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THE PLATTSBURGH SENTINEL, THURSDAY, MARCH 1, 1866. Rural Department. WM.H. BAlLKY, ««Mt«r. Grape Cajtare In the North. No branch of husbandry i» receiving moro attention yearly throughout tho Middle and Eastern 8t*M» than that of Grapo culture, and no other branch gives promise of so speedy or a more profitable return for the money and la- bor Invested. In Ohio, where the native grape wan first fonnd suitable, and was planted ex- t«oaiyety for whie, thousands of acres aro now under grape culture for this purpose, and the large investments yearly made in this direction show that It is becoming one of the staple pro- ducts of our landi It i» thought by many that gmpo culture )K rtj«tHcte<l to only a few particular sections of the country; to Kelley's Inland, and to tho Netitlon along tho southern rtioro of Lake Erie, Oh tho Ohio, or in West- ern New York. Hut this is an error which cvj cry one must neknowlodgo who nns noticed with what luxuriance and health the native vlnes,(the same from which our best varieties proceed,) nourish in aim**** •«w«»y ****** m the country wiWwttwK!-^ wrffiHgnt soil and fertility fW ttieito U> grow. We haVo failed to grow grape* at the North, not for wnnt of suit able soli nor advantageous aspects, nor for wil- lingness aor\ enterprise in tho matter, bat' for the reason that there was no variety known of sufficient (excellence that would thoroughly ripen beforfc the cntl of our short season. Tho Isabella would nearly do so, and perhaps out of one year in ton would ripen. But we have waited long and not In vain for earlter kinds, soch as wVs could an Bwcly depend upon la or- dinary seasons as on other fruits. We have now many elegant varieties combining all the good qualities which tniuce the grape BO profit- able In Franco and Germany, and ripening early ChOtigU to bo gathered and marketed be- fore tno early frosts. This much having been gauiodj the greatest drawback to Bucceesful grapo culture In the North is overcome, and it will not be many 1 years hence, if we may Ven- ture tho assertion, WJ*H vincyardi will be ox- tcnslvely planted in the valley of this lake, on the southern slope* of our mountains, and that It will be one of the most Important .bran- ches of our husbandry. There aro many shel- torcd nooks and advantttjeons aspects in tho Champlain valley, whore late grapes, arc known to ripen, and wo were told by a gentleman, an ardent cultivator of frulte, that on hU shelter- ed plaoe at Whitehall tho Catawbft Usually ri- pened. But the varieties produccoV within the last ten or twelve years aro not Only much bettor tlian that celebrated grapo, but from three to flvo weeks earlier; and from tho im- provement that tho past few years has made in this department, we may justly expect soon to have other new varieties, equaling in every re- spect tho foreign sorts, which in thia country arc not produced to «iy perfection, except un- der glass structures, and are known as exotics. There is much timidity to bo overcome, and people must not think, as has been too much tho case, that tho grape culture is clouded in mystery, nor that during the present age the prloes ate to be much influenced by our over- stocking the market. Our large cities use a largo quantity of the raw material, as well at wine and brandy, and the large amounts of tho latter ortlole made in tliU country, beside* that imported, have shown as yet ho influence up- on \the price of either. A few figtirea wWl show the largo profits of tho vineyard. Tho ufluut distance of planting vines is six feet aountat aatU way. This would take 1280 vtefls for one aero. The grape vines will not very much interfere with o crop of potatoes fur two years, and\ will receive benefit from tho hoeing and digging necessary to secure tho «rm>» Our, vbiea properly piuned' and ^ aged for four yearn, should yiehl six pounds average to the vine, making 7080 pounds of grapes to the acre. These sold at 10 cents per pound, (lost year the crop in Ohio sold *> 10'cents,) would give the nice aum'fit $780,- 00 per acre. But six ppunds of grapes to the vino is only about on© h«if of what uwvy bo expected in a year or two after, which gls'ea U8 a fine profit above tho most extravagant ex- pense of cultivation. There are persona who begin to see tho immense profits of vine cul- ture in this latitude, who aro moving in the matter . »ainl credit* <>« Allrod tho doiithern lino of rilling* Inndug Along «nld VlUInu!