti now j (seutfemun, owin-rn online hoiws, buy them by the tUit- r||fi| | ITir O en, and (jive lliem Inilv. As a »om>e(iuence,\theii- hur- rACILITIE S ! »e« uri - »!»•«> « In L-oml condition and spirit,, and remark- ilff, &C. only of ('ICaUlU|?» S euovu iptlons o( Gcjith j rhly will Ve TH...!^! Vt. V.VADY * HIS , 1latt. Re - ! ^.'om^lolhvv. 1 '\ Country mTrchanU sv%pll\^ a^^mH-^l This I fol grauil IVnlui iliibV Mcetiu- u l-iatl.bur-h, M.iyjA. t«tly north of tho Ice House AXlUvEW AR^ ATI.T Sight Drafts O N ES(iLAND, IRELAND, 8COTLAM> ,i't I)H- F1KST NATION AN U.\.NK rLATTSBClJGH Head Quarters For thc supply of all the different kinds of SebOol Books now uaed ID Ctiuton and Edeex Counties. ^Country Merehants and Teachers Cm rely on being funilshed as heretofore »t tl)* Lowest Market Price. We bave constantly ou hand a goad (election of Juvenile Books, Cards, Prlmera, &c, <te SuitabU for Oifts/or School Childrttt. Fancy Goods and Confectionery. CONSTANTLY ON HAND. We hav« superior facilities for thc transaction of such a business, and trust that wa aba!I make It apponr self- evident to our patrons, and to a» vho bny* toretoforo favorud our csUblUbmeot with their patronage, tbat TILLEY & CO.'S |IB the place to continue to buy your suppHts. New Books Received as soon as PUBLISHED. Tlie £ Lumber Yard. THE SUBSCRIBERS AR E PREPARE D J- to announce that they have renewed th«tr stock of SKASONKD LUMBER, which i. stored on the ground* \ ' ' ' :, and wicb stock will be constantly replcn- my or all varletieii may at alt times bti had. hand. Urge snpply of -- the lat , ___ , Uhcd so that any or all varieties may at all times They ha- J ' Seasoned Canada Lumber, Of all descriptions nnd dimensions, with 1 1-4 Spruce Flooring, Dressed, Hatched and Jointed. Spruce Ceiling, Pine Ceiling, Clear and Common. Beveled Clapboards, Pine and Spruce. SHINGLES, LATH, CULL BOARDS, SCANTLING, WALL STRIPS, CEDAR POSTS AND PICKETS, HEMLOCK PUNK AND BOARDS. ID fact, overy thing for the builder's use. ' Planing and. Matching Done to Order. Plattsburgh, March 8,1808. •. BAKER A CO \Buy Me, and I'll do yon Good.\ DR. LANGLEY'S ROOT AND HERB BITTERS. Tbla medicine is, -without the possibility of a doubt the very liest remedy known for the following and alt kindrod diseases: Indiglstion, Coitiverut, Liver Com. plaint. Pile; Iltadaclle, Z>u«p«p*ia, Dixxineu, Scrqfuta, Salt IUteum. Languor, Laxintit, Debility, Jaundice, Flatulency, Foul Stomach, #c. By the timely use of this modlelno, the Wood Is pur»- flod. The appetite is restored. The system it strength- d. The fiver is invigorated. The breath is sweeten- Tbo eomplaxiou i» beautified. Aud the general RESTORED. The beat Roots, Herbs and Barks enter Into the com- position of this remedy, making it a simple nnd safe, as well as an unfailing cure for all diseases of th* blood. OEO. O. GOODWIX & Co., Bo»tou. Kor sale by all Druggists 563m* flod. ened, ed. T 1866. NORTHERN 1866, Transportation Company. rpHK ONJUY THROUGH DAILY LINK BE - X tween Ogdonsburgh, Ctiicago, und Inturmedtato Tort*. Only 0 Days thro', without Change of Boat, Thit well known -and Keltubte Company will, during tho present Season, run their Hue of First Class Upper Cabin Steamers Dally, between Ogdennburgb, Ojwego, Cleveland, To- 1«4«4 ltotroit, Ohicauo, Milwaukee, and