* Mllth lino twelve chnlnn i tyncvou llnfc«—thonco nouth olglit crinlni ond novrnty two link* to tho louth wont nornur of Thomas' In ml —tlirnco north «oTonty-twodcKrec(i cast thirteen chain* and forty link* to tho noutH wtmt corner of unld Wnt- »on'» tlvo ncro lol-tlicmee north flvo chain* •<> (tip plnoc of rreBlnnlng;.oO)iUlnliigol|(htolglitj-twoone hundredth* norca of IBIKI. ••And nlt«o nl! Hint other certnln ploco or pnrrel of land Rltunto In the town, county nnd iitate nroreimld, descri- bed M follow!: bolng twenty-eight pcroi. of hind tyln« In a »qonre form »» nearly it* m»y bo In tlie aouth wo t corner of olKlityMxncrBn being all of number ton In (Matthew Adgnto'n l'titunt lying in tlio town of Peru, \—'••-' • -Md twonty-oi((M-«Cfci wore »old by the Coinp- Protecting iMplements It is safe to state that more tools an* m* cbinery are used np by rust and exposure tr) tho weather, Wian by actual wear and tear of use. Very few tools arc thrown aside borausc thoy are wwti oat. Hurrowu arc frequently left with JJ10 tc m in the ground all winter, and many people think that becauso the teeth arc iron, they are not injured. But the scale of rust that sometimes forms on harrow-teeth de- stroys more iron during tho winter than is worn off by all 1 ho harrowing done In one yoar. The same is trttc of ptewn. Hr>w Dften do we nee good plows standing in the farrow all win- ter I Water not only nils tho cracks in the wood, but enters every joint, musinir the grain of the timber to expand and then shrink in dry weather, and at length rot, before the plow is win out, and tho formation of a scale of rust on tho iron whoro it comes In contact with tho HOIL, rapidly uses up the Iron parts, so that Im- plements, not protected, go to destruction -wUh, astonishing rapidity, whether made of wood or metal. If the surface Is w«H painted, water, will'still find its way Inln the joints, tcn- nons will decay, and tho wood about the mor- tifies will often rot in a few years. Wagon wlioelu that arc allowed to stand, in tho Btorm nnd sunshine, even when well painted, rust out faster iiiailjthcy wear out. Water Boaks Into tho Joints of Die follies and spoken and between the tints and wood, rusting tho iron and »lc- Btroytog the solidity of the structure. This is why Wagon tyre must be set so frequently.— More Iron will rust on sleigh shoes In one sea- son, when they rest on tho ground, even under shelter, than will wear oft\ while running all winter In a,snow track. The same is equally true of hoes, shovels, and many other tools.— On ft. farm properly furnished with cellars nnd nhods, of coiirno all Implements should IJO kept under cover at all seasons. They ought to bo oil 1 tlie ground, thu wood work, except tlio handles of tho tools, woll painted, and the iron work painted or protected by a simple tiii K of boilod linseed oik 8ALK OK VKUMONT JrmttNOKfl.-aco. Cnmp- bult of WeBtmiiiHter, of well kuown Mam- burgh, fame, recently sold fifteen Merino rams to K o to Auntralio. ThuH men are coming from Uie far-off parta of the world, from the distant islands of tlie wja, to tho valleys of Kew Eng- land, in Beard* of what van no where elso lits found in such perfection ns here—otir world- lenowncd improved American morinoee. Legal Ktdtic es. N 1 Benjamin F. Sevey's Estate. OTICK-—It y Ordut of I'alar B. Palmer, Hurrognte _. of Ollnton County. Notice In hereby Khun accord- Intfg to l(iw to all punon* having clnlms agaimt HKN- JAM1N P. 8KVKY, )atoofMooor(i,decoB»ed,thutthey »rc required to exhibit tho same with tho voucher* thereof to the Hubaurlbcrnt the ofHre of Frnnklln 1*. Allen, at On t rpvll| iv ln nnld town of Moocm, on or )>u- th» 2d dny of July, J888. Dfttffd I?oo»jmhor J8,1805. WKLKNO 8KVJEV, > Adminiitra- I8m8 K. V- ALLKN, \ lor* Joshua Moore's Estat*. N OTICR.—B y order of l'ctor B. Pftlfntr, Surrogate t,f Ollnton County. Notice IH hereby given nccnnl- IUK to Inw to all persons having claims nmilnst.TOHmt A MOURK, lato of Bohuylor J>U». docoaied, that they nrc rviiulrod to t'xhlblt the sam» with tho vonohcr* thcroul to thomibiorlberitt hlndvolling houfio, In the town of Hchuylcr FalU, Clinton CoDDty, N. Y.. on or before tho ; '6th doy of Mny, 1600. Dated Nov. 1, isor.. ' 41m8 O. O. H1'AUI,P1NO, Kxccutor. j Ph\[§iU* 8outhwlok's Estate. i N OTICE—B y ordor of Potor B. 1'almcr, Burrognto , of Clinton Connty. Notice Is hereby given nccord- ! Intfto law to all ueroom having claim* against P1III.K- TUS 8OUTHWI0K, lato of Jtooer» K N. Y., dcceanod, I that they are, ruqulrod to exhibit tho »roo with the j oucher* thereof to the «ubiorliter at «*• dWclllnR bonne . f Kbcn P. Southwlck, tn the wild town of Mooom, ot> or f tho 21«t dny of M*y, 1S08. Dutad Nov. 10, lSOfl. KLKCTA SOUTftWICK Adllttl& Insurance* Croton Fire feisurance Company O F NE W YORlC Capital #300,000 ALIi PAID IN, IN CASH. ^«Uf M.»f.VIiA.TT,A « J l*- Geenral Insurance Transportation- U. Plattslmrghlto W. ?f^ H ^^x7'H^T K K^ F 8^Y T ^e lllriHIUliGl' VUlllUnillV * VI AI w'» m v* •» v . * j • NATIONAL LIFE AND TRAVELERS' Ini Company of Now York City. I'luttoJmrRh, Feb. li, 1800. Fire & Marine Insurance Company, SPRINCFIELD MASS., Cnpital, - - - *2 OO '2S<? Sl 275708 Adolphu* Ntorln's E»t«t«. j N OTIOSl—- By Ord«r of Fetor 8. Polmer, Surrogate i of Clinton County. Notice I. hereby given nccor- ! dins to law to nil person* hnvintf eliilms against ADOL- j l'HUS MOKIN, lato of Chainpfnin, deceased, that they I are required lo exhibit the unmo with the vouchees | thereof lo th» iubtcrUieim at the itoro of William T. Crook, at OooporsvIIJo, In tho town of Champlnln, on or I b.foreths 13th day of April, 18B5. Dated September 20,1805. MOmO ir * n « if<»DT\T l Referee's 8ale. K COVRT, COtJNTV OF C1.INTON. Klfslnnd nH Admlnlstrntor ami Liny nd nH Admlnlstrntor, ami Liny Utrntrl.T, of tho grmdft, ehnttelx ! Uaber, deceased, I'lnlnUdK, ,, K »t. Asset*, Jnn'y 1, I8O5, . 080 70,7 GEORGE M00RE, Agent. riattsbumh, Jan. 1> 1865. Fire & Marinelnsurance Agency Lunar Inn. Co. N. Y. Capital and Surplus • 380,000. Arctic, Hew York, 025,000 Western Haas, Pittsfield, 256000 I NSUHIVCK PBRli'ICCTIfJD AT TH E FAIR - KHT ItATKH. dl A DAILY IilNE OF STAGES ~WlI.Ii B run i» above during tho clo»e of nuviwatSou. None but the best of CHAMPLAIN VALLEY Eye and Ear Infirmary. JPltttol, .IV. Y. ply tills deHcioney, ccive tho lAtest Approve^ ? .. . The undersigned lins opened an office Plntteburtjh, whore he may lie ctftfsftltei of tlic Organ* of Vision and Hearing, ar HucceRsfulo iH!e tlio afflicted to re- iment, nt reduced rnte«,— office in the village of quire m will ben n short notice asion - Offices, nt Cumberland House, United StntcB, Trombly's l.ivcry tftublc. L. TTIOMBI.Y, VlnttBturgh. A.T,AI>VKK,BnTlln(iU>r). Mr. CO-KBIN.tOrand I«lo. , January 8, I860. flaltf larly•Fy 1 Gr 1 l oAho Eytnnd^Ea ;, Will pUt 1 INFIRMARY, that shall r >llowin!i d»ta, that hn hag imllinrize himself with the i treating diseases, particu- . the \Uni- , . in d received Diplomat, frc .. . id I, ' verslty of New York,\and \Ayfott's Medical nnd Bur 1 gical institute, New ~ • •• '• • rk, nnd Ayiott s Medical nnd But w York,\ and availed himself of th< i f th t d f di for Mint pirpono duly nppolntcd, puwunnt <o n IIMHI judgment of forcelo.HroMi.lMlc m»d» •«<» ontond l.y tlio RujirwMj Oourt «n thL action on tlio «th dnr or Fr»>- rimry, 18M. Will oft the 24th dny of March, IBM, nt ten o'clock In tho forenoon of thnt tiny, nt tlio oflleo of Hew- itt & Wnlnoti, In Kooncvlllc, In *nl<l county, noil nt ]nib- He auction tho following doucrlbod real KMtaU: «ud prop- ortv vi e \All thntoorwln ploco or lot of lurid Mtuiue In tlic town oi AiiMfthlti, Clinton County, mid Htnto of New York, bounded »nM lows; Hcgtnninir at th th t U flv fdro lot owixuAy C M W wen tho l ounded »nM lows; gnninir at the north U flvo fidro lot owixuAy C. M. Watson on i of rilling'* Innd-runnlng thence went ! llth lino twelve chnlnn iuid el«h- li d ovrnty ^VLT\ 0 Woodstock, Vt., Blandard niciition.s rtA'i dnalli of u h«n, wltlch Would hav ''. nniMftl -llhd h H l , ld cBrBolilhad Bho Hvrd till Irollor f\r i r* of tc in tttu lown, county an<! sinic aioieKaui, unu uinunguiMt* eda«t)clnKp»rt nnd parcel of groat lot N«. ten In Ad- Kuto's Pnl«iit of two thousand one hundred nercx, lylnx In the north-west part of wtid lot numbtir trn, and IK bounded as follows: commencing at the north-west corner of lot number Un, rnnnlnj thence southerly on tho went lino of said lot number ten, about six rods to tho north-west cornor of wild In el mentioned twenty-eight ncrc* In lot number ten; thunco enntorly on thu north lino of said twenty-eight acres, •Ixty-soven rods to the north-oast cornor of saM t\»entT-olulit nero lot, thence south about eight rods to thu south line of said urcnt lot numbor ton; thenoo west on said south lino of said lot number ten slxty-sovcn rods to the pliieo of bealn- nlnu, eontalnlnu three acrus of land, be the enrno more or kss.\ l>alcd, Kebru*ry flth, MflO. W. C- WATBOM, tteferw. • niwiTT 4c WATOOS, Atlys. 65ftw7 Oolleotor's Notice. jorUhi uncial in (.<1 morohnndlM ll!c«nlly introdiircd the United Htntcs, and fonnd by pnid npprnli>ul to b« ttiidtrr ttio value of five hundred dollar*, rli : At PlatUburgh, Hue. 14, IBM, 1 kug »nd 8 glls. hl K h Also, at Burke, I>ec. S3,18M 1 novrol mnro, 1 single harness, 1 sulkey and 2 axes. Also, at House's l'»lnt, Doc. 2,1805, H lbs tobneco, 11%' lbn sujrar, Tic Ih* Cnnttle nnnp, 1 im« and .1 bx« matches. Al«^ al-Uuu»u'« iialul, I W '2, lRflft, 14 bush ciiionn, 0 \Ilio nt Molrn.'jun! SJ.'ieOO, 1 Kori>« harness nnd bug- ^AlJ^i U Molro, Jan. 2,1R00,1 krg 10 alt. high wlnon, 1 kotf 3tfsls Jnmacla spirits, 1 Jug 2), «ll»gln, 1 case ir> bottles Rotterdam «lti, 1 ence 16 Kottlos common\ uln, 1 1 oaso 12 battles Cognac brandy, 0 bottles 1 all whiskey. 1 ko>r4 gild port wlno, 3 bx* nnd V ars matches. Also, at Lawrence, Jun. a, 1800,1 bay mare wagon and Ahw.'at Port Oovlngton, Jan. 4,1880, 2 homo wngon nnd .el t double harm-**. Also.nt Malone, Aug. 1J, 1805,1 ease and IK bottles gin. Also, nt nurke, Dec. 15, 1885,1 «orrul homo, 1 gray hor.o.iwt.ioubl * immm , \ old double wagon, a lbs tun, It In* «ti(f«r and Hpooln cotton. AlfiOpBtBurko, Doe, 18,1804,1 horse, harness and old * Alioi at KnenWgh , p ? e . 23, 185&,. 1 ..coat, a Ibj. U». M AI«M»?ftoft0f•\ Jan. 4, IBM, I •»in»lo lumbw wngon, 1 horso, 1 old almjlo harness, '1 old buffnla rohon und 40 Ballon* high wine*. Aluo.al RwMord, Jnn.90, IBM, 2 kegs 1 gallon high Wlnc«, a bid bullalo robo». 