Intermsdiato PASSKNGERSiwiFAMILIES moving West, can mbark with thoir JUareugc, Teams, Stoek, Ac., aod and together without disturbance or Transhipment, at their point of dosttoatiou, thus avoidinsf the great In- convenience of the muny change*, delays nn) expenses f other routes. KTThaso Steamers bave large (U » d S R l d tl fished , for d Cb i u, thus avoidinf e muny change*, delays nn routes. KTThaso Steamers bave lrg e (U » IKS and STATE ROOMS, amply and .icatly furnished, for ' F1HST CLASS PASSENGERS, and Second Cabins ith Cook Stoves and comfortable nccomodations for d Fill h i h t fih th i ho reputation of this, as the Cheapest and Best Rente! A thorough rebuilding, refitting, repairing and ratal- Dialling, with several new lionta added to the line,raak8S thin now the roost comfortable, pluasnnt, and expedi- tious route to tho GREAT WEST. tar Bo sure and aeo tho Agent of this Line beforo yon buy vonr TTiekets. BrtT 100 pounds Baggage Free, to each Passenger. DarBugguge Checked through to nil Fuint f)Qlce Ste K.\i). BOTLI, Ageut.'rlattsburg Ogdensburgh & Lake Champlain ^Km RAIL. ROAD. ^ 1866 (HAXGE OF TIME S UMMER ARRANGEMENT OommonciiHt Monday, May 21, 1866. FOUR TR Al .N S DAILY, (Sondnys Fxccptod.) lst-Boato n au d Ne w Yor k Exprc**. Leave Ogdensburgh at 6 SO a in. breakfast at Brotbli Mills, arrive »t Home's Point at 10.« a m, St. Atbrnw 12 m, to dine, Burlington 2.40 p tn, Troy »p in, in time for Nitfht Express onTHudson fover for New York, or ETO- nlni; Steamers for New York ; White Klver Junction 4 p m, Concord 7.4S p m, and Boston 10.30 p in. 2d-Throng h Mall . Leaves Oudensburgh tl.30 a m, dino at Brush's Mills, arrive at Rouse'a Point bAO p in, conueotiinj with Ver- mont Central Trains for St. Albans 7 p m, snppor White Klver Junction 1 a m, Concord 6.0 a m, N'nHhua «.(S a. in, Lowell 7.ao a m, Boston 8.30 a m, Bellows F»ll» 34* a m, Hprlnutteld 0.30 a m, New Uaven 0 40 a m, New York 12.45 p m, Worce«ter 9.15 a m, Burllnirtou 10 p m, Rutland 1 a in, Bo»ton 8.S0 a m, Troy 6.20 a m, New York 12.30 p m. Tills train Alto connect, at Kouso't Point with Ij\k«Chamj)l»in BtcAmcrs, arriving nt Bur- lin^ton in tlmu for tho nljrlit tisain on the Rutland and nnvllngton Hoafl, reaehtntf FltchtiurBb 0.40 a m, BoHon 8.30 a in, AVorcestor 0.15 a in, Ticoudcrogft, Wbitehitl, SamtoKa, Troy, Albany and New York. 3d-Accommodatio n Tralu , wit h Sleeping Car attacked . Ijiares Osfdensburgh at 8.30 p in, on arrival of Grand Trunk Train, arriving »t Uouso-'a Point at 4.90 a ra,,con- necting with Vermont Central H. R. Train for Burling- ton, Montpcllcr, Concord and Boston, also nt Burling- ton with ltntland * Unrllnaton R. R. Trains for Troy, Albany and New^ York ; and Day^ Steamers on^l*k» anivl 4t>>-.TIlx*d Train , Aeeomodnllon lx.tT» Malone an d Rouse's Point . Leaves Malono 7.30 a m, Chateau guy 0.30 a ra, arrlr« at itoiiKo's 1'olnt 2 p m, 8t. Alhun* 3.50 p m, ruturnttg, IIMVCI Roimo's Poliit2.S5 p m, Chatoaugay 8.30 p u>, ar- rive «t Malono 0,15 p m. aarsi cpintf Car^ on all'Night Trninn. 1>. W. C. BROWN. 11AHVEY RICK, Asflstant Sup't. SuperlntentleiiU Malone, May 21,1868. 573 Espeeial Notice. SALMON In f y NICHOLS, L Plattsbunth, May 3,1868. Wanted, Salt« PlattsburiiB.Ott. 19,1965 I 191.-

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