1 whip, 1 lmy ranro, 1 »etl iltiKlo Rlcds, 1 hunu-st, blanket mid clrclnitlu. • • iH?*<«y. J«n. 10, 1800. 1 .liver plated single 1 old rod cutter. »t Wert Cheiy, Jan. a*, 18flfl, 1 sorrel marc nnd ° Al!*\i»t\p!nUsbnrgb, .TB gallon* high wines, 1 old tl gin and 1 suck popper. Alao, nt Mnlone, Oct. 29, lflflA, 20 gallons Iilgh wine*. Also, nt Mnlone, Oct. 20,1806,2 unioa 1 rnndy 12 bottlii A IHO, at M*{ont»°Oct. 90, 1805, 2 kogs, 13 gallons wh!» koy. Notlco Is therefore hereby given to nil person* clnlm Ing tho said goods? wnres ana mrrchnndiKe, to iippom nnd makeauch clnlm within ninety days from the dut( Dated nt Iho Custom House In rintt«Imr«li, In the District of Chtimplnin, this 22.1 <lnv of February, 18<W. 567w3 IJ1KAH* DUNN, Oollonlor. BFNJ. TILLEY & CO. STATIONERY Of Ever y DcucrJptton, BLANK BOOKS, 1>ABS HOOKS, DIAKIKH, TUCK MEMORANDUMS, KNVJCI.Ol'EH, LKGAJ, AND FOOLSCAP 1'AI'KU, NOTE AND LETTKK PAPKK. BLOTTING PAPKB, DRAWING PAl'EH, VISITING CARDS, PLAYING CAUDS, ENVJSLOrEB, IMPRESSION PATEU, KRA81NG RU11BEU, STKliL I'ENP, FABKlfB LKAD PKIICILB, TISSUE PAPER, UKD TAl'K, INK STANDS, AUNOLD'H J/«K. DKLLIBLK INK, PKN RACKS, SCHOOL RKWARD CARDS, &c, Ac, &c. School Books. Country Merchants and Teachers Can rely on being furnished as heretofore ut the Lowqt Market Price. We hnvo ronatnntly on hnnd n good seluctlon of Juvenile lionki, < nrrt., Prlnien, Ac, &c , Suitable for Gifts for School Children. Fancy Goods and Confectionery, CONSTANTLY ON HAND. Wo have superior fudlllles foTtKe*transact!on of tnri a builiiu»s, and tru.t Hint we HIIUII mnfto It nppear soil cvldoot to our imtrons, nnd to nil >vho have Veretofor< favoruU our o«t»bll«hmeiil with their palrouage, that TILLEY & CO.'S |. It the place to continue to buy your supplies. New Books Received as soon as PUBLISHED. ftrirRemomhorlhr ninrn: Tlie Old Stand for >oolip!fd by K. H. M UNKO & CO., Margaret Street. Platt-burgh.MaiU i»«6. 5fll==ei DYSPEPSIA. 9 Doctor I Du - STRICKLAND'S I stricu>a,uv, [ TONIC Is a concentrated prc- I lOniC , I with nntiacidR and cnrnilna- jt wi tivcH to strengthen the stomach • <rf \ '•\••HTaiid nervous ByHtPiit. It, is a forliilrt remedy for Dyspcpeift or Indigestion, Nt'rvonsnoBft, IJOM of Appetite, Acidity of tho Rtouiftrh, Flfttulonry Rtld Dchility. It Is not alcoholic, therefore particularly suited for Wcnk, NorvouH and Pyspeptlc. person*. For sale !>y all -Druggists every where at $1 per WINTER ARRANGEMENT. Mall Train-Goin g East . Lcnve 0 K donsbur K h at 11.30 A. M.; (dinp nt Brush's Mills,) pn«» Mooers Junction nt 6.06 P. M. con- n«ctln B at Kousi's Point with V. C. it. U., for Burling, ton, Rutland, Troy, Albany, Se n York, Boston, Spring flcld^Worccstcr via Lowell, Lawrence, Ac. Accommodation . Lanvc Ogdonsburuh 1U4.00 P. if., for Mnlone, (lodge,) lenvc Mnlone (or House's Point at 7.30 A. M. Goln « West . Leave Rousc'n Point at 7.15 A.M. pussing Moocrs J unction iM-~tttt\v\nif nt Ojrdcnfrtrargh nt 1 P. M., ncctlng with Grund Trnnk, Ottn-Wa dc Pr '\ \ iplo opportunities given for the study of dlscasei the \New York Eye nntl Ear Infirmary,'! and received t Diploma from the -'New York Opthalmic Hospital, 1 and forsoveral years h.ts given moch of his time to tbi treatment of directions of the Eye and Ear ; aud yet, du- ring the lust yenr, lias Improved the advantages offered tit Georgetown Oollctrc, and Government Jlospltuls, City of WftRhlnttton, nnd at Infirmaries, Civil Iforpilalt, find Institutions' of medical learning,, in the Cities of New York and Philadelphia, and at considerable ex- pense has furnished himself with approved instruments and works, o( homo and foreigns Surgcone. With Mirrors and Lent* HELMBOLD'S Fluid Extract BUCHU For Non-Retention or Incontinence of Urine, Irrita'ion Inflammation or Ulceration of the Bladder or KSdneV, Diseases of the Prostrate Gland, Stone in the Uladdcr Oalculos, Gravol df firick Dust Deposit, aiKlallDisonsea of tho Bladder, Kidneys, and Dropsical (Swellings. Helmbold's ¥lm4 Extract CHEROKEE PILLS The Constitution once affected w tequlres the aid of medicine to Btrc the ny«tcm, which Helmbold's Extra does. If no treatment be submitted Insanity etisuej, igtht HEALTH PRESERVER CERTAIN AND SAFE. # i« ifrmwoZ of Obstruction* lK<Z the. T f Rlit i i: H\ f t uction* lK<Z the. Tnm e Hecnrre\e of t'te Periods. » Helmbold's Fluid'Extract B13CHV5 ^ fill M.-nsi INO, IK-TUli * Eye LIDS , y performed. Pntlunts will be informed In all Incurable cases, a saved needless expense. llagneto-iilectriclty, will its profound curative pc [•rs, generally applied. One writer gnye of it: \There 'no nervine or tonic,or recuperative, or preservative •-•\•^1\ a '' o the J ,rope r - » n tho Lnko to Now Y riatlnburifb, Hcpten Phniiv Insurance Company. BROOKLYN. N. Y. STEPHEN CROWELL, President. EDGAR W. CROWDLL, Vtce Pte«»t. PHILANDER SHAW, Sec'f. C«Hh <Jaj>lt«l 1600 000 00 turpluH Miirc h 1, 1 HOI - 222 29 20 M. K. PLATT, 401 tf Afent, Platt«bnr£rh, N T- 00MMER0L Insurance Company, OF ALBANY, N. Y. Capita l and Surplus, - »325,OOO. DIRECTORS. Adam Van Allen, Chaa. B. Lansing, John IT. Reynolds, Theo. F. Humphrey, C. P. Williams, Vesscher Toa %vk, M. H. Kead, Chas. B. Redfiefd, Josse C. Potts, K. A. Durant, Arohibald MeClare, Poter Monteath, Thomas Schuyler, H. D. Uawkins, John « . White\ Chaa. H. Adams, Isaac A. Chapman, L. M. Palmer. James W.Raton, ADAM VAK ALLEN, Frest. T- 8CHDYLEB, Vico Freat G A- VAN ALLEN, Secretary. H. K PLATT, AKent, PlattibnrBh, K Y 4911 f Life and Accidents! THE NATIONAL LIFE AND Travelers' Insurance Co.. NEW YORK. CAPITAL, - - $500,000 I SSUB S LIF E POLICIE S OH TH E PURE - Iv mutiml plan, nn<l JNHUKKH AUAlNhT AC'Ol- DKtfTS KVI?riY DKaCKIlTION. The AOCIDKNT 1'OMCY covi-m nil foniid of dlnlo- wouiuln, liurnn ami acnlrlx, hltPH of <](JK*. trn'minltK by biirKtnrx, robiwrt or murderorH, tlio action of lightning itmtrokn, tho cftcrtu of oxplortonB, n»H(lH,nn<l Hiilto- on by drowning or chnklntf, uud till other kinds of OKNKUii, A«cir.KMTBv-Vfarly rollcy-$2ft for »f»000, with *2fl per wo<>k, (Binount moro or WHH, In proportion.) l.llo itnd KiKlowniwnt I'olicoii nrc UKUCII on thu mutunl plnn. A Icmn of one-third Urn ninount of pn'inlutnH willbo mndu ; nnd n!ho thirty duyH t;rnco KIVOTI In j>jiy - '\'iiDwE ) A \ JOXK8, rnwIOont, AVM. K. rillNCK, Vine IVonldont, T. H. VAN Hl/ltliN, Tr«n»urcr, ABU- KRH. MII.l.H. 8i>or«turv, H-TKATn, MrMrnl Kxnmln or,.T: v K. KNTZ, Clti At , CorKtiltinu Actnnry. W . H . CIUKDLGIR , A K «n«, rintlHburKfV, N. Y. Miscellaneous. NEW FIRM. L ) K . I)EI-,VN)CV &, CO., StJt'CKSSORM TO • Htonc <fc Wurrltt, WHOLESALE AND RETATL OROCEtlB. Dealers in Provisions, ComnuHsion Me vcliauis, And Dealers tut Wood, Coal, aud Cedar Posts, Uespc-ot fully Invite th e attentio n oftli e iiuhlol o tho ! Btoek o f no w Uflod*. l'lntl«l>ur«l i Opt . 12,186 6 8J 8 New Paint Firm I! CRAMER & TAYLOR, H AVE; OPENE D TIIK PAINT-SHO P rormoi ly noeiiplttd by (too. W. Ulco, <>i«l ( H |ilo of th rlvor.* It I* woll known that Mr. T« lor U one of { , niOHt noted Put liters In Now-York Btuto. Hu bcinu o the firm of Tuylor. Frceinun & Uo., No. fi John Htri-ol New York CUy. He IIUR iTcolvudmoro Promluina fron tho American Instltuo for hi* work, tlian any otlit- \Arli»t.\ HoohallonKo* nny Tnlntrr In Ilili Stnto li moiluce moro Certlflcntps of good worhnmii*hiii thai (iold LetterluKon (SIKBH. Mr. Cnu IIOUMO I'aintiuK.Oniinintt, Gliir.lim n CALL AT CHANDLER'S For your Stoves, Tin, Iron, and Wooden Wares, And Kitehen Furnishing Goods. Plumbing, Stenm, Gas, Iron, Tin AND COPPER WORK, Executed Promptly. KT-Kipcrloncod and faithful workmen only arc em ployed. MAU9IIAM/B m,OCK, B1SIDGK 8TREJIT. Plsttaburirh, N. Y., Mi.y 4, 1S05. 61Mf ~ \NEW Grocery Store! Bridge Street, Plattsburgh, N.-Y. One door west of r.tvforco'n Moat Jliviket. MOSES BURDQ H AS nB-PITTK D U P 111% SALOON AND UHrd It with u newly purchn«ed *tock of Groceries, Coimlntlna of TKAS, SUdASS, COFFEE, MOl. \S- KJ-:ut:ns*;sK OIL, coyykcri(K\/iKY, mid nil Choice Wines & Liquors, c nol Th l who i iul mpurior nrtlctun HI hta csi Coll unil exumiuo his goods bef 6K8T\Rrmom!i«r the place ono do< C'B Meat Market, JlrldKi- Htrcot. I'lftti.iliurtfh, Octoliei-aU, ISOP. Aceommodittlou . Leave Kousc's Point at 3 I*. M. for Mnlone, (lodge,) leave Mnlone for ORdensburish, nt 8 A. M. AH trains connect ntMo-crs Junction with P. A M. Jl. II , except the 1.80 A. M. accommodation for Mnlone. O. V. IIOVLE, Sup't. Malone,.Tan.ft, 1800. 551 Vermont Central and Sullivan 5£^ RAILROADS. Winter Arrangement. C'ominoiU3ln(r Jan. 1, 1800. TRAINS OOlNfi 8Ot!Tll AXn EAST. I^ivvo IlnrlltiKton nt 7.(10 a in, 12.20 p rn, nnd S.00 Mixed trnln leiivso Kouso'n I'olntat 2. \> m for St. \Nliht Kxpress loaves O ? dcrisT)iir(?li nt 11.30 n. m.,) tri-al ntiUa p. in., Konso'ii Point nt 5.4&p. in., Ht. J. «t 4.40 ]>..in., iirrivlriK nt Hoston at 8.40 a. in., connui at Bellows K.illn with Cheshire K<md for Hoston Worcester nnd with- Vormont Valley Itallroad Springfield, *<•., and niTlvln K in New York at ljJ.UO] I,eaveniirlliiBtouut4a in, \>ay Kxpross lenveg IJngton nitrlinttton, St. iWhnns, Moi ntO.30 j>. in. Mall Trnln lenvos Boston r Medici Ijoanng testimony to the ex- \ eTSayneii, Acth'iVAwiatiint Hurie^n\?;'. °&. Army!— \ Dr. Jfnynesis a graduate In Medfcinc of the Unlversi- >ycd a College, Philadolphlft: \I Uko great pfcnaim „„ „....,, , w . ' celjent character, moral and profosslinn!, of Dr. Helmbold's cxtu ctice 3, Net \ I take pl i tl d y t Sarunac, 1Mew i \ a. D. GROB8, (TerBon Medical College, PH., Oct. 24,1S64.\ •nm our very worthy President of Clinton U aocictv, und lato U. S. Army Burgeon : \ Ailsable Fork*, Clinton Coi, N. Y. ? \ October 18, MC5, S leasure to acknowledge the sounY principles t dlcal profooston ncqnJrcd by Samnel Hnyflcs, 11 M. I)., a pnictlclng phyaiclnii nt Saranao, In this Conn- I \ty. I had an opportunity Bovcrol tlmcg to moot him • » nt the bwl-rido of the sick. In eer y cnee I found him \ perfectly ncoiiaintod with the disease, and with Its ! \ treatment. J)r. llnynos hns served in U. B. General j \ Hospitalnln Washington, ]). C , and H has added rauuh i \Jto hfs aenernl knowledge. I consider him a gentleman I nnd (i scholar. F. .T. D'AVIGNON, M. I V We clip thu following from the Reveille, n paper pub- lished by the inmates of the Carvor U. S. General Hos- : ltl , at Washi 8 ll AND IMPROVED ROSE WASH. Will rradically extermlnnte ie Urinary Organs ariei t little expense, or no ch... jmpletely «uper»oding tl •medita, Copavia and Me from t ng from U e ab?ts )f Dissipation I Monthly Perioi reiiiovinj; [iprefscil, Excessive mid Pain- . t . 'en Sickness (Cliloro?!^. pains in the lmck, and lower parts of the -I'gily! HwivIneM, Fstlgue on slight exertions, P,ilinl,iH;>t of Hie Hrart, Jjnvnci)* of Spirit*, ITvrteria, SieSc mi.vins the Irregularity' they remove the elms-;, and wl*h it AU. Itte effects -that sprbiK from it. J3T\ Composed of simple vegetable extract*, t hoy - ' Mng de»eterfons to any ciraatitntii.n, .cate. their function hcins to snlMlltntc ieas, which, when properly used, .. lo'. my l»e sivfely nsed at any age, ,ind nt he ondii'linK nature a( tlieir'nctlon' ly, freely and discreetly answered. II directions accompftny each Uox. >er box, or six boxes for $5. lall, free of portage, on receipt of _ it l.y mnll free of postage, by OR. W. R. MERWIN 63 IJbtrty fit., New York, Proprle«OT3. DRTWRICHT»S REJDVEN1TI6 EMXIR! Or, ESSENCE OF LIFE, Prepared from Pure Vcsctnble Extrnc • tcntnln. Inn natktac injurloiis to the USE 4.20 p m, C.30 p roll, Accoinmodntlon Train loaves Norlhfleld at 10.10 a. m. and HurllMKton 12.20 p. m. for Knnse's Point. Night Kxprrss icnves llcllows Fnllg at 10.00 p. m. re- cclvliiK ptmsenKers from Vermont. \ r allcy It. It. lenvlnir Now fork nt fi.V, p. ,„., and frofn Oho'liln< U. R. lonv- ln« Boston nt f,.15 \i if\, connecting nt. White Ulver .lunn- tlon with triiln leaving IJoston at 6.30 n m, for Burltnic ton, Hou«o'« Point, Montn-nl mid OgdijnsburKh, connect- \\ ' d Ogdennbiirgli witfi Grnnd Trunk SleeplnKcnrsuroat Trnins running betwo AllmuH nnd Hnrlntrfif-l.i. Through Tlekots for Chlcngo thu principal stations, Kt. Albans. JMI. 1,1868. iiml tlio West for salo nt O. MKIUHLL, Bupt. Transportation Co. Dr. 8. llayneft, W 'months, has left for b \here ho gained tho re 'mnnnnd a prnctitio • frlonds K o with him. 1 his s i with Y me in New Y of nit who kn Th b i ith us fo York. knew hi wishes o ill never o congra y regret tulate I victorles.\-/> / )r<\»» ij- Sentinel, July 15, 18SC. Onse of i8 months, nearly cured In two weoks, and red In a few dnys more '. \I hereby certify tlmt I had been troalcxl for a dls- II ons<M)f my ( eye, by dift'urcnt Doctors In dlffrr a dl plac d a hnlf, his house . applied to Dr. H»ynos. I •topiivi! for medical treatment, two tceeks fn t] thn-t tlm<; nly oyo became a. Hand deal better, mid i* im- i>rovln K . OATHEKIXK COt/KNAJf. lc Hnrnnnc, .Juno 1,1804.\ Case of three years' duration cured In a short time: \ I take pleasure In testifying to the following fact : — For about three yours 1 wus (p-leTotftly nfflicted with \ \*io eyes, so that nt time. I was nearly blind, ly ajiplled to Dr. 8,, H»ynes for reflcf. f \whi •• hnd formed o. . 'I being nblo to O( ftri. \South Platlaborg, N. Y.\ HilNDNKBSoflBynrs u o Dr. 8 H»yi -P, tO tnO flttttfl JtlJll BIMirti TT [IIt'll e (>yo-Rl(?ht. But I am tlinnkfnt rn y that Dr. Hayncs effected a cure, n.nl.rht in a short time. I.MAU Y A. THOMrSOK. red: ld I ftcun years. N o rulio ; in durknoss, and i Office at Whitehall. N. V, O IIOA the, h KMERSON 1 K. DAVIS, WAI,T,A()KT. 1'OOT, WAr/l'Iili U. WAJINKU, Ki m n A. 1. n K. Davln, IH Company 1. ,Tohn A. Oritwold, Kdward Hucnh, Charles W. Fiirnbai John I,, ninnchnrd, Honry G.Tlcdnle. KTTIil ln K ,iTra Safety, Promptness and Dispatch. For Transportation Apply To J.T . a White, It. Uhnpln.at Cocnti'K Kllp.New York; ,f. L. lllunchard, 161 River Btroet, Tn.y : N 1! Moo, lf.2 IMor, A Ibmiv ; W . O. Warner, tl. O. Tlsdalc, K. K. l>n- vl«, Whllobnl); AV. T. Kooto, 1'ort llcniy : •'• »''\. 1). Kntrhum, l'lnttdburjih ; James H. Bi.nott, at. Jolinx; K. M. OopelonJ, Montreal Mark Packages '\Whitehal T Co.\ Ship ilk New York, Pier No. 0, East River- Tho Whitehall Transportation Company have n line ofHtoanicisoiitlio Uudnon River nn<1 litmo C'hnmptaln, <u|>n-s*ly tor towlim Canal Uoatu nnd HaTges. Vt>roli»n- dlmt «hlm>i'<l l>y <^n»t BoatH In Now York will be deliv- ered In Mont mil and ports upon I-»ko Chnniplnln wltb- llt ftil IHI In ln l tln tJ It tkfl t i so of feeling. Tt was fifteen lonff years IT u that my eyes became nlfucted lo the time « Inducud to apply to Dr. 8. II;iyne». Bu ' • • beln« n\/c to wrli \ \rerttored. „ „ . \Ifcokmontown X. V., Fob. 12,1859.\ Horrible case of a year's standing cured : \Korihe benuHi of ull those alfllcted wiih discato of the ove, thl« uftldnvlt Is made, which is us follows: I, \ Donald Power*, ngc more than 60 years, of the town of \ Hlock Brook, Clinton Co., N. Y., was taken suddenly & \lseverely with inflammation of the eyes, Bix years ago \thlsffiH ntul from that time tu tho time I applied to \ Dr. Hnynes, in t/tefolfmeing year, I could not rest night \or any on account of tho great i>nln tn ray eyes find \ bend. At times ft was HO sever.: thnt I had li, Bhriek \so that I wim heard a Ion? distance from my house, \ and for several weeks I could not ope n my e.yes at all.— \led wherever I went, and Itwas necoisaTy to h»vo the \ food put In to my mouth by another person. T/ii*w*n \my condition when I called, on the Doctor, nnd after u st<rf>fiinff tit ?tis htrnttc tiro teee/tn, my eyes were so much \Improved llmt I loft lor home-, a far happier man on \ account, of my Improving eyc-«lght. i walked the \wlioli»dl»1nnce some 17mll«n, und was In no need of llnuert to improve from that Helmbold's Fluid Extract B\JCH\ ] Organs, whether existing in ' isant to taste and | re strengthening ! ifTering from Broken-dow procure the remedy nt on ri-Jiivcnule tlie *y*tem nnd ov .^- Tbe Hejiivenatliiff Ktlxlr IH (I In nil cases of tho Urinary male or female, from whrue . _. „ matter of how long standing. It la ordor, Immediate In Its action, and .. than nny of the procurations of Bark Those stttuMon Tho render imi»t be nwaro that hoi. . ..„..„ tho nttnek of tho nbovo diseases, it Is certnln t his bodily health, mental power*, nnd hnppinc that of his posterity. Our flesh and blood aro ted from these sources. men of th lias been tested l>y tlie of the day, and i>y tli<-m h test medical dbcov Physicians, Please Notice. Cubebs and Juniper Berries, selected with n'rent care, and propftrcd In vaaio by II. T. HELMBOL2H Druggist, and Chemist, of nlrtocm yoars' expotlenco in the Cfty of Philadelphia, nnd which Is now prescribed by the tnost eminent physician*, has been admitted to use In tlie United States Army, and U nl«o in very i?enural iise in State Hospitals »nd public Sanitary Institutions through- BUCHU. {From DUpcnsanj of the Diosma Crenata, United Slates.) Buchu Leaves. sar- - One bottle will cure peneral Debility. - A few doses curtra Hysterics in fi-nxi'les. - One bottle cur«9 Palpitation of tlie Id-art. - Krnio one to three bottles restores ttm ramili- ind full vigor of youth. - A Kew doses restores the appetite. ~ Tlu-ce bottles cure the worst case of Impo. f- A .few iloses cures tbe low spirited, no bottle restores nientnl (tover. few ditsas n'xtortjt Vie m-g^uun *f (fentrittinrt, - .\ fuw dodes brin^ the rose to the ciici'fE. -This medicine rurt ores to miinlv vljfnr ami health the poor debilitftteU, worn-doivn iuvl ,^<?fL\m^\he^vJo?Unofm u vmtkneia nf a single, organ, tri o and narmanent roileC by tho n •Nsen.ie of t.lfc. »?\ l'rl(;<>, J»rJ per bottle nr Ibrei fnnvanU-d by Express, on re nny aililress. ! Pill !lh, the hose wbiob limy <mn jum-lia \Wltm e boo DONALD y, 1'OWKR Swo \ Septe tit pany ha i'tlui' tJ) n I 'i t i i\ ly in\™! Stratton k I ohun's TROY Commercial College, .A Tiliik In tnu (profit Jntcrnutlotuil cliuin of BUSINESS COLLEGES, NEW ROOMS. NEW INSTRUCTORS. NEW DEPARTMENTS. IMPROVED FACILITIES. Initiatory Course. Entirely new nnd tike mont Comprehcnilve ever Developed—Actual Practice under Practical Aleu-- Ilauklu((,aaUroadlitg,Te.l- «KraphlttK, Spcnooreau Peiiiiiauihip. Evening Sessions* New Locations. Wo have juntoponcd New and Elegant Rooms in Young dc Human's new building, No. 8 FIKST STREET, Opponltc tho Tout, (WVW, tbo most ploniant, central and eonvuniunt locution In T rn and xtilmeribcd before mo this'the 23d dny of ber, 1863. J. P. HAIIT, Justice Peace.\ npi'dat canoH, and after Important operation*, ure rcuoinmodatcd with board, n«ar by, or un- »pwlal caro of tho Doctor. Olilce at United States Hotel, Plattsbnrgh, S . Y. aturdays for cxnmlimtlon and conmilintlon. H. HAYNKS. M. D. H.W.CADT&cb Successors to W» P. Mooers, APOTHECARIES, Dealers in Drngs, Medicines, MEDICAL PROPERTIES AND XJSES.-J3aclni luavtw are Kcntlyxtimulant, with a peculiar tendoney to tbo Urinary Organs, producing diuresis, and like other similar medicine*, exciting diaphoresis, when circtun- Btnnces favor thift mode of action. Tlicy arc given In complaints of the Iv'rlnary Oigans, such us Omvel, Ohronic Oiiturrb of tho Bladder, Morbid Irrltailonoftue Bladder and Ui-ctha, Wldeniies of the Prostrate, and Ret l the proprietors, Dr. W. R. MERWIN iition. The n spcpsln, Chr> ami Dropsy. « In tho parts concerned in its dy has al»o been ruroinmcndw Urn Extract llitchu is I to 2i, and from 3:. tn rilfo; after Con/lneni n chlldien. ied by person* fv >, or lu tho doc tor Labor Pulue E. ft H. T. ANTHONY & CO., M&Bufeotuma of Fbotographio Muterial*, «OIBSOADWAY,VY. l in batlntw of PHOTUURAPHIC MA- i|a«rt«nfor th* followlou, i\y. d SBOopio Views. (KiTDr. Keyacr Uirty yuars' wxpoiiunct Medical Collogu nnd of Surgery df Phitudcphtn a Physicia n o f ovi aul a unulimt,. of the JeQ'uru c University of Medicine ». Pair Savage Station, Frederiokrturgh, Fairfax, Biohmond, SMS- SSSSST Wrid r Tin SRI A Dutci Ga Pontoon fas. Hanover Junction. Lookout Mountain. CMekaaomiay, City Point. KasliTiUe, Fetenftorgh, Bello Plain, Chattanooga, Atlanta, y First National College Bank, Pl ' U \\\^ °^™ l>lot o nnd Poetica l in all Its he Tca!'hn»'iin d the \onic'ral sli' llbd T Ilogccn Elixir ofCulisa; Brown's Brouclunl Troche*. Hall's Hair Kenewer* Howe & Ste- vens' Family Dyes. Concentrated Lye. >nrtm P i>nli|H tho Instruction vUlon.ot tbo nccompllabed Teller of tho Jflrst Nation BUSINESS OFFICES, In which locnrrloU on every variety of bualnpnn, fro TELEGRAPHING, H^^n^K^^l^Tr^ .o which Iho ladles sho«ld give tholr nttontlon.i.Wear nUoducinjjunontlrolynewand perfectly complete uj CHIRYTHIWOGRAPHY, A novel nml «nceeu«ful mot(io<l of aoqulrln|{ Ihe unr! ri,^m?kuFl*loH foxt, Hooks,Manuscript*,Ulaiil^ Hooksanrt l^V>inicwiro a tlxti most complete uxliint. Ry means of our OlmlD of Sc)ioo)s wo are cimolm! a. nonn thum to Illustrate tho )U>IIM ( of Shipment, Oonsignment and Exchange. With tho laws of supply nnd demand. In short, nil o nw, o«iI nt tlis Uollcue Itnoms or nd- DltVANT, HTUATTON it, CO., Trov, N. V. \~ 'Dr.\STiHOKIiAHTJ'S\ ini.i; itmi:i)\ Coe's Dyspep- sia Cure. Holloway's Worm Confections. DYK STUFFS, Chemicals, Toilet Articles, Tcrfumcry, j'vming-- JExtractB' i, llonjamin, nd I aubllt 1 TIIU8I IliouliliT Hraics, TIldcn'B Fluid KXTRACT3, BlmkerH' Horbs, Pure WIKEH and WQUOHa for Me- dicinal l'urpoues. \&r Agents for tbosalcof Aycrs', ' ( Horrlck>, 1'atei Jayw ud otln filled ,i eat prii mpotindcd with \tne*s, ncc and dc-spnt Wincbcote Preparation of the Hypo Phos- phites. Mrs. Win«- ' low's Sooth- ing Syrup. Kennedy's Medical Discovery. Pure Cod liver Oil. Bird Seed. Hostetter's Bitters- Fine Apple Cider. Orient's and Harvell's Condition Powders. ar Sir.—In regard to the queitlon asked iplnlon about Bia-hityl would miy that I ! sold the article In various forms for the p lia \diseases of the bl'd- ; reputation i t ha* acquired in ' years. I do not think thai of It I have not used or km diseases whero such medicate agent tvouli Yon nroawnru, n. well as myself, that it tcnslvcly employed in tin dorandkldnevs, and tho my judgment U wuvramc I have •ocnnnd nsed, ns before stated, every form of Bitchu— the powdered leaves, the simple decoction, tinc- ture, fluid extracts,—nnd I am not cognisant of any pre- paration of that plant at alt equal to yours. Twelve yearn' experience ought, I think, to give me the right to Judije of Ite merits, and without prejudice or partiality, I Kivo yours precedence over all others. I do not value a 'thing according to Ho bulk, if I did other Buchu would out-do yours, but I hold to the doctrine that bulk and quantity do not rcftko up Yalne—'if they did a copper eont would be worth more than a gold dollar. I value yoar Buchn for Us effect on patients. I have the bladder an< ivllh nny other jiounu\ of what iny other propvletory ( Respectfully, yours &o. GEORGK II. KKYSER, Sr. D. 140 Wood Street, Pittsburgh, r.\. August 11, 1705. Ask for Hclmbold'a Fluid Extinct Buchn, War against High Prices! NO MORE HUMBUG, NO MOREDRAFT Out of the Smokers' Pockets! to #(i0 a tin i A splund A splundid anuortmcnt of Ki] ! U0 «ont» torpo r pound. I ^ All kinds of Oermi»>,TurkU] lu to the people bramja of Clears from $25 :klnlck Tobacco*, from md American Smoking HELMBOLD'S DKKi WO CHEMICAL WAREIIOISE No. 594 BROADWAY, NEW YORK, j Helmbold's Medical Depot, No. 101 SOUTH TENTH ST., BELOW CHESTNUT, PniADELPIIIA. Sold by Drugists Everywhere. BE ! VAIIK OF CO UXTERFl TS. New Goods. S.~F. VILAS f H HAS JX7ST RETURNED PROMPT. YORK with an extensive aasortnjent of DRY GOODS, Bought at tbo lowest prices under the recent decline, nnd will tints be enabled tb sell Correspondingly Cheap. His variety embrace* over ofDryUoods. Now Is the I iy beforo another Peddlers and Merchants Can be furnished at lower rates than at -inv otb tabllsbmcnt this side of New York \\•\' * oul l'lattsbuvBh, Nov. 10,1805. \538yl ASK FOR HELMBOLD'S. TAKE NO OTHER. H. W. CADY, & CO., Arc Agents for the Sale of DR. IV. BEDORTHA'S MEDICINES,, Prepared at the Saratoga Water Cure. Establishment, Mother's Balm, Vegetable Compound for the Cure of Scrofula, Balsam. »idt M ptf | |>OEfDf]f 1'lpes, Uiliir Wood riiiCH, Gutt ATH.W. CADY&CO'S First Class Cigar Store, Conio <»««?, oorno all , mid <ook a Miilciuifd stock. You will find nil tho nrtleles chc tlifiti cldcwhiTo oor south of the Cumberland House. ISAAC SCHEIER. 1114,1804, 445tf ding Kxtrnct LOGWOOD, COCHINEAL, BLUE VITRIOL, REDWOOD, COPPERAS, IiOGWOOD, ALUM, FUSTIC, CUE All TARTAR, MADDEK, SOLUTION OF TIN, INDIGO, INDIGO COMPOUND, Madder Compound. Al»o, n full gtock of [I0WK & HTKVKXS' FAMILY f I ESTES' MEDICINES j May l>e found at j Messrs. Delaneys 9 Grocery Store, J 050 PLATTSBURGH, N. Y. | REEVES' AMBBOHA\ ? the Hair.

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